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Open file (400.94 KB 1237x644 Screenshot_2020-08-29.png)
Stormtrooper 08/28/2020 (Fri) 21:53:41 No.3463
>Daisy Ridley struggled to find work after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker But how can this be?
Its almost as if she is an untalented and unattractive thot who only got picked for having the flattest chest in town.
Same with the nigger. But he's a nigger so he can scream BLM and raysist and get roles for diversity quota.
>>3468 He's not bad. But fuck was he wasted. Movies should have been about his character, not Rey the Random Scavvie.
She's got a role in some obscure video game. I honestly don't see her going anywhere after that. I don't even see her becoming a voice actor like Mark, and the only reason Mark's career didn't take off after ROTJ was because he wanted to do gay theater roles. Ridley is just a bad actress.
I'm kinda surprised by that. I'd figure (((they))) wouldn't let her fail. Maybe she just gives shitty head.
>>3476 >He's not bad He is. >Movies should have been about his character Uh, no. Go suck your nigger dick over at /interracial/
>>3487 There was a 4chan post, yeah I know, a few years ago before force awakens came out and when the trailer dropped. The anon went on to explain why they had Finn as a storm trooper pop up into camera like he did, so it was designed to shock the audience with sudden black main and make them accept it quickly. He never had any talent and it's one of the myriad reasons why they used such editing to hide it.
I don't know, she's charismatic as hell!
Open file (272.67 KB 400x463 BLACKED RLM.png)
>>3491 >That's right J-...arome. Shills keep claiming they weren't bribed yet deny the shit ton of sequel garbage decorating their sets.
>>3493 >the shit ton of sequel garbage decorating their sets >take a bribe for yidsney to shill their shitty movie >don't get money just get a bunch of plastic toys that probably cost yidsney all of a $100 to make Didn't they also end up walking back their cock sucking of TFA too?
Open file (327.20 KB 1195x1195 rey.jpg)
>>3465 Picked for being unattractive & manish apparently she can't conceive children either which seems a bit too coincidental considering the depopulation propaganda they push. >>3478 I expected disney to keep giving her increasingly less relevant work for a few years which would inevitably lead to a failed romcom series on ABC that gets cancelled after 1-2 seasons before ending up on Dancing with the Stars and then disappearing for years until the next reboot of disney wars. They might have not gone that route now that they can create CGI of anyone they want. >>3476 If they merged the character with the chosenite passing himself off as a taco-american pilot, did not do stunt/freakshow casting (they admit it was for shock value) and worked on writing the character you might have something there unfortunately the thing was poisoned from the beginning because it was more important to shit on the audience & what they perceive as "space nazis™" aka the Imperials which is laughable considering the fact that National Socialism was not a monarchy & was in fact opposed & betrayed by monarchists, similarly to the monarchists betrayal of Mussolini & Fascism in Italy. >>3497 Yes in the most cucked way possible buried deep in obscure videos no one saw, I believe the loud bald guy admitted on some "show" they have since cancelled that the tooth monster was a marysue and admitted that the disney soy wars films were indeed bad I only know this because some anon clipped that section of video out a while ago and posted.
>>3503 >she can't conceive children either What? She is a dude or something? >>3476 >He's not bad. But fuck was he wasted He is an ugly nigger and his character was a walking joke that contradicts his own actions.
Open file (43.33 KB 859x653 hhh.jpg)
>>3505 I wouldn't be surprised, but the official story is that she has endometriosis & polycystic ovaries symptoms include , facial hair, acne,and infertility and a textbook of other things.
>>3505 >She is a dude or something? If she were do you think we wouldn't have been hearing "THE FIRST TRANS SW CHARACTER EVAR!" and "YOU JUST HATE HER BECAUSE SHE'S A TRANSWYMIN!" for the past several years? They just chose a barren slag to cater to the cat lady crowd.
>>3509 doomcuck is that you?
Open file (300.53 KB 1024x261 shittiedr.jpg)
>>3512 If it is tell him to make better content rather than peddling lies he thinks people want to hear. It's over, Star Wars post disney purchase is dead & there is no going back as realistically it would take a second depression to ruin disney or a civil war to remove the people that actually control culture from the media & other institutions. >>3509 They test things in secret for years before rolling it out publicly.Hidden trannies as a psyop is highly probable in CY+5.
>>3513 Tell him yourself.
>>3506 I wouldn't be surprised if she's a hermaphrodite tbh.
Truth be told I think she got a job only because of casting couches. Because I saw her performance in that shitty remake of Murder on the Orient Express and it was bad.
>>3591 >I think she got a job only because of casting couches No shit.

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