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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>244323 >>244325 when is this hoe going on the whatever podcast? Bryan seems to be bringing in a lot of brits recently
>>244323 >>244325 >no boys, I'm not a prostitute, I just fuck for money. She's like a safe pick for tranny chasers bickers she's got those big hands and feet so they feel safe and feminine next to her but there's like a 60% chance she's got a real vagina so if they get caught with her they can say 'It's not a dude she's got a pussy I think!'
Open file (67.09 KB 800x649 298589259285925925.jpg)
>>244321 >muh 5k subscribers
>>244327 He might still be disappointed by the lack of benis as the audio leaks with MaddieKat indicate
>>244321 >I love youtuber streams but the big panel streams I don't like much t. Legal Mindset
Open file (44.47 KB 398x529 GGzRhn5WwAAqaKI.jpg)
>>244213 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JV_SGLkDb8 >I'm in the best shape I've been in since college
Open file (3.95 MB 1280x720 Return of Jim.mp4)
Looks like Chemo Casino will be immortalized in Metocare archives huh? Btw last time Gym did 7h+ stream was when they hanged Tonkasaw. https://www.youtube.com/live/N4YbtBIf2Uc?si=Pz9z5VJLeAgCzzwU
>>244332 Just reminding everyone that Foxdick purged Gym's covid cringe from his thread.
Open file (5.18 MB 600x453 ppp_santa.gif)
>>244332 It's time for Ashley to invest in velcro or just go straight to wearing a shower curtain at this point.
Totally different from trannies.
Open file (1.42 MB 1216x1088 sargon dead 4.png)
>>244335 >tranny logic is ok when its MY eceleb the elderfag speaks
>>244323 the claw always gets me
I haven't been here in months, what is it about Gaytor having a job?
>>244318 >spewing the fake narrative Bry bry never did that. He talked to a tranny but he didnt ask for that handjob!
Open file (125.94 KB 1024x1024 Gaytor fat faggot freak.jpeg)
>>244338 Gaytor claims to have a job. I'd like to know what it is personally. I wonder if there is some way to find this info. Then again, he's been on stream Wednesday for 4+ hours, shilling for trannies/little girls pretending to be anime girls doing fake voices. So maybe he's part-time working. Or this is his day off. >>244335 Embarrassing. >>244333 Maybe. It is full of Gym-suckers in there. I wouldn't put it past some guy like KillAllPedos to be censoring that thread to shape narratives. But it's not like you can't go listen to Metocare's covid streams on archive channels. >>244321 How do people listen to this? I can only assume most listeners are teenagers or paedos. I can't stand hearing the little girl fake voice Vtubers blow out their mics pretending to laugh at something while thinking they're cute. It's cringe. Also, Legal Mindset is really going down Rekieta's old Vic animewars grift? Way to pick up Rekieta's sloppy seconds. Rekieta already pumped and dumped the stupid weeb-loser audience. And I'm supposed to believe this sexpat lawyer living in Bangkok Thailand is really enthralled by Vtuber drama? He's like 40 years old. Give me a break. I've already seen this grift before. Weeb-losers will eat it up though and pump him full of money regardless 'cause they're stupid. >>244316 >>244312 Exactly. That bad karma is going to catch up to the Kino Casino. And I will be there to enjoy that piranha feeding frenzy.
>>244342 I thought TheGatorGamer worked in a grocery store bagging groceries. I can't remember which one but I know one of these guys works in a grocery store as a bagger.
>>244342 Wrong. Gym's covid shit has been purged. I found one archive of one covid stream on YouTube and it was recently uploaded. The debate with Diddler is gone as well, and wayback was purged of Gym's covid shit too.
>>244210 KF seems to think Gym was joking about wanting lockdowns now and his thread was purged of his cocks there
Open file (281.40 KB 1924x1072 debt mindset.png)
>>244342 >And I'm supposed to believe this sexpat lawyer living in Bangkok Thailand is really enthralled by Vtuber drama? He's like 40 years old. he also fled 25k in debt
Open file (593.77 KB 1280x720 XevIkPYpMVlkaCjb.mp4)
Open file (217.34 KB 340x344 thats_a_hoe.webm)
>>244351 this is the guy foxdick is throwing their support behind to spite ex-daddy rekieta?
$1 billion plz
Open file (2.61 MB 502x450 hohl.gif)
>>244354 >country's budget deficit in $40 billion
>>244354 Look, Ukraine needs a chandelier in their subways to PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Putin and save democracy, ok? Stop questioning it.
Open file (76.63 KB 1542x391 Jaden KF thread.jpg)
Open file (62.90 KB 931x432 Feaser KF thread.jpg)
>>244348 Yeah, it was Gaytor. But it was a long time ago. And became of his lore. He almost certainly has moved on from that job. >>244349 No, I am right. Here is an archive of most if not all, of the Metocare Covid streams: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMNNrou4epyyH4XX9t7UjVIeaV-E3UKWo If you think they are being deliberately hidden or memoryholed, then download them all and reupload them somewhere else. >>244350 The problem with foxdickfarms and sycophants in general is that, if you have charisma/clout, they will back you and run defense for you. They did it for Rekieta too, back when the weeblosers thought he was a true Vic Mignoga defender and not just grifting their asses for cash. Metocare could say "Raping babies is cool. Hail Satan." And suddenly a huge chunk of his fans would pivot to this new talking point, or downplay it, or write if off as a joke. Whatever was necessary to run cover for him. I'll give you just one example: Teddy Feaser was scapegoated by KinoCasino/foxdickfarms. His thread is now 90 pages. Gayden McNeil was bolstered by KinoCasino/foxdickfarms and his thread is a miniscule 10 pages. Why is this? Both are former AmericaFirst supporters. Gayden was much closer to Fuentes as his right-hand man who lived with him for 2 years. Feaser supported Fuentes but was never inner-circle in the Groypers. The difference is that Asston shielded Gayden ever since Gayden snaked Fuentes and declared Feaser a lolcow and prime enemy. Gayden has spent the past year pandering to foxdickfarms out of fear while Feaser was neutral on foxdickfarms in general until relatively recently. Gayden even had KF mods that were sweeping for his gay sugardaddy Ultros, cleaning up the dirt on him so they could point ot the Farms and say "Ultros being gay was debunked." So the difference is one guy (Gayden McNeil) gets protection/shielded while one guy (Feaser) gets the full gangstalker treatment where the sector is turned against you and you get harrassed for months. Also not the glowing suppportive text for Gayden written by the author. While Feaser's text is negative or just lies. https://foxdickfarms.st/threads/ted-talks-tedtalksx-redpillgangtv-rpgtv-theodore-teddy-matthew-feaser.141033/page-90 https://foxdickfarms.st/threads/TheTheGatorGamerGamer-patrick-mcneil-TheTheGatorGamerGamer-mcneil-live-TheTheGatorGamerGamergang-jg4l.147724/page-10 >>244351 How does one flee debt? If he keeps up this anime grift, foxdickfarms will pay off his debt for him.
Open file (291.77 KB 660x880 f7475.jpg)
Open file (54.98 KB 590x288 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244352 >jobless loser who spends all day on twitter crying about loli is in fact a kiddie diddler Imagine my shock.
Open file (537.02 KB 485x615 pedo.gif)
>>244361 sup pedo, kys.
>>244345 >>244352 Based Brittany >>244361 Proves nothing, lolifaggot; seethe and dilate
>>244310 That doc’s never coming out, child, you’ve a better chance of dying while you enjoy prison, stalker, than ever seeing this thing completed. I swear, Beige Frequency is, and was, a massive faggot degenerate who wants to rape “trangender” kids, but at least he was able to deliver his docs on The Cumias in a timely manner, even when he opened up his Patreon. Also, speaking of Patreon, it’s very telling how popular your shit is when your own Patreon’s Kemono profile has ZERO followers, lel
>>244364 >it’s very telling how popular your shit is when your own Patreon’s Kemono profile has ZERO followers, lel Meaning there is not a single person that wants Porsalin's paywalled cocks? And cares enough to pay and then update the kemono archive for free users. Or is it that it's all free anyway?
Open file (1.01 MB 720x404 289298298592858925.gif)
>>244363 >Based Brittany "joking" about getting hard for minors Ftfy
Open file (4.29 MB 1280x720 gator_cruel_angel.webm)
>>244321 I keep coming back to this, and they're just playing clips. >that's good >that's so true Dude can't even pretend to care but gaytor and the audience is just too autistic to get it.
Open file (1.13 MB 1265x594 1346200147161.png)
Open file (491.87 KB 800x1479 brian_potter.png)
>gaytor plays a 3 minute clip of a vtuber hitting the soundboard >gaytor has a literally me moment
Open file (33.28 KB 357x323 lmao.jpg)
>>244367 That stream just wrapped up? Gaytor sat there for 8 hours pissing into a TheGatorGamerade bottle under the desk to shill Vtuber clips all day? Gaytor the little lolitubers aren't gonna fuck you. Doesn't matter how much free promotion you give them. He does it for free.
>>244368 Rekieta has to be FUMING that Gaytor is cheating on him with another lawtuber.
Open file (5.03 MB 1256x708 they_hate_gator.webm)
>>244369 >Gaytor sat there for 8 hours pissing into a TheTheGatorGamerGamerade bottle under the desk Just like old times, except he's working towards an anime gif rather than being on the podcast where he might meet gym. He's also leaving a mystery of how the anime boomers is delayed bickers both he and spooky are going through "major life changes". Quotations bickers he used that phrase several times. Maybe they touched budges in the elevator, like flamenco did. >>244370 >why does nick hate gaytor >it's boils down he him being the co-host of Legal Mindset and he's not >nick shot his shot, he tried his damnedest to be a thing and he's not >now he's in a cohesive support group with Dick & EVS where they cope with each other >like the gaytortime battered wives shelter basically How can one oldfag have such power?
>>244345 >>244366 Lolicons revel in worse shit than this joke, and even they will pass both their porn and this joke off as fiction, and therefore it hurts no one, unless that person says something bad about their heinous pornography; but now jokes are bad bickers the person who said them hates the lolicon’s porn, yes?
Open file (1.82 MB 498x498 2529852992929265.gif)
>>244372 >anyone but lolicons and pedos think that joke is funny
Open file (359.00 KB 534x601 muttni ahegao.PNG)
>>244352 I feel like it's true that the ones who are more vocal about being against loli are often closeted pedos themselves
Open file (227.84 KB 680x412 1690827541132-0.png)
Open file (148.66 KB 1898x1079 FtShiEvakAMFAbp.jpeg)
>>244375 >t. lolicon-defender I bet you find all of Vito “We the Pædo” Gesualdi’s jokes funny and just jokes as well, do you?
Open file (74.48 KB 1046x630 GG4cdKvWQAEfCmL.jpg)
Ga‎hoole is NOT looking good.
>>244375 whenever she straightens her hair shes rping a fake gamer persona to my jewish mother gamer (aka mentally stunted pedos) paypigs, this was literally her whole shtick pretending to react to cringe so that they keep paying thinking theyre "epic gamer trolls"
>>244308 that's all its been for like 4 years. >TheTheGatorGamerGamer makes some shit up >everyone jumps on it out of boredom >Jewsh falls in line so he isn't called a fag >new cow of the week its all fake and gay, from the top down.
Open file (199.82 KB 251x461 21828128218218218125.png)
>>244376 >Vedo's pedo jokes are different than Muttni's
>Bryan deleted all of his livestreams What a fucking faggot.
Open file (86.87 KB 581x550 1224692545884.png)
a) gym's back on the bing bing wahoo b) >dock which boosts performance Or instead of a dock for your handheld device, simplify it to a dock for your game cartridge. All the ram & cpu dedicated to one "gaming system", streamlined to run without additional hardware. Leave your handheld upstairs but the game is on the table? No problem for you and no problem for Jayde who normally has to run up and down the stairs.
Open file (91.38 KB 736x1254 headpat.jpg)
>>244372 Did Jewshua "Nekoshota Hurtcore" Moon teach you that, foxdick?
>>244376 I never said lolicon isn't for pedos. But the people who think drawings are the exact same thing as real CP are delusional. Vito is a pedo by his own admission bickers he outright said if you make racist jokes over and over again you are a racist. Same logic can be used for him over pedo jokes. Also I don't see how muttni of all people can go on a moral crusade against lolicons bickers she's presumably against excessive sweating, but she likes desTINY who blatantly said real CP should be given to sweaty gamers so they don't act out on their urges on a child. Doesn't make any fucking sense but I guess that's your mind on liberalism.
>>244386 >Also I don't see how muttni of all people can go on a moral crusade against lolicons bickers she's presumably against excessive sweating, but she likes desTINY who blatantly said real CP should be given to sweaty gamers so they don't act out on their urges on a child. I guess if the pedo has clout it's ok.
Open file (6.29 MB 1280x720 the_twink_did_it.mp4)
>>244386 You gotta understand, muttni is against cp not bickers of ethical concerns, but bickers it negatively affects her SMV. It's an influencer mindset, not a humanitarian one.
Open file (1.37 MB 804x2340 00303.png)
>>244386 Muttni has alluded to keeping for mouth shut about people doing corrupt things in their eceleb circles, for fear of it negatively affecting her Jewtube career. I think it might have been about Anthony Cumia. Not sure. If you look under the surface, you will find a lot of people don't really have a morality or a code that dictates their actions. They virtue-signal something to get clout or try a new angle to get clicks. Muttni's against lolicon purely out of jealousy over Vtubers leaving her in the dust on her dead channel. That's all. It's not a real moral concern over children or the ethics of drawn hentai. It's purely an actor vector on her enemies / streaming competition. I don't like Vtubers either; I find them cringe. But her sanctimonious fake morality bullshit is transparent. If Muttni was offered access to elite oligarch inner circles of stardom, fame, and fortune, she would instantly sell her soul and fuck babies. And do Satanic worshipping blood rituals. She would be down on her knees slurping Harveyy Weinstein's cock. Whatever it took to get rich and famous in some occult Hollywood circle. >>244388 Pretty much. I think we sort of said the same thing before I read your comment.
Open file (111.16 KB 1280x720 guralol.jpg)
>>244389 It's so funny, Anthony Cumia is an actual pedo. DesTINY is pro CSAM. But the one she goes after is another woman. Muttni is such a basic bitch meangirl.
>>244389 >satan: the sky is blue >akshually you are literally satan who gives a shit you have no argument bickers its true, loli pedos should be turned to human nuggets and thrown into a cryochamber to live a long healthy suffering life of darkness
Open file (528.63 KB 1108x623 Screenshot_5.png)
jcaesar187s new cohost Shaggy was caught on discord paying someone named toxic angel to do an actual Hit on Bryan Dunn and his family. The guy responded by showing off the guns and equipment for the job he was going to use. Now we know what shaggy did with his truck money. Bry bry may be fucked.
