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Open file (267.31 KB 553x562 torn1.png)
Open file (924.32 KB 1321x916 torn2.png)
wizchan and the like Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:03:36 No.9055
This is how global mod of wizchan looks like.
He powertrips through his own userbase, telling that women are good, and just wearing a chastity ring should keep you virgin. He's a frequent troll of his own userbase, he brags about bans and warnings publically on his channels. Known to be breaking all the rules of his own site, and what he implies to others - he is usually guilty of it much more instead. Like, when 8chan was still around, he was ranting about how bad it is. It didn't stop him from using the site for his own gain (getting free stuff from a giveaway on /v/ for example, and thanking everyone there) and then telling how bad that rotten shithole of a site 8chan is.
IRL he leeches of his sister and mother who give him lots of money and free time. He is a heavy drug addict, likes GAMERGATEs, and likes to establish connections with females in front of his userbase only to tell later that he's been on vacation/drugged/attended funeral.
He's also into anime which he watches with his bros online, with other chads, and IRL.
Open file (285.00 KB 656x961 wizcord users.png)
>>239506 >>230122 >Rodyi, if he was alive, he would never be part of your "wiz"cord. I can assure you that. I don't think Farengar or his mods like iyashi and Enlike care about Rod. They want numbers, if they come in the shape of homos, trannies, or kiwifarmers who want to fuck each other, so be it.
Open file (41.32 KB 424x237 1111.jpg)
https://wizchan.org/test/res/1313.html#q5909 >Well, why not tell another secret. I was 16 when I modded the site. I'm 24 now.
Open file (49.28 KB 640x480 skinner.jpg)
Open file (196.36 KB 2000x1000 niggers.jpg)
https://boards.4chan.org/int/thread/196638950#p196639742 >wizchan.org/b is the worst place on the internet
>>249420 Correction - it's the most incel place on the internet.
what does herbnona even mean
>>249456 One of wizchan's current admins who is in OP post.
>>249456 a supposed true incel wearing chastity ring, a member and a witness of countless offsite and mod chats and communities, who supposedly never scored, was rising first to the rank of mod, then global mod, then admin, who's now larping as a girl on other chans and offsite chats, which are supposed to be hostile to "wizardry" cuz of muh girls AND lolcows AND chads, all of which is a powerword for ban-on-sight cancer in wizardry lore that said, being around 30 makes him at least few year older than all of the other wizchans past mods and admins and is likely one of the only reasons he is who he is now.
>>249456 i'd bet that ur probably Fagdrew, another now past wizchan mod, a facebook-grown wannabe tranny (lol), who is now a target of jokes from remaining omegas and psychos left on wizchan
Open file (25.38 KB 848x480 nobleman.jpg)
there's not a single day on wizchan without posts about Andrew. I guess that some guy or two, who are also competing for feels legacy (it's a noble profession), being true feel-wizkid just like you, feels pity for you in that horrible psychotic way.
>>249456 while ur still here bro, tell me, were you threatened with children sex offense charges IRL? There was always something off about your castration and tranny larp arcs. You always seemed like a child predator to me, don't ask how I know. Well, anyway, current year wizchan threatens and reports you for child grooming anyway. Which isn't exactly better than being charged IRL since you invested so much into that sort of thing. I remember you being a little kid who posted his room on feels and facebook and some chats. But maybe my memories are incorrect. Then you disappeared, then started larping as a wizkid and become a mod. I'm sorry I didn't quite follow everything and knew much so this might be incorrect. crazy funne tho even to this day. Ur now free to check how ur brothers in incel arms berate you on wizchan every day.
