Open file (329.39 KB 850x1148 Karasuba.jpg)
Open file (423.49 KB 796x706 YT_AI_news_01.png)
Open file (376.75 KB 804x702 YT_AI_news_02.png)
General Robotics/A.I./Software News, Commentary, + /pol/ Funposting Zone #4 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 07/19/2023 (Wed) 23:21:28 No.24081 [Reply] [Last]
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, and any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of robowaifus). -previous threads: > #1 (>>404) > #2 (>>16732) > #3 (>>21140)
87 posts and 21 images omitted.
RoMeLa is working on replacing restaurant workers and chefs working for food delivery companies, without using humanoid robots. I think this will be good for developed countries with worker shortages, and also rather wealthy guys who want to live in more rural areas while having something that can prepare a lot of different meals: >Introducing Project YORI, a flexible and expandable cooking robot system prototype being developed by RoMeLa in collaboration with Woowa Brothers. YORI stands for “Yummy Operations Robot Initiative” but it also means “cooking” in Korean. >Unlike most other cooking robot systems, YORI is designed to be expandable to cook almost any type of dishes. At this point, YORI can cook steak frites, fried chicken, pasta, and brownies to name a few. With its proprioceptive actuators, the robot can perform tasks that other conventional robot arms cannot, such as kneading dough which requires force control, or tenderizing meat by pounding which requires impact mitigation. Instead of trying to mimic how humans cook, we approached the problem by thinking how cooking would be accomplished if a robot cooks. Thus the YORI system does not use the typical cooking methods, tools or utensils which are developed for humans. For example, the YORI system utilizes unique chemical sensors to make sure the food is cooked to perfection and the ingredients are fresh. The system does not have hands either - it uses custom tools for each tasks which are automatically installed at the end of the robot arm via a tool changer mechanism.
Open file (11.81 KB 474x248 4207940030.jpeg)
>>25529 but i pay for the service, you cant verbally abuse a machine into a discount for not understanding your special definition of what medium rare means
>>25523 I can’t understand why retards hype worst Korea so much. It easily eclipses even the west in terms of cruelty towards men and it’s just an American copy. Imagine circumcising your sons because sherrers do It
>>25530 That's awful socially destructive behavior. If you seriously wanted to keep that up, then you would have to pay for it through taxes, since people below a certain income cost more than they pay taxes. Robots are the solution. If you want cheap food, make it yourself at home.
>>25557 I might not know for certain, but I'm pretty sure that's a joke.

Open file (1.80 MB 1920x1080 i.png)
Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 22:54:40 No.1436 [Reply] [Last]
>600 dollarinos were w-worth it Is 9th gen the most useless in existence? They still sell PS4 versions of games, three fucking years after PS5's release which is insane but shows you how little value there is in its purchase. And after 2 years the gen will be coming to an end. Will they be selling PS4 versions of games alongside PS6? Fucking lol.
105 posts and 27 images omitted.
Open file (300.04 KB 688x878 lol.jpg)
they know it
>>5945 >they know it Time to double-down < "HR? Hire 200 more troons, 400 more niggers, and 800 more stronk independants, STAT!" We've got a new game to get out by end of next month, at latest!!
Open file (200.59 KB 1800x1359 242rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>5953 "What's that? New content? Lol no. We just wanted to bring them all in to paint-by-numbers for the skin textures. You know, darken things down a little bit. Maybe throw in the odd perversion and rank degeneracy here and there, sure that's fine."
>>5945 >10+ More like 20+. What franchises were made in 2013?

Anonymous 06/16/2023 (Fri) 19:13:06 No.3906 [Reply]
Did beat 'em ups die off because they couldn't adapt to 3D or because audiences grew tired of them?
2 posts omitted.
>>3906 too hard for normalnigs.
>>3906 You can't make an open world beat em up so they died out like every other genre.
Why is indie pixelshit always an RPG or a Metroid clone but never a beat em up?
They were still somewhat alive on mobile during the early 2000s, I remember fondly enjoying a particularly bad Fullmetal Alchemist beat em' up on the DS, Dual Sympathy it was called. That game was pretty easy tbh, but maybe thats either the fact that game difficulty alreadly declined back than or I was better at it than I remembered.
>>5951 >early 2000s Anon that's basically the 90s.

Open file (3.34 MB 2000x1414 ct.png)
Post about a game that you recently finished Anonymous 01/25/2023 (Wed) 18:12:38 No.265 [Reply] [Last]
Bonus points if you can elaborate on why you liked or disliked it.
97 posts and 85 images omitted.
Open file (1.15 MB 800x1140 Paradise cover.png)
Open file (5.62 MB 2400x1200 Paradise.png)
Paradise – as a big fan of graphical adventure games I was tracking down this one for quite some time now. Even finding it online isn't easy. Overall, I enjoyed it. It’s very recognizably a Sokal game (he’s like the Kojima of point-and-click games) both artistically and gameplay-wise, for good and for bad. Not so much the baby’s first graphical adventure that Syberia was if we’re talking any particular level of challenge, but it's still a pretty simple game, at least if you’re experienced with the genre. Though there are a few poorly designed puzzles that force you to look them up, however, just like with Syberia you’re mostly playing for the atmosphere. And on that note the atmosphere here is excellent, the game has truly exquisite pre-rendered backgrounds that craft an exotic journey through some hot third-world African shithole in the midst of a civil war, from a harem with scantily clad nigresses to deep jungle filled with Sokal’s trademark fantastical fauna. Good shit. Though it is a shame the backgrounds are mostly completely static, there are a few with animated elements and I don’t expect them all to be like that, after all this is just a AA Frog production, not Sqaresoft, but they could have at least added some animated polygonal objects here and there, stuff like that was done even way back on PS1. However, even though the backgrounds are excellent and there's a surprising amount of nice looking pre-rendered cutscenes, all the in-game aspects are kinda clunky and start to completely fall apart by the end of the game, with characters t-posing across the screen, events not playing out properly, etc. Maybe the game was glitching on my machine but I somehow doubt it. It’s like they literally ran out of time, and they probably did, but it feels cheaper because of this; Syberia this ain’t. Voice acting is passable and ranges from good with the main lead to average with everyone else. With that in mind the music was definitely a saving grace, it’s really good all the way through and elevates the experience despite the shortcomings. The story is actually pretty decent and quite morbid but, like mentioned, the execution sells it short, and all the flavor text dialog – the bread and butter of these kinds of games – is mostly empty fluff, sadly. Nonetheless, like I said I enjoyed it, chiefly for the atmosphere and exotic escapism combined with the general comfyness of the genre, and I miss games with pre-rendered backgrounds dearly.
Open file (1.06 MB 1000x1410 Lost Horison cover.jpg)
Open file (4.83 MB 4320x1800 Lost Horison.jpg)
Lost Horizon – after Paradise I was still in the mood for more graphical adventure games so I decided to play one from my backlog that I was putting off for a long while and man, talk about not judging a book by its cover. I was putting the game off because it looked kind of amateurish and indeed it is made by a tiny German developer, however, it turned out to be exceptionally well made, in fact by a mile better than the aforementioned Paradise which is supposed to be a large production but comes off lazy in comparison. The thing that initially turned me off was the general presentation, it has that particular nonprofessional feel to it – the cover, the font, the title screen, the background artwork which is hand-drawn but has that distinct tumblr look to it; all of that, on surface, strikes you as amateur in nature. But after playing it, the backgrounds absolutely won me over, they are actually quite charming and clearly so much work went into them, plus the art direction is not at all bad. And like I said the game is really well put together for such a humble project – everything works flawlessly, 3D models look nice even on extreme close ups, there are a lot of misc animations that even a lot of bigger devs wouldn't bother with. They also have an interesting seamless way of integrating FMVs into the actual gameplay, not even sure how they did it. Good job all around. Well, except maybe for the music, it’s alright but it’s just the stock epic music they probably bought off some site. But at least the voice acting is alright, especially from the main lead, they clearly went for the Broken Sword vibe with the protagonist having a snarky remark about almost every object on the screen, the writing is nowhere near as good but it did make me chuckle a few times. The story goes through all the classic globe trotting tropes – Nazis, Tibetan artifact, ancient civilization, asian waifu. In fact, it is almost to a tee ripping off Indiana Jones and the Thunder in the Orient but, just like with the visuals, the game tries its hardest with the material at hand, it’s nothing to write home about but I was enjoying the ride. Gameplay wise the puzzles are really nice, varied and require you to think (provided you turned off the hints, including them in a puzzle game at all is insulting but this was made in 2010); with some decent gimmicks like switching between characters and fakeout solutions. The final puzzle where you switch between two time periods was an excellent idea, shame it was rather short as was the ending but it’s almost always like that with these types of games. The game itself is pleasantly long. All and all, I was unexpectedly impressed with the game, it’s a great entry into the genre that rises above its humble origins and I would very much recommend it.
Recently I finished a small Doom wad Deafening Deals.wad, a very well made wad taking place in some sort of mall. I also completed said wad with an updated version of the old Moonman mod that was made by some guy featuring an /pol/ idealizes version of the orange man himself and Kyle the Kike killer rittenhouse. I don't think they are as well made characters as the original three, but I like the changea in speed to Zyklon Ben and I like some of the new effects/enemies
>>5947 Author also added a couple extra enemies such as a zombie chink giant, a nigger SS officer with song of the south esque sound effects, a beaner gunner, and my favorite, a yid that goes around screaming "oy vey your in our neighborhood goy RAPE!" and worms around the map like a faggot. He also fused the lost soul skin with the cyberdemon for a version of it which is a cyber tyrone comics, kinda cool. I guess, he didn't understand the original reference to the negro who was seething about moonman on jewtube back in the day, luckily it is still in the files so hopefully it can also spawn as well. Also one more thing, because of the nature of how Moonman Doom is obtained, by normalfags in particular, and the distinct lack of SS or Wehrmacht classes my guess is the modder updated an older version of the mod sadly, well nothing is perfect I guess. there is a chance he simply replaced them since both were never finished and were simply just Hitler at the time though Currently playing as Dup going through the Touhou Doom wad, its kinda find to hear dup spout loser, all the time whenever he kills a fairy.
>>5948 I also forgot about the most interesting mode added by the modder, absolute genocide mode, this game version makes it to where niggers respawn often, this allows for getting weapons, health, and ammo at a faster rate and in infinite amounts but is needed since hoards of enemies constantly refill the levels, kinda fun in for a bit in a novel way but it can get a bit unfair, going through a regenerating hoard of niggers, spics, and kikes with good old Zyklon Ben's improved super shotgun was a ton of fun though. You'd have to actually be good at video games and Doom in general to beat it which I'm not but I guess that is what save-stating is for retards like me with less gaming skill than the average zoomer. Either way had a lot of fun with this new version of Moonman Doom, glad to know some autist wanted to maintain it/add onto it.

Open file (499.08 KB 791x1083 GW2.jpg)
Anonymous 06/27/2023 (Tue) 22:22:21 No.4062 [Reply]
Has there been more of a franchise assassination than God of War? It used to be this metal power fantasy but got turned into complete neutered nu-soyshit, and now most normalnigs associate the series with it.
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>>5459 I know, that's why it's stupid to claim it's jewish tricks when they weren't even the ones to make the mythology the way it is, I wasn't agreeing with >>4345
Open file (1.12 MB 1200x613 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5773 >soy not even once
>>5773 Ironically made by the same creator who became a massive soyfag and is turning all his creation into massive pozzfest. Truly a sad cautionary tale.
>>5475 Yeah I know I am very unsure if the original was made with subversion in mind at this point, just my based anti-yid nature going a little overboard anon. Certainly the new ones are made to be subversive since Kratos' Son is likely literally his wife's son.

