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Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 21:54:29 ID: 288dd0 No.15436
All they do is talk about capeshit, 4chan memes or jewtube ecelebs and jewtube videos.

Insult their precious capeshit, Jokershit, or jewtube shit and the tranny vol3 or Gayhoole will delete your posts, no fun allowed only cuckthink allowed.

Constantly projecting they are patrician yet constantly disproving their assertions by being bing bing, zoomer capetards that discuss every single capeshit movie with an online marketing scheme to soyboys.
Hey, Zach.
Dare I say, /tv/ fucking loves her pussy?
Patrick Nelson doing Soyboy face/wojack is the best OC.
Saving forever.
Imagine running to /cow/ bickers some low effort shitposting board pissed you off.
Imagine getting this
Open file (173.86 KB 1000x751 chair.jpg)
>The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow
But wouldn't that include you, Zach?
Cry more Zach
Open file (385.87 KB 669x573 DE_SOY.png)
Explain the amount of soy in this picture, Gayhole. Did (((Mark Mann))) infect you with the Soytendo virus or something?
I was doing a bit, all those systems are hacked and I was working on shit with them at my PC and decided to do a soyface.
dup/tv/ fucking loves her pussy
dup/tv/ flhp
They're literally seething right now about Emma Watson again, no surprises, when she has 10 billion dollars in total gross of many blockbusters and indie films over 2 decades.
And you can't do anything about it lmao.
Enema Flopson is a literal lolcow, >she should have a thread here not on /tv/. After all, >she is out of work in the film industry.
Actually, you can't do anything other than cry about the actress under 30 that actually has the most billion dollar movies and has the 2nd highest grossing film recently without even caring about doing blockbusters and mostly focusing on indie films.

She has more films since 2013 than Tom Cruise and Leo, this just in, movie stars don't have to do multiple projects a year to make ends meet when they are actually worth hundred millions of dollars.

I think OP is right, /tv/ is lolcow at this point. You can't even stop obsessing over Emma Watson.
Open file (87.30 KB 750x451 1558723285948.jpg)
It's bickers they know she's superior and doesn't even have to do anything but walk out the door and she gets more press and coverage than the whos they like. It's kind of sad, their jealously and coping. I'm sure they are grinding their teeth reading this. Anything she does that grosses 1st or 2nd overall in it's entire film year doesn't count but it would if their irrelevant waifu was in it instead.
Also, (1).
Do you really think people can't tell you're samefagging with your VPN?
>having finally been ousted from /tv/ the hapadup runs to /cow/ to sperg
Top pottery
I came in Emma Watson last night, do you want the pictures? They're a bit crusty but if they're all you can do then you might want them.
Kek /tv/ is seething
the skin in the bottom right corner looks like the gunt
Hey hapa
Imagine asking Robi of all people to give you /tv/ on this site when he does joint streams with Gahoole. You really are a special kind of stupid, Zach.
Let's assume for a moment that you were successful in snatching it from him. What would you do, squat the board? Wipe the entire board the moment the first Humble Harv post shows up?
hey bunker hapa
Open file (1.30 MB 1221x662 zachhouse1.png)
Imagine living in this shithole, I would probably lose my mind too. You need help Zachy.
Open file (419.19 KB 750x451 GUNTED.png)
Robi, make >>>/tv2/ for him, just to see if so.
Open file (2.04 MB 1687x1412 1507304074909.jpg)
honestly imagine being emma watson
>sofia coppola couldn't help you and she managed to make elle fanning a "star"
>judd apahack and his crew couldn't help you
>aronofsky couldn't help you
>even harvey wineburgers finger blasting couldn't help you
and the worst part? ryan gosling drops roles if you end up being cast with him and will take said role back if you end up dropping it too
jesus christ how no talent can you be
His tactic is to cockblock so I doubt he'd care about /tv2/. Robi offered it to him in that /meta/ thread but he didn't care.
See >>>/meta/1299 and >>>/meta/1300 .
Based Gosling knew that being in a musical with someone who not only can't act but also can't sing was career suicide even if the script itself was made of pure unadulterated Oscar material.
Imagine reposting cuckchan reposts made by a butthurt autist lmao.
Based Watsons musical grossed more in its opening weekend than Lie Lie Land did in its entire run and it became the UKs highest grossing musical. Imagine thinking some Canaian was even going to be cast in that. Gosling will never be in a top #2 grossing movie of the year with Stonetrash. Zombieshit 2 couldn't even gross its budget during it's opening weekend.
hey bunker hapa
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 zachmotherlode.webm)
honestly imagine being zach
Even if Flopson were the greatest actress in the world obviously she's not lel, Zach's bizarre obsession with defending her honor on the internet would still be the creepiest and most pathetic shit ever. Emma Watson is some millionaire thot who already has everything she could ever want handed to her on a silver platter by an army of servants. She lives on the other side of a literal ocean from Zach. She will never ever know that Zach exists. She has no incentive to care about what /tv/ thinks of her. All the same, whenever Zach hears about somebody who happens to dislike her, he takes it so fucking personally, as though she were his IRL girlfriend and somebody had just stabbed her in the gut. Just imagine for a second, if you will, just how damaged Zach's mind has to be in order to maintain this high level of obsession and detachment from reality. He really needs to be locked up before he hurts someone in real life, either by overreacting to someone who makes the mistake of disliking Flopson in his real-life presence or by moving to England and stalking her for real. The man belongs in a mental hospital.
Keep defending forced cuckchan memes and zoom zoom groupthink, they get called out no matter what by the high IQ.
What exactly are you getting out of relentlessly defending Emma Watson from all criticism by some random neckbeards on the internet? Does she offer you sex for defending her? Or nudes at least? Even a shoutout on twitter or something? Do you gain some personal satisfaction from this, despite knowing that Watson will never ever acknowledge, appreciate, or even know about your efforts in any way? I'm seriously interested to know how you can care so much about some random chick you don't even know. We all know that it's not some sort of impersonal correction of misconceptions to you; you wouldn't spend hours spamming ni⁣g⁣gerdi⁣cks over it if there weren't somehow personal for you. So why do you care so much about what we say about her on the internet?
>Do you gain some personal satisfaction from this, despite knowing that Watson will never ever acknowledge, appreciate, or even know about your efforts in any way?
She'd probably be disgusted at his behavior.
What compels one to be contrarian to a set of coomer ideals and cuckychan tier memes that are relentlessly spammed? Mostly dignity, most things I comment on subject wise in wide ranges often rustle those who are loud and obnoxious. My predictions are often right, my contradictions often swell, like D&D never being cut out for filmmaking, alas look what transpires. I am a defender of cinema and artists who need defending against the horde of menacing mongs and bing bing trollers. Why doth thou constantly frame everything suiting your headcanon?

