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>>/kong/1970 >>1918 Yeah, it's funny back then these games were laughed at for being lesser copy-cats but now I enjoy some of them more than
>>/cow/200613 >>200608
>>/cow/200612 >>200608 Based, imagine obeying the law when the government says you don't have to.
>>/cow/200611 >>200610 The guy himself is Billboard Chris, some guy from finance who is rich enough that he doesn't give two fucks if he is c
>>/cow/200610 >>200609 >So what is it with that duder? why did he let that tranny attack him? its in canada--the troon was not arrested, le
>>/cow/200609 >>200608 So what is it with that duder? why did he let that tranny attack him? Or was it like a kink thingy going on, where h
>>/cow/200608 https://nitter.net/BillboardChris/status/1642024373484912642 ==Sisters, the trans day of vengeance begins and another bigot has
>>/cow/200607 >>200549 >>200551 To be fair you're indeed a newfag. And he using "is" over "are" is part of their unfunny Sargon memes abo
>>/cow/200606 Gayhoole is now officially a tranny https://www.youtube.com/live/_bFm1hIBzg4 The Daiymo and his tranny wife are slowly tra
>>/cow/200605 >>200597 If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…