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>>/kong/7535 >>7534 Most Wii games can be controlled traditionally, the ones you would want to play anyway. The ones that can't, some yeah y
>>/cow/234435 >>234434
>>/cow/234434 https://rumble.com/v3y7wyp-take-my-hand...asmr-in-the-woods.html >this is tradthot coomer cocks on rumble ngl i'd smash
>>/kong/7534 >>7533 Who would want to play a wii game without the only thing that makes it unique? There are some wii games that are just tr
>>/kong/7533 >>7532 >Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens Well yeah you can't emulate that. But that's only for the
>>/cow/234433 >>234393 How does this wrestling tactic fool anyone at this point? There's a clear pattern of him going after someone then sudd
>>/cow/234432 >>234422 > coming off as the good guy So you like sanctimony? It works on you. I mean I know it has to work for how widely it
>>/kong/7532 >>7531 Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens. DS games, for example, I have never really wanted to play o
>>/kong/7531 >>7530 Unlike playstattion, I think every nintendo console is emulated pretty accurately. Not like Shitch is some complex power
>>/robowaifu/26608 >>26606 For future reference: This also includes how to 3D print a peristaltic pump which might last longer than regular ones.