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#GamerGoyim + Ni/gg/er Thread [cake/v/ + /gg/]: "pedophilia is just like basic biology bro trust me" Edition Toad 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:40:06 ID: 113fc0 No.102181
This thread is a place for a complete dedicated discussion of the #S​ARGON general from the remnants of 8chan's /v/, otherwise known as cake/v/, the thread has a history of discussing anything but a 7-year-old dead movement attacking a strong woman and mostly prefers to be a /pol/-lite mixed with discussion of why furfaggotry and pedophilia are actually totally based and something an oldfag would endorse! The #S​ARGON thread is a walking contradiction, whether it is the fact that they claim to be oldfags despite the fact that they are clearly redditors that latched onto 8chan for a semblance of the lack of culture they so desperately crave, and hence their obsession/attachment to old gamergay related memes such as vivian and the exodus from 4chan, claim to hate kikes one minute but use a board run by a jew and claim he is /ourkike/ the next, or just the simple fact that during #gamergay they constantly talked about how it wasn't really a natzee movement run by manhaters while posting how much they hated queen anita, there is something truly fascinating about these subhuman pedophile oldfag larpers. It is to say that these subhumans in all their time posting about the same fucking shit for so long have never changed and have forever remained as redditors trying so desperately to fit in with anons, the only thing they successfully adopted was the massive cope that pedos on image boards and websites all around the internet have used to justify their disgusting want to molest innocent children. I think it is fine time that >we finally had a new thread that discussed the ni/gg/ers, even though /cow/ has been a zombie board dedicated to the exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and jcaesar187 related individuals for almost 3 years chuckles for some reason >we live so rent-free in these pedos heads that whenever something happens to their little hugbox they blame >us. The fact is these pedophile faggots are an endless supply of julay that keeps on giving, their autistic statements never cease to amaze me, it is time that instead of simply lurking the thread I shared the autism with the rest of you 5 autists here and had a little of fun for once just like old fag times. gaytor As of now acidfed and mark mann the pedophiles have begun to openly allow pedophiles to discuss their wanting to fuck little girls on blacked.gov, otherwise known as markchan, cakechan, 8blacked, or marks personal pedo haven. >We know that they allow said discussion bickers they themselves are pedophiles. Ni/gg/ers, have shockingly come out in support of pedophilia, I know shocking! It isn't as if 7 years of their thread hasn't already shown how much they want to fuck little kids and proven queen antia and zoe right about #gamergay. Apparently the king slaphead directly contacted mark and has supposedly convinced him to remove the board, but I don't think that has happened as of yet and the cp spam is still pretty intense over there right now. Recent ni/gg/er thread where they were having their meltdown: https://archive.is/zsOGa /cow/ was being blamed for everything as "/cow/ are duh reeeel pedos bro!" Another little bonus is that known pedophile john barnhill was totally not shilling himself on the thread as well. Credit to the anons in this thread here for most of the images I have now plus alerting me of their recent meltdowns in the first place, ni/gg/ers are still running damage control there right now! https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/45327.html https://archive.is/o40FT Cake/v/'s current main address: https://8chan.moe/v/ Secondary: https://redchannit.com/ omg owning the meme! JUST A LITTLE ADVICE TO ANONS RIGHT