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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>210489 I wonder why catboy.tv has so many pedos and pedo enablers on it. I'm sure it's just a (((coincidence))) and it's not a pattern.
did you know that Brett Keane was still alive? https://yt.funami.tech/watch?v=pOSi1wWDMxA
>>210499 Missed opportunity to challenge John Flynt to a street race.
Open file (3.50 MB 320x180 1985189912519.gif)
N​IGGER inspired me to put hispanic on a job application to some corporation bickers I am a quarter spanish (the OG spic) which is technically hispanic and it got me the job, based liberalistisms
Open file (698.08 KB 1062x887 892598598259285.png)
>>210502 > (the OG spic) The only spic. Everyone else is an imposter or wannabe
Open file (490.00 KB 456x649 sargon of akkad.png)
>>210502 are there any photos of N​IGGER's black dad?
>>210504 *granddad
Open file (351.63 KB 500x300 1462330012483-1.gif)
>>210502 Too bad soygoy's padfather isnt actually black its all just a grift by goygoy
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 2875782158172.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5MDXW0u0Y0 >Nick had to kiss Coomalot331 bickers he played Journey on the piano in Las Vegas *cameo by Pippa Pipkin
Open file (305.94 KB 516x462 ENDURE.png)
>>210510 what a fag
Open file (51.84 KB 525x387 eggwinson.jpg)
>>210486 nah, teddy is not smart enough to use an imageboard this is the result of Гунтwinson being in a more pathetic state than teddy feaser >>210489 PEDO FIRST STRIKES AGAIN >>210492 t. pedo
Open file (53.87 KB 619x582 tardsmile.jpg)
>>210469 Yes Muttni other people wake up wanting to do boring work. You being bored of work is a medical condition. You're very special and a victim.
Open file (3.07 MB 1023x906 1546328594879.gif)
>>210492 Based.
Open file (17.28 KB 598x192 gunty.png)
Open file (78.23 KB 732x1024 RalphaMania2.jpg)
>>210513 >16 year old is le sweaty gamer Retarded foxdick-tier take, being attracted to a 16 year old is not excessive sweating, doesn't jewish jerk it to 5 year olds getting cut to pieces.
>>210518 t. jon zherka
>>210517 Гунт vs. TheTheGatorGamerGamer Sterling!
Open file (123.54 KB 752x511 pedowinson.png)
>>210518 pedo being pedo
>>210521 In a trad and based sense we should have arranged marriage bickers any woman after 14 was passed around the cock caroussel during the prime whoring years of her puberty, we separated schools through sex for a reason.
Open file (39.69 KB 392x601 sargon pops.jpeg)
>>210504 >>210505 None that I know of, but his old man doesn’t look like he’s dark enough to be a halfnig so make of that what you will.
>>210521 I wish Earwinson would drop this shtick of calling himself a king. He sounds like a white nіggеr.
>>210523 He looks like artie bucco, maybe his gramps is italian.
>>210524 I'm really more concerned with how he's turned from a man ridiculing lolcows into a man sucking egrifter cum for just a smidge of clout. Just a complete 180 on his most basic espoused beliefs, just like Asston, may god rest his soul.
>>210528 Earwinson put all his eggs in the cozy.gov basket and then Fuentes released the new rule stating no doxing and harassing. Which is all the faggot did on his streams, showing people's doxes and naming them, alogging Gaytor, etc. He got fucking kneecapped.
Open file (97.04 KB 602x409 PPP.png)
>>210528 >>210534 Here's what Ashton retweeted about his ex-boyfreind a couple days ago...Have to really question what has been occurring behind-the-scenes with Гунтwinson. Most of his streams lately have been trash. Why would he go to Cozy immediately after the Ali Alexander pedo grooming scandel? Also, Glowinson is well aware that Cozy.tv has been the brightest glowing honeypot for some time now, yet he leaves YouTube to go be affiliated with a bunch of nonces.
Open file (285.33 KB 400x496 hwndu.png)
Open file (4.01 MB 1168x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>210537 Holy shit. Ugly niggеr-nose.
Open file (310.20 KB 375x477 sexy.png)
>>210538 very sexy
Open file (236.48 KB 745x326 nipples.png)
what is about nick and his G​AMERGATEs? every time with this little cunt, this is the muh low black unemployment that the gop does >>210540 wash that oily skin
Open file (184.06 KB 854x463 Destiny ring.jpg)
Does anybody have the clip of Destiny describing sucking off an old man who didn't have balls?
>>210534 Gaytor isn't a cozy streamer.
>>210541 ultimately he needs to promote himself on red pilled normie G​AMERGATEs channels in order to grow his audience.
Open file (22.49 KB 403x436 calli.jpg)
Open file (7.99 KB 152x156 gura.jpg)
>>210540 This is Calli and Gura.
>>210547 The only reason anons know of Gura is bickers of Muttni seethe about shark girl, and I don't know if a Calli has ever been mentioned once before in the thread ever. Are they another Vtubber or what seems to be their connection with Muttni raging right now
>>210545 just like his identical twin sister, hes just a G​AMERGATE loving homo
>>210548 Shark loli*
Open file (264.14 KB 578x411 mutt.png)
>>210547 This is Muttni. lol >>210548 True. It's Mutt's seething that has brought awareness to the shark girl and now this Cali one.
Open file (123.64 KB 586x503 lol.png)
>>210551 Right...it's only okay for Brittany to use loli to collect simps? This shit always turns into anons being coerced into finding the Mutt attractive- if not, then you're some sort of lolicon.
>>210554 thats a chibi doe
>>210556 Okay retard, who gives a fuck? It looks more sexualized than the shark girl. TheTheGatorGamerGamer's just a sad roastie that constantly seethes about a cartoon getting way more simp pay piggies than her.
Open file (277.39 KB 597x573 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (277.39 KB 597x573 ClipboardImage.png)
>>210558 no it doesnt, difference is that shark girl is a loli ie. kid
>>210563 i'm gonna have to side against metokur for a minute, all those games are goyslop.
Open file (259.65 KB 375x445 ball.png)
>>210565 sure. >>210554 Then what Muttni posted looks like a sexualized toddler. Interesting you feel such a need to white knight for a titcow.
Open file (23.34 KB 464x275 metogunt.jpg)
>>210566 Medicare had always had shit normalfag taste at everything, cows included.
>>210567 But i'm not white knighting
>>210566 boltgun and system shock are way different from standard goyslop
>>210571 One is a "retro" shitter other is a transheart game
>>210572 Actually i looked at boltgun and it looks just like brutaldoom
Open file (777.68 KB 1500x1465 Joshua Moon Pie.jpg)
Jewsh Moonpie is NOT going live!
>>210564 Is she allergic to Aryan semen as well?
>>210460 I'd take /ourmutt/ to wife any day and make an honest woman out of her. There's no saving Lav though, I'm afraid.
Open file (135.27 KB 310x409 tbys.png)
>>210575 Must be since she's with this guy.
>>210563 Is this fucking faggot ever going to die?
>>210578 No, cry more soygoy
>>210577 ;_; guess it is back to Lav then.
Open file (144.10 KB 618x597 51921526125625.jpg)
>>210576 >I can change her
>hey guise, I'm biracial. I hate wypipo and G​AMERGATEs too
Open file (41.33 KB 680x441 N-word with hard r.jpeg)
>>210582 Nah, she wants that Aryan dick, but like all women with a drop of negro blood she cannot say that out loud.
Open file (311.25 KB 500x470 chick2.png)
Open file (289.71 KB 500x445 chick1.png)
>>210582 They sure do love that fried chicken.
>>210585 makes for a great face cream
Open file (3.69 MB 498x280 8174581952829.gif)
>>210583 She hates white WAHMENS, aka "KARENS" >>210585 >I'm so hot, pics of me eating are hot
whats all this shit im seeing about twitter and partnering with ben shapiro's daily rabbi?
Open file (45.61 KB 400x401 kong.png)
Like video games? Don't like /v/iggers? Come to >>>/kong/, the best alternative!
>>210536 >Here's what Ashton retweeted That's Tardski doing the retweeting, Ashley is decomposing in the spare bedroom
Open file (121.24 KB 649x866 venti.jpg)
Open file (563.94 KB 1536x2048 lav.jpg)
Which way white man?
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 871218725189.gif)
>>210591 >Ashley is decomposing in the spare bedroom His fingers are too fat to tweet
Open file (112.36 KB 500x282 298659285921859285.gif)
>>210588 wtf was with that pause did this 304 just have a stroke?
>>210595 thottery i assume
Open file (1.06 MB 306x252 2t43ym.gif)
>>210563 Street Fighter 6 has denuvo, you need a "capcom ID" whatever the fuck that is great another throwaway account and email that I'll never use again and lose my access to this game if I forget the login, and it has something like three different battle passes. Diablo 4 is pretty much the same. Shut the fuck up Gym, gaming is worse than it's ever been. I'm solely holding onto my sanity by rocking back and forth repeating "Armored Core is coming"
Open file (143.00 KB 514x758 Josh Moon drawing 2.png)
Jewsh Moonpie is going live at 6 PM EST if you are still interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u38qrxHD3r8
Open file (184.10 KB 439x439 i sleep.png)
Open file (28.88 KB 600x350 ClipboardImage.png)
https://youtu.be/NSFbcGea7Oc NEW THOMAS ROILOUP
Open file (5.36 KB 178x282 gaytor.jpg)
>>210599 >gaming is worse than it's ever been <implying its somehow worse than the drought from 2010-2013 where literally nothing good came out
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 0b958d846133ed56.png)
https://youtu.be/yuY2Jv68sJo You can say things about Cog but this is KINO
Open file (138.34 KB 799x853 ClipboardImage.png)
>>210603 Oh man that 2010 drought
Open file (119.47 KB 1728x511 New Frontier.jpg)
A black dude who's been attacking Cozy has appeared in RPGTV's chat. "New Frontier." A new challenger appears?
Open file (252.84 KB 672x604 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (245.80 KB 682x730 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (255.54 KB 649x693 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (943.87 KB 854x1055 inbred.png)
Is asston really tweeting from a hospital bed?
Open file (6.14 MB 1280x720 jew coomer.mp4)
>>210608 meanwhile we have our pride month text for every post
Open file (4.44 MB 1440x2560 20170430_225704.png)
Open file (4.32 MB 1440x2560 20170430_225647.png)
What did MrDeadman mean by this?
>>210605 >nintentoddler shit, bioshit, blizzshit, sonyshit, rockstarshit, actishit only good thing is the street fighter rerelease
Open file (131.09 KB 924x1594 FxqOyw4WwAIbah1.jpg)
>>210605 Are you 18?
>>210608 eternal reminder by metokur
>>210608 Send him your power, /cow/ ! :^)
>>210563 >d4 >good not gonna lie the important part has been fun so far, the gameplay. The story is hot trash but who the fuck cares. Inarius gets turbo cucked. Lilith turns to ash and a chink totally saves the world dooms the world she literally hangs out with wolf-mephisto while carrying his soulstone The story is just a very long ad for the next expansion so whatever. No one ever mentions Tyrael. Necromancer is a banger though. Running a corpse explosion build is like being in vietnam you just blow shit up all day.
Kino Casino no-shows once again! Pathetic. Ashton is obviously having medical problems + laziness.
>>210614 >>210618 >gaming's beter than ever guys, if you disagree you're a zoomer Yeah ok.
Open file (184.12 KB 659x609 1450594680989.png)
>>210624 its not that its good just that its been stagnant for the last 15 years with the occasional exception when from software releases a game
>>210625 Toad McKinley NOOOO!!!!!!
>>210563 OK, fuck Jym. He is a sellout.
Open file (65.08 KB 890x266 tc.png)
>>210443 >>210467 MEGA FILE WARNING!
>>210632 Sounds like a lame attempt to scare people off from her porn mega folder. Just like Destiny claims his wife Melina's nudes are cp since she was underage and hopes people will not look at them and post them. Apparently she had a camwhore past.
>>210478 This fuckin retard was already warned by the judge to shut the fuck up about court proceedings months ago. jcaesar187 should get a good lawyer to submit the public admission from graf for evidence, then drop the logs of vickers retarded ass planning everything to fuck with him. Then see that jew rat get fucked hard.
>>210608 Sargone is the original Gymwalker. Years before Gaytore.
>>210632 This dumb bitch has tried that line for the last year now. She probably shouldn't be releasing vids of her busted snatch online mid coke binge if she don't want people to see em
>>210634 Well go on then, are you going to post them?
>>210615 SLAY 💅💅💅
update on coach. sorry if it's been posted, i'm way up in the thread. https://thegrayzone.com/2023/06/01/father-gonzalo-lira-american-jailed-in-ukraine-imprisonment/
>>210632 fucking dumb hole, keep trying I'll keep laughing
>>210644 (half heiled) Gross, that's Lainey. I was talking about Tiny's whore wife.
Open file (33.88 KB 700x129 karen.png)
>>210587 >>210615 Did she really do this? Ironic...maybe she saw your post and decided to get the "Karen" look. lulz
Open file (171.61 KB 367x404 78544894925881585.png)
>>210646 She cut her hair too short, but it looks better than that massive blob of curls that previously appeared to be eating her head
>>210639 I don't care about her enough to post many of them but you can see them by typing "Melina Göransson nudes" into seach engines. Here's one page: https://getfappy.com/24452/full-video-melina-goransson-nude-twitch-streamer-leaked-56-31/
Open file (201.56 KB 820x435 tit.png)
>>210645 MEGA my jewish mother surprise tits!
>>210648 >>210649 >>210650 Oh mein Gott!
>>210592 I like Jewesses more than mutts, and I want to believe Lav is genuinely racist.
>>210642 It's so over kinobros.
>>210635 There's no gag order about the court case, nor is it part of the restraining order as long as what they say is truthful and not defamatory. This is why Гунт got himself into trouble in the case we're currently waiting for the verdict, bickers he parroted a bunch of easily disproven lies about Vickers taking the coinshop from the former owner. When Гунт keeps saying he can't talk about something bickers some VEXACIOUS LITIGANTS will pursue him for it, it really only goes for shit that's a provable lie, but his dumb pig brain for some reason thinks he can't talk about anything court related, maybe bickers that's how it worked in the court shows and movies he's based most of his cases on.
>>210478 Another L for the Viggers?
>>210657 Still waiting for the verdict.
>>210658 what's the best case scenario?
>>210656 Yeah ok TheGatorGamer. Vickers was specifically told by the judge the last time that his order of protection he has against jcaesar187 would be rescinded if he was caught antagonizing him and starting shit with him via proxy. You can't file for an order of protection claiming you're family is at risk of harassment and then engage in a long term organized harassment while crying victim via other people. Vickers has already been caught trying to pay people to fuck with jcaesar187 via the chudbuds leaks, now the confirmed publicly graf leaks can easily be submitted as evidence bickers graf the owner himself confirmed the breach and what was taken from it. That proves vickers was collaborating and instructing people to go fuck with jcaesar187 the entire time. He's been warned by the judge multiple times now to cut that shit out or he'd lose the protection order and be in trouble. Vickers is a fucking idiot and a loser and all he has done is prove how fuckin retarded he is at every turn.
