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Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 11:38:15 ID: a4a33c No.38244
Can some of you G​AMERGATEs redpill me on Null? Is he actually a pedo bitch and a greedy Jew, or is that stuff just a meme?
>>61197 No, he was just the incompetent site goblin that tried to kickstart an imageboard and failed with INFINITY NEXT™ and then caught the flack for /a/'s autistic modbot HOIHOI killing the server. Literally the moment they turned HOIHOI off 90% of the problems with 8chan stopped.
Open file (8.96 MB 1280x720 Euphonium.webm)
>>96587 >a/'s autistic modbot HOIHOI killing the server. Which by the way was completely unintentional and was in no way an attempt by tranny mods of /a/ trying to tank the site the moment they got their own backup site setup in order to shut down a "transphobic nazi shithole" :^)
You little dudes must be popular on the foxdickfarms.... lol.
Ever heard of a guy called Kengle? Dude's been whiteknighting for Chris for close to a decade at this point and opened his own competing forum Onionfarms. Someone wrote a Null thread on there and he's been spazzing out since.
Open file (1.94 MB 1920x945 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (115.97 KB 275x150 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (76.01 KB 200x150 ClipboardImage.png)
Some upset banned member doxed 2 global moderators. Trombonista: Sara Seitelman January 3rd, 1989 2873 Arlington Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035 Dunsparce: Courtney Mckenzie Jurica (Wife) Bill/William Davenport 404 South Civic Center Drive, Traverse City, 49686 Michigan Post has since been deleted on Onion Farms.
>>97035 Links?
>>97035 Moar liek Troonbonista amirite?
Open file (73.76 KB 500x494 anita disapproval.png)
>>97035 >>97083 foxdickfarms users really are failed normalfags, fat women and trannies.
Open file (5.34 MB 512x282 infinitynext.webm)
>>38244 >"There is literally nothing wrong with doxxxxing people" - Toad McKinley "I Almost Got Fed To Pigs With Cripplekike!" Moon
Irony thicker than chantal's as
>>97817 he's living rent free on your head
Open file (5.34 MB 512x282 josh.webm)
>>40299 iirc these logs where from 9chan only a few years ago. He also hosted pedo boards on 9chan bickers of "muh freedom of speech" same reason Mark Mann is allowing /hebe/ on his image board.
>>106847 moe is owned by acid, not mark you retard
Open file (53.31 KB 588x280 Jewsh.png)
wait.....did Jewsh ever have sex?
>>107255 Yes, but it was pity sex from a retarded user of his.
>>107274 sauce or it didn't happen.
Open file (1.40 MB 506x900 1621282923577.webm)
>>107255 Jewsh used to jerk off to pedo porn of underage boys. That is why he is pushing this "you need to fuck 40 year olds and like it goyim" bullshit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwBdWVTR-o8
Open file (6.75 KB 218x231 Acidman cole.jpg)
>>106932 Sargon, I don't use Moe. But forgive me for not really seeing any meaningful difference between the Cake Kike and his bottom bitch Cole Lamberson.
>>107335 he is "covering his ass."
Poor jewshy boy gets DoSed again. Funnily enough it's possibly related to Byuu. Byuu's thread was literally dead, yet he forced KF janny to "stealthily" delete it, however got found out and janny got doxed. Now Byuu is trying to pull out this shit yet he now gets much more attention now.
>>107586 JEWSH NOOOOO!
NULL, YOU STUPID NIGGER! If you're reading this... FIX YOUR FUCKING TOR SITE One point of a tor site is it stays up when the clearweb site gets taken down by sperging trannies or CIAG​AMERGATEs. THE TOR SITE IS NOT VULNERABLE TO THE CURRENT ATTACKS, GET IT THE FUCK BACK ONLINE YOU STUPID NIGGER.
>>107669 Of course he's reading this, but you're forgetting this is Toad McKinley and Toad McKinley can't do anything right.
How much does Null pull in yearly through foxdickfarms?
>>107679 I don't know foxdick, let >us hope he soon pulls nothing anymore.
at a point in 2019/2020 he was in debt by 15k going round sucking dick for donations, looking for an angel investor so to speak i wonder what kind of faggot would invest in a site like that, maybe some PRO ELITE GAMER who was crypto rich
jewsh is a faggot, but at least he's helping a little bit the world by making the 43% meme real
Imagine being a CWC's janny FOR FREE
Well, Well, Well Looks like MICHAEL J HIRTES AND ALL THE ALOGS WON Daddy null more or less admitted today and yesterday that he was a retard for giving chris any benefit of the doubt, and the people who thought chris dindu nuffin and just needed more money fo them programs are having a meltdown as well. People with any sense are rightfully shitting on them even harder, just like with troons who are crying about people "misgendering chris" Here is some context to the whole Michael J Hirtes drama, since I know the only people who still browse this board are discord trannies and underage little weenies who were only browsing their little bloodsports circlejerk thread when it all went down. I still remember it like it was yesterday, as the same people still clinging on to any hope that chris can change were the same ones shitting themselves whenever anyone criticized their golden cow here as well(and jews and his merry friends enabled them as well) And kudos to chris as well. We all knew he was going to die alone on the street or get institutionalized, but I would have never thought he would go down like this. I guess he's a VIRGIN WITH RAGE no longer
>>112042 All he had to do was rape his mom and he won! Seeing jcaesar187 try and captilize on it was interesting, truly a coliding of worlds or cows. Either way chris is going to jail and his time is finally over. A-LOGS WON!
