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>>/cow/250362 tvch is so fucking dead, g@yhoole and his own vols are now on cuckchan /v/ accusing others of being "Zach". Lol
>>/kong/9856 can we get a physiognomy check??? 1-Tranny with the typical angloid hipster aesthetic 2-Jew guy who looks like a real life tro
>>/kong/9855 >reposting crap from 4um The webring has fallen.
>>/ita/20381 Ed un po' anche per i fratellini scemi
>>/ita/20380 Un po' di capolavori fatti coi generatori di immagini
>>/cow/250361 >>250360 They were hacked by their alcohol induced alter-egos
>>/cow/250360 >>250356 yeah hacked...still no ebidence from these two retards, not a single screenshot, all complete lies
>>/robowaifu/31256 As I'm now 90% through making my first 64:1 downgearing Archimedes pulley system and testing and debugging it, I now have more p
>>/cow/250357 >>250356 He can't keep getting away with it.
>>/cow/250356 >>250355 Our phones were hacked too