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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>176587 >from where you got this meme? From here right after the tism schism happened.
Open file (37.24 KB 845x435 ppp gunt.JPG)
>>176582 It has literally always been like this, and no one here wants "clout," if anon wanted clout he would have hitched himself to 3P when he was still in the Guntstream chat and sucked his dick over and over again instead of telling him he should lose weight and not become the monster he eventually became. You whine about random "namefags" when none of these anons namefag they just have nicknames that have stuck to them. You also have been trying to get /cow/ to completely disavow surfer for over half a year and are angry that anons don't 100 percent hate his guts, this isn't foxdick where you have to take a side and it isn't like the platespics or foxdicks here disagree with you. Again, it strikes me more that you are personally angry that anons haven't gone after the specific z-celebs you have a grudge against. You have a dumb hatred of "namefags" when if it wasn't for them >we wouldn't have this site to begin with. It was something the 3 essayfags didn't understand was that a couple "namefags" are needed to run a site, otherwise who the hell is in charge?
Corey Barnhill the sweaty gamer is definitely confirmed as part of the plot against The Council of Evil. Around 5 hours in he was both on youtube chat and on discord seething about Axle and mad bickers the norwayfurfag banned Dr.Rockzo from chat among his other cappos. https://youtu.be/MG7m69SK5fU And I also have in good faith that someone was gaslighting Surfer about the KC from tonight, using the carrot and stick to manipulate the guy in the last few days. Let's see if he will in fact got the carrot or if this situation will last a few more weeks without a resolution.
>>176592 >8 fucking hours imagine listening to this entire thing... holy shit
Open file (33.01 KB 227x261 ClipboardImage.png)
Big dawg Ashhton Parks given the Metocare treatment spotlight. 3P's jcaesar187 impression confirmed as the best thing in a long time. He's on a higher levels bros. And getting exposure to 8300 people on Metocares's stream. It's a tough night for Asstong a-logs.
>>176585 >>176593 Imagine spending every weekend posting G​AMERGATE dicks and cp while crying about vol3 like (You) do, Nuzach.
>>176595 >>176596 It's just the same cartoon southern accent everyone does to imitate the Гунт, the only part he's improved on is getting Гунт cosplay and being morbidly obese. If anything, it just makes it more likely for the curse to strike like with prolapsemenco.
>>176596 LOUD = FUNNY Both Fat Dyke and Jew Surfer does it. >>176592 hmmm, sweetie, Corey dont care about internet drama, he's living the perfect life in Japan, and plategang is over.
>>176600 <corey don't care. He's living the perfect life in Japan. Yeah. Just like Bryan Dunn moved on from internet drama and living his best wholesome life with a wife and kids.
Bibbles won, ironically more charismatic and intelligent than most of ex-Гунт cappos like Gator, Dingo, Rant and Flamenco. >>176600 >>176601 I wonder what else they both share in common...You know, Corey and Bryan.
>>176602 niggle unironically did win, but to be fair he always had more influence and power over Гунт than the other cohosts and as a result was always less likely to betray him, bibble basically became the arch paypig of the Гунт after darkV's (((death))).
>>176595 >>176596 >not even 30 >balding not due to male pattern baldness but bickers he is literally destroying himself Assload bros...
Open file (189.44 KB 88x88 godwinson_hypno.gif)
>>176596 >gymbo ironically flaunting his numbers >ashley ironically threatening to dox his enemies It's irony even if it runs for the better part of the year, right? or like 3 years in Ashley's case
Open file (9.77 KB 400x400 dark caesar.jpg)
>>176591 send >us the link
>OP is a fucking faggot >Most everyone mentioned ITT is some kinda queer or pedo >Гунт stays winning, emoji troon handmaidens Blaine for some odd reason >Plategang is is shambled infighting And I have not missed much else today I see.
Open file (30.21 KB 626x533 DVzneBoVQAEJvgj.jpg)
>>176594 >NOTICE ME, GYM!!!
Open file (28.32 KB 561x583 4578918295.jpg)
>>176603 > but to be fair he always had more influence and power over Гунт than the other cohosts BIG
>>176609 Big what anon?
>>176608 >>176609 Big black boobs!
Open file (22.58 KB 192x262 ClipboardImage.png)
J-den McNeel is live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAtpNuRYI9w AF no fly list LIES, Sussy Sneako EXPOSED, and Destiny DUMPS Nick Pretty funny how metocare said he has seen RPG and J-den since he is here and follows the links I post. Hehehe
Open file (233.97 KB 585x574 Brandon.png)
Open file (148.14 KB 1251x1657 sneako.jpg)
Open file (94.77 KB 711x1080 sneako2.jpg)
Open file (100.09 KB 846x1256 sneako3.jpg)
Well no wonder Nick the has been trying to cozy up to sneako. AHAHAHHAAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_ncv8Q77Jk
>>176615 I heard J*den raped a horse can you tell me why you keep posting this absolute faggot here? you've never gotten good feedback about it.
>>176616 >niggas is gay What else is new? Btw Sneako needs to put on some muscle. He has the body of Ellen Page. >>176615 All Gayden's streams are just salt about Fuentes the same all KC streams are salt about jcaesar187. How does their audience watch the same shit over and over every stream?
