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Open file (758.30 KB 1170x1930 Kikochet.jpeg)
Open file (71.15 KB 400x400 Twitter Avatar.jpeg)
Open file (314.44 KB 1170x1142 YouTube Avatar.jpeg)
Open file (207.98 KB 1156x599 Excessive Faggotry.jpeg)
Esoteric Shaggyism/Steve Wright/EsoShaggy Unironic Ralphamale 03/11/2023 (Sat) 04:39:12 ID: e02985 No.196485
ESTROGENIC FAGGYISM is a kike faggot attention whore, and the current scourge of IBS. An unholy combination of Kikochet and Gaytor, Steve Wright spends his days sweeping endlessly for Гунт, all while desperately grasping at ecelebdom by self inserting into any drama he can with the most retarded fucking takes imaginable. He comes onto /cow/ frequently under different IPs trying to push his gay narratives and muddy the waters. His primary function is reposting clips and images he finds on Foxdick and here onto his Twitter and YouTube, claiming that they are his copyrighted works. In his ultimate retardation, he issues DMCA strikes against those who use his lazy clips in his real name, leading to Cog doxing his identity in an extremely rare based moment. Much like how faggots such as Randy Williams and KikestorianX removed the fun from any sort of jcaesar187 derision due to their association with it, EsoFaggy did the same with the semi-ironic ГунтGuarding movement as a result of his excessive queer behavior, and he needs to be reprimanded for doing so. Steve began his sham of a career through actions just as shameful as the ones he engages in now, with his primary sin being the dickriding of the savior of IBS, Christianity, and the white race: our hero Mormon Shaggy. Mr. Wright teamed up with the likes of Earjuice to try to coax Shaggy into suicide, along the way doing his best to tarnish the Christian faith and abet the gender transitions of thousands of minors. After picking up steam by participating in the broader IBS sphere, EsoFaggy decided to go all in on this faggotry, whiteknighting Гунт and running with every retarded AF movement like the Kanye campaign across all corners of the Internet, finally garnering the precious online attention he had always desired. He continues to do this to this day. Much like how Kikochet resigned after the dox exposing his name, business, and location surfaced, Steve Wright will likely do the same if such information were to come out about him. By placing him in the crosshairs, the hope is that he will return to his lair of darkness and solitude, abandoning his post as the chief faggot of the sphere out of cowardice. Although he goes out of his way to obstruct his time zone from being revealed bickers he’s a massive pussy, it is not impossible to uncover who this filthy negro is, with the most helpful piece of information being his real name. This thread should service as a place to mock this reject for his nonstop faggotry and post relevant dox information. LINKS: YouTube: https://youtube.com/@EsotericShaggyism Twitter: https://twitter.com/EsoShaggy Odysee: https://odysee.com/@EsotericShaggyism Telegram Video Archive: https://ghettogaggers.com/esotericshaggyism Telegram: https://ghettogaggers.com/mormonshaggy WARNING: By posting in this thread, your messages will almost certainly be subjects of seething posts made by Steve Wright on his Twitter or various other platforms.
>>210042 EsoFaggy apparently taking the Gvnt strategy of pill popping and shitposting to distract himself from his imminent life ruination.
>>210042 you can make clips on your phone, but you can't clip a livestream. the logistics are just not there. >be at bowling event >simultaneously record livestream on phone while there >end recording to clip >edit and upload clip >start recording livestream on phone again >repeat
>>209324 So being a chronically online neet is a good thing now? EsoFaggyism is always online, always in some chat, either with socks accs or with his more know acc. At least Bryan pretend to be doing something else instead of just internet drama.
btw, didn't some posts got deleted ITT? One about the TTS fag.
Open file (39.58 KB 718x306 1676442640653.png)
Open file (69.44 KB 720x300 1676443882821.png)
Open file (35.06 KB 718x300 1676442529998.png)
Open file (79.45 KB 706x328 1676443762497.png)
EosFaggyism mad with anons and Gahoole
>>210546 EsoFaggy larping as an oldfag will never not be hilarious. He studied the Gaytor playbook to a tee.
Open file (134.84 KB 758x473 1685530017376.png)
ahahahaha literally did it for free until pantsu got Гунт to pay him https://twitter.com/Suverok/status/1662557958071263239 https://archive.ph/kJmfH
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 siegethot_pathetic.png)
>>211477 He does it for the ego, EsoFaggism is a very egocentric faggot - more than Gaytor -, I know it bickers I used to chat with him.
>>211477 I wonder how long he’ll be on the payroll now that Mantsu is out of the picture and the Gᴜnt is drowning in death and supposedly sober.
Open file (268.34 KB 597x780 esofaggy.png)
>>211511 >I used to chat with him Drop the logs if you saved any >>211547 >wonder how long he’ll be on the payroll Well he hasn't posted anything for the last two weeks maybe Гунт couldn't afford his sweeping services or he is laying low cause of the potential face doxing.
Open file (274.54 KB 845x976 ClipboardImage.png)
EsoFaggism as an uncreative chronically online faggot is using a new channel like a coward, Esoteric Archivism (very original). As always, dick sucking jcaesar187 and acting as a sperg with thinskin. He deleted one of my comments on his channel when I asked him why he looks like an ugly cavemen who ate a lot of hot pockets.
>>211737 Thanks for the info will be watching that twatter handle now
>>211737 The fragility of his ego is always his dead giveaway.
>>211737 God. Even gaydur was more interesting when he was sweeping for the Гунт. How is this faggot more boring then gaydur?
