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Open file (2.76 MB 1666x3228 GOONCLOWN LOST.png)
Goon Clown/ clownngoonpinkie/@SillyGayClown/gigglygoonclown/Orion Grant Passmore Unironic Ralphamale 08/02/2023 (Wed) 04:31:41 ID: 41a6d1 No.218695
Reporting from Soyjak.Party, big time grooming server and pedo tranny doxxxed https://soyjak.party/raid/thread/43132.html https://archive.md/0EGU3 Paste below, will post several pictures after the OP. Do note that there is some disgusting shit in there, that includes genuine CP and zoo porn Name: Orion Grant Passmore Address: 402 E Camino Lomas, Tucson, AZ 85704 (confirmed; lives with grandmother) DOB: May 13, 2002 Phone: +1 (520) 260-4473, +1 (520) 585-3886 (unknown which) Email: oriongrantp@gmail.com, kingdekulink@gmail.com, redbutalsoemail@gmail.com, ilovestrokingtodownies@gmail.com Passwords: moomoo567, mommy2013, piMxv420 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077019760623 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@chonas420 [https://archive.ph/Mv4ey] Twitter (EXTREMELY NSFW): https://twitter.com/SillyGayClown [https://archive.ph/xN5Kj] Mother Name: Roana Lane Noland / Roana Lane Passmore Address: 13748 N Jane Ave, Marana AZ 85653 Phone: +1 (520) 403-3952 Email: harlyq@gmail.com Passwords: speech05, tonisgrl11, 5y3w1y Twitter: https://twitter.com/Harleyquinnzel [https://archive.ph/JxuGn] Instagram: https://instagram.com/theharlyq/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roana-noland-88637617 Grandmother Name: Catherine Parsons Passmore Address: 402 E Camino Lomas, Tucson, AZ 85704 Phone: +1 (520) 219-0688 (landline) Sister(??) who I think maybe the mother of the niece Goonclown wants to molest. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_shadeshifter/ Dog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buddybonze/ FULL ACCESS TO GOONCLOWN'S DISCORD ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ACQUIRED A SCRAPE OF ALL DMS AND SERVERS CAN BE DOWNLOADED BELOW Download: https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3S4OCe2R&d=1 Viewer: https://dht.chylex.com/build/viewer.html NOTE THAT THIS ARCHIVE DOES NOT CONTAIN IMAGES, BUT CONTAINS LINKS TO IMAGES. ANY IMAGES EMBEDDED ARE FETCHED DIRECTLY FROM CDN.ghettogaggers.com; OPEN WITH CAUTION
>>220602 yeah people never give kuz shit for that, fucking dickheads is the beginning of the end for sharty
The booru seems to be up https://booru.soy/ It does not have as much cont.ent as I remember, but they might still be actively adding it. This thread seems to have been derailed due to the sharty takedown, should all discussion of trannies other than goonclown and his server be taken to another thread, or should it all just be contained in one thread for ease of access?
>>220602 You are very new if you don't think jewsh is a pedo, guy used to allow very messed up loli/shota cocks on foxdicks and had hidden CP boards up during his time as admin on 8chan. CP was discovered by many of foxdicks hosts so he was dropped multiple times. Also all the stuff on ED is also true, guy is a pedo. Also kuz is also likely a pedo as there are a lot of creepy stuff surrounding him and he was likely the one behind a lot of the messed up cuck/cp spam before soot sold him the sharty, not to say that other troons weren't organically doing it. Never worship any e-celeb or anyone for that matter, I agree with that part if your post the most and yes snacks is also a pedo
I have a few useful links from the sharty archived, now that it's dead and not likely to come back: Useful Raid Tools - https://archive.md/UmmoQ 4chan Administration FAQ(aka "Know Your Enemy") - https://archive.md/Uoc4u I just noticed that this is a very old version of this thread, I sadly did not archive the newer thread with much more info. If anybody has an archive link of that one, I would gladly take it off your hands One of the first threads about Goonclown when the dox was just released - https://archive.md/Xr4Pz Sadly, I cannot find any more active archives of the original megathread other than >>218744 It seems that after 3000+ posts both archive.today and internet archive broke and people gave up on it
>>220609 This isn't the thread to argue about it, but I will say that I very much doubt null is a pedo. I was around people who were pedos and they all have a certain tell to them, you can always tell something is wrong with them, even if you know them for years. null doesn't have that, he is just an autist that will do whatever it takes to keep his fat girl gossip forum alive and not have to use proper tranny pronouns. I simply can't imagine a world where there is a secret subforum of the website dedicated to 'p or that this is what they share on their super secret doxxxing discord. I could be wrong, but I also know null made a lot of enemies, and pedo-philia is the easiest slur you can make to ruin someone. I have no doubt that jewsh posted lolicon and shotacon when he was younger, but you can tell he came to hate them when he found out just how many of them are actual pedos(only amplified during his short time running 9chan). Unless he jacked it to actual CP, posting stupid shit on the internet when you don't know better isn't something I will hold against you. Null is very