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Gaming Magazines Anonymous 03/22/2023 (Wed) 05:47:27 No.1573
Do you miss them? Or are they antiquated? On the one hand, they couldn't compete with the lightning fast and continuously updating information online, but on the other hand, I think they were more than just a printed slice of latest info and had an entire culture about them.
100 percent I miss the fuck out of them, recently I got out some of my old nintendo powers just to flip through them, they were one of the few interesting magazines around.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0-pjmLyW_Y GET THE POWER! NINTENDO POWER!
>>1577 heh
>>1576 There are entire channels flipping through old vidya magazines. Very comfy stuff.
>>1581 yeah, even nugaming magazines from the 2010s are sort of entertaining to flip through because some semblance of soul had to go into them, unlike modern post-gamergay video game magazines.
>>1585 >modern post-gamergay video game magazines Huh? They still make magazines? No way...
Open file (105.78 KB 665x896 ad-2-1009888.jpg)
Open file (203.41 KB 784x1024 OHFhW.jpg)
Open file (25.50 KB 620x400 mwsw1p9phuxkwjnqxusa.jpg)
90s gaming ads were major part of the mag culture.
Open file (180.50 KB 1024x840 dics.jpg)
>>1573 I miss the demo discs in particular, the good ones had an entire vidya microcosm in them: trailers, demos, save states, interviews, art, music etc. It was like internet before the internet the fast one at least.
>>1573 Definitely. It was a bastion of the old male gaming culture, which is far superior to the current vagino-anal alliance.
>>2105 I remember there was one vidya magazine that included real condoms, I guess in order to stimulate gaymers to go get laid. Not sure whether it was 100% serious or in jest, they always had a lot of hot cosplay babes inside. Good times.
>>2102 Do they even make demo games anymore? I hear only about network tests which is basically test our game for us for free.
>>2414 >First one is Pre-Matrix, second one is after heh
Open file (407.63 KB 1525x2116 PCGamer_1999_09_pg000.jpg)
Open file (328.00 KB 1535x2114 PCGamer_1999_09_pg054.jpg)
Open file (347.44 KB 1535x2121 PCGamer_1999_09_pg055.jpg)
Open file (304.31 KB 1528x2113 PCGamer_1999_09_pg056.jpg)
Open file (524.20 KB 1533x2118 PCGamer_1999_09_pg057.jpg)
Open file (544.96 KB 1525x2116 PCGamer_1999_09_pg058.jpg)
Open file (418.35 KB 1525x2117 PCGamer_1999_09_pg059.jpg)
Open file (431.75 KB 1536x2119 PCGamer_1999_09_pg064.jpg)
Open file (567.21 KB 1531x2118 PCGamer_1999_09_pg065.jpg)
Open file (565.14 KB 1533x2113 PCGamer_1999_09_pg066.jpg)
Open file (378.60 KB 1523x2115 PCGamer_1999_09_pg067.jpg)
Open file (353.70 KB 1531x2117 PCGamer_1999_09_pg068.jpg)
Open file (551.55 KB 1529x2117 PCGamer_1999_09_pg069.jpg)
Open file (339.56 KB 1535x2115 PCGamer_1999_09_pg074.jpg)
Open file (522.17 KB 1535x2118 PCGamer_1999_09_pg075.jpg)
Open file (570.40 KB 1541x2117 PCGamer_1999_09_pg076.jpg)
Open file (428.35 KB 1536x2115 PCGamer_1999_09_pg077.jpg)
Open file (441.60 KB 1543x2115 PCGamer_1999_09_pg080.jpg)
Open file (502.39 KB 1536x2114 PCGamer_1999_09_pg081.jpg)
Open file (559.24 KB 1541x2119 PCGamer_1999_09_pg082.jpg)
Open file (360.38 KB 1525x2119 PCGamer_1999_09_pg083.jpg)
Open file (355.30 KB 1519x2112 PCGamer_2000_11_pg000.jpg)
Open file (381.59 KB 1516x2115 PCGamer_2000_11_pg068.jpg)
Open file (420.12 KB 1527x2117 PCGamer_2000_11_pg069.jpg)
Open file (488.57 KB 1510x2113 PCGamer_2000_11_pg070.jpg)
Open file (336.13 KB 1504x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg071.jpg)
Open file (435.63 KB 1518x2117 PCGamer_2000_11_pg073.jpg)
Open file (380.06 KB 1506x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg074.jpg)
Open file (420.68 KB 1509x2115 PCGamer_2000_11_pg077.jpg)
Open file (528.39 KB 1498x2117 PCGamer_2000_11_pg078.jpg)
Open file (311.84 KB 1508x2115 PCGamer_2000_11_pg084.jpg)
Open file (548.35 KB 1508x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg085.jpg)
Open file (388.79 KB 1502x2115 PCGamer_2000_11_pg086.jpg)
Open file (424.18 KB 1503x2110 PCGamer_2000_11_pg088.jpg)
Open file (431.04 KB 1501x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg094.jpg)
Open file (572.27 KB 1495x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg096.jpg)
Open file (520.93 KB 1492x2116 PCGamer_2000_11_pg098.jpg)
Open file (528.14 KB 1493x2113 PCGamer_2000_11_pg100.jpg)
Open file (258.30 KB 786x1024 1258122149.jpg)
>>1586 Probably just political propaganda.
