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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ JOSHUA CLAYTON CONNOR IS A PEDOPHILE INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Bella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 06/10/2022 (Fri) 23:19:26.
>>158017 the japanese is a bit off. >>158018 The Danish works, and was quite funny. >>158015 Muttni is after the bwc but she needs to travel to a white country to get that bwc.
>>158023 >>158024 for laughing it is just ww which is essentially like lol
>>158020 If you can't have it anyway why settle for less than absolute perfection? >>158024 Yeah that is my point - it is a mistranslation.
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
>>158026 Yeah but it was the hollering and not laughter in the original.
Open file (106.43 KB 1280x720 817196826592563.jpg)
>>158020 Get some internet clout >>158025 Yeah going to Texas isn't going to make it easier to find bwc, but she will have more mutts with which to commisserate.
>>158027 how is it a mistranslation? It's the same as WUAGHUAUAGH in the other text
Fucken weebs.
>>158027 It is. DeepL,like other programs, is not a 100% accurate tool.
>>158033 No shit sherlock. Guess what I used to find out what this shit even is.
Open file (191.13 KB 720x1080 1647478626349.jpg)
>>158027 >>158031 the grammar makes it fucked up you retarded N​IGGER so it is a mistranslated. If you knew a bit of nippon you would realize it is "ww" to a "w" you can even have more w's for the laughing effect. >>158032 not my fault you did not get the nippon right.
>>158033 >>158034 I still don't see what the issue is.
>>158035 >the grammar makes it fucked up you retarded N​IGGER so it is a mistranslated. If you knew a bit of nippon you would realize it is "ww" to a "w" you can even have more w's for the laughing effect. Nobody cares you fucking weeb.
>>158037 don't give (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot please
>>158038 He is still more human than muttnifags.
Open file (132.03 KB 996x640 1648392550738.jpg)
>>158037 >I am going to write in other language >no one cares when you can read it and it has flaws >you fucking weeb >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep cooping you stupid N​IGGER. >>158039 he is just a negative Nancy, fam.
Open file (3.98 MB 288x360 zSpNfkly_480p.mp4)
>>158041 you negative Nancy faggot.
>>158038 You are right. Yay for filtering.
Open file (281.48 KB 600x595 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (731.00 KB 1343x567 ClipboardImage.png)
it might be fun to watch the Гунт get beatdown with a yellow filter
Open file (8.21 MB 270x480 4Js4Xity_480p.mp4)
>>158045 >seeking residency in Mexico to flee child support lol that was pretty dang funny.I wonder if the flee plan is also to escape the creditcard bills and other stuff?
>>157999 Does Asston have his resolution low on purpose so people can’t see how greasy, bald and obese he truly is?
Open file (717.40 KB 1287x857 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (152.55 KB 1028x915 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158045 I wonder if jcaesar187 sent his picture and failed the screening process.
>>158045 The Mexico arc, now that might be contont.
>>158050 aka the death arc
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
>>158045 Гунт IS FALT BROKE
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 81745889568.gif)
>>158050 >>158051 >Breaking Bad drug cartel and Aztec sacrifice arc incoming
Open file (510.01 KB 1528x967 154.jpg)
Open file (53.34 KB 640x416 MOUS-640x416.jpeg)
Open file (282.74 KB 1920x2836 0d6.jpg)
>>158053 >Гунт forced to run narc tanks across mexico into brazil and some how ends up like
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
>>158055 >run you mean walk
Open file (38.05 KB 696x917 324324324.jpg)
>>158054 Pic related >>158055 >across mexico into brazil Pic also related
>>158056 >walk you mean drive
Open file (12.56 MB 854x480 EN46I8rv_480p.mp4)
>>158053 that is rather an interesting arc >>158055 So jcaesar187 is going to live the South American dream? drive on a scooter with a tranny on the back. Sounds like a gay dream of course in fact mang.
Open file (49.56 KB 783x641 423432432.jpg)
>>158049 perhaps the Гунт was going to pay this spic whore to marry him so he can get Mexican citizenship and avoid child support x2.
>>158049 Imagine if Demon Baby 3 will be a hapa bastard. How will the R4LPH4MALE cope with it?
>>158045 > Assault on police >On police Is the jcaesar187amale attacking cops again?
>>158063 Like a typical NIGGER would.
>>158061 She is a pornstar so I don't think he can afford to spawn the 3rd Гунтling in that uterus. Other than that she seems painfully unremarkable in looks and probably charges like hell.
>>158065 Unremarkable in looks, but she looks fairly young, which is probably the Гунтs angle, can't stay away from the kiddies.
Open file (262.47 KB 718x720 Aria Lee.jpg)
>>158065 Imagine coming to a call only to discovered Gvnt is the client. How many hookers returned the money.
Open file (119.15 KB 446x493 89592185.jpg)
>>158061 Shhhhh
>>158067 Look at the picture I uploaded. She has screening where you send her the picture before visit. I wonder if vickers could be useful for a change and pay her some money to get the details.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>158069 >She has screening where you send her the picture before visit. Then why is Gvnt even googling her
Open file (438.52 KB 1450x895 Ralphamale Adjusted.png)
>>158045 Is this real? >assault on police crime in portugal DID HE DO IT AGAIN?
>>158045 >andy kaufman shirt Гунт is such a fag
Open file (1.13 MB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158070 What if he sent her this one and then they met. And then she said no. And if vickers paid her 200$ or something she would gladly tell the story about hooker catfishing.
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
>>158045 AHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA How retarded is he to get caught like this again?
>>158075 I still don't know how is it that jewsh is the sensible one bringing up that if you are streaming for money you should get a separate computer. Or at least get a dedicated internet browser you use only for streaming. It is not that hard.
>>158076 Well its the obvious answer and you would think after the amount of times Гунт has leaked his browser history he would have learned from that. Гунт is literally retarded at this point I guess.
Open file (436.63 KB 593x869 dripshaggy.png)
BLOODSPORTS: Mormon Shaggy vs his number 1 arch nemesis Ayylawg https://youtu.be/ZloGhERVVks
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 219: The Eternal Republican Strike and Mike talk about the current anti-White murder spree in America and how Republicans are deracializing and dumbing down discourse to avoid talking about it. Darrell Brooks, Waukesha terrorist, to plead insanity jcaesar187 Liming case, obvious racial murder blown off by BLM supporting chief The DeSantis strategy of making political discourse as stupid as possible GOP insider admits that Republicans scam their base https://files.catbox.moe/tfczk7.mp3
Open file (1.07 MB 998x960 alice.png)
This is what Гунт wants to impregnate next. he is really a closet pedo isnt he
>>158080 Reminder alice willingly got gangbanged by a wigger and a mulatto but Гунт had to rape her.
Open file (296.11 KB 1536x1450 obese.jpg)
the jcaesar187amale will weigh less than Gym by next month
Open file (35.50 KB 297x515 BMI.png)
>>158084 6'0" and 240 lbs? Hahahah. I hope the officer hat filed out this form just guessed what he weighed instead of actually measuring him. Cause if not, he's fucking obese!
Open file (12.76 KB 337x197 1.png)
>>158084 <Also (1) What's up Ragepig?
Open file (1.46 MB 1362x704 egorapper.png)
>>158084 >240 so his body basically looks like arin's body
>>158087 ButtholeSurfer made the mistake of thinking he needed to gain a bunch of weight and weight like >220 lbs. But he gained it in unhealthy way and is just fat now. So now the faggot has to actually lose weight. Asstong dumping him fucked his mind up so now he's on some gay quest to morph into Asstong and get as fat as he is.
>>158088 Nah, he started gaining weight well before their breakup, they even did videos together where he was getting Ashley to lose weight while he gained it. Of course Ashley has been gaining bunches of it after the breakup though, couldn't keep losing weight without Surfer to cook his meals and keep tabs on all the shit he eats.
Open file (999.65 KB 1192x671 Surfer fat 2.png)
Open file (952.16 KB 1197x668 Surfer fat.png)
Surfer is fucking fat. He can no longer see his pp from his enormous beerbelly gut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crFT2k2FlUY @32:00 >>158089 Yeah. But Surfer should monitor what he eats too. Bc he's obv eating too much food and too much trash.
>>158090 Well sure, it's not healthy, but in a completely different league then the body horror Ashley and Гунт commit on themselves.
Open file (4.12 MB 480x270 27859586265.gif)
>>158084 Hey jcaesar187. No amount of play-pretend will ever make you anything other than a soy-filled bitch who lost the respect of his own audience. >Rekt by Dan >Rekt by some rando leftist at your bowling event >Rekt by an underage Portuguese prostitute and her pimp >Rekt by Adrienne Blair >Rekt by Riley Completely and utterly felted. You lost every fight you got involved in. And in the end, all the flaggotry and irl faggotry was for nothing, since the Canadian Гунт simply made the FRF where many of the people you fucked with went live to dunk on you. And not to forget the Pillstream and this little gem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IB-HYHo8Jo >Well cry me a river, you either get a ride from me or you hitch-hike. Expert delivery telling off your mother and her petty dialysis concerns. You sure wish you'd thought about this now that she's gone, don't you?
Open file (943.87 KB 854x1055 inbred.png)
>>158085 >6'0" and 240 lbs Yeah this G​AMERGATE is at least 40 pounds overweight and you know in the last few years he's definitely put on 30 or 40 more pounds. He'll reach asston levels soon enough. ITS NOT TOO LATE jcaesar187 KNOCK ON HIS DOOR ON THE WAY TO MEXICO
Open file (23.90 KB 506x243 1458056575057.png)
Open file (20.74 KB 474x329 908530947372.png)
I think Vickers' was promised Rosie since jcaesar187 had Faith.
Open file (16.59 KB 337x438 FSxq5dfXoAAfZrs.jpg)
>>158095 >Most Epic Ass
>>158080 >jerked off to a child live on stream >watched child porn live on stream >filmed an uploaded himself Гунтing a child he groomed >is currently dating an out and proud tranny sweaty gamer There's nothing closeted about the Гунт's excessive sweating. He's been flaunting it for a while now.
>>158097 sounds like based behavior to me bud
Open file (176.47 KB 300x586 1554644037.gif)
Open file (816.05 KB 1064x799 ClipboardImage.png)
It's over, mr vickers has recovered the diary the daiymo has committed seppuku https://nitter.net/ViciousVickers/status/1539810661068222469#m
Open file (159.30 KB 542x740 vickers.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
Open file (21.79 KB 598x171 gunt.png)
Open file (40.58 KB 571x548 1785492186562.jpg)
>>158101 Hey, Gayhomo, did you remember to copy it before sending it?
Open file (89.89 KB 600x922 1655630672133.jpg)
>>158101 >the daiymo has committed seppuku that's supposed to be honorable this faggot went out with a dick in his ass
Open file (344.60 KB 536x571 vickers2.png)
Open file (168.52 KB 549x558 vickers3.png)
Open file (4.47 MB 850x479 RalphaPound.gif)
Open file (57.93 KB 599x394 gunt2.png)
Open file (27.91 KB 588x189 gunt3.png)
Open file (432.63 KB 584x456 gunt4.png)
Open file (234.16 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
>laughs at oneself all the time <cant laugh about oneself
>>158106 So the timeline now according to Mr. Vickers is that Daymo sent proof he was willingly sending back the diary, and then Mr. Vickers responds by harassing Daymos family anyway. Even the Гунт shows more restraint when someone willingly bends the knee and kisses the ring
Open file (7.77 MB 2600x1581 vickers monsters.png)
Open file (699.77 KB 1280x720 vickers internet career.mp4)
rip soyimo, imagine being intimidated by this fat faggot
>>158108 >timeline now according to Mr. Vickers is that Daymo sent proof he was willingly sending back the diary >then Mr. Vickers responds by harassing Daymos family anyway Well that is possible but there isnt proof of it one way or the other unless i missed something. Ultimately Gaiymo invited this bullshit into his life by involving himself with two retards, the Гунт and vickers, which makes him a retard.
Open file (2.71 MB 1384x1578 freakyfaithmom.png)
Open file (285.48 KB 439x439 freakyfaith.png)
>>158109 Гунт definitely dodged a bullet. >>158106 Gaymo is the biggest loser to ever enter this sphere. That's impressive considering there's people like tardski jcaesar187 fagmenco and gaytor
Open file (1.28 MB 850x746 faith4.png)
>>158111 (checked)
Open file (158.61 KB 600x300 Ozymandias.jpg)
Chad Vickers strong-arms Daiymo into submission. Gets the notebook back. jcaesar187 takes yet another L. Daiymo went out like a little bitch. Vickers just threatens everyone with his lawyers and harasses their families. But fear not. jcaesar187 has an ace up his sleeve. He already copied the whole notebook. And he gave it to every inner-circle jcaesar187amale for distribution on the 25th Saturday. Did you think the Gvnt would tell you all about the diary if he really thought you had a chance to stop its release? >>158110 Yeah Daiymo deserves it for trying to get some e-fame by Gvnt-guarding publicly. Top gvntguard Surfer is next to fall.
Open file (295.34 KB 804x691 jcaesar_demonmode.png)
>>158113 If surfer continues to Гунтgaurd he will get what he deserves.
