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Open file (3.06 MB 1280x1280 mm.gif)
Zelda and Zelda-esque games Anonymous 03/23/2023 (Thu) 00:09:28 No.1619
I just can't stop playing 2D Zelda clones, that style of gameplay is probably my favorite, especially when good clones add a little bit of their own personal spice into the mix.
Open file (699.30 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Why do you find imp midna attractive anon, how degenerate are you?
>>1622 What's wrong with imp Midna?
>>1619 >>1624 thats some nice cake
>>1625 Midna isn't underage anon.
Open file (158.87 KB 632x480 1.jpg)
Open file (172.01 KB 632x480 2.jpg)
Open file (158.60 KB 632x480 3.jpg)
Open file (140.19 KB 632x480 4.jpg)
Open file (177.56 KB 632x480 5.jpg)
Favorite Zelda game? For me it's probably the Twilight Princess. I really like the peak 6th gen aesthetics, the story and the darker tone, gameplay evolution and Midna's ass.
Open file (53.57 KB 216x171 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1627 >shes 1000 year old bro not loli bro hello gaydur
Open file (1.38 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1644 She has yuge booba anon.
>>1645 2 little bumps to indicate its a female, nice try tranimelover you're still a pedo
>>1646 >2 little bumps For her proportions those are big booba.
Open file (250.00 KB 600x338 Gator anime.gif)
Now that the dust has settled, was Skyward Sword actually good?
>>1701 skyward sword was pretty comfy with great aesthetics ngl, but i don't remember anything about its gameplay which says a lot. I remember it failing to work at E3 and MIyamoto getting embarrassed tho kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkugQT7m0Qk
Open file (765.83 KB 2048x2048 jhwS2pI-2206513174.jpg)
>>1631 Twilight Princess was comfy, I wish they made more games in that style.
>>1631 wasn't Twilight princess made from the original next-gen Zelda vision before it became Windwaker?
>>1744 The Wind Waker came out in 2002 and Twilight Princess in 2006, so would be weird to develop TP then move to WW to just come back to developing TP.
Open file (124.93 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
>>1757 That's not what he meant, before WW was released Nintendo showed a Zelda tech demo with a much darker and "realistic" style to it, which then was completely changed in WW. Later for TP they seemingly returned to this original vision. https://y.com.sb/watch?v=CM77WVSNQxA
Open file (553.19 KB 1000x784 midna clap.gif)
>>1778 Ehh, I only like her human form, at least the spoiler finally works, might as well be a furfag if you are attracted to that.
Open file (228.52 KB 850x1376 e246d89e70167c84.jpg)
>>1779 based
Open file (188.27 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Here's the new NuZelda game. Literally an expansion pack to be honest. A really sad state of things. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=a6qna-ZCbxA
>>1813 it's still probably one of the best options on the market cause everything else is woke cringe but I'm not paying full price for it. Basically buy both games used and it's good.
Open file (3.21 MB 1280x720 lol.webm)
Pay up, gaijin.
>>1813 >>1846 nintendo has become so lazy...
>6 years working on a glorified DLC At this point I don't expect any new Zelda games, they will just keep updating this shit like an MMO.
Open file (2.94 MB 640x480 Zelda PSX.webm)
Zelda for PSX
>>2104 Damn that is cool, hope it wasn't made by a troon.
>>2109 probably was, everything fan made in gaming is made by a troon
Open file (261.47 KB 469x350 loz_png_10.02.17.png)
Open file (502.86 KB 1080x907 12.png)
nintendobros... we're losing the troon soyjack audience...
>>2198 Is it possible? Nintendo... experiencing diminishing returns?
>>2209 No big deal, time to present a new gimmick console with the exact same games and these people will buy and praise them again.
>>2209 I think it's just that (((journos))) are ass blasted because the Mario movie is doing well.
>>2220 Not enough troons and pronouns in that one?
>>2222 From what I understand a lot of (((critics))) are angry because Mario is actually the hero of the Mario movie instead of Peach and are whining about how it "panders to the fans" like a movie based on a long running IP catering to the people that actually like that IP is a bad thing.
>>2233 The kikes clearly have such agendas Anon, and have for a long time. Creating general discontent has always helped them to line their pockets with Jewgold. And if they can shit up the lives of uppity goyim who literally hate their guts over their blood libels and other satanic evils, then so much the better. Avid gamers are definitely in this group, historically.
