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#GamerGoyim + Ni/gg/er Thread [cake/v/ + /gg/]: "pedophilia is just like basic biology bro trust me" Edition Toad 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:40:06 ID: 113fc0 No.102181
This thread is a place for a complete dedicated discussion of the #S​ARGON general from the remnants of 8chan's /v/, otherwise known as cake/v/, the thread has a history of discussing anything but a 7-year-old dead movement attacking a strong woman and mostly prefers to be a /pol/-lite mixed with discussion of why furfaggotry and pedophilia are actually totally based and something an oldfag would endorse! The #S​ARGON thread is a walking contradiction, whether it is the fact that they claim to be oldfags despite the fact that they are clearly redditors that latched onto 8chan for a semblance of the lack of culture they so desperately crave, and hence their obsession/attachment to old gamergay related memes such as vivian and the exodus from 4chan, claim to hate kikes one minute but use a board run by a jew and claim he is /ourkike/ the next, or just the simple fact that during #gamergay they constantly talked about how it wasn't really a natzee movement run by manhaters while posting how much they hated queen anita, there is something truly fascinating about these subhuman pedophile oldfag larpers. It is to say that these subhumans in all their time posting about the same fucking shit for so long have never changed and have forever remained as redditors trying so desperately to fit in with anons, the only thing they successfully adopted was the massive cope that pedos on image boards and websites all around the internet have used to justify their disgusting want to molest innocent children. I think it is fine time that >we finally had a new thread that discussed the ni/gg/ers, even though /cow/ has been a zombie board dedicated to the exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and jcaesar187 related individuals for almost 3 years chuckles for some reason >we live so rent-free in these pedos heads that whenever something happens to their little hugbox they blame >us. The fact is these pedophile faggots are an endless supply of julay that keeps on giving, their autistic statements never cease to amaze me, it is time that instead of simply lurking the thread I shared the autism with the rest of you 5 autists here and had a little of fun for once just like old fag times. gaytor As of now acidfed and mark mann the pedophiles have begun to openly allow pedophiles to discuss their wanting to fuck little girls on blacked.gov, otherwise known as markchan, cakechan, 8blacked, or marks personal pedo haven. >We know that they allow said discussion bickers they themselves are pedophiles. Ni/gg/ers, have shockingly come out in support of pedophilia, I know shocking! It isn't as if 7 years of their thread hasn't already shown how much they want to fuck little kids and proven queen antia and zoe right about #gamergay. Apparently the king slaphead directly contacted mark and has supposedly convinced him to remove the board, but I don't think that has happened as of yet and the cp spam is still pretty intense over there right now. Recent ni/gg/er thread where they were having their meltdown: https://archive.is/zsOGa /cow/ was being blamed for everything as "/cow/ are duh reeeel pedos bro!" Another little bonus is that known pedophile john barnhill was totally not shilling himself on the thread as well. Credit to the anons in this thread here for most of the images I have now plus alerting me of their recent meltdowns in the first place, ni/gg/ers are still running damage control there right now! https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/45327.html https://archive.is/o40FT Cake/v/'s current main address: https://8chan.moe/v/ Secondary: https://redchannit.com/ omg owning the meme! JUST A LITTLE ADVICE TO ANONS RIGHT NOW, THE PEDOS ARE POSTING TONS OF CP TO OWN THE JANNIES SO BEST TO NOT GO THERE ATM Maybe wait till the spam has cleared down a bit to go mess with them. THE COMPLETE #GAMERGATE GUIDE TO DEFENDING PEDOPHILIA >ban anyone who is against loli 2d cp >say if the don't like loli or discussion of pedophilia in general they must be real pedophiles who post actual cp <totally not pedophilia since it is 2d and that makes it completely different <uhh /cow/ you are the real pedos for being against lolicon and pictures of children being posted that >we totally don't jack off to cause >we totally aren't sick fucks <its uhhh you actually >have containement threads for pedos bickers that totally worked on 8chan and appealing pedos has always worked tbf most of the site users are pedos >when cp gets posted blame it on some sort of boogieman Like an imageboard with 5 users that discusses a man with a giant Гунт? Makes a lot of sense. >when cp gets posted and your fat kike mod doesn't remove it and he never has blame it on the other fat kike that you don't like as much <mark dindu nuffin it was acidfed he's into blacked he is way worse mark is an angel! >when anons find out that your site is a pedo haven go onto the thread that they are discussing about how disgusting (you) are/making fun of you and autistically try to make the subject far wider and broader to muddy the waters <guys this is about censorship <think about it guys, first they came for the pedos than for (you)! <pedos are oppressed guys! >when all else fails just go mask off and fucking admitt hat you want to fuck kids >call anyone who disagrees with you a newfag, a moralfag, a cuckchanner >say they just don't get it, that old /b/ gaytor was all about cp and that their totally wasn't another part of the board that didn't hate said pedos who posted cp <uhh thats not true I was there in 2004 >we all loved pedophilia on /b/ <uhh you newfag you just don't get it MORALFAGS TOTALLY PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Remember fuck ni/gg/ers! Also, a bonus fact to anons here, the ni/gg/ers hate the supposed individual they have called G​AMERGATEpill bickers he tells the truth about #S​ARGON and that it is a failed movement and that they should just kill themselves, try posting anything blackedpilled, watch (you)rself get banned and watch the ni/gg/ers go wild as they accuse you of being their little boogeyman besides all 5 of >us anons here.
