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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
LOL GYM GOT SWATTED https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 07/04/2022 (Mon) 03:10:26.
Open file (834.82 KB 326x500 5453152.mp4)
Open file (11.28 KB 330x522 2d_firstfag.png)
>>166748 >>166749 hello tourists
>>166746 go back
Open file (539.48 KB 268x215 butthurt_2.gif)
>>166752 >the truth hurts >please leave
>>166751 >>166753 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (2.21 MB 480x270 butthurt.gif)
>>166754 >forced >hoping id's >doesn't know about the first fag
>>166755 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (430.57 KB 800x1300 surfergaytor.png)
>>166756 >can't compete >still hoping id's
>>166757 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (204.68 KB 1133x965 gator_r_donald_dab.png)
>>166758 >cant compete >still id hopping >chad gaytor broke me
>>166759 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (482.26 KB 800x1400 ELDRID_GAYTOR _3.png)
>>166760 >lives in fear of gaytors shadow >cant stand gator getting W's >hops id's top cope
>>166761 >I will force this meme nah
>>166761 how's the transition going?
Open file (183.06 KB 721x1333 Gaytor Daru cosplay.png)
>>166762 >broken record >does't have and ounce of an original post in them >>166763 >posting an image containing my oc
>>166765 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (250.00 KB 600x338 gaytor_anime.gif)
>>166766 You will never be an e-celeb, Gaytor.
>>166746 no one is jealous of that fat fuck. he needs to touch a salad instead of grass he's fatter than jcaesar187.
>>166767 >I will force this meme nah
Open file (6.99 MB 480x480 saltpapicowboy.gif)
Open file (9.30 KB 1073x199 oldfagstare.png)
>>I will force this meme >nah
>I will force this meme nah
>>166690 I want to spin the midget around on my dick like a dreidel.
>>166746 >Гунтguards already forgot that gaytor challenged the Гунт and the Гунт ran for the fucking hills G A T O R stands undefeated to this day.
Open file (584.87 KB 1194x1492 byakuren_gaytor_final.png)
>>I will force this meme >nah
>I will force this meme nah
Open file (198.14 KB 309x643 gaytorpedobear.png)
>>I will force this meme >nah
>I will force this meme nah
Open file (307.00 KB 800x1800 rthedonaldgator.png)
>>I will force this meme >nah
Open file (2.80 MB 1326x1060 Angelina.webm)
wait a minute ain't gaytor the firstfag and thus the first maymay on the internet and the last one to be posted?
>I will force this meme nah
Open file (628.70 KB 544x360 Modern Rap.mp4)
>>166782 you are a
Beardson states he has had bank accounts closed due to AF. He's changed banks 3 times in the past 7 years.
>>166784 Then that is just further proof that AF is not considered a political organization but a terrorist organization like a drug cartel.
Open file (7.43 MB 280x194 PPP GOAT.gif)
Triple fucking P won. Deal with it.
>>166783 >everyone is horrified and covers their face >not the fat white slut that loves the BBC though KEK
>>166780 firstfagpostng seems to remind me of nu-imageboard culture such as soyduals >>166787 >loves buck breaking cock
Asshton won.
Open file (1.75 MB 640x360 1579498862504.webm)
>>166787 Also the blacked haired lady is in pure shellshock. That is quite funny.
Open file (10.85 MB 640x360 asstonJUSTed.webm)
Open file (464.78 KB 640x360 this is kino.webm)
Open file (999.96 KB 500x392 poor piggy!.gif)
>>166812 what an intelligent funny poster!
Open file (216.44 KB 600x800 1659939899262.png)
>>166826 >do my best work on my knees getting decapitated?
Open file (667.47 KB 750x550 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (90.21 KB 599x445 gunt.png)
Open file (67.15 KB 589x401 gunt2.png)
Open file (117.03 KB 603x497 gunt3.png)
Open file (218.71 KB 602x427 gunt4.png)
Open file (6.06 MB 264x266 sandrasmug.gif)
what if I just take an Uber
Open file (38.97 KB 745x306 89569821592865.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 320x180 9529826569285.gif)
>why hasn't Chad Thundercock rescued me from inceldom?
Open file (15.35 MB 1280x720 5435435.mp4)
>>166812 >pretending he's been above jcaesar187 the whole time Pretending to be above or pretending to be over jcaesar187? bickers it's August now, that G​AMERGATE is still burning through his Beyonce albums worth of free-and-single womyn living life with you cope. >>166719
Daddy's been awfully quiet. What gives? Is he hoping the Teflon Гунт will lose his scent?
Open file (8.85 MB 378x252 Belle BTFOing.gif)
Open file (1013.35 KB 2160x2744 FWDNo_gWYAIRqji.jpg)
>>166836 You mean N​IGGER won. I wasn't worth searching "Bell Delphine black guy" to get a pic related for this, holy shit
Open file (31.28 KB 320x240 belle cope.jpg)
>>166832 >filename lol
Open file (7.74 MB 292x480 SENB7bDk_480p.mp4)
>>166830 trannies are actively hunting jcaesar187 and his whereabouts, that is totally normal and not serial killer-like behavior. I think, I am starting to be afraid of jcaesar187's anus. >>166836 >>166838 Please do not post bbc kween she is disgusting.
Open file (557.47 KB 3290x650 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (59.62 KB 800x600 anus is defenseless.jpg)
>>166841 You might even say jcaesar187's anus is defenseless.
Open file (2.71 MB 1384x1578 freakyfaithmom.png)
>>166830 >vickers liked a post about jcaesar187 eating his daughter's ass boogers maybe they've got something more common
>>166842 Mega-cringe. Never simp or you'll end up like this pathetic fuck. He thought he could fix Pippa and that she was as sad and miserable as he was. In reality, she is secretly happy and sucking and fucking behind the scenes with her bf. It almost makes me feel sad for these types except their lives are horrible and they let themselves fall fall into the parasocial relationship like an opiate to numb their pain so at that point, they have it coming.
>>166842 holy shit vtubers and their fans are the absolute lowest form of scum on earth
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 belle6.jpg)
>>166845 das rite
Open file (2.76 MB 2160x2744 RalphaBelle47.jpg)
Open file (417.07 KB 2208x1188 RalphaBelle27.jpg)
Open file (435.51 KB 599x900 RalphaBelle Pathetic.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 2160x2880 FZuC0wEaIAEWtDQ.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1772x3567 FZuC0v-aUAAhKCU.jpg)
>>166842 >>166846 that's fucked and pathethic like bellefag or cuckfag ashe is known as now. Imagine he probably got into cuckold pornography bickers she fucked a N​IGGER, and not bickers of other weird psychological reasons like Jewsh and when he walked into the negro fucking his mom in Florida. >>166843 poor jcaesar187, and all of this is bickers he fucked crazy, and that daddy gym has given the go-ahead to Гунт hunt. So now, there is going to be a tranny with a negro pet that are going to take turns on poor jcaesar187. >>166847 Says the cuckold that simps on an imageboard for his bbc kween. >>166855 She looks like a retard that likes to be taken advantage off.
Open file (25.74 KB 599x256 gunt.png)
Open file (148.17 KB 607x664 gunt2.png)
Open file (8.51 MB 640x360 mike sperg outs.mp4)
>>166857 I wonder how hardcore Vickers sperged out when jcaesar187 came up with that joke? Maybe mister Vickers has a strange father daughter fetish, where he looks at his daughter as a fucktoy, and imagines his grandson as his own son, like it is a messed up incest love child. And now, jcaesar187 came and destroyed that when he came up with that joke.
Open file (422.05 KB 1013x720 RalphaThot.jpg)
Open file (459.01 KB 816x720 RalphaThot2.jpg)
Open file (454.13 KB 912x720 RalphaThot3.jpg)
Open file (438.11 KB 855x720 RalphaThot4.jpg)
Open file (3.24 MB 1772x3567 Ralphanip5.jpg)
Open file (684.62 KB 2048x1365 faith_family.jpg)
>>166857 >your sexual fetishes and kinks Yeah, I'm sure jcaesar187 went out of his way to find a teenager with a dad just like him.
Open file (576.74 KB 854x480 Rekieta ethot purrr.mp4)
>>166859 here you go for thy efforts. You get a fwee jewlawyer ethot when he purrrs like a cat. Do you wanna hear jcaesar187 purr like a cat while drinking makersmark, in a thot outfit?
>>166857 >vickers clutching pearls after giving his son corn stalk and gator toys Didn't this faggot disappear a month ago? Holy fucking mental illness.
>>166857 There is such bad blood between the Vickers and jcaesar187, it's amazing. It's also impressive how the Vickers just use the law to muzzle the ragepig's speech so easily.
>>166863 yes, Vickers is probably paying allot for a law firm, just to bully jcaesar187. which gym was against before but is now A-okay with.
Nice to see that /cow/ hasnt changed in 3 years. TheGatorGamerfag being a fag as usual
>>166859 hahaha
Open file (1.68 MB 332x256 98259285369263.gif)
>>166867 Who cares about this literal homosexual
>>166867 Zero charisma, boring as fuck. I'd rather watch tardski talk about his training then this guy
>>166842 I have no idea what that anon is trying to say. Kayfabe broken? She was the edgy rabbit who makes subtle jokes about e-drama, what part of that has changed?
>>166867 /who/
>>166874 Poor guy probably caught feels for an e-girl, and created an idealized version of her in his head. only for him to find out she's a bpd furry who is in a relationship with a guy who groomed her when she was 15
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
>>166876 >bpd furry who is in a relationship with a guy who groomed her when she was 15 How do I get one of those?
>>166877 Try discord
>>166880 Maybe you should pay her then, faggot. Rant incoming that I want to get off my chest. Not really about you. One thing I hate about the grifters is that most of them do not understand the concept of value and labor. Bc people like jcaesar187 or Muttni never had real jobs, they don't understand fixed wages. They're like spoiled brats where the internet gave them access to tons of suckers who would throw money at them via exploiting a parasocial relationship. They don't see 95% of these people and usually only read a text superchat message so they never appreciate the value of the dollar. Instead there is money coming in anonymously over the internet so they get greedy and complacent that there is an infinite amount of superchats forever. This leads to "internet welfare mentality" where the loser NEET who's never held a job looks to the internet to crowdfund everything and pay for him full ride through life. I need a new car (Muttni). Internet will pay for it. I want to vacation in Miami with my buddies and fuck hookers (Gvnt and Wortski). Internet will pay it. I would like a new laptop (Styx several times). Internet will pay for it. Something I've done has landed me a lawsuit (Q#er). Internet will pay. I want trans surgery. Internet will pay. An anime voice actor is being sued. I'll do a gofundme and make the internet pay for it and use it catapult my channel and me on the map (Rekieta). The list goes on and on. But there is enough working people and kids with their parents credit cards at the bottom rung of the pyramid to support these NEET parasite grifters' lifestyles. Without the internet, they would have to have jobs. But with the internet, if you can just pull $5 from 1000 people per month, then you have $5000/month. Or $10 from 2000 paypigs is $20,000 / month. It is like welfare crackhoes do not understand the value of surplus from taxes and the state generating money to provide benefits. All they know is "the gubbamint will pay for my keeds." Similarly, e-grifters do not understand why there is money coming to them through the internet as they take it for granted. They simply think, "The innanet will pay for it." That is why you have fat faggots like Gvnt, Rekieta, or Destiny just streaming all day for like 9 hour stretches. Each hour they add they think it's a window for more magical superberries to come in from the ether and rain down on them. It's the internet welfare mentality.
Open file (1.07 MB 1057x917 ClipboardImage.png)
>>166883 Nice blogpost faggot. Shame I didn't read it.
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 Jojew.mp4)
>>166883 To your points, yes. This is internet welfare for these people and they are fwend simulators and now for some reason the Гунт has started to larp as-if he is a podcaster, and allot of them fancy themselves as something else than what they are. The parasocial relationship is basically just a disturbing thing of what youtube and other streaming sites do, that is making a personality and making one that has nothing to lose, to namely grift and be on internet welfare but what they do not realize and I think that is good for them, that is they are entertainers first and before they know it, they are going to be really irrelevant and thrown to the side of something new or whenever the scawy algorithm strikes them and pushes them away which in truth is just jewtube and kikebook sensing you need and want something new to watch. And before you say that the algorithm isn't that advanced, and it cannot understand human psychology and so on, you have heard of the retards that went into the flat earth loop and even the neonazi propaganda loop by just watching jewtube? that is bickers the algorithm just shows you top 10 of what might interest you. And that is how these fwend simulators got a good headstart of being fwend simulators and getting internet welfare but it is a double edged sword in that it will show other things as-well and the audience might not wanna watch a stream anymore and watch a video that day instead and then they as the fwend simulator host believes the platform is not promoting them bickers 3k will get suggestions of regular videos or new videos instead of the fwend simulator sending direct, and that happens if you do not click on the fwend simulator direct video thingy and thus the fwend simulator believe they have been censored. Yes, these fwend simulators are spewing that kind of paranoid worldview like they are the next Socrates or Plato, when they do not even have one revolutionary thought in their mind and could not think of a revolutionary thought even if it was to save their own skin. Before I was interested in the fwend simulator and the impact it had on the abuser, since I do fancy myself as a Connoisseur that likes allot of different forms of fwend simulation and to see how close is it to the real deal of interacting with a fwend or girlfwend, it is not even close and it has the disconnect that one would expect, since it is an interaction that is between monetary gibs to the simulation and thus the entertainer will not really see or have an interest to plebs that do not pay. So in many ways it is like a whore, unironically. so the welfare situation is quite fascinating but at the same time, really sinister bickers no humanbeing is able to keep a stable audience every night for the rest of their life, no one is that interesting.
