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/film/ Meta Anonymous Board owner 08/22/2019 (Thu) 23:08:52 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
The /film/ bunker is moving here because we must have a functional board. Endchan has had continuous problems since 8chan went down and they're currently stuck in upgrade limbo. I attempted to start a board on vch.moe (since /tv/ is there) but my request was ignored. So now we're here, a nice site that's part of a webring of 8chan bunkers.

If 8chan ever comes back I want to save/archive as much content from the board as possible. Most of /film/ had been saved on archive.org, but it looks like that site has purged 5+ years of 8chan images on a whim. They are no longer reliable.

For status updates during the downtime I have been using https://letterboxd.com/8chanfilm/ and the email film [at] tutamail [dot] com.
Edited last time by 11811 on 08/26/2019 (Mon) 23:20:02.
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>>1162 And it simply won't let me post, getting tons of connection errors. Will resume tomorrow, it's quicker than i expected so it might be done the same day if i don't get those pesky errors. I checked and it seems to be a problem from server side, really weird i honestly don't remember that kind of thing from all the months i've been going there.
Maybe it would be better to post missing images in the original threads
What now?
>>1174 WTF happened?!

Open file (167.21 KB 1920x1036 004edad6.jpg)
test Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 07:50:23 No.1172 [Reply]
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dunkest lore
It's pronounced "Schwarzz"!
So thread merge dumps them on the end instead of following post order
Open file (19.76 KB 640x448 0yupxq1149721.jpg)
Open file (2.10 MB 5760x6228 chessofthewind.jpg)

Open file (182.58 KB 300x228 ralphpoly.png)
File Restoration Thread Anonymous Board owner 08/04/2020 (Tue) 12:14:10 No.1081 [Reply] [Last]
I am a retard and forgot that /film/ was on the list. I had copied over a backup just in case something like this happened, but the backup didn't have files (too large to fit in). Please use this thread to restore files to the board. How it works Dump the files that previously existed on the board. I'm writing a script to match up posts with a reference to the files and update their references. File limits? 5 files per post, 20MB max. To the BO I deleted your account too, sorry. Please contact me at admin at theГунтretort dot com or in #julayworld on Rizon and I can give you an account. Please do the same with volunteers as well.
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>>1141 >>1140 He's busy/unmotivated but he said he'd work on it this weekend. <robi> i swear imma do it i just don't have the motivation atm, i just woke up after 30 hours of no sleep <robi> weekend sound good?
So much for that
<SinkingMars353> Were you able to get the image restoration thing working? <robi> image restoration? unfortunately not :^( <robi> i worked on final solution and Гунтhou instead <robi> i'm getting viewport rendering and HUD working on Гунтhou
>>1147 I told you it's never happening. At least the posts and links are safe so that's something. Need to make a few new threads so the board didn't look as weird with no OP pics.

Open file (369.73 KB 480x337 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread Anonymous 08/24/2019 (Sat) 15:37:41 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
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>>1136 God forums are cancer, just look at that shit.
>>273 The 4k restoration of Son of the White Mare is now playing in virtual cinemas (what a weird thing). I'm not sure how good the translation is, but based on the trailer it seems somewhat basic. But I don't even think it's possible to translate some expressions to English, the language is just way too complex for that. They probably just called the 'Hétszűnyű Kapanyányi Monyók' Dwarf cause good luck translating that shit. http://arbelosfilms.com/distribution/films/son-of-the-white-mare/
>>1143 >virtual cinemas Pay per stream? Also streaming a 4k movie needs tons of buffering time or the fastest internet in the world. Silly as clown hell.
Open file (67.41 KB 500x499 Ud-also-eng-wiki.png)
>>1143 That's great news since I still haven't seen it. I just found out that a subtitling class at the University of Debrecen worked on this film a few years ago. I wonder how their translation compares to the retail releases.
>>1144 It's not streaming in 4k. It's a 4k restoration streaming at 1080p.