>>210659 For who? From the descriptions of both parties it seems like jcaesar187 is losing, it's just a matter of if and how much money will have to be paid. >>210660 >chudbud leaks Unverified hacked materials from a platform that can't even verify it retroactively bickers it's dead. >poast leaks More unverified hacked materials, very unlikely to be let in unless the judge loves the Гунт, and after Vickers played clips of him yelling N​IGGER in court, that's very unlikely. Outside of these leaks jcaesar187 has nothing, and they are most likely going to be thrown out of court, also the restaining order doesn't include a vague term like "antagonizing", he's not allowed to lie about him or directly interact with him or tell anyone else to. Outside of that there's no real restrictions as far as I can recall.
>>210661 "Unverified" You're fuckin retarded, graf gave an official statement and issued a gay police report about the data types leaked and even cited the fuckin thread here as its source of its posting. The judge spoke to him about this shit months ago and told him to cut the shit or he'd lose the protection order. Jesus christ you're so fucking dumb lmao. Go back to foxdick its showing where you came from. Clueless like always.
Open file (7.77 MB 2600x1581 monsters.png)
>>210660 I thought it was proven by now that the Vickers are completely insane. They claim that the only thing they want is Гунт taking responsibility for his kid whilst they try to fuck with him as hard as they can instead of trying to mend their relationship like normal human beings. The only guy who still defends the Vickers is >cog bickers they are his goldstar paypigs.
>>210662 Nigger, they're literally hacked materials, gained through illegal activities, if you think those are going to be let in verified or unverified you are retarded. Not that it matters for the current case anyway, since the retard pig forgot that he needed to actually show up to present evidence, which he tried and was told to fuck off. Now in theory Гунт could try to sue the Vickers for violating the restraining order, pray that the hacked materials get in, but that's most likely going to result in a financial penalty if it even works out in his favor, which is unlikely bickers no lawyer jcaesar187 has fucked up hard at almost every step on the way. I mean I get that you want your edaddy to triumph in the courtroom, but even he himself knows he's losing so hard he mutes the Vickers lawyer doing the only actually professional work there.
>>210663 Apparently that's changed now and he says he just wants jcaesar187 out of xanders life entirely, and considering he already calls the mexican sweaty gamer daddy, it's gonna be hard for Гунт to make much of an impact outside of being the source for the revenge porn xanders classmates will inevitably find or be sent.
>>210661 >For who? For >us.
>>210666 I'm still catching up from yesterday, looks like jcaesar187 already lost but he's celebrating for having to pay only 1500 as a fine, possibly 500 if he shows good behaviour. Not sure if this is supposed to include attorney's fees though.
>>210661 Kill yourself Brian Holloman
>>210668 Convicted sex offender ethin relph lost the case esofaggy, I'm sure you have more important sweeping to do on twitter.
Open file (930.86 KB 480x356 gator_aa.gif)
>>210661 >>210668 Subpoena gaytor to testify. Same gay shit vickers did to Deadman & Daiymo, and gaytor has already willingly showed up to one of these, so it's really just a recall of a witness.
Open file (134.26 KB 1493x581 vickers.png)
Open file (56.58 KB 1278x159 1.png)
Open file (149.39 KB 882x288 2.png)
Open file (93.68 KB 894x252 3.png)
Open file (789.61 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.65 MB 336x238 ralphalaugh 2.gif)
>>210671 >$500 Oh no, how will Gvnt ever recover
>>210672 These 3 year long copyright disputs are something else.
>>210673 *nervous laughter* You retard, he is drowning in debt. He was too poor to fly to Cali to attend the procedings, and had to defend himself.
Open file (93.24 KB 441x441 ralphalaugh.jpg)
>>210675 >they say this for 3 years now
>>210676 No it's jcaesar187 himself that said so a week or two ago, that's why he missed Xander's birthday.
Open file (2.56 MB 566x1280 ralph_kirisu.mp4)
>>210675 He's high and drunk in Mexico, what does he care?
>>210671 >all that faggotry to charge the Гунт $500 Sure it's like half the Гунт's yearly income, but fuck the ending to this arc is lame. Vickers is a shitty antagonist.
>>210679 What is Morris cooking?
Open file (57.94 KB 900x506 FTnwHuraUAAYkaa.jpeg)
>>210661 All jcaesar187 has to do is play archives of Vickers show. He literally talks about sending Cog money to attack jcaesar187 in Portugal and then he paid Cog again for Dan's shirt covered in jcaesar187's blood. Vickers framed the shirt in his living room and shows it off like a trophy.
Open file (26.25 KB 486x513 RhC-FkTr.jpeg)
Open file (39.76 KB 486x622 IMG_4760.jpeg)
Open file (760.76 KB 762x678 image.png)
>>210669 Brian Holloman of Greenville NC is a convicted sweaty gamer who is gat and dresses like a alliTheGatorGamer when he goes out. Pathetic.
>>210679 The fine was always going to be marginal since the standard fine violating the order was gonna be 1k, its the 6-8k attorneys fees that are going to be in a seperate motion that are the real meat of the financial punishment, god knows how long that's gonna take though. >>210682 If a clip like that existed jcaesar187 would have tried and failed to enter it into evidence during any of the former proceedings, but there's nothing like that. I can only bother with the Vickers jcaesar187 court focused streams since them and their cohosts are grating as fuck but I definitely have not heard them say anything that stupid. But feel free to link a clip or timestamp and prove me wrong.
>>210614 putting shit at the end of every word doesn't make it shit
Open file (716.49 KB 320x240 niedowierzanie.gif)
>>210614 >street fighter rerelease
>>210614 >crapcomshit
>>210664 Nigger, anything publicly disclosed in a data leak report can be used as evidence in public domain. jcaesar187 could just have the court use Grafs public disclosure of the breach citing this thread as its verified source.
Open file (7.77 MB 300x170 298589252895.gif)
>>210675 >You retard, he is drowning in debt. Exactly. So wtf is $500?
Open file (1.84 MB 300x170 ralphashuffle.gif)
is foxdickfarms ever coming back up?
>>210648 >>210649 >>210650 Her tits suck, her body is generally good but nothing special besides being in shape, and her face is always pancaked with makeup. She should try having kids instead of doing the boring ethot thing for 10 years.
>>210467 >>210443 massive roast beef cunt
>>210690 It's all up to the discretion of the judge, who's already established as disliking jcaesar187, there's all kinds of arguments you could make and cases you could cite for either side most likely, so whoever can actually be bothered to pay for a lawyer will probably prevail. So in all likelyhood, not jcaesar187.
>>210694 Use tor
>>210691 >>210693 Another nail in the coffin?
michael jackson wasn't a sweaty gamer
Fuck my whore pussy with your pig dick. I've been such as bad girl. I need to be punished by your hog rod. Please ravage me and impregnate me with your pig dick, Ralllph-sama. I hate Faith and Matt Vickers.
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 871218725189.gif)
>>210703 >internet vs reality And/or "before and after pregnancy and childbirth"
Open file (76.78 KB 256x256 faith_2022.png)
Open file (505.35 KB 1619x684 ralphawhale.jpg)
When is Ralpf coming back to the U.S.of A?
Open file (36.55 KB 600x600 928592815958.jpg)
>>210705 >looks like her mom/jcaesar187 in a wig >sandra looked like jcaesar187 in a wig So much for "Fai_Fai fucked a version of her dad." jcaesar187 fucked a version of Sandra
>>210646 Exactly >waaaaaahh, it takes me three hours to do my shitty hair, you inconsiderate MAAAAAAAN!!!
>>210679 Vickers spent more money on lawyers for this case than the $500 fine Гунт will pay.
Open file (8.20 KB 400x60 morris.png)
Open file (6.36 KB 405x48 morris2.png)
Open file (16.56 KB 403x170 morris3.png)
Open file (25.97 KB 402x249 morris4.png)
>>210708 >3 hours maybe for that nappy coon fro
>>210710 i don't get it
Open file (28.96 KB 679x516 2895892592.jpg)
>>210712 jcaesar187 and mantsu don't want pics of Rozy's back to the camera photographed
>>210713 That's weird. Why don't the two sweaty gamers who were left alone for extended periods of time with a baby want her back photographed?
Open file (24.31 KB 600x572 8214821752.jpg)
>>210714 He doesn't like Harry rubbing it in and "she" doesn't want to antagonize him for some reason See >>210470
>>210715 I'm really curious what dirt the Гунт has on manstu to make "her" not want to start shit with him. It'd have to be pretty bad considering "her" being a pedo is already well known.
Open file (65.49 KB 972x776 589629859285.jpg)
>>210716 At the very least he has some Гунтing footage of "her"
Open file (9.94 MB 600x400 gunt ride.gif)
Open file (9.38 MB 472x274 thumbing.gif)
>>210716 >>210717 definitely has some Гунт thumbing action
>>210713 >>210714 grandpa is taking sneakshots of rozy and pantsu and posting it online with the intention of angering Гунтy
>>210716 More so then fear of revenge porn I'm pretty sure she's afraid of physical violence. Гунт keeps saying he can't remember most of the shit he did when he was in full xannie mode, and he sounds ashamed of it, combined with the fact that he was willing to choke out Faith when she was pregnant, I'd be surprised if Mantsu didn't take a couple hits. Also explains why she left when he was in California in secrecy, when you're afraid you're gonna get beat up or worse for trying to leave it's basically your only option.
>>210720 What physical violence? She left.
Open file (105.53 KB 1280x720 1654976807482.jpg)
>>210720 Maybe people that were literally fucking him don't feel as emotionally attached and spiteful in their remorse towards him as others.
>>210708 >>210711 Yeah, that is her sheboon side showing.
>>210721 Yeah, tactically waiting for him to be out of the country so he couldn't stop her. According to her dad she was planning her escape as far back as when jcaesar187 was yelling he was never gonna see his daughter or granddaughter again.
>>210723 Yeah, but plenty of them can cope with it. It's just she has the added complication of growing her hair long enough to surround her cheekbones to hide her hammerhead
>>210726 I don’t get it – why doesn’t she just use weave like all nogs?
>>210727 I wish I knew. She doesn't want to be that black? She's that cheap? Some other complication I as a white guy will never know or care about. Most of them seem to do it all the time
>>210728 That could be it; she is so damn determined to exaggerate her whiteness that she stubbornly refuses to resort to the typical black weave. It really does seem like a lot of hassle having to deal with nappy hair, and she already strikes me as high-maintenance.
Open file (400.42 KB 680x491 ClipboardImage.png)
Anything interesting happening besides assload not being dead and muttni wishing she was white? Props to coaches likely jewish dad for sticking up to his son.
>>210727 Who says she doesn't and just acts like she has long hair so she can complain about how long it takes to do her hair for attention?
>>210731 diddler dax is fighting all of comicsgate for some reason
Open file (459.32 KB 512x600 00181-3161786515.png)
>>210720 Yes, Pantsu leaving him while he was away was like a hostage situation where the girl is kidnapped and tries to communicate with people in public by blinking her eyes really fast or asking to go to the public bathroom and then running out the window like you see in crime shows. She feared the little pigman on Xanax. >>210723 That girl's problem of alienation is that she's a fucking albino. >>210724 Think about that. The woman is planning it all out. Premeditated. She didn't just snap one day after Gvnt punched her and tried to leave. She had to plan all that out in order to set up an escape and get shelter in the next location. It says something about women I guess. Or at least women in abusive/kidnapped situations. They're scheming when they need to be. >>210728 >>210727 Bc she's like 60% white or something. You can't give the hair up and let the black side win. So you gotta work with your hair bc it's a bit better than full black hair.
>>210734 A.I's getting better but still some serious flaws. Eyes are fucked and it can't decide whether her thighs are part of the desk or on top of the desk, and there's an impossible hand under her left tittie. A,I Titty goblin girls. truly the future our forefathers wanted. Def George Washington, toothless gumming weirdo.
Open file (55.91 KB 1002x383 hair.png)
>>210615 The people have spoken. The Mutt is going to have some long-term regrets about cutting her hair so short. Short hair can be more difficult to style than long hair, bickers it actually has to be styled...At least she will have something else to bitch about other than- muh corn allergy.
Open file (433.88 KB 512x600 00152-2601841747.png)
Open file (427.65 KB 512x600 00162-48299129.png)
Open file (440.20 KB 512x600 00034-3307909307.png)
>>210735 Yes, AI hentai has some serious flaws. You have to render a bunch to get 1 you like; so sometimes only 1/25 is decent. You can't directly control it perfectly. And it's full of weird body-horror. But it's getting pretty damn good though. I'm figuring out how to get most of what I want from it.
Reminder that Rackets hasn't streamed in 8 days now, and the end of his last stream he got completely wasted and demanded for about 10 minutes that the woman on stream send him nudes.
>>210738 he went on vacation, which is like his 3rd vacation in 2 months
Open file (8.60 MB 466x272 Gunt crying.gif)
>>210739 which women in particular are you talking about Гунт? would really help build a better picture
>>210739 hes projecting so hard he always tries to make himself out to be the victim of everything
Open file (125.26 KB 671x513 mk.png)
Elaine was potentially made a cokehead by MKUltra.
Open file (272.50 KB 589x574 gunty soy stream.png)
Open file (96.47 KB 385x953 gunty.png)
Гунт is going live playing some goyslop vidya
Open file (4.68 MB 456x256 Gunt sober spring.gif)
Гунт just confirmed he is willing to come back if pantsu will take him back but he really doesn't want to come back and if things don't work out he won't be coming back for a long time.
Open file (92.05 KB 1015x224 null.png)
Open file (3.84 MB 250x242 joaquin.gif)
>>210746 >relative date format
Open file (332.85 KB 1013x551 kf.png)
Open file (2.63 MB 342x286 gunt glasses.gif)
>>210745 white trash drama is so repetitive
Open file (482.38 KB 516x646 TB.png)
Looks like a man in love...
>>210749 The fat pussy was crying on stream the other day about how no one will even take him on the clearnet and how its bullshit and he might have to rebrand but that it was hopeless cause he would just get booted on the rebrand too. He said a few weeks ago he would be back up soon. Then it was oh no its part of his campaign to raise awareness for tor. Now its this bullshit story. These foxdicks are so fucking stupid to believe any of this bullshit. No one is gonna risk losing tens of thousands of dollars of transit contracts and sites on a fucking loser like josh. Not a single provider is willing to host this shit anymore on the clearnet.
>>210752 tranny detected
>>210752 nobody want to deal with him bickers of dong gones keep fucking with their family
>>210752 Jewsh is cooked. He will have to reconfigure the site to run on Tor with javascript turned off. We all know how lazy and stupid Jewsh is though with programming. He will fuck it up.
>>210755 i have no problem with it being on tor, but it's barely functional the media sometimes are not loading on my end
Open file (1.82 MB 498x498 8295928926352.gif)
>>210751 Looks like a deer in the headlights "Wtf have I gotten myself into?'
>>210737 Looks almost exactly like InCase's artwork. He should sue whatever company made that AI.
Open file (221.22 KB 309x550 4.png)
>>210757 Well, everyone remembers what happened to 4chad...(Perhaps TBYS doesn't keep up on sektur lore.) Yet the deer in the headlights look comes from an instinctual awareness of what the future holds for him.