>>166880 still got that e.t head thing tho
>>166886 I agree with everything there. Good points. I will add a couple more. The algorithm is freaky in the sense that youtube is getting down the secret to knowing what you want. So if I'm watching MMA stuff, they know how much I'm watching and how likely I am to click it when I load up youtube. So they put the most likely stuff you are to click on, within that subtopic in the top left where it's most visible. Or if I'm really into weight lifting or doing something like pullups, they know and recommend me stuff like this bc my computer is connected to my phone and all its searches and google is connected to merchant sites like Amazon or ebay or when I buy stuff from the store in-person. But the algorithm is flexible enough that you can change this and break out of that sphere if you look up enough stuff outside your current interests. Or it knows sometimes that I'm trending on interest in a video game like I'm currently into the Ridge Racer series or something like MTG. The funny thing is when every streamer cries about being censored and the algorithm not promoting them anymore when the algorithm gave them breath in their lungs in the first place. They are all ungrateful entitled pricks. And narcissists prefer this seductive narrative of censorship bc they don't have to look inward and accept responsibility that they're just not that entertaining. It's not 2007 anymore where you can squirt out enough videos, dominate the algorithm and become PewDiePie with only 5000 uploaders on the site. Everyone is on youtube now. Competition has increased exponentially. You're now competing with major corporations and 4-8 billion people depending on how many are using youtube at one point. Your niche thing can never be as popular as other major things like makeup tutorials that 4 billion women may want. Still, you can carve out a niche and an audience. The sad reality of youtube is that it's not really skill. It's about being there at the right time and "showing up" by putting out videos to garner an audience. It's mostly luck and timing. Like with crypto. Ofc grifters are not cognizant enough to get this bc the social media feedback of hyperreality has made them delusional. They all think they're famous superstars in their narcissism. The future is 4 billion NEETS that all think they will become the next PewDiePie, entitled to be rich and famous while doing nothing much beyond playing Minecraft.
Open file (135.43 KB 376x501 pure coi.png)
Open file (375.52 KB 1847x892 rip terry.jpg)
Open file (184.63 KB 277x373 vee_the_GM.PNG)
>>166888 I kinda wonder what it is in the psychology of these people that want to be a "get-rich-quick" via jewtube and then just following what is trending in the current time. Which is a bad idea if you want to make it into a living bickers no one is stagnant when it comes to politics and social commentary, so what is popular in today's talking point is going to go down the toilet maybe next year or who know? But ironically enough these people/streamer/fwend simulators are the last to know what is and what might become the current talking point. When the new nichr one arrives that becomes popular, so in many ways they are stagnant creatures with not much thought of their own and even an original thought. That is why I just love their paranoia for the jewtube algorithm. When it is a pretty good one but the algorithm has gotten shit I wanna watch wrong a bit too many times. Like I get suggestions to weird shit from time to time, and other times I get suggestions to things I am interested in. Like >we both are into video games, I am a semi retrofag to playing random triple a games but for some reason jewtube has stopped giving me suggestions to shilling channels, I do find this quite interesting. But then again, these shills aren't really able to make me buy the new Horizon game or other popular triple A games bickers I played super niche JRPGs this generation, and the one game I am interested in, I have not even seen the typical shills shill for it which I think is quite weird but at the same time, it is harder for these shills to shill a game that looks like an anime and is probably only going to be popular in Japan. And this trend of a game being popular in Japan or having a resemblance of an audience in Japan while in the west the game has to be ordered online or bought on PSN or e-shop to be quite interesting on how gaming trends change and evolve not for the better but worse in many ways. Oh, I am rambling now. But yeah, these jewtubers now are going to be really sad to even super depressed when they realize that the new trend that is coming is going to find something new and it is a when situation in their case. btw what kinda games are you into? I have seen the PSM stuff you have posted, are you a retrofag or something?
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 226 Featuring Warren Balogh Striker is joined by Warren for this week's episode. Enjoy this intelligent product. https://files.catbox.moe/dskz4s.mp3
Samsung once-a-year livestream on their new products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN3BtquTooA I like to watch these bickers Samsung is the company innovating in phone design these days with their foldables while Apple is stagnant with their notches on the screen and low refresh rate screens.
>>166891 samsung has 2 livestreams a year muh mang. The flagship phone and the foldable phones and other non-flagship phones or costly phones.
that PR marketing whore on samsung ain't that bad.
Open file (52.96 KB 657x527 1505490960864.jpg)
What in the fuck! Samsung all of'a sudden started to show a kpop band. I thought for a second that I had an opiate hallucination.
the pig is farming paypigs doxes and processing credit cards via his unsure website Гунтamania for 80 fucking bucks
Open file (1.22 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)
>>166891 >>166892 >>166893 >>166894 Oy vey. Buy our products goy.
Open file (77.41 KB 380x349 boomer.png)
>>166896 yeah, but I already have a fold 3 what do I need a 4 for? And the fold is just used as a tablet, it is like a great tablet but retarded as a phone. But the flip is a perfect boomer phone.
>>166895 you would have to be the biggest retard to give Гунт any of that info
Open file (69.98 KB 593x479 gunt.png)
>>166899 whoa is me, the permanent victim >>166895 amazing that pigs shit website hasnt been hacked yet
Open file (159.36 KB 448x479 1648481779566.jpg)
like everyday with pig playing shitting music for negros
Open file (25.08 KB 500x404 9082592836.jpg)
>>166902 >far right conservatives who play hip hop I think deep down they just all want to say G​AMERGATE in public really badly. Or at least while getting cornholed by Tyrone.
Open file (52.86 KB 250x250 1533274688337.png)
>>166903 That is bickers republican today is just democrats in the 90s or something. So they like the negro music but do not like being near the N​IGGERs bickers they realize they are dangerous.
>>166895 Is there any info on jcaesar187amania? The site says he hasn't even announced who will be there and he's already selling tickets. If he could get Donga there that would be kino.
>>166888 Don't give (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot please.
>>166874 it's clearly bait. NO ONE is that pathetic, not even vtuber simps.
Open file (32.65 KB 564x720 54234324.jpg)
Open file (38.28 KB 558x710 432432432.jpg)
ip2 has better Гунтs than the jcaesar187amale himself, its over.
Open file (410.10 KB 599x1016 ClipboardImage.png)
>>166905 >I homo trollius is maybe theee *most* pathetic Гунтguard in the entire sector, from the top on down
>>166895 >80 burgerbux For what exactly? Has the Гунт talked about specifics other then 'wrestle wrestle'? I can't imagine the venue is going to be anything but a run down gym, empty warehouse or someone's backyard and the Гунт doesn't have the clout to pull anyone who's not a wannabe z-list eceleb. >>166902 >wigger wendesday So does that mean he's going to limit his public porch monkey worship or go harder on it on Wednesdays?
Open file (71.74 KB 598x641 ClipboardImage.png)
which body part will diddler dax sacrifice to escape the cringe this time?
Open file (14.60 KB 319x331 1546999143579.jpg)
>>166909 is that ice poseidon? >>166910 lol >>166911 There is literally nothing wrong in being a wall mart wigger and it is based to be a wigger. >>166912 he is going to sacrifice his anus and let it rip and bleed and then says he has a leg bone problem, he cannot say it is his arm this time.
Open file (80.78 KB 1340x1376 654654654.jpg)
Open file (159.16 KB 356x426 289589265986.png)
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 85992865.png)
>>166915 >not showing the noodle arms that are actually punching him
Open file (63.18 KB 500x370 1623318910643.png)
>>166915 yeah, tardski is going to lose he cannot handle 10 easy punches to the chest. >>166916 the worst thing is that tardski probably feels like a warrior now and a huge professional fighter. Just look at how weak those punches are and tadski is visibly in pain from those weak punches.
>>166916 i think maybe anon removed the arms so that memes could be made? or am i too generous?
Open file (121.00 KB 338x429 Belle ugh.jpg)
>>166915 that was meant to look impressive?
Open file (34.36 KB 655x527 89125921856.jpg)
>>166917 >tardski is visibly in pain from those weak punches. Or he's straining to hard to tense up his midrift. Or both. >>166918 I don't know, but either way it gives a skewed impression that he's withstanding harder punches than he is.
>>166919 homosexual like the Lesbian co-host of his shown and the drooling retards that is really into the grifting casino, along with foxdick trannies. >>166920 I mean, it is obvious he is tensing up but tardski is a mellow bitch and he is going to be made into a bitch by that fat Asian.
Open file (29.92 KB 550x393 pp,550x550.u12.jpg)
>>166921 >I mean, it is obvious he is tensing up but tardski is a mellow bitch and he is going to be made into a bitch by that fat Asian. Endomorph vs ectomorph is already an imbalanced fight
Open file (573.14 KB 913x1100 andy fake recovery.jpg)
>>166922 flashbacks bros...
Open file (521.48 KB 600x600 Ralpha glasses.png)
A reminder that absolutely nobody gives a flying fuck about the Retardski fight. It was only relevant due to Gvnt.
Open file (28.32 KB 561x583 4578918295.jpg)
>>166924 True, but seeing him get flattened will be funny
>>166922 I dunno, I can only see from the facial expression that tardski is not able to take more than 10 weak punches and that is generally bad especially when it is boxing where punching like allot is the whole point of the game and entertainment of it. Tardski is going to be made into a bitch and his anus is going to be raped by a fat Asian. It might be his sexual fantasy, and the retard believes this will further bring views to his grifting show and make him into a real z-celeb again. Which it won't. I just wonder what kinda lies he will tell himself when his plan fails? >>166924 >>166925 just a few sperg cares about the fight, and even then most of them will just find a way to watch the pirated stream version.
>>166883 Honestly anon what is depressing is the grifters are right, their are subhumans who will pay for them to shit his pants and do nothing of value and make nothing of value.
Open file (241.25 KB 553x582 478581275896.png)
>>166929 Giving Andy the thrashing he's deserved since Krautgate
Open file (275.91 KB 691x535 Gunt hat.png)
Do you think Rаlph will make an unexpected cameo?
>>166898 agreed the same type of idiots spending their disability money on pigboys merch
>>166915 Peak Twink Performance
Open file (438.52 KB 1450x895 Ralphamale Adjusted.png)
>>166931 The jcaesar187amale keeps winning
Open file (26.18 KB 636x562 1547638487.png)
>>166923 >#stayback kek
Open file (21.22 KB 486x505 walphatard.jpg)
>>166903 >wigger walph >far right conservative
Open file (1.03 MB 990x900 8175492865.png)
>>166936 Not jcaesar187. His audience
Open file (8.64 KB 300x168 sue.jpg)
>>166915 I trained boxing at least thrice a week for 6 years, I can't say what Tardsky is trying to accomplish by publishing this video. Training body shots like that won't do much for you besides maybe building your confidence, traditionally is not the kind of thing you advertise your own fight with also. Whoever still can't discount Tardski from this fight, saltpapi looks good on the footage he released, but a low IQ retard on a ring is a dangerous thing. Regardless this fight will be a hearth check on Andy, either he will be the phoenix returning once again or the big fat phony tard.
Open file (18.42 KB 300x168 index.png)
>>166938 f-f-awk yeah buddy, I was in the g-g-gym right now and the c-c-coach said they will punch me for 3 hours, I never heard of s-s-s-such training before and I think I saw them sm-m-miling to one another but it was probably nothing. I'm gonna be the b-b-boxing champion with this epic training!
Open file (1.31 MB 1213x1795 tardski3.png)
>>166915 this retard still thinks he's the plucky underdog while most people genuinely want him to die in front of a live audience
>>166914 >is that ice poseidon? no, a random stream sniper.
>>166877 >wanting to groom a fucking teen Consider sudoku.
>>166938 honestly Toad McKinley has been done since stay back, he is a walking corpse of an e-celeb, kind of like Гунт after the pillstream, sadly gywn gym extends their lives through the fire and the curse of the undead.
>>166938 My money has always been on Salt Papi. The point isn't to see Andy win in some match with a rando boxer no-one outside of PPV boxing communities knows about, the point is for him to make money off getting beaten up and seeing how the Гунт reacts to it.
Open file (152.11 KB 338x429 RalphaBelle49.jpg)
Open file (255.65 KB 636x641 laughing RalphaThot2.jpg)
Open file (240.56 KB 637x638 happy Ralphathot.jpg)
It's soon time for Toad McKinley to fight A Filipino who's of no small might He'll get knocked on his ass For he lacks muscle mass Unless he, like Tyson, can bite.
jcaesar187ªmania wrestling shall come In December, unless he has done Something to get locked up, Has a new teen knocked up, Or is to drunk to know if he's won.
How big Ashton's belly has grown Quickly bigger than Ethąn Ràlph's own He stays on the couch With some chips in a pouch: To be a glutton is all that he's known.
One morning found Ethån irate: He said Faith, you know that I hate Feeling just like a bum When I can't make you cum But why most you admit you vibrate?
>>166946 >>166947 >>166948 >>166949 You know where you can take that iambic pentameter shit back home to?
Open file (382.14 KB 392x500 8921658925639263.gif)
Open file (7.23 MB 360x360 mfw you.gif)
Open file (702.09 KB 477x252 1471665346539.gif)
Open file (206.48 KB 588x688 tardski.png)
Open file (20.59 KB 582x196 tardski2.png)
Open file (367.56 KB 584x723 saltpapi.png)
Open file (3.94 MB 720x1280 pWsHmF6VvcuMCqF6.mp4)
Jaden McNeil is going LIVE! Looks like a lot of kontent about jcaesar187. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1QFOxxN9iQ
Can any anons post jcaesar187 dancing?
>>166955 I'd unironically more watch Spic Fuentes.
Open file (795.13 KB 153x200 dancing_ralph.gif)
Open file (5.71 MB 399x246 Gdance.gif)
Open file (1.34 MB 600x338 Gunt_Dance.gif)
Open file (6.83 MB 576x960 guntfagdance.gif)
Open file (8.23 MB 640x640 Gunt&troon.gif)
Open file (4.82 MB 480x192 Gunt dance.jpg)
Open file (336.12 KB 220x220 Gdance2.gif)
>>166959 based
Open file (9.28 MB 268x480 cartoon gunt dance.gif)
Open file (723.83 KB 388x338 8geyf6.gif)
Open file (2.26 MB 348x223 4gy4s0.gif)
Open file (795.13 KB 153x200 7845821975298.gif)
Jaden: I used to think the a-logs were bad for doxing me but really the a-logs are doing god's work. Especially the one going after Ral, who is evil. America First is evil. foxdick farms is doing good work. Based Jaden avows the a-logs and foxdick farms.