Open file (356.66 KB 640x480 01.png)
Documentaries Thread Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 18:57:04 No.816 [Reply]
A thread to post and request good documentaries on the variety of subjects. I'll start with some choice docus on ancient Egypt. All are selected for quality of presentation, study of subject as well as absence of current year agendas, we wuz kangz niggers etc. Romer's Egypt (3 episodes; 1982) and Ancient Lives (4 episodes; 1984) – the finest and quintessential ancient Egypt presentation; a soothing, in-depth look into ancient Egypt’s life and culture. It has that unmistakable classy 80s look that elevates it above the rest. https://www.invidio.us/channel/UC4gF7P8JKlJ9xAz8MF6AhFw/videos https://www.invidio.us/user/xinistri/videos Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids (4 episodes; 2001) – somewhat similar to Romer’s; not as in-depth or classy but still an enjoyable watch. https://www.dailymotion.com/search/Egypt%3A%20Beyond%20the%20Pyramids The Robot, The Dentist and the Pyramid (1 episode; 2020) – an excellent amateur documentary about the latest attempt to explore the shaft of the Great Pyramid. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rhsddHgybTo Immortal Egypt (4 episodes; 2016) – despite being modern and hosted by a wommyn, it surprisingly manages to somehow avoid the current year pozz and is very much watchable. Probably the best HD series on the matter. https://www.invidio.us/playlist?list=PLhMDlPcDRBKSmMYcsJ_29dak29zvIm2pE

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (216.84 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
Lost Leonardo: Questioning the Consensus (1 episode; 2017) – a deeply amateurish and unfinished youtube documentary about the authenticity of Leonardo's infamous Salvator Mundi painting. Despite being rough around the edges and dropped half way through, it's still an interesting watch. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=tU5lVV8SRHY
The Spanish Civil War (6 episodes; 1983) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1718608/ <Documentary series which uses film and eyewitness accounts from both sides of the conflict that divided Spain in the years leading up to World War Two, also placing it in its international context. I just started watching this six-part series on the Spanish Civil War produced by Granada. It seems to be the best introduction to the topic. Spain has some relevance to the violent clashes and turmoil of 2020, although today's leftists are focused on race since the working class wants nothing to do with them. In Spain the issue of landownership was particularly divisive. Peasants did not have much upward mobility, as most land was held by the upper classes. I'm curious if there were laws that made it easy to own huge swaths of land? There should be natural forces making it costly to own a lot of property. Did other European counties solve this issue without 1) violent leftist revolution or 2) the state stealing land from the rich? It's true the situation seems "not fair" if all the land is taken, but I don't particularly like those solutions either. https://ulozto.net/hledej?q=spanish+civil+war+bobbafett or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu5f9hp0IP4&list=PLAuucEydM53fQhEZiJHdWNzbdea35avxe
>>1048 I've watched the first four parts. This documentary series relies heavily on eyewitness accounts, which provide a poignant understanding of the human motivations driving all sides of the conflict -- and there were MANY sides to it. In fact it's surprising that such discordant political interests all existed in one small country. But then, it's not surprising that a dictator ultimately emerged to hold everything together. Francisco Franco also wrote a screenplay I never knew about -- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035241/
>>1077 >it's surprising that such discordant political interests all existed in one small country Is it really? Spain is/was, after all, 4 or 5 regions united by force under one kingdom with different cultures. It is a bit crazy to call it "a crusade" in my opinion but the fact is commies were bombing down churches and crosses all over the place, and in one sweep the monarchists hiding behind the veil of the "nation" squashed down actual nationalists/secessionists along with the republicans and commies hiding behind them.
Open file (61.40 KB 435x640 spanish_civil_war.jpg)
>>1078 >Spain is/was, after all, 4 or 5 regions united by force under one kingdom with different cultures. Well I knew about Basques and Catalans but not so much more. I certainly favor those secessionist movements, even today. The Carlists sounded like a movement based on politics rather than culture. Then there were other factions like CEDA, UGT, FAI... I noticed Masons on propaganda posters but the documentary did not include them (yet).

Open file (1.68 MB 1920x816 U061885.png)
Post stills/screenshots that you like Anonymous 09/06/2019 (Fri) 06:18:17 No.108 [Reply] [Last]
in good quality
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Open file (1.74 MB 500x341 key.gif)
Request and Share Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 05:38:00 No.142 [Reply] [Last]
Friendly link exchange
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>>1028 What do you like from Makino? I haven't explored very much of his work. I'd love to see his films screened in a proper theatre instead of my computer/TV.
Looking for La beauté du monde (1999) and Amour d'enfance (2001), dir. Yves Caumon
Open file (96.56 KB 779x1133 1594239119073.jpg)
Does anyone have Han Ye (aka Cold Nights)? It's a 1955 film directed by Lee Sun-Fung. It makes multiple best of lists, but it doesn't seem to exist online anywhere.
>>1071 It must have screened in US theatres at some point to get on those lists? I can't find it online either. There are open requests for Han-ye on KG and PTP It might have been on youtube, but deleted within the last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWp1H1PJ6s
Open file (178.78 KB 630x1200 IMG_20200723_123055_428.jpg)
Anyone have this restored version? Rare Thai classic film. There are VHS Rips available but with worse quality. Really thankful if anyone could dig this up. PS- Another name for this movie - The Scar, 1977

