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Anonymous 07/10/2021 (Sat) 21:46:50 No.140
So should we try to revive julay/v/? All the other vidya boards on the webring suck ass.
Open file (243.33 KB 680x709 yes.png)
I rather make another in its own dedicated website and kill this one I haven't found someone who wants to code it so haven't bothered with making a schedule to moderate or getting the money together
>>142 Not a lot of coding is necessary beyond what's already been accomplished Anon. Everything required for creating this site is freely available, for example. And the Anoncafe Admins have even written a detailed tutorial on the process.
Open file (334.39 KB 392x653 fagcha.png)
>>142 >I rather make another in its own dedicated website and kill this one That's an unnecessary busywork that will only distract from the goal, which is to just have a normal vidya board. It doesn't matter where it is, nothing will change because of its location. Though this anon is right >>143 I will now outline the problems with all the other /v/s on the webring: >zzz/v/ Just Mark/v/ without Mark. Slightly less rulecucked but generally just as bad content-wise. Which only goes to show how little the fat faggot had to do with the state of his shit board. Any effort posting is promptly ignored in favor of shitposting. Home of the niggergate thread and other political sperging. >smug/v/ /a/'s vidya board. Needless to say it's a modcucked Orwellian shithole that nobody wants to use. It was never an option. >animu/v/ Started maybe decently but whether due to change in moderation or just progressing retardation, became a modcucked hugbox for cuckchan-tier posters protected by admins, which resulted in a sizeable outflow of posters. >sportchan/v/ Good approach to moderation, that is, very little moderation, but perhaps due to previous userbase, the post quality is lower than on Mark/v/ - basically a throwaway board for shitposting. >314chan/v/ No fucking clue what this is, looks like some honeypot site. Either way it appears to be made just for shitposting and is dead anyhow. >fatchan/vr/ Seems like it could have been a comfy place to discuss retro vidya but sadly it wasn't able sustain itself. I could have gone to try and revive it maybe but I think it's ultimately better to have a regular vidya board.
Well not much is happening here, so it could be use d while figuring stuff out.
Figuring what out? Just need to get old people back here and that's pretty much it.
While anons figure out what they want to do, make a new place or use this place.
Now that I think about it, staying on /cow/'s site may not be a good idea seeing how it will likely get namedropped by some faggot on twitter and targeted as "ebil harassment site" in the foreseeable future, just looking at kiwifarms example. So what's the plan then, make just one new vidya node on the webring? There are 2 examples with kind.moe and late.city. They seem to be doing fine.
Who's even still moderating this dead board? I have no interest in moving away from zzzchan if I have to start typing these useless bypass captchas every day.
>>145 >hurr durr I want 0 moderation but also high quality posters What you want is a private discord circlejerk with your friends.
>>151 I want boards such as 8/vg/ and original jula/v/ back which were basically that, you dumb faggot.
>>150 >I have no interest in moving away from zzzchan Go back and stay there, faggot, you're not needed.
>>153 It's not very convincing when you fail to address even the one single reason that was given. This is already the second time I had to go to another page to complete a bypass captcha to post, as opposed to just pressing the reply button.
>>149 To not post on any board due to association seems like a weak excuse, when you have other sites that hosts other controversial boards and the users recognize that the boards are separate entities under the same site. Also, there are instances of this site being namedropped and barely anything happen to them like I predict when it comes to sites like these and not kiwifarms. The main differences are the demographic, the niches they tap into, and the attention from outside sources. >>150 That would be me, and I've been posting on here once a blue moon. But, I only have so much to talk about before I have to find a new game and it doesn't help that I don't play vidya as much as I used to. >>152 That could happen, but you have to realize that it will be hard to build some semblance of that since most of the anons that carry that philosophy are probably in other places or just left. I don't mind shitposting, it's just kinda retarded to purposely go off-topic and anons:^) to take the bait. Although this place is barren, it could be taken as an opportunity to spearhead in that direction, and probably force me to get back into playing some games in my backlog and talk about them. The last thing I did that was significant was 100%'d a game a few months back.
>>155 >Also, there are instances of this site being namedropped and barely anything happen to them like I predict when it comes to sites like these and not kiwifarms I remember when people were saying the exact same thing about 8chan. Will you people get through your head already that everything that is even remotely "right leaning" will be wiped off the internet. Might as well not be a retard and be caught off guard again, and act preemptively instead.
Open file (392.30 KB 1920x1080 fug my life.jpg)
>Instead of talking about how to revive the board it devolved into meta spergery Another reason to stay away from /cow/'s site. But you know, forget I even brought this up, I now see that nothing will be done. BO or whoever, if on the off chance you do decide to make a separate vidya board on the webring in the spirit of jula/v/, I want to say that I will come to support it. For the time being I'm gonna head off to /retro/ or something.
>>158 what about sleepychan
I would be willing to janny this place if you guys want to post here again. t. Janny Keep in mind making /kong/ active means you will bring back the same people who hated julay/v/ before, I am not as tolerable, or retarded as robi and the previous administration though, nor will I allow kikes into the janny list. I would want this place to be a funposting board like /tv/ where anons can freely discuss cuckeo games without some kike janny removing things they don't like or feel to be offtopic but at the same time kicking the pedos to the curb so they don't infect the place. TL;DR I won't tolerate the pedoshit that is the cancer that has made many a /v/ a ded or mark-tier board.
>>147 How? I miss julay /v/ but there is no way we could get the old userbase back, and without them its all pointless.
Deleted thread, but that was made in response to a post in this thread. https://archive.vn/BZFZK
>>165 You'd be surprised how many people are still on the webring and reminiscent about jula/v/.
Julay/v/ was good until the goyim gayters tried to mask their threads as TLoU2 threads and got pissy, koi made it worse by deleting everything but ultimately it was down to the userbase to flee elsewhere do to the excessive dramafaggotry. I want a julay/v/ style of /v/ back because it was fun, had minimal shitposting and good gamenights/OC. zzzchan doesn't cut it, the site sucks balls, its markchan without the mark, a cesspit of faggotry where as julay/v/ was like an oasis of video game discussion only ruined by geese and other fags of his caliber
>>189 Well this place is blank canvas pretty much for anons.
>>190 >blank canvas It still has the stigma of being a cowkike infested shithole, no one wants to post on a site with based weasel at the helm or cucked robi. if people really want change then it has to be an entirely new imageboard specifically for /v/ and nothing else. Also no one posts here, at all.
Open file (124.23 KB 346x320 wtf.png)
>>191 which lolcow are you?
>>192 Its likely niggerchu.
>>192 >>193 >this late response Rent Free
Open file (124.23 KB 346x320 wtf.png)
>>194 which lolcow are you?

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