Open file (246.27 KB 550x603 81754781962565.png)
>>176618 >How does their audience watch the same shit over and over every stream? bickers of Assload's humor and hot takes AHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
Open file (262.17 KB 600x600 bait.png)
>>176616 >switched to posting asian men Called this a while back
tranny joined his waifu
>>176617 I don't care about your feedback. >>176619 >Seething. Lmao. >>176618 What can I say? It's cozy (pun intended). >>176616 Faggot.
>>176621 Why are you larping as cowpoly?
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 928592855896.gif)
>>176621 >Seething. <Lmao. Other way around, animefag
>>176623 "No U" says the fake-Calculator anon. Lmao.
Open file (250.56 KB 360x240 9085260852625.gif)
that shit was straight gassin' in a chamber no fags SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT hhhh
>>176627 zoomer speak is my favorite meme straight bussin' them G​AMERGATEs to africa.
Open file (149.33 KB 827x1018 FdoIGrdaUAA1Pfm.jpg)
Open file (499.35 KB 1536x2048 Fdko_L-UUAAcTaJ.jpg)
Yeah, there is too much autism so didn't read it all, and didn't gymmy stream also? I went to bed when he started, so didn't catch the whole fake laughing and other pretenses. >>176531 yeah, get the PC version, if it dose not have problems. Like I get the PS2 version of Killer7 bickers I wanted to check out how it was compared to gamecube and I kinda wanted to beat the game again, and so the problems aren't that bad. But I also got half minute hero for psp which is a really good game even on PSP, it is a perfect handheld game of course in fact bickers of the whole gimmick of beating each chapter in half a minute so grinding becomes quite fast and it feels like you are just enjoying a ride instead of grinding for grindings sake. Then I got Project Zero trilogy for PS2 bickers I have been interested in the series but never got deep into it, so have tried some of the game but never really checked it the game holds up, it does and doesn't. the control scheme is kinda weird bickers you have the normal fixed camera with walking around and checking things out and then you get into the action the you are in camera mode but when you are in camera mode or fps mode then you get the control schemes that are fascinating, you are moving with R-stick and moving the camera for taking down spooky ghosts with L-stick, so it feels really weird if you have been using the normal FPS mode since Halo came out. Also it is the graphics, it is so early ps2 that it doesn't hold up well compared to Silent Hill 2 graphically but then again project zero is more of a ghost house and defeating spooky ghosts, so there is a bigger focus on the environment than the character. >>176533 Did Jewsh say anything interesting? >>176534 Don't forget ps4 also, for the consolefags. >>176535 it has been a long time since I completed fallout 3 and New Vegas. >>176539 so this is another man, mang. If >we follow Plato's talking points of what a mang is. Sheeit mang. >>176540 Wasteland is interesting but I kinda just see this series as competing against fallout by doing things a bit differently and have a different feel to the world.
Open file (307.02 KB 5760x3240 nick tears.png)
>>176631 >Honey, you are a white girl with a perm
>>176631 Based salvo
>>176607 Checking in hours later and it's just fake-calculator and emojitroon seething with each other, like TRSperg and fake-Calculator used to do last year, nothing really amazing, even tho I didn't expect anything really interesting coming from Daddy Gym and KC. I guess Grossly dropped the ball.
Open file (188.41 KB 2048x1904 FdQMWXsaMAAR3w_.jpg)
Open file (173.30 KB 1333x2000 FdX6GNUaMAEM8HD.jpg)
Open file (256.37 KB 1378x2048 FdQMWXpaAAoxiYx.jpg)
Open file (651.16 KB 1534x2048 FdqLfNuaIAABdm4.jpg)
Open file (3.34 MB 2377x3777 FdGSeD7aUAAEpwP.jpg)
also dang it, biches are ruining muh day even Knut ran outside when it is freezing and raining. >>176631 whom is this faggot? Also everything he said about the jewlawyer is correct unironically. I didn't get the fag vibes before this duder said it but yeah, it does make sense when you get the fagvibes and his thirst for negro benis and prepping Drexel the bull. >>176637 was the gym stream good as a fwend simulator?
EARJUICE AND HIS NEW E-GF ARE RE-STREAMING THE SAME SHIT FROM DAYS AGO https://youtu.be/P4fqMkyCSfs [SPOILER]Don't make comments or jokes about him dating an old lady who lives in USA, otherwise he will get bitter and try to dox you with his spic friends.[/SPOILER] >>176638 I didn't watched that crap, weakload. Daddy Gym hasn't done anything good for almost four years.
>>176639 See, Robi? LynxChan is crap, Gahoole is 100% right about that.
>>176640 I don't think any anon here likes it, sadly robi never finished his own imageboard software.
Open file (101.47 KB 922x1440 FYKy2jaVUAEp6yc.jpg)
Open file (259.80 KB 1536x2048 FZjbAlmVsAAsoMk.jpg)
Open file (448.36 KB 1358x2048 FT1aARkagAAFxXn.jpg)
Open file (619.26 KB 1536x2048 FW_OE2AakAAd5_c.jpg)
>>176639 Oh, I thought you had watched it.

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