Open file (191.70 KB 367x410 289559891825958.png)
>>210759 >(Perhaps TBYS doesn't keep up on sektur lore.) He couldn't have if he was waiting his turn to date her
Open file (80.29 KB 585x750 1266190197371.png)
Gaytor's deflections brought jcaesar187 out of private mode.
>>210761 It's funny how jcaesar187 blocked gaytor but still shows up in his comments bickers he just can't stop himself from following every word from the most boring man on the internet.
Open file (470.12 KB 512x600 00029-987653674.png)
Open file (469.24 KB 632x520 00038-1516786313.png)
Open file (430.09 KB 632x520 00055-2924537321.png)
Open file (468.24 KB 512x600 00054-2092617155.png)
Open file (448.23 KB 512x600 00086-1786187107.png)
>>210758 That's bc I'm using an incase LORA to intentionally copy incase's style. You can basically copy any artists' style by using their art as a dataset for the AI to emulate. And if you don't like goblin girls, you can do shorstacks, Viera, Tieflings, Draphs, and almost any other race you can think of, if artists have drawn it. If you go on an artists' Twitter, when the topic comes up, most of them fume about it bc obviously they're getting cannibalized to train the AI and without their permission or copyright. And if you read the 4chan hentai AI threads, you can pricks there with massive egos as if they were the ones creating the art itself rather than just clicking a few buttons. Pretty sickening. Then again, artists have always copied others works, taken inspiration, and used photo references. All great art is basically drawn from photoreference or from life. Like every realistic MTG card art is from photo reference; the artist doens't draw highly detailed paintings straight from his mind. So it's a complicated situation all around. A lot of artists will give up from frustration but a lot will use the AI as yet another tool in their toolbox. >>210759 >>210751 >>210760 Muttni is draining TBTS's soul out but not his balls. Both are probably looking for an exit to the relationship at this point. Imagine having to listen to Muttni for 5 hour stretches every day. >>210761 Gaytor makes a fine point. jcaesar187's coping. Anglin's advocation of child marriage is not a bit. It's been there for years. It's what he really believes since all women find him ugly and reject him. So he wants to groom a girl so she's brainwashed and has no choice but to love him. Anglin only invokes irony as shield when the heat is too hot. Like he declared his website was satire once it started getting removed from searches and its domain seized. It was never satire. Stfu white niggеr, you ain't Mark Twain.
Open file (368.12 KB 413x616 328965928562985692865.png)
>>210764 >Muttni is draining TBTS's soul out but not his balls. Both are probably looking for an exit to the relationship at this point. Imagine having to listen to Muttni for 5 hour stretches every day. I know I can barely stand 5 mins
Open file (459.42 KB 512x600 00269-1259318761.png)
>>210758 >>210764 I forgot to say, there are smug entitled pricks on the 4chan hentai threads that shit on the artists and shit on any newbie trying to use the AI and learn how to get good results. Some are friendly and helpful but some are assholes who act superior for clicking a couple buttons and having used the program for a month longer than you. It just goes to show: 1. Some people will be always be assholes and 2. Some people will establish a hierarchy and use anything to feel superior to others, even using an AI program, they they didn't build that cannibalizes artists' art when they have 0 art talent themselves. It's like being smug about being a vulture. That level of ego would be justified if you were the artist who got good at art. But being some faggot on 4chan that shits on anything when the whole thing is built on artists' and programmers' backs? Nah, fuck off. This one looks a little like Rekieta's wife. Lol.
>>210757 He cant do any better than her and he knows it.You think he had a gf before her ever in his life?
>>210755 He's so retarded he couldn't even set up nginx he had to ask graf to walk him through it. He's a complete fucking moron. He has no concept or grasp of networking, how tier 1 and tier 2 networks even work, how to properly flash a bios without bricking it. He promotes himself as this big tech guru but in reality he's a complete moron with skills that wouldn't even get him a job at best buy. Unfortunately for Jewsh, he has now seen what the real world is like. Where people with actual jobs, who don't drive away people in autistic rants can form relationships they can later use to fuck with someone like him. That's exactly what Liz Fong Jones has done, use his relationships and career connections to fuck jewsh back. Jewsh prided himself on his abuse of the algorithm on google and his ability to mess with peoples reputations with his made up bullshit that he never even verifies half the time. There's dms in the poast leaks where the admins admit that they never verify shit and it doesn't matter as long as it drives in traffic to the site. But now, when it comes to having money and power to stop something like the counter push. He has neither the job to afford him such choices, nor the education and maturity to build new relationships or even be desirable to take a chance on. His childish bullshit of making a forum for free speech but banning everyone who questions him or his pedo history has finally caught up to the jobless loser. I look forward to seeing him write up a troon suicide note.
>>210737 >>210764 It's honestly not the A.i that's the problem, it is the way these 'prompt engineers' act in regards to what they're doing. A.I isn't doing too much different from a real artist, they learn just like a real artist, from thousands of reference pictures and thousands and thousands of practice attempts to achieve a good end result. Artists that aren't careful also fall into that derivative trap where their style is too similar to the artists they studied from the same way A.I will mimic a style it's been trained in. The biggest protest I think is the theft of that personal effort for others to profit from without honest recognition, and that insistence that artists are now paying for not providing free work and prompt engineers are doing just as much work as the actual artists. A.I art is impressive looking, but if anyone can do it then how impressive is the effort?
Open file (646.33 KB 804x804 252519565295.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6pH0mvOPXU >I'm gonna renegotiate my Rumble contract next year
Open file (531.87 KB 800x600 sleepy sargon 2.png)
>>210770 ai art is better than human art, who cares
>>210761 He said to Meigh not even two years ago he had a favorite loli and shota artist.
oh wait it was Aydin Paladin actually.
Open file (626.48 KB 792x1738 ClipboardImage.png)
r8 those cecils
Open file (454.69 KB 512x600 00147-2601841742.png)
>>210770 >prompt engineers are doing just as much work as the actual artists. Anyone that thinks this has never tried to draw a picture, or painted. It takes hours. Days, Weeks. Whereas the AI just renders 30 pics in 30 minutes and the person rendering them does very little work, except change a couple prompt words to tweak what they want. One takes labor. The other is automated. >A.I art is impressive looking, but if anyone can do it then how impressive is the effort? It's not really that anyone can do it. The AI is doing it with a little human interaction. But it's all built on the backs of artists and people are now shitting on the artists in a ungrateful smug way, thinking they aren't needed anymore as they profit from aforementioned artists. Artists used to have clout and power in a way, even though most are not wealthy. Bc they offered something unique in the market only they could provide. But now their work is being cannibalized and they are being discarded. No royalties or anything. But it's not just going to be artists. AI music is coming too. People are going to be out of a job eventually. And real life jobs too. It's just another example how human nature ruins everything. Same reason why crypto or communism sucks. Bc everyone is out only for themselves and looking to profit as much as possible at the expense of everyone else. For a crypto to pump, you need others to buy it. And then when it pumps, it never pumps high enough bc there are dudes trying to sell the currency to make a quick buck. They can't forego instant gratification. They have no time horizon. Whereas if everyone held the coin, it would rise more and they could profit more. But it never happens like that due to greed. So it ends up being a shitty pyramid scheme where most people are left holding the bags when the coin dies and a small portion made profit at the expense of newfags or people that bought it late. So whatever new tech comes out, there will be grifters and faggots looking to profit as much as possible and ruin it for everyone. >>210772 Case in point.
>>210764 i can't wait for AI image generation to have apps made for retards like me. Doing shit with no interface is too confusing
Open file (70.78 KB 594x650 gunty.png)
Open file (228.03 KB 904x1608 Fo5uxloWYAMfwqm.jpg)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 Gunt beating live.gif)
Lmao Гунт has been thinking of going back Lisbon for round 3 since getting his ass kicked twice in a row on his last two visits wasn't enough.
>>210778 This one needs a royal rumble to keep things from getting stale, and surely there's no end to the amount of z-celebs needing a signal boost.
>>210776 Hey goblinfag what software do you use for your lewds?
>>210779 Would love to see some professional wrestling matches between z-celebs, only its not fake.
Open file (6.90 KB 300x168 era.jpg)
>>210778 the hookers there must be top notch for him to keep coming back
>>210777 gradio works fine
Open file (465.96 KB 512x600 00183-3161786517.png)
>>210777 There already is an interface GUI version, which is what everybody uses. By the time it comes to apps, those will be cucked versions that don't allow you to render hentai or anything politically incorrect like "revenge porn." You just have to take an afternoon to set it up and run through the tutorial page and be ready to learn a little bit as you go along. >>210778 Gvnt is desperate for redemption in Portugal 3. Maybe he won't be pulverized on his 3rd visit? >>210780 >>210777 I use Stable Diffusion 1.5 (with Automatic1111 GUI) and I followed this tutorial page to set it all up: https://rentry.org/voldy. Sometime if you want to know specific settings I use, I'll tell you like checkpoints and LORA's or the prompts.
Open file (82.62 KB 605x645 1455511952842.png)
Open file (70.10 KB 580x591 386566159436.png)
The twatters is all sorts of fucked up with the way it reloads with the extended replies thing. It used to just load diffs, but now it looks like it's the whole front page. At worst gaytorbro concedes pegmenco is a pedo if jcaesar187 is, at best he's frustrated with him for being an autist, which was jcaesar187's perspective ala dlive-era.
those view counts... its tough folks
Open file (5.83 KB 320x400 I1JhG10.png)
Just finished Tears of the Kingdom. Its pretty good, definitely better than Breath of the Wild, but its open world design got mogged hard by Elden Ring mainly bickers Elden Ring's world feels a bit more linear and handcrafted. Elden Ring's best sections still managed to be the legacy dungeons that were basically just slightly more open Dark Souls dungeons, but at least the open world didn't feel like an Ubishit open world with more interactivity (like Zelda). I need to try the System Shock remake for something that is the opposite of an openworld ubishitter (well-crafted mazelike map versus procedurally generated empty fields)
>>210778 >i mean i want to go back but the price is just sooooo high these days AUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I HAVE HALF A MILLION IN THE BANK BIIIIIIISH He's just scared he'll get beat up a third time. >>210782 The Гунт doesn't pay for top notch whores. There's something elselow legal age that would draw them to those specific whorse.
>>210787 Hi gahoole, we have a videogame board already called >>>/kong/
>>210786 Does the Kike Casino even stream anymore?
Open file (92.47 KB 569x559 C8.png)
Open file (353.07 KB 569x593 C4.png)
Open file (316.85 KB 569x593 C3.png)
Open file (307.33 KB 569x593 C2.png)
Open file (333.86 KB 569x593 C1.png)
Loves chicken so much!
>>210785 He forgets the stream with aydin where he talked with her about his favorite loli and shota artists. He's a pedo.
>>210792 She said she didn’t like watermelon, must be that white ancestry.
Open file (107.69 KB 603x803 gunty.png)
Open file (435.08 KB 876x2996 gunt-no-apologies.png)
Open file (3.77 MB 400x355 gunt cum goggles.gif)
Open file (324.84 KB 300x488 IMG_0930.mp4)
Open file (94.77 KB 318x517 IMG_0930.jpeg)
Plz swat me I enjoy it it’s my kink 916 N 128th Street, Seattle, Washington, 98133
>>210796 Help me plz I’m turning into a fat pedo! (I mean I’m turning fat I was already a pedo)
Open file (122.72 KB 1125x1293 IMG_8285.jpeg)
Open file (264.48 KB 1290x849 IMG_0904.jpeg)
(832) 788-6019 call me, I’m horny, plz send pizza, life has been tough after being ousted as a chomo
Open file (95.90 KB 1125x1721 IMG_0858.jpeg)
Open file (124.56 KB 1125x1622 IMG_0902.jpeg)
Open file (250.05 KB 1125x2235 IMG_0916.jpeg)
Open file (6.65 MB 1290x2796 IMG_0906.png)
I’m in a polyamorous relationship with John from Johnson & Johnson’s and this Tranny I hired off Craigslist lol, here are my DMs with her and my house Bryan Nunez is my brother
Open file (425.99 KB 1125x2233 IMG_8296.jpeg)
I can’t clean the outside of my house bickers my wrist is tired from jacking off to IP2 girls
Open file (170.64 KB 1290x790 IMG_0913.jpeg)
Open file (271.50 KB 1290x1386 IMG_0911.jpeg)
I’m a junkie who got arrested for possession lmao #totallynotalolcow #elaineplznoticeme #joshiloveyou #cucksonginismybestie #blaineross’scapo
Help my friend Empresa is getting pictures posted of himself!
Open file (172.96 KB 1020x2208 IMG_0857.jpeg)
I totally doxed Elaine Something uhh Simon something uhhh house Anyway, have a selfie !!! Elaine’s totally getting swatted Btw someone call Johnson & Johnson’s pharmacy and tell them I have a bomb in my living room and I’m going to use it
Open file (122.72 KB 1125x1293 IMG_8285.jpeg)
I’m going to commit an act of terrorism in New York Times Square if you don’t stop me and call the police to my address 916 N 128th St, Seattle, WA 98133-7516 I will murder as many people as possible if you don’t stop me. My name is Bryan Nunez and my assistant will be Danielle Karabi, she has Cp on her hard drives
Notice me jcaesar187! I CAME to your IRL event with my cuck husband
The terrorism will be at 4:20 My favorite time, I love meth and weed
Open file (469.91 KB 1290x812 IMG_0934.jpeg)
Open file (798.41 KB 1290x1762 IMG_0935.jpeg)
Open file (36.47 KB 1125x396 IMG_8302.jpeg)
Open file (128.78 KB 1125x974 IMG_8299.jpeg)
Open file (25.43 KB 1125x203 IMG_8301.jpeg)
I, Empresa, Bryan Nunez, had sex with an underage foxdick farms user called Ero, here are my DMs with him from when he was 17. Here I am talking about him I didn’t want to admit this but I can’t hold back I’m too high on meth.
Open file (469.91 KB 1290x812 IMG_0934.jpeg)
Open file (798.41 KB 1290x1762 IMG_0935.jpeg)
Open file (36.47 KB 1125x396 IMG_8302.jpeg)
Open file (128.78 KB 1125x974 IMG_8299.jpeg)
Open file (25.43 KB 1125x203 IMG_8301.jpeg)
I, Empresa, Bryan Nunez, had sex with an underage foxdick farms user called Ero, here are my DMs with him from when he was 17. Here I am talking about him I didn’t want to admit this but I can’t hold back I’m too high on meth.
Open file (2.52 MB 1290x2796 IMG_0922.png)
Me and daddy Zoom and plate gang, why won’t they fuck me
>>210784 I've a lot of experience prompting and tuning/training shit and the prevelence of smugness against artists I never understood. It's the tech fags (who probably keep the better stuff for themselves while releasing older "open source" versions to shut people up) and artists doing all the actual work. "prompt engineering" is laughable any G​AMERGATE can do it. It's a fun little hobby not a skill. (it can be a tool too but that's another discussion) It takes a month and a decent GPU to reach the peak, whereas with good art and techno G​AMERGATEs it takes years and they have more direct control over the outputs and can be much more original/innovative if they want to be. I'll always find good handcrafted art or an interesting research paper more impressive. Of course there are shit artists and shit techno G​AMERGATEs out there too who get more money and attention than they deserve and generally suck. Ideally AI just raises the bar or leads to IRL Butlerian Jihad.
