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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
Open file (279.73 KB 1534x2048 FWL11GFaMAAYS-3.jpg)
Open file (355.73 KB 1534x2048 FWlmFJWUIAEyK9H.jpg)
Open file (1.24 MB 1800x2700 FWLDZ8JaIAAGJi6.jpg)
>>175509 No, why would I use magic mushrooms or any form of psychedelics? It does not work for pain.
Open file (6.57 KB 233x217 1653081661539.jpg)
>>175510 it usually severs your mind's connection to fear and anxiety while high (it can also do the opposite but that's very rare))
>>175510 nta but if you're spun out on mushrooms or any form of psychedelic you are not going to be worried about your pain
Open file (581.60 KB 667x1000 uwu.jpg)
>>175478 based hope he does more entertaining autism.
Open file (157.98 KB 1067x1600 FW3lUcIaUAAu_qc.jpg)
Open file (91.01 KB 853x1281 FW73CjAUcAAesoG.jpg)
Open file (437.69 KB 1536x2048 FW3Ab-MUEAAKcJ7.jpg)
Open file (469.95 KB 1108x1478 FW0mm6qUcAEs04S.jpg)
Open file (602.43 KB 2732x4096 FW0TSB2UsAE6K20.jpg)
>>175511 OK, but what is the appeal other than seeing weird stuff? Also with magic mushrooms I could get serotonin syndrome which probably sucks bickers it makes you get a few seizures and other stuff. >>175513 OK, but I am not interested in the psychedelic. Also maybe you get into a trip and you start to believe you are female feline or something retarded? Or you find out that speed is awesome or something else that is retarded?
Weakload would crumble under psychedelics anyways, he's better off never trying even part of the weakest shroom, not even a gram. He isn't a real man, he could not handle 16 grams of pure, dehydrated, boiled down Dextromethorphan like I actually did once on accident.
Open file (35.19 KB 512x640 1652310253441.jpg)
>>175515 >OK, but what is the appeal other than seeing weird stuff that is the appeal, you can go on really wild trips that are extremely fun. It plays with your perception of time and reality so you can get lost for what feels like days/weeks when you were only high for a few minutes/hours depending on the dosage
>>175517 He is too dumb to get it, you don't understand he's a literal NPC dude
"seeing weird stuff" is honestly the most mundane part of tripping out, it does really interesting things to your mind, ordinary things seem profound, it plays with time and other perceptions like the frogposter said. it's not for everyone but I think it is worth trying for anyone who does not have major mental health concerns (if you do you should stay well away, it can fuck you up)
Open file (162.84 KB 720x1280 FW9fLjDaIAEv9yG.jpg)
>>175516 >Dextromethorphan that's cough syrup you retarded monkey, I tried it but I only felt and saw weird shit. It wasn't that special. Try and mix that with codiene or morphine cough syrup and make some purple drank and then you get a nice high negro high that fits you perfectly. >>175517 yeah, I do not believe it is something for me as >>175518 said not bickers of NPC but bickers I am more open minded and thus my mind would expand and believe I am a female feline or something weird.
>>175520 >believe I am a female feline or something weird. If you go into the trip expecting something like this it may well happen The autistic poster of nips Was fearful of having bad trips But he'll soon drop some L And he won't go through hell It's the nectar of Gods on his lips
>>175520 You'd have to drink 32 bottles of cough syrup to hit the amount I took lol Why do you assume you'll think you're a woman if you expand your mind? Why a furry? Weakload...
Legit, I broke through all the plateus, worst part fellow drugs, I had to fucking drive, it was a cardboard car on a 2d road I shit you not, hand to God.
>>175520 >>175515 >Also maybe you get into a trip and you start to believe you are female feline Twice? >>175522 yeah this anon is right, that's pretty fucked you assume that weakload, once a man, always a man bro wtf, you think some drug will turn you into a woman? Tranny shit bro, wtf I used to like you.
I told you faggots a long time ago he's self inserting as those gross snaggle tooth yellow skanks but no, nobody wanted to listen then.
once I was tripping out and had weird ideas about my gender but i just took half a valium and they went away, your mind does go some strange places, but it is more than a bit fucking weird for that to be the FIRST place your mind goes, Mr Weakload
Dude he ragged on the other tranny so hard bickers he couldn't stand seeing someone living his wet dreams, he's even worse than a tranny, he's a furry freak beta male.
Open file (372.76 KB 1170x1560 FWj3J-8UIAAucoe.jpg)
Open file (393.91 KB 1170x1560 FWj3J_FVUAAJOSL.jpg)
>>175521 https://www.fox13news.com/news/winter-haven-police-warn-of-chocolate-bars-laced-with-hallucinogenic-mushrooms Is this you? >>175522 32 bottles and each bottle is 300mg there about that would mean you used 9,3grams of pure DXM, how did you not throw up, or get minor seizure or go into a psychotic state or get serotonin syndrome? I did not use bottles, got veterinary grade DXM capsules for dogs and it was 50mg for each capsule, so when I got sick and had to werk, I just took 2 tablets and then I didn't feel like they where working, so then I took 3 more and then they started to kick inn and had to call inn sick. Had weird dreams that's for sure. Never had such weird dreams, waking dreams along with a strange disconnect with my body and mind. >>175524 You never know what one might expect from these potent substances. >>175526 >I tripped and went into a psychotic state of mind yeah, that's why I don't wanna take em >>175527 Psychosis is not a joke, one can turn into a sodomite bickers it felt like a good idea.
Open file (587.60 KB 720x514 EohOmEsU8AIxoJn.png)
>>175489 >go into a psychotic state Protip nerd; I did do this you fucking retard. >and then they started to kick inn and had to call inn sick. As a tranny I never called into work sick even when drunk on 3 hours of sleep so you admit you're a weakerload than me. >waking dreams along with a strange disconnect with my body and mind. Disassociation my nig nog >You never know what one might expect from these potent substances. Ya do if ya research it like a person with an actual brain would kek >one can turn into a sodomite bickers it felt like a good idea. You're born gay retard you talk about them all the time, you're fucking gay, I never worried about drugs turning me into a woman or turning me gay I just was. You either are or you're not and any actual straight man here will tell you that too faggot bitch.
Also burger bottles are more like 500mg iirc so not 300mg run the numbers again for me yellow feline furry fag
Like I fucking said, IQ of 197 retard, I know my math bitch
Open file (67.21 KB 750x926 FcNQ05zXgAArq-h.jpg)
Any of you ever push weight or are you just pussy ass buyers like the janny here obviously is
And in b4 tranny, come up with an actual comeback for once ya pussy ass fake whites.
Open file (190.99 KB 1366x2048 FWwD6chUEAE2POr.jpg)
>>175530 >Protip nerd; I did do this you fucking retard. >I took 9,3 grams of DXM that makes allot of sense since it is neurotoxic but you have done research or maybe not enough it seems. >As a tranny I never called into work sick even when drunk on 3 hours of sleep so you admit you're a weakerload than me. yeah, 3 to 5 hours of sleep is more than enough even 2 hours can be more than enough depending on how much you wanna get out of the work. >Disassociation I know it is a mild one compared to ketamine and other substances in that class of drugs and it is also a morphian substance meaning it does something to the opioid receptors like if you do not wanna get addicted or wanna get back to baseline, just microdosing on that, is a-ok but not taking 9,3 grams that is toxic and retarded. >your born gay and the fag parasites and such corruptions aren't real yeah, you are such a good example of this, or so it seems. >>175531 >>175532 you would be dead, sorry. but you have taken something that has had a neurotoxic effect on you that's for sure. Maybe you should start to go into a psychiatric clinic that tells you that being a fag in drag isn't healthy and then you talk about the substance abuse and how you like to abuse substances.
>>175535 Another tip for you; >Maybe you should start to go into a psychiatric clinic that tells you that being a fag in drag isn't healthy and then you talk about the substance abuse and how you like to abuse substances. Most of the posters here use drugs so I fit in better than you ever will bickers your mind is so fried off your basic white bitch bullshit you're too scared to try.
Open file (1013.86 KB 600x800 dCOualg.png)
Last hint >>175534 sniped ya newfag >>175535 All your comebacks hinged on tranny and I posted before you, by oldfag law, you lost.
>Got you to admit your lack of drug use >Got you to look like a poser bitch >Got you to sperg >Got you to fall for replying to me when I didnt use images >Joseph Joestar'd your fucking post >Got you to admit you won't do psychedelics cause you'd instantly troon out into a furry. Yeah, I'm done here, weakload, more like noload.
Tranny was told to take a hike
Open file (214.62 KB 1358x2048 FX55gyNakAAfaFI.jpg)
>>175536 sure, some take drugs but there is a point where an illicit substance become more harmful to the user than beneficial. So that means you have gone over to the harmful abuse, with neurotoxic effects and other unknown side-effects like wanting to be a fag in drag. >>175537 laws of what? some delusional shit you read on the internet on tumblr or something your dreamed about in the second? >>175538 >i wanna go into a psychosis That is retarded. >but it is soooo gud for muh self-esteem yeah but you are also a fag in drag sodomite.
>>175538 >Got you to admit your lack of drug use >Got you to look like a poser bitch >Got you to sperg >Got you to fall for replying to me when I didnt use images >Joseph Joestar'd your fucking post >Got you to admit you won't do psychedelics cause you'd instantly troon out into a furry. >weakload, more like noload. So True
>>175539 >doesn't do drugs
Open file (1.52 MB 3024x4032 FWVTCrLaMAAbJyQ.jpg)
Open file (936.29 KB 3024x4032 FWVTCrKagAExUun.jpg)
>>175541 Obviously I do not do any substances, I am a Boy Scout.
Open file (52.95 KB 933x757 E_f9j6HXoAEFRoQ.jpg)
>>175542 >Closet tranny >Closet Furry >Clearly a newfag getting trolled even by a loser tranny Weakload...
Open file (413.13 KB 950x673 Sargon-2.png)
>Boy Scout. So a sweaty gamer
>Pedo >Newfag of only 3 years on the internet at all >Talks like a child >Snaggletooth yellow uggos >Clearly a tranny furry >Got dunked on by the tranny he tries to make fun of >Sucks janny dick for clout >Is a fucking obvious Tryhard Weakload bros are we losing?
Open file (184.74 KB 1364x2048 FWEafSlaMAAtSsu.jpg)
Open file (184.47 KB 1128x1504 FVX-jOkaUAA-2BN.jpg)
Open file (199.04 KB 1366x2048 FWEaftOaMAAYllS.jpg)
>>175543 >tranny No, I said I ain't a tranny bickers that is gay and one has to be a sodomite to do such a thing. >closet furry no >newfag yes >>175544 No, that would mean the innocence of a boy scout not touching degenerate illicit substances like a certain fag in drag has done and thus became psychotic. >>175545 yes.
Is the Гунт even streaming tonight? >>175545 Looks like >we'll have to follow our yellow overlord's lead and sudoku.
>>175542 Goodbye weakload, you admitted you'd be a cat troon, we can't be frens anymore.
weakload-kun please explain why your first worry about tripping is to reveal your inner trooned-out furry, i hate to say it but the tranny is right, you took a major L there
Open file (71.64 KB 769x772 pathkeffals.jpg)
>>175549 That was the worst part, he lost to a fucking tranny in a clear display of utter pathetic weakness, how are we to even remotely respect a creature like that anymore?
Open file (37.56 KB 497x482 FYmQYhxX0AIbihH.jpg)
>>175550 Not like this individualists.
Open file (255.93 KB 405x526 faggot.png)
Open file (241.16 KB 1200x1500 FXGYHrtaUAAKha1.jpg)
>>175548 I said that I don't wanna take strange mushrooms that gets me into a psychosis in case I am going to become a cat fag in drag. That is a scary thought, just imagine hunting the neighborhood for cats to abuse them like a fleshlight like the tranny that is posting here does. That is fucked up, you never know what might happen during a psychedelic trip. >>175549 One never knows about what a psychosis might bring, and neurotoxicity isn't a thing that sounds like a good idea. >>175551 For what? not wanting to get into a neurotoxic and psychotic state of mind? you do not know what psychotic delusions will get you to think is a good or bad idea, that is just a fact. And maybe one believes one is a snake that wants to get into a fat british man, and then one marries a hooker from Romania. Have you ever thought about that mindfuck? That would be like form George Lucas movie.
Open file (175.73 KB 1108x1478 FWY7sDAUYAAIish.jpg)
>>175557 outing myself as what? not wanting to be a sodomite and not wanting to get the fag plague?
>>175560 weakload the way psychedelics work is they manifest your innermost mind ('psyche|delic' = 'mind|manifesting'), so clearly your innermost desire is to be a catgirl....simple as
>>175563 I said upthread that people with major mental health issues shouldn't trip and you are the apotheosis of mental health issues, it chaps my ass that you have not done the honorable thing yet and killed yourself
also a weakload L is not a blaine W
Open file (1.86 MB 498x445 tenor.gif)
>>175565 Dude, you can't tell a joke from a srs, how much autism do you have? >>175566 I handed him the loss, it's an ERIKA WIN YET AGAIN BAYBE
>>175567 I am entirely serious. You should kill yourself. Your life is objectively pathetic and you have zero redeeming qualities, every community you spam shit on online winds up hating you, it's clear you have nothing going on IRL, I don't get why you are still the fuck alive. No joking.
Open file (106.42 KB 675x900 FXDxfjRaAAEHAao.jpg)
Open file (195.10 KB 1368x2048 FYDBLinaMAAf-gT.jpg)
>>175561 yeah, I do not know how psychosis work and what kinda delusional sights and desires that might come up. >>175562 well, I am giving reasons onto why I would not take a substance that is going to get me into psychosis which you are a prime example of. Being a fag in drag, and boast about taking these substances and then being proud of being a fag. Then going on about how you look like a trap when you are obviously a fag in drag, so no. Would not take advice from a mentally ill sodomite. >>175564 >I am a dickgurl no, you are a fag in drag and cannot even pass as anything but a fag in drag, the pic of you saying me September was an obvious; "I am in a fag bar". These other people are harsher bickers I do believe that people are just infected by the sodomite virus which you clearly been infected with. >>175566 My L is bickers I do not wanna try out a substance? In case I become a sodomite by being infected by the sodomite virus?
Open file (3.32 MB 600x338 tranbd.gif)
Remember anons, follow robis advice, report the tranny and ignore it.
>>175571 this in fact of course fam
Open file (657.33 KB 1175x1744 1652313696785.jpg)
>>175572 I asked you if you have ever done psychedelics and your first worry is that you would become a failed male incel cat troon. Why? Even the drug abusing groomer blaine (confirmed felon pedo) was able to get a victory on you bickers of this.
Open file (4.73 MB 502x508 kaitlynlaff.gif)
>>175571 Furthermore, a lot of the time, it's not even trannies themselves doing it. I started trolling rightoids on halfchan /pol/, bickers they're all so retarded now, and it's more fun than doing it to leftoids. I have half a mind to LARP as a tranny here too now, just to bait some (You)'s for myself, but I can't be bothered.
Open file (430.11 KB 1536x2048 FXYfltOVQAE8NTx.jpg)
Open file (353.21 KB 1538x2048 FXrdN_oaIAAQRgS.jpg)
>>175578 I do not know how psychosis works. Or how people become trannies to begin with, so you never know how one becomes a sex pervert that is hunting and hurting cats and kids while also believing that you are a beautiful woman. That is you know fucked up. And there are like rumors he or the fag in drag was in a child molestation ring, and then there are other rumors where he put a knife to his fathers throat and started to finger fuck his anus along with giving him a blowjob, he almost cut his poor fathers throat.
Open file (2.65 MB 498x378 hithisforevan123.gif)
Whatever supernatural force guides our destinies, it has brought us together in some mind-expanding situations. I must believe this invisible hand will pour more chilled Chablis for us in less treacherous, more tranquil times to come. Love, Emojitroon.
>>175517 shrooms can also help 'cure' depression kind of https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35166158/
Open file (6.83 MB 576x960 5899825689265.gif)
>>175566 Either way it's a jcaesar187 W
Open file (34.36 KB 655x527 89125921856.jpg)
>>175588 >emojitroon is the Olivia Hussey fag
Open file (146.83 KB 551x493 RALPH NO.png)
>>175514 What was this guy's name again? Does anyone have the link to his spergout? I kinda wanna rewatch that, it's been so long. >>175576 He's the only poster itt I ever filtered.
There's nothing gay about liking Olivia hussey sir.
>>175478 >6 hours of mormon shaggy FUUUARK Found the timestamp for Cryogenes for anyone interested. https://youtu.be/jB-fjs6xJOw?t=1527
Open file (99.46 KB 306x374 gunted-medium-crop.png)
>>175590 nothing but. all day.
Open file (507.92 KB 641x676 1637541907319.png)
Open file (41.36 KB 600x450 1647706531141.jpg)
<Go to /cow/ FILTER PDF AND TRANNY >Sleep
KOP WON GROSSLY OFFENSIVE WON WARHAMMER WON The cytubefags don't they have no control over who >we love or how >we think. Make KOP a mod already Jews and Robi, he is less faggy than some of the current mods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLSZppa4jfI
Once again Il'l say, KILL YOURSELF EMOJITROON. Both you and Nuzach spent another weekend seething about /cow/, gahoole, etc and spamming G​AMERGATE dicks and cp all over the webring.
>>175607 >t. Bryan Dunn Where's the paternity test, brah?
Open file (120.53 KB 336x188 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (122.26 KB 1080x1080 coach_based_pilled.jpg)
Open file (581.08 KB 628x656 ElizavetaPodkorytova.png)
Finally finished the Shaggy and Axl vs Diogenes video, was kino. I hope he comes back. TELL ME WHAT PUSSY FEELS LIKE
>>175611 Yes, you're a pedo faggot, nuzach & emojitroon. You two act like Pedochu. >>175607 Bryan Dunn is a retarded and one of the biggest jokes from the internet. Also Bryan Dunn love to rise another's men kids. Maybe bickers he's a pedo like his own dad. Warhammer is a literal sperg acting like the new Corey Barnhill Grossly Offensive is a liar piece of shit and former buddy with Dj Axle.
>>175616 >Grossly Offensive is a liar piece of shit and former buddy with Dj Axle. Former buddy until Dj Axle EXPOSED him for being a sweaty gamer.
