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Open file (267.31 KB 553x562 torn1.png)
Open file (924.32 KB 1321x916 torn2.png)
wizchan and the like Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:03:36 No.9055
This is how global mod of wizchan looks like.
He powertrips through his own userbase, telling that women are good, and just wearing a chastity ring should keep you virgin. He's a frequent troll of his own userbase, he brags about bans and warnings publically on his channels. Known to be breaking all the rules of his own site, and what he implies to others - he is usually guilty of it much more instead. Like, when 8chan was still around, he was ranting about how bad it is. It didn't stop him from using the site for his own gain (getting free stuff from a giveaway on /v/ for example, and thanking everyone there) and then telling how bad that rotten shithole of a site 8chan is.
IRL he leeches of his sister and mother who give him lots of money and free time. He is a heavy drug addict, likes GAMERGATEs, and likes to establish connections with females in front of his userbase only to tell later that he's been on vacation/drugged/attended funeral.
He's also into anime which he watches with his bros online, with other chads, and IRL.
Open file (224.61 KB 1044x448 1614488638965.png)
Here is proof of piece of shit cliquers in a hidden voice chat. These are the larpers who pretend to be wizards but are huge normalfags which is why they need to hide it
Have sex, incel
>>98494 agreed these are just low ranked retards, i don't care about them anymore
give it up kaname just earn some money thats the best adivce or you will rot in poverty
clicks never work, it's disgusting how discord ruined the internet as a whole, even anti-social wizard fags are now forming their cringe groups and being snakes with each other
Open file (530.04 KB 1079x607 angry booker noises.png)
>>98538 >clique (plural cliques) >A small, exclusive group of individuals, usually according to lifestyle or social status; a cabal.
This is from Enflamis discord where the cliquers don't need to larp as volcels like in wizcord. They were initially going to use it for their voice chat but decided that having a secret voice channel on wizcord would be better, after no one joined them they have recently made it public, but still no one joined besides themselves.These were posted on wizchan b and the cliquers instantly came to defend themselves on there and call it fake. They tell everyone they don't even browse wizchan. As you can see they were always just normalfag larpers which now makes sense why they needed to hide behind so much secrecy.
Here is the cytube they use every Friday/Saturday called wizshrine. MasterSatan is this guy Enlike and he was recently reported to wizcord mods for spamming loli in their 2d zone channel. Currently it's unknown if their wizcord will be shut down but in the mean time they have taken down invites.
Open file (92.79 KB 458x424 53.png)
>>98574 >>98575 >>98584 have sex, pathetic loser
>>98586 this of course in fact
Open file (22.99 KB 940x159 kanafagtron.png)
>>98575 Cmon Kana, you should have better stuff about me.
keep it to ur site lowranked retards i only replied cuz got bored on metarot (http://metatorrkdagnx2njwvnzqeclsk3qbwabr6hori4vmivj25qy6s6gsad.onion/over/) and clicked "additional sites" for quick cheap laughs (there's julay world listed)
>>98538 discord is useful for making money as for those just fuck those they aren't even funny fuck them or hurt them physically when you get the chance. it feels good
Open file (72.62 KB 633x580 discord.png)
To not get tricked by losers, this is a small reminder for you. Make money from they while they are dumb, fuck them over, fuck them literally, and abuse them. Or they will try to fuck you after finding some kind of a loser company btw this thread is over you can fuck off back to your moderated shithole, fucking poseurs and remember that chans are for pedofiles since the first one
Some autistics take all the memes way to serious, you guys know almost 90% of people on any wizard board are just larping as incels, right?
Open file (78.73 KB 1024x685 1433044570541.jpg)
>>98691 > moderated shithole Generally it's better to have a good diet than a poor one. That helps to moderate one's shithole. Pic maybe related (not sure about the moderation of that shithole)
>>98783 disgusting, kys normie.
Open file (61.65 KB 500x667 1432772372491.jpg)
>>98799 >normie calling _me_ a normie Projecting, thou art.
Pro-tip: OP is an ex-wizchan user who kept accusing everyone of being normies and larpers, but then started fucking prostitutes and now acts like he is hot alpha shit. Although this in itself does indeed showcase the kind of people that congregate there, ironically enough.
>>98805 yikes, it's almost like a horse pussy, are you a bronie incel?
>>98452 >>98574 >>98575 >>98584 >>98628 >>98691 All those people should take HRT and become trannies, they already act like trannies anyway.
Open file (366.63 KB 1275x1920 1456720282113.jpg)
>>98825 Seen a similar claim before for that pic (which I'm pretty sure is a human), and neigh. Urm, Nay. Humans only for me.
