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Kingdom Heart Autism General Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 22:36:08 No.218
I am starting this game or nr3 because I want to see if there is a reason why there is this huge autistic fanbase and all of this praise along with the hype for the next 2 games that are being developed. For anyone interested for these 2 games being developed to being published can be anywhere from 3 years to 14 years for the next game. >Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link this is going to be a spin-off title to get the autism juices flowing for the fans. >Kingdom Hearts IV this is the proper mainline game that is for normal people.
Open file (24.11 KB 406x363 97662.jpg)
There's hype for new games? I haven't really seen it, they look awful. Even FF hype is dead, let alone KH. If you've never played the series here's a quick rundown: >first game comes out in 2002, it's a weird collaboration between Square and Yidsney >it's a comfy little project with a simple straightforward story and a bittersweet ending >skip all the way to 2006, KH2 comes out >it expands greatly on every element, including the lore >this time it's also somewhat of a cross-media project with a companion game for GBA >still, it's pretty straightforward and wraps everything nicely and conclusively >meltdown event, Square merges with Enix to avoid bankruptcy >due to company being in disarray no new mainline game comes out for 13 years skipping a generation >people buy PS3 expecting HK3 and Last Guardian >in the meantime they produce a dozen cheaper portable games none of which pushes the story in any way forward >instead is a constant meandering retcon rehashing the events of previous 2 games, basically an anime filler for 13 years >KH3 comes out in 2019 >it's a "sequel" to all those portable filler games and does nothing new and moves forward in any way >the series is dead >h-hey, let's make KH4
DAE remember the side quest in kingdom hearts where Goofy goes on a date with his own son? It was super weird and featured heavily on feet. He kept moaning Maxie's name and I got uncomfortable and turned off the TV. I know this happened but I don't know which game it was in, can anyone help?

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