>>210802 >white
yo to the person who is posting empresa dox got any pictures of a racoon?
>>210814 Sorry, he is back to sweeping for Massa at the moment. Thank you for your interest.
>>210816 god damn it, i was told by the cool kids that empresa likes to raped racoons i just want to see if it's true or not sad
>>210795 tl;dr >my sobriety high is starting to wear off so im going back to starting shit with anyone i can Maybe if the upcoming rozy and horse reunion goes poorly he can get back to doing fun shit, instead of doxing children and trying to be a health guru.
Queen of Poz aka Bryan Dunn re-joined Forgegang server and is doing his best to "manipulate" the users there to do Earwinson beating.
Open file (2.44 MB 400x711 Bryan creep stare.gif)
>>210823 >Earwinson beating Do you mean do his bidding or alog him?
>>210824 Beating him off, knowing bryan's m.o.
theres cp on the catty MODS
Open file (150.81 KB 370x321 ClipboardImage.png)
why is there dogfuckers on the front page of kiketube?
Open file (98.06 KB 887x685 fgirl.jpg)
>>210830 what?
>>210834 she grooms dogs at a young age to fuck them
Open file (625.65 KB 627x650 1982591285219.png)
Open file (430.20 KB 512x600 00146-3081656118.png)
>>210795 What a crock of bullshit. Gvnt thinks he's so magnanimous toward his enemies but he's the most petty vindictive spiteful faggot alive. You're not Jesus Christ just bc you claim to be sober for a little while. >>210812 Good man. >>210835 Let me guess. She's a multimillionaire from producing onlyfans beastiality videos?
Open file (235.20 KB 1055x551 ralphathink.jpg)
So what happened with Gvnt's lawsuit, alogs?
>>210784 >I use Stable Diffusion 1.5 (with Automatic1111 GUI) and I followed this tutorial page to set it all up: https://rentry.org/voldy. Nice. >Sometime if you want to know specific settings I use, I'll tell you like checkpoints and LORA's or the prompts. Would appreciate it
>>210839 He lost, has to pay 500 as a fine, if he has to pay for the Vickers lawyer to be determined later.
Open file (769.22 KB 558x744 bryansoyboygape.png)
>>210824 The answer is obvious, Anon.
Open file (2.63 MB 342x286 gunt glasses.gif)
>>210844 Is it just a one-off or there's a chance for future loses?
Open file (209.97 KB 1065x836 ACK.png)
Open file (165.55 KB 375x375 8921589215821.gif)
>>210856 oh no thats just awful...lol
>>210855 There's like 3 others going, and Гунт is 1-3 against the Vickers I think?
Open file (451.00 KB 720x945 what da.png)
What did he mean by this?
Open file (27.03 KB 400x400 2852899285956.jpg)
>>210876 He means that guys who cry and are dependent on medication are the real alphamales
>trust the plan
>>210878 >trust the plan
Open file (47.94 KB 576x576 9218592185298.jpg)
>>210879 >horse shoe theory wins again
Open file (23.34 KB 464x275 SOON.jpg)
Redditkur been saying AR will be a thing since like 3 years ago. It's still not a thing. And with its shit costing $4k it's never gonna be.
Open file (30.08 KB 600x450 71826529859285638956.jpg)
>>210881 Worse, circlejerking about VR has been going on since the 80s-90s, and still nothing
Kino Casino returns in 2 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZvNDYSLiYM Jewsh Moonpie tomorrow at 6 PM EST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URlkF4rD3wg
Open file (7.22 MB 562x602 1089972226531.mp4)
Open file (78.97 KB 462x338 1586191583808.gif)
>>210878 Whisper, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and AR. The penultimate friend sim is almost complete.
>>210811 Relax Elaine. Its ok that you're upset no one gave you enough attention. Now run along and go piss on someone else cause no one here wants your blown out cunt.
>>210888 You are using the word "penultimate" wrong. It doesn't mean "supreme ultimate." It means "next to last." "Quintessential" would be a better word. No offense meant. It's a common mistake. Thank you. Have a good day.
>>210890 >It's a common mistake
>>210890 Where were you when Gaytor made the mistake that you weren't aware was being referenced? You would have been helpful to Gaytor way back then unlike now where you have proven unhelpful and unaware. For this you must GO BACK!
Open file (429.24 KB 512x600 00053-3511883670.png)
>>210843 So right now for all my goblin girls, the checkpoint/model I'm using is "Based65 Final Mix." But there are a bunch of models people use to get the look they want like AOM3. It depends on what style you want whether that's anime or realism for instance. You just have to experiment. So whatever you're looking to render, you need LORA's, which are smaller subsets of image data that help the AI render stuff. Like if you want a shortstack LORA (short girls with big boobs), you must download one and toss it into the right stable diffusion folder (I can tell you where, when you get there). You can use specific artist style lora's, race lora's, hentai lora's. It just depends on what you're looking to render. Here are some tips: On any rendered image, you can open the image in Notepad and see the text prompts, the person used to render it, if you want to find out what keywords they used and what LORA's they're using. The text prompt data is included in the image itself. Just right click, open with Notepad and read the text. It's important to fine-tune the LORA's you use and turn the numbers down. If you use too many LORA's, your image will be fuzzy, blurred, and have more artifacts rather than be clear and sharp. They call that "fried." So you want to try to use 1-3 LORAs (as a general rule) when rendering and turn the numbers down. So it will be 1 by default. But if your images are fried, you crank the number down to 0.8. Then try 0.4. And be willing to experiment to balance the fried effect. Sometimes you will add a LORA and the data was trained poorly so it will make all your images fuzzy and fried. So just crank the numbers down or remove it. Some of the ones on civit.ai.com are shit but some are good. I've even seen assholes on 4chan say they uploaded a shitty LORA on civit.ai then trained a good one for themselves so they have a monopoly on specific characters or styles, which is fucked up. When you get a good image, you can upscale it to a higher resolution using the "Extras" tab in Stable Diffusion. For anime style images and hentai, the "animesharp" filter is good. If you are looking for specific artist styles, races to render waifus, this is a good link to download LORAs: https://mega.nz/folder/IPM2ERrL#a6Zti0k0G7FZmQz2AfCgrg When you add a LORA, you need a trigger word in the text prompt to activate it. Usually the words are included on the page where you download the lora. This is a good link for hentai and LORA's: https://gitgud.io/gayshit/makesomefuckingporn You can pick up tips and latest developments from 4chan's hentai threads. They move so damn fast though that it's hard to keep up. It's still good to find out what others are using and what tips they have learned: https://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/7413007 But what you want could be very different from rendering hentai or waifus. Like concept art for a video game project or making classical, old masters art. So right now for me, I'm making hentai and waifus. So I add a goblin LORA or another race LORA like draph or nightelf. Then add some hentai LORA that forces a sex act like blowjob or doggy style. And I will usually add an artist style LORA like incase or another artist from the mega link above. I'm not an expert and I will probably get into inpainting soon. But I can probably field most of your questions and am happy to share what I've learned. If you get stuck trying to set it up, you can ask for help here since I read everything on the cyclical.
>>210895 Ayo hol up. Where all the orc women at?
>>210895 is that image created from an embedding of the Гунт fucking faith?
Boulder King living rent free in Гунтs head from their last encounter where Гунт ran off like a little bitch.
Open file (55.71 KB 584x469 gunty3.png)
Open file (135.02 KB 422x591 FUCKER.jpeg)
>>210900 Didn't deny he's a sex offender, maybe he's slowly learning to accept it.
>>210899 Gvnt is mad af at Jarbo. He knows he got humiliated by the boulder king. >>210893 Gaytor misused the word? I sort of remember that but sort of don't. Damn, the esoteric lore runs deep. I can't remember all of Gaytor's tweets bro. >>210876 Jordan Peterson troon arc imminent?
Open file (7.64 MB 449x413 KOP_gets_on_COzy.gif)
>>210899 Looks like someone doesn't have 8 dollars anymore hahahhaahahhahahaha
Open file (152.92 KB 495x576 ppp.png)
Open file (86.93 KB 930x338 ali.png)
WTF? Who is the puppeteer handling these morons? They are all constantly promoting this pro-nonce bullshit. And Muttni has been relentlessly going after this Pearly creature, so she better bring this up. Mutt only likes to bitch about loli, but never likes to bring up actual excessive sweating and her own grooming/pedo friends like Ali Alexander.
Open file (454.24 KB 872x984 JUST.png)
>>210908 dax planted the pedo seed in fuentes mind when he was brought over to cozy dot fed. Recently, Fuentes has been chatting with redpillers (who already desire young women as they can mold them into fucktoys) convincing Sneako and Zherka to date teenagers. JUSTtrannythings has been part of those conversations so she's trying to one up the people she grifts by appealing to the islamic audience.
Open file (286.20 KB 855x373 gay.png)
>>210909 Except Fuentes will be going cum-hunting after underage catboys. AF have been promoting lowering the age of consent way before diddler Dax came over to Cozy. Fed Milo was pretty pedo friendly until his feud with Ali Alexander. Fuentes has been openly okay with this type of thing since the Chaggot 13/18 streams came out.
>>210908 >>210909 >>210912 muttni dreams of this face every night
Open file (1.68 MB 2129x1272 would smash.png)
>>210895 thanks bro
Open file (445.71 KB 550x417 AJ.png)
>>210917 >We have to go back
>>210899 Гунт has been going even more crazy since hes been sober and mantsu left him.
Open file (795.92 KB 680x836 ClipboardImage.png)
TheGatorGamer is like
Open file (245.24 KB 1920x1200 43z373.jpg)
>>210921 My body is ready.
>>210923 I think jcaesar187's association with AF is what causes this shit. They and their a-logs are all twitter addicts, fuck Fuentes essentially made a political movement bickers he couldn't shitpost on twitter anymore.
Open file (260.36 KB 325x522 qop.png)
>>210925 Nah, they put the Mexican child Fuentes in his position to divide and conquer the Alt-Right with all the optics nonsense- calling wignats "cringe". They have also probably been spamming Muttni all over /pol/ for years to get white men more okay with race-mixing with negros.
Open file (204.42 KB 1410x1298 Gconfused.jpg)
>>210923 Wonder what were the tweets in violation. Also just noticed he doesn't have his blue checkmark, fatty forget to pay musk to keep it. kek
>>210923 GET FUCKED Гунт
>>210899 >i wanna see a man beat up jarbo bickers i'm too scared to do it myself As if running away from tardski and that guy from the first Гунтpin wasn't pathetic enough, he's hoping a man protects him from Jarbo. SAD! Jarbo is like one of the few of his blood enemies that doesn't have a obvious significant physical advantage on him. >no checkmark Гунт can't afford $8 bickers he's poor white trash. After being made fun of for not having his precious fagmark he'll cough up the money and pretend he just forgot to pay for it. >>210927 Didn't most of the Гунт's tweets violate twitter's rules and he just got away with it bickers he paid the $8 protection fee?
>>210933 >Гунт can't afford $8 bickers he's poor white trash really make you wonder, where the fuck he spent all of his superberry money
>>210927 One of them was forgetting to say alleged when talking about the old pedo of the west. Not sure about the other two.
>>210933 >Jarbo is like one of the few of his blood enemies that doesn't have a obvious significant physical advantage on him. Isn't Jarbo like 6"4? You can't expect the Memphis Manlet to not shit his pants at the thought of that.
Open file (142.75 KB 722x720 ruh-roh.jpg)
>alone in Mexico and without a twitter Anons, somebody put Gvnt on suicide watch.
>>210934 >where the fuck he spent all of his superberry money He's said he has half a million in the bank, but with the Гунт's lack of impulse control I doubt he actually saved any of what he made. He probably did what every other G​AMERGATE does when they come into a little money and spent it on vanity items thinking the cash flow would never stop. >>210936 >Isn't Jarbo like 6"4? Is he? I didn't think Jarbo was as short as the Гунт, but I figured he was more on the manlet side. >>210940 Too bad he's too much of a pussy to do anything but ODing on pills. Him streaming himself kicking a chair would be kino. Not that any rope on Earth could hold him up.
>>210941 We know Гунт didn't save shit from the money he made on dono's, the horse confirmed it in a rare act of alogery when he was bragging about the money. Of course the day after that she was forced to recant and apologize for fear of retaliation by the Гунт, but that damage control just further proves it. And yes, Jarbo is one of the few true giants of the sektor, if anyone has one of those convention pics he was in it's easy to see, but google isn't helping me.
Open file (41.93 KB 1824x213 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (30.17 KB 1834x148 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (36.41 KB 1804x176 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.73 MB 530x302 didnt-read-lol.gif)
Open file (109.71 KB 1024x768 matt.jpg)
>>210941 The funny thing about Gvnt spending all his money is that Metocare warned him back when they were fwends about this exact same thing. And they laughed together about other Jewtubers being broke after spending like the money would last forever. So the Gvnt was forewarned yet couldn't stop it from happening like it was fate. But that is the fate of an addict. He spent a ton on drugs, booze, traveling, hookers, hotels, plane tickets, and gambling. Jarbo looked average height or less when he did that old film video of him strangling a fat dude in a chair with a garbage bag on his head. I'm gonna guess 5'9". >>210942 He doesn't look like a giant next to short Jew Aydin Paladin.
Open file (145.18 KB 736x762 matt 2.jpg)
Also, Gvnt had 2 spite-kids which are very expensive. Then got himself into nonstop court cases so he needs a lawyer for the rest of his life. That shit adds up bigtime. The purpose of Vicker's lawfare is to bankrupt the other dude. But the Gvnt played into all this with his retarded spite. Insert Bible quote about the downfall of living your life full of spite. Gvnt you had nothing to do with "Matt noooo." Metocare was the one that got him to come on the killstream by luring out that Poley the polar bear video of him saying nig, which Matt was flagging down. Him and TheTheGatorGamerGamer exposed Matt. You shit his pants and did nothing except host the stream, which could have been anyone.
>>210923 It deleted all his tweets but the second pic
>making kino cringe one "incel" movie at a time
>>210945 Shit you're right, I must be mixing him up with DSP, they look so very similar.
Open file (98.64 KB 1080x1080 cybernippon nice butt.jpg)
Open file (147.44 KB 1080x1080 Cybernippon whore Haruka.jpg)
Open file (366.87 KB 3072x3072 eunji in a green dress.jpg)
has there been any happenings? I have been, on doxcord and playin diablo 4. >>210418 Finally found the wholesome podcast.
Open file (612.66 KB 565x797 Fx5659HXsAMyDaj.png)
>>210948 Someone has to fill the gaping vacuum left now that Gahoole has decided to come out as a faggot for pride month.
Open file (54.71 KB 591x488 gunty.png)
Open file (175.40 KB 904x1608 Fo5uiyQXsAEF7mP.jpg)
>>210947 lmao, whats got him so scared that he paid to delete all his tweets? is it vickers and if its dare I say he won?