>>158113 Daimyo caving like a little bitch is hilarious, but I also hope your shitpost is right about the Гунт having copies. I'd love to see the Vickers' reaction to the entire world reading Faith's journal.
Open file (547.79 KB 1024x560 ClipboardImage.png)
Any interesting Gvntvelopments, ayhawgs?
>>158115 foxdicks will probably say vickers molesting and beating his daughter is based to own the Гунт
>>158116 he leaked his own search history and it showed him looking up an escort and something about mexican citizenship >>158045
>>158103 Wait what is he referring to? Is he talking about this post >>158080 ? Is he vagueposting about this thread on twitter?
Open file (675.20 KB 1024x560 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158118 Weren't they sacrificing people to the corn in Mexico? NO NO NO RАLF DON'T DO IT
>>158119 Гунт is talking about >>158101 >>158102 >>158106 those posts involving Гунт and faith's diary
Open file (44.20 KB 1000x666 b 13.jfif)
>>158120 >>158116 She is nice enough to spread her pussy lips for my black dick. She a good snowbunny.
Open file (383.86 KB 599x900 Belle yuck.jpg)
>>158122 you're not even a niggеr
Open file (157.40 KB 281x325 pathpine.png)
>>158122 >G​AMERGATE lusting over kike hoe not even surprised in fact of course
Open file (2.65 MB 2694x2160 Belle winning.jpg)
>>158124 >trying to push his cope narrative
Open file (43.34 KB 563x645 b 8.jpg)
>>158125 >>158123 She need and want my bbc. You jelly. I bust in that white pussy.
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
>>158126 Empty Hero is more of a negro than you are >>158127 >they both don't have AIDS already
>>158101 Why is he purposefully leaving his address on there?
Open file (194.37 KB 428x268 NOW WAIT A MINUTE.png)
>>158107 jcaesar187 is right though at least about that third pic, it's not funny at all
>>158130 its not funny to him bickers he knows he's gonna look like that in a year
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 fsdfsdf.gif)
>>158130 jcaesar187 should be careful with his weight loss, without his Гунтness he is just a short, whimpy dude with atrophied arms and legs.
Open file (2.24 MB 286x258 L.gif)
>>158113 BASED schizo pilled cali (((coin merchant))) ghuntguards taking another fat L
Open file (317.06 KB 1280x1280 742Cutiefly.png)
I'm pretty sure surfer and dalimao just want to save the Гунт' soul and help him connect to god and to do that you must kill him with kindness I don't think it's going to work but you can't really call'um Гунтguarding unless they're paypiggiyng in fact of course
Open file (170.77 KB 1819x1080 FPmz_8WWUAUVnNV.jpg)
>>158132 weight loss, what weight loss? he's fatter every time he's seen on screen
>>158135 The thing is when you are as fat as jcaesar187 was, you can lose a lot of weight by just closing your mouth and nothing else, it gets harder the more you lose so these fatties delude themselves into thinking they got it in the bag when in fact its the second half they should worry about. He clearly lost SOME pounds, probably bickers his cuckold wife cooks healthy meals (for american standards), something he couldn't do before bickers he would crash after his 10 hour drug and booze binge every day.
Open file (503.94 KB 1787x868 ramzpaul.png)
<put Ramzpaul on as background noise. <come back randomly <alog in the chat Which cowboy is this? They're everywhere. >>158134 That's really stupid, matoes. If Surfer and Daiymo are in his DM's and trying to help him lose weight and save his soul, then it's def gvnt-guarding. Paypigging was never a prerequisite for gvnt-guarding. Someone like Bible, Rand, or Gaytor almost never paid jcaesar187 but were top gvntguards.
>>158137 listen matoes he's got enough back lash to show him the error of his ways he doesn't have anyone to really help him understand what he does is wrong it's not an easy thing to do and it isn't an automatic process it takes alot of dedication to warm up to someone let alone even confront him on his shit in a manner constructive now I dunno if that's what they're actually doing but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubltoes bickers I'm willing to trust peeps
>>158136 he shows no sign of weight loss he is progressively more bloated and that Гунт bifurcates further every time
Open file (15.12 KB 1125x135 anon.png)
Open file (270.98 KB 1028x2048 FV6EDkyUsAAVe5f.jpg)
>>158107 >AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH UR NAWT FUNNY ANYMORE DADDY GYM UR PLAYED OUT Does anyone actually believe that Гунт wouldn't go right back to sucking gym's cock daily if daddy gym would be his internet fwiend again?
pussy slayer Brian Holloman confirms on sweaty gamer website poa.st he'll be at animecon with the kike lawyer (who only pretends to like anime to gift off the Vic case, which he helped lose by getting Vic to hire his other kike lawyer family friend with 0 experience in defamation cases and made a big show of everything for superchats
>>158143 Mr.Holloman will be at 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010, United States from July 28-31 during his time at Anime Matsuri. Entry price is currently 55$ but set to rise. There's only 6 hotels. Get your tickets early so you can fuck with the shyster and Gaydur and record it for their eternal shame.
Open file (1.84 MB 320x320 91268928569586.gif)
>>158137 >Gaytor almost never paid jcaesar187 But he and TheGatorGamer were on his paypig or whatever back in the day >>158143 >Gaytor with RekietaLOL, TUG and Vic Fagnogna
>>158113 I don't know which I prefer in fact of course. Reading stuff from a mentally ill girl diary which will probably make her wet and her father hard cause they have an exhibitionism fetish. Or jcaesar187 showing his intelligence by not scanning the thing before sending it out. Both are good in a way. I guess it all depends on what is written in the diary.
Open file (8.63 KB 593x95 56464654.jpg)
Is the best pedo online going to do it?
Open file (15.69 MB 608x1080 spud cat.mp4)
Open file (839.56 KB 500x279 9812587181745.gif)
>>158149 I'm not holding my breath.
>I'm just you guise
Open file (12.37 MB 720x1280 x6rYfmr9_720p.mp4)
>>158151 as there been anything interesting happening calculator-kun?
Open file (2.25 MB 576x1280 LETS GOOOO.mp4)
Open file (30.90 KB 657x527 89258925.png)
>>158153 Fai_Fai got her diary. jcaesar187 is running to Mexico. @ more days until some bombshell from jcaesar187 etc will supposedly occur. So in other words, nothing.
>>158093 Shut the fuck up foxdicker Christorian X. Isn't one of the cardinal rules of foxdick farms is to think you're no better than the lolcow?
Open file (44.83 KB 741x568 18754812558.png)
>>158157 >Christorian X. That would explain the autistic egalitarian faggotry
Open file (135.08 KB 900x675 Faker.jpg)
ATTENTION MORMON SHAGGY I know you lurk this thread. Stop wasting your money on stainless steel wall hangers. Stainless steel is okay for pocket knives but it becomes too brittle on blades more than 8-10 inches long. Any sword or machete made of stainless steel is mostly useless for anything other than decoration. What you want is carbon steel blades. They're more expensive but you can still find affordable ones if you shop around enough. Cold Steel for example sells decent sword-style machetes for around $30-$50. Sword snobs shit on them bickers their replica swords are very historically inaccurate and have fucked up weight distribution but their machetes are good for clearing light vegetation, cutting plastic bottles in the backyard for fun and killing garden and rattle snakes. Whatever you do, do not buy any sword canes as long as you live in California. Cold Steel is based in California and they have to sell their sword canes from a warehouse in Arizona bickers even owning one is a felony in that state. Sword canes kind of suck as swords anyway and the mechanisms that keep the sword inside the cane always fucks up after a year or two.
Open file (15.78 MB 502x462 984583502120.webm)
Open file (220.30 KB 480x480 591880146125.png)
>>158143 Got a nice clip last time he started bragging about being out in the open and living life. Hopefully he won't try and shy away from the camera this time, since that just means more work to dig up weeb footage.
>>158157 ever since Fagmenco was exposed as a sweaty gamer Christorian X has refused to post on foxdicks. it makes sense. he is one of his jannies and paypigs after all. he'd have to speak for his sweaty gamer enabling ways. running defense with fagmenco and desperate for alog clout in constantly trying to get Mr. Vickers attention on the twatters.
>>158084 >>158085 >>158086 >>158087 the sweetie squad physique is to the left. 6 feet, 240 pounds
>>158162 no way is he 240lbs still. Probably lost 60 pounds from being sick
>>158162 he's not sick.
Open file (4.00 MB 600x600 finna.webm)
>>158155 >Vickers was able to bully himself to get the diary >at the same time chased a lolcow off the internet >jcaesar187 is so afraid that he is moving to mexico. This story arc is getting fucked up of course in fact mang.
>>158157 Christorian X reminds me of Kill all pedos >hates pedos >uses site run by a pedo >denies sweaty gamer is a sweaty gamer >is fan of a pedo defender
Open file (1.26 MB 1920x1080 flamenco_grooms_child.mp4)
>>158166 Or in this case a fan of a sweaty gamer.
>>158159 Doesn't Shaggy literally have 45 unregistered .45's? Why is he wasting his government tard bucks on mall ninja shit?
>>158163 Or gained another 60 on that back of his hat empire
Open file (157.15 KB 384x318 carlin_shrug02.png)
>>158168 >why would an autistic person waste money on weapons he doesn't need It begs the question anon, it isn't like buying weapons hasn't always been a staple of these sorts of lolcow individuals. smuckles
Open file (400.64 KB 1920x808 fatandcoping.jpg)
>>158154 https://youtu.be/9cQlVww0zKo TIME TO START NEW SAGA
>>158170 gun autism is a powerful autism it's like trains but for normalfags and an autistic normalfag is a powerful thing indeed
Open file (9.56 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158174 jcaesar187 Kleinbros... we won...
>>158174 >jewish woman with a negro dressed as a monkey ewww racist, also jewish woman can't be princesses.
Open file (7.73 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (8.56 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158175 Rаlphamales as well
Open file (455.26 KB 818x793 25265265665.png)
>>158177 >>158174 >tfw the "negro" posting here was shilling for her OnlyFans >>158178 Or it was a typo, slaphead
>>158174 >>158177 NIGGER looks like something Fuentes would fuck, not (((Kirschner)))
>>158179 Okay Mr. bickers
>>158177 Why is he wearing a dress though? Buck bros, this was supposed to be our win. Was Tariq right?
Open file (208.52 KB 501x360 81725982165.png)
>tfw I was right
Open file (9.64 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158182 Yes, Bеlle buckbroke a niggеr
>>158184 The G​AMERGATEs fear the Jew whore
>>158174 >>158177 ok can you guys stop posting this coalburning jew now?
>>158186 Its just like Weakload stopping from posting Asian porn. I think it is impossible.
At least muttni is the result of bleached.
>>158188 bleaching is still racemixing
Open file (297.32 KB 677x431 IMG_20220608_175738.jpg)
>>158188 These whooores are SCARED, bah gahd don't ever call them to their face, oh, you're unfunny, oh you're a bitch? oh you're talking shit, shut up bitch, shut up bitch, fuck you whore, oh you don't like that huh? oh when you get called out to your face, that's why venti didn't like it oh, oh, YOU DIDN'T LIKE A MAAAN TELLING YOU TO YOUR FUCKING FACE THAT YOU'RE A WHORE? THAT YOU'RE FUCKING WHOOOREE?? BITCH I WILL TELL YEW TO YOUR FUCKING FACE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BITCH, I'M TELLING YOU TO YOUR FUCKING FACE, RIGHT FUCKING NOW BITCH, YOU'RE A FUCKING WHORE, YOU'RE A NO GOOD, SCUMBAG, FUCKING WHORE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND MEE? BRITTANI FUCKING VENTI, BITCH, DO YOU GET IT NOOOWW??? WHOORE?? I'M NOT STUTTERING (???) AM I FUCKING STUTTERING YOU NO GOOD TOO-BIT (???) BITCH??? FUCK YOU *throws mic* MOTHERFUCKER.. FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU BITCH *smacks chair* FUCK THIS SHIT, FUCK THIS SHIT, FUCK YOU BITCH.. MOTHER-FUCKER.. THINK I GIVE A FUUCKK???.. LET'S GOOO.... *looks around* *has portugal flashback* LET'S GOOOOOO
Open file (7.84 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158189 it's the thinking man's fetish
Open file (353.20 KB 1746x986 jcaesar brainlet.png)
Open file (855.67 KB 1312x448 freakyfaifai.png)
>>158141 she's absolutely bathing jcaesar187's kid in hot water and putting out cigarretes on him
>>158191 If you unironically pay for her only fans you should do the board a favor, and just neck.
Open file (1.55 MB 498x280 78921592836.gif)
>>158194 He gets them in leaks from a paypig iirc.
Open file (8.02 MB 2535x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158194 >only_fans
Open file (1.19 MB 2400x1800 instagram vs reality.jpg)
honestly imagine being bellefag.
Open file (2.71 MB 1280x720 shaggyvickersclip.mp4)
Mormon Shaggy has parts of Faith Vickers journal, will he save Гунтamales from the Gaiymo's anti-kino?? https://youtu.be/2pbCYEvXG5E
Open file (9.72 MB 2880x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158197 Honestly, imagine not
>>158197 Are you sure that's not SpookyWeebtrash?
