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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
Open file (223.94 KB 1567x1809 Gunt.jpg)
Open file (181.15 KB 401x323 GuntCOOM.png)
Open file (283.95 KB 2048x1536 GMNaOQbXwAARi8u.jpg)
Does anyone have the pic of Vicker's living room?
Open file (17.11 MB 852x478 flight of the soyman.mp4)
>48 miles per hour baby <YUEEEEEEAAAAAGHGHGHHGHHGHHGHHG what did he mean by this?
piggertits has decided to give the christian larp to grift wiggers like adowulf for 1 dollar superchats, i cant believe he wakes up each day without killing himself, piggertits has to look at his ugly red face in the mirror each day and carry around all his gross pig weight and loose skin, his children will know him as piggertits if at all, piggertits makes little to no money but still streams from a metal crack shack in mexico with no social interactions and no one would even notice if he ronnie jcaesar187ed himself, just like ronnie who lay dead for 60 days and not a single person noticed or cared
>>249309 if your a whitenationalist or christian nationalist or an anti-zionist man are you in luck piggertits is on your team haha good luck winning with a fat retard called who physically looks like a pig
>just wanted his daddy back this is him, complete cope
>>249311 which daddy does pig G​AMERGATE want back?
>>249309 stop saying pigertits it makes no sense, its pigerpectus, pigerpectorum craso b i f u r c a t u r, to be exact
>>249315 looks like a pig, acts like a pig, his name is indeed piggertits
>>249295 still hasnt killed himself
>>249302 lore?
>>249295 oink oink white negros deserve to get replaced, why do grifting white nationalists let this fat disgusting pig hang around and go on his show like adam green whos parents are russian jews
>>249236 andy and ppp still around...why for the entertaining show haha, can andy still not speak properly
Open file (291.34 KB 1536x2048 GJb0ne5XAAAzogw.jpg)
Open file (600.03 KB 2048x1408 F_yKw-1W0AA3IIe.jpg)
>>249321 White G​AMERGATEs have the most kids, collectivist
Open file (1.73 MB 1600x3655 Gunt.jpg)
Open file (277.97 KB 584x875 gunt2.png)
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 jcaesar187.png)
Open file (606.00 KB 622x633 9252966292639236.png)
>>249324 He's just angry Kristi didn't give it a proper lynching like jcaesar187.
Open file (580.45 KB 798x684 1714324392993983.png)
Open file (22.94 KB 1344x287 at4c.png)
Open file (23.88 KB 1422x146 at4c2.png)
Open file (859.62 KB 574x578 bottom_G.mp4)
Open file (11.97 KB 180x196 GMOpYz1WEAA6NCi.jpg)
>>249327 >controlled op confirmed They all go off the deep end, leading their herd of followers down dead end rabbit holes
Open file (60.25 KB 600x650 e70-456439111.jpg)
Open file (238.68 KB 327x474 sucky sucky.png)
>>249330 null b t f o
>>249330 dax doesnt even like women, this has been proven, he enjoys male attention, all of this retard audience are beta males in their 40's
>>249309 piggertits wont kill himself, he lacks the self decency, piggertits will stream until the very last adowulf $1 superchat dries up, then homeless, then back to amercia, then welfare, then jail, the life and future of piggertits, the legend of the red faced pig
>>249320 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-jyc2OYXsI soytuber almost died bickers he fucked up his setup
Open file (326.62 KB 2048x1536 GKbzbg0W8AA60ni.jpg)
>>249333 >bitches mad
IT'S HABBENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpa5-oBvwsc GORLOCK RETURNS!!!
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
Rollo is reviewing the Fresh N Fit event with Andrew Wilson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppRv5oWBeMQ
>>249336 piggertits giving advice on women lmfao
>>249330 dax is big gay confirmed like all or most political commentators probably Canadian too
Open file (1.79 MB 358x272 7821589256925623.gif)
>>249343 >only gays find women annoying cope Or if you've cohabitated with one
Open file (238.34 KB 1279x1279 Fuentes.jpeg)
>>249344 TheTheGatorGamerGamer was right about you, pathetic twitterfag
>>249351 shut up spic, calculator coom is king
>>249339 fucking vile
>>249353 jesus christ
Open file (111.84 KB 470x289 GMTAGiHaYAAs-Wl.png)
Open file (776.45 KB 913x626 SOMEBODY.png)
holy mogged
Open file (98.82 KB 432x277 540252650265025021.gif)
>>249360 >chyatters: "FREE HAN SOLO!"
Open file (25.92 KB 727x182 ClipboardImage.png)
what is shanny doing?
Open file (205.75 KB 365x546 gayta.png)
>>249362 hes on the whatever podcast tonight
>>249362 Dude used his onahole as an ashtray.
Open file (632.43 KB 1555x525 what da.png)
balldos, not even once
>>249360 why are polynesians always massmaxxing
>>249359 Newsflash: Cuckstiny's mid, midwit middle Eastern Mia Kahlifa clone was given money by Bidup
Open file (6.78 MB 1280x720 OF bidup shill.mp4)
>>249339 Post the vid or at least the link you lazy ni​g​​ger
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
>money saving H1B shitters helped ruin Silicon Valley
>>249373 https://www.wheresyoured.at/the-men-who-killed-google/ Fucking n​​ig​​​​​​ger can't even post the link for context
Open file (2.57 MB 382x554 178252655.gif)
>>249344 mra's mgtows, redpills are all blacks and repressed homos
>>249332 dax has an audience of actual losers like piggertits and vito two disgusting fat retards who should be sterilized or just not allowed to exist
>>249354 lol the rent a girl is a 2 at best, really quite ugly how much does she charge 500 per night, did piggertits have to pay 2k, what a gross Гунтed mess
Open file (656.15 KB 1121x1050 jewsh.png)
jewsh has joined team anita
Open file (1.20 MB 500x281 54895985292659825.gif)
>>249373 why hasnt this fucking fat retard killed himself yet
>>249381 Which one?
>just grift morons like I did
Open file (120.16 KB 601x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (795.47 KB 360x480 default(1).mp4)
Open file (120.16 KB 601x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (795.47 KB 360x480 default(1).mp4)
>>249383 >file a class action >your feelings don't factor into business decisions until you have a lawyer In terms of video games? Of course it does. It's an industry built on impulse and manchild feefees. It's like z-celeb popularity. Lowest common denominator. You can get offended if someone groups you in with said lemmings, but don't pretend that not how the game is played.
Open file (451.61 KB 586x786 faggot.png)
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/144790.html speaking of tvtroons and gayhole
Open file (92.82 KB 1453x477 E1.jpg)
>>249385 Shouldn't supreme pick-me Melonie Mac sign this petition? And provide some support for these losers? After all, I'm sure she would like to see some Korean ass in fetish clothing like everybody else, being a totally-straight, gamer-girl. 😉 >>249383 Jewsh looks no better than the losers that signed this petition. Gaytor should make a video too. He'd fit it well. >>249378 >jcaesar187: I hate whores and sluts. Women have ruined society. Trust no bitch. <Buys prostitutes regularly and married slut Pantsu. Can't keep away from sluts. >>249324 >>249373 >Jewsh: Google search sucks bc they won't show foxdick farms. Lol.
is anyone still watching piggertits? is this his only purpose to stream in front of 200 idiots for 100 dollars a day if that, he has nothing to offer as a streamer, is low energy is not entertaining
>>249388 aduwolf 1 dollar superchats being spent on mexican shit skins
>>249388 >After all, I'm sure she would like to see some Korean ass in fetish clothing like everybody else, being a totally-straight, gamer-girl. Her Laura Croft obsession does seem a little lesbo. >>249389 Until he fights someone interesting or has some Jerry Springer drama, he will be slow going for a while.
>>249389 he stills makes more than rekieta does per stream and streams more than 6 days a month
Open file (17.79 KB 436x166 adowolffaggot.png)
>>249393 Only donates $1 every time the jcaesar187amale streams PATHETIC
Open file (63.07 KB 761x380 K1.jpg)
Open file (75.20 KB 763x648 K2.jpg)
Open file (90.09 KB 782x855 K3.jpg)
Open file (122.58 KB 775x847 K4.jpg)
Open file (121.52 KB 787x830 K5.jpg)
Jackson (possible Feaser alt) continues to war with KillAllPedos (creepy Metocare fanboy). KAP has now changed his Jade profile pic from her look 20 years ago, to Feaser's Mom. I guess he's gotten tired of getting flack for trooning out uh I mean, being a creep that wants to become Jade and get fucked by daddy Metocare. So I guess he's now self-inserting as Feaser's Mom? Weird. Also, doxing Feaser's entire family to own him. KAP is even digging up info about Feaser's great grandmother being in a circus in the early 1900's.
Open file (84.63 KB 687x847 I1.jpg)
A lot of Kino Casino simps got mad when Elaine said she "would" about Feaser. Doesn't Elaine know Feaser has to be mocked as a lolcow and attacked all day long?
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 pepe dab.gif)
>>249395 >>249396 >doxing Feaser's entire family UH MEGABASED
>>249396 why is andy still around, makes no money still lives at home, no prospects, no future, lol what a fucking loser
>>249393 disability money is the backbone of the killstream, audience and support ironic since piggertits has never work a job in his fat disgusting life like both his parents and retard brother, its like inter-generational welfare dependency
>>249400 Very good this is a great video! :) Wow who made this? I am totally going to sub.
>>249400 Jaiden Gang, its over
Open file (449.15 KB 678x668 Juden.png)
Open file (169.43 KB 761x860 J1.jpg)
Open file (189.76 KB 760x815 J2.jpg)
>>249383 Something tells me Jewshie wouldn't be this cool with censorship if this was related to foxdick farms. He is full of hubris with his warchest of 160K.
Open file (491.87 KB 800x1479 brian_potter.png)
>>249404 >there is no inherent problem with localization. it is very normal Is it just me or is he trying to assert that he has a normal mindset a lot more recently? A normal modern man in a modern world looking for a normal boyfriend-free girl. Onto the point, if you exclude 3rd party licensing for children cartoons, the amount of changes due to differences in customs diminishes substantially. That's when you get to start calling them foreign media as part of promotion. >if you want meaningful change, start a class action suit Say you want some nice swiss cheese. You ask the guy at the shop to order them in stock. The cheese arrives but doesn't have enough holes in it. Your lack of adequate cheese makes your blood boil over. You burn the guy's shop down. You still don't have the cheese you want. Maybe the next shop will comply. >i struggle to think of a meritorious defence for pornography Mana transfers.
>>249405 I tire of wannabe-innanet-lawyers like Moonpie that watch Rekieta Law and think they know what they are talking about bc they read the DnD rulebook of some case law. Or bc they talk to a lawyer they have retained.
>>249400 Nice. I liked the School Days one too. If you play the game and stay true to Christ, you get nice vanilla endings. Sekai's burning either way though. Literally the worst girl and a harlot.
Open file (37.28 KB 511x282 1129696474477.jpg)
>>249406 >that watch Rekieta Law Past tense. Jewsh is the captain now.
>>249385 nice >>249388 sup pedo, kys.
