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Infinity Cup Lupo Lucio 11/10/2019 (Sun) 02:41:12 ID: d9f9bc No.811
LIVE SU https://cytu.be/r/8cup



As that one anon that's been working on the Infinity Cup for all this time, I feel like the boards that were set to participate deserve a bit better than radio silence. For those that aren't caught up or need a quick rundown:
>The Infinity Cup is a virtual soccer(football[divegrass]) tournament, with its roots dating back to the earliest days of 8chan
>It takes place in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), a virtual soccer franchise from Konami
>I took on the responsibility of organizing the 5th iteration of the Cup back at the beginning of this year
>Over months, I learned how to mod PES to put in each board's respective team and run simulated games between them
>Using pre-existing guides (many not in English) I also learned how to mod the game from an aesthetic and quality of life standpoint, including crowds, referees, stadiums, balls, and even rudimentary player models
>24 boards agreed to participate, and the Cup was scheduled to begin August 9th
>On August 4th/5th, we received word that 8chan was losing its host, the site went down relatively shortly after
>With no site and no functioning central hub, the Cup was postponed.
>I disappear for about a month
>I return in October
>We still don't have a site, but we do have a webring.
>You are here.
The whole point of this is to see if anyone still cares at this point. There was hype for the Cup. Yes, some boards cared much more than others but there 24 willing boards and we had the resources to run the Cup. I put in probably far more work on my own than any sane person should have, so I don't want this all to go to waste. That being said though, if we set a date, gather the required parties, and begin streaming the Cup and 6 people show up, I'd rather just not do it at all. I'm going around posting this on every participant board that's here on the webring and I'll try to get this up on 8kun somehow. In the meantime just post in here so I can get a sense of interest from you.