>>158186 >Asking a jew not to be a jew just filter the kike
Open file (2.65 MB 2694x2160 Belle winning.jpg)
>>158201 >(1) lol
Open file (1.84 MB 320x320 91268928569586.gif)
>>158202 >No U
Open file (71.39 KB 600x900 Sheev.jpg)
>>158198 Based shaggy, do what must be done.
Open file (7.53 KB 200x159 asddsadsa.png)
>>158177 >a jew and a G​AMERGATE checks out
>>158191 buhahahaha she's been shitted.com? bellefags on suicide watch hahahah from lews to nudes to shitted.com how will they cope now
Open file (9.70 MB 2160x2880 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158205 >cope meme yikers
>>158193 she fingers herself to the memory of the jcaesar187amale's Memphis Mamba pleasuring her orifice. no one else dares sets a foot close to impregnater her like jcaesar187 so righteously did.
Open file (747.95 KB 1081x1388 01 (25).jpg)
>>158206 we< got you the first time, no need to hop IPs
>>158197 Still better than muttni.
>>158209 not hopping ips lads just checking in before i go to sleep for work tomorrow, just need the muttlifag to get b'tfo'd now and the simps might learn their place
Open file (197.48 KB 432x326 frus.png)
>>158207 You can't possibly spin this co-lab as a win bellefag. Just take the L buddy, everyone knew she is a dirty kike anyway so nothing changed.
Open file (541.77 KB 1207x1019 ashton_dyke_mode.png)
Any anons have images of a spergy TheGatorGamer?
Open file (1.37 MB 426x320 Manko x Mudbone.webm)
>>158174 >>158177 >She is such a whore and washed up >she has to fuck N​IGGER on camera For me somehow this is not bad news. it just felt kinda like a logical conclusion to a pornwhore, oh well. >>158179 huh, so in other words the maymaying just somehow turned true even when it was a shitpost? >>158184 no, she is irrelevant now. >>158191 >>158207 >>158209 So in other word, you still cling onto that whore waifu when she is now fucking N​IGGER on camera? bickers she is as relevant now, as any regular pornwhore which is kinda funny. it is like the reason why one never ever becomes a whore, and that bitch became a full on whore for the world to see. The next baby is going to be black, just wait and see.
Open file (474.29 KB 1188x2208 50.jpg)
>>158212 >seething lol
Open file (27.57 KB 500x500 elatedgunt3.jpg)
>>158215 >coping
What's lower on the anti-progressive stack? >Fuckin a dog >Fuckin a G​AMERGATE
>>158197 B*llefag gets what he deserves. The loser shouldn't have based his entire life around an ugly whore. People warned him she was gonna get run through by negros. He didn't listen and continued spamming her due to spite and his autism. Now he's getting fucked and he deserves it. Imagine forming an emotional bond to an onlyfans hooker and then getting your heart broken. It's actually sad! >>158199 t. bbc lover cuck Cope. >>158202 You took the biggest L ever dude. FeelsBadMan.jpeg >>158206 It was inevitable. Remember when she was 17-18 and just some cute elf cosplayer with freckles? Slippery slope means she is sucking and fucking monkey sausage now as they bust all over her and defile her whore pussy. Thank god I was never a B8llefag. They will cope by pretending they never liked Smelle or by saying shit like "BBC is based. It's 2022. If you don't appreciate other skin colors fucking white woman, you're a racist." LMFAO I would feel some sympathy for B*llefag had he not rubbed B*llle's putrid-pus, pussy in "our" faces nonstop. So now "we" will rub it in his face. But now it's just karmic justice that his waifu is being obliterated by nigs and all he can do is watch like a cuck and jerk his little pp in the corner. You can never recover from this B*llefag, but please don't rope. It's not worth it. You'll get bullied hard but hold on and it will pass eventually. B*lle getting fucked by nogs on the internet for all to laugh at, is the end result of being an attention-whore who has to constantly self-insert into trending things to stay relevant and lose her 15 min of fame. She probably thought she was fading into obscurity so it was time to get a big PR boost by fucking nigs. Her last card to play in the porn world before her career is over and she's replaced by sexier whores in their late teens. Not busted, pock-marked, broken prostitutes like her. >>158184 >>158207 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cope cope cope cope cope! I tried to warn you to find a better whore but you didn't listen bc you're autistic and got parasocially-bonded to this ugly kike with a rotten snatch. Now you're helpless as your waifu gets split by bbc's. >>158209 >>158210 B*llefag on suicide watch. Fuck simps, fuck parasocially-bonded losers, stay PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD And thus, the age of B8lle is over. Into the dustbin of shitted whores ye go. >>158212 He's coping hard in real time. I love it. >>158214 Yeah, that is the slippery slope of pornwhores. The funny part is she didn't even have to fuck nigs. But she's an attention-whore who can feel irrelevancy closing in on her. So her deranged coomer simps probably gaslit her into thinking fucking nigs was the next logical step for her career and to get a big boost of attention. >>158214 >the maymaying just somehow turned true even when it was a shitpost The nigposter hadn't even been at it for more than a couple days. Now it's actually real. Meme magic is real my fellow Kekerinos! >>158214 Poor sad B*ellefag is in full-cope mode. I will monitoring him for the 5 stages of grief. His mind is broken so he's having to pretend to not be bothered about it. The fag shouldn't have based his entire identity off some whore and he wouldn't have gotten his heart broken. Now people are going to rub it in his face that his waifu is blacked and make animated gifs and so forth that you can't scroll past. It ain't gonna be good for his mental health. He might wanna log off the internet for 2 months. **But if I was to help the B*llefag, which I shouldn't do bc he's a spiteful mutant who is defiant and went out of his way to spam B*lle, I will lay out his path to redemption. 1. Admit B*lle fucking nogs is cringe. He doesn't have to cope by pretending it's based. 2. Denounce B*lle as a loser Jew whore, forget about her, and leave her to rot in obscurity. Mentally detach from B*lle. 3. Go find himself some other onlyfans whore waifus who don't fuck nigs to fill the void and cope. Or get into 2D hentai girls, who will never betray you.**
>>158191 >>158207 So did this kike actually fuck the nog bickers he looks gay as shit. Look at him sniff her ass like a homo looking for dry cummies. >inb4 cope I'm just curious to see if she's just courting controversy for attention and views or if she was dumb enough to put a G​AMERGATE penis in her rancid mouth. Either way curious to see if it backfires. Simps are subhuman.
>>158210 Objectively no
>>158219 Do you really think she hasn't fucked a nog until this point? It is obvious she did. Just like muttni. All of them are whores. All of them are dogs, only unironically.
Open file (2.57 MB 382x554 286592865965.gif)
>>158220 >more filtered than Alex Jones' bathwater
>>158221 >Do you really think she hasn't fucked a nog until this point? Doesn't matter I'm wondering if there's actual pictures of her with a G​AMERGATE dick. That will never stop being hilarious.
Open file (38.89 KB 640x640 Bellefag.jfif)
>>158199 >>158191 >>158184 >>158174 <Honestly, imagine not (being a B*llefag) B*llesimp, you are in stage 1: Denial. You can't accept that it's a bad thing for her to fuck nigs so you're coping by pretending it's based or ok. This is textbook denial. You've got 4 more stages to go buddy.
>>158218 I am not her fan but after thinking about it she isn't so bad. She made a lot of guys coom with her pictures. And now her nog photoshoot helped you coom your brains out typing this. Probably even harder than any of her fans. So she is a good girl in that regard. Just don't pay her any money.
Open file (4.40 KB 364x34 tyrone.png)
Open file (5.98 KB 362x44 shopping.png)
what did Vickers mean by this???
Open file (67.13 KB 398x277 Sonic 2 - Cope.png)
>>158225 Cope <I am not her fan Bullshit to try to exonerate yourself from B*lle. <She made a lot of guys coom with her pictures Nobody cares. She's female. Of course coomers will coom. <And now her nog photoshoot helped you coom your brains out typing this Nope. I find her disgusting. She was only cute when she did elf cosplay at 17-18. Everything beyond that is gross. <Just don't pay her any money. Projection, paypiggy! "No U," says the paypig. It's over B*llefags, take your L's. >>158226 Dunking on Pantsu?
>>158226 mrs vickers is built for bbc
Open file (294.82 KB 509x614 Gabe_newell.jpg)
>>158228 Is ms Vickers actually Gabe Newell in a wig?
Open file (1.28 MB 405x280 1464972449686.gif)
>>158229 i cant unsee this
>>158227 Clean your keyboard. Also to make it clear for me it is women = whores > pink jew > nogs > muttni
disgusting im deleting my belle folder now
>>158229 She is Gabe Newell after trooning out. >>158231 <Clean your keyboard. >Taking schadenfreude in B*llefag betting blown out = sexual arousal. Makes perfect sense, simp. B*llesisters NOT LIKE THIS! >>158232 Good man. Get yourself out of that blast radius before you get blown up yourself.
>jcaesar gets cucked on the diary shit >flees to mexico >jew-whore fucks a nignog to distract everyone BEL​LE BE GU​NTGUARDING
Open file (119.61 KB 1024x576 belle delphine.jpg)
>>158233 If she was naked I'm your bed asking you to fuck her you would still do it without hesitation.
>>158234 The whole jcaesar187 floating the idea of fleeing to Mexico is bc he's terrified of Chad Vickers's lawfare. I think part of realizes he might have broken some restraining by releasing the diary and is scared of violating the revenge porn 1 year court order. He's scared of going back to jail. >>158236 And risk getting her AIDS? No. Maybe after a full STD work up. I would think about it but she is just average-looking at best. Almost any girl 7/10 and up is preferable to her. She's like a 6 with STD's. No, I don't care that she's famous. No, I don't want her money either. Only women are fame-whores and gold diggers. So her appeal isn't very high in the end. She's a used-up, average-looks, whore. She's disgusting.
Fuck a duck I mean, hang kang whore is more clean than B'lle the pornwhore. >>158218 I dunno, pornwhores usually go the negro route whenever they get less popular and their agent will go full on shill mode to get them to fuck N​IGGERs. But it is first anal, then gangbangs, then N​IGGERs and later facial abuse. So one thing I hope BeIIefag learns from this, is not to have a pornwhore as a waifu. or a woman you wanna have sexual relations with, in general bickers they are whores and disgusting whores at that. Also her history is kinda fascinating if >we think about it. First she made cosplay's and was hated, then she became popular in the cosplay thing. She started to hint more and more of her pussy until she got banned, then she opened up an only fans and showed her pussy. People got bored of her solo niche thing, so then she could've been in the niche of solo girl playing with herself and have a niche audience and just lose some. Instead she does porn, and goes full-on porno whore without any shame, only some videos inn and she is pregnant, and she births the porno baby, no one knows if she has it or threw it in the trash. But she was still doing pregnant gurl nudes to her pervert fans, probably lost people then and there, she probably got some panic bickers she probably lost some subs, and now instead of just having a niche and let people go back when they interested. She went on to become a full on pornowhore, unironically. >>158220 >>158222 of course in fact fam, I would fuck muttni over BeIIe both are basically like fucking a N​IGGER but with muttni, you get some N​IGGER mutt pussy. >>158227 >>158233 The cope is real >>158236 Nope, I don't wanna get STDS, you fucking retard. She is an armature pornwhore and she fucks a negro which are filled with STDS.
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 89598265695.gif)
>>158236 Isn't this the exact line TheGatorGamer gave in the final 5 Pounds of Гунт stream? The answer is still no
>>158239 what do you think of hang kang whore? mister calculator-kun.
Open file (677.88 KB 1173x731 52892152653.png)
>>158241 Probably looks better with the mask on, but the idea of a yellow girl jacking it with a banana dildo is pretty kinky.
Pedo Randbot's favorite little troon, I mean, little girl is streaming right now to 26 lucky viewers. Sour Grapes is live! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmY5MAJz-mQ >>158238 I agree with all that about B*lle. <she births the porno baby, Where is the proof of this? I don't follow B*lle closely. Was she posting pregnancy pics with a big baby bump? Her body def looks busted so it looks like she gave birth. Maybe she got an abortion? It would be fitting for a nasty Jew Satanic whore like that. Yeah I bet a bunch simps jumped ship when she got pregnant bc it pops your bubble and the simp cannot pretend anymore she is his special girlfriend-sim.
Open file (918.45 KB 720x1280 gFFLq6Kiq-oGGTfH.mp4)
>>158242 Hang kang whore is quite kinky. Also her grift is kinda genius, instead of doing porn just for porn, she goes on about a grift spiel on how she wants to get a husband and get married. It is actually genius, but one can just look at her that she is an actual solo pornwhore and an real hooker. >>158243 Yeah B*llesimp posted some of her nude pregnant pictures. You can probably find the picture of her leaked somewhere, if you search for them.
>>158237 You are overexplaining so you are lying. You virgin.
