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The canary has FINALLY been updated. -robi

Server software upgrades done, should hopefully keep the feds away. -robi

LynxChan 2.8 update this weekend. I will update all the extensions in the relevant repos as well.

The mail server for Alogs was down for the past few months. If you want to reach out, you can now use admin at this domain.

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We moved. https://anon.cafe/sw/

Open file (798.95 KB 941x1027 Durga_LoNH.png)
Open file (311.84 KB 777x839 SWAnon.png)
Welcome to /sw/ Stormtrooper 09/30/2019 (Mon) 03:13:34 No.1
The board for discussing all things Star Wars!

This thread serves as a simple introduction.


• Here are some essentials to getting started on the board and integrating into the community.

1: Check out the board's CyTube channel for streams and live chats (feel free to edit the playlist if you're registered on the site): https://cytu.be/r/star-wars

2: We are currently working on starting our own alternative to Wookieepedia. Once its up, a link to it will be posted here.

3: Don't be afraid to ask for info, sauce or links about SW comics, books, games, etc. We're always happy to share.

4: Learn some freaking Huttese, you scocha kungs.

5: Fair warning. Diehard Disneyfags and Namefags can and will be mocked by the locals.

6: Always check the catalog.

7: Credits are accepted, but truguts are preferred.

The Rules:

• The rules here are simple, we live by and follow the rules and laws of Hutt Space. Which means we barely follow any real rules here unless its illegal or stupid. Just don't post CP, don't samefag, don't spam, don't do anything that will attract glowniggers, and keep shit on topic as I don't like banning or deleting shit, unless its necessary, like spam, cp, brownpill shit and raids. Off-topic shit will not be deleted either, but it will be anchored (unless its scifi-related and in relation to us), so just make a Meta general for that kind of shit.

May the Force be with you, troopers.
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Open file (484.70 KB 300x100 sw1.gif)
Open file (456.94 KB 300x100 sw2.gif)
Open file (443.55 KB 300x100 sw3.gif)
Open file (481.82 KB 300x100 sw4.gif)
Open file (494.63 KB 300x100 sw5.gif)
banner dump
Have you seen this, Bordo?

Hey /sw/ BO, I have finally finished the scraper. If you want we can try it out soon. Let me know.
Not the BO but I'm the hotpocket that's been talking to you about this. Thanks a bunch for getting the scraper together, please get it going as soon as is convenient for you.
Okay. I need to take a backup of the database first, as soon as that's ready I will be starting the migration.
What happened to /sw/ on Mark's board? I can't migrate now because it's gone.
That kike Mark deleted it, apparently because of the imminent migration to 8kun. I've sent him emails asking about it and haven't gotten a response.
What the actual fuck?
>develop migration script
>Mark deletes board without notice
>won't respond to e-mails
>all the other boards are still there including /tv/
Sounds to me like he's being a kike and really wants boards to go back to Jim's honeypot.
We really blew that Cripple out by screwing over every anon that uses this board. I sure am happy Mark knew what was best for >>>/sw/
>Be a bunch of cucks when you were told to get Jew wise
>Get in bed with the Jew
>He stabs you in the back when you stop slobbering over his foreskinless cock

Gee whiz. Sure are a bunch of faggots here aren't you?
Hey bob, nice to know you're here. Have fun.
Hey nigger. Enjoying your space horses?
Pretty good banter for a fed, I have to admit.
so this means my posts defending A-wings, and describing how Lancer-class frigates fill an operational gap for the Empire, are gone into the void.
can't say I'm surprised by this act of reckless faggotry. u guys should've backed up posts as soon as we moved to julay.
Back it up yourself, you stupid lazy cunt
fair enough. I guess I assumed someone else was on top of it.
No problem anon, I'm sorry for being so rude initially. Its just if there's one thing we should all have learnt from the death of 8chan is that you have to archive shit yourself, don't rely on others>>426
for sure. it's an easy trap to fall into, assuming someone else is on top of it. if you want it done right, do it yourself, as they say.
Archive everything.
Open file (30.90 KB 448x542 saved threads.png)
Here's two threads I have saved. Going to check the rest of my stuff, but that might take a bit.