To put it most succinctly I have a knack for upsetting retards born around the year 2000, but not solely, who mainly talk about DCshit or Marvelbrap all day and unironically ape on about only that which is shilled by the media or googletube ecelebs. I have a knack for being actually contrarian around of group of pretend contrarians who degradate human culture, language and thought for pleb memes and not even good ones.

dup/tv/ fucking loves her pussy
hapadup fucking loves her pussy
So you look at spamming big black cocks wherever people disagree with you as some sort of desperately-needed defense of civilization itself?
hey board hapa
>the hapa now reposts bottom of the barrel trash from cuckchan
Open file (819.00 B 86x22 coomer.jpg)
You're the coomer though.
>further proving the slaphead forced meme was just a lone hapa
zach pls this is bad even for you
Now you're attributing massive memes to Zach. I think he came up with the word kino too.
t. shook slaphead
>slaphead is a "massive meme"
Open file (877.84 KB 600x898 zachina.png)
Has Zachina finished her transition yet?
ayy lmao
Is there a bigger failure than Flopson in the film industry?
There's nobody else under 30 with as many successful films as she does and all other actresses you could look up have average grosses hundreds of millions of dollars less. 10 billion $$$$$
You mean with that many flops.
Her times up
>under 30
Only for another half year Zach, just imagine how little roles she will get after she hits the brick wall of being an old hag.
>single post by 1 ID
every single fucking time
I honestly kind of find the word funny now, even if it was forced really hard.
Hey Zach, since you're in this thread anyway and your birthday is coming up, what would be your favorite flopson movie to watch on the guntstream?
My first inclination would be The Circle, but I'm willing to take suggestions.
She got a bath video leaked in the fappening.
I just wanna do a bad movie to please Zach and have some fun, not gonna subject the audience to tranny softcore porn.
Based Robi
Thoughts on flopson getting GUNTED as seen on >>15630 ?
I'm not Robi, but I am the guy who's been doing the /tv/ outreach.
Open file (2.80 MB 3539x4866 classy emma.jpg)
Circle is one of my least favorite, champ. You might actually have taste in movies if you weren't a zoomer memer.
She looks like this now, estupidio.
I thought Robi and Guntopia were the same guy, my bad man. I assume you're Guntopia.
Hey bunker hapa.
You have been spamming that pic from long before >>15918 happened.
The picture I'm posted is literally a year older than the one you're pointing to, cope more tard.
Open file (2.73 MB 2333x2519 flopsonn.jpg)
Those shoulders... MrE was right.
Open file (77.64 KB 1920x1080 no name.jpg)
>zach is a qtard
>talk to a /tv/ shitposter
what a shit experience, these kind of people cannot self-improve and cannot acknowledge their shortcomings, even if they do they spit excuses and ways to dodge being not a GAMERGATE
hahahahahahahahahhahahahah ha ha ah ah aha ahh ha ha ha

