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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
Open file (5.59 MB 854x480 JUST.mp4)
fresh from fresh and fit just got baby-trapped by a literal chinese immigrant CCP agent escort he rawdogged in who is now asking for money and child support while refusing to let him have any say in the child's life HOLY JUST
Open file (1.82 MB 498x498 2529852992929265.gif)
Open file (134.54 KB 720x1600 nbb6xja4tcsc1.jpg)
Open file (101.42 KB 720x1600 9fn1h5e4tcsc2.jpg)
Open file (124.62 KB 720x1600 8m0x0mg4tcsc3.jpg)
Open file (135.58 KB 720x1600 nmeoigj4tcsc4.jpg)
Open file (118.30 KB 720x1600 qlr0x5m4tcsc5.jpg)
Open file (245.43 KB 328x458 2985928529859282985.png)
>>247901 >baby momma money: $0
Open file (136.48 KB 720x1600 d4kigio4tcsc6.jpg)
Open file (113.14 KB 720x1600 2r1ws0r4tcsc7.jpg)
Open file (151.46 KB 720x1600 8zye5jt4tcsc8.jpg)
Open file (133.31 KB 720x1600 2g5wo3w4tcsc9.jpg)
Open file (106.85 KB 720x1600 k7xqjjy4tcsc10.jpg)
Open file (115.11 KB 720x1600 2i2hgm05tcsc11.jpg)
Open file (132.23 KB 720x1600 qyl3a635tcsc12.jpg)
I don't feel so good nig and fedbros...
Open file (627.74 KB 3210x1664 hotwheels.jpg)
>watching random shit on youtube unrelated to all of this >see hotwheels >question reality for a minute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjmaoHN-u9M
>>247895 I'm pretty sure his LLC has to pay taxes on that $160,000. He might try to wriggle out of paying his taxes by claiming the donations are a gift. But the donos are paying for services rendered by a lawyer, so that is revenue. Also, Jewsh Moonpie almost certainly doesn't pay taxes on his crypto donations that he has been receiving for this lawsuit. Technically, every time you swap a cryptocurrency like on Uniswap, that is a taxable event. Or receiving some BTC. Jewsh loves the US government so much so surely he's paying his crypto taxes. >>247897 Round-face, jawless girls rise up. >>247899 He ain't gonna be a rich nig much longer. Might have to sell his McLaren.
Open file (2.89 MB 262x300 IMG_0546.gif)
>>247902 >>247904 Wow a N I G G E R knocking a chick up and abandoning his father duties? Cant believe that happened. Thats crazy yo. Sounds like TOLL PAID
>>247907 wasnt he collecting funds for a specific purpose that never materialised, in normal countries thats called a scam doesnt matter if he pays taxes on it
Open file (137.86 KB 205x448 9825928928926925925.png)
Open file (67.38 KB 1290x709 GKWG15vXQAEG9Lc.jpg)
>>247577 >>247578 Hi, Cringestorian
>>247912 nice hands though
Open file (67.16 KB 843x562 1542529552265.jpeg)
>>247909 Something fishy is going on with Jewsh. Think about it. He got Epik to publicly apologize about his site hosting CSAM. Then he went silent. So something has happened behind the scenes. And he has stopped streaming. Almost like he is waiting for the dust to settle so people can't ask him questions. Man, imagine being a Kiwi and having donated to his fund. It's not looking good.
Open file (14.19 KB 549x94 ClipboardImage.png)
>>247914 Sorry gaytorbros. Gaytor's taking tonight off for a happening date.
>>247915 yeah makes me think the ddosing shit is also bullshit, as if a tranny that wanted to do actual damage would ddos when hes literally given everyone his throat with this stupid stunt, hes probably going to do what all these idiots do and move the goal post to placate the retards and say the money is to maintain the site or stop the fake ddos or for his sudden cancer treatment, i mean everyone including jewsh knows how fucking stupid kf posters are so not like it matters
>>247916 that malonie lady drove a stake through his heart
Open file (216.84 KB 1498x633 718984304828.png)
>>247915 >Epik says they didn't find cp >jewsh admits emulator tranny killed himself Weird trade, but could be seen as someone in Epik saying "you guys deal with your own shit among yourselves over there" >inb4 jewsh starts threatening legal action for referencing the kill count
>>247919 *zeyself
>>247914 >thecoomering
Open file (2.22 MB 1149x1781 SHIEEET.png)
is she worth rawdogging and ruining your life over?
>>247923 who cares, you get what you deserve, i love this world
>>247923 No, but she probably told him she was on birth control. Now she can get some of that hoe wranglin money
Open file (62.47 KB 1290x896 GKW36O1WUAEjVvU.jpg)
Open file (74.49 KB 523x1024 GKW36O7X0AA9aAe.jpg)
Open file (379.38 KB 1234x2048 GKWr-oUXkAALrEb.jpg)
Open file (341.90 KB 1232x2048 GKWr-oYXQAA9CaO.jpg)
>I'm one of you! What's the other 34%, Muttni?
Open file (302.01 KB 2045x1149 GKSJmwKW4AAD8ch.jpg)
Open file (24.80 KB 355x500 29529859265925925.jpg)
>>247864 >>247868 does anyone under 30 actually give a shit about vtubershit? i have not seen a single zoomer post about vtubers
Open file (6.23 KB 170x228 IMG_9673.JPG)
Open file (33.38 KB 708x631 IMG_9710.JPG)
>>247928 Only 35+ peedos like Fagmenco and Gaytor care about it. >>247927 Jade wishes she was that cute in the face and that slim. The AI render is more flattering than reality for Jade. Jem Lee/Jade on the left. Note the small eyes, wide shovel-face, and pointed witch-chin. Her daddy is pictured here as well.
Open file (1.14 MB 600x1066 Jade bunny.png)
Open file (75.68 KB 218x417 Jade fat.jpg)
>>247933 And she's undoubtedly fat now. That picture was early 20s. Now she's like 32 and has an endomorph body type and she was already borderline fat in her early 20s. It only gets worse for endomorphs as their metabolism drops further with age.
Open file (562.19 KB 680x680 jim_cane.png)
>>247934 She could be keeping healthy by fireman carrying gym's body back & forth from the ER.
Open file (958.25 KB 498x498 2981895298529859285.gif)
>>247933 >100% pure hmongoloid phenotype
>>247916 Mint is a vtuber, he is just watching her stream >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0zoNvjeAF8 But of course, in his mind their are having a date
Open file (220.44 KB 1511x832 lyin jewsh.png)
the furry jewsh and his tranny farmers were certain faked his death is actually confirmed dead and jewsh has been sitting on this info for a year. he probably didn't want this getting out until after all his court stuff was settled
Open file (1.95 MB 268x210 1656769539334.gif)
>>247940 >tranny actually killed himself cause of jewsh and foxdickfarms Well that is actually pretty funny lmao even
Open file (24.51 KB 411x437 1541252656265225.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1284x2004 IMG_2535.jpeg)
Open file (769.22 KB 558x744 bryansoyboygape.png)
>>247943 >Brybry come quick! There's a tranny dick that hasn't been sucked!
