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Open file (221.18 KB 706x1024 muh tomes.jpg)
Request Thread Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 14:06:28 No.7
Looking for something in particular? Ask away!
Does anyone have bronze age mindset or books about programming in Forth?
Having been using ggl translate for years, I can tell you it's become really accurate for standard non fiction writing. Fiction is a bit more difficult (due to homonyms, metaphors, and such), but it's still understandable in the end, especially for such standard languages as English and Spanish.
Otherwise you have freelance website like upwork where you can pay someone to make an accurate translation for crucial stuff like a resume for instance.
Does anyone have any good books on creating fonts?
I have six Forth books now.
Requesting Mike Mentzer's book
Hard to Be a God.
I'd been on a bit of a commie sci-fi kick.
Looking for some pdfs on the OODA loop some anon posted on masonchan a year ago.
There is an epub of BAM but I can't upload it here. If you can't find it I'll put it on MEGA.
>If you can't find it I'll put it on MEGA.
I cannot find it. That is why I asked for it. Please upload.
Requesting MYFAROG 3.0, or alternatively, any of Varg's books in general.
I've got a "the c programming language 2nd edition" pdf but the god damned kindle cuts off the bottom, anyone got a decent mobi format that doenst switch up resolutions a bunch and doesnt have shit formatting?
holy fuck never mind I checked libgen as mentioned by >>40 and the first good link I clicked after a decent search was a good mobi
nice, I even got nice epub copies of mein kamph, imperium and ride the tiger and used kindlegen to convert them into mobi, very nice and thanks again for the assist absent as it may be
Anybody have a pdf of The Secret of the She-Bear? Nothing shows up on LibGen or Pirate Bay.
Requesting You Gentiles, by Maurice Samuels.
Anyone have an e-text or scan of Professor Mmaa's Lecture?
All the print copies I can find are like 20bux.
The accelerate manifesto is in this...
Open file (132.77 KB 510x758 Apocalypse Culture.jpeg)
I'm looking for this sequel. I already have the first one.
Does anyone have a copy of Julian Langness' Identity Rising?
Start reading a basic spanish grammar book.
You can upload it here, maybe someone can help you. I can translate you the abstract if you upload it.
Is this board actually more like a /lit/ and sharing board combined? I'd like a board to discuss shit I've read but I'm not sure if it's relevant. The /pdf/ name kinda suggest to most that it's a deadboard for link storage.
same here
I'll wait a bit for an answer and if not I guess request a board probably not with the name /lit/ though, it tends to attract faggots. No point doing it if this board already covers actually discussing books though.
I'm looking for a PDF of The City of God and the Jewish Century
>>117 >>118 Much obliged.
/r/ Glazial Kosmologie
Requesting Judith Martin's Miss Manners Minds Your Business and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's War Within and Without, thanks
Any based German bro here? Requesting Fischer Lexikon Vol 13 (Völkerkunde). Looking for Fischer Lexikon series for a long time. Don't expect anyone kind enough to share all the volumes.
>>142 And volume 15 too kindly.
Open file (824.61 KB 1500x1000 1427170832178.jpg)
The Coming Caesars (1957) by Amaury de Riencourt (preferably the more recent edition, the one with the letter from a Pakistani official) The American Empire (1968) by Amaury de Riencourt Air Power: Key to Survival (1950) by Alexander P. de Seversky America: Too Young to Die! (1961) by Alexander P. de Seversky
>>7 requesting A History of Venice by John Julius Norwich
I am looking for a website to download or read books online, in wanted to get back into books like zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance but I am so busy and am never home I want to read on my phone. Is there a good site or service that won't take both my lungs and then sum for reading?
Open file (50.00 KB 650x1029 h5.jpg)
Open file (315.18 KB 480x742 fgd4.jpeg)
REQUEST Peter Sieferle: Epochenwechsel Alexander Dugin: Ethnos and socity
Open file (54.10 KB 317x475 54273.jpg)
Open file (508.13 KB 1500x2304 81Czm95lQIL.jpg)
I would like to request those two books if possible.
Does anyone have 'It Then' by Danielle Collobert?
Does anybody have "silently"? mentioned by gavin de Becker on JRE #1800
>>256 Got an author to go with the title of the book?
Open file (128.14 KB 1400x2093 image_proxy.jpg)
>>257 TIFU you can listen to joe roagan experience on 3.5x
I have never came across an pdf Guénonian Esoterism & Christian Mystery by Jean Borella, actually they had to change republish with another name: Christ the Original Mystery
>>259 this is a dead board

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