that fucking image

Also last night I astrally projected to Zachs house. not even lying. His backyard is as big a shithole as the rest of the property.
Zach, no one cares what flopson movie is your least favorite, I just remember the Circle bickers you kept trying to shill it on your letterboxd accounts, so either tell me what your favorite one is or I will just play the circle and claim it's your favorite movie.
And no kids movies please, thank you.

And her shoulders are clearly wider then her hips Zach, you really shouldn't believe everything you read on google.
Common mistake, one I usually don't correct, but it's going to get somewhat confusing if people start assuming Robi is up on all this Zach lore (besides what he's heard from me).
Pretty sure the top 2 photos on that image you're replying to are actually Zachs bedroom and backyard.
Open file (48.53 KB 646x487 chihuahue.jpg)
>Also last night I astrally projected to Zachs house
Open file (819.70 KB 1224x760 d66d57d1d8a33ee1.jpg)
It's already Zach's birthday time? Fucking hell it feels like I blacked him just few months ago. I'll have to think of something relatively fresh.
You still have until the end of the month, November 30th to get him a present.
oh my fucking god HA HA HA
>he wrote this when he was 19 years old

Open file (4.75 MB 5184x3880 IMG_20191027_140658.jpg)
how old is zach going to be? Wonder how gayhole feels to be balding at 22 while zach still has a lush head of hair
>zach has hair
<is a total incel hated by everyone including his parents
>gahoole is balding
<can get any woman he wants and is beloved by all
28 I think.
>beloved by all
t. gayhole, both the hapa and the ogre are wastes of human flesh
hey zach
hey zach
he is soon gonna look like a fusion of Homer and Shrek
Gayhole is a national treasure.
>when your hapadupbrain is this flhp
>massive meme
Peak delusion, not a single slap post is made when whatever drugs you're on for these multiday sperg tantrums finally run out and you go to sleep.
In a nation of shit
>can get any woman he wants
>Zach has more pictures of himself with women
Her shoulders are smaller than her hips and her waist is smaller than Alexandra Daddarios waist, plus she has a hip measurement that's bigger than Daddarios, she's a model with measurements online, cope more and post more cuckychan stuff as your argument.
Open file (39.96 KB 623x579 1511795435227.jpg)
No argument
hey bunker hapa
Open file (26.34 KB 136x123 kill me.png)
I wonder how big her feminine penis was when she took Zachy's anal virginity
Zach is straight retard, try again
Open file (55.18 KB 554x554 zachsnotsoqtprom1.jpg)
irl she finds out about zach and a friend writes a spec and it gets green lighted. Ema Watson back on top from doing a m ovie about zach but the movie paints him as a crep instead of a noble white night. He is played by Jared Leto with a harelip prosthetic
Open file (15.62 KB 236x334 whatagay.jpg)
Prove it.
They are seething over Harry Potter and Emma Watson again while saying absolutely nothing interesting and just repeating meme garbage you've heard 1000 times on cuckchan