>>244392 >someone named toxic angel god i hate fucking newfag
>>244392 I would want for Shaggy to be reported and imprisoned, but I'll disavow that.
Open file (157.51 KB 1079x1075 media_F-XmsMNaYAAEGZ8.jpg)
>>244391 Having weird torture fantasies about people is a sign of instability and personality disorders. You need to calm down.
Open file (172.44 KB 720x498 Sargoy_gun5.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 1128x2348 00302.png)
>>244391 I wasn't presenting any arguments to you. Merely pointing out Muttni's sanctimonious, faux-morality is bullshit motivated by jealousy. Speaking of which, guess who didn't present any argument? You. >>244390 I think the idea is that Cumia and desTINY are men so theoretically Muttni could seduce them and gain clout and money from them. Whereas she can't do that with a female Vtuber. Hence, why she keeps her mouth shut about scandals in her circle but attacks female Vtubers.
>>244397 >I think the idea is that Cumia and desTINY are men so theoretically Muttni could seduce them and gain clout and money from them. Whereas she can't do that with a female Vtuber. Hence, why she keeps her mouth shut about scandals in her circle but attacks female Vtubers. Yeah the loud and proud feminist will suck up to greasy sex-pest men if they have any sort of power or clout. Of course she could try to suck up to vtubers but they're women and she hates other women more than she hates men.
>>244397 Muttni definitely has proven herself to be a whore. Even though all women are inherently whores, but she doesn't hide it. She went to HWNDU just to fuck a /pol/ shitposter. There's that rumor that she and simpcast whores helped cover up an affair Tiny was having with Lauren Southern. I think it's really weird both muttni and Southern were berated by Tiny, both being called retarded and nazis but they're all of a sudden cool with him and meet up with him in person.
>>244399 Yeah, Muttini, TBYS (bf), Destiny, and Lauren Southern conspired against Rollo Tomassi to make fake hospital documents to feed him fake info that Southern was pregnant with Destiny's child. Southern was fuming that Tomassi had done some videos about her and then her ex-husband contacted Rollo for advice. So they made up fake shit to try to discredit Tomassi. Muttni then tried to entrap Tomassi with CSAM in her own gayop, pretending to be her ex-bf. So all these people are nefarious and in bed with each other, probably literally too.
Open file (40.47 KB 752x392 R1.jpg)
Open file (27.63 KB 750x345 R2.jpg)
I hope Dawson's hapa kids never get hooked on anything. That would be bad. Randbot confirmed goblin-lover. Let's go.
>>244400 You could say it's worse than what Kraut did. He tried to discredit the race realist with an extremely autistic drawn out gayop but he didn't try to entrap anyone with CSAM.
>>244402 Yeah, Muttni doesn't receive even half of the blowback she should be receiving for that stunt. If this was a fair world, that would be her "Matt noooooooo" moment or Kraut doxing discord moment. But she is allowed to get away with it. For some reason, no one covers this. Metocare is dying. Kino Casino won't touch it. Trying to entrap someone like that is legit fed stuff. Like a govt agent trying to get a mentally ill kid to shoot up a mall or cops posing as underage girls to get predators. It's extremely fucked up. And she should not be allowed to roll it back by saying, "It's a prank bro, I trolled you."
Open file (6.31 MB 424x240 ZoomNinja.mp4)
>>244362 If anyone's interested Mark is arguing with Jewsh in his foxdick thread.
Open file (348.00 KB 640x360 1160838.mp4)
>IDS of TikTok is pearl clutching Rules for thee but not for me
>>244412 Dax also defended Cuties together with Vito, right? Wouldn't be a shame if he gets outed as a pedo for those tweets.
>>244414 Hownuru? Let me know when Gym disavows Pedmenco too
>>244414 It would be funny if he got popular for that to all of Yids of Tiktok's millions of followers, but his tweet got 23 likes. Nobody will even notice him. He's a nobody. He peaked when he went on Dr Phil playing a character.
>>244403 bickers hammerhead is a woman. You have to remember that even though she's post-wall a lot of "people" in the sektur are massive pussy-on-a-pedestal betas despite how big they talk.
>>244415 do the melonie snack thing
Open file (1.16 MB 456x256 178298592859285589.gif)
Open file (47.83 KB 900x281 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244421 b-but... Patrick told me...
Open file (15.08 KB 474x355 2892529852965625.jpg)
>>244423 Sci Fi writers need to stay in their lane
>>244421 israel > jew crane
>>244421 Sorry jewkraine, but you're last year's [current thing]. Right now all the traitors are rallying for yidsrael.
Open file (6.48 KB 119x156 3277789070.jpeg)
>>244427 p-putin did this
>>244421 Politico: Ukraine is losing bc Republican, and European far-righters. Not bc of our senile President. Reminder if Trump was in charge, he would be blamed solely for losing the war but lefties give themselves a free pass.
Open file (537.02 KB 485x615 pedo.gif)
>>244395 >>244390 >>244397 Hey paedo, kys.
Open file (75.66 KB 757x512 nick feeling good.jpg)
Rekieta is a complete wreck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJFSInI4Ir4
Open file (246.29 KB 381x348 GG9oANdWEAAz3UM.png)
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>244438 >the ominous bottles of alcohol in the background of the pic >the projection about being a loser I mean you are rich from birth, but that isn't the definition of winning bickers you've had few challenges and pissed away the headstart you had in life.
>>244438 anyone figured out who's "John"?
>>244454 I figured that story was some weird metaphor for jewsh and his troubles with hosting
Open file (99.62 KB 413x236 18742152895596958925.png)
>>244454 >>244455 "John Potter" confirmed
>>244454 john is a kiwifag names captain manning who used to ride racket's dick daily. he's a confirmed mentally ill whackjob. https://news.yahoo.com/don-t-ever-let-buy-gun-again-094500605--politics.html?guccounter=1
>>244438 What's with the forehead mark? is he praying to mecca now?
>>244460 He's praying to the porcelain god and hitting his head on furniture
Open file (31.38 KB 800x419 Gunt woah.jpg)
>>244463 who is this sperg?
Open file (2.21 MB 1530x1642 v poster.png)
Open file (1.73 MB 1984x4320 4chanresearch.jpg)
>>244464 cody lee, an original balldo ayylawg, massive nintendrone, and the perfect example of a /v/irgin
>>244462 >>244463 Looks like a discount/diet PeePeePee.
Open file (266.89 KB 901x418 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244466 He's been a huge p.p.p.walker for a while now
>>244467 Big boots and skin to fill; there is room for at least two wannabes/clones in that haggard old husk. Now I wonder how many of these skinwalkers there are roaming the Sektur.
>>244470 Race to 500lbs is on if he wants to be the next TheTheGatorGamerGamer.
>>244472 Where is the tard? It looks like he has been away for 30 minutes
Open file (2.84 MB 600x338 cov_demon.gif)
>>244467 > p.p.p.walker Oxymoron.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zODpyaruYT8 Andrew Wilson on Access Vegas
Vedo is attempting to cancel Assload and Tardski for saying calling him a N​IGGER Also lel @ Surfer being relegated to 'guest'
>>244476 Notice how he doesn't have a problem being called a pedo
>>244478 you are a N​IGGER
>>244479 Fuck you SARGON
Open file (13.22 MB 600x348 ezgif-2-f13f8112cf.gif)
>>244483 Kys pedo
>>244476 Fuck Vito, but would be funny if the kosher casino get's a taste of their own medicine now that they've turned leftist globohomo shills so they wouldn't freeze in muh cabin.
I get alogging and trolling bickers le funni even if they're doing it bickers Eric actually did wrong things. But at what point does it become EVS and Dax are alogging Eric bickers of their jealousy of his success rather than actually caring that his comic is bad or whatever other trivial bad thing he did? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7iG31Q_QNQ
>>244490 Who knows, maybe there is some level of jealousy involved, the zero talent G​AMERGATE made a couple millions for his grift to make right wing comics, but somehow ends up hiring a bunch of leftists. But the G​AMERGATE keeps chimping really hard whenever people critique him or his stock backgrounds and threatening to kill people for showing up at his office. So whatever their motivations may be, including feeding off the groids clout, they're not wrong for fucking with him.
Open file (18.85 MB 854x480 moron_shaggy.mp4)
>>244483 No one cares about you ratboy. Just fuck off the sektor.
>>244493 Yeah those reasons are good enough to alog him but it's just not what EVS, Dax and Vito's reasons are.
>>244497 I've just kind of grown to accept that ecelebs never really alog for pure reasons, there's always some ulterior motive like clout or a personal grudge. So the best you can really hope for is that it's more entertaining then cringeworthy or pathetic.
>>244493 Exactly. But I don't consider a bbc super hero wit two why wahmens in support "right wing."
>>244478 its vito's playbook. People call him a pedo and he tries to rat on them. He typically doesn't give a shit about what they are saying or doing (and in this case regularly engages in saying similar slurs as recent as a few months ago) so its really just a way to try and bring down people he doesn't like.
>>244517 It's a good indication as to your average right wing comic book fan though, massive soyboys who are still at the point where they think worshipping le based negro will give them their reddit gold accounts so they can't be called nazi's anymore.
>>244519 > right wing RINO/ ex-democrat/ cuckservative/ anti-SJW right wingers. The kind that most of the sektur is a part of or related to. People the Obama Overton window pushed from the democrat party and often call themselves "conservative" to grift. They're adding to the further cuckening of the cuckservatives. Like democrats who leave California and dilute red states
Open file (103.40 KB 828x1233 GG_sdFnagAA6oRC.jpg)
Open file (21.94 KB 1124x256 GG_u1KDbMAAhFDC.jpg)
Open file (67.09 KB 800x649 298589259285925925.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
>>244523 >>244522 OH NO GABE BROS
Open file (24.51 KB 411x437 1541252656265225.jpg)
>>244525 >Jewsh picking up those IDF dollareedoos attacking the Mike Eunuch crew
>>244528 Tbf they're discussing foxdickfarms
What the heck is going on ITT? Not seen such rampant faggotry in quite a while.
Open file (86.46 KB 900x900 9285289529889289589.jpg)
Open file (250.83 KB 848x476 sfo_genetic_dead_end.webm)
Open file (300.48 KB 868x498 sfo_pedo.webm)
>>244521 He's like Dev's doppelganger, isn't he?
>>244536 They have a similar phenotype/ genotype
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>244538 thats one ugly kike
Open file (130.60 KB 923x515 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (66.68 KB 933x251 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244536 >Bringing out sfo out of nowhere Is he bothering you so much jewsh? Theres always space for another fat sobbing autistic voice on the internet.
>>244523 The jews work for the Casino, not the other way around. How far does the rabbit hole go?
>>244494 You're just jealous of the shaggster alog
Open file (106.44 KB 1300x1184 HOODRICH.jpg)
Open file (125.37 KB 1209x830 IMG_1165.jpeg)
Open file (21.74 KB 1162x242 IMG_1399.jpeg)
Open file (37.99 KB 455x659 IMG_1398.jpeg)
Open file (96.74 KB 507x676 IMG_1397.jpeg)
Open file (35.56 KB 479x489 IMG_1396.jpeg)
>>244551 Shaggy fucks a tranny. Hes a homosexual
>>244523 I think jcaesar187 forgets he was on that stream and was looking at the same exact CP as Andy lmao
Open file (523.73 KB 968x1998 sfo.png)
>>244547 >Bringing out sfo out of nowhere Or Vito just reminds me of him? Point taken if 2 mentions of Dev is a disproval of the Fermi Paradox of relevance though.
>>244556 Night and day difference. Andy was the distributer, jcaesar187 was the receiver. Even if they both get life, one is more severe.
>Vito self-inserts himself in his comic >Comic makes le ebin pop culture references >Has 4th wall breaking soyshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfPCLjZftYc The 60k this fat pedo got to fund his comic had to have mostly been from Dax's crowd and money out of pocket right? Vito has no other fanbase. I've even seen EVS's audience talk about their dislike of Vito. If the pedo really thinks he's gonna make bank on the sales he's delusional. He'll be attacked from all different angles all calling his comic shit.
Open file (40.72 KB 480x331 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244559 Glad you still here fellow anon
Open file (1012.96 KB 1527x1080 furshag.png)
>>244555 Keep crying alog you're clearly jealous
Shaggy always wins
>>244555 There is not a single one of you discord queers who isn't homosexual. There's women who think you're acting like bitches.
Open file (505.91 KB 640x480 802531049426.png)
>>244562 Ah man, I told that one already? Better get the cancer aids test to be safe.
Open file (1.93 MB 950x950 ClipboardImage.png)
nuzach IS TURNING 27 HAPPY BIRTHDAY nuzach!! https://tvch.moe/tv/res/330360.html
>>244563 >>244565 Fuck off shaggy
Open file (72.23 KB 750x1001 GHDo8gnaQAELtJn.jpg)
Open file (30.08 KB 600x450 878295289592558.jpg)
Glad someone's finally pointing out the Hoffman question. If there was any sanity left and people weren't just brain dead unprincipled team sports loyalists now, this should have destroyed any credibility Moon, gym, 3p, podawful and other gaylogs have for tolerating/encouraging this for so long.
Open file (965.49 KB 1016x568 feaser.png)
>>244582 You're not too bright
>>244587 bright enough to shine a light on feaser
>>244588 apparently not
Open file (239.77 KB 608x420 feasermad.png)
>>244575 You know... your narrative is so off the wall retarded, when you post it anonymously to imageboards everyone knows who you are. fuck off Feaser lmao
>>244591 Whats the retarded narrative here? The lard and the tard and daddy gym do 40 hours of streams anytime some flags someone or messes with someone's IRL. They do 40 hours of streams about nick trying to shut smiley up from talking about ali. And at the same time theyre friendly with Gabe hoffman who reports people, messes with people's IRLs and threatened to sue a child abuse victim for talking shit about his shit documentary.
>>244588 FETCHING
Open file (234.62 KB 868x854 1707006122337.jpeg)
>>244591 >dont pay attention to the jewish hedgefund manager bankrolling sektor sweaty gamers goyim
>>244522 what a load of horseshit lmao
>>244598 This is very wrong and full of false information. Rats are very clean animals that spend much of their time grooming or bathing, they don't wallow in filth or spread diseases. Rats are intelligent problem solvers that display curiosity and emotional complexity. Please don't compare them to jews, it's not polite.
im quitting the sektor bros caught this latest rekaita bullshit, then the takes from fagcino and the guy whose voice never broke for some reason obviously i'm not the only one when you're too evil for even 'the council of evil' maybe you gotta stop and ask some questions about what you're doing just making this annoucement to save these weird glowing sweaty gamers some time and energy, I won't be watching from now on, good luck cya etc, won't be back to this board and I barely read the farms in the first place, I don;t wanna see rekaitas fucking face ever again either
>>244591 gabe hoffman is a fucking litigious j e w Anyone simping for his bullshit should give their head a wobble.