autistic, if he was some secret super pedo, he would slip up at one point, there is no way a guy like that can keep a secret for too long. I think his, and his moderators', hatred of pedos is very genuine and not a front, unlike say what you see on sites like 8moe or really any site with active lolicons/shotacons that claim "they are not the real pedos". Likewise, null's hatred of anime is also very real, which I fail to see happening if he really was into shotacon or lolicon. There is a lot of reasons to give him shit, such as him cuddling chris chan right until he fucked his mother, but some imaginary accusations against him aren't it. Quite the opposite, throwing the "pedo" card at people like him when you have creeps like Goonclown only weakens the charges, if everybody is a pedo then nobody is(same as with the left calling everyone a "nazi" or a "racist", that term has no meaning anymore) All efforts to imprison or life ruin should be focused on open, 100% proven pedos that are in the process of hurting children like Orion. Null is only a threat to trannies like Keffals or Liz-Fong whose crimes are documented on his website, and in a better world would already lead to their arrests
More archive links: Good summary by a teen of Red and the whole situation from yesterday - https://archive.is/b5LZI Twitch Raid Videos, I would recommend downloading them now since Google Drive is known for taking anything "problematic" offline rather quickly - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14I1a9WKeOdnWup3vnyjY7bBer3mnzqwT Last /soy/ catty, during the ip leaks fiasco - https://archive.md/nR7Jy Screen recording of the main GoonClown thread back at 4560 posts, this might be the most complete archive of the thread remaining that has pictures - https://1fichier.com/?ez9umo1czht6fmg9h8rb In other news, the same guy from the farms who made a wonderful threat on torswats faggots and did a good job summarizing the GoonClown drama on the forums said he is interested in writing a summary of the whole sharty tranny community that took down the site. If he ever comes around to that, I think that will be worthy of creating a thread of it's own. For now, I think there is still much more juice in Goonclown, even if he himself has nothing left, there is hundred more degenerates linked to his discord and they no doubt have just as many skeletons in their closet
>>220610 the thread on goonclown here is pretty i good in my opinion the op filter useless bickering from the teens and post the important stuff plus the kiwifags have a thread on him, so i doubt anything valuable is lost
Open file (107.53 KB 615x675 goth02.png)
Open file (277.67 KB 601x465 goth03.png)
Open file (396.30 KB 538x551 goth01.png)
One of the troons supposedly behind the shutdown of sharty. Notice connection to CeCe, an infamous blacked spammer on 4chan. Now, it just might be me, but if someone said anything resembling "Pedos are people too, get over it" on a chatroom I owned, they would be lucky if they only got away with being perma kicked out of it. How did someone like this gain a relevant position in it, let alone got tolerated by others?
We got ourselves the first video covering goon clown. I haven't watched it myself, saving that for later https://youtu.be/YlqkT_ecE4s Do note that Turkey Tom is supposed to be covering him in a video as well. He has a large fanbase and could be a gateway to normalfag world, but I also heard he is pretty cucked. I guess this will be a break it or make it video for him, saw farmers borderline going after him already for tip-toeing to the trannies in some of his other videos
Your average goonclown supporter Note that every single one of these discord pedo troons, WITHOUT EXCEPTION has some sort of anime avatar. All of them. Never tell me that cuckime isn't linked to porn addiction/trannies/pedo-philia again
Open file (99.53 KB 1170x298 IMG_2389.jpeg)
Open file (172.28 KB 1169x1428 IMG_2390.jpeg)
Open file (451.40 KB 1170x1561 IMG_2392.jpeg)
Open file (889.62 KB 1170x1799 IMG_2393.jpeg)
>>220687 It gets even better, get a load of this cunt that follows this creep(and goonclown) She's into jailbait and snuff, what are the odds she is also a pedo and an animal abuser like Orion? Speaking of snuff, I do wonder how easy it would be to just pay off some tweaker to break into his house and kill him. No end of these in major American cities, and not like police will do anything about it if they take over 2 weeks to charge someone with possession of CP/dog rape
Open file (56.42 KB 769x453 reddit01.png)
Open file (39.73 KB 745x353 reddit02.png)
Open file (41.10 KB 732x383 reddit03.png)
Open file (85.53 KB 742x751 reddit04.png)
Reddit found out about Goonclown. Wanna guess how they reacted? https://archive.md/k04gM Let this be a preview of how normalfags will try to bury this, pedo-philia is more or less legal now(especially if done by a troon). By the way, one of the troons telling OP of that post to "get help" for being worried about Orion's 7yr old niece himself has a 5 year old niece, who has no doubt been fondled by now
>>220778 Of course reddit defends pedos when trannies or jews are the pedos. Imagine if it was a claim that some right-wing e-celeb was a pedo or rapist, really makes you think.
