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FORSPOKEN(フォースポークン) Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 01:37:08 No.227
The new game that is published by Square Enix and made by Luminous Productions/ Business Division 2 that formerly made Final Fantasy XV. If one wonders how could the Japanese studio fuck up so badly? that is because the script write and anything with lore is written by western writers some cucks and some past talents like Amy Hennig and Gary Whitta. Now one might wonder how does this mess star off with. you are a criminal negress that is established for being a criminal and is about to be sentenced for the 3 strike program. With luck she gets away with it, then she is taken by gangbanger negress woman and a wigger woman with a gun, for not being able to steal a car then the negress protagnoist escapes, and I shit you not. How she is able to come to another world is by actually trying to steal a bracelet which she can see the glitter from afar. Then a portal opens and then she mumbles in negro, and you are off on an adventure. So far the interaction and exploration is alright but there is some cutscenes that are a bit annoying, and the difficulty is a bit too easy, and the shooting magic stone and other stuff is just alright, not too fun or too challenging. The whole thing feels like a game made for white people that want to pretend to be niggers, or what niggers might like to play as a game. While having this candance owens looking bitch as protagonist while saying negro gibberish. For now it is a solid 5/10 graphics is bretty gud but the negro just made a sour taste in muh mouth.
Open file (30.44 KB 278x279 gty.jpg)
>>227 Yeah, whenever someone say that gaming is dead shit like this is the prime example. When Jap studios cuck out and copy the gaijin formula, hire gaijin writers/designers etc. to create something inherently western, not to mention woke. Happens all the time now, fuck they sold the Playstation brand to the gaijin, PS4 and PS4 were designed and maintained by the kikes. Not touching this shit with a ten feet pole.
>>229 WUZ
>>234 KWEENS
Open file (40.30 KB 548x758 ClipboardImage.png)
wtf is this trash
Open file (1.06 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
The character model is insanely ugly.
>>238 What, you don't like titless mystery meat?
>>237 modern gayming
>>227 I hate NuGames so fucking much...
>>238 That's entirely on purpose. This is Squeenix we're talking about here, literally every model they ever made was a hot busty babe. But since they're targeting this game for the gaijin audience no attractive women is allowed. I remember how some soyboy faggot journo or eceleb complained that some hot chick with booba in a niche character-action game that was coming out is baed/sexist/racist/outdated but this piece of fugly mystery meat is great and progressive. Of course this will flop because socjus crowd doesn't play games and actual gaymers don't wanna play as some 56%er in a stock open world game #2548. But complains will be targeted at raysist gamers and how it wasn't progressive enough. Rinse and repeat. This is all so tiresome.
Open file (2.48 MB 640x360 forspoken dialogue.mp4)
lmao this is so fucking terrible
>>245 >pure reddit dialog >ugly as fuck negress mc Is there a Barenstein timeline where everything is great with the medium?
So to piss some of ya people off even more the Luminous Productions/ Business Division 2 actually made a really cool tech demo in 2013 called Agni's Philosophy that was essentially what this game became but instead of a attractive character it became Candace Owens and then changed the whole cool aspect. >>233 >>243 I haven't really told you guys the worst offender here is the story in general. you see, when you begin the game you can see what this criminal negrees hav done, first you see that the negrees was born in a subway station, then was a criminal shit all the way until adulthood, then the judge explains to the criminal negro how the three strike program works. Now, that is fine and dandy but for some reason her only family is a feline companion kinda like she is muttni venti incarnate but more of a criminal shit? So when she goes into the other world or whatever,then you get to learn that the whole world is filled or taken over by a mystical fog that turn the animals into monsters, and it is kinda cool to battle against a monster bear but the humans are just zombies and the death animation is not bloody or violent, it is just them turning into sand they die, and there isn't any violent death animations either, I do not know how it got a pegi 18 and a mature rating, I am not sure what the Japanese rating is. So when she does finally get into a town, she is greated by the locals by them calling her a monster and it is to show that they are ignorant, and anti woman, and then she is thrown into prison and she gets out by a break-out. Then you can prooperly explore the world and fight against zombies and monsters, and explore the world, the only thing that is kinda cool is that it is magic Parkour and the combat mechanics is mkay, it is a third person shooter like Infamous but unlike infamous, it doesn't really have that soul like that game had, and the whole script feels like someone took Black Knight from 2001 seriously while writing the script. >>244 Like I said in the OP this game feels like it is made for whites that want to pretend to be niggers, or feel like they are playing a game for niggers. it is quite strange, the only thing that saves it, is that the gameplay is alright and the parkour is fun. >>245 >>246 the barenstein timeline is that the other game is just Agni's Philosophy and not this game that is for whites pretending to be niggers or feel like they are playing a game for niggers. Or taking Black Knight seriously.
