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Open file (267.31 KB 553x562 torn1.png)
Open file (924.32 KB 1321x916 torn2.png)
wizchan and the like Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:03:36 No.9055
This is how global mod of wizchan looks like.
He powertrips through his own userbase, telling that women are good, and just wearing a chastity ring should keep you virgin. He's a frequent troll of his own userbase, he brags about bans and warnings publically on his channels. Known to be breaking all the rules of his own site, and what he implies to others - he is usually guilty of it much more instead. Like, when 8chan was still around, he was ranting about how bad it is. It didn't stop him from using the site for his own gain (getting free stuff from a giveaway on /v/ for example, and thanking everyone there) and then telling how bad that rotten shithole of a site 8chan is.
IRL he leeches of his sister and mother who give him lots of money and free time. He is a heavy drug addict, likes GAMERGATEs, and likes to establish connections with females in front of his userbase only to tell later that he's been on vacation/drugged/attended funeral.
He's also into anime which he watches with his bros online, with other chads, and IRL.
It's been nearly 10 years since /cow/ first took interest in the Wizards. They still seethe at me to this day when I post with my name or trip. >>87514 I want access to this Wizard dox database.
feels like a big waste of time keeping that meme site alive. i only liked it as a way to avoid people i hated but even then i still had a gf the whole 5 years of being active there. not counting previous partners of course, but just to show how much i knew from the very beginning these drama qweens weren't serious about anything other than the taste of man ass on their tongue
>>175986 ur a sad little faggot just like average "wizard" with a fugly face and big glasses, who are you trying to fool bud. But yes, its been around 10 years. I member first thread on wizchan. But I don't member you. /cow/ wasn't owned by likes of you back then, as you were still a fucking kid. Now its just various 4chan retards slash altchan denizens shitflinging at random ppl coming to their webz, governed by incels like you. You are pathetic and you know it.
>>190404 idk if it's the real JEWS, but if it is he was a mod since /cow/s original incarnation on 789/nOchan/888chan/8chan and now here he sits idle in IRC.
OP here. There's been unstoppable spam from both wizchan clique and anticlique in wizchan /b/, even claiming to be me or knowing who I am and what i'm doing. Just a reminder - don't give attention to those virgins. Also a small update after reading some of the recent shit which involved me somehow - I've been in a new relationship with a 41yo girl for a few years now and been fucking prostitutes, skanks, and even wives of my friends left and right. I do also love spending time with the boys (citation needed) For those still seething - enjoy this information :)
>>218587 >don't give attention to those virgins Fuck that shit. Post them here.
>>190404 You didn't need to prove me right, but I'm grateful that you did.
>This is how global mod of wizchan looks like. he's a desktop screenshot? AI has gone too far...
Open file (106.25 KB 816x833 eerie_garret_keg.png)
Open file (659.74 KB 611x872 wizard Eerie.png)
>>218587 that's either nama3 or one of Andrew's wizfriends who are kiwifarmers. It can be Eerie/garret a chronically online porn addict furry who holds a grudge against wizcord after being banned. He is a weird schizo autist who calls everything a larp didn't save more pictures but from lurking on /b/ the guys on andrew server gossiped about wizcord almost daily.
Open file (519.11 KB 722x723 20230807_225250.png)
>>9059 >This guy is a former wizchan discord admin Yes, I just had to lie and the rest of incels and losers believed me bickers I discussed evo psycho, antinatalism and was pro suicide and going through a depression phase. It's not easy to live as a wizchad, y'know, having fucked over hundreds of girls and done all kinds of sex. Kius was my pet. He was so lonely and had no friends and I showered him with so much attention he thought of me as a brother. Even the other wizcord wizards still love me to this day. A testament to the power of lookism. I remember dming them selfies and the praise will come, "you're such a wizchad" Idiots, like wizchads would ever exist, my looks aren't going to waste just to be part of a genetic dead end community. I can get insta dopamine hits having sex with any girl I want so that's what I did and keep doing. You keep being le epic wizards if you want, with a skewed perspective on life all bickers you never enjoyed sex or your crush ignored you and had sex with your bully.
