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Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 21:54:29 ID: 288dd0 No.15436
All they do is talk about capeshit, 4chan memes or jewtube ecelebs and jewtube videos.

Insult their precious capeshit, Jokershit, or jewtube shit and the tranny vol3 or Gayhoole will delete your posts, no fun allowed only cuckthink allowed.

Constantly projecting they are patrician yet constantly disproving their assertions by being bing bing, zoomer capetards that discuss every single capeshit movie with an online marketing scheme to soyboys.
Open file (15.90 MB 700x420 KinoBriePoP.mp4)
>>229029 those aren't real canadians, also im leaving tvch and this site forever, see u around bud tabarnak
Open file (104.67 KB 1080x1080 3.jpg)
Open file (191.00 KB 644x714 0.png)
Open file (331.19 KB 1080x1350 2.jpg)
Open file (755.91 KB 653x839 4.png)
Open file (823.18 KB 642x897 1.png)
>>229069 Happy birthday Kelsi Monroe. Aids is back on the menu. Gahoole and emoji future.
>>228935 Fuck, I remember the DPP show where he PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd himself reading it out, but before he started insinuating it was 'Zach' he blamed someone else. It was Mark related and I'm trying to remember. It was his personal laptop, (yeah so we all know what that means), first he blamed his roomate but didn't move out or anything, didn't name and shame, then he said it was someone else he was in a fight with at the time I just can't remember, but then it became Zach after. But for a a brief period between it being his roomate and Zach it was also someone else's fault. So far Gahoole has told people it was his roommate, a mysterious 8ch/cakechan related person(Dunn or Moon I can't remember fuck), Zach, and Israel. Definitely not Gahoole looking at loli porn on his own personal laptop getting his i.p dinged off a bait site.
>>229153 pedohoole will blame anyone to get off the heat but he's too retarded and low IQ to form a coherent narrative
Open file (21.42 KB 716x199 fbi.png)
Open file (593.63 KB 551x522 [aggravated sodomy].png)
>>229153 >>228935 I wonder if the cheese pizza raid is the reason he moved to FL. Is he still in touch with his parents? Gahoole has openly lusted after loli on tvch, God only knows what he has talked about and shared on that damn Discord honey pot. Anyone got videos and archives of him talking about the raid? I wanna look into the various narratives (excuses/lies) he has told since it happened.
Open file (49.60 KB 720x741 1697662026602816.jpg)
>>228935 >>229153 HOLY SHIT GOOD JOB Also Zach was a chad bully.
>>229158 Think about it this way. Put it into perspective to make the situation a little more real. Gahoole doesn't actually have a lawyer. When he says his lawyer he's just making that up. He had to get to his parents for help. He had to go tell his mom and dad he got busted for child porn and needs their help bickers he thinks he's in trouble. His mom and dad now think their son is a pedo, while their only daughter is a tranny. I wonder why he moved to flordia (one of the highest rates of sex offenders in the country.) Also something to think about is that sex offenders and peods are often the victims of sexual abuse, about half of all pedos and sex offenders. Doesn't Gahoole mention him being th evictim of sexual abuse for years? And not even as a child, but in his late teen years at the hands of other boys? Sexually molested by other boys as a *teenager 16-17 years old*, accused of child porn possession only 4 or 5 years later and had to go ask his parents for help, blames different people for why he was caught, lies about getting his computer back...
>>229162 classic snob cringe, wine only ages when in the barrel it doesnt age after being bottled thats the whole point of putting it in an airtight inert glass bottle, as if the winemaker was so inept that it took 50 years of bottle 'aging' to fix a mistake that would only have taken a few days in the barrel
Open file (2.35 MB 1440x1795 1697748008386-2.png)
Open file (2.14 MB 1440x1795 1697733190579-2.png)
>>229167 seems pretty desperate eh pedohoole?
Open file (5.84 MB 1280x720 patriarchy_agent.webm)
>>228935 >>229153 >>229164 Are you an obese woman or just a tranny? Why do you keep jumping IP's and writing those essays about some internet ugly guy?
>>229211 Oof and yikes! That is some major cringe my guy.
>>229211 >It's all one person! Hahaha oh wow talk about passive agressive. Is this the new cope now, you guys have created a new character to blame things on again? What's his name this time. NeoZacheria?
>>228935 >>229153 >>229158 >>229164 >>229162 >>229211 >>229212 >>229213 WHEW H E W Let's wrap it up! Gahoole is finished and so is tvch. He's a loser, his videos suck and nobody watches them, his website is dead and their best idea is to advertise on 4chan for new posters. Not even a shout-out from Scam Hyde can get people to post on tvch, they think some shitty banners that'll get baleted is going to change everything. Poster count? Done. According to behind the scenes the most prolific poster is one person constantly i.d hopping like >>229211 is accusing people of doing. This one poster samefags, responds to themselves, pretends to be new posters, essentially dominating the website with a near 70% of all posts. Out of any ten posts 7 of them are by the same poster. 70 out of 100 posts is one anon. There's really only two mods left doing it for free, most of the boards have been abandoned or unclaimed, the only o.c maker left is a tranny, and there are only ten posters left after all the i.d hopping and samefagging is done. That is now Tvch. How the mighty have fallen.
Open file (32.74 KB 300x300 This-is-Fine.jpg)
>>229216 >There's really only two mods left doing it for free Big, if true. A while back the ogre himself confirmed there were 16 vols, and judging by the state of the site none of them did any actual moderation; there was cheese pizza, nіggеr dick spam, and two or three mouth breathing mongrels all accusing one another of being either nuzach, emojitroon, or Yakuza. If the ogre really believes he can turn this around by bringing in 4channers and sitting on his fat ass doing nowt, then he is a bigger retard than I originally thought.
