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Open file (146.23 KB 750x1104 sw ea.jpg)
Star Wars Vidya Stormtrooper 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:45:34 No.498
Let's have a thread about /sw/ video games anons, what're you playing now? any good mods out? do you have a favorite genre or style of game? do you have a favorite lucasarts pre-game logo gimmick?
>what're you playing now?
There hasn't been a good SW game in years. And likely the SW game that most would be playing now is that newest one where you play a soyboy who's taught the ways of the gibs by an ugly moon baboon.
Go support our >>>/v/ instead anon, let's nor divide the audiences across multiple boards.
Normalcattle are eating it up, despite the huge number of bugs, and generic combat in which your lightsaber is a bat and takes several hits to kill stormtroopers who wear pauldrons, but normal stormtroopers have much less health. Also pretty much everyone carries melee weapons and are all able to block attacks from a trained force user with a lightsaber. Remember in the later Jedi knight/academy series when your lightsaber was a one hit kill for any enemy and the bosses/harder enemies just blocked all your attacks but it still only took one hit to kill. That was cool.
>Remember in the later Jedi knight/academy series when your lightsaber was a one hit kill for any enemy and the bosses/harder enemies just blocked all your attacks but it still only took one hit to kill
Pretty sure you had to tweak an .ini file for that. Still playing those with lightsabers being actual fucking lightsabers instead of glowing nerf bats was really cool.
>what're you playing now?
Racer Revenge. Its not as fast as the first Podracer game, but its fun as fuck.
I think that was only for more dismemberment in JKII:JO. In Academy for sure you killed everyone in one hit, except the final boss I believe. But regardless having health bars is just such an outdated mechanic and doesn’t work at all for a game like Star Wars. It’s just lazy devs who can’t think of a better way to make enemies harder or certain enemies more of a threat other than to give them more health.
does anyone have a favorite lucasarts pre-game logo animation? mine is probably republic commando, or bounty hunter
>what're you playing now
I'm replaying the kotor games.
I finished one a few months ago and I'm a few hours into two.
I started playing 2 for the first time a few days ago, I feel like I'm gonna like this one better.
why do you think that is anon?
Obsidian writing is usually a lot better and from what I heard its darker than the first one, plus I like this 'the Jedi are gone, wtf happened' premise.
I assume I made the right choice by playing with the restored content mod?
>Jedi knight/academy series
Everyone needs to stop forgetting dark forces.
but anon, it's not as cool as the lightsaber games, even if I agree with the sentiment
Yes, the game is much better with the mod, though it's worth at least one playthrough without it.
Did you install the driod planet mod? It's pretty good content and it's not included in base restored content.
>Star Wars: Dark forces
>Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
>Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
>Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
>Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
The series is officially called the Jedi Knight series.

That aside I referred to the Jedi Knight/academy games because Dark Forces didn’t have lightsabers and Dark Forces II didn’t have great lightsaber combat. Jedi outcast and academy did but that’s because they were made around the lightsaber while DFII wasn’t.
I’d play without it first just to get the base game. I’ve played KoTOR and KoTOR II on the Xbox so many times I only played them on PC for the first time this year, I got the restored content mod for both and honestly I can remember much of a change except the deer things on Dantooine, and the Yavin 4 merchant. This is despite playing the base game at least 6 times each.
>The series is officially called the Jedi Knight series.
Officially means nothing. Officially nowadays the 7th Hitman game is called Hitman 2.
>That aside I referred to the Jedi Knight/academy games because Dark Forces didn’t have lightsabers and Dark Forces II didn’t have great lightsaber combat. Jedi outcast and academy did but that’s because they were made around the lightsaber while DFII wasn’t.
This is true though. Dark Forces II's lightsaber mechanics feel a bit tacked on.
Yidsney fucked up star wars so hard that even the new Lego star wars game has voice acting. They're actively trying to kill and replace the past.
Can someone please post the chart? I was a dumbass who never saved it.
Playan Republic Commando again because it's an excellent game tfw imperial commando never ever Considering any of those Clone Wars Total Conversions for XCOM2, but I'm almost at the end of my data cap so I can't download all those mods yet. I really hope it's more than just cosmetics.
>>522 Dark Forces 1 is mediocre.
>>1446 t. shit taste pleb.