Open file (937.33 KB 1200x1200 v1623384798.jpg)
>>2233 They didn't turn Mario into a pathetic beta to be saved and ordered by girlboss Peach? Genuinely surprised, I guess Japs had some input in the production, but then again Japs are bending the knee more and more. It's only a matter of time sadly.
Open file (59.65 KB 819x1024 6.jpg)
Woah, Peach looks like THIS in the Mario movie?
Open file (131.99 KB 350x427 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2244 checked
>>2235 Yeah the nips had input. They had to remind the studio that Mario was the main character, not Peach. So there is a script out there somewhere with a girlboss mary sue Peach.
>>2249 If the film is a financial success japs can be persuaded into giving more control to the studio over the sequel, and then it's gonna be woke central.
Open file (149.90 KB 1280x720 12.jpg)
That's $70, goy.
Open file (3.80 MB 896x372 elfish game.webm)
Open file (168.53 KB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Link to the Past is still the best. Prove me wrong. You literally can't.
Open file (146.67 KB 604x467 8JmwPoiXqU0.jpg)
Zelda 2 had the best artstyle. The bleak world, looks mostly deserted. Like it's at the end of all things, which makes since as it's at the end of the time line. Hyrule, and the world itself seem like an empty husk of its former self, desolate and slowly dying. Look at that basass tree in the background, and the most likely empty castle in the distance. I like the orange sky, I like to imagine it's always like that. What do you think?
>>2363 Its my favorite out of all them.
Open file (16.61 KB 960x576 LA.png)
>>2379 Indeed. Even visually it holds up the best. Have you played Link's Awakening?
>>2380 Nah haven't played it but been meaning to, its supposed to be pretty good?
Open file (194.87 KB 585x527 57933144.png)
>>2381 Yeah, it's basically a Link Awaking expansion pack but arguably even comfier because it's a smaller story. The puzzles also get more challenging.
>>2383 damn this looks good, I wish they made a Zelda game like that
Recently finished Ocarina of Time and it's easy to see why this game is so highly regarded. The atmosphere is very strong with use of particles, fog effects and lighting that sets the mood of a given scene (a massive upgrade from the Super Mario 64 version of the engine). Music and sound design is appealing with memorable cues and tracks. Using your sword feels good especially when up against weapon-wielding combatants, gadgets are also fun to tinker with (Bombchus seem a bit underused though). Hyrule also feels much larger than it is, you always get the feeling that there's some big secret waiting for you (the underbelly of Kakariko is maybe the best example of this), the rumor mill surrounding this game makes a lot of sense with that in mind. The story is familiar in structure but it does keep you engaged until the end with likeable characters throughout. Ocarina is a great game and the influence it's had on the industry is plain to see.
>>2397 Eh, both N64 Zeldas are probably my least favorite in the series. Not that they're bad. Technology was not yet there for what they were trying to do, so the both games aged in the worst ways possible, especially compared to the timeless 2D titles that still look good to this day.
>>2400 Personally I thought the graphics were good in that they have a consistent style and art direction, even if the fidelity is poor by modern standards. You may be interested in Ship of Harkinian, a cross-platform port with framerate interpolation and high resolution support, it's also very customizable with lots of gameplay settings (I played in vanilla mode though).
Open file (155.49 KB 951x720 2360325813.jpg)
>>2401 It's not about the resolution, the technology was just not there yet for the constant close-ups and in your face 3D graphics that the game does. The PS1 had a better approach towards the era, utilizing pre-rendered backgrounds and otherwise using 3D in ways to try and hide the imperfections of the medium at the time. While N64 in general really tried to push something that wasn't yet there so its games will forever have that extremely rough feel to them, like being permanently stuck in a Tekken 1 cutscene.
>>2404 There's definitely a blocky geometric look to a lot of N64, even some full 3D PlayStation games like Crash & Spyro look more organic than the segmented characters in Ocarina. The decision to use cartridges certainly had an influence in making all 3D all the time more necessary because of the lack of storage. That storage limitation is especially apparent in cross-platform N64 releases like the Resident Evil 2 miracle port or the in-engine intro of Lego Racers.