>>164801 >wipe my shit and ban me properly lol, i mean at this point you think they would just oblige but they are to afraid of being called a ban happy janny
>>164801 uh based?
>>164780 Acidman still thinks /ggrevolt/ is stalking him???? Their endchan board was nuked three years ago.
Open file (87.93 KB 273x185 ClipboardImage.png)
Posting this gets you banned on blacked.gov, apparently speaking the truth is banned. >>652617 >it seems like there's always an excuse Long time user here, and you know what, Anon (short for Anonymous)? I've thought about it for a while and now I'm fully convinced you hit the nail on the head with that one. I really couldn't but agree more with all the points you made, but if I may add my two cents... >it's not bickers our admin is a know self admitted literal fed informant who willingly passed information to the police despite having no legal obligation to do so >it's not bickers he's also a degenerate porn addicted interracial enthusiast who adamantly and shamelessly flaunts his objectively disgusting and repulsive fetish at every single occasion >it's not bickers he unbashedly and happily advertised on reddit when he was desperate for users showing he never really cared about the anons but more about having clout on his website >it's not bickers he happily keeps not one but two twitter accounts advertising to normalfags >it's not bickers /v/ was privately reserved to a literal obese kike who was first hand responsible in squandering, hindering and downright sabotaging what could've been a smooth migration effort towards an actually better platoform, IN SPITE of him being a widely known incompetent, egotistic, feelings driven colossal fuck up of a janny and person, instead of first come first serve or giving anons a choice >it's not bickers said literal obese kike is also a self admitted fed informant who willingly passed anon information to feds to save his own ass despite having no obligation to do so >it's not bickers both these people tried their very best in antagonizing every anon from the webring by spreading fud, lies and slander going as far as saying "that they're not 'real' 8chan anons" and that the webring was "a honeypot" >it's not bickers our admin merely pretended to forget about what he said and was very quick to extend a very trustworthy olive branch of peace and love towards the very same people he was denouncing the horrible crimes of just a few days earlier >it's not bickers our admin has constantly flip flopped, reiterated and changed his mind just about every decision he's made about the site after the most gentle push of the userbase, or even third parties who, should have 0 say in how his website should be run, demonstrating he's got zero spine, zero integrity or any actual values of his own >it's not bickers the admin was a proud defender of sweaty gamers just a little while ago but was quick to eat his own words and try to play it off >it's not bickers this place was and probably still is a den of actual child molesters >it's not bickers of the constant, incessant, never ending, aggressive poaching of users and malicious attempts to try and redirect anons from the webring to this site from the very beginning and nearly 3 years into it >it's not bickers the meta discussion on this site is more often than not revolving about "how can we poach more users from the pool of people who clearly don't want to touch this place with a 10 feet pole brainstorming session go!" and "woe is me why do they hate us so?" >it's not bickers our admin keeps trying to push centralization which has already failed us in the past >it's not bickers we called this place "8chan but not really XD" to leech off the actual 8chan's legacy by pretending to be the real 8chan >it's not bickers only the most smoothbrained retards willingly followed a bunch of clout chasing attentionwhoring namefaggots and spend their day defending them like they're the second coming of christ >it's not bickers the admin's (but also our own) idea of "fixing" the 8chan diaspora is spreading bullshit and drama about every other sulit that's not us so hopefully they go down in flames and we can come sweeping down like a vulture to "save" the few clueless idiots who actually buy our patented super potent muh "freeze peach" snake oil >it's not bickers our most active boards are literally the most repugnant fetishes known to man I think I figured it out: it's not us, it's them. I literally can't even why anyone would not want to be associated with 8chan™ or trust the spotless