Open file (17.55 KB 640x480 nsg.jpg)
>>249404 He's wasting his donor money on vexatious litigants that spend only basic filing fees to tangle him up in court for months. The money he got will be burned paying his lawyers and his hard in-law. A similar forum onaforums.net has managed to win against a vexatious litigant and actually got them to pay the lawyers fees (plus interest), and the owner of the forum was able to stay anonymous during this. As far as I know, this has not happened in any of the lawsuits Jew has won. He's also is in the process of getting another basic apology letter from a tranny; that doesn't mean shit when financial harm might've been inflicted. His site will most likely never turn profitable, he's way too bitter and would rather live on the fringes than make the money required to operate a forum of his size (lowest user count online in recent memory is large!! okay??). >>249406 His plan when he abandoned foxdick in 2017 for around 2 weeks was to get a law degree and become a lawyer. Very gay
>>249388 lol pigtits who looks like a pig giving woman advice holy shit, are all of this audience disabled liek actually on disability like ppp lol
Open file (60.58 KB 560x400 newsnug.jpg)
>>249412 >His site will most likely never turn profitable It has been highly profitable for a long time. Remember that Jawsh hasn't worked in a decade, and the kiwi paypigs just keep giving him more and more money every year. The amount of money he got from his "muh legal bills" scam was extraordinary. And it was right out front that it was no refunds and that he didn't even have to spend a cent of the money he raised under false pretenses on legal bills. Jawsh is going to be rolling in clover until the day he dies. The piggies will keep him fat forever.
>>249388 That Гунт tweet is so shit its unreal. Based Sargon just did a video on this subject of women and right wing men. jcaesar187 being a sack of shit to everything that moves seems to not be a factor in his mind. https://youtu.be/fDdYBQKHN_U?si=mzG_e-RTA7-3vJds
>>249421 as his native brits would say, soygoy is kharouf, youre so naive
Open file (285.67 KB 900x507 1713271356806837.png)
>>249421 It's like 2018 never ended. Same old boring shit from Sargone. Even checked date of upload and still believe it's a reupload.
Open file (134.54 KB 640x489 892892299292632695.png)
>>249421 >be nice to wahmen >wahmen should vote <feminisms destroyed wahmen brain Same contradictory talking out of both sides of his ass Sargon stuff. Brilliant!
>>249427 >>249425 *smuckles* GYM PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD a philosophy degree ahahahahahhahhaaaaaa
>>249421 piggertits wants you to think hes fucking ric flair who also pays prostitutes, but in reality doesnt get shit, everybody is repulsed by this fat cunt
>>249428 TheTheGatorGamerGamer literally will never even mention Sargons name anymore how fucking devastated he is by the sheer volume of success, defication and WHITE children Carl has brought to the table. TheTheGatorGamerGamer shiuld just make a public apology and facedox to Carl in shame while westing an Applebee’s suit in hopes God spares him from his unhinged overwhelming failure as a human bein.g. Id refer to TheTheGatorGamerGamer Metokur as a man but everyone knows Jade is getting fucked by a real Bull while TheTheGatorGamerGamer sobs into his underage anime pillow in a seperate room due to him not being able to actually fuck his own wife with the amount of backbreaking suffering he has. SAD! PATHETIC JIM!
Open file (141.21 KB 365x305 4viewslol.png)
piggertits christian larp round 2 not going so well, it got 4 fucking views hahahaha kill your self pig
>>249430 sargoy doesnt have any children their lucys children to her dead husbands, who carl lusted after for years after he was rejected during high school, he just had to wait long enough for her to be a fat whale to be interested in corl, lol carl got a bullshit degree in night school from a community collage and not even getting a first class degree, also corl super gay made tranny porn sucked dankulas dick and is a quadroon
Open file (1.50 MB 1024x1280 gamergate 2.png)
>>249432 Only one of carl's kids isn't his, Andrew wilson is raising more stepchildren than him.
>>249428 >backwards letters look at this fucking inept fat loser, he put the tassel on the wrong side so he mirrored the image, pathetic
Open file (435.46 KB 738x647 pt1.png)
Open file (24.90 KB 750x197 pt2.png)
>>249431 pigtits is posting the rumble link bickers of the low view count haha no audience but bots and disabled wiggers like adowulf
>>249428 sargn went to night school at 40 omfg
>>249429 levels of pussy, why does this piggermale lie about everything
>>249428 carl graduated with a paper degree in bullshit, hes doing one better that piggertits who has no certificate,diploma,any proof or any single friend who went to college with him to corroborate his college education hmmmmmm
>all these collectivists seething about carl's achievements
Open file (70.12 KB 1179x561 GLTpMpIXUAAKYJU.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
>>249439 Exactly >AUUUGGH DEY DINT GIBS ME MUH DEGREE CUZ AYE DINT PAY MUH STUDENT LOANS If that were the case, no one would get a degree for years after the fact
pigtits is losing the will to live, low energy, no topics, no guests, no superchats, no audience
>>249431 thats a really nice church, its a nice place to kill yourself, isnt it piggertits
Open file (326.62 KB 2048x1536 GKbzbg0W8AA60ni.jpg)
>>249444 (checked) TRIPS CONFIRMED
>>249444 He's too much of a coward to do anything nearly that interesting. I think the two consecutive beatings he got in Portugal just took what little actual fight was left out of the pig. It's why he's an internet tough guy hiding behind his computer screen screaming at people laughing at him. It's why that computer screen is tucked away in a tin shed in Mexico away from all the people that laugh at him. And it's why he's so fucking boring these days. I miss the days when the Гунт had the self-delusion of not being the biggest pussy in the sektur. He'd actually go out and do things usually to disastrous yet hilarious results. Now even if he steps foot out of his cuckshed it's only in very safe conditions where he won't run into any cyberbullies or harassers. Into safe spaces if you will.
Open file (115.29 KB 1178x1071 GMbuJJVXQAEd9i2.jpg)
Open file (15.08 KB 474x355 2892529852965625.jpg)
>mention foxdickfarms >I laik
Open file (60.25 KB 600x650 e70-456439111.jpg)
>>249444 thnc, its judeo-christian
>>249442 >>249439 I believe jcaesar187's excuse for his lack of degree is that he didn't pay some bullshit fee at the end to actually receive the degree, so they never physically sent him his degree. I don't think it was about the student loans. As if anyone would spend 4 years in school, do tons of coursework, and then check out at the tail end bc you won't pay the fee to get the degree. It reeks of lies, like everything he does. Also, he had at least 70K in school loans many years ago, yet never paid it off when he actually made money from idiots like Metocare pumping him up, and making Keelstream financially successful. Now, Keelstream is dead and he cannot pay it. Let alone the baby mamas' child support. The loans have grown and this wigger is still waiting on someone in government to cancel all student loan debt and bail him out. He thinks US taxpayers should have to pay for the enormous fees he racked up, playing around in college. >>249442 Colleges don't have a problem giving you a piece of paper to make you feel special at the end; they want you to have it then go get a job, and pay off those loans. >>249447 >Jewsh: Waaaaa. No one credits the foxdick farms but everyone steals kontent from it. Yes Jewsh. Just like you steal all the kontent of the posters there for your streams, like when someone writes a thread for you and you read it on stream for cheesechats, or upload some clip they rendered and you play it on stream. You take credit for everything on the Farms but wrote <1% of it.
>>249450 I thought the Гунт actually had a bullshit degree in political science from some toilet tier school though
>>249451 I think he goes back and forth between saying he has a college degree and "actually, I never got my degree."
Open file (626.76 KB 927x817 87542195298529652695.png)
>>249450 Everything I remember, he claimed "student loans," which is bullshit that indicates he never went to school. But if it was fees, that would explain why they withheld the degree, although it's still stupid not to pay bickers a degree is a degree, however worthless it might be. It would suck if it was a junior college degree
Open file (18.87 KB 400x400 cD0zNpnJ_400x400.jpg)
>>249450 >Yes Jewsh. Just like you steal all the kontent of the posters there for your streams, like when someone writes a thread for you and you read it on stream for cheesechats, or upload some clip they rendered and you play it on stream. You take credit for everything on the Farms but wrote <1% of it. Exactly. Liburty n fweedumb fur mee. Serfdumb fur the paypigs. N abolish awl (other) copyrights. But don't defame the website cuz dats synonymous with meeeeee
>>249362 then his mom is gonna say 'shut up brian, this is my house. Let tyrone smoke he pays for all your anime dolls' and TheGatorGamer stomps back down to the basement and writes a scathing post in his diary.
Open file (817.69 KB 472x480 yKOmbMgqtPhJ.mp4)
>>249454 find the jewsh kill the jewsh
Open file (102.16 KB 1125x1373 C1.jpeg)
Open file (146.52 KB 825x727 C3.jpg)
Open file (140.57 KB 704x786 C2.jpeg)
Open file (95.95 KB 828x817 C4.jpg)
Open file (100.40 KB 628x862 C5.jpg)
Open file (978.58 KB 1357x1107 SLAPPED 2.png)
>>249458 >jewsh seething about coomer blade
>>249458 >coomer game loli anime vtuber pedo BAD AND IT MAKES ME MAD!!!!!! There, I saved you three hours.
Open file (13.51 KB 336x188 coomer podcast.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrxi6MxL2yU speaking of coomers ADDRESSING DRAMA?! 1,000+ BODY COUNT?! E-GIRLS! MAKEUP DEBATE?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #157
>>249458 >DSP segment
Open file (3.39 MB 2458x1371 roastttttt.png)
>>249469 >Lauren and my jewish motherers are back
Open file (900.51 KB 834x927 ClipboardImage.png)
Fishtank restreamer is losing his mind after some cop that pulled him over and planted drugs on him dies. Now screaming "Death to America," talking about mass shooters and praising communism for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9A-kdcW-Us Guy has a screw loose.
>>249481 kek now he's reading the communist manifesto.
Open file (24.85 KB 454x676 004-3964120738.jpeg)
>>249482 eh bourgeoisie/jew same thing al mawt li america
Open file (284.92 KB 603x715 lol.png)
lol is this true >accidentally admitted that he was still a virgin in his 30's before he met Nora
Open file (648.97 KB 720x794 oBCPF7dFE268p18o.mp4)
Open file (1.82 MB 1248x865 premonkey.png)
One last skibidi toilet meme. Thank God it's over
Open file (3.03 MB 540x960 skibidi.webm)
>>249488 skibidi boom boom
>>249485 daily constant embarrassment pigtits keeps coming back for more
Open file (494.07 KB 691x706 horse.png)
didnt pigtits get an underage 13 year old mexican to fuck amanda the troon in his ass and later scream argh nut ahh cuck, nice fake marriage
>>249480 >I wasn't a whiney compliant faggot at Charlottesville
>>249485 lol ahhh like rich flair, gets no action, embarrassing
Open file (107.89 KB 743x652 deadshow.png)
pigtits with a dogshit show, killing himself would be better, hes pretending to listen to these random larpers for 10 hours
>>249503 >>249505 hi godwinson, your streams are shit, stop self promoting
Open file (349.89 KB 1364x2048 GLjN0PUXYAEbmSx.jpg)
>>249506 hi Elaine, stay mad in your bedsit
Open file (1.60 MB 1658x1346 hit_or_miss.png)
>>249485 Projection from the gaylogs isn't surprising. If he's 38 now and was banging underage Nora 10 years ago, I think you'll find you're factually incorrect.
Open file (24.80 KB 355x500 29529859265925925.jpg)
>>249503 >he honoured not doing the GGs unless we were both present If a bear shits in the woods and the guy watching memoryholes it. Twice.
Open file (21.71 KB 400x532 GJ3742qXsAAFAjH.jpg)
Open file (91.38 KB 1242x718 5422985285928592552.jpg)
>>249509 Meanwhile, Fatman and Retard are doing their own version of This Week in Cuckada
Open file (1.73 MB 250x250 1713868911319512.gif)
Open file (122.52 KB 338x312 1239445564314.png)
Gaytorbro, you're just going to leave >us hanging with the MGS playthrough? You can't just be laying pipes on those v-thots every day. You gotta pace yourself.
>>249508 >he's 38 now Really? I figured he was older. He looks like he's in his 50s.