Open file (458.72 KB 300x169 ThereYouGo.gif)
Asston and Corey Barnhill are behind the scenes guiding some of their dogs in this endeavor involving the Council of Evil. Remember, Asston send KoP and MrDeadman months ago to get shit on Gahoole and Surfer. Corey Barnhill called a jihad against Dj Axle months ago behind the scenes. All this drama going on right now is far from spontaneous and natural. Perspic and Bryan being dense faggots cappos are unable to see that they are doing Corey Barnhill's (sweaty gamer) will or Asston don't care and is willing to ally with Corey since their interests have aligned. Alas some kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8RdUht6RZY&ab_channel=Gahoole >>175478 >>175506 >>175615 Crygenes is acting more like an unhinged sperg than usual. Maybe the rumors about his suicide aren't entirely unfounded, if I remember correctly he tried to open his wrists and wrote some gay latter. But like everything else in his life he failed at that. lmao. I overheard someone weeks ago promising they would manipulate an idiot into jumping into this mess about Axle and Shaggy, but I never imagined it would be Crygenes, congratulations on manipulating the depressed pseudo-intellectual. I personally want to see them all burn and having Crygenes in the mixed only make it more retarded aka better imo. >>175385 >>175619 As I had predicted Grossly deleted his youtube channel TODAY to try to blame it onto his enemies, be ready for future drama and grifting coming from the chavpedo and his discordspic buddies. In fact, some channels are already trying to make him look like an underdog and a hero fighting the good fight. My cold take: Shaggy at this point is the new Гунт and all these failed z-celebs and clout chasers want a piece of fame by going after him and Axle without really caring about the truth and moralism, since many of them are up to their necks in shit.
>>175616 I'm gonna prefix this by saying that Bryan Dunn is a homosexual gay faggot who engages in homosexual gay ops, but why are people coming at him with pedo accusations now?
Open file (87.62 KB 851x1064 grenade.jpg)
>>175620 >Alas some kino I was always sad bickers I really wished I was best buds with Gahoole and Daiymo. This stream made me feel otherwise. KINO >>175620 >congratulations on manipulating the depressed pseudo-intellectual. It felt like they were bullying him for a lot of the stream, which is mean if he's really depressed. He gave a whole anime antagonist speech and screamed SHUT THE FUCK UP if anyone tried to interrupt which was very epic and cool. I hope he gets the help he needs. Maybe he needs some friends. Cryogenes if you're reading it's ok >we all love you here, it's just jokes bud. >>175622 >It's wet and warm, finger your own asshole to find out more. Your asshole is wet?
>>175620 based Nostradamus anon and I may or may not be involved with Diogenes making a fool of himself again. Honestly it's not difficult.
Surfer is streaming early so he doesn't clash with Chemo Casino.
>>175622 >>175624 >>175629 Still jumping IP's after being banned, troonfag? VOL3 WON BTW
New Queeno Kasino airing in a bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzFDyfqBnJc
>>175624 Actually it feels like a warm hug under an autumn tree from the man you love. Read Diogenes retard.
Open file (136.56 KB 236x236 crown.png)
>>175630 Hey guys maybe link this and mormon shaggy instead of fucking TheGatorGamer or nick rekieta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMfmbomheO4
>>175638 >instead of fucking TheGatorGamer gayden horsefucker mcneal*
Open file (103.29 KB 960x1280 FWUWjRRagAA5ROL.jpg)
Open file (137.06 KB 1761x930 FWUWilHaMAAzyS3.jpg)
Open file (268.83 KB 1128x1504 FWvRIXIaMAAAujU.jpg)
Open file (297.81 KB 2048x1536 FWUWi4HagAE2YiH.jpg)
Open file (375.51 KB 2048x1363 FWUWicTaQAAW9G3.jpg)
>>175614 yay Coach Kino >>175615 where is the link? >>175616 wasn't it Bryan that was faggot and claimed he wasn't a faggot bickers he used modern sodomite words? >>175619 Have you heard the Paperchu and Dj Axle talk from the Council of Evil? It is one of the most dark and nightmare inducing things bickers one knows that paperchu is most likely a serial killer and he hunts children for sport. >>175634 grifting casino, why? tardski is going to try and defend his honor and the lesbian will do anything and everything to defend it, even giving tardski some of his soymy jewish mother from his tiddies, along with a braap in his mouth.
Did anything happen? Hard to know with all the faggot blogposting.
Open file (111.09 KB 1024x576 pompei coomer.jpg)
>>175630 I Have No More Coom, and I Must Coom.
>>175644 I posted something about what is happening with entire drama about Shaggy, Surfer, etc, but Emojitroon is using two or three different ip's to slide my post.
Open file (92.37 KB 1080x1082 1647392341932.jpg)
>>175644 nope, only coach kino, surfer stream and grifting casino. Everything else is the sodomite making the thread smell like a man's butthole unironically.
Open file (73.30 KB 741x568 1576113041492.jpg)
Open file (14.28 KB 410x91 4785198589256.png)
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 85992865.png)
>>175650 he was knocked out, how could he have fought?
Open file (514.02 KB 818x817 189518929128656.png)
>>175652 This is the face of a man ready to get up for round two, gayper :^)
>>175653 reminder this is JF spilling the beans on what was really going on with the tardski fight. But I do wonder, if tardski was allowed to have 15 seconds to get his conscious back, how would a knockout more be a way for him to win? Like there is a reason why they do not allow 2 knockouts in the ring.
>>175654 >12 iq, 7 iq, 0 iq NOTHING LEFT Ladies and Gentlemen
Open file (299.25 KB 478x444 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175616 Warhammer is a fat retard who gets blown out in every debate. He's nothing like Corey the guy has sub 80 iq and can't argue at all. Grossly is a pedo who got banned off youtube and groomed a minor and then tried to call out dj axle over doing the same thing. Also Bryan Dunn sucks tranny dick.
>>175656 imagine saving gay porn to your computer.
Open file (96.14 KB 395x1322 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (81.69 KB 409x1110 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175657 you clearly haven't seen bryan dunn lose his fucking mind over it each time its brought up. he's really mad him being a homo was documented and proven.
>>175658 Well im glad its you "documenting" gay porn. Whatever keeps you going.
>>175659 cope harder bryan you crybaby faggot
>>175660 Which one of us has gay porn on their pc? Doesn't that make you more like queen of pole?
Open file (1.85 MB 1369x994 mr and mrs rackets.png)
does mrs rackets have an onlyfans?
Open file (359.92 KB 708x448 coach_and_mel.png)
Open file (962.76 KB 329x359 SPOILER_hxzmj0.gif)
Open file (90.46 KB 251x297 delightful naughty.png)
>>175650 >>175653 This is the difference between /cow/ and foxdickfarms. >>175656 You at least have to agree on this: both are fat autistic sweaty gamers. >>175657 >>175659 >Please, don't share anything about Bryan being a faggot, /cow/ is a serious site and a bastion of good manners. >>175658 Remember, Bryan Dunn flirted with Aqua from anime mafia for months, only to later be revealed that Aqua was a spanish boy.
Open file (83.32 KB 650x520 1576099589616.png)
>>175662 Not yet, not before his jewtube is going down the toilet is he going to release the cuckold videos and the pictures he has of her naked. But I do wonder if he is going to call them, goblin porn or something else? I personally think that Goblin fag should edit the pornography, if she releases an onlyfans.
>>175664 >its a secret that bryan dunn is a faggot <if I dont save gay porn to my desktop how will I PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD bryan dunn. hahahaha
>>175666 He saved the gayporn to mess with Bryan along with uploading it to the site. Even when the sire is starting to smell like a man's butthole. >>175664 Reminder that foxdick are the ones that made Chris-chan into a motherfucker.
Open file (3.97 MB 640x360 Doritos Freestyle.mp4)
>>175642 >where is the link? >>175594 >>175642 Have you heard the Paperchu and Dj Axle talk from the Council of Evil? Yes that shit was insane. I am so glad Dj axle managed to ped0hunt him before he bought an actual children. Wtf Pamperchu. I'm noticing a convergence where more and more "lolcows" turn out to be like rapists. At least based Lord King Cobra hasn't raped anybody yet, only rubbed up on women at bars hehe yeeeeah.
>>175668 Chris-chan turned into a motherfucker bickers of weens primarily not foxdicks, but the real fault lies with Geno Samuel for publicizing him and grifting off it. Bella Janke, Sean Walker, Fiona (wanted to fuck cwc), all of the weirdos who got their shit pushed in last summer learned of Chris by Geno Samuel.
Open file (36.90 KB 380x596 corey barnhill gunt.jpg)
Open file (318.35 KB 633x679 Josh Moon 27.png)
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
>>175669 >yeah dude I agree dj axle the pedo totally /ourguy/ Hmmm there's these pedos that went after other pedos to try and make it less obvious they were pedos but I can't quite remember their names. >>175670 No foxdick you are the reason any of that was ever possible, jewsh moon and his tranny cabal of brainwashing are the reason any of that was possible. Weens vindicated, a-log vindicated, bluespike vindicated forever thanks to you retards that are the real reason Гунт isn't in jail bickers you called the court so many times they dropped the revenge porn trial until he could get a compromise that got him off scot-free.
>>175668 Can you imagine being half vegetable laying there with your fat autistic tranny son drooling over you as he jams his sausage fingers into your dried up ancient pussy and telling you to cum for cwc. Barbs no angel but what a way to go.
>>175671 >the real reason Гунт isn't in jail based but you're not wrong, foxcox definitely shoulder a lot of the blame, apparently Geno Samuel was on stream the other day saying without kf he lacks material, but his influence really brought a lot of the bad actors. however, focox oldfags like Marvin and The American Hedgehog (particularly) 100% enabled Chris's downfall as well. you cannot point to a single cause, it was a perfect storm of faggotry
>>175673 Btw I am also glad Гунт isn't in jail I just find it ironic that the people who actually want to see him dead are always the ones that fuck up the chance of ruining his life the most, /cow/ literally almost got Гунт to kill himself in 2019 during the pillstream. >Geno Samuel was on stream the other day saying without kf he lacks material >but his influence really brought a lot of the bad actors Of course it does, his documentary, although well put together unlike metokikes did the same thing that gyms video did to terry davis to a lessor extent, the further mainstreaming of lolcows is a true tragedy, and I know that the serial swatter totally not a platespic or corey barnhill went onto a stream with the ogre king and told him one of the reasons he tried to help kill foxdick was to put a stop to this.
Open file (258.01 KB 1125x1500 Ealu8wUVAAMUGBY.jpg)
Open file (242.05 KB 1125x1500 Ealu8wQUYAAV_Pk.jpg)
>>175669 >Shaggy stream linked I am gonna listen to it, muh mang. >I am noticing more and more lolcows are rapists or other forms of perverts >Dj Axle doing something to pamoer like what? he is the one that so-called larps as a sweaty gamer for whatever unknown reason, I don't get it. And how DJ Axle talks to pamperchu still makes me uncomfortable. >>175670 >>175671 Foxdick had a monopoly on chris-chan and how to troll and not troll him, where there was one that made or started the dimmensional merge saga, he more or less made chris-chan get a form of psychosis and it was the form that could actually be re-evaluated by a psychiatrist but instead of getting Chris-chan help. Which foxdick claims they do to their lolcows, he instead became a motherfucker. >>175672 No, that is a fucked up imagination but it is kinda funny how fucked up it is. Imagine fucking the female that birthed you and not only that but fingerfuck her first and then licking her pussy, and then into the fuck and he cooms inside of her all time. Or he started to finger fuck her after the cooming so the pussy vacuum just made chris-chan's coom drip so he could collect it, and later put it into the fridge and then makes his Fanta cocktail with his semen and barbs vagina juices. >>175671 I do wonder if someone sent chris-chan into psychiatric hospital would he still fingerfuck and become the motherfucker or would he too doped up from the psychiatric drugs?
Open file (407.77 KB 1008x1200 gigachad.gif)
>>175671 >>yeah dude I agree dj axle the pedo totally /ourguy/ Yes thank you for quoting me accurately.
Open file (5.05 MB 1280x720 lewd.webm)
>>175675 No, DJ Axle is innocent, do not listen to the sweaty gamers trying to smear his name.
Open file (415.35 KB 1128x1504 EvTXdE1VkAEK30-.jpg)
Open file (430.89 KB 1504x1128 EvTXdE4VgAMg_i2.jpg)
Open file (328.97 KB 1128x1504 EvTXdE4UcAA_gyh.jpg)
>>175677 but there are so many sweaty gamers that it is impossible to figure out if DJ Axle is just a furry fag or a real wanting to hunt children and molest them. I mean, he talked to pamperchu where do you watch the CP and he say it is on jewtube and then other weird shit. And then you have DJ axle saying I am a pedo bickers it is based and other weird comments.
>>175675 >Foxdick had a monopoly on chris-chan and how to troll and not troll him and outwardly they would say not to ween/troll him but the innermost circle (Marvin/pickle-suited negro et al) were in contact with almost every troll, and found the Idea guy shit "interesting" more than "horrifying", sick group of people
Open file (3.30 MB 1500x7066 kopinfograph.png)
Open file (126.44 KB 1016x483 silvio bunda enjoyer.jpg)
>>175666 >forced fake laugh >trips of beast It's you once again pretending to be an anon, Bryan. You're a faggot. Simple as. >>175670 Amazing cope, foxdick. Also Bella is a queen. >>175675 C'mon, weakload, just read my post >>175620 & >>174333, as usual what I say here turns out to be true in a few months.
>>175680 Bella got caught out in a bad situation, she panicked when getting all of the attention from foxcox who were all hyped up by the news of the motherfucking and wanted a target. If Bella had sit down and shut up everything would have been fine but she tried to play games with the foxcox, snitch out her friends, and thought she was smarter than everyone. She was not and the rest is history. I have actually spoken to her, she has a sense of humor and can be pleasant, unlike when she was interacting with kf but who can blame her. I can blame her for all the degenerate shit that was on her Discord though.
>>175678 I think if you watch the pamperchu files and you watch the new Cryogenes stream it's pretty clear Axl is a shit-testing troll. He's fucking with people. A lot of posters like to run with "X IS A PEDO CONFIRMED" as a bit but the slower posters don't notice it's all a part of a bigger bit. Wait... are YOU a sweaty gamer1??!??!
Open file (1.61 MB 1758x2400 FTDAYEbUcAA_WFz.jpg)
Open file (272.17 KB 1366x2048 FMRrBoFUcAAdvtp.jpg)
Open file (336.16 KB 1536x2048 FU169GiUcAA7WBu.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 1800x2720 FPgbUBEVkAYapSN.jpg)
>>175680 >I am always right OK, what is best rear booba or booba? So here is 2 booba and 2 rear booba.
>>175682 >I was just PRETENDING
>>175610 Idc buddy, u keep deleting my wholesome threads, I'll spam ur ass until the end of time.
Open file (109.33 KB 576x562 949833631702.png)
Open file (168.48 KB 878x544 608024452069.png)
Hey gaytor. No one logged onto his e-hentai, and it's not that he logged on to read one manga. It's that he uploaded that particular manga himself, and there's receipts. https://archive.is/g5LBA
>>175688 Remember when someone found Gaydoors second life character? I wonder what is in his nhentai bookmarks...
>>175682 No he's flat out openly proclaimed that he wants to fuck kids. He and grossly have cp bombed discords and he groomed Lumi (15) and has been hanging out with Lumi since he was 13 years old and spends 20+ hrs a day with this child in discord. He defends older pedos right to send lumi dick pics and trade nudes with the kid too. Axle is fucking insane and deserves to be killed by firing squad.
>>175688 Did he forget there's a stream with Meigh where they talk about which loli is cuter and what the best loli hentai is?
>>175691 j-just pretending
Open file (1.26 MB 407x377 FOREVEREVER.webm)
>>175691 Who the fuck is loomie?
Open file (109.79 KB 768x1024 FUkdfWLUcAActi7.jpg)
Open file (116.05 KB 768x1024 FUkdfWOUsAAf80Y.jpg)
>>175688 lol gaytor is still pissed off at the fagmenco porn stuff. like he went off the internet some time ago, and he is coming back with a vegnence bickers then he is going to tell the truth of what he did to his sister. Like that one time where he made his sister try to be a femdom but she couldn't but she tried her hardest, but what happened is that fagmenco put a Гунт to her head and demanded her to fingerfuck his anus until the anus juices started to flow onto her hand and fingers, and then he was going to coom on her face but what happened is that he farted and then coomed on her face and she swallowed some of the coom. Whenever she hears a fart sound she is frozen like she is back in her room when Prolapsemenco molested her or made her molest his anus. >>175689 Is that the fresh gay porn from /tv/? >>175690 Do you really wanna know? >>175691 that's some deep lore about Axle, so Dj Axle has a boytoy? >>175692 seriously? >>175693 yeah, that's messed up.
Open file (54.86 KB 668x533 kasane betrayal.jpeg)
>>175691 Wait.... Wait...... WAIT....... ARE YOU A sweaty gamer?@!!??!!??!?
>>175694 Lumi is this 15 yr old troon kid who hangs out in Axles server he ran with grossly. He's been in there since he was 13. Axle and Grossly used to lure pedos into their server from fortnite and minecraft and runescape using lumi who was 13 when it first started. They'd lure the pedos onto the channel and then axle would get cp from them and let them be sexual with lumi. Then when grossly and shamoo found out they shit his pants and did nothing about it and decided to just hang out with him even more. It wasn't until axle turned on them that they suddenly began this campaign to out him as a pedo. They knew all along and had no problem with him being in there. They just played stupid, pretended to kick him and then you'd find him in the server a week later under another alias.
Open file (8.72 MB 720x720 comeback.mp4)
>>175697 Ok i've never heard of that and I also don't care. From that 6 hour video what I heard was Diogenes is an atheist pussy weirdo who really liked having sex with underage 16/yo transexuals and writing poetry about it. Very gross and creepy. I hope he comes back to defend that bickers fuck, that's so fucked.
>>175698 >cryogenes is le pedo not me Sure think axle.
Open file (1.28 MB 1280x720 Bounce for bits.mp4)
>>175662 No and she likely won't have one. If Rackets has his channel taken down the clear next step is moving to his second biggest platform which would be his Twitch channel. It would be lady Rackets hot tub streams, note since the hot tub was used in at least one stream he said he made it a tax write off.
Open file (4.46 MB 640x640 die.mp4)
>>175700 Don't know what you mean but have a mp4
>>175678 Yeah this is very specifically a thing that actual peeh does do. They will admit in public that they like kids and then walk it back when the heat comes. They very specifically get off to the idea of admitting to it and getting away with it. Vito does it, Mrgirl does it, aksel does it, meigh has done it, that drpizza guy kept doing it until he got arrested for soliciting 8-year-olds, everyone under the sun is accused of being a peeh doe, but when someone's going out gleefully admitting to it, that's when you know for sure they actually are one.
