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FOSS SJW Blacklist Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 07:25:12 No.219
The recent shitstorm about Stallman revealed more bad actors within the Linux/FOSS community and as developers and users we should fight to regain the civilization we built with our blood and tears from the encroachment of destructive "cancel culture" madmen.

We need to start by making of list of organizations and projects that are thoroughly infested with the rot. Avoid contributing effort and support to them and eventually they will crumble inwards as internecine group politics is no replacement for hard technical knowhow.

I'll start by listing a few:

Red Hat/IBM (Fedora, Centos)
PulseAudio (Red Hat/IBM)
SystemD (Red Hat/IBM)
>("Chief GNUisance")
They really are a plague.
You can add the people on this list https://guix.gnu.org/blog/2019/joint-statement-on-the-gnu-project/
You'll either see that these people are either complete cucks and for those who aren't the just don't know anything about what happened.
>They really are a plague.
It's a joke that RMS made.
>FSF considering dropping GNU.
It doesn't even say that.
It's just posting that they want to know what people who think they are concerned in the community thinks about this.
Of course by coincidence this >>438 happened.

I don't want to go full alex johns on this but between the obvious slander the press did. Foundations like gnome or companies like redhat who knowingly or unknowingly repeating and amplifying this and now distributions and maintainers (who are mostly obvious social justice people) who are asking for RMS's departure I think this isn't a coincidence.
>Matt Lee (GNU Social)
That guy abandoned Gnu social and only posts on Twitter. He can't even respect his own principals.
Imagine being fucking illiterate.
Open file (131.99 KB 564x727 freebsd.jpeg)
Open file (449.79 KB 1280x1745 i3.jpeg)
Open file (121.45 KB 540x960 void1.png)
Open file (97.52 KB 540x960 void2.png)
- Void linux This distro is also posed, the main maintainer is a cuck. The discussion on the screenshots took place on this thread if I remember correctly: https://www.reddit.com/r/voidlinux/comments/dtit2e/peer_into_the_void_interview_with_void_linuxs/ - i3wm Cucked as well. Look up their CoC: https://i3wm.org/conduct - Hyperbola Linux Completely soyed. They call their code of conduct "social contract". Item 10 tells everything you need to know: https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:main:social_contract&redirect=1 - FreeBSD One of the items on their CoC prohibits "virtual hugs" from being sent... whatever that means. The rest is no better: https://www.freebsd.org/internal/code-of-conduct.html
>>222 Agreed, but such topic deserves its own thread, not that this one is unnecessary. Having both is better.
Open file (100.70 KB 579x960 1577422756839.jpg)
Would be easier to make a list for stuff that isn't shit yet
>>1237 >maintainer is a cuck oh shit better rev up those systemdicks I guess wouldn't want to be associated with soyboys mr. cool cid cia
>>1253 Not using systemd does not automatically makes a project trustworthy.
>>1255 You're right. One distro forces glownigger software and the other has a CoC. Truly there's nobody to trust. Thanks faggot.
>>1256 There are plenty of projetcs to trust, openbsd is a clear example of that. You are overreacting.
>>1257 BSD is a cuck license therefore Theo is a cuck therefore openbsd is pozzed. Thanks for playing.
>>1258 What is wrong with the BSD license?
>everyone who is not nazi is cuck what a shitty board
>>1272 >stallman is a nazi What a fucking retard.
>>1274 We must secure the existence of our software, and a future for Open Source. ~ Richard M. Stallman
>>1287 Implying RMS endorse Open Source software.
>>1309 > not getting the joke
Open file (237.94 KB 1017x828 openhub.png)
>>325 Should i worry about getting a different document software?
>>219 what is wrong with Ubuntu?
>>1441 . SystemD . CoC for (((diverse teams))) . Nigger name . Defaults to Gnome . Already shipped Amazon spyware not long ago
>>1443 >Already shipped Amazon spyware not long ago nani?!
>>1458 That was in ubuntu 12.10 Now ubuntu is in 18.19 / 19.4, do they keep doing this sort of traitorous shit ? From my over the shoulder browsing it seems like the cancerous interface got worse.