NOW, THE PEDOS ARE POSTING TONS OF CP TO OWN THE JANNIES SO BEST TO NOT GO THERE ATM Maybe wait till the spam has cleared down a bit to go mess with them. THE COMPLETE #GAMERGATE GUIDE TO DEFENDING PEDOPHILIA >ban anyone who is against loli 2d cp >say if the don't like loli or discussion of pedophilia in general they must be real pedophiles who post actual cp <totally not pedophilia since it is 2d and that makes it completely different <uhh /cow/ you are the real pedos for being against lolicon and pictures of children being posted that >we totally don't jack off to cause >we totally aren't sick fucks <its uhhh you actually >have containement threads for pedos bickers that totally worked on 8chan and appealing pedos has always worked tbf most of the site users are pedos >when cp gets posted blame it on some sort of boogieman Like an imageboard with 5 users that discusses a man with a giant Гунт? Makes a lot of sense. >when cp gets posted and your fat kike mod doesn't remove it and he never has blame it on the other fat kike that you don't like as much <mark dindu nuffin it was acidfed he's into blacked he is way worse mark is an angel! >when anons find out that your site is a pedo haven go onto the thread that they are discussing about how disgusting (you) are/making fun of you and autistically try to make the subject far wider and broader to muddy the waters <guys this is about censorship <think about it guys, first they came for the pedos than for (you)! <pedos are oppressed guys! >when all else fails just go mask off and fucking admitt hat you want to fuck kids >call anyone who disagrees with you a newfag, a moralfag, a cuckchanner >say they just don't get it, that old /b/ gaytor was all about cp and that their totally wasn't another part of the board that didn't hate said pedos who posted cp <uhh thats not true I was there in 2004 >we all loved pedophilia on /b/ <uhh you newfag you just don't get it MORALFAGS TOTALLY PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Remember fuck ni/gg/ers! Also, a bonus fact to anons here, the ni/gg/ers hate the supposed individual they have called G​AMERGATEpill bickers he tells the truth about #S​ARGON and that it is a failed movement and that they should just kill themselves, try posting anything blackedpilled, watch (you)rself get banned and watch the ni/gg/ers go wild as they accuse you of being their little boogeyman besides all 5 of >us anons here.
>>168274 Dudes, Nuzach is just larping as a pedo cringetard it's just larping, its irony!
NuZach is now actively lurking and posting on Welcome to /cow/ thread. For someone who hates /cow/ and tvch so much he spends a lot of time using both sites.
Open file (123.30 KB 467x402 ClipboardImage.png)
Confirmed theory, Pedochu and his son NuZach are in fact behind the recent simping for TheGatorGamer on the cyclical thread. >I'll lick Asston starfish to own /cow/G​AMERGATEs! If I give money to Kino Casino I'll B T F O'D the evil Weasel!!!
Open file (33.86 KB 700x808 _b_ - Logs.png)
zzzchan is markchan but without mark
Open file (42.06 KB 702x442 ClipboardImage.png)
>>168496 lol vol3 is seething
>>170413 hi nuzach.
Open file (275.36 KB 986x400 Marked.png)
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
>>171575 Actually a good idea.
>>171575 if only
I dont know whats worse, the fact there's still people trying to re-live gg or that there's still people this assblasted over it.
>>171650 gamergay was never good.
>>171778 thanks Sherlock
>>170122 Now for Esoteric Shaggyism and other platespics as well.
>>173091 They're reduced to claiming Elaine Miller as a reliable source, how can anyone clown on them more than they do on themselves?
Open file (105.79 KB 1192x312 gaymergate.PNG)
Mark is opening janny applications for literally anybody. You know what to do https://8chan.moe/v/res/693785.html#693785
>>173854 >@protonmail.com No thanks Nachrichtendienst des Bundes/Tenicu/Nepfag.