>>175703 You're just saying wat Jewsh said you don't have your own opinions. You can't express why you yourself hates mrgirl the peodphile you have to wait for MATI podcast to tell you. You are broke silver coin.
>>175704 Jewsh is right on the money with many things. You need to outgrow your gay hateboners and admit to it when someone is right about something. He is wrong with other shit, he has a lot of cringe takes when it comes to politics and especially wamen, but with this he's 100% accurate.
>>175705 >You need to outgrow your gay hateboners and admit to it when someone is right You need to outgrow the takes of 47 year old winedrunk joggermoms
>>175706 The fuck are you talking about, 47-year-old joggermoms would be the first to preach tolerance and claim people should trust it when someone like aksel claims he's not into little boys. Again, you need to ditch this retarded >Noooo X can't be right about something! We can't let this stand! He is OTHERWEBSITEFILTER, he's the enemy! We can't let him have credit for being correct about something we need to go into full denial mode! This shit is even more cringy than Jewsh's >We need to put women in charge of stuff bickers women voted for the nsdap
Open file (12.54 MB 1080x588 bedtime.mp4)
>>175708 >axe to grind with jewsh >browses this thread >posts vtuber shit Pegmenco...is that you?
Open file (5.59 MB 640x360 LETSGOOOOO.mp4)
>>175707 >Jewsh is right on the money with many things. >You need to outgrow your gay hateboners and admit to it when someone is right about something Oh, i see. Filtered.
Open file (371.54 KB 626x803 Gahoole_the_Chad.png)
GAHOOLE and the DAIYMO are on their honeymoon in INTERNATIONAL WATERS shutting down the QUEENO CASINO from the inside! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry-s5Zya8Xg
Open file (143.85 KB 874x1200 FUgYQ7jVIAAUngT.jpg)
Open file (231.74 KB 2048x1366 FUFMHyHakAAgz_E.jpg)
Open file (286.60 KB 1536x2048 FUjgZOKVEAAvBiS.jpg)
Open file (606.72 KB 800x1067 FU3oJwJUEAA5yHG.jpg)
Open file (624.09 KB 2100x2799 FUKlscAaMAAQYGW.jpg)
>>175697 This is really fucked up. >>175701 Some of me thinks that the Jewlawyer has like allot of weird shit on him that he hasn't told the public like my speculative cuckold videos, and that she is a cheating whore. And that he has probably some pics of her sleeping naked after the bull has filled her holes. I bet there is even a degenerate gangbang video, but this is a christian board so one should not say he is into his woman being a hussy. But yeah, she is probably going to do some hot tub streams while he is in the background talking about random weird law stuff. >>175703 >>175704 you know what they say a clock is right twice a day.So Jewsh coomer moon might be right on the money in this one since he is a former shotacon consumer. and there are some evidence that he might be a pedoman,mang. But when it comes to DJ Axle there is allot of weird shit going on in that discord so him trading CP with other autistic sweaty gamers is something I can totally see, after all the Norwegian police did take him into questioning for something a while back, and what did they question him for? Narcotic distribution or CP? >>175705 Jash is right about some things. But I would rather use Jewsh knowledge and as a piece of data to something rather than forming my opinion from him. So now, there is allot of studies about excessive sweating and it is scientific studies, so one of em is that the pedo's are retarded, left handed, manlets, bad brain wiring and the list goes on.
Open file (154.83 KB 351x468 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (141.86 KB 349x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175711 Esoteric
Can you see it with your one eye?
Open file (987.59 KB 1216x1821 gahoole_balding.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 1216x1846 oldhoole.png)
>>175713 the dark and the light dichotomy pure kino
>>175715 The archon Authorities ask "is TheGatorGamer here?" This is more graceful than The Dark Knight.
Open file (34.36 KB 655x527 89125921856.jpg)
>>175711 Are they going to wear matching shirts like a couple of faggots again?
Open file (95.17 KB 730x1024 FRt6fs_UUAAZhwn.jpg)
Open file (85.32 KB 732x1024 FRt6ftAUUAEm-Tk.jpg)
Open file (115.66 KB 1278x958 FRZwiuNaQAAenb0.jpg)
Open file (196.62 KB 1804x2048 FRbbvYmVkAAtgR6.jpg)
Open file (365.65 KB 2724x4096 FRRbkowaUAAthFm.jpg)
>>175717 you never know, fam. you never know.
Open file (333.87 KB 703x521 let'sgoo.png)
Yep confirmed it's the same boat area.
Open file (19.61 KB 343x556 itoldher.jpg)
>>175717 >>175718 They lied their way onto someone's boat dude.
Open file (623.21 KB 400x225 92850895263923.gif)
>>175712 >But I would rather use Jewsh knowledge and as a piece of data to something rather than forming my opinion from him. I didn't mean it as much as that he should be held in high or better regard for being right about something, it was more directed at the spergy reactions you get when you say something anons heard him say as well. You can never post something here that el diabolo de las zorropollas also said in the past, without immediate naysaying. There is actual trump-style derangement-syndrome going on here, you could bait certain anons into saying literally anything you want just by convincing them that jewsh said the opposite. They are willing to commit to the most retarded takes, just so they can claim that jewsh is wrong. The notion that something he said is correct, inflicts such deep and severe anguish to them, that they are perfectly happy to debase themselves like that to make it stop. If you think I am exaggerating, ask yourself this: How would they know what he did or didn't say, unless they listened to him on a regular basis? Why would they subject themselves to hours upon hours of his voice, just so they know what ree at? >so one of em is that the pedo's are retarded, left handed, manlets, bad brain wiring and the list goes on. >they're just retards bro, they're just being edgy, they don't know any better I really don't think that is it, bickers then it wouldn't be a perpetual back and forth like it actually is. You'd see the suspected sweaty gamer do his confession-retraction shtick once or twice until someone less retarded tells them >Bro, that's retarded, it's not funny and all you're accomplishing is that people think you're a sweaty gamer and they stop. But they don't. They keep going and repeating it over and over again. The repetition makes it pretty clear that they actually are sweaties and they just use the retractions to hide behind the retards that fall for them.
>>175688 If flamenco isn't a pedo (he is) then he is still into prolapse porn which is some horrifying shit that means he hates women and is a sexual degenerate. No quarter for that faggot and for Gator for defending him.
Open file (183.46 KB 1200x1418 FTpl6OfaIAAXK0z.jpg)
Open file (362.90 KB 1440x1800 FTps0txVUAAl1Ai.jpg)
Open file (139.39 KB 2048x1366 FTpBy-gacAAk730.jpg)
Open file (1.85 MB 1800x2400 FSO6O6_akAEE3cX.jpg)
>>175720 That is kinda impressive, lie your way to get a boat ride.Will they have gay gangbang sex in the boat so they can take eachothers virginity? >>175722 >spergy reactions you will get that from whatever, my mang. Like if you are good enough to not give enough of a fuck about something then you can just say x said that and y said that and then you will see the most mind boggling responds. For somethings will go against ones or other spergs morals, that's just how the internet werks. >why would someone listen to Jawsh? bickers he is a lolcow? And at one point he was more comfy to listen to than many other drama channels that is just a shameless grift. >they're just retards bro, they're just being edgy, they don't know any better I never said that but said they are retarded, manlets and have a general bad wiring in the brain, there are actually scientific studies on pedophillia or real sweaty gamers and they've found that there is bad brain wiring. >I really don't think that is it, bickers then it wouldn't be a perpetual back and forth like it actually is. I didn't get what you said here, my mang. >You'd see the suspected sweaty gamer do his confession-retraction shtick once or twice until someone less retarded tells them So, one can think the the confession to the excessive sweating is a sort of a kink of itself, it is not before they realize that people hate sweaty gamers that they will retract and say it is just a joke bro and so on. >and they stop. But they don't. >They keep going and repeating it over and over again. >The repetition makes it pretty clear that they actually are sweaties and they just use the retractions to hide behind the retards that fall for them. I mean obviously they do not stop when they get away with it the first or third or fourth time, it is like a serial killer or a serial thief, serial sex offender or other degenerate stuff. That is where the 20 points lower in IQ comes in handy bickers they do not learn from their mistakes like a N​IGGER. >>175723 Also he molested his sister or he got his sister to molest his anus, or those are the rumors I heard here on /cow/ and doxcord.
By the way I think now is a good time to say that it was I who face-doxed Gaytor's sister, incidentally bickers I was confirming the dox the Гунт posted. I did it bickers I knew she had meme potential and that it would piss off the Gaytor who would blame the Гунт and thereby produce cocks and cause Gaytor to drop receipts on Гунт. I think it worked adequately enough but I was still kind of underwhelmed by the cocks in fact of course. oh well.
Open file (29.92 KB 550x393 pp,550x550.u12.jpg)
>>175725 > but I was still kind of underwhelmed by the cocks in fact of course. What cocks?
Surfer is streaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt8wSicGVao >>175686 >>175689 >Emojitroon is behind the Kaiposting Let me get it straight. So you're both a pederast and faggot, and yet, you cry about vol3 and /cow/ being the real pedosfags? And are you surprised when others call you Pedochu? WOW >>175694 Underage tranny who the Plategang invited to Dj Axle server to help to create this entire autistic shitfest bickers they knew Axle would be stupid enough to fall for the bait. Grossly just used him to mojcaesar187ag and get rid of any guilt for being involved in this. >>175693 Grossly is a faggot. Also, pay attention to Chauncy, the guy is as filthy as Dr Rockso. >>175700 >>175702 Crygenes isn't a pedo, just a sperg who puts pussy on a pedestal and used to hang out with underage anime discord spics and pedos/feds like Corey and Jewachim back in the day. Oh, also StonedMexicanGuy and lots of trannies. >>175711 >>175713 >>175714 >>175715 >>175719 >>175720 KINO SUNSET
>>175726 > What cocks? A few caps of jcaesar187 sperging out in Discord but the best was Meigh sperging to Gator about how Гунт is an alcoholic with a gambling problm etc. but yeah as I said, fairly underwhelming. >>175729 Has there ever been a non-faggot named Kai? Only a faggot would name their child such a thing and thus the faggotry is transmitted to the next generation, ergo Kais are faggots, QED.
>>175731 Kai is literally a trans kid groomed by his own jewish dad.
Open file (35.85 KB 1501x436 ClipboardImage.png)
Already crying for being banned again, pedofaggot? Maybe, just maybe, if you stop posting cp, G​AMERGATE dicks and crying all the time you wouldn't be getting banned. While you're doing it, Gahoole is enjoying a nice night. Make a mental note about this.
Open file (48.08 KB 483x554 SLEEPING.jpg)
>>175735 Boring as fuck shit. It's Asston screaming about Bibble for almost 15 minutes already. here the superior stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3ucgCX42V0
Open file (161.56 KB 1024x768 sh3_11_1024.jpg)
Open file (298.04 KB 1600x1200 sh3_15_1600.jpg)
So now I have finished SIlent Hill 3 on PS2 and it took me 9 hours and 51 minutes and 42 seconds. Unlike SH2 there is more cult stuff and the gameplay is a bit harder and more refined and the puzzle difficulty is also harder and it ends with a clear this is the end of the Silent Hill Saga and even if you do not look for the cult stuff you will find it, and it is a bit more disturbing with it's monsters, bosses and decorations. It is simply an amazing game and the secrets are also pretty good, but there is one annoying place namely the red light following you. God dammit I hate that room thingy. So now, I am going to play Silent Hill 4 the Room where the game series ended or where Team Silent had their end with the series.
Surfer and Shaggy are stream spinning Kino Casino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QR6UjpaJFM&ab_channel=MormonShaggy
>>175729 don't try to damage control pedo. lumi was in axle's server since he was 13. That's a whole two years before that autistic pedo G​AMERGATE even showed his goofy ass face around here. They always claim they kicked him then you see him in vc alone with axle or grossly under a new alias. you guys should just kill yourselves.
god andy and TheGatorGamer are so full of shit. close the page on that chapter of their life? they'll be back talking shit in a week bickers they're botn boring low iq with no talent.
>>175744 >>175745 Well, >we need your based streams back, Corey. Return to destroy Grossly, Axle and Ashton.
Open file (535.65 KB 1185x666 ClipboardImage.png)
For any of you z-celebs who still care about the Council hi kop, Shaggy leaked his DMs live yet againe and Crygenes is officially a member along with 'freeguppy'
Open file (1.09 MB 1826x1340 subhumanwhale.png)
>>175743 fucking DISGUSTING
Every stream that is ever posted here is the worst stream I have ever heard and I almost always leave within 3 minutes.
>>175748 This Hypatia is the old satanistic whore who used to hang out with P P P and now have a legion of simps zcelebs
Open file (151.60 KB 280x325 gahoole_jussssst.png)
>>175713 >1 in 7 posts itt is weakload
Autistic sweaty gamer Warhammer is
Open file (39.06 KB 193x149 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175754 FOUR THINGS 1-A fat autistic retarded 2-A sweaty gamer&lolicon 3-A P P P simp 4-A discount Corey Barnhill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXQ7zQgxHHM
>>175743 >>175754 >>175755 Warhammer and Shaggy are in full war once again and calling the cops to swat each other houses while the Greek zceleb from Australia is streaming to a chat full of platespics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DreKCmDnFpw&ab_channel=KinoKorner
OGRE streamsnipes YIROS streamsnipes SHAGGY streamsnipes CHEMO CASINO???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzaqF2tXOG4
>>175729 I'm not any of these pedo posters, I literally just post olivia hussey, jennifer love hewitt and shit like that, I was accused of getting gahoole server taken down twice, even tho i spend most of my time on 4chan, so eventually i said fuck it and decided to give into their isnane accuations, I will spam trannies on their site till the end of time.
i'm going to kill gahoole and wear his skin like the Гунтskin noble from elden ring.
Open file (146.97 KB 450x515 9812592856.jpg)
Open file (10.50 KB 346x358 654654654.jpg)
Open file (9.72 KB 293x325 6546546.jpg)
Open file (6.25 KB 260x279 654645.jpg)
>>175749 quite incredible that he got that sweaty within 10 minutes of starting the show. i suppose that ranting and jiggling about is the only exercise he gets.
>>175765 He put his head under a sink before the show started dumb dumb, he is OWNING THE MEME AYLOGS. You faggots suck at bullying.
Open file (772.65 KB 769x946 kjtz7856.png)
Open file (1.42 MB 768x943 jkzgf.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 769x947 gr.png)
STOP ID HOPPING you filter avoiding varmint
Open file (105.52 KB 699x1200 1642607414531.jpg)
>>175767 But why are you changing ID?
were Andy's eyes cross-eyed before the fight? I swear they're cross-eyed now. Maybe it's just me
>>175773 there's that old screenshot of him looking enraged where he's cockeyed, someone will have it. I think his eyes are somewhat biased to cross like that.
Open file (521.47 KB 685x461 tardski.PNG)
Open file (543.88 KB 685x471 tardski 2.PNG)
>>175773 No, that's how he normally looks like when he's on drugs.
>>175777 >>175778 samefag harder, cuckboi
>>175780 nah G​AMERGATEs stink and are basically animals, i know what one you want to be though, faggit
>>175782 you will never be a real G​AMERGATE lol or a real woman
>>175785 >being a spic ouch mate i felt bad for you before but being a perpetual mutt must be tough, i mean even spaniards are the mutts of europe and your a mutt of a mutt lol
Open file (153.77 KB 1048x1280 trannyHELP.jpeg)
I WANT ATTENTION EVERYONE LOOK AT ME Just shut the fuck up man, I want to read the thread.
Open file (165.13 KB 589x880 eeeh.jpg)
>>175794 This is how you epic le troll and make ppl like you. Bother a small niche community bickers they didn't stop everything to make it about you. Fuck off man you're boring.
>>175792 >>175797 >>175795 Lol like i give a shit about your foxdickfarms junior foundation, you would all be my briitney in prison, you'd sing to me like the castrato's of old, begging for mercy, but i wouldn't give it to you, i never do
>>175799 Come to Les Amerois, 6830 Bouillon, Belgique next full moon, wear all black.
A filtered responded, listen you're not funny we want to talk about weird online drama shit here stop making it about your persona online. I get second-hand embarrassment whenever I see your fucking posts. Stop dude we don't want you here, go be a totally randomer funny shitposter on like the Undertale subreddit or a One Piece discord server just fuck off bro. You're unfunny. You're not trolling. You're just annoying everyone here. Go away. Shut the fuck up please.
>>175801 What's wrong sweetie, does my typography remind you of the time your mother stuck cattle prods up your ass? does your dick twitch when you read my writings?
Open file (324.98 KB 1087x1007 1613104337071.png)
>>175802 Getting responses, getting (you)s, doesn't actually mean anything. You're annoying everyone.
Hey folks the fag in drag is just a faggot. Do not gib it attention bickers all form of interaction with it will make you retarded. I didn't get the tardski side-effects before today and now I cannot even setup my xbox controller to the apple tv and I even romanced about the idea of buying a new iPhone 14 max pro, along with one of the new macbooks bickers they are more fancy than the previous version and have a nice keyboard.
Open file (22.61 KB 750x754 RW28YYO.jpeg)
>>175738 <When Silent Hill was good. It's easy to take SH3 and 4 for granted after coming off 2. But when I stop being a snob about it, I realize 3 and 4 are still very rich, great games with interesting ideas and unique monsters. They are still artistically rich. It's pretty sad to think 1-4 was a unique thing in gaming history that will never be achieved again bc Team Silent no longer exists. So anyone trying to remake or create another will just be trying to copy the originals or rekindle the flame. It could work but probably not. It makes me wants to play 3 now. I even brought out my PS2 but I broke my controller trying to clean it by snapping a frail wire inside after a cat had urinated in it somehow. I only have a PS1 skinny controller and I want my rumble controller back so I think I will be buying a controller converter like this: https://www.amazon.com/BROOK-GAME-CONTROLLER-SUPER-CONVERTER/dp/B07543W7XS. This should let me use almost any controller on my PS2.