Wiki page for the Cup: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/2019_Summer_Infinity_Cup
Edited last time by Plafoniera on 12/06/2019 (Fri) 18:34:37.
The GCUP Knockout Stage begins tomorrow! The Quarterfinals are set to begin at 18:00 UTC (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20210221T18), with the Semifinals set for 20:00 UTC, and the Final at 21:30 (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20210221T2130). Catch it all at https://cytube.xyz/r/ICUP!
>>14555 Cheers, brother Do you have the replays up somewhere?
I quarti iniziano ntorno alle 20:00
>>14557 E niente raga, come al solito ci frega la forma, sempre i nostri medagliati che hanno problemi fisici, speriamo nel prossimo torneo
Ho avuto modo di rianalizzare un po' le partite quest'oggi e vorrei fare un po' di sano pornazzo mordbido-cuore confronto calcistico coi Lupi qui presenti. Per prima cosa, premetto che secondo me questa è la vera formazione di /ita/, soprattutto per quanto riguarda il cambio di modulo da 4-2-1-3 a 4-1-2-3 durante le fasi in cui stiamo perdendo. Ho notato che si è costruito molto di più anche rispetto all'annata dove arrivammo secondi e che in generale il gioco è molto più divertente da seguire, quindi a livello tattico non penso dobbiamo cambiar nulla. Bene, finiti i punti positivi. A livello di giocatori individuali, mi sono sfracassato i Marò di vedere ogni partita con quella fottuta freccetta nera su uno dei nostri Medagliati (???). Praticamente abbiamo giocato con gente che prende la pensione di invalidità e abbiamo pareggiato contro uno dei semifinalisti. Penso che ciò sia dovuto a parte che alla jella nera, al fatto che alcune delle nostre sostituzioni sono inutili, dato che i Medagliati non vanno sostituiti (le ali, per esempio). Propongo quindi i seguenti cambi per le prossime competizioni: G. Gabusi: da LWF a LB Melevisione: da RWF a CB Inoltre, concordo appieno con >>14528 che Salvini va rimosso poichè in collusione attiva con i C-C-C-OMUNISTI. Da un lato preferirei mantenere un terzo portiere per evitare spiacevoli eventi, dall'altro ho visto che il tizio si scorda SEMPRE di controllare il terzo portiere, quindi vorrei la vostra opinione al riguardo.
>>14573 Ripeto quanto proposto sul pienocanale: >>14245 Concordo con la tua visione, come mai però proprio quelle posizioni difensive? Direi che abbiamo abbastanza gente dietro, no? Per quanto riguarda il nuovo tizio, pensavo a qualcosa che rispecchiasse il governo odierno, della serie Lo Stato Assoluto dell'Italia.
Lupi, sto lavorando un po' alla squadretta. Se mi riesce di fare una cosa, forse quest'anno ci divertiremo un po'.
Open file (274.97 KB 1220x1600 plafonierenbunkertcg.jpg)
È tempo, Lupi...
>>17013 zappesco mister
Pronti alla prossima edizione ragazzi?
Ciao /ita/, As >>19118 is pointing out, the next ICUP is very close to starting soon, but we can also use some help: mainly on commentators. If you want to join as one feel free to let us know. Can't join as one? That's fine, you can help too with stuff like doing 3D modelling, making hype material/OC, helping with the wiki, etc. Any bit helps. In regards to your team, the head rigger not SKF this time wants to inform you that the roster has been updated to match the one posted here. If this is okay or not please let it be known. And also, if MisterZeppola is doing this, if you are still working on a 3D model for Rita you can send it to him so he can rig it. One other thing that we're doing to add a bit of more customization is replacing the icons in the Game Plan view with the player pictures posted on the wiki. Please inform us if you're okay with using those. I'll be posting this message to both this thread and the one on 8moe just to reach as many Lupi as possible.
>>19126 we'll be there!
Open file (213.27 KB 1220x1600 tifalucchettocuore_tcg.jpg)
Per i Lupi ancora interessanti, sto finendo le figurine
Open file (211.91 KB 1220x1600 DGGS_tcg.jpg)
>>19130 E due
Open file (207.08 KB 1220x1600 gabusi_tcg.jpg)
>>19131 e tre
Open file (218.85 KB 1220x1600 statoassoluto_tcg.jpg)
>>19132 e quattro harrycotter mi scoccio di farlo
Open file (192.07 KB 1220x1600 harrycotter.jpg)
e poi alla fine lo faccio
Belli, avrei bisogno di una mano da chiunque sia in grado di darmela https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/rubber-duck-a84cecb600c04eeba60d02f99b8b154b Volevo aggiungere un pallone per /ita/ e dedicarlo a Vecchiochan dato che sono tipi simpatici, ma avrei bisogno di colorare la paperell di viola. Qualcuno lo sa fare? Non so un cazzo di blender.
>>19155 ed i grandissimi di /icup/ deliverano
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
>>19161 Raga mi raccomando, è venerdì (oggi) alle 20
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.
>>19164 we'll be there!
Open file (28.86 KB 500x562 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend. You will be playing against /fscchan/ for your first match. >>19165 Hopefully you can.
Open file (259.64 KB 809x1500 1660671062519.jpg)
Per chi fosse ancora interessato, la partita dell'/ita/lia si terrà Domenica 21 alle ore 20:00-20:30 Non mancate!
Open file (36.89 KB 203x122 reimu ass.png)
>>19167 Ciao bellissimi! Volevo avvisarvi che le partite della squadra Italiana iniziano ufficialmente oggi alle 19:30 su https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup Non mancate!
Open file (49.10 KB 500x496 rita nice.png)
Starting in an hour https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup >>19183 Nice
>>19184 la Paperell ha portato fortuna, buona la prima!
>>19185 https://archive.org/details/ICUP7/Raw+mkv+files/Day+2+Part+1.mkv# Replay dell'incontro per gli interessati, è la prima partita del secondo giorno
Open file (27.12 KB 513x579 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this week's set of matches. This time you'll be playing against /film/.
>>19188 ciao ragazzi, oggi alle 19:30 ci sarà il prossimo incontro, /ita/ contro /film/ https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup A stasera!
Starting in one hour. You'll be playing against /film/ in the first match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
Open file (33.83 KB 285x130 Post importante.png)
Se v'interessa, faremo la telecronaca live su https://niuchan.org/niuscello.html
Open file (21.13 KB 268x606 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend's matches.
>>19202 Prossima partita domani (Domenica 04) alle 20:00 sempre su https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup /ita/ contro /eris/ per il primo posto nel girone Non mancate!
Starting in one hour. You'll be fighting for your tournament lives against /eris/ in the third match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>19208 Match on now
>>19209 /eris/ 2 - 1 /ita/
The draw has been pulled, and for your first match of the knockouts you'll go against /retro/. No times yet.
Open file (16.76 KB 487x533 final_schedule.png)
>>19214 Here is the schedule
>>19215 Partita a mezzanotte
Knockouts starting in 30 minutes https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>19217 It's starting now
>>19218 You lost 1-2 to /retro/.
>>19219 Peccato, abbiamo perso Se volete continuare a vedere le finali, le partite iniziano alle 19 di stasera
Open file (512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
Hello, friends of /ita/, we're currently trying to get the Winter version of the Infinity Cup up and running, but we sorely need your help to make it happen. Currently we're looking for a host, a co-commentator and some 3D assets/someone capable of making some. Even just cleaning up a bit of the wiki would help us out immensely. Stay tuned for more and keep us posted on https://anon.cafe/icup/res/4864.html
>>19334 Please disregard this, Zeppola. You know who this is.
>>19335 Thanks for the heads up, I knew it all along but I'll still try to help out if I can scrounge some time

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