>>2463 >what went wrong If only they knew, anons...
>>2463 We must go back.
>>2470 What would you do if you went back in time to 1998 to save gaming? How would you steer the events to avoid the current timeline?
>>2473 >1998 You'd need to go back to the 30's to warn Uncle Addy. Gaming would be saved (there would be no 'Current Year' any longer ofc).
>>2473 I don't think there's anything you can do back then, things were going the best possible way.
>>2473 >avoid HD, it's evil!
>>2473 Nuke Microsoft out of orbit There,no Xbox, no western devs being artifically propped up by their marketing money, no gigantic push for micro monetization tactics.
>>2789 Probably not a bad idea. Gaming was almost universally Japanese, meaning that it took time for consoles and games to come to the west, there was always this barrier from the gaijin culture and practices. But with the Xbox, gayming saw a rise of a local gaijin model where games and consoles can be made with western sensibilities and practices directly to the market. Since western market is where most money are made, Japs then had to play catch up and adjust their model to the western one and we got to where we are now.
Open file (543.18 KB 1350x1725 ps2.jpg)
what i miss the most is opening a monthly magazine in the 00s and discovering a near endless influx of new games coming out, each and every month
Open file (1.12 MB 2550x3242 co21ue93lzh71.jpg)
Open file (69.58 KB 673x109 co21ue93lzh71a.png)
If only they knew.
>>2789 >There,no Xbox Which practically means the demise of all those Dreamcast games and sequels because PS2 only picked them up after Micro got into them by the bunch. Gamecube did get Sonic and Super Monkey Ball but the circumstances of that escape me. I would say there's no easy way to correct the way, single player as the epitome of good was already a thing back then with multiplayer taking a backseat in the PS1 days. Attention to detail was also noticeable, i think 1998 is not a good year to start crying wolf, perhaps 2004 is a better place. And to be fair if they knew how much money a successful project is making nowadays they would all go to the trash anyways, as most industries there's few who do it for the art and the golden eras are when art was the only way to get money.
>>3013 If there was no Xbox, all those games would naturally go to the PS2.
>>3012 kek
>>3009 Hot
Open file (1.93 MB 4032x3024 qa1.jpg)
Open file (133.94 KB 643x720 nice.jpg)
>>4214 i miss the pre-current year
>>1573 I used to be subscribed to GameNOW, GamePro, and TIps & Tricks at various times as a kid. The first was my favorite. I didn't really like Tips & Tricks due to how it was mainly strategy guides and stuff like that, but even then there were bits of content in there that I I could enjoy. I also remember another magazine I read earlier that had a preview of Age of Mythology after Age of Empires II was the latest Ensemble game. I would have loved to have had back issues of Nintendo Power, but to this day don't think I've ever seen a physical copy of that magazine. >>2423 It's sad that guys like Brian Reynolds and Bruce Shelley later ended up relegated to working on mobile slop after what they helped create in their heydays. Bruce Shelley not only designed Age of Empires, but he was the guy Sid Meier went to for help when he was coming up with ideas for Civilization and was the only person allowed to play it for months while it was being worked on. Brian Reynolds went on to design Rise of Nations after his work on Civilization II and Alpha Centauri, and to me that's one of the top RTS games ever. >>4214 Nice.
Open file (98.53 KB 474x626 2.jpg)
>>4402 >GamePro The infographics and game art were cool. EGM was my jam, loved reading their rumors section, even if half of it turned out to be total bullshit.
Open file (1.00 MB 3024x4032 1.jpg)
Open file (814.98 KB 1703x2048 2.jpg)
Open file (169.27 KB 1300x1755 3.jpg)
Open file (217.73 KB 1300x1970 4.jpg)
Open file (251.55 KB 1300x1720 5.jpg)
Open file (94.12 KB 456x599 6.jpg)
Open file (112.07 KB 539x640 7.jpg)
Open file (546.03 KB 1228x1600 8.jpg)
Open file (2.61 MB 1154x1570 lara.png)
>>4521 Do you have the "gamers are the most oppressed" one from wah back? I forgot the magazine.