Open file (407.64 KB 1600x1200 sh3_16_1600.jpg)
>>175811 If you wanna hear my lukewarm take So these games cannot be made anymore bickers they are weird for one and the whole story and themes are problematic for these new reviewers and nugamers, even when most of them say they love SH 2 and so on, which is just a lie imo. Also these games ironically enough are pickup and play like a JRPG and other games, you did not really need a manual for the game other than to get into the world and know the atmosphere and some of the characters and monsters before playing the actual game. The problematic part of the game is obviously the themes and hinting of stuff, and then you have the whole story telling of the game and get to know everything which takes several playtroughs and that is a lost art in games now, bickers game devs think that you must be able to get everything in the first playthrough bickers then the reviewer and shill get their values worth, you might notice how I did not say the consumer, that is bickers games are really not made anymore for the consumer but the shills and reviewers, only some few games are for actual gamers and they are far and few between. Oh , now I am trying out Fantasia from mistwalker for the apple tv, iPhone and iPad or the apple arcade, it is kinda interesting to get the playstation controller hooked up on apple tv and use it the game seems like an atypical JRPG that SquareSoft would've made back in the day. Also I am trying out Castlevania order of ecclesia on DS which is a quite good Castlevania game, I can actually recommend it. >broken Controller that sucks my mang, get it fixed and get into the awesomeness of SH.
>>175812 <several playthroughs Yes, this used to be commonplace where on the 2nd round you'd go for different endings and extra weapons and secrets. But the reviewers are trying to meet deadlines to rush their shitty reviews out to beat the punch. So they don't have time to even know when a game is a classic. Time has to settle that and let the game at least savor in your mind for a week. I used to put a lot of stock in review scores. But then I realized the soyboys reviewing them often don't even know when something is a cult classic or a masterpiece. They will just slap 8/10 on SH2, Ico, or a Dark Souls 1 and go about their day. When no, these are 10/10. I don't care if it's not their cup of tea, too difficult, or they didn't understand it. I remember back in the day, IGN would just give 10/10 to any Mario game mainly bc expectation that it was an official Nintendo Mario game as opposed to objectively rating it. Then you have the shills on youtube that are literally paid to give positive impressions before the game launches. Someone like Vatividja for the Dark Souls series for instace, even when he's giving his genuine impressions of a new game, it's still a dude getting paid and getting favors like early-access to the whole game for free. I also remember when the Gamespot reviewer had the audacity to give Halo 2 an 8/10 when it was the most hyped game of all time up to that point and it caused tremendous butthurt. Nowadays, developers do the Ubishit formula, cinematic experience to check all the boxes and try to "game" the review scores into getting >90% on Metacritic instead of focusing on making something good and unique that would merit a high review score. It's like pulling out a cheat sheet to write down the test answers instead of knowing the material to pass the test naturally.
>Gahoole is enjoying his new life >vol3 is enjoying his cute arizona gf >even Yakuza is fixing his life <meanwhile Emojitroon and Nuzach are spamming G​AMERGATE porn and cp in at least three sites of the webring seething about both. Sad!!! Another massive win to the Ogre King.
>>175620 >>175729 >>175755 >>175759 first time watching warhammer and all the jannies on his chat are plategang faggots from old, I noticed he is obviously and unironically autistic and threatened to call the FBI to take care of Shaggy and call Yiros/Kino Korner/Armando's work to see them both destroyed. in short; he's indeed the new Corey "Fedsweaty gamer" Barnhill.
Open file (184.08 KB 538x600 9285981262.jpg)
>>175815 >another pedo fedggot
>>175815 So what exactly is plate gangs' whole idea anyway? My impression over the years was that they just choose someone to throw their weight behind, then they suddenly turn on that person and do everything they can to fuck with them and treat that like it's some serious righteous cause, then they pick the next person to back rinse and repeat. What exactly do they want? They always seemed utterly joyless so it can't just be for fun.
Open file (14.53 KB 222x227 dsffds (2).jpg)
>>175815 I refuse to get into any of your faggots new golden boy, last time that happened they were busted on a discord call talking about sexually abusing their family members. I stick to squizo Surfer if I want to scratch the retard's ich.
Open file (130.70 KB 500x487 ugly.png)
>>175814 Emojitroon and nuzach clearly do this for one reason: They hate themselves and want to die. Thus, they want others to be as miserable as they are in life so they don't feel so bad about themselves. They will deny this but the truth hurts.
>>175813 You nailed it, but I would kinda say that Ubisoft sandboxes are a weird game genre since there is just a bunch of mechanics but none of them are really good or even great. Also they aren't really that cinematic if you think about it, they play with the idea of being cinematic but it is the Sony games that are the cinematic jizzfest and the Sony Studios are trying to get more into the ubi formula, and become stagnant. Another thing I have noticed is that shills at IGN and game developers dunk on retards more often then they did before, when the leak of GTA 6 came and some retard said that it is the graphics that is done first on twitter, then you had a bunch of game devs to the rescue of poor GTA 6 leaks and then you had IGN dunking on the fella. Like that is insane, and the more you kinda learn that everyone at Rockstar has left the company then the more one worries about the game actually being a good game, so Red Dead Redemption 2 might be the last real game from Rockstar, no joke. Also IGN has never really had any respect, bickers they have always been shameless shills and then you have them playing the games on easy instead of normal without telling the public, and there was an actual shitshow with that on ps3 to ps4 where the one game had different levels on easy to normal and hard. So these reviewers have always been lazy, and some reviewers back in the day complained about there where too many endings to Silent Hill 2, when it came out and the first playthrough without knowing anything is like a good 15 hours, and SH3 is like 10 hours, so in total you are getting at-least 30 hours for SH2 for all the endings and all the difficulty, then SH3 for every secret is probably some of the same. There is also a difference is that the game is confident onto it's quality and how good it is, I do mean old school Silent Hill. But mang, I am so glad that Kojima was not able to touch the game now. bickers he is too retarded and would just take everything from the movies or later silent hill when it became a bad series, and then reviewers would give it 10/10 and say it is better than number 2 or 3. I really want to play Silent Hill 4 now. And I cannot wait to get Porject Zero 3 on ps2, so now I wait and play Castlevania order of ecclesia on DS which is a really good handheld game.
Open file (20.28 KB 753x127 172958982158925.png)
Open file (919.15 KB 640x640 Understanding.png)
please be kind to each other matoeables
>>175820 So they're hispanic purity spiralers who take out their self-loathing on random ecelebs. There's nothing wrong with being a non-white WhiteNat or nazi, but purity spiraling has always been retarded and always will be retarded, whether you're White or not. The only groups and movements that kept arguing for implicit or explicit white interests even after the glownigs cracked down on the new right, were full of non-whites of some kind. It's why Nick the Spic only shot himself in the foot when he went full purity spiral and claimed that APU or AV are phony bickers they have a pajeet here and there.
>>175829 Addendum, bickers I know they either lurk here or actively post: >But wait, Saint Corey kept purity spiraling and encouraging us to do that, why would he do that? bickers Corey Barnhill the known sweaty gamer is a fed. Feds deliberately bait dissenters into purity spiraling bickers they know it kills dissident groups.
Open file (488.80 KB 756x522 8175780162552.png)
Open file (381.87 KB 737x773 795889215698265.png)
Open file (877.17 KB 2048x1539 FdhiIsTXoAIIoFH.jfif)
Open file (1.33 MB 1536x2048 FdhiIsRXgAIPE9b.jfif)
>I'm famous >Me and this closeted politician are against worst homosexuals Speaking of purity spiralers. But Asston is no fed :^)
Open file (284.16 KB 532x422 29859285369265.png)
>>175832 But he has worse teeth than someone 20 or 40 years older than him.
>>175824 <Ubishit and Sony cinematic are separate things. Yeah, I just include them together as one entity to highlight problems in the game industry. Games trying to be movies and uncreative developers only chasing money and open world checklist trends. <next GTA Nothing lasts forever. If you think about it, everything has a golden age. No one can stay on top forever. What goes up must come down. Final Fantasy had a good run. Silent Hill had a good run. Then the creative team changes or they run out of good ideas or whatever and start making shit. There's no reason to think Rockstar won't turn to shit soon too. Maybe not. But everything changes and dies. Also, there's no reason to think the next Elder Scrolls won't be hot garbage too since it feels like Bethesda is burned out and trying to do other things like Starfield bc they are tired of Elder Scrolls and made too much money on Skyrim. So you can tell there is a burned out reluctance to work on Elder Scrolls and I feel this may show itself when it's time to make the game bc there won't be creative passion behind it. <Kojima So true. I love the MG games but he's an obsessed moviefag so he worships all the actors and fangirls over them like a bitch at a Bieber concert. The guy would have us viewing 30 min - 1 hour cutscenes on SH that he masturbates to and would have all famous actors scanned into the next Silent Hill like that faggot Walking Dead actor or some Death Stranding bullshit. Kojima shit his pants and didn&apos;t do this but I remember cringing so hard when I bought SH: Homecoming years ago and realized all the enemy designs were stolen from the shitty SH movie, with guys wearing gas masks, the very sexy busty nurses, and lame monsters with fire lava in their chests that looked like some crap from Dead Space instead of SH. Whenever you see the art direction stealing from the popular movie, it's over bc they were uninspired and just had to steal shitty stuff from popular movies. <Fatal Frame 3 on PS2 Yeah, I remember that one had that hot Asian woman with short hair they all do but yeah. And there was one scene where she was crying in the shower naked. I just randomly remember that. <Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Yeah, that's a great one. I can tell the lead artist tried to make her look like Adriana Lima in the face. Just like the artists tried to make Maria from SH2 look like Cameron Diaz.
Open file (392.94 KB 1357x863 1664118334258.png)
>>175831 >more than 3/4ths of women are pick mes, at least going off what I see on imageboards and not actual irl bruh. if it is an imageboard dominated by scrotes they will be all pickmes practically by syllogism. the foxcox telegram is also currently pickme HQ, picrel.
>>175815 shaggy, warhammer and all those faggots have nothing to do with plate. quit making shit up with these faggy stories. no one likes these faggots and they hang out with weirdos like axle and shaggy refuses to disown axle. they are all faggots.
Open file (3.17 MB 640x360 wtf.mp4)
>>175832 >say no to perverts in our schools >was kicked out of school for being a pervert Ashley bros...
>>175838 kill yourself pedo, go tell your faggy foxdick stories on tor and keep that gay shit off here. cow is known for fact not bullshit speculation. thats for foxdicks.
>>175836 >trannies thirsting for Jewsh's broke dick are male pickmes >>175838 >foxdicks are adults
Open file (544.36 KB 937x647 18245178258821.png)
>>175844 >Let's
>>175841 /cow/ is known for sucking cock and sniffing the shit from Гунт's thumb. they've also been caught trying to steal a lick or two from said thumb, but Гунт isn't having any of that.
>>175844 kill yourself foxdick. this is why you faggots always fuck everything up and never get ANYTHING right. Have you ever seen a plate on any of these streams with shaggy? no. Have you ever seen a plate or corey associate with any of these people? no. the only time the plates have been seen in shaggys discord is to troll cryogenes and fuck with djaxle. this is the difference between cow and foxdick. go back to tor.
>>175849 be more transparent blaine you pedo G​AMERGATE. can't wait for robi to ban more of your faggot ips and clear your troon ass out of here. stop ip hopping and talking to yourself you fucking dejected loser.
>>175818 >>175820 this is getting out of hand without any doubt, the meaning of pedo is losing weight and will eventually become the new faggot/retard the majority of those groups have one or another pederast/lolicon themselves, but they only care about it to win in the optics department
Open file (670.32 KB 1000x897 die platespic.jpg)
>>175837 you will drop this entire "im the infiltrated platespic on the board/im corey" gimmicking or you will show once for all to be part of corey crew? it used to be funny back in 2018, but it's getting stale
>>175853 its not cows fault these idiots can't get their story straight. they just make shit up to randomly bring up plate and corey cause blaine is ass mad he got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by him of all people.
Open file (1.68 MB 332x256 98259285369263.gif)
>>175829 >>175830 >>175831 there's a real fed involved in this small internet sector for months now, a New Zeland guy with the nick name of Three Four who is part of Surfer telegram and ForgeGang with Warhammer, for months several people from various groups tried to warn Surfer about him, but the guy took it as a joke the guy has the face of a 40 year old but pretends to be the youngest of the bunch and try really hard to fit in while encouraging both Surfer and Warhammer to fedpost and attack others online >>175823 Emojitroon is a pedofag with self-hatred and mad at Gahoole bickers Gahoole never liked him or made him a mod to tvch and discord Nuzach is a "Mediterranean" "oldfag" who hate /cow/, love the bible/old jews and amateur interracial porn while hate "neonazis", he has already admitted that TRSPERG is an inspiration to him >>175832 >>175833 >maybe fatter than ever >still has the poopteeth >this hairline >drowned hypocrisy and lies 3P is a massive piece of shit and maybe this internet sector would be better if >we had more people going after him instead of slapfighting with each other about discord drama >>175840 good art >>175841 >>175848 >>175854 based spic! platespics have always been part of the ecological niche of the cyclical thread 9#, keep up fighting the good fight for Corey!!! Maybe one day he will get some respect from >us
>>175832 this G​AMERGATE is cosplaying as a pervert.
Open file (259.32 KB 417x697 8725918292185.png)
>>175857 If so, bad idea. He looks like an old pedo with that flamer coat of his. And Asston is his favorite apparently. Reminds me that his uncle is a Canuck fed.
Open file (254.01 KB 439x550 Sargon Pathetic.png)
The Backlash Has Begun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKJYlkONK9E Carl's 20 year plan is already showing results
Open file (1.04 MB 2160x2880 FdGCYVmaUAEf7lV.jpg)
Open file (269.65 KB 1080x1440 FdfYuEEaIAAKSgO.jpg)
>>175835 are there games you are interested in? For now I am really interested in getting the 3d castlevania's for PS2, I have heard they are medicre at best and bad at worst but wanna see it first bickers it is Koji Igarashi that is behind it and he is the 2d castlevania mang, so there is probably something good there and it is probably a case by that reviewers are over-reacting or just wannabe player haters. >jewbisoft and sony cinematic trash Yeah, I get what you are saying but I dunno if I have said it? but the new games that are shilled or I feel that they've been shilled even they are so blatant to just copy paste mechanics from fromsoft games and think that the gameplay can just be copy pasted and it will be a success, and that now it is not just autistic people that are into these games. >no franchise last forever yeah, I learned that back in the day with Silent Hill ironically enough and then it was MGS. >Elder Scrolls yeah, they are probably really burned and now when they've got Microsoft as overlords and they want results and hard results but at the same time I do think they are probably hyper focused on a game instead of planing a new game when a game is being made, like Team Silent did with 2 to 3. >kojima SH game there is a concept bullshot demo on jewtube, it looks like a scawy hunted house but after going through the hunted house in 3. I cannot feel but relived that the crazy westabo never got a chance to fuck up SH more into the dirt than it was. >Fatal Frame Asian women yeah, it is the yellow fever dream game kinda like Dead or Alive extreme beach volley ball. >Castlevania artist used Adriana Lima face That is one hell of an observation my mang. >>175836 So Jewsh is blowing off one of his stalker fans? Even when he is probably a nice fag in drag for him? >>175842 to be fair Jewsh made foxdick for having a tranny harem. >Foxdick is adult to be fair again, Bryan is an adult even when he makes gay porn for Jewsh and then you probably have an unknown amount of number of fags in drag and other sodomites that send Jewsh their so-called gurldick pics to him, so he can feel better. But all of that is gone.
Open file (1.84 MB 453x604 zach firestarter.webm)
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)
Open file (23.88 KB 400x400 zach.jpg)
Open file (68.95 KB 500x466 zach2.jpg)
Open file (4.84 MB 6220x1384 zachhapaword.png)
>>175860 yellow fever leads to zachs, do you really want that weakload?
>>175856 >Mistery Meat spic G​AMERGATE irish mutts >obnoxiously annoying >long forgotten and irrelevant >pdfs >suck fed dick They check all boxes of a Z-tier eceleb
Has the Гунт done anything funny recently or is "he" still in hiding and just screaming at the trolls and cyberbullies to quit picking on him and leave him to his love quest?
>>175864 Gaytor wants to start a class action lawsuit for jilted paypigs.
Open file (79.90 KB 568x525 1213641804116.png)
>>175865 >>175866 based gaytorchad
>>175866 >>175867 >Brian Holloman is so afraid of jcaesar187's threats he's not going to release the cocks himself while pretending he isn't scared on sweaty gamer website Poast
>>175865 >>175866 Some lolsuits could be fun, but I don't see either of them putting in more effort then what's required to type some gay shit on twitter and hoping someone else does all the work.
Open file (137.55 KB 1281x673 FdJRv7OWQAA2Y0h.jpg)
Open file (159.18 KB 1277x716 FdJUKX1XgAE4qmP.jpg)
>>175864 Гунт is hiding out in Mexico from the alogs and Vickers, look at the news feed pics related
>>175866 Good Man Gaytor calling the bluff and responding with a bluff of his own. I see nothing wrong or bad here. Except maybe for the sheer fucking volume of every single killstream, even from within a limited timeframe. If Jewsh can undertake the arduous journey of reworking the site to a degree where he can get it working again, I'm curious to see what the Гунт alogs have cooked up next. Especially with this bounty of streams to sift through. Hopefully now that his gay passivity policy has done exactly nothing to protect the site, he will drop it and fucking with people will be openly allowed. >>175870 How does this pic exist and yet >Defectuosa la medicion de resultados en programas sociales de Mexico has not become a meme phrase repeated ad nauseam everywhere?
>>175856 >the guy has the face of a 40 year old but pretends to be the youngest of the bunch Hmmm, where have we seen this before?
Open file (4.16 MB 571x576 5251265625625.GIF)
Open file (161.13 KB 800x450 shiki.jpg)
Ah, empty is streaming I see.
Open file (247.56 KB 713x1012 Arcanum.jpg)
>>175762 >elden ring Reddit. Play a real RPG.
>>175858 Are you looking forward for Uncle Grossly dabbing on schizo rat Surfer on his next stream and maybe on Killstram and Kino Casino???? >>175886 Based take https://youtu.be/rbofkTmnY-U
Open file (19.84 KB 486x493 pleasetip.jpg)
>>175886 Chad <tfw 1 achievement away from 100%ing Planescape Torment
>>175885 the boring failed guy on his 40's who pretends to be funny, smart and successful? that guy? niiiiiiiiiiiice! >>175856 >>175863 >>175873 samefagging FORGE GANG LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GANG GANG https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwQFH2z8_pQ/
>>175859 S​ARGON won >>175891 No anon here is ever gonna support axle or forge spergpedohammer.