Open file (1.70 MB 642x480 Mine spam.webm)
>>1452 It is mediocre and you'd know this if you've actually played it. Level design gets worse over time, it's full of cheap death pits that force you to stop and painstakingly look down with keyboard keys before proceeding every 2 minutes, and there's fucking mines everywhere that have absurd range and damage, which you can't get rid of without wasting explosive ammo or thermal detonators. Whenever it wasn't an annoying trial-and-error session with the goddamn mines, it was braindead easy. The only challenging part was the giant gator monster punchout on Jabba's level. But of course you'll respond with the typical emotional "rebuttal" like a fucking woman.
>>1455 you cannot call these mediocre. They were great for the time they were released. I remember Chapters sold these on floppy disks.
>>1455 The game throws thermal detonators at you constantly in any mission with mines and I've never had a problem seeing any form of pit or fall without even looking up/down. Might be harder if you're not playing it on a CRT for color reasons. As for braindead you're the retard in the webm standing almost stationary using a low-tier weapon. Your fault you died.
>>1463 >you cannot call these mediocre DF1 already fell short of expectations when it came out when compared to Doom. There's a reason why people forgot about it. >>1464 >I've never had a problem seeing any form of pit or fall without even looking up/down Sure. Level 8 hides a crucial item (ice boots) on a hidden ledge under your field of view on a slippery ice level that can send you off ledges easily. You can't even spot it without walking up to it and looking down. >The game throws thermal detonators at you Which are a pain in the ass to throw around because of their arc. As I said, it just turns the gameplay into a slog by making you stop and throw them around everywhere. And then there's cases of mines hidden right behind doors that you can't ever tell are there until you get hit by them the first time around. >As for braindead you're the retard in the webm standing almost stationary using a low-tier weapon I knew you'd be enough of a mongoloid not to notice the fucking mines scattered through the stage forbidding movement while fighting enemies. Watch it again.
>>1465 >There's a reason why people forgot about it. It's called being consumerist nogs who always buy the latest games on release day. Dark Forces has no flaws that Doom or Duke Nukem don't also have.
Would that Star Wars Level 1313 have been any good? I like the fact you play as a bounty hunter and deal with more of the Coruscant underworld but the gameplay looked like it relied too much on QTE's for my taste. I still wonder what could've been.
>>1471 Let's be honest, from what we've seen, it really was going to be some mediocre Nathan Drake clone. At least EA space dark souls was more than that.
>>1466 The original Doom has no flaws. Doom 2 has some, but not the first.
>>1475 >The original Doom has no flaws Fortress of Mystery.
>>1476 How? You can easily dodge the Barons (thanks to the lack of any stupid fucking mines in the game) and make them infight with the Cacodemons. You can finish it in less than 2 minutes. It's a secret level, even, so it's not like it forces you to play it. Though I'll say it was designed by Petersen so that makes it a shitty map automatically, but not in any way difficult. Now go take a look at Mission 3 from Dark Forces. Calling it a fucking mess is an understatement.
>>1477 I find it a flaw because it's a pretty shit level. There's one in Episode 3 that I really hate but I forget its name.
>>1475 >The original Doom has no flaws. Difficulty is off because they never tested a full episode run when they were designing the maps, so each map assumes a pistol start when that's never true in practice.
>>1478 And I find half the levels in DF1 shit. That's half the reason why it's mediocre. >>1479 Doom was a smooth run even on the highest difficulty. Doom 2 on the other hand is a fucking trainwreck, but the first one is perfectly fine. You can finish it in one sitting even if you don't circlestrafe everything.
>>1480 >DF1 I don't disagree. I'm just saying Doom 1 isn't perfect. Near perfect.
How's the Empire at War remake?
>>1482 I can't see shit in it. Balancing is all over the place too.
>>1482 It's space battles only right now. Some things do seem improved but as >>1483 said the balancing is all fucked up and it's difficult to actually see what's going on during battles. There's a definite lack of visual feedback. I started a new campaign playthrough and after winning the first 3 space battles I sort of got bored with it, so I tried autoresolving instead. You will almost always lose autoresolved combat, and in some cases you'll lose even if you inflicted more damage than you suffered in return. It's a good start but I feel like you'd be better off just playing Star Wars Rebellion instead - despite being significantly older it plays a lot better.
I know it's not a well loved game but fuck, TFU 2 environments are gorgeous. Look at Cato Nemodia for example. I love to replay it just for that. Btw does anyone have image files of the funny nemoidians arts that hang on the walls there?
