Global Rules

Last update: 2024-04-14

The Global Rules

The rules will be applied with common sense, so use your best judgement. If you are unsure whether something is allowed, ask a moderator through the available contact methods.

  1. The main rule: You may not post, link to, or request any content that is prohibited by law in the United States of America. You may not request to create boards with the sole purpose of posting or linking such content. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sexualized depictions of minors.
    • Posting legally protected personal information, such as social security numbers. (Publicly available information is not considered protected.)
  2. Spoiler NSFW content in SFW boards.
  3. Do not post spam. Spamming will lead to a global ban if seen by a global moderator.
  4. Do not distribute malware, or link to sites that distribute malware. This is a global and permanent ban.

Boards may have their own rules. Check each board's rules before posting, visitable by adding rules.html after the board name. There will be a link to the rules soon.

Board Ownership Rules

  1. As a board owner or a board volunteer, you are obligated to enforce the global rule. You should make a global report for global rule violations, or report it directly to the global moderators via #julayworld on Rizon.
  2. Do not request a board with the sole purpose of posting, encouraging the posting of, or requesting content violating the Global Rule.
  3. Boards where a board owner has not logged in for more than two weeks show up with a skull icon in the board list. These boards are currently held by the global staff, and only basic moderation is applied (i.e. cleaning up spam when noticed). If this situation changes, there will be a site-wide announcement. If you'd like to take ownership of a board, reach us out.