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Jar Jar Abrams admits movie ''still'' not complete Stormtrooper 11/26/2019 (Tue) 02:32:03 No.470

>Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams is in a dash to the finish line. The final movie in the hit franchise is due out in a few weeks, yet Abrams recently revealed that the film is still undergoing edits — and his team is racing to get it done on time. So how does Abrams feel about his chances of getting the movie done in time for its Dec. 20th release?

If 70, it will be worse than TLJ
>Abrams also had a lot more on his plate in The Force Awakens and constantly had to think about what was coming next.
People are still pretending there was a plan for the trilogy? It was admitted there wasn't even before TLJ came out.
>When it comes to the script, John Boyega (Finn) revealed that it was a bit complicated at first glance. The actor had to read the story at least six times before he understood everything
No comment.
So we can expect at least 9th grade writing?
>They fly now.
>They fly now?!
>They fly now!
Fucking why? Repulsorlift tech is more common than wheels, why deal with the terrain restrictions of wheels? A speederbike can work on any planet, a motor bike thing can only work on relatively smooth flat ground with no foliage and cannot go over water. They’re fucking regressing in technology.

>more trash quips
Yeah maybe it would have been a little humorous (not funny) if they just said it once and plainly, I can see that being something Han might have said in the original trilogy but they just make everything so fucking trash. It’s like they’re trying to make it bad.
>if they just said it once and plainly, I can see that being something Han might have said in the original trilogy but they just make everything so fucking trash
It would have been right at home in the OT for Luke or Leia to exclaim "they FLY now!?" to which Han replies with a deadpan "they fly now."
It doesn't work when all of the characters are agitated, nor to repeat it a third time.
>when you've made a movie so bad that even the token nigger can't lie about its quality
Open file (155.64 KB 536x698 1574042751264.webm)
If this was any other movie I would say they did this to sell toys but disney star wars toys don't sell.
Given that Lucasarts & disney is filled with cat-ladies,soys,& out of touch executives I think they might actually believe this to be a good "action sequence"……wait until they start putting in "dance numbers" in action movie remakes!
btw notice the marysue appears to be driving vehicle & shooting backwards (that xenomorph face) while the 2 "men" are busy doing nothing but freaking about about flying nu-troopers… why the fuck don't they just blast them & then make jokes after the troopers are dead? The castrated "male characters are so useless it compels marysue to turn around while driving to take shots at the rockettroopers.
It looks like Po is at the controls of the second speeder. It's just not acted in a way that looks like he's actually flying it.
>"dance numbers" in action movies
These actually make for better viewing than you'd think, but Disney would fuck it up badly.
okay paul feig
I'll do you one better. They try now?!
>kikes trying to revise history
Who would have guessed?

>hey do you get the joke
>hey do you get the joke
>hey do you get the joke yet
Behold the brilliant writing of one (((hollywood's))) favorite child predators.
>>475 If they wanted such a comment in the OT I'd imagine it like this: Luke: >I didn't know Stormtroopers could fly! Han (annoyed and sarcastic at the new development but unwilling to show his own surprise): >Of course they do... Even cheesy shit like that would be better
>>2785 All they had to do is 1.Bring Luke back (remember in TLJ robot hand vanished, easier to explain than emperor clone) 2.Have Luke fight the emperor & "Sith cultists" 3.Have marysue back him up & fight kylo 4.Have most of the movie center around Luke & sue 5.More interaction between Ren, the emperor, cultitsts/knights of ren. 6.Profit It doesn't fix the other 2 movies or the over arching problem that this trilogy is completely unnecessary but it would be passable enough to watch & enslave consumerist normies for decades.

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