>>1834 >played both games on Wii because dad though wii was “more healthy” than the Xbox 360 I wanted Though I was actually excited to play the first one on Wii because I though the Wii controller actually controlled the lightsaber like in Wii sports resort. >game released 12 years ago Fuck man. I was expecting to actually have to swing the controller and block blasters but I was just a dumb kid. Turned out I ended up just sitting on the bed and shaking the controller because that was all the input you needed and it often punished you for actually swinging the controller around. Then for FUII they just made attack the a button and I think shaking the controller did a force attack or something. As disappointing as that was I do remember playing the shit out of both games but mostly number 1, it had cool as fuck force abilities.
>>1830 >It's a good start but I feel like you'd be better off just playing Star Wars Rebellion instead I used to have force commander when I was really young, like so young I not only didn’t understand any strategy other than swarming and wave attacks, but I remember being stuck on the tutorial for days because I couldn’t figure out how to send the troopers in the sandcrawler. I remember the cutscenes were cool and the menu theme was rad as shit. I looked for it on amazon a few years ago and think it was over 80$ for a disk. Anyways when I eventually got Empire at War for my mom’s work laptop I remember liking the game because I was older and dropped wave assaults and reverted to hit and run swarm attacks with all of my forces at once unless I had superior numbers. Yet I thought it got too repetitive especially with ground battles. I bought the gold edition a few years ago as I hadn’t even known there was an expansion for it, I remember I played it last year and found that swarming all your troops and occasionally falling back was indeed the best tactic.
>>1865 >Yet I thought it got too repetitive especially with ground battles. Empire at War ground combat just didn't work cause the maps were frankly far too small along with a lot of questionable design decisions and great imbalances. Forces of Corruption manages to make it a lot worse in many ways although I still debate with myself due to trying to polish a turd or because Zann Consortium are just too OP.
>>1866 The enemy only sent small forces against you, the only time you’d have an actual fight was when you’re attacking an industrial area with all the troop spawning facilities even then you’d just set most your trips to attack the base and occasionally select a few counters for what ever spawns. It was nothing more than spawning as many units as you could and walking around the map with them all grouped together. Space wasn’t much different, bait the enemy fleet away from their space station if you could destroy it then set all ships to attack the shield generator, then hanger then let them attack whatever they want. It was still an okay game but could have been much better.
>>1867 Might be me modding the game but I found that AI tended to spam heroes hoards of units set to what seemed auto explore on Ground and in Space used to hide round their Space Station. As far as the game being much better well there's a lot that needed to be improved that never ever was fixed. Ground -Infantry Basic infantry were absolutely worthless in EAW by being far too easy to kill, not doing enough damage and being too slow. FOC did try to fix this by adding bunkers and infantry only paths but they were still pretty much awful to use -Pathfinding Everyone liked to bunch together and get themselves stuck -Maps Vast majority of them were too small and described best as a single narrow corridor for everyone to get stuck on. No tactics at all were allowed on them. -Heroes Just way too overpowered and sucked all the fun out of ground combat. -Balance Even before FOC, Rebels just raped once they had airspeeders, MPTL and T4-Bs. Space -Starfighters Same problem as infantry on the ground as aside from bombers starfighters are a waste of population. There's no real point in building them as Rebels or even Zann Consortium as they die far too easily to Corvettes. At least Empire gets them for free despite how worthless they are. -Corvettes Arguably what causes most of the problems in EAW. I'm of the belief that if the anti-starfighter corvettes were removed from game suddenly Starfighters would have a use and change the game quite dynamically, or at the very least make Rebels and Empire work for their victories. At present all Rebels have to do to win is spam more Gunships than the enemy have turbolasers while Zann just use whatever slice of cheese they wish. -Retreating There really should be a way to withdraw individual ships from battle than your whole fleet. Granted some mods do add this but it feels like something that should have been added ot the game.
EAW ground combat is rather slow, but it's not really that clunky unless you're deploy AT-ATs and SPMA, but frankly they're walkers, so they're slower when turning around by nature. Either way you can disable ground combat altogether in Galactic Conquest with a simple file edit.
>>1870 The slowness of regular combat only makes the speeder bikes even better.
>>1868 >starfighters are a waste of population They're a direct counter to enemy bomber squadrons while not being capital ship fodder like corvettes. They're useful for scouting as well. >Corvettes They're starfighter erasers but yeah they're a bit too durable. Corellians particularly.