Open file (238.16 KB 675x1200 Bryan fag parade.jpg)
>>247944 (checked) ^this
Open file (1.24 MB 640x360 218814814818154584.gif)
>>247943 >some kind of human or remorseful response
Open file (113.31 KB 1151x967 jesus.jpeg)
>>247944 >>247945 Hello TheTheGatorGamerGamer! Why you lurking on cow buddy?
>>247945 >>247944 >owner of foxdickfarms appears in cow thread Why do you do this Jewsh?
Open file (40.39 KB 992x620 GKX7muUX0AAk1_S.jpg)
Open file (78.13 KB 1290x774 GKYAOyXXEAAq6fn.jpg)
>>247910 From Elaine and Twitter
Open file (48.09 KB 600x608 12314123231.jpg)
>>247943 >troon kills self, chuds to blame, many such cases Stuff like this exposes QoP impostor status, he truly never belonged and faked his entire persona, much like Bryan Holloman aka Gaytah Shannon Gains.
Open file (97.44 KB 1080x1376 Messica.jpg)
Open file (1.25 MB 1200x1200 00453.png)
>>247943 Bryan Dunn won. >>247940 Back on his streams, when Jewsh was talking about Byuu the tranny emulator programmer, I thought it was silly how far he was going to deny the tranny was even dead. Jewsh was basically denying it to the point of absurdity, basically suggesting there was no evidence he was dead. Or that he would need to see autopsy pictures or something. I get it. He's trying to protect his website. But if the media had reported something negative on Liz Fong Jones or Keffals or Dylan Mulvany, he would have believed it immediately with 0 evidence (bc he wants to believe it). But ofc when it's about linking suicide to his website, he wants 4K drone footage of Byuu blowing his brains out with medical autopsy death records and official government confirmation from Japan. Basically an impossible threshold of evidence that cannot be met.
Open file (58.69 KB 878x791 byuu.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 2324x2468 kwf_always.png)
Yiff in Hell Furfag
Open file (2.06 MB 640x640 IMG_1778.gif)
>>247950 >Owner of kiwitroons covers up a dead body for a year and pulls a Weekend at Bernies on Byuu corpse. Blood is on owners hands. Proves jewsh is a legit sociopathic pos. <ACKTUALLY U SEE OUTLINES WAS NOT A REEEAAALLL KILLER YAAAAAHHHHHH
>>247964 This is a wrestle wrestle reality of yours.
Open file (751.78 KB 1284x1723 IMG_2537.jpeg)
Open file (796.53 KB 1284x1488 IMG_2541.jpeg)
Open file (802.01 KB 1284x1360 IMG_2539.jpeg)
>>247965 Even jcaesar187 understands the situation. Nobody sane is going to defend faggotfarms. Cope Jewsh.
Open file (6.29 KB 259x194 joke.jpg)
>>247968 The muckraker understands the situation so that's settles I guess.
>>247969 Says you whos trying to damage control your gay website TheTheGatorGamerGamerua.
Open file (50.68 KB 681x282 dave.png)
Open file (40.93 KB 693x221 gunt.png)
Open file (51.71 KB 705x293 dave2.png)
Open file (79.39 KB 698x436 gunt2.png)
Open file (50.07 KB 696x284 gunt3.png)
Open file (793.81 KB 952x3058 gunt essay.png)
Open file (7.16 KB 225x225 ain't reading.jpeg)
>>247972 I am damage controlling by speaking the reality. Is that really what you think?
>>247976 whos the fat sweating red faced pig now jewshy boy
>>247976 Jewshua connor moon why are you trying to defend yourself on cow?
Open file (17.95 KB 466x466 92526856259265625.jpg)
Take your ill gotten money you stole from retards, Jewsh, and go overdose your fat tranny ass, you lying manipulative piece of shit sampaku eye faggot
>>247979 Reminder that the Byuu guys thread only had 16 posts and janny jewsh admits in his post that the people who made it were emulator alogs looking to PA. All he had to do was lock it and it was possible this emulator video game developer would still be alive. His crime is being a leftie coder socks guy. Wasnt doing weird creepy shit. Imagine lying for an entire year that a guy who killed themselves bickers of you is still alive and going as far as to try to gaslught Journalist reports and various outlets to claim Trannyfarms didnt 41% a dude. Well, in this case Jewsh directly doesnt have blood on his hands. Jewsh might as well be a murderer at this point
>>247980 Mojcaesar187agfarms isn't responsible for shit. Jewsh lying for a year is the issue. Trannies off themselves all the time. No one else is responsible for your mental illness and cowardice
>>247982 Yes Jewsh, you are responsible you faggot
>>247980 The OP for his thread is his own friend you fucking retard
Open file (93.02 KB 657x210 ClipboardImage.png)
>concern trolling about some literal who tranny who 41%'d himself no one actually gives a shit in fact of course fam
Open file (960.30 KB 1170x1667 Jim Dox?.jpg)
what did she mean by this?
>>247984 TheTheGatorGamerGamer had every opportunity to just lock the thread or remove it. Had only 1 page of posts by faggots trying to personal army. Blood is on your hands there jannyjewsh G​AMERGATEfaggot
Open file (782.96 KB 638x554 ClipboardImage.png)
Don't care about any of the moralizing. Jewsh got handed the FoIA then sat on it for a year. You don't hide shit when you don't feel guilty or at least believe it makes your ass look guilty. Jewsh's hiding of his own FOIA until he got his hand pushed shows how HE thinks it looks.
>>247986 only the culpable hide the body
Open file (1.40 MB 1475x1109 what daaaa.png)
Open file (221.58 KB 316x547 atlas.png)
>>247986 Mary Morgan was the only girl to be early to the first bi-weekly airing of the hottest new dating podcast to be broadcast online, The Whatever Podcast. In the corner of the lily white studio a bearded man scratching his back with a kitchen utensil was muttering to himself something about military drafts and feminism. Being the only person in the studio other than herself, Ms. Morgan approached the man. "Only 30 minutes left before the show starts..." she thought. "This isn't good". The man laying on the couch was a man Mary knew all too well, thanks to the viral clips of The Whatever Podcast distributed on popular social media platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, and X--Bryan Atlas, the owner and host of The Whatever Podcast. Bryan stood, towering of the petite Morgan. Ms. Morgan, a proud Catholic virgin, was nervous. Bryan was almost 2 heads taller than her and Mary was in heat. Bryan motioned Mary to come over to the podcast's famous white table where so many debates over the nature of modern dynamic dating mechanics occurred. Bryan looked at the flustered Ms. Morgan standing beside him. She was adopting a pose that looked like it was out of an erotic Japanese anime, making an attempt to ease the tension in the room. Having an intense dislike for anything that disrupts the west, Bryan grabbed Ms. Morgan and threw her on the podcast table. Her virgin cheeks rushed with the heat of her flower, Mary did not know how to respond. She was restrained, with only the ability to move her head and speak. A heat was building her bosom. On the wall the clock said 4:40. 20 minutes to go and no one was around to save her. Bryan whispered something in French into Mary's burning ears. "Ce soir sera le soir où tu seras dépucelé." Tonight will be the night Mary Morgan is deflowered.