>>175892 I support Warhammer and who cares if one or two coomer retards here don't support him? Looool
Open file (94.97 KB 700x869 Adriana Lima.jpg)
Open file (46.28 KB 1280x720 Shanoa.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 2006x1130 RR.jpg)
>>175860 I've also heard 3D castlevanias are mediocre so I avoided them back in the day. <game development Sometimes I hear rumors about teams that they have an A team and a backup B team. That some companies make 2 games simultaneously so that they can release yearly games. Like I heard DS1 was the A team and DS2 was the B team, then the A team started making Bloodborne while the B team made DS3. I'm not sure how accurate this is but it sort of makes sense as the weaker souls games were made by the B team. >>175860 >That is one hell of an observation my mang. Check my pics. You know it's true. >are there games you are interested in? I'm all over the place, getting pulled in 10 directions. It seems I can barely make a dent in my backlog of games I need to play. I need to get back into my campaign on Age of Wonders 2, which is like Civilization but with fantasy races and it expands on LOTR races with about 12-15 races, which I find very interesting. I try to find some of the best games from "100 games of all times lists" but I get so sidetracked. I picked up these RR games recently. RR7 is brand-new, still in the factory-sealed shrink-wrap. Sometimes it's fun to collect games but also bc if you have a buddy or a family member, you can lend them the game to go through and talk about it, esp if you know they might struggle downloading emulators.
Open file (164.96 KB 415x523 ralphasoy.png)
>EmptyQueero and RandZogBot wow, two ex-zogbots pretending to be BASTE for the price of one? I don't know if I can handle these levels of glow-in-the-dark!
The foxdiddler spent all Monday rebuilding from the ground up: https://web.archive.org/web/20220927022558/https://poa.st/notice/ANy0vcMw5k1xigXzBA And sperging on his shit dependencies: https://archive.ph/https://github.com/oerdnj/deb.sury.org/issues/1768 Read you coomers in 3 days.
Open file (500.08 KB 1536x2048 Fb0unjAacAASCkU.jpg)
Open file (939.56 KB 1183x1577 Fcxv6vSXkAIoWa4.jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 2400x3633 FdRebJkaEAAN6uS.jpg)
>>175895 >A and the B team This tale of an A and B team has been quite old since Silent Hill 4 went under this tale have been told. When it comes to FromSoft one can kinda wonder that there is something to it bickers they did port allot of games from ps2 to psp from IPs they randomly bought and it was not after Dark Souls became a cash cow or the formula became one that they went with all of the chips on the genre. One could almost think that is how Team Ninja from Koei Tecmo also works also since they make 2 types of games namely a warriors-like game then a souls-like game. One would never know, if about these things. But one do know that CD Project Red had such a concept of a main team like artists and so on work a bit on cyberpunk then switched to the witcher, while the B team was more for DLC and updates back in The Witcher 3 days, now. I think most of them the real core from the witcher 1 to 3 left the company to make their own games, and/or left to do some other code monkey work bickers game development is unsustainable and it is too much stress for some lousy bucks. When it comes to pure game development down to a science that does not lose too much money and does have a core-team along with releasing a game in a reasonable time period is ironically the teams at Nintendo and Square Enix, Sqaure Enix is the most fascinating since their hiring practices with a Indie dev studios to making a studio just for a game. The recent examples is Acquire the guys behind old Tenchu and Way of the Samurai(another weird game series) also know for Shinobido made Octopath Traveler and they are developing number 2 now. Then you have tri-Ace which is one of the big JRPG developers behind Star Ocean when it was something more than a joke, hopefully the game that is released this year is going to be good. Then you have Artdink which have just made weird games or been doing contract work so the game they released this year was Triangle Strategy and then did some contract work for Atlus with Soul Hackers 2. And the list goes on on what Square Enix hired devs to in-house devs are working on, and it seems they've found the right balance of losing and making money, but one will only find out when Forspoken is a flop and if they are panicking in the yearly investor meeting or not. If they are panicking then they've put too many chips on ps5 and Forspoken was a waste of money and sold like shit(bickers it looks like shit with a negro girl as the protagonist and gibing one liners) and then >we will see FF16 going to be a multiplat game instead of an exclusive, along with Forspoken. >Check muh pics. >You know it's true. yup that is why I said it is one hell of an observation, my mang. >All over the place with vidya to play. know that feel muh mang, but at-least you got 2 great Ridge Racer games, maybe even the last true console game of ridge racer and it is in mint condition and just waiting a few years and it will be 20 and then you can make some money from it. >family or fwends to talk about vidya yeah, it is always fun to talk about vidya to somebody especially if it's just a casual conversation even if it's just about RE or finding out a trend that was used before in vidya game design that is lost bickers devs are chasing a checklist or forgot that they are making games for a consumer base and not the journalists. >Age of Wonders 2 Sounds like an interesting game but how does that werk if there is 20 fantasy races and you are trying to build a civilization?
Open file (66.72 KB 600x900 FdOotlTaEAE7P40.jpg)
Is it wrong to put this video on mute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMzEMFkW6i8 Then put this music on for remembrance on September the eleventh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCMBkxr2WSc
Open file (1.36 MB 1440x1737 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.17 MB 1280x720 cjnhyq.mp4)
what is your opinion on based wop mommy?
>>175928 would be preddy gud but its a wamman and will make an arse of it somehow, but itsa good fora pastanegros i suppose , eh
Open file (38.37 KB 500x500 Noble.jpg)
.           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                        .           .             .                                                                                        ✦        ,                       ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚            ,                                       .                      .             .               *            ✦                                               .                  .           .        .                  .           .                ˚                     ゚     .               .      ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ,                * .                    .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              . .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,   .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                    .           .             .                                                                                        ✦        ,                      ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚ .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                                                                          .           .             .                         ✦        ,                       ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚            ,                                       .                      .             .               *            ✦                                               .                  .           .        .                  .           .          ˚                     ゚     .               .      ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ,                * .                    .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              . .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,   .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                        .           .             .                           ✦        ,                      ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚ .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                            .           .             .                                                                                        ✦        ,                       ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚            ,        .                      .             .               *            ✦                                               .                  .           .        .                  .           .                ˚                     ゚     .               .      ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ,                * .                    .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              . .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                           .           .             .                                                                                  ✦        ,                      ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .
Open file (35.86 KB 480x542 xzcxcz.jpg)
>>175931 how did you do that?
Open file (1.52 MB 830x900 Wonderment.png)
>>175932 by wishing (you) a beautiful day matoeable
>>175934 Snail why do you let soyjak shit up your site?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVUEfzPD1X4 Gonzalo Live and he is calling out the kikes in this one! >>175928 Is momma pizza going to be good or bad?
>>175928 >wymin leader >supports israel Just as shit as any other zogbot.
>>175902 <How does Age of Wonders work with 12-15 fantasy races. Well, it's like any turn-based strategy game or the boardgame Risk. You don't have to have 12 races on the map but the biggest maps do include all races, and it's a wonderful clusterfuck. Everyone starts out with a hero unit and a small town. Then you move out and start conquering cities around you and getting resources, using the cities to make more units, and learning magic spells. Capturing cities gives you more gold to spend on more units. Then you clash with the other units on the map until each race is defeated and you either raze or take over their cities. But your units cost gold to upkeep and if you can't pay for them, some will desert you like mercenaries with no pay. The game is turn-based strategy crossed with RPG elements. Your hero levels up and you pick stats you want to upgrade for him and abilities that help him like magic attacks or perks like being able to move through forests quickly. It's got a stellar OST, 2D hand-drawn graphics, and some mechanics under the hood of the game that are actually quite deep. For instance, each race has an innate morality and that affects how they form alliances or feuds with the other races on the map. The terrain even affects the units on the map and their fighting abilities in battle. Like the elves get a stat boost in the woods while the undead get a boost in wasteland but get stat penalties in the green forests. I have these charts from the game's manual that show these mechanics. 4th pic shows the races in the first game. 5th pic shows how the game plays. It's a highly underrated gem, assuming one has the patience to struggle a little in the beginning as you learn the game. But it's so rewarding to level up and sweep across the map, taking everything over.
Open file (218.47 KB 811x1049 98259801259856.png)
Open file (33.29 KB 303x298 918258179255.jpg)
Open file (19.67 KB 186x271 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175948 I'm just saying the gore spammers are a bit much, and the cado asshole is just spam, you can do better so you should do better
Open file (417.46 KB 942x887 45981874578145.png)
>>175951 >you can do better so you should do better
Open file (13.51 KB 194x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>175952 >>you can do better so you should do better
VORDRAK IS GOING ON THE ГунтSTREAM IN HALF AN HOUR TO DAB ON JERSH and probably lie through his teeth ngl but it's gonna be funny
Open file (602.46 KB 720x1037 848766753338.png)
>>175954 BASED Ask about the poor foxdick that alogged without a loicense.
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>Nuzach, Sneedious and Emojitroon seethe so much about /cow/ to the point of come here now and spam their shit
>>175958 Incase cozy doesn't work for you: https://rumble.com/v1lqgq7-sunrise-tuesday-titans.html It only lasted 3 minutes for me before buffereing and never came back.
>>175929 would lick mascarpone from her crevice in fact of course >>175943 supports israel?? fug, her little speech sounded like she was callin em out. rip
Open file (22.21 KB 599x312 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (18.88 KB 603x683 ClipboardImage.png)
jcaesar187AMALE W BTW
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 tfw alogs always lose2.jpg)
Open file (289.09 KB 1903x1058 543543543.jpg)
>>175954 oh wow, its real.
>bella shit his pants and did nothing wrong Based vordrak
>>175964 just a couple 50 something year olds shootin the shit. fuckin hell being terminally online sure sucks the youth outta people
Open file (172.77 KB 510x382 Josh Moon 24.png)
>>175967 Makes ya wonder what jewsh looks like today.
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
Another massive win to the jcaesar187males, HAIL VORDRAK! meanwhile it's hilarious that Warhammer (pedo autistic fed), Nuzach and Emojitroon are all being pro 3P for their own bitter and retarded reasons
Open file (546.73 KB 974x1200 Ralpha Male.png)
>>175969 Why do discordspics always ironically/unironically support the wrong z-celebs.
>>175968 indeed it absolutely does! just as i clicked post i thought, jeez, jewsh must be a shrivelled husk by now if these guys look this bad lmao
Open file (28.32 KB 561x583 4578918295.jpg)
Open file (3.56 MB 364x270 oh-no-shocked.gif)
>>175966 Is Bella actually a he? I thought that was a gayop I made up
Open file (523.93 KB 1534x2048 media_ErVR4K4XUAIRezw.jpg)
Bibble cuts a wrestling promo, threatening violence against 3P. He said he will destroy 3P's ACL in his knee so he can't walk. And then go meet with his brother Croc. All if he is doxed. And then fight Andy Wortski. Bibble claims to have nothing to do with the Subcultured channel hack.
Open file (7.02 KB 107x100 Hannibal298.png)
>>175978 I hope niggle actually falls through with this
Bibble declares that 3P has raped Croc when he was younger, but only gives observations from the cooking stream as his evidence.
Open file (87.73 KB 711x1200 EsQF78_W4AAi2mq.jpg)
>>175978 >Bibble talking in third person again >>175980 Falls through what moron? You empty brain? >>175982 Bibble likes dreaming about men getting fucked by men, I wonder how gay he is. I'm going to find out now due to my autism.
Shalom. I need the current weight of Mr. TheGatorGamerua "Null" Moon; his last self-reported weight was 260 lb circa 2015. Thanks in advance.
>>175984 Last cap I have of known sweaty gamer jewsh moon, sure there was more on foxdick OH WAIT! >>175983 I hope he goes and murders TheGatorGamer parks faggot!
Open file (328.41 KB 548x507 Josh Moon 32.png)
>>175984 Jewsh Moon was doing a weight-loss competition with 3P awhile back. Maybe a year ago. I'm not sure about that timeframe. But this was his last recorded proof of weight during that time period before he gave up. He also never stopped his pizza day while trying to lose weight. Actually I do have the date. I looked at the image properties which told me when I made the pic. So it was probably literally on that day or 1 day before. So Jewsh weighed 122 kg or 269 lbs as of 8/3/21. So yeah, it was about a year ago.
>>175987 >>175989 Thanks goys. He's heavier than I expected. Playing around with the numbers on WolframAlpha, it seems that he still has enough flab to cover 33 pizzas.
Open file (146.01 KB 1600x1066 Kindness.jpg)
>>175947 So it is almost like Heroes of Might and Magic 3?Sounds like an interesting game. Yeah, I have just been playing Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. >>175962 yeah, the Jewlawyer is up. His jewtube is next or that is my guess. And then he is going to bitch and say poor me, giv me gibs bickers reasons. >>175982 I could see it. But would it be much of a rape when his small pecker does not even reach inside the anus? >>175989 I bet that Jewsh went up in weight when he had his small pizza days, and when the Lesbian and mister surfer made fun of him bickers of it then he gave up. It is the same thing with the lesbian having big talk about he could lose his new gained weight then the Lesbian started to talk back to Surfer and then got kicked out for being a violent sperg, and blamed getting kicked out not bickers of him being a retarded pissed of sperg but bickers surfer is jelly, no-talent and not entertaining. And now ironically the lesbian has probably tripled his weight. >>175991 Would you lick the fat flaps from jewsh? maybe even his man tiddies and play with them until soymy jewish mother started to pour out?
Open file (298.84 KB 522x414 lol brutal.png)
Jersh Moon getting dabbed on by women for being bad at computers (title of the thread is literally "foxdick farms thread J*sh Moon is bad at computers edition") you know this must make him seethe immensely
>>175978 >>175982 this is the new vendetta arc I didn't know i needed
Open file (1.54 MB 1381x771 andy whore kiss.png)
Open file (3.17 MB 471x576 89275812952659.GIF)
Open file (83.67 KB 927x389 1180934366990.png)
Open file (823.67 KB 1280x720 5.png)
>>175995 It doesn't really make sense for the script payload to change peoples avatars. That would just tip him off bickers he would be active while this is occurring. More likely that's something the infiltrator would do as a send off after they've finished up using the account they created or hijacked. Re-reading his statement, I think he just was reading access.log and just inferred "the script did this by accessing these endpoints" rather than realise those are the pages the attacker navigated to manually after getting access. He saw excessive sophistication when there wasn't any to soothe his ego.
>>175997 there is a scene in series 2 of The Wire where Nick Sobotka gets offered by his hairdresser gf to put a streak of color in his hair and he says that if he does so he might as well suck a cock, how many cocks do you think Toad McKinley needed to suck to get hair like that? >>176001 > He saw excessive sophistication when there wasn't any to soothe his ego. Agree on this completely. I'm still of the opinion that poast users did this, not trannies, it's hard to overstate just how mad the poastG​AMERGATEs were about getting called out for sweating it up on there all day, and there's no reason the trannies would know about this to try to frame poast as a gayop, plus they were taking credit all over the place which would contradict the point of trying to lay false spoor to blame poast. I'm going with Occam's Razor here and it being a butthurt lolicon.
Open file (665.32 KB 2734x4096 FdqCDGbUUAAeEqz.jpg)
Also this bitches teeth is sexy along with her butt. >>176001 >>176003 So what is it this time that has Jewsh twisting his panties over?
>>176004 Jewsh made an almost unbelievably stupid error in his new forum chat plugin of which he was very proud leading his site to get rekt, and then tried to cope about the attack being "sophisticated" and based off having "deep knowledge" when in fact it was babby tier script kiddie shit. He is getting mercillesly dunked on for it on lolcow.farm while his own jannies and sycophants continue to suck his dick. But what else is new.
So realistically how long do you all think foxdickfarms will last at this point?
>>176006 Until Jewsh's death by suicide, bickers those two outcomes are inextricably linked. He will never stop bickers he knows that it is all he has, meaning it might last a while, only in diminished form. However he is potentially going to lose a massive slice of his userbase due to force-resetting all passwords after for years telling his users to use burner email addresses, many of whom have forgotten said burner email addresses. TheGatorGamer's typically helpful response was "should've used keepass, don't email me." I have no basis for this figure but I suspect we are talking about hundreds of people including plenty of older users.
>>176006 it's all but dead at this point. he overplayed his hand and got owned. he thinks he can overcome the series of L's but he will never recover now. He's wasted all his spare cash and all but proven that he's not even in europe. Everyone is dunking on him even his own mods on the other forum. There's no way he's paying rent and suddenly stepping away for family issues. What family issues his fathers side doesn't talk to him. So that leaves his mother and the theory that he's been hiding at her place all this time. He's just flailing and losing everything he has.
>>176008 his grandmather died in Virginia on August 30th and her funeral was September 9th, which he definitely missed if he was in Europe and probably missed if he wasn't based on his internet activity, so that is the obvious family issue ... but i don't know, anon, he has a pretty devoted fanbase (for inscrutable reasons) that sucks his dick constantly and they are still at it, less of them, but enough for him to keep at it at least for a while
Open file (202.45 KB 1297x1920 FcdGUbLacAE_Uu1.jpg)
Open file (74.30 KB 500x708 Fdq_BEEUUAI7Rs7.jpg)
Open file (245.71 KB 1080x1440 FdeOF2faIAEUpGS.jpg)
>>176005 >So Jewsh made a huge mistake making the forum chat plugin oh, was it the thing that people could just code in the chat thingy and then upload files to it, where it became a text instead of a .mp4 or whatever kinda file? >cope is that hackers had a deep knowledge but it turns out it was probably someone fucking around I would believe it of course in fact fam. >>176006 as-long as Jewsh wants. >>176007 His suicide is when he cannot get more pics and vids from his private harem of fags. But seriously from what I've gathered is that Jewsh is proud to say he is a computer coder and has a site, so my wildest guess is that he will commit suicide where there is no way in hell that Jewsh can operate the site in any form of capacity, not even on an onion site. >>176012 Would Jewsh travel to his grandmothers funeral? Or would he just stay put bickers of paranoia?
>>176015 >The only thing you have in life is owning a site like foxdicks The logical thing to do at that point would be to kill yourself.
Open file (147.63 KB 280x267 carl_smug.png)
>>176012 The point is foxdick is ogre, jewsh will never have the influence he so sought and desired, hmm if only more z-celebs like him and gym listened to carl and gamergay won. YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED GYM >WE COULD HAVE BEEN WINNING THE CULTURE WAR AND VIDEO GAMES WOULD STILL BE GOOD IF YOU HAD
>>176019 Join your fellow trans-sisters.