Open file (650.67 KB 1626x880 pills.jpg)
>>244601 see you tomorrow bro
Open file (2.03 MB 480x580 Nick bottle lick3.gif)
>>244601 >im quitting the sektor bros pressing X to doubt on that
>>244591 Stop being a seether over feaser and kys!
Open file (128.81 KB 1280x720 875928959285928569256.jpg)
Open file (165.32 KB 470x459 nickliquor.png)
Open file (17.39 KB 384x384 nick ANSWER ME SEAN.jpg)
>>244596 Whats up jcaesar187. Im glad you showed up Гунт!
Open file (655.38 KB 696x696 00002-4108223579.png)
>>244601 What is even your complaint? You didn't make yourself clear. What made you want to find the exit?
>>244598 >jewish hedgefund manager bankrolling sektor sweaty gamers goyim (((Financiers))) have always controlled the sektur
Open file (14.36 KB 640x145 elissa snips.png)
what did he mean by this?
Open file (16.82 KB 312x357 nick angy.jpg)
>>244611 He's unravelling.
Open file (397.84 KB 620x722 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244611 Elissa is just mad cuckieta didn't want to swing with her
Open file (44.47 KB 398x529 GGzRhn5WwAAqaKI.jpg)
>>244622 Actually, she was disgusted by the swinging on Lolcows and is probably still in a snit bickers he closed his Discord. But I think he always soft peddles her bickers he wanted to bang her
Open file (37.97 KB 601x207 1258499790607.png)
Open file (83.46 KB 710x890 558040321736.jpg)
>Someone asked me "TheGatorGamer would you ever consider working for a vtuber company either as a tard wrangler or talent?" Wasn't that an explicit goal you mentioned a while back? >worth me abandoning 10 years of lore. You want to forever be known as jcaesar187's janny and noone else's? Ok, dude. Mixed messages.
>>244624 You heard him, thousands of agents desperate to sign THE Gaydur Gamer. He requires serious money on the table before he even THINKS about abandoning his dead youtube channel and his grocery bagging job.
>>244624 No one asked him besides himself in his head. As for retiring as a wrangler, he was horrible at it. He would sit and let jcaesar187 be drunk and fucked up on pills. He would constantly talk behind his back and Andy's to try and look cool to girls. He never had a handle on jcaesar187 even though TheTheGatorGamerGamer seemed to have no issue handling him. All this fat fuck does is ramble lukewarm takes about over saturated anime and talk about how he was on the kill stream till he was fired like five years ago at this point. He needs to move the fuck on and stop jerking himself off like he was ever anything besides a joke.
>>244623 Elissa has nudes out there somewhere. She was a big part of the Rekeita degeneracy I imagine and her hard turn into Nick a-log relates to saving herself embarrassment of being a part of that.
>>244627 >She was a big part of the Rekeita degeneracy I imagine Afaik you are incorrect. She got a lot of shit on Lolcows from the swingers for being a prude for not wanting to see saggy middle age nudes
Open file (99.62 KB 413x236 18742152895596958925.png)
>I grew up on the hard streets of Houston >I can't schedule my job into my helicopter parent days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPGuAAUMWxY
>>244628 Again, Elissa has nudes out there. This was during the discord days before the kike lawyer made a Locals.
>>244630 Okay. I still don't know that she was "part of the degeneracy," but if you say so.
>>244629 >Sorry guise, I've gotta drive 16 year olds to play dates
Open file (500.42 KB 1099x1465 elissa nudes.png)
>>244635 >a woman crying revenge porn where have we seen this before???
Open file (897.10 KB 1280x720 VID_20240201_075740_743.mp4)
I'm looking for Bryan Dunns hairline has anyone seen it?
>>244635 >a nude that is only out bickers I was revenged porned with it by somebody else with it Ah, the old chicken and the egg of did the nudes exist bickers she sent them to someone, or did someone release them after conjuring them out of thin air. I assume it's not AI bickers why wouldn't you just say it's AI.
>>244635 >potentially criminal's discord Yeah that was a different discord
>>244641 lawtube is/was a big incestuous circle and PC's circle isn't known for degeneracy unlike rekieta's. for your next trick, you're going to say revenge porn is real and a serious subject?
>>244624 Does gaytor really think a vtuber agency would hire him? What's his appeal?
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>244642 >lawtube is/was a big incestuous circle and PC's circle isn't known for degeneracy unlike rekieta's. Ah ok. So dumb chick gives someone nudes, and they leak them on discord= degeneracy. As though she has a choice on where it is leaked either. Idgaf about revenge porn but to assume some moron contributed to degeneracy on one discord bickers someone leaked their nude on the other is stretching it a bit to fit your story. At least thus far.
Open file (1.40 MB 1475x1109 frog bish.png)
>>244635 >elissa nudes post them
>>244651 He should have by now if he had them
Open file (1.89 MB 480x270 1416395.gif)
one million aids W O W
>all those times tweeting FAGGOT on Zitter finally paid off
>>244647 Willingness to pay for an internship.
>>244656 From what I understand of twitch is that the monthly subscriptions don't get autorenewed if they expire on a banned day. I guess it might not be a big revenue source if losing half your subs doesn't matter.
>>244523 andy streamed by himself his dogshit on kick.com/Toad McKinley whille ppp the dickless tranny was dying in the hospital...again, his tranny pig pig looking fat friend, what a piece of shit
>>244637 They have not gayhoole
Open file (933.39 KB 919x707 1431578446308.png)
>>244662 Her Christsimps support her. All she has to do is say "Christ is kang, faggot" and the simps have her back
>>244459 >legitimate lies The attempt was in 2020 and he started shit talking you two years later? There's a two year chunk of history missing there
Open file (271.25 KB 521x497 Tim Poole bald.png)
>>244669 They say that wearing hats causes baldness. That a hat must cause enough friction on the hair follicles to damage them. I noticed this the other day on my leg hairs. I sit Indian-style on my bed for at least an hour a day. This creates pressure on my legs. And the hairs seem sparse where the pressure is. But it may just be correlation doesn't equal causation. A man that knows he's balding is more likely to wear a cap to hide it. In other words, Tim Poole's beanie probably didn't cause his baldness, but a bald dude like that it is more likely to wear a beanie to hide his baldness. There is also debate on whether pomades cause baldness. Last time I checked, oil-based pomades that are greasy could possibly cause baldness due to thee harsh chemicals but water-based pomades were fine. I don't think anyone really knows for sure.
Open file (377.47 KB 620x344 375210961073.png)
>>244673 >THAT Captain Manning??? When you say it like that it sounds like foxdick is involved with government mandated troonification.
Open file (810.19 KB 562x559 1661114756760051.png)
>>244678 >That a hat must cause enough friction on the hair follicles to damage them. Stress, hats / hoodies and masturbation. I think I know the culprit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwG4yrEYkFg >6 foot 4 >160 lbs Maybe he does have AIDS
>>244678 look at that face the rage of these bald people when you dont play along with their larp before the beanie it was the yamuike >2 Kings 2:23-24 He went up from there to Bethel, and while he was going up on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” And he turned around, and when he saw them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. And two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys. bald people have so much envy its unreal, imagine telling everyone god killed kids for you in revenge bickers they called you bald
>>244673 Great to see the Rekieta-Гунт alliance again, they are basically the same person in different stages of ruining their life, in 3 years Rekieta will be the one in Merida with a whore-gf.
Open file (1.86 MB 401x498 928525269562552625.gif)
>>244687 Daddy Dax's forces are out to sweep for Cuckieta
>>244684 would you rather be a manlet than bald?
Open file (14.87 KB 176x176 elissaclips.jpg)
Open file (111.70 KB 1216x1024 baldo's reserve.jpeg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyaxgBSM-Xk “What did you do to piss off elissa clips?”
>>244629 It sounds like Rekieta is burned-out and gotten lazy after massive financial success. He is like Metocare in that he wants to retire and just live on the money but is using family as an excuse not to stream and cover trials. He's basically done streaming and doesn't want to put in "work."
>>244678 KOP is a lineman who wears hardhats for his job. That and stress are probably his factors here.
>>244698 Hair lose from second hand estrogen he absorbed through tranny saliva.
>>244697 >burned-out Maybe if he worked at Wells Fargo for twenty years, I could see getting burned out. >gotten lazy He always was lazy. Droning on reading legal briefs verbatim is boring to listen to but easy to do. Maybe after twenty years, I would understand. Fuck him, the spoiled trust fund faggot.
>>244706 Maintaining a brand image has a 10:1 time dilation. Dude needed a gaytor to shoulder the century of internet defence for him.
Open file (300.83 KB 640x360 too much.webm)
>>244709 more like 9:1
>>244673 he's been talking shit about rekieta for 2 years now. the fact that kiwitards thinks you can't make fun of some autistic fucking loser bickers he threatened to kill himself is laughable.
>>244656 She isn't a Christian she is a grifter like the rest.
>>244711 Yeah, but there were two years between their interaction and his joining foxdick. So is Manning supposed to be eternally loyal to Cuckieta regardless of what occurred in that gap?
>>244713 manning has been a foxdick member since 2017
Open file (90.84 KB 982x775 GHIMZIJWsAAYCX4.jpg)
Open file (11.17 KB 176x176 298592859258589.jpg)
>>244723 That's nice. Read again. There's a two year gap between the incident and Manning discussing Cuckieta on the farm
Open file (400.64 KB 525x552 95889259259285.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ie8AMjZif0 >People who say streaming is a real job and hard have never worked a real job for long RACKETS PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
>>244726 this isn't as complicated as you're making it out to be. john has spreading "lies" about rekieta for years and rekieta finally pops john back in the mouth with some truth that isn't based of jewsh's schizotheories.
Open file (6.17 MB 1280x720 paypig_hustle.webm)
Suppose it's relevant to pull this out again?
>>244730 lmao what is this?
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>244729 >this isn't as complicated as you're making it out to be. I'm not making it complicated, although I concede it might be too complicated for you. > john has spreading "lies" about rekieta for years And there was a two year period there where a lot could have happened between them >and rekieta finally pops john back in the mouth with some truth that isn't based of jewsh's schizotheories. Some truth. How much I haven't a clue although he sounds like a mess in that article. Unfortunately Cuckieta is enough of a bullshit artist that his version is a little more questionable than average.
>>244735 idk, something anon made on the cyclical ages ago. Probably from a copypasta of Andy.
>>244438 The pic made Camelthots
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>244738 >Coomalot claims the pic is doctored
Open file (1.99 MB 498x289 98592592589259258.gif)
>>244728 He just admits Nick is an alcoholic
Open file (1.51 MB 1152x1280 balddo.png)
>>244635 So is anyone gonna post the pics?
>>244743 1. Gross 2. Uh...What's up with his weird habsburg dick? 3. Vaush has his revenge! (but he's still a weird pedsped into bestloli and trannyboys.) 4. Sectors disgusting I'm out of here.
Open file (102.12 KB 1024x576 Surgery_diagram.jpg)
>>244743 That destiny pic is painful damn
Open file (23.88 KB 400x400 zach.jpg)
>>244743 based lav
>>244743 >vaush outed for being a pedo (not a big surprise but it's the first time even other lefties dogpiled him for it) >hasan getting shit for saying dumb shit like streaming is harder than working a real job >keffals's catboy ranch is being investigated by bigger channels >now tiny had his tiny exposed and cringe sex tape audio released What a fucking month
>>244749 Total leftist liberal and communist sjw death. Aww yeah. Unfortunately, nothing will happen to most of them. Vaush: Still rich. Still has thriving Jewtube channel. Hasan: Still rich. Can pull big numbers for some reason. Almost can't believe this guy was a TYT intern lackey nephew under Cenk Ughur before he broke away. Keffals: Not rich. Still a drug addict. Still a tranny. Still destined to be miserable. Destiny: Still rich. Still has a thriving youtube business. Sure, they're humiliated but that's about all.
Open file (191.97 KB 421x300 Punished Gonzalo.png)
>Russia is advancing on Kharkov (where Coach lived) He only had to wait a little longer to get rescued...
Open file (74.03 KB 303x335 335.jpg)
>>244751 >He only had to wait a little longer to get rescued... 3 more days.
Open file (365.38 KB 700x795 media_FPY3Y8XXIAIywr2.png)
>>244743 IT’S OVER
>>244750 You can only hope this stuff piles on them so much that it fucks with their mental state. Every day they have to open the internet to see hundreds of thousands and growing people mock and spit venom at them. There's at least a chance Keffals will crack under pressure and kill himself. I heard Vaush is actually losing followers, even Keffals betrayed him.
Open file (285.95 KB 474x417 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244752 >Apartments in Kharkiv are being sold en masse at big discounts >Ukrainian mass media report that Kharkiv residents have started to urgently sell their housing to leave the country or move to another city. The number of offers on the real estate market is steadily growing. >Local realtors say that discounts are up to 50% and that there has never been such a deep crisis in the Kharkiv real estate market. Experts attribute this to the advance of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv direction. TIME TO RUN, PIGGY
Open file (1.07 MB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244756 wtf are you talking about foxdicker, Keffals is a trans queen who deserves pronoun respect after BTF.O the shit out of jewsh
>>244740 the fuck is this he used to be the president of ukraine now hes just a lowly streamer
Open file (146.83 KB 551x493 RALPH NO.png)
>>244755 The MEMPHIS MONSTER outlives another one.
>>244750 Hasan and Vowsh's channels have been consistently declining for the last few months (years in Vowsh's case). You're right about Keffals and Destiny though.
>why did no man beat him up for the distress he caused my internet fwend? Maybe they were also recovering from the pepperspray too, Muttni. Armchair pseudo trad crypto Zitter feminists should probably keep their opinions to themselves
>>244781 getting dont-call-anybody-ed isnt that bad you can still swing your arms around
>>244781 How is it more cowardly to wait until after the "comedy" show? >WHY DIDN'T A MAN DO SOMETHING? bickers e-whores don't attract "men", Muttni. They attract pathetic simps.
Open file (1.82 MB 498x498 2529852992929265.gif)
>>244783 Even men are going to be struggling with "coughing fits, teary eyes, and running for the doors for fresh air" before they think of beating up a faggot. By which time I assume he's already gone. >>244782 Yes, but I presume the faggot ran away after that. With pepper spray, air drafts can play a role in spreading the spray, and if it was after the show, fewer people would be around to white knight for Roastie Mayr, expectant mother at 40+.