Open file (279.68 KB 1152x2048 FxAZUrKaEAIKX4I.jpg)
Open file (410.55 KB 1128x1504 Fw-tbYEaMAAEnXp.jpg)
Open file (809.28 KB 1534x2048 FwVFFxtaQAMx-fN.jpg)
Gonzalo senior, was on George Galloway to talk about Gonzalo and the arrest. Also, I find it funny how these people believe in human rights when there are no rights in Cuckraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjv6HTpGzMU Like this whole thing is, gonzalo's fault bickers he had the chance to leave, and he knew that Cuckraine is a real NATO sponsored dictatorship that is so corrupt that Mexican drug cartels have gotten military weapons that should've been in Cuckraine for the military effort. >>210923 So jcaesar187's checkmark has been taken away? the one thing he lived for bickers then he could tell people he was famous. lol, he is now a nobody like everybody else. >>210951 I don't believe that Gahoole got out of the closet and started to create homosexual pornography.
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 2185989215921.gif)
>>210955 >So jcaesar187's checkmark has been taken away? That and all his tweets were deleted except those four twitter violation notices
>>210954 You've to buy in to use the twitter api now iirc. Kind of sucks bickers the advanced search was decent. Best way to skim someones' twatters now is probably to parse from wayback machine as long as that's still up.
>>210957 what did he do? He has almost been untouchable, and then his tweets and blue checkmark was taken, like what? >>210960 mmh, so what is jewsh about now?
Open file (316.85 KB 569x593 289521781875.png)
>>210963 >like what? Maybe >>210935 >>210963 >mmh, so what is jewsh about now? More desperate grifting for money what with foxdick down, I'd guess
Open file (322.45 KB 1534x2048 Fw8hfAEaAAEcysH.jpg)
>>210964 So, jcaesar187 callped someone a sweaty gamer and got banned? Like, it has been a long time since I was on here, or so it feels like.
>>210965 He wasn't banned as he is still tweeting >>210947
Open file (352.44 KB 1530x2048 FxFh0Y8aQAI9kHA.jpg)
>>210966 So jcaesar187 got so high on xanax and then accidentally deleted everything? That's really, really stupid. But what about the checkmark, is it purely bickers he didn't pay for the subscription thingy?
Open file (68.97 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
Open file (340.70 KB 412x717 892559858958.png)
>>210967 >So jcaesar187 got so high on xanax and then accidentally deleted everything? The service he paid for deleted everything. As for the checkmark, he probably lapsed on his payment w/o Mantsu around to run errands
Open file (627.90 KB 1534x2048 FxDZmrLaYAAVAo5.jpg)
>>210968 I also wonder where the hell is the dirt from Amanda? I was promised speculated a new pornography movie, drunk stories and other fun things. >>210969 Just think about it, he probably got highon xanax, and started to get some kinda logical thought in him to delete certain tweets. But didn't want to look for it and instead delete all of them, even when he is such a hardcore twitter addict that he shits out 100 tweets a day.
Open file (441.54 KB 512x600 00069-420758335.png)
>>210968 There won't be any bc whatever she drops, Gvnt will just release porn videos of her sucking microprick and getting slammed by the Memphis micro on catbox.moe or some video drop site. She's scared. Remember she fled when he was thousands of miles away. >>210967 <Gvnt lost a recent court case with Vickers owing $500. And he's still on the hook for possible $6K to cover legal fees. <He sat in court and had to hear the lawyer read out damning tweets that buried his case. <Gvnt uses tool to delete all his tweets, fearing the next lawsuit that will destroy him and stop the Vickers from using his own tweets against him. <Twitter takes the checkmark since it recognizes an outside tool as some hack like a bot.
Open file (68.95 KB 500x466 zach2.jpg)
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)
Open file (368.91 KB 616x721 zach.png)
Open file (23.88 KB 400x400 zach.jpg)
Open file (4.84 MB 6220x1384 zachhapaword.png)
when was the last zach sighting?
Open file (49.22 KB 460x601 flopson.jpg)
>>210972 I hoped he killed himself after witnessing the absolute state of this talentless slag
>>210972 zach doesn't exist
>>210972 Neither he nor Nuzach are real. They are memes for mentally ill tvtroons use to cope with a dead board.
Open file (19.17 KB 354x345 892598258925.JPG)
>>210975 > tvtroons
Open file (719.02 KB 791x1300 BALD.png)
>>210976 >what 6 years does to a nigga
>>210964 >More desperate grifting for money what with foxdick down, I'd guess
>>210642 Coach Dead Pill At least, he's enjoying cleaner toilets at Ukraine prison. >>210642
>>210979 >he's enjoying cleaner toilets at Ukraine prison He has to clean his toilet bickers his roommate will fuck him up if he doesn't. He will be forced to be disciplined on cleanliness like jcaesar187 was forced to not stuff his mouth with junk food and booze every day.
Open file (589.66 KB 790x898 982569859825692856.png)
>>210642 >>210980 A bigger decline than Gahoole >>210977 >>210976
What could he be up to?
>>210982 Pizza day, aka every day of the week.
>>210982 found some good shota probably
Open file (7.43 MB 1920x1080 audio6.mp4)
>>210977 What eating McDonalds every day until you turn into a grotesquely obese, balding fatass at 26 who strangely still suffers from acne. Maybe the acne is caused by all the excess grease in his veins?
Open file (792.90 KB 792x1184 grays.png)
>>210986 don't forget the premature graying
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 9285219852196.gif)
Open file (593.21 KB 1023x558 ohNO.png)
justpedothings on griftcast will dim fool ask her about her thoughts on child marriage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHMianTB2TE
Open file (214.90 KB 1078x1081 Chris Farley, 1994.jpg)
Open file (176.01 KB 650x497 Chris Farley OD.jpg)
>>210988 If he doesn’t live stream this I will be sorely disappointed. Don’t have the pic of him with the Burger King crown, but it made me think of Chris Farely.
Open file (353.07 KB 569x593 854981752815.png)
>>210990 Imagine seething this much about an actual white woman bickers she goes against the retarded principles your mutt negress queen pretends to hold. PATHETIC
>>210993 bro she only takes black cock
>>210990 >>210994 Sounds like another W for Vеntі
Open file (903.78 KB 946x852 justtrannythings.png)
>>210993 >6 foot "woman" that deadlifts 300lbs this is a tranny
Open file (499.78 KB 476x1000 1632252318709-0.png)
>>210996 That would be better than a white woman burning the coal and getting knocked up by some low IQ thug with no impulse control. I assume Timmy is too much of a faggot to go hard on this coal burning hag and make this even remotely interesting. Who cares what this bitch thinks about politics? I wanna see him press her hard on her shameless coal burning and thottery and pull up some crime stats and IQ scores.
Open file (219.05 KB 600x494 966061426854.png)
So how many weeks were they living together before Ashley was in hospital losing a foot and Andy leaves abroad?
Open file (1.43 MB 1280x720 GUNTed2.gif)
>>210999 Fingers and toes crossed for an impromptu showdown in the Azores.
Open file (5.60 MB 620x350 1549618290.gif)
Mr. Pires will never fight the Гунт. When he had the actual in real life chance to do exactly that he curled up in a fetal position on the floor and cried like a baby. He lasted 16 whole seconds in a real fight which is less time than Steven "Boogie2988" Williams spent saying "Wow!" in his match. The Гунт will stomp a Гунт boot shaped hole into Andy's little bird chest and then he'll sit on the heap that was some random cat woman from Kentucky's dream guy while smoking a premium Cuban cigar and everybody knows dat
Open file (136.77 KB 350x362 Smug_Andy.png)
>>211004 >Гунт will actually do something for once and not get his ass kicked nah
Open file (159.16 KB 356x426 aeaeee.png)
>>211004 You will never beat jcaesar187 in a fight. You have no police uniform, you have council housing, you have no postitutes. You are a stuttering retard twisted by drugs and child abuse into a crude mockery of a boxer. All the "validation" you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your "friends" laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors. Youtube boxers are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to knock out frauds in 16 seconds. Even coke fiends who "pass" look uncanny and unnatural in the ring. Your bone structure and convulsions are a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a Keem on board, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff that you won't bring in a payday. You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the panic attack creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight. Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they get their study back. They’ll bury you with a headstone, unmarked without your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will mistake it for a bollard. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably indented. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.
Open file (369.09 KB 350x500 1550820393-1.gif)
Open file (3.92 MB 600x500 Andy_big_think.gif)
Open file (378.87 KB 637x681 146574865945848.jpg)
>>210996 she just guzzling too many G​AMERGATE cum >>210999 do it Гунт make it a hat trick
>>210925 >>210927 >>210932 >>210947 >>210923 Гунт won. seethe gaylogs.
Open file (56.04 KB 601x508 EsoFaggy.jpg)
>>211012 t. esofaggy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP9PC2gNr_E Wayne Lambright III, Beginner introduction to electrical magnets, rotating magnetic fields to explain anti-gravity works
Open file (262.69 KB 1170x1560 Fw-LbtpakAEkssM.jpg)
Open file (577.06 KB 1448x2048 FwaXdQvaUAQXkPn.jpg)
>>210971 Thanks, goblin-fag for explaining it to me. So, jcaesar187 is a nobody again bickers he panicked and used a 3rd party tool, which twitter doesn't allow, thus became a nobody again. Literally no body, he has no wikipedia page, no blue checkmark and then he is only known by a fringe few on the internet. Now that I think about it, that is kinda dark and really depressing. >>210988 jcaesar187 just has to enjoy being a nobody, which in reality he has been since his jewtube was taken away from him. >>210998 tardski takes one trip, and conveniently forgets that jcaesar187 has technically been several times to Portugal, then to Italy and it was just to feel like a boomer and to own his ayylawgs about how he is a rich wigger. Also, when he says pre-production does he mean cocaine binges that lasted weeks? I do not believe for a second that a fat lesbian looking man and a homosexual retard can or would produce anything of value. It is probably like a school project and then they believe it is something super awesome. Like that time when tardski was going to make vidya history and it was basically just top 10 video of what you didn't know in vidya history. >>211006 now, that's harsh.
>>211015 He's completing the sector arc of 'be a trashy nobody, get middling famous for being trashy, piss it away by never changing, go back to being a nobody. From The great Soygay of Assmad, to Reikta the Balding to the Cuntinator himself, primo horse-fucker. There's always a hardcore base for them of course, depending of how big they were, but it's all the same if you think about it. I'm surprised the Cuntinator hasn't tried to run for local office or get a lawyers degree from an online college. The next season of the slappy fatty xanax and fuckboi show should be him going back to school to be a paralegal so he can file frivolous lawsuits at his opponents in his run-up to be on the city council of fucksberg.
Open file (272.01 KB 610x629 54354354.jpg)
Open file (479.32 KB 1536x2048 Fx-nh0jaMAABNZW.jpg)
>>210998 Tardski staying in a 5 star Moortuguese Airbnb. He hasn't cleaned that pan since he got hit over the head with it as a kid.
Open file (68.80 KB 598x437 cozy.png)
Well, Cozy dot gov/fed has gone full pedo-mode. This video TheTheGatorGamerGamer retweeted from the infamous Kinochet is certainly outrageous. https://twitter.com/kinocopter/status/1666316916762492928?cxt=HHwWgIDSrYia-Z8uAAAA The question is how many of these people are told to say this by handlers vs. how many are useful idiots? (And it should be obvious- don't paypig any of these cozy nonce streamers and get caught up in their putrid chomo honeypot.)
>>211020 The top quarter of the steak looks like it's cooked medium and the rest looks raw. Other than that, the food looks good.
>>211027 >shilling pedochet with weeks old news go back
>>211021 Keep em coming big dawg
>>210998 maybe cog will go to Portugal and smash this stuttering cunts jaw like salt papi should of done
Open file (91.84 KB 660x1240 IMG_4751.jpg)
>>211036 Well, go paypig a bunch of glowing nonces if you love them so much.
Open file (91.84 KB 660x1240 IMG_4751.jpg)
>>211038 You seem sensitive over this. Wonder why...?
Open file (77.62 KB 417x519 gws.png)
>>211040 Muh Gaytor. lulz
>>211020 >raw steak woah...so this...is the power...of moortuguese cuisine...
Open file (5.38 MB 1280x720 twif9dgmbl4b11.mp4)
Open file (195.19 KB 1545x1545 cybernippon big tiddies.jpg)
>>211020 >hasn't taken the intestines from the shrimps >pretends he is grilling but his family is doing it >they probably don't wash the kitchen equipment. >tardski is staying at an Airbnb I think he is crashing with some family members bickers roman catholic countries usually have a bigger meaning of family and clan than northern Europeans, so letting family stay with them or crashing is quite common and something you would do, if you have family in mainland Europe. Even with fwends you can crash with them, if they are in another country and you wanna go to a country but do not wanna spend money. >>211021 Nothing is surprising when it comes to the kike lawyer. >>211027 I heard something interesting on a FBI whistleblower stweam. That is, the feds will keep up a pedo site just to catch new sweaty gamers. And, now they have gotten a bad reputation that most of the special agents are just working domestic terrorist cases and thus have to allocate resources to pedophillia cases, and thus using cozy to catch em all. >>211034 No, cog is a faggot and would probably not use the Гунт slayer for that. Also, if the Гунт slayer beats up a mentally retarded person, he would automatically look evil bickers tardski is a mentally challenged cocaine sniffing downie tard, even for Portuguese people. So, that would get him thrown into jail. Like, you don't jump a junkie tard just to beat him up for fun, that is criminal. >>211036 I like this gaytor, thanks fam. >>211051 I personally think the whole family is mentally retarded and they cannot really cook seafood, like why have the intestines inside the shrimp? >>211052 Someone should make a jcaesar187amale gospel or a holy book.
>>211053 >I personally think the whole family is mentally retarded and they cannot really cook seafood, like why have the intestines inside the shrimp? I don't eat bugs like some kind of moortuguese peasant so I didn't notice the intestines. That's pretty gross.
>>210999 No matter the outcome that would be hilarious. Too bad the Гунт is the biggest pussy in the sektor and is scared shitless of tardski.
>>211052 i wonder who is paying this homo to damage right wing politics, its amazing people still listen to him, his single purpose is to sabotage the movement he claims to be a part of like the trump dinner only purpose was to damage his image
>>211058 I wonder (((who))) as well.
>>211059 ask nipples if hes circumcised, i bet you'll get no answer
>>211056 Not to mention the Гунт is too poor to fly out to the Azores as well. Sad!
Open file (66.56 KB 789x287 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (69.75 KB 807x305 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (410.60 KB 1384x631 ClipboardImage.png)
>>211065 Always and without fail the individuals behins these organizations are ugly, childless women who are life-long academics and Jews.
