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>>/kong/5957 >>5955 >Bloodborne is almost 10 years old fuck I'm old...
>>/cow/225750 >Gorlock return in the works
>>/cow/225749 >>225747 kys negro
>>/cow/225748 >tfw your own points are turned towards your blindspots
>>/cow/225747 >>225741 No wonder they look like total average randos. Y'all were acting like they were so hot but they look average to me. No
>>/cow/225746 >>225702 >>225704
>>/cow/225745 >>225744 >guys don't have to try hard bickers I work at a dive bar
>>/cow/225744 >bartender at one specific hookup bar/club >thinks bickers PUAs score there regularly that men every where can score just by pu
>>/cow/225743 >>225742 Idk, but it's a better discussion that professional thots and hoes
>>/cow/225742 >>225741 huh, that is a fresh way to get thots on the podcast. Have they made more or less gibs from this stunt?