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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
Open file (3.20 MB 350x488 ppp-JUST.gif)
>>181603 wait, so how does surfer being evicted from the welfare shack keep the lesbian from a cold cabin? It is not like surfer or the lesbian is starting to go out in the streets for sex work.
>>181574 I will forever be sad that he always steps out of camera view when he goes full gobble.. one day i hope
>>180988 THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG... WITH NICK REKIETA! (tune: Gary Clail On-U Sound System - Human Nature)
Open file (184.37 KB 655x651 9258689125659.jpg)
IT'S AN EARWINSON LIVE THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dJaw3KQinQ
>>181591 Yes, my fellow jalapeno-connoisseurs. Papa Johns baby. You just can't eat more than 2 slices with jalapenos at a time or your stomach will hurt badly the in a couple hours. You might even develop a Gatling gun in your janus.
Open file (59.58 KB 368x510 KidFriendlyJim.jpg.jpg)
Open file (220.53 KB 589x363 Ye.png)
Open file (60.79 KB 455x535 JustLaughing.jpg)
Fuentes meets with Trump, Ye talks about how much Trump likes Fuentes. jimfags on suicide watch https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1595965974293118979
>>181612 I hope Trump has to disavow Nick
Open file (606.25 KB 200x200 1667662745106223.gif)
Open file (415.32 KB 220x217 1653977924239.gif)
Open file (1.05 MB 267x219 lol.gif)
Open file (1.04 MB 290x189 1645746083489.gif)
>>181612 >jimfags on suicide watch unironically this along with chemo casinofags
>>181614 >>181613 >>181612 Even I have to admit it's a definite W for Fuentes to meet Kanye, and then meet Trump. The guy has been taking so many L's in recent times, it's refreshing for him to get a genuine W. Although I don't think much will come out of it. Fuentes has managed to attach himself to 2 actual famous people so he may enjoy a minor bump in his numbers. I would say none of these normies know where he is on cozy but Musk taking over Twitter has given him a boon so people can find him there. And I guess in this current era, right-wingers won't be banned now? I still don't think anything will come of it. Trump won't be alive in a couple years. He's on the way out. It's going to be up to Fuentes to keep the connection to Kanye alive without destroying that bridge or letting Milo destroy it. This could be Fuentes' path to the presidency. Kanye runs and taps Fuentes as his Vice President (I know you must be 35 to become president). So while it would fail, it would serve as a publicity stunt and in a decade Fuentes could run, from the pervious publicity stunts with Kanye. The #1 way to get really famous, really fast is politics. So it will be up to Fuentes whether he will look back on meeting Kanye and Trump as a fun couple days that went nowhere or whether he will foster the connection to Kanye, keep it alive, and reap the long-term benefits. Bc Kanye is now fwends with Musk, the richest man on the planet. So Fuentes could be meeting Musk soon as well.
But to any Groypers reading this, know this: You will not benefit at all. AmericaFirst was only ever about catboy and making him money and getting actual-famous. You will get neither. You may even destroy your own life getting pulled into his grift. Just ask Jan. 6ers and those going to prison. Even though Fuentes was giving speeches urging people to storm the capitol and stop the steal, he is letting his supporters rot in prison just like his idol Trump is going. You will not become a multimillionaire like Fuentes from his movement. No one will gift you 1 million in crypto bc you are a nobody. So you have to ask yourself this simple question: What do I get from AmericaFirst? If the answer is close to nothing, you should leave. Don't live vicariously through Nick, like Beardson is trying to do. It won't go well for you. There is only enough pie left to feed his couple closest Millennial grifters around him and let them have a modest middle-class salary like Beardson, Baked, jcaesar187, Milo, and Anglin. Also, Beardson cried and moaned for years about how the alt right ruined mens' lives esp after Charlottesville, but says nothing about how the Groypers and catboy have ruined many men's lives following Jan. 6.
Open file (7.33 MB 640x320 nick-fuentes-nick.gif)
>>181612 Nick wins. Biggest Win any online grifter ever had. This is Gamergate 2.
>>181306 it's the kind of tired sleep can't fix.
Open file (3.37 MB 1438x1796 ClipboardImage.png)
>>181615 It's a win for now but he could easily be getting played. He doesn't really bring anything significant to the table so it's likely Milo is using him for some reason.
Open file (107.68 KB 750x877 venti hot.jpg)
>>181615 >Even I have to admit it's a definite W for Fuentes to meet Kanye, and then meet Trump Meh, not really. Dup is a nobody now, he has no career. It's like meeting the fat Brendan Fraser.
Open file (23.88 KB 400x400 zach.jpg)
>rekieta exposed as a cuck >carl back on twitter >fuentes teaming up with dup and kanye the amount of nectar in the last week has been tremendous, will the return of zach round it out?
>>181612 >>181614 >>181617 Oh I'm saving these posts. Nick raised by Kanye and Trump endorsement and then instant disavowment when jurnos start diggin into Gay Fuentes shenanigans. It's gonna be magnifique.
>>181624 >leads to absolutely nothing funny boring shit, I want Гунт doing dumb things and getting punched
Open file (73.25 KB 615x461 543543.jpg)
>>181612 It wont be Spic Juan Fuentes that fucks up his presidential bid.
Open file (260.67 KB 590x1071 6546546546.jpg)
He's retweeting Cassandra Fairbanks and linking to Tim Pool now. I guess he will be on the Timcast within weeks, assuming the greek jew faggot hasn't told him to stop doing interviews.
Open file (185.59 KB 1080x1076 FiSY1-LXoAEIreO.jpg)
>>181627 Milo will use Nick 'The Honeypot' Fuentes to damage both Trump and Kanye runs. Whoever puppeteering this british faggot making smart moves.
>>181615 >I have to admit it's a definite W for Fuentes its more of an L for pedo squad and chomo casino than a W for spicolas
Open file (8.08 MB 350x196 PPP screams at you.gif)
>>181625 Go do your gay little internet show and cope about it, fatboy. NICK WON
>>181630 How is it an L for kc? More cocks, more exposure = more shekels
Open file (2.87 MB 640x1138 Venti turn.webm)
>>181632 >How is it an L for kc? They've been laughing at Spicolas for a year, saying how he's irrelevant "mexican savior of the white race" that won't ever archive anything. Now he's meeting with Dup and Nigdup while they wallow away in increasing irrelevancy, infighting drama and floundering viewership. If that's not al L, I don't know what is.
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 928592855896.gif)
>>181633 >TheGatorGamer so mad at her bf jackin off, she's showing her panties to the world
Open file (390.29 KB 1440x1791 FiZJjN5X0AAMTKd.jpg)
Open file (458.17 KB 1440x1800 FiZJjN2WIAEk-uJ.jpg)
Open file (31.28 KB 400x400 scjFn0RN_400x400.jpg)
>>181627 >*chuckles* I'm already zero degrees of separation from Elon Musk and Steve Bannon
>>181629 Remember, to normies catboy is synonymous with David Duke, an evil racist white supracist nazi who wants to kill 6 million Jews. A real politician would never want Duke's endorsement if they wanted to win. So yeah, it could be some Milo blackmail thing. Here's the hierarcharcy of puppetry: Fuentes -> Milo -> Kanye -> Trump -> oligarchs Milo -> Mercers/Peter Thiel/oligarchs >>181634 Muttni's the type of girl that knows she's not beautiful so she leans into her sex appeal to even the odds. Actually scratch that, she does think she's beautiful from her army of simps telling her so all day. >>181619 Unironically ugly face.
>>181635 she's wearing so much makeup she could be a reinassance painting
>>181638 Also the miniskirt with boots looks trashy in the fall and at a Thanksgiving gathering. But he's young and inexperienced and has been catapulted into the limelight at such a relatively young age that having tradthots wanting his alphamale attention must be overwhelming and difficult to navigate.
Open file (124.84 KB 808x1024 FiYwomaWIAMVMDA.jpg)
Open file (700.27 KB 1097x757 Dimcast article.png)
Open file (102.81 KB 1125x810 FiYz7M-WYAEaDyy.jpg)
>>181612 With Cassandra Fairbanks backing him, there is no way he can lose.
Open file (62.00 KB 713x611 1529185541089.jpg)
>>181612 that is unexpected but interesting that Ye is going to run again. >>181615 it is and it isn't a w, in one way it legitimizes Spicuals Fuentes as a political commentator but in another way he will have more eyes on him now more than ever. And his message or ironic jokes are just for a really specific audience of people. The spic becoming a president, I doubt it but you never know, I think it is some groyper delusions you are having there, he is now more like on the right path to be a respectable commentator and if he goes that path in the right way he might become one of the new ones next to Tucker and then he can start to sue the media for misportraying him as a niche neonazi or niche white nationalist, but that if he cleans his act and do good marketing on himself and don't make retarded ironic jokes bickers sometimes when he comes with the irony jokes, it is hard to tell and that is something that will bite him whenever he would try and be a president. Milo might destroy spiculas fuentes, it all depends on the shadowy deal he has with Milo, no one knows why Milo attached to Spiculas to begin with but I think it is bickers of a pool of fresh incel boytoys. Now, lets say Milo is starting to get annoyed by spiculas or jealous, bickers fags are jealous creatures he will most likely release shit to the public and that is something I think that will bring Nick the spick cult leader to a crashing end. >>181616 Yeah, no one should follow Nick the Spic, just watch and don't go to any meeting or events that are about stopping a president to go into office, and don't protest it either bickers the right wing are now seen as extreme right and associated with terrorism, no matter how lame and non threatening the event is. >>181635 >>181639 she is trashy in a good way of course in fact fam but would not let her met muh family like mom and pa, and distant family bickers most of them would ask why I am dating a whore. >>181640 this is quite interesting.
Open file (291.66 KB 458x572 stay mad lol.png)
Open file (389.45 KB 533x668 tired of winning.png)
>>181642 >this is quite interesting. I suspect crypto-leftists are trying to undermine Dup, but wtf do I know. I assume the bigger the news story the more of a disinfo psy-op it is.
>>181643 you wanna know how lazy that crypto leftist site is? they just reported this ye twitter post and added some few details >>181612 but when it comes to undermine trump, I dunno. I kinda feel like the trump thing has expired and that some people are banking on Ron DeSantis to go for the republican presidential thingy.
>>181633 They will get money from this. That's all they care about.
Open file (122.41 KB 1119x1039 FiSkg6zXkAEKeVG.jpg)
>>181644 > when it comes to undermine trump, I dunno. I kinda feel like the trump thing has expired and that some people are banking on Ron DeSantis to go for the republican presidential thingy. Maybe he has expired, relatively speaking, but he still has his strong tard base, and I think DeSantis, although a strong figure in Republican circles, might just continue doing what he is doing for Florida, and if he runs for President, do it later when Dupamania isn't as strong. He seems more aware of the party as a whole than Dup does. But he is Paul Ryan's boy, and I don't pay enough attention to him to know or care what Ryan is up to
Open file (83.76 KB 750x742 FibivaKWYAMWR89.jpg)
>>181614 >>181615 >>181616 >>181617 WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAH
Open file (193.87 KB 1365x2048 FiZdOl0VUAAOCmV.jpg)
>>181633 that is bickers the ayylawgs of Spiculas don't really know how connected Nick the Spic is.They just know of some of the stuff but don't want to meantion that he is pals, or has close relationship with Milo whom has in a way withered away from relevancy now but he still has connections to people. So when the Lesbian and tardski is talking shit, they don't really realize that Nick the Spic is not like them a one man team with two relevant e-celeb fwends that can make them money, but one of these e-celeb fwends actually just humiliated tardski and the other made money of his misery. Which kinda shows how dumb the Ayylawg scene is, and how any rational person would not be there bickers you cannot trust anyone bickers a fuck up will make sure people are going to make money from you. While Milo and the Spiculas Fuentes thing, is shared networking and trying to make a profit and more legitimate power of both ends, now. we do not know what milo and the Nick the Spics deal is when it comes to Milo using his networking power to further Nick's interests, we just don't know but I bet money it is something really fucked up and sinister, and it will come out of a matter of time but by that point the lesbian would probably have died of a heart attack and tardski from an overdose by sniffing wine. >>181646 I can see that.just let the trumptards try it one more time and then come later and say to dup you got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD and thus it is muh turn you stupid negro orange juice looking muddafucka. But I think that there aren't as many trumptards as it was in 2016 and not to forget that many got disillusioned by dup also, so yeah. I am making the prediction that democrats will win again, I would almost bet money on it but I do wonder whom is going to run. That is going to be interesting on the democratic side.
Open file (35.86 KB 602x327 gunt rage mode2.png)
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
Open file (2.47 MB 400x245 8579189259825.gif)
>>181649 >>181650 So much for his Havana vacation
Open file (22.46 KB 600x204 ClipboardImage.png)
>>181651 he's seething
>>181647 now this is getting interesting. >>181649 I am kinda with Гунт on this one but at the same time. Ye is a negro and the negro's aren't known to say or tell people when they are taking extra people with them for a dinner or a meting. >>181650 Wait, so no the Гунт hates dup bickers he doesn't want to say he knows nick the spic? >>181651 Do you think that the Гунт is screaming in a bar and almost shitting his pants, or is he screaming at the baby and mantsu? >>181652 yup, the retard sperg out his vacation which so fucking stupid but quite funny.