>>247968 its almost like defending lane davis who killed his own ronnie or defending piggertits himself and his saggy mantits >>247974 poorly written blog, he cant even afford the bandwidth to run his bullshit shit >>247987 ignore this man at all costs
>>247974 I read it and thought it was good.
Open file (134.54 KB 640x489 892892299292632695.png)
>>247986 Any excuse for mojcaesar187agfarms alawgs to harp about Jewsh being some mastermind bickers he banned Dunce. >>247989 Exactly. That is the real issue. Lying bullshit artist that he is VORDRAK AND THE ANGLOS WON
Open file (91.22 KB 720x911 GKa4BsWXsAAI4lk.jpg)
Open file (145.78 KB 720x1202 GKa4BsZWsAAgQrU.jpg)
Open file (21.35 KB 400x400 1TYsYOvu_400x400.jpg)
Open file (884.98 KB 500x700 49410.gif)
>>247996 Took long enough
Open file (244.62 KB 1536x2048 GKX0NbmWAAAJds2.jpg)
Open file (12.99 KB 474x352 98258925298529858925.jpg)
Open file (917.67 KB 976x976 image0-3.png)
Truly white girls fuck dawgs
>>247988 imagine bending over a tranny furfag
Open file (222.85 KB 945x2048 GKbE-ZVXIAA1m8j.jpg)
>>248006 What an online badass you are. If you had a thread on there I wonder how you would feel about it.
Open file (43.70 KB 640x480 21525925295625.jpg)
Same to you. It's so cool to pretend to have no empathy online. What an edgelord.
>>248007 like no ones ever had their blood taken before probably getting tested for hiv aids lmaoing my ass off dumb bitch
Open file (24.80 KB 355x500 29529859265925925.jpg)
>>248010 >no empathy online Sympathy. Not empathy. Also anyone who cries about empathy is a faggot >edgelord No. I just don't go in for, especially on the internet, superficial conciliatory gestures for complete strangers. Are you related to said 41%? Or are you just using this situation to vent your personal antipathy for Jewsh?
Open file (816.98 KB 822x1093 wtf.png)
>>248012 >>248010 I believe both words can be used here. Calculator, you have tried to lecture me in the past on using these words interchangeably. Here is the difference. Basically, "sympathy" must involve some hardship that you are showing solidarity with, for another person's situation. While "empathy" is merely trying to understand another's view, or putting yourself in their shoes. One can express sympathy for Byuu killing himself or his family and friends he left behind. One can also express empathy for those with a foxdickfarms thread that suffer from harassment and the encroachment on their personal lives. So when I say you lack empathy, it simply means you struggle to understand another's point of view; you cannot put yourself in their shoes. However, if you had a thread on the Farms, I think your opinion would change and you would bitch about it. And before you ask, no I do not have a thread on there. I am anonymous.
>>248015 which lolcow are you?
Open file (43.98 KB 282x180 IMG_2496.jpeg)
>>248012 Stfu Null. You are the most annoying faggot on /cow/. Robi shouldve permabanned you a long time ago p e d o
>>248021 >nnno yyyyou
Open file (89.04 KB 352x273 92815928589255.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy4-vx2R-VQ This bitch is tough to listen to much less fuck >>248007
Think about it. No one WANTS a foxdick farms thread. "We" all recognize it's a negative thing and make jokes about people having one. It just means a bunch of anons will dox you and gossip about your life, and tear you down nonstop. And troll you. And they are dedicated to it, including involving your family and trying to harass you IRL. Yes, I'm sure one can ignore it. But people are self-interested and narcissistic; they usually can't resist reading about themselves, esp the negative stuff being said about them. So the person like Elaine or Rekieta becomes trapped in their own thread like being trapped in a spider's web as anons inject them venom into the "cow." Which is how they start seething about the farms and then posting about it on X. TLDR: Just think about what means that "we" all recognize that having a foxdickfarms thread is bad and detrimental. (Unless you are one of those attention-obsessed freaks with some humiliation fetish and wears a diaper and sends pics of yourself to Jewsh Moon begging to be featured on the website or someone like Vito trying to get attention and do a publicity stunt.) >>248014 >FnF grifting their personal life scandals. Copying the jcaesar187 playbook, huh? Don't make kontent. Become the kontent. Cry about your baby mamas online. I'm sure it will work out well for you. >>248018 None. >>248021 It's just Calculator. Not Jewshua Moonpie.
>>247968 >>247973 >>247974 hurt feels pig squeals
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 1825892152895.png)
>>248025 No one wants (or wanted, dead board nowadays) a /cow/ thread either for the same reasons, I don't understand the point of this screed. <I put quotes around the forbidden word so no one will (You) me with a Carl pic You're still trying to speak for /cow/
>>248014 >The Cuckening grabs his shield
>>248029 just be simpathetic for once gosh
Open file (2.21 MB 1920x1080 dark_gator.png)
>>248025 I can sympathise to an extent but not empathise with it. Namely I don't particularly care for the opinions for foxdicks and don't have an e-rep to defend. >Unless you are one of those attention-obsessed freaks with some humiliation fetish and wears a diaper and sends pics of yourself to Jewsh Moon begging to be featured on the website or someone like Vito trying to get attention and do a publicity stunt. I can't emphasise with that either.
Open file (19.39 KB 500x526 semen demon.png)
>>248030 >the semen demon found her simp
Open file (260.40 KB 1084x1924 GKbULCUXcAAqqoh.jpg)
>>248035 >eye sooo neew tooo US >miso innoh-cent <eye x-spurt on US paturdinity lause
>>248023 >divorceTINY standing up for the father and wrangling 304s
Open file (326.62 KB 2048x1536 GKbzbg0W8AA60ni.jpg)
Open file (359.79 KB 1196x2524 Gunt hurt feefees.png)
Open file (946.13 KB 1080x1862 imagine eating this good.jpg)
Open file (359.47 KB 554x697 Ralph IOYKHBTRA.jpg)
>>248029 >I don't understand the point of this screed. I'm just pointing out that having a thread is an inherently negative thing to the person on /cow/ or foxdickfarms. The people writing the threads for the cows even know it. They usually go write a thread when they have an axe to grind on the person. It's not ever a positive thing or even just neutral thing. It's inherently negative. Maybe unless you are universally loved like a Metocare, then your thread will be close to mostly sycophants or neutral overall to balance out the haters. But most times, it's just haters. Stalker forums, basically. You want me to make some grand point further than this but there is none. Such as "Therefore, the foxdick farms must do x!"" That's all there is to it though. Despite not having a thread, I can still see that having one is a negative thing. <I put quotes around the forbidden word so no one will (You) me with a Carl pic Yes, I do. Bc you spergs try to criminalize plural pronouns. Even when there is context such as (you and I = we) bc you think someone is trying to speak for you. >You're still trying to speak for /cow/ No, I'm not. I avoided the "we" trap so you don't get to cry about it. You're gonna post Carl either way regardless. You're just salty I didn't fall into the trap.
>>248039 Lol. He's never had Guacamole with corn chips?