>>38244 he WAS one of chris chan's biggest simps. but thankfully no more.
where does Toad McKinleyua connor moon live currently?
>>113533 Last known location is Ukraine I think. I noticed some thread where he was asking which european country is suitable for legally hosting his sites so maybe he moved. KF seems to be down for some time now, did Гунт win?
>>113593 >KF seems to be down for some time now, did Гунт win? Some people say that it's related to "Bella".
>>113614 It appears multiple groups are responsible, but we do not know more details at the moment. As for Bella Janke (AKA 10anon), she is the person who leaked the recent Discord call that got Chris Chan into trouble. Kiwifags managed to Dox her and she turned out to be a messed up individual. Not confirmed, but her Dad is most likely behind the current DDoS attack on foxdick farms, among other parties.
>>113622 I quickly skimmed through through her thread and I think there was a mention of her parents having ties to goverment. If Cloudflare rejects to provide protection for KF, it's over for Jewsh.
Kiwis are so seething at Bella for leaking incest of their autistic god they made her a subforum even though she wan't even known month ago. NO TROLLING PLANS GOYIM
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>>113971 The kiwi kikes are defending insect those jewish inbred bastards are an enemy to our people. The kiwi kikes call me a Гунт guard, but those faggots can do that to there tranny all fucking day.
Friendly remember, the actual mods and inner circle ruling nu/cow/ are pedos, homos, furfags and other weirdos contrarians. They try to pretend to be better than Toad McKinley, P P P, the Гунт, but they are equal if not worse. They're literally going to side with the Гунт just to spit in the face of the rest of internet and take the simp bullet to protect the Isabella Loretta Janke only bickers their manchild minds think being contrarian and edgy equals being smart and cool.
>>113982 Both the Гунт and jewsh are lolcows, hypocritical, fatties and pedos Also both are really easy to be manipulated if you push the hit bottoms
>>114751 Push the right buttoms*
Is it me or is Null an unironic Biden apologist? I remember one time during the Afghan shitshow that he was taking down to the A&Hfags by saying that it wasn't Biden's fault or something like that (Can't remember what Null exactly said). Is he doing that just bickers he thought that Biden won't get rid of article 230 unlike how Trump was planning to remove article 230 to go after big tech? He does realize that article 230 doesn't matter in the long run as the US government is secretly planning to directly control big tech if what the MSM's campaign of the facebook "whistleblower" is anything to go by.
>>122418 Toad McKinley as many other figureheads of (((online communities))) glows brighter than a Christmas tree on fire. He is bought and says whatever his handlers tell him to say. And with handlers I don't mean the US government but US corporations like (((Alphabet))), (((Amazon))), (((Microsoft))), (((faceberg))), (((twitter)))... Who are of course bought by political actors. Nothing on any website with more than 100 active users is independent. Especially those that claim they are.
>>122437 kinda agree on this, glowies or not, but those engaged in everyday life (which is being involved in corporation and governments play) shit up the places which belong to the individuals who just doesn't care. there's a place visited by a few online hustlers and what not, on tor, and even that got wiped by shitty cliqueordians. some are just mad that we don't care
>>122418 >can't remember what null exactly said He said he didn't care it was a completely botched shitshow bickers at least "biden got us out at all unlike trump" while completely ignoring the fact it was trump who made all the withdrawal agreements and set the date in stone. >is he doing that bickers he thought biden won't get rid of 230 No he's doing it bickers TheGatorGamer is the typical smug midwit who always thinks he's the biggest most cultured brain in the room, but is usually completely ignorant. Another example I can think of is when the Ukraine conflict started TheGatorGamer went on a 15 minute rant about he didn't support either side , but Ukraine "kinda deserves it for giving up their nukes to the U.S." which is completely wrong on so many levels. It was Russia that demanded Ukraine give up "their" nukes and it was a rare instance where the U.S. agreed with them bickers they weren't actually Ukraine's nukes. It was a former soviet stockpile that wound up in Ukraine's borders after the collapse. The newly formed state of Ukraine didn't have the resources or know-how to maintain them and more importantly all of the launch codes were stored in Moscow so the Ukrainians didn't even have access to them (great deterrent TheGatorGamer). At best it was an ecological disaster waiting to happen, at worst some corrupt general or government official would have auctioned them off on the black market.
Remember the good old days when >we lied to Bryan about he becoming a mod to 8chan /cowl/ only to make he say shit about Jewsh including making up stories about Jewsh? https://8kun.top/cow/res/416324.html
Does TheGatorGamer still weigh 260 pounds? >>175600 >always thinks he's the biggest most cultured brain in the room His brain weighs approximately 3.1 pounds, 100 pounds less than his adipose tissue, making him heavier than 94% of mankind. He'll usually be the biggest in the room.

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