Open file (265.21 KB 406x720 91875481754.png)
>>181652 >prime assignment In life or in Havana? If you prime assignment in life is carrying water for Nick Feduentes, well, I don't envy you the assignment.
Open file (79.73 KB 1024x992 FiZCNmlacAAB4DW.jpg)
>>181653 >Do you think that the Гунт is screaming in a bar and almost shitting his pants, or is he screaming at the baby and mantsu? At the baby and Mantsu while he drinks in his hotel room.
>>181653 yeah Гунт is pissed cause he wants Dup to acknowledge the spic and Dup just said basically the nig brought a bunch of nobodies with him.
Open file (608.24 KB 966x562 9825928592865.png)
>>181656 >the nig brought a bunch of nobodies with him. AAAAAAUUUUGGHHH NAWT TROOOOO UM ONLEE TOO DEGREEES FRUM DUP NOW
ive been playing age of empires II: the age of kino and its amazing just how well they knocked it out of the park 24 years ago
Open file (4.84 MB 1280x720 ralph sperg-out.mp4)
>>181654 people have said that the Гунтs life is quite tragic and really depressing. One would've thought he had learned not to get too close to anybody but nope. Also it is kinda funny that the Гунт just confirmed that his real job is to be a PR-cuck to Spiculas Fuentes. >>181655 I kinda feel or imagine that when the Гунтs get pissed off he sharts himself and get extra pissed off. So in reality mantus is taking care of two babies, if he is drinking at the hotel room instead of a bar. >>181656 One would've thought that just having a legitimate dinner and a meting with the former president and a celebrity would've been cool and good enough but nope. bickers the acknowledgement could come after or later on when it does kinda matter but nope, these tards have to sperg out. But now I do wonder if this is going to be a day sperg out or the 3 day one? bickers this doesn't feel like it is going to build up to a week of sperg-out.
>>181656 stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot
>>181658 the game is older than 24 years old.
>>181659 It may take a while cause now the hope cope narrative is Dup didn't explicitly say anything about the spic. So they are hoping in the future Dup will totally come forward as a fellow AF sister and acknowledge the Mexican midget. >>181660 no :)
Open file (18.97 KB 474x335 781596982165.jpg)
>>181659 >Also it is kinda funny that the Гунт just confirmed that his real job is to be a PR-cuck to Spiculas Fuentes. The grift is eternal. Speaking of which, >>181658 Carl is in the double digits and closing in on twenty in the number of times he has @ or responded to Elon Musk tweets.
Open file (92.74 KB 586x227 654654645.jpg)
Drumph knows nothing.
>>181664 Nigdup and Spicdup BTFО?
>>181650 >i hate you Trump!! b-baka! >still apes his cadence
Open file (462.13 KB 695x538 ralphs warface.png)
>>181662 >1st pic noooooooooo, someone got the Гунт to calm down. So this was just a minor sperg out, gosh darn it! >Гунт's cope narrative of dup will come forward and say he knows the Mexican midget. I personally believe it all depends on how good Fuentes handles himself and does not to anything retarded like the irony humor shit, bickers some of them or especially older people don't understand how fuck N​IGGERs is ironic and don't understand how the other incel comments and other humor that is said in a semi serious way is funny or ironic. I think that dup will probably git the fuck out when he hears and sees this. What do you think? I kinda feel that fuentes is going to fuck it up in a way that is going to be so mind boggling retarded that one would wonder how he isn't in a mongoloid home. But then again, I have heard that there aren't mongoloid homes in America. So what does the Americans do with the mongoloids? >>181663 but being a pr cuck isn't a grift that is marketing. >>181666 >centrism is social conservation and conservatism Carl of Swindon does not really understand how this is conservatism and not centrism.
>>181666 >checked What a stupid white G​AMERGATE. This is not centrism, you are just two cowardly to admit le far right are right.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 85992865.png)
>>181668 >but being a pr cuck isn't a grift that is marketing. Marketing for a grift >>181669 >This is not centrism, you are just two cowardly to admit le far right are right. Exactly.
Open file (237.14 KB 615x409 817251821285.png)
>Sargon in 15 years I'm still the centrist, collectivists!
Open file (234.15 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
>>181669 >Twitterfags are already tweeting "It depends on the child" clips at him
Open file (786.68 KB 640x480 carl is triggered.mp4)
Open file (250.91 KB 1108x1478 Fh6ZBXMVsAANyMi.jpg)
>>181673 unfortunately Carl of Swindon is just going to ignore it.
>>181648 If they’re smart they could unload all of the lolcow shit Spick said for years. Spicolas isn’t in charge anyways, it’s Milo that’s using using him like a groomer on a femboy
Open file (250.06 KB 1536x2048 FiAl9heUoAADJXM.jpg)
>>181676 or make it so that the search result of Spiculas fuentes shows what Nick the Spic has said and what he means by an ironic joke, and most will probably not see it as irony or ironic. And then Nick is basically a toxic wastesite for most politicians. But if one does that, then the inevitable black mail thing milo has on the spic might not be released and only deleted.
>>181677 I don’t know if there’s dirt beside Nick willingly sells his soul to a gay pedo informant. Spicolas has consistently defended Milo for years also whatever it is it’s either bad or catboy sold his anus to him
Open file (280.42 KB 1170x1560 FeT4rywUAAAhVn3.jpg)
>>181678 the dirt is basically Nick acting like a sperg and going on and off with white nationalist talking points, then it is the weird promotion of non-family and hating women which is supposed to be a joke. So Spiculas pretends to be optical and in truth have taken white nationalism back to 03 or maybe even further back, but I would kinda argue that white nationalist and neonazi gangbangers abusing amphetamines and doing ID theft and other things were more optical than what Spiculas is doing. But the faggot shit, is just really, really weird. One can kinda question what the deal is with Milo but it will not turn an eye with cuckservatives and other republicans, but the white nationalist shit will.
>>181662 > So they are hoping in the future Dup will totally come forward as a fellow AF sister and acknowledge the Mexican midget.
Open file (203.53 KB 600x600 spicitsover.png)
>>181676 >>181678 stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot
Open file (513.05 KB 1284x2048 Fgt3UiuVQAE2XtW.jpg)
>>181680 >I hope trump does the right decision then it would be disavow the spic you fat retarded pig. when people are looking at what Fuentes is and has said they are going to be horrified bickers they are cucked. I don't get it, how is the Гунт so delusional and think that Trump will go out of his way like Milo does? Milo does it bickers he gets a tight mexican anus, or the spics peepee up the bum while dup wants underaged gurls or thots, which the spic doesn't have. If the spic was smart he would've had like 4 thots that would get down to business with dup, kinda like bleached Owens has done, I mean. You can look at that negro woman that she has done a few things for dup like a blowie.
Open file (370.29 KB 593x517 ClipboardImage.png)
>>181647 Pfff Drumpf who? He's a nobody, I'm a Desantis Mantis.
>>181684 I would be if he runs for president, but until then, it is irrelevant >>181683 He's shilling hard for his boi, Spic.
>>181679 good taste anon, unpai is a qt.
Open file (77.23 KB 1284x378 FicebNwWQAE5MHf.jpg)
Open file (71.75 KB 761x931 FiYe8YdaAAEGReQ.jpg)
Open file (150.41 KB 1087x1630 Fgw_dxPVEAAPX6H.jpg)
>>181686 yup. and I don't think that the Гунт understands that they are going to massacre the spic if he isn't careful. >>181688 huh, did jcaesar187 figure out that it was the video that Tim Pool was reporting on? Either way, I don't think that jcaesar187 understands that political relationships happens quite slowly and only sometimes overnight but usually really slowly bickers all of them are psychopaths and don't trust eachother, so they take their time and if something happens that makes one party look retarded then they fuck off and stay away from that fella or party bickers you don't want to be associated with a tard. That is why Sarg'n failed bickers he got bombarded with shit he once said and wasn't prepared for realpolitic and nick the spic and his PR team is also not prepared, so it is going to be fascinating to see the whole groyper movement say fuck dup, when it comes out that Nick the Spic talks like niche white nationalist or neonazi, so it is going to be really interesting to see the former pwesident say fuck off nick the spic, and then the negro maybe has taken a liking to nick the spic? I do wonder. >>181687 negro, I just find a random nippon and then I might like the tiddies or the buttocks and then I save the pic. I don't know their names, I only know of hang kang whore bickers her poontang looks so comfy to use.
Open file (239.64 KB 480x480 (((benjamin))).png)
whats carl's next move?
>>181680 >>181689 >I hope he makes the right decision Гунтmeister going to plant some seeds TRUMP BETTER WATCH IT
Open file (3.33 MB 600x338 8712579281566.gif)
>>181690 >yup. and I don't think that the Гунт understands that they are going to massacre the spic if he isn't careful. He only knows how to bluster and bluff, which might appeal to the losers who listen to him religously, but won't help his clout-chasing any. >huh, did jcaesar187 figure out that it was the video that Tim Pool was reporting on? I like how jcaesar187 thinks Milo etc will affect Slim Drool in anyway.
>>181690 Which is hang kang whore? This one? She gets me diamonds even if she is hiverace.
Open file (286.42 KB 1534x2048 FhSFQ0ZaAAIELPp.jpg)
Open file (229.72 KB 1537x2048 FhSFRKpagAA8zjN.jpg)
Open file (216.95 KB 1536x2048 FVSXdYaUUAAj0k2.jpg)
Open file (327.20 KB 1536x2048 FRbHQl2VIAEieJj.jpg)
Open file (369.15 KB 1536x2048 FRbHQNdVIAAilap.jpg)
>>181693 >He only knows how to bluster and bluff, which might appeal to the losers who listen to him religiously, but won't help his clout-chasing any. I am wait and see, bickers I think nick the spic understands what it means being hunted by the media bickers he has been semi hunted but when trump learns that Nick the Spic instigated the whole jan 6th and sees that it was mostly his and baked video's that was being used as evidence. Then I think dup is going to throw them under the buss. >like how jcaesar187 thinks Milo etc will affect Slim Drool in anyway. Milo is semi-powerful he has the connection but he is a nobody when it comes to being a political commentator and a public figure. that until Elon reinstates him but Milo is a hot rotten potato that is not going to be what he once was. He fucked his chance when he started to talk about kid fucking, and no one wants to be publicly near someone talking about fucking kids. >>181695 yes, that is hang kang whore. she is from Hong Kong.
>>181696 > that until Elon reinstates him but Milo is a hot rotten potato that is not going to be what he once was. I don't think Musk has done that, and it looks like Musk is going to institute a general amnesty for suspended accounts, excluding those who broke the law
Open file (83.10 KB 622x830 FhU7a36akAEM8la.jpg)
Open file (102.21 KB 950x758 FhZjx4vacAAVGaG.jpg)
Open file (175.79 KB 1365x2048 FhUJPamUYAAAw8w.jpg)
Open file (687.84 KB 1758x2048 FhTkMYuUoAEPwdN.jpg)
Open file (445.34 KB 1642x2048 FhY9FewVEAEbMcN.jpg)
>>181697 Then Milo is going to come back along with Laura Loomer, or what do you think? I kinda think that Milo might not come back to twitter and when he does then he is going to walk on eggshells and not be so-called edgy like he was but ya never know. Also, whom would really follow Milo except for Groypers and people that are nostalgic about him?
Our friend Ni‍‍ck shall soon make the news, Over clips of him sperging 'bout Je‍‍‍ws, But he's with Kan‍‍ye now And with Mil‍‍‍o the cow, A whole group with a very short fuse.
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 187891651625625.gif)
>>181698 >Then Milo is going to come back along with Laura Loomer, or what do you think? Loomer maybe. But Milo stinks. Dup has his account restored, and he has yet to tweet, so even a restored account is no guarantee
>>181696 Trump wouldn’t hate spicolas for that. The moment he sees all of the homo shit with Gayden, catboys and the G​AMERGATE political takes he’s kicking him to the curb
Open file (584.56 KB 688x418 1592522529035.png)
Open file (81.46 KB 800x1200 FeNZ9SyaEAA7-Nt.jpg)
Open file (69.20 KB 800x1200 FesSlfcaYAE0fQl.jpg)
Open file (80.46 KB 800x1200 FesSlfUagAA39mR.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 2000x3000 Fe7CkOZacAA9Cvg.jpg)
Open file (2.39 MB 2000x3000 FcsLOolakAU8MZb.jpg)
>>181700 interesting take, I just remember Milo talking shit about the platforms he has tried to be on and then said how much he misses twitter and so on, and liking it to being unperson and then said he has been the most banned man in the whole world, and then forgets about Alex Jones, and then before that forgets about Anglin from the Dailystormer. But it might also be an ego thing with Milo that he doesn't want to be on twitter bickers then he cannot say he is the most banned man on the planet or something(which he isn't) >>181701 isn't it so that no one at the jan 6th has been judged and they are still waiting for a trial for domestic terrorism and insurrection? But Jan 6th is one of the many things that will make dup distance himself from spiculas, like I said he is seen and been portrayed as niche neonazi and white nationalist, and when they get to hear about the faggot stuff then they are going to have a field day, and ask what kind of perverted movement is this groyper thing? But it is not the top priority, like it wasn't the top priority to take down what the alt-right once was before the salt-right took and then became the groyper thing.