>>244781 If muttni would've let me stick my BWC in her pussy from behind then I'd chase the fag down and beat his ass
Open file (1.01 MB 720x404 289298298592858925.gif)
>>244785 She was conveniently in Texas, not NJ where the incident occurred. And beating him opens the white knight to being sued/ prosecuted by the sprayer and the cuck DA. But yes random guys should m'lady a married woman who's husband is apparently nowhere in sight to please a misogynist/ misandrist/ misanthropist thousands of miles away
Open file (176.90 KB 1128x1504 Fvrnm9yaYAILJgQ.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (243.72 KB 1170x1408 FxnYW9nacAAu_l8.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (219.03 KB 810x1080 belle-delphine-11_6201.jpg)
Open file (749.79 KB 1440x1800 FoJXNMgaUAEL2zJ.jpeg.jpg)
So Des-Tiny has a new meaning, huh? Yes, rehab sucks, and i got a new galaxy tab s 9 ultra it is pretty cool watching pornography or documentary movies from pornhub. Also the yellow fever hasn't gone away, even when i am sober, so that sucks.
>>244786 does shmuttni even have any orbiters anymore
>>244781 Pregnant woman in her mid 40's pepper sprayed? I'm surprised she didn't miscarry it right there.
Open file (958.25 KB 498x498 2981895298529859285.gif)
>>244787 >I'm substituting porn for lack of opiates It happens >>244788 Yes, but they are the lowest of the low, and aren't enough to make her bigger than she never will be. They have the memories of goldfish since they can't remember what she said five minutes earlier and how it contradicts what she is selling now. Also she has some sort of "shadow ban" or whatever on Zitter bickers even though I sub both these twats, her reply wasn't immediately following the original tweet as is usually the case in an interaction between two people you follow.
>>244787 >documentary movies from pornhub ???
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>244791 Yeah, documentaries about the cableman fixing the cable and so on
Open file (187.95 KB 720x1080 waterlynn_0239.jpg)
Open file (147.58 KB 810x1080 waterlynn_0249.jpg)
Open file (2.43 MB 498x413 coom-coomer.gif)
>>244790 Negro, i have like 70 porno movies on the smartphone, and had a 1tb of porno movies. I am collecting it like Pokémang in the vidya and as cards. >>244791 You know, i didn't know a lot about lesbians before pornos especially pornhub documentaries about lesbians. And then you have the mistress having sexual relations with her stepson, and other plausible scenarios. I am still not sure, why there isn't narration on the documentarian movies there. Seems like something they should've had.
>>244788 this is her main one. https://twitter.com/NewYearNewYo0 His name is calhoun.
>>244793 the melonie mac does not support lesbanians
Open file (551.47 KB 817x548 4324324.png)
>>244656 Assmongloid has weighed in on Melonie Mac's ban https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f78lFRJMIOQ
Open file (199.82 KB 251x461 21828128218218218125.png)
>>244794 >Martina Markota follows him Which reminds me: A few months back the thotcast squad was criticizing Martina for "hiding behind her child" a few months ago. But lately Muttni is practically renaming Chrissie "the pregnant wahmen" whenever anyone criticizes her. Andrew Wilson in particular got her wrath "Simps are the real alphas, guize"
>>244797 His facebook were he posts mostly about her. https://www.facebook.com/joey.holverson
>>244798 Well yeah he's the main alawg now. Maybe ThinkBeforeYouSimp is still around. He's a Christpill tier alawg too iirc
Open file (507.66 KB 1153x2048 GHM6vZvXwAA9V8e.jpg)
>>244796 Oh good. I was wondering what his opinion was
>>244796 Speaking of: Harmful Opinions streaming about Asmongold and Hasan Piker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn-aMoElDlQ
>>244800 no ones driving, did she she really get into a the back of car just to take a shitty picture,this malonie playing tricks
Open file (1.16 MB 456x256 178298592859285589.gif)
>>244802 She probably doesn't want to give autists and alawgs a clue to her living situation outside her Lara Croft doll room
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>244790 >shadowban meme what is it with grifters always claiming they are shadow banned like what styxhexenhammer666, muttni, or a bunch of smaller breadtube claim. Maybe they just have bad cocks nobdoy wants to watch?
>>244786 Makes you wonder how often she goes places without her husband where there happens to be a lot of guys around. Really makes you think. >>244796 He's been doing damage control for Hasan too.
>>244801 >>244805 What did the turk roach do?
>>244806 Complain about how hard his life is. His "social drain" at having a computer between himself and the rest of the internet isn't enough to calm his autistic over stimulation
Open file (5.15 MB 600x332 Gwhat.gif)
>>244807 He has made millions larping as an internet communist he could just turn his computer off and go outside.
Open file (288.90 KB 1440x1800 F8mQ8NQWQAAh0Ln.jpg)
>>244805 >Makes you wonder how often she goes places without her husband where there happens to be a lot of guys around. Really makes you think. Well she married a single dad, who is her producer, after being together for seven years and after many years riding the East Coast comedy circuit cock carousel to get comedy gigs for her mildly amusing comments. And now her anti- RP/ Manosphere gig of "manup guise" is cemented with her autism pregnancy where she can bitch about RPillers not doing enough to counsel born again RINOs like LeeAnnStar >>244808 Yeah, and Asmongold appears to be defending him bickers millionaire "entertainers" are a different breed that the unwashed masses can never understand. Shades of Cuckieta
>>244809 I was talking about muttni but I guess the same can be said for Chrissie. Also LeeAnnStar is a genuine nutcase. She talks about shit like healing crystals and how she can talk to ghosts and tell people's future. All of her life stories she tells sound like complete bullshit like helping trafficking victims.
Open file (40.79 KB 1280x720 252529652965295.jpg)
>>244810 >I was talking about muttni but I guess the same can be said for Chrissie. Muttni isn't married. Only engaged. And she appears to be hiding out with Bryan Kohberger mostly
>Himedall confirmed Occam's razor fag?
>>244812 cuckieta has mentioned "the worst day of my life" several times now, with it happening in mid 2022. Soon after he went to hedonism II, went to gay 90s, wore the balldo, and had kayla's lingerie photos leak. It absolutely is some traumatic event that caused his change in behaviour.
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>244813 Himedall should stick to leaking Lolcow chats and leave the heavy thinking to someone else. Most of these people have no clue as to middle age and the increase of problems relative to youth that can occur, which isn't to say life can't be traumatic at any stage, or that Cuckieta doesn't have plenty of boomer alawgs, but generally speaking, middle age will bring on statistically a greater number of complications and grief: family friends dying etc etc And old age even moreso
>>244813 I think that little nickname for him is probably pretty close to the cause. His whore wife was cheating on him and when he found out it was either divorce her and lose half his shit, house and car or stay with her and delude himself into being okay with the degenerate lifestyle. He chose the latter. Or at least that's my theory. Either that or it's just that he's a degenerate hooknose that's predisposed to disgusting behavior and it didn't come to light until he thought he had a big enough audience to be untouchable.
Open file (127.91 KB 1440x1080 waterlynn_0043.jpg)
>>244796 But asmonkike/mmofag(with shit opinions on action rpgs) is basically a reaction fag, and he is basically that and nothing more than that. >>244800 I would or wanna sex the latina out of her genepool.bit first i am gonna grow a nice mustache, so I look Mexican enough to border cross to El Paso Texas.
>>244812 >>244813 Cuckieta has openly told stories about how he has went to multiple family funerals of people he was very close with. He's told multiple stories about his family pets dying over the years. None of these were traumatic for him. Is it a stretch to say it has something to do with his wife? Other than her cheating on him the only things I can think of that have him on the edge is his lawsuit with montagraph that he's losing badly. Or he caught drexel molesting one of his kids.
>>244819 Also just checked cuckieta's channel and it seems like he hasn't streamed with drexel in like 7 months. I could be wrong but I think that's the longest he's gone without talking to him since he first had drexel on his channel.
>>244818 >I would or wanna sex the latina out of her genepool.bit first i am gonna grow a nice mustache, so I look Mexican enough to border cross to El Paso Texas. shes about 37 so the clock is ticking
Open file (11.17 KB 176x176 298592859258589.jpg)
>>244817 Yeah the boomers and simps who feel too sorry for Kayla, or are too new to know about her old streams, are ridiculous. It takes two to tango. >>244818 >I would or wanna sex the latina out of her genepool.bit first i am gonna grow a nice mustache, so I look Mexican enough to border cross to El Paso Texas. She's white though she claims some Cherokee or whatever, which I guess is technically latina. But she has said she is Irish. She has said she generally prefers "white" guys >>244819 I was using deaths as an example. There are unique things that can be revealed the older you get. For me I was diagnosed autistic as an adult after functioning well enough to pass as normal for a number of years out of high school. It could be anything with Cuckieta. And the lolsuit didn't happen when his hedonism arc started >>244820 Yeah, I think he lowkey disowned Drexel. Or is at least keeping him away from his children after everybody pointed out his grooming to him some months back
>>244820 the grooming shit with drexel popped up about 7 months ago so that sounds about right
Nick has entered his own thread?
Open file (425.07 KB 1381x1069 11323123.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 220x391 cat stare.gif)
Pot, meet kettle
>>244812 No, I'm usually the one here invoking Occam's Razor and that is not me. That guy writes in flowery prose that is over-written. I think he is trying to say the simplest explanation with least assumptions is that Rekieta was always flawed and the fame and fortune just amplified his worst personality traits. While if you insist a recent trauma made him this way, you're complicating the picture and introducing more assumptions. >>244822 >>244820 Geez, Drexel is biding his time, waiting until some of Rekieta's daughters turn 16-18. Horrifying.
>>244825 >a family member is sick i don't have time to play gay internet games with cog <AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU NOW'S IT'S OVERY THE LINE? Where did peepeepee say anything about anything being "over the line"? The only thing the Гунт showed was that he wasn't going to deal with cog's faggotry at the moment. I'd say the Гунт's grasp on English is slipping, but he's never had much of one to begin with.
>>244827 The Gvnt must strawman what Asston is saying so Asston can be pigeon-holed as a hypocrite.
Open file (257.83 KB 471x512 892298595889292589.png)
>>244826 > I think he is trying to say the simplest explanation with least assumptions is that Rekieta was always flawed and the fame and fortune just amplified his worst personality traits. While if you insist a recent trauma made him this way, you're complicating the picture and introducing more assumptions. I know what he's trying to say. And a third possibility is that both are true in tandem >>244828 Nobody, not even jcaesar187, needs to strawman Asston to pigeon hole him as a hypocrite
Open file (149.29 KB 987x1280 GHNxGDFXUAAskWv.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
>>244828 >ppp doesn't show sympathy to others when their families are sick." what is the strawman here?
>>244830 This is why these faggots have gotten so annoying. None of them are moral, not a single one of these idiots has a basis to call another person immoral. Asston could meet a prostitute who's pimp is her bio dad and she'd have more space to call someone on their morality. If they're going to act like bitchy women at least Asston and Brain Dmg Kid could start looking a little nicer on stream.
Open file (425.07 KB 1381x1069 Gunt.jpg)
Asston: I'm in the hospital with a sick family member. I don't have time to play internet bullshit with Cog. Gvnt: Asston has attacked me and other over their families being sick. Now it's over the line for him? Asston never said you couldn't attack his family in that statement or that it was too far/over the line. He just said basically "I don't have time for you, Cog." But the Gvnt needs him to say this bc then he looks like a hypocrite that cries when his family is attacked while Asston has gone after Gvnt's family. Asston is not quite there in his wording but the Gvnt tips him over the edge into a strawman so that he can be portrayed as "rules for thee but not for me." It's personal for Gvnt bc there are lots of jokes about him not taking his Mom to dialysis. "It's not even hot outside." And not seeing her last moments bc of Covid restrictions. And lots of jokes about Ronnie jcaesar187 melting into his chair when no one knew he was dead for 2 weeks or something. Don't get me wrong. Asston is a scumbag hypocrite on various issues. But that rephrasing is a strawman.
>>244831 Forgot to tag you. >>244833
>>244834 that was me
>>244831 TheTheGatorGamerGamer is a complete hypocrite, he openly celebrated the death of both of jcaesar187's parents. On that abomination of a show they openly attack families and children including a random family that makes videos about going out to dinner while he screams every heinous thing he can think of. He even went after that fag persip when his father died and openly dangled his dox to the audience as a response to finding out about it. He's a despicable slug that's Boogie tier mentally disturbed. Toad McKinley has a decade long legacy of being the biggest piece of shit possible. From telling his girlfriend to get an abortion while playing Mario, postings nudes of former girlfriends, ripping off anyone who has ever worked with him, cp scandals, aggravating a fight and having a man held at gunpoint and live streaming it for superchats while he screams like a hysterical bitch. I can't think or two of the most bottom of barrel retards. Can't wait for it to implode, only spite keeps that ship afloat.
Open file (4.09 MB 2493x1377 roastie podcast.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpWf-HYIu6E 3 Baby Daddies?! She Is A 10?! DUMPED Him bickers Of Small Peen?! TRAD P-star?! | Dating Talk #138
>>244833 ppp's statements are meant to invoke sympathy as well as dab on cog
Open file (1.86 MB 1587x857 roasts.png)
Open file (11.97 KB 250x262 1478855486.jpeg)
hes doing it again
>>244840 chick in the middle right is clearly drugged out on some shit
>>244842 She has done any meth TODAY
>>244843 I think she might be trolling a bit, but the fact that she brought her friend to translate makes me think she might be a legit junkie.
>>244844 She's too consistently erratic to be trolling to me. If she is, game on. But I think she is just nutty and maybe druggy. She said she was jewish
>>244840 And the hottest woman is the milf in the center
Rekieta is now being a massive flagging faggot.
>>244846 MOMMY >>244847 Who is he flagging? Elissa clips?
>>244848 Yup, he flagged Elissa Clips.
>>244849 it was a Гунт clip so I'm not sure it was cuckieta
>>244848 >MOMMY
Open file (111.70 KB 1216x1024 baldo's reserve.jpeg)
>>244846 >she worked in a swinger club
>>244852 A dominatrix in a swinger's club
Open file (556.10 KB 902x769 nickcheeky.png)
>>244850 They'll never suspect a thing.
