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Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Toad 11/03/2020 (Tue) 17:45:05 ID: 13edc2 No.89421
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/japan/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards. Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is grossly prematurely balding at 22. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
>>209775 I think he's implying he paid for sex. I can't imagine a woman actually looking at his obese ogre body and horrible gyno and saying to herself "yeah, i want to have sex with THAT"
>>209766 You literally need to die, Gahoole
>>209898 >t. Suicidal dragdown waste of flesh who can't think of a joke while alogging. This should be a crime honestly.
Open file (183.47 KB 408x452 1552470566182.png)
>>209766 I feel bad for you. >>209480 I feel bad for Gahoole
>>209899 take it easy fag
GAHOOLE! Why are you making Adam cry? You know he loves you! Destroying your relationship together so you can brag about having sex with a prostitute online is despicable! You're tearing him apart! How can you call yourself a christian is you're going to cheat on your bussypal with a whore! A WHORE! A JEZEBEL! You should be ashamed! Your mother would be disgusted with you! She taught you to respect women! She'd be ashamed at how you're treating Adam as well, he's your beloved life partner! Your next video sould be about what a filthy degenerate sinner you are!
>>209898 Really, what is the difference between Gahoole and Beardson Beardly at this point? And no, the answer is not that Gahoole had sex, bickers he has never had sex.
>>209507 <The arabs/G​AMERGATEs are seething fucking hard with that simple post lmao, I guess you're right after all.
Fucking can't even talk on tvchan, every post is all the same low i.q tranny with a thousand one liner empty cocks posts or posting about nuzach and emojitroon, the same non-white going on about Gahoole nonstop like seriously just ask if you can suck his dick. We get it, you're obsessed, if Gahoole's a loser what does that make you...whatever. Talk about something else. It's pathetic. I don't even want to post on the site to talk about movies bickers other than the gishfag there's no one left that can even begin to discuss films. Anytime they see something they don't understand in a film it becomes 'the jews'.
Open file (309.34 KB 1123x1200 soy.jpg)
>Fucking can't even talk on tvchan, every post is all the same low i.q tranny with a thousand one liner empty cocks posts or posting about nuzach and emojitroon, the same non-white going on about Gahoole nonstop like seriously just ask if you can suck his dick. We get it, you're obsessed, if Gahoole's a loser what does that make you...whatever. Talk about something else. It's pathetic. I don't even want to post on the site to talk about movies bickers other than the gishfag there's no one left that can even begin to discuss films. Anytime they see something they don't understand in a film it becomes 'the jews'.
>>210151 Lol nobody to talk to on tvchan bickers everyone left and now you're a sad little bitch on your own again.
>>210151 >sneedfaggot from tvchan here to suck off his boyfriend Why did Gahoole pretend to be a girl online for over a year? Why did he have cybersex with Zach?
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/132687.html#132801 Tvtroons are going nuts over Nuzach again, for some reason. Nuzach is not 1 guy it goes without saying but they really believe there's a boogeyman out there. This is a multi year uninterrupted rent free lease the likes of which have never been seen in imageboard history. Everyone there besides the shitposters is absolutely insane.
>>210160 >>210160 They're mentally ill fuck-ups. There's nothing else to say. Amazing the discord that doesn't involve any of Gahoole's faggy cadre or associates never has a single problem with any of that stuff, and neither do any of the sites that posters from there frequent. Just the sites that Gahoole's friends hang out on.
Also, please don't link to any more tvchan threads. I took a look at it by mistake. It's honestly pathetic. It really is the same four or five people talking to themselves pretending that they aren't the ones posting whatever it is being posted there. Nobody else posts there. The style of posts never change, the same people posting everything they accuse people of posting go and post about how it's all some character they've made up so nobody just says 'it's you and we know it', without even changing the way they write, or even change the images they use. Everyone else has moved on and they're still just...there. And it's depressing. The site might as well be bots. Blaine, Emojitranny, whoever, just post some anime smug bitch face and tell them they're now your bitch, post there every day to remind them they deserve the worst of the worst, whatever. It's over.