>>249513 Gaytor took 20 years off him along with the rent money. It's the only way you can look at the disparity and have it make sense.
Open file (173.27 KB 1284x1954 F3RrRzDWkAALQ9H.jpg)
>>249516 FACTS
Open file (155.53 KB 320x363 godwinson_blacked.png)
>>249509 He also gave TWIN away to Rudy Cuckcage Coleman, but that was memoryholed too.
>>249518 >Rudy Cuckcage Coleman Now that is a character I haven't heard about in a while
Open file (6.38 MB 480x360 JoshSeethesm.mp4)
>>249503 ADAM EDGE OF WEST LONDON FACTS >Adam Edge still seething about his gayops on Bryan Dunn when he was right about everything >Adam Edge was confirmed cheating on his fiancée with Elaine >Adam Edge was confirmed abandoning his father duties to his unborn child >Adam Edge was confirmed by Elaine and jcaesar187 that he did not even get to fuck elaine while he cheated > Adam Edge was confirmed in Rehab due to his heavy drug habits >Adam Edge blocked the word Elaine Miller in everything he does online and still has not explain why she scared him >Adam Edge was disowned by his own family for larping as a Club Owner >Adam Edge is scared to stream anymore due to his lusting of pissminge cuckoldry >Adam Edge still is not allowed to see his Child > Everything Bryan Dunn and Elaine and jcaesar187 said about Adam Edge was the truth >Adam Edge was in a gay romantic relationship with otter boy Perspic >Adam Edge sucked off jcaesar187 and catboy and Ali Alexander for a spot on Cozy.tv >Adam Edge knew that Elaine Miller was involved in Cheesepizza events of 764 as well as the Ali Alexander grooming scandal yet said NOTHING >Adam Edge is a turbo Degenerate who worked with Platspics to kill the sektur and kill IBS streams out of drug fueled pettiness alone >Adam Edge cried about TheTheGatorGamerGamer and cokeski doxing his job and paypal but openly did it to others without a shred of hypocrisy >Adam Edge ran gayops on Discords while pretending hes “offline” confirmed >Adam Edge stalked Based Sargon around a bar for hours to try to get clout off the Kumite and was promptly PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD into shame for it >Adam Edge tried to run ops with the Vickers back in the day but was bullied so turned on the Vickers after he interviewed them >Adam Edge falls asleep on homosexual shit streams now bickers he is forced on anti-psychotic medication to deal with his terminal faggotry Kys Adam Edge. For real.
>>249522 truly subhuman
>>249522 earwinson's streams are better bickers they're completely off the cuff and not hastily running through the weekly news, reddit posts, whatever rundown he gets in the mati thread like jewsh does
Open file (48.38 KB 919x707 GEeqvyeWUAAivrH.jpg)
>>249522 >Bryan Dunce
Open file (7.12 MB 1910x1070 Screenshot_22.mp4)
>>249523 ADAM EDGE FACTS PART 2 >Adam Edge tried to bribe P P P to fire Cokeski in order to steal the chair of the Kino Casino >Adam Edge lied about Gaytor in order to produce cocks and help Zoom try to swat him >Adam Edge faked information on Bryan Dunn for not helping him do gay ops >Adam Edge tried to alog Jahans for clout but failed >Adam Edge worked for a hardcore leftist and paint smiles on kids with cancer to win votes >Adam Edge tried to grift off of Kraut and Tea cocks as a secret Leftist but was dismissed immediately by Kraut after his last stream with them watching jcaesar187s sex tape >Adam Edge tried to kill himself on Stream with K bickers he wasnt allowed to see his kid >Adam Edge privately told jcaesar187 he was his hero >Adam Edge owns a Final Fantasy Tifa body pillow to cope about his loneliness > Adam Edge cannot ever pass the Green Line Test >Adam Edge failed out of college 5 times and attempted bribery with his Daddy’s money to Graduate but failed again >Adam Edge tried to be a TheTheGatorGamerGamer walker back in the day but got bullied for it so now seethes at TheTheGatorGamerGamer Walkers > Adam Edge is literally 5 foot 1 inch LOL
>>249529 >DSP won
>>249461 Jewsh is a fucking retard
>>249530 hi dunce, still hiding in pedocord you fag ?
Open file (19.37 MB 250x140 VIDARRETURNS.mp4)
>>249533 ADAM EDGE FACTS PART 3 >Adam Edge confided to Perspic and Asston that he was bisexual >Adam Edge has no real life friends >Adam Edge one time wet his bed due to being on too many Percocets >Adam Edge tricked Asalerai into attacking Asston fully aware that P P P would try to ruin his life >Adam Edge was arrested for public indecency due to him being wasted in the street with no pants on >Adam Edge told jcaesar187 that he would give the dox of Platespics to him for a chance to be his Cohost >Adam Edge flagged down MisterInternetAristocrat, Gaytor, Toad McKinley, Kino Casino, his own channel and P P P to gaslight the chat into gayops on his behalf >Perspic Bryan Trelane Asston and Adam all socked on foxdickfarms in Both Adam and P P Ps thread in an attempt to derail it > Adam Edge reads his foxdickfarms thread 24/7 and seethes uncontrollably in the Writers Room over it >Adam Edge posts on Cow daily >Adam Edge tried to get CoachRedPill to do an interview but was told to fuck off so Adam offered him $1000 for a chance to have Coach be apart of TWIN > Adam Edge had gay anal sex with P P P during his visit to Canada. It was his entire reason for going >Adam Edge tried to get Elaine Miller to pit a butt plug up his ass but she decided against this Confirmed on the Killstream >Elaine Miller made Adam pay her for visiting every time and would stare at the floor whenever she talked to him >Adam Edge is into poppers hardcore >Adam Edge snaked Leopirate bickers Leo found out he was a himosexual degenerate >Adam Edge has failed at life at everything he has ever done > Adam Edge regularly walks and stands on his tiptoes to seem taller than he is LOL
>>249538 ADAM EDGE FACTS PART 4 >Adam Edge had a drunken night in the discord calls ranting about trying to hook up with underage girls on Tinder by pretending he was 18 >Adam Edge was thrown out of the Hospital when his kid was born due to being high and drunk > Adam Edge still has not signed the birth certificate to his own child >Adam Edge would buy cocaine off of Elaine and try to sell it for higher price to his club crew but was beaten up instead with the drugs stolen > Adam Edge recorded P P P admitting to having gay anal sex with both him and surfer then drunkenly gave it to Squire aka Trelane in chat who offered Grossly Offensive the audio for $10,000 CONFIRMED REAL >Bryan Dunn is allowed around his child unlike Adam Edge and no evidence has ever been presented to suggest Bryan trafficks his child to discord users >Toad McKinley put his baby in a blender and Adam called him a based chad man in voice calls for doing so > Adam Edge is and has always bn a LGTBQ+ Advocate who assisted trannies like Maddiecat into gayops under the promise of clout or gay sexting chats with him and P P P
Open file (96.01 KB 738x1309 F_U09R7XAAAg6XD.jpg)
>>249536 >>249539 >I give handjobs with my mouth
>>249540 You seem upset Adam. You should take care of your kid!
Open file (317.71 KB 1536x2048 GJzUEjLXoAA7w2m.jpg)
>>249528 even gayhole has a better hairline
Open file (360.48 KB 310x401 QoPs wifes son.png)
Open file (140.52 KB 1899x1297 Shaggy approves.jpg)
Open file (1.20 MB 1549x749 poop coomer crisis.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0C3S748GR0 I'd fuck the new spic(?) cohost on poop coomer crisis
>>249507 nice gay bar Coyote Ugly Saloon Piccadilly ? https://www.coyoteuglysaloonuk.com/piccadilly
>>249539 well dont stop now, the coom flares are being pulled out
>>249508 pigtits gets no action so seems probable, the cope of this pig of having a 1 inch baby cock
Open file (235.18 KB 1536x2048 GD6FbFFXkAAEJgg.jpg)
>>249546 You would know of course, Elaine.
Open file (19.73 KB 502x305 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>249542 >You should take care of your kid! says the guy who spend 12 hours a day in discord calls with tranny
Open file (294.80 KB 1382x1773 GMhSepHbEAAqFKs.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 380x220 62985625625362552.gif)
House of Misrepresentatives passed this. Apparently telling the truth is against the federal government guidelines
>>249545 Sure, but she wouldn't fuck you, and therein lies the difference.
>>249556 shes already fucking this king
>>249555 (checked) Fucking crazy how it was perfectly fine for all these college kids to support BLM and loot burn cities down over some some nig​ger that overdosed but god forbid they criticize/protest God's Chosen Lunatics, thats it shut down time for us to take away your freedom of speech.
>>249555 deus vult uhuhuh speramus descedit et gentilos nos necabit omnae genua flectunt, iudaei rex est uhuhuhuhuh
Open file (385.00 KB 557x558 5898925982592588925.png)
>>249559 The point isn't Christianity itself but allowing the freedom of speech especially in regards to religion and especially the religion of the writers of the Constitution, and not limiting it bickers "Christ is King" bruises Ben Shapiro buttcheeks.
>>249369 >>249370 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI-EH1l2xzs Cuckstiny and company are shilling for Bidup
>>249564 I wonder why...
Open file (226.37 KB 608x483 1356434124232.png)
Bad news gaytorbros.
Open file (431.21 KB 1536x2048 GD6KblvXIAEMmEx.jpg)
>>249569 The incarnation of the sektur's death, fucking skeletor with a wig. What in the fuck is this bitch even talking about???
Open file (1.30 MB 1024x1024 merchant bazaar.png)
>>249569 Stop giving this whore attention
>>249494 amanda got fucked in the ass by a 13 year old mexican Juggalo and pigtits watched cuckold confirmed
>>249448 sounds defeated suicide incoming
>>249400 Who is this?
>>249576 RAWDAWGED IN HER ASS and she loved it
Open file (227.47 KB 720x1089 the darkest ceaser.png)
Open file (347.89 KB 717x397 pigtitsugly.png)
Open file (31.90 KB 757x236 pigtits.png)
does he beg and cry in front of paid bitches like demi and make them feel sorry for him haha pity
>>249581 jcaesar187 fucked prostitutes and so did the horse
Open file (930.58 KB 2048x1884 gunt feet god tier.jpg)
>>249584 >jcaesar187 fucked prostitutes and so did the horse and what have you ever fucked bish? at least my feet are god tier!
>>249585 the point is gaylogs try to pretend Гунтy is some cuckold when the both of them fucked other people and sometimes together in a threesome. it's disingenuous. people do this to streamer destiny as well. both him and his ex fucked other people but the onus is only on the man bickers everyone likes to larp as a feminist when it's convenient.
>>249587 The onus is on the man bickers the man SHOULD care about other dudes fucking his wife, by the nature of the sexes women can get pregnant, easily catch stds especially from a mexican male prostitute you explicitly made fuck her in the ass without any form of protection and just get all emotionally fucked up by having other men service their assfucking needs. Finding a woman who lets you fuck other women is cool, but when you start letting her fuck other dudes as well you are a certified cuckold who needs paternity tests to prove any of his kids is actually his.
>>249584 >>249585 pigtits does date a number or dykes, amanda, adezero, nora, faith, remeber the texts where pig was fine with faith seeing some other guy and the texts between amanda and faith eating each other out >>249587 >>249589 he definitely watched amanda getting fucked in the ass by a 13 year old
Open file (411.40 KB 727x702 feminist_josh-1.png)
>>249589 a girl who let's his guy sleep around isn't cool and a girl who sleeps around with others while having a guy should rightly be called a whore or a slut. you'll never hear jewsh berate destiny's ex bickers he's a cringe fake feminist.