>>249465 >that said, being around 30 makes him at least few year older than all of the other wizchans past mods and admins older than some of them combined (i.e ~14.5 + ~15.5) self-fix
Why wizards are never into Vocaloids? It's literally pedo + idoru + zoomie pseudo hardcore tune, fitting just perfect is it bickers of DIY? Tumblr and jap normalfags sponsoring all this shit? Kike me but I never witnessed a proper vocaloid thread on wizchan or in any of their chats. And never a MMORPG one. And those are easily most virgin things out there, on par with korean mmos and any other asiaphilia, even from /jp/. There are more virgins playing some rabdum korean mmo on a rabdum server anywhere in the world that has easily more virgins than all wizchan ever had in total. /jp/ on wizchan died, but never truly lived, too. Meme ironic anime weebs grew up and are still cursing their past, where they had to learn japanese just to climb the virgin ladder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ErLVWz1UfM
zoomer infested turtle wow crew lead by Andrew doesn't count normies like pedo /elder/ clique and /neet/ streamers don't count too wizchan was always shallow as fuck, much, much shallower than even tranny infested, normified 4chan's jp
All wizards (underage malfunctioning psychopaths) know is how to bitch about unfairness of not getting some shit for free from the internet, calling it end of the internet, while being the same cancer that is killing it, even worse than their archenemies, also called normalfags, but pretty much everybody but them. Wizard world consists of one thing - "I get some shit for free, if I don't - I cry and bitch about it, while collecting gubbament checks and getting tricked into shitty jobs". Shallow, pathetic psychopaths. Even when grown up, they can't let go of their habits. bickers they worked so hard to become fucking truck drivers or something, while also applying for disability and wasting all their time in discord-type shit and on chans.
Wizards are perfect low-ranking members of street gangs. Same delusions, except with actual actions following it. However, wizards are physically retarded and or too bullied, so that's out of the question.
>>245936 I'm an evil wizcord cliquer, idk who is in charge of wizchan, never paid much attention to that site anyway. >>249472 I played korean mmorpg for 15~ years on and off, by this point most people are 30+ and have kids, the amount of neets left playing these games is very low.
Open file (1.17 MB 951x716 soulkiustruewizard.png)
Open file (305.87 KB 686x607 Screenshot_8.png)
wizcordG​AMERGATEs shill suicidal beliefs onto dropout kids who are already isolated and have barely any friends and a hard life discuss and recommend suicide methods that they will never use they even demote him from his original role into being a regular user then they ignore the kid who spiraled down into depression and give them no hope or support they just looked on as he spiraled down into depression the "wiz"cord community great wiz"friends" they are
>>249489 wiz has offered enough plausibility on his theory that the wizcord is partly responsible for kius death. His only social outlet was discord and steam.
Open file (17.51 KB 640x361 6lggnl2oftb21.jpg)
>>249489 normalfags have blood on their hands that will never wash out
>>249489 soulkius erp with himna's girlfriend in a private chat group they erp and then played foxhole Reticent is a two-faced nig ger. They're not wizards but failed normalfags.
Open file (2.47 MB 1562x2154 iceberg.jpeg)
>Anachronos killed himself Anachronos was a corp plankton that just moved away and didn't need the project. >/b/ A place where cliques shitposted since 2013. Most unofficial shit that wasn't in cliques, was posted to v9k and to b. >Based on one line from anime True. It is a joke from either manga or anime, screencaps were posted all along the imageboards as a joke. >wizardchan.css missing assets bickers for wizardchan coders it was one of the first projects, where they learned web dev >CIA spamming textboard Doubt that spammer was CIA lol. Those were old /pol/ copypaste and lacked substance. It's just a rogue /pol/ wizmod lol >proxies banned on meta I don't think it was always like that. I remember posting from some kind of proxies there for sure. >Hotwheels had a gf from the start That's based on his NYC pics with a girl near some store. Bullshit. He was a virgin until 17-18 years old when some kind of IRC drama happened. >/music/ page limit I think there were 2 music boards. On old wizardchan and on new wizchan. Both were shallow and sucked, where omegas posted their fav tracks. Don't care >Feels archive Owners of smallboards and irc chats pass their dbs to one another. >Previous admin programmed in backdoors I also programmed a few viruses back in 00s. Crashed some rich guy pc even, he threatened to stalk and kill me, but gave