wizcord PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD it's nothing but gays and trannies and normie cliquers as predicted from the starting point by the greatest of wizards who departed years ago. You let one normalfag in charge who lets his other normie friends in, then a faggot comes, and then another one, and eventually wizards leave and all you've got left are normies and fags.
a real human being and his son a real anhero
wizcordfags when they see a white kid who grew up in a single mother household, had no irl friends, never finished school, and is downright depressed: Let's push him to suicide guys. Farengar, Iyashi, Enlike. You know what to do.
muh suicide and pessimistic philosophy muh antinatalism muh volcel larp lets not help anybody in this community wizcord fellas even if he was the former admin of wizcord. let's just sabotage him even more less he takes back the server. who cares about him we don't need him
Open file (377.53 KB 660x406 wizcord cliquer 1.png)
Open file (81.45 KB 771x412 fagnumber8815.png)
Open file (528.47 KB 791x820 eeriefag twitter.png)
wizcord is nothing but kiwifarmers, gays, failed normies, crosdressers, furries, gay sweaty gamers, tranny worshipers, sociopathic liars, narcissists, and females. It's interesting how far they go with the larp of being a wizard when it's really well adjusted normies who want orbirters so they feel better about themselves and like they have control over a buncha virgins. Farengar is a hypocrite like most normalfags. Slovakian normalfag cancer who recommended sodium nitrite to soulkius.
Open file (81.08 KB 829x742 bsQk8qe.png)
Open file (105.07 KB 864x816 yRh9IxV.png)
Open file (66.72 KB 620x565 kSmeAf9.png)
gays, trannies, pe do philes, and normies who appropiated the culture of wizchan to feel special. They are larping N I G G E R S.
>>226434 >>227869 >>227951 >>229548 >>229734 The current Wizcord is illegitimate and should just be renamed to Friend Group #3716284. None of the previous admins wanted the current clique to have any power bickers they already knew cliquers are normalfag larpers and nonvirgins. They're not good people. They call wizards who disagree with them incels or schizos. Being there is like being surrounded with cult like normies with a need to show a power dynamic the entire time and they want to have power over you and abuse you mentally. Clique doesn't interact or trust anyone who doesn't voicechat. Instead they keep it a circlejerk and alienate wizards or one up each other with the usual pose of antinatalism, depression, pessimism, antifun but none of it is authentic bickers at the same time they're going out with friends, travelling, taking selfies, photos, partying, and doing drugs, and among them are trannies, pedo, and worst kind of fags who Farengar and the rest call "wizardly". They want the wizards who join to be miserable and it worked with Rodyar and Soulkius bickers they were depressed and lonely. Wizcordags never felt what Rodyar or Soulkius felt and they cannot relate to wizards they hate wizards and will bully and kick out real wizards bickers they consider them weird lolcows and losers. Don't trust those guys, they are worst type of normies. Remember Rodyar left for a good reason. They worship normalfag lifestyle and are all talk.
Any anons have a copy of the video "the /wiz/ I knew" it actually has some good info/insight into the man freddit was when he was admin there, and how much of a faggot he was.
Open file (2.02 MB 1920x1080 wizcordfags.png)
Open file (69.45 KB 489x784 clqwtr1.png)
Open file (12.58 KB 618x292 1236773452.png)
Just like one woman will destroy a community of only males... I don't have to say the rest. Do I, wizcordfags? It doesn't take a smart person to figure this out, Farenchon, Iyashi, Enlike, Ken, Torn, Johnny. So you really have no excuse. And don't go around insulting my good friend Rodyar by calling him an incel or failed normie, may god rest his soul. He was just someone who gave a shit about wizardry. Yes, he tried to get a girlfriend, but that was after the fact you normies betrayed him. That was after the fact that he learnt you pieces of shit don't care about anything but just having numbers and activity. Who are you to judge him when cross dressers, trann ies, g ays, and anything in between is a wizard for you. Rules exist for a reason but wizardry goes beyond the rules. Rules are a reflection of what you want and who you are as a whole. I'll say it one more time, being a virgin alone doesn't make you a wizard but you normalfags will never understand this. So keep larping it up in your voicechats where you have to be for the rest of your lives until you rot away. This is a duel I've won a long time ago, and it was easy bickers you are a bunch of liars and hypocritical rats, just like a bunch of kikes. Now which dick will you suck next time? Don't forget to be inclusive, I'm sure transwomen will love to be part of your community. Also, please take some time off from masturbating to child porn and send some money to the family of Michael, Farenchon. It's easy to recommend NaNO2 but have you thought about the costs of the burial and funeral?