>>181697 >>181698 >I don't think Musk has done that, and it looks like Musk is going to institute a general amnesty for suspended accounts, excluding those who broke the law >excluding those who broke the law oh no no no no bakedbros
Open file (810.48 KB 399x254 snuff.gif)
Open file (1.73 MB 1274x530 sargon_find_you.webm)
>>181701 >The moment he sees all of the homo shit with Gayden, catboys and the G​AMERGATE political takes he’s kicking him to the curb All sound like demographics he'd want votes from. It's the cookie monster & ovens bit that's going to sink him if anything. It's his rape tweet.
so ima noob here.. why is there so much shilling for asian girls?
Open file (3.32 MB 600x338 tranbd.gif)
>>181705 >Ye is like Dup Ye is a bipolar retard, or something like that. Dup hasn't those obvious mental health problems. >Milo It's hard to say which way he will go, but the first question is will he even be allowed back on, amnesty or not. >>181704 Spic Feduentes still doesn't have his account back despite all the @ Elon Musk
>>181706 It’s not that he doesn’t want gay vote it’s that he’d likely be mortified that an incel spic pedo takes creepshots of his ex and saying having sex with women is gay
>>181710 >creepshots of his ex But did that happen or is that just the KC routine spread over a year? I can't even tell anymore.
>>181711 Gropers post that it all the time to harass Gayden
AUUUGHHH I MISSED POSTING VIDEOS FOR ALL OR THE NICK RACKETS TAKEDOWN STREAMS Dump of some stuff missed by TheGatorGamer. Lord Edge 3p had all of this and more and cuked to Rackets on the chance he would be on the show again to grift >in the massage stream TheGatorGamer missed the end of the video where Nicks wife mentioned she didn't tell Nick about the masseuse until a year later, after the kid was born >Vide one Nick's bulls take on the Massage story >he gets briefed on it later to not laugh at it >hears the verbatim story and its not what he heard >Video 2 Nick claims the story was wrong when even mods point out it is verbatim what she said >Video 3 get's pointed out that it's the quote >nick claims stuff was added when the fertility drugs and not telling him for a year was left out and nothing was added >video 4 Does it look like I need a bunch of wieners thrown at me, Nick says just one, then her expression
Open file (2.75 MB 1280x720 Ralph size.mp4)
Open file (2.91 MB 1280x720 Ladys type.mp4)
>>181714 >first video, wife shaming Rackets dick size >second video joking about dick size compared to jcaesar187 >3rd video Wife feeling invisible bickers the husband is asleep on the couch all day >4th video, wife talking about her sexual preferences as opposed to Rackets
Open file (442.20 KB 640x360 Nick jewish family.mp4)
Open file (3.06 MB 640x480 Nick on loli.mp4)
>>181714 >>181715 >video 1 Nick admitting to having Orthodox Jews in his family >video 2, Nick's full take on Lolicon >he says he won't even so much as de-friend the sweaty gamer, and will just say that's weird but they aren't hurting anyone and he doesn't want to stop them HOW CAN SOMEONE DO A FULL TAKEDOWN OF NICK ROSSOTO WITHOUT MENTIONIONG WHY HE IS STILL ALLIED WITH GATOR AND PEGMENCO
Open file (245.97 KB 1367x2048 Fg9ht2_VEAUkl1d.jpg)
Open file (107.00 KB 827x824 Fg6406oagAAR2Zm.jpg)
Open file (295.71 KB 1364x2048 Fg_ILYvVUAUCoPt.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 2000x2664 Fg_63ykaMAAws4J.jpg)
Open file (2.79 MB 2000x3000 Fg75SPUacAALrpw.jpg)
>>181704 >baked cannot go back to twitter >>181705 what is it that the Гунт is angry about now? >>181706 >>181710 when it comes to the spic, it is the oven jokes, so-called irony about women and then it is his actual views on women and then it is some of the interviews where he try to sound like a learned man but sounds like a tard bickers people are into the democracy thing, and Fuentes has said how the Roman Empire was good or some shit, that stuff horrifies people or normies as Nick the Spic would've called it.. >>181707 don't be against the nip, faggot. >>181709 >Ye is a bipolar retard, or something like that. Dup hasn't those obvious mental health problems. Also don't forget that Ye is a negro and has talked about the kikes nonstop even when they went after his money. and now Ye, is kinda paranoid about the kikes, or show signs of paranoia associated with psychosis that bipolar fags can get. Also not to forget that Ye, is also religious and a mental health professional might say that it is unhealthy for that negro to be religious bickers he can be in a psychotic state. >>181711 >>181712 wait, are you telling me there is a gay blowjob video of TheGatorGamer and nick the spic? I thought that this stuff was in a hidden hdd or sdd in a vault that Milo owns, but I do wonder if Nick the Spic has like a video of Milo that fuck an underage gayper and threatened Milo that he'd show that video to the public if doesn't get to met Ye"based negro"west?
>>181715 this is a fetish for him or just a horrible marriage, I don't blame Kayla though if she is slutting it up if he neglects her for YouTube and Discord
>>181713 TARDSKI COPING WITH MOUNTAINS OF BOXED WINE. ASSTON COPING WITH SOBBING INTO HIS POUTINE AS HE WATCHES OLD VIDEOS OF EARWINSON AND SURFER >>181715 For a second imagine you are talking with a bunch of friends and some acquaintances at a bar. You start talking about your wife, who is present. You start making fun of her saggy titties, you say she never blows you anymore, and start talking about your bodytype preferences. Anyone would understand this is really uncomfortable and weird. The only reason you would do this is if you hated your wife and wanted to humiliate her in front of people. Just a thought.
Open file (305.75 KB 599x622 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (906.66 KB 1440x720 ClipboardImage.png)
can i get a quick optics check here lads
>>181719 That actually reminds me. For the unboxing video that Lord Edge spent a full stream on he was missing important context as to why Rackets is worried. Supposedly after child 5, maybe sooner. Rackets had a vasectomy. He is snipped and cant coom from his balls despite the Balldo endorsement where Lord edge missed it was Racket's black friend that brought the Balldo over, and left it at nicks house. Nick in the long video was worried bickers he knows he can't have any more kids for a surprise and he mentioned that to his chat, and he was worried she would reveal child #6 which would completely expose him to his audience
Open file (1.70 MB 202x360 1669433264731636.webm)
why don't White women have to fake this hard? its almost like shills are dishonest as fuck
Open file (4.47 MB 850x479 RalphaPound.gif)
>>181717 Гунт is angry that people would dare to criticize the G​AMERGATE.
Open file (363.02 KB 588x1150 fat dyke.png)
Open file (8.77 MB 640x360 PPP AUTISM.mp4)
Open file (341.03 KB 472x708 Godwinson Baron Edge.jpg)
Open file (23.79 KB 400x400 ralphamales.jpg)
>>181722 Don't blame white women. They are trying their hardest to be completely unfuckable. >>181724 >earwinson and asston both taking L's left and right All the more W's for the jcaesar187amale baby.
>>181726 slatternly women
Open file (16.25 KB 320x180 1.jpg)
Open file (150.89 KB 1280x720 2.jpg)
Open file (64.17 KB 700x424 4.jpg)
Open file (50.76 KB 663x400 3.jpg)
>>181658 Yes, it's a timeless masterpiece. Clearly one of the greatest real strategy games of all time. Age of Wonders is one of the greatest turn-based strategy games off all time but it's underappreciated bc fags only talk about Civilization. >>181649 Holy shit what a short lived W. That's like watching your W turn into a L by mistake and getting robbed of your win bc the refs botched the decision. >>181662 Damn, that has got to stung Groypers and Fuentes especially. You meet the former goddamn President and your idol and then one day later, he won't even acknowledge your existence. Lmao. >>181663 Wow, the clout-chaser wars are insane. The number of egomaniacs that think they are going to become close buddies to Musk is incredible. They're looking at Fuentes meeting Ye and Trump with jealousy. Esp ol' Sargie who wanted to meet Trump so fucking badly and all that talk about 1 degree of separation from trump. >>181669 Sargie spent a lot of years attacking the al-right while he drifted further into their views so he has drifted into some doublethink. Where he claims to be a centrist while holding mostly alt right views or even civic nationalist views. >>181690 The funny thing about Sargon was that they clips that ruined his political UKIP career were things he said as PR stunts to get free negative publicity and put him on the map. "I wouldn't even rape you @JessPhilips" was a publicity stunt to make him famous, knowing that a leftie politician would use the comment as a victim narrative for themselves and give him a crumb of attention to grow his Jewtube channel. So it's quite ironic these things came back to destroy him when he wanted actual real political power. Also all the grifters do this strategy. Baked had 200,000 followers on Twitter before he got deleted. Milo trolled people and did the same until his gorilla joke on the lesbian black Ghost Busters ape backfired and got him deleted. >>181707 Bc that is weakload spamming Asian women. Asian women are hot though and mixing with them is based. >>181711 Fuentes has taken at least 3-5 shots of Jay-dine McSqueal sleeping and then released them later on to own Jay-dine. So that is likely having some minor blackmail on a buddy but to normal people, it just makes you look like a creepy pervert. >>181721 Vasectomies don't stop you from cumming from your balls. You still ejaculate but there is no sperm in the ejaculate. >>181722 Ah, the Asian makeup videos that have tripped up many a white nationalist. Look I'll tell you this one time. All woman are plain/ugly without makeup. Most women are average (5/10). Makeup gives you 3 points on the scale. 6's become 9's with makeup. More dramatic makeup leads to being seen as drastically uglier when it's off. If a girl does all these dramatic tricks like drawing their eyes 2x bigger as anime eyes, wigs, and using filters that narrow your jaw, then yeah, you will look uglier when all the tricks are removed. You're seeing a specific subset of Asian women doing dramatic makeup transformations and then generalizing to a race. This is akin to seeing videos of movie actors using dramatic makeup transformations and then assuming that represents the actors' races. "Bro, why are all x so weird without their makeup? You don't see African women looking like this without their makeup?"
Open file (96.75 KB 886x739 FidKKRUX0AEG6VC.jpg)
>>181729 It's funny he won't acknowledge Fuentes even being face-to-face yesterday. But "let's" be honest. Trump still tweeting Fuentes' name to millions of people is going to blow him up regardless. A portion of those will google Fuentes.
>>181729 lmao Гунт tweet rage incoming
Open file (1011.12 KB 960x720 1668220909682618.webm)
>>181729 wtf drumphy was supposed to tweet out #S​ARGON
Open file (112.83 KB 1024x1024 FiTbL4ZX0AAGXuE.jpg)
>>181732 Carl has now set his sights on the new Chad Thundercodck of the internet, Elon Musk to tweet #GG 2.0 and trigger the libs, own the libs
>>181732 yeah but now everyone will google the spic and see all of negative history surrounding him
Open file (802.79 KB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)
>>181733 When fine men and women, many of them LGBTQ, stood against the liberal media- you know what i'm talking about folks. Look, he knows what I'm talking about. He knows. It was a little thing called Gamer Gate. That's right. We love Gamer Gate. Let by a fascinating man called Carl. Have you seen Carl? Does great youtube videos. Barron showed me his youtube videos and I said, "wow, this guy is fantastic." And I think folks.. I think it's about time. It's time for a Gamer Gate... *trump O lips* two. We will Make Videogames Great Again!
>>181728 >Wow, the clout-chaser wars are insane. The number of egomaniacs that think they are going to become close buddies to Musk is incredible. They're looking at Fuentes meeting Ye and Trump with jealousy. Esp ol' Sargie who wanted to meet Trump so fucking badly and all that talk about 1 degree of separation from trump. Ian Miles Chungus and Musk have been replying to each other on Twitter here and there ever since that first time some weeks ago. Probably encourages all the other grifters
>>181734 Journofags who two months ago were saying Foxcoxfarms is the devil incarnate tonight are speed reading it
Open file (943.42 KB 366x497 9285692863.gif)
Open file (408.20 KB 259x403 928582195895.gif)
>Feduentes announces he is stepping down from Cozy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_lHBOJlPCM FLAMSISTERS WE ARE BACK Flamflam coming back strong tomorrow with a BANGER of a stream. Don't forget to LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE to the pupper in the cupper.