Open file (250.94 KB 1620x1080 ralph gunting soph.jpg)
>>249587 >Гунт isn't a cuckold that's about as believable as Гунт not lusting after soph while high on xanax
Open file (1.65 MB 498x281 3512065818.gif)
>>249592 >men get chided for not acting like men >womens failures are seen as failures on the part of her man not being a man >feminism were back, reset the calendar to year 0
Open file (600.55 KB 606x894 872392980923.png)
>>249570 >What in the fuck is this bitch even talking about??? No one knows. No one listens. Turned that shit off 10 seconds in. >>249571 Is it even possibe? I genuinely think listening to her rambling gives you brain cancer.
>>249587 Fuck off Adam Edge. jcaesar187 disavowed you. Just bickers Elaine cucked you doesnt mean you get to larp like cuckoldry is based faggot.
>>249583 for some fat disgusting pig looking retard to try and run a bullying and harrasment channel, i dont know, imagine waking up in the morning and looking like this, no wonder hes a junkie, imagine looking like this pig animal, just end it already pigboy, youve lost, completly lost
Open file (20.84 KB 466x466 F2O5oEGWsAAsdCS.jpg)
>>249592 >this is the faggot who threw an online shitfit when some teenage girl wouldn't e-date him Alawgfarms remembers
>>249583 >AUUUUUUU I'M NOT NICE TO WOMEN What was the name of the e-whore that he simped for and wanted to buy her everything off her (((amazon))) whish list again?
>>249610 Wasn't it alice?
>>249611 Alice. Although tbf, he had Mai_Mai procure her
>>249610 he pays mexicans to be nice to women and to RAWDAWG THEM IN THEIR ASS and she loved it
>>249611 im sure the fucking pig was really nice to alice, before raping her mouth after getting her pig stinking drunk oink
GYM ON LIFE SUPPORT Гунт ON IRON LUNG ASSTON ON 600 ILB LIFE WARTSKI ON TRANNY DICK just in time for more election year psyops
Open file (1.78 MB 600x337 429244287992.gif)
>>249611 Rock bottom to that point in time.
Open file (33.92 KB 745x322 pigtits.png)
pigtits back again rattling his begging tin cup
Open file (75.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Is this what Muttni thinks she looks like?
Open file (4.91 MB 3780x3859 alice.jpg)
Open file (406.32 KB 1152x948 alice2.jpg)
>>249617 Гунт keeps saying the lobby is open, but what does it even mean? He doesn't take callers unless they're screened first, so the only people ever calling in are the same nobody guests and a few cringeworthy paypigs. Maybe it's just an empty slogan to him now, like christianity and most of his espoused beliefs.
>>249592 Jewsh Moonpie is one of those men that is falling into the "sneaky fucker" strategy like a lot of soyboy leftist men. He pretends to be a feminist, pandering to the women in his audience and blaming men for everything on every issue. He hopes women will think, "Ah, he's one of the good ones." And then women will magically fuck him. But the truth is, men doing this strategy end up being bad people trying to camoflage themselves into a female safe space, where their true sex predator nature comes out and they get arrested for rape and other sex crimes. >>249591 Why do you keep saying a 13 year old fucked Amanda Morris in her ass? I've never heard this bit of lore about the age of the male hooker. It's bad enough without having to invent new details into it. >>249596 The funny bit in that video is she revealed she has a habit of ripping wallpaper off the wall to see if there is black mold everywhere she lives. Definitely doesn't sound like a crazy person who's hearing voices in the walls (sarcasm). >>249599 Yeah, what I hate about Earwinson is that he pushed Elaine in all our faces for months. Now he wants to bury her bc they had a fallout. No retard. You were the idiot giving her so much attention and declaring her the queen of the sector just 'cause you wanted to hit it. Anons were telling you it was cringe then and it's still cringe now, not just bc you got your heart broken by the witch. >>249609 Exactly. And he fantasized openly about wanting to go on a rampage killing women until he got gunned down by a swat team. The Jewsh Moon stances come from overcorrecting on past lore about himself. He pretends to hate anime bc of his neko shota stuff in the past and how trannies larp using anime pfps. He larps as a feminist to try to correct the insane misogyny of hating all women and wanting to kill his Mom.
>>249623 Yep. Hence >just in time for more election year psyops
>>249623 Also talk on parts of Twitter have speculated the Antisemitism bill as a way to shut down Twitter or at least control it more, after fucking with TikTok, which might be the case. The amount of "antisemtitism" I've seen on twitter especially in the last view days has been remarkable, but makes you wonder why it is so unchecked on such a big platform as Twitter.
Open file (1.41 MB 1024x1280 applebees.png)
>>249628 the anti-jew bill is probably unconstitutional and will get shot down but I thought it only applied to public gatherings?
Open file (1.26 MB 1280x720 m021M6huL1K5GNkp.mp4)
Open file (229.62 KB 739x828 nigger.png)
Open file (182.39 KB 734x686 lexxx.png)
Open file (295.42 KB 736x705 lexx2.png)
>>249615 Watch him blocking every hater the second he gets reinstated. Like little faggot he is.
>>249623 >>249627 Sounds like y'all are jealous that Fuentes is the GOAT and is getting his X account back. Return of the king.
Open file (1.27 MB 319x219 1667152341530590.gif)
>>249621 >can we bully him into getting x to host foxdick idk dude, why not just sue him? It's your golden bullet.
Open file (60.25 KB 600x650 e70-456439111.jpg)
>>249628 yeah get a clue thats the whole point of the sudden flood of 'christ, the king of the jews, is king' posting since this is literally the kikes go to strawman to delegitimise any criticism on jews, 'uh see its just pathological antisemitism' who the fuck even takes anything you fucking say about the kikes seriously when you espouse this crap that is exactly what the kikes always pretend antisemitism is , ie. idiotic irrational religious zealotry based on literally nothing more than a jewish fairytale and having nothing to do with anything with actual jews or reality, like holy fucking shit this is the best argument people have against the kikes 'they killed jeesoos' fucking qtard kike pantomime
Open file (3.48 MB 1164x4160 Untitled.png)
Open file (90.31 KB 782x836 Untitled2.png)
Jush is a reetard but comments section is on point.
>>249633 That's probably the mindset, although I think there is a lot of truth to it even it alienates a lot of atheist normalfags >>249634 Yeah no shit. Meanwhile Jewsh is all >mememememememeeeeee
>>249629 Yeah but the language in parts is vague and it mentions "jews killed Jesus" which can be used against Christians
Open file (1.25 MB 500x281 mememe.gif)
Open file (731.24 KB 480x270 giphy.gif)
Open file (1.25 MB 500x281 mememe.gif)
Open file (1.73 MB 296x555 glowiegaytor.gif)
Open file (11.84 MB 460x719 oldfag_glow.GIF)
Open file (512.44 KB 1695x428 TheFutureGlowsSoBright.png)
>>249615 >>249621 >>249623 >>249634 Glowbois Are Back In Town
Open file (792.77 KB 400x400 faguentes.gif)
X and Elon really want you to believe that Nicholas J. Fuentes is more popular than the the most popular and best-selling video game of all time? Astro-turfed fed.
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 928582181781.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVaSN4Cqo-I Carl on The Critical Drinker stream now
Open file (250.00 KB 600x338 gaytor_anime.gif)
GAYTORBROS WE ARE SO FUCKING BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMrVQBiyZ4E
Open file (798.89 KB 1229x695 709408240323.png)
CORRECTION NEEDED: Let's Talk NEXAS & AniLive. Where People Got it Right or Wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMrVQBiyZ4E
>>249642 fuck off idiot im not reading this shit if jesus was not a jew he is not from the tribe of juda and not from the davidic blood line and hence not messiah and did not fullfill the mesianic prophecy you fucking clueless peabrain dont even try
Open file (686.53 KB 1081x905 1038446269005.png)
>>249645 >tribe of Judah= modern Jews Yeah, and Nora is of the same tribe as Geronimo bickers both are called "Indians"
>>249634 >ashley st clair that jewess whore literally sent n iggers her underage nudes a decade ago
>>249647 >we wuz jews cope harder you strange alien, jew literally means people from judea who speak a semetic language that has no relation to any indo-european language, these fucking desert cults were not hwite or black or european or whatever stupid tard cope you have that no one but you believes and only do so bickers you dont know shit
>>249642 >>249645 >>249647 >>249650 y'all john lennon DID NOT die for this 😂😂😂
>>249650 >cope harder you strange alien, Not coping. Just questioning. But apparently I hit a defensive nerve with you >jew literally means people from judea who speak a semetic language that has no relation to any indo-european language, Yeah, and the "jews" are descended from the Pharisees who brought their religion back from Babylon with them. >these fucking desert cults were not hwite or black or european or whatever stupid tard cope you have that no one but you believes and only do so bickers you dont know shit And how do you know what you claim to know? Also white black or european cover a number of different groups themselves. So call these desert cults whatever you want but that doesn't mean all these centuries "exiled" diaspora currently occupying Palestine are Judeans or Judahites
>>249655 jesus was a follower of judaism which is now talmudic judaism after the destruction of their stupid temple and the temple cult, and was ethnically part of a nation that only existed in what is today known as the levant and are desert wanders that had the custom of wiping their ass using three stones/shells hows that
>>249643 >>249644 Fuck off Brian Holloman
[10:44] <~robi> server fees paid for may [10:44] <~robi> canary update on the 5th [10:44] <~robi> bit busy this week as well, moving GET READY /cow/BOYS
Open file (306.08 KB 1152x2048 GCZZG0dXoAA8U1F.jpg)
>>249626 >The funny bit in that video is she revealed she has a habit of ripping wallpaper off the wall to see if there is black mold everywhere she lives. Definitely doesn't sound like a crazy person who's hearing voices in the walls (sarcasm). Also confirmed she lives in a shithole if she is worried about black mold. Or she's covering for being a flophouse
>>249644 >30 people watching that garbage Even Persnake gets better numbers than that
Open file (1.18 MB 600x338 alice_bird.gif)
>>249658 2 canaries in a row? What is this, an aviary?
Open file (2.87 KB 297x45 1413566032398.png)
Open file (286.20 KB 563x780 gator_deal_with_it.jpg)
>>249664 Look at the economic efficiency though. Even daddy gym couldn't monetise near 20% of his audience. Gaytor's making it rain.
Open file (5.26 MB 720x898 Good goys.mp4)
Open file (589.23 KB 590x743 JewOfTiktok.png)
Open file (795.26 KB 980x551 351494240248.png)
>>249668 File 2 didn't upload.
Open file (1.89 MB 640x360 sam_hyde_dance.mp4)
Open file (329.91 KB 1920x810 1920x810.jpg)
Open file (67.35 KB 900x900 channels4_profile.jpg)
Happy Constitution Day Polandbros
>>249485 lol pigtits sure does love being humiliated, i cant believe piggermale hasnt killed himself, piggertits has fuck all to live for haha
>>249620 piggertits should have his jaw broke and teeth smashed for face raping this girl
*woosh* maga is king
>>249694 >Christian charity applies to the animal kingdom too
>>249690 >i'm off most social media, have been for like forever bickers it sucks and i prefer cats >btw here's my new twatter Mayte
Open file (25.75 KB 743x197 pigtits.png)
ahhhh stuck in helllllll fuck you piggertits
>>249698 Wtf is this fat fuck trying to do?
Open file (115.27 KB 480x512 geta kakke.png)
Sony Burns Down Everything They Touch. Square-Enix Ls Collection. FalseEyeD vs Nijisanji. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyZ3gJdwIpE TheGatorGamerbro smashing viewer numbers left and right.
Words of wisdom: No one will love Styx as much as he does.