>>4521 >>4522 >>4523 I miss it when gaming was honest and had coomer-b8 woman. Trish and Lady were so pointlessly fucking hot as examples, I want to back with all you anons. A part of me wishes the 2000s went on forever.
>>4541 *go back
Open file (209.60 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>4541 >hot >pointlessly The point is to be hot.
>>4544 Agreed anon, well now the point is for them and by extension everything to be ugly as fuck.
Open file (1.72 MB 2728x1793 GamePro_154_0006.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 1597x2114 GamePro_154_0110.jpg)
Open file (468.14 KB 839x1105 GamePro_154_0017.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 1596x2107 GamePro_154_0027.jpg)
>>2108 Some companies will have a demo of a game but it is rare. also you have ps5 with an hour trial of a game, and that's it. >>2420 the only successful out of chris roberts,Peter Molyneux and sid meier is; sid >>2422 >>2423 >>2424 >>2425 what is depressing about this, most of these old talents are either retired or rotting somewhere unknown, since they cannot make any games. and the most successful is maybe Sid Meier? And that other dude that made civilization. >>2426 >>2427 >>2428 >>2429 Funny or depressing thing, is that the next gen of gaming Gods went up to fast to the surface and sank. Epic games was known as one of the best triple A devs, then cliff went out to start his own company, he bought into the whole feminism shit, and then tried to copy paste fortnight and other battleroyal games but fucked it up so bad, that he fucked off from the industry. American Mcgee made some weird F2P game, if it wasn't an mmo and then got pissed off and fucked off. >>4541 Most do, it was a weird period in general and that time period had so much inspiration in it's vidya in general. you could in theory just buy a random game, and get your moneys worth.
>>4793 >it was a weird period in general Nothing 'weird' about it. It was the best period, the golden age.
>>4799 /thread.
>>4412 I feel like I read EGM at one point but am not sure. It was a magazine I know I would've wanted a subscription to it but never actually had one. I don't know how I would have gotten my hands on a copy. PC Gamer is another one I would've liked. >>4549 Expecting them to cater to red-blooded males is apparently too much to ask.
>>4864 >I don't know how I would have gotten my hands on a copy. did you live in a cave anon?
I'm self-aware enough to realize nostalgia is a huge part of why I like SNES, PS1, and PS2 more than PS3, PS4, and PS5. And this includes the gaming culture as well, which is the magazines. I know they're antiquated now. But there was something so magical about buying an unofficial Playstation Magazine (PSM) and then reading it, and getting pulled into the hype for new releases, seeing the screenshots and wondering how the game felt. It was also a unique snapshot of time where one could look into the future releases and have hindsight of knowing which games turned out to be classics. Like PSM would do their top 10 upcoming games and it would show a time period where FF7 was released but FF8 was getting hyped. Or just some incredible years like 1998 where Resident Evil 2 came out and then Metal Gear solid that same year. And you might get both of those at Christmas. Also PSM had lots of pervy drawings and original art and even did swimsuit editions with game girls. And I always loved the top 10 Game of the Year editions. It's hard to imagine zoomers will be nostalgic about playing Fornite and Minecraft and yet, they will bc that is what they grew up on and will become bonded to. Also hard to imagine anyone forming nostalgic bonds about PS5. "It was so great when we played that game on PS5." There aren't enough original games to even get nostalgic about. >>4521 >Ad 4 with naked woman. Sega Saturn has three 32-bit processors (that's two more than Playstation), which means better gameplay and better graphics. This was probably just marketing hype but I wonder if there is some truth to this and the Saturn's extra power was tapped into. Or was it a case of a bottleneck somewhere else limiting its power so the power was never truly realized. >>4865 You know how it is when you were growing up. You never had enough money. You wanted more games. The idea of paying a monthly subscription was a bit much if you're broke. Or you'd get it and then it'd expire.
Now most video game magazines are scanned and archived. So you can peruse old issues you missed and go back in time to feel how good it felt when the video game industry was thriving and healthy, full of creativity and excitement. https://archive.org/search?query=psm+
>>4876 I never understood the point of subscriptions, I would just go buy magazines at the whatever kiosk they were selling them.
>>4521 Isn't Seanbaby a faggot now? >>4865 >did you live in a cave anon? I was a kid who relied on my parents for everything and don't even know if I've ever even seen EGM on a store shelf. My mom would just get me and my brother a magazine subscription every once in a while.
>>4878 Yeah, I remember buying individual magazines from Food Lion. And my Mom and sister would flip through them and get riled up at the racy drawings inside.
