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Stormtrooper 04/24/2020 (Fri) 23:19:20 No.2891
Ugh, what could have been.
>>2891 Fuck off Filoni, nobody asked or wanted your wolf fuckery fetish.
Open file (144.46 KB 1013x744 Filoni.jpg)
>>2891 No wolfaboos allowed!
>>2891 Reminder that the original Filoni Wars does not fit into pre-established canon at all and therefore cannot be considered canon, but is enjoyable enough to at least be worth watching despite what underage autistics like to claim.
Open file (652.75 KB 260x195 1587263166063.gif)
>but is enjoyable enough to at least be worth watching despite what underage autistics like to claim. TCW is not enjoyable in the least bit. It was quite frankly one of the worst shows I'd ever seen.
Open file (463.13 KB 1280x1001 1442805825679.jpg)
>>2900 How much of it have you seen? It's something that generally gets better as time goes on, especially in terms of the visuals.
>>2900 It was generally agreed to be decent on /co/ before /co/ went to shit.
Open file (248.89 KB 297x405 1571966158531.png)
>>2906 >latest episode >Ahsoka beats the Death Watch and then Maul unarmed, two forces even Kenobi had great difficulty with >gets better
Open file (152.41 KB 301x501 1584086994112.jpg)
>>2906 yeah no. Saw up to Season 4 and jumped ship. It was boring and the battles weren't even exciting-how are three or four ships fighting supposed to be thrilling? Gennedy wars managed four times more than that on screen and made the clone wars feel like an actual war. The 3d cgi nature of the show was also more of a detriment than a help. That's not even getting into Filoni's orange waifu fetish. >>2908 I'm not inclined to listen to a bored that proclaims adventure time and steven universe as recommended programming.

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