Open file (30.21 KB 480x300 Bla.gif)
Open file (19.93 MB 548x420 V11.webm)
Music Videos Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 15:07:26 No.965 [Reply]
A special place for a small-format video field dedicated, once upon a time, to video technique experiments, unorthodox art directions and/or kinetic performances. As previously discussed this is a genre who has gotten a bit harsher to collect and research, there's some ways to start amassing a personal stash in a reliable way and check information regarding content creators, but in recent times these have gotten limited. The IMVDb site is a good place to start although it seems its staff activity has halted, at least considering that community entries have been on hold for a year now, so it should probably be taken as an introductory resource rather than a golden rule. Archive.org also features "small" batches of standard quality files, so it's also a most-see for new adventurers. Featured here is one of the early products made by the famous Ninja Tune label, as the founders of said company Coldcut made a collaboration with Hexstatic to create a small Audiovisual single that shows the very early and pioneering technology of their own real-time video manipulation software, something also called video scratching as it remixes and manipulates video as it were a vinyl on a disc jockey table, with audio included. Something that just very recently has been considered a normal mark in video sites, and mostly as an evolution of golden age Youtube Poop which is at its earliest around 2007; Coldcut made Timber in 1997. It also comes a decade after the same guys were already written in history with gold for popularizing and somewhat creating the standard of pausing cassettes, cutting the tape at that point, taping it over cheap copies of the same recording, doing it several times with several things and ending up with a frankenstein tape that basically invented the UK Garage scene along with the Big Beat scene, and by default the Remix style of musicianship, something that in a very short time would be refined and raised as an art by artists such as Todd Edwards. Highly criticized these days due to being seen as careless for the decline of the cult electronica label that was Ninja Tune, the Coldcut duo is somehow still underrated even when their influence has been omnipresent.
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>>1034 Nevermind, it's shite. I guess they realized that people could rip their stuff so now they cut to a different song every 30 seconds, I can't believe it lol
>>1059 They went for the "Megamix" format? i guess it's fine for half an hour but for longer it might get mental. Honestly that's a format special for people these days, they get distracted easily and there's intervals when they pick up their phone and then take a peek at the TV if they like it again, if they do they watch it again and pretend they were always in. For my part i did some moves on one of the tracker/forums and upload some stuff (basically the webms here plus others) and they give absolutely no feedback, which means no brownie points and no rank scaling so i guess if i want to do something i have to donate. I'll probably do that and download some stuff but it seems they ask for full doxx to donate so i will try to make a plan, i can do just that but download for months or a year to get enough things out of there, or maybe i can manage to do something else. Still, for now it's grabbing names and putting videos on lists so if i get a break just go and download everything. Very obtuse ways these days.
>>1059 Which videos were you hoping to get?
They were mostly very rare broadcasts, as in never seen other than their original live airdates till now, the show (at least in 2019) consisted in FULL live performances by Italian artists, sometimes they where cut off near the end but very rarely but now like >>1060 said they went megamix jumping to a new song every 20 seconds, its insufferable and they even made the hashtag watermark bigger, they must've definitely figured out that people were ripping their stuff (you cannot buy the episodes anywhere nd they only air once live, then they upload them here https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/techetechete for a few days but obviously they have some of the most strict copyright strikes ive seen lol) Fortunately I managed to download a high res episode that featured alot of content from several decades, each episode has its own theme. Check this video I restored for example, it even features several different performances and they are all nowhere to be found, the 2020 version of the show is nothing like this anymore... Ill post comparative screen caps https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WJdbyvqVM1mNa0nbVbnUzHWvYLQK8Zsv/view This drive link is not the best example because you might find the performances online albeit in lower res but I cant remember where I saved the original file of this next one right now, this one is actually pretty hard to find since its like 3 or 4 different performances mashed up, full song tho https://youtu.be/GNOMBCcGfPc
Open file (343.62 KB 1917x1080 2019good.jpg)
Open file (336.26 KB 1947x1080 2020sucky.jpg)
>>1068 I hope someday the fuckers at RAI will release the archives at least for sale or something. Ive actually gone mad trying to find a music video by Nada Malanima but now its been so long I cant even remember the name of the song...