up. That doesn't make me a) a programmer b) programming a backdoor >server slowdown at midnight Maybe bickers of ppl flooding wizardly.fun back then >Neetforge don't remember. probably shit aka "hikky programmers" that existed even in russia, even made some boards. Just stupid kids from uni and cliques. Don't care. Young and stupid freshmen >official IRC used for emergency mod talks Yes IRC was still used by a few people. I remember Wizchan IRC, Wizchan mumble with Glaive and a few laughing mods, and probably a dozen of unofficial chats. All shit. All quit a long time ago, only kids left (hi Torn) >Twitter search results only from women That's when S​ARGON happened and women researched that thing a bit, concluded somewhat correctly, and called wizchan retards "wizardchan/wizchan persons". Kudos to them, their emotional intellect was high
Open file (53.83 KB 1280x720 depths of wizchan.jpg)
>official xhamster page Everybody can make that. Also see: kikes. Someone bragged owning pornosites on occasion - multiple times through years, probs different ppl or even a joke, but maybe an actual random jew? Possible. That makes wizzhang KIKED. >viewable deleted threads on /wiz/ That's imageboard software issue: mods supposedly can only hide threads, while higher ups can delete it from the server. Anki deleted stuff straight from the server, while /b/ mods like Torn at the time, were letting stuff stay for a while, just hiding it and marking for deletion >NEETForge cp hack wtf is neetforge. Oh yes I remember mailing wizchan and feels admins with CP, that was supposedly somethign they left behind, or it was a bribe to let me in into their inner circle. Shit was fun. Also spamming feels with cp was fun. And trying to DDOS it was fun too. Shit, I need to save something from my sleeve for later debunking.. >Wiki is still experimental and may be deleted That's what eventually happened, even though it was popular among omega males who shared it's stuff like "make $1 from ebay" between themselves and trolled me with it, like, they know how to actually make money from the internet and I'm just a bydlo. kk. I guess wiki is a longer issue than that alone, in late 00's stuff like ED and Lurkmore was heavily popularised and influenced internet speech a lot as well. Everybody and their mother was making shitty ed clones even back then. Some are still being made.. >illegal drug deals on /test/ Urban myth. First of all there was spam. "Buy shit from X store". Second, some druggies may or may not post some shit about doing drugs on all wizchan, not just test, that included current Wizchan administration like Tornherb, who frequented those threads and it was his most beloved topic. >Zezima posts Zezima is a MMORPG streamer. There were dozens like him on wizardchan and wizchan. All eventually got banished, some were mods, some were /elder/ users and made some general threads on wizchan and reported ppl disagreeing with them to their mod friends. >/staff/ moves faster than games True. There were old leaks of /staff/ that were posted on ED and 8chan. Wizchildren/Wizmods were scared and flooded the board. >Mods given 4chan pass Haha. Could technically be true, since 4chan is the highest influential board out there and many users especially in cliques come from 4chan and 8chan. Yeah, of course some of them could be 4chan jannies, well known posters, etc. Back in my day I also donated for 2-ch administrator to get a pass to hide captcha and tripcode, but mostly to protect myself from cancerous mods. That was in fucking 2009. Wizardchan users are all cancer. 2009 was shit, but 2012-2013 was another world in terms of everything, posters, memes, admins. Talking about wizardchan and wizchan is more like 2014-2015 - everything about it is severely retarded. >blank posts Easy to do with unicode/regular code, depends on imageboard. >v9k no post limit Could be true for threads. Not pages. I liked to was away some of the old threads there cuz there's no v9k archive. >Banner thread crashed firefox True. Long threads crashed shitty configured browsers/wooden pcs back then or worked extremely slow. Also american internet is ass. >Steam group Allowed Transsexuals Himna? He's already mentioned ITT. Long story short, there were different underage wizchan cliques merged into one with some of wizchan mods efforts. Drama happened >deleted porn saved on server True. Including CP in some cases ;) >Army recruiters Lol who the fuck needs suicidal omega males? >developer position always open True. Essentially wizchan is a ground for a few developers to test and acquire new skills and friends. AS with many other boards and P2P software >Mods combined Crypto $1 mil Could be true. Americans are rich bastards. And there's enough people circling around wizchan and the like, even when they don't post on boards, they could be mods or just guys from one of wizchan cliques.