>>173854 fuck off nig​ger nobody here wants to be a janny on blacked.moe
Open file (26.49 KB 727x349 ClipboardImage.png)
Koipedo and his goons are mad today
Moe's janny, Felbot, is out of control and banning absolutely everybody for no reason at all. Even Mark's cattle is getting riled up and calling for him to be removed, and yet they will still complain about muh weasel, lmao In other news, moe G​AMERGATEs have COMPLETELY BLOCKED OUT ALL THE ARCHIVING OF THEIR PEDO SITE One of the posts in my pic related is archived. You won't know which one, since all it gives you now is a splash screen, meaning that all you can do now is screenshot their posts/threads if you want to preserve them. Conveniently enough, they will just say you're posting FAKE NEWS or edited screenshots with no proof of archives. What archives? Exactly. They have become much worse than they claim my jewish mother's /v/ ever was https://archive.ph/iUumf In other news, their /pol/ board has also been hidden. Sure, you can still post there, but only if you got the link. Acid(sweaty gamer) is doing this bickers he doesn't want to be taken down by cuckflare, just like jewshs. Not only is he a cuck, he is also a hypocrite, I thought he was fighting for "free speech"? Oh right, that only goes for freedom of speech of sweaty gamers, which he shielded on his site for as long as he could, before he was forced to hide, and later remove their /hebe/ board the same way he's doing to /pol/ right now, as he was being threatened with being investigated by the feds for illegal cocks being posted on his site But don't forget, my fellow /cow/boys, YOU'RE THE SHIT STIRRING PEDOS IF YOU MENTION THIS Who else is celebrating the death of this shitty site? They're too stuck up their ass to notice this will turn off all the new users who might even want to check it out
>>178794 Fun fact: I just found out that by posting the same "felbot out of control" picture there got me banned by the same janny, but for what purpose? You ready for the reason why I got banned for posting that picture? Not bickers I was "spamming", or even for being a "shit stirring pedo this time". I got banned bickers I EQUATED LOLI TO excessive sweating, WHICH IS TRUE In other words, they're saying that calling them out makes you the pedo, but masturbating to children doesn't. Makes sense to me! I got a ban for one month for angering the janny and calling the cattle out, I wonder if other people posted that exact same picture, that could be bumped up to a lifetime ban, felbot has been giving a whole lot of those lately for even less
Updated the picture a little bit to include the archive for more context Goddamn coomers are pretending I never posted this and trying to flood the thread with porn now. You can't make this up, porn really does ruin the brain and destroying critical thinking skills(Especially the illegal kind Acid and Felbot like so much!)
>>178794 >>178796 >>178797 Why is /cow/ still a literal boogieman when most of the anons here don't even care about ni/gg/ers anymore?
>>178855 >he doesn't know about the discord >doesn't know about the irc either wew lad
Koipedo and Nuzach doing damage control about zzzchan being dead https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/117261.html#119856
>>178981 Then dump your retarded logs instead of keeping your retardation to yourself, dumb G​AMERGATE.
repostan screenies I found tl;dr of it is that there is a new boogeyman in town: luciano, G​AMERGATEpill and god knows who else isn't enough. if anyone is found posting in lowercase, just like I am, ni/gg/ers will now call you a pedo.phile. there is no "why", they just will, and then the mods will permaban you after you are reported I don't think I need to further comment on this, I think this is the biggest cope acid(pedo) I have ever seen, and this G​AMERGATE lover has had plenty of embarrassing moments. one way or the other, add another boogeyman to play as if you're having fun with the ni/gg/er cattle, this one is easily the simplest to replicate, as all you have to do is type in lowercase and call acid and his pals pedos for inviting /hebe/ over to begin with(see OP screenshot, pedo generals used to be very common place there not too long ago, and even mentioning this makes the cattle on moe seethe)
Open file (863.66 KB 1200x1600 Jewcy3.jpg)
>>179244 >there is no why There is though, there's a butthurt child rapist who is still seething over being rejected by closeted sweaty gamers bickers they aren't openly dumping child porn, he's trying to start a personal army request bickers he can't get over being kicked out of his precious homeland and has to go elsewhere to publicly talk about fucking kids, the paranoia is getting to the ni/gg/ers though and they're eating their own
coping and seething is reaching critical mass over at blacked.pedo soon, there will be a supernova of complete and utter asshurt over there, and when that happens, I will be there
Open file (58.79 KB 1704x488 LMAO.png)
