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Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 21:54:29 ID: 288dd0 No.15436
All they do is talk about capeshit, 4chan memes or jewtube ecelebs and jewtube videos.

Insult their precious capeshit, Jokershit, or jewtube shit and the tranny vol3 or Gayhoole will delete your posts, no fun allowed only cuckthink allowed.

Constantly projecting they are patrician yet constantly disproving their assertions by being bing bing, zoomer capetards that discuss every single capeshit movie with an online marketing scheme to soyboys.
Hey, Zach.
Dare I say, /tv/ fucking loves her pussy?
Patrick Nelson doing Soyboy face/wojack is the best OC.
Saving forever.
Imagine running to /cow/ bickers some low effort shitposting board pissed you off.
Imagine getting this
Open file (173.86 KB 1000x751 chair.jpg)
>The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow
But wouldn't that include you, Zach?
Cry more Zach
Open file (385.87 KB 669x573 DE_SOY.png)
Explain the amount of soy in this picture, Gayhole. Did (((Mark Mann))) infect you with the Soytendo virus or something?
I was doing a bit, all those systems are hacked and I was working on shit with them at my PC and decided to do a soyface.
dup/tv/ fucking loves her pussy
dup/tv/ flhp
They're literally seething right now about Emma Watson again, no surprises, when she has 10 billion dollars in total gross of many blockbusters and indie films over 2 decades.
And you can't do anything about it lmao.
Enema Flopson is a literal lolcow, >she should have a thread here not on /tv/. After all, >she is out of work in the film industry.
Actually, you can't do anything other than cry about the actress under 30 that actually has the most billion dollar movies and has the 2nd highest grossing film recently without even caring about doing blockbusters and mostly focusing on indie films.

She has more films since 2013 than Tom Cruise and Leo, this just in, movie stars don't have to do multiple projects a year to make ends meet when they are actually worth hundred millions of dollars.

I think OP is right, /tv/ is lolcow at this point. You can't even stop obsessing over Emma Watson.
Open file (87.30 KB 750x451 1558723285948.jpg)
It's bickers they know she's superior and doesn't even have to do anything but walk out the door and she gets more press and coverage than the whos they like. It's kind of sad, their jealously and coping. I'm sure they are grinding their teeth reading this. Anything she does that grosses 1st or 2nd overall in it's entire film year doesn't count but it would if their irrelevant waifu was in it instead.
Also, (1).
Do you really think people can't tell you're samefagging with your VPN?
>having finally been ousted from /tv/ the hapadup runs to /cow/ to sperg
Top pottery
I came in Emma Watson last night, do you want the pictures? They're a bit crusty but if they're all you can do then you might want them.
Kek /tv/ is seething
the skin in the bottom right corner looks like the gunt
Hey hapa
Imagine asking Robi of all people to give you /tv/ on this site when he does joint streams with Gahoole. You really are a special kind of stupid, Zach.
Let's assume for a moment that you were successful in snatching it from him. What would you do, squat the board? Wipe the entire board the moment the first Humble Harv post shows up?
hey bunker hapa
Open file (1.30 MB 1221x662 zachhouse1.png)
Imagine living in this shithole, I would probably lose my mind too. You need help Zachy.
Open file (419.19 KB 750x451 GUNTED.png)
Robi, make >>>/tv2/ for him, just to see if so.
Open file (2.04 MB 1687x1412 1507304074909.jpg)
honestly imagine being emma watson
>sofia coppola couldn't help you and she managed to make elle fanning a "star"
>judd apahack and his crew couldn't help you
>aronofsky couldn't help you
>even harvey wineburgers finger blasting couldn't help you
and the worst part? ryan gosling drops roles if you end up being cast with him and will take said role back if you end up dropping it too
jesus christ how no talent can you be
His tactic is to cockblock so I doubt he'd care about /tv2/. Robi offered it to him in that /meta/ thread but he didn't care.
See >>>/meta/1299 and >>>/meta/1300 .
Based Gosling knew that being in a musical with someone who not only can't act but also can't sing was career suicide even if the script itself was made of pure unadulterated Oscar material.
Imagine reposting cuckchan reposts made by a butthurt autist lmao.
Based Watsons musical grossed more in its opening weekend than Lie Lie Land did in its entire run and it became the UKs highest grossing musical. Imagine thinking some Canaian was even going to be cast in that. Gosling will never be in a top #2 grossing movie of the year with Stonetrash. Zombieshit 2 couldn't even gross its budget during it's opening weekend.
hey bunker hapa
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 zachmotherlode.webm)
honestly imagine being zach
Even if Flopson were the greatest actress in the world obviously she's not lel, Zach's bizarre obsession with defending her honor on the internet would still be the creepiest and most pathetic shit ever. Emma Watson is some millionaire thot who already has everything she could ever want handed to her on a silver platter by an army of servants. She lives on the other side of a literal ocean from Zach. She will never ever know that Zach exists. She has no incentive to care about what /tv/ thinks of her. All the same, whenever Zach hears about somebody who happens to dislike her, he takes it so fucking personally, as though she were his IRL girlfriend and somebody had just stabbed her in the gut. Just imagine for a second, if you will, just how damaged Zach's mind has to be in order to maintain this high level of obsession and detachment from reality. He really needs to be locked up before he hurts someone in real life, either by overreacting to someone who makes the mistake of disliking Flopson in his real-life presence or by moving to England and stalking her for real. The man belongs in a mental hospital.
Keep defending forced cuckchan memes and zoom zoom groupthink, they get called out no matter what by the high IQ.
What exactly are you getting out of relentlessly defending Emma Watson from all criticism by some random neckbeards on the internet? Does she offer you sex for defending her? Or nudes at least? Even a shoutout on twitter or something? Do you gain some personal satisfaction from this, despite knowing that Watson will never ever acknowledge, appreciate, or even know about your efforts in any way? I'm seriously interested to know how you can care so much about some random chick you don't even know. We all know that it's not some sort of impersonal correction of misconceptions to you; you wouldn't spend hours spamming ni⁣g⁣gerdi⁣cks over it if there weren't somehow personal for you. So why do you care so much about what we say about her on the internet?
>Do you gain some personal satisfaction from this, despite knowing that Watson will never ever acknowledge, appreciate, or even know about your efforts in any way?
She'd probably be disgusted at his behavior.
What compels one to be contrarian to a set of coomer ideals and cuckychan tier memes that are relentlessly spammed? Mostly dignity, most things I comment on subject wise in wide ranges often rustle those who are loud and obnoxious. My predictions are often right, my contradictions often swell, like D&D never being cut out for filmmaking, alas look what transpires. I am a defender of cinema and artists who need defending against the horde of menacing mongs and bing bing trollers. Why doth thou constantly frame everything suiting your headcanon?

To put it most succinctly I have a knack for upsetting retards born around the year 2000, but not solely, who mainly talk about DCshit or Marvelbrap all day and unironically ape on about only that which is shilled by the media or googletube ecelebs. I have a knack for being actually contrarian around of group of pretend contrarians who degradate human culture, language and thought for pleb memes and not even good ones.

dup/tv/ fucking loves her pussy
hapadup fucking loves her pussy
So you look at spamming big black cocks wherever people disagree with you as some sort of desperately-needed defense of civilization itself?
hey board hapa
>the hapa now reposts bottom of the barrel trash from cuckchan
Open file (819.00 B 86x22 coomer.jpg)
You're the coomer though.
>further proving the slaphead forced meme was just a lone hapa
zach pls this is bad even for you
Now you're attributing massive memes to Zach. I think he came up with the word kino too.
t. shook slaphead
>slaphead is a "massive meme"
Open file (877.84 KB 600x898 zachina.png)
Has Zachina finished her transition yet?
ayy lmao
Is there a bigger failure than Flopson in the film industry?
There's nobody else under 30 with as many successful films as she does and all other actresses you could look up have average grosses hundreds of millions of dollars less. 10 billion $$$$$
You mean with that many flops.
Her times up
>under 30
Only for another half year Zach, just imagine how little roles she will get after she hits the brick wall of being an old hag.
>single post by 1 ID
every single fucking time
I honestly kind of find the word funny now, even if it was forced really hard.
Hey Zach, since you're in this thread anyway and your birthday is coming up, what would be your favorite flopson movie to watch on the guntstream?
My first inclination would be The Circle, but I'm willing to take suggestions.
She got a bath video leaked in the fappening.
I just wanna do a bad movie to please Zach and have some fun, not gonna subject the audience to tranny softcore porn.
Based Robi
Thoughts on flopson getting GUNTED as seen on >>15630 ?
I'm not Robi, but I am the guy who's been doing the /tv/ outreach.
Open file (2.80 MB 3539x4866 classy emma.jpg)
Circle is one of my least favorite, champ. You might actually have taste in movies if you weren't a zoomer memer.
She looks like this now, estupidio.
I thought Robi and Guntopia were the same guy, my bad man. I assume you're Guntopia.
Hey bunker hapa.
You have been spamming that pic from long before >>15918 happened.
The picture I'm posted is literally a year older than the one you're pointing to, cope more tard.
Open file (2.73 MB 2333x2519 flopsonn.jpg)
Those shoulders... MrE was right.
Open file (77.64 KB 1920x1080 no name.jpg)
>zach is a qtard
>talk to a /tv/ shitposter
what a shit experience, these kind of people cannot self-improve and cannot acknowledge their shortcomings, even if they do they spit excuses and ways to dodge being not a GAMERGATE
hahahahahahahahahhahahahah ha ha ah ah aha ahh ha ha ha

that fucking image

Also last night I astrally projected to Zachs house. not even lying. His backyard is as big a shithole as the rest of the property.
Zach, no one cares what flopson movie is your least favorite, I just remember the Circle bickers you kept trying to shill it on your letterboxd accounts, so either tell me what your favorite one is or I will just play the circle and claim it's your favorite movie.
And no kids movies please, thank you.

And her shoulders are clearly wider then her hips Zach, you really shouldn't believe everything you read on google.
Common mistake, one I usually don't correct, but it's going to get somewhat confusing if people start assuming Robi is up on all this Zach lore (besides what he's heard from me).
Pretty sure the top 2 photos on that image you're replying to are actually Zachs bedroom and backyard.
Open file (48.53 KB 646x487 chihuahue.jpg)
>Also last night I astrally projected to Zachs house
Open file (819.70 KB 1224x760 d66d57d1d8a33ee1.jpg)
It's already Zach's birthday time? Fucking hell it feels like I blacked him just few months ago. I'll have to think of something relatively fresh.
You still have until the end of the month, November 30th to get him a present.
oh my fucking god HA HA HA
>he wrote this when he was 19 years old

Open file (4.75 MB 5184x3880 IMG_20191027_140658.jpg)
how old is zach going to be? Wonder how gayhole feels to be balding at 22 while zach still has a lush head of hair
>zach has hair
<is a total incel hated by everyone including his parents
>gahoole is balding
<can get any woman he wants and is beloved by all
28 I think.
>beloved by all
t. gayhole, both the hapa and the ogre are wastes of human flesh
hey zach
hey zach
he is soon gonna look like a fusion of Homer and Shrek
Gayhole is a national treasure.
>when your hapadupbrain is this flhp
>massive meme
Peak delusion, not a single slap post is made when whatever drugs you're on for these multiday sperg tantrums finally run out and you go to sleep.
In a nation of shit
>can get any woman he wants
>Zach has more pictures of himself with women
Her shoulders are smaller than her hips and her waist is smaller than Alexandra Daddarios waist, plus she has a hip measurement that's bigger than Daddarios, she's a model with measurements online, cope more and post more cuckychan stuff as your argument.
Open file (39.96 KB 623x579 1511795435227.jpg)
No argument
hey bunker hapa
Open file (26.34 KB 136x123 kill me.png)
I wonder how big her feminine penis was when she took Zachy's anal virginity
Zach is straight retard, try again
Open file (55.18 KB 554x554 zachsnotsoqtprom1.jpg)
irl she finds out about zach and a friend writes a spec and it gets green lighted. Ema Watson back on top from doing a m ovie about zach but the movie paints him as a crep instead of a noble white night. He is played by Jared Leto with a harelip prosthetic
Open file (15.62 KB 236x334 whatagay.jpg)
Prove it.
They are seething over Harry Potter and Emma Watson again while saying absolutely nothing interesting and just repeating meme garbage you've heard 1000 times on cuckchan

the marvel of boards, zero substance.
Why are you such a raging homosexual hapa, Zach? Just bickers JK Rowling said so?
They are still crying about Zach, unreal. RENT fucking FREE
>flhp'd hapadupbrain thinks anyone is falling for his samefagging
Why are hapadups so bad at deception?
Is it something in their flhp'd dupsgenic genetic make up?
Open file (294.94 KB 1200x1200 My Muse My Angel.jpg)
Autists have trouble with second order attribution differentiation, hence lying is difficult for them. Conversely when they believe something is real no amount of proof can convince them otherwise. For example if an autist was convinced that a second rate bit actress from the dullest franchise in movie history was talented he would believe that the entirety of the rest of the world is insane or lying for not believing the same thing he does.
I killed myself.
>the dullest
The dullest cuckchan meme ever, get some actual arguments
I was paraphrasing the film critic Armond White. You know the guy that Zach called "a fucking GAMERGATE baboon who needs to have his faggot ass dragged into the street and shot. Fucking AIDS infected monkey GAMERGATE doesn't know what talent and beauty is and that's why he hates Emma Watson," for his review of the Harry Pottery films. I am sure you remember that cff4ad.
>film critic
>likes The Cobbler, Jack and Jill, Transformers 2, Justice League, Gi Joe 1 and 2 and Grown Up