Open file (5.13 MB 1280x720 Discord Troons.webm)
>>210162 Speaking of Discord, check out this bit of lore. Remember how Gahoole said, I mean, lied about his vols/mods being oldfags from 8chan? Here is Gahoole back in 2018 admitting that he elevated Discord cunts in his discord into board moderation. Moliberry's tranny roots run deep. That's why shit has been bad since tvch started after 8chan went down in 2019; the troons were already in place. Gahoole is so tight with Moliberry Discord freaks for so long that he can conceivably say they are oldfags from 8chan when in actual fact they were never part of the culture. I suppose we could have noticed this but who the hell is going to watch these streams? Gahoole is nothing but a lying bastard.
>>210164 >Hey all you posters on my tv discussion site >If you don't like the fact I'm bringing in guys that don't give a shit about the site and just like to troll everything for fun >too bad, sucks to be you. >Why does my site have soo many problems and why did everyone leave? >Fuck them I never wanted them here anyways they're the losers and nothing's wrong everything is perfect I win again. Alright, that explains a lot.Seriously better off avoiding the place and just make fun of Gahoole here so they shit their pants and cry about it.
>>210164 >>210166 >>210167 You know it's sad when gay furry axle runs better moderation than Gahoole? Axle bins people for fucking around trying to cause problems, and Gahoole can't even tell when someone's treating him like a bitch to his face.
Open file (445.88 KB 2048x1536 incels 2.jpg)
Open file (518.24 KB 1536x2048 incels.jpg)
Open file (635.45 KB 1536x2048 incels 3.jpg)
These are the guys calling you an incel on tvch.moe
>>210196 Gahoole's mouth disgusts me. It's glistening moist in every picture like he's getting ready for cock. It's sick.
>>210199 I know this is gay to say, but it does look like he's about to suck a dick. Him and Daiymo actually look like they're about to go to town on some dude's hog.
>>210164 This is incorrect, I was talking about having people on the stream as cohosts. not hiring them to moderate the site. There are currently 12 Global Mods on tvch, and 4 Board Owners, The board owners requested their boards be made either at the start of the site or I added them in as the boards were created. The rest of the vols were either the admin team from 8chan, or people who started boards on tvch (/art/ and /lit/ specifically) that I trusted to be globals. Robi (the site owner of this site) is also a mod, as he helped me set up the site when I was first starting. That should clear up any questions you have hopefully
>>210244 It doesn't. Die.
>>210244 I have a question which mod is the one responsible for tvch being full of faggots and tranny lovers?
>>210244 >"Anyone complaining that I am inviting these people into our board" >"if you actually showed up in my Discord so I wouldn't rely on myself so much" >"I wouldn't have to get these fuckers in" you mean you wouldn't have to get these Discord fuckers into the board? So what you meant by "board" was actually the Discord. No one on /tv/ ever liked Discord bickers they correctly saw it as an even gayer version of IRC. That is why they did not show up and they were mad that you chose to elevate Discord fags into moderation instead of tvch users. They were railing against the moderation clique mindset like 8chan users always have bickers that is why the site existed in the first place. But you are saying that they the board users were actually railing against Discord users being....elevated into the Discord they were already in to begin with.... Ok, Gahoole! WHATEVER you say!
>>210244 Hey there is this thing called Goodwill and when you constantly frivolously ban users over and over again for no good reason, then target specific users, allow your mods to leak post histories all over the board, and in general engage in flagrantly anti-user behavior to the point where they start posting black dicks on the site to get revenge on your mod bullshit, then you fucked your reputation and no one will ever believe you again. Just saying.
>>210259 >exposing the post history of obvious subversive users who posted G​AMERGATE dicks and CP to begin with is bad
>>210244 Can u clear u ur love for emojitroon and yakuza?
>>210244 >I dindu nuffin Typical hogwash from the white nіggеr trying to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate. Sameful and sad!
>>210301 >its ok when I do it! And then your site died.