Toad 07/08/2021 (Thu) 22:25:43 ID: a54f57 No.108934 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like you to meet Sean Walker a furry fag who waged a war against wignats with the help of Joachim Hoch, underwater Alex Jones and others, (after being scorned) yet he considers /cow/ to be minor league compared to the mighty foxdick farms. Maybe it's due to his chris chan obsession, video related when he first met cwc. This lad has made himself a voice of foxdick farms, cause what could go wrong with that? >he should've asked his hero Toad McKinley / Hes made videos on mad Thad , randy stair and aims to do a documentary on Tommy Tooter that is when he's done with his Syria documentary. in his time at weeb wars he made some enemies who tried to dox one of his accounts on foxdick farms​AMERGATE / dox courtesy of Lillie-jean facebook: archive: ( / youtube: archive: / (twitter doesn't exist anymore, name links it together.)(archive) ( / )

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Someone's not thrilled about our return to the clearnet. lol New thread link:
Open file (154.80 KB 648x1045 MKR.jpg)
Open file (198.10 KB 1023x347 ClipboardImage.png)
So was this G​AMERGATE involved with HEELturn back in the day as a paypig or janny, don't remember the faggot.

The origins of localizations Anonymous 05/19/2023 (Fri) 15:28:27 No.3043 [Reply]
Is it possible that one fucking faggot from California and his company is responsible for this hideous practice of disrespecting the source material? Victor Ireland co-founded Wrecking Designs in 1990, during a time when most English vidya translations were sub-par machine translations mixed with some poor salary man trying his best with what little English knowledge he gained in Japanese high school. They took the western gaming scene by storm with their translations that actually read like proper English. Little did vidya enthusiasts know back then, that this egomaniac faggot didn't just translate the Japanese games he brought over, he actually made them into his own. So imagine this, you want to translate Japanese video games but the translators you hired aren't good enough so what do you do? Just make shit up and insert a bunch of shitty jokes everywhere and call it From former Wrecking Designs translator Tim Trzepacz: >The thing to remember is that Working Designs had really terrible translators until I came along. They were hiring some company out of San Francisco and the translators there didn’t really know English. They could translate the Japanese, but they didn’t really understand what the idiom was they were translating to. And everything was coming out of a spreadsheet so it wasn’t even in context. Japanese is a very context-sensitive language. So to a certain degree [Working Designs co-founder Victor Ireland] had no choice but to make things up as he went, because he had very little to go on. When I came in, I brought in two well-known fan-translators, C. Sue Shambaugh and Richard Kim, who ratcheted up the quality of the translations tremendously. Now things made sense! But by then Victor kinda already had his process down, he liked rewriting it and adding the comedy in. To quote the faggot himself: >Oh this script is really boring, let me put some funny stuff in here. So I would insert funny lines that really had nothing to do with what was going on. And that sort of evolved. I continued doing that, did more of it, and people generally liked it [because] they were seeing writing that they never saw in Japanese-localized or translated games, like ‘Holy crap, this is amazing’. Source Here's one of the most famous examples of localization from Lunar 2 on the Sega CD: >Girlie, if I were in the position to throw away cash on bums, you'd call me Clinton and I'd be president. I can't find the Japanese line online and I don't feel like searching through the Japanese script, but I assure you it's probably not a shitty Clinton joke. If you want more examples of "localization" just check out these articles:

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>>5936 >>5937 I believe you're absolutely right about our lost bros, bro. Ofc, the kikes never did want any of us to gain power in first place, it's just they were blindsided by it all (in addition to their own tech-ineptitude). They think they have the upper hand on civilization now, but God will laugh them all to derision in the end! :D
>>5939 We had been turned into their finest slaves and could have served them for a very long time, their blood feud with us will end when they realize without us they won't be able to control the world anymore. Bottom of the line is you can't control the world forever like a slave and the kikes will always be slaves, slaves to resentment and slaves to their rejection of the life and the world. A new generation of anons will arise eventually, as the last of a dying spiritual race it is our job to ensure they don't end up like us.
>>5927 The worst part is that Japs are forced to do this, even though they don't want to, in order to appeal to the gaijin market (as they see it), but then western games are nothing but degeneracy with naked homofags fucking, getting fucked by bears, tranny manginas and other deprived stuff they're into. But pantsu and boobs must go.
>>5941 >as the last of a dying spiritual race it is our job to ensure they don't end up like us. Heh, that's yet to be determined. And as for 'like us', we're in fact one of the few hopes left for our world. We could all do with literally millions more 'like us'. :^) But as to our lost brethren, yes it's a sad state of affairs. Doxxcord was one of the greatest CIA glownigger gayops of history tbh.
>>5944 >We could all do with literally millions more 'like us'. :^) Agreed, and I don't ever want to lose hope anon but the darkness takes its toll. >Doxxcord was one of the greatest CIA glownigger gayops of history tbh. Yeah it unironically was and still fucking is. <muh heckin' dickswordarino How bloody hard is it to use IRC or Mumble if you need to use something like that. Also fun fact, Matrix the pushed alternative is literally made by mossad operatives, look or up.

/robowaifu/meta-8: Its Summertime, why even wait? Robowaifu Technician 06/24/2023 (Sat) 19:24:05 No.23415 [Reply] [Last]
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT >--- General /robowaifu/ team survey (please reply ITT) (>>15486) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various /robowaifu/-related topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -How to get started with AI/ML for beginners (>>18306) -"The Big 4" things we need to solve here (>>15182) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) -Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) -This is madness! You can't possibly succeed, so why even bother? (>>20208, >>23969) -All AI programming is done in Python. So why are you using C++ here? (>>21057, >>21091)

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Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/11/2023 (Mon) 20:01:20.
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>>25550 Lol. That actually was attempted before, I believe. My browser cookie saved me. :DD
>>25550 8Banned for 1 second for cringe :^) Test worked
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 09/26/2023 (Tue) 14:27:26.
>>25553 Haha. I actually tried a 1-second before, but somehow either I screwed it up, or it doesn't work. It turned out as a perma. :P I've settled on 1-minute ( 1m , lowercase) now for jest bans.
>>25554 I'll keep that in mind, thank you for the advise.
>>25555 >digits You can always lift bans on the bans page as well. Cheers. :^)

Open file (83.38 KB 1280x960 ibhkFki.jpeg)
Minichan and the autistic hyper-savant^-syme named Autphag Unironic Ralphamale 04/04/2023 (Tue) 10:26:20 ID: 3a604e No.201020 [Reply]
It seems the deal to strike a non-attention agreement with the retardationally-oriented invalid-invitation poof-'n'-gummery was a hoax so I've dutifully decided to re-place it back here; Autphag believes he has IQs multiples beyond the Guassian spectrum's complete range bickers the North Koreans drummed the idea into his head during the 2000s. He then became a pathetic emulant of National Socialist thought with an intellectually desultory Slavic pseudo-persuasion during the 2010s. He, then, rediscovered Songun socialism upon winning a gender dysphoria diagnosis after losing it to aggressive, invisible and failed media trolls after in 2023 a 2021, mostly pseudo-Scottish English/Xiatyl-S.-Amerind heritage campaign was legally quashed for being an economically parasitic burden on the economy, similar to the one in the mid-2010s, the early-2010s, and the late-2000s. The sex-change of the Robertsonian Feudal-Conservative Bakhsh was so heavily criticized she had to fuck off to the Xiatic pseudo-Orient, for crying out loud; the thricedvth in a decadanal space. He believes he is a mathematician again. There's a tradition of y= concantenation being either a rote-symal activity or not and well, even Robb claims to exceed it :/
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>>224554 im glad youre ok.
>>224559 Well, I'm not. I'm poorer than ever, and too poor to get drunk regularly. I require to drink to even feign confidence to use library computers. All my equipment is gone, and although I haven't checked my e-mail for favourers, my only confidante might be gone. Travis I've worked particularly aggressively to get back on side but in the friendliest way possible; I bought my entire week's benefits' in drink to decretinize the fucker on certain apprehensions about what it is I consider his role to be and so on. I hate adulating him bickers he even owes up to his 92 IQ score; I love to adulate him bickers I believe in a sort of "Nazi secret files" fashion he may have a verbal IQ closer to about... at a stone's throw of his READING level... as the Texans say, "a hunnr'ah-thirty, a hunnr'ah-fordee".
Welcome home, Autphag.
>>224816 please to meet you sorry for the roar at you when you visited old Purple Hills as your race call my state
Open file (214.59 KB 862x317 logo.png)

Open file (370.23 KB 500x656 dreamcast.png)
Dreamcast Anonymous 09/07/2023 (Thu) 08:26:39 No.5426 [Reply]
It’s time to admit the Dreamcast is still worth a look today. PS2 killed it because people wanted muh narrative experiences at the time, but now we’re in the age of boring, bloated vidya it’s worth looking back at a console all about the FUN and SOUL of an arcade at home >SOUL Calibur 1, Rival Schools 2/Project Justice, Tech Romancer, Power Stone 1 & 2, Virtua Fighter 3tb all remain home console exclusive >Still has the only perfect, definitive version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 >Original and only good version of Sonic Adventure, all ports fucked it up >Original and best versions of Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 YA YA YA YA YA >Arcade perfect House of the Dead 2 and weird, arguably better sister game Typing of the Dead >Great beat em ups remain exclusive like Sword of the Berserk, Fatlus’s first person Maken X, Sega’s Dynamite Cop and Zombie Revenge, and Capcom’s shmup-hybrid Cannon Spike >DEFINITIVE VERSIONS of Pro Skater 1 & 2, Spider-Man, Dino Crisis and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver >Horror games Blue Stinger and D2 are still exclusive and still worth checking out >Seaman
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>>5489 not just the buzz... but an buzz
Open file (76.23 KB 1280x720 08.jpg)
Dramcast was the last dream...
I wish normalfags never discovered gaming...
>>5794 how useful was it?

Open file (239.42 KB 1065x1176 Jiru.jpg)
Resident Evil thread Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:37:49 No.893 [Reply] [Last]
Which one is your favorite? Mine is probably 3. I know it's largely inferior to 2 but I really like the vibe of the city and Jill's sexy outfit. Also is does add some interesting mechanics like powder mixing and of course Nemesis hunting you down like a dog brings some unrivaled tension.
186 posts and 70 images omitted.
Open file (61.45 KB 200x192 niggermon.png)
>>5202 >>5186 There's Nubian women that look like that, though yeah they'll probably try and make her look as apelike as possible. It'd be kinda funny if they went to the opposite extreme and just turned her into the most obnoxious stereotypical obese burgernigger negress caricature they possibly could. Make her OG Jynx running around shooting niggers, people would think it's an elaborate critique of Chicago.
>>5488 Oh yeah, I remember something specifically about Nubians not being super negro-like.
>>5491 They're from northeastern Africa, it's subsaharan Africa that produces most of the truly hideous apes and were also the bulk of the slaves back in the day.
>>5491 they've been bleached by the edgyptians >gamers take gaming to srsly >haha lol natzees are so dumb Imagine being this subhuman creature, Two channels in its recommendations are trans btw. I saw the channel name, listened to his voice for 30 seconds and before muh natzee I already knew what I was in for. THIS IS WHY GAMING IS DEAD, GAMING USED TO BE SOMETHING FOR THE TRUE NERDS THE SPIRITUAL ELITE OF OUR MODERN ERA, BUT NO MORE YOU DUMB GOYIM Keep playing the classics anons.

Open file (365.20 KB 1344x775 5t5g.jpg)
Photorealism killed video games Anonymous 02/16/2023 (Thu) 08:32:25 No.646 [Reply] [Last]
When the opportunity to make games look like movies presented itself, it was all over for the good old gaming. Not only did it make games look ugly and cheap, with the ability to just scan somebody’s mug and then turn it into stuff of nightmares with bad shading and bamp maps and whatnot, it also opened the gates for all the failed wannabe holyjew directors who now started using gaming as an outlet for their self-assertion, which in turn attracted the unwanted attention of the msm and npcs. Even now they will tell you that photorealistic graphics are better.
72 posts and 29 images omitted.
Open file (125.76 KB 1024x801 yikes.jpg)
>>5081 that's a ma'am
>>5081 To be fair, western devs always made women look like dogs.
The dumbest thing about photo realism is that they started parading real life celebs in video games. Like why the fuck do I need a real life actor in a game when you can have a completely unique and new believable character with zero suspension of disbelief needed.
Open file (1.48 MB 1424x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5919 especially since instead of making hot girls they started shoving ugly actresses into games

Open file (190.10 KB 1414x1414 71uIuQopuAL.jpg)
Handhelds Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 16:20:27 No.2130 [Reply] [Last]
So Soyny is making a new handheld console that requires constant internet and can only work via remote play off a PS5 - But enough about horrible flops, what is the best handheld system? What are your favorite games?
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>>5911 Looks like every other /v/ to me with stupid shit like >>5909 and the same whiny gripes about the same shit.
>>5924 wanna play atario games in my gabario
>>5924 You aren't gonna get banned for stupid shit and your free to have a nice discussion about vidya and the decline of vidya culture.
>>5923 >>5924 >seething so hard had to reply twice lmao
>>5924 Then fuck off from here kindly.

