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>>/cow/253881 Battle of the king kike restreams
>>/cow/253880 >Vee weighs in
>>/robowaifu/32362 >>32359 why he use wendy....... give real wendy.................
>>/cow/253879 >>253870 Asswipe is too big for a mirror
>>/robowaifu/32361 >>32354 >>32355 Also, filestreams (in or out) work the same as textstreams do. >fortune_cookie.cpp [code]#include <fstream>
>>/robowaifu/32360 SPUD is currently standing unpowered in the garage workshop. Been working on other, more critical projects.
>>/robowaifu/32359 >>32357 >>32358 lmao, no https://archiveofourown.org/works/37977625/chapters/94852162
>>/cow/253872 >>253871 >Гунт is a fat pig with slit eyes I bet he's fatter than Asston now
>>/cow/253870 Boogie says he doesn't want to look in the mirror as he hates the way he looks. Asston chuckles along while covering this, as if
>>/cow/253869 Any news about Surfer? He stopped doing streams, but people are talking about him being on discord all day with Yiros and forgeg