>>175970 From what I remember of their cycles from witnessing one of them from within, they usually start out as wild cards picking whichever side is the funniest, and then either tewi or the guy with the vtuber shit digs their heels in and makes it some grand moral crusade that the others follow along for. They do a similar thing to /cow/ where they declare ownership of a cow or a subject and if someone else talks about the same subject, they declare an eternal vendetta against that person and from that point forward, everything revolves around getting back at them. So whoever they were talking about right before they splintered and started throwing their weight behind 3P and the Гунт, will be the real reason.
Open file (156.16 KB 1904x1032 FdqLe90acAAbitX.jpg)
Open file (651.16 KB 1534x2048 FdqLfNuaIAABdm4.jpg)
>>176019 Just think about all of the awesome bragging rights jewsh has gotten from foxdick. He could brag about seeing the pornos of e-celebs, lolcows and trannies One could say he made his own porno site that just so happens to larp as a gossip forum. >>176020 *Chuckle >>176021 Don't be so negative.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
>>176023 I misunderstood the context of anons post >>176019, actual foxdicks still should join their fellow sisters but understand that jewsh loves that he owns foxdick bickers it has everything he wants, a tranny haram, hidden cp exchange boards? Everything a sweaty gamer like him would desire.
>>176007 If you suspect a subset of users had their passwords reset by the attacker, why not anticipate a subset have their emails compromised too? I get he's trying to nip the fed posting, but still. It's just going to shift the demographic ratio further away from what he wants in a ch-ch-ch-chill site and more to the crowd that both use their real emails and get overly emotional on the topics. Just integrate google oauth at this point.
>>176025 The funny thing is the only ones will remain will be the vocal minority of hardcore vocal fedposters that won't go away that he so desperately wants to leave, meanwhile his audience of fat mid-30s woman are now going to scatter to the winds forevermore.
>>176026 Good. He was tailoring site policy to appeal to them and it diminished the quality of the site. Now that all of his appeasement shit has proven worthless I do hope he learns from this retardation and goes full attack mode once the site is back up. >muh fedposting You can do A LOT without incriminating yourself.
Open file (451.02 KB 1357x863 pickme.png)
>>176019 The only thing worse than having a site like foxcox (or at least what it became) would be to have trannies, lolicons, and skript kiddies take it away from you by force. And the thing is while kf was Never Good(tm) whatever was good in it was ruined not by the trannies but by TheGatorGamer's narcissism, incompetence, and shity personality. Not even by something funny like him becoming a terminal alcoholic. It all ends the same place though. All he has is a failing site and a Telegram full of /pol/fugees who just want to be able to post about n*ggers and j00z and deranged pickmes like picrel.
>>176025 > the crowd that use their real emails Funny thing about that. If you try to register a foxcox acount from behind a VPN and use an email that does not appear to be a real name, you will get banned (not rejected, banned) immediately on joining, or at least part of the time, but if you join with something that looks like a real name, you will be fine. Obviously I am not dumb enough to use my actual government name but this is useful advice for anyone wanting to create fox cox sox. I am as yet undecided as to whether this is due to malice or incompetence, with him, it could be either.
>>176015 Jewsh said he had a "family emergency" and speculated the it was bickers his grand died, but the timeline does make sense bickers her funeral was said to be held 2 weeks before he initiated his vacation. https://archive.ph/rAVLP
>>176031 > onion farms stealing cocks from girl farms
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>>176027 >You can do A LOT without incriminating yourself sadly it was the most minor fedposting that was used as an excuse to take down 8ch, even when >we had nothing to do with the wallcuck shooter, any amount of fedposting can and will be used against sites. >>176028 >when foxdick was good When the cocks on it happened to be good, which in the heyday of lolcows rarely was ripped from /cow/ but when a foxdick actually did some honest to good /dig/ging work often jewsh would ruin it as he always does, can totally agree on that. >>176030 >I am as yet undecided as to whether this is due to malice or incompetence, with him, it could be either It's both, jewsh has long said multiple times he will sell out his userbase if he needed to. >>176031 All of jewsh's family has long disowned him so it is an obvious lie on his end.
>>176033 *which in the heyday of lolcows was rarely NOT ripped from /cow/
Oh, hang kang whore has a new pic uploaded and it is quite perverse. >>176024 yeah, it is a pornography site masquerading as a gossip forum. >>176025 >>176026 yeah, the real women at the site would've probably have left bickers it is only so much a women want to deal with, when it comes to tech and internet sites. They feel smart when the figure out that you can get the iPhone not to save pics to the iCloud. So imagine how many real women have left and found something else to gossip over, and then you have the trannies larping as women, they are probably going to stay bickers they've sent too many pics and vids to Jewsh. Just imagine, Jewsh is like the /tv/ Board Owner that got his dick sucked by a tranny(/leftypol/ mod or admin) only to get into a mental breakdown when he figure out it was gay, after uploaded the gay blowjob movie. >>176027 >jewsh will learn that would mean he think he did something wrong to begin with. He is blaming super haxors. >>176028 Hey now, it is fun to post about the N​IGGERs and the kikes, so don't be discriminatory. >>176030 that could be some cookies stuff going on by jewggle or it was backed into the initial software before Jewsh took over. Or that is my guess, since most forum software will have a make a name and lastname to look real or semi real.
>>176035 >Hey now, it is fun to post about the N​IGGERs and the kikes, so don't be discriminatory. Oh it is incredibly fun, sad that nu/pol/ lost the fun thanks to imkikey back on 8ch and shame that now >we are forever pursed wherever >we go and are deplatformed for talking shit about kikes.
>>176033 The guy reposting the jewish democrat's shit and treating it like a call to violence, while as fake and gay as can be, is still a fedpost. I mean stuff that's way more harmless. Like some of the shit the trannies do. Think identifying a person's employer and making their phone lines unusable due to receiving angry calls about their employee 24/7. I guarantee you after a few weeks of phone terror, workplace pizzas and shit, even those tech companies will drop some of their trannies, which means a lot less money to invest in perpetual ddos services. Maybe contacting each of their employers' business partners and telling them shit like that they're nazis or that they grind niglets into pepperoni. Maybe the next time someone in the catboy ranch leaks shit, identify the families they're trooning out and reach out to them, so they know who to invest their normalfag money into suing. There is tons and tons and tons of shit that one could do, 100% above board no laws broken federal or otherwise. They just shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it until now bickers Jewsh has this autistic 'we are not the autistic illuminati' policy where no-one is allowed to fuck with the subject or discuss doing so. Or even facilitate doing so in some cases. He did that bickers he thought it would appease his enemies and save his site, now look at how much good it's done. It's time to drop that shit for good.
>>176036 OK, so the problem with some of the /pol/tards is that some of them cannot stop talking about the kikes when they first start. It is funny but when they start it is like an autism storm that cannot be stopped, no matter what. Then what happens? most people will flag it and say omg that cannot be allowed this is nadsism. But I kinda think one needs a new form of /pol/ or stormfront site but it needs to sow the ideas of nationalism and other rightwing ideas, and learn the userbase to read these things instead of going full retard that /pol/ did at the end, and whenever they start to shitpost on a video site.
Open file (47.80 KB 307x131 1134335099690.png)
>>176035 >Jewsh is like the /tv/ Board Owner that got his dick sucked by a tranny(/leftypol/ mod or admin) only to get into a mental breakdown when he figure out it was gay, after uploaded the gay blowjob movie. He wishes he had a functioning dick to be memed on.
>>176037 >we COLLECTIVIST SCUM >Think identifying a person's employer and making their phone lines unusable due to receiving angry calls about their employee 24/7 Last time I saw foxdicks do that jcaesar187 got off his revenge porn case scott-free, its actually funny, jewsh talked about how gamergay was the reason this type of deplatforming happened bickers at first gamergayers used this tactic to help take down the already dying gawker which of course hogan eventually fully murdered but than every leftist began using the same tactic, than dup never did anything to fight against (((big tech))) censorship so here >we are today, fucked in the ass. >>176038 Honestly one of the proud /pol/ocks that never shuts up about kikes but I also know how to have fun.
>>176038 > /pol/ but you have to pretend like kikes are innocent angels and have no influence or money whatsoever You might as well just stick to reddit then.
>>176041 You can obviously still hate on kikes but I think the ogre said it best on his second foxdick stream, this is 2014 anymore, hell this isn't even 2016 anymore, fun is no longer allowed on the internet bickers asshurt eunuchs in woman's clothing don't want fun and kikes were afraid as hell of the impact gamergay and the election had so they never want something like that to happen again. Also /pol/ is more than hating on kikes, its books, it philosophy and the proper blendings of the new with the old in the true search for truth, at least that was what it was before imkikey ruined it.
>>176042 *search for truth, a little wee redundant, but I almost forgot to again add having fun while doing that. The reason why so many newfags post-2016 got blackpilled and went insane is imkikey sucked out the fun memetic energy out of the board and turned it into a stormfaggot hugbox of pretend pro-white advocates and feds.
>>176040 >but than every leftist began using the same tactic, The leftists do it bickers IT WORKS. They diluted goymergay into the husk it became bickers what they did until then, worked. >We are fucked in the ass BY THOSE TACTICS bickers they work. Those tactics are legal AND effective. Deliberately abstaining from using effective tools bickers "muh cringe" or some other gay rationale is exactly as retarded as right-wingers in the private sector hiring a leftist bickers muh meritocracy. >>176042 What I mean, to add a little more nuance, is that if you make 'but you can't talk about the kikes too much' part of site policy or even the rules themselves, malicious actors will expand the scope of what constitutes 'too much' further and further until any mention of merchant involvement is verboten. Ergo if you're going to give them the tools to turn it into another reddit, you might as well stick to reddit from the start.
also if Jewsh were not terminally cucked he would be declaring internet jihad on pedost for skiddying his shit which would at least be funny. nothing about the current scenario is funny, just pathetic.
>>176045 It's pretty funny how a bunch of perverted men in drag managed to accomplished what not even a former glowG​AMERGATE could do and fuck over foxdick for good.
>>176044 Here is what you get wrong, >we have no one in tech, no one in the government, no support from the system and never have, the system has simply been tightening down on >us, all the people who run >our sites are often disgusting attention-hungry/power hungry perverts who are cowards and easily willing to sell >us out see mootus iscariot, freddit, watkins, jewsh, mark The only time >we have had decent admins has been in the last couple of years and they can't do much other than run a small bunker, they don't even have have the limited infrastructure that the previous overlords had. The only way the system will change is if the people actually rise up against their governements and try to fight back, but as >we know so far it has been shown that it will in fact not happen, so >we keep playing the long game of getting fucked in the ass until >we are stuck on tor and i2p only. I am sure you could get some people deplatformed, go ahead and try but at this point all those odd troons >we made fun of when they first truly emerged in mass back in 2014 are all in positions of power in silicone valley, and they aren't going to give up their rotting axe wounds of power so easily. I don't wanna sound blackpilled but the situation was painted in red back when dailystormer and pedo anglin got deplatformed, at the moment >we truly are fucked anon. The reason >we are being fucked is as I said before, gamergay and 2016 proved that the internet was truly something to be feared, so instead of taking >us on they degenerated >us and slowly bled >us dry.
Open file (35.52 KB 359x376 Ethan_Angry.png)
>>176049 *governments
>>176044 >What I mean, to add a little more nuance, is that if you make 'but you can't talk about the kikes too much' part of site policy or even the rules themselves, malicious actors will expand the scope of what constitutes 'too much' further and further until any mention of merchant involvement is verboten. Ergo if you're going to give them the tools to turn it into another reddit, you might as well stick to reddit from the start Entryism and gatekeeping is the only way to keep this from happening, it is why the anons of old bullied newfags so viciously, if >we want to create a new, superior race of anon that can stand the test of kikes this is the only way to do so. Of course there has to be a fine line between that and the rulecucking you see many do but it is obviously workable, simply never have sweaty gamer freaks or attention whores run your board.
Open file (792.35 KB 909x457 groyper-legions.png)
>>176055 Fuentes and jewsh are good examples of honeytrap communities that net away potentially decent newfags who leave the surface internet and turn them into deranged sweaty gamer freaks and homosexuals.
>>176057 > potentially decent newfags honestly anyone who would willingly associate with fuentes is a lost cause, the guy is such an obvious faggot and not just of the homosexual sort, I mean if you do not cringe at him automatically there is something amiss, which is why I am so in favor of bullying J*den "horse rapist" McFeel from posting his bullshit "T-posing" gifs on here
>>176049 I disagree here. Simply bickers you forget one thing. The system, whether it be the troons or the kikes or the normalfags that work for or with either, is neither omnicient, nor telepathic nor monolithic. It likes to present itself as such to scare people into not fucking with it, but the truth is that it is just a large amount of people spread into private companies that are tied to each other one or the other way. If TheGatorGamer the troon's employer Bob is receiving 50 angry phone calls a day claiming that TheGatorGamer is a gnahtzee who hates G​AMERGATEs and kikes, Bob will more likely than not think "If this many people say it, it must be true" and act on it. That or he will simply cave to the pressure. Bob in this scenario, is not omniscient. He doesn't know what TheGatorGamer may or may not be posting under a different name on other sites, he can only go off of what people tell him, and what people tell him is that TheGatorGamer is a nazi. You can use this to get basically anyone fired as long as you can mobilize people in large enough numbers or with sufficient dedication to do it. And there is plenty of other ways to fuck with people in similar ways. The reason trannies can do this effectively is bickers they have this crowd of people most of which have no jobs, who have nothing to live for, whose only comfort is prolonging their delusions for a little more by shutting down any site and any account that might make fun of them. Trannyism is the perfect way of generating dedicated armies of internet activists, but the more people you can get to doing shit, the less time it takes from each one. So the best way to beat dedication with quantity, is to post contact details and instructions on a clearnet site for anyone to see and read, no telegrams or discords or shit like that involved. You know, like a foxdicks but in attack mode.
Open file (15.81 MB 300x169 Nick Fuentes dances.gif)
At the Gwar concert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fE417sgOMM based cobes
>>176039 his broken dick is meme'd on and his harem, and his site that is really just a pornography exchange site. >>176040 Sure, I also know how to have fun. >>176041 Never said that but one does not have to be a sperg about it, in hindsight obviously. >>176042 this pretty much, and one cannot have these things bickers the kikes and eunuchs pretending to be women have in common is that they don't want you to think. It is dangoures to let people just have a form of fweedom of speech and expression bickers it can lead to ideas that makes you question was it really a good idea to take down Hitler Germany? Is it really a good idea to take down Putin Russia? The answer is obviously no, that is retarded. but unironically Gonazlo is calling out the kikes in a smart way, I am surprised he hasn't been taken down. >>176043 Fun is also important but you will always have a small percentage that just likes the fun and will sperg the fuck out about the kikes when they start, like you cannot stop them. >>176066 that ain't a bad gif but it is 15.81MB and the video is is 18.66mb. here have a hang kang whore.
>>176071 lol owned by a horsey C*nadian woman
Open file (6.83 MB 576x960 5899825689265.gif)
Open file (3.33 MB 600x338 8712579281566.gif)
>>176074 >owned Is that what she's calling this, a win for her? Always the icarus and never the sun, oh silly 7.
Open file (3.69 MB 640x360 1618970383865-0.webm)
Open file (271.42 KB 1064x596 1618970383865-1.webm)
Open file (3.11 MB 360x360 1618863768355-1.gif)
>>176071 Git Braaaped on!
Alright I'm done. Lol. >>176071 Hahahah. Chill bro. >>176070 Yeah but I have both. The gif is what I wanted here even if it's large. >>176015 Yes AOW is like HOMAM 3 but I haven't played that. I saw a remaster or something on Steam.
>>176065 I think that >we do need to push back and fight for >our freedom but I just don't see something as big as gamergay ever happening again, maybe I'll be proven wrong and anons will lead a revolution towards true freedom on the internet but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. I hope I'm proven wrong
Open file (174.96 KB 768x1024 FcYQ7SiaAAAZvAM.jpg)
Open file (84.11 KB 1170x752 Fdnv30-UcAAtXO5.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdHjZItJ3z0 Spergfest on Surfers channel. So Dj Axel called the probation officer to an autist and then DJ Axel is defending his honor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG7m69SK5fU Here is the shaggy stream that is just as autistic, if not more so. Reminder that this is the Counsel of Evil that had pamperchu that talked openly about his pedophillia and substance abuse here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obys4hmjWNM >>176090 >AWOW is like HOMAM3 Oh OK that game series was based but turned to shit after some iterations.
Open file (866.75 KB 300x170 Anita Eyeroll.gif)
<Surfer is trusting once again on platefags, Perspicacity and other faggots Congratulations, you came out of the frying pan and into the fire. Anons people from Guntstream too tried to warn you not to approach any of these fags, be it Axle, GhostOfNicollo, Warhammer, etc. I told about Bryan and MrDeadman trying to get shit on you for P P P months ago. I told him not to approach Shaggy and not to trust blindly on P P P. Good luck, Surfer, I give up in trying to help this retard. Go full lolcow.
>>176093 <Imagine trying to help a retarded schizo. You can't fix him, "Anon."
>>176093 It was a mistake from the start some of you treating Surfer like a holy cow, especially you fucking retards from Guntstream another massive win to 3P tonight, let the schizo jew RAT burn ANOTHER LOST TO ESSAYFAG, GO ON, SPERG, BAN ANYONE TAKING 3P AND WARHAMMER SIDE, JOIN THE STREAM WITH YOUR SHITTY VOICE CHANGER AND BE HUMILATED AGAIN LOL
Open file (51.51 KB 711x487 FdSN_ebWIAAysSo.jfif)
>>176096 >another massive win to 3P tonight I think you mean another massive "gain"
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 ppp.gif)
Open file (184.08 KB 538x600 9285981262.jpg)
>>176099 >>TROONSTREAM FAG I rarely listen to the "troonstream," fag.
Open file (11.26 MB 407x467 potatowave.gif)
>>176098 that's one well fed orphan Tardski found in the cold cabin dying, you'd think the layers of fat alone would keep it warm and alive like a seal
Open file (250.56 KB 360x240 9085260852625.gif)
>>176096 >>176097 >>176102 Fucking based. Surfersimps stay losing. AshtongChads stay winning.
Open file (75.10 KB 800x600 99 home.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 1280x720 monster_kill.webm)
>>176095 >>176096 >>176097 >>176104 Ok, I guess it's time to go full troll and make it burn like balefire. the Unreal Tournament 1999 sounds convinced me, also Asshton still a fat faggot. The Day of Rake can't come early enough.
I feel like surfer himself is trying to help these autists but little does he know they don't want to be saved, hanging out with platespics is practically a death sentence.
