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Open file (652.38 KB 1595x892 Daniel Stevens.png)
Poast Pedophile Network / PPN / poa.st / Daniel Stevens AlishaSmith##el3Ick 05/25/2023 (Thu) 16:26:58 ID: c28a2b No.209571
The Poast sweaty gamer network (PPN) was created by noted anti twitter user, ex 4tran janitor, and alleged crypto milionaire, anime graf mays, to host wyatt after he got banned on twitter. Wyatt used to be a fixture on the old TRS forums, and Graf on twitter tread in similar areas as a TRS clout and social media addict named borzoi. Borzoi, bootstrapped his way up the TRS clout ladder, hosted several shows, and used his lit degree to impress the TRS audience so much that he was able to get an exceeding amount of clout. Over time, borzoi began to resent twitter b/c he kept getting banned, which got in the way of his dopamine, so he grew to resent twitter. When graf started poast, borzoi shilled it on TRS really hard, meaning poast's early userbase was 1/2 RW anti twitter people, and 1/2 people who knew borzoi/were TRS people. The latter group would morph into what we call podcast race today. TRS would bring poast staples like DK (noted telegram cocks farmer, borzoi ass kisser, and white nationalist buddhist), Randbot (Sven worshipper and the person in all of this most of you are the most familiar with), Alex McNabb (noted mutant, hater of poor white people, and father of a heroin baby IIRC) and Sven. Well things were pretty good for awhile, albeit NJP/TRS would occasionally get into fights with non-supporters, culminating in a series of hellthreads prior to and when TheTheGatorGamerGamer joined poast (the 4th jimpact of TRS for the record). These would leave key moobment figures like Sven and borzoi dissillusioned with fediverse, with borzoi involved in nosegate Read about the nosegate here: https://wideboys.org/Battle_of_the_Bulging_Nose Overtime Borzoi's endless spergery slowly gains more enemies on fedi, many of whom he terms "mad-at-podcasts-race, calling something xrace being a joke from one of his podcasts. The logical response, podcast race, becomes the term de-jour for his ball fanners. Eventually the stress of "hellthreading" and having people tell you they don't like your cocks gets to Sven, who calls everyone on poast a sweaty gamer and quits (iirc, its covered in this thread), which causes Graf to unban the nose emoji, call sven and co jews and causes borzoi to private and then delete his fedi public presence. This caused the first of several major rifts in the podcast race community, the founding of mugicha (a poast refugee instance), and randbot being in an awkward situation between the two e-dads who enable his grift (sven and graft).
>>209785 This was the same attack done to Chudbuds however. All of the alogs went to that site since Poast is a far more useless shit hole for cocks
>>209606 graffy soprano
Internet moderators are slam dunking pussy by the minute, how did that reality shift happen? >>209800
Somebody post the brush, that was the best part of this leak
>>209789 >This was the same attack done to Chudbuds however no it wasnt
>>209810 It's on her insta and not even the best there, The see through dildo is nectar.
n o t h i n g b u r g e r
post more of ocean's tits
Open file (47.98 KB 400x184 ocean redux.jpg)
Open file (273.88 KB 582x1872 872675574330.png)
>the federated social media didn't account for replicating malware between sites >this level of sophistication and i would not have ever expected it a) provide MIME restrictions on your embedded media b) restrict what you are replicating to allowed extensions
Open file (499.71 KB 1568x2210 ralph.jpg)
>>209789 >This was the same attack done to Chudbuds however. No it wasn't. Chudbuds got hacked bickers the Clairbre was tricked in to running a loaded minecraft mod. Poast got hacked by some backhat-for-hire EsoShaggy and jcaesar187 found. Total Alog Death.
>>210129 Glad that essofaggy also facedoxxxed himself a true paypig thru and thru, the hours of gaytor DMs make this all the worth it.
>>209630 Well he is the corrupting force behind the internets slow death, a faggy goon in a pretend anon's skin.
Open file (46.09 KB 190x190 ralph.png)
>>210129 >Quits drinking >uses money saved to hire a hacker >Gets done in 1 week what others couldn't do in years >Alawgs exposed as pedo's >Anime's seething and can't do shit about it Total jcaesar187amale victory. KF better watch out when they come back online.