>>248041 thats not guacamole, thats 100% pure shit, learn how to read
Open file (8.80 KB 240x240 28955899285928589.jpg)
>>248042 Ah, I see. Feces with green food coloring. He does have a taste for human excrement. Did you know food coloring such as in TheGatorGamerade is the same chemical used in colored cleaners such as Windex? All so products can be attractive and colorful. >>248029 Now that I've thought about it, if you must force me to make a point, then I will draw one: foxdick farms is a weapon. Jewsh Moonpie likes to have control over this weapon and wield it against his enemies and lord power over other people's lives. Have you ever heard him gloat on his streams about how some onlyfans whore sent him 50 emails telling him to cease and desist posting her revenge porn? Stuff like that? He loves wielding that power over them and telling them "No, your nudes stay up bc (insert bullshit such as 'well you are selling a commercial product (porn) that you willing released into the world'). He might sexually get off on the power trip. You see, when one is a fat short loser that can't stop eating, it feels good to have a domain where you are the big dawg that has full control over everything including everyone else. You have host all the doxes, ban whoever you want, and have full control. You are all-powerful.
>>248046 no but i do know the natural red colourant e120 is made from insects
Open file (289.13 KB 428x236 255229852965625.gif)
>>248043 >"If she aint rich, don't cum in that bitch"
Open file (1.74 MB 1480x1777 Gunt.png)
Open file (112.17 KB 1485x698 Gunt2.png)
Open file (169.90 KB 1494x814 Gunt3.png)
Open file (694.78 KB 1490x1839 Gunt4.png)
Open file (46.17 KB 467x800 El Ralfo.jpg)
>>248030 Imminent paternity test
Open file (1.34 MB 600x338 Gunt_Dance.gif)
>>248055 (checked)
>Coomalot talking about addicts I wonder what substance Tardski is on now
I'm not going to pretend to care that a tranny killed themselves. You discord spics can't make me.
Open file (52.80 KB 210x206 fishman.png)
>>248061 Hey dude. Leave Pippa alone.
Open file (1.72 MB 720x480 18.gif)
>>248061 Something tells me that you're the KiwiFarmer/Metocare/Kino Casino fan that wants me to care that Metocare is dying and his wife Jade may have to work to survive. Gif related is KillAllPedos approximately 15 minutes after Gym is cremated and the funeral wraps up, in Jade's house with the nestegg of cash Gym left her.
Open file (328.25 KB 420x546 lauren rose.png)
>>248060 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5V6X_XHQKI your girl lauren rose is on alimony and fed
Open file (49.59 KB 220x269 Gaytor kneels.png)
Open file (17.36 MB 1920x1080 GUNTWARS.mp4)
>>248076 >tranny farmers can't read a 1.5 page essay
>>248053 lol pigs face is especially red in this picture, is pig lonely again, is pig going to buy a rent a girlfriend again, look at the reflection in his cheap sunglasses, hes by himself at some random filthy beech, did he pawn papas fake ring
>>248060 lol andy's still around, why grifing a small amount of money and still has to live at home with his daddy haha
Open file (418.93 KB 1150x944 holy_shit_what_a_faggot.png)
>>248078 Which can be extrapolated to >foxdicks don't read jewsh's screeds Which I don't begrude. His valve releases are pretty gay.
Open file (851.96 KB 456x854 RDT_20240320_181427.mp4)
>>248086 Any link to the stream Jewsh refers to in the post?
>>248067 I have no idea who you are, I dont watch queero casino TheTheGatorGamerGamers streams aren't as good as they used to be its basically rehashing all the stories posted here and KF since he last streamed. I'm just saying I dont care about a tranny killing himself and I wont mojcaesar187ag jewsh about it.
>>248076 I just want to quickly note how at the end of Гунтs diatribe he gloats about how he sleeps like a baby, no shit, you literally take sleeping pills on top of your recreational benzos and habitual boozing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPI5mnB7FBQ Lol gonna crash this planet with no survivors. Next stop, total social distortion.
>>248086 Member when he called our TheTheGatorGamerGamer for selling hats and it massively backfired and he started cupping his balls when TheTheGatorGamerGamer made fun of him.
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>248095 Genius.
>>248087 You mean gym's one on kop wanting to suck off Danny? I mean you can look it up on youtube. It's not like there's a lack of gym archives. >>248096 Jewsh's grievance with gym was more along the lines of he wanted to promote his site as the one that got gym's dox, while at the same time appealing to the same paypigs of gym's audience. That was way before selling hats, which started on the back of Moty trolling the Sweaty Squatters.
Open file (136.02 KB 627x381 8485959898958.png)
>>248101 >Jewsh's grievance with gym was more along the lines of he wanted to promote his site as the one that got gym's dox, He really should have left the internet in embarrassment after that clumsy attempt at relevance
>>248101 Now the site's defacto sweaty hq.
>>248086 That post is so gay for several reasons >He admits he likes this dude, whose cock he's been talking about wanting to suck for 30 minutes,, who he wants to tie up, shave, and fuck, bickers he's rough around the edges and verbally abusive to him online. Suddenly, this is me, dealing with this fucking epiphany. Self-inserting as a cock sucking homo here. Is he gay for Metocare? Also, he's essentially star-struck by Mr. Metocare. Gaytor-tier faggotry. And he's so blown-away that Metocare said what he was thinking or read his mind. When you are watching a stream, the streamer is holding your hand and helping to guide your thoughts so there are times where you are both thinking the next thought together. Like if I was to say, "It's raining cats and _." You will say "dogs." Not bc you read my mind but bc I primed you. It's not some mind-blowing moment. >>248087 I think it's the Bryan Dunn outlines drunk stream from Metocare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3TjDduB6o0 This isn't the full stream but it's the meat of the stream. You can find the real one if you wanna listen to intro music and superchats. >>248102 Reminder that Jewsh considers anything posted on his website his property. So if you post about a cow on KiwiFams or post a video or whatever, you're doing unpaid labor for Jewsh. He probably thinks the Metocare dox is his personal property as well.
Open file (24.51 KB 411x437 1541252656265225.jpg)
>>248105 >Reminder that Jewsh considers anything posted on his website his property. So if you post about a cow on KiwiFams or post a video or whatever, you're doing unpaid labor for Jewsh. He probably thinks the Metocare dox is his personal property as well. So much for "end all copyright law" bs. Proof that lolberts are only about their freedumb to do whatever they want
>>248105 I like your analysis, but I read that post more as Jersh telling the gym audience what they want to hear. It's like how redditors get the most updoots by repeating the groupthink consensus of the subreddit. You can tell by the updoots he hit the right tone of awe struck sycophancy, moovie references, and personal sharing to win over the sweaties.
>>248105 he meant it in a much more pathetic way, ive seen these losers copy the exact thought and speech patterns of some retard they admire and are obsessed with, its pathetic i think they dont even realize it, its like method acting but for fucking losers, these losers spend hours each day taking in the kontent and literally absorb their personality to the point they think its actually theirs and then act like their just so similar 'youre literally me' fuck off creep dont look at me, this sad fat nerd needs to be put in his place
Open file (276.79 KB 602x337 1782895958928592855.png)
>>248108 Fuckin spergs, man
>>248107 >>248108 >>248109 [Verse] There's a man named Mister Metokur, he's got something to say He sells hats to all his fans, the Sweetie Squad, hooray! He's got style, he's got sass, he's got hats galore He's the friendly hat salesman, you can't ignore (Oh yeah) Metokur's laughing all the way (jcaesar187 the pig man) hiding in Mexico, what a display He puts up Halloween decorations with his wife While Bryan the Outline Lover seethes, causing strife [Chorus] Mister Metokur, spreading laughter and cheer Selling hats to his fans, bringing everyone near And while Mersh has a horse seizure, causing a stir Mister Metokur keeps laughing, he's the hat salesman extraordinaire
I had to go download these from Gaytor's poast account. To preserve the cringe for posterity.