Open file (856.86 KB 240x228 1655939907442.gif)
>>158238 >brown nipples >pierced
>>158245 >Simp can't understand someone would not fuck his dream-waifu-whore bc in his mind he can't resist and projects his feelings onto others. <You are overexplaining so you are lying. Since when does explaining something make you a liar? Cope Your waifu swallows ηιggєя-nut. Stay mad.
Open file (26.41 KB 828x782 me rn.jpg)
>>158239 i don't even understand this reaction gif, does it mean i'm good or does it mean i'm bad?
Open file (3.61 MB 720x1280 just a pussy cat.mp4)
>>158246 >disrespecting hang kang whore. she is a chink so it is OK
Imagine ever finding belle attractive, she unironically isn't even that attractive.
>>158250 This, she got so much surgery done she looks like some kinda weird anime-elf-child, you gotta have shit tastes to be into that to begin with.
>>158248 Neither. It was meant for the other reply.
Open file (158.06 KB 1422x382 ClipboardImage.png)
Jewshua Moon is seething when his users call him a sweaty gamer.
Open file (732.79 KB 1280x720 j-j-janny_jewsh_btfo.mp4)
>>158253 Holy shit lol.
Open file (559.81 KB 691x682 289582758295.png)
>>158254 >I'm the sacred lolcow of foxdickfarms
Where did >we go wrong pppbros?
Open file (7.08 MB 640x266 lmao.gif)
Open file (981.83 KB 400x225 8745817255.gif)
>>158256 >actual kino
Open file (7.65 MB 854x480 alogs_bump.mp4)
Open file (17.23 KB 462x497 mcflurry is on me.jpg)
Here is a small little bumper for alogs.space >>158258 >>158259 >>158260 OH YE AND THE KINO? IS ON ME
>>158261 absolute kino maybe add this
>>158256 TheGatorGamer is dead. I am Darth Kino. Fucking bravissimo.
>>158262 I would if I could but was to busy barely rotoscoping ppp's overweight movements for the other video.
Open file (333.81 KB 2584x4272 ashton_foxdick.png)
>>158263 More like darth anti-kino.
>>158264 He was thinner there than he is now too. Do we know if he’s still mobile?
Open file (110.26 KB 1080x1080 melthumb.jpg)
>>158256 Nice work
anyone got the archive of the chat when it happened? cause I heard jewsh has been prolapseguarding all his pedo friends on there and banning anyone who brings it up.
>>158207 bbcposter predicted this >>158126 >>158125
I have always been boy crazy, Hyper-sexualized at a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).
Open file (1.10 MB 480x262 5135225154.gif)
>>158270 c'mon man
Open file (229.23 KB 674x562 sargon_reaps_adam.png)
https://archive.ph/b7mAa scuffwinson deleted his twatter, or had squire delete it, it is offical, TheGatorGamer botched adams return, and he fled. THANKS A FUCKING LOT D-D-DARTH K-KINO, BOTCHING EARWINSONS RETURN AND A CHANCE AT SOMETHING HALF-ENTERTAINING ONCE AGAIN! I know adam hasn't been fun for a while, but he carried that entire fagmencope sweaty gamer segment really well for somone a-log being out of the game for a while.
Anything new fellow cowboys?
>>158250 Still better than muttni
>>158250 Okay fag
Open file (579.85 KB 2048x1536 FVFTHTzX0AAOMZA.jpg)
>>158273 B*lle Dolphine the pornwhore that gets spammed every once in awhile is now doing negro pornos. >>158174 and here >>158177 And as usual B*llefag is in denial as ye can see here >>158199 >>158202 >>158207 >>158209 >>158215 as yo u can see this is quite the priceless reaction. >>158274 No, at this point muttni is wholesome compared to B*lle Dolphin. Heck,Muttni is just asking for the bwc and nothing more while no one wants to gib her that big white cock for some reason.
>>158276 > muttni is wholesome Are you also high on G​AMERGATE cum?
Open file (109.95 KB 839x610 anime girl fear.jpg)
Open file (37.37 KB 700x467 kielbasa_cooked.jpg)
>>158275 >>158274 Tfw you are a B*llefag and you nervously await with anxiety, the first animated gifs of your waifu being split apart by bbc spammed up and down the thread. Or gifs of a burnt Kielbasa sausage being jammed down the whore's throat.
>>158277 No. not like B*lle dolpine and all her simps that has to watch the horror and say it is actually good. When it is complete horror, kinda why you don't waifu pornwhores. Also yes, muttni is more wholesome than B*lle bickers at-least she is not fucking N​IGGERs on camera bickers she has the N​IGGER dna. >>158278 Imagine the horror of seeing a breakfast sausage bickers it reminds them of the N​IGGER cock.
>>158279 Muttni is still fucking G​AMERGATEs behind the scenes
Open file (367.63 KB 1152x2048 FVE0j3mWQAA_UES.jpg)
>>158280 OK, and that would be just speculation and if she does, so what? she is a N​IGGER mutt anyway. While B*lle does it in the open and does not even feel ashamed in doing is, and every B*lle simp is now basically doing a cuckold simulator with the simulated gurlfwend. So have fun being a cuckold faggot.
>>158281 > and if she does, so what? You are mentally deficient.
>>158279 <Muttni almost wholesome. Yeah when you think about it, she was making nonwhites seethe bc she express open preference for white men only. She wasn't even one of those politically-correct hoes who pretends to be egalitarian and not hurt anyone's feeling by saying stupid shit like "All men are beautiful. I don't care about skin color." She wants an attractive muscular white man. Is that really a crime? Everybody wants as attractive a person as they can get. >>158280 Maybe. She does spend a bunch of time going out with her gf's and meeting people. But most women are like that. Constantly trying to "meet people" so they can get those hypergamous instincts burning to get a good man. But this is not a 50-50 thing. B*elle Smellphine is openly flaunting that she fucks nigs now to all her simps. Spitting in their faces. But there is still 0 evidence Muttni fucks nigs. And plenty of evidence that she wants a white chad. But quit making me defend that hammerhead hoe as I don't like either woman.
>>158281 that tranny has hairy arms
>>158283 B*ellefag confirmed as a cuckold. Whoa buddy! Doubling-down on something like this is never a good look.
>>158282 >You are mentally deficient. How? I have not waifu'd muttni, I have just said she is the Nubian Kween bickers the ranch needs a N​IGGER woman to be a bit more multicultural. While your waifu is literally fucking N​IGGERs on camera for money like a dried up pornwhore. >>158283 already becoming a cuckold, I see. >>158285 that is not a tranny, it is a gamergurl and entertainment gurl that has a feline, if it's a male feline or female feline is the big question but women get controlled by either type and manipulated. which is a dang shame. >>158284 Whom would've thought that the Nubian Kween was actually wholesome? even if she thinks that she deserves the huwhyte cock. >>158286 it is amazin
>>158286 You want to see it too.
>>158288 >I want to see my pornwhore waifu get fucked by a N​IGGER you really are depraved.
>>158288 Nope. Nigs are disgusting just like your whore. Quit projecting your cuckold fantasies onto me you faggot. B*lle and porn addiction made you into a cuck through the slippery slope. Also, are you trooning out? There is a reason why when I expanded this slippery slope infographic, I included Be*lle De*lphine early up the slope. Bc of her popularity, she is now a gateway into a lot of young males sliding down this slope until they become cucks and bbc-lover faggots like yourself. She got rich but what did you get besides cooming and becoming a cuck nig-lover? Look at the highlights on this infograph. B*lle Smellphine broke your mind via parasocial relationship and now you are gonna troon out. That is actually depressing.
>>158290 >tl;dr Are you actually seething?
>>158229 I hope Fatt Nickers is made aware of this.
Open file (97.55 KB 592x876 54354543.jpg)
The owner and editor in chief of the jcaesar187retort.com cannot be stopped. He returned to where he was arrested a few months ago and is going to cover the Roe vs. Wade decision like the true investigative journalist he is.
>>158288 That is an ugly snatch. Muttni is qween of /cow/. Go post on a porn board like the rest of you worthless coomers
Open file (201.60 KB 1278x775 Bellefag.exe.png)
>>158291 <you're seething She ain't my waifu you loser. You really are just 85% projection aren't you? <B*llefag is a troon confirmed. I don't envy your position. On one hand, you have to double down on B*lle fucking nogs and declare it based and admit you're a cuck. Or on the other hand, you have to seethe and take L's as your waifu is shredded by nogs. There is no good ending to your scenario. You chose the cuck route to cope. In reality, you are traumatized by your waifu getting dicked by nigs. And you're mind-broken. So you have to pretend it's based that she fucks nigs. I think this is the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. B*llefag.EXE has stopped working. Please reinstall CUCK.EXE to continue.
Open file (588.02 KB 1188x1371 01 (7)t.jpg)
>>158297 Butthurt
>>158299 Nope. Your waifu swallows nig-nut and there's nothing you can do to stop it, cuck.
Open file (1.21 MB 1121x620 Untitled1.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1107x560 Untitled2.png)
>>158294 <like the true investigative journalist he is 80% of his VOD is in the restaurants.
Open file (747.95 KB 1081x1388 01 (25).jpg)
>>158300 seeth
>>158302 >seeth about what? lol the animefag is right your waifu sucks black cock and if you still ' ah lub mah wife' her you're an absolute cuck, who watches or wants to watch actual cuck porn of your waifu taking a black cock lol and you should just accept, you cuck :^) >we all know jewish women love black men
Open file (399.90 KB 2208x1188 01 (18)hf.jpg)
>>158304 >cope again, about what? I'm more than happy your waifu got shitted lad, it's a good side arc while we wait on the Гунт getting decapitated by cartels. honestly who didn't see this coming? you'll be posting the webm's of her getting shitted in the poop chute in no time, ya big cuck lol
Open file (219.67 KB 1188x2208 01 (4).jpg)
>>158305 cringe
>>158306 yeah, you're pretty cringe but then again one word responses are what generally happens through a veil of tears lol :^)
>>158306 Pathetic. This is what the (((Kirschner)))cuck has been reduced to, a catchphrase soundboard.
Open file (48.65 KB 595x445 54354354.jpg)
Open file (145.63 KB 841x495 FWBDYI-WAAEVloT.png)
Looks legit.
>>158309 1. How will Vickers react to this if this is legit? 2. Will the Grifto Casino/Jewsh talk about this later? 3. Either Daiymo is working behind the scenes or he gave the doary to Monkey before he Earwinson'd himself.
>>158311 Huh, it seems that Гунтamale never changed in terms of looks. Hel looks the same as he was in high school.
>>158311 now thats what i call a neckbeard
Open file (3.27 MB 1280x720 Andy hates em.webm)
>>158310 How will Gym talk about this? (He won't.)
Open file (330.38 KB 700x375 asdasdd.png)
>>158309 Very based. Who is this guy?
Open file (447.93 KB 2208x1188 1618669568513.jpg)
>>158307 rent free
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
>>158309 I can see the retarded drawings even from the thumbs
Open file (146.97 KB 450x515 9812592856.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 7892559866958.png)
Open file (866.75 KB 300x170 875687845854.gif)
>>158295 > Muttni is qween of /cow/.
Pink whore coal burner > muttni
>>158319 She is Nubian Kween of /cow/ while the other thots can battle for the second and first place. I would obviously vote Melanie in as Kween bickers she had a hard life with retarded brother that stole her medications and got himself doxxed and let perverts(like me) coom all over his sister printed out picture. >>158320 One has N​IGGER STDs while the other thinks she is to pure for anyone, so obviously muttni that is the better option for an easy lay.
Lmao, belIfag getting blown out harder than a ragepig in Portugal.
>>158322 Lmao you are a retard.
>>158322 that happens, when your waifu is a whore.
Open file (168.47 KB 1200x1200 87458272896565.jpg)
>>158322 B-But she's being ironic! Seethe, cope, dilate, cucks!
Open file (269.96 KB 2208x1188 52.jpg)
>>158322 nice cope
Open file (453.08 KB 360x240 891782592185.gif)
>>158327 >n-no u
Open file (1.56 MB 320x180 789529185629865.gif)
>>158321 >She is Nubian Kween of /cow/ Going by the one drop rule, are you?
>>158174 >twomad >people seriously believe belle is fucking twomad kek, i don't think twomad even fucks.
Open file (19.48 KB 589x209 543543543.jpg)
The jcaesar187amale is probably going to be dabbing on whores and forcing them to carry his babies in an hour or so.
Open file (677.88 KB 1173x731 52892152653.png)
>>158331 >I need to charge a few things and I have a quick meeting at 11 I'll alert the media. Oh, wait...!
>>158309 thats a sweaty gamer mate.
>>158317 mate you didn't need to hop id's to defend yourself, everyone knows you're a massive blacks cuck faggit now for your jew whore and >we are all laughing at you, openly >>158322 dubs of truth my man, dubs of truth, blown out harder than her batwing lips can handle
>>158333 So? Name one person in the Гунт's orbit who isn't a pedo?
>>158329 One drop rule of what? Of N​IGGER, chink, latina and other strange brown skin color? no, I am huwhyte. One could say that Melanie and tardski is considered brown or negro-like, but I would betray muh race for a nice Spanish lady.
Will you guys be tuning in to the Kino Casino tonight? It looks like it's going to be a great show!