>>2409 Also, Nintendo relied heavily on first party games, whereas Sony relied almost entirely on third party games. With third party you have an entire array of devs with different approaches to 3D, a lot of them also working on Arcades and having a lot of experience with 3D graphics, so the scene was advancing very rapidly on the PS1. While Nintendo basically had to figure out 3D on their own, in-house, and have it carry the console.
Open file (612.26 KB 1059x684 3421214.png)
>>2401 >Ship of Harkinian thanks for the recommendation fam, looks interesting gonna give it a try
Open file (173.86 KB 1200x816 11.png)
And now you know why there will never be a new Zelda game.
>>2482 how is this even possible?
>>2488 Because normalfags eat up the open world bullshit regardless of quality. Just look at shit like Skyrim. The game is awful bottom of the barrel trash in every aspect but Bethesda has been successfully rereleasing it for over a decade. Unfortunately making good games isn't as profitable as making marketable games.
>>2489 The pandemic likely boosted these numbers as well since all the soybeards were sitting at home in their cuck muzzles, playing Soyda.
Open file (244.55 KB 1079x1141 5d.jpg)
Open file (325.09 KB 750x622 0.jpg)
Open file (330.35 KB 512x448 9.30.png)
Link to the Past has a very satifying feeling built right into the gameplay, everything you do in-game has some kind of feedback, i really like that about it, i call it an avatar game, it makes me feel like i am the character i am controlling, more games need to be like that.
>>2622 >everything you do in-game has some kind of feedback, i really like that about it, i call it an avatar game I call it a video game.
>>2622 >TLOZ:ALTTP was a good game >I found it quite immersive Here, I translated your post into English for you, no need to thank me.
>>2631 Yeah, that's cool and all, now how about you do the reverse and translate something from normal to autism?
>>2657 >Yeah, that's cool and all, now how about you do the reverse and translate something from normal to autism? Yes, I find your snarky response worthy of praise, but may I suggest that rather than simplifying my expression of enjoyment and satisfaction for the third entry in The Legend of Zelda interactive computer entertainment franchise, that instead you perform the opposite of this process and elaborate on my post to this electronic bulletin board service in order to resemble the obsessive language of an individual on the autistic spectrum?
What Zelda game had the hardest dungeons? I’ve been playing through the OOT master quest for the first time and some of these dungeons are really kicking my ass. Although some have been even easier than the originals. But anyway it got me thinking - which game had the toughest dungeons? ALTTP? OOT? What do you think?
>>2662 Master Quest just changes dungeon object placement right? It's too bad that they didn't do more with it.
>>2665 Puzzles and layout are also rearranged. I don't think you can do more with a mode tbh.
>>2666 IIRC MQ is Ura Zelda, the rumors at the time suggested it was going to have more features than it ultimately did.
>>2667 I see. I can't complain even if they simply re-arranged the items, it's just a mod after all. There's also a mirror mode. I mean, what else can you realistically do?
>>2668 The leak from a few years ago suggests they were going to replace the dungeons completely, the maps from that were later used in Majora's Mask.
>>2669 I don't know if that's even a good idea. First of all, why? Completely changing the dungeons for a basic redux? That's not even a good usage of your staff. And then also of what quality those new dungeons would have been - the originals were meticulously designed while these new ones would have undoubtedly been a letdown. Ultimately, a solid remix is all that is needed.
>>2670 Since Ura Zelda was going to be an expansion pack exclusive to 64DD they probably wanted to show off what they could do with the extra storage, OOT actually still contains a hidden disk mode that can load certain parts of the game from the DD instead.
>>2671 Adding new dungeons would have been better than remaking old ones in that case.
>>2662 can't somebody take that and fan mod it?
>>2677 WDYM?
>>2678 Take MQ and fanmod it to be more extensive?
>>2679 Some people did try to create their own Ura Zelda but it didn't come to fruition: https://n64squid.com/ura-zelda/
>>2687 Yeah looks like what I'd imagine. Weird they didn't finish with how autistic modders are.
Open file (1.43 MB 850x1313 ClipboardImage.png)
Why it's so cherished? They sell it as a amazingopen world experience but is incredibly linear It's literally impossible to replay or even enjoy as an adult, not because hurr hurr kiddy shit bad but because the fun is figuring out for yourself where to go next, of course these kind of thing is great for kids with too much time but as an adult I might as well search it on the internet and when it comes to replaybilty is pointless because you already know what to do. It's not like the combat is amazing either or as if there is even a point to engage on it at all. Once you see and explore all areas that's it, it's a grest experience with the sense of wonder you only have as a kid, thinking over secrets that aren't even there but as a adult you see it for what it really is, a glorified point A to point B game, honestly I feel like this over the big majority of games, how do I enjoy it again?