>>211792 Guessing he has no other hobbies or interests other than sweeping for massa. At least Gaytor appears to have some interests that are not online. If EldritchFaggotry has anyone in the real world who cares about him they ought to have staged an intervention and get him some help. The guy is terminally online doing damage control for a convicted sex offender.
Open file (12.98 MB 960x720 Esoteric Shaggyism.mp4)
>>196543 >>196555 >>198814 >>204182 >>204700 >>209511 >>211790 deep lore about both "esos" fags <"Eso Anonism" is some kind of vol or mod here on /cow/ who created the majority of threads <EsoShaggyism started to use the site and bootlicker EsoAnonism, maybe trying to become a vol or mod from /cow/ like Bryan Dunn back in 8chan days <EsoShaggyismego starts to get out of control and he starts to hang out with other e-ecelebs like Grossy Offensive and Shamoo <EsoAnonism starts trying to help Surfer and Shaggy instead of acting like an alog blinded by hate <Both have an argument about how people should troll lolcows and deal with Shaggy and jcaesar187 <EsoAnonism says that sooner or later EsoShaggyism would be doxed <EsoShaggyism gets mad at EsoAnonism and paranoid, accusing EsoAnonism of trying to dox him <EsoShaggyism starts to push more and more his "career" as an e-celeb by being the new Gaytor <EsoAnonism disavow EsoShaggism <EsoShaggyism disavow /cow/ <EsoShaggyism gains his own thread here, EsoShaggism thinks OP is EsoAnonism <EsoShaggyism gets doxed
>>211823 Props to the /cow/boy sock accounts that live rent free in essofaggys subhuman head.
>>211823 Do you have the screenshots posted in Thread #9 from a few months ago of EsoFaggism dick sucking EsoAnonism on chat and admitting to be a regular here with the goal of getting material for his youtube channel?
>>211851 I have some on my old phone, I'll check the screenshots I have there
>>211823 Eso Shaggism is trying to be buddies with the vols from here again and creating more alternative channels
>>212340 updates ?
Open file (212.89 KB 967x1489 ClipboardImage.png)
lmao i stumbled across something from months ago that shows how arrogant and blind EsoFaggism is
Why hasnt he posted on his twitter account? Where is he hiding out?
>>214652 In Гунтs chat on cozy.fed and telegram, ever since his possible face dox he disappeared from twitter.
Open file (30.17 KB 600x600 dfg1 (1).jpg)
>>214553 eso gone for months and you're still seething
>>214652 >>214658 he stopped posting on Twitter after sweaty gamer Daniel Stevens, owner of Poast, and his chomo buddies flagged his tweets for exposing cocks from the Poast hack. he likely doesn't want to delete the offending posts and hopes the warning expires.
>>214666 based sweaty gamer Daniel Stevens fuck eso faggot
>>214553 Such a shame how much this faggot ruined the semi-ironic Гунтguard meme, hes such a massive faggot that it feels even better knowing how much of a retarded bitch he was by confirming his facedox and running away. I heard he still guards Гунт on another alt account, how long till he pulls a fagblastforever and turns on the jcaesar187acuck though?
>>214850 Maybe he’s gotten greedy after Mantsu set him up? Doubt Gᴜnty can afford to pay EsoFaggy to sweep these days.
>>214850 It’s equally as egregious that he cucked >us of Shaggy kino by causing him to stop facecamming by using stills of him in all his faggot accounts and shitposts.
>>214665 >>214666 >two posts made by this IP >both are defending esofaggism and saying he shit his pants and did nothing wrong or is this a weak as fuck bait or really the faggot with zero life
>>214857 he's probably still working with Гунтy king in the background I remember he set up the fucking whore grace thorp & wayne lambright interview for Гунт show
>>215053 eso won
>>215096 TheGatorGamer WON BITCH
Open file (26.16 KB 725x225 EsoFaggy Self BTFO.jpeg)
>>215096 All the other Esos won, not EsoShaggyism lol.
The fag had a dead and narcissistic telegram group https://ghettogaggers.com/mormonshaggy/12 And I have in good faith that he's active on discord, crying about this thread, about Grossly Offensive and mostly crying about Drunken Surfer and Warhammer.
Open file (73.80 KB 1170x1707 FxPFTKWakAA7NJi.jpg)
Now that Gᴜntler has broken with Nic the Spic and AF, will EsoFaggy still sweep for him? Or has he pledged to rape, kill, and die for Nic?
>>216004 he's too deep with the groypers faggot like blacked swan (powerword ALEX DAVIDSON) he'll pick the groypers side
>>216004 >>216124 I haven't seen him speak up anywhere yet about current situation, any screen caps of life of this faggot coping or seething that jcaesar187 Гунтed the catboy cult.
>>216131 could it be that he rebranded as someone new already ? i wouldn't put it beneath him to do something like that
>>216135 supposedly he is esoarchivist now see here >>211737 but no recent tweets pertaining to recent events.
>>216136 He actively lurks here. Also, he posted on this thread https://alogs.space/cow/res/141211.html
>>216152 He also definitively socks under accounts in JewTube chats to defend his retarded talking points now that he’s been excised under his original for falling lower than Gaytor.
He's still alive and assblasted bickers one of his friends was accused of being a pedo.
>>231152 By "friend" do you mean the Гунт or Warhammer? In both cases, very pathetic from EsoFaggism.
>>231152 >>231158 Probably both, he loves to suck the dick of fat guys.

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