Open file (6.91 MB 1312x882 based camera man.webm)
Open file (4.84 MB 1280x720 ralph sperg-out.mp4)
>>166938 I can maybe see it as a confidence thing when you freeze up in the ring but none of these retards has the punch to throw to knock someone out with one throw. >>166940 he is an underdog in that he is a junky that wants to be a professional fighter, I would say that is new and really retarded. >>166941 IP2 is usually just Ice's sub-plebbit or these other degenerate livestreamers, so it can be anyone. >>166943 you are right but the chase of z-celebrity is a real thing and they will chase that high no matter what. >>166954 gay. >>166955 trying to watch this stream and I do not get it. >>166965 He does realize that this cuts both ways and all depends on the boredom of the ayylawg.
>>166966 His streams are shit watching paint dry is more fun.
Open file (271.46 KB 718x1381 brian pedoshielding.png)
>>166740 >>166737 >>166721 >>166720 >>166719 How long can Brian Holloman attack sweaty gamers like Keffels while defending his own sweaty gamer friends?
Open file (1.87 MB 387x498 pedomenco.gif)
>>166889 Recently I have been going through retro PSM magazines for nostalgia and to see if there was any sexy art I missed when younger, to be candid. I used to enjoy these magazines at a time where the internet was not mainstream so people actually bought magazines at the grocery store. It was fun bc there was tremendous hype when you read these magazines and it was so cool bc these 'zines came out during PS1-PS2 era before the publisher shut down. It was 1997 and FF7 had just released. And the previews section was looking forward to games like Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid. And they would theorize with rumors of how powerful the PS2 was going to be and how many polygons it could calculate on screen. It was a fun time. Like I remember 1998 was the year MGS and RE2 came out in the same year. I was pleased to find out these magazines had all been scanned and archived here (you just have to search for each issue): https://archive.org/details/PSM_Issue_001_September_1997/mode/2up. There are other retro magazines that have been archived like EGM and Nintendo Power too. I am not exclusively a retrofag as I will play anything if it's good. But recently from browsing these old magazines I have been interested in PS1 games I've missed. I played Fear Effect 1 recently and am now playing R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. I think there is something very special about PS1-PS2 era where it seemed so many great games came out during this time. I guess it was probably bc games had not become these massive blockbuster things that all required 400 employees to make yet, which is why the Japanese struggled during PS3 development with making big worlds that still had good graphics. FFXIII is just on a one-way railroad track in level design despite looking great. Plus, the PS3 was said to be hard to tap into its full power since its architecture was arcane and the cell processor was different. So multiplatform games usually performed better on the 360. I realize these PS1 games still had to have hundreds of employees sometimes but there was something about the limits of the PS1 and 2 polygon power that put a hard cap on their game design that was interesting to me. I think game design and innovation came out better in this time bc developers did not have enough horsepower to render extreme detail like sweat on their skin or specular lightmap reflections and stuff. So the limits of technology fostered innovation in other areas. Anyway, there are some good games I have missed like Ape Escape, Tenchu 1 and 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Siren 1 and 2, R5 (Ridge Racer), R7. Little gems that I've missed that I either want to collect or play on emulation. But for now I'm obsessing over the Ridge Racer series and I gathered the consensus on which ones are the best and then play them. What is that JRPG you are interested in?
>>166968 >fbi >canada Hahaha I know Gator is a retard, but even for him that's seriously fucking embarrassing. Schizo gator has to make up his own retarded retelling of events in his head everytike like an autistic child. People shouldn't let him forget this.
>>166970 Stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot please.
>>166970 I have had theories onto what made ps1 and 2 games somewhat special but my best answer is that there was still a sense of genre at the time and there was actual level design and game design, and not a focus on a sandbox and the plot of the game, then making of systems to the sandbox and call it a day. Like if you watch any new design talks from game developers conference you will see that they are more interested in plot and sandbox, and everything that entails a plot like character design and other things, so their mind is on the wrong target, namely not being interested in gameplay which should carry the game. The Japanese struggled with the PS3 and 360 era bickers they used tricks when it came to a 3d rendered games before, while most of the PC developers just jumped from hardcore PC development into console development which in turn made them in many ways have a huge edge over the Japanese bickers the straight console developers did not know how to use basic shaders and meshes as textures with UE 3 and UE 3.5, so it kinda took them a long time and allot of the Japanese developers where more than happy to just make games for the Wii, and the handhelds bickers they could much easier make a game with a reasonable team and make money from the game even when it was a niche. But at the same time, it made them obsolete when it came to modern PS4 era and now PS5 era. When it comes to games I am personally interested in this month there is Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus, I think that if it flops, I think that Atlus might cancel a spin off title from SMT and just stick with SMT proper and Persona(which is it's own thing now, even when it is a spin off of SMT) and whatever the new game from the old guard of Persona team also known as Team Zero also I think that Atlus is banking on making games cheap like in the old days. But I hope that it will be more SMT than Persona but I have a dark feeling that it is going to be really inspired by Persona and most of the trailers tells me that, even when they are announcing which demons there are and so on.
>>166955 why is this guy a streamer? other than rattling his begging cup
>>166968 Brian Holloman is in for a reckoning he does not want, "year of the Gator" indeed. The mood rn is witch-hunty and his anime preferences are public knowledge. He can only ride the admiration of the aylawgs for finaelly shitting on the Гунт for so long. The tree of kahntent must be wetted.
>>166890 >>166891 Fuckoff Jewchim, nobody wants your lazy irrelevant ass here. How's Em doing?
>plenty of time to post kfc memes >not enough time to let his fans know his show's been cancelled We'll I'll b b b be a hollerin hog
>>166995 ah yes, Tardski is too busy to do the huge amount of show prep that he does without fail.
>>166968 Swatting someone by saying they are an active threat, and saying someone has cp on their PC are different accusations with different procedures. Are these guys retarded?
Open file (2.91 MB 404x720 saltpapicowboy.mp4)
Open file (55.08 KB 442x500 toasty.mp4)
Open file (138.38 KB 1024x1021 1627817705366m.jpg)
>>166999 Those are the weakest punches I've ever seen. Retardski's a fucking weakling but Salt is not much better. also check em
Open file (3.66 MB 480x852 fdJl6zhQFlIoUZ0q.mp4)
Open file (4.53 MB 300x169 928592855896.gif)
>>166997 >Are these guys retarded? That question answers itself >>167000 >Those are the weakest punches I've ever seen. Not as weak as the ones Wartski was absorbing
Open file (100.53 KB 900x900 1552527585593.png)
>>166990 he is a streamer bickers it is easier than having a real job. And he has a loyal paypiggie audience and they've been fucked with by the paypiggies from america first, and then he had a tell all tale about how Nick the Spic is a homosexual without including himself into the conversation. So this twinky homosexual is just relevant bickers he has sometimes tales of Nick the Spic and treats it like it is a cult and that is something that this thread has talked about for at-least 4 years. >>166992 that guy that posts the wholesome podcast of the week has done it a long time now. Do not be a playahater. >>166995 lol his grifting show is hard for him to do now bickers it takes somewhat brainpower from him, and now he is focusing all of his brainpower to fantasies about being a professional fighter. >>166996 Yes, and do not forget about the 70% he makes from literally doing nothing and just be a retard in the elements. >>166997 yes, anon it is both retardation and mental illness. >>166991 I would not take what gaytor says seriously maybe bickers he talked about there being an FBI in Canada or something. >>167000 to defend the Asian a bit, he is at-least showing some leg work but the punches are as weak as my dick slapping a whores mouth. Hell my dick does more damage than these punches.
Open file (109.22 KB 753x797 912859821598265625.png)
Open file (844.10 KB 240x135 91825691285653.gif)
Open file (34.89 KB 544x540 ourmutt laughing.jpg)
>>167005 >venti spotted a troonfarmer.png LOL
Open file (3.61 MB 480x480 9258219589265.gif)
>>167005 >TheGatorGamer isn't a troonfarmer That's some creative headcanon
Open file (219.65 KB 1096x201 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (68.47 KB 720x720 venti sailor coom.jpg)
Open file (123.70 KB 1708x960 FZwWmgfVQAA5r8m.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 2160x2880 FZuC0wEaIAEWtDQ.jpg)
Open file (2.23 MB 2160x2880 FZq_iUOaMAIhVCu.jpg)
>>167004 why is the Nubian kween celebrating her plebbit getting banned? Was there too many lewd pics? >>167007 muttni is a woman and not a troon so that should make her not a foxdick.
Open file (426.61 KB 660x412 1894568156281.png)
>>167009 >muttni is a woman and not a troon so that should make her not a foxdick. Troonfamer doesn't automatically equal troon, but it seems to help. She gave Jewsh some of her personal info on WigOnHead for his stream on her
Open file (2.00 MB 689x1282 venti ourmutt.png)
>>167010 based /ourmutt/
Open file (651.30 KB 701x672 5861e485a8.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 332x256 98259285369263.gif)
>>167014 the wrestle wrestle shit is pure faggotry and listening to pigs pathetic life >pig missed his daddy
redditkur did a stream or something?
Open file (330.38 KB 700x375 asdasdd.png)
>>167001 The tell sign of a beginner is not extending their arms and shoulders when punching, Andy has the same downie punching he had back on the Donga fight coach's footage. It appears he is focusing on conditioning, that's a smart thing, like I said before on an amateur fight the guy that gas out first loses. I don't know tardskibros, maybe he has a chance.
>>167019 Retardski is retarded. If that other guy has IQ in triple digits he'll win for sure.
>>167020 its not a math test, its a brawl. Even a guy with down syndrome has a chance if he tries hard enough.
Open file (71.14 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
>>167021 I can see you've never been in a fight in your life. Brawn means nothing if the opponent has wits. All great fights were won with smarts and all the great fighters are celebrated for their intellect. Since you kinda seem retarded yourself I'll make it clear, intellect is not just about counting numbers.
>>167022 >intellect
Open file (8.63 KB 445x168 ClipboardImage.png)
Someone needs to go to Axel's and kill him in real life.
>>167019 the guy he is fighting is a trained boxer, who no one took seriously until he started smacking the shit out of that pineapple head retard. The guy had fast leg work and jabbing considering his size, used his weight in his punches and drove his opponent around the ring fairly easily given the opponents size. Toad McKinley is a skinny fat untrained retard, he is gonna drive him into a corner and he's gonna fold over like a deck chair.
>>166968 >her what a faggot that fatty is
top of the sector can only get a 116 followers, are the child support payments cutting int the bot budget?
Open file (156.89 KB 2000x1335 FYG6CV4acAUFXe3.jpg)
Open file (133.31 KB 1014x1024 FYHHb0LUIAE8Rir.jpg)
Open file (133.17 KB 1109x1080 1636502048038.jpg)
>>167010 >Troonfamer doesn't automatically equal troon, but it seems to help. sure, but it does make the person either a fag or someone that should've been a fag. >She gave Jewsh some of her personal info on WigOnHead for his stream on her well, that is just based. >>167014 oh yeah, the classical feces jokes. it is not like it's been repeated so much that it is kinda boring. >>167019 personally don't think so, his punches looks quite tame and he looks like he is straining himself just throwing them and jumping around. >>167024 He isn't going to be beaten up before he does something and he knows it, if not he is going to be convicted and then people are going to hunt him down and tell all of his neighbors he is a sweaty gamer. That could happen. >>167027 yes, obviously.
Open file (1.24 MB 743x825 jacked murphy.png)
abortskis gym
Open file (25.08 KB 500x404 9082592836.jpg)
>>167030 >We Are All Essential Not really
Open file (1010.96 KB 1920x1080 smiles like a.png)
Open file (55.76 KB 663x1024 absoulte degenrate.jpg)
>>167030 I have seen that face before! >>167031 they are all essential to him
>>167024 He's waiting anon.
Open file (122.03 KB 1200x600 1641000589217.jpg)
>>167033 you do realize that is just a shed? No one lives there, it is the white house next to it where he lives.
Open file (87.25 KB 1000x562 817458176258152.jpg)
>>167024 >Anders Breivik missed one
>>167035 he was probably not a member of that youth political party at that time, or a member of any political party now.
>>167034 I'm not so sure. I've watched enough of his streams to see that he lives in a crumbling shed with tool shelves and a roof with insulation blankets. He has also mentioned that he has no heating.
>>167037 maybe he just streams from the shed and lives in the house
>>167038 nah, his bed is right next to where he streams.
Open file (31.28 KB 480x360 1618601248825.jpg)
>>167037 if you look at the property then it is a house probably built in the 60s. those houses don't have heating on the floors or other places bickers that is something that you would need to install yourself and that costs allot of money, and if you are going to install these things yourself then you would change up the roofing or other parts to make it better and increase in value. And he is probably just using an electric heater and an oven for firewood in the living room so to not freeze to death. that shed does not have a pipe for smoke getting out, so you know this is a shed that no one lives in. Also can you imagine him going out of his way to shovel snow from that property, to make it so that he can go to a grocery store to be able to get food? Also there are no lines, and most houses have fibercables into their house, this shed does not have that. I can maybe see him getting the county workers to do all of these minimal tasks for him, or most likely his parents.
>>167001 I hope tardski does not stutter with his p-p-punches.
>>167039 lol fuckin pathetic then.
Open file (9.62 KB 219x230 thk.jpg)
>>167025 You made me google saltpapi and now I can say you are 100% right. That guy is a mean southpaw with a fast left straight, no chance at all for Tardski.
>>167030 pigboy doxed this on stream, it would be funny if odysee deleted his fat ass
>>167043 oh absolutely, he was the talk of the last event he fought in cause of how fast he was and how aggressive yet relaxed he was with his pacing and punching he's had real training. years of it at this point vs Toad McKinley going to some mma classes for a few weeks on coke and pretending like he was in shape for a fight. even now all he does is sleep all day and then do gay drama shows with a fat retard every few days. he hasn't even talked about going to the gym or really training till recently its just been him lying. in reality just like with tonka he's lying about working out and training hard. meanwhile this other guy is training daily and watch he will probably KO Toad McKinley in the first round.