Open file (1.40 MB 1475x1109 what daaaa.png)
>>249707 amazing wisdom
>>249707 Good to know that Styx has no one in his life that is looking out for him and truly has his back. This is the fate of morally bad people. But tbf, he is currently sitting in his parent's home in Rutland, Vermont. So perhaps this narcissist underestimates the level of support his parents are giving him as he thinks he's all alone in the world. Also, funny that his moral code is Crowley's "Do as thou wilt." How's that workin' out for you buddy? Still worshipping Stolas, the owl demon? I need Styx to become a relevant character again. He's vastly underappreciated in the sphere.
LETS GOOOOOOOOOO NEW KINO BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoupz68ar9o BAPCELS ON SUICIDE WATCH
>>249710 Really good video, fuck BAP
>>249709 Styx makes 2 10 minute videos and then streams to 3000 dupper puppers for an hour, selling them vague copium and in 1 hour rakes in what rekieta makes in a month. He's got his grift figured out at least.
>>249710 A gem reminiscent of old internet blood sports.
>>249710 Who made this its funny.
>>249710 >>249711 >>249715 >>249716 So this channel is a Groyper channel. He attacked Gayden McNeil, which was cool. Now he's attacking BAP, whom Fuentes hates. Ok, I don't really care but stop changing VPN's and building a false consensus. If people want to check it out, they will.
>>249717 Isn't it Ali Jamal?
>>249719 Yeah, it is. I forgot somebody linked it here once. Then I just forgot about it and wondered why it was being shilled here and was so autistic.
>>249710 >>249715 >>249716 Ali stop wasting your parents money on VPNs to shill your youtube channel and get a real job
Open file (244.85 KB 657x563 IMG_3848.png)
>>249719 Or someone borrowing his channel like with surfer. Coin flip. He could just be schizo with his off camera persona like half the sektur.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFSTRPllJ_M Cuckieta's 4D lawfare chess move
Open file (21.71 KB 400x532 GJ3742qXsAAFAjH.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
Open file (311.94 KB 900x900 2989285928529592365.jpg)
Anyone remember a Virtual Holocaust from 2008 he was an amazing atheist orbiter. https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Saturnine_Films He was mentioned in this article.
>>249726 >hes already wasted
Open file (185.19 KB 396x590 Josh Moon 6.png)
Jewsh Moonpie subs to the Kino Casino.
Open file (31.32 KB 755x250 pig.png)
lol arghhh lub muh saahn reminder both his retard children on special needs and on welfare, one being raised by amanda the tranny and her negro boyfriend and the other faith the dyke raised by her mexican boyfriend, comical how white nationalists talk to this piggermale, yes the white nationalist movement want this piggertits betamale on their team, if you look like pigtits you should be replaced
Open file (340.09 KB 753x682 dax.png)
lol dax the child molester if giving piggertits advice on how to proceed with pigs disabled child, 200k argh million dollars haha pigs tits life if a complete fucking disaster end it now will a little dignity just kidding pigtits has none not a single shred of dignity
>>249730 one child raised by a mexican one child raised by a african there's your white nationalist fucking larping blacked porn lover, 2 time obama voter
>>249731 Who is paying Viggers legal bills now?
Open file (2.00 MB 360x500 burning_gunt3.gif)
>>249730 >>249731 >>249732 utter humiliation, expect a Saturday show begging for more money, he cant even afford that mexican rent a girl anymore
Open file (396.89 KB 1488x1223 faith.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 850x746 faith4.png)
Open file (173.02 KB 2048x1139 James_Triston_Laughs.jpg)
Open file (7.43 MB 280x194 PPP GOAT.gif)
Open file (125.47 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
>>249732 Gonna need to see some proof of Horse hooking up with a groid, or is this just some more pedochet lies?
Open file (380.13 KB 742x730 pigtitscrawlingback.png)
pigtits is trying to hide behind another group of retards again, but its the same retards as before, hes ran out of groups to parasite and leech off back to sucking beaner cock just like old times pigboy
Open file (5.57 MB 7296x5472 18221285952895.jpg)
>>249739 >abusers For a girl who raped x times, she sure can pick them >>249732 Wutta chad. He's not raising their kids
>>249743 a fat disgusting retard who offers absolutely fuck all wants to join your political movement, what do you do?
Open file (42.51 KB 782x640 GMsuMFKWkAA59LK.jpg)
Open file (337.28 KB 1536x2048 GMae0jMXEAA_8lS.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqBFYmimmjU Sargon answers the bear question
Open file (23.11 KB 619x169 472439014838.png)
>a week without twatting HE'S FUCKING DEAD (AGAIN)
Open file (15.28 KB 640x360 URWhPRv97YDV_640x360.jpg)
>>249758 Is Metocare a Sonic furfag now? Dying funny man has turned cringe during his "last days"
Open file (896.10 KB 1600x2199 cog.jpg)
Open file (643.02 KB 1600x1541 cog2.jpg)
Open file (174.81 KB 1600x448 cog3.jpg)
Open file (913.49 KB 1549x2072 gunt.jpg)
Open file (3.38 MB 600x337 gunts fantasy.gif)
In a desperation to grift Гунт is trying to suck back up Faguentes
Open file (2.12 MB 1200x1200 00851.png)
>>249752 >You will never become William Birkin from Resident Evil 2. But tbf, William was an Umbrella scientist who got betrayed by Umbrella corporation. He got shot and was dying so he took the T--virus as a last resort and mutated into a monster. He did not willingly take the vax for fun. Oh yeah, fake post. >>249757 Why is Sargon posting videos on his dead channel now? Is he tired of pretending to run Lotus Eaters? >>249758 It's over Sweaty-Squirters. Metocare cowers offline now after Elaine and the Feaser gang beat him into the dirt. But it's good for his heart to avoid online stress. >>249730 >>249731 So Vickers is getting the Mexican boyfriend to adopt Xander, jcaesar187's son. And is strong-arming jcaesar187 by slapping him with lawsuits to force him to cooperate. Vickers is a one-trick downyy; he can only sue and use lawfare. Also, imagine being that Mexican cuck.
>>249762 How does this fat fuck not blow his brains out? Imagine weiting this about the reality of never ever being able to see or raise your own child, let alone a son. Fuck me, even Bryan Dunn is able to sustain a real career and be in his kids life everyday somehow. E.than R.alph you will always be the biggest loser on the internet. Facts.
>>249747 Fuck off Adam Edge/Perspic. Look at your post count LOL. What a losssseeerrrrr
>>249762 ive heard holocaust survivor stories more believable than a man being given a diamond ring from his wife on an exact date which is not their marriage cuz how could it be the man is bride lmao
>>249764 hey pedo kys
Open file (66.02 KB 1553x180 gaypers.jpg)
Open file (454.75 KB 1600x762 gaypers2.jpg)
Open file (92.26 KB 1578x176 gaypers3.jpg)
Open file (584.90 KB 1600x1360 gaypers4.jpg)
Open file (664.25 KB 1600x1459 gunt2.jpg)
The gaypers are not ready to forgive Гунт
Open file (62.92 KB 1280x839 F1Mb8mdWwAUmq2f.jpg)
>>249765 >>249766 Stay mad, alawgs. I'm doing my part.
Open file (84.05 KB 800x400 architect.jpg)
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>249743 >a rough time of Гунт's life is the only time he has been sober since he got out of prison
Open file (36.42 KB 619x268 1311672228369.png)
>>249780 Who are the 50 anons being sued by Vickers? Do they even know? I assume they are Twitterfags.
>>249781 Good question, If I had to guess the list should contain: Perspicacity Squire KoP Randy Willians Saniberries Elaine Mormon Shaggy Axle Alyster? Gaytor? Jewsh?
>>249772 Why do you post so much Adam? Log off and raise your kid you balding faggot
oioi! oim troyin to be stronk wit me tits oight me fookin tits exploded m8
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 whatever host.png)
>>249787 what the ever living hell
Open file (1.13 MB 180x246 Gunt whoa2.gif)
Open file (844.06 KB 1487x1555 ethan vickers.png)
Open file (166.65 KB 946x2048 ethan vickers2.jpg)
Open file (195.08 KB 946x2048 ethan vickers3.jpg)
Open file (149.71 KB 1485x757 gunt3.png)
Open file (232.32 KB 1478x1161 gunt4.png)
Open file (175.88 KB 1482x822 gunt5.png)
>>249792 >>249793 what's the viggers endgame?
>>249794 An attempt of a humiliation ritual for the Гунт but it just doesn't work since Гунт already sits at the bottom of a pig stye rolling in pig shit waiting to drag others down into it with him
Open file (650.02 KB 1536x2048 BAGELED DOT COM.jpg)
calculator coom on suicidewatch
>>249780 lol still wearing those silly glasses, he just looks stupid wearing them and shows his lack of confidence over his pigish appearance and gimp eye >>249794 suicide do it piggermale
Open file (856.56 KB 3000x2210 feasing.jpg)
Open file (213.96 KB 598x743 FEASED.jpg)
Feaser is really excited to have Fedeuntes back
Open file (263.46 KB 591x645 4324324.jpg)
>>249725 If Гунт had just bent the knee he could have been on one of these panels.
Open file (454.72 KB 1512x2016 GMxuzScX0AAmIj5.jpg)
>>249796 >hanging out with this homo I doubt she did anything with him >>249801 He's back pedaling faster than a bear on a unicycle
>>249799 >22 and already hitting the wall its either that or botulism cheeks
Open file (170.55 KB 1242x1590 GM0mva0XYAAymTK.jpg)
Open file (409.41 KB 1152x2048 GM1Jk18WUAAweiZ.jpg)
Open file (84.59 KB 576x1024 GM03SlYXAAAMVw4.jpg)
Open file (212.63 KB 1152x2048 GMvnP4kWkAAfrrj.jpg)
Open file (131.10 KB 900x720 GMp8FRSbQAAGxsg.jpg)
>thirst posting intensifies
Open file (249.70 KB 404x425 bish.png)
>>249806 >heckin' reddit steampunk chic when is elaine going on whatever. Would she be on the side of the table opposite of brian bickers she probably has some nutty radfem beliefs?
Open file (369.51 KB 502x488 pigeyes.png)
>>249797 ahhhhh look kool in muuugh cheep sunglasses
Open file (19.77 KB 336x188 whoress.png)
Man vs. Bear DEBATE! Andrew Wilson! Tattoo On Her WHAT?! E-GIRLS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #158 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZwZELDuVMI
Open file (255.66 KB 460x459 GMxAAOyXAAA4cT9.png)
Open file (94.25 KB 880x1100 GMvxuKnWsAAjWDn.jpg)
Open file (209.31 KB 1456x816 GM1J1H1bIAAPNRd.jpg)
Open file (208.68 KB 1456x816 GM1NWaMbsAA_MIW.jpg)
Open file (168.22 KB 1456x816 GM1IzCUaAAAgfwc.jpg)
Open file (1.72 MB 1571x857 roassssssssssst.png)
Open file (999.39 KB 685x867 Demi-Hawks.png)
>>249816 >Minnie Mouse is back
>>249811 >>249816 >>249815 I see Andrew Wilson is back to bullying 20 year old bimbo whores who know nothing. Back to the same old low-hanging fruit. This guy is middle-aged picking on early 20's bimbos half his age. When he does step out of his lane, he get his ass handed to him like on that Fresh N Fit panel with the bald prisoner who owned him. It's tough, BPF-bros. Get back to your safe space and keep pretending your fat wife is hot and raising all her bastard kids, cuckold. Andrew got too big for his little britches in his Whatever safe space and got smacked back down to Earth. Also, Whatever desperately latching onto the bear-man feminist drama. Pathetic. This sort of anti-sjw, anti-feminist kontent has already been done a million times literally 10-15 years ago back in 2014 by shmucks like Sargon, Vee and others. And even he moved on (mostly) from stupid shit like that.
