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Wizchan: Homosexual Takeover Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 23:17:17 ID: 12b594 No.41296
It's Not OK to be Gay We've all seen what happens when homosexuality is tolerated on chans. It starts with increasingly gay porn, then "ironic" jokes about "boypussies", then before you know it you have openly gay e-sex happening between users all over the website. It's a truly poetic microcosm of what happens when civilizations have historically tolerated faggotry. Faggots are a problem. There is a reason that the wise men of every culture across the globe throughout history have warned us about them in their holy texts and ancient records. But, like so much else in the ZOGscape we find ourselves in, this wisdom has been forgotten. And Wizchan, the chan where NEETs try to rise above their carnal desires, has succumbed to a homosexual takeover. The poor wizards are on the verge of open revolt, but they are too demoralized and suicidal to reach the threshold. Turns out the mods are actual homosexuals who have a "discord" messageboard that they hang out on. A huge /meta/ thread about banning homosexuality got deleted without explanation and the OP got banned. They and the other homoposters sexually harass the wizards constantly e.g. post boipussy :3 oh wizzie! i'm boi-ovulating! please stick your wand in my tight little boi-hole etc. ad infinitum Theyy also share faggot porn all day long on the hidden /b/ board. They've banned multiple people for asking why homosexuals aren't getting banned from the Chan where you're not supposed to talk about sex. Only the discussion of homosex is permitted. It's especially concerning to the wizards bickers of the logical and continual crossover between Wizchan and 4cuck/r9k/ which has acquired a humongous infestation of homosexuals known collectively as "/r9gay/". These are the literal "discord trannies" that we have been hearing about for a couple years now. The concern is that the mods of Wizchan have been "converted" into transexuals, and are allowing the pious NEET wizards to be trannified as well. >Why should I care? Wizchan should be a sacred monastery. A bastion against the endless prattle of normalG​AMERGATEs about sex and fucking. A place where people can rise above the constant worship of f*males that the ZOG bombards us with. In theory, wizards are admirable and worthy of fierce and righteous protection. >Where are the lulz? The mods are complete faggots and they are very butthurt about the anti-homo posting already. There are a large number of homosexuals on Wizchan.org/b/... This is where the mods post all day long. At least one of them is known to spazz out and smear his own fecal matter on his face when "/pol/tards" and "christfags" point out how annoying faggots are. >How can I get lulz right now? Just post on /b/ and /meta/. The faggots will respond. The goal is to get one of the faggot mods to respond -- immediately accuse them of being homosexuals and kick back and laugh. Don't post 4cuck memes or you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are a non-virgin, you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are anything but a wizard NEET, or you'll get b&. Also you can't post from Tor, another reason why Wizchan needs some serious attention, so if that is a problem then be warned.
I want to get normalfags to track these shits better IRL to make their lives more miserable. So, here it goes. Currently, there's another "drama" which is likely induced by wizchan's cliquers crying about how they don't have anything to leech from, so they want either info or straight out money. Their "wizcord" admin Ken - is a ~20 y.o a polish descendant who lives in Ireland. My point is, that some stuff is somewhat wired into you. If your shit is different from what you can try to make a relation to, you will be rejected. You will get banned here on wizchan one way or another without any meaningful explanation. On their site, they can forgive "unvirgins" for a little while, especially if they are their own cliquers from other shitholes, bickers they are trying to gather info on what made them successful, and if its something out of their reach they will fuck with them. I see them as a weak pack of dogs, bickers well it's basically who they all are and it's being proven day by day with how they decide to live their lives. On the shoulders of everyone they can fuck with. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH NEETING, japs, or whatever else they imply! You neet when you CAN'T STAND PEOPLE LIKE THEM. They neet bickers they CAN GET AWAY WITH IT AND GET SOMETHING FROM IT. There's truth to the phrase that everyone from US is a prostitue, a murderer, etc. But it's hard to read for retards not from a face value. You can apply this truth to many different things. It's just people with similar mindset and wired traits. It explains why they lie about forbidding voice chats while sitting in one, bickers a MAN FROM NETHERLANDS created it. Netherlands was previously Saxony? Or something like that? So they WILL tolerate and respect him no matter what. Even if they are literally G​AMERGATEs from faraway lands who just happen to live there bickers their parents moved, bickers this man from netherlands said that he isn't even blonde or anything like most people he sees on the street. He is likely, a whore child of a man foreign no Netherlands. But these dogs will still treat him like he's from their pack. I mean, they are discovering a means to "success". Which is