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Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 23:29:42 No.225
Man, I'm really disgusted with the state of these NuSouls games. The whole point of King's Field and then Demon Souls was to be an anti-conventional RPG. They were deliberately obtuse, stripping you of familiar orthodox tools, conveniences and mechanics. All for the sake of a more challenging, cerebral experience where you had to git gud. Now we've somehow came all around to the point where they add all the convenient shit back into the games to make them more conventional and mainstream. All because normalfaggots pretend they like these games.
Open file (95.33 KB 500x262 1538705256952.gif)
>>225 you kinda have to be more specific. Because each game after Demon's Souls and I don't mean pretend to be Dark Souls games or clones. I mean the main fromsoft games have new mechanics for fans and anti normal and causal fags.. But in general it is most of fromsoft games, I cannot imagine to see a normalnigger playing armored core.
>>225 Which Nusouls you talking about? Everything after Demon Souls? >>228 Amored Core I'm kind of of hyped for ngl.
>>228 >>230 The last two games and the latest one in particular. It's fucking heinous.
>>225 The Nioh games were pretty fun, maybe even superior.
>>239 Nioh came out during Bloodborne? It was still decent then.
Open file (117.63 KB 581x800 1554768578881.jpg)
>>230 Armored Core is really awesome but you have another mecha game series that Fromsoft b-team developed called Another Century's Episode and Episode R is on ps3 and pretty good, then you have Portable on PSP, I haven't tried it but gonna buy it since I am kinda itching for a mecah game. >>232 >the last two So Eldne Ring and Sekiro? I would rather say that these games got games journalists and casuals to froth because there isn't any easy option or anything to make the game easier. The completion rate of these games aren't the greatest either if one goes by achievements and trophy score. I would say that Bloodborne and Demon's Souls is overall the easiest games in the whole fromsoft action rpg that is based of Demon's Souls. Normalniggrs and casualfags will buy these games and say they love them but don't complete these games because there is an inherent difficulty and a really heavy trial and error in these games. So for these people, they are going to quit or get stuck, quitting because the next level or area is too much or get stuck on a boss because there is just too much new elements that are too annoying to deal with.
>>260 >I would rather say that these games got games journalists and casuals to froth because there isn't any easy option or anything to make the game easier They don't need an easy mode because they're already easy as fuck and what's more important cater to normalfag sensibilities by adhering to every cancerous modern gaming trend. Elden Ring might as well be a Zelda game. >I would say that Bloodborne and Demon's Souls is overall the easiest games lolno, Bloodborne is the single most mechanically complex Souls game and DS is the most obtuse and least conventional, that's why normalcattle needed a shitty gaijin NuMake of it.
Open file (468.67 KB 1500x1061 1540080810226.jpg)
>>261 Elden Ring is basically Zelda Breath of the Wild but without upgrade dungeons,having to cook at specific location and a real questbook to see where in the fuck you are with each quest's. Also there isn't every cancerious modern gaming trend in the game as you want to point out, also there is no real explanation on what one should level or not even from just a weapon's point of view, there is no explanation on anything except to where to got to, if you are able to follow the NPC's vague explanation.and get the map because the map is nice enough to say where to go. That's about it, if you want to follow the lore like a lorenigger then you will have a good time. Sekiro on the other hand is anti normalnigger to it's core, and it isn't a proper Souls game imo because it is too action focused where it becomes twitchy as fuck, normalniggers and casualfags hates this game because of it's twitchy action, and pretenses of being a cinematic story game, which it isn't. To some extent Elden Ring was presented as this roleplaying game with a narrative that could be followed by normalniggers and roleplaying fags that are into JRPGs but again, it isn't, it is anti those games because you have to figure so much stuff on your own, or what is known in modern game design as non-user friendly. when it comes to bloodbrone, it might be mechanically complex but most could complete the game because none of the bosses are either frustrating hard, retard hard or have to be a certain level-cap to get past them without any problems.
Open file (2.03 MB 1472x828 ClipboardImage.png)
>>263 >there isn't every cancerious modern gaming trend There nearly is, I was half-expecting to see the destination marker with a step countdown in the upper half of the screen, but that turned out to be the retarded Skyrim compass. It certainly betrays everything Souls games were standing for to appeal to normalniggers, denying this is being plain disingenuous. Map? Telling you where to go? Lmao that alone is bad enough and there's so much more. >Sekiro on the other hand is anti normalnigger to it's core Lmao no. It was the first step in turning the archaic Souls formula into a more conventional and mass appealing action game. >it is anti those games because you have to figure so much stuff on your own There's nothing in Elden Ring that you need to "figure out on your own", especially compared to original Souls games, it's all laid out bare, stop coping. >because none of the bosses are either frustrating hard, retard hard or have to be a certain level-cap to get past them without any problems They literally are, Bloodborne has some of the toughest bosses/enemies in the series. The only way normalfaggots beat the game is either by getting yuge or exploiting the loopholes. Ultimately no matter how hard the game is, as long as you can level up it's only a matter of grinding. The original point wasn't about Bloodborne being easy or hard tho, it certainly wasn't getting simpler and more conventional to appeal to a broader audience; that started with DS3.
Open file (930.63 KB 664x892 1550602191500.png)
>>264 a map in an open world game is needed. Elden ring isn't a Demon's with it's 4 open levels or dark, or even bloodborne where you can memorize the level on how many enemies and where the bosses are and so on, without any problems because the level design it so tight. Elden Ring is an open world and thus you only have that feeling of level design in certain places, so a map is essential to tell you where you are, and if you want to do a questline it is as retarded and dumb as he other souls games since you have to figure that out on your own. But with Elden Ring with the new patches it told you where the NPC's where to met and progress but it did not tell you how to progress. So I am sorry, a map doesn't make it casual and it is nothing like an elder scrolls game like Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. being an action game doesn't make it a causal game either because then the Souls along with mecha games like armored core would be super casual, and those are really anti-casual and normalnigger. Also normalniggers only way to complete a souls game is to exploit the game with bugs, glitches and cheesing the enemy AI. That is nothing new. Also, you have a bunch of clones that you can try out like Nioh, Wo long, Code Vein and some other crap.
Open file (77.90 KB 450x430 ClipboardImage.png)
>>267 a map in a game is not casual, if the map is of use and in an open world game there is a use for a map. If it was an open level design but still linear than a map would not be needed, like in Dead Space, it isn't really needed but you can use that along with the way-point finder, now unironically people do not call this game for casual trash. Now, he is bitching that an open world game has a map which you can pick up by your own free will but it isn't needed to pick up these fragments, you can actually skip it. Just like you cannot get some things if you chose to not rest at some bondfires or backtrack to a previous bondfire. you cannot explain how that is casual design or user-friendly design when it is basically punishing the player as the ubisoft designer and game journalists would've called it.
Elden Ring is such a step fucking down I have to say. Everything from the story/lore to enemies and locations. Everything is so bland and generic.
>>307 it looks like ass too. souls games were never hardware pushers but they always looked good due to smart usage of resources and being set in very dark locations in general. With open world shit all that has been thrown into the window and the game has a really ugly dank look to it, not to mention the reusage of old assets. it looks sub Bloodborn. open world shit also killed the enemy Ai, I've seen the most retarded glitching behavior on par with Skyrim

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