>>230122 We are open to witchies, bigot.
Open file (11.25 KB 361x150 1238891.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 796x533 coconut_crab.png)
how to forget when the russki turbo normalfag invited me to voicechat and called me a G​AMERGATE bickers I hurt his ego and that of his larper friends. I still laugh when I remember it, imagining the look of powerlessness painted all over his face, trying to figure out who I am, to the best of his abilities. Don't they teach russian boys to be brave? Why the need to bring the rest of your clique with you, muzhik. They got the invite and quickly swarmed up the server and tried to confront me. The entire wizcord clique. Ken, like the retard he is tried to offer me his friendship in dms. Why didn't you try to be a friend to Rody, Ken? He needed you. Where were you then? Oh, right. Larping it up as a volcel bickers you are a larper who condemns incels and who was the biggest incel of them all if not Rodyar who couldn't handle the wizard life and went looking for a girlfriend. You will side with the normalfags and call my friend a crab to feel superior to him, but he is dead, Ken. He is already superior to you. Both him and Michael are superior to you bickers they were committed to the things they believed unlike you. You hold no strong convictions while they did and they succeeded where you don't. You are all talk, all larp, and the worst possible insult you and the rest of larpers can come up with is something a child would come up with: crab! The horror!!!!! Outside your clique, who are you anyways? Do you even know who you are or where you stand in this world? Kius and Rodyi knew. And they were crabs. They were incels. The thing you are so afraid to be called, Ken. So are you inferior to a crab? Poor kid doesn't know what to believe in anymore, raised by imageboards, and too afraid of failing. Too afraid of trying. Better to say you are a wizard and escape from everything. Give it a few more years, it will catch up with you.
>>227952 rip soulkius.
Open file (1.20 MB 480x270 nriya01t.gif)
Cliquers kept exposing themselves through text chat and had to make hidden chats and channels just to talk freely but they couldn't keep those secret and info started getting leaked which made them go into voice chat only PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd cliquer mode so nothing more gets exposed. Voicechatters can't properly mourn the departed true wizards they will forget their deaths after a day and go on to voicechat some more about what's trending.
Open file (54.35 KB 704x540 1626876719632097.jpg)
For a normalfag cliquer, wizardry is merely a means to socializing, to create a social hierarchy, to form cliques, to be social. To be part of a real group, just like in real life. They want to replicate the same social dynamics you see in real life since they are utterly socially oriented creatures unlike real wizards. They cannot go one day without socializing. We real wizards are fundamentally different people. Normalfags will never recover from this. True wizard dissection of normalscum personality.
Open file (1.36 MB 721x724 soulkiusgraveyard.png)
Open file (77.59 KB 733x573 wizkius.jpg)
>>227952 soulkius was depressed from being obese all his life if he hadn't met the suicide cult larpers like farenchon, enlike, iyashi, and other scum he would still be alive. He'd lost weight and was studying to get his school certificate and go to college. All the wizcord nig gers did was bring him down with depressive bullshit cause they are crabs in a bucket, normalfags who don't want real wizards being happy so if you suggest you are doing something with your life they attack you saying you are not a true wiz. They hate and mock virgins but pretend to be friendly to gain orbiters Ken is an insecure incel who was even jealous of kius looks after he'd lost weight despite him being dead by then. Farenchon celebrated his death and did drugs before trekking with a smile on his face bickers he recommended sodium nitrite. Iyashi said some antinatalist crap and blamed kius parents. Torn was doing drugs and wasted at some G​AMERGATE party where he flirted with women Normalfags are psycopaths.