>>179318 >>178794 >>179244 checks out, I got a permaban in about 10 minutes for simply not capitalizing my letters I checked out their GG thread and it looks like they're so desperate for new users that they started a new operation, "Max Revive", which is just getting more people on their shitty site LMAO they're literally going on steam forums and reddit and begging people to come to 8cucked, probably so they can be permabanned for non-existent pedo.philia minutes later like I did
>>179320 >waaaa I got banned Seething
>>179322 >seething >when I was trying to get permabanned LOL? that said, I didn't expect this to be so easy, or for it to happen so quickly. I thought people were joshing me when they said all I had to do was type in lowercase, but lo and behold they're actually that easy to trigger. I guess when you're in a massive circlejerk like them for years on end, it can't be that difficult to believe you would end up like this God, it makes me feel so happy to see these retards end up like this, remember how they used to mock our /v/ and what happened to it? Well, I don't recall anyone there ever getting banned for not using uppercase letters lmao
>still using the board >not using the discord >not using the irc why
>>179244 not your personal army pedo faggot
Open file (103.42 KB 466x291 Untitled.png)
>>179347 You okay? The only pedos here are Mark, Acid and everyone in the gamergoober threads >so butthurt he unironically saged lmao, you're so easy to trigger that even uncapitalized posts break your little ni/gg/er mind now. Don't worry, I'm sure there are going to be people that will be THRILLED to hear that soon While you're here, mind telling us how Lolicon is NOT CP? I bet others are also DYING to know, since this seems to be the entire identity of your shitty, dead shell of a site now
Koipedo is now actively posting and defending excessive sweating on tvch
Open file (55.19 KB 800x586 m12.jpg)
>>179348 >Mark, Acid and everyone in the ni/gg/er threads are pedos correct, you wouldn't let a pedonïgger boss you around would you? one of their defectors is angry that his idols don't accept him and is trying to use you out of his own brand of butthurt. the angry dejected pedocow wants /hebe/ back in blacked.gov and is risking getting shit on himself and exposing himself as a fucking retard who openly wants to fuck irl child pussy, I wouldn't ally myself with someone like that unless I'm trying to get the site shut down for good, and I doubt that's his goal, all he wants is his kind to be as open and honest as he is, after all, being betrayed by his own must not feel very good
Open file (186.57 KB 1807x238 lolwhut.png)
ni/gg/ers have completely lost it what is this, some sort of pedo code? are links to CP hidden within? probably part of acid's new initiative, he will later claim to be either oblivious or it was all done for le lulz, only oldest of fags would understand
>>179601 anon, try checking the date yesterday
Check out the Nuzach thread, there's plenty of evidence about him doing damage control and simping for Koi and Pedochu for months and months and even now that zzzchan is dead.
>>179442 >you wouldn't let a pedonïgger boss you around would you? I didn't ask you retards to help me fuck with 8moe, in fact you're sullying my good name over there and I'd appreciate if you continue doing this to put the effort in to become your own boogeyman rather than riding off my coat tails. Or better yet just stay on your containment board here and leave them to the genuine article rather than trying to be cheap imitations.
It's that time of the month again, and you know what that means! ACID IS SPERGING OUT AGAIN! Cliff Notes: >Acid whines that his site is dead and nobody posts on it anymore >Asks what went wrong >People call him out and call him a pedo enabler >Acid shits himself, claims the site is more alive than ever, and as a matter of fact, it was YOU /cow/ARDS WHO ARE THE REAL PEDOS >People continue calling him out Also lol at mentioning how Mark is currently licking hotwheels' crippled asshole, that's true Not pictured: People unironically getting horny for Mark and wanting to fuck him
the jewish sweaty gamer know as Nuzach is having a meltdown about /cow/ and tvch as usual https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/122149.html#122267
>>181300 >HerdG​AMERGATE Same expression used in one of the threads where Nuzach was sperging out exactly yesterday too. See Nuzach thread screenshots.
>>181300 >mark is currently licking hotwheels asshole Is Mark still on 8chan.moe or has he turned traitor finally and sucks the Dudder's dick?
Open file (53.38 KB 1412x196 ClipboardImage.png)
Is op Nuzach? Same shitty oc posted by him all the time. https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/173018.html
>>181554 Nuzach is a regular on /christian/ and zzzchan, also same about 4chan, even tho he hate Yakuza for being a "cuckchanner". Here a few Nuzach threads on zzzchan https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/126172.html https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/125721.html https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/127741.html

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