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Open file (146.23 KB 750x1104 sw ea.jpg)
Star Wars Vidya Stormtrooper 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:45:34 No.498
Let's have a thread about /sw/ video games anons, what're you playing now? any good mods out? do you have a favorite genre or style of game? do you have a favorite lucasarts pre-game logo gimmick?
https://youtu.be/oa0c3tOWSnE I wonder if anybody here has ever played Beat Saber. Not that's it's usually very SW related besides the lightsabers. >tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels
>>1446 I bet you think Doom is too hard, you fucking underagefag.
>>2517 >>tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels You have the retards in charge of choreography having the main character's battle stance be some weird squatting position that looks more suitable for someone shitting than fighting.
>>2548 >he doesn’t know of form VIII Noloo way of the Pajeet
>>2519 Neither of them are. I beat them both, you rancorfodder triple nigger. Dark Forces 1 is just worse.
>>2517 >tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels Watching paint dry in slow motion is more exciting then watching the sequels.
Open file (2.52 MB 1920x1080 15809130504562.png)
Open file (90.18 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (4).jpg)
>>1878 >That reminds me, fallen order worth pirating Dont do it, anon.
>>3242 I didn't know Christ Tucker was in Fallen Order.
>>3248 The worse is that it´s supposed to be a WOMAN. Why normalfags though this nº1256 souls clone was in any way more than mediocre?
>>3249 >it´s supposed to be a WOMAN LIke a woman, woman or a "Star Wars has it's first transwahman character!" thing?
>>3250 I didn't play that shit, but I heard "she" (not intended trannie by the devs I guess) is the new master of "generic western game protagonist n° 176053084. So yes, that is supposed to be a woman. Why western developers have make such a downfall in character modeling?
Open file (168.16 KB 500x599 r3r3.jpg)
Open file (223.51 KB 504x487 1569544128007.png)
>>3242 Is she even human?
Open file (113.61 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (5).jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 1024x768 image.jpg)
Should I download gog version of star wars dark forces or is there a better version out there? >>3253 >Why western developers have make such a downfall in character modeling? its a mystery.
>>3258 >nigger No.
Open file (876.09 KB 144x192 654874632.gif)
Open file (201.46 KB 524x452 78954656231.png)
>start playing Dark forces >having fun >get to Anoat City >its a sewer level with multiple paths >ah, could be worse >droids respawn and there are sewer monsters that pop out of the water >Ramsees Hed >mines in every corner that fuck your shit up >have no lives left >get to the end >there are not one, but two mines that are on top of you >almost died >mfw Kyle had a hard life
Open file (76.37 KB 480x533 1463098717214.jpg)
>Finish Dark Forces >Star dark forces 2 in Hard, because why not? >constantly low on life and ammo >need to discover secret areas to get ammo and life >everything can and will kill me >mfw >use only the Bryar Pistol, because is the only weapon that can hit stuff >stormtrooper rifle a SHIT >Imperial Repeater turn out to be my favorite weapon, again The Jedi shield power you get is so OP that it carried me the rest of the game.
what mods should I download for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast?
Open file (120.09 KB 1280x800 mod8.1.jpg)
Anyone have a torrent or mega of the SW Empire at war? The GOG version I downloaded doesnt work with mods, because is not updated like the steam version.
>>3325 movie battles 2 so you can get banned from AOD servers for saying the admins have wetdreams about preschoolers
Starting my annual play through of KOTOR I and II again. This time my gf is watching me play and it's interesting seeing someone's first impression of it.
>>3354 I bet she'll like KOTOR 1 more even though KOTOR 2 is better
>>3355 It's a lot easier to digest especially if you're not super familiar with Star Wars. KOTOR II is obviously the superior game and has a lot more going on in it's themes and story but I think KOTOR I is an incredibly solid game and story, just not a very unique one.
>>3356 KOTOR 1 is great, I just can't pretend I'm really excited to see Baldur's Gate's story but in Star Wars
>>3357 It doesn't lend itself as well to replay ability due to the pretty shallow nature of it's story. I have nothing but love for it however the fact that it needed such a big twist halfway through to be memorable says a lot.