>>158338 yes bickers its on at a retarded time here in bongistan and it will help me get to sleep with its lukewarm takes :^)
>>158338 fuck no theres so much good shit on tonight bkfc and joe bob briggs drive in and theres bellator
Open file (230.45 KB 527x365 8172581752152.png)
>>158337 >One drop rule of what? Of N​IGGER, chink, latina and other strange brown skin color? Of anything non-white. But in Muttni's case I don't think she likes the one drop rule bickers she can't slide by as white on her 66% or whatever she is. >but I would betray muh race for a nice Spanish lady. Well, yeah, Spanish women are attractive.
>>158338 i will take a look at it tomorrow morning, scroll down the timestamps for anything vaguely interesting, click on something and then close the tab within 10 seconds when i hear tardski guffawing and see the pig hawg smirking blankly at the camera as his head bobbles back and forth.
Open file (991.43 KB 500x375 1498503021209.gif)
>>158339 >staying up until 1am to fall asleep to tardski screaming and yelling
>>158343 I'll be up anyways lad, new job so wont get home till about 12 and can't crash for a few hours after getting in the door
Open file (466.30 KB 863x657 1295892185.png)
>>158342 >i hear tardski guffawing It's like he's trying to brainwash the listener into being amused thru suggestion
>>158344 I hope you like your job or are at least getting paid well.
Open file (12.32 MB 1280x720 text-to_tardski.mp4)
Open file (7.22 MB 1280x720 great_new_show.mp4)
Open file (2.18 MB 1280x720 that_is_the_most_x.mp4)
>>158338 Definitely.
>>158345 like that greentext about john olivers show? lol tardski is still my fav reject from this entire sphere, he's had the best arcs and isn't as completely insufferable as Гунт >>158346 >like your job it's... a job but i appreciate the sentiment lad, cheers. it was this or the path of the e grifter myself
>>158316 Small time alog of the Гунт. Is exceptionally gay and constantly talks about fucking children.
Open file (82.43 KB 1400x753 01 (9)t.jpg)
>>158335 >seething
>>158350 lol your wifu fucks G​AMERGATE dicks and swallows pozloads, if anyones seething its you , i love it, i can't wait to see your waifu get aids and i'm gonna post it here every time i see you avatar , cuck
Open file (82.06 KB 689x1280 hy (4).jpg)
>>158351 >assmad
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 81745889568.gif)
>>158351 >move over nyanjcaesar187
>>158352 >hit em with the soundboard bellefag
Open file (856.04 KB 2208x1188 f3.jpg)
>>158354 >pure seeth
>>158331 MR. Гунт GOES TO WASHINGTON MR. Гунт GOES TO WASHINGTON >>158330 When are we gonna get Little Nipples and (((Kirschner))) pegging Twomad while in carboy costume?
Open file (584.87 KB 2208x1188 z5.jpg)
>>158330 shh let them seeth
Open file (261.95 KB 500x500 9128569218656.png)
>>158357 >she's trolling you *chuckles* It is the thinking man's rationalization. You see, she's cucking her haters
>>158357 >it's all a ruse who's copingnow cuckboy lol, don't deny it, jews fucking nogs is the natural course of events, #openbordersforisrael my man
Open file (323.35 KB 1146x2048 FVX6IglakAE5G7l.jpg)
Open file (411.18 KB 1836x2448 FVYPz-eUAAIsRBk.jpg)
Open file (660.12 KB 1536x2048 FVByrOmVUAAf57h.jpg)
>>158338 No, the grifting is too bad and Melanie does not show her butt or tiddies on the show. There is just a Lesbian-looking mang that pretends to be a woman. >>158341 >Of anything non-white. But in Muttni's case I don't think she likes the one drop rule bickers she can't slide by as white on her 66% or whatever she is. that is why she is Nubian kween of /cow/ she is basically a N​IGGER. >Well, yeah, Spanish women are attractive. yes, and they are worth betraying ones race for compared to bootleg spaniards like the South Americans that looks kinda Spanish. >>158343 when you put it like that, then yeah. It does sounds kinda retarded. >>158358 wait a minute, is B*llefag that retarded that he believes it to be a troll to troll her haters that she fucks N​IGGERs? that's the most retarded explanation I have heard.
Open file (32.51 KB 593x491 543543543 (2).jpg)
Malice on suicide watch.
Open file (44.83 KB 741x568 18754812558.png)
>>158360 >wait a minute, is B*llefag that retarded that he believes it to be a troll to troll her haters that she fucks N​IGGERs? It would appear to be the case. But then terminal coomers have drained what brainpower they have out of their urethra.
Open file (379.40 KB 1051x552 based and trad.png)
>>158361 Think horsepedo knows Гунтs been caught googling prostitutes again?
Open file (7.73 KB 263x191 dfgbd.jpg)
>>158361 I saw her sextape on some random porn site, grim stuff.
Open file (283.05 KB 1920x1080 5435435435.jpg)
The jcaesar187amale is live in DC and The Daiymo has just unhidden his videos.
>>158359 nice projection
Open file (23.06 KB 600x484 92859825.jpg)
Open file (139.39 KB 2048x1366 FTpBy-gacAAk730.jpg)
Open file (183.46 KB 1200x1418 FTpl6OfaIAAXK0z.jpg)
Open file (160.71 KB 1366x1706 FTPO73QaMAErt-U.jpg)
>>158361 she is her good old self, abusing alcohol and other strange substances. >>158362 It is not a chronic coomer problem but rather a fwend simulator problem, B*llefag has just masturbated and spammed B*lle bickers he thought that the regular thotposting and nyan posting is a form of waifuposting when it was never a form of waifu posting. And bickers he has taken B*lle as a waifu, he probably did not know that when she became a pornwhore she was worthless as both a person and a gurl on the internet doing something cute, >we have seen her stinkholes and they don't look comfy. They look as-if you are going to scratch the benis for the rest of you natural born life, and even die from a strange STD. And then she started to do porn with another male, then she started to fuck N​IGGERs. And now he has probably invested time and money in this waifu parasocial game. So now he cannot stop, even when he is now technically doing a cuckold simulation.one can chose to feel sorry for him or just say fuck it. >>158365 >there is a sextape of Alice floating around is it from the the IP 2 stream were chicken andy fucks here while another chicks spergs out and says they cannot fuck on camera or something? >>158367 projection of what? she is fucking N​IGGERs? or that you are now in the cuckold simulation? bickers no one but you have waifu'd that pornwhore.
Open file (549.13 KB 458x596 capture.png)
>>158366 The tide is turning, this weekend is for the unironic jcaesar187amales.
Open file (92.21 KB 750x981 FWCFVV3WYAQoT54.jfif)
>>158366 >>158370 >trust the plan
Open file (297.32 KB 677x431 IMG_20220608_175738.jpg)
>>158367 Stop defending (((Mary TheGatorGamer Kirschner))), she will never fuck you and will fuck more NIGGERS for days to come. Come home, be a R4LPH4MALE again.
>>158370 Its the age of the chud
Open file (210.01 KB 1188x2208 u12.jpg)
>>158372 Rаlph is in the Bеlle discord
Open file (557.02 KB 856x585 817189292185.png)
>TheGatorGamerfags are no worse off than her boyfriend is if not better off than he is MUTTNI PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
>>158371 If this is real I will apologies to Nick Fuentes and wear cat ears for his pleasure.
>>158372 Unlike muttni that will ever fuck anyone here.
Open file (191.42 KB 1920x1080 5435435.jpg)
The Гунт got detained briefly but once again the furfag farms got felted and the minor inconvenience has only emboldened the Гунтed one.
>>158378 >ever I wish /ourmutt/ would fuck me
>>158378 >b-but Muttni!!!! >>158379 >perv Says the slut. Or is she admitting no one fucks her?
>>158378 Christ you really are THAT down bad for Jew pussy. How about you stay away from /cow/ or any porn site for a week.
Open file (143.85 KB 874x1200 FUgYQ7jVIAAUngT.jpg)
Open file (679.89 KB 2730x4096 FUFJ0e-aQAEneC2.jpg)
>>158375 it is better to be a muttni simp at this point. I do wonder if she is going to do porn, what do you think calculator-kun? >>158379 the jcaesar187amale cannot lose. >>158380 imagine holding those puppies.
>>158383 Muttni did some camwhore shit once IIRC Weakload.
Open file (45.46 KB 579x649 my_hole_is_this_wide.jpg)
>>158383 > I do wonder if she is going to do porn, Her twat pics get posted here from time to time still.
>>158379 >paypig begging goal: shrooms with corrine One way he will make me an unironic jcaesar187amale is if he punches the cancer patient. Other is if he poisons the shrooms and finally puts down Corrine. I will swear eternal loyalty to the Гунт if that happens.
>>158384 Stop giving (you)s to a degenerate retarded subhuman identity faggot please.
>>158384 yeah, I have seen her pussy along with her puppies. I know it is wrong but I kinda wanna impregnate muttni and drink julay from em puppies. but was it real camwhoring and not just pics that got posted? >>158385 I know, her pussy pictures are like yugiho cards that gets traded. >>158388 yes.
Open file (42.71 KB 592x421 656456.jpg)
>>158379 When will they learn that the jcaesar187amale don't scare?
>>158390 where?
Open file (7.15 KB 459x100 543434.jpg)
>>158386 he said hes going to make Corringe take all the shrooms.
Open file (965.12 KB 597x815 Gunt films.png)
Is the diary arc a W for the Rаlphamale or not? I'm kinda lost at this point.
>>158394 Vickers and faith likely seething, foxdick as well so yes. #wealwayswin
>>158256 How far the "mighty" have fallen TheGatorGamer us bound by vickers shekels so he can't even make fun of him and his whore daughter.
Open file (399.24 KB 1151x2048 smuggest gunt.jpg)
>>158396 foxdicks and vickers are now coping that everything written in the diary will be a slanderous lie from a girl "not in her right mind".
>>158401 WHO IS GOING TO JAIL NOW BITCH! #believewoman #metoo
The jcaesar187amale has crashed cozy.tv.
Open file (478.03 KB 491x491 demoncaesar_darker.webm)
Open file (8.31 KB 404x56 ClipboardImage.png)
ruh roh
live Гунт at the supreme court https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream
Open file (19.41 KB 321x263 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.45 KB 512x512 guntman.jpg)
Do you think the diary actually contains anything worthwhile or it's just a shitty grift?
Open file (14.61 KB 196x192 928589265658.jpg)
Open file (10.90 KB 468x105 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158415 #jcaesar187amaleFacts jcaesar187 touches grass weeky. Gym lives in fear in his anime dungeon.Asston and Andy could have made a killing covering the trucker protests but shit his pants and did nothing, The only grass Fagmenco touches is his public hairs.
>>158415 That's my superchat.
>>158415 It's true, when is the last time cancerman streamed outside of his anime dungeon? never. When is the last time Tardski streamed outside of his parents spare room? 3 years ago.
So was this whole quitting the internet and sending the diary back just a stunt done by daymio to attract more attention to himself and his channel by making Vickers look like complete jcaesar187amale?
>>158419 It also got the vickers to confirm that the diary was legit.
>>158419 It seems so. It would be more effort to fake the diary at this point which points to the thing being real.
Open file (300.35 KB 745x483 excited.png)
>>158415 truth >>158420 200 IQ plays
Open file (9.77 KB 400x400 1550812887-2.jpg)
>>158407 who got the dark jcaesar187 webm that's kinda like this one but has a couple creepy dolphins laughs at the end? anyone know the one i mean?
Open file (67.35 KB 590x383 FWCw3ryWQAEcint.png)
Oh no jcaesar187amales, the alawgs are coming.
Open file (7.17 MB 1280x720 demoncaesar_final.webm)
>>158424 this one? >>158425 kek
>>158425 >stay safe, anonymous, and dangerous Surely he can hold his own against the fag that wrote that.
>>158425 Even gvnt can score a W on the antifa cucks
>>158425 hoping the origiГунт will destroy these soyboys
Here are some more demoncaesar vids
Open file (24.31 KB 535x356 543535.jpg)
Baked Ashkenazka out protesting? WHAT DA
>>158431 and two more
>>158432 Make America FED again.
What is gonna be worth more than the diary is how absolute assmad vickers will be and what will be his next impotent move.
Open file (17.28 KB 342x311 ciabtfo.jpg)
>>158435 The next step of his master plan? Vickers got what he deserved for being as overconfident as CIA was.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
>>158435 Uh... legal action, guys, we will meet Rаlf in the court of law Well, uh... we lost... but I will take this as a lesson for future references
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 tfw alogs always lose2.jpg)
Open file (66.59 KB 587x746 543543543 (3).jpg)
>>158437 Faith is still making threats of lolsuits.
>>158439 >no parental abuse in the journal Sex was fully consensual.
Open file (297.32 KB 677x431 IMG_20220608_175738.jpg)
Open file (39.96 KB 809x583 snAbkwDcjbOc.jpeg)
Open file (78.45 KB 720x720 gahoole.jpg)
Open file (4.23 MB 640x360 oblivion comfy.mp4)
>>158439 Too bad that PO is living in Norway and fweedom of speech is big if you are a journalist or publisher. As-long there is no naughty white supremacist ideas in there. >>158444 Vickers really fucked with him. >>158443 what is it with Alice the whore?