Open file (5.44 MB 624x336 dunkaccino.webm)
>Jack and Jill
Don't mind if I do
Shouldn't you be fucking some grannies, The Zohan?
>dat webbum
Open file (43.62 KB 658x367 1573187105381.jpg)
Open file (51.23 KB 600x549 1506741081103.jpg)
Open file (6.16 KB 244x207 1506371698536.jpg)
/tv/ is the best board with /cow/
How much shame do you think this was for him?
Open file (353.23 KB 720x480 Burn_this.webm)
>/tv/ is still crying about based Watson and based Zach
Oh my goodness they need help
Open file (919.44 KB 1440x3120 Mark.jpg)
So Mark spammed /v/ to try and shut down discussion over something autistic he said. He posted this little nut as "proof" he dindu nothing and inadvertently outed himself as the >cuckime sperg. Reposting it on /tv/ got me a site wide permaban within 2 minutes of uploading it once.
Fucking knew >cuckime sperg must have been /v/ermin crossposter.
A lot, Gahoole tier shame, imagine being one of the most respected actors of your time and needing to do a blumpkin commerical to make ends meet.
>Reposting it on /tv/ got me a site wide permaban within 2 minutes of uploading it once.
Gayhole and the shit tier mod are cuckime fags who always suppress the truth and try to damage control their shitty board as being ousted as discordashit and bing bing shit. They actually think their little hivemind bunker is cool when it's all unironic zoomer opinions and low IQ spam/cocks.
>mark was the cuckime spammer this entire time and now he's false flagging as an anime lover to make us look bad
This guy is actually mentally ill. Holy shit.
Guys stop, I'm crying in laughter, ribs hurt:
“Aaron Lawson” is his alias in school.
Almost a schizo poster that requires meds.
I posted >cuckime many times, lots of people don't like cuckime clogging up the catalog.
Open file (85.40 KB 244x446 jc4.png)
Then why are you here?
The >cuckime sperg isn't the guy who posts >cuckime, it's the one sperging the fuck out that people keep posting >cuckime and thinking it's only one person who lurks 24/7 just to post it everywhere. Very similar to GAMERGATEpill sperg from /v/.
They are doing it again, crying about Watson
Imagine being such an incel-bubbled zoomer you think only one person desires Emma Watson. Imagine calling an extremely famous role that made an actress a movie star for 2 decades now and got her 100 million dollars "that shitty role" as you cry in a fucking bing bing bunker.

1984's "two minutes of hate" in real time right now every single day when a dozen retards come to /tv/ to try and insult a wildly successful and hot actress.
This. I don't even have a problem with some Niptoons here and there, but "cuckime" is all it takes to get weebs bent out of shape.
Hey, Zach.
Zach you're still free to suggest a movie for your birthday stream, it's either that or I'm just going to put up a poll on /tv/.
replying to a board h*pa post
hey there, cuckime spammer
All me
Prisoner of Azkaban
Fake as fuck. Everyone knows Zach's favorite Harry Potter flick is Half-blooded Prince.
No it isn't those are both favorites of mine. Great job asking the question and not liking the answer since you think you know me but you really don't. I pick Prisoner of Azkaban.
Sure thing, Half-blooded Prince
Will do buddy.
I think I've seen more of his various accounts named after Azkaban then Half-Blood Prince, I'm assuming it's legit.
>Act like a sperg from anime
>People continue to trigger the sperg for laugh
Want to know how I know you are not from here?
hey Zach
Your just as pathetic as they are Zack
Can you believe they are STILL pushing their incel headcanon about Watson needing Weinstein for money or fame when she already had more than the thots he actually fucked, for an entire decade and then was another entire decade of different types of films by all different types of directors.
can you believe friends are still coming on here trying to defend that literal slop bucket?
Explain why the role supply dried up.
>the joker is bad
Cope neurotypical
It didn't she has been cherrypicking her roles for a decade now and doing only the ones she wants to and look she even has a billion dollar movie that had nothing to do with him again under her belt. Why are you such a filthy fucking zoomer you think 2018 and 2019 have been good years for movies this decade?
Joker is pleb shit
Can you get an argument lad, you post like a 15 year old incel
>w-why did the r-r-roles d-d-dr
He never had anything to do with most of her roles in the first place, you would all know this if you watched movies and paid attention.
>The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow
It's funny you say that considering most of /tv/ right now is crossposters. bickers guess what, right now /tv/ is rapefugees from random boards on 8chan, so to say /tv/ is lolcows from 4chan is the same as saying all of 8chan is lolcows from 4chan.
"My stance is that cuckime is on topic"
Who could have ever guessed that the cuckchan recycled meme board that actually approves of garbage cuckime would have such shit taste in films and women

Total faggotry
Open file (3.74 MB 512x288 Reich.webm)
>source:my ass
Take note lads, this is what a flhp'd hapadupbrain looks like.
Make sure you never produce a hapadup, they always wind up doing flhp things like obsessing over children's movies despite being in their late 20s, and worshiping washed up actresses who will never acknowledge their existence or ever not be flhp'd by a fat jewdup.
Imagine thinking movies that literally are for all ages and loved by adults of all kind bickers they were directed by adult men are childrens movies when you post on the most chidlish autistic subreddit for a bunker possible.

Get some taste.
Imagine being such a flhp'd hapadupbrain that you don't realize "for all ages" = kiddie shit.
Don't make hapadups, their flhp'd dupbrains are incapable of connecting dots.
your taste is objectively reddit as proven by the fact that you liked the perks of being a wallflower
meant for
More like the perks of being a femcel amirite
But 4chan is made of redditors and they hate on it since they are incels
>“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” - C.S Lewis
Since Lord of the Rings is for all ages I guess it's just kiddie shit according to internet faglords
Imagine being such an un-artistic zoomer (or boomer) you have to generalize in the most hyperbolic ways and you get fucking loves her pussy by a god tier Shakespearan actor when it comes to Harry Potter since you need to have sex
>quadruple posting
hey worst hapa
>no retort on topic after you GAMERGATEs pretend to be bastions of good taste
hey worst virgin
You're truly the best lolcow.
Duptv bfto
>"It's Thanksgiving and you're actually spending your time writing paragraphs about random internet strangers instead of enjoying the day with your family. Get a fucking life"

duptv fucking loves her pussy
How's grandma's stuffing, Zach? Are you able to look anyone in the eyes this year and answer why you're single, jobless, and living with your parents fucking around 24+ hours straight in defense of Emma Flopson when you're nearly 30 years old?

>gahoole's awards show back for another year
Ebin. Best Emma and Boettcher should be up there. Too bad about Millie hitting the wall.
Only if she's a nudist.

Open file (60.48 KB 1509x177 truth about tv.png)
>that GET
Where is that from, cuckchan?
Those GAMERGATEs wouldn't even understand half of what /tv/ anons say, that's how avant-garde /tv/ is.
>"But Watson is an ugly man with no career"

10 billion dollars worth of films befores shes 30

zero billion dollar movies for stone the actual ugly man
And not a single dollar worth of films after she turns 30, she has no career.
That's why she's second billed in another ensemble movie and it's getting raved about, incel

I hope you better kys now and spare yourself 30-40 more years of Emmakino
The prevailing commentary on the Greta Gerwig flick is that Flopson's accent blows
No that's the meme troll anti watson opinions sweetie. You know the "vocal minority" of retards. Her accent sounds very good and has for years and years and years now. Your ears dont work and you're actually cucked to straight up retards on youtube and twitter.
Yet another meme against Watson bickers plebeians are so jealous of her immense talent. Isnt it funny how they screech about something every single movie of hers. Almost like they are mad and seething.
I guess sucking cock counts
Full spectrum sexual harassment.
How many years has hapa been doing this now?
6 years of doggedly pursuing everyone who so much as jokes about harv's whore.
To what end? What drives a person to obsessively try and fail to convince a nebulous group of internet strangers that supposedly don't matter to him that his favorite actress is flawless?
Do you think this motherfucker will pull some Bjork stalker shit if flopson starts dating a GAMERGATE, or will he just go back to spamming cuck porn again?
9 apparently, according to some 4plebs archived post. Flopson is probably lucky Zach has a cuck fetish, he would fap to it.
>posting the same photos from a bafta event every time you're mad at Watson being rich and famous from tons of non-Weinstein movies and from essentially being cast by JK Rowling originally

>harv's whore
But that's literally Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson etc

not the actress who was famous for entirely different endeavors

were you born in 2005?
What is it about incels assuming everything about not only Emma Watson but Zach's life as well just bickers they are mad that Emma Watson is an outlier and has been acting for two decades now and making bank in the process?
>imitating dup
no wonder you're so fhlp
>he doesn't know the difference between post ironic dupping and post, post ironic dupping

They are losing it again about Harry potter and Watson

And saying absolutely nothing of value while thinking they know anything about filmmaking

So much so they shill youtube iqlet critiques like the bling ring being repetitive in nature as a bad thing when the entire films purpose is to showcase that zoomers lead these kind of lives and it did so extremely well,

Just look at /tv/ for an example, one can remove themselves from the equation and they will still talk about garbage eceleb shit, cuckime, garbage twitter and youtube opinions, constant whining about women and feminism while being sexist virgins

This shit writes itself!
>They are losing it again about Harry potter and Watson
lmao you're the only one who is mad here
>another day
>another new thread about watson and or potter
>this time two threads
>even the same person(s) on cow in another thread talking about the same shit
>but you're the only one whos mad
At least you tried
>another thread about Flopson or Twatter
>another hapa meltdown
>the ones who can't stop bringing up (reeeeeing about) emma watson are the ones who aren't meltingdown every day I swear!
>YOU are the REAL LOLCOWS, /tv/!
woah, deep
Hey Gahoole have you ever had two women pining over you at once, two women who were friends but then started to hate each other bickers you dated one and then actually ended up dating the other right after you dumped the first crazy one?

You haven't had anything close to that. You haven't had a gf to get your dick wet almost every night of the week while you were in school.

You slaphead plebshit virgin edgelord
At least he doesn't have a waifu that Harvey Weinstein uses as his personal sex toy.
But I haven't waifud trash like Jennifer Lawrence or Alicia Vikander, Watson made 100 million dollars without anything to do with Weinstein and then was in tons of movies afterwards that had nothing to do with him again

You stupid nigg er
Jennifer Lawrence has explicitly denied having sex with Humble Harv. Flopson didn't, and it wasn't bcause allegations don't abound. It's bcause they are true.
Emma Watson didn't bickers Weinstein had nothing to do with her being rich or famous, unlike Jennifer Lawrence

Nobody except incels actually think Weinstein had anything to do with Watsons movies, he had nothing to do with 15 or 16 of them.