>>211064 the people who hacked this are linked to fuentes and the pig, two subversive agents of jews
Open file (102.12 KB 297x186 Gator ecstatic.png)
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 267 Strike and Mike talk about Jewish control of academic grant writing and the racial chaos this is creating at major institutions, White liberals demanding tough on crime policies, conservatives marshaling all their resources to temporarily tank Bud Light, conservative attempts to astroturf the pro-White movement for Jews, who blew up the dam and Striker sides with the Chinese on The Little Mermaid question. https://files.catbox.moe/kb8qpw.mp3
Open file (11.84 MB 460x719 oldfag_glow.GIF)
Open file (248.52 KB 900x1700 Adolf Gaines.png)
>>211064 >TheGatorGamerTime as the "true savior of the white race." BASED AND GA​T​O​RPILLED
Open file (397.91 KB 1394x2048 FxCkzZGaYAACTVw.jpg)
Open file (189.17 KB 1365x2048 FxCS5YxaAAAqTYe.jpg)
Open file (317.23 KB 1536x2048 FxAdeVbaAAA4WE-.jpg)
Open file (286.88 KB 1536x2048 FxDKn9MacAEClWJ.jpg)
Open file (809.28 KB 1534x2048 FwVFFxtaQAMx-fN.jpg)
>>211055 yeah, I know that allot of people don't know about intestine removal and keep them inside. The bigger the shrimp the more of a taste you are going to get from it, along with mercury. But the good thing, it isn't like eating intestines from a fish, or eating non-cleaned intestine. That is where discomfort can come into the picture like stomach cramps bickers you are eating another animals fecal matter, and the Pires family essentially made whole shrimp with intestine and shit soup, or whatever he fuck that is. So, tardski and the whole family is probably into scat, or that is my educated speculation on the matter. >>211058 like, the democrats and neocons on the democrat faction are afraid of the republicans bickers they've bought into the narrative of Republicans that thinks negro gentlemen behavior is conservatism. Or wanting to go back to a more sane timeline, is indeed madness. >>211059 >>211060 It obviously the FBI along with probably getting allot of male prostitutes for his harem, while he is human trafficing young boys. >>211056 The Гунт is a pussy but he can do a thing that tardski cannot, namely stand up after he has been beaten. And go back to get another beating. Tardski would just get knocked out or lay down in a fetal position and then say how he would've fought jcaesar187, and won. >>211064 This is stupid beyond belief. But that shows that gaytor is a neonazi and the real leader behind killstream and it previous extreme neo nazi view, gotta add that to the gaytor facts, dat fo sho. >>211072 Thanks for he wholesome podcast.
>>211064 Marrying and reproducing with a street shitter is very far right and neo nazi like >>211065 that kike in the middle looks like a blobfish. dysgenic freak
Open file (2.04 MB 1319x1701 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH.png)
>>211064 >Meanwhile, _Trollcow_ also appears to be active in the doxxing community OH NO NO NO NO ELAINEBROS
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 2875782158172.gif)
>>211056 Back in 2018 or so Andy and Гунт moved in with each other and one day the Гунт got domestic violencey against poor lil Andy. Гунт yelled and hollered all night while poor lil Andy crawled up in a ball and cried. You do not know what you are talking about and you are the same sort of mouth breathing retard as the swarthy idiot so just fuck off and stop being so fucking stupid. Thank you.
>>211064 context?
Open file (46.40 KB 1290x1534 Fx0ekwlWwAEsZAa.jpg)
Open file (16.99 KB 400x400 jU6h5w6T_400x400.jpg)
Open file (125.02 KB 1125x754 FyCKOk4WYAIAiKN.jpg)
Pride month go BOOM
Open file (330.33 KB 388x542 auuuuugh.png)
>>211082 nutty bible thumper but id still nut
>>211083 >bible thumper *tips*
>>211078 Not the guy you're responding to. But it's true Andy was alleged to have collapsed on the floor screaming when jcaesar187 blocked the door in Miami, having some kind of anxiety attack. During the boxing arc, jcaesar187 refused to box Wortski, which would have been a much better and more competitive fight than Salt Papi. And jcaesar187 has challenged then ran from almost every figure in this sector, including Worstki, Baked Alaska, 3P, Randbot, Gaytor, and plenty more that I can't remember right now. Both jcaesar187 and Wortski have shown cowardice. Only one showed up in the ring though. The other just got beaten up in Portugal several times. >>211080 Cringe. Elaine's gonna raise a simp army of morons.
>>211078 That's why the Гунт ran away from tardski like a bitch when keemstar tried to set up a fight between them, right?
>>211080 >Doner The only doner she has is that putrid thing under her starfish.
Open file (176.44 KB 587x638 4243243.jpg)
Open file (116.34 KB 788x1280 FyCwD68acAAgz-c.jpg)
Now that's fucking based
Open file (285.22 KB 584x529 1375334114690.png)
Open file (10.62 MB 1920x1080 andy_bulls.webm)
Tardski spotting @2:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1P8Avsani8 Lot of big nosed swarthy guys out there.
>>211082 based
Open file (10.37 MB 1272x714 andy_bulls2.webm)
Another sighting. >>211088 I didn't have Baked Alaska being an independent thought proponent on my bingo card.
>>211091 >the bull is tied with a rope What's the fun in watching that if there's no chance some retard get gored?
Open file (62.40 KB 1024x1024 FvTol5sXwAARkaN.jpg)
>>211089 >Lot of big nosed swarthy guys Are you sure it's him? He could camouflage in those surroundings
Open file (57.70 KB 118x379 736547697706.png)
>>211093 >second clip >>211091 >buddy
Open file (68.73 KB 587x313 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (87.47 KB 801x1200 E4FWyCAWUAQKXWu.jpg)
Open file (79.46 KB 801x1200 E4FWyCKXIAYonfS.jpg)
Open file (752.11 KB 2730x4096 E4HuuhlUYAAhac6.jpg)
>>211078 Also don't forget the whole thing was livestreamed also. like that time when jcaesar187 and tardski livestreamed a federal crime and pretend to be FBI agents that was going to catch sweaty gamers, which in turn bickers it was livestreamed just went underground. Kinda funny how these things, happen and disappear from the consciousness when one stops talking about it. >>211088 >>211089 >>211091 So, tardski believes that being bullb8 is somehow going to get his manhood back? that is truly retarded, somewhat unexpected. or is it a way to make jcaesar187 and Salt Papi be the holy bull that he was never able to defeat or go up against? The fate of Salt Papi is really cruel, bickers he got famous for beating up the tard but they didn't see him as a mouth breathing mongoloid junky tard that tardski in reality is, so a real boxer believed for whatever reason that Salt Papi was the real deal, and bickers the tard never went into a boxing ring, and kept that money to himself along with and thus for hubris reasons believed that if you go into training, or just train like a normal humanbeing for whatever unknown reason is unfair advantage and was a set up. So the fat ladyboy known as Salt Papi, goten beaten up with no mercy and looked in the end like a little bitch that he is, against a real fighter. Which in turn kinda makes me believe that tardski is like an ammoulet, for pussy's, fags and bitches to have near them to look like someone that is dangoures or even decent at fighting when in reality, tadski is nothing but a gigantic pussy that doesn't really have a real manhood to begin with, which is probably why he is a homosexual and in a strange homosexual relationship with the lesbian looking man. >>211092 it is to feel a bit manly. tardski needs to feel like a man, since he is a gigantic pussy that hasn't even grown an apple tree or tended to a garden, or even mowed the lawn. Or even done anything of value like chopping firewoord and storing firewood. >>211094 so, tardski has this gay-look that feels like it's old like genetically coded into him. I do wonder if his whole ancestry was like first slaves in Roman times, like sex slaves like >we in today's society uses onaholes, and that tardski's family was indeed nothing but descendants of a great lineage of onaholes,and his whole genetic structure and worth as a human, is nothing but an onahole.
Open file (97.59 KB 612x491 8925219859125.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l80X-u7paMY >dick says no one likes pdfiles >dick says pdfiles are everywhere
Open file (36.55 KB 600x600 928592815958.jpg)
>>211098 >dick thinks wanting to confront someone is Neanderthal behavior >dick brags about confronting trannies irl
Open file (100.31 KB 768x1024 Fv2DXFvagAEvJki.jpg)
>>211098 but molestersen isn't really the brightest mang in the room nor the sharpest tool in the shed. Molesterson, is like a one time lighter that has been overused and where you try to find new uses to said lighter,like beer opening tool or even stress balls, but the problem is that molesterson is just a lighter and his use has been there more than it is welcomed.
Open file (1.59 MB 1395x893 9281592859825928569.png)
>>211100 Vito is the hill to die on for Dick
KINO CASINO RETURNS! KINOMANIA 2! AF IN PDF INSANITY! peg-leg asston and tardski return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZvNDYSLiYM
>>211101 sure, molesterson will die on this pdfile hill bickers for some reason he believes being a pdfile is a fweedom of speech issue and fweedom of expression issue. Mayhaps, if you are making art but even then or especially then it is highly suspect and a big question mark over the head, and one ponders what kinda sick shit is that fuck watching at the dead end of night? I would speculate that Vito watches it and then he has probably introduced it to molesterson and then molesterson has gone on a cunny hunting trip, in LA. and that is how he got those child and teenage prostitutes and loose teenagers to jcaesar187. or let his place be a brothel for degeneracy and pure alcoholism bickers he isn't a slave to amphetamines nor chink fentanyl. >>211102 yeah, no thanks. I hab muh wholesome neonazi podcast and get cawnent form their 3 hours instead of having to wait for 9 hours to get an hour of cawntent. like that is still insane and fucked up.
>>211103 >yeah, no thanks. I hab muh wholesome neonazi podcast and get cawnent form their 3 hours instead of having to wait for 9 hours to get an hour of cawntent. I'll probably watch for 15 minutes to see of asstroon lost a foot but no more than that
>>211104 sorry to say, the lesbian hasn't lost a foot. How do I know? bickers he would use it as a way to get the troon and other loyal paypiggies to guilt them into paying him. Now, if you wonder how he is surviving the heart attack from cocaine abuse and liking his anus being used, then I can guess it is of interest to watch 15 to 50 minutes to get a clue, onto were he is in his abuse of that narcotic substance or how he is dealing with over eating by over eating, and then guilt tripping paypiggies to gib him gibs, bickers he is a lazy fuck that doesn't know how to work. Also, yes. I do like this nippon's buttocks.
Open file (73.30 KB 741x568 892158192592.jpg)
>>211104 >>211105 How can you ever tell if he lost a limb behind all those folds?
Open file (1.35 MB 1610x563 chemo kasino.png)
Open file (28.96 KB 679x516 2895892592.jpg)
>>211102 >Andy lent his coke stash to Asstroon
>>211106 bickers they need to grift and it is a grift first and then a show second. that's how I know. I mean, these retards live together bickers they couldn't afford to live alone, so they just made their deranged and degenerate homosexual fwendship like a new feature of the gritting stream. Like, I heard rumors that tardski behind the scenes has a so-called spycam thing going on but the tard forgot that he is also featured, so whenever he get raped or used as an onahole,the same with the lesbian. It is emailed to the tranny degenerate, some few high rolling paypiggies and even tardski's mom, to try and extort her for money or something mentally retarded. But yeah, that is a thing.
>>211102 >asston isn't dead Гунт just can't get a W.
>>211108 It's the morphine keeping the phantom pain at bay. I can't believe they had to take both feet.
Open file (21.83 KB 400x400 28915589598598.jpg)
>>211111 (checked) QUINTS CONFIRM
Open file (230.16 KB 1280x720 Fx0_2zeaEAE05Fs.jpg)
Open file (177.45 KB 1200x1500 FyDCW7haMAE_T38.jpg)
>>211110 jcaesar187 is a nobody again, so his jcaesar187amale status and him getting a double w and jews. isn't really important anymore, since he is a citizen again, and not a mighty philosopher of the wigger mentality and general trash lifestyle. it is like me or you getting a double jew by jewing a system. >>211111 woah, it is true. here are some nippon tiddies that are wholesome bickers it is like a wholesome nippon woman.
>>211110 he still fat as fuck though
Open file (7.36 KB 160x160 1509136499772.png)
>>211107 Is Asstonne losing weight?
>>211103 Are you even speaking english mongoloid
Open file (27.03 KB 400x400 2852899285956.jpg)
>>211117 English isn't his first language. And he's memeing-riffing
Open file (114.70 KB 792x1024 Fx8DjY3acAEnCuq.jpg)
>>211117 Maybe, this is just a suggestion on my part. Go to a place where it doesn't hurt your feelings when people talk about z-celebs, mister retarded faggot. >>211116 no, he is gaining weight. He probably cut off his own legs so that he could stop getting hurt by the phantom pain.
>>211116 Yeah he's down 60 pounds. Each foot was 30 pounds
Open file (481.59 KB 488x840 00052-1369374810.png)
>>211103 Yeah, I enjoy Strike and Mike too. Some people say it's boring. Which I can understand if you are not in the mood or into politics. But I do enjoy it. It's so dense and rich with info. Strike and Mike bounce off each other well, like peanut butter and jelly. I stopped listening to the regular TRS podcasts a long time ago, bc I got tired of the gimmicks and Merchant Minute bits and Sven would always break up the flow of the big brained conversation with a music break. Then they'd have to slowly wind up again after the break instead of letting Peinovich flow. Strike and Mike avoids all that bc Sven isn't there to break up the flow so it ends up being just a good solid meat and potatoes meal that is filling. And Wortski is not there to ruin Triple P's flow with superchats from paypigs either like on Kino Casino.
>>211120 >each foot is 30 pound >13kg <normal human weight in their feet is about 1,4kg, roughly. <by using logical deduction the lesbian weight should be around >1,2 tons, gib or take. triple P weigh as much as a car. Now, this isn't fun or cool information to get fam. why did ye curse me with this? >>211121 I would never compare TRS or those podcasts to grifting casino and all the other iterations of the tardski grift. you cannot compare them bickers tardski's whole show is a grift first then a show after. Like you have grifting shows that have a perfect balance between the grift and show, but they are more like fwend simulators than a podcast or an internet show. Even at the worst TRS podcast or when I listened to it, was entertaining and also wholesome bickers Mike is such an autsit that it is fun to listen to him going on a rambling, then you obviously have Striker sometimes just go full on autistic which is entertaining then he uses his autism to think, what would normal people feel and then make a deduction on it, and comment. But Mike is the most autistic of them both, but both of em are autistic in a good and fun way.
>>211083 I really wish some paypiggy would send them a dono and ask the qt Asian girl with the helmet to get a white baby doll to hold.
>>211116 he said he's down 20 pounds yeah right
Open file (333.48 KB 1536x2048 Fv3pts5aMAARGIo.jpg)
I should probably be a bit more clearer. So, Erik and Mike is a classical podcast in it's format where both bounces off of each other, even TDS and other TRS podcasts the host and co-hosts bounces off of each other, their topics and talking points and general conversation is the show. So you don't get cut off by a mentally retarded person that reads money given and message onto how fawny the show is( which it isn't) and how they are the next Einstein and how not-retarded tardski is. So comparing, grifting casino and Mike And Striker is like comparing a girlfriend to a hooker, stripper or even the lady at the caffeteria, you just cannot do it. But you do have mentally retarded people that would compare their wife to a hooker, and chose the hooker bickers it is fun at first until you get an STD or something. and the grifting casino isn't like a good hooker either but one of the negro hookers in the street that hasn't any teeth or that her panties smells like salmon with olive oil, and a bit of shrimp.