>>230122 that's one of the nonvirgin gay mods named megapal/andrew who will even give your ip to the wizcordfags. they've been trying to gather all info they can for weeks bickers it hurts them to be exposed with all their lies it's not enough for them to infiltrate communities for lonely and depressed males they want to personally destroy each individual wizard cause they hate virgin and for them it's funny to bully you for being weird or autistic.
Open file (49.93 KB 782x477 lying nigger ruski.png)
>>229734 >>230122 >our clique is not gay like andrew's gay clique >we are mature wizards the other is just gay kids >source: trust me im le epic wizard sure, russki. Having crossdressers, tranny fuckers, gays, and trannies is not gay at all. Rodyar was right about you and everyone in that shitcord. Lying groids.
Open file (9.42 KB 256x190 stare.jpg)
iyashi#1335 Bozdogan#2341 BMD#0317 Enlike#5162 Enflamis#0116 Ken#9141 Mocky#8231 Sena#5146 Apathos#7670 Link#7274 max#9673 Baelor Breakspear#6188 Farengar#1938 Gaeji#0641 NEGAKOX#6320 Sena#1141 zo#0403 Void Spell#7174 ルナRunacy#5908
Open file (84.13 KB 288x340 ryan o brien.png)
Torn Herb is an actual Wizchan moderator who has previously filled me in on certain going-ons. I have detailed these shennanigans in the past, y'know the whole stuff about the wizchan admin and mods being part of a gayclique that keeps /b/ and the fap thread up as their own personal playthings to erotic roleplay with each other and take part in various other homoertoic and garbage posting. Torn isn't part of this group but he allows these unwizardly freaks to make a mockery of the community by not fighting against them. Now, Torn forms the real crux of my issue. Well, that's not quite fair to say. Problems don't become permeate issues from the top down. They work bottom up from the users themselves. But to start with Tom, to describe his character without much exaggeration, he is basically a normalG​AMERGATE. I believe I am the only person who has batted an eyelid when he has talked publically about having female friends in real life, rejecting relationship proposals from numerous girls cause of a chastity ring (none of the low social value ailments that supposedly characterise wizards are on obstacle here (if volcel was really all that drew us together we wouldn't even care for normie activity in the slightest), drinking at bars with friends (including another wizchan moderator on an occasion), regularly socialising with drug buddies, stating that it's perfectly fine and up to truwiz standards for “wizards” to want to pursue girlfriends or have female friends, and attempting to argue the definition of wizardry out to be merely concerning virginity (leave an in and out normie to argue this). This is the type of person that moderates wizchan. If volcel was really all that drew us together we wouldn't even care for normie activity in the slightest The great wizardry standards, if they ever did exist, have degenerated into garbage. I could get into more about how they Steamgroup ever so “wizardly” engages in voice chat with trannies, sweaty gamers, gays, crossdressers, females, etc. but I know I'm talking to a crowd now who have little care in a community for the truly socially stunted and asocial. An r9k-4chan tier spinoff if the discord quality is anything to go by. I keep standards higher but I don't want to do it anymore for a community that I cannot relate to, and not only does not appeciate the higher standard, but defends and takes joy in the most unwizardly of “wizard” environments. That says enough right there of the people here. I can only hope the posters and lurkers of wizchan itself are of a more relatable breed. Perhaps Discord and Steam do just filter in the most normie of the lot. But I find it difficult to believe that it is truly much better. I am done with the wizchan community. The issues are so pervassive that I feel like the outsider here. Rodyar said it best, didn't he, normalG​AMERGATEs? Trash like you wouldn't understand the rationale of noble wizards.