>>1871 Eh, bikes are made out of cardboard and their mines don't do enough damage. If you have more than 2 squads of anti-infantry and anti-vehicle troops they can hold their own against any unit that doesn't instakill them.
>>550 >Star Wars: Dark forces >Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight >Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith >Star Wars Dark Forces III: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast >Star Wars Dark Forces IV: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast II: Jedi Academy >>1868 It's not just on land that pathfinding is fucked.
>>1875 Star Wars: Dark Forces V: Jedi Knight IV: Jedi Outcast III: Jedi Academy II: EA III: Fallen Order
>>1877 That reminds me, fallen order worth pirating or is it nothing more than a mediocre souls clone with a star wars paint? Do the lightsabers in that game actually function or are they glowing baseball bats?
>>1875 >Star Wars: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope >Star Wars II: Star Wars Episode IV 2: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back >Star Wars III: Star Wars Episode IV 3: Star Wars Episode V 2: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi >Star Wars IV: Star Wars Episode IV 4: Star Wars Episode V 3: Star Wars Episode VI 2: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace >Star Wars V: Star Wars Episode IV 5: Star Wars Episode V 4: Star Wars Episode VI 3: Star Wars Episode I 2: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones >Star Wars VI: Star Wars Episode IV 6: Star Wars Episode V 5: Star Wars Episode VI 4: Star Wars Episode I 3: Star Wars Episode II 2: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith >Star Wars VII: Star Wars Episode IV 7: Star Wars Episode V 6: Star Wars Episode VI 5: Star Wars Episode I 4: Star Wars Episode II 3: Star Wars Episode III 2: Star Wars: The Clone Wars >Star Wars VIII: Star Wars Episode IV 8: Star Wars Episode V 7: Star Wars Episode VI 6: Star Wars Episode I 5: Star Wars Episode II 4: Star Wars Episode III 3: Star Wars: The Clone Wars II: Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens
>>1878 >buggy mess >Xbox/PS2 level AI >Glowing bats >enemy health bars >enemies who look different have more health >everyone carries melee weapons >blasters deflect off nothing because there’s no animation to deflect bolts from certain angles Might be fun for an hour or so, but I’d just play Jedi academy instead.
>>1872 Corvettes do the Starfighter job better and are fast enough to catch up towards bombers in most cases. There's very little need for scouting in EAW and nobody in their right mind with a capital ship would bother wasting their effort on a corvette unless no other targets are available.
>>1883 A group of 3-4 corvettes can whittle down the shields of a Victory-Class or an Acclamator IIRC.
>>1884 Yes and no. Because a lot of people and AI especially love to spam divert power to weapons it gives the impression of melting shields when it's not.
>>1886 No, I only use divert power when my ships lose their shields from enemy fire since they won't recharge until the fighting stops, and corvettes have repeatedly annoyed me whenever I got a rebel space invasion and played it out myself only using the station's garrisons, which include Acclamators at level 3.
>>1887 Ah yes. They strafe you then run the fuck away before you can fire back? It's pretty bullshit that the Imp counter to the Corvette is meant to be the Imperial Star Destroyer and highlights a flaw in game design thinking.
>>1888 >Strafe and run That fucking engine ability. Goddamn rats zip away dodging all my lasers and outspeeding my torpedos. No wonder ISD have tractor beams. You can't catch them most of the time and they dish out enough lasers to grind down shields and bolt before theirs go down.
>>1889 Gunships are worse since they ignore your shields.
Open file (234.75 KB 1920x1080 0.jpg)
Well... why not. Download link is in the description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYrnsXhZXZY
>>2006 >stage from a fanfiction shit/10
>>2006 Is this a mod for that kinect game?
>>2053 It's standalone. >>2050 There's OT and PT content too, faggot nerd.
>>2006 This looks like trash, worse than Episode III on Xbox which is probably 15 years old now.
Open file (1.41 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2006 I could do without the sequel characters. But on the other hand, kicking the shit out of Rey with RotJ!Luke and Darth Vader could be pretty satisfying...if the game didn't look like shit aesthetically and gameplay wise. Remember Masters of Teräs Käsi? That was a fun game. Had more than just shitty neutered Street Fighter lightsabers, too.
>>2062 Hold the phone, I didn't know Mara Jade was in Masters of Teräs Käsi (what a name, by the way, "Käse" is German for "cheese"). That's pretty cool.