Open file (544.36 KB 937x647 18245178258821.png)
>>181739 Fuck off you boring sack of chomo crap
Open file (4.16 MB 571x576 fagmencope burning.GIF)
>>181739 im not subbing to a known sweaty gamer
Open file (244.56 KB 610x320 gunt1.png)
Open file (39.39 KB 595x366 gunt2.png)
Open file (91.96 KB 599x687 gunt3.png)
Open file (32.78 KB 607x278 gunt4.png)
>>181724 What happened to the chemo casino Asston?
>>181738 This means that the jcaesar187amale is the biggest streamer on cozy and thus basically runs the platform now.
>>181745 >This means that the jcaesar187amale is the only streamer on cozy ftfy
Open file (252.90 KB 589x796 5646564.jpg)
Open file (2.99 MB 1920x1080 smugwinson.png)
Open file (14.36 KB 400x400 YH_uwQsl_400x400.jpg)
Open file (225.30 KB 1480x1080 921865921859265.jpg)
>>181743 It's like the two dogs in the cartoon
Open file (750.06 KB 584x912 grim.png)
>>181195 Good god does she look like total shit. From certain angles she's hardly discernable as a female. Those kike genes have really started to rear their ugly head now she's mid 30s. All of her facial manneurisms read 1:1 like jcaesar187 Klein. There has to be something genetic about how Ashkenazi Kikes express themselves.
Open file (80.78 KB 1340x1376 654654654.jpg)
>>181753 And mocking KC
>>181753 >the phases of meth
Open file (149.58 KB 1468x978 FhSaDhCaMAYPkqX.jpg)
Open file (259.91 KB 1365x2048 Fhpl4PIUYAAJ7sU.jpg)
Open file (295.57 KB 1366x2048 FhQh5dlVUAIMdIB.jpg)
Open file (301.67 KB 1575x1575 FhQzmgkVUAEbI4b.jpg)
Open file (1.20 MB 2133x2807 FhRgtvLVsAA807Z.jpg)
>>181723 huh OK, but people know negro behavior and with good reason afraid of these wild apes. So obviously they are going to think twice when it comes to a negro from Chicago that creates negro music that is aimed for the hood nigglets to become more violent and sell narcotics. >>181724 Godwindon is rent free in the Lesbians head and for some reason he links nu-star wars with old-Star Wars. Fans diffirentiate between the two for a good reason, so if TheGatorGamer was a fan then he would probably just don't care about Star Wars anymore since it has been overmy jewish mothered by horny kikes that cannot hold their load. >>181728 It was one of the many funny things with Carl of Swindon but just imagine Spiculas Fuentes going into serious politics with the shit he has said and done. when it almost or did destroy Carl to be hidden in a way and had to reinvent himself to make a new podcast. Also he did destroy a whole political party unironically, it was so destroyed and so burnt to the ground it was amazing. >>181729 thank god, yes. >>181738 is it shame or a command from Milo for Spiculas to step down? >>181743 Havana was really ruined bickers the pig couldn't get off of twitter, this is so fucking stupid but also amazing. Also anyone that looks at that twitter account understands it is a parody. >>181747 that's a pretty good one. >>181751 it isn't only kike genetics but also her bipolar drugs and probably some other drugs she is taking. But yeah, she looks like she has aged twice as much. >>181752 what is this about?
Why is Gym so scared of calling Milo Jewish?
>>181756 >is it shame or a command from Milo for Spiculas to step down? He has no more time to spout off into a mic. And he could look even worse if he is associated with Kanye. So Milo in all likely hood. He's gonna be the middle of a Ye-Milo spitroast
>>181756 >what is this about? Tiny and his wife. I just thought jcaesar187's response was funny
Open file (570.13 KB 1536x2048 FhmyBpZUcAEP-nw.jpg)
Open file (127.56 KB 827x1017 FhLAYvgaUAEok7S.jpg)
Open file (79.79 KB 633x900 Fhm2jcpagAA9Uk9.jpg)
Open file (281.16 KB 1365x2048 FhovMP7VIAIOsFW.jpg)
Open file (1.16 MB 2626x3684 Fhmd-h4aEAAzpcs.jpg)
>>181757 bickers milo has said he is a Jew >>181758 interesting, so Milo is more or less commanding Spic Fuentes to keep off the internet and not talk during Ye West's presidential thingy. That is rather interesting, that is probably bickers Milo understands that whenever Nick the Spic gets free reign he can destroy anything or turn fresh food into sand. >>181759 Oh OK.
Open file (323.89 KB 764x492 81754819275.png)
>>181760 >interesting, so Milo is more or less commanding Spic Fuentes to keep off the internet and not talk during Ye West's presidential thingy. That is rather interesting, that is probably bickers Milo understands that whenever Nick the Spic gets free reign he can destroy anything or turn fresh food into sand. Basically yes. >>181753 >Gym calls out Fatman and Retard Now is the time to stream, dipshits.
Open file (240.04 KB 1424x2048 Fhjt4ENaAAEam8D.jpg)
Open file (275.76 KB 1536x2048 FhJF1ghUoAEWMVA.jpg)
Open file (579.08 KB 2048x1536 Fhj7591UAAA5uC6.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 2000x1499 FhKM3mSaEAAclZs.jpg)
>>181761 it is the lesbian and tardski the retard, the tard is probably having a panic attack. Also he doesn't have any boxed wine to sniff, so they cannot do a show.
Open file (71.75 KB 761x931 FiYe8YdaAAEGReQ.jpg)
>>181753 this pic
>>181763 why is he wearing Balenciagas? Didn't they do something extremely shady
Open file (7.33 MB 800x588 78215219892865.gif)
>>181764 Yeah, their ads have children holding S&M bears. And buried in the ads is a cp court ruling.
Open file (802.80 KB 3880x3819 1587930328538.jpg)
>>181757 hes called him a gay jew multiple times this stream
Open file (318.52 KB 1534x2048 Fgc92OaaYAAj5ps.jpg)
Open file (161.03 KB 1179x1542 FgjkLlIVsAEnJiZ.jpg)
Open file (342.19 KB 1536x2048 FgOw3EJUYAAz8tB.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 2000x2664 Fg_63ykaMAAws4J.jpg)
Open file (559.75 KB 1539x2307 FgR80S1UcAAS7DO.jpg)
>>181765 watched a bit of gym sweam then just switch over to godwinson.
Open file (14.36 KB 400x400 YH_uwQsl_400x400.jpg)
>>181765 Time for some Kino Dogme 2007
>>181765 >Sex Tourist Speaks in the chat
Open file (7.33 MB 800x588 Godwinson_smile.gif)
TheGatorGamer is officially Unironic America First now.
>>181765 The chat is even better.
Open file (8.10 KB 287x35 432432.jpg)
Open file (8.50 KB 259x30 4324324.jpg)
Go buy a bottle of whisky Shaggay
The Lolcow uprising is almost complete
Open file (180.37 KB 1284x1299 FiMwN9cagAAIjPJ.jpg)
Open file (331.31 KB 1536x2048 FiM2_6YaUAMdfPY.jpg)
Open file (360.68 KB 1834x2448 FiPnTWxaYAARfLE.jpg)
Open file (483.84 KB 1536x2048 FiRozAbUoAAybYg.jpg)
Open file (932.18 KB 2732x4096 FiU5WlzaYAMX9wZ.jpg)
>>181773 there is allot of interesting accounts on in the chat that's for sure. also tardski is into tranny's that is one hell of a catch by TheGatorGamer.
Open file (39.60 KB 400x400 9825921859265.jpg)
Open file (414.99 KB 1536x2048 E0smzOOXEAENfzx.jpg)
Open file (30.29 KB 567x522 1477014746203.jpg)
>>181780 f-fawk y-y-y-yeaah....?
>>181779 >>181780 I had forgotten about tardski trapnostate.
>>181780 >hairy manlegs + manface >bolt-on tits >thinks its attractive yep its an agp tranny alright
Open file (266.56 KB 640x360 andy_cry.mp4)
Open file (237.27 KB 600x722 1550124629.jpg)
Open file (189.44 KB 88x88 godwinson_hypno.gif)
Open file (573.14 KB 913x1100 andy fake recovery.jpg)
>>181776 OH NO NO NO
Open file (1.97 MB 960x720 S7bz.gif)
>>181780 You never know what's going to happen on the EARSTREAM.
Open file (132.04 KB 960x1280 ekqvmy024se11.jpg)
Open file (970.10 KB 3024x4032 ybv2s0karve11.jpg)
Open file (673.49 KB 3024x4032 7nrvw8pf7me11.jpg)
Open file (387.34 KB 1536x2048 Fie5fcxaUAAYtTc.jpg)
>>181783 I cannot understand how people faps to it. Like it isn't like hang kang whore where her pussy looks inviting and comfy to use. >>181784 >>181785 earwinson can stweam that's for sure.
>>181786 plox spoiler that shit muh mang.
>>181788 It's one of the tranniefags
>>181789 isn't that the tranny that tardski was fapping to?
>>181790 Maybe. Or Blaine or whoever the fuck else
Open file (425.71 KB 738x747 warski rage.png)
Open file (560.59 KB 3264x2448 5q4rza2fl9s21.jpg)
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>181791 No, that is the tranny that godwinson showed but some faggot found the pic to upload it here without spoiler the pics.
Open file (24.83 KB 400x400 821758921656.jpg)
>>181793 >the trapnostate is real
Open file (91.60 KB 306x304 jawmond.png)
Well, it seems that Andy likes trannies, And that KC depends on it's jannies, But it was burn't down by a baron With a stream that was daring But it still blocked out the troon fannies.
>>181793 could smash a coconut on that jaw
Open file (128.56 KB 1119x1463 FiJvGozVIAAOds3.jpg)
>>181793 imagine, tardski is probably having a pocket pussy and then he watches this tranny, and furiously pleasuring his palm of his hand. it is so fucked up and messed up, and the thought that tardski murder people just for a fap.
Earwinson is eviscerating the Cope Casino. With their claim to the high horse being ripped out from under them the only audience left will be their addicted paypigs.
Open file (250.89 KB 1366x2048 FifNzQCaAAE8M0O.jpg)
>>181800 this tranny is going to be a spree killer
Open file (96.89 KB 800x1200 FhblnzgUAAAfhnD.jpg)
Open file (279.07 KB 1724x2048 FhB_ORWaAAA4Odm.jpg)
woah, the godwinson stream has made me look at tardski with a new light. He isn't just a retard but a perverted retard that likes homosexual experimentation. I had forgotten so much of tardski's weird faggot shit like the trapnostate.
The Tardski archive almost certainly comes from that fat fuck who he has an on-off friendship with, I cant remember his name. He was on stream during the Miami arch.
>>181806 Earwinson just name dropped, SayNoToGeno.
>>181806 You mean Failure?
Open file (5.28 MB 1536x2048 unknown.png)
Open file (17.27 KB 450x459 1669299946878.png)
>>181809 >brett >troon flag aeeae
Open file (429.18 KB 1534x2048 FhgqSSkVIAAZLN9.jpg)
Open file (314.40 KB 1534x2048 FhgqSSjVEAAGYCp.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 4032x3024 FhLlKvyVUAAeiM1.jpg)
>>181809 So, do you think that the alcoholic tranny janitor sends tardski's pornographic images of his benis, balls and butthole? Or do anyone of you believe that this alcoholic tranny has had sexual relations with tardski? And that is why he executed Andy jr, so that he could still have a tranny hook-up relationship, I am still no sure why the tranny is sending the tard money, but maybe it is like a tranny version of motherly love or something? So when the money gets sent to tardski there is like a message of do not sniff the glue and rip the sauce packets to put on you food, and not eat the packets by itself, etc?
>>181812 It hasn't been outright confirmed that aemond troongaryrean is metokur masochist but the probability is high.
>>181812 Apparently, Tardski sends money back to his OF account.
Open file (671.29 KB 1536x2048 FifYXG8acAAG_24.jpg)
Open file (4.67 MB 2160x3485 FiHp8m4aMAE_CDr.jpg)
Open file (3.70 MB 2110x2803 FiHp6lEVIAUSlmN.jpg)
>>181813 I believe it, and I go with it bickers it is funny to think about. >>181814 wasn't it a fansly account?
>>181815 >wasn't it a fansly account? He has a Paypal and a CashApp link on his twitter timeline. I don't about fansly
Sp carl of swindon made a video on why he started Lotus Eaters the podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zdg-7pHV4M
Open file (525.45 KB 1536x2048 FhwrrzmaEAQyaQW.jpg)
Open file (621.31 KB 1536x2048 FhwzjTCUAAAsVKd.jpg)
>>181816 mmmmmmh I thought the tranny was on fansly then it got a job and stopped being paid for being a tranny whore. Then they went back and forth with tardski for romantic relationship and probably boxed wine, if not gin and tonic.
Open file (124.23 KB 346x320 wut, mayte.png)
>>181817 >I did computer science With an E in general studies? LOL
>>181819 computer science III
Open file (451.25 KB 1688x2048 FidqivpVIAARUx3.jpg)
>>181819 SO carl of swindon is now shilling his channel, good for him. Also look at this strange Nip I found on twitter.
>>181821 >SO carl of swindon is now shilling his channel, Indeed.
