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Open file (174.52 KB 1086x445 1684836383276403.jpg)
Playstation Showcase Anonymous 05/24/2023 (Wed) 18:13:25 No.3120
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=D4EKydVVvHk Take a sip for every remake/remaster.
take a sip for every nigger and queer you see, you'll be dead in no time
Open file (92.73 KB 800x371 snoy.gif)
Open file (120.60 KB 680x480 68c.png)
>>3123 post the webm
Open file (329.20 KB 680x376 a01.png)
which one?
>>3125 the ONE
Open file (525.56 KB 680x564 4b3.png)
>>3127 >the ONE that describes nothing just like amount of games the ps5 has
>cinematic trailer not actual gameplay nice way to start hahaha
>starts with a nigger LMAO Snoy
>interracial family lol, checks all the boxes
>jacked tranny AHAHAHAHA
Open file (27.19 KB 556x66 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.06 MB 200x234 1611930455193.gif)
>another nigger three for three already
>>3134 >>3136 That is what soyniggers like
God gaijin slogans are so fucking cringe.
>another cinematic "Asia" game like scheduled
Well at least there are no niggers in this samurai game
>>3140 almost certainly the highlight of the entire show
>from the visionary artist behind these /who/ games
>Journey skinsawp, please be excited
Open file (523.85 KB 1232x394 soy.png)
>from the people that brought you Journey no thanks
I swear to god all these western games have the EXACT same narration
Open file (433.51 KB 877x372 talos 2.png)
Ok Talos 2 that is actually cool potentially, I found the first one pretty fun.
Open file (257.82 KB 466x700 barfmet.jpg)
>indie shit with a negress
Open file (473.91 KB 680x612 1630724815016.gif)
great browser cat game, now back to the playstation showcase please
>Splatoon ripoff why...
Open file (5.10 MB 300x300 consooomer.gif)
oh god, more indie shit cringe
>>3150 Cause sony is desperate
>>3152 >of course has a nigger with purple hair
>>3153 that's too blatant
>splatoon ripoff and a minecraft ripoff...
Open file (161.69 KB 1243x694 534543543.jpg)
I'm watching this purely for a date.
Nooo, they actually did it, Snake Eater numake...
Open file (38.09 KB 400x400 doggo.jpg)
>footage captured on PC nice advert
>splatoon ripoff, minecraft ripoff and Zelda ripoff Man Snoy is really hitting rock bottom
A reminder FF16 has a gay sex scene.
>Alan Wake 2 >add niggres
Nooo, not another Asscreed
>>3164 looks like AC1 remake
>>3164 you will buy it, play it and love it cause there is nothing else to play on ps5
>>3165 thats even worse if then cause the first one was good but they will just ruin it now
Okay this looks pretty good
Grandblue looks like kino.
Troon Fighter
Open file (498.18 KB 365x400 soy3.gif)
>another indishit roguelike
Grandblue and this Tower thing look good
>>3174 it's over
VR is still a thing? What?
>>3176 somehow it is
>zombie game in 2023
jesus christ when will this end already
>more niggers
>movie plug in lel
>movie advert in videogame show case >Nig Turismo the Movie
>Playstation earbuds the absolute state
Why are they showing this crap for 10 minutes already?
>>3186 Cause this what people want the most, capeshit
You know what I like in video games? Forced walking, prompts and cinematic events.
wow, fart jokes are HILARIOUS XDD
Jesus fucking christ, are they gonna stream the entire game or what?
Nobody needs to play this even if you wanted to after watching this 10 minute gameplay teaser, you will have experienced the whole gameplay loop for the game.
>>3191 Yeah. Not like there's any gameplay anyway, you just press promts and it plays itself as you watch cutscenes.
There are there 2 Spoder-mans? Why the second one sounds like nigger?
>>3192 >Not like there's any gameplay anyway, you just press promts and it plays itself as you watch cutscenes Anon I hate to break it to you but that is gameplay by modern standards.
>>3193 cause he is a nigger
Oh god, it's finally fucking over. What a fucking nightmare. Niggers in every game, even Dragon's Dogma is ruined now. I liked GrandBlue Fantasy and some other similar game, Tower something. Looks like a late PS2/early PS3 era action JRPG. Booba and no niggers, will look forward to that.
MGS3 numake looked awful. Generic realistic graphics, zero artistry, dead on the inside.
>>3194 why press buttons when there's VR?
>>3193 miles morales is spiderman marketed towards niggers. They actually believe he is black despite canon being that hes part puerto rican >>3196 Niggers need to be a part of everything.
>>3196 Talos Principle 2 is the only thing that I'm interested in seeing if its any good when it comes out. >>3198 Good point, just put the soyny goggles on an consume don't think.
Open file (113.24 KB 277x400 heh.gif)
>>3199 >They actually believe he is black despite canon being that hes part puerto rican Fucking kek. Niggers try to steal every character if he's anything other than a pale fucking albino.
>>3200 when's Kinect 2?
Open file (99.21 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
>waited 10 years for Dragon's Dogma >SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA
>>3203 I like how they sneaked him in the middle of the trailer. At first it looks good and then BAM, a jumpscare, be diversified.
Open file (9.12 KB 273x184 Usagi laughing.jpg)
>>3201 The best part is that he was created by a jew and an italian with some help from a castizo lol Absolutely no niggers or dark skinned hispanics were involved with his creation. Remember niggers came to the movie theater wearing dashikis for black panther despite the character being created by a jew
Open file (938.53 KB 685x1283 380.png)
>>3205 they can't handle Black Panther's true secret identity
>soystation soycase didn't watch but i bet nigger, dykes and trannys are in every cinematic trailer
>>3203 just how did you guess >>3203
Honestly surprised with Alan Wake 2, didn't think it would ever get that sequel
>>3217 Now improved with some melanin!
Open file (555.50 KB 1485x1478 ClipboardImage.png)
>this is the new cope
>>3275 >t-they were just pretending to be irredeemable shit The absolute state of soynysisters.
Open file (894.23 KB 879x754 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3291 >nigger
>>3292 >literally can't have a white male protagonist, best case scenario must have a negro side protagonist western vidya is dead
Open file (974.59 KB 2048x3072 43.jpg)
>>3275 pathetic cope
Open file (608.65 KB 1231x764 1.png)
>>3275 >No! It's you who's wrong!
Open file (119.78 KB 254x287 1320812920422.png)
>>3291 FUCKING HELL Stay in that lake, Alan Wake. What's even the damn point, there were no niggers in that town and it's Alan Wake, not Wake & Co. Fucking fingolians.
>>3355 Alan Woke.
>>3355 dub-dubs checked. >>3357 Woke & Co.
>>3354 >modern vidya <nearly unplayable on release due to bugs <even when it's "fixed" it's still buggy <100+gb file size because devs can't optimize <performance problems even when above recommended specs or on a system the game was designed to be on <denuvo <game is about telling the genders studies major writer's "deep" story not enjoying the game <every other character is a faggot for no other reason then being a faggot and they never let you forget that they're a faggot by the way did you know they're a faggot don't forget they're a faggot <same as above just replay faggot with nigger <reboots and remakes everywhere and always woke <target audience is demonized by the industry for twitter social credit points Sure, it's because gamers getting old and has nothing to do with basic pattern recognition kicking in.
>>3368 It's the most basic cope shill article. >games are progressive and amazing and if you don't like them it's your fault and that's a good thing!
Open file (147.92 KB 2482x1778 l.png)
No wonder why Soyny gave up on Japan.
>>3372 how disappointed you think Ken Kutanagi is?
>>3372 >gaijin market is so much more lucra-ACK!

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