innocent individuals that run it. We are literally the fucking "Last bastion of free speech and home of the official #GamerGate thread and all the famous zcelebs who even went on FUCKEN TV". I've really had it with all these "excuses" they keep coming up with, I'm done. I say we've tried making peace with (((them))) too many times and if they're not with us, then they're against us(Just like our God Emperor Acid said!!!). I'm glad to fight with all of you based oldfags here on based 8chan, we are literally the finest cream of the crop of the 8chan based oldfags. Fuck those webring retards am I right fellow r/KotakuInAction bros? You have my sword(epic imageboard oldfag reference) Stay vigilant and don't fall for bait, I heard there are evil Jew-hating nazis from the webring on the prowl and we must protect the smile of our boy. No, I don't have a stick up my ass at all, stop asking. EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!!! EDIT 2: Thanks for all the upvotes!!!!!!!!! EDIT 3: ok I promised I would say the N-word if we reached 420 upvotes please don't ban me Mark here I go: NIGGER! =3=! USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST (uhhh SPAM and derailing or whatever) Have fun
>>164947 I saw that, funny shit acid fed is absolutely SEETHING right now. he's probably stalking this thread, when he's not thinking of his underage anime concubine getting cummed in by G​AMERGATE dick expect him and the rest of pedo ni/gg/ers to boogeyman harder than ever, thinking they're "under attack", anything to not have to face the mirror and admit they like thinking about fucking kids
I don't know why I posted the same thing twice, I guess I'm retarded Meant to post this
>>164947 >>164966 >>164969 Holy shit it is sooo over for these faggots, well all good terrible things come to an end one day, hopefully the death of mark/v/ comes soon and finally anons can breath a sigh of relief knowing both sweaty gamers mark and and cole no longer have any cult of sweaty gamers to ruin what's left of 8chan's already destroyed name.
Open file (191.97 KB 790x596 pedo on moe.png)
listen and believe, fellow NI/GG/ERS! if federal informant acid man says there are no pedos on 8chan.moe, that must be the whole and honest truth, nothing less! the spoilered text is a link to a hentai site, I am not clicking that shit just to confirm if this degenerate indeed masturbates to children or not
>>164947 >Board wars Lmao, get a life, nerd.
Open file (20.88 KB 871x134 lol.png)
pedo ni/gg/ers shitting themselves and crying about >us again >it's better to delete their posts and keep our ciclejerk clean than ever be faced with any of our wrongdoings lol, they just love jacking each other off, that is when they're not getting sexually stimulated from looking at naked children
an oc made by a ni/gg/er, depicting one of their own who dared to laugh at acid/mark and then didn't lick mark's anus grease hard enough afterwards this is hilarious, they've been crying about this board for over an hour, just calling everyone that isn't bending the knee as one of >us, while calling this place "divided and dead" I have not seen this level of butthurt from them in a long time, they must be still butthurt from when acid shit himself a few days ago
I'm too lazy to keep taking screenshots, but I took an archive. Look at the last two dozen or so posts for their latest temper tantrum https://archive.ph/ARP5q since they're also lurking this thread, I just want to remind them that they will never get their population back, bickers the entire webring sees them(rightfully so) as pedo.philes LMAO .moe pedos will eternally blame /cow/ just like Гунт will always blame his ex wives/friends/alogs/jim for every single thing that happens to him
Figures that the gayest thing in that thread so far happens right AFTER I archive it An acid/mark stan gets excited when his e-jew daddy comes home, and he records him a little sound file. Judging by his behavior, and his voice, he's likely a teenager from cuckchan that will be spending his summer there I found that they REALLY don't like it when you take even a mild swing at either mark or acid, I find it funny how they claim to be the remnants of the "internet hate machine" but they cannot handle any heat or wrongthink. They're getting awfully defensive and increasingly more paranoid, it can't end well for these retards
Open file (28.47 KB 1150x350 anita_saint.jpg)
>>165339 Everyone they don't like is those damn fucking /cow/ G​AMERGATEs who don't want to jerk off to little girls!