Open file (142.02 KB 900x900 87118925925295869256.jpg)
>>248110 None of that will translate into a form that makes sense, he's such a weeb retard.
>>248101 Yeah Cept the fat fuck got it wrong just like he did with TheGatorGamer and Flamenco and everyone else zoom randomly snubbed him for on here. That's why he's so hypocritical for crying about his website being censored while hoping zoom who randomly appears loses all his money he's made not even being part of the sektur anymore . He rages and seethes over his site losing its ability to do serious damage to someone anymore. Now he's been exposed about Byuu, he's seething daily
Open file (345.01 KB 1536x2048 GJZgAWXWcAAu7MC.jpg)
>>248121 merda means shit lmao
>>248117 >>248118 >>248121 fat disgusting pig buying prostitutes again? that ended so well last time
Open file (20.36 KB 585x202 pussy game.png)
Open file (442.59 KB 460x546 Gtroon.png)
>>248117 >my pussy game Did Гунт finally get bottom surgery and get a neo-vagina?
Open file (2.55 KB 174x42 1270271975278.png)
>>248122 Ok, Moorski.
Open file (51.55 KB 609x335 735876880885.png)
Open file (53.97 KB 617x351 336102884038.png)
>>248126 >urbandictionary Not that some aren't pretty good.
Open file (27.04 KB 362x468 fuentes.jpg)
I get it twitter. You want me to care about Fuentes (who's totally oppressed and censored). They've had him forced in to trending all day with less than 7000 posts (like the 400th time that they've done that).
>>248127 all the romance languages have this word bickers its latin retard
>>248134 Except it's spelled mierda in spanish not merda.
>>248135 so what idiot, the pronunciation isnt drastically different its a subtle difference tantamount to an accent all europeans recognize this word
>>248138 You missed the point completely and are raging. Spelling it like that suggests that the person might be familiar more with portuguese than spanish.
Open file (71.73 KB 747x526 M1.jpg)
Open file (56.19 KB 777x505 M2.jpg)
Open file (77.25 KB 772x673 M3.jpg)
>>248139 i already said its latin you clown, and same spelling in italian so eat shit
Open file (69.71 KB 752x562 M4.jpg)
Metocare is still using post-apocalyptic zombie stories to escape reality and make himself feel better about his shitty life. "I may be in constant excruciating pain, have constant headaches, have broken bones, and am dying. But it could be worse. I could be getting eaten alive and torn apart by zombies."
>>248141 >doubling down So if someone consistently spelled color as colour it wouldn't convey any information to you bickers it's the same word. Plus you're extremely angry for no reason. I didn't even make the post.
Also, I just realized the whole Covid scare pandemic of 2019-2021, Metocare loved it bc it's fantasy and comforting. It's fun to think the world is ending and millions are gonna die when you're dying and in pain. It's like religious nuts that think Zionists bombing Palestinians right now is awesome bc somehow that means it's the end of the world and that means Jesus is coming back. The person doesn't care about the world supposedly ending bc they think they're getting saved in the afterlife. Or in Metocare's case, he knows he's close to death so what does it matter if millions more die by some virus. In a weird way, I also enjoyed the pandemic for months. It was fun to speculate about where the virus came from, how many countries it was gonna hit, and how many were gonna die. But it's interesting that since Covid ended or at least no one cares anymore, Metocare just retreated back into audiobooks with post-apocalyptic scenarios like zombies and similar fear-porn. It's like he retreated to get his Covid fix.
>>248143 bickers youre a fucking 1iq imbecile making me repeat the same thing three times, its spelled MERDA in latin you fucking clown, same as italian, youre the fucking clown that doesnt understand how romance languages all share latin vocabulary
>>248145 I do get it. You are assuming the intentions of the original poster making that RDS post. Are you the same person?
Open file (764.91 KB 1536x2048 GKg1G-QWEAAGHTS.jpg)
Open file (566.52 KB 2048x1536 GKg1G-QXkAAgZTe.jpg)
Open file (315.70 KB 1536x2048 GKg1G-ZWEAA5jlf.jpg)
Open file (366.04 KB 1334x2048 GKg1G-SW0AAsASe.jpg)
Open file (626.76 KB 927x817 87542195298529652695.png)
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>>248151 >calling Cuckieta the crypt keeper
>>248149 He is a self admitted hill billy white G​AMERGATE from west menphis, I will never understand why he has these streaks of pretending to be cultured.
Open file (712.25 KB 460x610 aVbROoM_460sv_zof_out.mp4)
>>248105 >I think it's the Bryan Dunn outlines drunk stream from Metocare. Thx alog.
>>248153 I think he's trying to make himself look less retarded to his few remaining fans. And in his brain-for lack of a better work- he figured that going museums is something smart people do.
Open file (60.99 KB 900x900 928589259285.jpg)
>>248153 The same reason he writes like an aspiring high school English student. Even some wiggers aspire to better than their origins. Also I think he's putting on the Joe Dirt to appeal to the Amuricah crowd
>>248161 Ditto. Also he's thought be dating some biish, and museums are great places to take dates. Hence all that "pussy game" tweeting
Open file (78.05 KB 847x1024 GKhZNB-W0AEgxuh.jpg)
Open file (396.99 KB 600x600 00002-3112799378.png)
Open file (239.53 KB 448x448 00003-2389260296.png)
Open file (226.70 KB 448x448 00006-2763228418.png)
Open file (208.57 KB 448x448 00005-3967589328.png)
Open file (221.58 KB 448x448 00007-3242774128.png)
>>248162 What is this blurry Pepe? Omg.
Open file (7.72 KB 225x225 92858928925.jpg)
Open file (78.97 KB 250x250 154215182552.png)
>>248165 Either of these better?
Open file (833.44 KB 1536x2048 85929596969696.jpg)
>>248000 >Think Before You're Cucked
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFBHJhWrZLc This dumb cunt is still dining out on her one time on Whatever
>>248168 she could go back on if she wants to grift on it more
Open file (316.39 KB 1152x2048 GBluWp7bYAAxaA7.jpg)
>>248169 She has a personality of cardboard when she isn't being an arrogant twat. The hardcore hoes and tradthots would outshine her in the attention hoe sweepstakes on practically any panel which she'd appear. She's too used to being around a bunch fanboy simps or the roastiecast hugbox to register outside those niche circleejerks
Open file (77.52 KB 1080x450 GKkspR9XEAEITpK.jpeg)
>>248167 >retweeted Bullpen indeed
>>248175 >side piece confirmed
piggertits begged his rent a girl for more paid sex, she doubled the price and pig has to buy dinner for her so she can throwup later while having sex and being slapped with all pigs excess lose hanging flesh,
>>248167 wash your spotty oilly face, this fucking slob didnt even wash her skirt, what is that stain
Open file (231.02 KB 585x1442 1047089623651.png)
Member when Daniel insisted that he obfuscated ip addresses to just location?
