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Stormtrooper 03/11/2020 (Wed) 03:33:39 No.2720
If you could visit any planet from Star Wars, what would it be? Mine would be Mandalore so I could finally join the Mando way then kill and chill with the bruddas
Naboo. Seems like a nice place to relax.
Dantooine sounds like a nice place to live a comfy farm life.
Alderaan is a socialist wet dream, probably could find a cushy job somewhere and/or abuse the fuck out of their welfare systems.
Ithor because I want to hunt, eat and wear everything in the Mother Jungle.
>>2732 I thought Ithorians were vegetarian?
Korriban would be interesting from an archaeological perspective.
>>2748 Until you get fucked by one of the many holocrons, Force ghosts, or the wildlife.
>>2749 It's good to have distractions. Archaeology can easily become monotonous.
>>2738 They are. The thread said which planet you wanted to visit, not which species you wanted to be. Fuck the veganthorians. I'm gonna eat their critters.
Bespin to take a look at the beautiful sky and city. >but living space must be cramped I didn't say I want to live there.
Dantooine. Mild weather, quite, peaceful, beautiful.
Open file (1.47 MB 1392x1296 Tatooine Palaces.png)
Every time I ask this question anywhere else, the answer is always the same "Tatooine". Seriously, aside from podracing what is the joy of going to such a barren shit hole? Murderous sand niggos, thieving little jawa rats, hutts and whiphids ruling the planet with a criminal iron fist, hot as Hell, nothing to do except racing and needlessly pulling daredevil shit because the inhabitants secretly want to die, filled with giant fucking dragons, monstrous sand plants that will keep you alive and digest you for a 1000 years, and even the colder underground is inhabited by naked creeps and angry molemen. Why would anyone want to go to the planet that every character from there, except Owen, wants to desperately leave?
>>2838 Also the Bomarr Monks. Don't get me started on the Bomarr monks.
Dac/Mon Cala would probably be an interesting place to visit, assuming you had the funds for a proper sub/were of some aquatic species and could get past the impending threat of global race war that always seems to be brewing. Sure, they're apparently great at opera- but just imagine what millennia of underwater civilization looks like!
Obroa-Skai. I would love to see what library in this world looks like, maybe they even have a rare book collection.

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