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Open file (648.90 KB 667x1080 1676822506470640.png)
ATOMIC HEART Anonymous 02/19/2023 (Sun) 16:44:30 No.718
So what's the game even about? Is it a hohol murder simulator?
Well-chosen shot angle, since these russian girls are big, according to Internet experts. They are apparently 8'9". Mind your step, anon. >I warned you about the stairs giant robo pussy bro
Open file (558.48 KB 367x265 1f71.gif)
Open file (383.79 KB 499x280 1459383380705-2.gif)
Every copy sold help funds the demise of Ukraine.
Open file (185.87 KB 300x383 seething nog.png)
>>718 is it a good game? it is on game pass. to me it looks like a systemshock and bioshock clone.
>>728 >systemshock and bioshock clone More like inspired by.
Is it worth it bros?
>>721 Holy shit that looks amazing.
>>731 Worth what? All games are free.
Open file (413.24 KB 1400x1050 1676874609500343.jpg)
>>731 >worth it yes funding killing holhols is worth it
>>738 Worth playing it anon, oh wait it isn't out yet.
>>740 >Worth playing it what are you losing?
>>740 Denuvoless Dev Build was leaked so you can play it right now if you want.
>>753 based
>>730 ROBO
Open file (127.79 KB 850x1145 1676889727616056.jpg)
Open file (156.63 KB 540x537 3d.jpg)
Open file (208.83 KB 1526x1080 1676901195192045.jpg)
Open file (10.61 KB 268x268 ddg.jpg)
>>755 ANUS
Let's gooooooooo!
It's hilarious to see that some Russians did a much more interesting, less bugged and prettier job than Bugthesda and other western AAA companies. It's a brutal difference when the devs obviously love their work and project.
>>778 <comparing a large open world like Elder Scrolls with a story-driven, linear fps. The bugs will be numerous and harder to squash in a bigger game, the graphics can't be as detailed in the open world, etc. Still, Bethesda makes very buggy shitty engines so I get your point. And Rockstar manages to do a great job in GTA and RDR despite being massive open worlds and very detailed.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>782 >And Rockstar manages to do a great job in GTA and RDR
>>778 ruskies aren't mandated to make everything ugly and shit so
Open file (48.47 KB 750x572 1668772502416805.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 1200x1458 chaos coomer.jpg)
Is robotpussy the game any good? it is fwee on game-pass. But is it quality slav body models for the robots or what?
>>803 yes
It's out. Is it good?
>>813 So you're saying day one?
Open file (621.79 KB 667x1080 1.png)
>>814 Das rite comrade.
I'm hearing reports that the game is boring and sucks. Is it true?
Open file (510.27 KB 1932x1200 ho9.jpeg)
>>818 who cares?
Open file (1.33 MB 535x650 megasoy.png)
>>818 Did you hear those reports from this type of reporters?
so has anyone played it yet?
>>818 The game is better than the majority of AAA shit this days, it's all about Ukraine or just them being bad in games.
>>843 I'm sure all the journos are shitting their pants trying to bury this game. Empress also came out as Russian and anti-troon.
Open file (2.65 MB 300x169 dog wipe.gif)
>>866 >that subtle hip shift
Open file (73.00 KB 317x308 ayo.jpg)
>"Western gamers have found something to complain about in Atomic Heart. On the Resetera forums, they turned their attention to the Soviet cartoon "Nu Pogodi!" which is shown in save rooms throughout the game. In the episode titled "Museum" a statue of an African Papuan flashes for a moment - according to western users this is a manifestation of racism. This "racist" cartoon was written about by the Western media. The publication PC Gamer actually sent the developers a request to find out whether they want to remove the "offensive" images from the game. No reply has been received yet."
>>885 THAT'S IT!111 I'M SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THIS not gibb'g sheqels immediately to the based Roosians, I'm buying this shit now TAKE THAT NAZIS!
>>886 them heckin racists
Open file (397.33 KB 511x440 carl9.png)
This game is based.
Open file (132.74 KB 272x267 ClipboardImage.png)
>>888 confirmed
>>914 robopussy good
>>948 Indeed.
Open file (62.77 KB 640x569 kot of the rings.jpg)
soysoys are review bombing the game because muh Russia and my soggy knee
>>967 All the more reason to buy the game IMO. The salt must flow.
>>972 I wonder what the sales for this and Hogwarts Legacy are gonna be, and if they're good maybe that will finally convince the publishers to ignore all the usual suspects.
>>973 Hogwart's is already the #1 game. And Atomic Heart's inital debut was past that, so it's doing ok as well. But honestly, Hogwart's has plenty of wokeness in it. Atomic Heart, none AFAICT.