>>249818 who cares, its jerry springer tier entertainment
Open file (35.71 KB 412x320 Pepe - retard juice.jpg)
>>249819 You do apparently. 'Cause you watch that shit for 8 hours straight every night like a bitch.
Open file (262.78 KB 1200x1600 GMxz4F4WQAA6t1r.jpg)
Open file (3.06 MB 640x640 cat what.gif)
>>249821 >going to Mar-a-Lago >going to me Trump >put on a suit >wear a beanie bro everyone knows your bald just take of the stupid beanie
>>249822 you think this is ajoke?! i wear the beanie so leftists and antifa cant identify me! this is serious its to protect my identity as a journalist this is serious do you not know how many death threats i get from marxists, maga, you think this is a joke?!
Open file (315.06 KB 405x590 tim.png)
>>249823 >you think this is a joke yeah its a joke/cope while hiding being bald, your chrome dome has already been exposed so just own it dim fool
Open file (20.67 KB 293x413 D1.jpeg)
Open file (3.46 KB 136x164 D2.jpeg)
Open file (78.42 KB 782x562 D3.jpg)
Just one of the many side effects of gluttony. Sugar rotting those teeth out from all the crap he shovels down his gullet.
>>249822 I think he showers with it on
Open file (233.92 KB 349x603 ppp_purse2.png)
>>249825 He's had that for 3 or 4 years now, hasn't he?
Open file (1.41 MB 1556x1106 ashton poopteeth.png)
>>249818 He's taking on Lauren Chen this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xEhg2be_5s
Open file (210.03 KB 400x400 king gunt2.png)
>>249837 another W for the king
Open file (70.12 KB 1179x561 GLTpMpIXUAAKYJU.jpg)
>>249836 >Lauren is already dead
Open file (68.90 KB 768x433 M1.jpg)
Open file (35.87 KB 417x587 Metokur black hat 1.jpg)
It has now been days since Metocare tweeted. Before this tweet, he was on another 10 day hiatus and only broke it probably bc he was tired of getting DM's from sycophants asking, "Are you ok, Gym?" Metocare got used to his Poast safe space where only his sycophants kissed his ass. Real Twitter/X is not quite as fun, especially when you go out of your way to make a lot of enemies. Feasergang and Elaine beat him into the dirt to the point that he doesn't wanna play anymore.
>>249847 *It has now been 9 days
>>249847 *it has now bean
>>249806 I need to fuck her.
Open file (490.65 KB 971x918 1704554378975.png)
>>249847 Jayyyyed. Tell 'em Tiny gives better head Jayyyed.
>>249758 It's probably been five years since I laughed at anything this guy has posted/said. It's like if Spoony was still somehow able to retain an audience despite losing the ability that made him known in the first place.
Open file (1.40 MB 2000x2500 afpac_666.jpg)
Open file (42.25 KB 612x300 fuentes.jpg)
AFPAC IV is being held on 6/6/24, ie 666 date.
>>249858 *Meant to write 6/15/24 but 1+5=6, 2+4=6
>>249853 >June 15th So that would be 616 if you use american notation and Israeli timezone.
>>249860 No, June = 6, 15 is 6 bickers 1+5=6, 24 is 6 bickers 2+4=6.
Open file (23.12 KB 474x447 4101078714.jpeg)
>>249859 4=2*2 = 2=1+1 2+1=3 6=1+2+3 3*2=6 66=6+6 666
Open file (171.04 KB 1240x1054 1674611863828639.jpg)
>>248789 That ball needs a star
Open file (21.08 KB 593x193 gunt.png)
Open file (65.67 KB 600x808 gunt2.png)
Open file (52.72 KB 604x589 gunt3.png)
Open file (52.72 KB 604x589 gunt3.png)
Open file (282.51 KB 593x944 gunt4.png)
Open file (338.68 KB 592x847 gunt5.png)
Open file (24.80 KB 355x500 29529859265925925.jpg)
Open file (7.68 MB 1280x720 tf_jim_v_ralph.mp4)
>>249866 10 DAYS It's ogre.
>>249865 >third image fucking destroyed
Open file (721.08 KB 820x478 pigtits.png)
pigtits back to watching negros, im convinced this pig is a psyops to just discredit right wing idiots who are desperate enough to go on his dogshit show, why is he still streaming, for whom? >>249865 >>249866 pigtits was getting RAWDAWGED BY MATTHEW VICKERS ALL WEEKEND AND HE LOVED IT like all weekend, enjoy court again piggermale
Open file (290.55 KB 1668x2092 F1.jpeg)
Open file (227.39 KB 1668x1614 F2.jpeg)
Open file (160.18 KB 778x857 F3.jpg)
Open file (101.51 KB 775x707 F4.jpg)
Open file (366.95 KB 3051x2258 F5.jpeg)
Based Teddy Feaser is flagging down all kontent on Jewtube from gaylogs making fun of him. And it makes fags like Kinochet, KillAllPedos, and Asston Parks fume in rage. 😁😁😁
Open file (879.98 KB 1501x916 SLAPPED.png)
>>249870 not like this chemokasinobros...
>>249869 piggertits is now watch fuentes >im gonna destroy amercai first a swear on much shaans life
>>249874 MAH SAAHNN
>>249869 I tried to watch thanks to your promotion. I couldn't take listening to Destiny for more than a few minutes and tapped out. Even worse than listening to Fuentes.
Open file (1.14 MB 1062x1016 gator_nightmarefuel.png)
Open file (972.12 KB 4096x2335 media_GLzlJJOWUAAcJC-.jpg)
Open file (4.43 MB 600x338 ppp_puke.gif)
Well who needs sleep anyway.
Open file (18.68 KB 336x188 8at18.png)
She DISAGREES With EVERYTHING?! Trad Feminist? VlRGlN GIGACHAD! College Girls! | Dating Talk #159 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMOILjdbYvs
Open file (2.29 MB 1440x1748 Mantsu.png)
Open file (1.72 MB 1439x1706 Mantsu2.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1219x831 Mantsu3.png)
Open file (8.27 KB 498x83 1715111862157.png)
Mantsu has completely moved on in life from the pig, looks like she is getting a new job maybe even moving in with her black bull.
Open file (3.20 MB 2462x1242 roiassssstt.png)
Open file (235.66 KB 371x442 slampig.png)
>>249882 prime slampig on the left
Open file (15.98 KB 659x108 LMAO.png)
>>249881 she's completely "moved on" by taunting Гунтy with pics on instagram? she's been Гунтed and raising Гунтs kid. there's no moving on from that
Open file (623.75 KB 280x280 2985295252952529558.gif)
Earwinson just woke up from drugs induced weekend coma. It's another AMA.
Open file (114.31 KB 828x745 1941504606.jpg)
>>249893 >ancient value >br'ish caeser almost called off his campaign cuz he couldnt land siege weapons on the blueniger island, he was used to fighting real people but with these br'ish he found out he didnt need shit cuz they were the equivalent of nigers in africa, a single standard bearer was able to slaughter a whole group of these naked blue insects, what a worthless and pathetic peoples, they didnt even take them as slaves they were that useless, they just imposed a tax which the romans just forgot about and stopped collecting cuz its like charging an ant rent in your home, fookin br'ish m8, so fucking worthless and insignificant
Open file (149.48 KB 1216x1280 GNDT1-TXwAAG4nn.jpg)
Open file (186.29 KB 751x798 js1.png)
Open file (80.06 KB 751x719 js2.png)
>>249895 <my life as an owl turned into a nightmare
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>249893 >fighting over an overcrowded rainy shithole where all the natural resources were stripped long ago that has nothing but inbred brits that never fled to the rest of the anglosphere due to being poor or retarded and inbred pajeets + ahmeds
Open file (1.08 MB 1599x2570 gunt im fine.jpg)
Open file (1.94 MB 2847x1412 doubt.png)
>i'm fine on rumble
>>249901 Jersh scamming his followers out of 100+ thousand dollars isn't notable though.
Open file (451.61 KB 586x786 faggot.png)
>>249901 if the Гунт could get 500-1000 viewers on youtube on the condition he'd abandon rumble he'd make the switch immediately
Open file (286.20 KB 563x780 312482445270.jpg)
Open file (54.63 KB 578x336 1125313016667.png)
>>249891 Gaytor deflecting his dox to zoom. It had the knock on effect of making jewsh rage that he slept through it and foxdicks are still seething over it as a whole. One tweet and the gaytorbro had them at his beck and call. Adam only wishes he had that kind of power.
Open file (123.29 KB 1075x968 FzqOgF5XoAEr3HN.jpg)
>>249904 He who travels fastest travels alone, Gayopwinson
Open file (14.98 MB 640x480 OY VEY.mp4)
Kike Space Jam producer Herschel Weingrod outed as sweaty gamer by kino kick streamers
Open file (86.92 KB 350x198 519651651685469.gif)
>>249908 god said its ok goy you antisemite nazi!
piggertits doing a late stream, is pig losing the will to stream, piggertits has been doing lots of missed days/late starts, it must be hard to wake up and be a fat retard called piggertits with nothing to do all day but stream watching other more successful podcasts and cnn for 10 hours a day until 100 bucks of superchats from disabled neets like analwolf come in. piggertits is still doing shit political debates bickers hes an antizionist, i bet their happy adding piggertits to their movement with adam green lol, nothing screams a successful political movement with a fat disgusting pig looking retard with no skills, ugly as fuck and no energy, hows your white children both disabled and on welfare while your about to get rawdawged in your ass by vickers again
Open file (1.67 MB 1200x1200 bathroom cumswap.png)
>>249904 <Gaytor: I've only ever been x, y, and z. What about Captain Steelbeard? Gaytor lying yet again. >May 8, 2024 Oh this is recent. Damn, he's even lying through his teeth as of today. >>249906 Lauren Chen is going to debate Lauren Southern. Hmm, might be interesting. Although I wouldn't expect Lauren Chen to get dirty with Southern enough to destroy her. She will be polite.
>>249915 back to reddit farms. piggertits was never a thing here. it was always Гунт
>>249916 hello piggertits, you are fat and poor, consider ending it
>>249916 >it was always Гунт Sorry bud, but I've held from day one to distinguish between the blob that is jcaesar187 and the individual known as the Гунт. No one really got the memo since like 2020. It's like the way slowpoke and shellder make slowbro that distinguishes a collective from a gathering of individualists.
Open file (139.78 KB 768x1024 GLDYu6-WwAAl09o.jpg)
>>249918 i just don't see anyone but a mr redditkur fan thinking "piggertits" is a good insult
>>249920 It's not, but it's whatever he wants to use to identify himself while switching ids. Weakload jizzed on his cat, he has this thing.
Why is jcaesar187 making his audience watch some whatever podcast egirl troll for hours? It's like he enjoys torturing his audience. Yesterday it was hours of destiny. The weeks before it was cooking videos. Now whatever podcast (which I hate). I try to watch but he does his best to make it unwatchable.