>>2697 BOTW? Pirated it at launch on a whim and the moment that hooked me was when I cut down a tree to cross a chasm, the immersive sim elements combined with pretty much guidance free freedom to explore and experiment is what makes it special the first time I think. Haven't played it since finishing the DLC and I don't have any desire to. Games like that are more fun if you don't research everything, otherwise you may as well be giving the controller to someone else.
>>2703 i think he meant zelda games in general
Open file (91.90 KB 1200x630 share-fb.jpg)
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was leaked if any of you /kong/anons dind't know. Playing it right now emulated.
Open file (791.09 KB 1024x819 10.15.33.png)
>>2805 I'm too busy playing WIndwaker.
Open file (786.26 KB 755x793 lol.png)
>>2855 kek
>>2855 outcry when
Open file (425.15 KB 745x407 1.png)
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
Open file (1.24 MB 800x798 ClipboardImage.png)
So, what's the /v/erdict?
>>2943 >/v/ go back
>>2943 More of the same with some reworked game mechanics, at least they added temples with dungeons but they are to simple and watered down. 5/10 at best >/v/ now go gill yourself thank you
Open file (719.58 KB 1290x1893 F.jpg)
>>2482 It's over
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>everything will be an empty open world from now ot
>>2999 The absolute state of the industry...
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
>>2999 More $70 DLC for you goyim.
>>2806 Unrivaled kino.
Open file (821.47 KB 1024x1536 zelda.jpg)
Open file (142.64 KB 600x600 comfy_coom.gif)
>>4221 uhm I need more of this...asking for a friend
>>4221 >trash-tier "AI"-generated porn This is what Tesla warned us about, isn't it?
Open file (963.74 KB 1024x1536 zelda.jpg)
>>4223 >better than 90% of traditional art >but it's le bad because computer made it >muh ethics in cooming! The absolute state.
Open file (956.34 KB 500x427 brap.gif)
Open file (1.16 MB 1118x864 ClipboardImage.png)
There won't because they're gonna call it the new Zelda again and charge you $70.
>>4223 >>4224 I mean AI generated porn is morally disgusting but all of it is, choosing which to be morally outraged is /v/eddit-tier. Auugh I gotta stop being a coom-brain.
>>5419 >I mean AI generated porn is morally disgusting <ethics in muh cooming
Open file (24.50 KB 512x384 1348619264951.jpg)
>>5419 >I mean AI generated porn is morally disgusting
>>5417 >nothing but this slop for years to come
>>5424 >>nothing but this slop for years to come < thinking the jews mean for this ever to end against you, White man.
>>2488 The market has expanded into the third world a lot more in recent years, shitholes like India are full to the brim with retards that gobble up much worse games than any lazy bullshit Nintendo pushes out.
>>5456 >shitholes like India are full to the brim with retards that gobble up much worse games than any lazy bullshit Nintendo pushes out They make most of it, too.
>>5462 india nombr on
>>5474 Superpower by 2048!
Open file (273.86 KB 545x511 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.35 MB 166x263 soyexcited.gif)
>>5527 >zelda will be the mary sue who can do everything and has to teach link how to be a hero but still "needs" link for prophesy reasons >link will be a useless bumbling moron who only does something useful at the very end and even that will be something simple that anyone could do if they were there >ganondorf will be a gud boi who dindu nuffin and everything was actually the hylians' fault Does it count as a script leak if it's so fucking obvious?
Open file (497.00 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5565 Why are you describing the 1989 Zelda cartoon
>>5566 Didn't know I was, but now we can make fun of the movies for ripping off it's plot.
Open file (2.67 MB 1391x1960 eatbugsorelse.png)
>Zelda movie
Open file (671.00 KB 1125x1494 hr4.jpg)
the absolute state
>>6143 >this generic garbage beat actually good Zelda games that these fucks were soying over already
>>6143 Typical. Recent = better because we're supposedly progressing n sheit. Any doubt of "progress" causes the soyboy to doubt his reality.