>>167044 >meanwhile this other guy is training daily I was judging him from the promos the posted on twitter, I believe he is intentionally underselling himself to make the fight more interesting, there's a dozen videos on his channel of him fighting random people on the street and he shows much better boxing there. > KO Toad McKinley in the first round. He didnt knockout that arab can he fought before so I don't know about that, if Andy don't gas out on the second round Toad McKinley probably is losing on decision.
>>167046 meant for >>167045
>>167046 That guy also trained bickers it was monitored by the event and he didn't need to knock that guy out bickers that guy was thrown around the ring and battered, it was hilarious to see that pineapple fuck get punked after all the shit he talked about his training. no one is monitoring Toad McKinley at all he is just lying like always.
>>167048 I don't know about that anon if there's something Andy is good at is taking blows to the head.
>>167049 he crumpled in a ball like a bitch over a 5'1 midget redneck lol and when those guys went after him in miami he ran behind alex
Coach is interviewing thots stream and for some reason people did not post it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14NY87-lzSc
Open file (32.07 KB 400x400 wingo.jpg)
Open file (561.52 KB 743x431 coachkino12.png)
>>167044 >doxing a gym back to foxdicks
>>167053 >links jewtube for an 11 second clip You could have clipped it and uploaded it hear, go ahead and thank me for doing what you should have you nig​​ger fag​​got.
>>167054 it was kind of a lame coachkino but found the burger talk of rent quite interesting and how they talked about how mind boggling high renting is. >>167057 will the Jew talk about prepping the negro bull known as drex or something weird?
>>167057 How many times has she made fun of his dick this stream? The one a few days ago she revealed it was crooked
Open file (23.79 KB 562x171 1.png)
jcaesar187 is on to you pesky a-logs. Notice this was not posted on his Twitter account. Muh blue check-mark. https://mobile.twitter.com/RaIphaManiaLive
>>167060 ARREST HIM
Jaden McNeil is going LIVE! Ultros, get your Dad's credit card ready. It's time to drop $500 for your 2nd daddy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbICX8dO7HY
Open file (4.04 MB 598x16743 RaIphaManiaLive.png)
>>167060 this account is funny
>>167062 why do people simp for this homo?
Open file (220.13 KB 341x562 9821592392856392653.png)
>>167057 NICE BOOBA >my friend the Cuckening didn't ask me to shill his coffee >he just sent me a supachat
Open file (117.36 KB 622x805 PSM-002_0000.jpg)
>>167067 She's wearing that little top that's falling off her shoulder like she's halfway undressing and exposing her tummy to his all male audience of weeb-losers. She knew she was going the stream and then chose to wear that. They know what they are doing to stimulate stupid-chats. >>167063 >>167065 Get a new bit, B*llefag. >>167053 That's actually based though.
>>167068 >She's wearing that little top that's falling off her shoulder like she's halfway undressing and exposing her tummy to his all male audience of weeb-losers. She knew she was going the stream and then chose to wear that. They know what they are doing to stimulate stupid-chats. Of course she does. She's a woman.
Open file (9.63 MB 640x356 gooGetsBit.gif)
>>167068 >B*llefag
Also playing ps5 and checking out it's version of xbox game pass, for now it is alright if you are into retrofagging like playing some limited ps1 and ps2 games, and then the more niche jrpgs on ps4 which should've gotten some form of shilling from jewtuber or at-least a game journalist but nope. >>167067 >>167068 >>167069 The bigger question is, Is this goblinfag approved? Maybe these images will summon goblinfag.
Open file (12.29 KB 256x243 DoubleBirdie.jpg)
>>167067 Rekeita has the most attractive wahman in the sektur, hands down.
>>167073 Goblinfag is to chose that of course in fact fam beause he is into goblins n sheeit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epuIVFRTEpU Pegmenco is live! **with a dead chat and 50 viewers
Open file (4.16 MB 571x576 fagmencope burning.GIF)
Someone sent Pegmenco a $100 superchat telling him about illegal images on a website. It sounds like a trap to frame him for cp.
Open file (205.10 KB 592x711 gunt.png)
Open file (212.19 KB 1170x1886 FZ7mjpUWYAA1AsV.jpg)
Open file (34.82 KB 587x389 gunt2.png)
Open file (75.72 KB 603x725 gunt3.png)
Open file (57.45 KB 595x525 gunt4.png)
>>167077 did anything happen? I tried tuning into him and I just can't listen to that shit let alone him mumbling to 48 people and playing video games like a 14 year old boy
Open file (23.78 KB 598x263 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.53 KB 222x227 dsffds (2).jpg)
>>167079 white trash twitter drama getting stale
Open file (250.36 KB 600x800 gunted.png)
>>167081 He's not wrong though. >>167079 >a legal action has been initiated over my tweets this evening Will we be missing out on jcaesar187amania due to new jail arc?
Open file (192.60 KB 587x663 gunt5.png)
Open file (20.73 KB 588x189 gunt6.png)
Open file (130.23 KB 1284x1041 FZ72lQiWIAArJun.jpg)
Open file (236.40 KB 588x521 gunt7.png)
Open file (70.54 KB 720x734 FZ74KjvX0AAIQIC.jpg)
Open file (102.00 KB 939x656 FZ74KjxWQAAWWLI.jpg)
Open file (48.39 KB 588x454 gunt8.png)
Open file (49.51 KB 711x565 FZ7258BVQAIxayW.jpg)
Open file (78.23 KB 732x1024 FZ78mC8UsAIm0uw.jpg)
Open file (21.77 KB 589x210 gunt9.png)
Open file (98.54 KB 1024x766 FZ8AazaUcAE_2fV.jpg)
Open file (14.04 KB 179x200 sips.jpg)
What's all this tl;dr I'm seeing. What did I miss, ahogs?
>>167093 jcaesar187amale curse is killing pedomenco, jcaesar187amania is actually happening, jaden is still seething about spicolas, and vickers thinks he will legally PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Гунт again but will likely fail. Toad McKinley WILL SOON BE KNOCKED OUT BY BASED /ourguy/ SALT PAPI
Open file (68.47 KB 720x720 venti sailor coom.jpg)
>>167094 Has new season finally begun?
>>167097 >Has new season finally begun Not sure muttnifag, honestly it just continues to be boring, can't wait for another jcaesar187amale spergout or pedomenco explosion.
Open file (20.85 KB 587x126 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (546.73 KB 974x1200 Ralpha Male.png)
>>167079 >i didn't even pay that bum a living wage
Discord subhumans are team up to attack Gahoole and Surfer, including mirror channels and literally who z-celebs. The absolute state of this sphere now. >>166311 discordspic cope
>>167102 you sound just like that faggot dreamwebz on foxdick, why so much gahoole guarding, he made his bed
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
>>167104 <he uses foxdickfarms >you're gahoole guarding if you called out discordspics!
>>167105 you're Gahoole guarding if you bring his ogrish ass up out of nowhere
https://cozy.tv/nick Fuentes was dropping subzero takes about white women from a news story. Saying sometimes you gotta slam her face into the elevator buttons. A white women needs her ass beat. Saying the white coalburner deserved to be beaten up. He's siding with a black bf over the white coalburner and then broad-brushing all white woman. He then wrapped it all up by saying it's all just a joke bro. So he doesn't get sued by someone. >>167080 Pegmenco joked for the superchatter to send it to all his enemies like DeOrio or the people currently attacking him. But on air, he wouldn't touch it.
Open file (32.91 KB 1957x919 guntamania.png)
ANONS MAKE YOUR PREDICTIONS FOR THE GUNТAMANIA Will it be a disaster like always Will Rаlph get punched again? Will alogs send in spies?
>>167113 all yes >Will Rаlph get punched again? almost certainly
Open file (590.64 KB 360x480 guntchecked.gif)
>>167113 It would be very un-jcaesar187amale like if none those didn't happen.
Open file (24.91 KB 740x204 pig.png)
another despite money grab what a welfare G​AMERGATE
Open file (78.24 KB 528x813 gabe hoffman.png)
Open file (15.81 KB 529x136 gunt.png)
>>167116 >need legal fund >still get a large bottle of tequila Never change Гунт
>>167116 >internet will pay for it that anon with the essay yesterday was 100% right
Open file (140.88 KB 1125x1413 FZ-DhmCXwAIurX-.jpg)
Open file (158.86 KB 541x723 gunt2.png)
Open file (17.48 KB 550x85 gunt3.png)
Open file (58.53 KB 293x326 guntgoogleyeye.gif)
>gigakike laura loomer on the keelstream >Mr Vickers is paying my alogs to fuck with me
Open file (1.03 MB 990x900 8175492865.png)
>>167113 >Will a bear shit in the woods? >>167121 >"journalist" has lost any semblance of meaning such as it was
Open file (623.73 KB 912x621 gunt drinky.png)
SUNRISE: FUCK CALIFORNIA LEGAL FUND EXTRAVAGANZA - VINCE TONIGHT! Гунт is streaming and drinking already its not even 1pm his time.
Open file (6.83 MB 576x960 5899825689265.gif)
>>167123 >canya hep me owt?
>>167123 Why does he need a legal fund if he constantly claims about how rich he is? Oh, I see. He runs that fake non profit sunrise productions. He can claim the funds were fundraised if he begs for them and then claim it was to go to a charity on his taxes which he will lie about. Scumbag status.
>>167125 the powerchat figures on cozy streams are clearly bullshit. It finally dawned on me when I saw Beardson making 400 dollars from one stream a week ago.
Open file (61.22 KB 748x412 meigh.png)
Open file (286.71 KB 461x562 78956921865.png)
>>167127 >I won't punish a baby >jcaesar187 can transport Rozy to and from visitation
>>167127 this means that tranny is now legally defined as a banned threat to that child bickers of her pedophilic ways. damn thats hilarious.
Open file (260.45 KB 800x800 982159821592865.jpg)
>>167129 RACKETS FTW
Open file (278.66 KB 366x650 574452297167.png)
Open file (378.87 KB 637x681 146574865945848.jpg)
>>166999 BASED
>>167131 woah.
Open file (11.95 KB 203x249 pep.jpg)
>>167118 you don't get it, that's him covering his bases. He kept hollering all week how he isn't on drugs and can totally pass a drug test for the sake of his son, a illegal think to ask mind you, so he will double down on it knowingly he can't be caught. In reality he went to re-stock on weed, pills and coke.
>>167097 No. Still the same boring discord kayfabe. Streaming is dead
Tardski didn't even break $100 per hour last week. I'm praying he cancels again tonight without telling anyone just so the Casino Krew has a meltdown.
Andy's gym is at 700 Dundas St E. Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 3Y5, Canada
Open file (9.77 KB 400x400 dark caesar.jpg)
>>167116 Gvnt floated the idea of doing regular child support streams. Chat is going to feed his son and pay Vickers. This is internet welfare mentality at its finest. Just like when he was raising funds for the Gambian Groyper for some reason. "Oh this random nig from Gambia called into my show. Y'all pay for him."
Open file (563.70 KB 495x710 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (29.39 KB 458x426 PATHETIC.JPG)
>>167138 As opposed to chat supporting Gym's cigarettes, anime, and video games?
>>167113 I predict the Гунтamania arc will be boring as fuck. It'll be a bunch of no name gaypers groping each other in a run down gym for a few hours while the Гунт hides so he doesn't get his shit pushed in front of a camera yet again, the Гунт will declare victory bickers the trolls and cyberbullies didn't shut down the catboys' gay love in, the Гунт's estranged internet daddy will post 'lmao' on twitter about it and everything will continue as usual. Literally all that would have needed to happen for this arc to have the potential to be really entertaining is the Гунт go fish his balls out of his pedo tranny boyfriend's purse and made it an open invite and wrestle wrestle his ayylawgs. That would have been a legit W for the Гунт. Either no one shows up and he can pretend people are afraid of him or he gets his ass kicked but at least shows he's not a complete pussy that talks shit and then always runs away with his curly tail between his legs.
Open file (2.56 MB 724x714 flam_corn_suit.webm)
>>167141 Pedmenco is going to get desperate for views and pay to get his ass kicked by the jcaesar187amale in a corn suit.
Open file (554.74 KB 610x837 faith.png)
Open file (230.87 KB 923x1367 media_FZ-aQ2gVEAAk-z1.jpg)
Open file (198.54 KB 857x1189 media_FZ-aQ2fVsAAkNiP.jpg)
Open file (161.09 KB 836x1088 media_FZ-aQ2hUUAAQmmL.jpg)
Open file (223.48 KB 610x703 faith2.png)
Open file (175.39 KB 1170x2034 media_FZ-p29yVsAU88c6.jpg)
Open file (121.99 KB 1169x1998 media_FZ-p29xUUAAoAeT.jpg)
Open file (146.86 KB 1169x1871 media_FZ-p29wVEAAcQ3-.jpg)
Open file (78.72 KB 600x588 faith3.png)
Open file (70.70 KB 604x479 faith4.png)
Open file (32.60 KB 604x249 faith5.png)
Open file (38.26 KB 606x308 faith6.png)
Open file (288.78 KB 545x854 faith7.png)
Open file (10.76 KB 586x112 gunt.png)
Open file (48.48 KB 384x384 jcaesar187-3.png)
Open file (3.09 MB 1440x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.87 MB 1440x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.16 MB 571x576 fagmencope burning.GIF)
Open file (911.83 KB 1280x720 Muttni shark.png)
Nobody even bothered to link Jewsh's stream today: https://odysee.com/@mati:c/mad-at-the-internet-2022-08-12:7 >>167140 Metocare buying anime and cigs with his paypigs' money and Gvnt trying to crowdfund feeding his bastard baby in Cali are both retarded. But one is more retarded than the other (Gvnt). And you might take the cake for being the most retarded for defending a dude trying to make chat pay for his child support. >>167145 Gvnt larped as 5'10", normal male height. Pathetic. Damn. 4 inches? C'mon bro.