Open file (5.27 MB 720x1280 Headbangers pullups.mp4)
>>249895 I'm gonna have to listen to Rollo debunk this this week. Should be red meat for him since Southern tried to destroy his repuptation with Destiny and Muttni with forged medical documents. >>249901 >I couldn't pay for a podcast where the speaker can't squat 135 lbs based on principle. I wouldn't pay for any podcast in general but this principle I can relate to. I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to discard people's opinions on how they look, even though technically it's a fallacy. A fat dude can still be correct by stating the sky is blue. If you're obese, I don't really care about your opinion on many things. I guess a fat clown can still entertain me. But when someone like Asston Parks is moralizing and giving his opinion on Christian morality and others being losers, I can't take it seriously. Or Jewsh Moonpie larping as a male feminist when he has limited experience with women and is pandering to his audience to get female support. All these people are very fat and lack the discipline required to stop eating themselves to death. How about you get a six pack and then I will take you seriously. Or do 10-15 pullups. Someone like Sargon can't be talking about saving the West and British people being so great when they're fat and can't pullup their own body weight 5 times. I know he lost some weight but still. All you influencers are fat or have skeletal pipe-cleaner arms like Styx and you want to tell me how society should be laid out and how politics should work. And who I should vote for. Fuck off. Like Gvnt right now is bragging about his game with women and stupid shit like that. And Rollo Tomassi brags about his 50+ body count and how he used to larp as a rock star and women wanted to fuck him when he was in his 20's on stage. Everything is so fake and gay. Most of the fitness influencers are on steroids and present a fake world where they use downward lighting and take pics full flex, after a big workout so they get the best pump. I guess I'm just getting tired of e-grifters and how one can present a fake hyperreality version of life to an audience from a bedroom and think that means anything. It's all fake people trying to earn money online so they don't have to work a real job and grifters fellating their egos all day long. New rule: If you can't do a muscle up or head bangers pullups, then I don't have to listen to you or respect you. Bc you're not on my level. I don't use weights as a rule like (you must benchpress 300 lbs plates or squat 250 lbs) bc big fat dudes can have some basic fat strength, but then they can't do a pullup or many pushups. You must have the discipline to control your diet too and reduce your body fat percentage. >>249922 Yuck. Yet another reason to tune out of the gvnt.
Open file (596.63 KB 1059x640 Mantsu.png)
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 jcaesar187.png)
Cozy Rozy soon gonna have a black brotha for a father.
Open file (47.24 KB 1000x1000 298589252959252695.jpeg)
>>249921 >Weakload jizzed on his cat, he has this thing. I thought he jizzed on Melonie Pires' cat
Open file (307.28 KB 520x342 872525926589252959256.png)
>>249895 >>249919 VEE WEIGHS IN TOO
Open file (574.36 KB 1536x2048 GLJ5ziIXIAAqyNx.jpg)
>>249922 Гунт mama #3
>>249898 Gayhoolio.
>>249928 >boomer gym <check >groomer gym <check >gym dox <check, even surrendered the anime dungeon >sleep <triple check >nogs <check >jogs <check >gategame 2 <blown wide open, praise be to ethics >rat jcaesar187 to the wsj <banger >blame it on the sjws <chuckles Year 6 right on schedule.
>>249929 He really did seem to be simping for her really hard to the point of being willing to derail his show.
Open file (26.57 KB 400x400 ZNu_Yr9u_400x400.jpg)
Open file (119.91 KB 768x1024 GM_zX63aUAApgtb.jpg)
Open file (174.86 KB 789x1024 GKcJlgFXUAAKms5.jpg)
Open file (226.56 KB 2048x1365 GKQjpRqX0AAidXH.jpg)
Open file (176.80 KB 937x1024 GJsdf7PXIAAKgHB.jpg)
>>249929 https://twitter.com/megantheevalium Гунт likes this spic's leche bickers she follows him on twatter
>>249933 Who is this bitch?
>>249935 some right wing hipster troll on twatter, the kind of person that dick molesterson and Гунт lust after
Open file (137.26 KB 598x725 gunt.png)
Open file (3.22 MB 1792x2128 gahoole kino moment.png)
>>249933 >>249935 >>249936 She looks mostly spanish rather than aztec. White enough to bleach and have the kids come out white
>>249937 MUGH SAUUHN Isnt that mexican guy raising your SUHAAHN
>>249933 warn this random woman who would be naturally repulsed by pigtits that shes in danger of getting raped by a fat piggermale
>>249935 She got kicked off Whatever the other night for wearing her sunglasses when she was told not to and swung at Nick. She was an annoyingly wacky troll on the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMOILjdbYvs >>249941 She's a NEET who was dating a Jewish dermatologist. She's frum Shhhhcawgoooo, which is an automatic warning sign. Every woman from Shhhhhcawgoo is an obnoxious, aggressive, overbearing loudmouth. So she's perfect for jcaesar187.
>>249942 lol is pigtits going to pay her, his ronnie ending is near
>>249943 Yeah, he hasn't got the money anymore to afford her
>>249936 It's a hipster troll, yes. "Right wing", no. Well, maybe just as much as everyone that has flooded to identify as "right wing" bickers it's seen as counterculture. >>249942 Imagine believing her stories. But I couldn't imagine liking whatever podcast or bpf either.
Open file (78.45 KB 628x516 1144525641031.png)
Open file (41.44 KB 614x317 1023649158097.png)
Gaytor caught the cancer aids from an enemy stand. He's been chatting to a drunk and a sexpat for representation in the anime courts.
Open file (391.69 KB 2048x1954 GJ-ZkCTX0AAVUEI.jpg)
>>249948 argh not the fatty, ppps the fatty, what a low energy stream, still streaming watching other podcasts for free 10 hours per day, i cant believe hes not killed himself yet
Open file (10.25 KB 582x190 GNI5j6JW4AEXk2P.jpg)
>>249950 Self-centered people never off themselves. Alas.
piggertits watching negros again, does he have some sort or negro genetics or ad-mixture this guy is a fucking disaster
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJGOx5rzbkA WE ARE SO BACK! New LOTR Movie, Disney CANCELS Tinker Bell, Gina Carano Shows RECEIPTS | Ep. 608 deploy the coom signal
Open file (328.80 KB 620x345 2265625625625625625.png)
>>249953 >bringing librarian chic back singlehandedly
Open file (568.53 KB 1530x2048 kiked dot com.jpg)
dis bish gets dicked down more than the average whatever thot
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 928582181781.png)
Open file (228.32 KB 371x368 2452562562.png)
>>249955 >dicked down By a bunch of faggots? X
>>249908 Vitaly was a prank video youtuber. I guess he has moved on from that. He also did a pron video and apparently couldn't get hard. Tbf though, the daughter looks 25-30 with an orange Trump tan and heavy makeup. Although the kike got baited by the 15 yo age. But that isn't really a pedo though right? It's attraction to teens. Still illegal depending on the state. A child is prepuberty. Below 13. Although legally, a child is anything under 16-18. Another fucked up thing is why is this guy using his daughter as bait for peedos? >>249955 Yeah, you can tell she is passed around right wing circles, like the new Lauren Southern. Whoever can give her some clout. Her platinum blonde, dyed hair is a massive red flag so you know she's some fake poser and wants to be something she's not. Now she's dressing up as a Japanese schoolgirl for attention. Every right wing grifter is hitting that at the same time. >>249946 It's funny that Gaytor larped as some badass on X about the smoker in his apartment and how he was gonna complain like a Karen to the manager. Yet he was totally ignored. Now he's being driven out totally by the smoker and having to complain again. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it's funny that Gaytor is impotent and no one cares about his plight, even as he's nearly hospitalized by a respiratory infection. On the other hand, fuck smokers. And fuck indoor smokers harder.
>>249959 still larping as a free-speech white nationalist, despite being a 2 time obama voter, white trash, wigger and blacked porn watcher and getting rejected by little nicky and every other group he tries to latch onto
Open file (57.88 KB 762x318 M1.jpg)
Open file (32.02 KB 411x547 Metokur black hat 8.jpg)
It has now been 12 days since Metocare posted. I guess he's MoshiMoshi Moaning in pain as he dies.
Open file (29.90 KB 400x400 really nigga.jpg)
>>249963 >metokur died in a blaze of coom
>>249948 Apparently, when you have a rotting tooth, the infection in the tooth can enter the bloodstream, which leads to septic shock/sepsis. And can lead to heart failure, kidney failure, and death. This UFC fighter almost died from neglecting his cavity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaPB-_hd1SQ @14:22-end.
Open file (137.86 KB 1074x1382 GMgoMFXWQAA2hgm.jpg)
>>249965 I still say he got sepsis in the bathhouse from being fucked in the ass too hard and tearing his insides. It's what supposedly killed the little girl from Poltergeist
>>249965 i know someone that died from popping a pimple the pus apparently entered the bloodstream, which leads to septic shock/sepsis. And can lead to heart failure, kidney failure, and death
>>249966 That would explain why Asston is ashamed to talk about his health scares. It's not too embarrassing to say "My tooth rotted out and gave me sepsis and I had to go to the hospital." While saying "I got sepsis from gay anal sex" is quite embarrassing. Anal abscesses don't always come from anal sex but pretty funny anyway. https://www.healthline.com/health/anorectal-abscess#causes-and-risk-factors
>>249959 who has a worse gimp eye. this guy or piggertits, nick is a police officer like mark collett
Open file (21.71 KB 400x532 GJ3742qXsAAFAjH.jpg)
>>249969 >Anal abscesses don't always come from anal sex but pretty funny anyway. Troo, but he being a fat homo suggests it very well could be from getting his hairless anus wrecked in a bathhouse.
Open file (326.62 KB 2048x1536 GKbzbg0W8AA60ni.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 907x1390 violetbrandani.png)
https://kick.com/violetbrandani >this is what weakload goons to now
>>249970 nah they're both based
>>249975 >The new thotcast 304 She's hot but I prefer Leonarda Jonie
>>249978 >new Violet Summers has been a hoe online for years. Just bickers she entered your awareness on the gaycast doesn't make her new or fresh.
Open file (296.97 KB 1079x1939 GNAXHlmXUAA03cp.jpg)
>>249979 Yes the new to the thotcast 304. As in Chrissie Mayr's livestream. She has been newly added recently to the hoe rotation
Гунт still trying to squash the beef so he can go back to ballwashing faguentes for a crumb of of superberries.
>>249981 This kind of stuff is why I stopped watching jcaesar187. He was right about Fuentes when he opposed him. He even called him out for playing the role of controlled op my loose butthole.
>>249982 *controlled op b.o.o.g.e.y.m.a.n
>>249975 she looks familiar, was she on the roastie podcast?
>>249980 Oh, my bad. Damn, Violet must be desperate if she's joining that podcast fulltime. >>249981 <you're going to get me in trouble With who? Your boss, Nichlas J. Fuentes? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Crawling back again like a bitch, huh Gvnt? >We never settled our fued. Yeah, Fuentes totally ignored your loser ass as you raged in your gamer chair squealing about how you were going to destoy him. He never gave you a molecule of oxygen bc you betrayed him, thinking the cash would flow in from your heelturn. >Fighting zionists is more important than our little tiff. LMAO. You are not fighting or having any effect on Zionism. You talking in a tin shack in Mexico to 300 drug and alcohol addicts has 0 effect on Jewish billionaires and the state of Israel. >>249982 Ultimately, you can't trust any of these faggot grifters. They only want money; they are candles in the wind. Even the ones that arrive at the correct conclusion get there for the wrong reasons. Such as when Gayden McNeil snaked Fuentes, and streamed all the attacks he could muster onto Fuentes for years at night. Not bc it was right. But bc Fuentes had personally spurned him and they fell out. So Gayden was like a gay lover trying to get revenge on an ex.