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 andy_ashton_gay_2.png)
Daily reminder that nuzach is the asstonposter.
Ghost raiding surfer
>>176109 Should result in something funny.
>>176107 surfer doesn't hang out with platespics. neither does ghostofniccolo. shaggy and axle banned all of them for discord after being called a pedo for grooming lumi.
>>176108 I declared this weeks ago and I'm always right. Everything is so predictable. Pic related. >>176107 Autistic people who enter the religious hole always make the mistake of thinking they can help everyone only to be slowly tricked by everyone to the breaking point, the last religious autistic I trolled moved to Africa to become a missionary. >>176109 The shorty soyboy with brown nipples who loves the taste of Warhammer's and Corey's small cocks? That Ghost? Wow!
Open file (82.30 KB 189x213 California Raisins.png)
>the resident platefag already show up to do his typical damage control. Like clockwork!
maybe anons should stop saying shit like ghostofniccolo and surfer hang out with plate. no one hangs out with those guys.
Open file (50.02 KB 900x598 Corey Barnhill gang.jpg)
>maybe anons should stop saying shit like ghostofniccolo and surfer hang out with plate. no one hangs out with those guys.
Open file (706.83 KB 933x482 Apocalypse.png)
>>176108 False. >>176111 Ok, Zoom. We get it. Platespics are god's gift to mankind. And you personally forged them from clay into the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse like Apocalypse did from X-Men or some comic bullshit. >>176112 >I declared this weeks ago and I'm always right. Everything is so predictable. Pic related. Then let this be be your first falsehood. You're wrong.
>>176117 except >we've seen the faggot use the gif on tvch
>>176118 Ok? So he saved my gifs and uses them on you there. I rarely browse tv chan anyway so I don't see this. He's just keeping you in the fog of war, darkness around your vision so you can't see him. He probably uses it bc he gets a reaction out of you.
>>176119 Why are you switching your ip?
>>176120 blaine is always samefagging desperately assmad about plate and corey.
>>176120 I usually do. I never stay logged in my VPN as I find it slows performance. So I use it to post. Then turn it off to do stuff in my other browser tabs. Hence, "I'm changing my ID" to you. When really I'm just turning it off to avoid bottlenecks in my bandwidth. >>176121 Not him.
Open file (118.17 KB 220x234 ClipboardImage.png)
Corey Barnhill and his so called 'gang' are nothing more than a group of little boys trying to play cops and robbers online while also grooming and cooming as much as possible, I can think of nothing more that these pedos would rather do than manipulate children online into having sex with them by using colorful kids cartoons to self instert, why to me they actually sound like a bunch of fucking trannies.
Open file (3.90 MB 1280x720 Gahoole_2022.webm)
>>176117 <You're wrong. I'm always right, faggot, I predicted every event in the last year in this sector of the internet, I created you, Nuzach. I control both you and Emojitroon as my playthings. I am JF of this community. My IQ is beyond your comprehension.
>>176126 Oh shut up Gahoole you're barely any fucking better than either of them.
Open file (6.59 MB 1104x608 Fuck you, Ramon.mp4)
>>176127 >Seething
>>176128 Seething? Gahoole, I pull all the strings in this sector, jannies fear me, the newfag dare not even speak my name. Tread carefully with your next post lest you awaken a torrent of spam the likes of which your two targets of affection could only imagine creating by themselves. I took on 4 of the biggest alt chan at once, how would you even hope to stop me? Not everyone is two people and if you did not have schizophrenia you would know this, I can only pity your false bravado you have while puffing out your chest and bragging to the rest of >us about how you proved two retards wrong online when everyones sick of hearing about your tiny little drama.
Open file (145.15 KB 624x944 yandere spider gf.jpg)
>>176129 <He is so autistic that he is unable not to fall into my trap and repeat the same speech as before.
>>176131 It's called one upping scrote, pink text is for homos, I fucked your mom, you're not white, you're fat, plus ratio'd, plus spiders are an allegory for jews and you self inserted as one thus you are a jew also. >trap You admit you're a tranny. Case closed, I win, you lost, nay nee nay nee boo boo stick your head in dog doo.
Open file (216.83 KB 442x693 KING.jpg)
>>176133 Two months ago while Gahoole, I and vol3 are enjoying >our weekend offline you're "winning" by being online astroturfing and posting CP. Oh, wait, you did it over and over again over several weekends. Massive win!
Open file (206.11 KB 460x460 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176134 I already won, I'm neither of your faggy little buddies, so I am done humoring your larping as some kind of super villain when in reality you're nothing but a sad little boy trying to recapture his imagination he lost in youth in the cringiest of ways. Sad really, you can claim you're not Gahoole but that only makes you more pathetic to being a second hand man to a sad little blob with a site so tiny I didn't even know it existed before I came here. The reach you have is something to brag about sure, for newfags but I, I induce schizophrenia into entire sites and fill them with paranoia until nobody can tell which posts are mine except for those who approve of me shitting on little bugs like you. If you're going to be a dog, and you are someone's dog by this admittance in your post, always remember to respect those above you in the food chain. I know my place, do you?
>>176126 Don't know what you're right about in the past year on tvchan as I don't follow that, but I can def tell you, you're wrong here. But have fun in your delusions if that floats your boat.
>>176125 Axle and shaggy are sweaty gamers who act tuff on discord but ban anyone who makes fun of them like absolute pussies. They can talk tough when a retard like warhammer is around but when someone brings up how they're pedos axle immediately spergs out on stream and starts banning people. especially when you post the proof that he groomed a 13 year old as pedo bait and begged him to come back after pretending kicking him calling the troon kitten. Just like how blaine cries about corey on here all day long across 50 different ips and gets banned by robi all day. i wish all these pedos would neck themselves.
>>176136 Check out your thread, buddy.
>>176138 >i wish all these pedos would neck themselves Me too anon, me too.
Open file (77.34 KB 800x450 Emma Stone 73.jpg)
>nuzach is now doing a nice fellation with the platespic in addition to doing this with Koipedo on zzzchan >already back to his typical astroturfing to "win" internet arguments Never change, Nuzach.
>>176136 If you're some dude spamming bbc and cp across imageboards and trying to ruin those sites, then you should kill yourself to be perfectly frank. You just shit things up and ruin things for everybody ultimately bc you hate yourself and want to die. So you try to make others as miserable as you are. Misery loves company and you're the crab in the bucket dragging others down to hell without you. You're not powerful, clever, or a mastermind for posting on an imageboard and people wondering who you are or making a janny delete your cp. You're just a gay, cringey, nig-loving, cuckold, sweaty gamer faggot. That's all. Mark my words: One day the negative karma you try to spread to others WILL come back onto you and explode in your face. You are going to be dragged straight to hell, do not collect $200. Remember you have a choice. You can be bad or you can be good. When your life falls apart, know that you caused it and it's the natural balance of your negative karma coming back to you.
>>176144 His life already fell apart anon hes a likely cut his dick off.
https://archive.ph/AAS8f#119015 Looking at the archive he seems to have a massive hateboner for the brit essayfag for whatever reason.
>>176136 >i am a plague that sweeps through communities wreaking havoc and sowing chaos playing anons likes chess pieces making them dance like marionettes to my wild machinations blah blah blah then why am I calling you a stupid faggot piss baby?
>>176153 <I post cuckold porn, cp, and samefag so terribly that every anon notices me and calls me out I am a mastermind! This was actually part of his master plan, he was only pretending to be a retarded sweaty gamer.
>>176022 >From what I remember of their cycles from witnessing one of them from within, they usually start out as wild cards picking whichever side is the funniest That's what /cow/ does as well but of course >we always do it for laughs and for whatever makes it more fun. >and then either tewi or the guy with the vtuber shit digs their heels in and makes it some grand moral crusade that the others follow along for Stuff like this is likely what helped give birth to the corey groomling gang, as not every discordspic lets go of the z-celeb. >They do a similar thing to /cow/ where they declare ownership of a cow or a subject and if someone else talks about the same subject, they declare an eternal vendetta against that person and from that point forward, everything revolves around getting back at them The difference is /cow/ never supports confirmed sweaty gamers. It is always interesting to see how much the discord trannies try to hard to emulate /cow/boys but how they always get it so wrong, this is when it is already so simple.
The Australian Spaniard is streaming and seething while SpicOfNicollo and Esoteric Plategangism are on chat circle jerking each other. https://youtu.be/OQl8na6mjDc Remember, this faggot always delete his streams.
>>176161 Well let's hope I can archive it before he deletes it.
>>176160 >The difference is /cow/ never supports confirmed sweaty gamers. Are you sure about that? The rationale it started with was very similar to that of the anons sucking on the memphis micro now. The spics wanted to use corey to get back at people they didn't like and ended up unironically worshiping him later. Remember that by locally accepted terms, the Гунт is without a doubt a sweaty gamer. He groomed an underage girl, fucked her and Xander is living proof of it. Not to mention his forever-fiancee's whole internet persona used to be le pro-loli internet activist. So it is safe to say that /cow/ absolutely does support confirmed sweaty gamers when it is believed benefit some 'cause'. >>176146 >>176133 >scrote (ergo a dickless tranny) >obsession with fucking moms shining through Lucas? Is that you?
>>176169 >he doesn't realize that filling up Гунтs ego only leads to him destroying himself long term >he doesn't realize that once Гунт destroys all his enemies he will turn on his "friends" and eventually eat himself I do unironically support the Гунт though, not jcaesaer187 but the coming of the entity that he carries.
>>176170 I understand that you think supporting the Гунт is a useful means to an end, what I'm saying is that this is exactly the argument that the spics used to rationalize supporting Corey and look how that played out.
Open file (499.79 KB 1440x1794 FdtMDV0XEAA1tzr.jfif)
>>176174 The difference is that no one will unironic support Corey Barnhill except for other sweaty gamers.
>>176169 > scrote It is a term of derision for men commonly found on female centric forums such as those that the tranny relentlessly harasses and spams with CP. He is trying to use it so people think he somehow isn't one.
Open file (14.00 MB 680x382 eTiEd2J.gif)
holy fuck I'm gonna COOOOOOM
Open file (65.04 KB 250x236 1490755170538.jpg)
>>176192 what do you think her my jewish mother tastes like
>>176193 Disgusting like every woman's my jewish mother. Hot temperature, sweaty, kind of like mixing water and miilk together. Maybe some salt from the sweat of her body. And if her deodorant is wearing off, maybe some body odor from proximity to her underarm.
Open file (71.64 KB 769x772 89258912565.jpg)
>>176194 >women stink
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 233: Libtard Accelerationism Strike and Mike talk about the US sabotaging the Nordstream pipeline and the increasing radicalization of libtards. Nordstream sabotage FBI raids Catholic activists home at the behest of activist Jew 2014 Snowden leaks: Five eyes intelligence program manipulating online discourse The Eradicate Hate Summit Same file. Either link works. https://files.catbox.moe/qsb8le.mp3 https://gofile.io/d/VxrviW
Open file (3.35 MB 536x640 Cat back away.gif)
>>176195 >bodily fluids taste good
Open file (284.16 KB 532x422 29859285369265.png)
>>176197 >can't distinguish their nose from their mouth
You're all gay, retarded and likely all have CP on your fucking hard drives, how any of you can call others pedos without blushing is a testament to how the Jews have controlled you all.
Open file (34.51 KB 760x227 98259826592865.png)
Open file (260.45 KB 800x800 9821598215928.jpg)
Open file (389.22 KB 716x684 982156908256.png)
>>176199 >anti-pedos are the real pedos
>>176201 Actually catch a pedo for once and we can finally call /cow/ anti-pedo, as is I hear that word thrown around without any arrests so far as I know this whole thread is just agenda based bullshit.
loooool blaine is astroturfing him crying about corey and plate and how being anti pedo is mean. this is a guy who e dated a 15 year old and traded dick pics with the 15 yr old and when confronted he tried to lie for 2 hours on a live stream to everyone and then got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd and fled wherever the stream was recorded and hides out in a pedocord fearful for being swatted again.
Open file (610.73 KB 524x524 baked_milo.png)
>>176202 Is securing arrests the baseline for proving you're not controlled by the jews?
>>176202 >>176204 Yeah by that standard, Nick Baked and Milo are the most genuine, squeaky-clean opposition the system has ever seen. Outdone only by Songbird McCain. But yeah, you've cracked the code. 80% of the thread is just people involved in internet slapfights trying to astroturf other people into helping them and 'X is a pedo' is just one of the go-to mantras.
Open file (267.40 KB 880x858 9814659182653.png)
>>176202 >Actually catch a pedo for once So only those who bust pedos can call themselves anti-pedos? You realize how many pedos work for the feds busting other pedos? >we >can finally call /cow/ anti-pedo I don't give a flying fuck what you call "/cow/" whatever the fuck you mean by using that word. >as is I hear that word thrown around I'm sure you hear it thrown around you a lot for some weird reason. >without any arrests This is an imageboard. Sounds like your expectations are unrealistic. And besides, you only want arrests, but no convictions? Do you expect anons to collect cp ala Andy Wartski? >so far as I know this whole thread It's a cyclical, newfag. >is just agenda based bullshit. Everything with a purpose has an agenda, dipshit.
Open file (101.85 KB 860x847 2963289569685652.png)
>>176205 >three cryptos aren't controlled by Jews
>>176204 Yes, unironically.
Open file (184.56 KB 904x928 img.png)
Also nobody got me on that >we I left out on the field so none of you can call yourself actual /cow/boys
Open file (92.33 KB 900x900 82959285692865.jpg)
Open file (1.47 MB 1295x1461 kinopounder.png)
trannyfarms is back and its working better than ever its over incelbros
Open file (40.77 KB 665x669 82951982596825.jpg)
>>176212 >trannyfarms is back and its working better than ever That was never anything to brag about
Open file (661.91 KB 1111x897 tfw_alogs_always_lose.png)
>>176212 Imagine clinging onto basic survival and thinking it's a W.
>>176214 That's what Гунт does...
Open file (526.41 KB 1536x2048 FdopBbhaIAA8rzJ.jpg)
Open file (558.60 KB 2419x3628 Fb53LGbVQAQFKK6.jpg)
Open file (92.25 KB 720x1056 FdC9FiTaAAAZL56.jpg)
Open file (198.02 KB 1200x1600 FcAMYtWaUAIPedO.jpg)
Open file (362.22 KB 1365x2048 FdD0k0YaIAEpXV1.jpg)
>>176093 I dunno the sperg sped fest that was this morning streams where kinda entertaining. Also you cannot help surfer, surfer wants to evangelize the bible to a Mormon. And the Book of Mormon is so different from the bible that most people just say it is made-up by Joseph Smith bickers of the creation myth of the book of Mormon. And the whole belief system of Mormonism goes to contradictory stuff in the bible. So Surfer tried to evangelize Shaggy, but most people would kinda understand that Shaggy is blind and deaf to Gods words and his heart is on the wayside as in the parable in Luke chapter 8:11 to 15. But the sperglord of Shaggy is fascinating that's for sure. He goes forth to try and explain how Mormonism is the true religion only to go back to Mormonism more confused about God's character in the bible and not knowing of God's character bickers his god is confined to Space and Time even to this dimension and the God of the bible is beyond space and time that created this dimension and dimensions. This is muh theology talk. >>176095 Surfer isn't schizo, I believed it one time bickers go on a tangent and it didn't help that the Lesbian or triple p at the time would hype up the acting of them both to be more theatrical. And now you can see that Surfer is more or less semi normal but a sped that can go into right-wing conspiracy theories and questions everything. >>176096 sure, there wasn't made thread about surfer but people didn't really see a need bickers it is going to be posted here anyway, if there is any happenings. >>176107 you mean like phantom org/Dj Axle, Shaggy and warhammer? Also who is this warhammer character? >>176112 >everything is so predictable like what? >the last religious autistic I trolled moved to Africa to become a missionary. that's fucked up >>176196 The wholesome podcast of the week. here have an Asain buttocks. >>176193 she is not lactating yet, anon.
>>176212 no it isn't
Open file (3.17 MB 640x360 wtf.mp4)
>>176216 warhammer is a fat incel with actual full grown c cup tits. he calls himself the leader of forgegang that has no members and he's a terrible debater who gets very angry and starts freaking out like wings. he tried to go after corey just like axle did and then evidence came out he was a pedo stalking 16-17 yr old girls on discord under the guise that he 'heard' they had a crush on him. he used to be best buddies with axle and then tried to turn on him when axle made one too many 'i wanna fuck children jokes' as he tries to claim they are. Last night I clicked on shaggys stream and he was talking about power rangers and how he missed being a kid. In the time it took andy to get knocked out Axle follows up with -moans- 'I miss you being a kid too'. Yet shaggy continues to insist axle is 'funny' and 'not serious about being a pedo'. They all deserve a rope.
>>176218 Says the actual sweaty gamer, Corey Barnhill.
Open file (269.80 KB 962x2048 FcDB-_qaAAAZETI.jpg)
Open file (558.60 KB 2419x3628 Fb53LGbVQAQFKK6.jpg)
>>176218 OK, so warhammer is a sperg and has some questionable crush when it comes to teenage girls and seemed to stalk them. Also, I think most people will have a nostalgic thing about the past but where it becomes unhealthy is when you hunt for teenager pussy. Also, how come everyone that is or used to be buddies with DJ Axle, somehow ends up being near or close to being a child molester? Is there something Surfer isn't telling >us?
Open file (208.92 KB 593x1437 482953968010.png)
Open file (140.95 KB 768x1024 metocard.jpg)
Is this why Gym didn't normally reply to people on the twatters? >Nick is obsessed with mcdonalds >he probably has bulimia from the junk food >HE WAS PROBABLY MOLESTED BY RONALD IN THE BATHROOM AS A CHILD RAN RAN RUUUUU That's some escalation there buddy.
>>176224 that's it, the cancer has completely consumed the patient's funny bone. i prescribe immediate euthanasia
Open file (299.28 KB 1536x2048 Fdo9mRmUUAAr0TZ.jpg)
>>176224 >spiculas has body dysmorphia says gaytor the deep philosophical thinker. >spiculas has an eating disorder bickers reasons says gym >he got raped at a mcdonalds >fantasies about the homosexual rape I might not be random enough to understand it but how did the brutal rape make spiculas to think he is a woman, or a homosexual? >>176225 you know, pretending to be sick makes you kinda fucked up and dream of rape and other things. It is not like spiculas funetes sister is a fag and thus in return made spiculas a deeply closeted homosexual.