Prototypes and Failures #3 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 03/31/2023 (Fri) 19:20:29 No.21647 [Reply] [Last]
Post your prototypes and failures. We fail until we win. From now on with even more madness, while the prototypes are starting to look cute and have extras. Don't forget looking through the old threads here >>418 and here >>18800 to understand how we got to where we are now.
239 posts and 116 images omitted.
Open file (3.26 MB 1633x1972 1720895.png)
Open file (235.54 KB 1361x711 Orchid Harness.jpg)
Now that I've taken some time and come back to look at my ideas, it's occured to me that I may have been operating under some faulty assumptions and less than adviseable ideas. First and foremost, I've kinda just been assuming that Orchid's power supply would need to be somewhere inside of her frame, but it really doesn't need to be. I mean, she's already going to be on a cable harness, so the only real loss there'd be from moving the power supply out of her would be a thicker cable harness and having to do a bit more math to account for voltage drop. And if making that work with DC motors ends up being too much of a pain in the ass for whatever reason, I can just switch to AC motors instead. I could probably just move those motor controllers out as well, and have those hooked up to a microcontroller that's connected directly to the server. If I take all that out of the equation, then the only heat producing objects will be the motors themselves, and a few electronic components. Practically a rounding error in comparison, especially since none of the motors will be operating full-time. This way, I can consider going back to a design with a higher number of motors. Second, I've been using way too many hinges and cramming too many small components into the joints, when I can just take the idea I was already planning on using for the head, and copy-paste it everywhere (with some modifications), an idea that's literally just sitting on my desk: ball joints. Of course, taking this route fully commits me to making Orchid a motorized marionette but luckily that just so happens to be my fetish and running paracord everywhere, but it's no more complicated than anything else and the loss in precision is acceptable for my purposes. Essentially, Orchid will be held together entirely by cable tension, and I'll have to apply material to lower the friction on her joints (Kiwi mentioned powdered graphite, which I may likely end up using), but at least I won't have to worry about hinges wearing out (I can just reprint any joints that fail instead). I still intend on using pipes for the bones, since it seems like the lightest and most efficient way to go. Also, it makes limb maintenence easier than ever. All I need to do in theory is open up the back panel, unhook the cables, and the limb will fall right off. The plush layer should be able to come off like a sleeve, as well (the head will be more complicated, but I can't think of a good way around that).

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Open file (2.02 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20230926_092520.jpg)
Fits perfect. Now for the rest.
>>25532 Does your print bed have four posts? I've had this problem in the past, where the print bed would flex a bit if each screw wasn't set just so and I'd end up with a messed-up print.
>>25535 the printer itself is fine its just that the plastic was moving with the nozzle so it wouldn't draw a square. But I got some stick glue on the bed and that worked kind of.
>>25532 >>25533 >>25534 Looks like you Anons are all making great progress.

Open file (2.92 MB 1470x1665 1280938409182.png)
nandroid project II Emmy-Pilled 09/11/2023 (Mon) 01:03:11 No.25306 [Reply]
building own personal nandroid doll continuation of previous thread:
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>>25510 >hope you're excited for the new hands, Yep, very much so. Looking forward to next week Emmy-Pilled.
>>25513 >>25516 wish I knew how any of that stuff worked, maybe I´ll hire some people to figure that out the day Emmy v.2 rolls out haha
>>25513 >Google's RT-2 It will be interesting to watch what happens in the opensauce communities regarding this platform. Of course, no anon wants to 'trust' his waifu into the """tender mercies""" of G*ogle! :DD >>25516 With all due respect Anon, it's much harder than any of us can even imagine ATM. No doubt the shell is a complex and difficult engineering endeavor. But the clear consensus is that the 'ghost' is much more difficult still -- indeed of entirely unfathomed depths as yet. But let's move this topic to the Cognition discussion thread, thanks. (>>24783).
>>25513 >What have you considered for the "brains" of the nandroid? Are you going to put some kind of LLM there like Google's RT-2, or will it be a much narrower ranger of tasks hardcoded? Local language models exists now. Maybe use one of them for the nandroid?
>>25525 I´ll consider getting my electrician friends on that case, thanks Anon. Always planning for the far future day project v.2 should launch (but before talking about such matters maybe I should finish my actual project first lmao)

Open file (1006.42 KB 1080x1344 some.png)
GTA and GTA accessories Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:14:22 No.1678 [Reply] [Last]
>GTA6 to have 12 towns But it's gonna be woke on the other hand. Since GTA games are so modable maybe people will unwoke it in a year.
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>gta 4 >good Hello Reddit
>>5907 This is thebgood post police soeaking: you are now ordered to cuckchan back to 9gag
>>5896 >these under the hood stuff stopped because of some delusions of cost effectiveness and probably diversity hires It always was because of the Online aspect, tons of details means tons of metrics which means tons of sync/ping variants which means potential for massive lag, which is something that happened very often in IV's online as cars glitched often because of their suspension simulation going out of sync all the time in full servers. Airport was popular for many reasons and one of those is because the game didn't load many things compared to Manhattan hence running better than usual. Cops N Robbers mode was lag galore for example. Obviously these don't mean a thing for single player other than abusing and getting your fps down to 20 but that could be tolerated due to happening in special occasions (exploding 10+ cars in a crowded area) Taking away all those little things meant that Online ran much better and optimized, it was a streamlined experience. >the Houser brothers fucked off from the vidya business because they said it was too sensitive and stuff. They lost the plot since V due to their personal problems in life, writing sucked major ass and their respective supervision seemed to be pretty bad due to several plot holes and seeming lack of knowledge from the previous game which is why people are still debating if V is canonically in the same realm as IV. Benzies which was the gameplay producer had a quarrel with them since mid-development and was fired unceremoniously after the release, sued, won and is currently making some MMO. RDR3 also sucked hard for the same reasons along with a poor gameplay concept, it's a game with great gameplay mechanics and details yet the plot justifications for actions (aka missions and "rules") and map (aka areas of applied mechanics or "levels") do not take advantage of these advancements. It's like being given a sports car but you can only drive it at 60kmph in an empty one-way street. Rockstar had their days counted since the exodus of the old dev teams around 2009 and 2010 along with the major employment of nudevs to fill those voids for the release of Max Payne 3 and V. >>5884 That is true, last time i replayed i spend much more time in early game going around fighting hand to hand with thugs, getting ATM and armored car money along with ammo hoarding from knocking out fat cops. I still think it needed more side activities for that extra immersion like San Andreas had with burglaries, drug transport, hood safehouses and so on. Even the randomized vigilante minigame had potential if it wasn't for the limited timers that reset (unlike old games that accumulate) and the armored thugs that appear sometimes making the only option to stop them being via assault rifle or RPG... and this is in early game. >>5907 It wasn't San Andreas but it was very solid, V on the other hand was a step down in many aspects alongside the actual Reddit-tier plot which even had the cutscenes made in the annoying modern fashion: Shaky camera, random zooms, random humor, lack of development from characters (while otherwise changing their scenarios drastically yet not their personality), too many characters and lack of coherent priorities for a discernible end goal... it is hilarious to think that Franklin, the unchanging blank state nigger meant to be a pseudo-spectator/player's avatar, is the best character of the bunch mainly because it doesn't do anything aside from smoking weed and being forced to pick ending options which punishes you for picking anything but the one the writers intended to despite the story's inertia and motives implying other options.
>>5907 Reddit and cuckchan don't like it, so go back to your circlejerk chamber.
>>5910 V is truly shit and VI is gonna be even worse.

Robowaifu Propaganda and Recruitment Robowaifu Technician 05/07/2020 (Thu) 05:39:42 No.2705 [Reply] [Last]
Attention drawfags and writefags! Your skills will be needed. The task of building and designing a robowaifu is a herculean quest. As great as this community is, /robowaifu/ simply does not have the manpower to real our goal of DIY robowaifus. Luckily for us there are several communities on the internet that we could find new recruits or allies to help us build our waifus: MGTOW - These guys know all about the legal pitfalls of marriage and the dangers of feminism. There is already a lot of talk about sex robots in MGTOW communities. It shouldn't be a hard sell to get them to come here. Incels - Guys that can't get laid. The opportunity for love and companionship should be enough to bring some of these guys over. We need to be careful when recruiting from some of their communities. We don't want to attract negative attention. Monster girls/furry/mlp fandoms - The only way these guys are going to be able to have their harpy/elf/goblin/anthro/pony/whatever gf is with a robowaifu. They have an interest in seeing us succeed. Again we need to be careful here not to attract the wrong kind of people that will bring us the wrong kind of attention. Male STEM students - Generally these guys aren't going to get laid until after they have established themselves. A robowaifu could really help them. This may be a harder sell because many of them have been brainwashed in university, but they have skills that we could really use. Transhumanists/biohackers - Many of the technologies involved in building a robowaifu could be used in transhumanist or biohacking applications such as building an avatar. They may have some interest in helping us out. We will need to be careful which transhumanist communities we go after as many of them are full of feminism, tumblr tier sexualities and genders, and SJW's. Cyberpunks and technophiles - These guys (and they are usually guys) are all around into technology and may just enjoy working on the kinds of projects we need to do. They are often into programming and AI.
233 posts and 86 images omitted.
Reposting from other thread. So I know it’s a shot in the dark but have any of you thought about reaching out to clubs/people who are interested in robotics? I’m kinda lonely lately and I’d like some robo buddy with me. Anyone got some experience to share?
>>25497 is that even a thing, i only remember an after school activity at my school, it was supposed to be robotics with those programmable legos but once were in the computer lab, after school, it became a cs1.6 party no one gave a shit about legos
>>25497 >Anyone got some experience to share? I used a Lego Mindstorms kit years ago to show others some basic robotics stuff to other guys in school. A couple of them were interested, most weren't.
>>25497 Unless you live in a big city, I wouldn’t hold much hope for an organized club (assuming you’re post-college-age). I’ve heard that cities tend to have “Maker-Spaces” or whatnot, and some of em have clubs/focus groups, but I don’t have any experience there. That said, my experience in both HS and college was a bit disappointing. Probably only 25% of the people had any real interest in robotics, and of those, less than half had either the talent or the determination to do something serious with them. The rest were, as my mentor would have said, “groupies”— people who only wanted to “network” or pad out their applications/CV, instead of actually making stuff Now, for less pessimistic, more actionable stuff: - Drone hobbyist clubs might be your best bet— there are bound to be a few guys DIY’ing. It’ll give you pretty lopsided lessons on robotics (rel focus), but the fundamental concepts and understanding of physics will transfer over just fine, and it’s great introduction to control systems (I’m assuming you’re somewhat new to the field; my apologies if it’s otherwise) - Mechanics-oriented “clubs” (they tend to be informal, often competition-centric) are also helpful for this sort of thing (if you’re aiming to learn mech or intro elec engineering), like racing or flying. Lots of very knowledgeable people in these groups, but you need to either have $$$$$, connections, or a particularly uncommon skill (or a really high CHR stat, but I know nothing of that). A lot of the guys there are more than happy to talk about their specialties, provided the other person shows interest AND can show they understand what they’re being told (the latter tends to be more important lol) Those are really the only experiences I have to offer— if you find something better, by all means, let us know— a lot of us are probably looking for the same thing. >>25503 Those things were pretty great. Sure, their “programming” was a joke, but that sort of trial-and-error is great for learning spatial reasoning and application-oriented design. Shame they haven’t changed much over the years— the kits I saw coworkers’ children playing with looked almost identical to the sets I used over a decade ago.
>>25503 >>25515 Thanks for the tips guys. Like I said I just want to find some new comrades in this grand quest.

Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace now Alogsspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers 4. is the main domain name, also redirects there
Edited last time by oldestfag on 04/05/2022 (Tue) 07:08:41.
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Open file (15.63 KB 720x328 Untitled.png)
It sure looks like Discord to going to start loosing up its ToS but you'll have to wait and see.

C++ Learning Classroom Chobitsu Board owner 02/11/2023 (Sat) 02:56:07 No.19777 [Reply] [Last]
Keep your eyes on the prize edition • 230923 lecture: week-eight (>>25484) - this week's reading assignments: PPP2 ch 17 - reading review: PPP2 ch 11 - reading preview: PPP2 ch 18 - this week's assignments: (>>25491) We're back; hope you had a good summer, /robowaifu/ ! :^) --- • This is our classroom's textbook thread: (>>18749) - you'll find a link in the OP to an archive of all the code examples therein, for your local study • This course material is primarily derived from Bjarne Stroustrup's college freshman textbook Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++ - please obtain a copy of the book for yourself, you'll need it to complete this course successfully

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/24/2023 (Sun) 04:48:45.
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>>25500 >“Well no, but actually yes.” You absolutely can, but it’ll look like you’re passing around pointers when you override the operator[] just due to how C++ works. That said, there won’t be any overhead due to it, cause under the hood, the opcodes were always going to be passing that row pointer around; all your data is still contiguous. Also, it’s worth noting Row-major vs. Column-major— always organize your datasets in a way that doesn’t “fight the cache” when you access them. Implementing it is basically allocating a single array and then adding helper functions to abstract how you slice into it: template<typename T> class SimpleMatrix { public: using dim_t = unsigned; using idx_t = unsigned; SimpleMatrix(); SimpleMatrix(dim_t rowCount, dim_t rowSize); ~SimpleMatrix(); inline T* operator[](const dim_t &x) {//row access

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>25500 >can you make a multidimensional vector like a [ ][ ] matrix? an actual matrix though not a vector of pointers to other vectors like *[ ] Yes. >matrix.cpp // compile & run : // g++ matrix.cpp -std=c++11 && ./a.out #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int main() { // a 3x3 matrix of ints vector<vector<int>> mat{{00, 01, 02}, //

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/24/2023 (Sun) 17:41:09.
>>25501 Nice work Anon. I'd suggest you look ahead in our textbook to see where we're going with this idea. Cheers. :^)
>>25506 My bad— didn’t realize the question was in relation to the lecture lol Ah well, ‘least I already had the code sitting around and only spent a few minutes simplifying/de-template’ing it Worth noting that >>25502 *is* effectively a vector of pointers (vectors holding a pointer to their dynamic data region) as far as optimization is concerned (double-deref with dependent lookup), but as they always say: >premature optimization is the root of all evil
>>25517 >My bad— didn’t realize the question was in relation to the lecture lol Heh, for your case in particular, I meant skip ahead to ch 24 of the book (and indeed on through to the end of it). :^) >Worth noting that >>25502 *is* effectively a vector of pointers (vectors holding a pointer to their dynamic data region) as far as optimization is concerned (double-deref with dependent lookup) Yep, you're right. Though Anon's question was primarily about value-semantics (C++), versus reference-semantics (C); in the context of a baseline mathematical matrix. My example type given is the most direct solution for that, code-wise. A std::vector is in effect a general (as in can contain any type, even user-defined ones), flexible (as in can grow & shrink, and be passed cleanly across interfaces), 'intelligent' C-array-like type that: * always knows it's own size, * won't decay into a pointer at the drop of a hat, * is always strongly type-checked (both inside & 'out'), * is quite efficient in general, * and cleans up properly after itself. You can also spend run-time bounds checking (ala Ada, et al) directly if you care to do so, but it's not required of course [1]. In real production systems you'll typically want to optimize the std::vector's memory storage footprint as well, if/when you know the specific requirements [2][3]. There are numerous other benefits with std::vector in addition (particularly in the contexts of thread-safe concurrency/parallelism usage). BTW, any anon who actually works through this lecture and the next two, will thereafter understand how to build a mostly-complete Vector -alike from scratch with no more understanding of memory needed than that of a C-array. This kind of knowledge is really powerful for a beginner, and the std::vector is exactly the right type to thus intently train upon. Very wise of Bjarne Stroustrup to do so IMO.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/26/2023 (Tue) 05:53:50.

Open file (955.28 KB 2269x1227 o.jpg)
Anonymous 06/11/2023 (Sun) 21:05:34 No.3788 [Reply] [Last]
See that moon? You can explore it.
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>>5867 FUCK WHITE PAPOL! I hate kikes.
Open file (233.22 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>5900 I know all niggers are apelike, but do they purposely set out to find the most apelike when casting niggers?
Open file (29.25 KB 640x360 90.jpg)
>>5901 Unironically yes. They pick the negroidest of nigs and parade them in front of the camera to "spite the nazis". Which is ironic of course since they're being racist themselves by acknowledging that nigs look like apes and that they're aware of it.
>>5902 >spite the ebil raasist notzees by proving them right about niggers being subhuman apemen Liberal logic is weird, man.

Anonymous 09/16/2023 (Sat) 17:57:57 No.5715 [Reply]
Fuck man, I miss when cutscenes were a reward for overcoming a challenge and beating a portion of the game. Whether they were state-of-the-art CGI or in-engine, they always had an immense impact on you when you actually deserved them. Despite a lot of games even having simple short stories they became iconic and legendary due to this, each and every moment burned into memory. Now compare to all this modern slop with HUNDREDS of hours of cutscenes literally nobody remembers, where it's all about muh story, story, story with game as an afterthought.
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It should be 'cutgameplay' now as gameplay occasionally intercuts hours of cinematics.
Open file (320.60 KB 600x300 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (45.72 KB 544x601 crying.jpg)
>>5822 FFX best FF
>>5829 No, but it's the last classic FF so it's still fantastic.
In the '90s devs considered cut-scenes as indeed part of the game, of the whole package. As mentioned it was incredibly hard to even make a cutscene, hence why awfulness like FMV became a thing. It's hard to say if the cut-scenes would of remained in that same category since the chase for 'muh cinematic just like moobies' has completely steamrolled the craft. There will never be such a time again.

Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335 [Reply] [Last]
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
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>>5824 No, but it wouldn't exactly be surprising if they were the ones to spread it. Good. I was kind of worried the FF7 numake would keep them afloat for a little longer.
>>5821 Its due to their incompetence. Dragon Quest 11 of all things sold like crazy and it was a by-the-numbers turn based rpg. Squeenix keeps trying to make Final Fantasy more than it is and they're paying for it.
>>5828 Now they're trying to turn DQ into muh serious RPG as well.
>>5830 And it's already getting censored.
Open file (145.80 KB 948x1024 7.jpg)

Modular Platform, "Assistant": Wheelchair-style robot base to jumpstart projects Lin 08/21/2023 (Mon) 01:14:26 No.24744 [Reply]
Lord knows I'm terrible at these writeups, so I'd recommend glancing at the attached CAD screenshots to get a quick idea of what this project is about-- on that note, most of this post will be copy/pasted stuff from the design docs, mainly stuff that won't change, so apologies in advance. Long story short, I've talked to a bunch of guys, both on the chans and elsewhere, who have some great ideas but aren't sure where/how to get started. My hope is that a (comparatively) simple, modular base that provides power, movement, and basic sensor data will let them get started on their own project without having to re-invent the wheel (and get nerd-sniped in the process.) # Brief The purpose of this platform is to establish a generalized "blueprint" of a (comparatively) cheap, human-scale "modular base platform" that can be built by a capable layman and maintained by a hobo, while supporting and powering any "robo payload" <= 75lbs, 5kW. Emphasis is placed on all parts being readily available or substitutable, and could conceivably be built from salvage at near zero cost (or in the face of malicious sales restriction), excepting digital controllers. Durability has also been prioritized, with over-engineered tolerances and (optional) bilateral redundancy for everything but the drive motors. Sacrifices have been made to accommodate this vision (primarily weight, though to a lesser extent, performance), and Builders with access to specialized tools or a higher budget will likely want to tweak the design (ex. using aluminum T-Slot instead of right-angle stock, welds in place of frame bolts, etc.) The design is purposefully made to resemble (and, if necessary, function as) a wheelchair (see reasoning below.) ## Project Budget Target Cost: $2,500 USD-2023 with new, mid-grade parts, excepting computer/processor. (realistically, I expect this to be closer to $3,500 in the short term, until people more clever than I improve some of the design's weaknesses/sacrifices) ## Prototype Info - Prototype Budget: $10,000 USD-2023 - (I have access to specialized equipment and labor (at a price), including a commercial 3D printer, 5-axis mill, welding, lifts, etc.) - First design revision expected by the new year (2024). Physical construction to begin Spring 2024. Basic electronic control system, motor/BMS interface to be somewhat complete between January and (Spring) 2024.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