>>974 >Hogwart's has plenty of wokeness in i Yeah but it still became the "fascist antitroon game" so that doesn't even matter now.
>>976 Yeah that's true. But the kikes still run these studios/distributors in the west, so don't expect them to swerve on their agendas, even if these two games became literally the best-sellers of all time, and stayed ranked #1 & #2 for the next 20 years. As long as these people are still breathing, they will be unrelenting in their evil intents.
>>978 Kikes or no, all these things are run by boomers who don't give two fucks about progressivism and only do what the current trendy gimmick is to make money. People scream at them on that internet thing how they are bigots and should have more niggers in games/films - they do so because they're clueless and think they'll lose money if they don't oblige. But if they see that games make money regardless, they'll eventually stop listening to constant complains and go back to doing business the old way. I've been saying this for years, but ultimately what needs to happen is all these geriatric big wigs must realize that ignoring the socjus cancer doesn't lead to sales flopping because those people don't buy or play games. The second AAA games that are getting canceled make profit, the more big wigs will realize that all the soy complainers are just parasites to be ignored.
>>982 Alright, fair enough. Let us hope your insight is correct. I wonder if there is some kind of 'SocJus/nuSoy Badthink Gayme Barometer' site or listing that are the 10 most-wanted in the libshit's hit list. The kind the kikes sick Gawker, et al, after? If so, then we could promote those here on /kong/ as the '10 best geimus to buy today' or something? Be upfront exactly where this anti-list comes from and why, and also load that thread with moutains of salty tears too.
Video games are dead, but not this game, the amount of asshurt it causes is pretty awesome tbh, I need to ger my hands on a crack.
The coomer in me really does say yes to this game, it seems like an interesting one plot-wise as well, I still expect it to be (((subversive))) nonetheless.
>>1003 How can it be (((subversive))), it's made by Russians.
Open file (1.83 MB 844x1212 coom cover.png)
>>1000 holy fuck maybe >>>/robowaifu/ is onto something if robopussy can look like this in the future
So who has finished the game? I have not even tried it. Now that the hype and afterglow has faded, was it good? Boring?
Open file (1.72 MB 1920x1080 ff46.png)
>>1021 who cares tbh
>>1021 Sounds good, but play it in Russian with English subtitles. English voice is silly.
Open file (2.93 MB 1200x675 seething nog.webm)
>>992 Fitgirl's dev-build crack is horrendous. It runs horribly and you have to do a mod just to get voice acting to work. It seems we will have to wait for a year or more for Empress to crack Denuvo and then get her crack in a repack from somewhere besides Fitgirl as Fitgirl is being a whiny bitch. Anyone know who repacks besides Fitgirl? I admit I relied on him exclusively over the past few years.
>>1104 >Fitgirl is being a whiny bitch wha happun?
>>1106 A clash of egos. Empress started complaining about how Fitgirl was getting all the credit and began throttling her (his?) cracks to Fitgirl. She wanted equity. Fitgirl threw a fit and said he will never work with Empress again.
Open file (1.40 MB 400x309 67853456790543.gif)
>>1104 Fitgirl doesn't do cracks only repacks. So its probably just the dev build is shit, I'll install it later and see how it runs for me. Generally I try not to use repacks but if your short on space or have bandwidth caps from your ISP I get why people use them. DODI repacks are good from my experience in the past with them, they tend to be slightly larger repacks though than Fitgirl but gets them out sooner.
>>1104 I would happily pay $60 to avoid all this stupid drama.
>>1110 Thanks. Yes, the build is shit. Don't bother.
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
>>1111 good goy
>>1110 >>1109 >>1104 I'd say it's pretty obvious all these crackers and coders are trannies. A lot of trannies are programmers. If someone has to reiterate they're a girl in their name, they're not a girl. "Empress" screams AGP tranny. Still, yeah, I've used some of these in the past.
>>1151 Empress is Russian.
>>1151 Well if Empress is a tranny they must really hate themselves
Open file (68.75 KB 533x800 1.jpg)
Open file (81.83 KB 534x800 2.jpg)
Open file (61.37 KB 533x800 3.jpg)
Open file (70.66 KB 534x800 4.jpg)
>'Bolshoi Theater' ballerina Anita Pudikova, whose movements were digitized by developers when creating the twins from Atomic Heart
>>1258 Nice, thanks anon.
Open file (505.80 KB 500x246 685137849.gif)
>>1270 DELET DIS
>>1104 >>1110 Game runs fine for me voice acting works with no mod needed but I'm not using fitgirls repack so maybe thats your problem.
>>1475 noice

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