>dark theme
Dolphin is for niggers, Konqueror was better. It doesn't even start with a K.
I'm trying Konqueror now, what exactly does it do that Dolphin doesn't besides be a web browser?
>Fair warning. Diehard Disneyfags and Namefags can and will be mocked by the locals. this should be extended to filonifags too, he's proto-disney
>>1720 Nice passive aggressiveness there, bitch.
>>1803 How can such a blunt statement be considered passive?
>>1803 Wanting your opinion to get added to the sticky instead of arguing in the related thread seems pretty passive to me.
>>1837 I didn't even know Filoni had a thread. Nor can i find any proof of such a thing. Making a thread to shit-talk filoni and his fans also seems a waste of effort.
>>1 Should we have a prequels defense thread?
>>1986 Dude, just make a thread if you want to make one.
>>1986 You don't need permission to make threads, anon.
>>2060 yes he does. I officially grant >>1986 permission to make a thread on why the prequels don't suck nearly as much as Disney.
>>2102 >why the prequels don't suck nearly as much as Disney. at all Fixed.
>>1986 No. Prequels don't need defense
>>2104 r prequelmemes
I'm gonna come out and say it, calling the EU "Legends" should be a bannable offense.
>>2596 That's not how moderation works here.
>>2596 It's a paddling offence
What happened to this place? It used to be one of the most active boards on the site.
>>2655 Disney caused most anons to commit sudoku.
>>2655 This >>2657 plus there isn't much to discuss about Star Wars that hasn't been discussed to death already. I miss the Separatist Canon and that one anons' attempt at making a post-Legacy work.
>>2660 AFAIK the TOR Separatist Canon is still being worked on, but it's all TOR-era stuff right now so I haven't been paying as much attention since the stuff I was posting for it was all KotOR era. The 200 ABY guy hasn't been seen since the end of year before last, which is too bad because I liked what he was doing. But yeah, we have to get more posters somehow. I wondered why no request was made to Jim to restore the 8gag board, but maybe it's just that Jim is, well, Jim. I was hoping some of those ideas in the idea guy thread could actually be made. I have a few ideas for things we could do outside of that. We could always try to pick up the 200 ABY stuff under new authorship since it's been so long since the original guy was seen. Anybody who has any ideas about that, be my guest.
>>2655 Banning of VPNs and the ridiculous captchas killed off a good chunk of the userbase on this imageboard in general. Doesn't help that after this site became julay.world for whatever reason it started blocking connections to a lot of anons who used things like satellite internet and it feels like a lot of the content creators were the ones who got defacto blocked from using this site.
>>2670 That explains it. Why would somebody do that? We used to have a lot of users, but I guess the majority were on VPNs and/or satellite connections. Even a few weeks ago we had at least 20 people consistently, so the VPN ban must have only recently happened. It won't matter what content we have if most people who would come here can't access the board. What do? Do we just need our own site?
>>2671 There's an autistic spammer who is abusing VPNs at the moment but so far the administration response hasn't been ideal.
>>2673 Maybe it's somebody from 8kun trying to make all the various bunker board users go back there by killing off alternatives. Does anybody know anything about who it might be?
>>2673 (((Could be anyone))) ;^) Though there is the dolphin spammer who got butthurt if you want to point fingers at the moment
>>2670 vpn aren't banned an tor works, sattelite connection user can accees the site and your babling about how since the site got named julay.world it became shit is retarded. all you see is the ridiculous captcha and you don't even realise we got incessantely attacked the last week with janies doing it for free in order to offer you once again FOR FREE a site that exceeded everyone expectation for a stable platform so far.
>>2675 Trying to be JIDF against points that Robi himself admitted to were problems in the past some even in the last week just breeds contempt. Try not be a vol who gets so easily triggered. Anons will just eat you alive for it.
>>2675 Gas yourself, faggot, the captchas make this shithole borderline unusable
