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Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 21:59:11 No.209
>1997-2000 >In-engine cutscenes are rarely used because the graphics are not there yet. >Pre-rendered FMVs have matured enough to look good. >Since they are a prominent part of the games, they also have good budget and direction. This was the period of peak soul in vidya.
>>209 the pre rendered video or cut-scenes was just there because not even PC let alone consoles had the technology inside to make cutscenes that they wanted to show on screen to make tension and to tell the story or even be a marketing ploy like it was for Final Fantasy by Squaresoft and later by Square-Enix.
>>211 That was the point. State of the art pre-rendered cutscenes, and a story beat they were attached to, were a reward for the player for beating a section of the game. Not like today when playing for 10 minutes is a reward for watching 40 minutes of cutscenes directed by some film school drop out hack.
>>209 >>211 I always looked forward to getting to point in a vidya where the pre rendered cut scene would trigger. I really miss those moments, maybe I'm just looking at everything with nostalgia googles on.
Open file (66.91 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>214 >maybe I'm just looking at everything with nostalgia googles on Nah anon, that's just objective reality. Just because the peak of something was reached 20-30 years ago doesn't mean that acknowledging that is being blinded by nostalgia. Having short, to the point, beautiful cutscenes that would spark your imagination, tease you and not overstay their welcome is objectively great.
>>216 Yeah current vidya feels like they serving me nonstop dopamine visual assault relying on shiny graphics and the gameplay is an afterthought.
>>221 hey now anon, day one 100gig patch will fix some of the issues, maybe
Open file (49.59 KB 640x480 sc02.jpg)
Speaking of pre-rendered, I really miss pre-rendered backgrounds. It was a distinct, rich style with a long provenance that didn't need to go extinct due to 3D since they provide wildly different experiences. The atmosphere they could create was unparalleled and a great loss since it's not something thet 3D can replicate. Late retro games that still utilized them in relatively modern-ish conditions like the RE remake show that the expanded storage and resolution can provide for some truly breathtaking visuals and effects.
>>274 There are some games that still uses pre rendered backgrounds but these are the survival horror games that are more or less a fan letter to Resident Evil or Silent Hill like Tortured Souls, or I think most of it is pre-rendered backgrounds but the reason they used this technique was to make great or good looking character models and NPC's. With FFX hd remake and at-least first REmake the one released on gaymecube, Wii and later on PS4 and xboonex. The PS4 version is really great and it shows that maybe some indie devs should try out these techniques again. And it shouldn't be that hard to find and look for bugs compared to a fully 3d world with 3d assets and physics to some assets and other logics in the game world.
>>312 The only games still using pre-rendered backgrounds are indieshit, and while that can scratch the itch a little bit it's a far cry from having a real AAA game using them. Indieshit also uses them mainly as an easy way out, so you're never gonna see some complex multilayering, depth of filed effects, mixed 3D, or any other interesting effects that were associated with the style. It's usually just a static backdrop and that's it, "game is done".
>>313 I mean, like allot of the indies are just wanting to release a random game even when no one wants to play it.If not it is a love letter to a specific genre or something dumb. And allot of Indies have learned that consumers don't know what they want, so it is your job to tell them what they want and make a game for that and often because they want a good review they will make a preachy social justice game or random bullshit game. And the indies aren't technology wizards or nerdy enough to read these technology papers, most people aren't nerd enough to read these tech pappers if they don't get paid to do it, which you would think a coder in an indie studio is paid enough to waste his time on reading about new technology or how to use technology to his advantage.
>>316 which is why indie shit sucks and is not a solution to anything like some people try and push. at best indie shit just imitates what was done in the past, often times out of laziness/technical ineptitude. It can never actually move forward, it's stuck in the past.
>>324 The reason why so many push the indie stuff is because vidya journalists did it in 09 to 13 they pushed the indies being the next thing making awesome games and new forms of experiences and so on, even not questioning if they are going to release a product when they put it on Kickstarter. Yes, I am still salty that spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness is forever canceled because games journalists found Dyack as the person to target that year for no reason than saying that there is some corruption in the vidya industry and that Silicon Knights got unfair bad press which is true at the time. Oh well. But I would also say that it really depends on the indie dev because you have lazy to even great indie devs also, so the original creator of Silent Hill and he that made Forbidden Siren/Siren series along with Gravity Daze/Rush series, he has made an indie studio to make a horror tittle and I have high hopes for it because it feels like he is going to make something amazing. But will not know before it is released in the future, then you have Koji Igarashi that made Bloodstained that was a really great metroidvania and for me showed what the genre could have been if the lazy indie devs didn't just copy paste metroid and castlevania, just because in theory it is easier to make these games because you have the blueprint. Then you have harder games to copy like a Souls game which most indies don't try to copy except for some few, and these clones are always meh the only ones that was even close to being good was Code Vein and Nioh.
>>326 >The reason why so many push the indie stuff is because vidya journalists did it in 09 to 13 they pushed the indies being the next thing trudat niggersoyjak jornos ruin everything as always

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