Cope more. Innocent until proven guilty right? Unless you say so!
>jennifer lawrence has explicitly denied
Meaning it actually happened and she was desperate to claim otherwise sorry you have no common sense
>>15600 post the full art, i should have saved it back on /tv/ before 8chan being nuked
Without me, /tv/ is dead.
>>31718 I liked your thread where you sing in a car >>>/tv/64471
>>31735 I didn't made that thread.
>>31798 Zach is el pueblo confirmed
>>31835 El pueblo?
Not a pedo!
Open file (232.76 KB 600x738 1617687855638.png)
Any Megan respecters still around?
>>196827 I'm still here.
>>196864 So, how are things? Are you still simping for Megan, or have you found yourself a new waifu? Also, are you that anon from Siberia?
>>196888 I found her cute, that's about it, never really simped for her, I kinda messed with meganfags if anything, the video is truly cute. how sad
Open file (43.92 KB 720x960 1617687855638.jpg)
Open file (31.71 KB 480x360 Jerome Weiselberry.jpg)
>>197038 Oof and yikes, my guy. Hopefully you are recovering from his low point in your life. I’ve been down too, but never to the point that I ever found (someone like) Megan cute. What was it that made you drop the little goblin? The lack of new wanking material? There was even a couple of deepfakes of her back when you guys were simping for her, as well as that lewd video where she moans as she plays some game on her laptop. I just hope you won’t relapse into Megan simping now that AI can churn out Megan material for you. For me, it was Jerome. Now she was cute, and she enjoyed literature and film, unlike a pleb like Megan, who gobbled up Disney Star Wars.
You ever saw an image board whose moderation got worse the smaller it got? That's not rhetorical, genuinely curious. It seems like if you were bleeding users or never had any, you would have relaxed mods to encourage growth, unless you just want to talk to yourself. Is that fatass's plan?
>>15436 so apparently their recent trend of banning everything bickers "derailing" isn't new. Looks like Nuzach was right.
Open file (4.82 MB 1280x720 mark_impersonation.mp4)
>>203102 Is that why I get an error everytime I try to post? That's just fucking sad
>>203151 You have to clear your browser cache. What the tvch mods do is drop a cookie on your browser to cause an error AND they banned your IP. So you have to clear the cache and switch to a new VPN proxy. They ban everything now for "derailing." MY guess is tgat Pedohoole has accepted the fact that his site is dead, and he and his mods are still seething with rage over the Nuzach defiance, so they are banning as much as they can to desperately try to get revenge on everyone. The constant surveillance of the site by the mods now further confirms this. They are no doubt the lowest form of NEET filth.
>>203155 >Don't shitpost on the shitpost board The absolute state, what happened to fun?
>>203168 Gahoole and his friends got dunk'd on by furries and he's been seething ever since.
TRSPERG will never be white
>>203218 Those furries fucked him up but tbf they'd fuck any retard left in this sektur.
>>203218 >>203229 Adam made a griefing/trolling video where he tries to induce rage in COD and some guy laughs and asks him if he's seriously trying to troll on a cod server in 2023, and then moves on to a mlp gmod rp server and tries being le epic trollface there and they treat him like an actual retard going through his first day of school. If anything people should watch it to see how strangely low intelligence Adam is. He's not firing with all cylinders or something, maybe that's why he lives with Gahoole.
>>203291 You should shoot all the brown people in Peru and start a proxy race war instead of doing local terrorism, think long term.
>Gayhoole Pedohoole
>>203229 which furries? what gayhoole did this time? trying to groom furry kids?
>>203427 Gahoole got into a fight with furries on his website and they left, turns out they were the ones giving him a lot of support/boosts behind the scenes and when he insulted their ringleader they cut ties with him and his website/channel tanked right away. Ever since he's been dilating about furries. Also bickers he's a fat incel weeb he needs to try to make himself feel good by punching down, except that every time he does the furries kick his ass bickers him and his friends are dumb, unfunny, and lack any form of wit.
>>203432 It's interesting to see Gahoole make a powerplay against Axle openly in Gahoole's last video. Everyone know the girl in Gahoole's latest video? That's the e-girl that Gahoole is simping over on Discord, and that's why he took a shot at Axle. He's trying to make himself look cool by taking Axle down a peg and show off. Problem for Gahoole is that him and his friends really aren't funny or witty so they came off as rude and insulting to a person from the 'in-group'. It will be interesting how this plays out, weebs are notorious scum losers and since furfags rank lower on the internet totem than weebs Gahoole's trying to make his bones off Axle's back. Probably won't work though. Gahoole can't say much, Axle's an open gay furry calling himself a pedo and Gahoole went out of his way to associate with him so Gahoole doesn't have any high ground, he chose to hang out with the guy, and that's after Gahoole's long history of being friends with people known for being pedos, and not including his own f.b.i raid for cp possession. Anyways to make this short, Gahoole's been simping over a girl on discord (probably why he did an anti-egirl video) and tried to take Axle on to impress her. Snaked one of his own friends for the chance at a crumb of internet pussy, and then made everything public to try to get people on his side of events. What's funny is that he's using Axle's own nonchalance against him too. 'What's the problem? I don't get why he's so upset.', while Axle's the one stuttering about how Gahoole's being an asshole. Very quick reversal from a few weeks ago. Gahoole, always a snake, always a hypocrite.
>>203218 >>203229 >>203427 >>203432 Lol there is some tvch deeplore stuff involving TheTheGatorGamerGamer and someone from Sam Hyde's group attached to this involving a simultaneous Kino Casino live stream/tvch /dunk/ thread that TheTheGatorGamerGamer personally called out where someone from the thread dropped 3k on TheTheGatorGamerGamer's superchat and told Gahoole Sam Hyde said suck it. I don't know all the details about what was going on but I remember the thread had that Neon Evangelion song as it's header and that Gahoole deleted that thread and a few others that mentioned anything about TheTheGatorGamerGamer and supposedly someone from Hyde's group dunking on him live and his own site at the same time.
>>203433 timestamp on the video for the bitch? I will not sit through another Pedohoole video ever again.
>>203433 I am so glad Nuzach razed tvch. Gahoole deserved it.
>>31718 Jews are skinny
>>203438 Mods are deleting anything they don't like no matter the topic. It's become so rulecucked you can't even have fun and there's barely any activity.
>>203537 Yeah it's a dead site now. All the posters left, the only people still there are Gahoole, the mos, and a few mentally ill anons obsessed with getting Gahoole's attention so they can give him life advice and be his best friend/mentor/life coach.
>>203433 Kys essayfaggot
Open file (3.66 MB 1583x8830 ClipboardImage.png)
Dead site, dead board, all these posts are just Sneedious, Emojitroon and Yakuza.
>>203433 Gahoole's always been a two-faced bitch. The e-girl shit is no surprise. I legit bet Gahoole asks this girl to be his girlfriend in at least 3 months. Someone said he was simping for some discord chick right before he put out the e-girl video so we're watching Gahoole's attempt at a mating ritual dance right now. >>203438 Gahoole still seethe and coping to this day. >>203537 >>203550 The site is finished. look at fa70a8, you know he's still posting with his 'No you can't hate Gahoole TVch is dead Gahoole is a fat pedo and his posters are troons!' brand of schizo. >>203563 >>203569 Are you seriously still going to that site? Lol what are you, gay?
>>203569 Emojitroon, Yakuza and Blaine posting coomer shit and tranny porn while vol3, Wolfspider and Gahoole clap.
>>203594 Nuzach lives rentfree in your head.
>>203685 >>203686 >Nuzach confirming his schizo posts are the only thing left on tvchan. Poor little retard.
>>203569 >>203686 Based, vol3 is already crying on discord about those posts >>203689 YWBAW blaine
>>203686 >>203690 See I don't know how a post about Gahoole turns into Nuzach unless Gahoole is Nuzach. Is that what you're saying, or is it that you're one of those obsessed go-nowhere's that hang around Gahoole like shit flies? Your babbling form of samefagging where you attack a post about Gahoole and then post how tvch is deadkind of makes it clear you're Nuzach the bbc loving tranny faggot. Gahoole the bald pedo will never love you the way he loves Adam and you'll never be a woman. Now that you've got nobody to be mentally ill at on tv you come here and hope nobdy can tell how much of a drooling idiot you are. Go post on tvchan, you're the type of poster Gahoole wants.
>>203707 lol based >>203690 >vol3 is on discord right now so you're in discord servers with him? Lol you really are a faggot Nuzach.
>>203707 >>203708 Nuzach is obsessed with Gahoole and expresses it through bursts of microdick energy. Literal definition of smalldick posting. If it's Jbalvin, Ramon, a BBC, tranny, something gay about wanting to fuck boys, you can bet Nuzach's tiny penis is behind the post. Nuzach is hyperfixated on black dicks, fucking trannies, and sucking Gahoole off online. I'm not syaing he's compensating for having a microdick, but He has a microdick. He's afraid of white women and posting fat white tits makes him forcibly dilate. try it and see.
>>203712 This will be Nuzach's new insult, now that you've called him a microdick that's what he's going to go around calling every post he doesn't like. He's like a G​AMERGATE, appropriates everything he has from superior cultures.
>>203712 >>203714 Lol is this a meta joke about Nuzach's samefagging?
>>203716 No of course not, it's not like post i.d is on or anything so we can all see who's posting. It's not a Nuzach tactic to make a pro gahoolepost and then an anti Gahoole post right after.
Who am I supposed to believe?! This is all so confusing and gay I just, I just can't be bothered to care
>>203720 Don't wory it's really simple. Anyone posting on tvch right now is a tranny or a pedofaggot. Gahoole has a tranny cult obsessed with replacing Adam and becoming his harem of dickchick life coaches. Tvch is dead and Gahoole is a lying backstabber who will make up drama for views bickers all he has is his kayfabe. Avoid groups with Gahoole in them bickers he is a canary in a coal mine, if you see Gahoole then the place is filled with actual pedos bickers Gahoole's favorite hobby is making friends with pedos and then telling everyone it's just a coincidence all his friends are pedos. Essentially anything to do with Gahoole is radioactive and to be avoided or you will have mentally ill trannies show up acting like schizos to protect him.
>>203722 So this is all Nuzachs fault, gotcha thanks.
>>203720 Janitors are going nuclear which is why any board that isn't /tv/, is dead.
Open file (2.60 MB 998x666 1636785826761.webm)
Emojitroon here, getting kind of bored of tvch, anyone know any other sites to shitpost on? thanks, xoxo gossip girl
>>203724 Tvtroon mod here again? Lol owned.
>>203724 >>203814 >>203832 It's all the boards. It must piss off tvtroon mods so much to come here, see these threads but can't delete or ban anything, and we can say whatever we want. Haha, get fucked tvtroon mods.
>>203594 Lad, it's quite bizarre that you complain about others using tvch, while you're in multiple threads crying about Gahoole and tvch without posting there. That's why Nuzach is the true hero of people while you're just a faggot.
https://archive.is/nXRg3 Just more proof that >>203722 anon is absolutely right about tvchan being a fag/troon playground. Nuzach shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
>>203861 lmao at that word filter, makes me sound like pedohoole
>>203840 Lol are you still posting there? You felt called out by that? Try not hanging out with pedos and fags and maybe you won't feel so personally insulted when someone makes fun of a fat bald failure of a pedo. Can't even rape a white girl in college. Sad, many such cases.
>>203861 That's not even nuzach or blaine tho, some canadian self proclaimed femsexual
Open file (18.08 KB 409x336 brhpix0pppi91.jpg)
>>203865 It's almost never me but that just makes sense as you all use the name a failed Canadian cross dresser fished and just ran with it. Fucking retard.
I like how Gahoole's defenders show up on the 'talk shit about internet retards' board wondering why people are talking shit about a fat pedo that's made enemies with every youtuber and creator he's partnered with. Uh, bickers he's a lolcow that leaves a trail of wreckage and failuyre wherever he goes? Everything he touches turns to shit and it's funny watching him bloat like a walrus, he's basically the next jcaesar187, when the cuntinator dies of respitory depression we need someone to replace him and Gahoole's a good fit. I like how he went from personally deleting and banning people for making fun of Axle on his site, to personally attacking Axle and putting out a hit video within two months. If you're not one of his tranny sycophants he will try to snake you just for something to do when he's bored and sad about being a fatty virgin. Which he's trying to solve by simping on discord e-girls by the way, doing exactly the thing he made a video calling other people out for. Gahoole, fatty virgin simp waiting in the wings to replace the Xanny Cunt as soon as he dies at the age of 55.