>>2675 Are you absolutely fucking retarded? Do you even fucking read your own /meta/ board? VPNs were banned just this weekend as part of the anti spam measures and your defense post looks beyond pathetic. How can you be so blindly unaware to understand that just a day of unusability is enough to kill off activity completely on a site and for it to take weeks if not months to recover. If you piss off anons who are trying to use a site do you think they are going to bother returning? Did you not learn absolutely anything from 8chan?
>>2676 i'm not denying that it happened, shit happens. What irritate me is faggot like >>2677 who whine like babies for constraint that will be probably be lifted soon enough and reactivated as needed, nobody suffer from flooded board because robi work hard to patch the dumpster fire that is lynxchan, don't cry when you're not the one that falled down and can't get up. if complaint about janies are valid, enough people will sperg out about it, until then you'll find people that doesn't like you for no reason.
>>2679 >VPNs were banned just this weekend as part of the anti spam measures and your defense post looks beyond pathetic. ok nigger then explain me how i have been moderating the spam all week end from a vpn? kys. >muh pph if i can't see muh maymay every 5 sec i cant bing bing wahoo That being said, i wish everyone a great day.
>>2680 Anon my advice is just to stop posting right now cause all you are going to do is start a shitfit in here and you are the one who is going to be the focus of the attention. You shouldn't have really posted to begin with as you already are seeing you are causing anons to sperg at you.
>>2680 >if complaint about janies are valid, enough people will sperg out about it Or they'll just leave and never come back. >>2681 >it's fine for me so nobody could possibly have had issues Yup confirmed retard.
Open file (168.64 KB 563x609 1357929486396.png)
>>2655 >>2670 Haven't really run into any technical issues or VPN bans yet- as is, IRL issues and job search shit have had a bit more of an impact on whether I post. That and I've got no ideas as to how I should continue what sepcanon stuff I've started. I will admit I am a bit burned out from 8chan's little death and rebirth saga though. Trying to sort out who went where and who got their boards back isn't that fun.
Where has everyone gone? I hate to see this board dead
>>2770 this. would be nice if we could bring baobab archives back to life. also, don't forget the cytube.
Open file (3.60 MB 1349x10489 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey BO, I made a custom CSS if you want to use it: https://pastebin.com/FC7Sq9Tx
>>2787 That looks like cancer.
>>2788 If it looks like shit at least explain why and how to improve it
>>2788 Really? I like it.
>>2787 Comfy. Can you import the logo font? Would be cool if that replaced redtext.
>>2843 Wouldn't that require Robi to install the font on the site itself?
>>2844 You can ask robi in IRC, but you should be able to import fonts from other servers by using [code]@import url();[/code]. Don't ask me how. I don't really know much about CSS, but I know for a fact that you can do this.
>>2787 I like it well enough, seems comfy and if anybody doesn't like it they could just disable board CSS.
Black and yellow is okay on its own, but it doesn't go well with the preset colors of the site. Greentext looks ugly next to yellow text. Just go with all white regular text because that's how old websites were and it's comfy.
I like the yellow and black, the background looks cool and the text has good contrast and is comfortable to read. However the red can be difficult to read, particularly in filenames; you may want to tweak brightness. Green is fine for reading but doesn't fit right into the color scheme. Quotes don't necessarily have to be green.
>>2846 Huh, so that aurebesh font idea that's been discussed for the last year or two might be doable after all.
Open file (26.70 KB 593x221 1.png)
Open file (98.53 KB 1454x818 0_n6zzxzDrGFPV6Tue.png)
>>2787 can you test replacing the yellow and red with the combo in pic related the light blue is easy on the eyes and it looks like the intro you get with every star wars film. Could work?
>>2889 could work well with greentext too iconic colors
Now that this site is going down what's our next Echo Base? There's a set date and time to think so it can be an orderly transition.
>>2929 first thing to do is grab everything or at least make a back up. I'd do it myself but I got a stupid ass data cap and slow internet
>>2861 >>2876 >>2880 >>2889 >>2890 Ok, I could sort out the CSS to fit.Sorry I haven't responded so quickly. Aurebesh font is interesting but how would that work? Would it appear in aurebesh but work like a spoiler so when you hover over it it reveals the latin alphabet? Or straight up aurebesh so learning it would be required? As for the site going down, do you have any plans? anon.cafe may be a good place, but I don't know if they'd take the board as they don't seem to have many resources.