Open file (39.95 KB 740x530 the stepfather.jpg)
>>181822 >>181823 he is a prolific shitposter
>>181809 Phoenixbros... >we might not be coming back from this one...
Open file (45.74 KB 615x690 89125901825219865.jpg)
>>181824 And a postmodern traditionalist
Open file (232.71 KB 800x800 9825921858925.jpg)
Open file (174.76 KB 348x393 9812659168259.png)
>>181774 >supporting a gay kike lel
>>181825 Tardski being a perverted bisexual is not really new. There were rumors of him having sexual relations with jcaesar187, and then it was obviously some rumors of him having sex with Failure, and then there was a photo of tardski sucking on the man tiddy of failure. So yeah, tardski is a fag. And that is why the lesbian and the tard is in a strange homosexual relationship, but I do wonder if it super open? Like does the tranny come there with a plain and abuse the Lesbian anus and tardski is in the corner firously masturbaiting, now these are the question one should ask and never, and I do mean never have the answers to. bickers the dark reality is much worse. >>181826 isn't it just a centrist? >>181827 >jermy wants to get pegged by a baldo. How am I not surprised? but is it going to be a trusted bull or a random hood negro?
>>181827 Does anyone else get the feeling these guys use a "LE IRONIC HAHA FUNNY BALDO SO RANDOM" angle to mask that they are actually into this perverse CBT shit?
Open file (69.43 KB 358x349 54353534.jpg)
Open file (36.11 KB 619x500 81725812958295.jpg)
>>181830 Yeah, kinda like how Jewsh mentioned pedos use zoophilia acceptance as code for being chomos.
Open file (49.53 KB 327x353 andys breakdown.png)
>>181829 >Tardski being a perverted bisexual is not really new. there's a difference between strained gay theories repeated just to make him mildly annoyed and real gay proof that he knows would be believable to a lot of his audience and send him into another meltdown b/c they threaten his donos
Open file (117.54 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
I didn't know /ourmutt/ auditioned for Avatar 2.
Open file (209.94 KB 1366x1822 03xnoscayoz61.jpg)
just remembered Toad McKinley has brought up being into bailey jay offhand and in an unironic way a lot more than just one time
Open file (1.18 MB 1273x747 189256982589265.png)
>>181836 No wonder he's a b-big fan of TheGatorGamer Norton
Open file (4.52 MB 606x1080 hy.mp4)
>>181836 There are so many hot traps out there, why would you be into that?
>>181837 the absolute lengths he'll go to to copy this hack
>>181833 theories are based on some reality, do not forget. >>181834 topkek >>181835 yeah, no. this is a dream marriage is a sham and just costs allot of shekels. >>181836 >>181837 do ya folks mean carl of swindon or what?
Open file (136.90 KB 596x533 1669227595016083.jpg)
>>181837 reminder that norton dated a literal tranny that was twice his size and had all his comedian buddies assure the dying O&A audience that norton's girlfriend was a real woman
Open file (85.13 KB 1178x831 Fg7PJHsagAA1Red.jpg)
Open file (92.61 KB 854x1280 Fg9ing8VUAADCZp.jpg)
Open file (153.18 KB 1178x1551 Fg7PJHpaAAAIqHh.jpg)
>>181841 why do people date or wanna sex trannies? at that point it is even better to have relations with a negro.
>>181842 they're all just straight up delusional fags
>>181840 >do ya folks mean carl of swindon or what? Wartski
Open file (210.04 KB 1170x1650 FicogDMaMAA0xdq.jpg)
Open file (543.63 KB 3024x3024 FiD1_KpVQAAOoxl.jpg)
Open file (537.77 KB 1996x2662 FiF0UydVUAAfu5M.jpg)
>>181844 oh, ok. Yeah, tardski is definietly a fag that got it the fag virus from chronic masturbation. >>181843 obviously, they dress up like woman and believe they are beautiful like these nippon and drawn manga and polygonal Japanese characters. So it should tell you they are fucked in the head.
>>181756 Ye isn't your typical negro that makes music about the hood. Ye began making music while attending university of Chicago. He first started as a producer making beats which lead to him meeting Jay Z and later becoming a rapper (You can hear the whole story on Last Call, the last song on The College Dropout.) His first three albums were themed around college.There was always a christian song with Jesus Walks being in TCD.His other albums are innovative in some way. I say his most hood song is Father Stretch My Hands PT.1 bickers only a stupid nig would sample a christian song and make it about muh dick and models bleaching their assholes. >>181812 If the retarded phoenix was willing to pickup a JK from her highschool in US im sure he would make the trip to o h i o to get some newhalf dick
>>181846 kanye also grew up upper-middle class (even with divorced parents his mom made a lot) and made porn versions of super mario bros when he was a teenager. He's a weird guy.
>my bitch ain't Lady Rackets btw
Open file (199.31 KB 1365x2048 FhpdUW9UcAAXioq.jpg)
Open file (174.66 KB 1280x1920 FhnBhBpaYAA6GwI.jpg)
Open file (136.06 KB 767x1024 Fhroa4EaMAA2DtT.jpg)
Open file (210.04 KB 1170x1650 FicogDMaMAA0xdq.jpg)
Open file (244.96 KB 1366x2048 FidOln-VUAA9zpL.jpg)
>>181846 >ye west lore thanks for the information didn't know he was not a hoodnig, I just assumed so. Also it makes sense he would make a song about his benis, most negro gentlemen do this kind of thing. >tardski or tadso yeah, I would also think that he would take a trip to the US only to be violated in his anus, he has done it at-least ones with the jcaesar187amale when jcaesar187 stole his ps4, and then it was another time in Miami? or was it that he got kicked out of jcaesar187's crackshack and then started to preform sexual favors for failure and that other faggot in the aim-aim saga? >>181847 why does ye west pretend to be a hood negro when he was upper middle class? was it to be more respected or something? The negro is a strange creature if you want muh honest opinion.
Open file (112.17 KB 877x877 vaccination squadron.jpg)
>>181849 >and then it was another time in Miami? or was it that he got kicked out of jcaesar187's crackshack and then started to preform sexual favors for failure and that other faggot in the aim-aim saga? I thought they fucked after having their gay hotel fight in miami
Open file (344.59 KB 557x708 fedora.png)
>>181822 >point out the person who isn't a hypocrite for me Don't you hate it when you're in a crack shack and someone busts your balls over how you gave up crack so you tell him to point out another person in the room who gave up crack?
Open file (241.08 KB 436x426 9182569218592.png)
>>181854 "Who is without hypocrisy, inquisitor?"
Open file (617.42 KB 792x550 goblin chipmunk teeth.png)
>>181822 Sargoon's political views: 1. Liberal 2. Centrist 3. Nationalist 4. Alt right 5. White Nationalist 6. Civic Nationalist 7. Far-right 8. Conservative 9. Liberalist Somehow he is all of these things at once.
>>181856 If you were as big brained as Sargoon you could be too.
>>181739 What kind of personal gets off to someone inflating their genitals to an ungodly size like that? It looks horrifying.
Open file (98.98 KB 360x270 1667365947696.mp4)
>>181861 >2022 >muh centrism
Open file (206.74 KB 500x500 rubywhen.gif)
>>181856 >Somehow he is all of these things at once.
Sargon won Blaine raped in psych ward Gonna be a good December frens
>>181856 >>181857 >>181865 It's lonely being the only true liberal on the planet.
>>181861 OG Roland Rat is Academic Agent aka Neema Parvini who has just released a video called The Sensible Centre to run defense for Sargoon bickers 'dissident right' is not a good term for some reason. It's kind of ironic how these people who claim to hold timeless, eternal values have to rebrand what they collectively call them every 2 years.
>>181866 What a good doggo. Frankly he deserves better.
Open file (125.65 KB 1280x720 sargoncenter.jpg)
Open file (67.33 KB 1284x910 FfChP_KXoAALfGe.jpg)
>>181871 I should mention that part of the reason that Academic Agent is drawing distance from the 'dissident right' is bickers he fell out with Keith Woods, Joel Davis and others so now he has to return to the liberalist fold.
>>181872 I didn't know about that. It looks like the BAP guys are backing AA.
Sarg'n won
>>181868 >>181871 >pragmatic >principles Lol. Also, look who's ban evading >>181874 Time too.
Open file (10.89 MB 600x600 Dua cowgirl.gif)
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>>181876 When Sargon speaks, it's time to listen.
Open file (78.18 KB 1280x720 Fik4qLIXEAAsqGC.jpg)
>>181877 And he's two degrees from Dup
Open file (348.68 KB 1059x1959 IMG_20221127_142258.jpg)
>>181879 Well, Milo is using Ye. Duh. Maybe to make Dup look bad to insure Dup doesn't get the nomination or whatever. But Ye is a faggot, wife and kids or not. Most famous rappers suck dick to get where they are.
Open file (96.71 KB 1080x1356 Fik5jT9aYAEztQ3.jpg)
Open file (71.04 KB 1079x763 Fikz3yzWAAARIyb.jpg)
>>181877 Fuckin gottem!
>>181882 Yep. Faggots are vicious high school girls.
>>181854 *tips fedora*
none of you will reproduce, you will die alone as incel virgins.
Open file (75.38 KB 975x1070 FhOmdVnXEAMfH1i.jpg)
>virgins >incels Lol. Don't know yet about the reproduction part, but considering where I came from, I've already exceeded realistic expectations
>>181885 Everyone dies alone, faggot.
>>181885 imagine wanting to bring children into this kikified world only for them to troon out and die by 20
Open file (5.50 KB 217x355 soyjak.png)
<imagine wanting to bring children into this kikified world only for them to troon out and die by 20
Open file (80.46 KB 900x900 781259923865.jpg)
>>181888 (uh, heiled)
Open file (119.41 KB 946x2048 Fih_TrkXEAUNRw8.jpg)
Open file (144.40 KB 1169x1242 Fih_TsfXoAEtevb.jpg)
>>181766 >the plot thickens
>>181882 it pains me to say it but i'm going to have to agree with Loomer.
>>181889 classic nuzach post
>>181866 You wish Erika was cow, probably makes up for all the men who fucked you imagining it too. How's Elaine Miller doing? Gonna try to set up Jersh with her disgusting nudes again? Can't wait til you die from a fet overdose
>>181894 who is Erika?
>>181895 Blaine's nom de troon
Open file (1.59 MB 608x1080 BouncyNumbAdder.mp4)
Anything interesting, ayylawgs?
Open file (1.44 MB 828x1792 1669576931672767.png)
>>181879 It's come to the attention of Consequence, a rapper who is very close to Kanye.
>pedos. pedos everywhere
why does youtube keep putting perspic's streams in my notifications im not even subbed.
>>181899 Who is sneako? One of the anal first catboys?
>>181896 kek why is this faggot calling a troon their fake name
>>181901 Feduentes new favorite big dicked brown guy >>181902 He's talking about himself in the third person, I think.
>>181904 No Shaggy you ought to go with something bigger just to be sure. If you go with a pistol then don't aim for your temple or do the shoot straight up from under the jaw thing. Write a suicide note saying you have information that can lead to the arrest of a local politician then shoot yourself in the back of the head at the brain stem. It will be quick and guaranteed, and will make your suicide look shady.
>>181899 is asston once again taking someone's stale use of irony and intentionally reading it literally just to fake a new development? you'd think with all the stretching this fat greasy fuсk does, he would have actually lost some weight by now >>181885 i'm fuсking a 10 out of 10 as i type this
Open file (59.60 KB 107x290 1481224368430.png)
what if kanye actually wins though
Open file (1.04 MB 628x472 800469323427.webm)
>>181906 >shoot yourself in the back of the head at the brain stem Maybe watch a couple hundred episodes of detective conan to jerry rig a device that shoots twice from a foot away and then discards the gun out the window.
Open file (757.73 KB 1920x1080 true alpha male.webm)
>>181908 Wakanda Forever. Merge completed. Israel nuked. Patriots in control. >>181885 You're thinking of Foxdick Farms. It's well known that all /cow/ individuals are 6'4 jacked true alpha males.
PERSPICACITY IS THE LOWEST FORM OF LIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Ujf0hzewg
Open file (173.76 KB 375x572 28599218592856.png)
>>181911 >Gahoole has a toilet plunger on his head
Open file (961.30 KB 479x338 w4c970.gif)
>>181911 >>181912 >>Gahoole has a toilet plunger on his head EMBARRASSING
Open file (30.99 KB 108x143 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.08 MB 720x1280 pippafeet.mp4)
Open file (986.71 KB 3056x3056 sheriffthumbnov2022.jpg)
>>181894 stay mad tranny....join the 98%
>>181913 eat shit and die, nuzach >>181915 sunset yourself, foxdickfarms >>181911 LITERALLY AN ATHEISTIC FAGGOT
>>181908 milo is there to grift money, hes going to do an online campaign on minimal budget. milo tapped fuentes to work for free and have af people spamming, doing videos.