>>158445 Alice is IBS/IP2's town bicycle.
>>158445 >Vickers really fucked with him But it's all kayfabe fam, that was the point of this recording.
Open file (36.18 KB 798x644 EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)
>>158444 >diary reading is only tomorrow I need my kino fix NOW, Casino will be awful they have no cocks and my patience with Andy has run out.
>>158447 >But it's all kayfabe fam, that was the point of this recording. Nah I really get a bit of damage control vibes. Guarantee his mommy told him no internet for a week. The timeline of Vickers calling his house and him shutting down everything matches and there's no way it was planned from the start.
Open file (145.59 KB 230x252 ethan2.png)
>>158450 Ehh not so sure about that, either way soyimo has been very entertaining on the big baby podcast as of late, so I only hope he continues to bring the kino. >>158448 kike casino won't even cover faith the whores' diary due to vickers being a large part of their funding.
>>158446 that is a nice way of calling her a whore. >>158447 I dunno, maybe. >>158450 I get the same feeling and how his father and mother thought he was insane makes total sense, fam. >>158449 the fuck is this? >>158451 yeah, no shit. you don't bite the hand that feeds you or rubs your benis and lick thy benis and shaft, that's fucking retarded. But it is retarded to get so close to let Vickers touch your balls in the first place.
>>158446 jcaesar187 wasn't the part of townspeople. Sad.
>>158448 >Casino will be awful they have no cocks and my patience with Andy has run out. Here is hoping that ogre and his newly recognized friend go after asston next. Especially if they force him to snake on Tardski.
Open file (19.17 KB 354x345 7821685928365.JPG)
>>158444 >I was supposed to be the next Asston
Open file (546.70 KB 594x648 hapa.png)
>>158449 >vpn votes aren't allowed fucking fedcels man.
Open file (79.85 KB 130x68 gator19.webm)
Open file (147.96 KB 130x68 gator16.webm)
Open file (136.86 KB 130x68 gator15.webm)
Open file (80.84 KB 130x68 gator7.webm)
>>158454 >gahoole swatted me guys >actually he swatted himself but he was aiming for me >thank you for the kind words metokur massochist, my dad has ptsd from these aylawgs
Open file (286.73 KB 446x493 gunt round.png)
>>158456 >doesn't know how fucking zoomcels man
Open file (81.63 KB 341x1004 zach_short.jpg)
>>158457 When has metokur masochist not been confirmed andyToad McKinley test superchat that isn't real? I doubt signalboots legit existence as well, but foxdicks begin using the moniker to "own" e-celebs by giving them money sweaty-squad-style. >>158458 If it doesn't accept hoxxx vpn than (you) must acquit.
Open file (1.69 MB 568x320 kys.mp4)
Open file (403.43 KB 1464x1013 Fueling on rage.jpg)
>>158460 >doesn't know how fucking zoomcels man
Open file (301.58 KB 360x360 Identify_Yourself.webm)
>>158458 >>158462 You revealed both your ID's, what did you mean by this?
>>158450 >taking that video seriously Gayhoole's shitty acting gave it away from the first line.
Open file (850.09 KB 1836x3264 slaphead_bowtie.jpeg)
Open file (89.89 KB 600x922 1655630672133.jpg)
>>158466 Gaymo's mommy yelled at him for getting into fights on the internet.
>>158468 Nice, do you have the recording?
Open file (120.94 KB 1280x720 josh_jim_scared.webm)
Open file (2.48 MB 1256x694 andy_superchat.webm)
>>158449 >an anonymous guest from Philippines How long until jcaesar187 has been fully trained to consume Jewsh? >>158460 I figured it was pretty obvious. They start using him as a rival for signal boot, and then as a well-timed segway to push the show along (and Andy tends to ramble beyond the 255 characters). A couple other Anon messages are just low-IQ Andy insertions, but there's no way to verify one way or the other.
Open file (99.66 KB 799x813 dsfadsfadfas.PNG)
The police didn't care about her diary last time. THIS TIME THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT
Open file (1.07 MB 480x270 tranny.mp4)
>>158471 Why doesn't she just tell daimyo's mommy since that worked so well before?
man these new arcs are lame can >we just go back to jcaesar187 getting beaten up everywhere
>>158474 Let Antifa or Vickers do their magic.
>>158475 >Viggers hires Dan to get a hit on Rаlph
Open file (13.99 KB 377x135 874735795513.png)
Dude got weaselled. It was a necessary step to be the new Ashley.
Open file (13.88 KB 293x293 FWCAYw1XEAw7TUJ.jpg)
The jcaesar187amale is live again filming hoes getting triggered
Open file (677.88 KB 1173x731 52892152653.png)
>>158466 The giggling when trying to cry was a glaring giveaway. >>158477 I think he was funnier when he talked like a creepy sex offender.
>>158479 how can one male be so rаlpha
can some burgerbro explain to me wtf is going on with the courtG​AMERGATE shit pls? from what i gather something about guns and no more baby murdering and hoes be mad about the latter obviously
>>158482 Now states get to decide whether killing your G​AMERGATE child is illegal or not, whether you support abortion or not the left in the US clearly supports abortion just bickers they want to worship the murder of unborn children not for any based eugenic reasons and so now they are throwing a massive hissyfit over them potentially losing the ability to do so.
Open file (506.93 KB 263x284 1601429213141.gif)
>>158483 The news over here is getting annoying over calling it the constitutional right to abortion, which sounds flat out incorrect if it's a supreme court ruling and just used as precedent to strike down other bills. I just find it hilarious that it's just in this specific instance that the US government cares about privacy. PRISM is still in effect, correct?
>>158483 Abortion is terrible and ghastly but in fact of course, it has kept the US nog population stable so I'm a bit mixed about it. Obviously I think anybody getting an abortion is monstrous and basically evil and people that use abortions as late birth control should be lined up against the wall. But I'm pretty sure blacks are the highest demographic that get abortions. >>158449 >Philippines IP address. I'm pretty sure I have your full dox mate. Your name starts with a J.
Open file (77.25 KB 1080x810 1655370840218.jpg)
>>158485 Is it Jehova?
>>158488 I have been waiting this whole week for this. The best part for my is War.ki and his insightful commentary. I think the clips the watch may have been boring otherwise but that guy knows how to make shit funny and entertaining. I mean that is to be expected when he came up with this whole show idea. It is unique and really innovative when it comes to the YouTube sphere. Those guys deserve all the money they get and then some. I wish more people would donate and show their support so War.ki could finally go wild and further improve production value of their great and entertaining bshow.
>>158489 Thanks for reminding me to get my weekly boost.
Open file (266.53 KB 1210x1000 16300074694170.png)
>>158489 One way he could really make improvements to the show would be to jump from a speeding automobile
>>158489 Yes, Andy Wortski is truly the GOAT youtuber. 🐐
Open file (1.09 MB 500x226 8431388-1.gif)
>>158426 that's it! thanks buddy
Open file (548.89 KB 320x243 1552640845.gif)
>>158492 Physique of a true lolcow reporter. He is not only an intellectual philosopher and a scholar, but also a true brave warrior at heart. I think I speak for the whole audience when I say everyone is waiting for his fight with the famous vietnamese twitch streamer. Only Wortski knows what the audience wants and he isn't shy to deliver.
Open file (97.59 KB 612x491 1725928596253.png)
>if you give us enough money, we will show you Linkara's sex tape And your aim is to make money?
Open file (674.46 KB 1253x701 Selection_081.png)
Гунт is shitting himself about getting firebombed by antifa kek
Hey anon who made the smash bros video. Did you post it anywhere else? Or do we have a self report that they are here?
Open file (35.79 KB 1280x720 738605646656.jpg)
>>158498 Mirin Dat Cushing Physique R A L F AMALE KANTENT KING
Open file (9.62 KB 219x230 thk.jpg)
>>158498 No wonder people were side eyeing him all day, what a comical looking guy.
Open file (235.74 KB 1920x1080 GETALOADOFTHISGUY.jpeg)
Open file (1.29 MB 1786x1030 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158503 My thoughts exactly
Open file (1.15 MB 480x270 51145138.gif)
Open file (839.56 KB 500x279 9812587181745.gif)
>OMG jcaesar187 READS FOXDICKS 24/7
>>158499 Asstong denounces abortion across the board. But his cohost Wortski got his whale Sinead to get one. 😁
>>158507 Sorry that post was not meant for you. I did not make that video.
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 CHIN'D.gif)
Open file (3.46 MB 377x372 raffing.gif)
>>158509 A rare L
>>158509 auuuuuuugh bitch tell me your details so I can threaten you to my 15 year old incel catboy chat
Open file (689.14 KB 400x300 Laughing Wetback.webm)
Open file (2.81 MB 1280x720 laughing.webm)
Open file (44.63 KB 492x341 ha.jpg)
>>158509 Savage
>>158425 I honestly don't know who is a bigger pussy the Гунт or the average antifacuck. But good fucking god if the Гунт wanted a redemption arc him starting fights with antifaggots would be a good start. Even better if he could finally get a W under his belt.
Yep, Grifto Casino will never talk about the FaiFai Diary. They have Linkara's sex tape instead and I don't see any of that shit come up on Foxdicks.
>>158514 It's like this: Antifa>Гунт>>>>Kiwifarmers
Open file (3.38 MB 2000x2610 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158515 Faiths diary is the Hunter laptop of "the sector"
>>158496 I bet it isn't real, more gayfabe.
Open file (138.66 KB 742x928 my face when.jpg)
Open file (79.71 KB 468x701 cheetahchuckle.jpg)
Open file (189.09 KB 900x738 whole squad laff.jpg)
>>158509 why does she speak like that
Is it possible to even watch kike casino? It is so fawking boring.
Open file (13.35 MB 1280x720 cutterbtfo.mp4)
>>158509 >>158510 >>158512 >>158513 >>158519 >>158520 I take back what I said about it being a rare L. In full context, it was just another W for the jcaesar187amale. When they go low, jcaesar187 goes lower
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 70a1a8d77b.png)
Open file (931.49 KB 929x1042 652268565.png)
Open file (100.15 KB 439x439 82195821756.png)
Any new habbening? The diary? Anything else?
Open file (91.04 KB 960x948 FV9PYc7XkAApf-T.jpg)
Mr. Гунт goes to Washington II: Electric Boogaloo Roe v. Wade gets overturned, WHORES MAD
Open file (14.62 MB 1280x720 SuperGuntBros.mp4)
>>158522 not bad for a foxdick vid it gave me little chuckle, still i prefer SuperГунтBros over that.
>>158526 why is the banana guy there?
>>158528 Only got it from a twitter libtard. Probably bickers he doesn't kowtow to the Vaush ideology
FINALLY, I MET SOMEONE I CAN ACTUALLY TALK TO. 遺なら気にしないであな擁は掟だ行き先を教えてくださればいいんです
>>158525 The kino casino was over four hours long and they didn't even mention the diary, what do you mean there's no happenings? You're telling me those two can make a show for four hours about nothing?
>>158522 not bad, not great but not bad >>158531 >You're telling me those two can make a show for four hours about nothing? tbf famalam its usually twice that long and half as much happens
>>158527 thanks anon
>>158523 I mean I'm not gonna guard any Гунтs, but an honest win is a win for all. Nice one RaIph, roastie cutter child murderer blown the fuck out.
Open file (1.51 MB 200x150 1478690637695.gif)
>>158523 LMAO, she looks like she was going to cry at the end. Killstream really does always win baby.
>>158528 >>158529 I remember AA being a relatively big figure in the gap between 4 Horsemen and GG, ~2011-2012. The real odd one out is PleaseDiePie, especially with how much of an insufferable mojcaesar187ag he is.
>>158531 Vickers paid ppp not to talk about it
>>158537 Luckily for "us" all, the diary is getting released tonight.
>>158523 OH WOOOW
Open file (209.26 KB 465x370 cool dogger.png)
>>158537 This is the problem when all your lolcows are nepotist fwends on the internet and guard one another. Only /cow/ remains troo and unspoiled. /cow/ ALWAYS WINS
>>158540 >>158523 Perhaps the saddest part of this clip is that he's on eye-level with 5'2"-5'6" women. Notice the camera is right in their plane in their faces.
>>158542 They couldn't attack his height or weight due to them being protected characteristics.
Open file (37.01 KB 588x420 654654645.jpg)
>>158537 TheGatorGameraid off
>>158541 The saddest part is all the losers who used to perform a protective in-group barrier around the Гунт like Gator, Flamenco, Toad McKinley etc. are now anti-Гунт and are forming a protective in-group in that sphere instead and turning into a massive faggot circle jerk. Now the anti-Гунт sphere is just full of former Гунтguards who are still as pathetic and embarrassing as when they were Гунтguards, an now Гунт being free from the shackles of Gator, Flamenco and Tardski has become more funny.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
>>158545 Yeah it's the Sons of Kojima syndrome. Alogs becoming worse spergs than the actual lolcow
>>158509 >wounded feminist that can't get an abortion anymore <Гунт It is the rare absolute bottom feeders division of IBS.