>>167150 >trоllshiеlding redditkur
>>167144 Faith Vickers: A 34 year old man dating an 18 year old is creepy and wrong. There is a power difference. Reality: Faith Vickers sucked and fucked aforementioned 34 year old loser and willingly got impregnated by him to carry his bastard baby.
Open file (29.52 KB 500x500 whatafunnystory.jpg)
>>167143 >>167144 >>167145 >>167146 >Child support settlement moving forward >Гунт out of nowhere starts antagonizing the Vickers He really don't want that kid to get a cent.
Open file (64.67 KB 680x498 FeelinCute.jpg)
>>167150 Lol, go be a Chud Bud faggot elsewhere
>>167151 <He doesn't know what troll-shielding means. Zoomers, man.
Open file (530.51 KB 701x672 a692151c03.png)
>>167150 >But one is more retarded than the other (Gvnt) I don't know chyat. The cancer is really bringing me down today. Maybe if you buy a GymCo brand Adrienee Blair dildo I'd feel better. Rage pig will be seething.
Open file (400.31 KB 605x439 sweatysquader.png)
>>167150 the only thing gayer than buying anime is white knighting for metokike like a foxdick faggot
>>167155 >>167151 >>167158 >Gvnt being discussed. <But what about Metocare? We are not talking about Metocare but he's cringe too. <Waaaaaaaaaaaa. You're guarding Metocare! This is your brain on Gvnt-juice.
>>167159 >Metocare >he's cringe too Dangerous. I'm positive you don't own a large collection of Sweetie Squad merch.
Open file (56.04 KB 640x360 con_dumb.jpg)
>>167159 >can't talk about two things at once Whoa buddy. Is the thread going too fast?
>>167150 You should go back to your home. You can write your faggot essays over there, and other faggots might actually read them.
>>167159 you forgot your hat faggot
>>167136 based, even though he's a dirty moortuguese I still hope he wins against the fat gook mutt, can't stand him hoping around like a faggot thinking he's the next tyson fury so choosing between the two homos tardski is my choice, plus his physique ain't that bad looking in fact of course from that ridiculous video he uploaded, just hope he can walk the walk after all the shit talk or it's going to be really embarrassing if he gets shit canned in the first round
>>167164 I hope he wins just so he gets delusions of grandeur, starts thinking he'll be the next Jake Paul, burns all his bridges, drops the Chomo Casino, tells his parents to fuck off, tells his paypigs to fuck off, then gets mangled the next fight and finally realizes what a pussy her is, and is back where he belongs: driving Uber and living on papa Pires' couch. I can't even imagine the next iteration of the retarded Phoenix in a few years.
Open file (871.05 KB 1215x680 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (365.76 KB 536x598 424962144563.png)
Open file (552.25 KB 480x268 gator_height_wrastle.mp4)
Anyone know how tall is Nick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8EcHVrRZO4
Open file (2.15 MB 360x202 You got crushed.gif)
>>167163 >>167162 >>167161 >Reddit faggots on VPN defending their honor. >Autistic binary thinking: If you mock Gvnt you must be a merch-owning SweatySquad fag. Go suckle the gvnt-grease on Twitter where you belong, Gvnt-onaholes. This board ain't for you. >>167167 Gayda looks horrendous in that video.
Kino Casino pushed back to Saturday? F-felted.
Augie vs Pegmenco Peg is sperging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duns-EdgFEU
>>167168 Cool gaymer meme, fellow chud bud.
Open file (3.53 MB 1272x710 flam_zinger.webm)
>>167168 It's just unironic ironic unirony, bro. Like being a Squeaky Squatter but without the subscription charge.
Open file (19.37 KB 805x381 s (2).jpg)
>>167170 Memenco has a very Гунтish manner to him, its zero jokes coming from his mouth, he just deflects and copes. Complete joyless stream only alogs can enjoy this crap.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ7ZYt_g6Ps Randbotcunnycunny and Gaytor destroying the Gvnt.
Faith Vickers is live on Randbot's stream.
Gaytor, Rand and Faith Vickers destroying the Gvnt. Man, what a sad day for jcaesar187. All his closest people gathered together to bury his fat ass into the ground. Yowza! 5 star days. Nothin' but L's.
Open file (1.57 MB 1021x744 faith.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 902x744 faith2.png)
Open file (1.34 MB 931x744 faith3.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 850x746 faith4.png)
Open file (27.89 KB 210x206 fishman.png)
How long until it's revealed that Gaytor is the Vickers approved cuck boyfriend?
Open file (392.84 KB 592x535 8925982659286.png)
>>167169 >special super banger epic
Open file (415.32 KB 220x217 1653977924239.gif)
>>167168 >calling people VPNers while VPNing to defend the honor of metokike HEY EVERYONE GET A LOAD OF THIS FAGGOT
Open file (4.04 MB 304x322 Ralphashades.gif)
>>167175 >ethin thinks the keelstream is unironically watched by the dup administration and they love him >ethin says he will not get a real job and he will be doing this till he dies >ethin controlled faiths life like the copy of her father she always wanted
>>167183 Finally an actually funny thing from faith besides just bitching and whining in the killstream battered wives association.
>Kike casino "delays" show >a few hours later a stream happens that is a goldmine for their grift The script runs deep
Open file (166.03 KB 720x746 ClipboardImage.png)
jesus christ
>>167186 OH NO NO NO NO
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB8qyr7UguA This guy seems to not suck off gym entirely for once.
Open file (37.23 KB 367x229 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167188 fuck that's a tough one, i guess i would just trust my kid to be chad enough to kick flamenco's ass if he tried anything sus
>>167190 Honestly pedomenco is so physically weak a kid could probably physically resist.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167156 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
Open file (66.42 KB 1022x731 fbvcb.jpg)
>>167175 I take it back this is the worst stream I ever seen, whats up with all ex Гунтguards being mentally retarded? God bless Sunrise Media for the eventual highlight video.
>>167193 >"N-No U" says the projecting zoomer. Cringe and braindead. >>167181 Metokike was never defended. What are you even reading, bro? You're a learning disabled, special-ed faggot.
Open file (583.18 KB 255x184 654684651.gif)
>>167192 yup that's exactly what i'm saying
>>167196 I mean what can he say anon he loves G​AMERGATE dick.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167195 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
Open file (9.82 KB 183x275 cow tranny.jfif)
Open file (76.99 KB 772x662 trannies.jpg)
>>167198 Fuck off B*lletroon. Ye braindead bitch.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167199 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
>>167200 That HRT giving you mood swings bro?
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167201 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
Open file (68.11 KB 1280x720 special-ed-fusd.jpg)
Open file (33.81 KB 400x341 umbrella.png)
>>167202 You're very special my dude.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167203 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
Open file (1.68 MB 332x256 98259285369263.gif)
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>167205 >actual zoomer tries to fit in Kys, man.
Open file (133.75 KB 390x400 Belle not impressed.jpg)
Why isn't Mister Munchie in any local school yearbooks? Was he homeschooled bickers he convinced his mom he was too sick to go to school? Was he in special education? Did his classmates in special education lead to his lifelong obsession with physically and mentally ill people? SO MANY QUESTIONS
>>167190 confirmed that the two fags on the stream had listened to the /cow/ leak and found flamencos pedo friends suspect. IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD PEDOMENCO BROS...
Open file (1.29 MB 1322x1312 beru.jpg)
Open file (67.09 KB 399x399 caesar_dark_mosaic.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiCXK1I7gEU Pretty sure paulycuck or some other foxdick defaced the recording and as usual aren't giving the ranch credit for the now 2 month old discord leak. WHO BROKE THE STORY FIRST FOXDICKS
>>167164 "In 2004, a genetics study concluded that 13.4% of the Y chromosome of Azoreans is of Jewish origin." And that's just looking at male lineage... imagine how jewish the island really is. Andy is portjewguese not moortuguese.
Open file (654.78 KB 1536x2048 FZBx0VCXwAEYoH_.jpg)
They are all jealous of Chadmenco. If Redditor gave him the thumbs up they would all jump on his dick again. Chadmenco should join the lolcow uprising and sign up with the jcaesar187amale again.
Open file (1.71 MB 1070x1461 ad9909ba45abf1.png)
Open file (20.03 KB 451x102 1.png)
Gaytor declares that the pedo accusation is the right wing version of calling someone a racist and is losing all its meaning. He's mad at PaulyFrog64.
>>167216 in fact of course he knows he is next and that if he isn't the Гунт is going to gayop him into being next.
Open file (63.04 KB 1187x367 982598215629836.png)
>>167216 does this look like the face of a pedo to you?
>>167195 you did it all day you double G​AMERGATE faggot
>>167218 Pires = Wortski. Whoa. If his family is Sephardic Jewish, he's even doing the mimicry, name-stealing bit with a Polish name. >>167217 Gaytor's skin is cooked. >>167219 Yes. It does. Looks like a guy I wouldn't leave alone with a little sister or brother. >>167220 You can't read, bitch.
Dingo Southern declares his hatred for Jaden McNeil and 3P. Randbot seethes about the Big dawg as well. Gaytor chimes it to disagree that he doesn't hate Jaden.
>>167215 Whoa that's a blast from the past. >>167219 >hey little girl, have you heard about mister metokur?
>>167206 >>167204 >>167202 >>167200 >>167198 >>167193 >>167177 @everyone this board is infected with a schizo tranny
>@everyone discordtroon bros...
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
Open file (307.51 KB 1249x894 just leave 2.jpg)
>>167225 >everyone
>>167225 @everyone
Open file (115.64 KB 1075x968 checkem.jpg)
Open file (28.60 KB 497x614 fren emergency.jpg)
Open file (123.94 KB 1026x768 1631732444786.jpg)
>>167139 >>167147 what is the Nubian kween doing? How long until she shows her butt? >>167169 I bet money on that he is training in the last bit bickers he is afraid he is going to get knock knocked out like the bitch he is. Fucking Jewish N​IGGER >>167218 >>167221 Why do the kikes always steal Polish or Russian surnames? >>167231 is it going to be the ultimate super duper hero team? >>167236 Jesus, gaytor looks like he is abusing HRT and looks unironically like a tranny.
>>167236 He wasn't anywhere near this big in Doxville was he?
>>167216 Nobody has picked up on the context Gaydur is defending spooky weeb trash for being a lolicon? I guess Gaydur is OK with proud sweaty gamers still.
Open file (58.46 KB 173x249 rapetime.png)
>>167238 I think it is the same weight as before. So it is stable for a fat guy which is good to have a stable weight. I don't think that gaytor goes too much up or down in weight before he will get diabetes, sooner or later. >>167239 Gaytor is just defending fwends bickers he does not have many fwends.
I missed the Gaytor stream and they deleted it after. Was it anything worth the while?
>>167239 when brian holloman says he defended Гунт for years bickers he was afraid of getting doxed you know it's bogus bickers he defends degenerate sweaty gamers like flamenco
Open file (5.57 MB 1266x714 gator_elf_chicks.webm)
>>167239 It's bickers spooky is also tied to that Dimitri guy via their watch party of Wolf of Wallstreet. It's just that it's mainly used as a bludgeon on Flam that Spooky gets left out. Also, update for muttni: gaytor's into elfs, not orcs.
Open file (4.16 MB 571x576 fagmencope burning.GIF)
>>167170 Pedomenco is such a sweaty gamer and a looser.
>>167248 Gaytor only knows of anime.. it is known that it is a fantasy novel series that was created as setting for a rules-free RPG game. It is like people thinking that fate/autism is only the anime and not a visual novel series that got gentrified.
>>167190 i thought mr girl was doing some jewish cringe comedy bit, not actual pedo
Open file (626.25 KB 740x1922 squeal.png)
the pig is squealing
Open file (211.95 KB 718x485 165992.jpg)
Pedomenco is so fucking retarded. I like how he completely destroyed his online presence and now even people who have never heard of him know him as the sus pеdo guy. He's gotten so used to inserting himself into literally every conversation about Rаlf or IBS in general for easy pickings, so he continued to do so about his allegations only to look like a completely idiot who has one coping mechanism: >Pedomenco, are you a pеdo? <Uh, no? >Pedomenco, is you girlfriend fake? <Uh, no? >Do you remember what you did? <Uh, no?
Open file (37.32 KB 461x719 534543543.jpg)
>>167253 >muh mama, thuh saint
>>167253 so he got the jab then to go into a hospital? genuine question
>>167253 What prompted this bit of impotent rage? Did the child bride reveal that he neglected his dying mother on that stream last night? Anyone with activity above the neck already knew it though.
Open file (71.14 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
>>167253 Why does he always say "there are clips of me saying that"? As if anyone will go through hundreds of hours of dead air streams to confirm.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 85992865.png)
>>167258 >Why does he always say "there are clips of me saying that"? As if anyone will go through hundreds of hours of dead air streams to confirm. You answered your own question I think.
>>167257 faith vickers did a stream with randbot, gator and dingo, Гунт is assblasted and has been doxing dingo on telegram and face doxed rand on twitter
Open file (251.69 KB 340x500 Ralpha d'oh.png)
>>167260 >faith vickers did a stream with randbot, gator and dingo link?
Open file (71.14 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
>>167262 >Video unavailable
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 478518758154.jpg)
Open file (70.05 KB 1100x574 ana.jpg)
Sweeties are still denying Gym's speeding ticket, claiming it is fake!!!! It's 100% real!!! Go to https://publicaccess.courts.state.mn.us/DocumentSearch and type in the case 13-VB-19-29 yourself!!! WHy do the sweeties still guard him!!! I don't get it! He's is literally mentally disturbed man with munchausens and anorexia!!! It's Eugenia Cooney tier simping!
Open file (351.35 KB 526x731 91881941894.png)
>>167265 >lossing 3 lbs a week is anorexia Landwhales, man!
>>167266 ok his starting weight is around 240 so -3 lbs per week isn't crazy but he claims to have some significant weight loss from his hashimoto's, which does not make sense since hashimoto's makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. idk i think he's looney and has some sort of eating disorder. before this he gained like 70 lbs in a year.