the marvel of boards, zero substance.
Why are you such a raging homosexual hapa, Zach? Just bickers JK Rowling said so?
They are still crying about Zach, unreal. RENT fucking FREE
>flhp'd hapadupbrain thinks anyone is falling for his samefagging
Why are hapadups so bad at deception?
Is it something in their flhp'd dupsgenic genetic make up?
Open file (294.94 KB 1200x1200 My Muse My Angel.jpg)
Autists have trouble with second order attribution differentiation, hence lying is difficult for them. Conversely when they believe something is real no amount of proof can convince them otherwise. For example if an autist was convinced that a second rate bit actress from the dullest franchise in movie history was talented he would believe that the entirety of the rest of the world is insane or lying for not believing the same thing he does.
I killed myself.
>the dullest
The dullest cuckchan meme ever, get some actual arguments
I was paraphrasing the film critic Armond White. You know the guy that Zach called "a fucking GAMERGATE baboon who needs to have his faggot ass dragged into the street and shot. Fucking AIDS infected monkey GAMERGATE doesn't know what talent and beauty is and that's why he hates Emma Watson," for his review of the Harry Pottery films. I am sure you remember that cff4ad.
>film critic
>likes The Cobbler, Jack and Jill, Transformers 2, Justice League, Gi Joe 1 and 2 and Grown Up

Open file (5.44 MB 624x336 dunkaccino.webm)
>Jack and Jill
Don't mind if I do
Shouldn't you be fucking some grannies, The Zohan?
>dat webbum
Open file (43.62 KB 658x367 1573187105381.jpg)
Open file (51.23 KB 600x549 1506741081103.jpg)
Open file (6.16 KB 244x207 1506371698536.jpg)
/tv/ is the best board with /cow/
How much shame do you think this was for him?
Open file (353.23 KB 720x480 Burn_this.webm)
>/tv/ is still crying about based Watson and based Zach
Oh my goodness they need help
Open file (919.44 KB 1440x3120 Mark.jpg)
So Mark spammed /v/ to try and shut down discussion over something autistic he said. He posted this little nut as "proof" he dindu nothing and inadvertently outed himself as the >cuckime sperg. Reposting it on /tv/ got me a site wide permaban within 2 minutes of uploading it once.
Fucking knew >cuckime sperg must have been /v/ermin crossposter.
A lot, Gahoole tier shame, imagine being one of the most respected actors of your time and needing to do a blumpkin commerical to make ends meet.
>Reposting it on /tv/ got me a site wide permaban within 2 minutes of uploading it once.
Gayhole and the shit tier mod are cuckime fags who always suppress the truth and try to damage control their shitty board as being ousted as discordashit and bing bing shit. They actually think their little hivemind bunker is cool when it's all unironic zoomer opinions and low IQ spam/cocks.
>mark was the cuckime spammer this entire time and now he's false flagging as an anime lover to make us look bad
This guy is actually mentally ill. Holy shit.
Guys stop, I'm crying in laughter, ribs hurt:
“Aaron Lawson” is his alias in school.
Almost a schizo poster that requires meds.
I posted >cuckime many times, lots of people don't like cuckime clogging up the catalog.
Open file (85.40 KB 244x446 jc4.png)
Then why are you here?
The >cuckime sperg isn't the guy who posts >cuckime, it's the one sperging the fuck out that people keep posting >cuckime and thinking it's only one person who lurks 24/7 just to post it everywhere. Very similar to GAMERGATEpill sperg from /v/.
They are doing it again, crying about Watson
Imagine being such an incel-bubbled zoomer you think only one person desires Emma Watson. Imagine calling an extremely famous role that made an actress a movie star for 2 decades now and got her 100 million dollars "that shitty role" as you cry in a fucking bing bing bunker.

1984's "two minutes of hate" in real time right now every single day when a dozen retards come to /tv/ to try and insult a wildly successful and hot actress.
This. I don't even have a problem with some Niptoons here and there, but "cuckime" is all it takes to get weebs bent out of shape.
Hey, Zach.
Zach you're still free to suggest a movie for your birthday stream, it's either that or I'm just going to put up a poll on /tv/.
replying to a board h*pa post
hey there, cuckime spammer
All me
Prisoner of Azkaban
Fake as fuck. Everyone knows Zach's favorite Harry Potter flick is Half-blooded Prince.
No it isn't those are both favorites of mine. Great job asking the question and not liking the answer since you think you know me but you really don't. I pick Prisoner of Azkaban.
Sure thing, Half-blooded Prince
Will do buddy.
I think I've seen more of his various accounts named after Azkaban then Half-Blood Prince, I'm assuming it's legit.
>Act like a sperg from anime
>People continue to trigger the sperg for laugh
Want to know how I know you are not from here?
hey Zach
Your just as pathetic as they are Zack
Can you believe they are STILL pushing their incel headcanon about Watson needing Weinstein for money or fame when she already had more than the thots he actually fucked, for an entire decade and then was another entire decade of different types of films by all different types of directors.
can you believe friends are still coming on here trying to defend that literal slop bucket?
Explain why the role supply dried up.
>the joker is bad
Cope neurotypical
It didn't she has been cherrypicking her roles for a decade now and doing only the ones she wants to and look she even has a billion dollar movie that had nothing to do with him again under her belt. Why are you such a filthy fucking zoomer you think 2018 and 2019 have been good years for movies this decade?
Joker is pleb shit
Can you get an argument lad, you post like a 15 year old incel
>w-why did the r-r-roles d-d-dr
He never had anything to do with most of her roles in the first place, you would all know this if you watched movies and paid attention.
>The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow
It's funny you say that considering most of /tv/ right now is crossposters. bickers guess what, right now /tv/ is rapefugees from random boards on 8chan, so to say /tv/ is lolcows from 4chan is the same as saying all of 8chan is lolcows from 4chan.
"My stance is that cuckime is on topic"
Who could have ever guessed that the cuckchan recycled meme board that actually approves of garbage cuckime would have such shit taste in films and women