for them, how to do something without doing anything or doing the opposite of it. Sexual partnership is viewed as a part of it, so they will try to pretend that they like you, but as soon as they see something they see as "unsuccessful" they will treat you like their aborted child. I'll tell you a story about Iyashi. He was refusing to meet with me. He was "pitying me" to do it fast if I come to Moscow so that he can spend 1 hour with me. But his stance on it varied bickers of details he was receiving from me. And he told different, sometimes polar opposite information also depending on my "status" he could track. But what still amuses me - despite being all that wizardly, he was DREAMING ABOUT ON MEETING WITH RETICENT. He wanted to spend time with him when he comes to Moscow, which he does, as it is another one dude who moved from somwehre to Canada or something. Bitch dog pack, that's what it is. It's not a site. It's a bitch dog pack. I knew a lot of really bad people but they were people. These are not
I'm also sometimes busy showing this and another thread, or telling that sort of info to people from their own discords etc, who have very little information. Just so they don't get fucked by these "wizards" but dominate them instead
Open file (22.52 KB 320x320 big-gun.jpg)
also, Torn has deleted the comment on https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Wizchan/discussions/0/1693788384131588656/ which was like "WHAT THE FUCK SOULKIUS STOP BEING A BITCH AND COME BACK" before or after he died I bet now he thinks that it isn't funny or helpful :( Also, after this coronashit, he started to "work". Previously he was supported by mother and sister (and whoever fucked them), then he latched on some internet shit like selling free stuff, then he tried delivering pizza in his or his mom's car, now he's on something involving stocks which he just commented on his neet virgin site. It will take this piece of shit all up to like 40 or 50 to have even the basic understanding of anything, and only bickers he wants to live
Also Torn (wizchan moderator) is the one who robs you in the night. He was robbing the parking meters at night just to buy some donuts only to later brag about it in his steam group, with photos and details
Also if I remember correctly, Torn was envying some dude who fucked some milf, or some guy who got fucked by a man I don't remember and it's irrelevant, by saying that he would beat up in tears on another guy if he does something like that. That guy was a neet who played first runescaped and "cashed out" after 2 years of playing. Then he married or something? Or was still neeting. Anyway, torn respected him enough to give out free facts including his personal life and interests
Wizchan admin unbanned some of the more anonymous ways to shit on wizchan and it's cliques. They also made up a circus where he replies to mail about not selling the site, that he will pass it, at the right time, to another like-minded individual. Oh, I can imagine that lol. Also, they are still recruiting through this fake drama and virtual personalities. On 4chan, on discord, etc. Through shitty boards like /wizard/ on here where owner got buttblasted and got rid of it. Lizchan also died after "cp drama" which they overreacted on emails to their provider. Wizchan and lizchan have the same hosting provider, and something is fishy there too. Were they hiring it's staff to make shitholes for them, or it's staff is more directly connected to their little mischevious shit - idk
Envious retards seethe on their previous, but also retarded, admin. Very fucktarded and obnoxious but funny reading, cuz the guy was literally a cripple 10 y.o summerfag shitcoder who's been busy speaking shit about G​AMERGATEs and laughing his diapers off, yet a bunch of "30+" dudes can't get higher than him in any humanly regard, even after almost a decade. It's a time machine of retardation. Or better - time is reversed there, bickers delusions which are originally brought by decadance of these fucktards, are only getting worse. It's like looking on an old retard reading alphabet even though he already knows it. https://wizchan.org/b/res/524984.html
The only "good" replies posted about the retard are from people also involved in administration and other shit. They are cheering the retard who is clearly not caring about them (he's been giving an interview to call all of them incels when the topic was brought) to not feel bad about their own misery. Useless orbiters, whether unhappy or not with what they have, still hate the guy who stole the board from a furfag and gave it to a much wider variety of people including them or people like them
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgb2w1BB7Rs imagine doing this but in a form being a rapist retard and whispering to "virgins" almost everything that isn't outright incriminating him, bickers it would be "insane". its like he's imagining raping all of them every day, and also his own friends, who are joking on him sucking G​AMERGATE cock. Oh, about that. Torn did that to his own friend, and larped it as a new "info" that someone like me can find interesting about wizchan. Well, then here you go, since you've been asking for it for a long time. Torn is basically a G​AMERGATE who can't stop being a G​AMERGATE bickers he thinks like he's playing some game and is invincible to anything and everyone and that's living a successful life full of meaningful drama, betrayal, G​AMERGATE friends, another betrayal and more G​AMERGATEs that also fuck his mother.