>>2058 The guy did that all by himself you absolute edgy faggot. I tried it, it's an alpha and it looks cool, far better than this PS1 atrocity >>2062
Should OC donut steel videogame characters like Kyle Katarn, Dash Rendar and Starkiller be taken seriously as part of SW canon? Because they do shit even most Jedi couldn't.
>>2066 Not really, but at the same time should Force Powers be movie/lore accurate when it comes to vidya or is there a bit of leeway there for the sake of entertainment? For example Force Heal or Force Shield in Dark Forces 2 aren't the worst of mechanics and how fast you run and jump with upgraded force jump/run is great, but in a movie it could break a lot of shit(like the force heal in that latest movie contradicting pretty much every conflict)
>>2067 No I don't mean in terms of the force itself, but the characters' feats. Kyle Katarn becomes so many things in the games that he's almost a second Revan. Dash Rendar somehow beat an AT-ST and IG-88 on his own. Starkiller almost managed to bring down an entire Star Destroyer and kill Darth Vader 1v1. And Revan is basically force user jesus. Should any of this, when it was canon, be taken seriously? I've seen outrage that Dark Forces became noncanon because of Rogue One contradicting the first mission of the first game, and while disneyshit replacing anything from Lucas' era is obviously bad, the alternative to a bunch of forgettable characters and a funny robot - that being a random uberman smuggler stealing the Death Star plans in 10 minutes - is just as silly.
>>2065 You don’t have to pretend you’re not the dev, and one man teams have made much better games before. The frame rate is on par with Teräs Käsi
>>2074 I think it's pretty obvious that not every single detail in these games is supposed to be exact canon, otherwise you'd have to explain how the tomb of Marka Ragnos switched layout and location several times. I do think that force powers like force heal can absolutely be canon, though, you just need to elaborate a bit on the boundaries. Like, maybe it's not something a Jedi can just do. Maybe Obi-Wan didn't heal Qui-Gon because he was still just a Padawan and didn't know how to do it. Maybe Luke didn't heal Vader because he was beyond healing. Or maybe it's something you have to be very well-trained or strong in the force for.
>>2075 No the dev is actually a faggot who erased any download link from his twitter because he fears the rat. But that alpha was pretty promising, that's why you don't have a full 60fps already btw faggot, it's one man made alpha version.
>>2066 Kyle Katarn is a very powerful Jedi, so he gets a pass on it. Dash Rendar doesn't do anything too far out of the ordinary for the type of character he's supposed to be. Starkiller on the other hand shouldn't be taken too seriously. Word is that a lot of Starkiller's feats are more or less tall tales told by the Rebels about their founder. >>2067 Healing doesn't break the rest of the lore since apparently very few people are good at it, as >>2077 says. This applies to many of the powers in JK outside the basic powers. The JK power that actually breaks the rest of the lore the hardest is Absorb because it renders most of the Sith's favorite powers useless when maxed out. If you're a Sith up against a Jedi who knows Absorb, you might as well just use a flechette shotgun instead of bothering with Lightning. They can still Protect against it, but they can't keep that up indefinitely. Yoda's fight with Dooku shows why Absorb is the king. >>2074 >Kyle Katarn almost a second Revan Revan is far more skilled than Kyle in every respect other than individual battle prowess. Revan is a strategic and tactical wunderkind in both land and space battles as well as building HK-47. Kyle is just very good at fighting. He later becomes more politically adept, but Revan still outclasses him here. >Dash Rendar somehow beat an AT-ST and IG-88 on his own. The Imperials put the AT-ST in a location where there was a lot of easily accessible cover and missile pickups for Dash to use, so that was less about Dash being super smuggler extraordinaire and more about Imperial incompetence. Also, the AT-ST was never all that tough to begin with. Several AT-STs were destroyed on Endor by primitives with rock slings. It's not a frontline heavy vehicle, it's a scout vehicle. IG-88 is a badass, but we have plenty of other examples of human troops taking out battle droids and assassin droids. >Starkiller See above.
>>2063 It was a fun game. >>2065 >edgy Means nothing, come back with an actual statement. Anything can be edgy. Anyway, it looks 'better' than MoTK in terms of looking more realistic, but the gameplay looks about the same and arguably worse.
>>2079 >Also, the AT-ST was never all that tough to begin with. Despite being designed to be an anti-infantry vehicle, which is strange because it's portrayed as a boss in the game.