>>6145 breath of the wild is such a soulless product for the equally soulless product switch, to see it celebrated even by normalfags is depressing
Open file (59.87 KB 1280x659 hy.jpg)
Open file (2.84 MB 1279x2869 12.jpg)
That would be $70, sir.
Open file (295.12 KB 1080x1863 f34.jpg)
Ocarina of Time demake in the style on NuSoyda.
How many times have I gone into a comments section and seen the comment: <this needs a remake Such normalfags should be executed because they are retarded. Its the same shit over and over again.
>>6836 This shit is painful, but it does in fact have a silver lining: by loading studios up with pajeets, literal niggers, cocksuckers, troons, & stronk independynts, the kikes have sealed the doom on these studios via forced incompetence. They did this intentionally ofc to kill Literally Hitler (and are now just trying to milk the maximum sheqels from the soyniggers as they kill it off). Jokes on them in the end however (as usual). There is a yuge market for legitimately good vidya and that market will be filled. And all the displaced CIS White males that created this industry in the first place will be in demand once the money starts rolling into the kike-free studios in the future.
>>6836 Well yeah they are the ones who subsidize this whole demake industry. They've been yelling for a FF7 remake for a decade, people with brain been telling them it's a bad idea, even a SE executive been saying it's a bad idea. Then SE kicked that executive out and made the demake to please the mouthbreathing masses.
Open file (1.07 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7005 What's she smiling at?
>>7006 your small benis
>>7007 My massive BWC.
Open file (1.20 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
70 doraruzu preaz
>>7539 The worst scam in history.
Open file (414.40 KB 640x547 ClipboardImage.png)
Press X to doubt.
>>7781 X You don't even know the level of troons, niggers, and stronk independynts that Soytendo has yet to unlease upon the world!
>>7781 He's not lying, the new one isn't a sequel but a $70 expansion pack. Can make those for 10 more years. How very elvish.
OOT Ganondorf>TOTK Ganondorf I hate the way Ganondorf was dealt with in TOTK. His reasons for invading Hyrule flip-flop, at first, he's shown to be explicitly evil, having no sort of "redeeming qualities". And then, in his boss speech, he starts acting like Wind Waker Ganon and acting all sympathetic and "blah blah I'm the only king". It's like shitendo took OOT Ganon and WW Ganon and chucked them into a blender. And' that's all I have to say, seeing as there's nothing else to him. His English voice did not do him any favors. Matt Mersoy is a shitty VA. It's such a shame, since I love Ganon as a villain.
>>8206 Anything is better than TOTK slop.
>>8206 god I hate everything, every artistic and gameplay choice, from the NuZelda like you wouldn't believe
>>8211 >>8218 I especially hate how they made Ganon a thirst trap. He's supposed to be imposing and scary, not fujo-bait.
>>8219 Just like with everything else in the game, this is to appeal to the gaijin. They made him more "realistic" and homogay. Probably also gave him some shitty sob backstory.
>>8221 He also spends most of the game in his little hidey-hole instead of trying to take over Hyrule, even though he could easily do so even in his weakened state. He doesn't have a backstory, he's just retarded.
Open file (141.26 KB 1366x768 1366_2000.jpeg)
>>8222 Cool manly behavior is not allowed.
>>8223 I just hope soylentdorf isn't here to stay
>>8225 He is. The open world goyslop sold well so they're going to milk that trend for years even after the tit is dry.
>>8235 speaking of goyslop, is Ganon a jew? I feel like he's pretty jewish-looking
>>8247 He is trying to flood a country full of fair skinned people with evil subhumans and subvert their government to his own ends.
>>8254 Very subtle.
>>8254 Goynondorf
Open file (534.04 KB 500x500 cute.gif)
>>8336 I can hear her singing to the Lon Lon Ranch theme...
>>8336 What color are her pantsu...?
>>8346 Brown because she's a pants shitting hick retard.
>>8346 Purple, like her dress
Open file (63.96 KB 552x800 7.jpg)
>>8336 I miss the innocent girl in long dress and huge leather boots trope from the '90s.
Open file (1.36 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (233.72 KB 680x721 saddams hiding place.png)
>>8222 Say it to his face.
>>1619 What are notable Zelda clones?
>>9776 Tunic was pretty good, though some of the puzzles were vague as shit.

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