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Open file (99.65 KB 750x500 396824488.jpg)
Anonymous 01/28/2023 (Sat) 20:47:20 No.325
I think we can all agree that Capcom made a fuckload of good games. It's practically impossible to agree on what their greatest game is; so what, in your opinion, is their greatest franchise?
Which one wasn't ruined?
>>350 It's hard to tell, because every game company at this point chases what's hot rather than any valuable sort of actual game. I already said this, but some of their experiments did prove to be fruitful but only for a little bit(case-in-point Dead Rising). Now, they see anything that doesn't have any sort of monetization as heresy and most of the people behind such great games are former shells of themselves or just left and create smaller companies only to get gobbled up by bigger ones.
>>351 It's basically about what property have been blisfully forgotten. But sadly sooner or later some eceleb faggot will make a video about it and they will pop out a shitty sequel/numake to ride on the bandwagon.
Open file (103.81 KB 257x388 SF2.jpg)
pic related is the GOAT of capcom games
Open file (470.77 KB 640x800 (SLUS-00036).jpg)
>>353 Not even their best fighting series.
>>353 I think Alpha has the best OST from that era, imo.
>>355 Zero is the best SF iteration.
Open file (14.09 KB 480x360 vega dab.jpg)
>>354 nobody knows or cares
Open file (328.18 KB 500x463 mm.gif)
>>357 Good, that's why it's still not ruined.

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