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Open file (207.63 KB 550x1361 SmegmaButterBattle (1).png)
Open file (421.25 KB 489x559 buttergangsta3ab.png)
Open file (313.47 KB 1170x811 image0 (16).jpg)
Fuzhou the Buttergolem/Buttermunculus/Hapabutter/Butterboy Toad 08/30/2021 (Mon) 19:24:05 No.117126
Have (you) ever wondered what it would be like when it got to the point that Dominic Vanner of all cows would have his own a-log, a freakish abomination of soy and butter that was worse than him in almost every respect? The pathetic golem of butter, Fuzhou, has finally fulfilled that role and exceeded expectations in every way possible. Fuz is a julaytoasted grifter trying to pick up the crumbs left by Jewsh Moon, his views are fat single ladies into internet drama, those being 95% of his views. Like a lot of drama grifters, Fuz is a lolcow by his own right thanks to his personal life and the humiliation he went online. Being a spineless golem, Fuz make two hours streams reading foxdickfarms threads or wikipedia to get his "cocks" hoping to make some money to buy sex toys to his Onlyfans "girlfriend", more weed and funko pops for himself and finally have money enough to leave his parents house in his middle 20's. But Fuz channel is far from being interesting or the focus to his alogs. Even though he's a black hole of humor, Fuz has become a fun figure to watch and debate bickers of his own dramas, failures and actions, catching the attention of certain groups and even ecelebs. At first glance, Fuzhou appears to be just an unfunny grifter with zero talent and is seen as just one of so many julaytoasted wannabie Mister Metokurs clones that have plagued this side of the internet in recent years. But a deep look, penetrating the layer of fat and boredom that surrounds him reveals a soulless automaton, but able to feel at some level a certain self hate for himself and for the world. In a philosophical way, he is able to become interesting. Do Golems dream of butter sheep? Is Fuz a sample of what the kikes want for the future? Maybe he's the next step of the mankind, the future nu-male, Homo Consumat Butyrum. Vaxxed, cucked, only caring about consooming and extremely submissive. A ruined and terrible form of life, a Butter Golem. Clips of Fuzhou for (you)r consideration: Fuzhou Getting btfo'd by Dominic Vanner: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=e7LSOZ7Rq0w https://yewtu.be/watch?v=9p3HyPXixrE On1yfans Buttercaust: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=W_wJ-0HxBVc https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RjD9bNeCT7o https://yewtu.be/watch?v=fooRUkRPc_M Fuzhou's Whore GF's Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/pristineamethyst/media FUZHOU FACTS >tried to get online fame and respect by going after a low hanging fruit aka Britbong, only to be b t f o'd by Mr B T F O instead, giving Britbong/Manlytears his first winning in years >after almost two years, got b t f o'd once again by Britbong, even Britbong alogs had to agree on how pathetic Fuz really is, think for a moment, imagine being humiliated by Britbong in 2021 >he's a welcher, can't pay his debts or keep his promises >and yet whenever he is in a tight situation he proposes a bet to avoid facing the consequences or paying off previous debts >bad loser, in an endless cycle of being unable to act like a man >chronic marijuana addict, thinks WEED LMAO makes him a cool guy, did a whole stream only smoking weed like a teen boy and even his fat fangirls felt embarrassingly by >chronic butter addict to the point of being considered a fetish, popularly known as Butterboy or Buttergolem >circumcised to the point of needing to use butter to masturbate >50% bodyfat, plays Ring Fit Adventure and other girly fitness video games and think this will make him lose 30kg >has a strange obsession with breakfast cereals, can spend hours talking about different brands and rank which ones are the best >already admitted that he eats cereal with cream instead of julay >once ate the equivalent of 2kg of Frosted Mini-Wheats with 3 liters of cream >contracted a $20k debt with uber eats, literally order food through the app five times a week >literally broke the toilet at his house (his parents house) bickers of his diet rich in cheese and junk food, had to fix it the same day he was being de-moded from Empty's server after being humiliated by multiple randoms guests for hours >janny for a community that hates him and does it for free >was homeschooling like Britbong, never learned to have social interactions like a normal man >no friends irl, terrible irl interaction with co-works and family >claim to fame is reading foxdick farms threads on youtube to fat wine aunts on his youtube channel, deserves a thread himself (congratulations, you got it) >self admitted narcissist, think is better than everyone else, including other e-celebs >he unironically thinks he's better than anybody in the server or youtube comment sections, using logical leaps to make excuses about yourself >he really believes that he's not a lolcow, that everyone else, from other ecelebs, to random anons online are the true spergs and cows with sad lifes, not him, never him >shit talk Bryan the KoP, and goes crazy if someone says he's for EmptyHero what KoP used to be to Mister Metokur, hates being compared to Bryan in any way >same about when he's compared to Toad McKinley, even though he claims to be friends with Toad McKinleyGamer >feels envy and fear from P P P, already shit talked P P P on several occasions during EmptyHero's streams, but is scared to death of P P P or anyone outside Empty's circle to notice it >only honest when it comes to self-deprecating, otherwise he lies and uses other mechanisms to got what he wants or avoid responsibilities and confrontations >has no real position about anything, he's soft like his own fat body and his arguments and banter are easily cut like butter >takes pride in being a "friend" of whores from OnlyFans, including trannies
Edited last time by oldestfag on 01/22/2022 (Sat) 23:08:48.
