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coming and new vidya General 1 Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 16:31:54 No.362
Since some of us likes to play or watch new vidya games either because of a sense of seeing how stagnant it is or because it might be fun or in hopes it might be fun. But before one can give judgement of what is and isn't shit one needs to know what is coming to PC and consoles. since vidya is the ultimate coomsumer hobby there is. So what is new and coming to the newest of new consoles and computers? So let us start with the Xbox Series X n S and PC with Xbox game-pass Xbox Series S and Series X what is coming to Game Pass as of 02/02/2023. >Hot Wheels Unleashed on xbone and series X and S >Atomic Heart Series X and S it is also a multiplat game >Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Series X and S it is a multiplat game >Minecraft Legends Series X and S probably PC but it could be a multiplat game >RedFall I think this is a Series X and S, and PC only kinda game These games was just in the pre-install forthcoming release of games on xbox game pass, what it means is that there is a nice list on the xbox console and that tells you to download them and when the release window is near, you will download them and then be able to play them. This list will be updated because there are many games that is coming day 1 on game pass and on regular stores. New Games on Game Pass these are the new games you can play now and have fun with on xbox Game Pass. >Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Series X n S >Hello Neighbor 2 Series X n S >Chained Echoes >Metal Hellsinger >High On Life Series X n S >Potion Crafts Series X n S >Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan >Stranded Deep >Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition Series X n S >Persona 4 Golden Series X n S >Persona 3 Portable Series X n S >monster Hunter Rise Series X n S >Hi-Fi Rush Series X n S >Goldeneye 007 Series X n S >Robo Ques It is a Series X n S and in Game preview game it is like steam early access but with a super duper promise it is going to come out. >JoJo Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R Series X n S >Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Series X n S >Inkulinati Series X n S >Darkest Dungeon Xbox Series X n S, PS5 and PC releases. I kinda wanna put the indie shovelware trash that is put up on the gamestore because it is kinda mindblowing.But most of these games are full price or semi priced. This isn't the full list of games for 2023 but what seems to be this quarter and that is on the store page on xbox, and there is allot of shovelware and indie shit that is mind boogling why they put it up for sale. >Hogwarts Legacy 10/02/2023 and the xbox one version comes in 04/04/2023 >Wanted:Dead 14/02 >Wild Hearts 17/02 >Like A Dragon Ishin 17/02 >Blood Bowl 3 20/02 >Atomic Heart 21/02 >Wo Long 03/03 >Skull and Bones 09/03 >Monster Energy Supercross 6 09/03 >Clash: Artifacts of Chaos 09/03 >Transport Fever 2 09/03 >2K23 14/02 >Anno 1800 console edition 16/03 >Star Wars Jedi Survivor 28/04 >EA Sports PGA Tour 21/03 >Resident Evil 4 24/03 >Minecraft Legends 18/04 >Dead Island 2 28/04 >RedFall 02/05 >Endless Dungeon 16/05 >Street Fighter 6 02/06 >Diablo 4 06/06 Playstation Network has something similar to Game Pass but it is in tiers, and it costs a bit more money than xbox Game Pass, and there isn't a nice list of new games, old PS4 games or PS5 games on trial which you can play for 2 hours, and no this isn't a joke. Will add the PS5 games that are scheduled to be released via Playstation Store, thank god half of them has probably been put with the official Xbox store releases. Then later it is Nintendo because they at-least get to make and then publish games.
I'm going to be honest, I don't what the fuck these games are.
Although, I'm bit excited about Dead Island 2 after the disappointment of Dying Light 2. I just want the camp back and killing zombies with god weapons with online co-op.
gayming is dead anon, I only play my PS2
Open file (134.63 KB 1200x1080 D4uPN2NX4AAlonu.png)
>>365 These are games that are about to be released on xbox Series X and PC and some of them are going to be released on PS5. So if you have watched any new or any form of shilling from microsoft or sony. Then it is not hard to see you haven't heard of these games. >>366 I have some good or bad new for you. This isn't made by the people that made Techland or Dying Light 2 people. But it is made by another vidya development company called Dambuster studios. I dunno, what kinda talent they have there or which country it is from. But from the looks of it, they are copying as best as they can but is that really enough? >>367 gayming is stagnant, not dead. there is a difference. Stagnation means that it takes long times between good released games or just entertaining games.
>>368 >gayming is stagnant, not dead it was dead 10 years ago, now it's decayed and a dust in the wind
>>368 >gayming is not dead LMAO
>>369 There was games 10 years ago that is the launch of a new generation of consoles. >>372 That dumb sound clip made me wanna pre order Howarts Legacy, mmh.
Open file (133.72 KB 1035x1080 1675380106243159.jpg)

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