>>4879 >Isn't Seanbaby a faggot now? Who isn't
>>4876 >I'm self-aware enough to realize nostalgia is a huge part of why I like SNES, PS1, and PS2 Not at all. All the best game came out on SNES, PS1, and PS2. It's a fact.
>>4876 Yeah PSM and PSM2 were pretty good and also had a lot of demos on their discs, and even save states for games, trailers, art, etc. Obviously it's all superseded by just having the internet now, but the internet cannot facsimile the comfies you get from opening a new magazine with a fresh demo disc in it containing months worst of new developments.
Open file (216.26 KB 705x843 uk.jpg)
Open file (2.65 MB 300x169 dog wipe.gif)
>>4939 Did they draw that major?
>>4945 A couple of those are drawn by PSM, yeah. Some is game concept art. >>4876 >Sega Saturn has three 32-bit processors (that's two more than Playstation), which means better gameplay and better graphics. I'll answer my own question since I happened to come across the answer, if anyone is curious. Apparently, the 3 processors didn't help very much as the architecture was confusing and needed developers to tailor their exclusives to squeeze all the juice out of the system. A lot of multiplatform games suffered on Saturn whereas the PS1 architecture was simpler and more less confusing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW_f8h2ZyHI @6:15-12:00
>>4939 Ghost in the shell ps1's cutscenes were so awesome, basically straight out of the manga.
>Do you miss them? Or are they antiquated? Both? The reviews and previews/ads all had a lot more effort put into them than any online shit you see nowadays, but it is very convenient to have today's easy and instant access to information regarding upcoming releases while back in the magazine days you wouldn't know shit about anything until you got that magazine or happened to catch a glimpse of something on TV which you could easily miss. All the convenience kinda ruined most of the excitement and anticipation for things though.
>>5385 >while back in the magazine days you wouldn't know shit about anything until you got that magazine Was that so bad though? There were so many games coming out that you had more than your share's worth to talk about until the next magazine came out. Compared to today when you have easy instant access to information about no games, or like one game in 6 months even worth looking into. Like you mentioned the anticipation and excitement are gone. That being said, in the mid 00s there already was the proper pre-social cancer internet and the magazines, both complementing one another.
Magazines weren't cool just due to the information they provided, they were an entire microcosm of contemporary culture, activities, artwork, sexy babes, misc. info and so on; an entire clast of entertainment that unified gaymers under this subcultural banner. This doesn't exist anymore, you have to go to 20 different places online to get all this instead of aquiring a single piece of media. I think this is one of the reasons why zoomers are so disjointed and don't really have anything of their own.
>>5388 Checked. <All according to plan, go...guys This is why White/Asian men need to remember their heritage. Just like in 1984, if you can remove history, you can make people believe anything about themselves. Its not uncommon for totally-not-feds "zoomers" to tell all the cool kids that saving archives, etc., is ridiculous.
>>5389 Archiving everything is a must.
>>5390 BUT THEY'LL CALL YOU A HOARDER! You don't want that do you anon? Just think of the optics.
>>5402 Huh? How is archiving everything hoarding?
>>5403 Lol, you tell me Anon. But that's what you'll be called now if you go into an enclave of cool kids and make just that statement. :^) Regardless, that term should be a badge of honor for every Anon during Current Year, when the globalist kikes are trying to memory hole everything they can of White men's past and heritage, just as fast a they possibly can manage it.
>>5405 >But that's what you'll be called now if you go into an enclave of cool kids and make just that statement. They do know that you don't actually hoard anything?
>>5406 No I hoard the shit out of everything, because I've got some commonsense during CY.
>>5386 >Was that so bad though? Depending on how much disposable income you (or your parents) had yeah it could be pretty shit, going into some games blind can be an awful experience. My family was poor so there were multiple times I got stuck with a true piece of shit because I decided to try my luck and rent something I'd never seen before. It wasn't mind-bendingly awful like streamer faggotry though, I rarely use sites like youtube and have literally never directly seen twitch outside of webms or screencaps people post on imageboards yet I'm still occasionally bombarded with images of gaunt e"celebs" with retarded haircuts and blatantly fake enthusiasm for everything.
>>5457 Even if you were a poorfag, you could always rent magazines or have your friend give you one. That's how it always worked, gaming magazines switched hands after hands. I remember I brought one, a brand new one I just bought, to a summer camp with me and by the time we were going back home it looked like a relic from the 18th century.