Open file (17.12 KB 320x240 hate.png)
>deleting 3+yo threads strips of mod Bullshit. Yeah ofc wizmods want to keep some of the history, especially with not needed comments deleted in said threads, and modposts left. There are featured threads on wizchan. Modposted and kiked. Also just like v9k was grandfathered in, some posts in archive and on /wiz/, even old ones, were put there by mods and if other mods wanted to delete them, ofc they would at least be told not to and restore it, in the clique. I sense daddy issues mixed with scam. Try reading any of it - it's all underage cringe. >dakimakura scam Not sure if he means typical dakimakura ADs and other typical anime ads, that cripplekike and others could employ or some specific dakimakura shop scam by someone in position of wizpower. It's not new, people always made omega males and random drifters pay for some chinese shit, "hikky" stickers for the phone, popular dakimakura, etc. So w/e 1/3rd posts of /jp/ is one guy. Well maybe not technically but I could see that, yeah. Jp requires you to be otaku and to not be too shallow, so /jp/ was the slowest board of wizchan by far and most heavily moderated and modposted. One of their mods was sitting in international/japanese learning cliques, but I'm not sure which one, it could be Enlike, but I dunno. People all around the world knew about wizardchan. Even on 2ch.hk there were cliques about being genetically inferior and a wizard, where people spouted memes and pictures from wizardchan. Imagine the cancer. I remember posting about it and got my posts deleted instantly lmao >Talking point for sociology class Also not new. It's very common to include shit from imageboards for study. Some diplomas were written entirely about imageboards and the like. That particular case is more social worker/sociology/psychology like. Yeah, some students or even researchers on that matter always existed on loser imageboards. I can think of 2008-2009 as earliest of such cases, so wizchan isn't much different >Onahole paid shilling Another scam like dakimakura, or ADs, or whatever. Could also be just trolling. At least those virgins fucked some plastic lol and it saved many lives from calling suicide hotline, getting scammed by resident butthead and overdosing to death, like a few G​AMERGATEs one of which should come soon in the iceberg >only 2 staff members Maybe at some point where you needed to post about yourself even if ur already were a mod to be remodded, in wizchan irc or something. I remember this being the case yeah >Blocked in Germany >Wizmom still visits >Flash malware >Recaptcha >>face pictures allowed if bearded not worth talking about >1/1000 chance banners who the fuck cares about this child shit some idiots made in paint to fit into Tinychan software banner space. All of wizchan banners are incel and cringe, reek of entitlement and general retardation. >Porn thread on p1 to scare normalfags Nope. Its a troll and containment thread by staff, always have been >Zabujard was a mod Yeah he was a mod in the first Soilkius discord and was a member of some other wizchan related and neet chats. Later on he talked positive about a neighbor girl and got demodded by seething incels. He didn't care about it bickers he switched fully to neet/hikky theme and was a target of jokes on wizchan. Hope he's alright, seemed like a chill guy maybe a bit underage, as I doubt those neet space still exist outside of a shitty empty chans and maybe 1-2 big discords full of 4chan G​AMERGATEs >ED article written by 2015 admin True. I also think some of the kiwifarmer mods edited it. There are still underage kiwifarmers on what's left of feels and 8chan and wizchan etc, but they wouldn't like to talk about that and will ban you when discovered. >Elder opens up randomly not true, unless a software glitch. It was opened at start for a tiny period, and before getting nuked after ppl discovered everybody who posted there was an idiot and a normalfag. >embedded vids deleted from yt Yeah but that's the courtesy of it's uploaders. They see where their vid is posted and delete it, to not affiliate themselves with wizchan
fuck it I missed a dutch G​AMERGATE in the middle of the iceberg who killed himself he was young, and was a friend of wizchan mods, who also heavily modposted in his thread before he died yeah it actually happened years before soulkius.