Open file (37.56 KB 614x614 pp wonder.png)
Open file (306.63 KB 1200x601 pp joker.jpg)
>>167265 So you found another one where he faked symptoms and put a random number as-if it's real? >>167266 lets say it is the whole summer to that date in October that is roughly 26 kilograms lost, you have more dramatic weight loss with diabetes than this, even with a kidney injury you have more dramatic weight loss.. I have seen people with diabetes lose up to 40 kilograms if they forgot to take insulin. >>167267 He is faking it. I don't believe for a second he is that sick he would have been dead long time ago.
Open file (3.61 MB 480x480 9258219589265.gif)
>>167267 Hard to say since with thyroid problems you can gain a lot of weight or you can be really thin. Maybe there are some that alternate between gaining and losing weight. Or he's fos and using hashimoto's as an excuse for his weight yo-yoing
>>167269 Or he is faking it, and want to make it sound like he has this super serious condition. So imagine you have diabetes and the condition has not been found out about, yet. you piss a bit more than usual, you are just loosing first 2kg a week, it is not noticeable then after 3 more months you are losing up to 5kg a week, and you do not have any energy left to eat or drink, you are just pissing and sleeping then you get to the hospital and they are wondering what the fuck is going on, then they take a standard glucose test and find out you have an extremely high glucose and after a week in the hospital where the blood sugar has stabilized you are fwee to leave. you start to gain weight again, and fast bickers you have insulin or other diabetic drugs which makes it so that the pancreas can take the excess glucose in the blood and turn it into fat. Also do not forget, if he is going up in weight now, there is no fucking wonder. He is abusing prednisone and taking it like candy which is fucking retarded that is a steroid you get heavy weight gain from.
>>167268 He also faked having a TPO antibody level of 978. Could easily be fake this number or induced it through abuse of thyroid meds. He also claimed to have pancreatic attacks with high lipase which magically resolve in 24 hrs. This might also be from abuse of meds. It's fucking insane how well Munchies can dupe doctors with decades of experience just by lying about the thyroid meds they are taking. THANK GOD he is infertile. Munchie by Proxy has AT LEAST a 9% mortality rate, I would rather leave my child with Gym's pedo uncle Kevin than with Gym. I hope it's all just for views and he's not actually going to hospital and wasting time and resources and increasing premiums.
Open file (88.11 KB 745x1024 pp walking.jpg)
>>167272 yeah, he is a faking faggot. I have somewhere commentary on the tweets which got a sweaty gamer to go on a sperg out bickers I said that prednisone is a medication they are somewhat afraid to give, not bickers it is a fun medication to abuse but bickers it is really fucking toxic and there are other medications they give after a 3 month period of cure. They will usually give a another antibody suppressant then they give you prednisone in low dosses like 2 to 5mg tablets and it is at max 15mg a day. bickers it is a fast acting drug which is great for someone with gout but bad for someone with a bad immune system. my money is on that he is just talking about the mystery illness bickers it makes him money on the internet.
Open file (184.08 KB 538x600 Ralpha pathetic.jpg)
>>167273 It's shocking in what poor shape Retardski is according to his "daily exhaustive exercises" for how many months now. He's literally only working on his arms like any low iq jock out there.
>>167265 >losing 3 pounds of week this guy lives in complete and utter fear every second of his life bickers jcaesar187 might knock on his front door with a camera
Open file (211.66 KB 497x576 1559793329852.png)
>>167273 the retard and the lesbian is making gay porn while getting drunk. I am not sure, why I am not surprised. >>167275 that is bickers he believes that all of the punching energy comes from the arms alone, or that is my speculation on what he believes, either way his anus is going to be sour.
>>167242 >>167261 It will be reuploaded on Rand's archive channel for sure later. I only caught half of it but I have to imagine having your ex-gf and baby momma Faith with your ex-best fwend Gaytor with your ex-cohosts Rand and Dingo all gathered to bury you, must be absolutely mindfucking. I am 100% positive jcaesar187 will go nuclear from this. https://odysee.com/@RandRawReplays:3 >>167270 "Don't post if you don't have anything to say." Lmao. There goes 1000 pages per thread. Also, if running foxdick farms is so hard and expensive as he says then it won't exist in a couple years. >>167274 >I have somewhere commentary on the tweets which got a sweaty gamer to go on a sperg out bickers I said that prednisone is a medication they are somewhat afraid to give 1st I'm not a pedo so it's interesting that you resort to name-calling with 0 evidence just 'cause you lost an argument esp when you are the one with the history of cumming on gawr-gura, if we are going to go there bud. 2nd, you are free to speculate on the faggot's mystery illness but ultimately, you made a flimsy case for him faking it so I never bought it. But it's not surprising a guy calling people pedos with no evidence would also assert fake illnesses with no evidence.
Open file (245.81 KB 606x652 gunt.png)
Open file (365.63 KB 601x622 mantsu.png)
Open file (207.96 KB 382x680 FaDLP3pWQAMWRbM.mp4)
>>167279 Even in its base form the horse is so fucking ugly.
>>167274 The fact that Gym has always wanted to be a poet and fiction writer is sussy too. It's possible he's researched all this medical bullshit 'cause he wanted to write a John Green style cancer-AIDS teen romance. But he's a lazy fuck who doesn't even get the details right and realized faking an illness is more profitable. If he actually has real Munchausen's it's possible he's abusing prednisone. Kike Enoch had similar symptoms. "To get his eczema under control, Mike E. ordered large doses of prednisone, a prescription steroid, from an Indian Web site, and took it without medical supervision. Prednisone’s side effects include depression, agitation, weight gain, and vision problems. He gained so much weight that he was almost unrecognizable, and he went temporarily blind in one eye, necessitating emergency cataract surgery." Gym claims to have vision loss and weight fluctuations. He also claims to have hearing loss. Gym could also be on thyroxine for his "Hashimoto's". There are a few of cases in the medical literature of women with Munchausen's abusing thyroxine to fake thyroid disorders. It's extremely unlikely that Gym just happens to have an extremely rare, never before seen autoimmune disease that the doctors just can't figure out. They even supposedly looked into Cogan's syndrome, which is EXTREMELY rare with only 300 known cases in the whole world.
Open file (128.71 KB 1276x1234 ralphamales dime piece.jpg)
>>167280 >Even in its base form the horse is so fucking ugly ok incel
Open file (121.02 KB 451x368 gator-wonk-eye-proof.png)
>>167273 I'm in better shape than Toad McKinley and I'm an alcoholic with a pullup bar.
>>167278 > you made a flimsy case for him faking it so I never bought it. But it's not surprising a guy calling people pedos with no evidence would also assert fake illnesses with no evidence. I will only speak of the autoimmune disorder bickers the cancer is somewhat common and it's symptomless so there is no point arguing there. The case for him faking his autoimmune disease is strong if we think probabilistically. 1. He's an online personality 2. Docs have ruled out all other disorders 3. He fucking personally asked his doc about the possibility of an extremely, extremely rare illness which clearly means he's obsessed and far more knowledgeable than the avg patient 4. This disease temporarily effects his vision and hearing, which is something you can fabricate What is the likelihood that someone with a large online presence (i.e. attention addict) just so happens to develop an extremely novel disease of which there is no name even after years of testing and dozens of doctors? What is the likelihood that an someone with a large online presence online fakes having a novel disease? Obviously, faking a novel disease is more likely. I will assume so until we have evidence to the contrary.
Open file (28.32 KB 561x583 4578918295.jpg)
>>167278 >1st I'm not a pedo so it's interesting that you resort to name-calling with 0 evidence just 'cause you lost an argument esp when you are the one with the history of cumming on gawr-gura, if we are going to go there bud. 2nd, you are free to speculate on the faggot's mystery illness but ultimately, you made a flimsy case for him faking it so I never bought it. But it's not surprising a guy calling people pedos with no evidence would also assert fake illnesses with no evidence. MUH EVIDENCE MUH PERSUASIVE ARGUMENT As if that ever convinced anyone to change their opinion
>>167273 The show description includes 'Cookin’ With Toad McKinley!'. Sacrilege.
>>167287 *Tardski
Open file (36.62 KB 622x621 82521986569265.jpg)
>>167287 >anyone cares about what Tardski eats Boy another opportunity to talk about his daily caloric intake
Open file (234.16 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
jcaesar187 Hollers About Being Bullied Into Supporting His Son By Ji​m, His Internet Dad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU3RPwnGIMw
Open file (31.53 KB 604x177 gunt.png)
>>167291 It's time to own the meme jcaesar187amales, Its ok to eat da poo poo.
Open file (71.14 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
>>167291 >runs immediately to twitter to holler about how they can't fuck with him
Open file (27.60 KB 606x151 gunt2.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 441x1461 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167252 >i gave a jew the benefit of the doubt individuals such as yourself are why pedos haven't yet been eradicated >>167256 no, he did not get it but would have gotten it if that would have been the only way to see her >>167273 >>167297 BOOBA
>>167291 >no shame
Open file (5.43 KB 240x210 adsdsa.jpg)
>>167291 what "tape" is he talking about?
Open file (118.97 KB 594x705 gunt3.png)
Open file (122.16 KB 608x629 gunt4.png)
Open file (71.14 KB 386x346 aa7.jpg)
>>167301 do >we have a new christorian x on the scene?
Open file (59.16 KB 751x287 deengo.png)
Open file (568.02 KB 1331x597 Gunt barges in.png)
>>167303 habbening?
Open file (147.30 KB 595x847 gunt5.png)
>>167301 >i think you need to become a man. You've been a boy far too long Is he hitting on jcaesar187?
Open file (96.27 KB 614x315 vickers.png)
Open file (258.69 KB 606x600 vickers2.png)
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 RETARD ALERT.gif)
>>167307 >Viggers makes a threat So he'll fail miserably and fall flat on his ass, as always.
>>167307 >vickers is still seething on the internet
it's almost time for the supershow ladies and Гунтlemen. Asston's 150 dollar a day doordash habit needs to be satiated so please subscribe to the gumroad bickers all of the other payment methods have been deleted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F20grviWGws&ab_channel=DAKKADAKKA
Open file (3.35 MB 166x263 soyexcited.gif)
>>167311 it was going to start at the top of the hour but has been delayed another 30 minutes.
>>167297 fuck bros, I think they're getting bigger
Open file (368.99 KB 724x413 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.23 KB 389x33 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167311 Just leaving these here
Open file (60.69 KB 1047x914 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167315 Very cool and trustworthy website!
>>167316 It's just a wrapper over Stripe, like literally just a for that submits to stripe lol. Not sure if that doxes you to them or no. Probably.
KC late again. I kinda just wanna see if they go after Flam but have a feeling it is going to be gay bullshit again
>>167317 Yeah your personal info would go directly to them if that's the case. With how fast Ashton is turning into jcaesar187 I wouldn't doubt it if we hear in a few weeks that Ashton is blackmailing paypigs with their dox to keep paypigging
>>167316 looks legit.
>>167318 If you notice the title of the "soopershow", they're going after Fuentes again. Also, we can see Cookin' with Surfer but with Wohskee.
>>167321 Why is this zoomer twink someone anyone cares about other than his fellow not-remembering-9/11 ass young faggots? He's so easy to felt it's not even funny to felt him.
Open file (8.35 KB 285x319 1566850599642.jpg)
20 dollar firesales!
Open file (216.44 KB 600x800 1659939899262.png)
Fuck the Гунт why is he not sniping it's always better with him Damn these fuckers are drunk as shit TheGatorGamer is fat, would not sex
Open file (559.32 KB 894x503 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167324 >>167325 His shirt is about to explode.
is it standard for someone training for a fight to drink as much as Toad McKinley?
>>167327 We all know that Tardski has zero self disclipline.
Open file (227.58 KB 600x430 ClipboardImage.png)
>This could be very entertaining TheGatorGamer it's just like every.other.episode.ever.
FUCK IT. GO WATCH THE BETTER SHOW https://cozy.tv/jcaesar187jcaesar187
>>167317 yes, it would. not only does stripe give them all the billing info, but the ip and email used for it.
Open file (28.54 KB 1194x508 ClipboardImage.png)
god i hate jewtube, any restreams besides Гунт without commentary?
Open file (586.82 KB 1040x691 ClipboardImage.png)
he's so fucking fat he takes up the entire screen
Open file (127.29 KB 800x1200 7968877434.jpg)
>>167330 Fuentes F E L T E D
those buttons are screaming on ppp's shirt
>>167333 Rand has it live right now: https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1/8:15
>>167337 nah that bush negro tuned it out
>>167337 >>167333 The G​u​n​tlord has it too. https://Гунт.live/
the fat faggot has weird stains on his upper lip like a child who has been drinking kool-aid
Open file (873.39 KB 1246x1026 pppthumbtacks.png)
its happening again
>>167340 he's so fat his tits are going in different directions and he's got a full sheen of sweat from moving side to side for a few moments.
slightly improved versions of the clip
In the midst of all this, known sweaty gamer TheGatorGamerua Moon caves into the Daiymo's demands
Open file (478.23 KB 1454x1520 jewsh_doctor.png)
>>167347 >jewsh bends the knee to soyimo NO NO NO JEWSHYBROS
Open file (26.35 KB 640x493 pp lockdown.jfif)
Open file (284.24 KB 584x520 1645693368694.png)
>>167278 Here the person comes again. I am sorry his mystery illness is fake, he is a faking faggot bickers doctors have to actually think for a second if they are giving someone a medicine and if the medicine is giving them more harm or if they are on multiple medications then there can be treatment failure to one of the several medications. And someone getting a shotgun treatment, over a long periods of time without professionals finding a safe alternative, I do not buy it you can buy the 150mg or to be more specific 7 x 20mg plus 2 x 5mg of a cortisone steroid that is known to be toxic and form a a dependence. Oh before I forget do not forget he had a kidney failure, injury or CKD in reverse which is a bit abnormal and still he did not get CKD. And I thought that sweaty gamer was what one called these sweety squad fucks, bickers you have to defend his honor for whatever reason. >>167284 dude, he believes that this is more likely than races exist along with doctors having to think about toxicity from a medication and how long the medication should be used, not every medicine is a lifelong cure and just a medicine for relief. If you are interested in why he is a faking faggot or more likely to be one. Look at the guidelines to prednisone and what is considered light to high dosages and the toxicity of these drugs, toxicity is quite important if you want to use them over time bickers sometimes a team of specialist or primary care doctor can say that the illness is so bad that it is better a patient gets the initial care and the later side effects is just shithappens, but that is usually with the cancer or other illnesses where there is little to no hope than they can give a toxic medication and say shit the palliative care was best for the patient in this situation. Also there is allot of literature of how Methylprednisolone it is best to be used as an adjunctive treatment than primary treatment. most of the literature I have seen they use it as a adjunctive treatment and that is for immune illnesses which gym said he first had as a mystery illness, and I could not find anyone in their right mind just using Methylprednisolone for a long period of time in the toxic range of doses, and not think about a new primary medicine like Adalimumab and Infliximab, especially as it is so fucking dangerous as he claims, and they relativity less toxic than Methylprednisolone and do not forget that Methylprednisolone and chemo therapy cocktail is used to some people with MS, and aggressive types of arthritis that fucks with immune system. >>167301 >>167306 woah, that is a perverted duder he wants to have a gay love triangle. >>167307 >>167309 dude, he saw his daughter doing porn and then he got pissed off that no one saw him as an entertaining internet personality. >>167330 >>167340 fags talking about faggoty shit.