>>219923 Our friend started deleting his gay porn, likely in case of federal investigation, lynching and/or further mockery. Reminder that his porn has been backed up already and freely available for all to see! Who doesn't want to see the clown pedo fuck a burger or do diaper roleplaying?
>>220778 >clown pedo fuck a burger bruh
Open file (393.51 KB 640x640 bahrain comic.png)
>>220778 Apparently, one of the troons here(probably the one with a 5 yr old niece) is from middle east and makes shit like this. Being from a sand G​AMERGATE country would explain why he thinks fucking kids is no big deal, but I am surprised that the sand jockeys are letting an abomination like this live when in any other circumstance it would be thrown off a building or beheaded there. Someone should properly dox him and fix that. In other news, a member of a zoosadist snuff film cartel was arrested by the feds for something he commissioned years ago. That means the feds are watching(and reading) since he was brought to people's attention on foxdicks, where our friend Orion also has an active thread. Tuscon police department is 100% pedo/tranny shielding him and there is no reason think they will arrest him at this point, but the feds might get involved. His leaks will always be public, so even if he wipes his drives(doubtful, he's not smart enough to know how) it would matter. Sadly, I think Jean Hollywood and Chris of Mr.Beast might get away with their child grooming. They're too large for people to care and they got people who can shut it down easily, they will be grooming kids and sending them porn to ruin them for years to come at this rate. In case you forgot, Orion himself was groomed as a kid by Jean, so he is 100% a pedo groomer, nothing is "alleged"
Thanks goony, you will be forever remembered as a degenerate pedo and no one will ever want to be associated with you ever again, no matter how much you try to delete shit we have /cow/boys at the ready to spam it back up, you will never be a woman, you will be lynched, you will be hanged paedo.
did someone say 5yo niece
>>220924 Reminder Mark Mann(sweaty gamer) groomed his 5 year old niece(probably with intention of raping her)
Open file (547.14 KB 2250x1578 48624 - SoyBooru.png)
I was thinking, it would be a good idea to meme this dumb pedo fuck into public subconscious. If you just scream at them "THIS IS A sweaty gamer, THIS IS WHO HE IS AND WHERE HE LIVES, HERE IS A DISCORD LOG OF HIM TALKING ABOUT WANTING TO FUCK HIS 7YR OLD NIECE!" Then nobody will want to listen to you, and it gives troon deniability. To that end, I have a few suggestions: >Game modding Plain and simple, make a simple mod using goonclown as an enemy, utilize his voice samples(the one where he talks about how much he loves CP is a good idea) and use his discord log images in place of paintings, posters and such. Good games for modding are: Doom, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Half-Life. I am sure there are others, but these are the easiest to make mods for, give them the full enchilada in the game description(that he is a pedo, where he lives ect) and say this is a "parody mod". If the mod is banned or trannies lose their shit, that creates a streisand effect and more people get interested >Meme videos/music Anyone remember Гунтwave? I'm thinking it's time for clownwave, or maybe gooncore. Use his clips, both his audio and the disgusting shit from his porn videos, and go crazy. Make funny memes, and when people ask who that is and where it's from, go to town and tell them everything >Articles ED is still alive and I am sure they would love a well written article https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Main_Page Yet another community aware of this jokester is always good. Make a Jean Hollywood and edit the Mr Beast article while you're at it, nothing better than making these big wigs sweaty either. Lastly, I'm thinking if the article on Goonclown is written, it should have the list of ALL the pedos that defended him or were part of his server, every single one and their dox would all be lined up right there and then. I'm thinking that's the least they all deserve All the resources as far as info and images/sound files/videos go are itt and on foxdicks, all that's left is to go make it happen. I'm thinking that Kill All Pedos fellow that made a good video on Гунт, mister redditor and AF should also know about him, I bet he would make a great PSA on this piece of work
>>220928 Good idea, i got a few people that could use the same treatment too.
