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Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571
Post them webms
What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable.
>>2664 I like this meme t. spent the past few weekends playing through KOTOR II again
>>2664 >What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable. If you can't read them, neither can spammers :^)
>>582 God I loved that show. I miss Peter Cullen's voice.
Open file (1.38 MB 980x420 Tilotny.webm)
Open file (1.62 MB 590x1278 baste voice actor.mp4)
Anyone got that "You Found Something" horror vid?
>>3029 Can you be more descriptive?
>>2664 >He is a Sith Lords.
Open file (2.87 MB 800x600 NotTheYounglings.webm)
Open file (9.45 MB 640x360 trany.webm)
Open file (11.49 MB 1280x720 1370065099713486849.mp4)
>Aided by an analysis of over 1M tweets&1K YouTube videos, this is the full story of alt-right radicalization in the Star Wars fandom. From designated white supremacist hate groups to YouTubers, this is how hate attacked the Star Wars sequel trilogy
If you want to see the whole shitshow, here https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=V7LhwO0EGi4
Open file (18.68 MB 640x360 ships only.webm)
Anyone got the sound effect of a Star destroyer exiting hyperspace?
>bad batch >should be fun >empire bad! >killing clones I just wanted more clone wars episodes.
>using strong independent unironically The normalfags are so easy to fool.
>>4584 >when you look at rey on the force awakens, she's a female lead 👏
>>4584 Disgusting faggot
Open file (16.07 MB 640x360 Feloni Bullshit 1.webm)
>>4584 Here is the full thing. >He didn't create Ahsoka Did he ever made something in his life? Or did he stole everything from more talented people like a fucking kike?
Open file (15.72 MB 640x360 Feloni bullshit 2.webm)
How can someone lie and say so much bullshit?
>>4598 That's his entire career. Why people are so insistent on defending this hack is baffling.
>I'm a good goy so I won't protest that you stole from my work >Please hire me, Kikes The absolute state of e-whores.
Open file (17.35 MB 640x480 Star Wars Detours.webm)
Open file (16.33 MB 960x540 detours.webm)
Open file (18.13 MB 640x360 SWD.webm)
Does anyone have that video where the narrator recites the sith code over various clips of sith doing what they're best at? Or can you atleast tell me where to find it? It looked like it was part of a longer video, perhaps a fan film I don't know about but I never found out what it's called.
>>4655 Nevermind, found it. The uploader on jewtube is called DuduFilm. I already had him but somehow managed to look at every single video except the one I was actually looking for.
Open file (46.26 KB 306x513 1450989989049.jpg)
>>4667 >Nigger builds shits for blond master I don't see the problem.
True (((fans.)))
>>5010 Wouldn't the ship get destroy in hyperspace and return to normal space in pieces?
Open file (615.74 KB 1368x912 IMG_6329.jpg)
The absolute madman in Aberdeen, WA.
>>5020 Blessed pic.
>>5020 https://nitter.42l.fr/Dataracer117/status/1423567579805732864#m >Transgender City Council member harasses a Star Wars shop owner over a sign in his store. >This was a planned attack by a radical city council member on an elderly small business owner.
Open file (85.97 KB 720x799 65446532121.jpg)
>>5020 RIP they are going to burndown his store tomorrow in a protest.
Were moving https://anon.cafe/sw/res/571.html#q5020 continue this convo there

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