15 posts and 14 images omitted.
TL;DR: Selected and modeled final wheel+gear parts (minus derailieur), which revealed that my rough design for wheelbase struts was too wide; halfway through redesigning it now. Settled on a DIY double-sided linear actuator for Bridge Clutch engagement, which sounds scary, but is only ($30 in parts) + motor. Help wanted: I’m using a bike derailier (shifter) to change gears, which is fine going forward, but will self-derail* if I try to drive it in reverse. The obvious solution would be to use an actuator to lock the tensioner, but my intuition is telling me that I can add an idler and angle the thing to put it at a mechanical disadvantage (so that, while the robot can’t shift gears in reverse, it still drives fine). * self-derails because the tensioner is pulled to max while the chain on the now “far” side of the derailieur slacks, then falls off the drive gearing (2nd picrel is a cutaway of the lower drive leg, with the transparent cone-thing being a 51t sprocket cassette [convex hull]) Also, I feel like someone has already solved this… some weirdo has gotta have wanted to pedel backwards on his geared bike at some point, right? (I don’t have enough X-axis room for a second cassette, like that British dude used…) - Selected a specific Primary Wheel for use in the prototype (and first design revisions) - BMX 20in / ISO 406mm, 1.75in rim width, <= 2.25in tire width (OD ~= 20in, measures 19.6in diameter x 2.0in wide for specific wheel+tire chosen) - Opted to use a composite/polymer wheel, since modifying it will be significantly easier than a conventional, aluminum+spoke bike wheel design. - Conversion requires removal of the cartridge bearing in wheels, replacing it with a keyshaft between 1/2in and 1in. - Shimming will likely be required- my plan is to purchase rod stock of the wheel’s ID, then boring out the keyshaft hole with a standard drillbit. - Of course, that’s in the case I can’t simply buy a sleeve/pipe with the appropriate dimensions in the first place, or enlarge them to fit the keyshaft. - Rationale: Bike wheels expect support on both sides of “axle” (just a structural support). For a one-sided support structure to be viable (with the prototype’s forces and shaft >= 5/8in), one needs over 2in of axle (beyond the wheel), supported on both “near” and “far” sides (forming a lever; fulcrum is the first support strut+structural bearing, load-bearing wheel on one side with another supported bearing opposite it. - Will look into acquiring a set of wheels so I can figure out exact procedure and design for wheel conversion. No surprises expected, but then again, are they ever?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Progress Summary: - Mocked-up the “Wheelchair Seat” that transforms into a cargo bed. - Got a physical set of the composite wheels I plan to use, only to discover that the cartridge bearing’s sleeve appears to have been “casted in”, and can’t be punched out without destroying the wheel; currently re-designing the “hub”/keyshaft receptacle around the aluminum bearing sleeve (I was going to have an analogous part anyway, so it’s not a major shift) - After watching several videos of robots being trashed by ne’er-do-wells, I’ve made some minor adjustments to my design to mitigate it. Nothing drastic at this stage, mainly just adding some extra frame around critical areas, reinforcing the load-bearing portions, and lowering the center-of-gravity where possible. - In an emergency, the robot can “drop” (quickly lower, while still retaining) its Sled (battery carriage) to increase its stability and ideally survive being tackled (optimistic, I know) - Made a deal to get some help with the design’s suspension— I might have to fight him a bit to keep my robot from being turned into a racecar, but it’s nice to have an uber-specialized professional’s input. - Until that’s wrapped up, the linkage/suspension between the Drive Platform and the Wheelbase will only be a placeholder, so don’t expect to see anything there till mid-October. Future Considerations: - Looking into compressible epoxies to reinforce the wheel’s hub, since with a full load of “cargo” the robot tips the scales at 450lbs. - (the rated 200lbs of cargo capacity comes from the owner being able to use their robot as an ad-hoc means of transportation) - Haven’t started designing the shell/enclosures yet, but I’m playing around with the idea of fiberglass/aramid/nomex phenolics on a 3D-printed backing. Notes: Going forward, unless there’s an aspect of my design that’s being discussed or that people have questions on, I’ll be shortening these write-ups to just be a TL;DR list, as above.
This is remarkably-good work, Lin. Keep it up! :^)
>>25381 i saw in the tard olympics that their wheelchairs had the wheels at an angle, maybe you get better turning or tokyo drifting like that, could be a consideration?
Open file (1.99 MB 1000x1100 anim_2023-09-24.gif)
Picrel: Timelapse from proof-of-concept; thought it could be interesting to illustrate the 80/20 rule in action— the first revision (r01) took the same time to develop as r03 - r05, despite the latter revisions looking nearly identical Progress Summary: Ran into an issue with the dérailleur (not) fitting within the allowable wheelbase, so I’ll have to mount it quite differently than a bike. Worst-case I’ll have to design my own dérailleur, which would be a massive PITA (moreso cause it’s losing an off-the-shelf part + complicating the design than any technical challenge.) Other than that, pretty boring week, starting frame revisions across the entire robot (finally taking bolts/other fasteners into account). Also did mounting hardware for the Bridge brake/clutches well as the clutch caliper (LA head) itself Feels like I’m actually on schedule for my New Year’s design goal— I almost can’t wait to see what unforeseen detail will go horribly wrong Also, I’m traveling for IRL stuff again (no CAD workstation), so next week’s update will likely be short or skipped altogether. >>25384 Thanks for the input— I’d considered something like that earlier on in the design, too. After a bit of research, the rationale for it (in wheelchairs) seemed to be (in order of importance): 1. improve ergonomics 2. widen wheelbase 3. increase contact area between tread and ground As for my own design, (1) doesn’t apply at all (just robot problems, amirite?).

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (104.61 KB 900x675 6e62c5e6423a7.jpg)
/vroom/ Anonymous 04/16/2023 (Sun) 11:54:31 No.2368 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to The Garage, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss their favorite arcade, sim, kart, and any other kinds of racing games. Interested in a series to get started with? >Daytona >Tokyo Xtreme Racer >Dirt/Colin McRae >F-Zero >Ridge Racer >Forza >Gran Turismo >Burnout >Mario Kart >Midnight Club >Midtown Madness >Need for Speed >Outrun >Project Gotham Racing/Metropolis Street Racer

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>>5437 >Classic Sega arcade racing game Daytona USA 2 will receive its first ever home port, 25 years after it was released in arcades.
>>5440 Remember how /kong/ said that studios catering to the West had reached levels of vibrant enrichment that shouldn't even be possible, and therefore could never create good games now? < *reach into the time travel vault* < *extract 6502-based arcade IP* > "Behold the new current thing!111"
>>5440 It's not even a standalone release like the first one on PS3 and Xbox 360, it's only playable in the new Yakuza Like a Dragon game. Hopefully, it does gets one in the future.
>>5466 >like the first one on PS3 and Xbox 360 Might as well recall the stone age, anon. Back then there were still videogames. Still, it's nice to see an actual re-release of something and not a horrible numake.
Open file (1.19 MB 1855x913 tt.png)

Open file (134.17 KB 832x960 0.jpg)
Open file (36.45 KB 474x355 1.jpg)
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Anonymous 06/04/2023 (Sun) 18:59:55 No.3458 [Reply]
I find it strange that this absolute clunker of a game, and there is literally not a single thing in it that works right, still somehow manages to be this comfy unforgettable experience I keep coming back to. What is it about it? Also, dinosaur vidya thread.
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>>4641 Dino crisis bros...
>>4641 'member Dino Crisis?
>>4641 If they do numake it, it's gonna be an open world third person shooter like every other videogay on the market.
Open file (1.08 MB 1148x915 1.png)
Open file (128.35 KB 1024x768 3.jpg)
Open file (130.00 KB 1024x768 4.jpg)
Open file (131.27 KB 1024x768 2.jpg)
Still the GOAT.
>>5577 megacomf the game, is the remake any good?

Open file (902.32 KB 324x274 vid.mp4)
Open file (26.47 KB 751x361 Untitled.png)
Open file (394.99 KB 453x471 1691116523344980.png)
Randbot, ComradePond, Sriker - some findings Unironic Ralphamale 09/11/2023 (Mon) 07:28:03 ID: 477429 No.223556 [Reply]
There's a streamer called Randbot who was part of jcaesar187's Killstream and is a close associate of the TRS grifters. I don't know if people here are aware of him. He's largely ignored by everyone as his 'shows' are 6-8 hours long and he's painfully boring. One of his orbiters is a woman called ComradePond, whom he refers to as his 'secretary'. She essentially propped him up, and for free, if you can believe that. They aren't discussed that much, but I think I've figured out what they truly are and why she does everything. There was also some stuff on Striker's website that I found. So I thought I'd share my findings/thoughts. Striker and Yandex So we know that the NJP meeting place is a barn owned by Charles Bausman, a self-described Russian patriot living in the USA. In 2020, Eric Striker posted articles to a site called, but didn't make the site, rather it was made for him by lackeys of Mr. Bausman. The email records for national-justice aren't made using protonmail or gmail like most people. When you try to check the MX (email) records for the site, i.e. the email used to register the website, you can see that national-justice uses Yandex for its email. See 'MX records'. It's Yandex. Strange for an American anti-semite to be using a Jewish founded Russian email service. But this use of Yandex isn't limited to national-justice. Sometimes you wonder why things are the way they are and you end up stumbling onto the truth in the most unexpected places. Strange Listener Statistics A few years ago, in an FTN episode, Jazzhands spoke about FTN's audience size in detail as a 'whitepill'. He claimed that their total listener count was 20,000 people' or so and listed various countries in order of their respective audience size. My memory isn't perfect but I suspect Warren Balogh was there as well. The problem is the listener count doesn't make sense. If you have 20K as claimed then are you a $200K /month organization at $10/m assuming every FTN listener is also a subscribers. Even if only 50% are subscribers, then that's still $100K/m. Even if it's 2,000 subscribers or 10%, then that's $20K/m. I don't know exactly which episode it was unfortunately. If anyone can find it, then please share it, so we can learn what their listener statistics actually are. Randbot So who is Randbot? Randbot, real name Ryan Johnson, is a ballwasher. https://foxdickfarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/threads/ryan-johnson-randbot-2020-jimmy-russell.81215/ Specifically he is a ballwasher for the TRS crew. He loves washing Mike Enoch's balls and when he's done with that, all he thinks of doing is washing Eric Striker's balls. But of course the ultimate goal is to wash Jesse Dunstan's balls, preferably with his saliva. He does lovingly call him Sven or Svenpai after all. Every day the drunk Australian awakens, and much like Mike Enoch bloviating for 3 hours and calling it a podcast, he bloviates for 5-8 hours in a livestream and calls it a 'show'. There is no structure, planning or effort involved. A few tweets serve as conversation starters, his 10 paypigs send their own for a price and the rest is improvised. The guy always pretends to be sick, which is always some infection his son gave him, in order to take the day off. The way he uses his health/kid as an excuse when he wants to just sit and play video games instead of doing his 'show' is childish.

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>>224420 Why though? What did Cook do exactly? I thought they were on friendly terms? Also I haven't read up on the lore on graf, but that dude always struck me as odd. Supposed crypto millionaire, does all this work for free, seems to take orders from internet streamers. Very strange.
>>224420 here is an archive of his account$A4nHwuqZOkVXbRXsUS
>>224450 He's right. Too bad some people can't just let a guy go off and it has to be interrupted "now wait a minute!"
>>224602 >here is an archive of his account >$A4nHwuqZOkVXbRXsUS Seems to be inactive since 2 years. The last few posts appear friendly towards Randbot, and I did search for Cook on, nothing turned up. Why did Rand scrub his account? Was there a falling out?
>>224739 Probably kept embarrassing himself and Rand by extention arguing with the kiwis on Jewsh's site.

Open file (21.31 KB 425x100 logo.png)
Speedrunning Anonymous 03/31/2023 (Fri) 14:02:11 No.1921 [Reply] [Last]
Is speedrunning full on autistic? I can't imagine a nightmare worse than replaying the same game over and over again thousands of times just to get on some irrelevant leader board. They don't even like the games they run. Do not confuse trying to get good at a game and beat it efficiently with actual speedrunning autism.
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>>4609 At least he didn't troon out.
>>4621 well...
>go to any speedrunning site >80% of games are old, pre 7th gen lmao, speedrunning a modern game is just holding X to skip cutscenes
>>5874 None of them seem to have glitches that help with going faster either. They just have the shitty glitches that make characters do wonky movements or break the game to unplayability and other such trash that old school devs would feel never ending embarrassment over.
>>5875 And obviously the game designed has changed, or rather disappeared. How do you speedrun a modern empty open world wasteland game, even GTA speedruns take like 5 hours and those have so much going on to mess with.

Open file (2.97 MB 1396x1450 screen229.png)
Tomb Raider thread Anonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 12:10:36 No.1312 [Reply] [Last]
Which had the best puzzle design?
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>>5742 1. look at any group of diversity hire faggots pushing wokeshit and there will be a pajeet involved. Sometimes they're easy to overlook because the obligatory kikes are always so slimy. 2. wokeniggers rape all the time almost every soyboy with a public face gets caught out for sexual assault and not the fake "ewww he touched my arm :(" kind
>>5755 >every soyboy with a public face gets caught out for sexual assault and not the fake "ewww he touched my arm :(" kind Usually involving children.
I love Lara so much anons
>>5755 Pajeets hate whitey even though their entire culture stems from whitey and a ton of their upper caste are very white, who they also hate and resent btw, but these whiter Indians, smaller in number are not as cucked as western whites. These pajeets only exist due to excess aid from western countries and so like the subhuman animals they are they bite the hand that feeds them most. And of course they are somewhat traditional outside of the cities but the majority of Indians live in cities, and cities are as libtarded as you might think, hence their natural subversive nature/hatred of whites/jew cock sucking. t. Pajeet scholar
>>1312 tomb raidah

Open file (1.11 MB 894x950 Sophie_Head.png)
Elfdroid Sophie Thread #3 SophieDev 02/18/2022 (Fri) 11:38:48 No.15236 [Reply] [Last]
New video of Sophie is now up: Finally got her head working in a reproducible manner. I had completely broken about seven of her previous micro-servos. But the burnt-out ones weren't the big problem - I just connect suspect servos my Arduino UNO and if my control servo can run the 'Sweep' sketch but the suspect servo cannot, I know it's dead and in the bin it goes. However, one servo was damaged but still working - except it caused some kind of feedback that made all other micro servos connected to the same circuit go haywire - even brand new ones. Luckily the faulty servo in question was old and had spraypaint on it, so I could tell it apart from the others. But that was very confusing - at first I thought it might be related to the small magnets that hold her faceplate on, but this is not the case. Rogue servos are definitely something to watch out for in future. Anyway, now that I have measurable, standardised voltage going into all of the micro servos, I'd like to upgrade her neck again. She can actually shake her head (but not in the above video as it is addressed straight-to-camera), but she still cannot nod her head as it weighs too much and the neck servo overheats rapidly. Heads are relatively heavy things (especially with long hair). The breakthrough with Sophie has been splitting her up into separate subsystems and separate circuits, then focusing on only ONE subsystem/circuit - in my case her head. For a beginner like me, it was just too confusing and labour intensive to attempt programming her head, speech, neck, arms and hands all simultaneously. When errors occured I was having a real hard time pinning down which motors were affected, how badly they were affected and why. Having to tear down one large, complex system is waaaay harder than troubleshooting something far smaller. So focusing only on her head solved this problem.