Open file (858.80 KB 720x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.45 MB 1440x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.44 MB 1440x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244855 Why simp for this ugly whore? She has eyes like someone carved slits into a mannequin face. Nappy negro hair. Ugly face. Ugly inside character. Big body count. Cheater. Whore. Materialist money spender. Superficial. Stinks. Bad genes. Corn allergy. Raised by single mom. Entitled. Bitch. Crypto feminist. Hates men. There's nothing redeemable here at all. And she's getting hollowed out by this dork. Just the latest in a long line of boyfriends that pumpepd and dumped her. Lmao.
>>244855 She makes me think about kissing and holding hands 😳
>>244833 >supporting That is how you can tell Asston is lying.
Open file (169.99 KB 250x280 1708844987600.png)
how much do you think nick spent on her plastic mug?
Open file (606.00 KB 622x633 9252966292639236.png)
>>244860 >Nick is a closet faggot who prefers plastic trannies to real women
>>244860 Honestly an improvement unlike most plastic surgery bogs
>>244813 >>244819 The 'day' was during one of the big trials where he was really successful. I think it was Johnny Depp. That's why the cheating angle is the first thing that occurs to people. >Nick spending hours on the day hanging out with other lawyers, talking about the Johnny Depp case >goes full workaholic, neglects wife >wife cheats on him, he finds out and they fight over it >Kayla agrees to stay with him, but only if he concedes to doing swinger shit with her or indulging other fantasies of hers >Hedonis2 on cuck week so she can get G​AMERGATEdick, Nick goes to gay90s for her yaoi fantasies, they start shoving bottles in assholes etc
>>244865 Has Nick streamed with Drexel since the Johnny Depp trial?
Open file (233.75 KB 640x385 feedmecot.png)
i cant get into nick as a cow, for years he was kfs goldenboy, and for all those years theyd go around and bitch negrate and dox anybody who talked shit about nick. but now its all different, why? cause he didnt tow the KF partyline. so, now im meant to laugh at him? fuck off.
>>244867 So you let kiwifags determine your cows? It's not just kiwis, but his old audience that's turned on him. When he had the Rittenhouse and Depp trial going on I was an enjoyer of his streams. He was sector adjacent and not a giant degenerate faggot. At least he had kept much of that out of the main cocks streams. As Nick sank deeper into alcoholism, shared his fetishes, and ran out of any meaningful court cocks he lost the audience and some turned alog. Is TheTheGatorGamerGamerua Connor Moon with us in the room? But if you can't find some entertainment from a former top dog of the law sektur burn his connections, audience and life down that's on you.
>>244868 im saying hes been a dumb NIGGER for years and am wondering why people are acting as if its only recent.
>>244867 I didn't really care about him either until that dear John suicide rant. That was crazy.
>>244866 I think he has several times yeah. I had the impression that it was less frequent, but that could also be simply incorrect bickers I haven't been watching him around that time either. I didn't watch the Depp trial and anything after that as closely bickers absent really high stakes, and various crazy and memetic shit that the Rittenhouse case had, non-stop legal coverage like Nick did with all the lawtubers can get pretty boring. The appeal of his streams had changed and his audience transitioned away from millennial dissidents and animes to boomers and (as it turns out with the locals shit) wine aunts. But more to what you're getting at, I don't think it was Drexel. If it had, Nick would be seething at him in an unmistakable way that would not have slipped past Nick's fans past and present.
Open file (99.62 KB 413x236 18742152895596958925.png)
>>244868 >He was sector adjacent Johnny come lately foxfag alert. He was part of the sector as far back as Donga and Doxville >>244869 bickers self-assumed head janny of the internet, Jewsh, has declared it so. And his tranny/ winemom trollshield PA is on the hunt. And the basic bitch normalfag boomers he suckered in with his libertarian militia man larp aren't pleased he's more of a lolbert than he pretended to be
>>244865 It could have been the masseuse that kayla enjoyed getting molested by and decided to keep returning to after he groped her
>>244876 Adjacent as in he wasn't pilled, engaged in z tier drama and covering whatever Tucker Carlson played the night before a la >our jcaesar187amale. There were normal people in his chat and as donators. I'd say he's firmly in the sector now though. >>244869 Recently he has been hitting near pillstream status which has given him expanded coverage from the two largest shows in the sector.
>attractive men have it easier than attractive women LOL Maybe the "misogyny" you face is bickers you are annoying, self-obsessed pain in the ass to deal with irl. Attractive men still have to prove themselves as more than merely attractive
Open file (195.47 KB 770x360 sargon killshot.mp4)
>>244879 lmao shes right though, but her """theory""" is unironically the epitome of why men become misogynistic shes just doesnt know what it means to grow up bickers shes a clam, her idiocy doesnt even make sense like she thinks boys and girls grow up in isolated worlds which isnt true but seems true if youre a woman, it underlines the level of codling girls experience when growing up, everyone knows the bar for clams is at sea level, if you grow up as a literal ubermensch you will be treated no better or even worse than that of a mediocre girl is, a man has to be a god to be praised but a girl just has to mediocre so yeah shes right for the wrong reasons, the greater man you are the more likely you are to be a misogynist, its why simps are always betas and weirdos that dont amount to anything
>>244868 You're in a hate mob. Stop trying to justify it and pretend that you're not just another groupthink redditor.
Open file (216.70 KB 912x1024 28992592929285958.png)
>>244881 It's why boss babes are shocked that male white collar leaders don't genuflect to them when they speak like they are accustomed to having outside the business world >>244882 >hate mob Bruh. They're the most toothless hate mob imaginable. But they are pickme "I'm not like the other girls" redditors
>>244880 id poo in her loo
>>244879 >TheTheGatorGamerGamer >attractive Ok Elaine tell us your thirsty for inbred mutant dick without telling us your thirsty for inbred mutant dick.
>>244879 >earwinson >attractive Also >attractive women face obstacles How delusional can a person be?
Open file (237.08 KB 709x530 noolisfaceblind.png)
nool is faceblind.
Open file (280.99 KB 339x631 1658199090284.png)
>>244886 >How delusional can a person be? Don't challenge her like that
>>244883 Shes a NEET so who is she a boss of exactly?
>>244867 Really cuckieta can stop drinking tomorrow and immediately go back to covering court trials and talking with guests that aren't degenerates like dax and drex and a good amount of alogging him would stop. Sure elissa clips would still be clippin' but she does it bickers she's a wine mom he didn't fuck. Even tardski and asston and jewsh would probably stop giving a shit to talk about him after a while. Problem is cuckieta has some weird insecurity about people telling him what to do, even if they're doing it out of genuine concern. For an example I remember a stream where cuckieta got a superchat telling him to fix his audio and his response was "don't tell me what to do I'm less likely to do something when someone tells me what to do". It was just simple advice but he took it as if he was personally insulted. You can tell he developed this personality by being a spoiled trust fund kid.
Open file (44.47 KB 398x529 GGzRhn5WwAAqaKI.jpg)
>>244890 Or how he used to get pissy with chyat during Rittenhouse when he would circlejerk over the court proceedings at crucial points making it impossible for viewers to hear what was being said, and viewers would tell him not to mindlessly chit chat over crucial moments in the trial. His response would be: DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! THIS IS MY STREAM! GO WATCH LAW & CRIME IF YOU WANT TO HEAR THE TRIAL! Well all those people went to Emily Baker, who is even worse to listen to. >>244889 Idk. No one. Your question assumes her outlook is rooted in reality.
>>244890 > genuine concern All the kfers claim this. It's demonic energy. I'm just soo concerned about this completely internet stranger that I have to control his life and get angry when he doesn't do what I decide is best for him based on limited/incorrect information. But I'm such a good person.
>>244879 from a distance he looks almost female
>>244830 lol shitski this stuttering cunt still around, why, how, why, who watches this cp collector
>>244896 >>244895 Cretinous foxfags who only started following this when dear leader Jewsh made the corn joke about jcaesar187. And supposed Tardski paypigs he has kept.
>>244897 andy is a lazy stupid cunt, would starve without welfare, cant even work at tim hortons, guy is completely worthless
Open file (583.99 KB 696x696 00013-2545547850.png)
>>244879 It's the exact opposite of what Elaine claims. Men have been saying this talking point for years, which Elaine just "no u"ed back onto men, being the newfag to the sector. Attractive women face no obstacles in life bc they are born at peak value and shit his pants and did nothing to obtain their beaty, which is highly sought after. Therefore, men bend over backwards and move mountains to give them everything to try to obtain them. As such, pretty woman have no skills or even really personalities. They've never suffered or endured for anything. Ofc, like all narcissists, they think they're super unique with amazing personalities and extremely funny as well. And that they have suffered and faced tremendous hardship like not having a mansion and all the designer clothing one could ever want. Even average women have red carpets laid out for them with so many men trying to give the world. Attractive men have no one giving them anything. Yes, life is easier if you're attractive. Same with if you're more confident, richer, taller, better genes, etc. Women are simply born valuable while men have to become valuable. Otherwise men are invisible to society and have no hopes of attracting a woman. There is a massive gulf between men and women's experiences. Earwinson is his own case of personality problems and drug abuse. He doesn't represent all men. >>244885 Elaine confirmed for ugly bastard/monster fetish. >>244887 Moonpie is voice-deaf as well. Terrible with voices. The other day, he played a TRS clip which mentioned foxdick farms. There are 3 people speaking. Alex McNabb, Mike Peinovich and Sven. He thought it was 2 people speaking and couldn't differentiate the voices. Chat told him it was actually 3 people speaking. And he thought he was being trolled by chat. Lmao. But tbf, he doesn't listen to that podcast, so he was not familiar with the speaker's voices like I was. >>244890 Oppositional defiant disorder, or at least the traits of it manifesting in people. Jewsh has a touch of it. Metocare has a touch of it. >>244897 >Tardski paypigs I've never quite understood this. Wortski's last show (Twisted Minds with Kyler) had no viewership. No one cared and no one donated. So where did all this massive paypig audience of Wortski's come from? He used to have 200K anti-sjw subs on youtube before he was banned. So did a portion come back? Kino Casino gets anywhere from 1200-2000 viewers right now. So really, I guess it's just a portion of those old 200K but he seems to be making more money than ever. I guess this time, that portion of viewers is sticking around for Asston, who is a better entertainer than Wortski playing video games in silence.
Open file (457.95 KB 488x605 1658194588037.png)
>>244901 >I've never quite understood this. Wortski's last show (Twisted Minds with Kyler) had no viewership. No one cared and no one donated. So where did all this massive paypig audience of Wortski's come from? He used to have 200K anti-sjw subs on youtube before he was banned. So did a portion come back? Maybe. Throughout TardskiLive with JF, there were old fans saying they missed Chris Wartski and the good old days. Althought they should have fucked off by now. I think he is some form of astroturfed in fact of course
>>244902 who promotes this worhtless stuttering cunt metokur every single fucking time, always has for like 4 years, even playing faggot games with the peedoofile
>>244903 Speaking of which, is this new? Metocare with Wortski (2-24-24)? I wasn't aware he jumped on Saturday night with Wortski while Asston was away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SjlBPDCmcA&t=24s
>>244902 haha so oily, go powder your face bitch you look ill
Open file (18.48 MB 940x1080 weeb_panel.webm)
>>244878 >Adjacent as in he wasn't pilled, engaged in z tier drama and covering whatever Tucker Carlson played the night before a la >our jcaesar187amale. You know he was originally a Dick listener? Maddox lawsuit and all that. >There were normal people in his chat and as donators. From animegate? You mean casual, not normal.
So where does this Suverok Killstream restream occur? I checked kick but don't see it. From this guy: https://twitter.com/Suverok?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor https://kick.com/suverok
>>244906 whos the jew
Open file (461.54 KB 704x740 elainedrink.png)
>>244904 Wortski is now 102 days sober!
>>244909 defiantly true, ive seen what girls do in those things, they spend like the entire day with the water jet on their pussy its like a mega shower head for them, the fact shes drinking fking water in a flute pretending its champaign just makes it more obvious to those of us who know, something always happens eventually when they drink and do the pussy jet and they never dare to drink again when doing their sick 'im just relaxing guys'' in those things
Open file (418.22 KB 530x598 1658194421617.png)
>>244911 >water I assumed it was ginger ale
Open file (670.13 KB 1664x2048 GHTSywkaEAA_fC0.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
Open file (15.40 MB 1280x720 In Memory of Tay.mp4)
I keep hearing about the "Faran leaks" in regards to Cuckieta. What are these referring to?
Open file (407.06 KB 569x814 taytweets1.PNG)
Open file (656.86 KB 399x388 sad_pepe.gif)
Open file (49.80 KB 639x445 total balldo death.png)
>106-107 degree fever balldobros...
>>244926 I hate when the bull doesn't wear an N95.
>>244926 CancerAIDS due to having sex with MANdy incoming!
>>244926 A 107 degree fever is 41.5 Celsius. That's in the organs will start taking damage and you need to go to the hospital range. Since he says he is fairly stable, its all a lie he's just too drunk to stream again.
>>244920 Isn't (Faran Balanced) (real name: Faran E. Fronczak) the woman who was friends with Rekieta's wife who leaked DM's about Rekieta's wife wanting to be a swinger? This appears to be the main DM leak, but I'm not a Rekieta viewer anymore so I don't know all the lore.
>>244930 Idk if Faran was friends with Kayla. She was trying to weasel her way into livestream grifting being as she was some sort of journalist supposedly but was too much of an unstable drunk to hack it. She did streams with Nick etc She weaseled her way into the Eliza Bleu grift too for awhile and shit his pants and didn&apos;t do shit
Lady Rackets, Rekieta's little goblin bitch has a need for seed!
>>244931 Ok fair enough. I just know Faran Balanced claimed to work for news stations for the past 15 years from some video I watched.
Anytime your jpeg, png, or gif doens't work on /cow/ just load it into photoshop or clip studio and then export it again and now it will upload. You can also use ezgif.com but sometimes I feel like that may degrade image quality. So you're better off just loading up photoshop to export your image. The /cow/ glitch is something to do with the way an image has been posted before and cached on /cow/'s servers. So you just need to re-export it. 500 MongoServerError: Limit value must be non-negative, but received: -9223372036854775808
>>244933 That's right she was from Chicago but was in DC. She had to eventually sell her channel iirc bickers she couldn't handle Ewwtooob. She was a Chicago Bulls lol dancer too
>>244934 Why the fuck did they think this photo was a good idea?
>>244935 thats not a glitch -9223372036854775808 is a 64bit overflow someone is just seriously incompetent
>>244941 >someone is just seriously incompetent
>>244909 >i don't care >did i tell you how much i don't care >can you tell that i don't care yet >btw i need to tell you that i don't care >i don't care so much i need to make sure that you know just how much i don't care I dunno. Seems like the foxdickfags got under her skin.