>>247 Agni's Philosophy should have been FF15. I was betting money on it for years and was truly shocked when they decided to recobble poor Versus into the abomination that actual 15 became. Agni was the only actually unique and original vision SE had after the merger, it looked great and interesting; it was a no-brainer. But SE doesn't have a brain so instead we got what we got, where the only thing that makes them money now is a FF7 NuMake and the brand is pretty much dead, 16 having pretty much zero hype and talk behind it.
Open file (1.01 MB 668x414 Forspoken Puzzle.mp4)
Look at this fucking puzzle in the game lol >>247 That tech demo looks good why the fuck would they turn it into something so bland that nobody is going to want to play. So you bought the game, why would you do that?
>>250 That's pretty much the expected modern gaming "puzzle". Game plays itself just to get to the next cutscene. Have you seen Sonic Frontiers?
>>250 Agni's Philosophy should've been in reality FF16 because the tech demo was shown after the initial release trailers of FF15. And at the time, FF15 look good and seemed to have had a direction but Nomura is a lazy cunt and is more of an idea's guy and thus fucked and sabotaged FF15 and he left the project in December of 2013. if >we are to believe the new director or the one that finished of FF15 known as Hajime Tabata. >video related is the announment trailer it is so different from what got released it is like two different games. >SE doesn't have a brain no, they have a brain but what they releases is all over the place. like they can release something that is just for gamers and then release stuff like this that is for people that pretend to be niggers or think they are playing a game for niggers. So I am personally really excited for octopath traveler 2 for ps5 or switch, because it is basically 2d Final Fantasy or gives out that jrpg squaresoft feel. which is quite nice. >>250 >you bought the game, why? because I think or believed that there might be something interesting there, maybe even just a fun mechanic to something else. Tried to stay optimistic, and still do, one don't need to be a negative Nancy for no reason at-all.
Open file (301.58 KB 359x437 mfw niggers.png)
>>251 Why play a game if it plays itself? Might as well just watch a movie or TV show. I haven't played sonic since the Dreamcast era. >>252 I have FF15 and octopath traveler need to get around to giving them a play through. you don't need to us (>) for (we) here no one will bully you for that
>>252 >because the tech demo was shown after the initial release trailers of FF15 No it wasn't. Agni was first shown at E3 2012, Versus was officially publicly rebranded to 15 in 2013. >no, they have a brain They don't. They haven't made a single good decision since 2006.
>>253 >Why play a game if it plays itself? Normalniggers. They want gratification and street cred from "beating a game" but they suck at them and don't want to invest time to get good.
>>254 Agni was a tech demo and showed what FF might look like in the future as in this might look this good and realistic. But FFVS13 new rebrand to ff15 was because FF13 at the time was not the most popular game in series and one could even argue it was a reason to rebrand it to a mainline game of Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy series instead of a spin off like vs13 was supposed to be. Square Enix, have made some great and some bad decisions over the 20 years like many publishers but their focus on making small jrpg games and try new things is not one of the brain dead decisions. Bravely Default series, Octopath traveler, triangle strategy and diofield even remake of Live A Live is some of the freshest things I have experience when it comes to games in modern times 2015-2023, even if most of them are on the switch and not high budget games. Hell, they even let Yoko Taro the guy behind NieR make a new IP called Voice of Cards which is a strange RPG with tabletop aesthetics, it is a nice experimental game. >>253 The octopath traveler is worth playing, ff15 is only worth playing if you really want to experience a game that is mediocre, and that was shilled to be the next best thing in JRPGs there is nothing but graphics to this game. .>>255 because playing a cinematic experience for some is like experiencing what Indiana Jones would've done or something, if one takes into account the Uncharted series as a whole.
>>256 >Agni was a tech demo Thanks Sherlock. >But FFVS13 new rebrand to ff15 was because FF13 at the time was not the most popular game in series No it wasn't. It was because they literally didn't have anything else on their hands, they experienced massive talent exodus and Versus was the only semi-coherent AAA project they were making. You literally know nothing about the lore. >Square Enix, have made some great No, they haven't. >Bravely Default series, Octopath traveler, triangle strategy and diofield even remake of Live A Live is some of the freshest things I have experience when it comes to games in modern times 2015-2023 >literal rehashes of retro games and a remake is the freshest experiences Consider sudoku.