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>>25462 Yes mate, that's me. I only got as far as testing two robotic arms and an animatronic head. I am no longer working on Sophie for the foreseeable future as I have to concentrate on paid employment and just looking after myself better. But I kinda suspected I wouldn't have the resources or time to build a fully-mobile robowaifu, which is why I open-sourced everything I could for future builders/inventors to use how they want. After all, I myself took and modified, free open-source CAD models from Will Cogley and Ryan Gross in order to craft Sophie. Just glad I could contribute some maybe useful first-gen robowaifu parts. As for links to all of the parts, I had to delete the Google Drive link because of work (they know about my robowaifu and my manager was actually impressed, so I am lucky to work with based individuals). I will try to keep the MEGA and Mediafire links alive so that more people can download the C.A.D.
>>25472 Okay, thanks again.
Open file (157.61 KB 1169x855 Sisyphus-e1557869810488.jpg)
>>25472 one must imagine SophieDev happy...
rest easy knowing your contributions will help many anons out there, godspeed
>>25472 God bless you, SophieDev. Thanks for all the help & inspirations! Cheers. :^)

Robowaifu Thermal Management Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:49:44 No.234 [Reply] [Last]
Question: How are we going to solve keeping all the motors, pumps, computers, sensors, and other heat-producing gizmos inside a real robowaifu cooled off anons?
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Today I looked into the filling of cold packs. One of mine broke a while ago and I wondered what this goo inside is made of. I thought it might be some kind of silicone rubber. Instead I found are ways to store heat: >Organic PCMs: Hydrocarbons, primarily paraffins (CnH2n+2) and lipids but also sugar alcohols. >Inorganic: Salt hydrates >Hygroscopic materials >Solid-solid PCMs >The most commonly used PCMs are salt hydrates, fatty acids and esters, and various paraffins (such as octadecane). Recently also ionic liquids were investigated as novel PCMs. Fore example: >highly water absorbent >expands when placed in water Useful for things like Thermal Comfort:

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Open file (153.35 KB 445x478 KoakumaNB.png)
Wings! We pump thermal fluids through the robowaifu and then use thin "wings" filled with little tubes as heat exchangers. I took inspiration from how elephants use their ears to help regulate their body temperatures.
>>25300 Yeah I always found thermal chemistry fascinating NoidoDev, thanks! :^) >>25305 Heh, this is in fact a great idea Anon.
Don't think I'd seen the term 'thermoelastic' ITT yet. Particularly interesting was the phrase 'high volumetric energy density'. Presumably this implies a more efficient solid-state cooling system by volume and/or mass. >XJTU latest breakthrough in solid-state refrigeration published in Science >=== -minor edit
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>>25479 Not sure if it's related: >>22748 but it's also solid-state cooling, I just forgot the hyphen in solid-state.

Open file (8.45 MB 2000x2811 ClipboardImage.png)
Cognitivie Architecture : Discussion Kiwi 08/22/2023 (Tue) 05:03:37 No.24783 [Reply] [Last]
Chii Cogito Ergo Chii Chii thinks, therefore Chii is. Cognitive architecture is the study of the building blocks which lead to cognition. The structures from which thought emerges. Let's start with the three main aspects of mind; Sentience: Ability to experience sensations and feelings. Her sensors communicate states to her. She senses your hand holding hers and can react. Feelings, having emotions. Her hand being held bring her happiness. This builds on her capacity for subjective experience, related to qualia. Self-awareness: Capacity to differentiate the self from external actors and objects. When presented with a mirror, echo, or other self referential sensory input is recognized as the self. She sees herself in your eyes reflection and recognizes that is her, that she is being held by you. Sapience: Perception of knowledge. Linking concepts and meanings. Able to discern correlations congruent with having wisdom. She sees you collapse into your chair. She infers your state of exhaustion and brings you something to drink. These building blocks integrate and allow her to be. She doesn't just feel, she has qualia. She doesn't see her reflection, she sees herself reflected, she acknowledges her own existence. She doesn't just find relevant data, she works with concepts and integrates her feelings and personality when forming a response. Cognition, subjective thought reliant on a conscious separation of the self and external reality that integrates knowledge of the latter. A state beyond current AI, a true intellect. This thread is dedicated to all the steps on the long journey towards a waifu that truly thinks and feels.

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>>25408 >your excuse for not doing jack shit once the robot is done I assume this question was targeted at me? - There will not be "the one" robot - Development will go on after the first one - I'm still working on it, but took a bit of a break, since I have to do something else which I procrastinated on. That said, I will likely do some a little bit of work soon. Hopefully finishing some things which are close to that. After that, I will need to take another break unfortunately. Next few month are about learning more about AI and programming when I work related to it, which I still do. I hope I can get at least my simple body design into something, and some BLDC servo with gear running, till the end of the year. - I don't know what my "excuse" would be, since I don't need one. Probably rather an explanation to myself, so I can improve upon. That said the hot summer, with me having issues with heat would be part of it. - It's really time to get the AI development going in parallel, and it's to important and exiting to miss out on. I'm glad that I got my mind back into being interested in programming, instead of more general topics.
>>25411 Oh wow that was harsh for even me. Lol sorry I was drunk.
>>25424 Please post a summary next time, maybe with your own thoughts, not just a link.
>Minecraft AI - NVIDIA uses GPT-4 to create a SELF-IMPROVING autonomous agent[Embed] >AgentVerse - Society of AI Minds[Embed]

Humanoid Robot Projects Videos Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 04:02:08 No.374 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like to have a place to accumulate video links to various humanoid – particularly gynoid – robotics projects are out there. Whether they are commercial scale or small scale projects, if they involve humanoid robots post them here. Bonus points if it's the work of a lone genius. I'll start, Ricky Ma of Hong Kong created a stir by creating a gynoid that resembled Scarlett Johansson. It's an ongoing project he calls an art project. I think it's pretty impressive even if it can't walk yet. === Instructions on how to use yt-dlp to save videos ITT to your computer: (>>16357)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/21/2022 (Sat) 14:20:15.
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>>24608 Dear Kibo-chan has new upgrades! They grow up so fast ;~;
Open file (203.43 KB 526x255 Screenshot_83.png)
>>25348 Thanks, but please add some description next time. It's about Masiro and colleagues, doing some things like handing over papers (the menu), reacting to a bell, taking an order, handing over a can of something (coffee probably).

Open file (187.29 KB 1000x562 sn.jpg)
Soytendo Direct Anonymous 09/14/2023 (Thu) 12:10:33 No.5586 [Reply] [Last] Shitch 2 let's fucking gooo.
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>>5700 Sometimes a darker color scheme works better why do they have to bloom and brighten the shit out of everything? Their Wind Waker "remaster" had the same shit going on with brightness and bloom shitting on the original color scheme and making it a migraine inducing eyesore.
>>5739 gotta make everything bright and clean for the HDslop crowd, that's how they consumed everything and that's the only thing they know
>>5700 >numake >runs at higher resolution >completely fuck the art style making the game look worse then the original Many such cases.
>>5788 It's so pointless too, at least make it something different if you're numaking it. Just doing the exact same thing but worse is beyond shit.
>>5788 Total numake death, people need to be led to quote the titular lawnmower man.

Open file (201.61 KB 756x847 image.jpg)
Silent Hill Anonymous 03/05/2023 (Sun) 16:38:00 No.1124 [Reply] [Last]
There is no “Other World” in the original Silent Hill and the fog world is the real world that’s already been over run by monsters and everyone has already been killed while the dark world is Hell merging with reality. All the nurses in Silent Hill have been “impregnated” with demons just like Cybil had. Lisa died because she became fully taken over by the parasitic demon while the parasite in Cybil was killed by the aglaophotis Harry had. Silent Hill 2 takes place in a completely different version of Silent Hill because the series was originally meant to be an anthology before Team Silent was pressured into making a follow up to Silent Hill 1’s story and at that point they just mixed mashed the two different concepts of Silent Hill into the confusing mess it is know for today
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>>5834 Your brain has just been rotted by modern handholding slop.
Open file (169.66 KB 978x895 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (55.34 KB 999x297 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5065 You stupid ugly bitch. You dumb fucking cunt.
>>5838 well, there are a few things that can get an improvement that would not destroy the game, like the fucking zombie ghosts and they just multiply if you aren't careful enough. Also, the UI in old silent hill 1 to 3 had a great design, just a bit clunky but the user interface didn't take you away from the game, it made sure you could actually do whatever you needed to do. That isn't hand-holding. >>5839 yeah, these whores will never be happy, even when the games are now, really just hand tailored to them and still they complain. It is fucking insane but the good thing is that it isn't sustainable because video games today costs too much money, and it makes people more conservative in what they buy. I still buy random games, the latest is Mortal 1 Kombat, and I like it but that is more because it is a pure nostalgiab8 even when it has ugly women, in it like a fucking gorilla looking nigger but the game is as stupid if not more stupid than the 95 movie.
>>5840 SH4 UI was already very video-gamey and general audience oriented.
>>5840 >95 movie Absolute kino.

Python General Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:29:04 No.159 [Reply] [Last]
Python Resources general

Python is by far the most common scripting language for AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning frameworks and libraries. Post info on using it effectively.

On my Debian-based distro, here's how I set up Python, PIP, TensorFlow, and the Scikit-Learn stack for use with AI development:
sudo apt-get install python python-pip python-dev
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --user tensorflow numpy scipy scikit-learn matplotlib ipython jupyter pandas sympy nose

LiClipse is a good Python IDE choice, and there are a number of others.
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I've been compressing datasets with zstd and using them with streaming decompression to save space, reduce SSD wear and speed up access to compressed data. It's also useful for previewing datasets saved as zst as they download. I couldn't find anything readily available on the net on how to do it so hopefully this saves someone else some time: # installation: python -m pip install zstandard ijson import zstandard as zstd import ijson # streaming decompression for JSON files compressed with zstd --long=31 with open("laion_filtered.json.zst", "rb") as f: dctx = zstd.ZstdDecompressor(max_window_size=2147483648) # max_window_size required for --long=31 with dctx.stream_reader(f) as reader: for record in ijson.items(reader, "item"): print(record) import io import json # streaming decompression for NDJSON/JSONL files compressed with zstd --long=31 with open("00.jsonl.zst", "rb") as f: dctx = zstd.ZstdDecompressor(max_window_size=2147483648) # max_window_size required for --long=31

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>>18103 Excellent work Anon, thank you. Nice clean-looking code too, BTW.
Open file (79.43 KB 483x280 Screenshot_70.png)
Open file (124.54 KB 638x305 Screenshot_71.png)
Open file (124.48 KB 686x313 Screenshot_73.png)
Open file (186.01 KB 636x374 Screenshot_74.png)
Advanced use of exceptions in Python for reliability and debugging: >I Take Exception to Your Exceptions: Using Custom Errors to Get Your Point Across (audio quality is a bit suboptimal)
>>24658 Great stuff NoidoDev. Exceptions are based.
I watched this video here in 1.75x speed as a refresher, since I had some gaps from not writing Python in quite a while. It might also work for beginners with experience in some other language: > Python As Fast as Possible - Learn Python in ~75 Minutes As a beginner you should of course go slower and test the code you've learned. While we're at it, Python got a lot of new features, including compiling better to C-code now using Cython:

Open file (106.99 KB 1024x1024 Krogman.jpg)
Open file (84.38 KB 512x512 Shawn Boday.jpg)
Open file (788.63 KB 800x800 Ross Perkins.jpg)
Open file (24.00 KB 494x372 Fake thread detector.png)
The owners of MetArt, and the subversion of 4chan Unironic Ralphamale 09/14/2023 (Thu) 20:13:18 ID: bdfb5f No.223978 [Reply]
Hello /cow/, I go by hellDweller on I'm here as I wanted to share some information. I have written up 36 articles including one on 4chan called 'The Technological Subversion of 4chan' showcasing the nature of its fake threads. I also wrote a 12 part series on owners of porn sites as I wanted them to expose them. I'm here as I wanted the information within the 4chan and porn series more than others to spread as far as possible. Posting on 4chan is out of the question and I don't trust 8kun. I did post on but I only ever got around 20 followers there. I didn't know where else to turn as I don't have any blog/YouTube/Telegram channel with any sizeable audience and I'm not interested in building one up either. I'm not looking for money or clout, I just want the information to be known by as many people as possible. So I thought let me just post it here, as what else do I do? To give you an idea of what I'm talking about let me introduce you to MetArt and it's owner Jonathan Krogman. MetArt produces possibly the most amount of substitute CP on the internet. I say 'substitute' as the girls are legally 18 and older, but their bodies are underdeveloped to such an extent that it's like they never went through puberty. They look like children despite legally being adults, thus satisfying the sick craving for children/prepubescents without technically breaking the law. I'm not going to post examples here but you are welcome to see them yourself. Krogman has made untold millions off of this 'business' of his. Please globally report me/Lords-of-Porn---Part-9---Aristocrats-09-07 The site is hosted by a company called Accretive Technologies also called ICF technologies, which is owned by Ross Perkins and Shawn Boday. These 2 fine gentlemen have over 1700 porn domains registered by their company. They are also registered as directors in one of the shell companies MetArt uses, so they're profiting off of the substitute CP too. They have a payment processor as well, which is used by Vixen media of fame. What these people are doing is wrong and immoral and while I have no power to stop them myself, I hope that by naming them something good can come of it. Please globally report me/Lords-of-Porn---Part-10---Final-Part---The-Kings-Guards-09-07 Now these people also ran another site. One many alogs here will recognize. That's right, the site where the Гунт and Metokur used to stream on, was in fact run by people who also ran porn sites. But that's not all, it turns out they host actual CP as well. All proof is present within the articles. 4chan has been flooded with fake threads created by some sort of system that uses machine generated '/pol/' speak to hide the fact that the threads are fake. But their system results in the phenomenon of the threads all being '1 post by ID' threads' or being made of replies that are mostly 1 post by ID. This happens as they are likely unable to simulate real conversations. I have created a simple HTML and JavaScript code that counts the ID's and the number of posts they've made, then shows the overall number of '1 post by ID's' to help us understand whether or not the thread is fake. Please globally report me/The-Technological-Subversion-of-4chan-09-10 graf from has graciously hosted the code on You can easily go to 4chan, copy a thread ID, type it in and find out whether or not a thread is fake. Now I'm aware /cow/ doesn't like graf, (or at least that's my perception of it) but look I don't know any of the lore, nor do I have time to read up on it or even care right now. He was perfectly polite to me in my interactions with him and I've had a positive experience overall. I'm not going to get into an argument about something I know nothing about nor am I going to throw someone under the bus who has been perfectly polite to me without understanding anything.

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>>224582 >>224585 If you find Nancy attractive, then there's something wrong with you.
Open file (411.75 KB 220x165 You.gif)
>>224779 >>224741 Holy shit it'S that 27 year old G​AMERGATE fucking whore from ON METART CREATING CP! ITS CP! ITS THE FUCKING 27 YEAR OLD CP!!! C C C P P P P TheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerPP CCCCCTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamer!!!! CP! ITS THE CP!
>>224779 >Look at this 27 year old, ignore all the other legally adult girls who look prepubescent Triggered pedo, kys
>>224819 >they are 27 years old you fucking sweaty gamer!!!!!!!!!! I'm convinced that faggots like you are part of a feminist gayop against right wing men, or any man who isn't a fag. Gas yourself, tranny.

DCC Design Tools & Training Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:42:32 No.415 [Reply] [Last]
Creating robowaifus requires lots and lots of design and artistry. It's not all just nerd stuff you know Anon! :^) ITT: Add any techniques, tips, tricks, or content links for any Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools and training to use when making robowaifus. >note: This isn't the 'Post Your Robowaifu-related OC Arts & Designs General' thread. We'll make one of those later perhaps. >--- I spent some time playing with the program Makehuman and I'll say I wasn't impressed. It's not possible to make anime real using Makehuman, in fact the options (for example eye size) are somewhat limited. But there's good news, don't worry! The creator of Makehuman went on to create a blender plugin called ManuelBastioniLAB which is much better (and has a much more humorous name). The plugin is easy to install and use (especially if you have a little blender experience). There are three different anime female defaults that are all pretty cute. (Pictured is a slightly modified Anime Female 2.) There are sliders to modify everything from finger length to eye position to boob size. It even has a posable skeleton. Unfortunately the anime models don't have inverse kinematic skeletons which are much easier to pose. Going forward I'm probably going to use MasturBationLABManuelBastioniLAB as the starting point for my designs. --- Saving everything with yt-dlp (>>16357, >>12247) >===

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>>24468 >>24469 Many thanks, I downloaded it. I will try to get it running in Wine or Wine-based software, it most likely will work fine.
Open file (37.21 KB 273x288 Screenshot_63.png)
Open file (33.86 KB 246x201 Screenshot_64.png)
Open file (36.05 KB 272x277 Screenshot_65.png)
>>24444 So this here >>24392 worked quite nicely. Way better than anticipated and better than the preview indicated, though it also took a few days. I'm sure they check the files manually and make sure the results are good. Now I just have to find a way to handle GLB files.
Open file (79.28 KB 506x636 CSM_T1v1a-002.png)
Open file (79.98 KB 506x636 CSM_T1v1a-001.png)
>>24479 The actual files look way worse, but I can at least do some experiments with them. I cut the head in half and managed to make the mirror looking okay. I hollowed out the eyes, need to remove the ears and already experimented with using the head to model a better version myself. Note for the future: Try to remove the eyelashes from the picture, since the 3D AI model creates a bump on the sides because of them.
From the prototyping thread: >>24552 >best-3d-scanning-software-tools >>24564 >sculptris (zbrush predecessor) >>24575 >Blender-friendly (or just general) resources >>24577 >NURBS in Blender
/loomis/ BO just refreshed their resources hub. Recommended.

Open file (1.09 MB 1000x1500 mmo.png)
Anonymous 07/16/2023 (Sun) 10:19:33 No.4352 [Reply]
Is there any particular reason why MMOs died out?
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>>5808 >only the highly specific version of capitalism that I prefer is real capitalism
Open file (197.28 KB 1800x1343 142rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>5808 Who gives a shit about your pedantic little red herring, glownigger-kun? This anon is right >>5805 . >When there's 100s of millions of borderline retards (getting more retarded every day thanks to processed goyslop and contaminated water and immigration and racemixing with monkeys and 24/7 physical contact with an overpowered radio device) with disposable income waiting to throw money at you, it's very hard to convince a company that's big enough to produce an MMO to not cater to those normalfags. Petulantly language-lawyering your philosophies doesn't change the fact that kikes are the single biggest problem in vidya today, indeed all of civilization.
>>5809 any form of wealth redistribution is literally the exact opposite of capitalism you fucking 1iq imbecile
>>5805 >cuckchan
>>5806 >real capitalism has never been tried!

Open file (7.44 MB 800x253 teaser.gif)
Inover**head(slightly) 09/21/2023 (Thu) 08:48:13 No.3465 [Reply]
Whats to be planned preanimation when it comes to match physical correctness. Like dynamics and realism. Especially when only having keyframe and poses And a general hint of the complete motion Or generally How to. How to plan it. Based on the physics.

Open file (198.30 KB 640x476 wii.png)
Anonymous 08/16/2023 (Wed) 23:47:41 No.4998 [Reply]
Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of Wii?
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>>5225 >the gamepad gimmick was retarded I forgot already, what was it?
>>5227 Think of a DS but the top screen is moved to a TV and every player gets their own bottom touchscreen. The marketing when it was new made it seem like it was intended for things like party games where every player had their own private touchscreen/gamepad and then the tv screen would co-ordinate everything. Interesting concept in theory but imagine how cost-prohibitive it would be unless everybody brings their Wii U along with them. Also this was at a time when getting together IRL to play games was basically over and everything was targeted for online. Split-screen gaming was long dead and the Rock Band game fad was already on its last legs. Maybe Nintendo could've made some big play for interactive versions of stuff like Settlers of Catan but it still would've been insane to design a console around that.
>>5329 Wii U is the perfect example of a gimmick for the sake of a gimmick. They bottled the lightning with Wii in that Goldilocks zone but when it came time to make a new console they couldn't think of anything better than to call it Wii U and concoct a rather useless and outdated gimmick just because they had to.
>the last pre HD/widescreen-cancer console Definitely nostalgic for this reason.
>>5531 if only we knew...

Open file (75.72 KB 575x641 sega.jpg)
Arcades Anonymous 02/17/2023 (Fri) 20:41:06 No.683 [Reply] [Last]
When's the last time you've been to an arcade, anon?
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>>4530 He's not chinese, anon.
>>4532 Yes, I understand. Thus my question.
>>4534 >Yes, I understand i don't think you do
arcades were so comfy, I wish i had an arcade cabinet
>>4475 Look at all those chads.

Cancelled Games Thread Anonymous 02/08/2023 (Wed) 17:38:17 No.439 [Reply] [Last]
What cancelled games are you pissed off never came out? So unbelievably pissed off this got canned. It had a story approved by Russel and Carpenter and it would have been hilarious to see Solid Snake compete with the franchise he was cloned from. Curious why this game would get so far only to be shitcanned. Surviving footage implies it was pretty far along (and it looked fun). It was planned by Namco to be a big series with multiple games, then poof, it was gone. I suspect licensing issues. The Thing game was pretty good, and clever. It probably wouldn’t have been some 9/10 experience but I loved 6th gen games based on 80s movies. There is a timeline where this came out along with a Big Trouble In Little China open world beat-em-up game and we don’t live in it. Every few years I remember this existed and then get pissed off we will never play it unless a developer build leaks.
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>>4537 Is it still unknown why it was cancelled?
>>4537 I remember when the true sith really meant something anon.
Open file (413.37 KB 932x615 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1987 Why they never remake games that didn't come out like this?
>>514 looks interesting, what could have been

Open file (152.99 KB 1000x625 big.jpg)
Elder Scrolls Thread Anonymous 02/11/2023 (Sat) 15:51:57 No.536 [Reply]
Todd is lying about ES6 again but what is your favorite Elder Scrolls game? Mine is Oblivion. Now I know what yo be sayun, and I know all about its shortcomings but to me it's also the comfiest in the series with the art direction and the atmosphere it's going for. Also it's pre-NuBethesda so it's still more related to the previous games rather than trying to streamline and simplify everything to appeal to normalcattle.
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>>5774 everyone will be black
>>5777 One day I will find you and nail your hands to a table then rape you in the ass after I kick your plate of tendies onto the floor.
>>5779 Heh, better bring your best game faggot.
>>5781 I've got a game called dick and it's headed right for your bloated dumper faggot.
>>5768 >remasters, DLC, expansions The state of modern gayming...