>>220928 Getting KAP in the case is a guaranteed first page on foxdickfarms hit.
>>220928 Here is a quick recap on the videos, since the thread is pretty large now: >>219923 Porn Videos >>219479 Quick TL;DR video for normalfags >>218720 Infamous "Goon.webm" along with a video of him jacking off at night >>218712 Goonclown gives a shoutout to Soyjak.Party >>219477 Jean Hollywood video Here is a link to goonclown audio since /cow/ doesn't allow mp3 uploads. It includes plenty of his fetish recordings, aside from him saying he loves CP. That is too sick for me to save, but you can find it on foxdicks thread. Also includes a soyteen reading some of the now infamous discord screencaps https://1fichier.com/?prnghycanzd6skjy2jvg Speaking of images, there is plenty all over this thread and in foxdicks one. Just scroll all the way up and start looking for a memey one. One image I did NOT save, again bickers it was just too nasty for me, was the zoo picture of him inserting his penis inside a dog's mouth and cumming inside of it. If the scrapes are still accessible, you should be able to find it(link in OP post)
Open file (94.67 KB 720x960 1692376837094.jpg)
Open file (401.65 KB 538x566 1692316081921.png)
I still can't believe this Jean troon has thousands of kids follow it when this is what he posts casually on his xitter Also, another photo of goonclown I just found
Deadwing Dork currently covering goonclown, it is still going when I am typing this https://youtu.be/mue3JRf4pqs
>>220946 Downloading the video right now in case it goes offline. It looks like the analysis ends about halfway, at 1hr 30min mark and the rest is superberries/ranting(mostly about trannies and chris chan, but he does come around back to goonclown and offer a bit more insight here and there) Looks somewhat barebones but I haven't seen the whole thing yet. If anyone here is a google G​AMERGATE, do send him here to this thread as well. Guarantee you he didn't cover the dogfucking or shown the worst parts off yet
I wonder if any of these troons were seen anywhere in goon 'cord. They're part of Celestia's SHITTED grooming gang, I can see the overlap between both their server and goon's
Forgot to link it, but Null talks about Goonclown/Jean Hollywood. https://odysee.com/@mati:c/2023-08-11-mad-at-the-internet:3 It starts at 1hr 13 minutes or so. He doesn't actually read any funny goon lines and just brought attention to it, I believe it was the same dead the thread was on the first page of the site.
Open file (1.98 MB 1335x6929 goth and friends.png)
>>220685 Apparently there is an update on some of the discord troons who killed the sharty. What do you know, they spammed not only 'p but forced coal, I for one am shocked >Linux >Script Kiddies lmao, this shit writes itself Hopefully there is more to come, I want these little fuckers to suffer almost as much as Goonclown and friends
Open file (262.37 KB 472x630 micheal04.png)
Open file (352.24 KB 400x630 micheal02.png)
Open file (377.86 KB 450x629 micheal03.png)
Open file (415.02 KB 472x630 micheal01.png)
Another faggot from the 'p server that killed the sharty has been doxed. To nobody's surprise, it's an edgelord that cuts himself, cuts up animals for fun and tries grooming little boys on discord
>>221059 oh yeah as >>220990 said this faggot lives at 304 Lynnview Dr, Louisville, Kentucky. I heard he loves pineapple pizza and Quarans delivered to his house, just like Goonclown
>>221087 >>221088 kek full of cp and zoo DON'T CLICK IT
>>220091 From the looks of acstlu's messages, it seems like he had nothing to do with this shit and Postcard is dragging him into this, which is beyond fucked up. These people need to be spitroasted alive.
