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Open file (365.20 KB 1344x775 5t5g.jpg)
Photorealism killed video games Anonymous 02/16/2023 (Thu) 08:32:25 No.646
When the opportunity to make games look like movies presented itself, it was all over for the good old gaming. Not only did it make games look ugly and cheap, with the ability to just scan somebody’s mug and then turn it into stuff of nightmares with bad shading and bamp maps and whatnot, it also opened the gates for all the failed wannabe holyjew directors who now started using gaming as an outlet for their self-assertion, which in turn attracted the unwanted attention of the msm and npcs. Even now they will tell you that photorealistic graphics are better.
Open file (568.75 KB 1196x1200 7u.jpg)
Open file (223.13 KB 1245x1080 gerg.jpg)
Open file (140.53 KB 480x346 kazuya.png)
I prefer pseudo realism
>>6489 >mfw
Open file (279.36 KB 1080x1049 1.jpg)
No wonder everything looks the same now.
>>6466 >black cat for decades: i want to bang spider man >black cat in current year: my black muslim girlfriend in paris
>>6725 it is very unfortunate
>>6726 it unfortunate coath
Open file (292.75 KB 1200x893 h546.jpg)
When should we have stopped caring about graphics? Pic related. Every console after the 6th gen failed to replicate what made gaming special. I feel its due to the graphics, yeah they tried to improve them over the years since the beginning but the 6th gen feels like the last time to put game quality>graphics. I can confidentiality say everything after the 6th gen was the start of the sharp decline in the hobby.
>>7799 Before muh photorealism the "caring about graphics" was different because there's wasn't a ubiquitous standard to judge them by. Nowadays it's muh photorealism so everything is judged by how close it's to reality and if it is it's beterrer. But back then what constituted "good graphics" was a rather nebulous concept that manifested in more aspects than one.
>>852 A genius who always talk about the reality of the situation.
PS1 > PS2 Behold: THPS2 GTA2 GT2 CTR Syphun Filter Sheepdog n' Wolf NFSIII Wipeout 2 I wish PS1 was the iterative stagnate-gen and not PS5 Come and fite me bro
>>8292 >PS1 = PS2 ftfy
>>8292 >Behold: All are inferior to their PS2 follow ups. PS1 was a stepping stone to archive the true greatness that is PS2/6th gen in general.
>>8298 ps2 follow up to sheepdog and wolf?
>>8301 Nobody even knows what that is, but I'm sure there's something.
Open file (29.37 KB 652x234 ClipboardImage.png)
>Americans 1. PS2 2. SNES 3. N64 4. NES 5. Switch >Third Worlders 1. PS2 2. N64 3. PS1 4. NES 5. SNES PS2 won at life.
>>8298 Those games, I'd still be playing them. They have not been bettered. By PS2 you've got ports of Deus Ex and Battlefront II and those games, I'd still be playing those as well... But you should really be playing those on your PC instead. >>8367 >Millennials 1. PS1 >Zoomers 1. PS2 If I'm mistaken, then I don't get why. Naivety is the reason THUG2 is better than THPS2. Play the old ones, get gud, go and look... If you wanted your PS2 to be your stagnatory gen then great, because it sort of was. It's not like you didn't have a shovel for some turd stains on the PS1 but by PS2 you've got 3 different Shrek games and can go and play those. Are you just going to forget as well that PS1 was the generation where they were all an experimentally on the market new design/IPs? If I'm going to have all of western/western-influenced developed society give up on new design improvements and stick to interative improvements, like the PS5 does, then I would rather they worked incrementally on the MIPS chip in the PS1. Specifically I would rather just be playing more new PS1 releases and not more PS2. The graphics suite didn't push the dev teams so hard as to invest the bulk of their energies there. I want that time period all over again frankly. By the way from the looks of your list nobody owned a Dreamcast or a GameCube which is really sad. Dreamcast hits in the feels in a way that the others just don't.
>>8368 PS2/6th gen was simply the best. Visuals were at their peak before they got ruined by photorealism. The expanded hardware capabilities allowed for any type of gameplay, both from the past and experimental innovations, that didn't get improved on in any way since. >I want that time period all over again frankly. If you want PS1 to be your stagnatory gen with its lack of z buffer, wonky deforming textures and fog 3 feet away from you everywhere then great, but it sounds like some purgatory nightmare.
>>8368 >They have not been bettered. Lmao, are you seriously going to sit here and say GT2 is better than GT3/4?
>>8369 But we're entertaining a reality in which they didn't develop a PS2 and instead reiterated the PS1 a bunch of times Z buffer is one of those things that I would like to see addressed >>8370 GT2 is a tool box/toy box that you can express dreams within and hits immediately into the blood with similar rapidity to Street Fighter II. People still be modding GT2 to add more to it. GT1 is thematically superior, and POS manufacturers started poisoning the well with things like the Prius and the Yaris/Vitz/Echo by GT2's period, but that one singular game is the one I'm clutching even if I'm stranded on a desert island without anything else to play
>>8367 PS2-san strong.
>>8367 >Americans >5. Switch People who live on the coasts shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Open file (263.11 KB 613x393 ww.png)
>>8546 >Adam's apple slider [-----------------X]
Open file (350.63 KB 883x1041 brow.jpg)
Do you miss piss kino?
>>8675 No. What a bizarre trend that was. Human revolution was one of the worst offenders.
>>8675 Yeah, I'd take it over generic photorealism any day.
>>8678 i like it. the only problem is that it generally was overused
Open file (242.50 KB 812x1484 u.jpg)
>>9427 Unsharted or AssCreed, what ruined gaming more?
>>9430 Grand theft auto
>>9486 GTA has barely any negative influence on gayming, especially in comparison to Ass or Uncharted.
>>9487 >barely any does it matter if it is literal cancer and inspired even worse cancer?
>>9488 Other than a few GTA clones, none of which are that bad, it inspired nothing. Especially compared to the literal catastrophic influence of Uncharted and Ass.
>>9489 >it inspired nothing it literally is patient 0 it is why RE4 exists
>>9490 Err, no.
>>9491 yes wei fag
>>9492 It's literally not a thing that happened.
>>9493 >is third person and you look at their ass all day >generic male fag character >has a gun >is "inspired" by movie shit >multiple elements of it is in every modern game that isn't japanese I dunno you sound like a retard
>>9494 Is this a bait post? All those things predate GTA and are just basic video game elements.
Open file (46.37 KB 377x500 Shrug.jpg)
>>9495 >is this a bait post?
>>3941 >An ugly, fat sack of shit thinks that vidya characters should be ugly, fat sacks of shit just because he is an ugly, fat sack of shit. Clearly he was talking in general, the fact that he's an ugly, fat sack of shit himself has nothing to do with it. :^)
Open file (3.47 MB 2042x1719 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9626 sexo
>>9629 On the left!
>>648 westoids have always been obsessed with muh realism thats why in art school thats all anyone is taught to draw while in japan people stylize and spam moe blobs
>>9626 Left looks like The Amazing Atheist
>>9779 I dunno. Left is more manly then bananaman.

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