>>248174 Lol TheGatorGamer's a bitch and a GME level loser. >Help give my favorite cartoon gf from canada money I heard a bunch of vtubers are slowly getting into shit for being cunt people who rip off or tear down the artists who do their 3d packages and the art and icons they use for banners, pfps, discord server emotes and so forth. And not just a couple but a good number apparently don't like paying for the work they get done and are resorting to trolling their discords for fan artists to do work they can't get legit artists to do anymore. TheGatorGamer and his friends are going to be looking at a lot of cookie cutter copy and paste vtuber avatars from some generate an avatar program someone put together. One of them even did a charge-back on some poor girl for like $1000 from some chibi shit they love. Anime grifters with a parasocial mean-girls club and the basement dwelling simp army that keeps them from being homeless or fastfood workers. Pethetic. Real men watch MRE reviews and 6 hour long warhammer lore videos.
Open file (145.38 KB 1024x768 GKl8Uc_WoAIAWyn.jpg)
Open file (148.93 KB 768x1024 GKl8Uc0WIAA60X4.jpg)
Open file (206.18 KB 767x1023 GKl8UceXsAAaYUU.jpg)
Open file (140.97 KB 768x1024 GKl8UcUW8AI2tjT.jpg)
Open file (16.99 KB 336x188 roasted beefers.png)
Andrew Wilson! DRAMA! Bratty Gamer Girl?! E-GIRLS! Born Again V?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #150 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exL_GsJAJ8A
>>248174 Fat fuck can't even push himself out of irrelevance, let alone some fat tuber slut
Open file (60.99 KB 900x900 Pepe (low res).jpg)
Open file (242.70 KB 950x900 Pepe (thinking).jpg)
>>248166 Nah, those are even smaller resolution and still blurry. But it's all good. I tried to reverse-image search it to find the original clear, high-res one. But couldn't find it so I upscaled it and redrew it basically. Then I found more Pepe's I liked but those were small discord emotes. So I upscaled them and redrew bits of them. I will upload them here in case anyone wants them in high-res. If not, it's all good too.
Open file (405.67 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 4.png)
Open file (382.35 KB 1024x984 Pepe 1.png)
Open file (548.03 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 2.png)
Open file (461.11 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 3.png)
Open file (372.89 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 5.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 4096x4096 Pepe 6.png)
Open file (387.71 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 7.png)
Open file (436.04 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 8.png)
Open file (428.05 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 9.png)
Open file (2.50 MB 5256x4216 Pepe 10.png)
Open file (35.71 KB 412x320 Pepe - retard juice.jpg)
Open file (13.03 KB 900x593 Pepe 2.png)
Open file (80.67 KB 1127x771 Pepe 4.jpg)
Open file (149.20 KB 1088x919 Pepe 6.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2000x1655 Pepe 7.png)
Start with this batch, I didn't touch any of these bc they were already high-res or bc they are gifs.
>>248190 >>248189 >>248188 >>248187 Finally. The perfect emotes for my Twitch chatroom
Open file (108.50 KB 300x300 Pepe 9.png)
Open file (44.94 KB 128x128 Pepe 11.gif)
Open file (15.34 KB 128x128 Pepe 12.gif)
Open file (117.95 KB 657x527 Pepe.gif)
>>248191 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. **In that case, you will want these, the shitty 128x128 emotes. They are charming but since they're gifs, they're not getting remastered and upscaled. They are probably already from discord or Twitch tbf. Alright, sorry for the spam.
Open file (1.88 MB 1581x874 roasssst.png)
Open file (182.50 KB 288x372 8295925589925892856.png)
>>248193 Thot to the left of Maddie is reformed pornstar Jenna Presley
>>248194 now a pastor lmao
>>248195 Less annoying than the Hookers for Jesus hoe
>>248193 >my fiance had no problem with me being naked on tv with a marine Yeah, no shit. You are the best he will ever get ever and he will do whatever you want
>>248181 Always remember that this faggot cries about foxdick people doxxing poastG​AMERGATE. But it's okay when he does it.
>>248181 There are 3 sweaty gamers in that screencap
>>248174 >Gaythor's platform He is now a big vtuber influencer
>>248181 >website gets leaked by chads >HOW DARE YOU!!!! >admin leaks IPs intentionally >BASED BASED BASED
>>248174 Gaytor thinks this Vtuber shit is his ticket to finally lose his virginity in some little girl Vtuber's stinky pussy. Bro, no one wants you. Deal with it.
So the Eclipse is today. Are you ready? Will you stare at the sun? Do you have the special glasses to safely look at it?
>>248216 >using faggot special safety glasses
>>247953 If WaPo had made a article lining some straight white male emulator dev as a sweaty gamer, bickers they used a profile picture that was a bit suspicious, then proceeded to an hero, foxdick would be absolutely livid. A scenario exactly like this happened when the male developer of night in the woods killed himself over allegations Zoë Quinn made and every foxdick would say she was directly responsible for it. You could say it's not logical that he would kill himself over allegations on an obscure website for trannies to libel other trannies, but suicidal people don't think logically. The reason Jewish Troon runs foxdick is bickers he resents society for not making him rich and famous so now he must drag everyone that's doesn't represent a perfect image down with him. The foxdick uses cognitive dissonance to unlink themselves from the consequences of their actions.
>>248218 Don't you think there are degrees though? That guy that killed himself over Zoe Quinn was a romantic thing. And it gets bad when people get their heart broken. Whereas people are making fun of you on some obscure website is not really a huge issue, unless you want it to be. Basically, people push their agendas anyway to hurt the target. KiwiFarmers wanted to hurt Zoe Quinn by saying she killed that game developer. And Jewsh alogs want to hurt Jewsh Moon by pinning Byuu's death onto him. Some are more legitimate than others though or believeable.
Open file (35.71 KB 412x320 Pepe - retard juice.jpg)
>>248219 >>248217 Then by all means buddy, look directly at the sun for an extended period today. I heard it's really good for you overall. And actually improves your vision. You don't even need prescription glasses after the sun's rays heal your eyes. It's all-natural and quite manly to gaze into the sun! 😂
>>248221 only lovers and culprits go completely delusional and start inventing fantastical stories in disbelief when you tell them someone died, his copes speak for themselves just like everything in this losers life
Open file (675.15 KB 1491x2024 Gunt.png)
Open file (136.77 KB 538x844 Gunt2.png)
Open file (122.27 KB 522x1153 Graf doxing gunts ip.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 pepe dab.gif)
Open file (537.92 KB 566x788 e7ff345d287gkjw23.png)
>>248204 Bryan Dunce is inane f a g g o t.
Open file (126.83 KB 816x1280 20220423_223346.jpg)
>>248226 BASED
>>248204 Is Bryan Graf or something? Thats a screencap of randbot and graf anon. Though im fairly certain Cry Cry doesn’t even know how to dox anyone. Hes mocked for being that incompetent moreso, his streams of IBS he had rules about doxing or life ruining.