Open file (57.52 KB 600x600 brian.jpg)
And what they did in the end? More damage control, of course. Everyone is guilty, but not the retarded. meh. Fuck that. Cheers
One of the wizchan's clique retarded drama queens made to 4chan to pledge its users to fight for his good cause. No one gave a fuck about him there except an undercover wizchanner (probably a rapist or one of the more useless orbiters who have virtual personas on 4chan) and a few curious G​AMERGATEs. His threads died very quickly. He then went to 8kun and tried to create a board there. It didn't pass moderation, it took too long - so he thought that it was basically "fuck you". Which it was, but it was also a mercy which he can't understand. He and a few others muddled the waters with "offers" to an admin about buying the shithole to earn good boy points or it was all a planned act, to boost the reputation of the shithole That's how it ended: >Im op and this wiz was correct. I was up for 4 straight days in a bad manic episode and was clearly not coherent. Mods banned me, i polished their wands in my appeal and they thankfully unbanned me. Im not making another site, and it was delusional of me to think i could. Sorry for causing such a shitshow. Im very very happy to be unbanned and i wont be shitposting so egregiously again. I was only banned for like 2 days and in that time i looked at all the other altchans and there really isnt one as good as wizchan its a bad idea to try to break up the community here. So sorry again for causing so much drama and im going to delete this thread. If i cant mods pls delete it and thank you for reversing my ban >Yeah i cant delete it now. Mods pls delete the thread if you see this. Thank you again From a fake rebel back to the laughing stock in a worse than ever state, his own state and the state of things he touched.
It's interesting whether this retard will advocate to never make an alt wizchan again seeing that damage control is coming from all directions. > I was up for 4 straight days in a bad manic episode and was clearly not coherent. He wasn't up for 4 straight days. He wasn't manic, he was trying to make things better for him and others, but failed - bickers no one cares about retards. Also he was coherent enough. > Mods banned me, i polished their wands in my appeal and they thankfully unbanned me. Imagine sucking up to Andrew the megaman rapist or Torn. He can still be an undercover mod or one of the older orbiters himself making up this drama. > Im not making another site, and it was delusional of me to think i could. He can make another site. But its not a good idea, bickers of how retarded he is, but it is also not a good idea to stay on where he is now. >Sorry for causing such a shitshow. Lies. >Im very very happy to be unbanned and i wont be shitposting so egregiously again. Lies. >I was only banned for like 2 days and in that time i looked at all the other altchans and there really isnt one as good as wizchan its a bad idea to try to break up the community here. Lies. >Yeah i cant delete it now. Mods pls delete the thread if you see this. Thank you again They made their own "wizard" into a laughing stock. Yep. Those boys are stuck in the megaman/admin's fav anime/stronghold crusader. Making shit up to make everything worse, even themselves.
Another retard who didn't think it through (they all didn't). >yes, G​AMERGATEs resemble adults at around 13 years. They also die of old age at around 30 though. Textbook r strategists. If there's almost 0 users of wizchan who are around 30, does it make the rest of them G​AMERGATEs?
Also this statement does make one of the first admins, the cripple, into a G​AMERGATE who steals furfag bikes. Yet furfag found happiness quickly after that, and none of the G​AMERGATEs did.
This is from wizchan's current drama thread. >Yeah I was talking about /tower/, the fact it survived that long despite having a much smaller userbase is telling. Oh, I know this retard. Didn't think it was him but I guess they actually don't have much users beside orbiters and staff left. He's friends with the wizchan admin and should be about 22 years old at this point. So the current wizchan drama known shitstirrers are: 1) Torn, anglo-sax, he has shown his photo to Reticent (and probably not only) who told the other "wizpostols". 2) Andrew, ~24 y.o anglo-sax, megaman rapist from a scandinavian descent 3) This young ~22 y.o retard 4) Ken, polish wizcord admin, ~20+ y.o who moved with parents to anglo-sax country 5) Admin, who wishes to be anglo-sax to make more money and status and to fuck white wymmin, yet is very likely a shitskin.
6) Pedophile kid lurker from I2P. He's behind some of the more "techie" and "calling out" posts. I'm not sure which accounts in steam/etc are his and won't post completely empty accusations. Should be also around 25 despite what he's saying, and he is very fucked up in the head (and very early). He's also american.