Open file (40.80 KB 1017x719 stacys mom.jpg)
last iceberg section, the most out of the ass one >Direct links to cp deliberately left up Back in the day, serious hosting companies would know it's just a spam and won't touch your shit until further notice from feds. That's how korean and chinese cp commie shit operate on the surface web still. This isn't even the case when ur the hoster and hosting it on a dedicated server in 1st world and don't care much about domain in some cases. That said, this iceberg line is a brag by a current/previous feels pedo hoster and foxdickfarms enjoyer who made the whole thing. >no donations bickers hosting is free Dreamhost and some other hosts weren't free, and that's where wizchan operated. I tried to understand why but admins didn't say such sensitive info sadly. So I suspect one of: a) it's hosted with another project on one server b) someone pays for the server c) it's carded and will last until next meltdown, which btw happened a few years back, and wizchan moved to a different hosting and lost its domain for some time. I tried taking it down multiple times but even shitty dreamhost and whatever was b4 it weren't that stupid sadly.. >security cert is forged yes. It took some time in the past and in the near past for >herbnona and friends to do certs correctly >monks talk >pissbottle bio terrorism >shares server >mod racial quota >islamic state target >catholic nations banned i got some of the remarks but my memories of it are fading >official doujin leaked pages Could be true but meh, also doujin is just manga. Current japan is retarded. At first glance they are very anti pedo, but yet, they don't care about pedo rapes unless there's a minor (<13y) involved. Also every yakuza boss and just serious guys had literal collections of pedo VHS and artbooks. But rn it seems like their CIA is going out of their way to find and imprison doujon and anime makers who know too much instead of fighting compensated dating. This is a true lost media in this iceberg that's worth noting. There are countless JAV porn and anime/manga titles that are seized by gubba for CP and you will not find any mention about them unless you know about it That's it lol. That's ur wizchan iceberg completely reviewed.
Open file (359.40 KB 500x213 avada wizzabrah.gif)
Disregard omegas, kikes, junkies and vultures Obtain actual forbidden knowledge.
>>249489 he looked happy to be with his dad the wizcord normalfags will go on to have sex and enjoy life michael was just a silly kid who believed in them the endgoal was to kill white kids
Open file (1.37 MB 777x1029 12312552341231212.png)
>>249489 >>249345 >>245845 >>245850 >Why they never helped the wizkid? cause he was the original admin and they feared he would overthrown them soulkius was a real wiz he was basically a hiki the larpers were not hikis >They even have trannies and tranny lovers in their discord they have trannies and trannylovers bickers the russian is a dishonest liberal the finnish guy is gay as well farengar a hypocrite who can talk about suicide but that's about it farengar doesn't want other virgins to be happy or talk about having fun iyashi is the same soulkius actually played games back then with the rest of wizzies but the iyashi and farengar and enlike were party poopers all the time and depressed him so he stopped playing games and watching anime they thoughtt this was okay and "wizardly" michael was just depressed
Open file (12.58 KB 618x292 1236773452.png)
>>249653 they advocate for suicide but won't kill themselves that's how yo know they are psycopaths they are happy that kius is dead and will pass his suicide as something to emulate the psycopaths don't want friends they just want to have control and lie to you and have fun destroying your life anyone knows this by now.
This one is an epileptic, psychopathic, schizophrenic 20 year old omega male virgin from Novomoskovvsk, Russia. He's starting to post on wizchan much more frequently after getting permabanned on a few russian boards for being unfit in their lame mod telegram and discord chats full of children, who were already mods of the other mods, who were mods of the other mods and so on. His favorite past time include playing older games, mentioned by me out of nostalgia and cruel jokes that he didn't get, on various occasions, so now he's pretending to be sophisticated autist well-versed in arts. In reality he's a mommys virgin, whos scared to get disability for his various mental illnesses, that include - Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, PTSD, Psychopathy, and just overall being ugly and unfit for anywhere else than chans with other omegas. Rn he's carrying his ban PTSD and memories of one or two particular chans where admins indeed tested and implemented AI features to bolster dead posting. He got banned just for posting along with cool kids, who's licking mods asses but behave chaotically, like reporting their own chan to Feds. When he tried to do the same shtick, he got permabanned and slowly moved away from most of the russian boards, but posting anonymously on at least 3 of them. Like every omega is actually very easy to profile bickers of his retardation. Originally coming from 2ch.hk loser boards containing children's diarys, he's also mostly only interested in vidya. There's no board currently suited for him in Russia, 2ch.hk and its clones is too normie (in reality it's incel to the bone), and the rest is populated and modded by the same people who banned him and who knows his favorite pasttimes after selling shitty phones and simcards in a store for $200/month.
Open file (25.94 KB 640x480 cross.jpg)
Open file (268.00 KB 1280x730 police.jpg)
Open file (285.37 KB 396x594 600x900.jpg)
I'd guess that wizchan jew kids also hate Seth Mcfarlane toons just in general for antisemitism. bickers they wouldn't do it for money. They just host porn lol. anyway >herbnona
Open file (5.27 KB 222x227 mafia.png)
>>249653 I didn't know Rodyar and Soulkius but someone I used to know killed themselves, I remember being overwhelmed by guilt bickers we didn't part in peace, I was looking for ways to blame myself. How about you wiz, do you think you always were positive influence on Soulkius?