Open file (3.17 MB 520x292 gaymo.gif)
>>167347 >ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME
Open file (330.08 KB 734x625 PPP.png)
>>167350 anon hes the next ppp
Open file (1.11 MB 960x960 fat skank.png)
>>167352 >fat >man jaw >Americanized form of Polish Kowalczuk or Ukrainian and Jewish Kovalchuk eww gross
Open file (677.03 KB 640x360 IFEELTHREATENED.mp4)
>tfw TheGatorGamer parks is just the new failure
>Toad McKinley somehow seethes about pedomenco in his chat and has him banned AUUUUGH JOSHUA CLAYTON CONNOR IS A PEDO BUT DON'T MENTION THE CP STREAM W-WITH M-ME AND R-jcaesar187!
Open file (297.26 KB 1445x780 Josh Faggotry.jpg)
>>167347 >jewsh literally telling his userbase to be nice to trannies Whenever I see trannies getting shit on there, it's usually bickers they're derailing threads and stirring up shit. Also, kinda weird that trannies always feel the need to broadcast to people that they're trannies. It wouldn't be a problem if they spent less time talking about themselves and more time laughing at retards like foxdicks was designed for.
>>167356 What do you expect anon? 70 percent of the userbase are troons.
Open file (6.09 MB 1280x720 wrestlewrestle.mp4)
>>167358 related to >>167328
Open file (879.23 KB 916x1170 wasitrape.png)
Open file (34.36 KB 655x527 89125921856.jpg)
>>167360 Why does jcaesar187 have his hair in his face?
>>167231 >>167360 the lesbian looks at tardski as a piece of met and I bet he whispered to tardski he was going to rape his anus and that is why tardski passed out from a panic attack.
Open file (187.22 KB 1280x720 Felted.jpg)
Have the paypiggies been doing their job? I don't watch this shit.
>>167363 One was trying to concern-troll them into letting pedomenco on.
>>167291 Based Гунт
Open file (65.49 KB 972x776 pp comfy tea.jpg)
>>167361 woah, that is some scawy imagery.
It must be good. KF is telling me the boys are back and it's a return to form for 3P
Open file (29.39 KB 458x426 PATHETIC.JPG)
>>167368 And grift daddy is endorsing them as well
Open file (25.08 KB 500x404 9082592836.jpg)
>>167366 When your asscrack looks like jcaesar187's Гунт, it's time to lose weight. >>167368 > it's a return to form for 3P His shapeless blob form?
Open file (238.96 KB 638x633 coom ralphathot.jpg)
Open file (89.76 KB 680x315 metokur.gif)
>>167368 >OMG YASSS TheGatorGamer IS KIKE-OPING >US HE MUST BE B-B-BACK Yep trannyfarms falls for the easiest things.
>>167368 >i listen to troonfarmers
>>167373 I need more jewsh face edits in my life
>>167370 or pull your pants up like a normal person and over sagging like hood N​IGGERs >>167371 that does not even look like jcaesar187, it looks like plastic surgery horror. Nyanjcaesar187, you need better photoshop skills.
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 92850896253692.gif)
>>167375 >Assload >normal
Open file (25.27 KB 570x487 asdsaasdasddsa.jpg)
>>167360 >>167358 pretty kino ngl
Dingo is playing a taped convo he made of the G​u​n​tlord talking with him when Faith was in the hospital including him admitting to controlling her socials, etc. ​ https://odysee.com/@SouthernDingo:7/pigmanbad:a
Open file (235.72 KB 470x483 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (273.03 KB 529x529 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (502.32 KB 888x571 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167380 His nose looks disproportionately small. Bitches in hollywood would pay hundreds of thousands for his petite nostrils.
Open file (449.29 KB 912x573 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167381 And they'd pay the same for his ample tits.
Open file (468.96 KB 1536x2048 IMG_2876.JPG)
>>167353 She looks really tall too. Easily more masculine than the daimyo.
>>167382 Of course, how could I forget the tits. They also pay thousands for laser treatments to get as hairless as he is. 3P might as well be a Kardashian with his beauty.
>>167384 he's marrying a libtard jew?
Open file (2.41 MB 800x600 kylie.mp4)
>They can't fuck with me cause I have no shame about anything I've done on this internet. FUCKING BASED BASED BASED
Open file (3.77 MB 400x355 gunt cum goggles.gif)
Open file (834.26 KB 574x766 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (791.91 KB 574x766 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (819.79 KB 574x766 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (790.03 KB 574x766 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.36 MB 1021x766 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167390 Just give it up already, TheGatorGamercuck
Open file (31.28 KB 320x240 belle cope.jpg)
>>167391 He will not give up bickers he is a cuckold or a cuckfag.
Open file (65.36 KB 256x229 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167392 Have fun jacking off to G​AMERGATE cocks.
Open file (8.25 MB 192x360 belle12.gif)
>>167395 >i jerk it to white cocks not the own you think it is
Open file (6.42 MB 247x412 belle10.gif)
Open file (454.19 KB 1536x2048 belle dabs.jpg)
>>167401 Did you just post one of those jcaesar187 edits?
>>167349 Interesting information anon. Do you think he could have been taking the prednisone against the doctors exact orders? There are cases of prednisone induced Munchausen's. He claims to have had a series of rare diseases, namely Henoch-Schonlein purpura and AIWS, in his childhood and adolescent years. This early medicalization is consistent with the experiences of many individuals with Munchausen's.
Open file (3.89 MB 350x260 Belle winks.gif)
>>167356 >Gym ives me out of body experiences equivalent to witnessing the battle of constantinople This was low even for Jewsh
Open file (62.39 KB 940x590 ITSOVER.jpg)
>>167380 It's over.
Open file (1.09 MB 200x270 1551328328.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYHz8_SkOEQ supercut of dingos leaked Гунт audio
>>167410 tl;dl?
Open file (125.00 KB 1152x648 gym giving symptoms.jpg)
Open file (71.58 KB 1152x692 immunoblobulin level.png)
Open file (351.32 KB 764x879 1623239165998.png)
>>167403 >Interesting information anon. Thanks fam, here is muh edits and you can check that the numbers he is saying are normal are quite abnormal. >Do you think he could have been taking the prednisone against the doctors exact orders? depends, if he got it and takes those dosses of 150mg I can for certainly say it is abuse and not regular use. So normal guidelines "The starting dose of prednisone may be between 5 mg to 60 mg per day." that is a period of time when you are within the 60mg a day then that is going to go down 2mg and in the end nothing bickers it creates a dependency and it is quite toxic. I should add it all depends on how aggressive the inflammation or the immune responds is and then we have a killer shot here "A dose above 40 mg per day may be considered a high dose". So Gym in other words was taking almost 4 times the amount of what is considered high dose. >There are cases of prednisone induced Munchausen's. If he has Munchausen then it has or might've been there for awhile. >Henoch-Schonlein purpura and AIWS I have not heard of these claims but AIWS is kinda or quite rare and doctors depending on the timeperiod would've either thought it is a mental illness or a epilepsy if a seizure occurred. The Henoch-S Purpura is something quite serious and a doctor would've been afraid to give something that would alleviate blood pressure that can give more harm to the kidneys via nephritis which again can cause permanent kidney injury or what is known as CKD or chronic kidney failure which is another name for it. While gym had the opposite namely a reverse kidney failure and it went back to normal, if you know how kidneys work then you know that's bullshit. >>167409 god dammit you fucking cuckold N​IGGER
>>167410 oh no 26 minutes plus saying blacked alaska is stupid haha
Open file (292.02 KB 606x464 gunted casino.png)
Who had the biggest W tonight, and the biggest L? >KC fat, homoerotic, and cannot cook >Flam alogged and felted >G​u​n​t dabs on KC >Dingo drops tape on G​u​n​t But the biggest winner of the night by far was the troll G​u​n​​tguard who called into Dingo. Unless that wasn't a troll. i think i deleted the other one i posted lol sorry
Open file (219.81 KB 402x408 unknown (5).png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk-mu31gNgs >FlamencoTV CONFRONTS Augie and Nick.. it doesn't go well.. Reminder all it took was one day of being with flamenco irl for all these zoomers to turn on him.
>>167367 Ashley, girl, your shirt is fully open IMAGINE THE Гунт SPILLING OUT OF THAT IT HAS TO BE TWICE jcaesar187'S SIZE THE Гунт HAS CHANGED HOST
Open file (144.77 KB 808x808 metalcore_2.jpg)
Tried to listen to that Pegmenco rekt stream and couldn't do it. Augie and Deoreo are so fucking unfunny. They fake-laugh at everything worse than Tardski and are black-holes of charisma. Easily the worst "creators" on this side of jewtube and that's saying something when you're next to people like KC and Gaytor. >>167412 >acute pancreatic attacks Alcohol and smoking both make pancreatic attacks worse, and acute pancreatic attacks are so bad you'd do anything to stop them. Do some research on your fake disease before you stream while drinking a bottle of straight vodka and chainsmoking Gymbo.
Open file (1.30 MB 1918x1018 Mr. Reddit.png)
>>167421 did you know that Rаlf is fat?
Open file (92.38 KB 1024x1016 1646205005976.jpg)
Open file (92.37 KB 1080x1082 1647392341932.jpg)
>>167421 Do you also see an interesting thing with this? he has chosen 2 organ and systems that is known to bring pain and a bit specialized but is too retarded to realize that with pancreatic attacks, you can have a surgery if it's chronic and if you are feeling like you are in living hell and that painkillers aren't enough, you can get a surgery to remove the pancreas but you become type 1 diabetic which is another fun problem. Then he is talking about how his blood pressure hit 150/100 which is just high blood pressure, I bet money that triple P has that blood pressure, and if you have a kidney dysfunction which is kidney failure in medical speak and it is also known as a chronic disease. He is talking as-if normal high blood pressure caused this and not something called Hypertensive crisis which is sudden and starting point is 180/120 and it can go above that to 220, it is actually insane but at that point the kidneys are getting wrecked while the kidneys are controlling the blood pressure to go above that, so some get strokes and others get acute kidney injury and gymbo is talking as-if he got the acute kind but forgets there is recovery time from this and that can be a week to a month, it all depends really on how much damage the kidneys have taken and if you are prescribed the right amount medications. Another problem is that he is talking as-if the 150/80 in blood pressure is abnormal with people who has chronic kidney failure, it is actually quite normal and in fact some that go bellow 130 to normal range of a 100 might even feel dizzy and all of the symptoms of low blood pressure. And not to talk about the discomfort of having bad kidneys, and still he cannot say how hurtful it is or how he cannot eat from having both pancreatic attack and bad kidneys. I would want to go into specifics of medication and treatment plans for kidney failure bickers kidneys being destroyed goes into stages, and the stage he is talking about is 3a, you can survive but with medication, and if you stop then you are going to have another failure due time, and if you are lucky you get onto stage 3b and not stage 4 or stage 5. And when it comes to the kidney and getting pain management it is tricky bickers there can be toxic build ups. Just my knowledge of how kidneys work, i saw he was a faking faggot bickers Kidneys are tough but not that tough when something happens to them.Then it is just going to spiral out of control.