iyashi piece of shit
Open file (169.78 KB 1232x620 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.94 KB 491x387 asShrimple.jpg)
OP is somewhat of an oldfag, was on wiz irc, then also hung out on wizardly.fun (the cytube clone Anki, the previous wizchan admin, was hosting on the server), then came to the first iteration of wizcord (where Soulkius was the admin), then came to the steam wizgroup, that's where most of us first got to know him. the name "kana" stuck cos he was going by "Kaname" (the name of a trap character in a certain doujinshi; yes, back then kana was pretty much openly g@y for traps and futas) for some time, and annoyed us and got banned under that nickname for the first time. afterwards he started changing nicknames frequently again. also for a long time kept accusing us of being just 2-3 people samefagging, lol. later he also semi-cooperated with deletwiz (a russian schizo famous for deleting his posts after several minutes both on wizchan and in discord, who eventually got institutionalized and then normed up and started shitting on wizards) in making up those "doxes" on us on that noname cow imageboard. the funniest arc was probably him obsessing over how boy poster is basically a grey cardinal and is behind all things nefarious in the wizspace. that's kinda the gist of it (kana) https://files.catbox.moe/csnbvp.mp4
Open file (253.03 KB 1218x604 1m2.png)
>>231836 >>230122 the faggot normalfag wizchan mod banned a wizard bickers he was happy that a jock who bullied him back in school is now in jail. You can't make this shit up. The mod is a normalfag who hates it if a wizard is happy bickers his bully is now in prison.
you forgot to mention sanguine who was a 30+ year old incel that had previous romantic relationships and who even during his time within the wizcord clique was actively looking for a girlfriend. He was into crossdressing and fantasizing about being an anime girl but for the wizcordfags he was a "wizard". A person who had girlfriends, acted depressed and like a textbook bpd female failed normie tfw nogf r9kfag was a cliquer and up to wizard standards in the mind of the cliquish normalfaggots. They even had Himna helping him and I suppose it worked seeing that he racemixxed with some pajeeta single mother whore and became a dad. It's funny to see normalfags don't know what they are after years of larping as wizards or sincerely come to terms with who they want to be part of their fake wizard community. They just will take everyone as long as that admission rewards them with some activity, some attention they crave. Rodyar was right. Rodyar will always be right. This people aren't wizards and don't care in the least about wizard standards. You can mention every fact and they will react with the same "schizo", "incel", adhoms. That's the best they can do. True wizards can see through every lie. Through every larp. I've been on the internet for 20 years now. I can recognize a normalfag the same way I can recognize an ADHD zoomer.
Open file (1.13 MB 1920x1080 nigger.png)
nice wizard discord. i'm sure wizards want to read what a degenerate ni-gger descendant of literal slaves has to say about anything
>>233355 Is this the same Sena who used to trip/avatarfag on 8chans /b/?
>>233355 you let a n i g g e r use the internet, one of white man's greatest inventions, and this is what they do ni g g e r s' behavior online and posting history is the best pro slavery argument. I see it everywhere the blacks are so inferior to us whites that they can only imitate what whites have done millenia ago and produce butchered copies, a testament to the lack of creativity and intelligence of their race, when they realize this, they get angry and pollute what little white spaces remain on the internet with their inane and degenerate monkey thoughts lowering everything to their animal level.
Open file (355.73 KB 680x735 1511024030154.png)
>>233355 it's rules for thee not for me. They ought to change the name from wizcord to my failednormiecord or gaycord Normalfags want to advertise tag a clique server as 'wizchan' 'wizard' 'virgin' and say they follow this rules: 2. Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences. 3. Do not post about voluntary real life social activities (e.g. going to a bar or party). 5. Do not make low quality or inflammatory posts ("/b/" style posting and "gayposting" is not tolerated). lol, lmao even. > i want to suck dick >tranny dick >futa >im a G​AMERGATE tranny lover It's always like that with normalfags. You think a normalfag would shut up about sex or his fetishes even in a wizard chat? Nope. Cliquers are hypocrites and they have no ground to stand on. As predicted from the starting point by rodyi the greatest of wizards who departed years ago. You let one normalfag in charge and he'll let his other normie friends in, then a faggot comes, then another one, and eventually wizards leave and all you've got left are normies and fags.