Open file (129.37 KB 826x1239 Atom Heart Mother.jpg)
Open file (41.04 KB 300x432 Ballad of Tara.jpg)
Open file (147.08 KB 855x1181 Night Bus, The.jpg)
Iranian Cinema Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 19:34:05 No.900 [Reply]
Iranian cinema warrants its own thread as the style of them and their directors are distinct enough to stand out and level up with Europeans. The 5 movies here are classics or well-known to start with. The Death of Yazdgerd recalls the kangaroo court upon a family of accusing the refuging last shah of the Sassanian dynasty. Where Is the Friend's Home details a child trying to give his friend his homework he took on accident lest his friend be expelled. Atom Heart Mother is some paranormal mystery thriller during the recession I didn't have subtitles for it. Ballad of Tara is about a women giving away her grandfather's possessions to her village as she can't keep them but finds no one who will accept his shamshir. The Night Bus is about an Iranian prisoner convoy of Arab POWs in 1983 during the Iran-Iraq War.
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what's the best iranian movie?
>>1051 >nevermind i found out
>>1049 Yes, great job of digital restoration
Open file (190.88 KB 960x643 Glass.jpg)
Open file (98.36 KB 565x800 Bodyguard.jpg)
>>1050 >>1053 Thanks although i might try it once more, forgot about the tent and there's nasty blur on the edges of the crew and sea i carelessly made at 100% power instead of 50, looks like a cellphone app. Also how about state-approved cinema? 1998's The Glass Agency seems interesting for a sponsored project due to its synopsis: Irak-Iran war vets, a soldier and his commanding officer, want to travel abroad because one suffers from war-time health issues and the other knows a doctor who can help him but bureaucracy and officialist shenanigans ensue which led to the commander blowing a fuse and taking hostage a travel agency with all and civilians. I'm downloading it and i read positive feedback. The other is a bit relevant these days, a tribute winky-wink at their nation's commanding officer Qassim Suleimani (or was it Qasem?) this time re-imagined as a prestigious bodyguard of top-level executives, but gets into trouble when a job doesn't go as planned. In 2016's Bodyguard the interesting thing is how the protagonist is portrayed here, it is supposedly a copycat interpretation of the general with all and his mannerisms, at least physically we can see he's the same along with his famous purple rings. I read it's not quite good but i might check it due to seeing a de-facto official portrayal of the guy who, by all sides, on paper seemed like one of the last old-timey strongmen or Caudillos.
>>1051 >>1052 well?... we're waiting!

Open file (1.13 MB 500x225 bone.gif)
Controversy Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 18:45:01 No.899 [Reply]
Post about movies that generated controversy. While I leave this thread open to controversial content such as graphic violence, sex, or political thought, I want to remind anons to consider controversial direction as well such as pic related.
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Open file (736.71 KB 593x904 negroexpositionday.png)
From Secret Cinema While i was always puzzled by the double think inside many trackers/forums rules i have to say this one doesn't surprise me that much. Going to download the most aggressive sounding title i can find, or at least a film known to rustle some feathers.
>>1033 Someone on SC suggested Good Luck Miss Wyckoff. It looks like a crazy forgotten movie they probably wouldn't make anymore, and it probably fits this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByCtjmUmsNQ
Open file (209.45 KB 716x480 gonnanipyamate.jpg)
>>1003 It seems there's a trend around these days about erasing traces of an odd fellow past perpetrated by certain sectors. Internet Archive is also being hustled around about being deleted due to copyrights. Mah precious music videos down the drain but also in all seriousness many articles and news from incidents the day they happened, making contemporary/future history research much harder. >>1035 >Donald Pleasence Almost a sure-fire way to know if the movie is weird or just insane. Although i was thinking something more of a "protest" than actually watching a movie, i'm falling hard for the political dance postures to be honest. They banned someone for saying homos were even more degenerated than portrayed in Friedkin's Cruisin White Dog, maybe?
>>1033 Double think?
Open file (3.15 KB 522x37 uwot.png)
>>1044 Some tracker forums talk about total freedom of speech in certain boards like their random or open discussion, at least in the rules section, but soon after they claim hate speech or political discussion is banned. Plenty do this instead of the more cocky but honest "This is not grounds for discussion, we will delete anything we don't like". Hence the magnificent golden rule of private trackers: Never post in the forums unless it's an emergency or mandatory poll. If you do sooner or later they will nip ya.

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