>>104998 Who is pedochu?
>>165403 Pedo who used to spam pedo defense posts here as a black pikachu avatarfag, he was bullied for it but continued to post without it here and on tvch. He also posts on zzzchan and is ofteb mistaken for tvch's nuzach who some suspect to be him as well but I doubt that all the posts by nuzach are also his.
>>165403 you mean N​IGGERchu newfags around here can't get past the filter, so they project themselves and shorten it long story short, a few years ago the regulars of the cyclical got comfy with dolphin, a sweaty gamer who posts links with actual CP(ie real children, not drawings). Somebody with a black pikachu avatar mocked the ever loving shit out of him, even getting Robi involved at one point. Since then, /cow/ has been seething about him, just as much as they have been seething about John Here is the thing tho, John nuked /v/ twice, N​IGGERchu only mocked the posters of /cow/ of supporting a sweaty gamer, yet both are hated equally today, what does that say about his haters?
sweaty gamer means pedo btw, I actually like this filter so I usually don't try to go past it, just so we're clear on what dolhpin was, and always will be there are archives of him posting these links too, and evidence moderation team of my jewish mother allowed dolphin to be near actual children
Open file (4.20 MB 580x424 cow.webm)
>j/ulay moderatio.n team is filtered now, too kek, okay that made me laugh have a bonus video since you made me post again
>>165433 Nah, pedochu was like koi's PR manager or some other IRC buddy. Different from the passive aggressive G​AMERGATEchu fellow.
Open file (121.56 KB 1310x677 felbot projects.png)
https://8chan.moe/.global/logs/v/2022-07-30.html https://archive.ph/ReJL4 Found this gem while lurking in the meta thread/watching their logs Links back to >>165344 Looks like someone else talked back to Acid, and he did so in a way that they couldn't ban him for any normal reason, so when said something that couldn't be argued/attacked the holy G​AMERGATE crusade itself the mod made a poopy in his pants and cried out "PEDO", making sure to ban him and delete every post of his so he would have the last word I do agree, it is extremely simple to trigger them. These last few days has shown everybody involved that all you have to do to make these dumb ni/gg/ers flip out is to >attack their ringleaders(mark/acid) >make snide(but true) comments towards them >call them out for being pedos(which is true) basically, show them the mirror and they will melt down like chris or jcaesar187, every single time, with about the same level of self awareness from them. With such predictable results, I guess you could theoretically keep them going for days like this, sadly I lack the time. Like >>164947 said, take a look thru that archive, especially from the banned anon's posts, and keep them around as potential copypasta, it is clear they cannot stand whatever was said
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>>165433 >>165434 >>165435 Oh hey speak of the devil it is pedochu >>165464 >pedo says other pedos are no different from the /cow/ boogieman that plagues /v/ >gets banned for insulting chief pedos
>>165480 If you're trying to imply something, I did not make those posts. I noticed that mods there tend to ban people for nonsense reasons like that for a while, but this is the first time I captured evidence first hand, so I figured I might as well post it note how he specifically said "I am not interested in talking about children" and he still gets banned for not liking lolicon, then called a "pedo" by a crying mod for daring to disrespect them. This is almost as funny as Гунт coping that he's not upset that he's being let go from cozy soon
>>165486 I didn't imply you were a pedo anon I was just responding to pedochu as well, but I find it funny that he got banned. And I also didn't fully read his post, based anon actually for once on /v/.
Open file (1.53 MB 938x17528 banlong.png)
https://8chan.moe/.global/logs/v/2022-07-30.html felbot and other jannies have been perma banning people all day(for free), felbot haven't even been giving reasons for his perma bans, other than that one "pedo" ban that had nothing to do with pedophi.lia and just shit on ni/gg/ers, acid in particular, and they had no comeback. Now, there someone who got banned by accident bickers he said too many negative things about japan and been banned for wrongthink. What the fuck is wrong with that website
oh yeah and the person who likely reported him(beause they like to report each other for wrongthink like cuckchanners) is currently having a slapfight with him. what a joke of a website, not even worth a screenshot, you know where to find the meta thread
Heads up, the niggércattle at blacked.moe hate when you bump threads, they REALLY don't want board activity, so make sure to bump the oldest threads they have which really pisses them off for some reason
Open file (143.49 KB 1405x1069 MARK BTFO.png)
>>165764 That's peak mark, he wants all the child porn to himself, fucking pedo freak.