>>2931 anon.cafe sounds viable, at first glance I don't see any issue there. If not there's 9chan, /starwars/ already exists there as a tiny board though I don't know who is is that runs it, if necessary we can make another board.
>>2931 >Would it appear in aurebesh but work like a spoiler so when you hover over it it reveals the latin alphabet? I was thinking it'd just outright replace the font with aurebesh, but if you can get that other way to work- then I don't see why not. >>2932 There's also the option of self-hosting, but again- that's probably not gonna happen any sooner than the baobab holonet wiki.
>>1 Just a heads-up: the old board is back on 8kunt- archive everything you possibly can
>>2937 how do we do that?
>>2940 nvm. I figured out a way, https://web.archive.org/web/20200501215629/https://8kun.top/sw/index.html all 25 pages. Images however need a scraper or something.
>>2940 archive.is/archive.today seems to be the preferred method these days. Archive.org works, but it has serious issues (eg, being able to remove all archives of a domain name by fucking with the robots.txt)
I want to sincerely apologise for fucking the CSS up and doing a half-assed job. This is by no means a complete job, but it should look a lot better than what we have now.
>>3173 >Greentext <Pinktext (((Brackets)))
>>3174 Shit forgot bg it's not spam robi
Here's what it looks like. https://pastebin.com/TRY6h426
>>3173 >>3175 Looks much more polished, I like it.
>>3181 Thanks. I need to try and find Robi in IRC and see if he would be willing to install 2 fonts so anons could shitpost in Aurebesh and redtext would be in the logo font (pic #1 >>3173)
>>3182 >install 2 fonts so anons could shitpost in Aurebesh Fuck yes
wait, so is this reborn julay?
>>3176 Its not working right anymore. The stars and logo are gone.
Okay so the board isn't lost then? I thought Julay was gone for ever lol
so I was doing some thinking drinking, and wondering if it would be possible to import shit from the old 8chan/8kun /sw/ board somehow?
>>3345 Why? This board is year old already.
I took a break during all the disruption. I should get back into regular posting.
You are welcome (and wanted!) on acidkike's 8chan. Won't link or spam or shill it but as an SWfag who primarily posts on their /v/ I miss having you guys nearby.
>>3681 Mark killed /sw/ because the board was migrating elsewhere. Why should /sw/ get back in bed with him?
>>3688 Mark nuked /sw/ by accident because he's a fat fingered Jew and got the timing of that retarded migration wrong. He is not an admin on the new site in any way and is just a BO.
>>3681 Fuck off mark. No one is going on your dead shithole when webring has all the boards and can accommodate everyone. Kys.
>>3681 Go away, (((you))).
Open file (488.63 KB 680x491 Absolutely Rebellious.png)
>>1 Free speech is a fucking joke. Quality discussion and non-retarded users are desirable, not shitty posts made by pleb-tier faggots who shit on even Lucas' Star Wars because they're ideologues. Hail Palpatine.
>>4287 free speech allows for small-scale deplatforming, ie banning people for faggotry or disruption. only large-scale deplatforming (our enemies' strategy) is a violation of free speech.
40k and Star Trek are way superior to Soy Wars
>>4567 >40k >Commie Trek all dogshit
>>4627 >Commie Trek lol okay, Low IQ boomer.
Open file (210.37 KB 553x352 LudoVsSadow.jpg)
It seems this board is slowly returning to life. >The chains of the grave cannot hold a Dark Lord of the Sith Indeed.
Open file (648.93 KB 2560x1440 142502.jpg)
>>4659 Who knew that hate on the nuCanon could bring us all together.
Open file (303.15 KB 700x919 Darth_Bane-TEA.jpg)
>>4662 The Dark Side is strong in this place then.
>>4662 The more interesting thing is that Lucas selling the franchise ended that discussion about what's canon and not >Lucas words and movies were the canon and what mattered when discussing the EU >Lucas relinquished control from the setting and contradicted the movies himself with his 3D Clone Wars cartoon The EU isn't bound by that discussion anymore, at least in my eyes. There is no canon anymore, since Lucas isn't in control anymore neither the movies are not the base which contradictions are based. We're kind of free to ignore any Disney or even Lucas stupid crap now.