Patrick Nelson is a sweaty gamer. The actual /cow/ moderation are lolcows, sweaty gamer enablers and parasites. Is time to kino https://youtu.be/iyx9bGvHtzA
Open file (19.17 KB 354x345 7821685928365.JPG)
>>181948 >AIDS is kino
>>181947 American society is centered around Sargon.
>>181950 Exactly, and he's getting a lot of trolling about UKIP election articles, and I guess is limiting who can reply on some tweets like a pussy. Like this one where he yet again tries to suck Musk's cock for a reply or acknowledgement
Open file (472.40 KB 1226x1187 543543534.jpg)
>>181951 It's just a tacky gun replica in a box you WHITE NIGGER
Open file (230.36 KB 421x445 7859128592653.png)
>>181952 Anything from well-known historical epochs gives him delusions of pretentiousness. He starts tweeting like he's learned
Open file (261.16 KB 385x656 81925921865.png)
>>181743 No refunds
Open file (49.08 KB 520x347 1457059193333.jpg)
>>181954 not like this groyperbros...
Open file (42.89 KB 1280x720 1431198681198.jpg)
>>181954 god fucking DAMMIT IM TIRED OF ALL THESE JOURNALISTS they ruin everything good that we are trying to achieve on cozy dot tv mother fucking lying shitstains say that #ye24 is never going to happen and then jew kikes like milo fuck it up now im stuck streaming to 500 people as the chemo casino gets double my views fucking bullshit
Open file (385.90 KB 1270x2048 FiqV4s1WAAAdp5G.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 4032x3024 Fim3artWAAEB6ss.jpg)
>>181956 But there's still a glimmer of hope
>>181951 This next couple of years in general is going to be boring with the right wing grifters all trying to suck the sperm out of Elon's balls for clout. While the Fuentes/Milo/Groyper faction will be fellating Kanye sucking black cock. Hopefully there will be other unforeseen developments in the paradigm. >>181954 Uh oh. Kanye is probably seeing those Milo DM's about him. Also, RPGTV is turning out to be a reliable a-log unlike KinoCasino. They got too much money and are now fat and complacent whereas RPG is hungry and motivated and follows a strict schedule.
Open file (295.53 KB 540x453 986745643578.png)
So Kanye West's tweets from the last few days have been deleted. It was pretty obvious that this jewish faggot had control of the account bickers the structure and length of them was very different.
Open file (740.78 KB 640x640 melissa_fuentes.png)
>>181959 >>181960 most likely outcome is milo gets the boot and fuentes is promoted to campaign manager
Andy has hardly been seen Since a Brit exposed him for his dream Of ducking a dick Of a tranny he picked When lit up on coke and TheGatorGamer Beam
Nick, the lawyerly Racket, Found a product and thought he would back it: A ring for his balls But Kayla's one of those molls Who'd just take her finger and whack it.
Open file (165.01 KB 389x518 sargon_cant_fetus.png)
>>181964 based N​IGGER with the skin of a jellyfish
Open file (4.95 MB 400x500 asian girl tongue.gif)
>>181964 Sargoon's back on the menu.
Open file (29.53 KB 710x577 26562526623.png)
>>181967 For almost a week now. "It depends on the child" is cry of the Sargonalog
Open file (185.04 KB 589x552 423432.jpg)
>>181964 He really isn't going to last on the twatters long. He should discover the block button.
>>181964 Look at these non-centrists thinking they can out play the master. Carl telling people they could they fuck young boys was a different quote. >chuckles
>>181969 He is. Slowly. >>181947
>>181971 >>181969 "I yoo have to attack tha purrson and nawt the argooment, yoo already lawst."
Reminder that Jewsh Moon is still up to his old tricks of refusing to cover drama of his buddies. He glazed over the Rekieta stuff with the Balldo and nude leaks pretty quickly and quickly moved on. He never showed any of the Rekieta wife images or the nude dock one. He did the bare minimum to feed the a-log mob but played damage control and refused to feature it on his website. He is currently fwends with Rekieta after being on his show and doesn't want to attack, just like he was doing with Dick Masterson in the past when he was getting paid through newproject2. >>181969 <cheating requires marriage. Stfu Sargon. >>181947 <Only sycophants are allowed to reply. Pathetic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJpDAC0zdts G​AMERGATE puts the knife in kanye
>>181973 Jewsh was in Kiwi Chat wondering why Catboi doesn't like him, his users told him the obvious but he ignored them and then went on to say that he would like to be friends with the Catboi. This is genuinely someone who does not understand human beings and is entirely driven by clout.
>>181975 With catty sarcasm like that he'd fit in well if they made a high school girl pop group.
>>181975 So the same guy that was a-logging Fuentes for clout is wanting to become fwends with Fuentes bc Fuentes is connected to Kanye and Trump for clout? Wow. They all come crawling back like maggots.
>>181976 not even sarcastic >>181977 this
>>181901 Some kid that sucks andrew tate's cock and is friend with fuentes. He's part of the manosphere and like most of them, has confessed to being cucked twice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3INGzqeS64
Open file (187.83 KB 390x462 RPGTV 1.png)
RPGTV is live KANYE 24 on LIFE SUPPORT, MILO EXPOSED IN MAX RESOLUTION, FUENTES PANICKING, IT'S SO OVER! https://youtu.be/8euz1JmXrYE https://odysee.com/@RedPillGamingTV:b/kanye-24-on-life-support:b?r=FX4jtqzjTuRV6TtiCVesaLoL5sAANLrT
Open file (143.32 KB 591x470 654654645.jpg)
Open file (222.28 KB 2048x1152 FirmLSNXwAMkPPF.jpg)
Open file (77.74 KB 746x679 1669650857846067.png)
LETS GOOOOOOOOO. Will Kanye give him a YE24 beanie?
Open file (129.12 KB 589x390 t6534543.jpg)
>>181981 another weird thing, Tim Pool's brother Reactor who he has had issues with for years is taking the photo.
>>181957 he used some fish lens filter to make his hands look big what the fuck
>>181982 Reactor and Tim made up a year or two ago, as Reactor now guest produces Tim's show.
>>181964 >contacted a series of defamation lawyers And none of them told you not to tweet?
Open file (424.23 KB 655x405 ralphaGOD.png)
>>181981 This is setting up the foundation for jcaesar187 2028: GRAB AMERICA BY THE THROAT
Open file (581.73 KB 640x480 leftist physiognomy.jpg)
>>181986 How hard is it to sue for defamation in the UK? I'd imagine it would be especially hard to sue Americans over tweets, but Mike Stuchbery lives in Germany and they are ubercucked so who knows the laws they have regarding mean tweets over there.
>>181988 defamation is a lot easier to win in UK and non-american britcuck colonies, mainly bickers politicians there wanted the ability to silence dissent
Open file (7.10 MB 640x360 legend of sargon.webm)
>>181986 Anyone still have that clip when he in discord or something and was asked >why did you rape your son <bickers i can Could have sworn I still had it.
>>181988 It's easier than the US. But I don't know that Sargon has that good of a reputation to sue over it. Maybe back when he was running for office, but now? With mainstream articles supporting the claims against him?
>>181986 >comes back to twitter and immediately goes into damage control its all so tiresome
which fucking tim pool is the shit gonna be on, the faggot has 3 identical channels
>>181992 Also he must have dumb lawyers advising him bickers it would seem that stfu for the time being if you are going to sue people would be a wiser idea on the whole regardless of the legal system of the countries involved.
>>181993 the one with the stream vods on! https://www.youtube.com/@TimcastIRL
Open file (4.35 MB 640x640 Kristin Gierisch.mp4)
>>181995 thanks anon
Open file (544.76 KB 1280x720 disaster.mp4)
>>181994 Yeah lawyers always advise you to collect all the evidence you can and go completely silent on it. Acting like this makes it seem Carl is hoping to shut them up with legal threats rather than actually follow through with any sort of action. >>181992 You'd think he would have learned after all the IBS era trolling.
Open file (369.30 KB 745x568 based gang.png)
oh god its happening today
Open file (814.75 KB 1287x721 ClipboardImage.png)
HERE IS THE LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufcDoegDNsk i think i'll just watch it live instead of in Гунтvision
>>181998 Did >we jump a few timelines?
>>181998 >all the lol/cows/ are converging for the uprising if N​IGGER makes a surprise appearance then its kino overload
Open file (347.09 KB 512x663 890561514163.png)
>>181998 I look forward to the 2024 Rushmore. Balwin will be out for Ye obviously, so one of the other guys have to give up their spot for Nick.
>>182002 Redditkur needs to at least be updated if not eliminated.
>>182002 Drop Redditur, he is a traitor to the Gamer Gate cause. Snaked on Carl, jcaesar187, and didn't recognize Nick's greatness.
Open file (16.84 KB 244x145 ClipboardImage.png)
>>181998 >>181999 This SEKTUR Enters New Era
Open file (3.91 KB 335x37 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.92 KB 1152x648 IBS_cycle.png)
>>182005 It's only monday. I doubt this is the only stream that will benefit. What streaming show will shine the brightest?
Open file (364.41 KB 2048x1536 Fh1YyNdWYAEGnJt.jpg)
>Muttni in chat asking about Balenciaga
Open file (3.25 KB 220x34 ClipboardImage.png)
how cool would it be if they got swatted and then ofc the cops invariably shoot the N​IGGER on sight
Open file (640.45 KB 1111x800 50k.png)
Open file (4.21 KB 265x52 ppp btfo.png)
Open file (3.89 KB 264x47 based ye.png)
off script already
Open file (236.46 KB 536x800 jew.jpeg)
Kanye immediately starts saying "it's the truth that jews are in power" and "we're talking about bloodlines" LET'S GO
oy vey kanye finna calling em out
Open file (475.84 KB 1095x795 61k.png)
Open file (8.08 KB 673x43 60k.png)
>tim pool < idont like identitarianism
Open file (386.05 KB 733x556 1563466547.png)
Open file (3.82 KB 274x42 70k incoming.png)
>>182023 and then he immediately talks about ye being good for the black vote, based retard tim
Open file (60.08 KB 640x360 7lHH2fVGrcAD_640x360.jpg)
Beanie bros, i'm feeling vulnerable right now.
Open file (469.18 KB 1101x802 70k.png)
Open file (3.92 KB 264x38 70k broke.png)
Open file (55.81 KB 353x353 ClipboardImage.png)
Kanye: jews are overrepresented in power Tim Pool: well kanye you're more powerful than me and i don't think it's a black thing
Open file (98.51 KB 1280x720 98215921859285.jpg)
>>182024 >sampaku eyes
Open file (917.04 KB 1281x721 ClipboardImage.png)
>rubs hands
Open file (3.88 KB 257x36 80k.png)
im literally going to walk the f off the show if I can't say its jewish people that did it, jon stewart knows like its american history x like the exact people I called out kicked my head
<jew: you cant say that >ye: every sensible person knows (about jews) >ye: it was american history x, my head was in the side of the curve >ye: how much lithium you putting me on? >ye: you understand, if i don't take this medication.... >ye: they would've michael jackson'd me
Open file (467.87 KB 1096x787 81k.png)
<a lot of conservatives told me not to platform you >bickers the red media controls both sides. jared kushner was next to trump. ron emmanual was next to obama KANYE TEEING OFF ON (((CONSERVATIVES)))
<ye: i went to the trenches for trump
Open file (5.01 KB 182x277 images.jpg)
Has he worked out that he will have his channels deleted by the time he wakes up tomorrow? I'm sure Nick will let him on cozy atleast.
<tim pool: they've been unfair to you? >ye: who is they?
<tim pool: i think they've been extremely unfair to you >kanye: who's they, though? you can't say, can you?
>>182038 Such a giant faggot.
Open file (355.56 KB 553x488 ClipboardImage.png)
Kanye left and afterwards this kike started saying "Ye is the REAL SJW"
Open file (4.19 KB 271x40 90k.png)
>>182023 ye and milo walked off to leave nick with 90k watching
Now is Nick's chance to shine like a star.
BASED YE Condomhead was acting jewish
Open file (1.56 MB 1676x1149 shieeet.png)
Open file (505.76 KB 1118x802 91k.png)
Open file (454.46 KB 1096x655 ye leaves.png)
Open file (60.27 KB 349x546 ClipboardImage.png)
chat full of L's
>>182042 Luke Rudkowski is another pud
This jew and Tim Pool are giving their hot takes which is just the same "ur da real sjw" that Sargon was already doing five-six-seven years ago. Pathetic. Why do people watch this?
LMAO now Tim Pool is saying systemic white supremacy is real and we need more black representation. Kanye managed to reverse buck break them.
>anyone is capable of anything Then grow some fucking hair
too much pilpul fr fr ye was right
>>182048 If only he had reached for that shitty short samurai sword.
Tim Poole blown the fuck out by Kanye! Holy shit the Dim Fool panel of losers is so insufferable. They're dying to give their hot takes as if anyone if there to hear them flex their pea-brains and non-opinions.
>>182051 I know the sort. The never get past beanie man and jordon peterson. It might be a midwit thing smart enough to pick up on their counter narrative, but not smart enough to start seeing the faults that lead to recognition of these type as sophists.