Total faggotry
Open file (3.74 MB 512x288 Reich.webm)
>source:my ass
Take note lads, this is what a flhp'd hapadupbrain looks like.
Make sure you never produce a hapadup, they always wind up doing flhp things like obsessing over children's movies despite being in their late 20s, and worshiping washed up actresses who will never acknowledge their existence or ever not be flhp'd by a fat jewdup.
Imagine thinking movies that literally are for all ages and loved by adults of all kind bickers they were directed by adult men are childrens movies when you post on the most chidlish autistic subreddit for a bunker possible.

Get some taste.
Imagine being such a flhp'd hapadupbrain that you don't realize "for all ages" = kiddie shit.
Don't make hapadups, their flhp'd dupbrains are incapable of connecting dots.
your taste is objectively reddit as proven by the fact that you liked the perks of being a wallflower
meant for
More like the perks of being a femcel amirite
But 4chan is made of redditors and they hate on it since they are incels
>“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” - C.S Lewis
Since Lord of the Rings is for all ages I guess it's just kiddie shit according to internet faglords
Imagine being such an un-artistic zoomer (or boomer) you have to generalize in the most hyperbolic ways and you get fucking loves her pussy by a god tier Shakespearan actor when it comes to Harry Potter since you need to have sex
>quadruple posting
hey worst hapa
>no retort on topic after you GAMERGATEs pretend to be bastions of good taste
hey worst virgin
You're truly the best lolcow.
Duptv bfto
>"It's Thanksgiving and you're actually spending your time writing paragraphs about random internet strangers instead of enjoying the day with your family. Get a fucking life"

duptv fucking loves her pussy
How's grandma's stuffing, Zach? Are you able to look anyone in the eyes this year and answer why you're single, jobless, and living with your parents fucking around 24+ hours straight in defense of Emma Flopson when you're nearly 30 years old?

>gahoole's awards show back for another year
Ebin. Best Emma and Boettcher should be up there. Too bad about Millie hitting the wall.
Only if she's a nudist.

Open file (60.48 KB 1509x177 truth about tv.png)
>that GET
Where is that from, cuckchan?
Those GAMERGATEs wouldn't even understand half of what /tv/ anons say, that's how avant-garde /tv/ is.
>"But Watson is an ugly man with no career"

10 billion dollars worth of films befores shes 30

zero billion dollar movies for stone the actual ugly man
And not a single dollar worth of films after she turns 30, she has no career.
That's why she's second billed in another ensemble movie and it's getting raved about, incel

I hope you better kys now and spare yourself 30-40 more years of Emmakino
The prevailing commentary on the Greta Gerwig flick is that Flopson's accent blows
No that's the meme troll anti watson opinions sweetie. You know the "vocal minority" of retards. Her accent sounds very good and has for years and years and years now. Your ears dont work and you're actually cucked to straight up retards on youtube and twitter.
Yet another meme against Watson bickers plebeians are so jealous of her immense talent. Isnt it funny how they screech about something every single movie of hers. Almost like they are mad and seething.
I guess sucking cock counts
Full spectrum sexual harassment.
How many years has hapa been doing this now?
6 years of doggedly pursuing everyone who so much as jokes about harv's whore.
To what end? What drives a person to obsessively try and fail to convince a nebulous group of internet strangers that supposedly don't matter to him that his favorite actress is flawless?
Do you think this motherfucker will pull some Bjork stalker shit if flopson starts dating a GAMERGATE, or will he just go back to spamming cuck porn again?
9 apparently, according to some 4plebs archived post. Flopson is probably lucky Zach has a cuck fetish, he would fap to it.
>posting the same photos from a bafta event every time you're mad at Watson being rich and famous from tons of non-Weinstein movies and from essentially being cast by JK Rowling originally