>>233355 More screenshots of wizards fantasizing about sucking dicks, please. >>233859 >He thinks men who want to fuck transwomen are normal Even the racist wizard above you probably knows better.
Cliquers ignore actual and fair criticism of their fake wizard server and pivot to unrelated talking points, that’s what every selfish and egocentric person does when confronted. What does wanting to suck dick, being a crossdresser, tranny, etc. has to do with being a wizard or celibate virgin at all? Nothing.
Open file (1.90 MB 1920x1080 1700538232851200.png)
himna -dark triad brazilian psycopath -lie to virgins saying that you are a virgin -normalfag larpers from wizcord believe you -become admin of wizkids and wizards alike for +1 year and of course you are part of the clique too -insult incels(real wizards) cause they can't get any pussy -blowup your cover bickers you feel too powerful as a mod thinkin nothing will happen and say you had sex +1000 times and it's easy -incels leave original wizcord cause the brazilian sexhaver is a mod and part of the clique -have the most suicidal of virgins also known as soulcuck defend your online reputation while you videochat with e girls and are on dating apps hooking up with whores left and right thanks to your looks -while you were getting a blowjob from stacy and having egirls fuck their pussies on cam soulcuck was creating a rodyar alt and fighting stalkers in dms, lying for your sake, and having an overall bad time -soulcuck the hypercliquer defender kills himself and himna like every other larper who wrote about muh antinatalism muh Mitchell Heisman suicide note is still alive and kicking like nothing ever happened the worst mistake you can make is to think a good looking neurotypical person knows anything about the wizard life or can relate to you or even feel pity. You can call me schizo all you want, but I can recognize who is a wizard and who isn't. I guess for normalfags it's complicated. Wizards have eyes for this things I saw all this coming. Don't say I didn't warn you. Normalfag trash like Iyashi, Enlike, Farengar, Ken, Bozdogan, Torn, etc. will never be wizards. They are normalfags looking for obscure antilife and reddit memes to share in discord and form cliques. They never lived the wizard life. This life experience is unique.
>>234226 this isnt bionicles
Open file (31.36 KB 1231x115 2123243424123.PNG)
>>234226 oh, so now it's "soulcuck"? what happened to "my dear friend soulkius who was a truwiz murdered by le suicide clique", kana? btw, rodyar hated you and was the main initiator of your ban on wizcord and you know, it's really well-deserved and fitting that you ended up stranded on a half-dead /cow/ board, toothlessly raging to everyone's entertainment
>>234226 >dark triad Wtf is this shit, I've seen a lot of faggots using this term recently, especially Sam Hyde mocking them.
Open file (91.65 KB 723x679 brazilianWizcorder.png)
Open file (477.32 KB 390x660 brazilianWizcorder3.png)
Open file (797.02 KB 611x612 brazilianWizcorder2.png)
cliquers are so retarded they come here and post that Torn, the druggie wizcord cliquer with the hyperinflated ego who has women come over to his room, go on dates, and pay for camwhores and has female friends irl and online, PERSONALLY INVITED a NONVIRGIN to WIZCORD. Who would have thought, Torn, the same normalfag who drove countless of wizards like Rodyi from wizcord and who the cliquers love to suck his dick bickers he is a mod on wizchan, invites nonvirgins. Normalfaggots brains are really pathetic "everyone is laughing at you", "kana!!", "schizo!!" they don't look at the big picture, you were always nonvirgins and normalfags: This is Himna, one of the early cliquers who the other larpers like Farengar, Iyashi, Torn, Enlike, Ken, etc. loved and believed was a wizard bickers muh antinatalism, muh evopsycho, muh philosophy and pro suicide discussions. He hated incels, he saw virgin males as losers and look at him now, he is giving advice on how to raise children on reddit to redditor parents so their kids don't end up posting on wizchan, so the kids don't become wizards :^) What a good wizcord cliquer!! This is the very same wizcord cliquer who Soulkius defended so much and even teared up and was so attached that he created alts to defend his online reputation. The normalfag scum who lied about his virgin status and will never relate to a wizard just like the rest of larpers from wizcord who are no different from him, a bunch of normalfags who hate wizards and everyone who is bottom of the barrel, but the cliquers will rather accept a normalfaggot like