Open file (281.66 KB 708x686 tim pool.png)
>>182058 Based ye. Pool never wanted to have an honest convo. NAME EM
Open file (159.82 KB 2047x1151 Jap ladies laugh 2.jpg)
Milo, Nick and Ye have left the building in a car. It's OVER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You blew it Dim Fool!
Open file (103.34 KB 1280x986 FinD6yqXgAAIKH4.jpg)
I know a platform that will let Ye rant about them for as long as he likes.
Open file (13.89 KB 416x29 5435435.jpg)
>>182057 Yeah I see what you mean. Talmud Tim and JBP make relatively safe points that are still well within the framework of power. It's like kikes arguing about doctrinal minutiae. They're not challenging the religion, they'd just like to tighten up some loopholes. >>182058 Kanye "If you won't name the jews, go elsewhere for views" West Kanye "Name the kikes or get dislikes" West >>182062 Hammerhead isn't wrong. What kind of RETARD gets the biggest celebrity in the world on his show to start talking crazy (to normalfags) and thinks his audience wants to hear his lukewarm interjections? Dropped the ball so hard.
Open file (521.48 KB 600x600 Ralpha glasses.png)
>>182060 >>182061 YE 4 KILLSTREAM CO HOST >>182062 it was really that easy.
Open file (1.14 MB 1489x581 naked.PNG)
>>182063 > What kind of RETARD gets the biggest celebrity in the world on his show to start talking crazy (to normalfags) and thinks his audience wants to hear his lukewarm interjections? Dropped the ball so hard. "DURR I DON'T DO DAT KINDA SHOW"
Open file (51.02 KB 612x301 tranny.png)
Open file (389.22 KB 716x684 982156908256.png)
Open file (80.71 KB 500x500 trans4trump.jpg)
>>182066 Stop identitarianism! Jews are a special chosen race above criticism!
>>182061 Hasn't the Гунт gotten his panties in a twist over someone criticizing his boss/gay lover's owners before though? If it happened [current year's "based" G​AMERGATE] would by far be the biggest name to ever degrade themselves by being on the Guntstream though, so he might just let the G​AMERGATE say what he wants.
How the fuck are 93k still watching?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv-WXWSIGWg The Kanye West Fiasco! Fuentes Takes Massive L! Clear CONTROLLED OP SCAM! ASSTON COPE STREAM
Open file (315.06 KB 405x590 tim.png)
>>182056 >>182058 I knew Dim Fool would blow it and Kanye would walk out over him not being to name the jew.
>>182067 Everyone in his chat filled with 90k people are spamming Talmud Tim. Asston is the one who needs his meds. The fat fuck was literally institutionalized by his family after showing his gaping asshole on the internet.
Open file (8.58 KB 213x234 1666803771682933.jpg)
>>182058 >are you afraid of the press? I've never seen this faggot's podcast which smoothbrain said that?
>>182071 >I'm not a controlled op, guise >>182072 He still named them any way, and then left. >>182074 Either Luke Rudkowski or the beta with frizzy hair and glasses. >>182073 Yeah, the comments are funny too.
Open file (1.60 MB 1390x1192 ClipboardImage.png)
Don't worry guys, Tim saved the day! Look at this panel of heavy hitters. Isn't this so much more interesting than the biggest celebrity in the world and one of the most controversial figures in American politics?
Open file (768.54 KB 786x616 cake.png)
>>182077 id impregnate the qts, especially the one on the top left
Open file (376.92 KB 640x360 JF (((THE JEWS))).mp4)
>>182058 Borrowed joke but >who is (((they))) >refuses to elaborate >leaves
Fuck my Ass
Open file (379.78 KB 877x646 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.49 KB 924x127 ClipboardImage.png)
The jew really tried pulling a "soooo... THAT just happened" and Tim is trying to act smug about fumbling the biggest interview of his career like an amateur.
Open file (486.11 KB 901x748 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (41.43 KB 480x680 ye.jpeg)
>>182088 >2 genders >2 scoops >2 cones >2 nut butter stuffed cookies Have the bookies put out odds yet lads?
Open file (271.31 KB 832x501 1875481725986.png)
>shades of Rackets Toad McKinley'S NEVER HID TRANNY CHASING, BRUH!
Open file (943.42 KB 366x497 9285692863.gif)
Open file (406.99 KB 579x511 ClipboardImage.png)
>quit the booze >quit the weed >fasting again Asston is making this claim. >We'll see how long he lasts.
Open file (2.28 MB 720x480 QUI.webm)
Open file (162.89 KB 505x505 qui3.gif)
The whole kanye dim fool interview reminds me of this clip.
Open file (234.21 KB 492x798 dildoed.jpg)
>>182098 >a laughing stock If they wanted to make him look bad they could've just stopped the clip at him saying dating women is gay. Where it ends makes it the punchline of a joke. Kimmel is literally laughing at spicolas' joke. This is the theroux shit all over again. They're trying to prop him up.
Open file (203.43 KB 337x308 nog.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgiG12hXyz8&ab_channel=TheLateShowwithStephenColbert Stephen Colbert going all in on Spicolas with some hard hitting jokes. It's over gaypers there's no recovery from this.
Open file (31.57 KB 540x547 angry_todd.jpg)
fuck tim pool, he spooked off ye and ruined hours of potential kino
>>182072 The pathetic faggot Dim Fool and that Luke Rowkowski guy had such massive egos they couldn't just stfu for at least 1 hour to let people ease into the conversation and then maybe turn up the heat on Ye if they disagreed. At least then we would have gotten 1 solid hour instead of 10 minutes. They could have done this spergout on hour 3 so if they left in anger if wouldn't be too bad. Those 2 idiots brought their "debate me bro, I'm going to refute you for my Jewish masters" attitude into it and totally blew it. At least we got a long Milo appearance on that same show (and it's fresh from 1 week ago so his Milo's viewpoint is current there too) to listen to. I have a theory: Dim Fool is known as a milquetoast idiot. This created a complex in his bald head that he was not smart and just a blank canvas his guests write on and bounce off (even Richard Spencer said he was a mediocre NPC with no ideas). This caused little Timmy to try to assert himself and create hot takes and to clash with the guest. Therefore, you get stupid shit like him trying to challenge Kanye's, Milo's, and Nick's views on da Joooooos before the show has even gotten rolling. Hence, Ye leaving in 15 minutes bc he didn't feel like defending himself from the faggot's worldview when his life is being destroyed by Jews everywhere. >>182077 It's 4 complete nobodies. Very uninsightful, very basic-bitch. You can randomly pull 4 people off the street and get better results. I'm never watching this show again after I see that Milo interview. Milo is smarter and more articulate than all 4 of them combined and I don't even like him. >>182087 How in the world this bald short bitch has this much reach, I will never know? >>182098 Holy shit. Honestly, it could be viewed as a comedy bit which Fuentez can laugh off though. >>182102 The faggot dropped the ball hard. Dim Fool's personality complex ruined it. Not that Kanye wasn't a big baby about it either though by taking his ball and running home. If they knew they were gonna do this poor interview, they should have cancelled it. But noooooooo, Dim Fool wanted that clout and views so badly and then totally botched it. I'm gonna listen to the Joe Rogan and then Lex Friedman's Kanye interview. Although these won't be as good without Milo and Fuentes together. Here is the Milo-DimFool interview if anyone wanted to hear Milo:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWoIU-tw_dU
foxdick has been up for a month, its back on all but one t1s, and zoom (confirmed pedo) is about to kill himself
>>182077 He did save the day. He prolonged his channel for another day so the grift can continue.
>>182071 The stream got deleted but Moron Shaggay has you covered with the restream. https://youtu.be/s2BqFzYPcuU
Open file (104.21 KB 585x266 654654.jpg)
Andy got stung by a swarm of bees but he will be back on Friday
Open file (270.66 KB 507x510 9218518965.png)
>the grift is on
>>182105 no, it isn't. it's on one host called velios which is downstream of cosmic global some shit hosting platform which goes offline all the time according to their discord. it's blocked on GTT and PCCW now and the troons got his ASN pending suspension. It's only transiting over Century Link. Seethe foxdick.
Open file (92.28 KB 593x576 joac_zoom.jpg)
<no, it isn't. it's on one host called velios which is downstream of cosmic global some shit hosting platform which goes offline all the time according to their discord. it's blocked on GTT and PCCW now and the troons got his ASN pending suspension. It's only transiting over Century Link. Seethe foxdick.
Open file (2.30 MB 1920x1080 goalongpleb.png)
Open file (89.03 KB 1169x1080 FbMah8PVEAIdKMU.jpg)
Open file (83.01 KB 714x959 FXgYBItVsAA4JBH.jpg)
>>182109 godwinson should stream in chemo casino time slot. fuck 140ppp.
>>182110 I wonder why Rittenhouse the Dios Mio has a negro nose. Telegonic carryover from when his mother fucked a G​AMERGATE?
Open file (291.68 KB 2048x1392 gahoole saw.jpg)
>>182116 its the midwest ogre physiognomy that gahoole has
>>182116 Isn't he some sort of Mexican amerimutt, it might be from his aztec ancestors.
Open file (286.22 KB 381x565 gahoole bewildered.png)
>>182113 seethe more corey (pedo)--you lost just admit it
Open file (16.65 KB 566x306 ClipboardImage.png)
>>182122 Not Corey. You're going to jail though blaine, the police and the fbi are onto you now pedo.
>>182123 >blaine gets vanned based zoom (pedo) doing something useful for once
Often Bryan has faced down his doom But tonight he has lost his broom And told off by 3P It's just funny to me What's next? He'll be caught with a troon.
>>182124 That's an old report he flashed last month, my place doesn't have swat and no longer comes over thanks to me showing them this, Onionfarms and my kiwi thread. No out of town complaints work on me thanks to Plategang.
Open file (448.01 KB 597x592 293861470000211.png)
Yes I used you all, cope.
>>182077 Stacey and Becky above but no Chad in sight. Also Blaine now has a chance with Andy. He can fix him.
>>182128 No I can't
>>182130 Is this going to be the new slant/cope for the KC today?
>>182115 But the Ear loves low-res. He is nostalgic for extremely poor audio you can't even hear and pixelated 140p streams from 2007 bc it reminds him of when he was happier as a kid in 2007. >>182120 Imagine being white and somehow having a nig nose. Truly cursed. >>182123 Based Samsung Note-Chad, aka the best smartphone for power-users and artists.
>>182131 God, I hope so. Make it happen Perspiration or whatever faggot is reading.
Open file (189.53 KB 333x532 81745892158215.png)
>>182133 Well he does get a lot of his takes from reading here or what his chat says.
>>181335 jcaesar187 taking from the ranch again.
Open file (29.53 KB 710x577 26562526623.png)
>>182135 I'm waiting for him to go off his meds and for Pasternak to have him locked up.
>>182121 Sounds to me like >no u >no u >no u
Open file (364.41 KB 2048x1536 Fh1YyNdWYAEGnJt.jpg)
>>182138 Ironic. Like most everything else she does.
Open file (1.46 MB 2560x1441 53454354.jpg)
Its over for Gym.
Kino Casino is live at 3:30 PM EST Kanye/Fuentes/Milo On Tim Pool! LOOMER LEAKS! TheGatorGamermy Kimmel FELTS FUENTES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpFyLE5IIW0
>>182140 everyone in this pic is so freaky looking it's like coming up on mushrooms or something https://youtu.be/W9qu5mqEjNo
Open file (31.66 KB 400x400 fSofIwHX_400x400.jpg)
>>182143 Maybe that is why Muttni deleted in from her tl after an hour.
>>182142 No wonder Asswipe sides with Slim Drool: Neither of them can stfu for a minute.
>>182142 >rehashed points from Gym and Earwinson Oh how original Asston. Comatose Casino indeed.
>>182142 Back to the battered wife moaning again I see.
Open file (462.89 KB 1536x2048 FfgP7H5UcAAxdC_.jpeg.jpg)
Has there been any happenings? I have not been able to see since Saturday. >>182142 Ain't that a bit too late? I know they are grifters, but this is just taking the piss. And doing it bickers everyone saying they need to cover it. For anyone whom has watched the timcast episode, was there anything interesting by Ye"based negro" West,Milo the perverted faggot and nick the spic?
>>182148 >For anyone whom has watched the timcast episode, was there anything interesting by Ye"based negro" West,Milo the perverted faggot and nick the spic? Yes. Ye walked out after twenty minutes of pilpul, and the gatekeepers coped and seethed after he warned them he would walk if they kept up their bullshit.
>>182142 good lord how is it possible to take the holy grail of basic bitch alog news cocks and make it as boring and repetitive as this
Open file (3.83 MB 640x360 982659825665.gif)
>single handedly making me like jcaesar187, Fuentes, Beardson, Kanye, etc etc.
>>182126 you were just crying about being swatted repeatedly not even a week ago. kill yourself tranny.