>>130216 You're talking about trsperg, not Fuzhou.
>>130221 No, I am talking about Fuzhou. He was at discord then he started to talk about trannies but called them transgirls, and then he started to be a pervert and say how a tranny is different from a ladyboy bickers a ladyboy is a boy but pretends to be a lady, and it made Fuzhou kinda horny for some reason bickers he meant that the thai ladyboys had a really feminine penis. That is when I called him a fag and ragequit the discord call, he did also talk about how he was collecting these pictures of the feminine penis as baseball cards, that blew my mind wide open. That's when I deleted my discord account and fucked off from that service and software.
Open file (204.79 KB 401x349 doitwithubuntu.png)
>>130385 > Guess we know now why Empty has taken such an interest in butterboy.
>>130163 >>130214 >>130216 >>130221 >>130385 >>130396 God, you are idiots and you have schizophrenia. It's you, Britbong?
>>130396 I don't know to be quite honest mang, but what happened was that there was a super duper secrete discord server called T-girl haram. I was so confused what in the fuck that was, so I had to check it out. Fuzhou was the admin and he had a bunch of tranny mods, and that is where I saw his deranged mind and his obsession onto ladyboy pornography, he would make poetry of the ladyboy pornography with marvel avengers and twist it up with marvel horror on Halloween. It was so confusing! But when I asked the buttergolem if he was a Muslim, he said no, the server is called transgirls harem bickers he wanted to experience a harem.
>>130385 I've see at least two trannies from OnlyFans trying to defend Fuz before when we was really being bullied by Empty's fans months ago, and he hang around and treat trannies with a lot of respect in certain circles. Also, I got banned only after making fun of him in very weird circumstances. I guess he really is a thin skin faggot.
Another girl to add connected to Fuzhou RaiinBowRave#4733
>>130385 He follows a dozen of them on twitter
>>130589 >RaiinBowRave#4733 Just the nickname by itself already have a big tranny vibe, what about her? Any details?
More fakes news about someone who barely streams, lol. Get someone more funny to talk about, lol.
Open file (413.43 KB 750x1000 prime_breeding_material.jpg)
>>130692 Hi, Fuz. After pretending to me be while using tor now you're also trying different vpns to pretend to be other anons?
>>130673 He started freaking out when we trolled her last week.
>>130695 Schizo, take your meds. >>130699 Pure bullshit, you probably lied about that discord person being real.
>>130589 Hello Britbong, or should I say Gregholden#2925
Open file (88.63 KB 1162x850 butter.png)
Is Fuz simping for the onlyfans butterface girl with a dirty ass after all this time and drama? He already "dated" her twice so far, wtf, just move on, you love to larp as a chad, Fuz, get another fat chick instead and try to not dox her this time lol >>118565 >>130761 Hi, pal, let me ask something, are you a bi pothead?
you're all just jealous that fuz gets the bussy and all you can do is dream to one day become fuz's personal bussy boy
Open file (158.71 KB 1452x409 fuz.png)
Fuz still hate P P P and want him out of his own stream. Imagine if P P P had paid attention and made a video or stream about the butterboy months ago. Would have been Chaggot tier of kino.
>>131185 Louie Anderson died today, would be the perfect opportunity for them to at least make a little joke about Fuzhou, as the buttergolem looks so much like him, but without any talent. I think even a little joke about Fuzhou being a cuck and lolcow would be enough to make he go full ballistic again and people pay attention for our Buttboy.
>>131185 >>131236 I guess that Fuzhou is right about JoeyJoJo, the genetic failure paid superchats to P P P and Andy in the Kino Casino! Toad McKinleyATHETIC
Open file (928.21 KB 1102x982 fuzward.png)
>>131236 I think Louie would approve of Fuzward of Butterina.
>>131322 I noticed him once again trying to get attention and online friends by paying superchats, lmao. He and Fuz were made in the same mold of needy thicc ugly bois!
>>131716 Good oc, but disgusting. >>131322 >>131724 I wouldn't be surprised if Joe also pays for onlyfans subscriptions.
>>131322 Is that the 3rd party site that allows any name to be entered? Don't know the guy, so I can't say, but there is room for doubt. I did notice that Fuz had a [Message Deleted] in the chat. Thought it was odd. Does a P​PP janny have it out for him, or did he get banned?