Open file (102.25 KB 853x1280 FyDO3PJaEAANdW2.jpg)
I found a gigantic nippon with nice teeth and a comfy mommy look.
is weakload on xannyberries now?
Open file (1.71 MB 500x500 1466049310132.gif)
>>211126 >nice teeth
Wayne News, Wed June 7th, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q3OV-qYfBA
Open file (50.58 KB 1349x695 89215892592856.png)
>>211127 He's always been on some sort of painkiller
Open file (209.21 KB 250x263 1467074234747.gif)
>>211127 He is always on something >>211130 Last I heard he was experimenting with bathsalts
Open file (125.17 KB 1280x853 FwPmeFsakAEz8hV.jpg)
>>211127 No, I am not on xanax but wish I was. Since now I am having to quit taking oxycontin. and then it is o try some new painkillers. >>211128 Don't be negative, she is a wholesome mommy. >>211130 nothing wrong with that, as long, as one takes as doctors prescribe obviously. >>211131 nah, bathsalts is lame bickers you have to first have a bahttub and then add seasalt, and then take a bath along with adding new chemicals and heating up the bathtub, and then wait until there is a reaction and crystalization of the salts, then try to smoke it for health reasons or some hippy nonsense. Like that's gay. But my deep federal sauces have suggested and hinted at that is something the tardski does before he is getting anally abused by the Lesbian also known as triple P, by a broomstick that does goes inn and out of the anus. Until tardski shits on the floor and then the narcotics dealer to triple P and tardski, so happens to push the lesbian out of the wheelchair and then lets, triple P and tardski roll around in the feces and urine that is on the floor, and then they do strange things that would make Jesus cry. Also the narcotics dealer is filming said thing for weed money, while also participating on the action from time to time.
Open file (301.76 KB 640x636 1466756162660.gif)
>>211132 >nah, bathsalts is lame bickers you have to first have a bahttub and then add seasalt, and then take a bath along with adding new chemicals and heating up the bathtub, and then wait until there is a reaction and crystalization of the salts, then try to smoke it for health reasons or some hippy nonsense Exactly what I would expect a bathsalt user to say if trying to hide the truth
Open file (20.25 KB 719x94 bryan.png)
>>211129 >bryan in chat <this was enough to send him on 8 minute tirade about gym
>>211129 >>211134 >wayne stream gets posted >queen of poles shows up in his chat hi bryan :)
Open file (232.55 KB 400x400 Ultros 7.png)
Which one of y'all is this? Lol. Or just a Groyper? Ultros is in chat looking at this.
Open file (24.31 KB 600x572 8214821752.jpg)
>>211131 >Last I heard he was experimenting with bathsalts That explains why he is on discord >>211132 >nothing wrong with that, as long, as one takes as doctors prescribe obviously. If you trust the state licensed certified drug pusher, go for it. Not that I am prescription drug free either.
>>211138 What are you prescribed Calculator-kun? I will be experimenting soon for the perfect pain med. Oxycontin is but a dream in the past.
Open file (912.19 KB 667x833 2785782582759854.png)
>>211139 >What are you prescribed Calculator-kun? Nothing fun. Antihistamines and decongestants. Nasal spray
>>211134 >>211135 Look at the account, its not the real KOP.
Open file (28.81 KB 296x299 1681902630406.png)
>this is the woman jewlawyer lusts after
>>211140 Ah, allergies. I see. But one can get addicted to nasal spray so be careful muh mang. Addiction is a double-edged sword. It feels good but you are destroying yourself slowly. <Jenny Ortega and that other famous Latina whore. Oh yea, Salma Hayek. You think their pussies smell like Mexican street corn? With cheese and lime juice on the grilled corn cob?
>>211142 I'm more embarrassed that his bug-eyed goblin wife lusts after other women. Imagine you're a woman and this freak is trying to seduce you.
>>211101 as long as he dies. filthy kike.
Open file (333.86 KB 569x593 14218522895.png)
>>211143 >Oh yea, Salma Hayek. You think their pussies smell like Mexican street corn? With cheese and lime juice on the grilled corn cob? Now I'm hungry for some steak quesadillas
Open file (46.36 KB 250x285 928589125918.png)
>>211149 >I can barely afford Lady Rackets >t. trust fund kid
Wait a minute, I'm out of loop, but why Bryan Dunn aka Queen of Poz is now a "successful" streamer and is getting cloud? Whose dick did he suck to get that?
Open file (372.33 KB 569x593 C5.png)
Open file (356.09 KB 569x593 C6.png)
Open file (352.54 KB 569x593 C7.png)
>>211150 Not chicken? *Muttni went into hiding after her new haircut.
Open file (527.81 KB 1050x591 bryan_dunn_lies.png)
>>211153 KOP has been weaseling his way into 3Pwinson's inner circle for the past 3 years, so he's had to have sucked 3P, the Ear, and the gay Iranian
>>211137 not me, my accounts got jannied bickers I made fun of their jan-jan he got butthurt and banned my accounts same shit almost happened when I made fun judas mcneil janny too https://youtu.be/467jWY21YkI >>211153 that would be ppp and Гунтwinson
Open file (11.11 MB 380x214 5145151815252.gif)
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 82152189592582.gif)
>>211153 >Whose dick did he suck to get that?
Open file (76.07 KB 1024x768 evs horse.jpg)
>>211152 meet another of Rekieta's fwends who he now pretends not to know, jcaesar187 van Sciver: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jcaesar187-van-sciver-s-cyberfrog-2-rekt-planet#/comments He has stolen over a million dollars from indiegogo backers and keeps opening new campaigns before fulfilling ones people have been waiting for over three years,
>>211168 He looks like the Гунт but beardless, and on an actual horse instead of Meigh
>>211153 >Bryan Dunn aka Queen of Poz is now a "successful" streamer
>>211168 ShittyWebComics made an entire longeur about his escapades https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRiLRWlm2ss
>>211168 this guy is a mess, he has a clear cut case of Boomer on Social Media on top of being a scammer.
Open file (125.88 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 871218725189.gif)
>>211173 >these are worth shaving a few days of my life
Open file (279.29 KB 550x689 gator_still_at_it.png)
Let it go gaytorbro. She's 6000 years old and out of your league.
Open file (1.09 MB 480x267 9285298592185.gif)
>>211175 >lying about a fictional character
>>211171 trying to watch it do they ever get to the point? 15 minutes in and they're still just waffling
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 21875178217895.gif)
>>211177 I wouldn't know as I've never made it to the 15 mins mark
>>211168 i recognize this guy he was on a podcast with diddler dax and vito the pedo couple days ago >>211175 just shut it down gaydur
>>211168 Van Scriver is a gay jew btw
Open file (163.17 KB 1179x1556 Fx-uoLDaAAEH57l.jpg)
Open file (611.64 KB 2731x4096 FxspemlaQAANKht.jpg)
Open file (240.21 KB 1152x2048 FyDRNjcaQAAHXYd.jpg)
Open file (594.62 KB 2316x3004 FyDW2rbaAAEqcYz.jpg)
>>211133 naw, mang ya see dat. bathsaltz is fo da minorty folk like em spics,negro gentlemen and probably Italians bickers they cannot afford amphetamines. Also bathsaltz or Cathinones are mostly old legal stimulants that was made in Israel based on the plant called Khat, so in other words it is a N​IGGER drug and made for N​IGGERs like the somalis and kikes, lets be honest kikes love to racemix with the N​IGGERs like subhuman creatures that they are. >>211134 why is that sodomite interested in that fella? >>211138 Don't be negative calculator-kun. The doctor has your and his wallet at his best interest and thus will prescribe some great narcotics. >>211139 >>211143 People wonder and ponder, and then ask me, personally. Why don't you leave? reeee! The reason is so quite simple there are people like this faggot with crippling autism and probably some father issues, has to roleplay as me, for whatever reason. And thus when I am just afk for some time or my severe crippling attention finds new places to use the attention like doxcord, to shitpost. I have to explain to people things, i never even posted or did. Now, people thought they had an one up on me with posting tranny pornography, which I never did and it is bickers of this roleplay, like this negro here. >>211144 I mean, if you ask goblin fag, he probably thinks it's awesome bickers then he can get other goblins into his alleged sex dungeon. Or isn't it finished with it's construction yet? >>211150 >>211154 Also, chicken is approved weakload food! >>211168 >gets tards to pay for a comicbook >people never get their one issue of a comicbook <make a new one <makes sure to grift on it. that is pretty based. It might learn these mouth breathing tards to spend their money on a real product? >>211173 I see, you have found the lesbian's secret pornography collection but that one cake looks delicious of course in fact famlamang. >>211171 >>211177 >>211178 whom is this?
Open file (38.07 KB 563x704 8921589215892.jfif)
>>211184 >Don't be negative calculator-kun. The doctor has your and his wallet at his best interest and thus will prescribe some great narcotics. He's given me some useful ones now and then. And I'm not negative, but weary of doctors prescribing opiods etc >>211184 >whom is this? Some comicsgaytor alawg who rightfully thinks there are too many grifters, but takes forever to even depart in order to arrive at the point
Open file (186.66 KB 1365x2048 Fx6QgDbaIAE3d9F.jpg)
>>211185 >the doctors have giben some useful ones that' good, fam. >weary of doctors prescribing opiates only when you abuse them, muh mang. Oh that reminds me. So 4 people I know of, 2 of them had a dad that was prescribed oxycodone like me and then he got fentanyl patches and he just died of an overdose. Then the mother to an ex of mine died of a fentanyl patch. I was kinda shocked but at the same time, not really. if you take the active ingredient or the fentanyl in the patch, and swallow if. Then you are going to get an overdose bickers these patches are supposed to last a week or something. >Some comicsgaytor alawg who rightfully thinks there are too many grifters So comicsgate isn't over? how long has it lasted? Like, the comics industry is more or less not profitable bickers of many reasons but one of it, is that people that read comicbooks have just moved on to something else, I kinda think the same case has happened to vidya games. But then again, now with Diablo 4 out, and with no one surprise. I like it bickers it is a game but hate it bickers of some Jewish business practices along with getting it a few days before release or getting the true version of the game was a 100 dollars, around the world. now, that is insane on how expensive true or real games are. Also, with diablo4 it felt like an event game or something that would be released over 10 years ago. So, I would believe comicbooks have the same problem but it takes longer to find a comicbook that has any value, or that is muh opinion.
>>211184 Thomas Roiloup, the main rekieta evs alog
Open file (102.25 KB 853x1280 FyDO3PJaEAANdW2.jpg)
>>211188 So, this Thomas what does he has against Jewlawyer? is it an autistic sped or is it a normal guy?
>>211189 Its a man with a decade old tumblr page called shittywebcomics, back when in twitter there was two movements, #comicsliberty and #comicsgate, he was in comicsliberty and saw comicsgayte rightfully as a grifter swamp for fags to play pretend nerd and rake in cash from people
>>211189 He went against every single comicsgayte enabler and won, that means EVS buttboys like Cuck Cuckieta
Open file (31.42 KB 501x401 81252189521895.png)
>>211187 >So comicsgate isn't over? how long has it lasted? Like, the comics industry is more or less not profitable bickers of many reasons but one of it, is that people that read comicbooks have just moved on to something else, I kinda think the same case has happened to vidya games. Generally, but there are hardcore fans or nostalgics for both comics and vidya >So, I would believe comicbooks have the same problem but it takes longer to find a comicbook that has any value, or that is muh opinion. I haven't read comics in over 20 years. They are harder to detect quality w/o a huge time sink involved with reading them, whereas video games can have their quality or usually lack thereof conveyed by a short video from someone else which a comic can't similarly be conveyed. Also spectacle numb NPCs are more easily persuaded to like some game even if it is shit vidya, but that is a shortcoming and why vidya probably died slower than comics.
>>211175 she looks even more pedo in that picture
>>211190 >>211191 yeah, comics are and is a medium that got infected with the feminism virus before vidya, so it took allot longer for people to see the pretend nerds and geeks. So the overall problem, is that when it became political and social justice inserted and highly infected by the mind virus, allot of these people didn't complain before it was too late. Thus comics as a whole died and there aren't enough control to make sure it is a product and not a minaure political manifesto that so happens to have batman or a superhero retelling the horrors of a world without feminism. Now it is a world without transsexuals, and how everyone is both male and female and there isn't any genders or sexes in the planet or something mentally retarded. >>211192 the thing that games have an advantage over, in some respects. is that it's a highly visual and audible medium. So you have to have a product that is fun, and if the company cannot sell you on a few things then no on is buying that product, or interested in it. Like, I feel bad for Square Enix releasing FF16 with the top dollar price, and now that Diablo 4 has been releasede and it is for the same market as Diablo 4, then people are either going to play diablo 4 or buy Diablo 4 instead bickers it is a game. And a highly enjoyable game at that. I cannot really see, a reason why buy FF16 and then downloading it, it almost feels like a too much of an ask. >>211194 the overall problem with gaytor he could've chosen any art of the elf as an adult but instead he chooses the cute art-style in the animation. It speaks more to his disconnect. But, I am ignorant bickers I don't think gaytor is a lolifag and do not want it to be true. Since it kinda is a contradiction of the speculative facts.
Open file (438.13 KB 1536x2048 Fx87QF7aEAAwXTY.jpg)
Also, the hole that Tucker Carlson has left, is gigantic. I watched the 10 minute video on twitter and then got into muh degenerate yellow fever, again. it was almost cured but now it might've been a ten fold increase of it's damages. dang it, when is he going to release the next episode? Tucker Carlson, more than anyone is an opiate not bickers he tells the truth but bickers he doesn't go beyond a line, he might go to batshit insan theories and then add on them but that's about it. He will not go on about he kikes or how the kikes are destroying the west and how there is a factional war going on between the kikes.
>>211187 >Like, the comics industry is more or less not profitable bickers of many reasons but one of it, is that people that read comicbooks have just moved on to something else, I kinda think the same case has happened to vidya games. I think for games its mostly just moving on to retro games, japanese games, or just playing old multiplayer games with huge followings like age of empires ii or counterstrike for the people that are into competitive games.
Open file (446.79 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anons, come laugh at the summer gay fest with us >>>/kong/3529 Starts in a hour.
Open file (196.88 KB 1479x1108 FxnMVpyacAErGl-.jpg)
>>211197 You also have those people but I kinda think and feel that allot of people moved on from vidya or especially those that talked about how vidya is better than a movie, when those games started to become so retarded that you couldn't defend them for heir retardation. So, I think they moved on to something else than vidya but what? I don't know. The ones that are addicted to MP games and old mp games are interesting bickers they do not care about anything else than those old games, and some of them are still playing wow, or some random F2P game. >>211198 Sounds depressing.
Open file (78.84 KB 612x408 Democrats.jpg)
>>211196 Are you TRSperg. If Carlson went on TV and talked about "Gas the Kikes Race War Now" he would be imprisoned and no one would give a fuck about his attempt at revolution just like Dylan Roof he would rot in oblivion while everyone worships G​AMERGATEs even more.
Open file (318.82 KB 833x419 bug.png)
>>211196 >>211202 Tucker's a pressure valve....Here he is eating a bug brownie.