Open file (14.43 MB 828x464 ptmf7gh5.mp4)
>>158425 Antifa got him, its over.
>>158521 Don't worry fam. I watch it as background noise and post the worst = most entertaning moments here.
Open file (102.61 KB 828x464 842429.jpg)
>>158548 *block your path*
>>158523 that's fucking savage and brutal by the jcaesar187amale. He just went all out on that chick. >>158526 >>158528 bickers he was once popular and got teenagers to become edgy atheists. >>158535 that was fucking brutal jcaesar187amales always win! >>158545 >>158546 yeah, that happened many times that the spergs that wanna make fun of the lolcow becomes the lolcows themselves.it is not going to be the first or last. Maybe jcaesar187 is becoming DSP-like figure?
Open file (25.27 KB 570x487 asdsaasdasddsa.jpg)
>>158523 She instantly shuts down that was pretty jcaesar187amale not gonna lie.
Open file (138.91 KB 765x714 milk_Trinity.jpg)
>>158551 >Maybe jcaesar187 is becoming DSP-like figure?
>>158548 Nothing more pathetic than a center left wing fascist cuck. Really what do you mutts feed them, they look like a 4 year old could break their noodle arms.
>>158554 I am also interested to know or is it making of a new phenotype? >>158552 those words cut her more than the knife that cuts her skin. >>158553 what am I looking at? that jcaesar187 is not /cow/, dsp is not /cow/ and christ-chan is not /cow/ but together they form /cow/ an julay? Like it is the trinity?
>>158553 stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot retard please
Open file (3.80 MB 540x960 ghosts.webm)
>>158556 send an email to complain
>>158556 Do (you) always just post this and nothing else?
>>158555 >>158557 a couple of free (you)s for you fwend since >>158556 anon is acting like a ni​gg​er.
>>158523 Sorry Гунтlemen, but that W has just been overturned by the Supreme Court. The L stands.
Open file (988.79 KB 480x368 stoic.mp4)
Open file (628.70 KB 544x360 Modern Rap.mp4)
>>158559 Thanks fwend, here you can have 2 reformed stoic webm's.
Open file (61.88 KB 600x516 absolutelyharam.jpg)
>>158559 >>158562 I know this Pride Month, but can you two queers go be gay somewhere else?
>>158563 It is more like he enjoys the nippon ladies I post.
How long do I have to wait before Asston stabs Tardski in the back? He has set up the audience to want this so much and he is gonna deliver, right?
>>158563 I'm gonna violently rape you check'em
>>158565 As long as keeping Tradski around brings in the green he won’t do that. He is far too much of a greedy kike for that. >>158564 >>158566 Debased and suicidepilled. You two are more lolcow material than the ones we discuss ITT.
>>158566 Those sex sex dubs
Open file (882.04 KB 900x2000 0336 - voq4rhJ.gif)
>>158567 sorry anon can't hear you while i'm raping you
>>158567 >you are more lolcow than we discus like who? the discussion goes from B*llefag being a cuckold, to jcaesar187's new W, while your wanna talk about the Lesbian looking mang and the tard that everyone knows he is a grifter at this point, and do people other than their paypiggies watch their show? After all they are holding cawntent as a hostage while demanding payments for their low iq takes that is not even lukewarm, it is just retarded. >>158569 Is it fun to rape a virgin, or was the anus not a virgin?
>>158570 >jcaesar187's new W Fuck off, faggot. He managed to out banter a suicidal slut protesting the abortion ban, and before that they made fun of his diabeetus socks. 1-1 against that opponet is not a W. >>158569 You are a redditfrog sperg and a legit homosexual who fantasises about gay rape.
>>158570 wasn't fun but had to be done, anons ass is sore now as you can tell from this post >>158571
Open file (2.22 MB 720x960 nippon butt.mp4)
>>158571 he managed to get the w bickers that bitch shout the fuck up afterwards. that is an objective W, even if you don't like the fella. >>158572 It is for the greater good of the thread, my mang.
Open file (1.88 MB 854x480 buck.webm)
>>158572 Sounds like a redditfrog posting G​AMERGATE trying to compensate for having been buck broken of course in fact. Though, you come off like one of them peculiar bucks. >>158573 No. You don't earn a W after a 1-1 against a gaggle of bitches. Only a degenerate low-IQ spastic who spams pornography would be retarded enough to kiss his pawpaw's rings for that pitiful performance.
>>158565 It's never going to happen as long as they keep meeting their donation goal.
>>158574 stop crying anon and go put some preparation h on your anus now it will make it feel better
Is there still any doubt that this person doesn't exist?
>>158574 >No. You don't earn a W after a 1-1 against a gaggle of bitches. when they make fun of your diabetes sucks and then you call them out for cutting themselves, until they shut up. that is a win, they back out of the verbal confrontation. >Only a degenerate low-IQ spastic who spams pornography would be retarded enough to kiss his pawpaw's rings for that pitiful performance. sorry, I don't have internet daddy's and it is not pornography but rather idols that is just in lingerie and bikini, that is not pornography.
When is the diary drop?
>>158565 three hours on daimyo's channel.
>>158523 kek that was kino
>>158574 >simping for a bpd roastie just to a snatch a W from jcaesar187
Open file (23.34 KB 464x275 SOON.jpg)
>>158583 >pretending obvious W wasn't a W troonfarmers are pathetic
>>158548 >thweetie do you exthpect a strong and independynt womyn to contratheive? Clearly you are a fasheest!
>>158527 Perfection. Only thing I'd change is removing asston presenting his bleached anus so it can be circulated on other websites.
>>158583 >>158584 it does not work bickers jcaesar187 cannot stop winning.
Just noticed that Tardski is going on the S-S-S-Simpcast tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkE5rgX8yqs
>>158548 >gets confronted by an antifacuck >what's your show? <w-what's your show sir? >do you support our right to murder children? <i-i-i don't know you sir please don't hurt me >gets recorded by some girl <AUUUUUUUUGH THANKS FOR RECORDING SWEETHEART LOOK ME UP I'M jcaesar187 OF THE ГунтSTREAM The Гунт courageously cowering in front of the weakest of men then immediately asserting his jcaesar187acuck energy on a women even shorter then he is. Totally another massive W for the Гунт!
>>158589 When HE said "Do you support out right to abortion?" he could have said "I support your right to abortion".
>>158591 Don't expect a guy whose vocabulary is limited to BITCH, WHORE, NIGGER, and FAGGOT to come up with that in a moment's notice. R A L P H AMALES DAWNT NEED ANEH WEETEH CAWMBACKS BEETCH!
Open file (24.56 KB 378x357 1554088420.jpg)
>>158523 holy shit he killed her lmao
Not gonna lie I wouldn't be that interested for the mentally deranged diary reading if it wasn't hyped up by Vickers fake W. Now I am genuinely curious what is in there.
>>158591 >Words hurt me go cut yourself fREaK
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 8792658925.jpg)
>>158583 Hoes mad
Open file (52.23 KB 489x684 87128921592856.jpg)
>>158588 >Special Guest Special needs guest
>>158588 He sounds like a perfect fit judging by the title of the stream.
Open file (223.79 KB 357x593 781481258295.png)
>>158597 Of course Muttni is back to insert herself into things too
Open file (13.88 KB 293x293 FWCAYw1XEAw7TUJ.jpg)
https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream SOYIMO VS THE CUCKED BY Гунт FAMILY
>>158601 >trans discord with namefaggots who don't even browse /cow/ jerking each other off I'll pass.
>>158600 >If Vickers sends 2000$ they won't read it I hate this already. This is going to end horribly.
>foxdick or /cow/ need this pdf plz pay 1k dollars You heard the foxdicks, pay up! >bryan white knighting fellow cuck vickers Apparently, earwinson is being held hostage by perspicity the foxdick homo.
>>158599 I would rather insert things into muttni
Open file (911.83 KB 1280x720 Muttni shark.png)
>>158605 t. muttni
Open file (655.34 KB 1080x819 diary of a whorey kid.png)
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 tfw alogs always lose2.jpg)
>>158600 >>158601 this Daiymo stream seems interesting that is for sure. Also, the joke by PO was pretty dang funny. >>158603 this is pretty dang funny. >>158604 No fun Brian being a negative Nancy. >>158605 Don't be too naughty mister anon.
I only recently realized that Ral.h is his surname. Why does Faith refer to him by his surname?
Open file (130.92 KB 832x1000 Venti hawt.jpg)
>>158605 /ourmutt/ so cute
Open file (21.98 KB 400x400 2895689125562.jfif)
>>158609 Yeah, even the girl who he knocked up calls him "jcaesar187"
Open file (11.99 KB 312x48 hggh.jpg)
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
Is queen of pol getting funded by vickers?
>>158613 He was on KC, so yeah probably.
>>158613 He's getting bullied by pedo org and soyimo.
ngl Soyimo BTFО'd QOP pretty good, I chuckled
Open file (312.65 KB 808x1072 dd.jpg)
Faith'a autistic drawing
>>158609 he has 3 first names, eth'an, oliver, and ral'ph. I kinda think that his father or mother fucked with the jcaesar187amale. >>158610 /ourmutt/ is the Nubian kween of /cow/. >>158611 >>158612 jcaesar187amale is a real thing, remember dat. >>158613 I don't know why kween of pol is getting funded by the Vickers but I guess everyone needs a yes-man.
Open file (329.04 KB 632x334 gay furry.png)
Open file (255.35 KB 416x599 ethan gunt face wtf.png)
Faith is literally the whore that gets fucked and groomed by some ugly bastard in some dojinshi.
Open file (106.43 KB 1280x720 817196826592563.jpg)
Open file (47.77 KB 400x400 bBCRvJ4K_400x400.jpg)
>>158620 only not attractive and no big boobs
I can't believe any woman even a mentally ill one would be thirsty and dreaming about having sex with jcaesar187. But there it is.
>>158621 Muttni won.
Open file (39.33 KB 800x450 1589892592856.jpg)
>>158625 She buck broke Tariq Nasneed
Open file (477.40 KB 510x759 892592855896.png)
>>158626 That was brutal buck breaking >>158627 yup, vid related my mang.
>>158627 shes always been mentally ill. She also claims that Daddy hit it first.
>>158628 Thanx, I was busy with other things >>158629 Maybe he did, or didn't, but he definitely enables her mental illness.
>>158629 Only retarded mental invalids like Alice, Faith and Mantsu would ever even consider letting Gvnt into them
Open file (346.07 KB 628x1116 無無田 huge butt.mp4)
>>158629 She is a crazy fuck, so you never know if spanking was perceived by her bickers she is a huge fucking pervert. >>158630 that is bickers mister Vickers is also mentally ill and probably autistic also, so you have a really bad combination. But this stream is funny bickers I bet Vickers is now trying to figure out how he can go after PO. But what he does not understand bickers he only reads foxdick and believe that America can extradite a Norwegian citizen for crimes that is not done on American soil. If the retard hires a Norwegian lawyer to go after PO, that is going to be funny bickers, it might cost allot more than he would expect.
>>158632 >that is bickers mister Vickers is also mentally ill and probably autistic also, so you have a really bad combination. I was referring to Malice's dad.
Open file (1.16 MB 960x720 zohwa.mp4)
Open file (3.97 MB 720x1280 おはもも.mp4)
>>158633 what is the lore of Malice's dad?
Open file (1.09 MB 1902x741 daiymo mom.png)
>>158634 Fuck if I know. He just seems like a half absent Dad who lets her kill animals under his roof etc. Of course being an adult now, he can't do as much to restrain her, but present actions indicate he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do much when she was a minor.
Open file (36.18 KB 798x644 EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)
>>158635 Very hard to watch their show, PO has been doing this for how long, two years? Tardski had a better pace than him back when he did the show with Kyler.
Open file (1.55 MB 498x280 78921592836.gif)
>>158637 Yeah, he's good for five or ten minutes, and then I feel like he should stfu and read. His takes are shit, and he and Daiymo are up their own asses. And the ironic KC is old and tired "Vickers PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD"
Open file (300.97 KB 720x960 peachqueen creditcard.mp4)
>>158636 oh OK, I thought you had some lore. >>158637 He is holding the cawntent as hostage as tardski. >>158638 This is a grifting stream, and it says so in the title.
Open file (40.58 KB 571x548 1785492186562.jpg)
>>158639 >This is a grifting stream, and it says so in the title. B-But it's ironic when we do it! HAHAHAHAHAHA
>>158637 >he's watching why
>>158640 The girft is never ironic, and never will be ironic. It is just a grift. But at-least they are semi reading this even when they are kinda bad at reading aloud. Also now, >we know why mister Vickers did not want the diary to be read, bickers the Vickers family like dad and mom did not visit her or call her. >>158641 tardksi or mister Vickers? That is a good question.