KOTOR breaks the Star Wars universe the most due to how advanced that era was compared to Empire
>>2088 I feel like every star wars media does that. A lot of the tech in the prequels seems far more futuristic than in the OT. If there's one bit of praise that I can give to the nu-movies then it's that it at least looks like the new order uses the same tech as the Empire.
>>2078 FPS isn’t my only issue with it, but you should know that a bad game isn’t better because it was made by 1 person. Sure it doesn’t look awful, the backgrounds of the ‘arenas’, and the character models looks good, but gameplay doesn’t look great, and animations look even worse.
>>2087 The AT-PT is far better at the anti-infantry role. It also has its weight distribution skewed closer to the ground and is therefore less prone to tripping on things. If the Empire had AT-PTs on Endor they probably would have won. Also, if you start talking about powers from KotOR and KotOR II as well as JK, it breaks the lore even more because a dark sider can use Suppression to remove any buffs including Absorb, so any fight between Jedi and Sith will have the Jedi turn on Absorb and the Sith Suppress it over and over again until one of them runs out of steam and the other is almost out, at which point they'll just bang shinybars together without using any powers, which pretty much reduces all of them to General Grievous.
>>2089 >I can give to the nu-movies then it's that it at least looks like the new order uses the same tech as the Empire. Is that really the case though? The First Order has hyperspace trackers, death star cannons on regular star destroyers and the ability to spawn resources out of their asses.
>>2089 >If there's one bit of praise that I can give to the nu-movies then it's that it at least looks like the new order uses the same tech as the Empire. Its been 20 years, they shouldn't be using Empire tech still, technology shouldn't stagnate this much. Even if you actually scale the first order to a logical level they should have more than bigger LSDs and painted TIEs. Hell the TIE fighter was getting replaced during the final stretch of the OT. And as >>2097 said the few things they did scale forward leaped way to far ahead for it to make too much sense. Much less for the dominant power to be using unmodified X-wings...
>>2094 Suppression sounds a lot like what Sheev does in Episode 3 to screw with the Jedi Council. You have to keep in mind that the Jedi protagonists of pretty much every Star Wars game are a few cuts above of most Jedi, otherwise they probably wouldn't be able to do what they do in the games, so I think it absolutely stands to reason that, while those force powers do exist, not just anyone can use them in the way those powerful Jedi do.
Is there a way to improve the Battlefront 2(classic) singleplayer Galactic Conquest campaign? It just feels like the AI is a bit dull, on both your side and the other side and I've been playing the same units for nearly 15 years now and would like something new.
>>2107 Mods
Anyone still able to play the Dark Forces mod for Jedi Academy? my screen is like white and flickers and I can't do anything.
for anyone who cares, fall of the republic is out
>>2203 Shit mod
I'm a gameplay purist, are the KOTOR games any good on that end or should I just stick to Academy/Outcast? >>2108 Any mods you could recommend or are they all good?
>>2210 The KOTOR games are pretty mediocre gameplay wise.
>>2210 >I'm a gameplay purist, are the KOTOR games any good on that end or should I just stick to Academy/Outcast? KotoR isn't even good if you ignore gameplay. 2 is pretty solid once you fanpatch it but for its writing even if it does get a bit heavy on mary sue's monologues not its gameplay.
>>2210 They're pretty good, but you should have a basic grasp of how D&D works otherwise you probably won't know what the fuck to do with your character.
>>2210 There was some big conversion mod that added KotOR era as well as like 64 per side battles and massive maps, a bunch of new vehicles for all eras and 20 some new heros, and BFI maps, I also liked the mando civil war mod.
Why does it feel like they keep trying to remake The Force Unleashed in either vidya format, story, tv or film?
>>2228 How so?
>>2228 I'd agree in the most superficial of ways, in the sense that the force has gotten such a stupid upgrade in the new movies it's gotten ridiculous. I mean we haven't gotten to the point of pulling a star destroyer out of orbit, but the way things kept ramping up and getting upgraded I feel like that will eventually be a thing if Disney keeps making movies.
>>517 Probably rouge squadron 2 but the one where all the stormtroopers dance in the formation of the Lucas Arts logo
>>517 This one was always pretty good.
>>2337 How many times has the origin of the rebellion been written?
I wonder why there has never been a good star wars hentai game?