>>165764 I bumped a thread there once and I was accused of being some boogeyman. I told them I had no clue what they were talking about, and it turns out they reported me. I was banned, and they celebrated as if one of their boogeyman died or something Then there is pic related, which was mark's "solution" when something similar happened to someone else later. I genuinely believe these retards are actually mentally ill, years of culture war bullshit have rotted out their brains and now even people who want to save threads from irrelevance and literally try and revive their shit, dead board are considered some sort of ideological enemy to them This, alongside acid's meltdown a few days ago has me thinking that site is going to be my jewish mother 2.0, or at least their /v/ is going to be, which is hilarious with how they seem to hate /cow/ and my jewish mother Don't feel pity for them, the users knew what they were getting themselves into when they trusted a kike and a pedo federal informant
since when was j.ulay filtered? anyways, that's what was supposed to be said
>>165765 >check out their sticky pokemon thread >first thing I see is someone posting pictures of a drawn preschooler from the games getting fucked holy shit, it really is just all child porn there
All those posts I am seeing recently are making me somewhat sad. /v/ used to be a place where you could actually discuss videogames, even if it had it's ni/gg/er drama and retard attention whores like mark. Now, it looks like if you go post there, it feels more like you're in a shortbus filled with mongoloids drooling all over drawn CP they openly share more than anything else Was there a specific point in time when this downfall started? I remember going there even 2 years ago and it was not like this, even in summer
>>165764 >go and give us free activity boost fuck off cakejew
>>165904 maybe videogames are dead bickers leftists and trannies and no one who isn't a leftist tranny wants to talk about them anymore?
Open file (961.30 KB 479x338 1648799175427.gif)
Fuck you, /cow/kike
Open file (69.77 KB 600x300 dfsdf.jpg)
You guys should move on with your lives. No-one should obsess over another. All it does is give that villain publicity. You don't see what the villian does most of the time - like how they send hurtful messages to children. Please move on from the whole "lolcow" things. If you don't do it now, then remember that you can always quit, and hopefully you guys will.
>>166527 which lolcow are you?
>>166527 No thanks mark, I think I will keep laughing about you and your sweaty gamer board.
Sneedius is acting as a super buddy to Koipedo for some time now, and look at this, he's right now on cuckchan /v/ defending sweaty gamers groomers. https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/608404283#p608412936
>>166716 That thread in itself is insane as shit, the amount of bot responses and troons is depressing. Also sad to see they turned bridget from a fucked in the head kid that was heavily feminized and was obsessed with being manly to a kid groomed into being a tranny, but it makes sense from a modern (((perspective))). Well whatever, not like modern /v/ wouldn't want to groom poor Bridget instead of telling him to stop dressing like a fucking woman anyways. real "traps" don't exist anyways and that is a good thing
>>166790 https://archive.ph/zW8jj also an archive of this nu-cuckchan insanity,
>>166527 N-no you don't understand! We HAVE to obsess over Z-list e-celebs literally no one cares about! Their lives are fucked up and pathetic, unlike >ours! We aren't always-online losers making up fake imageboard personas, w-we just aren't, ok??
>>166852 >s-stop making fun of me >s-stop t-talking about me
Open file (58.98 KB 496x421 1457481350399.jpg)
If anyone wants to steal their get go right ahead. BLACKED/v/'s >>666666 post is happening soon. Tell them loli is pedo
Sneedious and Emojitroon are back on tvch doing their typical astroturfing cope and projection while spamming furfag porn
>>167535 Why is Sneedious always talking about suicide while projecting about other anons lifes? He really gives off the vibes of being a really sad and angry guy.
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
Open file (118.09 KB 1336x482 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167497 >>167535 >>167540 Hahahaha, wow, he actually returned to posting this weekend and judging by some recent posts he's back with full cope and projection for the rest of the week. My guess is, he got butthurt as fuck for being humiliated for the last few weeks and decided to take some time off, but he couldn't resist a lonely weekend and decided to come back. Or, his mother took away his computer for a few days and let him use it again after he probably threatened suicide.

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