Open file (187.44 KB 483x750 vickers_gaytor.png)
>>158642 >Also now, >we know why mister Vickers did not want the diary to be read, bickers the Vickers family like dad and mom did not visit her or call her. Maybe that is why, but maybe not. It's hard to say how things are run over there in the mental hospital. Also, she had fucked her parents over and they also have a bunch of minor offspring to parent. So taking a break with Fai_Fai might have been a good idea especially as their parenting didn't help her much to start.
>>158644 It is an interesting stream.
Open file (1.35 MB 846x571 your mom at work.png)
Basically nothing interesting in the diary, sparing you listening to 4 hours of utter cringe.
Open file (583.33 KB 808x1066 freakyfai.png)
>>158646 >utter cringe I happen to be a connoisseur
>>158646 Woah, xander is not the first but the second to the big throne of the Vickers castle, and to the trailerpark.
Open file (373.44 KB 450x594 retort was aborted.png)
The retort already has been aborted, Гунт already has had his own angel baby.
>>158646 >(1) Sure thing Matthew.
Open file (30.90 KB 657x527 89258925.png)
>>158646 > 4 hours That's being conservative about it
>>158646 You are a shit father Matt.
>>158651 it not 4 hours but more like almost 3 hours for now. And it is just half the diary, the next one is in 8 days or something.
Open file (286.73 KB 446x493 gunt round.png)
>>158650 >>158652 Tell me I'm wrong.
Open file (1.02 MB 1280x720 Sargonwinsagain.mp4)
Open file (6.75 MB 1280x720 WHEN WE DO IT.webm)
Open file (249.57 KB 1246x702 ralph_sargon_kid.webm)
>>158654 they are done, so it is not 4 hours. So technically they held the second half as a hostage for the next stream. But unlike tardski and the lesbian-looking mang they would've held it hostage if 2k was not brought up, straight away.
Open file (286.57 KB 592x528 8912659821598.png)
>>158656 Well at least they broke it up
Open file (2.11 MB 1920x1080 ralphamale.mp4)
jcaesar187 sama I kneel?
>>158658 yeah, that is something. one might say that it is actually better than what the lesbian and tardski does. I am going to re-watch it, if I am being honest mang. bickers I have kinda just been watching news and eating sushi as dinner today. >>158659 that was pretty dang funny.
>>158654 How much does vickers pay per damage control post?
Open file (78.27 KB 1280x720 543543543.jpg)
a rare Signalboot dono in the wild.
>>158662 >G​AMERGATEfaggot I wonder if it is Andy getting it out of his system from being muzzled by Jewstar.
Open file (114.48 KB 1189x890 545435.jpg)
>>158663 No, it's just Andy's dad.
Open file (227.95 KB 434x433 ClipboardImage.png)
I kneel
>>158555 Checked. >/cow/ the Гунтfather >/cow/ the Phil >/cow/ the holy sonichu
>>158666 stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot please
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
Open file (731.93 KB 480x640 おりん.mp4)
>>158668 looks like the negative Nancy is still pissed off that I am getting more attention than he is.
>>158574 I don't want jcaesar187 to get wins, I think he is funnier taking constant L's like he normally does, but a win is a win. Was breddy funny too, her line wasn't bad be he came back and blew out her busted neghole. Don't try and make me Гунтguard with your retarded hot takes, I refuse to guard a single Гунт until he does what has to be done about the faux cancerman. >>158669 Think he's a B3llefag, or merely retarded without also being a full blown cuck?
>>158671 I disagree. jcaesar187 is known to do extremely retarded things shortly after scoring wins. The problem is that with his last few 'wins' he's been grasping at straws out of desperation and he knows it. That's why he remains too guarded to do something really funny recently.
Open file (479.02 KB 483x325 Sponge.gif)
Tfw you are a B*llefag and you a riddled with anxiety and click "Refresh" with crippling impending doom, knowing it's just a matter of time until animated gifs of your waifu getting busted by bbc is posted up and down the thread.
Open file (230.25 KB 1095x1509 FWD7JP6aQAINHzN.jpg)
Open file (235.72 KB 960x1280 FWFo2c2aMAEJzQc.jpg)
Open file (382.84 KB 1364x2048 FWHyjRZaQAAh0HX.jpg)
>>158671 >Think he's a B3llefag, or merely retarded without also being a full blown cuck? Technically B*llefag is a cuck bickers he has an invested interest in her as a waifu for whatever unknown reason. And now that she is fucking N​IGGERs like a pornwhore was the time to throw the whore into the trash but instead he doubled down and thinks that being a waifu fag and a cuckold to that waifu is based. So in other words the gurlfwend simulation just fucked him over harder than heroin abuse does. >>158672 I don't know, I have my focus on mister Vickers for the time being. >>158673 Then throw that whore waifu and find a new one, if not find multiple ones, so you cannot be accused of being a cuckold that way.
>>158674 <B*llefag What I wanted the guy to know was that there is a difference between just lust and busting a nut to a whore and having an emotional attachment to that whore. Falling for a the parasocial relationship is what makes you a mark/sucker and thus a cuck. Bc ofc she is not really yours, despite all her attempts at marketing herself as your online gf. It's these lonely faggots and simps that fall for the parasocial relationship that are beyond pathetic. For example, I feel no need to defend any whore I post in this thread. I understand they are whores. They are only there for my sexual gratification. You look at them but don't bond to them. They are not waifus and I would never get offended if they are mocked as they are not mine, nor do I care. The B*llesimp is different in that he is bonded to B*lle and feels the need to defend her against attacks. Even though IRL he has nothing to gain from doing so as she doesn't even know he exists. He does it for free. B*llefag got mind-fucked and forced into a dichotomy where you can't find a good option to get out. 1. Be a cuck and own it. 2. Admit your waifu is getting torn apart by bbc and cry, revealing weakness that will be attacked by others. He chose the former option 1 to cope. The only thing I would disagree with is that fucking nigs was the time to throw her away as a waifu. That's like the final straw. When she started doing softcore porn was the 1st straw. Then when another man appeared on camera fucking her was another big time to jump ship. It's like these sad simps didn't realize there was her boyfriends behind the camera shooting the videos for years until he finally appeared on camera for hardcore sex scenes. Then when she got pregnant would be the last time to jump ship before the horrors of what's next. It makes me lose faith in humanity to know this grift works for her just bc men are horny losers desperate for affection. B*ellle has ruined an entire generation of lonely men. She is cashing out while leading men down the cuckold pipeline. A fair and just society would prosecute her crimes against humanity as she is robbing men of normal healthy relationships and making them into sissy cuckolds for bbc. But our globohomo perverse society rewards her with fame and wealth.
>>158676 I always use methstreams.com the chat is fucking wild
Does anyone really develop feelings for a pornstar and feel bad about seeing her get fucked by a nog?
>>158673 >>158674 >>158675 >(((Kirschner))fag Vs Muttnifag and Weakload again Fucking stop. None of them will fuck you faggots.
>>158679 They are whores except TheGatorGamer its just a question of how much one is willing to spend
>>158677 methstreams.com is crackstreams? I used to use crackstreams where it used to be a cesspool of black supremacists vs white supremacists but Dana White shut it down. I'll check it out. Thanks. >>158679 I'm not any waifufag. Only B*llefag and the Muttnifag actually think they have a chace. Hence, the defense of them here. >>158678 Onlyfans and e-girls is not the not same thing as an out-and-out porn hooker. Onlyfans causes gf-simulation.
>>158680 >filtering TheGatorGamer to Nigger Robi..
>>158680 ...and how you look. It doesn't matter if you have gajillions of dollars if you look like jcaesar187.
>>158683 jcaesar187 is a special case. Looks like a pig, behaves like a wild sow and his most valuable asset is a patch of swamp land. I mean, everyone can compete with this outside of a pig stall that is ibs of course, biggest hog in the sector
Open file (2.38 MB 640x360 1631511805719.webm)
>>158678 Once upon a time I owned a really comfy pair of grey tracksuit pants. I don't know what it was, maybe the thickness of the fabric, but they were great. Cool in summer, warm in winter. They were great for just chilling out in on my days off and they were so comfy I didn't care if they were fashionable or not, I would wear them everywhere. Whenever I wanted to just relax and be myself, chances were I would be wearing those tracksuit pants. They were like an extension of me. Then one day, I got really bad food poisoning. Seriously bad. I would have gone to hospital if I could crawl to the phone to call an ambulance. I spend nearly 3 days hovering over a toilet bowl either vomiting or shidding. Got to the point where I could not even keep down water. Needless to say, I shidded my pants. I projectile sharted in my favorite comfy tracksuit pants. I was vomiting at the time and had a split-second to choose between continuing to vomit in the toilet or drop my pants and spin around and shit and just let the vomit fly, or continue to vomit in the bowl and hope I could hold in the violent shart. So I shat my pants. As an adult. Very shameful. I got better and washed those tracksuit pants, but I could never look at them the same way. Sure, they were the same tracksuit pants, but they had lost something. They had been tainted somehow and it was no longer comfy to wear them. In fact it was un-comfy. I can empathize with bellefag. His favorite coombait is now like my shit-stained pants. Tainted on a spiritual level. No longer comfy. I empathize, but do not sympathize. I now have 2 pairs of comfy pants, by the way. One black and one navy blue.
Open file (53.36 KB 532x800 FWGjTjkakAEEmrq.jpg)
Open file (550.32 KB 2048x1536 FWGLxa0acAEfd77.jpg)
Open file (568.60 KB 1536x2048 FWEFs8RacAAUzmy.jpg)
>>158675 interesting take there. you are right there were multiple times to jump ship but he chose to simp for her, for whatever unknown reason. >>158678 yeah, that is something that is weird since they are a product to begin with, and as such one should not feel anything towards them except; "I gotta coom". >>158679 obviously, they are just whores on the internet. >>158681 >nlyfans and e-girls is not the not same thing as an out-and-out porn hooker. >Onlyfans causes gf-simulation. interesting analysis, I would say it is nearer to fwend simulation in a weird way or mistress simulation. But in reality it is just porn and you interact with the pornstar for whatever reason. Instead of porn being, what it used to be a separation and a window to the pleasures of the flesh, and taking it a step further and hire a prostitute for an hour. Somehow this interacting with the prostitute has become the niche and gimmick thing with onlyfans, and the whores sucker people obviously, one could feel bad but they are whores and as such one should never feel bad for their greed to make money of the flesh. >>158685 yeah, and it is just to find another pair of pants. simple as. There are so many whores now on onlyfans.
>>2 >Based Bella Worship Thread /cow/...
>>158681 >Onlyfans causes gf-simulation. Does it though? There is aspect of them sending messages sounding personal but they are addressed to everyone. And also she shows her body to all them men of the world. I can totally understand falling for gfe stuff when it comes to twitch thots since they pretend they aren't whores. Or even better vtubers, this is the true simp cash julayer. TheGatorGamerfag did you really love that whore?
>>158621 >Muttni speaking finna bix nood ebonics while Washyoass is speaking coherant English lole
>>158690 if it's PhaggotOrganisations shitty, i'd say there's a good chance down the left side of the image is a bunch of servers that have excessive sweating posted in them. he also has dms with a few people of note, namely gayhoole and pegmenco
>>158688 <onlyfans whores, twitch whores, vtuber whores Even though people are aware of the whore not being theirs, I would think they put it out of their mind or compartmentalize it so that they can enjoy the sweet bliss of gf-simulation. Bc some personal affection and attention is better than none. So the parasocial gf-sim creeps in, whether you want it to or not over time.
>>158646 >"There's nothing bad about jcaesar187 written in the diary and only Mr. Vickers? Guess it's a nothingburger."
>>158694 >Bc some personal affection and attention is better than none It is not though. At that point it is much better to let go of those and stop interacting with women altogether except for jerking off or hookers. It makes your life significantly better.
foxdick trannies took a line about Faith making jcaesar187 whimper with some sloppy toppy into him getting pegged all to try snatch away his W all while saying there's nothing good in the diary
Open file (55.57 KB 166x196 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158674 Heh look at this little guy
Open file (23.45 KB 319x310 10good.jpg)
Open file (291.74 KB 1125x691 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (439.62 KB 1125x894 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (763.96 KB 1125x1340 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (163.41 KB 591x534 ClipboardImage.png)
>>158697 They don't call them fanfiction forums for nothing. The jcaesar187amale is an archetypical VN protagonist that fucks a bitch 15 time in a single session.
>>158619 he's a pedo mate
>>158699 >the fanfic farms literally grapsing at straws to call Гунт a sweaty gamer while they openly defended pedomenco until jewsh said otherwise I love this sort of cognitive dissonance from foxdicks, then again jewsh is a known pedo and they also just sort of pretend it's nawt truuu. >kikestorian X seething about the soyimo That video that he did must still be hurting that foxdick.
>>158701 the irony of any of them calling anyone a pedo when josh is a pedo and such a pussy he bans anyone who brings up his past stalking and rape threats of an underage girl when he was in his 20s.
>>158691 Dude's a megapedo
Open file (114.86 KB 776x639 5d41f356bca6a.jpeg)
>>158699 >bad handwriting and being a shit artist means that if someone fucks you, they're a sweaty gamer That's a bit of a reach, even by my schizophrenia.
Open file (523.30 KB 592x499 gnomestar.png)