Open file (1.62 MB 780x360 JF slips up.mp4)
>>244947 MamaJF is dead, wrapped in plastic.
>>244947 Yeah, Muttni was bitching yesterday
Open file (98.69 KB 694x766 GHSqGf2acAAdTmR.jpg)
>>244951 >nintendo switch 2 is delayed
>>244951 >meninists 0WNED with FACTS and LOGIC this humor is too high iq for tykes
Open file (43.19 KB 1080x737 soyface burnjak.jfif)
>>244954 >The facts and logic that thots will be treated as thots I'm mind blown by such septic pwns
>>244956 exactly, you dont get the joke, tyke
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>244957 Which is? I'm sure it's mindblowing
>>244961 >>meninists 0WNED with FACTS and LOGIC youre too low iq you tyke you wouldnt get it
>>244951 She's giving off "I haven't had good dick in years" energy. I can give it to her if she wants. >>244956 I love miles of cock melonie
>>244880 I don't speak punjabi, what the fuck is she saying
>>244963 >it's a joke not something she copied from Sargon-lite youtubers when learning how to ape people with half a brain
Open file (67.09 KB 800x649 298589259285925925.jpg)
>>244966 lmao youll never get it, youre a tyke, im not saying youre low iq to insult you im just stating a FACT using LOGIC you whore, iq is mostly pattern recognition and youre clearly not capable of recognizing the based and redpilled epithets shes using just with the gender reversed based and redpilled you tyke go watch the whatwhore podcast now with your facts and logic you slut
>>244972 >"x is the real y" reddit pseud midwittery I'll live with your disapproval
>>244973 a is b is the real x is y you tyke i told you youre too low iq to understand satire dont even try
Open file (3.03 MB 650x390 donga-guntality.gif)
>>244941 THE MAN SAID HE'S WORKING ON IT I think what it was was when he changed it from mongo serialised objects to a filedir or nfs share. It's acting similar to another lynxchan upgrade he did where a bunch of files started 404'ing and had to be reuploaded to resolve, but in this case the check for whether a file exists probably returns true always bickers the db reference exists but not the flat file, so you're stuck with the broken file.
>>244953 >being the biggest "le big chungus epic maymay" redditor Curse you Elon Gayopswinson Musk. Gaytor's going to tear you a new one on the glorious return of Anime Boomers on Wednesday. No more vtuber puss for Elon.
Open file (560.12 KB 696x696 00015-1947551929.png)
>>244941 Do you know how to fix it? >>244951 >I will cherry-pick some highly-specific army officer killing himself and extrapolate his experience onto 4 billion diverse people. That's def not gross overgeneralization and bigotry. I hope no one flags her Twitter account for this bigotry and misandry. She hit puberty at age 10. Couldn't even get to the teen years. Spoken like a nigggger hitting puberty earlier than the white girls and who entered puberty earlier due to bad diet of fast food and KFC. <I hate men and they are responsible for everything bad in the world. They're inferior to women, inherently violent, and can't take pain. Spoken like a true radical feminist. At least she is peeling off the mask now and not even feigning to invoke her "get out of jail free card" of "I trolled you. You're mad. Just a joke, bro" when she gets caught with her pants down. >>244947 Terrible look. Is he trying to lean into the memes or he just doesn't care anymore. Every second of this guy is being combed over in great detail to nail him. Private investiTheGatorGamers, police, Kino Casino spergs who want Asston and Wortski to make a million kick subs. Imagine clipping shit for Wortski for free while he rakes in kick subs. Jesus. The state of gaylog paypigs in the sector. >>244952 Good. You soyboys with your colored plastic tablets can wait another year. Oh no! I can't play a remake of a remake of a remake on outdated tablet hardware! Whatever will I do? >>244953 On the Wortski-Metocare stream on Saturday, they kept pumping Gaytor up, acting like he was killing it in life, in order to spite jcaesar187. I was just thinking, "Negro, no one is buying a timeline in which Gaytor is succeeding at anything. Quit fooling yourself, Metocare." >>244974 Muttni's too stupid for clever satire. She just "no u"ed what other peolple told her about women and inserted men instead. She's never had an original thought in her life. And irony-posting is usually cringe. Hiding behind 10 layers of irony bc you're scared of receiving blowback for your opinion is gay and cowardly. "Oops, it's just a joke bro."
Open file (134.54 KB 640x489 892892299292632695.png)
>>244977 >She hit puberty at age 10. Couldn't even get to the teen years. Spoken like a nigggger hitting puberty earlier than the white girls and who entered puberty earlier due to bad diet of fast food and KFC. She's trying to make a virtue out being physically weak. I guess the only way to spin it as a positive that teenage boys could beat you and rape you if they really wanted is to say wahmenz are stronger and more mature for not doing what they mostly are physically incapable of doing any how. >Muttni's too stupid for clever satire. She just "no u"ed what other peolple told her about women and inserted men instead. But to midwits this is the height of thought. And it is ironic considering how often she used "no u" as retort when her personal blindspots were pointed out to her. Truly septic tier of her.
>>244979 uh you got 0WNED you meninist with FACTS and LOGIC why do men commit the majority of violent crimes (FACT) huh are you going to deny the pictorial STATS, its bickers theyre emotionally unstable, just like a man, prove to me men are not more emotional and less rational than women you cant, look at the crime stats meninists PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDed by based and redpill conservative facts and logic youre like the only one that doesnt get the joke lmao, you dont see the absurdity bickers you are the absurdity shes ridiculing so you cant understand it, you were the joke this whole time and thats a FACT based and redpilled
Open file (40.79 KB 1280x720 252529652965295.jpg)
>>244980 >its bickers theyre emotionally unstable That's a cope. A lot of them don't have emotions. >prove to me men are not more emotional and less rational than women Men don't bleed for one week a month > based and redpill conservative facts and logic Stats are "conservative?" >youre like the only one that doesnt get the joke Explain it. Everything you say isn't blowing my mind. What isn't quotidian is merely framed to suit verbal gymnastics > you dont see the absurdity bickers you are the absurdity shes ridiculing so you cant understand it *yawns* Still waiting for what the "absurdity" is
>>244981 omg you fking tyke how many times do i have to tell you youre iq is too low to understand satire lmao this is hilarious though
>>244982 >satire
Open file (642.41 KB 1125x879 d545da.png)
Open file (456.58 KB 1920x1920 FlowerCuckSean.jpg)
>>244951 The men she dates.
Open file (405.46 KB 1536x2048 E0GZOqYWUAcnST2.jpg)
>>244987 imagine being deepthroated by her and having one of her eyes worm its way into your asshole
Open file (277.40 KB 1080x1346 1.jpg)
>>244988 I do, every morning, twice
Open file (829.71 KB 398x258 e25-2972270823.gif)
Open file (381.50 KB 506x458 925859892586298569586.png)
>>244986 Bruh..wtf?
Open file (83.56 KB 1280x720 25589829529582985.jpg)
Open file (231.89 KB 999x2048 FbCzVQDXEAAdREs.jpg)
>>244992 She date all these men in a span of two years. John Doyle and NuanceBro would never attempt it in public though.
Open file (3.37 MB 2483x1380 roasssst.png)
VIRAL Gym E-girl?! Was She WRONG? CANCELLED! VIRGINS?! Makeup Debate! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #139 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD__YvADMiw
hes doing it again
>>244986 Lmao. Brutal. Muttni-bros on suicide watch. >>244995 Muttni is just getting run-through by various shades of white cock and off-white cock. Imagine being TBYS, coming in with the wedding ring to marry this whore. He failed her ultimatum of "marry of I'm dumping you." He threw away all his MGTOW principles the second he got a stinky crumb of pussy. Also, I'm starting to understand why Muttni hates men. She hookups with them, get her heart broken and the guys pump and dump, when they reach post-nut clarity and realize how awful of a human being she is. Once you've dumped your load, there is nothing redeemable in Muttni at all. She hates men in the same way Whatever podcast incels hate women 'cause they're heartbroken and it feels validating to feel like you're getting revenge on the other sex. She's a feminist misandrist.
Open file (55.13 KB 552x581 Volk old sleeping.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1587x789 roassssttttted.png)
Open file (122.79 KB 763x676 M1.jpg)
Open file (32.97 KB 612x352 M2.jpg)
Open file (390.94 KB 1696x1223 M3.jpg)
Open file (103.23 KB 741x772 M4.jpg)
Open file (96.45 KB 747x702 M5.jpg)
Open file (36.70 KB 747x417 M6.jpg)
Open file (87.16 KB 777x697 M7.jpg)
Open file (103.57 KB 496x872 M8.jpg)
>>245008 >the scales fallen from my eyes routine Dude, nut up and apologise to TheTheGatorGamerGamer, or stop with the condescending paypig pandering.
Open file (105.96 KB 816x847 20240227_210608.jpg)
Open file (96.19 KB 699x377 porsalingdoingpr.png)
porsalin real name adam daly reaches out to daddy gym for a blessing as with his mersh doc
Open file (3.33 MB 600x338 ralph winning.gif)
>>245002 >>245003 SMASH EVERY BISH
>>245002 what's with the weird fucking off centre look on all the faces of this dumb podcast? everytime I look they're making retarded faces
Open file (858.06 KB 1582x848 MUTTNI BTFO.png)
>>245007 >>245008 FAKE NEWS ALOGS
>>245014 Maybe maybe not on dollar store Cardi B. But otherwise, I agree
Open file (18.48 KB 615x171 42342342.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 Gunt beating live.gif)
Open file (207.59 KB 1290x1645 GHYyP70WAAIdmII.jpg)
Open file (280.99 KB 339x631 1658199090284.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7iPYtclfNU Quest vs Cuckieta Oral huhhuhhuh Arguments
Open file (56.20 KB 379x485 Ethan Ralph JUST.jpg)
>>245020 When he inevitably perishes down in México, I wonder if his family will pay for his body to be sent to Burgerland for a proper funeral or if he will end up in a Méxican potter’s field.
>>245025 >I know all about being called a pdfile
Open file (29.42 KB 472x502 surferhoney.jpg)
>>245024 >listing requirements to be her bf Uh before we even get to that point, what exactly does Elaine bring to the table? BPD and herpes?
>>245028 Muttni should owe everyone who had to deal with her reparations.
Open file (81.97 KB 212x376 81228959859825589598.png)
>>245029 WHAT DO YOOOOOOOOO BRING TO THE TABLE, INCEL? I bring my understanding, personality blahblahblah >>245030 It's society's fault her parents were allowed to fuck, racist. Also, miscegenation is healthy and normal. Send your reparations to my Venmo.
Open file (15.08 KB 474x355 2892529852965625.jpg)
>>245025 Null & Void hoping on potentially criminal
>>245025 jcaesar187amale spotted?
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
Open file (311.94 KB 900x900 2989285928529592365.jpg)
>>245034 >carrying water for Dick and Vedo
Open file (99.62 KB 413x236 18742152895596958925.png)
>>245025 >Why tha violent turn against Rekeeta? "He made you online?"
Open file (1.86 MB 401x498 928525269562552625.gif)
Open file (44.47 KB 398x529 GGzRhn5WwAAqaKI.jpg)
>pour Nick- he's jus laik meeeee
just going to reply to myself
>>245039 youre not funny
>>245034 how is this pig not dead yet from eating mexican garbage
>>245042 He claims to be soberer Also, he might have another 10-20 years before death barring accidents of course
>>245041 is lidl drip elaine?
>>245044 Maybe one of her alternate personalities. She definitely discusses "her" a lot if nothing else. Something about being a pedo iirc
>>245044 lidl drip is an anagram for didlr pil
>>245046 Thanks, Elaine >>245041 >referencing later day foxdickfarms cope to sweep it up for der janiteur
Open file (109.23 KB 800x449 jewsh3.jpg)
>>245041 >he was just an admin, he didn't own it >ashhually it wasn't quarantined, users made it User imageboards have still images. The default wasn't to be text-only and delisted. >bringing up 8moe That event which everyone outside of Mark & Acid recognised as a repition of Jewsh & Hotwheels which got them kicked off the webring. Cope gets thrown around a lot, but that's a hard cope to stuff neko shota Jewsh back under the stairs.
Open file (115.27 KB 480x512 geta kakke.png)
RETURN OF THE ANIME BOOMERS LET'S FUCKING GO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IONN5dKL7lo
Open file (49.22 KB 600x263 ClipboardImage.png)
https://youtu.be/a_dyG0-Y7pU NEW SHITTYWEBCOMICS WEEKLY
>>245041 Cept for his lack of moderation, the fact that he advertised that board on 8ch and he said to cog on the other boards they would go post cp and link it back to the boards and the archives showing those text only boards did have galleries and he was full of shit cause the thumbnails were all child images and csam shit. He also said loli was harmless as it had no victims, he defended this shit on stream for over a year and it's all archived. This fat faggot is always trying to rewrite history the creepy pedo
>>245053 Enjoy prison, stalker child
>>245044 No, its josh
Open file (32.67 KB 800x600 8925925289529859258.jpg)
>>245055 (checked)
Open file (83.27 KB 1150x631 Pat STALKERCHILD.jpg)
Open file (1.99 MB 498x289 98592592589259258.gif)
>Coomalot will be on Dim Fool
it was bad when monsieur munchausen used the word "felted" i know the 2 lowest of canadians coined it but only about a quarter of the seckt0r used it before mr lies not dies used it in a stream now everyone says it all the fucking time now he went and posted tomlinsonisms great now the whole seckt0r is gonna start calling each other child look it's already happening child the whole world will become foxdick farms and it's partially your fault for spreading stupid just bickers a guy who lied to everyone for money to spend on anime used the term and you think it makes you sound like him and you think sounding like him is a good thing you might as well be gaytor
>>245059 Metocare is his dying days, now marches to Jewsh Moonpie's tune. >Jewsh introduces BossManJack to the sector Metocare starts watching it obsessed. >Jewsh lubs Eric July and buys his comic to spite Dick Masterson, Rekieta, and Vito in his feuds. Metocare defends Eric July against his alogs. Jewsh is becoming all-powerful and influential in the sector. He commands the biggest viewership now too. A lot of things filter down from foxdickfarms down to Jewtube. BossManJack documentaries have hit youtube now. TurkeyTom uses it religiously. Patrick Tomlinson stuff comes from there.
>>245059 >2 lowest of canadians By which you mean Asston Porks
Open file (210.84 KB 636x362 pat so funny.mp4)
>>245059 >now the whole seckt0r is gonna start calling each other child That was already happening, it was in random youtube comment sections, it was posted in random boards on 4chan, and every now and then huge accounts on twitter like BadLegalTakes retweet Patrick and the replies are full of "Enjoy prison". Redditkur is late to the party as always.