>>3352 >movie battles 2 What does it do? I'm mostly looking for mods that enhance the singleplayer.
Open file (2.73 MB 1261x1013 123645546978123.png)
Open file (118.11 KB 556x821 1462221928491.jpg)
>mfw playing as a twi'lek in JA
>>3354 Do Korriban last, cause it's always funny saying "I'm Revan" and no one believing you. That or get the mod that allows you to bring Bastila, she has specific lines for the level but for some reason it was cut and she stays on the ship.
>>3375 Thanks, I will give it a try.
>>3372 Kill yourself cumskull
>>3383 What's with the sudden rise of shitposters like that and political bullshit? Did /tv/ make this board their summer resort or something?
Anyone have a vidya guide of the star wars games?
Anybody ever get around to playing Fallen Order? Obviously the plot and characters are shit but how is the gameplay? I'm desperate enough that I was gonna pirate it to play with the Revan mod but the crack no longer works.
>>3409 >how is the gameplay Shitty Souls ripoff with a glowing whiffle ball bat instead of a lightsaber.
>>3409 >Anybody ever get around to playing Fallen Order? >but how is the gameplay? Just watch some videos in (((youtube))) The only thing that interested me when I saw the trailer was the girl in the black suit, but her face looked like shit, there is no dark side ending and I think you cant use blasters or other weapons.
Open file (803.10 KB 163x191 1440204050121.gif)
>looking for star wars Tie Fighter mods >find one >This is my easy campaign mod for TIE Fighter. >It does the following changes: >-Adds shields to unshielded player TIE ships. >-Adds missiles to fighters without them. >-Gives access to advanced missiles earlier at Battle 3. >-Gives Gunboats, Defenders, Advanced and Missile boats Tractor beams and double missile loads. >-Replaces TIe Fighters and TIE Bombers in missions better suited for Tie Interceptors. Like missions when you have to fly a Tie Bomber purely against starfighters. >mfw
All I ever wanted out of life was a Star Wars meets Monster Hunter game...
Anyone hyped with EA™ Star Wars™: Squadrons™?
>>3430 >>3431 what the fuck is wrong with you?
>>3430 >>3431 Are trying to annoy me to death by spoilering everything?
>>2074 >that being a random uberman smuggler stealing the Death Star plans in 10 minutes - is just as silly. >8.5 What happened to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mission? >The DF box shows a Mission aboard an Imperial-class STD that doesn't appear in the game. Daron Stinnett has this to say: >Originally, that was our first level. It was a really well designed level, but we decided that it was too big for the first level of the game. We were concerned that the puzzles were too difficult and that the level was too non-linear for beginners. So instead we created the secret imperial base. Much of the geometry for the Imperial-class Star Destroyer was carried over to the Executor. But the mission was different, so not all of the geometry could be reused. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/3397-star-wars-dark-forces/faqs/2031 And /v/ though that the Half life 2 dumbed down antlion maze was bad https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=NIS7m7YYEXI
Anyone know why is Empire at War so damn laggy?
>>3445 Poorly optimized?
>>3447 You think? Of all the star wars games, this is the one that is almost unplayable.
Open file (24.54 KB 500x375 1469418207638.jpg)
Are the normalfags hating on Star wars Sims 4 pack?
>>2074 Rogue One and Dark Forces aren't in the same universe.
Open file (4.23 MB 714x294 0-771.webm)
>>2340 >I mean we haven't gotten to the point of pulling a star destroyer out of orbit
Open file (17.86 KB 146x187 1443124163336-0.png)
>>3471 >set up to have an amazing space battle >rebel scum jump into orbit >start shooting everything up >the empire takes a shit load of time to deploy their tie fighter squadrons >no tie bombers >only the small ships are shooting shit up, capital ships of the empire and rebel scum are doing nothing at all >disable a star destroyer >oh, i bet they are going to destroy their guns or something >mfw webm related happened There were a lot of retarded shit in that movie, but that takes the cake.

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