>harv's whore
But that's literally Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson etc

not the actress who was famous for entirely different endeavors

were you born in 2005?
What is it about incels assuming everything about not only Emma Watson but Zach's life as well just bickers they are mad that Emma Watson is an outlier and has been acting for two decades now and making bank in the process?
>imitating dup
no wonder you're so fhlp
>he doesn't know the difference between post ironic dupping and post, post ironic dupping

They are losing it again about Harry potter and Watson

And saying absolutely nothing of value while thinking they know anything about filmmaking

So much so they shill youtube iqlet critiques like the bling ring being repetitive in nature as a bad thing when the entire films purpose is to showcase that zoomers lead these kind of lives and it did so extremely well,

Just look at /tv/ for an example, one can remove themselves from the equation and they will still talk about garbage eceleb shit, cuckime, garbage twitter and youtube opinions, constant whining about women and feminism while being sexist virgins

This shit writes itself!
>They are losing it again about Harry potter and Watson
lmao you're the only one who is mad here
>another day
>another new thread about watson and or potter
>this time two threads
>even the same person(s) on cow in another thread talking about the same shit
>but you're the only one whos mad
At least you tried
>another thread about Flopson or Twatter
>another hapa meltdown
>the ones who can't stop bringing up (reeeeeing about) emma watson are the ones who aren't meltingdown every day I swear!
>YOU are the REAL LOLCOWS, /tv/!
woah, deep
Hey Gahoole have you ever had two women pining over you at once, two women who were friends but then started to hate each other bickers you dated one and then actually ended up dating the other right after you dumped the first crazy one?

You haven't had anything close to that. You haven't had a gf to get your dick wet almost every night of the week while you were in school.

You slaphead plebshit virgin edgelord
At least he doesn't have a waifu that Harvey Weinstein uses as his personal sex toy.
But I haven't waifud trash like Jennifer Lawrence or Alicia Vikander, Watson made 100 million dollars without anything to do with Weinstein and then was in tons of movies afterwards that had nothing to do with him again

You stupid nigg er
Jennifer Lawrence has explicitly denied having sex with Humble Harv. Flopson didn't, and it wasn't bcause allegations don't abound. It's bcause they are true.
Emma Watson didn't bickers Weinstein had nothing to do with her being rich or famous, unlike Jennifer Lawrence

Nobody except incels actually think Weinstein had anything to do with Watsons movies, he had nothing to do with 15 or 16 of them.

Cope more. Innocent until proven guilty right? Unless you say so!
>jennifer lawrence has explicitly denied
Meaning it actually happened and she was desperate to claim otherwise sorry you have no common sense
>>15600 post the full art, i should have saved it back on /tv/ before 8chan being nuked
Without me, /tv/ is dead.
>>31718 I liked your thread where you sing in a car >>>/tv/64471
>>31735 I didn't made that thread.
>>31798 Zach is el pueblo confirmed
>>31835 El pueblo?
Not a pedo!
Open file (232.76 KB 600x738 1617687855638.png)
Any Megan respecters still around?
>>196827 I'm still here.
>>196864 So, how are things? Are you still simping for Megan, or have you found yourself a new waifu? Also, are you that anon from Siberia?
>>196888 I found her cute, that's about it, never really simped for her, I kinda messed with meganfags if anything, the video is truly cute. how sad
Open file (43.92 KB 720x960 1617687855638.jpg)
Open file (31.71 KB 480x360 Jerome Weiselberry.jpg)
>>197038 Oof and yikes, my guy. Hopefully you are recovering from his low point in your life. I’ve been down too, but never to the point that I ever found (someone like) Megan cute. What was it that made you drop the little goblin? The lack of new wanking material? There was even a couple of deepfakes of her back when you guys were simping for her, as well as that lewd video where she moans as she plays some game on her laptop. I just hope you won’t relapse into Megan simping now that AI can churn out Megan material for you. For me, it was Jerome. Now she was cute, and she enjoyed literature and film, unlike a pleb like Megan, who gobbled up Disney Star Wars.

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