Open file (165.12 KB 2508x702 emojitranny on 4chan.png)
>>203865 Aka Emojitroon, a zoomer canadian who used to have cyber sex with Yakuza and other members from Gahoole discord server, he's also a poster on 4chan and jerks off to tranny porn and started the Ramonposting.
Open file (23.53 KB 640x480 wolfspider.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 1337x3575 wolfspider.png)
Anons here should stop fighting each other, bickers that's exactly what Blaine and other Pedohoole dick suckers are after. Pay attention to /lit/, the main posts left there are members of the Guntstream. They permabanned Jason, the best post there. Gahoole defend and support people like Dj Axle and Wolfspider, both sweaty gamers furfags and both post on tvch or are part of discord groups with him.
>>203922 lmao I am kind of scared for Gahoole tho. He is going down a dark path. Not everyone can handle life long inceldom, and those who do end up crazy in a way. I hope he doesn't do something stupid. If he was smart he would shut down the site but his seething mods like Grima Wormyongue probably gaslight him into keeping it up so they can have some power in their lives.
>>203990 Lol this has to be a troll
>>203884 You'll never be emojitroon or yakuza level shitposting, pipe down lil fella
>>204002 Pretty sure he moved to florida (orlando) to pick up some chica trans, gahoole has a decent income, many chica trans will offer them their culo's for some money. gahoole fancies himself bussy slayer.
>>204030 >Gahoole has a decent income How? he has no education or skills.
Open file (3.10 MB 500x400 1680323497289-2.webm)
>>203990 I'm not gay
>>204037 He does some plane mechanic thing or something, how else did he afford that house and afford to move across state?, also he has like a 20 thousand USD truck, so lol
>>204040 You were born to be like arielle maxine, you blew your opportunity.
>>204045 >how did he afford that house? He rented >How did he move across sate? He packed all his shit into the truck his dad bought him and drove there. >He does plane repiar He's not a plane mechanic, are you nuts? He has no education in mechanics or engine repair or anything like that. He's a store clerk right now, like a cashier. He lives with Adam and they split rent. The plane repair thing is something Gahoole always said Zach was into when he was telling people Zach worked at Lockheed and Martin.
>>204002 Being scared for Gahoole predicates that he is originally a good person and that his morality is in some peril, or that he's wavering as he travels a virtuous path, which is farthest from the truth. Gahoole was never a good person to begin with, he's already chosen a dark path for himself. Gahoole is the kind of person that if you watch for some time notice that his words never match his actions. Gahoole is the kind of person that goes out of his way to tell you how honest he is, how trustworthy he is, ect, yet he's always telling lies, or trying to stab someone in the back. Gahoole is always talking about how he doesn't want to get involved with or cause any drama and yet is constantly injecting himself into other people's drama that he has nothing to do with. If he doesn't want the drama, why is he always involving himself in it? Gahoole goes through great lengths trying to convince people he's a nice guy bickers if he didn't distract you with his pre-built reputation you'd notice fairly quickly he's clearly not a nice guy. He's a nerd bully who isn't smart or strong enough to be a real bully so he has to settle for being bitter and two-faced. He spent years getting mercilessly bullied in school and it's created a mean-spirited ugly little man who whines and snips at everybody that doesn't instantly recognise his innate genius and deserved place at the top of the hierarchy of whatever group he's in, which is everyone bickers Gahoole is utterly talentless and frankly a bit dumb.
>>204060 Yeah but does he fuck chica trans?
>>204060 >>204063 It's hilarious if Gahoole is recycling old lies bickers he doesn't have enough imagination to come up with new lies. 'Yeah that guy Zach we catfished for a year and did not cyber with at all trust me on this not once wanted to be a plane mechanic and that's why he got a job at Lockheed and Martin but he lost the job bickers he was caught fingerbanging his cousin on his boss's desk' *sniff* 'Yeah I'm a plane mechanic and not a circle k cashier at all, work up at Lockheed and Martin working on the big jets. Sometimes they let me start one up and go through take off, do a bit of flying. No big deal, just something they let you do if you're as cool and smart as I am. What? Yeah my dad loves me and he's very proud of me and my mom doesn't think I'm gay with Adam at all. >204072 He's not into girls man, haven't you been paying attention? Girls are icky, unless they're super edgy hardcore neurodivergent gamer e-girls into trolling and video games.
Open file (1.46 MB 1176x1080 1679939016757111.webm)
Hey boys, how's it hanging?
>>203996 Enjoy your permanent ban and having you ip scrapped, G​AMERGATEchu/nuzach
>>204045 >Gahoole is an aeroplane mechanic The guy was working behind a fucking grocery store counter like 2 years ago serving G​AMERGATEs. Stop.
>>204063 So...Nuzach is vindicated?
>>204112 Nuzach the nig loving coal burning tranny?
>>204112 >>204113 Nuzach is a tvch entity created to blame everything wrong on one single bad actor and has no place here. Nuzach is only ever used to deflect from Gahoole's failures as a board owner and his successes as a lolcow, a distraction intended to draw attention away from Gahoole's pathetic beta nature.
>>204158 So who the fuck is emojitroon, yakuza persona?
>>204161 Emojitroon is Blaine, Yakuza is a long time sperg who calls everyone else Yakuza, very easy to track.
While y'all seethe and cope like effeminate jews, Gahoole just won the internet. He, TheTheGatorGamerGamer and Perspicacity are destroying everyone. https://www.youtube.com/live/9eTaIeM2ZI4?feature=share
>>204168 Gahoole on his knees sucking TheTheGatorGamerGamer's dick, awesome. It's true. Gahoole will do anything. No self-respect. Giving up his dignity to stream to maybe 138 people on the channel of a man that essentially called him worthless. I love it.
>>204162 I'm not blaine faggot i dont even know who u fags are, I come from 4chan, i know nothing of these mid land drama's.
>>204190 Yes you are dude don't lie.
Open file (11.37 MB 480x1024 lol666_1.mp4)
Emojitroon ruined tvch
>>204278 is that the biden girl that got fucked in the ass by Joe?
>>204301 That's emojitroon, he was literally doxxed a few hours ago, foxdickfarms going crazy
>>204168 gahoole won, all the spergs ITT are seething to the void
>>204326 >Gahoole won So his hair grew back he lost a hundred pounds his parents love him and he's got a penis-free girlfriend?
>>204349 For a total victory the feds would have to return his laptop as well.
>>204349 I heard yakuza is his girlfriend now, they have a long history dating back a decade, yakuza used to send gahoole video's every week, I heard they emt up in orlando, the question is, is gahoole the top or bottom?
Another Gahoole kino, zero dislikes, everyone on the commentary section love it https://youtu.be/GMxM1KIFii4 >>204349 You're a failed e-celeb, bud.
>>204389 >and here we have a perfect example of a tranny life-coach trying to redeem a fat bald pedo by distorting reality the same way they try to distort their physical form. Lol the video is literally 'I want to impress this discord thot so bad but I've got nothing going for me so I'll try to pull someone else down to make me look better.' Just admit you're Gahoole you weird faggot, renting a place in flordia with your boyfriend and working as a cashier at a convenience store telling people you're a plane mechanic. Embarrassing. I bet you aren't even in the chicken club. You don't own any chickens do you? Chicken free, bitch free, might as well just kill yourself.
Open file (368.21 KB 1600x899 1649379997974.jpg)
>>204389 It's truly sad what gahoole and yakuza have become
Open file (47.94 KB 576x576 relax chuckles.jpg)
>>204393 Your post style is from a homo or a "woman", do you have a foxdickfarms acc?
ITT: Pure hapa energy
Open file (73.29 KB 465x344 1682566336670496.jpg)
>>204396 >the liberal defense >from a tranny So you didn't get your balls cut off yet? Your post style is from a retard sucking a fat boy's dick in front of people with evidence provided. Lol not a good look for you.
>>204401 >>204396 >Ah yes, let me place this fat boy's penis in my mouth in front of an audience and then call you a gay woman, that will show them! It's the type of brilliance one can expect from Gahoole's tranny defense force. Gahoole the betacuck has his own collection of sigma 'males' wiping the sweat from his asscheeks while all he lets all the people he streams with use his bussy unrestricted.
>>204396 >>204397 For the record Gahoole will not let you fuck his butt even though from what we all know of his high school days Gahoole has been BUCK BROKEN by the cool kids that actually went on to be successful. If Gahoole looks up the name of the guys that raped him in school they all have girlfriends and wives, starting careers, having kids. Gahoole's a loser living in flordia making internet videos about how gay him and his friends still are. Lol and you suck his dick? You're either him or so pathetic there's really no point in making fun of you any more.
>>204405 what's wrong with u lmao? why are u so obesssed with gahoole and some random fantasy of yours about him getting raped? get it together yakuzapedo
>>204406 Lol and this sad thing where you have a name for everyone that posts something you don't like. Go back to tv and post there with all the other leftovers.
>>204406 >>204407 Now he's trying a classic commie technique, re-writing history as if Gahoole hasn't gone over how the sexual assaults in high school destroyed his confidence and normal sexual development. Part of the reason he banned porn from tvch was bickers he's compelled to masturbate against his will. Something he admited to on his own site. GAHOOLE STOP THIS MADNESS WE KNOW IT'S YOU!
>>204389 >>204396 >>204397 >>204406 ITT GAHOOLE DEFENDS HIMSELF AGAINST CHARGES OF LOLCOWDOM! Gahoole is it true Axle made surfer do gay shit while drunk?
>>204403 lmfao Gahoole is getting owned so hard in here.
Open file (636.58 KB 752x491 Gahoole on Zachy.png)
>>204396 >>204397 Stop killing the board you fat fucking ogre, I just want to laugh at stupid shit. Stop deleting the stupid shit and pretending like tvch is about quality.
Open file (221.59 KB 1476x430 fail_-_Copy.png)
Open file (177.63 KB 1306x745 tvch paypiggie.jpg)
>Gahoole is in this thread Nope. It's just one his retarded simps who still tries to force "Muh Zach", probably the faggot from this screenshots. The faggot moved from the webring, he crave for attention and the webring is dead, that's why he's now sucking Earwinson's cock and getting more and more into e-celeb drama. If you guys really want to make Gahoole seethe just expose him and the people around him. Wolfspider for example, another sweaty gamer freak who's really close to Gahoole, just like Axle. Blaine, the ugly tranny who's a good friend with the vols of tvch. Vol3, the cuck. /lit/ BO aka the Wrist, an irish sissy and resident sperg. Adam, the unfunny failed e-celeb. Report his youtube channel. Spread the word about Gahoole, don't be just here on this dead site, confined, bickers that's exactly what the Ogre and his simps want.
>>204501 Where to spread? Everything is dead.
>>204501 >Expose Gahoole He's already been exposed. There's no-one to expose him to that doesn't already know he's in an incel cabal of pedos and homosexuals, all his close personal friends are pedos and don't care, they rean't going to stop hanging out with him, and honestly most of the youtubers on this level don't have a great deal of dginity or self-respect, it's not like Gahoole is the only pedo tuber that people do crossstreams with and frankly there just aren't enough people who care. These streamers are phonies and attention whores, they don't have any real moral standards when it comes to the internet. Gahoole will keep fighting and streaming with the same people, the viewer count will shrink as people move on to better more interesting things and eventually it will wrap itself up and new streamers will move in to repeat the cycle.
>>204553 Im beginning to regret destroying the webring. Shit is deader now than ever before. Is it really all my fault? Me? Nuzach? Or was it inevitable with Gahoole and his pedo cabal? If you look at OP then it is obvious that the mods were shit back in 2019 since the beginning.
>>204558 >Im beginning to regret destroying the webring. Too much cringe. Pls delet.
>>204559 >cringe Im touched that you feel any respect for the webring lol.
>>204560 I could not care less about the webring, you spaz. Just telling you to ease up on the cringe. There is no need to turn into a lolcow just bickers you enjoy laughing at them.
Open file (3.78 MB 1154x650 1509032493265.webm)
>>204501 >Report his youtube channel. This.