Logically, the rest of the retards should consist of other steam/discord/feels etc retards, various orbiters, moderation team and previous staff etc. I know little about them or didn't compute them in my head and it's for good. Thing is - these manbitches from wizchan don't know what the fuck they want and what they can do in their situation, so they stir up shit and can't quite hold it if no one was pitying them and choosing to not waste time on them and their shit, seeing how vigorously they protect their own idiocy. They are talking shit about everyone and everything they can think about, and even if they try to seem good with it - it's egoistical to the bone. Some psychopaths can't learn at all. And if only psychopaths. All of them are absolutely fucktarded with a lot of different shit to the point that it's embarassing to talk about them. So it's time to stop for now, until they try to do something "big" again and if I can stalk them at that time
sry forgot torn is ~26 and admin is ~29
Open file (393.34 KB 1020x768 turk.png)
Open file (20.72 KB 496x496 melike-scan-570x570.jpg)
oh and sry forgot about this one too There's also this turk, one of the few turks, but unlike them he likely didn't come from int/pol or some kind of conference or was born in germany lol, but he's probably inactive or only a little active now. it's his gf lol, before he got fucked up in the head with religion and other bullshit. Or it's not his GF at all I don't know and I don't care he's retarded ofc but he's at least 30+. Which is why he's likely to not go on wizchan much or at all. Some of these retards spy on me a little, they even know some garbage I said to one or two of them, or publically, and they spread it. so he got that discord from them looks like i posted him a whore I once banged with a couple of friends and deleted him next day for his complete religious retardation
also iyashi/torn/wizadmin/etc, if you read this - please know and understand your retardation, that sometimes I could've been talking with you from parties or while taking a break from them, or when I had a girl, or some kind of whore, or even a child right in my house or together with me in another place. just imagine my face, you fucking imbeciles, when I was trying, lazily, but trying to laugh at your misery and learn your imbecilic motives just to understand ppl like you better bickers I encounter them a lot. And I'm not alone doing that, everyone can be like that but you will never get it you are fucking goddamned oblivious morons and you are likely to be killed someday by some random negro like Torn you will understand what i'm trying to say when your life will be basically over and its better for you to kill yourselves
About wizchan textboard. It is likely that some of the administration crew is using a /pol/-themed script here and it broke the board they also trying to outsource the catalysts of "dramas" to another discords and shit, seeing how people usually use search functions about discord or gaslight the users on b (it's also them too). Not to mention there was always gaslighting, their own clique drama and lots of lies and retardation previously on that board so while torn is playing stronghold crusader, techies are playing Serial Excrements Lain
>It is likely that some of the administration crew is using a /pol/-themed script here and it broke the board can be two separate things but still, they've added this piece of code to kareha and it's not working correctly, or it's interfering with the thread closure function or script which they also use to gaslight, and cuz its so cool to bullshit people with retarded /pol/ shit that they and most of the orbiters participate in some way or another (torn participates also by enlisting in a /pol/ steam group), it will not be fixed. They also damage control this type of shit by larping about it, how it's a high-power bureaucracy that's a nuclear level nutcase though. >seeing how people usually use search functions about discord or gaslight the users on b (it's also them too). also separate things but whatever, as it will be a right thing to treat all these retards as 1 entity which eats internet garbage and shits on humanity while calling them names
Open file (602.51 KB 919x541 wizband.png)
after watching too much game of thrones-like plot crap, they now also larp on the board about how wizchan has not 1, but 3 admins. so how can god save wizchan's queen, if it has this type of disorder as well? I preferred when they used words like developer, server owner, helper or whatever shit. Now it's more retarded than previously and that's what's important about what left wizchan aka tiger being Torn to pieces, as how of one of it's downies larps on /b/
Charodei, the second admin of wizchan's steam group, can as well be Owen aka stream_wiz, whom they bullied to take control of threads, conferences, voice chats, and the said group as well. I suspect that the most damage in this regard was done by Clerill and perhaps Torn, another "wizstreamer" who is openly agressive and dominant in a retard way. But they all took a part in it, by overthrowing a retard who brought other retards together and was trying to close the gates. Instead they raped him and became admins themselves. If it's not him, then there's another story also mentioned in the archives of wizchan, but it's untold. It said that Charodei has a very funny story to his name, of coming to age being a one of 3 retarded admins (jk it wasn't referring to him most likely).
While wizchan admins scream kill me in a Lain way, simple rapey_or_raped guys like Torn and Andrew are crusadering and megamanning up through the wizchan ranks, bolstering their forces by giving the internet's scratch of toilet paper like positions in some kind of retarded gatherings and not only to their most loyal followers. It was such an honor to Andrew when wizchan's admin Ronnie, added him to steam friend list to tell him what do in a more private manner that isn't /staff/ board or other shit they use. Andrew is a tomboy kiddo, he was refusing to participate in admin chats in a more open manner before that, probably bickers of things they and previous staff did to him, which includes - always belittling him, openly insulting before the lesser wizchan beings, manipulating him, and making him to say truth about the RAPE. just how they always did, starting with facebook shit back in 2014 and other offsite chats in 2015+.
