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Unironic Ralphamale 04/28/2023 (Fri) 15:11:10 ID: 25859c No.204629
Emojitroon is very active on 4chan, beside being a gay in other boards he's shilling tvch while larping as Yakuza That fucking faggot has been shilling troons for like 5 years on /pol/ what the fuck is wrong with him
Open file (394.58 KB 224x224 1557689396301.gif)
>>231013 nah, im enjoying 4chan way more
>>231014 You may as well use Reddit at that point. Just pull the plug and end it, m80
>>231015 $chan is way better than this site (that orbits some roastie podcast) or tvch also im a mod on gif so
Open file (2.54 MB 576x1024 1697615158965504.webm)
Open file (1.88 MB 1220x1080 1697585477608573.webm)
Open file (2.34 MB 576x1024 1697249994211920.webm)
Open file (2.80 MB 1920x1080 1697158970207770.webm)
Open file (2.16 MB 640x360 1696745438032031.webm)
>>231084 >we Go back
Open file (1.52 MB 1576x1080 1699001391555-3.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 1576x1080 1699001391555-4.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 1576x1080 1699001391555-2.png)
Open file (1.65 MB 1520x1040 1699001391555-0.png)
Open file (1.81 MB 1576x1080 1699001391555-1.png)
>>231086 Where ?
>>231087 you'll think of something
Open file (505.56 KB 652x708 1698966677083.png)
Open file (526.10 KB 686x371 1698968743320.png)
Open file (227.00 KB 1080x1080 1698831601746412.jpg)
Open file (2.26 MB 3840x2880 1698616274366768.jpg)
Open file (66.68 KB 706x534 1698754949271803.jpg)
>>231088 4chan /fr/ .
>>231086 >>231088 >Ogre discord buddy is seething this hard lmao sunset yourself
Open file (2.78 MB 720x1280 1699091075024053.webm)
Open file (2.95 MB 1334x750 1699087685867843.webm)
Open file (346.00 KB 593x700 1699086508546333.png)
Open file (367.67 KB 640x926 1699090889913927.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 990x1455 1699087213338018.png)
>>231148 This is all you can do emojileaf
Open file (2.52 MB 960x520 1699140967114778.webm)
>>231277 you have lost your soul tabarnak it's over for u
Open file (1.10 MB 250x250 1699104517282192.gif)
Open file (859.12 KB 972x852 1699096792597381.webm)
Open file (2.62 MB 960x1704 1699096979301081.webm)
Open file (3.73 MB 720x1272 1699070588933317.webm)
Open file (3.95 MB 1080x1080 1699093902938308.webm)
>>231452 Tvch is dead bickers of you. We are all on 4chan /sp/ /heem/ now
>>231487 Yet you still come post here. Curious...
>>231487 >>231494 Hey hey hey, tv's not dead. You've got that one guy that switches i.d's every other post. He's still there. You've got...Gahoole? He's a poster. I heard he's....uhhh...something. There's tarrantdup and Yakuza...weakload posts there sometimes with Sneed...the dyke and the tranny still post there, that's always fun to deal with...I mean lots of posters. Very popular site I heard. You've got memes that are very...interesting and certainly help retain posters, and the friendly dynamics between anons using the site is so delightful and warm, who wouldn't want to post there? Anyways the reason you guys post here is bickers you want attention and you aren't getting it there bickers all the good posters left about two years ago geebus chrust it's been that long. Covid did a number on my perception of time wow. so yeah, have fun posting on tvch, you guys really shaped that place up top notch. Really inteteresting to see where you go from here.
>>231546 >cope >replying at all Where's the lie?
Open file (5.14 MB 600x480 Autistc.webm)
Open file (5.49 MB 480x376 Herr4.webm)
>>231506 >>231546 >>231547 I don't use tvch anymore, u guys should come to 4chan, it's way better than both these shitter sites
>>231555 go back to 4tranny G​AMERGATE
>>231571 You'll dream about me
Open file (64.15 KB 220x165 tenor-2393751079.gif)
Open file (3.88 MB 1920x1080 1698980729577902.webm)
Open file (3.69 MB 1280x720 reaction face.webm)
Open file (2.71 MB 1280x720 1699046918316283.webm)
Open file (3.85 MB 1280x720 1699004348896734.webm)
Open file (2.74 MB 350x460 1699549722561952.gif)
Emojitroon is spamming avril lavigne ai porn now...