>>5465 Not necessarily if you lived in the country, the few people I knew who even had video games mostly just played Pokemon when it was too shitty outside to go play on dirt bikes and didn't really bother with magazines. I did eventually get a couple subscriptions but before that I would stumble into trainwrecks like Superman 64 thinking "oh hey neat a superhero game" completely unaware I was about to have shit thrown in my face. Maybe that's a more specific case than most though I don't know life in general was very different before widespread internet it's like we're on another planet compared to back then.
Come to think of it Superman 64 was one of my first experiences with the character, it's probably why I fucking hate him.
>>5472 I never lived in a country so it's hard for me to imagine the concept of nobody having a gaming magazine. >I would stumble into trainwrecks like Superman 64 thinking "oh hey neat a superhero game" Yeah that sucks but there was also some excitement in that wild unpredictability of what you get.
Open file (493.63 KB 790x357 80.png)
>over 80 huge levels
>>5478 Oh don't get me wrong I had way more fun times than shitty ones. >it's hard for me to imagine the concept of nobody having a gaming magazine Well the area I lived in was pretty remote. The rental store my parents would take me to when they felt like treating me was around a 40 minute drive away in a town that only existed because it was near an interstate. >>5483 I bet they were considering every individual star its own "level" when they wrote that. It's one hell of a lie either way lol
>>5487 Damn anon, you lived in some real boonies.
>>5388 So true. Dubs confirm.
Open file (286.17 KB 1224x810 PSM Issue 044.jpg)
Open file (147.19 KB 616x810 PSM Issue 044-2.jpg)
Open file (155.14 KB 618x810 PSM Issue 044-3.jpg)
Open file (92.91 KB 616x810 PSM Issue 044-4.jpg)
>>6623 Damn, you'll never see anything like pic 1 in gaming ever again. Very sad.
Open file (263.50 KB 1177x1575 1.jpg)
Open file (45.13 KB 479x469 12.jpg)
Open file (136.00 KB 678x821 dd.jpg)
>>7287 if only they knew
Open file (676.28 KB 611x795 ps3.png)
>>7467 the last time I was excited about video games and video game accessories
>>7467 i miss magazines
Open file (1.89 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7586 he's not wrong
Open file (2.03 MB 1920x1080 sn.jpg)
Open file (134.95 KB 453x600 1.jpg)
better times
Open file (22.04 KB 165x320 1181242121366.jpg)
>the last time I was truly impressed with a video game other times I was almost as impressed was how Assetto corsa simulated the giulia GTA, and when laserdisc arcades came out (but they had limited playability). Oh and ragdolls that I first saw on the very fine free FPS sauerbraten.
>>7875 >laserdisc arcades What are those?
Open file (143.87 KB 728x1072 5.jpg)
Open file (41.43 KB 352x264 pic16.jpg)
Open file (39.14 KB 352x264 pic19.jpg)
>>7876 Back before there were BluRays (or even DVDs AFAICT), there were LaserDiscs. These were 12" platters somewhat similar to two-sided BluRays (usually) encased in a yuge floppy-disk-like housing. These stored animation clips (often hand-drawn as in Dragon's Lair [1][2]) which would provide the cutscene outcomes in a kind of CYOA vidya. 1. http://dragons-lair-project.com/games/pages/dl.asp 2. http://dragons-lair-project.com/games/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-KJUx-L2Wc
Open file (302.30 KB 1244x1536 ki.jpg)
>>8224 Cool, thanks anon.
Open file (78.32 KB 436x567 dc.jpg)
>>8631 >Cvoergirl I can't remember who this artist was, he did some shitty comic like wildcards but it was all cheese cake, one of the characters was called Roxy...he used to do tons of the video game pin-up art, for ten years I swear he was the primary producer of all swimsuit/video game related illustrations.
>>8636 >for ten years I swear he was the primary producer of all swimsuit/video game related illustrations. May he be blessed.
Open file (586.88 KB 1352x1718 yes.jpg)
Open file (778.34 KB 1352x1740 r.jpg)
>>8644 >sex >only anime
Open file (2.56 MB 986x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.42 MB 916x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (564.30 KB 484x668 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9258 7th gen was still unpozzed
Open file (290.08 KB 400x482 egm.png)
what was he thinking
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>9545 >expansion pack is better than the original! Was this the inception of the Nintendo Soyboy?
>>9582 yes
SLEEPY STATION is taking the mantle of 90's and 2000's vidya magazines Check them out: https://archive.org/details/SleepyStation/Sleepy%20Station%20%231/
Open file (1.41 MB 679x950 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9604 Can you blame him?
>>9595 >zzzpedos >taking the mantle of anything but imageboard paedophilia my sides.
>>8224 the fun fact is that laserdisc were actually analog and not digital, I think

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