>Charodei can also be behind a wannabe folk music bandcamp that sells some retarded sounds supposedly about old villages in Russia. It got some fake applauses on wizchan. Some dudebro almost like Zabujard, who was mod of wizchan chats in 2015+ but now sits in a bunch on different chats (where's he's also a mod or at least a cool kid licking trash girls pussies) also failed with making a MUD which wasn't even a MUD. At least he's got his twitter subs going.. Staff and orbiters there also enjoy making shit servers like minecraft, DND RPGs, and other. While pretending it's all about wizards and its wizards who make this shit, and not the admins and orbiters of some of the shitholes. One of the last minecraft servers had some members continiously griefing newcomers nonstop even if the total population was 3. I bet they were also involved with wizchan's staff. It's whitelisting procedure also showed that wizchan users are literal children. I remember some guy, who now these cliquers miss (or he renamed) was speaking bullshit about EDitors ruining wizchan and that I was an EDitor raider who came to get his ass. When in reality he was an actual EDitor making important pages like minecraft and celebrities. Some of my posts made Enlike, who is a ~25+ finn cliquer in Wizcord mad bickers I mentioned his shitty IRC chat being for wizards, he insisted that it was not about it. This guy Enlike also does enormous amounts of gaslighting in cliques, while issuing bans if he's been caught, and probably does this on wizchan's boards too. Is he one of the admins by that point? Is he Charodei? who knows.
Whenever Ronnie the admin was showing his face to his userbase with #admin tag on, he always lied to make people work for him for free and he's a self-taught liar, he enjoys useless political shows to the point of pinning them in his cytube channel so no one can skip it (and if you talk back about it you will probably be banned) and watching entirety of one meme show after another, even if they are a few hours long For some reason mentioned somewhere above in these threads he unbanned one of my usernames though. Last time I saw him being mad that he's been called an incel who can't get a girl bickers he will not be able to keep her and that she will see through his bullshit. He made his cytube channel private bickers of that - made a password whom he shared with TrueWizzies and supposedly banned even more shit. I believe he tried to hardban me (why lol if he can just set the settings of cytube he copied from github to not allow new users make new channels and vpn's and tor were already banned with a 4chan-like explanation to it) so I got lazy and fucked off that day.
While watching various hip clips just like wizchan's retards fav Lain, Ronnie usually sits with his ass full of his bootlicker tongues. It's how they exchange opinions when admin's around. Ronnie sits in his clique, pinning some clip, being "omg i'm so drunk" while taking an upper-hand in discussion of some of the recent hip events, his body weigh and diett, social stances on some shit and other bullshit.
Prior to this, wizardly.fun clique served as a circus to laugh at "wizards", to call them names, to gaslight together, to indoctrinate some inside jokes and scripts to make users feel worse, etc. Which comes all the way to skype, irc and mumble chats etc where wizardchanners were always doing the same since its inception
They had a lot of more typical omega-types of permavirgins going to those cliques, usually very young, but not many lasted for long. They all evolved in what they "fought" against, which was actually more like self-teaching some animal survival instincts while wasting years of time
Ronnie liked the jokes about One True Wizard. Well, now he's one true zoidberg (hehe, poltard reference here) who screams about his weight on the rock alone.
Open file (229.79 KB 1629x880 discord.png)
https://lizchan.top/ same cliques, even more literal (now a bit grown up) children
>>82563 Yo, whats up Kaname?
Fazli here. I did investigation. This man OP is correct.
In the wizcord they have 2 bots to track non-clique users log-in/log out timers. They then go to cytu.be/r/wizshrine every weekend to watch cytube while voice chatting together like normalfags. It is right when they say cliques are a sign of a poisoned community, only the worst users remain here basically all cowards and snitches.
it is disgusting to see what has become of wizardchan, but has that not happened to every place
TornHerb has had a girlfriend for the past 5 years he was talking to wizards. While megapal has weekly sex doing hook ups on dating apps lol it's all a joke only the biggest losers believe in magic
100+ replies Visiting normalfag forums to gossip is a symptom of your female natured brains. This was a wake up call. Stop complaining about wizchan and accept you just have the kind of mind that likes gossip, livestreamers, and James Charles drama. You guys are trans. Get some estrogen and move on from male spaces.
>>95833 this in fact of course fam
Torn here AMA
>>102224 >Torn Are you a faggot?
>>95833 this in fact of course, no better than the k i w i farms
>>102229 wizchan is a shithole filled with retards, this place is a shithole filled with other retards, the difference is this place is fun and wizchan isn't.
>>41296 Jfc rightoids need to be killed
who cares about wizchan
Anon is mad bickers homosexuals get more seggs then him. Thread closed, OP gets the gas.

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