>>182151 how can you unironically like any of those faggots just to spite the fat grifter? Earwinson was Гунт guarding earlier this week too I noticed. Can people not dislike two things at once?
Open file (1.26 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Sam & Nick [LIVE] Modern Warfare (Kanye) 2, Dropping NUKE ! https://youtu.be/YxxOqsCV6kY
Open file (490.89 KB 1536x2048 FfgP7IDVUAAKOJk.jpeg.jpg)
>>182149 I just watched it, and it was quite funny how Ye tells them the truth that the kikes wants to take him down. Then Tim the tard tries to entrap Ye into going into a kike red pill while also talking about how this and that did not happen straight to Ye's face. it was mind-blowing, but also, i like how Tim wanted to talk about the news but was denied it. >>182150 It is the lesbian and the tard so anything is possible.
>>182153 >Earwinson was Гунт guarding earlier this week too I noticed he did WHAT?!! you're not allowed to do that! it's no rаlph november!!!!!
Open file (29.53 KB 710x577 26562526623.png)
>>182153 >how can you unironically like any of those faggots just to spite the fat grifter? Who said it was unironic? And who said I was trying to spite anyone? >Earwinson was Гунт guarding earlier this week too I noticed. Okay. >Can people not dislike two things at once? Maybe. Maybe not. But they won't do so merely to suit you. >>182155 Yeah, with Kanye on you don't want to listen to him. You want hear them all discuss current events. He warned that bald bitch he would walk. And he did >>182157 Lol.
>>182151 Unironically, i like ye"based negro"west and dislike the gay sex cult leader of they gaypers.
>>182158 >Who said it was unironic? I did
>>182156 I bet 3p is losing it right now
>>182156 Oh well. I don't see another stream so I will shill RPG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HNxt9H73Dk Kanye RAGEQUITS Tim Pool, TheGatorGamermy Kimmel ROASTS catboy, Musk Declares WAR Against Apple + more!
>>182162 >Oh well. I don't see another stream it was all a big gay op to get people on comfy: https://comfy.stream/the-crucible/live
>>182156 Pwnd >>182157 When did he Гунт guard? Also it is jcaesar187amale November. >>182158 Yup, don't make the negro angry by trying to make another shekel stream that will have negative consequences. >>182162 Who dis?
Open file (37.38 KB 758x362 9812598259821592865.png)
>>182162 >>182161 He moved to Comfy, his cohosts website. conveniently enough.
>>182153 >Binary thinking. A or B. On or off. Up or down. The problem with most commentators in the IBS sphere or whatever you call it is they all have entangling alliances or have been spurned badly by other grifters in this sphere. So when they give their hot takes, it usually involves running to their enemies to spite the last one that hurt their hearts and souls. It's really gay. So in Earwinson's case, he runs to Fuentes and jcaesar187 to pretend they're winning bc in his mind, hurting Asston and Wortski takes top priority in his hierarchy of needs. He is very hurt by Asston and Tardski and it's very personal. And it goes the other way. I was listening to a KOP (Brian Dunn) stream, and he is very hurt by Asston and Gym right now so whatever he says is colored by trying to spite Asstong. They all do this. They are all deeply invested, get burned and become emotional women. It's weird. Look for it and you will see. And I see Groyper a-logs supporting Tim Pool bc hurting the Groypers is their top priority. Even though Dim Fool sucks ass and botched the biggest interview of his life. Bro, you don't have to support either of them. But I get it. You wanna make the Groypers seethe bc they hurt you and this spites them to prop Tim Poole up.
>>182152 Nah you're just a boring schizo dude, stop shitting up the thread giving me free rent.
>>182156 >flagged for the jimmy kimmel clip
Open file (104.26 KB 600x900 buckbroken history.jpg)
>>182154 Wow they're making a lot of money. Nick is a cool guy. >>182159 On the Strike and Mike when they talked about the Kanye thing they were sympathetic and they were dying at some of Kanye's quotes. I can't wait to listen to their take on the Tim Pool episode. It should be pretty funny.
Open file (1.09 MB 747x909 asston3.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 897x799 asston4.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 771x889 asston5.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 727x961 asston6.png)
>>182166 >It's really gay. >They are all deeply invested, get burned and become emotional women. friend if you're so invested in the emotional state of alogs then that makes you the gay woman puffing up asston's enemies makes asston extra mad, and that's all that matters in a few months somebody else's ego will start attracting the alogging, everything will flip again, and it'll be just as funny >>182168 nah it was flagged for hatespeech
Trump was always clear and concise in his messaging says Asston.
>>182172 His opinion is even less relevant than Sargon's. At least Sargon has burger paypigs in sufficient quantities >>182170 His opinion of others might carry more weight if he groomed himself
Open file (273.08 KB 346x487 slimer.png)
>>182175 streaming to 360 people, ppp saying he can make a point. he hasn't made a point in 2 yrs. every stream is catboy is gay and jcaesar187 is fat. from a fat lebsian who stuck a dildo up his ass for a girl online
>>182167 you think you're a woman and you're a pedo who groomed a 15 yr old for nudes. kill yourself.
>>182176 it wasn't cokeski cohosting
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3wIHDjcT_E Timcast IRL - Trump REFUSES To Denounce Fuentes, Tim Has New Details About Ye Show w/Michael malice
>>182166 it's like every single e-celeb has this mindset
>>182174 >>182175 ANDREWBROOOOOS
>>182180 Yeah, it's bat country out there.
Open file (110.77 KB 828x1187 chocolate fever.jpeg)
>>182185 Does Fuentes ever change clothes?
>>182186 no, that nigga be stanky
Open file (244.82 KB 314x506 asstongue.png)
>>182177 >for a girl Wasn't it confirmed tranny? Are tardski and asston swapping shemales?
>>182171 t. emotional, spite-filled, fag-woman, eceleb >>182185 Fuentes is gonna be tappin' some bad black girl groupies soon and engaging in some chocolate sin.
Forgot to add that Ye will encourage it and try to rhyme and rap about it on his next song. Get it Nick get it Nick. Get her dick get her dick. Chocolate sin. Like Harley Quinn. Crush dat peach. Like you need freeze speech.
𝒥𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓃 𝑀𝒸𝒩𝑒𝒾𝓁 is live Milo admits to ATTACKING Trump, MTG DISAVOWS Fuentes (again), Groypers Cope, + More https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EqJwqrf9jA
>>182189 >eceleb tell me which one schizo
Open file (21.51 KB 489x396 E_nM8TtXMAA36J3.jpg)
Open file (186.83 KB 813x315 he cute.png)
Open file (3.35 MB 1280x1080 willing toy.webm)
Open file (1.19 MB 2731x4096 FiwMFpZXoAAdz1t.jpg)
Open file (330.38 KB 596x1086 gunt1.png)
Open file (117.02 KB 596x1016 gunt2.png)
Open file (408.70 KB 590x1242 gunt3.png)
Open file (719.99 KB 593x1375 gunt4.png)
Open file (46.20 KB 599x475 gunt5.png)
>>182196 jcaesar187amale absolutely RAPING AND SLAYING the competition
Open file (3.76 MB 3697x2414 1669763707483431.png)
shoutout to Liquid Tom Myers
>>182198 >little nipples, never woo'd a lady / tim pool is a dim fool beanie baby jej
>>182198 this is from some kind of a.i. generator for music? how the hell has mc jarbo not used it before
Open file (2.70 MB 854x480 school_shooter.webm)
>>182185 Black waitress: Who thst white boy with ye? White waitress: Who is this stinky boy with Kanye?
>>182203 Bullies were in the right here. "Let go of my hand dude" is a classic.
>>182195 Reminder that this man is under 40.
Poor little Spic Fuentes looking awkward: https://youtu.be/LoP6WMwxyW8
Open file (871.82 KB 1671x843 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (579.39 KB 1669x616 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (133.93 KB 1072x510 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (873.10 KB 1786x907 ClipboardImage.png)
Bros wtf is this shit? Can Koreans relax?
>>182202 it probably is from mc jarbo
>>182195 Charlotte should have written BASED
>>182196 YES KING SLAAAAAAAAAAAAY No jcaesar187 November ended up being a complete jcaesar187amale W.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4aSbkRlHTI Rocks and Screws Ain't What They Used to Be FRESH GODWINSON KINO
Open file (23.80 KB 502x129 ClipboardImage.png)
>>182211 Bryan is there.
Open file (2.44 MB 400x711 Bryan creep stare.gif)
Open file (22.62 KB 496x130 ClipboardImage.png)
Bryan... you ok?
Open file (527.81 KB 1050x591 bryan_dunn_lies.png)
>>182214 lol funny if true
>>182211 Not gonna watch if he's going to do the contrarian cocksucking again
Open file (479.25 KB 829x520 ClipboardImage.png)
>>182216 It's pretty funny in fact of course. Been talking about some Star Wars nerd and the humiliation of Nick Rekieta.
>>182217 As long as he doesn't bow to Spiccy and Гунт it's fine to listen to
Open file (1.61 MB 720x1280 ppp.mp4)
He's now talking about Kino Casino.
Open file (1.17 MB 500x529 Andy_panic.gif)
Open file (3.83 MB 640x360 ppp tism rage.gif)
Asston will give the depressing downward spiral some expected from the Гунт. Can't even show up for shows, no hoes or hood rich swagger to keep him going, eating himself to an early grave. Sad.
Open file (464.93 KB 709x399 beautiful butterfly.png)
Wew Earwinson with a Dup level insult. Is >our Asston going to spin himself a cocoon soon?
Open file (7.96 MB 300x359 asston cum goggles.gif)
>>182222 (check'd) quads confirm asston is going cocoon himself for his final transformation
>>182198 I don't care enough to rip it. I do plenty of other things for you ungrateful fags, which you don't notice. Merely showing it to you is enough here.
Open file (1.96 MB 4096x2731 Fi1WWT5WAAEQCmw.jpg)
>>182216 >>182218 AUGH CRY HARDER, BITCHES!!!
Open file (3.94 MB 1826x2542 ralphamale_presents.png)
>>182195 100% unexploitable. The jcaesar187amale is just expressing how he can't carry all these W's and bears no semblance to being embraced by a gentleman of negroid persuasion. >>182225 Unironically running kino laps around the kike casino.
Open file (6.92 KB 210x221 download (8).jpeg)
>>182224 Cry more sissy bitch
>>182224 > ungrateful fags, You are the stupid one. You do things here bickers you want to, not with the expectation of having strangers suck your dick.
Open file (140.69 KB 400x565 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.44 MB 941x2123 ralphamale_pose.png)
Open file (5.02 MB 2850x2134 ralphamale_pose_w_car.png)
>>182225 Found the amongus.
>>182229 Kek. The bumper's a nice touch. Real talent in fact of course.
Open file (207.34 KB 1200x1040 it.jpg)
Anons I've been mostly watching anime lately, has anything interesting happened?
Has the Гунт finally come out of hiding?
>>182231 >cuckime
>>182231 No I'm reduced to kicking my deathfat cow for laughs, it's just the same kino implosion that's going on. Kanye got involved with Fuentes, that's worth a laugh, made a diss track on Tim Pool too.
Open file (3.88 MB 600x329 5225256.gif)
>>182236 >>182237 thanks anons
Open file (268.06 KB 851x778 hahaha.png)
>Kanye West is now part of IBS
>>182239 the KING of IBS. give him his crown, he got tim pool agitated and dropped the mic
>>182227 t. literal projecting sissy tranny. Back to onionfarms and then kys. >>182228 <You do things here bickers you want to Yes, I do what I want. <not with the expectation of having strangers suck your dick. No one wants that. Pointing out most of you are ungrateful fags has nothing to do with wanting your praise. This is why I don't go out of my way to help anyone here bc most here are fags that cry and complain about absolutely everything, including this very post. Also, the original guy crying about me not downloading the video, rendering it, and reuploading it for him here is just another fag like Brian Dunn, who expects me to do the work for him so he can easily take it and reupload it to his channel and take credit for it, get clout for it, and get views and attention. Rather than simply enjoy the kontent for itself. Fuck most of you fags.
Open file (2.57 MB 400x225 929656812526.gif)
>>182240 KINO WEST FTW
>>182225 What a queer
>>182241 >crying about me not downloading the video, rendering it, and reuploading it for him here is just another fag like Brian Dunn If you're not saving it, then it usually means you don't care enough about what you're sharing that you'd want to keep it for the mid to long term. Sharing things you like is a trait of IBs.
Open file (57.30 KB 366x374 543543543.jpg)
Open file (270.62 KB 1000x1000 12jSI22fco8U2lVn.jpg)
Open file (12.62 MB 1254x708 ashley_daddy_issues.webm)
>ashley thinks people telling him he's a fat sack of shit that needs to lose weight is bizarre daddy shit Banger ending from Adam's stream.
>I-I didn't fuck up >i-it was a conspiracy against me!
>>182246 >everyone in my life sees that i'm a massive fuckup and tries to get me to stop kek i enjoyed that too
Another certified hood classic from Da Гунт. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM2pJABhMws