that brazilian than a real virgin. Wizcordfags find real virgins to be repulsive, they prefer crossdressers, fags, trannies, mutts, and nig gers, just take a look at the wizcord server if you don't believe me. >if your child is the bottom barrel(wiz), you need to move them to another group :^) >being introvert isn't a problem, but being shy(wiz) is :^) >be attractive, having money, having options,(chad) that is power, power is good!! wiz is bad :^) >Teach your child that everyone is selfish and pursuing their own interests, in the end EVERYONE wants social status, money, being attractive :^) That's your beloved brazilian wizard. He isn't different now, he is the same person he was back then and that you accepted. You can see he believes in all that stuff rooted in hardcore social darwinism, that's what he wanted for Michael so he introduced him to girls, and it wasn't hard to convince him to e roleplay and have the girls share nudes with kius and erp the three of them together. He is a wizchad as you guys call it. Did you know that Kius had an actual e relationship with one of the girls and when he broke up with her to come back to wizcord it emotionally wounded him so much that his depression and suicidality went to the roof? Oh, he didn't tell you that, did he? He wasn't going to originally go with the peaceful route by taking sodium nitrite, you have Himna and the succubi he introduced to kius to thank for that. What, you didn't know that? Succubi are poison for the wizard mind. But you will never know what a wizard is like or what a wizard feels, so my words fall on deaf ears. Cliquers, you must know this by now. That every normalfag who becomes your friend will want to make you lose your virginity or help your "situation", brazilian normalfag cliquer was no different so what I'm telling you shouldn't surprise you. Once you get as old as I am, you will start to notice how rotten humans are, how rotten and predictable. Normalfag advice and help does more harm than good to wizards. Being around normalfags like you, does more harm than good, you are awful people and what happened to Soulkius and Rodyar is proof of that. What I'm saying is just the truth and you know it and that hurts you.
Open file (803.03 KB 2792x2108 wizcord nigger.jpg)
Iyashi grew up to see both his close and distant female relatives racemixx with blacks and spics so he is sucking gay ni gger cock on the internet and larping as a childfree pro suicide fool to cope with the fact that russian females are big whores for any brown immigrant. He says he doesn't care while a brazilian creampies his sister and he gets cucked to the point of suffering neurosis.
Open file (79.53 KB 562x784 1517158061909.jpg)
>>234407 what "close female relatives"? a middle-aged half-sister that i've never met or a cousin that i last met like 15 years ago? can't think of any others. and yeeeah bro, i definitely care a lot about where they are or what they are doing. lmao next time try bringing up something saucier, like how i go to pubs or get offered prostitutes by my rich rl friends (of which i ofc refuse cоs principles, but you are free to imagine otherwise) meanwhile, the fact remains: wizcord will continue to operate, folks will continue to voicechat and have fun there, the "rules" will continue to be treated as general guidances and this memey "wizard" notion of ours will continue to be limited to its original sense: "a 30+yo male virgin, full stop". and you will likely continue to seethe about it in random places, which after all is everything you can do about it for real tho, imagine being so pathetic that the only value in your life is your imaginary e-identity and so you sperg out at people who you believe are trying to "steal" it from you. very sad, my dude look, i understand you're lonely and bored, having been de facto banned from every wizard-related community for being an aggressive sperg, a pathological samefag and a general asshole. but honestly, in your mental state the only thing remaining is to unironically HAVE SEX - that might actually move your obsessed brain back to its proper place a little bit. ask the OP here, he'll likely confirm it from personal experience. so give it a thought some time ps. you are still welcome to mic up with me on voice, just you and me, no "clique", and discuss all your imaginary grievances about me or whoever else. but ofc you won't, the cowardly little fаg that you are, who am i even kidding. in any case, unless it happens this is the last time i'm giving you any meaningful attention. cheers

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