>>1467 >Git is pozzed any alternatives?
>>1482 That builds on Git, retard.
The Linux kernel itself is pozzed, so it doesn't make sense to me why would you fags care about other components being pozzed, at this point? Use whatever works for you, and respects your beliefs/philosophy. GNU/Linux wouldn't get even close to it's current state without big tech giants, it's the truth, like it or not. (You) don't even know whether some pajeet or nigger touched your favorite programs code, before it adapted CoC or became political.
>>1479 Time to fork, and make git-minus-niggers, just keep an up-to-date copy without the code of conduct.
Open file (363.29 KB 1354x2257 HMZsh.png)
The Ho My Zsh! plugin manager is also infested.
Open file (112.55 KB 790x625 fluf.jpg)
>>1237 >Duncan Overbruck You missed an opportunity to call him Duncan Overcuck. Doesn't look like he's the main maintainer either and the guy he's arguing with in that screencap looks like an idiot too, but to be fair he is a redditor. This brings me to something that really, really bugs me: anons rolling over and abandoning anything pozzed fags get a foothold in. Remember how anons actually took Pepe back from the normalfags for a little while? You know how animefags and vidyafags are still actively fighting against localization? Why should computer programs, linux distros, and their communities be any different? Sometimes it feels like you passive faggots flat out give your enemies anything they want because they put in a tiny bit of effort and gain the smallest foothold in it, so you write it off as a lost cause and let them fully take it over.
>>2423 I like the way you think anon. Men who are /tech/nicians should fight to keep trannycoders and other degenerates out of our turf.
Freebsd needs to be on the list
>>2426 >out of our turf. And that's where the problem lies. I'd be surprised if the average /tech/ anon is a better coder than most of the sjws in tech. Most of /tech/ is focused on using the "correct" software and avoiding "botnet". That doesn't translate to being able to write good software or contribute to bigger projects. Not to mention with anime and vidya people can't as readily contribute to projects. It's mainly about consumption. At the very least there's an economic incentive to make games for an audience that will buy it. With FOSS, and even tech companies in general, there's less of an incentive to keep that kind of stuff out of it. Not to mention /tech/ overplays how incompetent a lot of sjws are in tech. With anime it's because the companies audience are from japan. With video games, /v/ isn't the audience of any video game company. and it shows.
>>2432 Frankly competency isn't the issue for me, the absolute corruption individuals like trannycoders or women bring to development teams. They are absolute toxic poison and if their presence isn't openly opposed then soon as a normal man you will soon be forced to either flee the project or bend over for them.
>>1479 cvs tbh or perhaps fossil or mercurial, though, idk if they are CoCked, too >>1516 im glad i never used such bloat. ksh or plain zsh with completion is superior >>2423 >>2433 (checked) these
>We need to start by making of list... Fuck off, any explicit list will be derailed by giganiggers trying to rally a personal army against their enemy. Catalogue specific acts of SJW cancer, so anons can decide by themselves what is bad enough to avoid and what they're avoiding exactly.
>>2435 fuck off, that's too fucking reasonable.
>>219 Please add >>2435 to the list.
>>1489 >GNU/Linux wouldn't get even close to it's current state without big tech giants Exactly! Look at what the damage they've done.
>>1458 That, and Unity was barely-usable clusterfuck made by Apple fanboys. I switched to Xubuntu then and there. More to the point, it was suddenly dropped in as the primary environment, not introduced as an option. This says something too. Mac was obviously intended for those with longing for Big Brother who "knows better". Being developers gave them a delusion that they became little Big Brothers too, maybe? >>1407 It's not rotten through yet (for one, no snide shits in support yet, like it was in Mozilla, those who sit on bug reports are cool people), but you see what the management is, and fish rots from the head down, so... matter of time.