Open file (1.33 MB 480x270 892165891265692653.gif)
>>176224 Gymothy is right, that is pretty funny. The subtle Montagraph reference makes it even better. ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY? ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY? ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY? ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY? ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY? ARE YA LOVIN' IT, NICKY?
Open file (55.51 KB 450x800 1416157087653.jpg)
>>175620 i think prophetic anon is actually right about Asston and Corey being behind the scenes orchestrating the destruction of the "Council of Evil" and its participants Queen of /Poz/, EarJuice and Perspic are up to their necks in recent dramas and they're all Asston "former" cappos the epic alogs from discordspics are celebrating that Grossly will be part of a future KC and will talk about Council leaks this week >>175182 >>175385 >>175500 >>175612 kek'd here some blast from the past about Bryan being a tripfag on 4chan https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/39567813/#39570587 >>176218 corey >we need you, be >our hero, destroy Assthon, don't join him!!! >we all trust you! return and dab on Diogenes as plus!!! corey corey corey corey!
>>176200 It's sickening that that dumb bitch is still on Twitter bc she begged Keemstar to use his clout to unban it while real people stay banned permanently and lose all their followers when they have to use a burner account. >>176230 gif related
>>176161 >>176168 did something interesting happen? and this Yiros guy wasn't doxed by Warhammer? why does he seem so subverting to the discordfags from forge gang if they fucked up his life way more than Shaggy? maybe they have some dirty on him
>>176092 >Shaggy gets used like cheap whore and calls probation officer and cops >DJ Axel the sweaty gamer gets super mad after warhammer contacting norwegian authorities Man would be a real shame if more ppl contacted norwegian authorities about notorious groomer and sweaty gamer DJ Axel.
Open file (19.97 KB 256x256 based bobo.png)
Open file (575.71 KB 599x596 vodka cute.png)
>>176218 okay, corey, the price of gas is sky high, so save on gasligthing
>>176234 hi grossly, where's the stream about surfer or you will save all this to talk on kino casino?
>>176226 >Can't even get the trannies writing style down to false flag as them. NGMI
>>176231 <I think prophetic anons is actually right... Blatant samefagging bro Esoteric Anonism. Not like this.
>>176238 >>176238 >them found the tranny talking about himself as a plural system also meth is known to change how a person writes, all those thoughts flying here and there
>>176239 >Esoteric Anonism who's this? a clip channel or someone from discord? >>176240 which tranny are yu talking about?
>>176220 they all seem very keen to be around 13-15 year olds and hanging out with children in their discord. then they talk shit on stream about how they can shit talk anyone. the minute someone posts old screenshots of chat logs of them admitting to being pedos or being around kids they ban everyone associated and pretend it never happened. they've claimed to kick lumi from the server for the last year and he's always on there under a new alias bickers axle is so retarded he calls him kitten. >>176231 Bryan is homosexual, he blew a tranny and loses his mind when you bring it up.
>>176241 Hi ex probably.
>>175620 >>176231 I believe it when I see it. So far, 3P and Andy have gone out of their way to avoid mentioning the council and I doubt they will change that policy until proven otherwise. Maybe if there is so much crossover between Surfer's antics and them, that they can't avoid it, then they will start mentioning shaggy etc.
>>176241 >Esoteric Anonism who's this? He's a TheГунтretord/anon, one of the faggy mods from here who ban anyone who banters with him. He and his little friends from cytube/telegram are spreading shit and lies everywhere for their pedo friend Gahoole. see >>175601
>>176244 perspic streamed with surfer yesterday and bryan is hanging with the anti-concil people for months now and people are saying that grossly will participate in the next kc so maybe true very soon
Open file (262.58 KB 1311x1559 ClipboardImage.png)
>Tfw you just wanna meme and everyone else wants to call each other pedos for clout.
>>176246 Bringing on Grossly would actually be a mistake on asston's part. >His fans raid other discord servers with CP >3P makes up the majority of his alogging record >He has a tendency to make shit up to fill the gaps
>>176241 the Blaine sweaty gamer one that got rekt by the plates on some 5 hour long autism call
Open file (500.08 KB 1536x2048 Fb0unjAacAASCkU.jpg)
Open file (144.90 KB 957x1434 FcdAd5LaQAEE5od.jpg)
Open file (198.02 KB 1200x1600 FcAMYtWaUAIPedO.jpg)
Open file (202.45 KB 1297x1920 FcdGUbLacAE_Uu1.jpg)
Open file (461.35 KB 1536x2048 Fb0GlO6UcAAl78T.jpg)
>>176232 that is bickers muttni and jewlawyer aren't normal people they are e-celebs and thus have new and special privileges that normal people don't get. haven't you learned a thing from browsing nu or old/pol/? >>176234 warhammer fucked up by taking the thing to google translate in Norwegian bickers there are words and expressions in English that won't make sense in Norwegian. But the sperg is probably too retarded to understand that. So if people do send emails, don't say you are a concerned citizen or something retarded, just say that you have heard DJ Axle say these disturbing things and you want the police to investigate it. You can also say that you think he is a danger to kids and heard he has a sex dungeon or even has talked about hurting children and he is bragging on the internet about grooming and molesting children, also you could say you heard rumors, he is a heavy meth producer and fentanyl producer and international shipper of these things, and remember that he is also a nadsi . But these things might gib his parents a bit of a heart attack bickers then the police might come inn with swat gear and everything. Also remember that DJ Axle might be on probation also for these things, and his term of probation might've been not to contact anyone in this community and not do a criminal thing in the next 3 years. >>176235 The mighty nippon have a nice buttocks fam. these braapers are quite nice too bad they don't make braap pornography. >>176242 I would tell about this context to the police along with the screenshots, and the lore of this "kitten" and then you might see some action from the Norwegian Police, first an investigation is done to make sure it is not a gayops, and when they determine that it is real then DJ Axle should delete all or throw all of the thumbdrives and portable HDD's and SSDs of whatever hidden photos and films he has near the river or sea bickers that will be used as evidence. >>176247 Happens all the time.
Open file (338.58 KB 708x738 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176249 >t. platespic >>176250 Do you even know what a joke is? No offense but you're rather autistic weakload.
>>176251 his autism is just his inner catgirl nature trying to work it's way out
>>176245 Esoteric platespic and ghost of spicilo got bullied by two anon sock accounts on the austrialian faggots last stream for being terrible with handling lolcows and likely being defenders of corey barnhill the sweaty gamer so the asshurt discord spics are doing the only thing they can do and muddying the waters.
Open file (147.14 KB 990x541 child sex dungeon.jpg)
Did Grossly Offensive ever formally fall out with the Гунт? He did do quite a few appearances a couple of months ago on the keelstream. Perhaps he's going to pull a podawful and do a double agent stunt. Also, thanks to Surfer for confirming that Aksel does live in the shed.
Open file (430.68 KB 1080x2002 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176254 I believe Grossly Offensive to be bit of a faggot but also appreciate him as he has been responsible for some quality rα♂ W's in the form of L's taken by his enemies including tuxlovesyou who is probably the man that has been felted the hardest by after admitting to molesting his sister. I can very readily see him going on with Rand or someone like that to drop cocks on the Гунт, I would appreciate that too.
>>176256 If you want to thank someone for the tux feltening, you need to thank aksel, he's the one that got tux into that several-hour interview that the recordings came from. Grossly released it, but if he didn't, someone else would have.
Open file (2.00 MB 1280x1051 1628107091712.png)
>>176092 Beside nose clicking sounds I find Gahoole and Daiymo streams kinda comfy. But why the fuck they associating themself with low iq larping mormon and norwegian Pedo Potter?
>>176259 bickers they’re fucking lolcows what the fuck did you expect? The moment they get clout on fucking one another (TheGatorGamer) they end up eating each other bickers they’re all fucking losers that will never amount to anything good but giving us cocks
Open file (1.13 MB 271x336 918759185892165.gif)
>>176217 Yeah it is but it's slow as fuck.
>>176259 I see why people lke Gahoole but Daiymo is annoying, I'm glad people bullied his mom, diary or no, but simply for birthing him. Gahoole is a slimy one though, he explicitly disavowed Axel in a Foxcox post and shortly thereafter was found continuing to do gayops with him and slobber on his e-peen.
looks like someone dropped the thread link on some discord, this will explain the astroturfing goin on
>>176259 Daiymo is an annoying mutt faggot and a charisma vacuum. Gahoole is ok.
Open file (33.06 KB 267x73 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176250 Yeah, people forget Axle when he first got into an argument with corey disappeared for three months. He kept openly proclaiming he wanted to fuck children and then disappeared for 3 months and claimed corey called the dutch feds on him and somehow got them to raid his house. that's why his parents kicked him out into the shed and why he has such a hate boner for him. this is just like when gahoole disappeared yet was 'still under surveillance' by the fbi. people like blaine keep samefagging on 20 ips to try and astroturf defend axle. but axle is a fucking nutcase who had a whole interview with pamperchu where they talked about getting 1500 dollar real dolls of babies with penises or vaginas that they could 'cuddle'. also bryan is still mad his dad is a pedo and he sucks tranny dick
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaynFcFlo7Y damn muttni's my jewish motherers are looking fertile
Will you ahogs make the rake back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxfshQ7us68
Open file (2.36 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176272 lol he moved them to mexico to hide from alogs and Mr Vickers
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 tfw alogs always lose2.jpg)
>>176215 >he doesn't understand the jcaesar187amale philosophy
>>176272 Rozy favoring her dad. Which is actually the less bad option. And looking perpetually depressed, poor girl. Meigh shooping as usual.
Open file (563.57 KB 1250x698 ashton_cant_fit_in.webm)
>>176271 >https://kinocasino.tips/donate.php?u=Toad McKinley Cringe. Did they get a teenager to write that? Also, doing canaries wrong. You're supposed to timestamp it, let it age, and update it accordingly right, robi?. A court order can compel you not to not take action to indicate you've been served, but it can't compel you proactively announce you haven't been served when you have been. The canary stops chirping bickers it suffocates, not bickers someone stuffs it in their pocket.
Open file (582.85 KB 1104x718 ppp_soy.png)
>>176279 You know Ashley would eat the canary and down it with soylent anyway.
>>176269 blaine you really need to get over corey. i know you're a mentally retarded troon and all but really all anons here hope you suicide real soon. no one here enjoys your faggy cringe pedo posts and no one cares to see you cp spam the board again. neck yourself faggot.
>>176280 >tfw he looked that bad back than >tfw he looks even worse now this needs an update
>>176251 >>176261 >>176270 >>176274 >>176283 Esoteric Anonism/TheГунтRetort samefagging
Open file (80.84 KB 130x68 gator7.webm)
>>176280 >when ashley wanted a link to a creamery on the site, but andy couldn't pronounce it so they ended up with a canary instead
rake back opened with forced high energy fat dyke screaming about something who knows this shit is pure undiluted 100 percent tested and verified cuh-ringe
>>176284 >>176239 Real TheГунтRetort/Esoteric Anonism/Robi's youngest brother/Underwater TheGatorGamer here, AMA. >>176285 >>176288 Over the course of eight months the streams only dropped in quality, not improved. The best they can do is rejugate the same shit that went through Perspicacity's ass and emulate high energy without any soul. Dropped.
>>176273 I feel sorry or any tacos that live around him. Like living in a 3rd world country that's controlled by drug cartels isn't bad enough now they have an obese retard yelling all hours of the day and a pedo tranny horse clopping around looking for unsupervised children.
i've had bloody shits for the past few years what the fuck is wrong with my shitter?
>>176298 diet/forcing it out/wiping too deep/your boyfriend is being too rough
>>176298 It's Pegmenco or Asston?
>>176298 Y chromosome being a birth defect this happens naturally to 1/2 of men, don't worry too much anon it's just your time.
As the years pass by, Corey Barnhill (sweaty gamer), plategang and other ecelebs continue to take credit for my actions, oc's and shitposts.
>>176307 Corey Barnhill never mentally matured passed the age he saw Episode 1 and now he only wants to fuck children that are that same age, 8.
RPGTV was supposed to go live at 3-4 PM and never went live. He probably got caught in the hurricane. His stream is still up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7dbnsmedQY >>176307 The thing you must realize about viewers on youtube is that they are braindead and automatically assign all happenings, insight, jokes, and kontent to ecelebs they watch. They have no concept of a universe where an eceleb doesn't breathe life into it. They probably think the Mona Lisa was painted by an eceleb or that an eceleb landed on the Moon. Or that an eceleb started the big bang. Hell, even some braindead anons in here are desperate to assign every bit of insight or knowledge to their favorite ecelebs like Sargon and rewrite history into their ecelebs' favor. But then again, half the anons here are ecelebs now so it makes sense they want credit for everything.
>>176309 It was I who sent hurrican Ian to wreck Florida, muwahaha I am starting the League of Really Awful Dudes and we are all picking out of favorite comic, ah shit someone did this, how about we are all mexican but pretend to be nazis, wait no, okay I am a fat man and I never back down from, now wait that one is a bunch of people, who was I making fun of again? Ah yes, /cow/ anons are all the spiderman pointing the finger at himself meme and thus homosexual hahaha
>>176289 >Real TheГунтRetort/Esoteric Anonism/Robi's youngest brother/Underwater TheGatorGamer here, AMA. How does it feel to be the subject of so much asshurt for just having a sock account and making fun of platespics/calling corey barnhill a sweaty gamer?
The new fags that migrated from twigger, pedocord and fox killed this place. Pointless to filter. Time to nuke the board robi, you are unable to keep the cancer at bay
>>176313 Ironic since you are one of the newfags here that constantly shits up this place with soyjaks, and cp links >>176312 Don't think I didn't notice you posting earlier in your thread nuzach.
Open file (2.49 MB 480x257 kill them all.gif)
>>176311 you shouldn't trust everything you read online, lad, I am the truthful Essayfag / Esoteric Anonism / TheГунтRetort / vol3 >How does it feel to be the subject of so much asshurt I say a good platefag is a dead platefag, fuck esotheric plategangism and HEJAS fags. >>176313 put your tripfag, emojicptroon
Open file (4.93 KB 192x200 dago hand gestures.jpg)
>>176272 is pantsu italian? Dem hitalia genes!
Open file (215.96 KB 690x223 vickers_abuse.png)
Open file (187.44 KB 483x750 vickers_gaytor.png)
Open file (116.24 KB 684x115 vickers_abuse2.png)
>>176319 >is pantsu italian? yes, even tho italian-mericans are mostly crypto jews >>176273 Return to foxdickfarms, bud
Open file (24.88 KB 419x557 654654654.jpg)
>>176325 >he doesn't know Check the suggested news section.
Open file (74.22 KB 891x717 anfg.jpg)
>>176338 lmao like a true and honest red blooded american
>>176276 >the Гунт is the less bad option I feel sorry for the kid in fact of course
>>176355 Have the Burgers done anything this blatant before? They crossed a Rubicon with this one. Europoors will have to face the fact that they are the vassals of Burgerstan and that the Burgers will freeze their grandmothers this winter so they can get a W over Putler.
Open file (170.08 KB 720x900 IMG_9026.mp4)
>>176319 Italian ladies, all trannies if ya ask me, loud, obnoxious, have hairy knuckles. >>176338 Fatty confirmed to be in texas yet? >>176358 You all lust after trannies we know, who the hell cares.
Open file (119.39 KB 1135x1015 vaushlard.jpg)
>>176357 Eurocucks will be put fined and put in jail if they complain, while Amerilards will claim Putin did it to himself.
>>176369 >t. Roxo the tranny lover Cope faggot. Plategang are trannylovers lol.
>>176379 Well that explains thy twenty of them tried to gang bang me on a discord call. La da da dee da da daaaaaaaaa
>>176380 Samefag oh yeah and Im not trans, Im just a crack baby.
Open file (494.93 KB 500x205 981589126521856.gif)
>>176381 That goes without saying
>>176382 Well now that we established that, Robbi can stop banning me for calling him a sissy butt baby who can't sweep for shit and sucks the dick of his worst users keeping this site a circle jerk of pathetics forever. It's a unique take on imageboards that all tiny alt chans don't do I sweaaaar. Another Erika W baby, Гунт in shambles as she out does him yet again, texas coping and seething at having to keep up with all the take out orders he's made
Open file (71.64 KB 769x772 89258912565.jpg)
Open file (16.40 KB 435x487 la strega ebrea (2).jpg)
>>176319 >italian
Open file (472.14 KB 1920x1080 Fd1zhBkXoAAUkUs.jpg)
>>176338 he's just behind 7 proxies aylawg.
>>176379 cry harder bryan. we all know you love sucking tranny dick.
Open file (149.04 KB 239x317 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (705.17 KB 904x877 gatorjack.png)
>>176403 Love it.
Open file (3.33 KB 284x55 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176369 >>176404 >roxo appears to defend his tranny lust >blames queen of pozz You aren’t supposed to say who you are roxo you retard.
Open file (1.81 KB 113x45 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (463.77 KB 200x200 337.gif)
>>176407 This is not roxo, I am not some dirty plate spic how dare.
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 98215982165625.png)
>>176408 >I'm a shill for the medical industrial complex
>>176407 making fun of bryan for being a faggot means = roxo. Bryan is really upset about this. Typing paragraphs at random e girls on discord. It's ok bryan we know you're a faggot.
>>176408 Sure thing anon
Open file (533.76 KB 2048x1536 95298563982565.jpg)
>>176411 It's all besides the point, Big Bri! You can't unsuck dat cawk!
Open file (330.23 KB 736x811 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176411 Atta boi, take that loss in stride and do Daddy proud ya hear. >>176409 Nah just testing junior here to make sure he's a true patriot, medicine is made by women and women are icky. >>176412 And he'd do it again when Daddy Tranny tell him too, ain't that right boi? >>176411
Open file (2.27 MB 1280x720 CRP cows 2.mp4)
No one posted the new Coach stream yet. Roundtable #25: George Galloway, Syrian Girl, Alex Thomson
>>176415 AUGGGGGHHHH EMBARRASING https://youtu.be/2AhHe5lU1Jg
Open file (199.25 KB 436x432 coach.png)
>>176415 Based
>>176415 that line-up sounds kino in fact of course, will watch right now.
Open file (12.70 KB 296x296 NHMfZDvO_400x400.jpg)
>>176415 >Syrian Babe
Open file (559.86 KB 725x777 Untitled.png)
>>176420 cazzo vaffanculo
Open file (3.85 MB 498x286 78158712581725.gif)
>>176357 >>176355 Wait, was it confirmed that burgers destroyed it?