gahoole and vol3 dont love me anymore ITS OVER
>>229216 >>229219 Depressing really. tvch had the potential to be a real successor to 8chan. Even had some celeb 'anons' posting for awhile. How thehell did Gahoole blow it like that?
Open file (31.38 KB 612x166 1.png)
Open file (24.97 KB 612x104 2.png)
Open file (54.13 KB 612x284 3.png)
Open file (284.94 KB 599x531 0.png)
Open file (655.31 KB 1536x2048 media_F8vVF0fWsAAdVmx.jpg)
>>229269 Classic chadhoole W.
>>229272 >2023 Nastassia is rich and live at Dubai. >2023 Gahoole channel is dead
>>229252 >>229216 Even Nuzach left lol.
>>229269 >>229273 >bbcamenko
>>229216 >>229219 >>229252 >What happened how did he fuck it up so bad >celeb posters Gahoole and the tranny he has on staff went out of their way to attack them until they all left. Gahoole personally had a grudge against good posters and started fights with anons as a mod. There were 'celeb posters' but Gahoole literally made them leave bickers it upset him they were posting. Those were some of the people actively bringing in new posters.
>>229252 that's easy, it's the vol's, one of them "vol3" just bans u if u disagree with him on anything, gahooles a fucking retard, i once heard their voices in discord all sounded like retarded rednecks, nobody on their squad has a dick over 6 inches.
>>229291 >>229303 >VC Ah you like them southern squeakers hey? I think Koosh had the deepest voice there next to the pet black guy they keep around. Gahoole and some of his staff hated anything not 'gahoole' approved. Vol3 is a werid bag, he would be really cool, or he would fall in step with Gahoole and become a toolbag about stuff. I think he cared more about the site than Gahoole, but wasn't allowed to do anything with it bickers it belonged to Gahoole.
Is Gahoole behind the shutdown of wikieat ?
>>229306 no that was me, sorry, but there can only be one wiki king wikifeet
>all these pedohoole defenders kys
Gahoole constantly picked fights with users. He would post without his mod/bo tag so he could sneak into a thread and fight, and when he got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD he would ban. He did this to his power posters. That's why they started tracking your ip across the site. Then Nuzach bought 10 different vpn subscriptions and the site went bye bye lol. Nuzach was a power poster and Gahoole fucked with the wrong dude on that one. That's why Gahoole got so mad at Nuzach, and then that bled into /cow/ and he quit the internet until a few weeks ago with his shitty dead numeta thread. Classic case of can't taking what you dish out. The site is unusable garbage now. The only remaining posters are true nu4cuck retards.
>>229370 not only counting his excessive sweating against emojitranny and yakuza
>>229370 Interesting fanfic very cool. This thread really just is a personal army thread.
>>229403 >fanfic Gahoole please. Everything in this thread is true, especially how many times he's changed his story about the f.b.i raid. Gahoole has pubicly fought with too many different posters for anyone to believe this. Gahoole yes or no have you ever had a full blown public meltdown on any posters on tvch? Any particularily famous incidents that ended up biting you in the ass? >PA thread That doesn't even makes sense since nobody is attacking Gahoole's site or trying to harrass him, the thread is about laughing at Gahoole's pathetic lies and pedo behaviour. You're sort of stupid, do you even know what the idea behind 'personal army' even is?
>>229424 It's about denying everything and moving the facts up the thread so people don't see them. It's organic posting. Gahoole probably asks Robi to remove the thread every time there's a new post. Probably asked to see everyone's post i.d and i.p address too.
>>229370 I still don't know who the fuck Nuzach is.
All I know is someone keeps accusing me of being a "Mexican goblin" whatever that means. I'm not Mexican...
Open file (3.47 MB 1920x1440 1697597266014677.webm)
Open file (1.36 MB 576x1024 1697641393491363.webm)
>>229485 It's emojitroon/trssperg same guy, been doing this for 4+ years on alt chan websites, he once posted a picture of his namefag before 4chan archive site went down, he had like 120k messages
>>229403 Go eat some McDonalds, fatso. https://archive.ph/w7uTs Gayhole's numeta thread has descended into users arguing over the authenticity of tvtroons' homosexuality given their fondness for ironic transsexual pornography.
Open file (384.45 KB 2048x1536 20231024_124223.jpg)
https://archive.ph/Ld1eZ Lmao Gayhole blown the fuck out Here he is with someone walking in on him and Adam having buttsex.
Open file (969.42 KB 747x768 1605822272248.png)
>>229558 Never thought I would agree with Elaine, but this is actually legit great advice. If only Gayhole had enough motivation and impulse control to actually follow through on it.
>>229552 I don't know who that is either.
>>229581 he's a mod on /gif/ on 4chan, notorious for making tranny stuff allowable, before that shit would get insta banned
theres cp in the fucking board pedohoole.
>>229676 Why does yakuza do that?
Open file (107.99 KB 370x376 1697923213598949.png)
Open file (42.13 KB 423x569 1697691095858353.jpg)
Open file (2.85 MB 462x460 1673802075303894.webm)
Open file (3.91 MB 540x960 1696749547832045.webm)
Open file (2.17 MB 576x1024 Download.mp4)
>>229728 im gonna go to france and fuck french trans/femboys, gonna make them MY BITCH
Open file (13.20 MB 1280x720 iwon.mp4)
Open file (521.77 KB 1080x1503 1697995167287624.jpg)
>>229816 >>229827 >im gonna go to france and fuck french trans/femboys, gonna make them MY BITCH https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/138709.html
Fury thread on /dunk/...

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