>>248229 Graf is the sweaty gamer who owns poast, the shitty twitter knock off where Metokare posts 24-7 as he is slowly dying (of aging like everyone else).
Open file (32.23 KB 591x535 fatpedo.png)
>>248226 Encouraging this kind of behavior is really bad optics for Gaythor. He is supposed to be a vtuber historian now, I do not think people in that side will appreciate him doing this.
>>248181 it would be a shame if someone took nitter.poast.org off this list https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances using a burner github account
Gayta and his boy Legal Mindset would mog you into next Tuesday. You make fun of Gayta from your little internet chat room, but I guaranteen if Gayta walked into the room you would be all "yes sir. No sir. Yes Mr. Holloman". You fear a real man like Gayta. Sometimes I pretend to be him. Sometimes the episodes get so twisted I essentially am him. The darkness descends upon me. And I know it will be days before a glimmer of respite. I am Gayta, I say out-loud in my darkened room. I stand up from my kneeling position (like Arnold from Terminator), and prepare for my day. I wait at the bus stop, going to my weekly group meeting. There is a new receptionist at the therapist office, when I arrrive. I tell her "Grrreetings, I'm Gayta, and I'm the speaker for the grrroup meeting". She says "oh, I didn't know we had a speaker today... Have I seen you before? ". "I'm on YouTube", I say, before winking and walking into the meeting. I take my Stein's Gate DVD out of its case. The voices have reached a deafening level, and I'm not sure if it's the people around him screaming, or his own mind. I'm descending down the the final episode of the first season, when I kick on the anisubs rotary caps. The crowd is twisting there faces and everything looks green. I black out and wake up in a hospital bed. Oh well it's only the sektur.
>>248231 >gayter taking credit for kike layer 2: electric boogaloo rewriting contracts
>>248233 7/10 do pt2 'my encounter with a botanical vtuber'
Open file (58.48 KB 256x251 nigger.png)
Open file (1.96 MB 1280x720 gondola_eclipse.mp4)
>>248216 its cloudy
Open file (244.85 KB 657x563 IMG_3848.png)
>>248232 All of them are broken and the project is pretty much dead in the water. zedeus wiped the page before when it was only half or so. If you want to kill his instance, you just promote it more. It's basically on borrowed time. Either he's on the last of his guest token or he has a farm of user accounts which will ultimately become rate limited if there's heavy usage. It's essentially the bot traffic that elon wants to kill already. >>248233 >yes sir. No sir. Yes Mr. Holloman >no sir, please not the soundboa... M.M.M.M.MEGAFAGGOT
Open file (476.04 KB 1024x768 gunt point exploitable.png)
Open file (32.11 KB 356x356 ronnie_time.jpg)
Open file (326.62 KB 2048x1536 GKbzbg0W8AA60ni.jpg)
>>248241 >fifth pic AUUUUUGH NAWT TROOOOOO
Open file (88.55 KB 946x2048 Messica2.jpg)
>>248245 >Bueller...Bueller...
Anyone got higher res version of these pics?
>>248248 Why you gonna tribute them, Gaytor?
It's tough being a pillow princess
>>248248 wheres that video where all these bitches are in a corner with hammas and theyre panicking but cant resist the urge to take selfies while cowering in fear
Open file (3.46 MB 320x556 captured kikettes.webm)
Open file (13.47 KB 236x236 1698952312878864.jpg)
>>248252 i got you fam
Open file (875.64 KB 489x200 TotalGuntcall1.gif)
Open file (184.33 KB 600x600 gunty-noooo.jpg)
Open file (1.68 MB 1275x636 9734823273834.png)
>>248253 >just got captured lol <are u ok >girl beside me has the ugliest nails like omg you have to see it so not kosher <where are u >just told u, gun so big habibi im scared uwu
Open file (113.47 KB 1280x720 BEFORE.jpg)
Open file (73.17 KB 720x734 AFTER.jpg)
>everything went to shit after HWNDU Yes, including your cuteness.
>>248248 This is the original. >>248249 This is her Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/shanukkk/?hl=en Click an image, copy the url. Paste the url into a website like (https://inflact.com/downloader/instagram/photo/). Download whatever you want. If the quality isn't high enough for you, type "instagram image downloader" into google and there are at least 5 other websites that offer this service.
>>248257 modern muttni is the best muttni, early muttni like that asparagus freak was the worst
>>248233 Everytime there is a “chad TheGatorGamer” poster on this site its just you Brian Holloman. We all know you just sock here. Fuck off.
Open file (435.62 KB 834x665 Sargoy_gun6.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 720x404 289298298592858925.gif)
>>248259 >Muttni is a white woman Only after much lighting, makeup, filters, and facial reconstructive surgery
Zach had enough
Open file (308.46 KB 1284x869 IMG_2606.jpeg)
Open file (303.84 KB 1284x736 IMG_2604.jpeg)
Open file (69.51 KB 268x501 IMG_2603.png)
Open file (129.93 KB 475x669 IMG_2602.png)
Issac Flores of Lubbock Texas is now attempting to contact people on discord to help him hack into Bryan Dunnce emails and various accounts to try to steal personal information and bank information. Imagine being such a faggot youd admit to commiting federal crimes LOL.
Open file (272.74 KB 463x448 2989859252985929265.png)
>>248263 woah...so this is the power...of tard rage
Open file (18.34 KB 768x426 GKsCuWFXkAAex77.jpg)
Open file (23.76 KB 376x468 GKsCuWfXEAAY6Pc.jpg)
>>248275 >she got arrested for battery while the tard is free pottery
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 pepe dab.gif)
>>248276 >she fucked around and found out based
>>248263 >>248276 >>248277 For backstory he donated her 2 million dollars in the last year. He recently moved to Florida to live with Elisa. While living with Elisa she went through his phone and seen that he donated 2 million to another e girl through onlyfans. She went into a mania when she learned that and started doxxxxxxxxxing the girl and leaking her nudes. Then she punched this dude multiple times in the car until he beat her up.
>>248278 >mad she didnt get all the money that makes it even more funny and that she deserved it but holly hell imagine giving 4 million away to a couple of e-hoes
>>248279 Its his dad's money too. Apparently hes the son of some Arab oil baron or some shit like that.
Open file (324.80 KB 533x552 5985985895986589.png)
>>248276 >white >>248278 >>248279 >OY VEY! I COULD HAVE MADE $4M!
>>248276 she leaked some spic bitch's nudes, anyone have them?
>>248282 Oh shit she's another one of these magic spell people. 'Not a financial advisor' (that means they can't sue me for bad advice this is someething I learned worked magically) She's def a witch burn her.
>>248268 no one cares dunce
Metocare hasn't posted on X or Poast since Thursday. In the past, this has meant a hospital visit or sickness.
>>248251 vegetables on a slice of toasted(?) bread + fake cheese. never trust a woman that eats shit like that to bear children hoe """culture"""
>>248234 the vtranny sektur seems like an untapped mine for doxes and seethe but it's basically impossible to figure out unless your an autistic gay man who bags groceries for a living. sweaty gamer rabbit golden rule: always be balding
Rollo Tomassi will be doing damage control for Fresh n Fit, the negro bc they're friends. Since the negro is having a scandal with the Chinese baby mama.