Open file (3.15 MB 415x415 1674475081692.gif)
>>257 >I am anti-fun and modern square enix cannot make anything fun thanks for telling me that, I am not so negative.I can enjoy these fun simple games and even remakes since they are actual fun games. >you don't know the lore of VS13 to FF15 I don't know everything of it but some of it, since it is a fascinating tale of how much a video game can change in it's development. Like nothing from that trailer I posted except the characters and enemies is in the game. Everything else that made it looks cool was thrown out.
Open file (293.85 KB 1100x1100 big dipper.jpg)
Even the absolute normalfag ecelebs on jewtube who this game was made for don't like it. I wonder if they actually don't like it or just ride the hate bandwagon. Of course nobody mentions ugly nignogs and woke shit. After looking at gameplay footage more indepth the thing that shocked me, other than suicidal cringe levels of writing, was how generic and cheap the game looks. Squeenix clearly gave no fucks about this goy slop.
Open file (88.87 KB 293x241 1659487537788525.png)
>>302 But the problem is that the story and the narrative is the drive of the game and not the gameplay. This is one of those interactive cinematic experiences and as such the narrative and the character is the main focus, then it is the depending on if it's an open world game or not then the second focused thing is the open world because the shallow gameplay is supposed to shine whenever a scripted thing happen. As, I wrote in the OP. The character is a criminalshit, literally nothing likeable about this character, not even the forced cat drama about her being sexually attracted to a female cat that has a male name.Not even the drama with bracelet that she stole, and no I am not making that up she was breaking and entering when she took the magical bracelet to another world because it gave a bit of glove in the window.. Even that feels forced. The parkour thing is the only somewhat fun thing in the game, the combat mechanics is alright at best, and the gigantic monsters like the zombie bear that you can met early on, is not particularly fun or mind blowing to fight. There are some parts in the open world that is good looking because of the slave labort(is my guess) and maybe love in the beginning of the project but nothing in the open world is offensive, shocking or a good woah kinda feel that you might get from something with less the budget like Elden Ring or even xenoblade 3 on the switch. This game feels like there is no real direction on anything in the game, it is so hard to explain because Black Knight from 2001 must've been a big influence on the director.
Open file (169.73 KB 743x720 latest_version.jpg)
Did they make females deliberately ugly ffs? Are we sure it was made in Japan?
>>336 I find it hard to believe a nip company would make s game with a negresse protagonist let alone fill it with ugly characters but they did and is actually located in Japan.
Open file (16.75 KB 263x413 iy.png)
>>337 It's a cancerous trend of nugaming where nip studios try and imitate gaijin games to a t, resulting in projects you literally can't tell were made in japan. Of course an even worse trend is when nip productions are compromised by gaijin faggots on a production level.
>>336 that is the power of 3d scan technology. you can see it is from a real face but they've not done anything artistically like what Capcom has done with models they used in REmake2 and 3, even DMC6 and of course the RE7 and RE 8 village. >>337 >>338 one can say in other words if you see that the team from FF15 is making a game or is about to make a game, one should not touch it. Luckily they call themselves for Luminous Productions. But I am a bit worried about FF16, will it be a good game or just almost average game but has a hard time getting to the average department?
>>344 >REmake2 and 3, even DMC6 and of course the RE7 and RE 8 village. All those look fugly as well
>>344 >But I am a bit worried about FF16, will it be a good game or just almost average game but has a hard time getting to the average department? It's made by Yoshida who's like a discount dollar store Matsuno and is the only competent creator with any sort of actual vision still left in SE. The game will likely be similarly competent and averagely decent just on the merit of it being made by someone with an idea of how he wanted the game to be from start to finish, and not the stitched together abomination that was 15. Basically offline 14 with actual action combat that works. Not too bad honestly seeing how 12 was basically made like an offline MMO and now an MMO guy is making an offline FF as well. And iirc everyone who's left that worked on 12 is on 16 now.
>>345 Then you don't like the general 3d scanned technology and making it into 3d models with animations an.Nothing wrong in not liking these models because there is some uncanny valley thing going on when you start to notice it, and when you first start to notice one thing then before you know it, you are noticing allot of things that is just plain strange. But you also have Death Stranding being an exemplary of 3d scanned technology with artistic freedom. >>346 After reading your post, I am a bit more hopeful that the game might be great and even awesome.
>>347 >Death Stranding Same fugly shit.

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