>>204501 This. At this point I'm starting to feel cringe with these threads, it's like we're in cocksion. Gahoole and his goons obviously make use of foxdickfarms, even accusing random users there of being "NUZACH", so is time to >us post more about him there too. Report his Youtube. Show the evidence against him to others, especially his association with people like Blaine, MarkMann, Axle and Wolfspider. """People""" are defending Gahoole, Wolfspider and MarkMann all around the webring, including zzzchan. Soon this thread will be locked or posts will be deleted, especially the ones talking about Wolfspider. https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/133616.html#140294 https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/133153.html#139858 See both threads above, whatever someone talks about Gahoole or MarkMann someone tries to sage the thread and even post lolicon pictures.
Open file (17.01 MB 960x720 hurdygurdy.mp4)
Vol3 and gahoole, listen, TVCH is literally almost dead, the numbers don't lie, If another thread of mine gets deleted again, I will leave the site forever.
>>204574 Start posting about how Gahoole and Blaine are dating in the council of evil thread as quick as you can.
>>204581 Maybe if you stopped spamming nіggеr dicks, tranny porn, and cheese pizza that wouldn’t be an issue, my guy.
>>204574 >go to foxdickfarms Yeah right. Give them my personally identifying info? By that I mean fucking anything. No thanks, let the trannies and tranny fbi send them to G​AMERGATE prison for G​AMERGATE dick rape for 30 years. I'll stay here behind the protection of my vpn. What is "cockison" ?
>>204599 As soon as someone invokes VoldemortBlaineyou know they know nothing so don't expect an answer there.
>>204595 My dude, i dont even post that shit anymore, but random vol still deletes me, very rude!
>>204595 I posted trannies like 5 times over past 3 years, compared to 90% of the site that does it daily u single me out, why sir?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUr77HMxy5w Hey, look, Gahoole is mad at foxdickfarms moderators for banning him (the irony) and he is calling others sweaty gamers. Jewsh never got raided lol
Open file (3.66 MB 720x1280 yakuza.mp4)
Open file (1.60 MB 720x1280 yakuza 2.mp4)
tvch is dead good job gahoole
>>205009 >guys I can't figure out how to save the website <his sweaty gamer gang keeps posting tranny lust and gay shit to the board, creates boogeymen that their henchmen in the moderation use to unjustifiably ban anyone they in their paranoia think is the boogeyman >look it's actually your fault anons that the site died fuck this fatass piece of shit
>>205054 Pedohoole.
>>205054 >>205154 Why not both?
GayHoole Pedophohooole
bump bickers this retard should remain plastered everywhere so everyone knows him and laughs at him.
Open file (961.30 KB 479x338 Gayhole.gif)
https://archive.is/dQDLO last post at the bottom is cock shots of that faggot Ramon Blatant tranny porn is posted to tvch routinely now and mods let it stay up forever. However they go nuts over the G​AMERGATE porn and accuse everyone of being Nuzach posting it while no one cares about who is posting the tranny porn. The only logical conclusion there is that the mods and the core posters around Gahoole are at least prison gay if not genuinely gay and they all jack off to the tranny porn, including perhaps Gayhole himself aptly named. So why are they angry at the bbc porn? They are in the strange position of being both right wing but also tranny gay. It's a strange group of incels over there at tvchan, far beyond any normal incel definition.
>>206506 Get a life, loser.
>>206506 Out of the two, the Ramon/tranny porn is not as offensive as anything involving nіggеrs.
>>206506 >>206574 >>206592 Gahoole is pure fag city, but yeah...your argument is that it's not fair they let people post tranny porn if they won't let you post G​AMERGATE porn? How about peopel stop posting that and you might have some anons that want to discuss movies instead of autismo cycles.
>>206574 >dick sniffer says "get a life" How about you get straight? lol stupid queer.
Tvch wasn't tranny shit in 2019, or early 2020, but after that emojifaggot showed up all the sudden ramon is now meta what happened patrick?
>>206609 It's fucking over. All the good anons have moved on. The only retards who frequent tvch now are Gahoole's sycophants and legit autists who post tranny porn, interracial cuckold porn, and anime shit like Detective Conan and regurgitate stale memes as they accuse each other of being some made-up lolcow. And, when there are no one around to interact with them, they always come here to shit up /cow/ Fuck that fat ogre and his remaining defenders. They are degenerates and autists.
<Gossiping and coping like trannies yep now I get why Gahoole straight up ignore you fags, kek
>>206653 Fuck off back to tvch you spastic. Keep posting nіggеr dicks, tranny porn, stale memes, and gush about Detective Conan and cuckime and pretend everything is as it ever was.
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>Fuck off back to tvch you spastic. Keep posting nіggеr dicks, tranny porn, stale memes, and gush about Detective Conan and cuckime and pretend everything is as it ever was.
who is nuzach who is blaine who is emojitroon who is yakuza are these people all friends or something, persona's of the same person? what is going on
>>206659 >What's going on? You're retarded >nuzach Multiple people, not real, spook term. >blaine Legal non entity of a name applied randomly, is based off a person that utterly beat the fawk out of a lot of farmers and single handedly saved IBS. >emojitroon The guy who spams black cawks and ped shit on the webring. >yakuza Harmless boomer coomer who got namefagged by others
>>206653 >>206658 >>206659 >>206679 The only name that really matters is Moliberry. He is the actual homosexual Discord guy Gayhole became friends with in his inceldom and Moliberry led a pack of likeminded Discord fags. Gahoole is irony gay and was testing the water with these queers. They then moved to tvch and promptly killed the site. They invented all these names. Fags just have to be removed, simple as that. They pissed off one guy and he or a few others posted G​AMERGATE dicks to shit on the mods covering for Gayhole's irony gay sweaty gamer Discord club. It's funny bickers for all their gayism the G​AMERGATE dicks made them go insane with rage.
>>206658 Ahahahaha! >Nobody talks to me on discord or tvch, they all left! >A few of them are on /cow/, I'll chase after them otherwise I'll be lonely Ahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. >>206701 Everyone knows that. Gahoole was told about two years ago that it was a pack of faggots from Moliberry's server, and then the fags doing it got discord dox'd and it turned out it was some faggot named sneed with his buddies game grumps or gopper, who actually posts here as weakload with all the asian porn. Gahoole still 'doesn't know' who the spammers are, but that's ok, bickers the only posters left on the site are his mods, the trannies, and the retards from moliberry's server using tvchan as soyjak two the lonely boogaloo. Gahoole's own discords are dead, the only people posting in them are...weakload! Weakload and his gay friends, alternating between telling Gahoole he's acool dude and to keep going, and laughing about how he's an incel faggot! Gahoole doesn't even post on his own discords, he posts in other people's discords bickers he doesn't like talking to the losers in his own. Hahahahahahahahaha. >>206653 Gahoole reads these threads. Gahoole has actually cried bickers we make fun of him on the internet. You're here seething about us making fun of your boyfriend, but that's bickers you're one of those sigma males.
>>206709 What is Gahoole going to do now? The site is beyond dead. He burned bridges with DJ Axel over e-pussy. /cow/ rightly considers him a true lolcow. He can't escape that on the internet, ever. What is his next arc?
>>206724 >What is his next arc? Either trooning out or incel rampage. If it is the supreme gentleman end he should do it as one of his OC characters, and live stream it of course.
>>206724 >>206726 Incel rampage. His last few videos have been about girls and how much he doesn't care and neither should you, and he's been trying to chad himself into an internet girlfriend on discord so being a virgin has definitely begun to affect him. His problems of course are that he's fat and ugly and his personality is a shitmix of suburban anime and imageboard usage, as well as the fact that he's also got a babydick. So, he's a fat ugly retard with no real personality other than trying to self-help guru people from his wreckage of a life using anime and imageboards as his life experience knowledge trying to hook up with any girl he can bickers he needs to get laid to validate himself and end the endless boiling sensation in his testicles. My guess is that the next time a girl laughs at him he's going to shoot himself in the face or write a letter about how he hates his mom and then goes to work and shoots his female manager and the co-workers that won't talk to him bickers he gives off rapist vibes.
>>206753 I really hope that does not happen bickers if it does cops are going to rape everyone even remotely associated with tvch up the ass, and that means anyone who ever used the cuckring. I wish he would just close the website and go away.
Open file (28.07 KB 300x426 Birkin.-J.M.-Barrie.jpg)
>>206679 >yakuza harmless, I have records dating back to 2014 of him spamming bbc topics and pedo shit on 4chan, nice try yakuzapedo, emojitroon won
Open file (2.03 MB 270x480 1683534275075361.webm)
Open file (1.79 MB 1346x1029 1683534188659447.png)
vol3 you can delete and ban me all u want, but you'll never kill my shitposting ability, tvch is ruined bickers u banned my olivia hussey thread in 2021, it's your fault buddy, MHAHAHMAHMAHMAHMAHA
>>206764 >>206765 >I need attention. Nobody cares, Gahoole is a fag and did it to himself. You're probably Gahoole's alt. Jennifer Connely's a coalburner and you're into G​AMERGATEs.
>>206766 >jencon is a proof? Gahoole is at fault yes, but only bickers he chose retarded high pitch voice faggot rednecks to be his vol instead of libertine's like moiself
>>206772 Vols and mods have nothing to do with Gahoole's shit decision making abilities and autism. Whether or not you were a mod the siet would have gone to shit with Gahoole spazing out everytime something he didn't like was posted. In fact tvchan's biggest problem in my opinion was that tevery time someone posted something one particular autist or another didn't like, the autist in questions couldn't deal with it and would go insane at the idea of something they didn't personally approve of existing on tvchan their personal fiefdom, spamming and raging and disrupting threads. 100% it's the same way right now.
>>206777 That's true, vol3 in particular would random ban anyone he thought was me, and nuzach, altho more me, I think he secretly is gay for nuzach, in any case, It has toned down cause gahoole realizes the numbers are like 20-30 people,. this site isn't much better, but at least the vol's aren't as gay, 4chan is still the BEST
Gahoole deserve a ban from youtube
>>206764 Don't side with those subhumans, emojitroon, nuzach and yakuza are both subhuman incels, let them sperg out alone like the losers they are.
Open file (464.49 KB 657x644 Gaymer_Gahoole.png)
>>210873 Unlike Gahoole, who is totally not into loli and cunny, and absolutely not a sad sperg who plays all sorts of degenerate and kiddie gaymes.
Open file (886.12 KB 1066x1850 Ruh roh.jpg)
>>206753 >>206726 He is incel posting again...
Open file (48.49 KB 517x498 SupremeUberDriver.jpg)
>>210962 Quelle surprise. Either he gave up pretending not to be the eternal incel real quick to save the handful of jannies watching his videos and following his Twatter, or he realized the (trans) prostitute he hired wasn’t interested in a relationship and is back on the war path. In either case we are one step closer to the incel rampage. I just hope his fed handlers have him on a tight leash to prevent a pride parade massacre. Has he been playing Hatred again, or is he sticking to the loli games?
>>210989 He and the mods never can account for why cp links stay up forever and the bbc spam is instantly deleted.
Whoever that guy is who shits his pants and does nothing but post Super Ramon/J Balvin/ Louis CK over and over again, and throw tantrums about "Nuzach" when you call him out, is really unfunny, and has basically ruined the entire site. It's Gahoole, isn't it?
>>211050 Either that or the Ramon Coon is a mod. He is never banned for derailing but if you report the Troon porn he posts the mods will actually ban you instead while the Troon porn stays up and is maybe spoilered. Considering what we already know about Gahoole, his cabal of irony gay porn addicts, his FBI cp raid, his friendship with Wolfspider and DJ Axel, the cp links that stay up all day while the G​AMERGATE porn is obsessively hunted.....the sexual degeneracy is there, just saying.
>>211054 The one who forced Ramon posting was vol3, and as we all know Gahoole came up with such bangers as the J Balvin meme, Dunkin’ coffee, Road to Perdition, and Juneteenth, just to name some of the classic memes he came up with. Louis C.K. posting was transferred over from 4chan, but the mods on tvch are obsessed.
>>211054 Gahoole is one of the spammers, It's been known for a coupl[e of years. He's always gotten pissy anytime someone's made a deal out of confronting certain types of spam. One of the reasons his site died is bickers he chose to go after legit posters instead of people spamming bbc and trannies.
