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>>/robowaifu/17855 ringlinks-related https://smuglo.li/kohi/res/92959.html#93442 https://smuglo.li/kohi/res/93474.html#93491
>>/cow/182422 ==Strike and Mike 241== Strike and Mike talk about who brings what to the table. **I thought this was cancelled but they just
>>/cow/182421 >>182418 >>182419 yeah its just a 12 hour suspension
>>/cow/182420 >>182411 >Ryan Dawson: Racism is wrong. >Also Dawson: Fuck Israel. Stupid Jews bulldozing Palestinian houses. Goddamn Zionists
>>/cow/182419 >>182418 I wouldn't be surprised if its temporary and will be removed when kanye comes off of his latest schizo episode
>>/cow/182418 >>182417 musk was probably looking for a bone to throw the ADL so they would leave him alone for a week and kanye made himself
>>/cow/182417 >>182415 >>182414 Actually Musk said "incitement to violence." But maybe that is the same thing.
>>/cow/182416 >>182415 lmao how the fuck is an edgy graphic an incitement to violence
>>/cow/182415 >>182414 he posted this >>182407
>>/cow/182414 >>182412 >>182413 what did he do, call for an actual holocaust?