Open file (147.14 KB 900x900 Ricky Berwick.jpg)
Open file (142.54 KB 768x1024 Squirmy and Grubs.jpg)
>>167281 I believe Mike Peinovich said he had been prescribed prednisone in the past to treat asthma growing up. <Metocare with Munchaussen's If you are tricking the doctors, eventually some of them will catch on and realize you're full of shit. I know that druggies go around tricking doctors to get pain medications though. But they have to keep moving and shopping around for new doctors to trick. The only way I can imagine Metocare fooling all these doctors is if he is constantly changing doctors and dumping them once they catch on. He is going to Mayo Clinic, which has world-class doctors so it shouldn't be hard to figure out if he is like some hysterical woman who visits the ER every week for a bruise and just wants attention. Some doctors see people like this every week in the ER and then just write on your medical file that one is a hypochondriac bc they don't like the person wasting hospital resources and time. You can't honestly tell me that Gym hasn't seen dozens of super-smart doctors and at least one of them wouldn't have seen through this alleged bullshit, fake illness. >>167283 I want a pull up bar but I don't want one of those that hangs in your door frame. >>167284 1-4 is not evidence. They're your hunches. Or suspicions. >What is the likelihood that someone with a large online presence (i.e. attention addict) just so happens to develop an extremely novel disease of which there is no name even after years of testing and dozens of doctors? There are plenty of freaks online with rare diseases. In fact, being online might make it more likely you will have some rare disease bc it's a subset of a tailored population. Like a person with some rare disease might be more likely to share their illness online. Look at Ricky Berwick. Look at Grubs and his fake-gf actress Squirmy. In the real world, they are indeed rare. Online, they are just uncommon. Or they are still pretty rare, but they're thrust into the spotlight due to their illness or genetic condition. Kind of like pedos and trannies are common within imageboards but are rare within the real-world population. Bc an imageboard filters for a certain subset of person. Similarly, the internet filters for a type of attention-whore, whether sick with some illness or not. Also, if Metocare's fake illness was about raising money or a grift, then he took years off from streaming and shit his pants and didn&apos;t do jack shit, which hurt his grift when he could have been streaming and rolling in money. So that doesn't make sense. Now, if you say it wasn't a grift and was purely about attention, he retreated online and only had a Twitter for basic communication. He could have been doing streams with 20K live viewers crying about his illness for 2 hours and playing detective and letting chat vote on which illness they think it is but instead of that, he just stopped streaming entirely for a long time and went quiet except for his Twitter. So where is all this attention coming from if he stopped doing everything for almost 2 years? Someone asks him a question on Twitter or a superchat about the illness and sometimes he responds. It doesn't seem like he's getting a massive amount of attention from it. It's about the bare minimum one can do to respond to questions. Also, saying he has Munchausen's basically implies he's borderline-insane and has massive mental problems. He has never shown any signs of psychosis on his streams or videos in thousands of hours of videos and streams. In fact, he has always seemed grounded in reality like checking his ego when others are letting youtube go to their heads like jcaesar187 or Sargon and become delusional and egocentric. He doens't strike me as the delusional insane type. Also, the reason why he was scared shitless of Covid was bc he knows he has a poor immunity from his medical condition. But back then, everybody feared Covid bc nobody knew it was a mild flu/cold and there was a lot of misinformation about the scary bats and how contagious it was. If it was just a grift, and he knew he was in good health, he would not have feared Covid like he did. So by this logic, you would have to assume he truly believes he is sick so the Covid scared him, which would lean more towards Munchausen, rather than pure grift conartistry. He would have to be a true believer in his illness and mentally ill/delusional. Not conscious of it. Or we can just take Occam's razor (smallest number of assumptions or the simplest solution is usually true) and admit that he is sick with something like he says.
>>167286 Yes, dumb-dumb. Without evidence, you are at the mercy of whatever retard is selling you snake oil or taking you for a ride. Evidence is everything. It's the single best tool for distinguishing facts from bullshit. Like if some religious charlatan cult leader is selling his cult prophecies to you for power and claiming to have godlike powers. Or when people think dinosaurs never existed or that fossils are planted by scientists. Or that the world is 6000 years old bc an old book implies it instead of 4.5 billions years old. Or pick your bullshit narrative. >As if that ever convinced anyone to change their opinion Maybe you don't ever change your opinion bc you're a sperg set in your ways and can't imagine anything beyond your own lack of neurons firing in your empty skull. Others do though. >>167349 So your "evidence" that Metocare is faking his illness is that you don't agree he should have been prescribed such a high dosage of prednisone. And that he is supposed to have CKD bc he once said he had kidney dysfunction that resolved in a few days? Sorry buddy but you don't know enough about his overall healthy to determine this as you or I are not his doctors. For all you know, he could have been on prednisone in high dosages for only 2 weeks then his doctor changed it. You are viewing a small slice of time where he makes a tweet or says a comment on stream and then blowing it up into this larger thing that it's not, like he's been abusing prednisone for the last 5 years of his life. I'm sure his doctors have a specific regimen they are trying, most of which you never hear about, but you are fixated on a couple things you can't get out of your head. >you have to defend his honor for whatever reason. I am not defending him. I value truth. I have a different opinion from you. That's all. Much like you don't believe he is sick. I don't believe your bullshit narrative either that it's all a grift to make money or get attention. <he believes that this is more likely than races exist Here comes some bullshit! Nah, I believe races exist. I also believe people can be sick with illnesses. Who cares which one is more likely bc we are talking about Metocare's illness. It isn't about race. <on Metocare being prescribed prednisone in large dosages You just don't know how long he was on it. You're ASSUMING he has been on it for a long time to get those side effects. Plus, I know at least one person who has been on prednisone long term bc their health sucked and they had a medical condition like ulcerative colitis and the doctor was using it to treat something about that condition. Yes, it had side effects like it caused puffy, chipmunk cheeks on the person over time. But they still did it bc it was considered good for treating the effects of UC. In that case, prednisone was used to lower the person's immunity bc in UC, the body falsely recognizes the colon as a foreign invader and attacks the person's own body and destroys your colon over time. I hate to break it to you buddy. But sick people are prescribed the steroid prednisone. It happens. In Metocare's case, he was prescribed prednisone to lower his immunity. Why? Bc he is believed to have some type of automimmune disorder where his body falsely attacks itself. The body thinks your own cells in some part of your body are foreign invaders and attacks them. It reduces the inflammation for awhile. But the side effect is that your immunity is bad to gone now. Just like the chemo kills your immunity bc your cancer cells have gone rogue and just endlessly reproduce but the chemo is a broad approach that kills your healthy T-cells as a side effect of trying to kill the cancer cells. So it makes sense why Metocare was scared of Covid bc he is sick and has terrible immunity resulting from his cancer and mystery automimmune disorder. We've been through this conversation before and you have no arguments or evidence. Just flimsy hunches taken out of context from a tweet or clip. And it sucks bc you do such a shit job that you don't even have anything, let alone a smoking gun where you caught him contradicting himself or saying something impossible. If he was lying about it, I would want him to be exposed for lying and grifting. I'm actually with you on that. But you don't have anything. It's nothing but poorly-sourced speculation. You don't even make an argument how he's faking it. You just find his prednisone usage at one time fishy and think he should have completely destroyed kidneys bc he said he had kidney dysfunction that went away after a couple days. >>167403 >He claims to have had a series of rare diseases, namely Henoch-Schonlein purpura and AIWS. I've never heard this before. I'm gonna need a source buddy.
>>167412 >150mg He said 100 mg on the jcaesar187 ragepig stream. Where are you getting 150 mg from? Or are you lying to make your flimsy case seem stronger than it is? <Gym in other words was taking almost 4 times the amount of what is considered high dose. 40 x 2.5 = 100 mg So it was 2.5 times. <CKD He said kidney dysfunction that resolved in a few days. (AT THAT TIME! around June 2021) You are taking this to literally mean that he had full kidney failure and his kidneys are completely destroyed now then it went back to normal and he was A-OK. That would mean he needs dialysis to filter his body's blood now and has no kidney functioning. CKD is not an A or B thing where your kidneys are great, then they're destroyed next day. It's a gradual spectrum over time. There are stages of decline. You can have an attack and you go get medical help, then it's ok for awhile. But the overall trend is negative over time. As in, it's getting worse over time until kidney failure. You can also be prescribed medications that slow this process down. >if you know how kidneys work then you know that's bullshit. Then it should be very easy for you to explain why it's bullshit, yet you never do. >>167421 Metocare claims to have stopped drinking entirely since he really sick. He still chainsmokes though. >>167412 >>167425 You flip-flopped and contradicted yourself in these posts about his CKD. You said he had kidney failure then it magically went back to normal. Then next post, you admit that CKD is in stages and a gradual thing. Pick one. Do the kidneys suddenly fail and you're fucked or do they gradually decline in CKD? Is it acute or chronic? You can have chronic kidney disease and suffer from acute pancreatic attacks that do subside. Your kidneys do go back to relative normal with treatment after the acute attack but you are still on chronic decline of your kidneys.
>>167429 Stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot please.
Open file (72.50 KB 640x794 1653065262201.jpg)
Open file (53.60 KB 687x687 1656099893673.jpg)
Open file (30.06 KB 656x527 1645696065108.png)
>>167429 So in other words someone with acute kidney failure which dysfunction is that means the kidneys cannot filter blood and not regulate blood pressure as normal. Symptoms are usually a headache every once in awhile when the kidneys are acting up, then all of a sudden you are pissing blood which he did not say but one has to assume since that is the definition of kidney dysfunction, it can only be 20% blood and it can show or not show, it all depends but the more severe cases it will be 70% blood and other waste products. So when you get this acute failure you are going to be on multiple medications just to get things to be stabilize and it does not just become normal, there is going to be injury afterwards that is when most people get the chronic kidney failure then it is an overtime thing where it is going to decrease in function, it does not go back to normal you can have it on stage 1 for a long time if you diet,exercise and eat healthy do not drinking, quit smoking and obviously not taking medicine that hurts the kidneys. Also not to talk about all of the other complications that happens afterwards with just kidneys not working properly, gymbo would've talked about it if he had it. >prednisone is a magical immune suppressants <not like there are other better primary treatments. I have listed them multiple times and how ridicules it is to be on over recommended dose of prednisone bickers it is toxic I don't think you know what toxicity means and do not know how easy it is to sue a doctor for malpractice when there was no need. The ones that are on prednisone for life do not take high dosages they take maybe 20mg at max every day or go to a hospital and get a cocktail of methylprednisolon or another synthetic glucocorticoid along with chemo once a month to twice a week depending on how aggressive the illness is. Also it is in the literature there are better and more efficient immune suppressants. You can believe in the impossible that prednisone is a magical pill or taking 5pills of 20mg per day is logical, I see a big lawsuit. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21493380/
Open file (92.33 KB 900x900 82959285692865.jpg)
>>167428 >Yes, dumb-dumb. Without evidence, you are at the mercy of whatever retard is selling you snake oil or taking you for a ride. Evidence is everything. It's the single best tool for distinguishing facts from bullshit. Like if some religious charlatan cult leader is selling his cult prophecies to you for power and claiming to have godlike powers. Or when people think dinosaurs never existed or that fossils are planted by scientists. Or that the world is 6000 years old bc an old book implies it instead of 4.5 billions years old. Or pick your bullshit narrative. >t. believes Gym's bullshit narrative Oh the irony, dumb-dumb >Maybe you don't ever change your opinion Except that I do >bc you're a sperg set in your ways Says the faggot who hasn't changed his opinion despite all the evidence >and can't imagine anything beyond your own lack of neurons firing in your empty skull Sounds like projection to me, although you have to have neurons firing in your brain to imagine anything, thereby making one's brain far from empty. >Others do though. Some do but not you apparently, faggot. >>167427 >it makes perfect sense Gym is scared of Covid bickers of his health problems but he doesn't quit smoking cigarettes
Open file (378.43 KB 566x528 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167432 >with faith it's basically like adopting an unruly child, except she'll be sucking my dick B-B-B-BASED AND DJ AXLE PILLED
Open file (498.65 KB 1095x600 abomination.PNG)
Open file (257.82 KB 466x700 barfmet.jpg)
>>167437 Tardski is gonna be cleaning the toilet for hours today.
>Asstons Parks will live to see collapse of AF >Asstons Parks won't live to see 30's That's so so sad chiat
>>167435 calculator-kun, I am just going to ignore the gym fwend abuser or sweaty squader. There is no use, he believes that synthetic glucocorticoid is the only thing that works for immune suppression when there are different flavor of Immunosuppressive drug you have strong ones like Cyclophosphamide and Methotrexate which is used for some really aggressive immune responds mechanisms. Didn't you and that duder have like a huge spergfest on that species are races and in the end that races do not exist or something that was quite Sargonian in it's nature. >>167437 >>167438 Looks delicious
Open file (557.15 KB 754x1080 nyanRalph2d_fat_lewd.png)
>>167437 i would eat it
Open file (1.22 MB 1948x1107 flopson btfo.jpg)
>>167442 no you won't
Open file (30.59 KB 735x334 8925692865892.jpg)
>>167441 >Didn't you and that duder have like a huge spergfest on that species are races and in the end that races do not exist or something that was quite Sargonian in it's nature. I think it is the same retard. The argument was >race is real >but race is unimportant Truly an autistic centrism if I've ever seen one. It might make sense in said retard's head, but irl it is meaningless. >>167437 The sausages are over the top. I can feel the grease in my stomach just looking at it.
>>167440 Frankly I'm surprised 3P didn't have a heart attack last night
>>167445 Is that an audition for Disney's live action Hunchback of Notre Dame?
>>167444 yeah, but one kinda has to be impressed on how far the autism will go of course in fact famalam. >>167445 why? >>167446 lol
Open file (5.81 MB 360x202 asston rape.gif)
>>167447 He's already binge-drunk himself to ~450 pounds, far past the point of no return for fat fucks, if he keeps going it's only a matter of time before something like that happens
>>167445 did he lose any shirt buttons during the show, those things were hanging by a thread.
>>167448 yeah, it might've been a bit much exercise for him.
>>167428 He said it on his Twitter. It’s extremely unlikely that this guy just happens to have multiple rare illnesses one after the other for decades. He has been medicalized his whole life. Read his Twitter, he discusses his painful and uncomfortable medical tests with glee, he is not a normal person.
Open file (531.33 KB 1016x572 Just.png)
>>167451 Spoony 2.0
Open file (1.00 MB 1453x708 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167451 I'm no doctor so idk if he's faking, he might really be a living House episode. However if you take into account how he thought some mushroom was going to wipe out the planet, then he was freaking out about chinkflu decimating humanity, it seems like he's naturally a bit of a hypochondriac. Maybe he's a munchie.
>>167451 >alice in wonderland syndrome holy shit he's a fucking full blown hypochondriac
Open file (3.33 MB 600x338 8712579281566.gif)
>>167451 >this is the guy from whom thousands of paypigging idiots are getting their information and opinions on Covid ANOTHER jcaesar187AWIN
>>167455 "Medical Definition of Alice in Wonderland syndrome. Alice in Wonderland syndrome: A syndrome of distorted space, time and body image. The patient with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome has a feeling that their entire body or parts of it have been altered in shape and size. The syndrome is usually associated with visual hallucinations." complete lunacy wtf, meat toker is absolutely out of his fuckin mind if true
Open file (34.33 KB 760x241 pedogunt.png)
Гунт lives around sex offenders comfortably
Open file (180.03 KB 406x387 95868925658.png)
>>167457 >this is the guy giving his opinion on infectious diseases
>>167451 Special Snowflake Syndrome
Open file (57.18 KB 1000x264 9825921853298.jpg)