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>>/cow/189835 >>189824 >One doesn't have to post the exact same image every time for it be avatarfagging. Yeah, they do. Hence avatar. >Al
>>/cow/189834 >>189829 Harry living as himself causes so much pure sperging for jcaesar187 it's hilarious how little he has to do to get some
>>/cow/189833 >>189829 Harry deserves a Golden Гунт this year as MVA- Most Valuable Alog. I hope Gawdwinson comes back for a day.
>>/cow/189832 >>189829 Lmao King Harry lives rent free in Гунтs head. Harry stopped talking about the Гунт and has moved on for now and Гунт
>>/cow/189831 A-logging is such an outdated term. It should be called jooshing.
>>/cow/189830 >>189827 It's everyone's opinion. Most people are polite to tranny's faces but there is an inherent disgust in even the "ally"
>>/cow/189829 Gvnt doesn't like kayfabe bullshit when it's done to him but when he does it's cool. King Harry is the world's #1 Gvnt a-log at
>>/cow/189828 >>189825 No one's dodging you, posts or points. Take your PreEP meds and fuck off. >>189826 Based trannykiller.
>>/cow/189827 >>189826
>>/cow/189826 >>189816 You will never be a woman. You'll always be some pervert women whisper about to each other and giggle, while men barel