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Anonymous 02/17/2023 (Fri) 19:04:06 No.676
why aren't there more games that take place in the byzantine empire?
Well there are a few https://wikiless.org/wiki/Category:Video_games_set_in_the_Byzantine_Empire?lang=en As for why that's not a common setting, well, obviously it gets overshadowed by the classical Roman setting (of course Byzantines considered themselves Romans to begin with). Compared to the iconic imagery of the golden age of Rome there's not much to do with the Byzantine setting that would be as interesting for the general public.
Open file (252.33 KB 377x373 oo-hoo-hoo.png)
>>676 depends on the game
>>698 Have you even read orthobro anita?
>>678 >almost all of them are strategy games or involve byzantium for a small part >assassin's creed revelations is listed as taking place there despite it occurring in 1511 decades after the empire was destroyed and when turkroaches already conquered constantinople
>>1095 Welp, that's at least something. Ultimately the Byzantine Empire is just not that interesting compared to what preceded and succeeded it. Although I have to say, I'm surprised it's not used more as a setting for the Crusades where it played a pivotal part. So many Ass creed games and none featured the fourth Crusade?
>>1096 >not that interesting Or American Protestant-derivatives (of which modern atheists count) are subconsciously uncomfortable with the idea of a Christian Roman Empire. It's also that the West is stuck on the idea of the Western Roman Empire's fall, and never (broadly) accepted the memo that Constantinople was its legitimate successor. There's plenty of wars, politicking, building, and so on to involve in a game (why do you think 'byzantine' is a descriptor for complexity?). You just have to do your homework and use it.
>>1107 Aren't cucktholics most of the christians?
Open file (78.49 KB 500x740 bigbro_mad_max.jpg)
>>1107 >American Protestant-derivatives (of which modern atheists count) >modern atheists are Protestant-derivations X to doubt.
>>1096 I think its more of a case of nobody really knowing or caring to make something that features the Byzantine Empire heavily, despite having a lot of interesting scenarios. Its kind of like how no one really cared at all about slavshit stuff until The Witcher 3 or how Norse related media exploded after Skyrim and that Vikings show. A lot of historical entities are untapped, especially the Byzantines.
>>1122 All that other stuff are things of their own, but Byzantine empire's one claim to fame is really just being the "eastern Roman empire" where things were sort of okay for 800 years. The most interesting thing about it is the downfall and yeah, it's not featured prominent enough but at the same time how many times can that be featured.
>>1114 Not really. Especially not in America and the British Commonwealth, English (and Protestant) central. Which means most of the content we see in English is through that lens. >>1116 No, they are. You listen to the majority of them, and they're angry, disaffected Protestants, many from religious families with incomplete or poorly-made doctrine (like most in America). I'll do you one better: the Soviet Cosmists (AKA, Communist mystics) believed in a technologically-engineered resurrection of all the dead as a responsibility of the State. The way Lenin's body was preserved is expressly in spiteful mockery of incorrupt saints' bodies kept in Russian churches until the Revolution. Even the supposed ethos of taking all the wealth in the country and ostensibly spreading it to everyone is a travesty of Christian ethos. All of this is plain to see, so long as you sit outside the Catholic/Protestant divide.
Open file (92.19 KB 464x425 ClipboardImage.png)
I just really hate Greeks, their politics and their Caesaropapism. No wonder they accepted the Turks so well as they did.
>>1482 For me, it's Hellás.

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