Finally started playing Jedi Academy. Mind trick is really fun to (ab)use. >Make half the enemies shoot their former comrades, then slice them up while they still think you are their friend. >Luke: "I can see you are truly following the path of the Jedi." >>514 >In Academy for sure you killed everyone in one hit, except the final boss I believe. Nope. At least not on normal difficulty. Normal enemies die with one hit but armored troops and enemy force users need multiple. I think even those stealth troops are pretty durable.
>>2499 Orange trainer is okay if extremely generic. >>2500 Haven’t played it in years but I do recall those big armoured fucks in the powersuits on Vader’s Castle taking many hits and I remember now on JkII:JO even normal stormtroopers could take two hits but I still remember every dark sider except the final boss taking only one hit. Maybe I hit them multiple times but the sabre combat was so fluid I didn’t realize until the final blow which usually did those slow motion camera rotation things. Regardless it still felt like you had a lightsaber for the most part, glowing bats and health bars are a lazy mechanic to artificially add difficulty.
>>2499 Besides Twi'leks who would you want to bone anyways?
https://youtu.be/oa0c3tOWSnE I wonder if anybody here has ever played Beat Saber. Not that's it's usually very SW related besides the lightsabers. >tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels
>>1446 I bet you think Doom is too hard, you fucking underagefag.
>>2517 >>tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels You have the retards in charge of choreography having the main character's battle stance be some weird squatting position that looks more suitable for someone shitting than fighting.
>>2548 >he doesn’t know of form VIII Noloo way of the Pajeet
>>2519 Neither of them are. I beat them both, you rancorfodder triple nigger. Dark Forces 1 is just worse.
>>2517 >tfw any halfway decent player is more exciting to watch than the duels in the sequels Watching paint dry in slow motion is more exciting then watching the sequels.
Open file (2.52 MB 1920x1080 15809130504562.png)
Open file (90.18 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (4).jpg)
>>1878 >That reminds me, fallen order worth pirating Dont do it, anon.
>>3242 I didn't know Christ Tucker was in Fallen Order.
>>3248 The worse is that it´s supposed to be a WOMAN. Why normalfags though this nº1256 souls clone was in any way more than mediocre?
>>3249 >it´s supposed to be a WOMAN LIke a woman, woman or a "Star Wars has it's first transwahman character!" thing?
>>3250 I didn't play that shit, but I heard "she" (not intended trannie by the devs I guess) is the new master of "generic western game protagonist n° 176053084. So yes, that is supposed to be a woman. Why western developers have make such a downfall in character modeling?
Open file (168.16 KB 500x599 r3r3.jpg)
Open file (223.51 KB 504x487 1569544128007.png)
>>3242 Is she even human?
Open file (113.61 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (5).jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 1024x768 image.jpg)
Should I download gog version of star wars dark forces or is there a better version out there? >>3253 >Why western developers have make such a downfall in character modeling? its a mystery.
>>3258 >nigger No.
Open file (876.09 KB 144x192 654874632.gif)
Open file (201.46 KB 524x452 78954656231.png)
>start playing Dark forces >having fun >get to Anoat City >its a sewer level with multiple paths >ah, could be worse >droids respawn and there are sewer monsters that pop out of the water >Ramsees Hed >mines in every corner that fuck your shit up >have no lives left >get to the end >there are not one, but two mines that are on top of you >almost died >mfw Kyle had a hard life
Open file (76.37 KB 480x533 1463098717214.jpg)
>Finish Dark Forces >Star dark forces 2 in Hard, because why not? >constantly low on life and ammo >need to discover secret areas to get ammo and life >everything can and will kill me >mfw >use only the Bryar Pistol, because is the only weapon that can hit stuff >stormtrooper rifle a SHIT >Imperial Repeater turn out to be my favorite weapon, again The Jedi shield power you get is so OP that it carried me the rest of the game.
what mods should I download for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast?
Open file (120.09 KB 1280x800 mod8.1.jpg)
Anyone have a torrent or mega of the SW Empire at war? The GOG version I downloaded doesnt work with mods, because is not updated like the steam version.
>>3325 movie battles 2 so you can get banned from AOD servers for saying the admins have wetdreams about preschoolers
Starting my annual play through of KOTOR I and II again. This time my gf is watching me play and it's interesting seeing someone's first impression of it.
>>3354 I bet she'll like KOTOR 1 more even though KOTOR 2 is better
>>3355 It's a lot easier to digest especially if you're not super familiar with Star Wars. KOTOR II is obviously the superior game and has a lot more going on in it's themes and story but I think KOTOR I is an incredibly solid game and story, just not a very unique one.