Open file (1.39 MB 1280x720 1688012828860417.webm)
Open file (4.21 MB 448x336 1698980414644118.webm)
Open file (2.27 MB 720x402 1699049046220463.webm)
Open file (2.95 MB 1920x1080 1699211712699297.webm)
Open file (3.81 MB 1280x720 1699302164846347.webm)
>>232108 I won
Open file (2.04 MB 720x900 1699525104434073.webm)
Open file (728.20 KB 1074x880 1699526194692256.webm)
Open file (2.77 MB 672x720 1699526371479397.webm)
Open file (3.91 MB 1080x1920 1699526465805356.webm)
Open file (1.47 MB 1920x1080 1699500334753231.webm)
>>232156 What the fuck is that final webm ?
>>232625 i'm tired to miss kino thread
>>232156 No you didnt disgusting pedoG​AMERGATE
Open file (87.38 KB 640x960 1699730281076566.jpg)
Open file (127.56 KB 1000x1000 1699730213266149.jpg)
Open file (279.26 KB 1440x1799 1699730356251327.jpg)
Open file (665.52 KB 2240x3360 1699729983643907.jpg)
>>232646 i'm tired to miss kino thread from emojileaf. Picture emojileaf is spamming on /int/.
Open file (5.95 MB 660x1050 1699755737619.webm)
Open file (2.79 MB 800x770 1699761584975438.webm)
Open file (3.90 MB 1280x720 1699762490507937.webm)
Open file (3.86 MB 480x600 1699721098689439.webm)
Open file (2.89 MB 640x1080 1699753495087574.webm)
Open file (8.50 MB 900x450 1677553161915.mp4)
Open file (12.76 MB 1280x720 1677556414026.mp4)
>>232650 I got banned for that thread >>232646 You'll dream about me
Both Yakuza and Emojitroon deserve to be killed with one single shot. Even Gahoole and Nuzach agree in that matter.
>>232713 Gahoole is just mad i turned his sister into a tranny
>>232737 Emojitroon, >we know! You have an obsession for trannies and wishes to be one, >we get it!
>>232745 So does Paedohoole sister son.
Open file (792.45 KB 973x1200 1698614229725561.gif)
>>232737 Based Emojitroon You are the real Joker
>>232745 Nah i was always a femsexual sir, get educated
>>232713 Huh? I thought Nuzach, Yakuza, and Emojitroon were all on the same team?
Open file (4.60 MB 1280x720 1699899931672321.webm)
>>232873 no, emojitroon is zoomer canadian yakuza is sweaty gamer morrocan french mutt nuzach is some old retard from 8chan put that in ur pipe and smoke it
>>232903 I like Yakuza and Emojitroon. K? Thanks.
Open file (3.78 MB 640x800 1700121782976303.webm)
Open file (2.94 MB 1280x720 1700083606249276.webm)
Open file (3.85 MB 720x960 1700028584653405.webm)
Open file (992.46 KB 576x1024 1699396349744212.webm)
Open file (1.06 MB 576x768 1699799493902395.webm)
>>233024 Emoji banned from /int/ again.. Anyone else notice more male porn stars who normally only do straight porn switch to banging transexuals? I don't mind bickers they are much better than the faggots who normally fuck them, but its always a shock when I see it. Here is Alex Jones and his glorious cock fucking Emma Rose. Nacho vidal fuck trans too now...
>>233081 imagine nacho vs lanita hot in her prime
Open file (1.93 MB 1080x1080 TXvyh3MMCvG9.mp4)
>>233346 lanita hot sophiaalatinaa anna_loperxx my current top 3
Yakuza is spamming cp again on wikibeat and pretending to be emojitroon doing that. Can this boomer arab just kill himself already?
Open file (1.20 MB 720x1280 1700582283525802.webm)
>>233713 he wants to fuck the kid version of himself, he's a lost cause, eternal emojitroon victory
>>233853 Emoji is protected on alog space now ?
Open file (18.89 MB 2958x3696 Ashley.webm)
fuck emoji

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