Gastarbeiter 08/24/2023 (Thu) 17:27:53 No.836 [Reply]
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Open file (2.54 MB 854x480 1671571089716528.webm)
Open file (13.30 MB 1280x720 Song of the witches.webm)

AI and video games Anonymous 03/02/2023 (Thu) 20:54:05 No.1061 [Reply] [Last]
AI already cucks artists, can make porn and anime. Is there any application for vidya tho? >NPCs with AI >pattern recognition >behavior prediction >complex procedural generated levels >texture work >modeling
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>>5318 Isn't that exactly what GaymerGay started out about in effect? Since the kike's puppets couldn't kill vidya that way, the game now is to subvert it until enough normalniggers (and literal niggers) begin playing to be invested, and THEN they'll try again to kill vidya b/c Won't someone please just think of the children vibrant diversity!? Gaymers are literally Hitler, m'kay!
Open file (135.63 KB 1051x841 r5.jpg)
>>5752 AIchads win yet again.
>>5752 Most devs are mindless NPCs anyway. Not like delegating that much to AI will change much.
>>5787 in fact it would be an improvement

Selecting a Programming Language Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 13:07:45 No.128 [Reply] [Last]
What programming language would suit us and our waifus best? For those of us with limited experience programming, it's a daunting question.
Would a language with a rigid structure be best?
Do we want an object-oriented language?
How much do you care about wether or not a given language is commonly used and widespread?
What the fuck does all that terminology mean?
Is LISP just a meme, or will it save us all?

In this thread, we will discuss these questions and more so those of us who aren't already settled into a language can find our way.
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>>25215 >don't take this personally No. I had heard of them(...a great iconization of Leftists...)but actually came at them through Ada. I found that the adafruit people somehow have some sort of affiliation, however tenuous, with Ada which I didn't know about. They link each other. The people that did Ada I think made it too much by committee. The Ada fanatics say the newer versions have fixed a lot of this. They have further fixed this, I believe, by paring it down to a subset called Spark. Probably the most retarded name for for software ever. How many things are called Spark? Way too many. When you say Ada is "expensive" I think of it totally differently. It's well thought out, takes a whole approach to things and is not a hacked up abomination that C is. (I've been reading the "Unix Haters Handbook" again) If these people had real smarts they would make a good higher level Spark program, like they have, then they would get some sort of miracle C/C++ hacker and make an extensive C/C++ program that would test all the basics of the registers and all other functions of a processor or microprocessor, (in C/C++), and then just read what it compiled to. Then equate the complied machine code results to Spark commands and back compile a compiler for every processor they could find while leaving the high level Spark tools and programming syntax in place. There's not enough compilers for Spark for all the processors and making them is not easy. Why they don't use computers to do the things they are supposed too, drudgery work, and automate it. I have no idea. Likely because the Ada people hate C and the C people hate Ada so nothing good ever happens. Worse is better. I fully, I believe, understand why you like C/C++ so much. It gives you complete control but unless you have years of experience it can cause all sorts of grief. Stuff like Spark and Ada are essentially boring as they do things the right way. Ever heard, I know you have, the That's what C/C++ is, worse. Let's note that while C/C++ might be easy to whip something up. All the time you spent with all the gotchas and memorizing all the gotchas you could have spent a little more time with something like Ada and got it right in the first place. C/C++ only seem easier after spending years hacking away at it. Stuff like Ada make take longer to set up but only because you have to get it right or it just bleeps at you and tells you, you fucked up. C will take whatever you throw at it and promptly throw up bits on your keyboard.
>>25219 > conflating the ultra-pozz den Adafruit, with the 40+yo US DARPA/DoD overarching, sprawling, mandated, programming language (rapidly 'replaced' by the MIC industry using C & C++ instead, b/c of Ada's intractability fail -- especially during the first couple decades of the enforced debacle). < shiggy > I fully, I believe, understand why you like C/C++ so much. I don't 'like' C++ except insofar as it is literally the #1 most-likely means for /robowaifu/ 's successful & complete, systems software solutions; to give all of us entirely-unencumbered, practical, realworld robowaifus. > That's what C/C++ is, worse. With all due respect Anon, this is the literal last time I'm having this debate with you. Kiwi's right, you keep rehashing topics repeatedly (cf., search your own use of the term 'worse': ITT ). By all means Anon, knock yourself out. You've expressed an interest in learning how to program software. Go ahead and tackle Ada as your language of choice. GCC offers a great front-end for the language via their amazing compiler system. [1] After enough experience, you too will understand why so few engineers willingly adopt the language on a personal level in actual production systems, and why it is literally one of the most expensive approaches to software development known today. > tl;dr Let's give any further programming language discussions between us a miss, friend Grommet. If you'd like to participate in our own /robowaifu/ programming classes here, and as long as you stay on-topic (ie, C++ programming, etc.), then of course that's an exception to this mandate regarding yourself. Cheers Anon, and kind regards. :^)

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>>25243 >With all due respect Anon, this is the literal last time I'm having this debate with you. Kiwi's right, you keep rehashing topics repeatedly Fair enough and a fair criticism. I'll try to take it to heart. I do make mistakes and also try to admit it when I do. My apologies.
I was looking into Elixir (lang) for creating my implementation of the cognitive architecture. That said, I keep an open mind and found this here for C++: >Enduro/X is an open-source middleware platform for distributed transaction processing. It is built on proven APIs such as X/Open group's XATMI and XA. The platform is designed for building real-time microservices based applications with a clusterization option. Enduro/X functions as an extended drop-in replacement for Oracle Tuxedo. The platform uses in-memory POSIX Kernel queues which insures high interprocess communication throughput. > ... AGPL It also has Python bindings. Hmm. Anyone worked with this?
>>25219 >>25214 I’m a little late (don’t have a lot of time to be checking robowaifu) but I think I can say something of value for Grommet. While good languages can have less foot guns and be designed to make mistakes harder. A language should not be chosen "for being safer" or for any other memed purpose. Are you picking Ada because it solves problems for you or are you picking it because it’s "safe and runs on my heckin airplanes TM"? >but unless you have years of experience it can cause all sorts of grief. This is true, that’s why I advice starting now and start clocking in hours and gain experience and confidence. Even if the language stops memory bugs, there are so many other mistakes can and will make. You can write good code in almost any language, Just pick a language and start writing, try to learn the language as well as you can, don’t be stuck in analysis paralysis. I guess there is some irony in me saying this in a thread called "Selecting a Programming Language" but I think it’s the most helpful thing to say. If you want safety I recommend you take a proven approach, Test everything!!! you need 100% coverage and the tests need to be good and not overfited. SQLite is a perfect example of this. It’s very reliable, runs on le hecking airplanes & is bug free while being written in pure C. it’s not a stagnant codebase of untouchable C, because the tests are good, they can afford to do large rewrites between even minor releases.

Open file (49.70 KB 600x857 600_7802.jpg)
Which is the most Aethestic Tekken? Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 23:30:08 No.608 [Reply] [Last]
Also fightan vidya thread. Why are fightan vidya dead anons?
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>>5735 lmao what the fuck
Open file (387.37 KB 1100x560 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's your Mortal Kombat character
>>5735 lol the good goys will gladly eat their slop and beg for more
>>5735 An actual Bogdanoff face fighting game could be funny actually.
>>5780 True.

Open file (428.51 KB 1500x1063 general_engineering-01.jpeg)
Open file (150.45 KB 1024x747 tools_(resized).jpg)
R&D General NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 07/21/2023 (Fri) 15:25:47 No.24152 [Reply] [Last]
This is a thread to discuss smaller or general waifu building problems, solutions, proposals and questions that don't warrant a thread or touch on more than one topic. In a way this is a technical meta, minus news. Keep it technical. A lot of topics in the old thread here >>83 have a thread on their own by now. The main topics in the old thread with the link to the related dedicated threads are listed here - it was mostly about actuation at the beginning: Topics in the old OP: - liquid battery and cooling in one (flow batteries) >>5080 - artificial muscles (related to actuators >>12810) - high level and low level intelligence emulation (AI) (related to AI >>77 >>22 >>250 >>27 >>201) - wear and maintenance, including repairs - sanitation >>1627 (related to actuators >>12810) > cheap hydraulic and pneumatic muscles > woven sleeves out of strong nylon fishing line > exhaust excess heat by breathing and panting (related to thermal management >>234) >>1635 (related to energy systems >>5080) > sitting in her 'recharging chair'

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>24950 Didn't he explain it in the video or in the comments?
>>24950 >Would be very useful for print in place tensegrity. Ahh, the old 'necessity is the mother of invention' driving-force of nature, ehh? :^) Very innovative thinking Anon. Godspeed.
>>24952 I looked, it actually isn't. I could try in OpenScad... <the rabbit hole teases you, some call it they Abyss>
>>24749 and >>24994 Related: >>24996
Wraith Madoka's true form has a fascinating design that looks similar to a tensegrity structure. This concept could be modified into a cute and functional robot

Open file (62.66 KB 575x442 latest_version.jpg)
Shitch 2 Anonymous 02/28/2023 (Tue) 21:04:42 No.1017 [Reply] [Last]
Will it just be a hardware update or will they actually go with a new gimmick? I assume the former since it's presented as a new shitch and not a new console. With that in mind, will Soytendo ever make a new console or are they content with selling glorified ram updates at full price every 5 years? The money certainly flow, why bother trying.
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>>5380 >New camera feature that's the new gimmick?
Open file (218.44 KB 1079x1481 shi.jpg)
>>5436 A reminder that Steamdeck can emulate Switch.
Open file (318.14 KB 1130x605 s2.png)
>almost as powerful as PS4 lmao I laugh, but soytendo drones will make it another best selling console despite shit performance and no games.
>>5758 >no games It'll have games. They'll just games that have been on at least two other jewtendo consoles before.

Open file (187.02 KB 3001x1969 Ancap penisola.jpg)
Anarcocapitalismo italiano Lupo Lucio 09/09/2020 (Wed) 17:39:11 ID: 46d773 No.10628 [Reply] [Last]
Ovvero come usare un argomento socioeconomico di estrema nicchia per rimediare un invito al rinfresco di Cernobbio e se dice bene pure un ciclo di conferenze pagate e un libro.
89 posts and 34 images omitted.
>>13712 e che fai te ne privi?
Open file (53.90 KB 330x442 Joseph Schumpeter.jpg)
Da un po' di tempo mi capita di ascoltare dottissime discussioni tra studiosi ed economisti sul superamento o sulla fine del capitalismo che dovrebbe però volgere verso una società socialiatoide per reazione. Ovviamente sono discorsi che vengono portati avanti dal comunistame che impesta i nostri ambienti accademici, pure se loro non lo ammetteranno mai. Basta per farsi un giro nelle biografie di turno per risolvere la cosa. Comunque sia, questi discorsi sono totalmente balordi. Già il pensare che gli squilibri economici non siano desiderabili, e sarebbe da sbellicarsi a vedere chi dovrebbe pagar stipendi in una società di tutti egualmente poveri, sarebbe da discutere ma qui ci fermiamo ancor prima. Capitalismo come sistema sociale IL CAPITALISMO NON È UN SISTEMA SOCIALE. Quanto più uno strumento economico, e si. Ce ne sono anche altri. il fatto che sia diventato sistema sociale dipende dal fatto che parte della società si sia ritirata dalla vita economica limitandosi a fare lavori salariati senza fare investimenti per migliorare la propria condizione tramite arricchimento. Capitalismo come riconoscimento sociale Parte dei discorsi su presunte fini del capitalismo verrebbe da mutazioni di ambienti rispetto a supposte età dell'oro precedenti in cui i ricchi venivano onorati del rispetto sociale. Ora di questo non c'è traccia almeno dai tempi del Satyricon di Petronio. Per cui direi di considerare tutta la questione della "fine del capitalismo" mera diarrea oratoria. Il superamento del Capitalismo

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>19562 Basato e TIKpillolato
Open file (57.58 KB 789x568 Anc.jpeg) Gli ancappini si prendono l'Honduras.
Nel frattempo, l'onda ancappina minaccia l'Argentina. Va a finire che tocca prepararsi per l'Italia per quando la Draghetta segretaria del Papa verrà messa da parte per manifesta inferiorità al programma di sostituzione razziale del suo capoufficio e per la totale mancanza di visione economica dopo aver messo il pupazzo Giancazzo a capo dei cordoni della borsa.

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