Open file (406.77 KB 490x702 ralph_tate.png)
>>210156 Once lent rolls around again next year, he'll be rolling up to twitter HQ in his Bugatti to sign the deeds.
pish posh. The links are 404. Anyone got a reupload?
>>210269 Basado
Open file (123.33 KB 767x744 Borzoi is a bum.jpg)
>TRS creater another pedophilic website Pure concidence, they aren't called thekikestuff, thebuttstuff and TRSodomites for nothing.
Any reup of the image files? Hitting these dudes with their own thirsty dickpics mid-argument hits different lol
Open file (13.21 KB 250x301 1.png)
Open file (288.21 KB 1520x1852 2.png)
Open file (242.90 KB 1515x1853 3.png)
Open file (201.60 KB 874x1400 4.png)
>>210156 Graf is calling the CYBER POLICE on jcaesar187 now. https://poa.st/@graf/posts/AWDToOiKAl4BPhdEB6 https://archive.ph/xwlcK
Open file (35.77 KB 300x431 php_pro.jpg)
>>210398 So in other words, if an account doesn't exist on the local store of a node, it will do a live query of the remote domain. Well that sounds like poor planning.
>>209575 >>210269 Does anyone have the media files anymore? Just plain dms is not that juicy
Open file (53.83 KB 600x459 1lol.PNG)
Open file (125.70 KB 1125x754 1goodluck.jpg)
Open file (997.11 KB 578x6613 graftard.png)
Open file (23.65 KB 708x162 Bead.png)
>>210527 Autism, many such cases.
zzzzzzzzzzzz media reupload, nobody cares about graf being retarded after the fact (he is always retarded, so this is not new)
>>210530 Holy shit lol, getting natasha cuck vibes from these TRSodomites, these people are pathetic. GRAF IS A PEDO NIGGER FAGGOT AND ALL HIS USERS ARE KIKED LOL
>>210555 are the foxdicks too scared of graf's lolsuits to upload a zipfile of the hacked DMs and emails?
Open file (187.72 KB 581x522 tc.png)
Elaine tweet.
>>210530 There's fuckin archived chats of josh giving him money and plugging poast and graf defending loli to josh in dms and giving him tech support. Where is the lie? broke faggot won't sue no one
>>210633 nobody cares about the dumb hole
>>210640 She's exactly the same as 90% of everyone else except she has a vagina. (and anorexia eat a sandwich no-ass having bitch.) Everyone gets a name for talking out their ass about drama they aren't involved with or that they've injected themselves into. Same deal, she doesn't do or say anything of value, she just talks out her (skinny) ass and involves herself in everyone else's drama for those precious retweets. And those videos aren't deepfakes.
poa.st made the headlines lol usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2023/06/02/hack-of-poast-ties-to-truth-social/70279266007/
Open file (102.33 KB 1367x478 841813141887.png)
>>210530 Did he ever get to play viddya with gaytor?
>>210555 Here is the media reupload, it will be up for a while password: grafisapedoontariocanada https://1fichier.com/?73gdqp6qdpubohwvf8ce
Open file (61.96 KB 431x193 us1.png)
Open file (258.55 KB 742x608 us2.png)
USA Today article.
Poast wikipedia article dropped, help by expanding it alogs! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poast
Open file (245.83 KB 720x576 65570722.jpg)
>>211043 Just click the fucking link already. >>211045 Listen, EsoFaggy, I get that you are eager at your “job” and a bit slow in the head, but no one here gives a fuck about your hack. Go back to spamming nіggеr dicks on Tvch and pester Gayhole.
Open file (66.56 KB 789x287 ClipboardImage.png)
>>211063 >TheGatorGamertime is the true savior of the white race I agree and concur with whichever jew wrote this, they better fear the firstfag.
>>211063 Fringe site no one has heard of named the Poast. Wake me when anyone real cares.
>>211500 Daniel has threatened to sue at least 2 of these outlets. Pretty sure he cares.

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