>>249986 >>249985 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qx01Rb6VEA They're streaming with Cecil right now
>>249971 this fucking pig will be the very first to say hes not a white nationalist, loves to larp as one to hide his blacked porn fetish and 2 time obama voter, what even is that
>>249961 >15 is not pedo >>>/hebe/
Open file (116.38 KB 761x775 C1.jpg)
Open file (212.40 KB 1179x1833 C2.jpeg)
Open file (188.13 KB 1179x1677 C3.jpeg)
Open file (240.49 KB 1092x1732 C4.jpeg)
Open file (95.37 KB 751x595 C5.jpg)
>>249991 no one likes this fat worthless retard every groups default response is get this fucking loser off the stream, has complete fuck off and go away energy buy has no where else to go, doesn't have a single friend and has to pay 3 dollar prostitutes to touch his 1 inch baby cock
>>249995 uh hes doing a double you, whatever that means
Open file (1.00 MB 1284x588 v1.png)
Open file (524.03 KB 532x970 v2.png)
Open file (693.91 KB 542x976 v3.png)
>>249975 Great piece of meat. I would too.
Open file (837.37 KB 450x253 sniff.gif)
Open file (84.39 KB 1280x720 2552652625625625652.jpg)
>>249999 (checked) NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN
Open file (301.17 KB 700x384 2952562265626262.gif)
Open file (87.35 KB 565x588 GatorGaslighting.png)
Open file (306.71 KB 1080x1299 TotallyNotGator.jpg)
Open file (117.22 KB 1080x437 GatorWorkingForVickers.jpg)
>>249904 Insane cope by Brian Holloman over his bored moltar alt, Gaytor pretended to countless people that it wasn't BoredMoltar and in the poast DMs admitted he would deny it. That has 0 to do with Esoshaggy who isn't even around. Gaytor would go around on his boredmoltar alt, attack his enemies, talk in the 3rd person about himself like Queen of Poz, accuse them of flagging him and then retreat
>>250003 Hey dude, that gremlin voice could be anyones. https://archive.is/9G50I
>>249995 hes gonna have to buy a plastic sex doll like the faggot mra and mgtows, demi isnt coming back
>>250005 >hes gonna have to buy a plastic sex doll It's the only way he'd ever get a woman that won't eventually sober up and realize she's with one of Dr. Moreau's failed experiments.
>>250006 he could always get rekieta's goblin when he divorces her
Open file (204.62 KB 298x366 6255262552.png)
>>249993 My post made it onto MATI. Thanks for lurking Moonpie.
>>250008 passed around in the timcast compound more than a porn star in california
>>250007 I wonder how much alcohol and xannies it would take for "her" to go from a lawyereven if he is a shitty and very gay one to a unemployed bipedal pig who lives in a tiny cuckshed in tacoG​AMERGATEland. Only one way to find out. Get on it Гунт. Get that hooknosed kike boozed and pilled up and be on the other side of the cuckfence for once.
Open file (20.84 KB 466x466 F2O5oEGWsAAsdCS.jpg)
>>250010 Fuck yourself with a rusty spike, Jewsh
>>250010 If a clogged toilet could speak in a human voice it would sound just like Jewsh.
Open file (372.89 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 5.png)
>>250015 Whoa there, Calculator. Friendly fire, buddy. I just post Tate-hate.
>>250017 Not you, but I'm replying to your comment
Open file (338.09 KB 512x512 00022-2479894512.png)
>>250018 Ah, now I understand. Let me ask a question. Why did you stop posting Muttni twitter stuff? Bored of her? Or was she too sickening trying to get outrage bait engagement? I'm not complaining or suggesting you start again. It's nice not to see her shit takes regardless. Just curious.
Open file (200.53 KB 768x1024 25925625526553.jpg)
>>250019 >Why did you stop posting Muttni twitter stuff? She privated her twitter from new subs and I was bored bickers she wasn't doing much posting, engagement farming or otherwise. She's laying low with her cuck fiancee who is making money off his artificially inflated channel, so she, being the lazy biish she is, was doing practically nothing to hold any more interest for now. I lurk her foxdick thread for any new developments, but nothing seems to be happening at least for now
Open file (150.10 KB 352x344 H9.png)
>>250021 Ok, fair enough.
>>250021 didn't some roidpiller threaten legal action?
>>250023 Against Muttni?
Open file (70.12 KB 1179x561 GLTpMpIXUAAKYJU.jpg)
>Gayden MacNeil is angry at Andrew Wilson for not hating Feduentes on his behalf Gabe Hoffman money ill spent
>>250026 About what exactly?
>>250027 entrapment by trying to bait someone into accepting underage nudes from her
Open file (103.70 KB 950x1152 GNCQFW_WcAA2e9a.jpg)
>>250028 They weren't actually underage though. And it was Rollo Tomassi bickers he brought up desTINY fucking Lauren Simonsen while she was still married. And Muttni is Lauren's pet negro. Same reason Muttni attacked the Wilson's bickers they also brought up desTINY fucking Lauren Simonsen. Rollo and Andrew are friendly with one another.
>>250029 >elaine the barnacle of the sektur is still lurking here gross, go away elaine
>>250029 >Ctrl+F So she's the new Failya? How long before the stripper and the pineapple re-enter the scene?
>>250025 gayden and his sugar daddy victor sharp
Open file (113.38 KB 1102x327 LMAO.jpg)
>>250029 >muh 50 anons Classic dumbfuck Elaine incapable of understanding that the 50 anons is just Гунт misunderstanding that Vickers left 50 blank names on the charging files in case he needs to add someone to the lawsuit. Or maybe she's willfully playing along with his nonsense bickers she's a Гунтsucker now, hard to tell with bpd women.
>>250035 "vickers isn't planning on suing 50 anons! he's just leaving 50 blank names there in case he has to!" kike
Open file (1.12 MB 896x1152 mm.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 896x1152 mm2.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 896x1152 mm3.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 896x1152 mm4.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 896x1152 mm5.png)
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 whatever host.png)
>>250037 ai was a mistake
Open file (72.42 KB 755x432 pigger.png)
piggermale is afraid of master milo
>haven't been here in a year >last posts are from late April >jcaesar187 doesn't even come here to drop doxxx or illegal shit he can plausibly deny was him anymore AAAUAAGGHGHH ГунтLEMEN MY ABSENCE SEEMS TO HAVE UTTERLY KILLED THE CYCLICAL ANOTHER JEWSH W FOR THE FARMS
>>249981 are all of pigtits viewers all on welfare for disability, 5 of them >great way to discredit your own movement adam by interacting with this fat retard, what is the thought process of someone like adam green, theres no audience, no gain whatsoever
Open file (61.43 KB 1125x680 1673599942620748.jpg)
>>249983 Lol no. You had it right the first time.
>>249983 >>250043 you dont want to be in the same serious movement as a fat disgusting pig, join mugh winnang team
Open file (187.44 KB 483x750 vickers_gaytor.png)
>>250035 Sure, they won't be anon when he doxes them. Bankrupt man suing for grand conspiracy to commit assault on his mental wellbeing.
>>250071 >spelt sure >pronounced shur engrish
Open file (240.30 KB 480x517 asd.png)
Open file (444.17 KB 582x985 gunt.png)
Open file (269.93 KB 607x1639 gunt2.png)
Open file (145.38 KB 1024x768 GKl8Uc_WoAIAWyn.jpg)
>>250081 he needs that cash for the dignitas appointment, piggermale is coping, he knows hes trash, crawling back to fuentes holy shit
Open file (107.81 KB 1179x1141 GNTdhilXwAAEWxQ.jpg)
Open file (175.00 KB 1179x1146 GNTdhimXgAAFHzd.jpg)
only 90 days for a murder
>>250086 jcaesar187 loved Ali Ackbar / Ali Alexander when he was on cozy.tv and Ali helped jcaesar187 get his Twitter back. Did Fuentes give him permission to hate Ali now? Does jcaesar187 think it's ok to attack Ali now bc that old clip of Fuentes trashing Ali was unearthed? Pathetic.
Open file (40.56 KB 640x360 8eQN91X7bXht_640x360.jpg)
>>250081 Ashley Gay Goyimberg is back gaelawgs!
>>250087 Гунт loved ali when he was with AF? no way! Гунтy has truly been PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD this time
>>250087 Well since this video surfaced of Faguentes back in 2020 admitting to knowing that Ali was a p​e​do and hasnt come out to walk it back since the reveal of this footage. The Гунт smells the change in the wind and is ready to turn on the p​e​do Ali. vids related
>>250081 its totally normal for someone sober to slur their words
>>250090 Yeah, Gvnty did get btf0ed, despite your gay sarcasm. Defending a brown faggot sweaty gamer that looks like a piranha who grooms white teen boys is generally a really, really, bad look. Doesn't matter that he got Gvnt's Twitter unbanned. It makes the Gvnt look like he supports homosexuality and excessive sweating so long as his back gets scratched. Same as when Nicolas J. Fuentes, his boss, shut his mouth for several years about Ali Ackbar bc Ackbar had fostered connections with Fuentes and they both thought they could use each other for political gain. Again, it makes Fuentes look like he supports homosexuality and excessive sweating. And jcaesar187 and Fuentes are complicit in feeding the gay sweaty gamer teen boys from their movement.
>>250086 >>250087 >>250093 YOU FAKE MARRIED A LOLI WATCHING sweaty gamer, PIGGERMALE
>>250094 imagine marrying a PDF like MANTSU how DESPERATE are you PIGTITS
>>250093 the number of homos pigtits is connected or interacted with that he denies, like he denies sucking some guys cock for 4 years and of course getting pegged in his fat ass by manda and the underage mexican rawdawg
Open file (12.22 KB 606x87 gunt.png)
Open file (2.36 MB 400x302 sandra hell.gif)
Open file (42.03 KB 762x256 M1.jpg)
15 days
>>250102 4 comments, pussy in bio haha
Open file (795.13 KB 153x200 dancing_ralph.gif)
Open file (118.71 KB 235x325 29855866.png)
Open file (166.76 KB 1290x900 GNYI-SaWUAEm33i.jpg)
>>250108 Elaine scared him away
Open file (169.57 KB 1290x1570 GNZ6eL5X0AAWBwR.jpg)
Open file (568.99 KB 320x180 B9emOf.gif)
Open file (1.57 MB 640x624 NIGGER!!!.webm)
>>250110 >>250111 (checked)
>>250110 water melonie
Open file (18.58 KB 336x188 ruv u rong time.png)
DAISY CHEN?! Andrew Wilson! Are They VICTIMS?! E-GIRLS?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #160 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9lOqPiL854 the pug looking nig's (from fresh and fit) babytrap momma on the whatever podcast
>>250084 rule 1 for the roastme subreddit is don't be mean
Open file (159.43 KB 277x367 892566926269825925.png)
>>250114 >FnF aren't antagonistic/ afraid of Brian enough already
Open file (1.68 MB 1582x869 chongcast.png)
>>249906 Lauren Chen and Lauren Southern need to make out on camera
>>250118 Is there a debate going on right now or something?
Open file (1.12 MB 933x685 image.png)
>>250117 You nevah kno whats gunna happen on da whatevah podcast
Open file (141.05 KB 1024x838 1714929018117670.jpg)
Open file (78.06 KB 750x795 M1.jpg)
Metocare breaks his 16 day silent streak with this lame tweet.
Open file (25.90 KB 740x284 vtube.png)
Open file (68.39 KB 1280x720 8725412985589912856.jpg)
>>250104 Time to restart counter spedkun.
>>250109 tranny >>250120 andy dates trannies >>250124 rent free
Open file (1.52 MB 986x1281 fat_slob.png)
>>250124 ELAINE B T F O RPG B T F O BYRAN DUNN B T F O jcaesar187 B T F O
>>250127 >daddy TheTheGatorGamerGamer >vtuber sphere Gaythor sock spotted
>>1 downvoted
>>250120 lol has this stuttering retard not killed himself yet
Open file (56.37 KB 601x517 gunt.png)