This thread seems more like something from lolcowfarm, a bunch of trannies and girls gossiping about being rejected and ignored
>>211146 Makes sense you fit in so well then.
>>211146 Sage negated, tvtroon.
I don't know what you did with Nuzach, Emojitroon, but good one, he's now sperging out about you and even trying to larp as you. Really sad, for me, you and Yakuza are good posters.
>>211261 yakuza and nuzach hates emojitroon bickers he's a young aryan who fucks pussy
Is it true that Gahoole isn't allowed near his young cousins? Also, what do Gahoole's parents think of the fact their bloodline dies with them? Do you think they're happy bickers they know they spawned horrible mutants that should never breed, or sad that they spawned a tranny and an incel pedo, and that all their hard work amounted to nothing and that they'll die without grandchildren?
>>211586 Do you think they'd be impressed to learn that he went to a prostitute to get laid and the prostitute turned him down? 'No thanks, I've decided that after years of trauma from being molested by my uncle, used as a fleshlight by every male authority figure in my life, and making a living taking dicks in every hole I have, that I do have my limits.'
Some posts are gone from this thread.
>>211677 Robi covers for Gayhole whenever he can. Nuzach was right.
>>211695 >sage Good one, retarded.
Why does Gayhoole keep the site up still? It is nothing but 3 or 4 shitosters driving the TV cunts insane, Gayhoole, and the Super Ramon queer. Literally nothing else goes on over there.
>>211996 Either he is one of the degenerate shitposters/spammers, or it is his 16 mods doing it. I doubt there are are any non-janny posters left.
Open file (71.21 KB 1418x401 Fag.jpg)
I think Gahoole is the Ramon poster. For one, the Ramon poster, or Ramon Coon as I like calling him since Ramon is a G​AMERGATE mongrel, he regularly conflates J Balvin posting with his troon posting. Second the mods vigorously protect the Ramon poster from any and I mean any criticism. Replying to the Ramon Coon in any kind of bad way or simply mentioning him in a negative light will get you banned for "derailing" exactly like the J Balvin posting. It doesn't even have to be in the same thread. The thread can be about Ramon and you will still get banned for "derailing" even though you are talking about Ramon, the thread's subject. Three, Ramon Coon has admitted many times that he is a porn addict and is "prison gay." Gahoole likewise is no doubt a porn addict given his inceldom. Porn use is inescapable for any incel. Plus Gahoole's mom thought he was gay and Gahoole mentioned that on stream. The way Ramon Coon posts is very similar to Gahoole posting. Remember that Gahoole doesn't use a handle when posting, it's part of his duplicitous nature. Gahoole when posting does it regularly but not repeatedly; he knows his shills will clean up for him. Ramon Coon and J Balvin will make a big post, sit back and then wait for the shills to protect him and wait to ban someone. Then you have the unexplainable totally random cp raid that was in no way related to the site. It suggests more porn addiction. The signs are there.
Open file (145.22 KB 595x672 Gayhole is indeed Gay.png)
>>212173 Gahoole is confirmed as the Ramon Coon. Confirmed irony gay Confirmed porn addicted Confirmed pedo?
>>212521 >you dudes Yeah that's Gayhole.
>>212521 Okay so the anti yakuza poster was Gahoole. Notice how Gahoole stopped his death threat when i warned him to call the fed. NOW HERE THE REAL QUESTION How gahoole end up on the most hetero board of 2017 ? And why he tried so hard to turn the board gay ? I mean gahoole really hate women.
Open file (380.44 KB 1010x2012 Ramon Coon.jpg)
>>212173 >>212521 Gahoole actively defends the tranny poster. He allows tranny porn and tranny posting on the site while banning all criticism.
Open file (388.23 KB 2408x1258 seething tvtrannies.png)
Open file (1.81 MB 480x293 lmao.gif)
>I just post gay porn bickers...I don't know, it is a dead thread and it just seemed like the right thing to do in a dead thread. Just post the gay porn I saved on my drive and that I've been posting for months while casually admitting that I am an irony gay incel on Gayhole's website while Gayhole and his mods constantly cover for me. I am not Gahoole btw, don't be paranoid, Nuzach! You are Nuzach!!!!! Anyone that contradicts me, doesn't like my fag pornstar spam, or says the wrong words is Nuzach, Nuzach! You can't make fun of my tranny porn addiction while spamming black dicks on tvch to piss off Gahoole, Nuzach! I know it was you! the best part is how these obviously porn addicted incel disciples of Gahoole unironically call you an incel as some kind of own. "I only posted tranny porn in the dead thread bickers it seemed like the right thing to do" lmao Gahoole's gotta be miserable with these bum ass losers as company.
Open file (124.43 KB 2419x365 retard is doubling down.png)
>>212738 >Tranny porn is just funny. Ok? I am not gay! It's just funny! >I don't know who Nuzach is! You brought Nuzach up! >everybody here loves Ramon! There are all sorts of people who post on tvch in June of 2023! So many people post here and they all love Ramon and J Balvin! >you are mad not me!
>>212714 Duh. "Nuzach" hates gays and trannies, so then tvch mods tried to own "Nuzach" by permitting gay porn and troon posting on the site. You own your enemies by going gay. It is the tvch way.
>>212755 >>212753 quit fucking posting spear chucker dicks here and go back to your tranny gay containment site.
Open file (804.22 KB 720x898 lex5.mp4)
Open file (357.14 KB 490x593 lex.png)
Open file (222.86 KB 1080x1347 lex2.jpg)
Open file (288.72 KB 1080x1347 lex3.jpg)
Open file (243.57 KB 1080x1347 lex4.jpg)
>>212751 So Gahoole banned the old waifu posters on 8chan ( raven, gfposter, emma ) But allow gay porn ?
>>212870 Yes. There is a legit fag over there and the mods let him post tranny porn.
Open file (238.61 KB 1079x1385 Tvche.jpg)
I posted Sir Reginald Brownpill on /dunk/ for old times sake, a fitting shitpost heh and I got perma banned for being nuzach. Maybe /dunk/ is not a shitpoating board? Like half of the posts on the site are banned, no way one guy is posting that much. 16 mods and the ogre still can't get it right. The site is unusable at this point unless you post j balvin or the Ramon tranny to signal to the mods you are not Nuzach. They will likely read this and start banning those gay memes bickers nuzach.
Open file (28.99 KB 759x150 tvch is fucked.png)
>>213442 it is fucked, man. Let it go.
More proof that the Ramon poster is a homosexual fag.
>>213583 let's go Gahoole!
Open file (1.00 MB 1351x798 the tvch queer.png)
>>213623 >stop watching Jewish garbage! >jerks his gay virgin dick to tranny porn >Gahoole defends this >why did tvch die?!?!
>>213873 >doesn't even hide it is a false flag attempt Pointless nuzach moment is entirely pointless.
>>213880 Hilarious, not? He's really a low IQ shitskin.
>>213890 >Blaineposting Jesus Christ Gahoole, you're shitting up the whole front page with this nuzach shit nobody cares about. Tvch is dead, Gahoole's a fag, you're a sigmacuck and the kayfabe era is over. NUR YOU'RE NUZACH! Does that mean you'll spend two years erp'ing as my jewish girlfriend?
>>213909 >Y-you are Gahoole! God, you're really obsessed, kike. Did vol3 and based Wrist also butthurt you own discord, that's why you're mad at them?
>>213911 >seething anger >discord >perma-online brain-fried sneeder lol imagine liking this fat cringy dipshit.
>>213911 Aren't you the guy that posts online about your own characters and wrap yourself up in parasocial mindgames bickers you're a lonely loser with no real friends or identity? Vol3 and wrist? being gay and probably chemos doesn't make me mad, if they like pretending to be girls online the more power to them, they can get together with the other trannies like blaine and roleplay teaparties and sleepovers, whatever the flag parade does nowdays.
>>213911 You probably hit a nerve, since he ip changed in only three minutes to astroturf lol.
>>214090 >loser is time keeping his boogeyman ip switches Of course there is no way to prove that. Someone is mad lol.
>>214092 By the way, who the fuck is "Wolfspider" on relation to Gahoole? Is he a tvch vol? I was reading the anchored Gahoole thread and his name kept coming up along with sweaty gamer accusations.
>>214090 >Give me more attention and keep playing my game. >>214095 Some pedo artist or some shit involved in gahoole's bizarre circle, probably a mod on tv.
>Who's wolfspider a literal sodomite and pederast with a love of trannies and twinks, close friend of Wrist (/lit bo), Zachfag aka Гунтopia (one of the mods from here) and Gayhoole. There's lots of evidence about him, but any posts bring it here are deleted. Same on Tvch.
>>214924 Fuck you,
>>214924 >>214926 Having a chat with yourself, you alright anon?
The faggot who deleted the thread about Gahoole on zzzchan is called Alexander, he's one of the Jbalvin and Ramon posters, he's some kind of latino faggot and a good friend of Gayhoole. He's banning me bickers I'm "Nuzach". Sturgeon and all the other mods around there have zero problem with anything related to Gayhoole being posted, it's only this Alexander sodomite getting mad and banning random anons for "derailing".
>>215051 They are banning for derailing on zzzchan? Crazy. Gayhole is very invested in the webring and the Nuzach thing was a massive case of booty blasting for his anus. He did something to Robi and got him to anchor one of the threads here and apparently has a snitch on zzzchan. All of it is for naught though bickers the webring dies more and more, no one outside his little clique likes him, and he gets fatter, older, balder, and, strangely, zittier. Then despite all this emotional investment he talks about he is going to leave the internet in a year and magically stop being an incel. I stopped posting there bickers it has "disaster" written all of it. It can't end well, not with that level of hatred.
>>215051 "alexander" is just another pseudonym for rapeman. Rapeman is a massive rulecuck and bans anything he doesnt like. Most of the time the ban reason will be "spam" even though you didnt spam. Then when you ask why you got banned you will just get deleted again while he gloats in the ban reason about it. zzzchan is massively rulecucked. You just didnt notice until now
Is time to give zzzchan the same attention and care as tvch. They get really mad with black dicks being posted around there, make their virgin souls feel insecure.
>>215456 >They get really mad with black dicks being posted around there Man yeah no shit, what's wrong with you? Normal people don't like NIGGER dicks in their faces. You've got to stop sneeding yourself before you end up sneeded.
>>215456 "alexander" is banning random anons and giving shit excuses as "cuck", "derailing", "doggepost", he's definitively one of tvch mods since nobody posted black dicks (yet). He's banning us for made up reasons, they are trying to gaslight everyone. >>215460 kys tvtroon
>>215466 >Sneeding >'us' Sure thing Blaine/Sneedious
Open file (4.55 MB 540x304 big lez.gif)
>/cow/likes self-admit that they are G​AMERGATE-dick loving spammers and trannies Checks out. By the way, everyone on the webring hates you AIDS ridden faggots and your gay buddies on tvch. Do the world a favor and take a 12 gauge slug aspirin.
>>215466 Fatass Gahoole is very nepotistic and had henchmen in place before Nuzach began his rebellion. It was part of his fatass plan to use the webring and get big, and even with such institutional racism Nuzach destroyed the Ogre.
>>215492 >hey buddy every sweaty gamer in the webring hates you Good, keep it that way
>>216459 >it's the tvch faggot who says "hey buddy" with every post hey, buddy, you are a stupid piece of shit.
Open file (2.47 MB 1920x1110 1690055252571.webm)
Open file (2.83 MB 1268x1076 1690056543651.webm)
Open file (17.33 MB 900x600 hayaya_2.mp4)
I remember it like it was yesterday
Open file (8.11 MB 1424x1080 1690424468056.mp4)
>>217480 who is the woman in the webm? She has nice boobies.
Open file (208.04 KB 600x600 Gayhole.png)
>>217480 Kiernan Shipka
Jeebus and Sweed Marry Mudder Loaf Dog! Gahoole, or someone pretending to be Gahoole, is now posting cropped A.I abominations online and telling people it's his girlfriend. Yes, that is correct. Gahoole has started to pretend to have a girlfriend, exactly as predicted, and is posting A.I generated pictures as proof. The next step in Gahoole's Master plan? Eleven Labs A.I girlfriend voice clips. Just clips of her voice. That's right. In the next 4 months he's going to release just an audio clip or 'vc' examples of him talking to an A.I. You can't talk to her, just him, specifically only when he's online next to his computer at home. You heard it and it's real. His madness has deepened! He's raping Adam in that rental basement! He's cornholing that poor retard like a cabbage patch doll! Someone's got to stop him!
>>218559 Yes. Yes this is all true. Gahoole is going crazy. And he's raping Adam. And someone is posting terrible A.I pics telling people it's Gahoole's girlfirend. Daiymo, you could have stopped this when you had the chance. Now? Now it's too late.
>>218559 >Gahoole is pretending to have a gf lol he was pretending to not be an incel a few weeks ago can you post the sauce? Thanks.
Theres 'p on the 'log for 7 hours now.
>>219525 Gahoole didt it on purpose.