>>98857 better
Sounds like a hot pile of shit
>>98827 Okay, fetish man
Open file (183.34 KB 843x531 161488863164.jpg)
redditernet disabled another subreddit for good claim that it's about CP is bullshit, I singlehandedly uploaded most cp to that site during all the years it was alive, and even reported it to its own hosting. "Dead" admin was always around so he quickly cleaned the server every time also I had a night with a 20 year old girl recently, it took me a chad friend who fucked a better girl but still good enough for me fuck you losers, lol
>>98809 lol yeah i do fuck prostitutes sometimes, you noticed it cuz now I have much more money than before. I don't need to ethically build shitty relationships with fat women and fuck ups anymore. And bickers I can't afford a pretty girl for a lifetime, it's not what I'm really interested in, it's a big chore. I tried though, not even once, but you'r calling ordinary girls and even boys prostitutes too? Yes I'm not ashamed for having feelings for boys unlike your kind. Haha, looks like I found a seething incel in a thread for shitflinging on incels and i'm not alpha obviously. I can't be alpha just by description, its not my role. I was not active sexually for years sometimes bickers I was building my skills which I'm now using to make money. Successfully. Its not much but here where I am its a lot and ur wrong with the reasoning. Incels ARE a plague. I may be a loser compared to some, but even compared to incels with my shitty way of living I always feel great while having a ton of fun! They have no guts, no self-esteem beyond worky-work, no good motives, no reasoning, they will always backstab, always cheat on the weak instead of being an example to them. Its happening right now with another part of wizshitchan agenda. I'm tired of this shit (again). People are weak bickers they lack information or physique. Incels are weak bickers they are fucking insane and entitled like women. Its ok if a woman is entitled bickers it's how it works. But you are a fucking man, so grow the fuck up and start taking care of yourself and people around you. Repressing omega males to grow yourself is NOT honorable, its the way incel rises. I will never feel bad doing shit to incels. Its how some of them finally grow up, if no one does it they will end like Soulkius. No one respects incels and they are to blame to degrade everything worthy around to their own shitty level mostly bickers no one cares anymore about shit they take cuz it worth nothing so fuck you, enjoy your incel life, but don't project it to everyone else and don't feed of omegas. If your life is shit - just rope instead, fucker, you and other incels are bad guys, not normals. Normals make the world you live in. You make nothing but shit. So again fuck you, and don't talk to a superior human like that like you know something you little piece of shit.
there is nothing wrong with fucking escorts
>>100090 absolutely I don't plan on fucking one this year cuz I already had a few pussy but its literally idiotic to reject a good sex if you are drunk and in a company of fellow men who just want to fuck something right fucking now I enjoyed most of the whores and even drunk pub trash, its still girls lol ,they are soft and pretty and wet, but not the way I've enjoyed relationships, it's just hard for some who are lazy like me and are terribly bad on household level of things. Incels won't get it they fuck prostitutes exclusively to make up for their mistakes they can't fix and project it to average guys on the internet bickers it gives them a leverage in a banter. Fuck incels. And fuck this board and this thread. Its boring. I guess I just have a lot of time on my hands. Bring back JEWS instead, he was doing it better than me. I'm fucking off to make some money or hang out with someone
and one last thing Kaname ur a good guy, I was never talking shit to you but you seriously need to man up, its never too late, you will need experience, internet is not experience start working on your body, make some money and friends and ur life will be bearable, if you never had sex or female friends (any will work believe me) start fucking escorts. Its how people start, its ok, but it's also very addictive but if you supress ur incel side u'll be fine eventually don't make friends with incels bye
Haha its fucking dead good riddance
why is the site dead? does anyone have inside info?
Open file (22.75 KB 429x423 sad2.jpg)
>>100129 Who did it?
>>100132 NIGGERS DID IT. Can't you read?
Open file (765.09 KB 709x758 wizchan.png)
>>98691 You are on a chan.. What does that make you?
>>100089 >a mentally ill pedophile drug addict subhuman who finally managed to get some pussy scraps thinks himself "superior" to anyone thanks for the laugh m8
>>100180 What a pathetic, fat cow sad, strange little man. >>100193 >a chan Where do these tourists keep coming from, /cow/ ?
Everytime I fart it smells like a gangstalkers breath
>>116262 Lel Kidding xD
>>116262 Meant for >>116261
he's not born in 1992
>>137815 <not born in 1992 proof?
>>138236 like i already said - its not a good idea to give someone a free pr
Open file (536.63 KB 384x224 202208.gif)
It's been nearly 10 years since /cow/ first took interest in the Wizards. They still seethe at me to this day when I post with my name or trip. >>87514 I want access to this Wizard dox database.

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