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>>/kong/3747 This looks like a PS3 game, how the fuck is this allowed? If this isn't a budgeted release at like $20 they're not even trying a
>>/kong/3746 >>3744 No U, m'lady. >*tips fedora*
>>/robowaifu/23039 >>23037 >You guys got the rest right? right? Lol. I suppose that depends on what you actually mean by """the rest""" Anon. :^)
>>/ita/19646 Key Words, Services.
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>>/robowaifu/23038 >>23026 Are there even 12 people on this site lol Well thank you I'm down.
>>/robowaifu/23037 I've thought about it and I think I will focus on the AI first. I will make it so you can talk to a phone and it answers back. T
>>/cow/211526 >>211525 Cog is like 7 inches taller and grew up around like 6 brothers in a council estate so he sure as shit would destroy ta
>>/cow/211525 >>211521 >tardski is afraid of cog >cog It's not surprising in fact of course. Tardski was terrified by the Гунт during Knoxv
>>/kong/3745 I miss motion controls, a much better gimmick than this shit...
>>/cow/211524 >>211522 Yeah that's about the best case scenario, just fight at a gym or something, but considering Andy's even lost fights to