>>3356 KOTOR 1 is great, I just can't pretend I'm really excited to see Baldur's Gate's story but in Star Wars
>>3357 It doesn't lend itself as well to replay ability due to the pretty shallow nature of it's story. I have nothing but love for it however the fact that it needed such a big twist halfway through to be memorable says a lot.
>>3352 >movie battles 2 What does it do? I'm mostly looking for mods that enhance the singleplayer.
Open file (2.73 MB 1261x1013 123645546978123.png)
Open file (118.11 KB 556x821 1462221928491.jpg)
>mfw playing as a twi'lek in JA
>>3354 Do Korriban last, cause it's always funny saying "I'm Revan" and no one believing you. That or get the mod that allows you to bring Bastila, she has specific lines for the level but for some reason it was cut and she stays on the ship.
>>3375 Thanks, I will give it a try.
>>3372 Kill yourself cumskull
>>3383 What's with the sudden rise of shitposters like that and political bullshit? Did /tv/ make this board their summer resort or something?
Anyone have a vidya guide of the star wars games?
Anybody ever get around to playing Fallen Order? Obviously the plot and characters are shit but how is the gameplay? I'm desperate enough that I was gonna pirate it to play with the Revan mod but the crack no longer works.
>>3409 >how is the gameplay Shitty Souls ripoff with a glowing whiffle ball bat instead of a lightsaber.
>>3409 >Anybody ever get around to playing Fallen Order? >but how is the gameplay? Just watch some videos in (((youtube))) The only thing that interested me when I saw the trailer was the girl in the black suit, but her face looked like shit, there is no dark side ending and I think you cant use blasters or other weapons.
Open file (803.10 KB 163x191 1440204050121.gif)
>looking for star wars Tie Fighter mods >find one >This is my easy campaign mod for TIE Fighter. >It does the following changes: >-Adds shields to unshielded player TIE ships. >-Adds missiles to fighters without them. >-Gives access to advanced missiles earlier at Battle 3. >-Gives Gunboats, Defenders, Advanced and Missile boats Tractor beams and double missile loads. >-Replaces TIe Fighters and TIE Bombers in missions better suited for Tie Interceptors. Like missions when you have to fly a Tie Bomber purely against starfighters. >mfw
All I ever wanted out of life was a Star Wars meets Monster Hunter game...
Anyone hyped with EA™ Star Wars™: Squadrons™?
>>3430 >>3431 what the fuck is wrong with you?
>>3430 >>3431 Are trying to annoy me to death by spoilering everything?
>>2074 >that being a random uberman smuggler stealing the Death Star plans in 10 minutes - is just as silly. >8.5 What happened to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mission? >The DF box shows a Mission aboard an Imperial-class STD that doesn't appear in the game. Daron Stinnett has this to say: >Originally, that was our first level. It was a really well designed level, but we decided that it was too big for the first level of the game. We were concerned that the puzzles were too difficult and that the level was too non-linear for beginners. So instead we created the secret imperial base. Much of the geometry for the Imperial-class Star Destroyer was carried over to the Executor. But the mission was different, so not all of the geometry could be reused. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/3397-star-wars-dark-forces/faqs/2031 And /v/ though that the Half life 2 dumbed down antlion maze was bad https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=NIS7m7YYEXI
Anyone know why is Empire at War so damn laggy?
>>3445 Poorly optimized?
>>3447 You think? Of all the star wars games, this is the one that is almost unplayable.
Open file (24.54 KB 500x375 1469418207638.jpg)
Are the normalfags hating on Star wars Sims 4 pack?
>>2074 Rogue One and Dark Forces aren't in the same universe.
Open file (4.23 MB 714x294 0-771.webm)
>>2340 >I mean we haven't gotten to the point of pulling a star destroyer out of orbit
Open file (17.86 KB 146x187 1443124163336-0.png)
>>3471 >set up to have an amazing space battle >rebel scum jump into orbit >start shooting everything up >the empire takes a shit load of time to deploy their tie fighter squadrons >no tie bombers >only the small ships are shooting shit up, capital ships of the empire and rebel scum are doing nothing at all >disable a star destroyer >oh, i bet they are going to destroy their guns or something >mfw webm related happened There were a lot of retarded shit in that movie, but that takes the cake.

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