>>219 >The pot calling the kettle back. Shame for sure.
Avoid Rust if possible. The entire project suffers from SJW/CoC bullshit and it has been mostly, if not completely subverted by large corporations (Amazon) just like Linux. Hostile Amazon Takeover https://twitter.com/steveklabnik/status/1437441662998007809 https://archive.md/wRy9Z https://www.rust-lang.org/governance Compiler Team https://www.rust-lang.org/governance/teams/compiler Developing and managing compiler internals and optimizations Felix Klock (pnkfelix) - Team Leader >http://pnkfx.org/pnkfelix/ > https://twitter.com/pnkfelix >Amazon Wesley Wiser - Team Leader >https://github.com/wesleywiser >https://twitter.com/wesleywiser >Microsoft Niko Matsakis > https://twitter.com/nikomatsakis >Amazon David Wood (davidtwco) >https://github.com/davidtwco >https://davidtw.co/ >Huawei Nick Cameron (nrc) - Past Member >https://github.com/nrc >https://www.ncameron.org/ >Microsoft Michael Woerister (michaelwoerister) >https://github.com/michaelwoerister >Microsoft Oli Scherer (oli-obk) >https://github.com/oli-obk >Amazon >TRANNY So the compiler team is led by both Microsoft and Amazon employees. Great. Now lets look at the language team: Language Team https://www.rust-lang.org/governance/teams/lang Designing and helping to implement new language features Josh Triplett - Team Leader >Nothing too bad about this guy. Saoirse Shipwreckt (withoutboats) - Past Member >https://github.com/withoutboats >https://without.boats/ >"Black Lives Matter" Niko Matsakis is on this team again. >Amazon Felix Klock is on this team again. >Amazon Nick Cameron is on this team again. >Microsoft Both the language and compiler teams being owned by Amazon is pretty shitty already, but it does get worse: Library Team https://www.rust-lang.org/governance/teams/library Managing and maintaining the Rust standard library and official rust-lang crates. Mara Bos (m-ou-se) - Sole Team Leader >https://twitter.com/m_ou_se >TRANNY #1 Jane Lusby (yaahc) >https://twitter.com/yaahc_ >TRANNY #2 Josh Stone (cuviper) >https://github.com/cuviper >https://twitter.com/cuviper >Red Hat And there are the other teams as well with their own problems that I'm not including in this post because its long enough already. The Rust language is more of a political statement than a tool. It is the reason that its users focus on rewriting currently existing software like the Linux Kernel and GNU Coreutils in it rather than developing new software. Its why most of its users use Github and Twitter to work and converse. Its why "community" is such a massive core tenet for Rust and why they have a CoC. The project is a parasite owned by corporations. Just look at the Rust Foundation and who's behind it. >Google >Microsoft >Huawei >Amazon >Mozilla >Facebook https://foundation.rust-lang.org/members/ And the only reason the foundation exists in the first place is because Mozilla abandoned Rust back in 2020 with the firing of over 250 of their employees. Yes, Mozilla fired its Rust employees then went on to create the Rust Foundation with the other corporations. This is not a ecosystem I would like to work within or with. A language is more than a standard and a compiler, and Rust has a lot of nasty shit attached to it. It thrives through attacking languages like C++ and C for being "unsafe" (Completely disregarding that C and C++ are deliberately low-level, permissive languages that don't hold your hand, making them perfect for low-level, performance sensitive software like operating systems, drivers, video games, etc.) while touting itself as the future of programming.
>>2459 All the investment money is attached to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores and https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/business/trends-and-insights/articles/vanity-v-equity-why-now-is-the-time-for-corporate-social-justice/ Every corporation is going to see SJW pandering = investment money, so don't expect things to get better. It's cliche to say, but follow the money and you'll see what's pushing for this.
RMS is a rarted leftist commie. even worse, he made emacs.

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