>>210366 I reported you whenever you posted retarded shit and I thought it was funny whenever some mod exposed your bullshit post history. <NOOO STOP EXPOSING MY OBESSION WITH TINY BLACK PECKERS AND LITTLE GIRLS STOTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamer YOU MODS LITERALLY KILLED THE WEBSITE YOU NEED ME
>>210259 >>210301 >>210366 >>210379 I want to go on the record and say that even though I don't like Gahoole, I never posted black dicks to get back at him for anything, I stopped posting on his site. This dude is all on his own with the bbc revenge plot.
>>210244 You're a fat ogre sweaty gamer. You hang out with creepy Norwegian sweaty gamers. You should be shot.
>>210244 Peace has cost you your strength Victory has defeated you
>>210386 Weakload is a rice-loving coomer, but he is not a pеdo.
>>210412 Weakload is friends with legit and actual crazy retards and buttfucking faggots and he's posted some pretty gay shit at his other job. I don't want to ask, but someone's probably got a log of him doing something loli or cp related. Weakload, are you posting pedo diaperfur porn on discord like your buddies or is it just the thug posting and bbc for you?
>>210244 Gahoole, with 12 mods and 4 board owners you still couldn't keep control over the site? Well at least we know who's still posting on tvch. the mods. 12 mods. 12 mods for three active boards, and they still don't do jack shit. Wow. 12 mods. More mods than actual posters now. 12 mods. So what the fuck were they doing all this time?
>>210436 Back when I frequented that site the number of mods came up, some of the anons fade fun of the bloated moderation, but I had no idea it was that bad. If it is true there are 12 mods, every single (shit)post on tvch is made by a mod. All the lolcows, NuZach, Emojitroon, the nіggеr dick spammer, etc., are all mods! The sperg who posts Super Ramon, J Balvin is Gahoole himself.
>>210244 >>210436 >>210459 >12 mods >4 globals >16 admin positions >16 vols >Why can't we stop the spam? Why did everyone leave? >16 vols >We need to sticky two meta threads to find out what's wrong with the site and why the ten people left (all mods) are unhappy. >16 vols >16 vols Tvch has 16 vols. There are literally more admin than posters. And you still couldn't get rid of the black dick tranny. Balete your mods and then yourself Gahoole. 16 people couldn't figure out how to quality control three active boards? You ran tvch into the ground so you guys could admin over nobody? Wtf was your game plan there, suck and play cool kids club behind everyone's back until everybody left? Go buy yourself another big mac you fatty stereotype.
>>210516 They actually stopped the "derailing" ban bullshit. You can post freely now. Apparently the BBC spam worked. Nuzach won against 16 vols.on a dead website no less.
>>210459 that's sad
Open file (24.71 KB 1280x720 Mr Wayne.jpg)
>>210244 Let's not stand on ceremony here.....Mr. Nelson!
Patrick I know it's you uploading Childporn from Georgia. Go back to Florida Gayboy lover.
I guess to clear this up again There are 16 total mod accounts on the site 7 were the mod team from 8chan 8 are Board Owners who requested specific boards get made, some of them I gave global mod access due to the amount of spam that was going on around 2 years ago. Last one is me. I keep the original 8chan mod accounts incase any of them come back but realistically they never will. Only about 4 people from that era (including me) still are active. A few of the BOs are also active but most are also dead. So yeah there are 16 mod accounts on the site but maybe 4-6 actual active mods on the site at this point. I should probably delete the old accounts for people who haven't signed in for over a year but that kinda makes me sad so I won't
>>210256 In the clip I clearly say "inviting the people" that is in reference to them being on the call during the stream. This was people bitching that I had people on my livestream who weren't from 8chan. Also that stream is something like 5-6 years old now (it's from my parents old house which I haven't lived at for that long)
>>211018 >>211019 Ok whatever. Your site is dead bickers you and your mods are pricks. Same as 8chan, we just had more numbers then so you couldn't bother banning everyone, unlike now. Fuck you. Enjoy your faggot Ramon posting and eating McDonalds.
>>211018 >>211019 I'm glad you're incel posting again. It's actually funny unlike the other shit you do on YouTube these days.
>>211048 You will never have a girlfriend or sex, mexicancel

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