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Open file (136.09 KB 1080x769 shit devs.jpg)
I am so sick of modern developers Anonymous 04/23/2023 (Sun) 20:28:14 No.2573
https://archive.is/IiMv2 >we can't do big expensive "RPGs" anymore because its really expensive because....reasons. >it's just..expensive now all of a sudden! >look at the indie shit like...Disco Elysium! That's "pushing the envelope." >The state of the industry today just doesn't allow us to make big games anymore So the supposedly "very feasible" state of the industry today is broken always-online games released in worse shape than CP2077 at launch and then getting patches for two years to get playable and....wait, that sounds exactly like CP2077. So all the other games launch like shit and require the same work, and yet we can allow those and not single player games because...reasons. Here's the thing: these developers are lying assholes. I am so sick of modern developers. They are the biggest pussies and crybabies. What is really going is that publishers prefer the cost model of always-online multiplayer games. They are an inch deep and a mile wide. The require the absolute minimum of effort, they can be procrastinated into infinity, and the profit model consequentially is greater. That's what this is all about, and developers as a whole have gotten subconsciously conditioned to this way of thinking so that when something like CP2077 comes along, they whine because of the I suppose bigger payoff model of single player game because since it ends it can't be conned into infinity like so much other shit. Dumbshit devs though so this makes them "obsolete." OK, go make another Anthem then lol. Go make another Tom Clancy The Division then. The Division is actually a perfect example of what I am talking about, hear me out. I am not going to defend it, it's just such a perfect microcosm of the supposedly "not obsolete, totally feasible" game industry that CP2077 devs compare the "obsolete" single player game style to. The Division 2 had a paper thin story and the other 95% of the game was based on meaningless grinding. That's it. For three years since 2020 Massive "extended" the Division 2 by releasing "seasons" and each of these "seasons" had a carbon copy bad guy and team of bad guys, you went and killed them in the exact same maps you already ran through 20 times before. You just grinded through the same thing over and over for over 10 "seasons" and none of the bad guys were consequential or mad much lore/story/writing at all. It was all cookie cutter. That is how Massive got out of making another Division 3, they just strung along these meaningless grind seasons and hamfisted a gradual ending into the game, not unlike Destiny. You know where D2's ending is going through these seasons? There's a bad Russian boss girl as the big bad. Wow, incredible writing and effort there. A bad Russian, and she is a blonde! However, there is also a boss girl too, so she's actually cool! And during all this everything is walled off behind microtransactions unless you spent hours upon hours of grinding. This is the "modern industry" that CP2077 says is so great and is so cost effective and that we all need to be like. Yeah, because it requires zero fucking work on your part, you lazy piece of shit. What you want to do is have your mini-team sit on its ass, plug technical patches every few months or so, and watch gamers do the same goddamn thing they were doing 4 years ago when your shitty live service launched, and sit back and recoup your minimal effort with the live-service cost model and microtransactions, and what effort you do put into the game is barely sublimated woke-shit with feminism and niggerism. That is where CDProject Red wants to be apparently. That is the gravy train. That is the "modern industry" that is so incredible and has rendered single-player games "obsolete." And I say this as someone who in 2023 thinks CP2077 is a genuinely good game. YEAH YEAH go ahead and contrarian my ass. No, you are just a lazy, whiny piece of shit that doesn't want to have to actually do a job. Oh, and keep in mind that these motherfuckers made hundreds of millions of dollars of CP2077, and continue making money on it. They profited more off CP2077 probably more than any other non-online, single player game in history, so clearly the demand is there, but they are so lazy, they such literal "snowflakes" that they whine and cry still! It's offensive. FUCK modern developers.
By the way, Disco Elysium is pure leftist dogshit. It has 13 year old edgy emo poetry "writing." Nothing but doggerel. CP2077 at least is a stab at alternative history, and certainly ebonics is viable in that kind of environment. I mean, modern America's main language is now ebonics. Everyone talks like a nigger today so why wouldn't they when everything is even more niggered in 50 years? Disco Elysium though is maximum Reddit edgelord writing. Whoever liked that game should kys tbh.
>>2573 I can give you an alternative explanation but the overall problem is not left vs right or whatever. the main problem is that an RPG should have systems working under the hood, be it big or small. Now, you cannot have systems working under the hood when everyone is trying to make the same formulaic game over and over again or just have a sandbox or open world for no reason but because it was popular. at some point, you cannot have anything under the hood because there isn't anything tracking it in a meaningful way. Like they put rpg mechanics that are shallow because it might get the RPG crowd but that's about it. Then you have the problem that a bunch of developers look at slick design from 20 years ago or just 10 years ago, as stupid and dumb, need to have more explanations, more meaningless things like shallow gameplay with no depth and obviously have it be a live service. If you want an RPG play either old stuff that was on PC or get the New Yakuza game called Like A Dragon Ishin, these games surprisingly scratches the RPG itch, if you just wan simple side-quest and a main quest also the combat mechanics are fun in these games.
Open file (285.67 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
They said it's impossible to release the FF7 remake as one game, it's just too massive bro, can't be done. It can only be archived through multiple $70 episodes, with 100gig day one patches for each. Yet it was somehow possible to release the original, a groundbreaking first ever foray into 3D for the company, which required infinitely more effort and know-how, fully finished, complete and working without a hitch. Games are so bloated nowadays despite not looking much better from the games 10 years ago that you feel there's some data mining scam running under the hood.
>>2577 When it comes to the Japanese. You never really know because some of them where more wizards when it came to vfx and other type of fx in the game and games. And I could believe it if they where to make it all like FF13 then it would probably be huge but none have said what about using 50/50 of pre rendered cut-scenes and having the old mechanics of a PS1 and ps2 even gamecube jrpgs. Not everything needs to be this gigantic open world, just an illusion is more than enough. Most people probably want to get back to games like that, if they aren't sucked inn by the ubisoft liese, that is.
>>2581 >Most people probably want to get back to games like that I wish that was the case but it's not. You can go to any normalfag hub and whenever they discuss the possibility of a sequel or a remake it's always "wish ___ was open world". They considered that a good thing and hence games and continuously ruined by that plague.
Open file (1.23 MB 1030x1681 jp.png)
Japan is over.
>>2872 Korea is the last hope.
>>2879 best Korea?
>>2872 This was inevitable. Even if Japan does this strictly out of marketing reasons, the end result is the same and they'll get so use to it that it will change them as well.
Open file (221.44 KB 1086x1013 1.jpg)
>>3105 WUZ
>>3109 KANGZ
Open file (127.09 KB 1080x769 rhrhrth.jpg)
Open file (272.20 KB 1200x630 7.jpg)
>>3351 >'Institutions' improvments to help non-Whitey Mo money fo dem programs n sheeit
>>3352 Wakanda expansion pack.
>>3351 sheeeit
Open file (2.09 MB 1920x697 dd.png)
Can you tell the difference between these video game developers?
>>3734 Wait I got this >I want to be the little girl
>>3736 >not "I want to fuck a little girl"
>>3738 Could be. One's kinda sensible and natural, one's insane and very unnatural. So yeah.
>>3739 >One's kinda sensible and natural kys

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