Is it me or tvch is fucking dead ?
>>220162 the deadest it's ever been. Users are regularly in the single digits now. Hours pass by without a post. That is what shitty moderation will do to you.
>>220166 It's so strange how they purposefully tanked the site so they could 'own' a couple of posters Gahoole didn't like. Getting rid of an entire user base just so you can say you 'won' a fight you started with yourself for no reason. I sort of understand why Gahoole and his friends would want to find a scapegoat, everyone's all seen what they were up to on discord, I'd want a fall guy for that shit too.
people in general are kinda too scared to post their real opinions about tv and movies these days anyway since there's just armies of shills, and pedos sweating everything looking to snitch in any way possible Not even a maybe these days, if you make fun of some of these guys or say the wrong thing apparently about a show, the next episode might be about you haha
Every time I stop posting on tvch, the site flat out dies, LMAO. I was the only person making any effort to generate real OC for that shit ass website. Pretty much at this point, I maybe check in once a week. If my posts are only responded to with retardation (which they always are), I leave and go back to doing whatever else I was doing. >bro, we deafeated """Nuzach"""! Good for you, you fucking moron. Hope someone else shows up to make posts on your dead website. I'm too busy having SEX.
Open file (4.88 MB 512x288 alizee.webm)
>>220629 Tvch died when i found a job.
>>220248 Who the fuck watches modern shit? Literal sewage
Open file (208.04 KB 600x600 Gayhole.png)
>>220631 >Who the fuck watches modern shit? This guy. He unironically loves the Fast and the Furious flicks.
>>220633 That's the face of a man that thinks the new Dune movies are modern kino.
>>220633 >>220636 Gahoole is Big Soy. He gets into arguments about The Trannies of Us. https://archive.is/7R7XE
Open file (8.66 KB 333x57 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.06 MB 480x360 HUH.webm)
>>220789 >kills his own board >blames twitter Which is ironic bickers twitter is super gay, you'd think they'd be into the trannyposting on tvch
Gayhoole is afraid of Nuzachad. He and his pedo friends are afraid of the true being exposed.
Open file (12.14 MB 1280x720 2023-07-21 19-27-21.mp4)
>>220789 He is just as delusional as his sister/brother at this point.
>>220880 it's even funnier bickers you know jcaesar187 knows exactly who Gahoole is.
Open file (3.76 MB 720x404 1662183708431.webm)
Open file (5.80 MB 640x360 1662183086233-0.webm)
>>220883 REALLY ?
>>220937 You can't fix that retard. I'm nostalgic of eurodance. Gahoole is nostalgic of scat webm...
Man, what the fuck happened to that site. Like there is something seriously wrong with the people left posting, some kind of mental illness or actual retardation. Reading posts there physically hurts, it's like third worlders are posting from the outskirts of pakistan. Whatever happened to that place, I get why people don't go back. There is nothing left, it's not even a shell of it's former self. Absolutely none of the fun or good stuff is left from old tv.
>>221138 Gahoole and his gay friends decided that pushing out all of the legitimate posters in the name of "beating Zach" or whatever the fuck was more important than cultivating anything of value.
>>221138 >>221146 Didn't help that the owner of an anonymous imageboard revealed he was keeping logs of poster's i.d's and posts at the same time he was involved with a group of dicord pedos. I left right away, never posted again. Most of the actual anons left after Gahoole had his melt-down and revealed his kike fed monitoring.
Open file (980.75 KB 1410x2048 1692825834528745.png)
>>221148 I didn't know about that.
>>221148 Poost proof please
>>221148 not only that, he's a faggot loli pedo lover.
>>221325 Someone's got an archived link to the queen election thread where he attacks a poster and then starts showing off poster i.d's and a bunch of posts that I think were completely unrelated to whatever Gahoole was talking about (this was at the height of the G​AMERGATEdick spam). He showed off he could track people's i.d's and he was keeping track of what everyone posted...after he had claimed for months he didn't know who was spamming gay shit and he couldn't tell who was posting what or who anyone was...big lie he was using mod tools to watch and log us all.
>>221348 Yup. Gahoole and/or his mods were posting inside the thread anon post histories on the website. I can't remember if it had IP addresses or not, but regardless they absolutely do track you across the site in case you are their "nuzach" boogeyman. The shitty website still died lol. That is why you always use VPNs.
Open file (1.45 MB 1080x1339 1692841298608636.png)
Open file (404.53 KB 1936x1936 1692844607699877.jpg)
Open file (1.34 MB 1796x2102 fr.png)
Open file (239.90 KB 369x454 1692831571428730.png)
>>221348 >>221393 THANKS We already won.
>>221409 abortion is a fungible birthing persons left antisemite scum
Incredible how the Guntstream paedos rush to defend pedohoole
I almost feel bad for the ogre but then I remember that this is actually what he wanted. He fought tooth and nail to get tvch into the state it is today in spite of every opportunity he had to make it succeed. The funniest part is that he really tanked his whole site, his youtube channel, and the small amount of respect he had been accumulating, just bickers he couldn't handle some big fat furry asses. Chubby butts drove him nuts. He flipped out about furries ruining his site (lol!) while he was friends with pedofur Axle, and his other pokefurfag friends were posting nonstop tranny nigdicks to the point that people were already leaving. Literally surrounded by gay furfags crying about someone posting big fat furry assess....oh wait holy shit. If they had been posting faggy dude furry asses Gahoole wouldn't have done anything. I just realized it's not the furry asses, it's that they weren't gay dude asses. Gahoole is surrounded by gay furfags so it can't just be the furfags.
>>221537 It was both super weird and fucking hilarious how you never heard him say a word about all the BBC and gay shit getting posted, but he would completely shit his pants if someone posted a picture of minnie mouse with a thicc booty. He raved, and I mean RAVED furiously at his mods and his own poster base more about that than he ever did about people posting cp and gore. Cp? Stayed up for hours. Rogue the Bat with a fat ass? He'd wake up in a cold sweat at 3am and check the website in a panic out of fear of a furry ass.
>>221538 Oh, is that what happened to the guy who was posting the dumb mouse cartoons? I liked him. He was goofy.
>>221538 >>221566 Gahoole loves cp albeit, thats why he lets it stay for hours.
>>221566 Depressing fact, that guy doesn't draw any more. Interesting fact, he has successors who were inspired by him, and they learned to draw and do the whole art thing, and now they draw insipidly cute and saccharine shit in tribute. You might have even seen some of it in a few places.
https://youtu.be/oDWNgs1XJGg?feature=shared when Gahoole says "the Big One is Coming" and then does a depressing video....is he threatening an incel rampage?
Open file (1.67 MB 950x1000 1656724386390.png)
>>221601 More like teasing an incel rampage. But, he teased a suicide a while back on a stream, then chickened out. As usual. Gahoole is all talk and no action.
Open file (1.78 MB 720x1280 christ armor.webm)
The problem is that pedohoole is a child porn lover, and rushes to defend tranny posting and spic posting over actual /tv/posting.
Open file (14.15 KB 705x211 ClipboardImage.png)
The vols are pussies, they are afraid of their boogeymen and making excuses to ban honest anons such as myself.
>>221766 they're still doing that? lol. It's been a year and the site is deader than ever. They are pure spite now. Spiteful mutants.
>>221784 Check /tv/, the last created thread is literally CP, posted 40 minutes ago and the vols shit his pants and did nothing against it. They will rather to mass delete any posts made by "Nuzach".
>>206765 God DAMN, that mulatto has a fat ass
I love how Gahoole in every new video keeps threatening to leave the internet and follows up with a warning that you will miss him so you better enjoy his shitty unfunny videos. He's been doing this since Nuzach peaked late last year.
>>221766 >honest anons Come on man. Nobody posts there any more. You aren't innocent. Gahoole made it very clear over the few years tvch was running that it's not an actual imageboard, it's just a place for him to post his maymays and have people tell him how funny and cool he is. The site is actually dead, you're just there to pick a fight with the staff. >>221878 Gahoole knows deep down that he's an unlikable person, that's why he jumps back and forth from 'I don't care, I don't even like you people' to 'please hang out and be my friend, I'm so alone, we can go on the bumper cars together' in each video, it's his desperate plea for his audience to not leave him, only he doesn't know how to express his need to be liked by internet strangers. He's throwing himself out there for a public dirt kicking.
>>221878 He tries soo hard to be le wholesome reddit persona, but anyone with a brain can see right through his bullshit and his pedo connections to axel.
>>221902 <Defending Gayhoole and his pedo vols >Btw I'm part of you guys, fighting against Gayhoole, Wrist and vol3, trust at myyyy duuuudes! Kys
Open file (214.29 KB 801x499 baiting vols.png)
I decided to bait Gayhoole and his vols, I posted something pro-"Nuzach" and guess what? My post got deleted. Seems like being a Christian and supporting "Nuzach" is now against the rules. Btw, they allow CP to stay in the front page for hours. But try to post anything about Jesus and have your post delete in minutes. https://tvch.moe/dup/res/134315.html
>>221915 Vol3 and Wrist are assblasted.
>>221913 You're an idiot if you think that's what's being said. Stop being a Blaine.
Open file (9.51 KB 1361x56 ClipboardImage.png)
>>221915 The Ogre is afraid, he's once again forcing Alex to ban anyone who talks shit about him on zzzchan too This Alex faggot is always mad at Nuzach
>>221915 >>221956 Never ask pedohoole why he was raided by the fbi
Open file (3.62 KB 700x48 ClipboardImage.png)
>>221956 >>221956 Adam frequent the same groups with Alexander on discord, "Alex" is just a second persona of Rapeman, the newfag faggot who tries really hard to fit in with the cool 8chan kids. He only use his "Alex" persona to delete and ban anons who made him personally butthurt, bickers even the other mods there hate his sperg rulecuck behavior. I have personally seen him deleting threads about Gahoole or talking about tvtroons in the past. Other anons posted about that here too SEE >>215456 >>215051 And yesterday I witnessed these posts being deleted for posting about Gahoole. It is obvious that Gahoole spread a safety net for him through the webring. You can't talk about him being a manchild. You can't talk about him being a pedo or having ties with pedos.
>>222053 Everyone knows gahoole is a paedo already, we just need a hitman to kill him now.
Open file (231.16 KB 479x509 orgasming.png)
>>222053 >"Alex" is just a second persona of Rapeman haha what the fuck am i reading t. rapefaggot
>>222108 Then you might want to answer us why you leave cp on the catalog for 4 hours straight G​AMERGATE.
>>222108 >He show up to defend his Ogre master and cope about the anons telling the true Go ahead, try to ban the good anons here, faggot. Really sad to see you dick sucking Gayhoole, I wonder, did he send you any good CP??? Or he's blackmailing you? And most important, why pic related makes you so fucking mad? Do you look like this, stupid troon???
>>222118 Actually, this is a good question. Why do these guys leave the cp up for hours but manage to delete everything else that bothers them within minutes? Not even a joke anymore considering all the timestamps I've seen. Why do you guys and I mean guys like you and Gahoole, leave the child porn up for hours? Gahoole did this on TV all the time, he used to pretend he didn't have enough mods to delete the cp, but you'd see him playing bingbings until 2 in the morning. Takes 2 minutes to load up your site and delete the picture of the naked kid, is your video game that engrossing?
>>222125 Gahoole got turned out, he is a snitch. He let's cops post the IP dragnet on his site and deletes them 5 hours later for plausible deniability. This keeps him out of the joint.
Open file (21.42 KB 716x199 fbi.png)
Can I get an update on the laptop situation?
>>222132 The F.B.I still have his laptop, he's probably still part of an investigation or his laptop is active evidence. 100% he's going to start lying about it in the next couple of weeks and start telling people he got it back.
Open file (9.13 KB 300x168 battler.jpg)
>>222118 I'm most likely incompetent. Unless you're talking about loli which in that case I don't give a fuck >>222119 I don't really care about gahoole, but I know the other mods had some sympathy for him since he was an imageboard admin who had to deal with fed faggotry. And I hate to break it to you, but I didn't receive any delicious pizza from gahoole, or anything from him for that matter. And honestly, while I personally think wojaks are ugly, I understand the reason for their creation and have made peace with the existence of soyteens. And I have a perfectly functional penis, thank you very much. anyway /nippon/ shit his pants and did nothing wrong