>>4677 The 3D clone wars cartoon and the expanded universe that links to it is in alternative reality for all I care. >or even Lucas stupid crap now. He is a weird one, I'm still amazed on what he was trying to do in the Maul and Talon game.
>>4677 It was for the best then. A shame it came at the cost of Star Wars and its original heroes getting cucked beyond reason by Disney.
>>4677 > 3D Clone Wars cartoon Absolutely shit when compared to the original Clone Wars cartoon. The 3D cartoon is almost as pozzed than something created by disney
>>4686 >He is a weird one, I'm still amazed on what he was trying to do in the Maul and Talon game. I know that Lucas was a coomer for Talon but never heard about that one.
>>4725 The Story Of The Darth Maul Game That Never Came To Be https://archive.md/7qy1i >A friendly George Lucas entered the room and was eager to hear the pitch from Red Fly’s creatives. “Before they could finish their spiel, Lucas cut them off, stood up, walked over to the statues, rotated them to be facing the same direction, pushed them together, and said ‘They’re friends!’” adds the source. >“He wanted these characters to be friends, and to play off of each other. He talked about the show Burn Notice as a reference point. He likened Darth Maul to Sonny from The Godfather, and he likened Darth Talon to Lauren Bacall. He actually did an impersonation of her. It was supposedly the weirdest impersonation of a ’40s actress going, ‘Don’t you know how to whistle? Put your lips together and blow.’” >The problem with the idea of Maul and Talon teaming up for a buddy cop-like experience was that they were separated by over 170 years of Star Wars fiction >When this vast time divide was brought up to Lucas’ attention, he brushed off the notion of it not working, and said that it could instead be a descendant of Darth Maul or a clone of him. >Numerous ex-Red Fly staffers believe the cancelation didn’t come from the quality or lack thereof in their prototypes, but George Lucas’ decision to sell his company to Disney. “It’s the only thing that makes any sense,” says a former Red Fly employee. “Everything needed to be put on ice.” Is it true that Talon is Lucas waifu? Anyone got evidence about that or is it just a maymay? Reddit interview https://archive.md/fxUli
>>4736 Georgie Boy surely had a thing for twileks, first Ayla and then Talon. I wouldn't be surprised if some tale of him hiring hookers in twilek costumes/cosplays surfaces.
>>1 >wondered what was with all the 4chan-tier shit in the past couple years here >mfw coming across the info that /co/ has a shitty star wars general >mfw all the shit-tier nu-chan OC outside of the OC thread here/taste for shit-tier OC is finally explained >>4737 Admittedly I think George has a thing for submissive slave women; it's something that seems to come up a lot. I've wanted to make a joke copypasta about being invited to Skywalker Ranch for some corporate/charity thing and then "discovering"/being let in on the "secret" that George built it to roleplay as a slave owner, but I'm a lazy faggot.
Any Soy Wars menchildren here can explain to me how Mace Windu won against Darth Sidious lorewise instead of using irl reasons like Samuel L. Jackson chimp out and Lucas being a cuck? All lore youtubers who touched the subject got flooded in the comment section with niggers and jedi babies coping when someone suggested that Palpatine purposely let Mace win to manipulate Anakin.
>>4945 >that Palpatine purposely let Mace win to manipulate Anakin That was the whole plan.
>>4946 And yet people seethe when someone say that
>>4945 The novelization of RotS claimed that Windu's Vaapad style let him "conduct" Palpatine's dark side power, which let him hold his own during the lightsaber fight (and just barely hang on for a few moments against the lightning), but at the same time Windu still disarmed Sidious right as Anakin arrived so it remains entirely possible Sidious let him win.
>>4972 Not only Vaapad, he was also using the shatterpoint ability. He figured that Anakin was the shatterpoint of Palpatine (which he figured that was the shatterpoint of the "Dark Side itself"), the guy wouldn't make a move to defend himself... but he forgot to look for the shatterpoint of Anakin himself, so... he got his hand chopped.
Hey, just noticed that you were moving. Sorry if I missed any messages you sent me, but I never received anything about the issues you were having. I don't usually look at the boards as I'm focusing on IRL stuff at the moment. Hope you have a good time on anon.cafe.
Open file (1.06 MB 500x207 dolphins.gif)
>>5056 So long and thanks for all the lulz
What will happen to this board?

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