Open file (254.01 KB 942x940 pat shirtless.jpeg)
>>245060 >Patrick Tomlinson stuff comes from there. No it comes from Owen A Forrems, most of the stuff in the foxdick Pat thread is just reposts of OnA posts.
Open file (136.15 KB 864x1728 GHZC_z0XQAAcgSf.jpeg)
Open file (40.97 KB 1525x223 ClipboardImage.png)
Real and True The Casino fags are running with kayfabe as usual.
>>245064 Fuck off jcaesar187
Open file (3.93 MB 1599x1204 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.66 MB 1599x1204 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.52 MB 1599x1204 ClipboardImage.png)
Boogie's house lmao
>>245058 what does coomalot add to a dim fool dupper pupper stream?
Open file (875.19 KB 663x1000 gunted-transparent.png)
>>245064 Hello Гунт, could you be more obvious that its you? lmao
>>245068 Kayfabe enjoyer
Open file (400.64 KB 525x552 95889259259285.png)
>>245067 A full head of hair
Open file (189.44 KB 1582x1022 RENT FREE.webm)
>>245069 >kayfabe enjoyer Look Гунт just cause your easy to spot doesn't mean I like chomo casino, Jesus Christ bro take a Xanax and relax.
Open file (965.87 KB 744x744 sargonpool.png)
>>245066 >PEDPHILE
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>245072 Footfag?
Open file (1.01 MB 699x716 unknown-116.png)
Open file (658.21 KB 648x389 unknown-238.png)
>>245060 I hate that Jersh moonpie showed people bossman. Everything's better before kiwi fags find it
>>245074 Worse than that the faggot was proud of himself on stream with potentially criminal earlier about introducing so many to him as if it was an accomplishment.
Open file (10.80 KB 220x168 2342523424.gif)
>>245064 Nuts you think anyone cares anymore. Start screaming YO PUSSY WAS LOOOSE on stream again and >we might be interested buddy.
Open file (5.78 MB 564x318 godwinson vape 1.gif)
>>245060 I can't listen to Jewsh Piemoon for more that 3min. The way he speaks. It's like trying to speak while choking on phlegm.
Open file (262.03 KB 1080x1440 hapaborea.jpg)
Monty correcting the record on the lawsuit. He's sure the case is going to go to the supreme court. Sure is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFoYw4_ApyY
>>245066 How do they fuck up spelling jewsh moon
Open file (3.70 MB 1920x1022 120 days sober btw.png)
<13 sec of clip <30 sec commentary <3 sec of clip <23 sec commentary <5 sec of clip <19 sec commentary <4 sec of clip <54 sec commentary <4 sec of clip <43 sec commentary <3 sec of clip Do people really watching this shit?
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>245088 (checked) There are apparently foxdicks/ Elissa Clips subs who do. Aside from whatever trannies and bimbos like Tardski and terminal autists who can't self soothe w/o "Mexican child leader of the white race" and "ragepig" repeated every few minutes
Just checking, have either TheTheGatorGamerGamer or Metocare died already?
>>245088 I see, still kicking or some shit
>>245093 The classic retard cope of "any publicity is good publicity".
>>245094 Even worse, I have no fucking clue how her thread getting bigger adds to her engagement any
>>245093 Yes Carl darling but we saw our grandmothers and mothers who bet on losing dogs and realized when we can work ourselves we don't have to take the gamble.
Open file (343.15 KB 534x563 here2nnaa@u.png)
>>245088 i only watched triple P cause he was in adams orbit, when they broke-up i didnt follow fatty. i dont know why anyone did his concern trolling was only funny when held up by the christian LARP.
Open file (342.73 KB 834x692 10387.png)
>>245095 probably talking about her homeless shelter she probably gets an extra potato now bickers she can show shes being abused
>>245096 >we saw our grandmothers and mothers who bet on losing dogs and realized when we can work ourselves we don't have to take the gamble. Everybody loses ultimately. To abstain from the attempt will make matters worse long term. But people are often short sighted.
Open file (2.34 MB 1392x1392 00067.png)
>>245088 You forgot the constant interruptions for kick subs every 1 minute. Frederick1483 for 1. Hundred. Subs! Casino Tolerator for 1000 subs! Feaser Spongebob.mp4 What about the child pron!.mp3 In case people don't watch this show, don't know what this means. Wortski is autistic and abuses his soundboard worse than anyone. He thinks tapping the soundboard is a replacement for having a personality. Gaytor took so much shit from the soundboard but he never abused it and was tasteful about his timing. Wortksi just spams the video or soundclip nonstop, making for an awful audio experience. Paypigs have even DM'ed Wortski begging him to stop to playing jcaesar187 screaming "What about the child porn!" bc they're listening to it in an office. Then Asston and Wortksi turn it into a grift by begging for 1000 subs to retire the obnoxious sound drop. I can't wait for them to lose everything in fact of course. I despise how they hold the audience hostage this way. They deserve to lose everything. I used to listen to this going to sleep but had to stop bc of Wortski spamming sounds at 4x volume every 2 minutes. They can't level the audio to make for a nice podcast experience. >>245093 You get the feeling Elaine is going to be driven completely insane by reading for own thread. Also, why would a ostensibly wealthy woman hear "cha-ching" in her head, unless she's dreaming of becoming rich. Fake wealth exposed. >>245096 Yes, then you women can be the losing dogs that no one wants. As you slave away your life for pennies and it's still not enough for people in your life. Equality!
>>245102 Eh she would have to have lost something to put up with your porn addiction no?
Open file (8.01 MB 720x480 white noise.mp4)
>>245102 Tardskis brain melted from all that coke and alcohol to the point he is actually a mongoloid reetard. He laughs at Гунт while looking like this >>245088 with makeup on. His voice sounds like he's gargling miles of cock before the show and stories about friends and gf... yeah 'discord friends and his left hand'.
Open file (391.88 KB 268x300 1652316392026.gif)
>>245103 False premise. I'm not a porn addict. I just enjoy rendering/drawing/collecting hentai. But I don't expect you to understand that. I expect in your perception, some dude that posts porn/hentai MUST be be gooning 24 hours a day on pronhub. Bc I show you one thing on an imageboard and you assume 99% of me is what I show you. And not just your own curated perception. All I'm saying is you think the grass is greener on the other side. Ok. Go get yourself a job. Then you can support a family. You can be miserable. You can be stressed out all day for decades. You can surrender all your spare time and have your employer dictate when you wake up, go to sleep, what you do all day, when you can eat lunch, etc. Try it out.
>>245095 It doesn't. She's trying to use reverse phycology. If the foxdicks really weren't getting to her she wouldn't feel the need to repeat just how much they aren't getting to her.
>>245102 the irony is if women were banned from the workforce they wouldnt need to work, this is like a permanent wartime economy except withput the demand deficit from sending men offshore so its like the worst of both worlds for no reason
>>245099 Гунт cooming rn
>>245105 Honey that's what the losing dogs our grandmas and mama's dealt with were like...being a housewife with a shit husband you bet on in your twenties means you can't quit and you get no break. That's what women are choosing between.
>>245105 this post reads exactly like how cuckieta copes about not being an alcoholic
>>245110 Those penthouse mags are for the articles bro
>>245105 if i cant post SFW loli/shota pics why the fuck do you get to post hentai and porn? is it cause you suck mod cock on cytube?
Open file (212.49 KB 1242x1297 GHg8YnlbsAEewhj.jpg)
Open file (120.44 KB 1242x1482 GHhNGhnacAA_DwE.jpg)
>>245109 >>245103 >t. Radfemfuture Or is it @hollowearthterf ?
>>245116 You should note I didn't bring porn up at all except in regard to goblin bro not as general stance darling work a little harder at creating something you think you can debate here
>>245117 >I didn't bring up porn except You did >not as a general stance Whatever meaningless internal distinction you want to make. You brought it up >work a little harder at creating Why when you serve such stupidity on a platter for anyone who wants to comment >debate I have to have someone to debate first. Let me know if you ever get to that position of capability.
>>245118 What my original stance is that women are picking between an employer they can leave i.e. work or one they can't i.e. husbands. Goblin bro showing up to bitch how nobody wants women and posting hardcore porn was the first time porn got mentioned, posting a literal self created porn image was first porn mention. I hope this helps sugar.
Open file (28.96 KB 679x516 84578925289529529525.jpg)
>>245119 Yeah, I posted a frog too. There's still no discussion on amphibians either. You brought it up
>>245120 Does self created porn constantly surface where you are? If a woman posted her onlyfans as part of her post but didn't comment on it there's still a statement there, sorry.
Open file (958.25 KB 498x498 2981895298529859285.gif)
>>245121 >Does self created porn constantly surface where you are? Fuck if I know. I'm too busy posting my own stuff. Fucking pointless busy body >If a woman posted her onlyfans as part of her post but didn't comment on it there's still a statement there, sorry. A "statement" maybe depending on intent but not an actual statement, sorry
Open file (124.30 KB 780x1117 GHh1RCYWgAAZRpw.jpg)
Open file (83.56 KB 1280x720 25589829529582985.jpg)
Open file (2.53 MB 1456x1296 00016.png)
>>245106 If Elaine wants KiwiFarmers to leave her alone and shield her, she should just follow the Gayden McNeil playbook of pandering as hard as you can to foxdickfarms and powder their asses. Pretend you're an alog, tell them they're brilliant and great doxers and kiss Jewsh Moonpie's ass. Then you will only have 10 pages as no one will bump your thread bc they're shielding you like on Gayden's thread. >>245107 If you remove 50% of the workforce, then wages would have to rise due to supply and demand. Don't forget the nonstop legal and illegal immigration driving down wages too. You don't have to pay workers a living wage when you've got unlimited slave labor flooding into the country, driving down wages. >>245109 There's a big difference between staying at home doing some housechores in a cozy environment and working all day in a job you hate and being mentally drained. The difference is as stark as night and day. By your comments, I can tell you've never worked a soul-draining 9 to 5. Try it, then you can compare the two. Also, we have washing machine and dryers now. It's not like women are doing back-breaking labor at home and digging ditches. >>245110 The difference is, Rekieta is trashed daily on stream and cancels his shows fairly often so you can see he's full of shit on being an alcoholic. He's a public figure. Whereas I'm just anonymous and have no need to dox myself to you to prove "I'm not X or Y" to another anonymous person on an imageboard. >>245115 I don't know any of the mods bro. Probably bc I add to discussion while you're just spamming. >>245119 I'm pretty sure women can and do, get divorced. It's 2024 not 1804. Also, I didn't say "no one wants women." Just that you try working a job and then you can experience being the "losing dog" that is unappreciated. You act like working is liberation from your husband when it's the opposite. It's wage slavery to an employer than doesn't even care about you. >>245121 Just chill and have a goblin, babe.
Open file (507.66 KB 1153x2048 GHM6vZvXwAA9V8e.jpg)
>>245140 >If Elaine wants KiwiFarmers to leave her alone and shield her, she should just follow the Gayden McNeil playbook of pandering as hard as you can to foxdickfarms and powder their asses. Pretend you're an alog, tell them they're brilliant and great doxers and kiss Jewsh Moonpie's ass. Then you will only have 10 pages as no one will bump your thread bc they're shielding you like on Gayden's thread. Yeah I think there perhaps two mentions of "John" being Captain Manning in Cuckieta's thread to add another example >There's a big difference between staying at home doing some housechores in a cozy environment and working all day in a job you hate and being mentally drained. The difference is as stark as night and day. By your comments, I can tell you've never worked a soul-draining 9 to 5. Try it, then you can compare the two. Also, we have washing machine and dryers now. It's not like women are doing back-breaking labor at home and digging ditches. "She" also apparently thinks women slave away twelve hours a day with no break either or can't have part time jobs if they want as their children get older >I'm pretty sure women can and do, get divorced. It's 2024 not 1804. Also, I didn't say "no one wants women." Just that you try working a job and then you can experience being the "losing dog" that is unappreciated. You act like working is liberation from your husband when it's the opposite. It's wage slavery to an employer than doesn't even care about you. Kinda like how "fweedumb and democracy" merely liberated the upper class from responsibility for the serfs and made the slaves have to fend for themselves after punching out their time cards
>>245143 this malonie clumsy
Open file (311.96 KB 1519x778 ClipboardImage.png)
>>245115 get fucked pedo
>>245140 >pandering as hard as you can to foxdickfarms and powder their asses THAT WAS SO BRAVE WHAT A BRAVE STANCE YOU TOOK
>>245143 Captain Manning is a poster on foxdickfarms that gets shielded? I'm not familiar with him. >"fweedumb and democracy" merely liberated the upper class from responsibility for the serfs Elites always look for maximizing profit and minimizing expenditure. They pay employees as little as they can get away with, while making 2x or 3x on your labor. It's why it's generally better to own your own business. And elites love pushing out empty platitudes while screwing you to make you feel better. They are the types to fund propaganda saying "Women at home is lame; women don't need men. Also, the west is overpopulated. No need for babies either." While grinning that they're cutting wage rates by getting more women into the workforce and importing immigrants.
Open file (108.14 KB 742x808 M1.jpg)
Open file (64.14 KB 757x637 M2.jpg)
Open file (88.32 KB 767x733 M3.jpg)
Open file (62.88 KB 742x696 M4.jpg)
Open file (44.69 KB 736x482 M5.jpg)
>>245149 oh boy metocuck is going to ruin patrick tomilson trolling my flooding it with his reddit rejects
>>245150 Enjoy prison, stalker child
>>245150 You mean morse so than Jewsh has already done so?
>>245154 can always get flightly worse
ETH (Etherium) surges past $3400. Do you have any? I only have 1.5.
fine im unquitting since I feel better man this monnta v rekata thing is starting to look fake like I said this case is so trivial its insane, rekaita called him names bickers mentagraph practically dares people to do it, the context is clear as day how can anything even be proven, is there prove mentagraph got a mcdonalds shake thrown at him while walking down the street with a guy yelling "hey rekaita told me !" and what did mentagraph yell back "hey don't besmirch me I was only pretending to be a scary weirdo online ! everyone knows that" insane, fake case at this point, basically can tell how its just going along like this and people are too busy talking about what law gets followed instead of the stupidness of the case to begin with
>>245140 >If Elaine wants KiwiFarmers to leave her alone lol collect a cheque from gabe, then gaytore, gym, gaycino, and probably josh himself will sweep all day
>>245149 the question is what is the point to what he (nick) does at all ? you basically have an obvious shill being propped up, but I don't understand the point. You get soundbites where he just gives out cold takes every now and then combined with what appears to be just obvious and deliberate sabotage (j6, gayye, endorsing loomer, basically coming across effiminate etc) So I guess what he's there for is to give left shills something to bounce off (gabecino) and for the soundbites where he's a shill allowed to say stuff, but it's obvious stuff a guy off the street would say if he was allowed to
>>245088 on its face it is crazy they make fun of other's appearance Wardski maybe can talk a bit about how he quit drugs and alcohol and exercises, I mean that's good to talk about a bit I guess p.p.p I just don't get, I mean you've got some guy in a mumu cloth and 4 chins chittering over whether someone wore the same shirt 2 days in a row... this is only really funny if you're ultimately laughing at p.p.p
>>245130 again, I just don't understand the point of it at this point you have a fiance / are married / whatever , why still do this ? honestly she needs to pivot away from pretending shes a brain bug in a communist regieme / negging for new boyfriends online
>>245097 Based narehate enjoyer >>245157 Uh yeah?