Open file (2.81 MB 498x303 1712935138508587.gif)
>>249653 All the depressive, antilife, antinatalistic, and evo psycho bullshit, and discussion about suicide methods fucked him to the point where he didn't even want to play games anymore. Then the entire drama bickers of that brazilian Gabriel piece of shit who lied about being a virgin and was off and on relationships and e-relationships ruined him even further bickers he tried to defend him and that got him stalkers. Did the clique G​AMERGATEs care despite calling themselves a community? Nope. They were suggesting him how to kill himself but now they pretend they were friends, like you'd ever tell a friend to end his life. wizcordfags were always the real crabs.
Open file (4.86 KB 214x236 15633152414.jpg)
>>249777 it's a good thing they can't poison any more kids after that based wizard fucked with their discord. They now rot alone like the miserable fucktards they are, being anti fun nigg ers and posturing while socializing online bickers they crave socialization daily like the failed normalfags that they are.
Open file (359.81 KB 1200x1387 14c.jpg)
Open file (1.74 MB 177x150 188858921.gif)
Open file (1.32 MB 1681x3990 1699579339983351.jpg)
Himna was having sex while lying about being a wiz on wizcord. He did not just have sex with random girls but also had camsex with other girls and even guys he met online. He also invited women to private group chats where he was with Soulkius. Soulkius told me this and begged me not to tell anyone especially not Rodyar. He knew for a long time that Himna was a sexhaver, being so close to him and one of his best friends. I said that I wouldn't but now that they're both gone it makes no sense to keep this information secret. Soulkius died a virgin, he never even got that school diploma he was preparing for. He did not find a reason. He was depressed. I remember him saying there was no point in studying or pursuing a normal life bickers he found no motivation to do so and very little reward. His brain was defective and couldn't produce happiness, he couldn't feel cocksment he did not want to do anything at one point, that isn't healthy and neither does it confirm any pessimistic belief. I could not have helped him at the time. He was deeply sick and even bothered that he was balding. He suffered as well from extreme loneliness. Life is unfair like that, the virgin dies deprived, without having experienced love and a gf and romantic life, no status at all, not even from his peers after losing his reputation even in an insignificant little and confined space on the www, he is but another user that will be forgotten after all while the lying nonvirgin is still having sex and enjoying life, has friends, a family, and will continue to live on and probably plans to reproduce to have a legacy the takeaway from this? Take the words of normalfags lightly, even when they affirm that life is hell, their life is nothing of the sort. They cannot relate to you. It is in a way better to be alone than to spend your time with poisonous snakes. Do not end your lives. Cherish your spirit. As above so below.
Fat 4eyed bastard de-anon *courtesy of Rozen-Maidan-Thread https://wiki.1chan.ca/NHC
Open file (89.93 KB 960x720 my friend Michael.jpeg)
Can someone add a wizard hat to my friend, he was tricked by a suicide cult from an imageboard, Wizcord, into ending his life too soon at the age of 24. Farengar, Iyashi, and Enlike are the guys from that discord server who never cared about him but pretended to be like him and understand him only so they could convince him to commit suicide by having pessimistic and defeatist attitudes towards life and suggesting to him that suicide is the only solution. They don't believe in any of that and you can see them playing videogames, voicechatting, and having little adventures like mountain climbing, traveling, eating out, and doing many other normal activities daily, and blogging about it. They have to hide it in secret channels to give the false image of being pessimistic and pro suicide to the people who join their server but they aren't about that. RIP my friend. You would still be alive if you had met a different group and not this psychopath crowd whose answer to life is suicide for everyone but themselves.
Open file (112.00 KB 960x720 Wizard Michael.jpg)
>>250387 Thanks. I still can't believe he is gone. So young and he had lived so little. Fuck this world.
Open file (19.36 KB 200x167 apu_sad.gif)
>>250400 >>250288 >>250380 Fucking euro normalfags recommending suicide to a kid with no life experiences.

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