>>221116 THE SHARTY IS BACK soyjaks.net
>>221172 It's back down again
Augie brought on Turkey Tom to discuss Goonclown and Jean Hollywood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoklRrZPq7o Apparently, Tom is having issues with writing a script that isn't just "This dude talks about raping kids" for an hour long video The goonclown part starts at about 1hr45min of the stream btw
Open file (11.32 MB 1920x1080 Redstir Stab Video.mp4)
Open file (129.09 KB 1294x184 redstir stab.png)
Open file (1.15 MB 1249x890 redstir video01.png)
Open file (1.71 MB 1238x899 redstir anime videos.png)
The farms found one of the sharty CP spammers by the name of Redstir to be some sort of weird who sexually assaults and stabs homeless women, lmao. What a fucking nutcase, apparently he also made gore videos with spliced anime girls and porn, real edgelord shit I think it's safe to say that we got a 2-for-1 special with Goonclown, both his server and this sharty one are a goldmine of weirdos. They're desperately trying to wipe all evidence, but most of it is thankfully being saved. Notably, the one where he pulls out a knife and stabs a sleeping homeless person. Hopefully, he will be doxed soon so that somebody can try that exact same thing on him, too. Wouldn't mind goonclown getting this treatment, either
>>221172 >>221182 The site for those who don't know https://soyjaks.party/soy/catalog.html For now, everything seems to be in order. I still wouldn't trust Doll, he clearly doesn't know what he is doing. Getting back to the pedos, let's just take a tally of what we know about the 'p spammers plaguing soyjak party and adjacent sites: >One who literally hosted his own deepweb CP streaming site, that includes infamous "Daisy's Destruction" video >One who murders animals and is an edgy satanic edgelord who cuts himself >One who stabs homeless people for clout on some literally who TOR only streaming site >Literal trannies like Red and Goth, who no doubt have the same skeletons in their closet as Goonclown does Looks like we found a real group of winners here. Hopefully, the leaks won't stop anytime soon
>>219918 Heads up: Clearnet link for the farms is no longer valid if you are going to click any of these. Replace .pl with .st, apparently Germ*ns are faggots again and seized the domain. If you know how to use TOR, just use the .onion link https://foxdickfarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/
for newfags, "foxdicks farms" is the filter for 'wi farms. just replace foxdicks part
Hey goony foxdick farms are experts at infiltrating communities like yours and harvesting all your information so that the good guys can put it to good use. For most of them, this isn't their first rodeo and you're not even the biggest fish they caught. Unless someone is proven to be spreading false or inaccurate information in those very threads, all of the discord leaks and dox should be considered verified. Case and point, a very good recent read on another discord gayop, this time of gay /pol/ swatters. https://foxdickfarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/threads/torswats-entropy-cowbin-sneed-social-jlt-media-G​AMERGATEchat-lambright-council-lambright-legion-matrix-georgefloyd-link-project-coomer.166962/ (TOR link, clearweb doesn't work for some reason, it's the torswats faggots) Guess what happened after this thread was made? They tried to spread disinfo, were quickly shut down and then stopped operating and are currently fearing for their lives with feds breathing down their necks. These retarded 'p spammers won't end any differently, you're amateurs. Enjoy anonymous justice or prison, whichever comes first for you!
>>221248 >>221237 What a bunch of degenerate garbage. We did not have shit like this on 8chan back in the day. Sure, /leftypol/ would dump ancient cp studio porn on /b/ to try and get the site shut down every now and then, but otherwise 8chan was wholesome by comparison. I am too old for this shit.
Turkey Tom finally released his Goonclown video https://yewtu.be/watch?v=bLV2HX4rQ5A Note that Jewtube is deleting views, he should have well over double of what he has as of now(about 450K)
I don't think this video has been linked yet, this has less to do with goonclown and more with the twitch trannies that were implicated in child grooming https://y.com.sb/watch?v=3KQo0TuK2T0
>>221297 Link's bloody dead, buddy
>>223261 It works but you have to replace foxdick to k​​iw​i in that TOR address or alternatively you can go to the clearnet site ki​​wi​​farms.st
>>223273 Nigger, I know what foxdickfarms is, but what I'm saying is that it bounces access with TOR browser with the following message: >Error: browser does not support WebAssembly.
>>223276 works for me sounds like a (you) problem, ni​g​g​er faggot :)
Nothing much has been happening, other than silent research into goon's orbiters. Here is a video on him that hasn't been posted yet https://yewtu.be/watch?v=aJl2zMbYpLk I've seen quite a few soyteens thinking that police will do anything to him. Let this be a lesson: cops are NOT your friends and will NOT help you when it matters. One thing they will never touch is a troon, even ones that go to public schools to flash their cut off dongs rarely get arrested for it

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