>>245156 Stockies melting down, buttcoin and ethereum are unsustainable and you should be poor, raped and shot for owning crypto! Nooo! How dare you turn a profit!
>>245163 I think she is probably paid and/ or wants more guys to choose from besides Bryan Kohberger
https://rumble.com/v4gj07c-live-review-of-oral-arguments-in-my-stupid-lawsuit-before-the-mn-court-of-a.html >Cuckieta survived his 24-48 hour 107 degree fever and wants to tard compete with Montagraph to see who can sabotage their case the quickest
Open file (112.53 KB 1248x972 GHjOkn4WkAAnHjm.jpg)
Open file (227.15 KB 2048x1152 1708448543426460.jpg)
>>245168 So, the JIDF and other glowG​AMERGATEs now fully re-entrenched and hard at work within Twatter again, I see. What's an entertaining way to abuse the word 'Musk' using the word 'Cuck' ?
man it hurts to agree with rekaita on anything these days, he seems like such a massive snake
>>245102 >Gaytor took so much shit from the soundboard but he never abused it and was tasteful about his timing. ROFL shut the fuck up and kill yourself TheGatorGamer. You wee never tasteful you were an annoying talentless faggot loser who lied out your ass about having a hot Puerto Rican who totally wanted to fuck you and no one believed that story. No one liked you as you were a nasally neck bearded faggot who convinced himself you were the main character. TheTheGatorGamerGamer was the only person on that show who ever had a point or an educated point of view to discuss things with guests your takes were always corpse cold and full of meme references. You deserved every ounce of shit you got. You are such a cuck you offered pinecone a towel to wipe tardakis cum off her face and then went out to eat with her and tried to hook up with her. She told everyone you smelled like stale Doritos and made fun of you. Kill yourself brian hollerman. You loli obsessed pdfile, you even carried water for flamenco telling everyone he was innocent. No human alive would ever say TheGatorGamer was tasteful lmfao 🤣 give yourself away more you weirdo
>>245163 Part of the fun/hate-watch of Kino Casino is the lack of self-awareness on their part and blatant hypocrisy. It's a soul-less grift for kick subs ultimately. >>245158 No, jcaesar187 got a ton of BTC from that dead French guy, which he immediately sold and pissed away. The same dude that donated like 500K to Fuentes. Grifters get enough freebies. However, I may change my mind if Asston or jcaesar187 can post a video of themselves performing one clean muscle-up. >>245168 A lot of people are in denial about Musk. They think he's "our guy" just like Trump still has millions duped he was "their guy." Gaytor was sucking him off hard on his anime boomers stream the other day. >>245171 Look buddy. I don't like Gaytor either. I agree with your post and everything there is true. But when I compare Gaytor's usage of the soundboard with Wortski's usage of his soundboard, it's not even a close comparison. Gaytor at least had timing and didn't spam it to get on the audiences' nerves. That is one thing I will give to him. Wortski's usage is the exact opposite. It's random. It's whenever he feels like it. It has 0 timing. It's too loud. And he wears each sound sample out. Until he's torturing the audience. "What about the child pron!" "Feaser Spongebob. Mr Sun came up and he smiled at me." Over and over and over. I'm talking like every 30 seconds at times. Dozens of times per hour. Hundreds of times per show probably. Wortski probably thinks it's funny. And he can't run a solo show to save his life so he uses the soundboard to cover this dead air. That's all I'm saying.
There needs to be a case study done on desTINY orbiters. All sorts of people orbit him like he's their e-daddy. If anyone said half the dumb shit Tiny has said on the internet everyone would dogpile that person. Muttni for example seems to think Tiny is a good dude despite him calling her retarded and a nazi years ago. The rest of the simpcast crew think he's alright too. The youtube commentators like turkeytom and nick oreo ride his tiny daily. I think he's orbited by these specific women like muttni is bickers these women are anti-redpill and they want him to debatebro manosphere guys and "own" them. In the case of muttni she hates redpill guys so much that she's willing to overlook all the shit Tiny has said like advocating for giving cheese pizza to pedos to make them less likely to offend IRL, despite muttni acting like she's a beacon of anti-pedo. Ironic enough is some of the twitch sphere leftist women have accused Tiny of being a creep sex pest abuser. Big surprise the male feminist is only a male feminist bickers he wants to get pussy. Look at the youtube commentator fags who treat him like he's their e-daddy. TurkeyTom got outed for being a cuck. Nick Oreo is an obese whale and slurps Tiny cum like Tipister slurping Keffals axe wound discharge. Augie and Bowblax are literal spergs. These guys probably think they can pick up girls by learning from Tiny. People seem to forget Tiny is the one person solely responsible for platforming bright individuals like Vaush and Hasan.
>>245172 you forgot i'm a survivur yeah, the soundboard thing too is I don't like the idea i'm being pavlofed by guys only pretending to be retarded either and andy does hit it hard alot, but sometimes it can be funny
>>245168 How does that work in terms of context? Do you have to reply to someone but talk to them in the third person? Does it require tagging a handle? Or is it fully context aware on a standalone tweet where you mention a person and then a pronoun? Sounds like a weird feature.
Open file (45.28 KB 523x496 pathappy.jpg)
Pat is suing the city of Milwaukee and the cops, something Torswats stated was his ultimate goal.
Open file (14.12 KB 474x396 2985528929852895285.jpg)
>>245185 4D chess move. Enjoy prison STALKER CHILD
Open file (116.38 KB 1080x1071 GHkAcUIWYAArhfT.jpg)
>>245168 >>245169 >>245172 >>245184 >rules for thee but not for me
>yer jus jelly cuz yer dick is small
>>245188 I want to put my big fat vieny uncircumcised cock in Muttni's tight hairy shitpipe.
>>245189 I hear she's too much of a pillow princess
https://rumble.com/v4gm7gc-mad-at-the-internet-march-1st-2024.html Jewsh bitching about Andrew Torba being sensitive to mockery
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>245191 Jewsh like Elon now cuz he let Jewsh back on Zitter
Open file (388.49 KB 386x480 VibQQpalHgeK.mp4)
>>245188 small dick cope is on the same level as bald cope
Open file (28.96 KB 679x516 84578925289529529525.jpg)
>>245193 I guess. "Small dick" is very gynocentric though. As is "premature" ejaculation
>>245190 Disgusting, the worse genre of woman.
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 whatever host.png)
>>245188 muttni's appearance on whatever was so retarded that she ended up helping her ideological opponents
>>245195 She just wants a guy to hold her down and stretch her out iirc. Hence her fixation on dick size. Dick size is related to pussy vacuity. But apparently she had a maid growing up when she was RAISED BY A SINGLE MOTHER, which would her sense of entitlement in life >>245196 Between her and Anna is was deadly dull. She tried to act as she does online or in controlled environments like her videos and livestreams, and it doesn't work. She already helps her ideological opponents bickers she has no facts or at least no facts with any validity that a smart college grad couldn't deboonk bickers she can't read studies. At least Aydin Paladin could apparently read studies even though I never recall her getting into the number crunching analysis of it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FABdlcrRYgc coomalot going to coom in mary morgan on pop coomer crisis
Open file (721.00 KB 703x1060 based.png)
>>245200 What a faggot. I'll like the show when I see the show and like it
Open file (1.09 MB 320x239 Fatality.gif)
>>245194 Once you realize everything Muttni says is bitter anger at being pumped and dumped by men over and over, it all makes sense. Then when she gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar, she pulls the "I'm just trolling. You got triggered. Hehe," card. She's upset she has a big, devastated, hollowed cavity vagina instead of small tight pussy, due to her promiscuity and high body count. So she projects all her anger back onto supposed small dicks. >>245197 The stupid nig can't even ride dick. Just lay there like a barnacle on a rock as an ocean wave slams you. Motionless barnacle. >>245177 Well said. Muttni isn't anti-paedo. It's only an angle to attack Vtuber streaming competition. She's jealous of the big numbers and subs they get. She collabs with paedo-defenders like Destiny. She's anti-manosphere bc her exes ripped her heart out of her chest like a Mortal Kombat fatality. And all her talking points get debunked by redpill guys. As I have said before, Muttni would fuck kids if she knew that was the path to fame, fortune, and stardom. Grifters don't have morals or principles. They just try angles to grow their channels and get subs. They all want Destiny's clout and money. >>245188 Women even talking, let alone complaining about dick size is sort of stupid if you think about it. They mostly have a 4 inch deep vagina. So if you're an average-sized male (5 or 6 in), you are filling them up completely. There are no women walking around with a 10 inch deep pussy. Who you would think need a 10 in dick. My rule is a women is allowed to complain about dick size if she can deepthroat what she's got with ease. If you're some woman dreaming of a 9 inch dick but you can't even take down 3 inches without gagging and choking, then fuck off. You haven't earned the right to lust after something bigger. You can't even handle normal size.
Open file (83.56 KB 1280x720 25589829529582985.jpg)
>>245206 >My rule is a women is allowed to complain about dick size if she can deepthroat what she's got with ease. If you're some woman dreaming of a 9 inch dick but you can't even take down 3 inches without gagging and choking, then fuck off. You haven't earned the right to lust after something bigger. You can't even handle normal size. I doubt she knows since she probably has never blown a guy, not that I personally care >The stupid nig can't even ride dick. Just lay there like a barnacle on a rock as an ocean wave slams you. Motionless barnacle. She probably seethes and moans, but that's about it >>245207 Yeah I saw that on tha farms
>>245201 >>245200 >>245202 >Mary is too disgusted to be on stream with him?
>>245188 Muttni projecting bickers she has small, floppy sad tits.
>>245206 i think a 1:5 clit/dick ratio is acceptable if schmutzni had a 2 inch clit its fine for her to complain about <10 dicklets
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>245211 >coomalot got cucked
Open file (1.17 MB 512x768 Coomalot.mp4)
Open file (83.25 KB 571x772 M1.jpg)
Open file (68.34 KB 562x742 M2.jpg)
Open file (24.71 KB 426x542 Metokur black hat 9.jpg)
Open file (67.09 KB 800x649 298589259285925925.jpg)
>>245206 You can call into questions her reasons, but she is against kid didlers. If you think otherwise you probably need to take a break from shitposting. It could be rotting your brain and make you post stupid shit just out of spite.
>>245230 t. muttni
>>245231 t. didler
Open file (1002.22 KB 992x720 26525219525296526.gif)
>>245230 >You can call into questions her reasons, Yes you can. >but she is against kid didlers. Ok. And you can still call into question her reasons. Just bickers you want to give a pat on the back for merely proclaiming the opinions of a decent person is no reason to genuflect to her. > If you think otherwise you probably need to take a break from shitposting. Think otherwise than what?Also she has done is tweeted and livestreamed or made videos about stuff. Eliza Bleu has done as little as Muttni has. >It could be rotting your brain and make you post stupid shit just out of spite. What stupid shit? Not reading a stranger's real motives? >evil is bad guys- gib me monies
So, did Гунтy posted on how much he earned on putting his chips to the Kansas City Chiefs?
Open file (593.77 KB 1280x720 XevIkPYpMVlkaCjb.mp4)
>>245230 I'm just going to no u that and say she's spiteful against kid diddlers bickers they will not have sex with her.
Anybody remembers and has pictures of jcaesar187s pajeet gf?
>>245235 She is ugly and I would not have sex with her
She is ugly and I would not have sex with her
Fuck off I cantnt delete shit
>>245243 its yakuza
Open file (61.67 KB 250x281 nicklick.png)
What the fuck happened to Rekieta's voice? He sounds like a homeless crackhead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtcBFab1Yzo
Open file (49.80 KB 639x445 total balldo death.png)
>>245248 he claims had a 107 degree fever which is bullshit as he would literally be dead if that was true
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>245250 Meanwhile he claims he couldn't eat for three days. Bullshit. You're telling me the paid help couldn't buy you ice cream and soda?
>>245251 China Virus got Nick
>>245254 who knows whats going on at this point montagraph or one of his buddies could be in a van across the street pointing microwave guns at him. Nicks gonna have to hire someone to paint his roof blue
Open file (1.79 MB 1258x658 assmongloid.png)
>>245256 Look at the comment section. Asmonbald's own audience is attacking him. Miles of cock Melonie said Asmon was strawmaning her and he said he wasn't, but immediately after he said he wasn't he said she was using her faith as a shield from criticism which she wasn't.
>>245258 Does anyone give a fuck what the former IRS employee who can't keep roaches out of his house has to say?
>>245266 Does anyone care what any streamer has to say? I wish faggots like asmon and penguinz0 would jump off a building head first.
>>245250 >>245251 >107 fever >hasn't eaten for three days He caught malaria from jigaboo sperm.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA-38Y2tnxg "I got where I am being me" Yeah, it was the streams you did. It was your magical personality
>>245271 *wasn't the streams
>>245268 Well everyone is noticing his teeth grinding, so maybe that is how he losing weight and hasn't eaten in three days while able to down bottles of hard alcohol
>>245271 >No more post-stream Locals streams, which I hated. >More flexibility incoming. >I've been changing things in my streaming. It sounds like some of his streaming contracts/gigs weren't renewed and he has cleverly smoothed over this with lawyerly wording.
Open file (109.34 KB 768x768 625295862962963263.jpg)
>>245274 Like how he said back at the beginning of his contracts when he lost a lot of his paypigs that his goal was always to live off contracts and not small donors
>>245275 Yeah, he is clever/sneaky in the sense that he knows there is an alog audience that watches him for the red meat. And he tries to avoid giving us that juicy red meat that alogs will celebrate over. Then again, he does go on steam totally trashed so maybe not.
Open file (357.84 KB 660x451 298529856928566.png)
>>245276 Probably both. Lawyer ceiling cat and drunken ceiling cat are battling all the time for control of him
Open file (257.49 KB