Open file (467.37 KB 719x990 1643254350328.png)
Fuzhou, the uncreative grifter. After years sucking jcaesar187 Гунт greasy and hating P P P he's now trying to get clout and money by attacking the Гунт when there's nothing to lose, only to gain. I hope that P P P never listen to all the times that Fuzhou shit talked him on EmptyHero streams or him his own twitch streams...
>>132182 >The Ballad of [lolcow] Why do people do this? Is it just bickers it's the title of basically Gabe's last edited video maybe second last after Carl/UKIP or do they think it's classy or eye-catching regardless of the subject?
>>132182 Me and some alogs here tried to leave comments on his video which by the way is extremely boring, but he preemptively banned some of >us and others had their comments deleted after a few minutes.
He's really obsessed with Britbong despite it being emptys fans being the ones doxing him, pretty weird honestly.
Just some deep lore,JoeyJoJo spent around 20 dollars with Kino Casino already and no only that, but he already paypiggied Fuzhou. No only that, but he's a literal member of Fuzhou patreon. PEAK PAYPIGGIE!
>>134560 how much of a faggot do you have to be to have a grudge again toe thumb joey?
>>134560 Now I get why he and Butterkid hang around together, but at least Butter had a "girlfriend" lol.
>>134911 >Only I, emptyanhero, have rights to make jokes about Joey
JoeyJojo fingers are thicker than Fuzhou tiny dick, but both are retards, simple as
>>134560 Joey is a paypiggie, nothing now about it, I really find it funny that he gives money to Fuzhou while Fuzhou tried to make the board go after him and shit talked him over and over again on multiple streams, lol. >>134911 how much of a faggot do you have to be to have fuzhou as your main friend and crying about Anita Sarkeesian for the last years?
I checked Patreon, Joey is not giving money to Fuz but he is giving money to Aydin Paladin, Emptyhero and Martina Markota .>>136740
>>136873 JoeyDwarfingers used to be one of Fuzhou paypiggies, it looks like Fuzhou lost one of his sponsors after trying to get the board to go after him. Congratulations Joey, you've learned that Fuz is not one of your friends online! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf1DkBQRQj4
Open file (32.38 KB 383x431 weenie.jpg)
Local butter addicted retard loses to Britbong once more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qO1sY5-bAQ
>>140741 It is like fuz's main point in existence is to be the one punching bag that Dominic Vanner can win against.
I don't have a lot of free time to spend online following boring faggots that nobody cares about, but from what I know, Fuzhou is putting up a facade on foxdickfarms, trying to act more "manly" while doing his best to erase from the internet anything that could be used against him, especially now that P P P is a big dog. Emptyhero keep defending fuzhou even when fuz keep making his discord server be deleted or attacking his patreons/fans like JoeyJojo.
>>143830 Fuz turned on Гунт, last I checked he was trying to get on a stream with flamenco to shittalk the Гунт.
Lmao, after all this time Fuz didn't changed >still want to date brownamy >he and his trannies from discord still mad at Joey and other former namefags from smegma community >trying to grift hard The Гунт, when before he used to lick the greasy >trying to delete any evidence about his hatred for P P P
King of /poz/ wanted to have EmptyHero on to talk about the lore of Fuz, it's almost like asking to Gator in 2018 to talk about the shit stories of jcaesar187. Fuz as always continues gaslighiting and acting like a cheap grifter.
>>147299 what are the odds of a kop vs fuz undercard for the Гунт boxing tourney? fuz is a whore for money i bet he'd do 3 rounds for 1k
>>147338 he'll pretend to want to do 3 rounds and then no show like the welching butterbitch he is. Also KoP acting like he is any better than Fuz is pathetic since HE STILL DID NOT PROVIDE THE PATERNITY TEST, YOU ARE A CUCKOLD RAISING ANOTHER MAN'S CHILD BRYAN!
>>147405 NAAAAAAAAWWWW TRUEEEE! BRYAN IS A KING AND DESERVE OUR ADMIRATION AND RESPECT! HE IS NOT AN INTERNET PEOPLE NEITHER HE'S THE BAD KIND OF GAY!!! as a side note, after all this time, anyone who bullied Fuz just a little bit keep having their discord accs being reported for spooky mysterious reason for some entity beyond our imagination. I'm sure it's Britbong or just a coincidence, it's certainly not a fat butter creature still butthurt about him doxing his own ugly "gf" and people making fun of it.
What happened with the Butter other than him back stabbing the Гунт and trying to delete his past? he still reporting emptyhero discord server or being part of the streams?
>>148804 Fuzzy talked about how he was okay about diddling as long as the diddler was a woman.
Open file (43.66 KB 629x356 basedsargoon.jpg)
>>149604 >it depends on the gender
>>148804 I honestly don't even watch Empty anymore, I thought he stopped streaming to dedicate himself to his job and shitty books. It's amazing how he's had a massive drop in quality and performance since Fuz came into his life. I hope Fuzhou does good titsjobs with his butter mantits... otherwise this friendship is inexplicable.

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