Open file (276.29 KB 351x413 andy_ralph.PNG)
>>211199 I mean a lot of modern movies are complete trash with the industry being the lowest quality it has been since the 1960s (which incidentally caused a crash and then a recovery in the 80s). The newest Call of Duty is probably as dumb as a fast and furious movie while remaining more artistic (even barely) than whatever the latest capeshit movie comes out and underperforms at the box office.
>>211198 IN 15 MINUTES
Open file (848.69 KB 2080x2867 Fw2FFnLacAEOOag.jpg)
>>211202 I ain't trsperg since I do like Mike and Strike even when I know that Mike has hebrew blood in him. Also, Tucker Carlson is a gatekeeper, he makes other people be interested in other gates like ufo and other random stuff. >>211205 to be fair, the bug brownie has bugs fried in oil. Not taken from the dirt and then put in a dough and then baked, so the bugs explode inside the dough during the baking, and there are bug guts inside the dough and other stuff. Actually, I think that the bug brownie has bug intestines in it but, I don't wanna think of Tucker on his low points, like giving his wife boyfriend gaytoraid after the romantic dinner he had with his wife, and daughter and he just gave old Tucker a box of Swedish Snuff and other tobacco products. So that he can feel a bit more manly. >>211206 Yeah, but the new Evil Dead Rising was a fun movie, even when it was mentally retarded. But there is allot of commies that die in it.SO that's good.
>>211182 Would not surprise me one bit.
>>211195 >comics are and is a medium that got infected with the feminism virus before vidya Each jew bolshevik infection follows the same pattern. Comicbooks had the cultural marxists invade, then the fags, then the women, then the G​AMERGATEs. The same exact pattern as any part of white culture that the semites get their hands on.
>>210397 Elizabeth should be free, her only crime was daddy issues. The Indian scammer is the only reason she got into this mess. He was married and 37 and she was 18, fresh out of her sheltered, Southern prep school, when they started fucking. He made her drop out of college to start Theranos. I don't care if she willingly went along with his scam, 99% women can't think rationally when they are sexually active. FREE ELIZABETH
Open file (424.50 KB 1536x2048 FyH4w1vaYAACsap.jpg)
Open file (401.91 KB 1536x2048 FyH4wg0aMAIU62z.jpg)
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 871218725189.gif)
>>211229 Fatass looks like he's miserable, dying and wearing lipstick.
Open file (550.31 KB 742x876 YEP.png)
Open file (52.03 KB 924x631 herpes.jpg)
Open file (433.38 KB 1152x2048 FyDJ0mFaQAEBHMs.jpg)
>>211229 Showing their red wine abuse and fake gold and pretending to be winning. Also the lesbian is showing off his prosthetic legs, for whatever unknown reason. >>211230 >>211232 >>211234 you know, how aids is. it kinda destroys the immune system. also that nose, you can see the cocaine damage on it.
>>211229 Jesus christ this creature is completely unrecognizable, foxdicks not even once.
Open file (5.86 MB 3072x2035 scary height.png)
>>211229 He looks like a grandma
Open file (210.32 KB 500x500 ppp_squared.png)
>>211232 Is this not a face that exudes confidence? >>211230 Stable diffusion. You can tell by the fucked up body features.
>>211239 Simonson bros....
Open file (150.46 KB 1448x2047 Fx4tFFaaEAE9ySY.jpg)
Open file (893.88 KB 2160x2559 Fx5BiPwaQAEn85X.jpg)
>>211237 you know, there has been speculations onto how Jewsh gets people to his tranny harem but it would seem that foxdick in itself is carcinogenic and estrogenic. since of all of the faggotry of being an avatarfag and a real tripfag. So, yeah, foxdick along with being a homosexual made turned him into this creature that looks like a lesbian grandma. >>211238 I do wonder, if the lesbian do some sumo wrestling when it comes to graping tardski? >>211239 that must suck, real and I mean really bad. >Be coalburning whore and then marry a glowie >agency says she is too much trouble and he cannot advance in the firm >she has to divorce him >has a wild Tyrone yeah, she is fucked. lucky for her that she has allot of paypiggies that would like to pay her wild tyrone, as long as she shows tiddies.
>>211242 Well, she's available now. She'll even pay for half the rent and then some.
Open file (73.30 KB 741x568 892158192592.jpg)
>>211241 >You can tell by the fucked up body features. Yeah, I find it hard to believe gravity would lose a fight with those legs to keep that ass suspended in midair
>>211239 RICED DOT COM
Open file (192.47 KB 2048x1536 FvlPC4uaYAE6Seq.jpg)
Open file (225.30 KB 1536x2048 FvwlRnIaQAAIMFD.jpg)
Open file (281.98 KB 1275x1440 Fw5dKYOWwAM9r2Y.jpg)
>>211249 but you are assuming that there are no muscles on his body. Without muscles he couldn't walk or lay down. Just a fact, fat is only stored energy in case on needs said energy in a later date. But the big question is, has he started to get an arthritis bickers of his weight? >>211248 only if you are a good looking arab, Italian, negro and generally south for the butter border of Europe. Also, it is a woman and women are bad with money, even when they've had a kid. So she might pay the rent the first 3 months then you have to pay the rest. Along with taking care of a wild Tyrone. And who wants to be a cuckold?
Open file (44.51 KB 512x481 19f.jpg)
>>211249 He's trying to slavsquat too, but he's way too fat to actually be able to go down far enough without falling over so he just looks like he's about to take a shit in a bush.
Open file (106.68 KB 879x1353 892589215189.jfif)
>>211252 >but you are assuming that there are no muscles on his body. That's a safe assumption >Without muscles he couldn't walk or lay down. I've yet to see proof that he can >>211253 Exactly
>>211253 He cannot bickers his knee's would explode, or get heavily damaged. >>211254 >That's a safe assumption OK, so the fat is around the muscles, and it will be used when for example you are working out and need fast energy to be used when you don't have like sugar, fat or protein. Then the body will eat or use the fat as energy and build new cells from it. But the problem with the Lesbian, is that he has too many 1cm fat cells around his body, and they are the kinds of cells that will mass produce, one can say. So, he has muscles. >I've yet to see proof that he can walk or sit. that is a fair point but then he is just a blob with prosthetics. That is so scary to think about, so here is a puffy vulva as a distraction. Just look at how comfy it looks.
>>211247 any pics of lauren's little coalburning accident, i need it for memeability.
>>211256 Wait anon there is an actual video of her being a coalburning slut, I have seen the pics with the have irish-have muslim faggot but not this.
>>211229 Looks like he's on his deathbed. What the fuck is wrong with him? Has to be more than the obesity right? Guy's not even 30 yet
>>211265 Bad ending anon, bad ending.
Open file (47.14 KB 540x405 9825921851652652512.jpg)
>>211256 She just happened to run into That Guy T while on vacation in Mexico some years before she was married. What a COINCIDENCE. I mean, what are the odds?!
Open file (1.18 MB 498x280 98229856215.gif)
>>211255 Nice butthole floss
Open file (80.37 KB 570x900 FxkZBlaaQAAAy_M.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2593x3454 FyGd-dUagAAjwbU.jpg)
Open file (1004.48 KB 2432x3243 FyGd-4tagAA4G5P.jpg)
>>211268 oh, don't forget she has a nice puffy vulva also. I have bad news, hang kang whore isn't as comfy as before.
>>211267 lmao this bitch is completely blacked, but that isnt a little mutt child, where is it?
>>211271 the kid is a mutt, its a hapa, she aborted the G​AMERGATE kid likely, it is an angel baby that joins carls, rands, andys and Гунтs third child.
>>211272 i can buy that, wicked bitch altogether
Open file (470.32 KB 488x840 00112-1226161928.png)
Kino Casino has now turned on RPGTV due to his feud with Gabe Hoffman, the Jewish hedge fund manager and paypig of KC. They mocked RPG last night and from the brief time I've listened today, have been clowning on Teddy Feaser (RPG) the whole stream. >>211227 <women are subhuman and not capable of being rational thinking adults while they navigate the world Nah, she's a fraudster. There were plenty of opportunities for her to get off the ship before it crashed. She knew her little blood testing thing didn't work. Silicon Valley culture is like that; where nerds make a start-up company with no product and convince investor billionaires to fund it long enough to sell it. Mostly smoke and mirrors. Mark Zuckerberg for instance shouldn't be a billionaire. He only is bc his Facebook stock rose up. Line go up. He just built a website. Nothing special. By that logic, Jewsh Moonpie should be a billionaire as he also built a website. >>211239 Wtf? Lmao. Is that really a nig-baby? Oh my god. I need the whole story. Something tells me there is more to the story than her realizing her husband works for the Australian government. Like she cheated on him with a nig now wants a cover story for why she is divorced.
>>211272 Earwinson is also rumored to have had an abortion with a 3rd world woman back when he was in his sex tourist days.
>>211229 not surprising jcaesar187 is gonna outlive asston and dab on his grave
Open file (114.70 KB 792x1024 Fx8DjY3acAEnCuq.jpg)
Open file (106.30 KB 853x1280 Fx71OY4aIAAax_N.jpg)
Open file (353.20 KB 1536x2048 Fx8bAcTaMAA8vmC.jpg)
>>211275 Is that some of the pornography you have created goblin-fag? >>211271 That is a mutt, you cannot see the face bickers it is so horrible. >>211273 she is more than wicked. Her pussy poisons people, like normal huwhyte people and not Asians,spics and negro gentlemen that wants to use a coalburning whore, as to try and experience what huwhyte women is like. >>211277 Negro, I would want to believe but he has most likely had a strange homosexual relationship with weird gentlemen out there. that is why the breakup with the lesbian was so hard on him and him. >>211279 jcaesar187, feels like someone that is going to an early grave but I have a feeling that he might survive for a really long time, even from more retarded events which would make a sane mang die. The lesbian is still young and can change, maybe not the third heart attack but he can still change and not get diabetes, or worsening of his arthritis.
Open file (299.93 KB 747x590 928529852981589215.png)
Open file (45.54 KB 747x392 817187951892589215.png)
Open file (30.08 KB 600x450 71826529859285638956.jpg)
Open file (87.44 KB 640x922 72oG5qe.jpg)
Open file (62.91 KB 640x960 cTJ3I9u.jpg)
Open file (56.87 KB 960x720 pRXyl5V.jpg)
Open file (87.67 KB 720x960 jzJkYEp.jpg)
Open file (125.47 KB 720x960 XWc8xQ9.jpg)
>>211256 Umm actually he was Irish not black.
Open file (165.55 KB 375x375 8921589215821.gif)
>>211289 >Hasan O'Shaughnessy
>>211284 SEXOOO
Open file (238.34 KB 1080x1350 lavlune.jpg)
>>211284 I guess she got sick of the lesbian look and is becoming a hoe again
>>211294 >classic dyke code art on the walls. She still eats those clam tacos.
Open file (303.98 KB 579x800 Kiss_by_Tanya_Chalkin.png)
>>211294 >>211296 Does she have the Kiss poster too? Or is that too blatant?
>>211275 >Nah, she's a fraudster. There were plenty of opportunities for her to get off the ship before it crashed. Yeah she was an accomplice to the Indian man's fraud, but she shouldn't get even close to the same sentence as him. She was manipulated and groomed by him since she was 18 years old, she was naive bookish girl. Her brown father substitute raped her frequently and made her a "new Elizabeth". He completely molded her personality, imagine the level of self-realization needed leave that kind of relationship? She paid her curry toll and has white babies now, no need for more prison. >Like she cheated on him with a nig now wants a cover story for why she is divorced. Her husband wants nothing with the kid, no child support or anything, doesn't even want to visit it. He even threatened her physical safety and she had some order out against him. She now lives in a cabin in a cult-like "trailer park" bickers of all her legal debt, just like triple P did in his time of crisis. There is a 0% chance the kid is his, that ain't an asian baby.
Open file (473.33 KB 488x840 00071-2924856347.png)
Open file (516.80 KB 488x840 00074-2924856350.png)
Open file (518.14 KB 488x840 00151-2755631423.png)
>>211294 >>211284 Much better than the dyke sjw look. But I think that is a wig or hair extensions. There hasn't been enough time to grow her hair that long since she wore the beret to hide her short hair. >>211285 >Is that some of the pornography you have created goblin-fag? Yes, but it's hard to control the AI so you get too much body-horror and artifacts. >>211298 Maybe Holmes got groomed but 18 is legal adult. So... >Indian man raped her frequently Doubt it. She was in a relationship with him. Sounds like she cried rape to play the victim when the scam got exposed and to win sympathy (to get off scot-free). These are her defense-lawyers' arguments you're feeding me, right? <Oh she was groomed. <Oh she was raped. <Oh she's the victim. <Oh she has a family now. Nah. Too bad. One thing's for sure. She's no longer roleplaying as Steve Jobs, wearing black turtle necks and speaking in a strange deep voice that isn't hers. Lol. >Her husband wants nothing with the kid So the Asian man knows the kid isn't his. Intersting. Whore! >She now lives in a cabin in a cult-like "trailer park" bickers of all her legal debt, just like triple P did in his time of crisis. Very intersting lore. I wonder what really happened between them. She was whoring around. The Asian guy found out. Ended the relationship. Threatened her. She fled. "Aaaaa my husband is so bad! He's a fed!" >That ain't an Asian baby. It looked like 2 different kids in the 2 pics, based on their hair types and skin color. Maybe he got a tan? Wonder why she's censoring the face? >>211239
>>211301 Are you hindu or something? No one has sex willingly with indian guys. Even if she verbally consented, it was rape. No one should be in jail for ripping off billionaires, especially white mothers.
>>211289 Average catherine fan
>>211287 Why are you alogging gym talking about video games retard?
Open file (53.25 KB 220x176 918189289215.gif)
>>211312 >posting Gym tweets is alawging
>>211287 are they fucking with us after releasing p3p on pc 5 months later they announce that they're going to remake the entire game https://youtu.be/ceruca1pPcw fucking atlus sadly we may never see a remake of p1 and p2, it's not as popular as p3, p4, and p5
Open file (452.22 KB 802x660 8172952982989.png)
>>211321 fuck off soygoylet
Open file (457.89 KB 488x840 00002-2587232428.png)
>>211310 <Are you Hindu? No. <No one has sex willingly with indian guys. The fact there are 1.4 billion Indians on this planet says otherwise. Somebody's breeding them clearly. <Even if she verbally consented, it was rape. Lol. Now I can't take it seriously. Women are subhuman and have 0 agency I guess? <No one should be in jail for ripping off billionaires, especially white mothers. The law is the law. The fact that she got knocked up after being exposed in her fraud shits his pants and does nothing to expunge her crimes. So by your flawed logic, all mothers should go free and be given free reign to commit crimes simply for being female or being mothers. Nah.
>>211301 >The fact there are 1.4 billion Indians on this planet says otherwise. Somebody's breeding them clearly. Even in India most are in forced and arranged marriages. >given free reign to commit crimes simply for being female or being mothers. yes. unless it's child abuse, there is no point in jailing mothers. it does more harm than good.
>3 more tattoos planned It ostensibly means "Fury Control Chivalry Courage" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v&#