>>222170 lol wordfilter at end
>>222170 Faggot. Kys.
>>222174 no way fag
>>222170 ok shill shut the fuck up, pedohoole is a fed asset under constant blackmail.
yeah i've decided to walk away from the secktor the combined effort to not much cocks is what did it, it's hard not to see them working all together godwinson is a giant faggot sucking off the system, so is ppp, cozy are all faggots kinda happy jcaesar187 is getting healthy but he's almost a massive faggot who was enen dumb enough to brag about how much he likes fucking around and lying to everyone to get shit for himself gahoole is just random and a faggot and friends with too many poofters and weirdos I don't know what's going on with jim , either he's faking his death like a homo or he's dying , either way depressing if i was part of the secktor, i'm done son the sektor had a potential but imho they ruined it by organising the cocks from the top altogether
>>222323 I'm around still bickers in fact of course I enjoy drama. I enjoyed it on 8chan with the /intl/ wars. TheTheGatorGamerGamer is almost certainly faking his illness to steal from his audience. He's done it so hard that it brings up serious legal consequences so expect it to keep going or he will fake his death.
>>222343 And the Gahoole saga has gotten really stale. We are through all the arcs now and the only thing left is how it ends. He teases incel rampages which hopefully won't happen. He burned all his bridges and his site bickers of his greedy, petty ego and yet he has noting irl lol. He has no friends or family irl besides Adam who is just an internet fixture, so he has nowhere to go. Does anyone seriously think Gahoole is going to unplug in a year like he says and live alone in a house with Adam forever? Lol. I can't see Gahoole going to his swimming pool customer service rep job or whatever the bumfuck work he does, come home to Adam and never touch the internet rinse and repeat for 40 years. His whole withdrawing phase is obvious butthurt cope.
>>222344 >>222343 pedohoole is in a constant state of bridge burning between his own users that guarantees him a special place in lolcowdom at this point, the pedophillia is just a cherry on top.
Open file (3.30 KB 504x80 ClipboardImage.png)
I've decided to check that dead site, almost all the threads has some "anon" crying about "Nuzach", I decided to reply one of these fags crying about their boogeyman. And guess what, my vpn IP is blocked. Not banned, just blocked. Go there, test by yourself, post anything positive about "Nuzach" and negative about Pedohoole and his coons. Your post will be gone, and you will get this same "problem". They are afraid of simply banning you now, they know the anons being banned will post the screenshots here. What a bunch of pussies, probably Wrist is doing it. a coward with an ugly voice.
Open file (20.30 KB 1488x177 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (17.63 KB 607x256 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (172.01 KB 934x487 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (245.57 KB 777x638 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (98.50 KB 586x560 ClipboardImage.png)
>>222397 See these. There's a sodomite who always shows up after someone else cries about "Nuzach" and posts "Good callout!". Kys you faggot. Probably vol3 or Wrist since both are assblasted by the boogeymanzach.
>>222397 No, your VPN is not blocked, that is not possible. They drop a cookie into your web browser that disables your browser from posting. You have to clear your browser cache and it goes away. Every time they ban you they 1. Ban the VPN ip proxy so you have to switch to a new ip proxy and 2. they drop this shit cookie into your browser so you have to clear the browser cache.
Open file (773.67 KB 994x2337 Untitled.png)
Ahahaha wtf! What the fuck is this? Oh no no no no! Gahoole has a steam account! He's a fucking soyboy! Look at his faggy as fuck profile. 'Please shove me in a locker and dick my butt some more, I like it!' What a fucking geek loser.
>>222435 >Big Time Rush official fanclub So he's gay for real? I thought him and Adam being together was a joke.
>>222436 Does this look like a straight man to you?
>>222435 ...I mean when you put it that way...
>>222435 how fucking cringe of gayhoole to always have a stick up his ass like that, i hope tvch dies and it runs out of usability for the feds so they shitcan him in a rapejail forever.
Emojitroon is now a good partner to Gahoole, the mods have orders to never ban him again. No only that, he's feeling secure and protected to admit being a pederast https://archive.ph/ugrzg#136998
>>222694 Who cares, nobody uses that faggot site anymore. Anyone posting there deserves whatever faggy trash they get. Literally /who/?
Open file (79.04 KB 1502x440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>222694 I can confirm. >>222698 Kill yourself, Emojitranny.
>>222712 shut the fuck up pedohoole tranny
>>222712 >tvch sucks, nobody posts there, the posters are gay >'YOU MUST BE SOMEONE WHO POSTS THERE! Gay. Please stop wasting your life crying over the fact some weird fat creeper incel doesn't want to be your friend. You probably wouldn't want to be his friend either, you're better off finding something else to do. Why don't you stalk and rat out pedos to the feds?
they're talking bout troons again https://tvch.moe/tv/res/319669.html#319755
Open file (1.13 MB 640x480 doesit.mp4)
they're talking about trannies again https://tvch.moe/tv/res/319669.html#319755
Hmmm, can anyone here explain to me why a post saying "Nuzach was right, you guys are assblasted" needed to be deleted from this dead thread? https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/137008.html Is hilarious how Pedohoole and Weasel (pedo enabler) gets butthurt if anyone shit talk them. For them, you're "Zach" or "Nuzach". The site is dead as fuck already, keeping deleting posts and banning them just bickers they are shitposting is bizarre to say the least.
>>222749 >>222750 Is Emojitroon, see he coping in this thread too >>222725 >>222734 Vol3 and Gahoole gave him a free past to post tranny porn and act as their new minion in their crusade against the anons from here. >>222734 Holy Mother of Copium, Adam, c'mon now, you are not fooling anyone, you're the most invested faggot in this thread, trying really hard to fit in and subvert the thread, but always with the same IP, that means you're one of Gayhoole coons.
>>222823 >>222749 >>222750 >>222712 >>222694 >>222406 >>222397 the site is dead, simple as. the vols keep doing their autistic rampage with the ban-hammer if you post anything that make their butthurt, while emojitroon is by far the only active poster left i don't even know what i said, but seems like i got banned in the last two hours or less, lot's of posts are gone from multiple threads meanwhile, emojitroon keeps talking about troon or promoting sex with underage boys, but the mods are fine with that lol
>>222826 Lol you're the team skipper. You jump from side to side atacking people who insult your precious gayhole while you constantly seethe about him. And it's bickers he rejected you, and if a loser like that rejects you, what does that make you? Yer a sneeder boy! A sneeder!
>>222826 >>222834 I don't care. Oh no I'm Adam or Sneedious or Emojitroon or Zach, Nuzach, Gahoole, whatever. Hope you guys are having fun on tvch, looks like a great place to post.
Pretty fucking sad the whole site died and became this twisted zombie bickers one poster left. Thanks Gahoole you faggot, so glad you solved the fat ass problem the site was having by letting your fag friends take over. Good job smart guy, you really won that fight. Fucking idiot. Should have just put up with him posting big fat furry asses.
>>222841 pedohoole is getting blackmailed by his furry friends to suck dick on discord livestreams
Open file (3.29 MB 480x480 giphy.gif)
Some faggot mod on TVch keeps deleting threads about Billie Ellish
>>222851 Billy Eillish has huge tits. Are there any pictures of her big ole titties in the thread? Probably why. >>222849 Did he make up with Dj Axle after he tried to shove the furfag under the bus for some e-pussy? Crazy that he was friends with a pedo furfag the whole time he was crying to everyone about someone posting furry butts on his site. Never complained about the cp though.
>>222834 >>222837 >People wants to be Gayhoole friend! >Stop posting in this thread lmao delusions, c'mon now sodomite >>222851 vol3 >>222855 hes a good pal with multiple different pedos, troons and furfags, just now there's someone there bracing about gahoole being a friend with leopirate
>>222885 You're actually sort of stupid if you read my posts and think that I support or like Gahoole in any way shape or form. But then again, you are a brainless autist retard seeking my attention out bickers we don't post on tvch anymore. I'm glad you post on tvch. They deserve you, and you deserve them. They are the people you choose to hang out with, and they are a group of tranny loving fags and pedos. Try to understand that. That's why I tell you to stop posting there, beca7use you're posting on a site for tranny lovers and fags and pedos. Are you a tranny lover? Are you a pedo? are you a faggot? If the answer is no to any of these, then vch is probably not the website for you and you should move on to better things. But you'll read this entire post and somehow come to the conclusion that it's pro-gahoole so you'll shit your pants, say something dumb, and go post some more with the pedo tranny crew. Everyone else sort of gets it, so why don't you?
Open file (35.15 KB 656x468 Gayhoole.jpg)
17a396 (18)
>>222894 They dont deserve /kong/
>>222899 >posts an old reaction pic from tv >his rebuttal to being called out is 'lol you post' >he's got even more posts in the thread except he id hops so he can samefag. This is what Gahoole brought to the webring. This guy here is some crazy obsessed piece of shit crapping up every site he goes. I honestly think this sick sack of dog shit might actually be the first actual person to suffer from a real case of multiple personality disorder. Plus he's Blaine.
eb3c82 is 17a396 Really easy to see him. At least Nuzach used to be eloquent and based, while he's just some butthurt psycho who barely can type.
>>222913 >jerking off to his own ass. Gahoole is a certified lolcow.
>He's trying again Multiple different id's, but with same writing patterns and talking points. That's easy.
>>222917 Actually you sound pretty crazy right now. Get gangstalked much? Lol same talking points about the fat faggot retard Gahoole like you can point out his failure and desperation in so many ways. You really needed that site. Too bad he fucked you.
pedohoole GTFO
https://youtu.be/-Oyv7LMQEFo?feature=shared I don't post on tvch anymore bickers I got my pound of flesh and Gahoole looks like he is unraveling. He is living by himself now after moving again. The alogging of Gahoole has gone too far. His big return is ominous. Not everyone can take true Wizardry and even those who can like me have big mental scars. 30 years without pussy is nothing to shake a stick at.
>>222917 Unbelievable, you really like Mistborn? that shit is trash You play 40k and runescape? Hahaha you're a fag bro, nice profile https://www.youtube.com/@AnonymousAnonposter No wonder you love Gahoole, you look up to him as a big brother. What a complete loser.
>>222950 ...Is...Is this Wolfspider's profile? WolfSpider, is that you acting like a freak all this time?
Open file (19.43 MB 1920x1080 PIRSSOU_s2_f60_chr-1_1.mp4)
Lol at all you fags coping on gahoole Dude is gonna revive tvch to its former glory days, and there's nothing you can do about it you sad miserable fucks need to grow up
>>222952 Yeah ok sure have fun looks like Gahoole's really going to get things going for himself. Had to move out bickers Adam couldn't stand him anymore lol
>>222952 pedohoole cord woke up
>>15436 god forbid there are containment threads! I'm going CRAAAAZYYYY
>>223095 shut the fuck up pedohoole.
>>222899 hello gayhoole
There's fucking cp on /tv/ for 3 hours straight now.
>>224341 >There's child porn left up on the board owned by the guy raided by the f.b.i for child porn possession, who also happens to be friends with a large group of confirmed pedos, who also happens to be in Axle's unironic pedo discord. Wow really? That's surprising.
Open file (444.38 KB 1338x1692 F6H2W7NXkAAQsRy.jfif)
>>224341 the Ramon gay porn gets deleted within minutes but the CP stays up for hours. ask Gayhole, I don't know.
>>224377 He tried to rape that capybara seconds after that picture was taken and was thrown out of the petting zoo by an angry mob.
>>222837 Those faggots along with the shit mods ruined the whole board. It was fun for a couple of months on /dunk/ now it's everyday on every board and the mods will ban you if you try to post a modicum of quality, of you're not banned, you'll get flooded by lolcow accusations. Gahoole has stopped giving a fuck and just keeps tabs on his Discord tranny channel. RIP tvch
Theres fucking CP up for 3 HOURS
>>225000 What’s the record?
Yeah, think I'm officially done with tvch. I don't go to your site to see that shit, you fucking fat Irish oaf. This community hasn't been fun since Nobody in Cali and Don Jolly anyway.
Theres fucking cp
>>225499 The fact that they delete Nuzach in minutes but leave the cp up for hours proves that they see the cp themselves but choose to leave it up.

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