Open file (25.40 KB 376x468 6GsDkezTou9R.jpg)
>>248292 not loik me beans on toast oi oi, propa br'ish that, pu it in me gob all day, me ol man make ta best beans on toast oit nee 1 deny, u want propa br'ish in u gob oi u see me ol man oit he oint loik them suven gits with they 'heggs in a basket' oioi bollocks! me ol man noiy true br'ish, fix u a proppa beans on toast mate fit for ta queen god rest her shoal
>>248278 Wait how does that Down syndrome looking dude have $4 million dollars laying around? What?
Open file (125.97 KB 940x1358 IMG_9456.jpeg)
Open file (2.78 MB 324x340 IMG_0087.gif)
>>248286 Hi Issac
Open file (439.19 KB 1048x1046 thot patrolled.png)
Open file (439.77 KB 1536x2048 20240409_081958.jpg)
>>248263 I didn't know onlyfans whores could have such a stable relationship.
Open file (104.06 KB 1290x1056 GKsAglrXMAAWIQK.jpg)
>>248294 Rollo Tomassi is a huge betacuck when not on his own streams. Access Vegas is just him following Mike Shartbrain as he tries to pick up chicks in Vegas to have a threeway with his girlfriend, and groveling before Las Vegas 304s. He also has these meaningless stats to defend FedNFool >They have 6356 guest from ages 18-46 with 500 different occupations etc etc etc What are you, their publicist. Also any time they go on Access Vegas, they clear out the obnoxious hoes for them apparently >>248296
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 928582181781.png)
>>248299 *smuckles* You Americucks with your Mexican food and your Walmarts. I'm going to join Null for some real cheese and cinnamon raisin bread
>>248300 trust fund baby of an arab oil magnate. Probably explains the extra chromosome too as I bet his mother is also his aunt.
>>248295 this jewess is hilarious
>>248257 her tits are gone too
>>248311 They're practically down to her navel. Going into the hospital during Covid and going braless did a number on her
Open file (19.37 KB 596x221 afwatch.png)
>I have the ebidance lmao Гунт is back on the sauce LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO
Open file (89.00 KB 960x720 touhou_godspeed.jpg)
>>248301 Godspeed brybry. You sacrificed your daughter to lock up a discord weirdo. Not many people would have the courage to do such a thing.
>>248314 He's like the personification of the Jungian concept of reaction formation. Or maybe it just has to do with his father and distancing himself from him. Either way using "your" daughter as bait is at the least retarded if not reckless.
>>248315 >is at the least retarded Sure, but the intention is to make him seethe a bit and not post videos of her anymore like a retard. You have to harp on about his stupidity for months to have any chance of it sinking in.
Open file (11.87 KB 305x303 GI_lR1XbYAAE58C.jpg)
Open file (1.19 MB 1200x1200 00511.png)
Listening to the jcaesar187/Cog brother interview. It's so hollow and hypocritical. Pretty much anything they talk about to damage Cog, jcaesar187 is also guilty of doing himself. >Bro: Who goes on the internet and cries about their relationship? jcaesar187: Hehe. Yeah, I know right? >Bro: Cog goes in for life ruination immediately. Just move on like a man. Stop trying to ruin a girl's life bc she dumped you. jcaesar187: Hehe. >Bro: Why make yourself into the kontent? jcaesar187: Cog's an idiot. Haha. jcaesar187: Cog has an obsession with larping as American when he's British. He's obsessed with being something he's not. I like in Mexico but I would never do that and larp. I know Cog and jcaesar187 are feuding but it's just hard to take seriously. jcaesar187 and Cog are like mirrors of each other. I mean, you're not really doing a great job smearing your enemy when all your negative talking points describe yourself as well. --Sun Tzu (The Art of War)
>>248319 Really weird defense of Cog the pedo from a freak posting pedo tier shit . I can't recall Гунт bringing his own brother on stream to debunk claims.
Open file (1.28 MB 1200x1200 00511.png)
Open file (1.38 MB 1200x1200 848291726472.png)
Open file (874.97 KB 1200x1200 00524.png)
>>248320 It's not a defense of Cog as much as it is not buying what any of these clowns are pushing. >freak posting pedo tier shit Nice deflection, bro. >I can't recall Гунт bringing his own brother on stream to debunk claims. Gvnt can't bring his brother on his streams bc Evan jcaesar187 has cerebral palsy. He's literally retarded. And what does this even mean, anyway? Gvnt has Cog's brother on steam and they are both attacking Cog together.
>>248323 >It's not a defense of Cog as much as it is not buying what any of these clowns are pushing. so you know more about Cog than his own brother Paul? Oh, and his other brother Mike? WHICH COG BROTHER ARE YOU? You're still a sweaty gamer who enjoys sexualizing children. You don't even post shortstacks who look thick, only the most child-like ones.
melonie braaps and theCoomering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-gh3VdRSzo gaytor seething
Open file (11.10 KB 621x92 368403401918.png)
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 928582181781.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 2650x4096 GKwCMcYWoAAc98L.jpg)
>>248326 *chuckles* At least I can still leave the house, Gym
Open file (110.00 KB 960x804 Jim dabs at dox CLEAN.png)
Open file (15.65 MB 1280x800 PPP_WHERES_JIM.mp4)
Open file (3.65 MB 608x1080 metokur paypiggie.mp4)
Open file (1.31 MB 1024x1024 goblin bukkake.png)
>>248324 >so you know more about Cog than his own brother Paul? Oh, and his other brother Mike? No, ultimately I don't even care about Cog or his brothers. I just find it hypocritical from the segment I listened to that almost everything the brother complained about Cog was something that jcaesar187 had done as well. This upsets you, for whatever reason. jcaesar187 >You're still a sweaty gamer <Crying this hard over hentai/drawings and mojcaesar187agging. Nah. This is a complex topic. Do you want to have this conversation? So do you realize women come in a variety of body types? Ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. Skinny girls exist. In fact, they are very common. Flat-chested skinny women. Flat-chest, skinny, and short women exist as well. Big boob women are actually rare in reality, and even so are often breast implants, when they are too good to be true. So yeah, there's a nice variety to female body types. You should learn to appreciate them all. The shorstack one is a fantasy anyway. Big boobs + short. Short and stacked. So are you going to call yourself a peedo bc you find short women attractive? Bc you could argue short women are more child-like. What about youth? Youthful faces are more childlike than old women faces with wrinkles and sagging skin. Are you also a peedo for finding youth more attractive? How about smooth skin over rough, wrinkled, aged skin? Surely smooth skin is more childlike too? How about nice shiny hair over old wirebrush, broccoli-head hair on grannies? Surely nice hair is more childlike as well. I'm guessing you won't call yourself a peedo bc it feels good to pretend you're the moral arbiter at some dude posing hentai online that offends you. 2nd, this is all irrelevant anyway as the hentai isn't real. It's a drawing. Are you not able to distinguish fantasy from reality? Do you run people over with a car after playing Grand Theft Auto? Do you murder people after watching a horror film? Do you try to cast magic after reading Harry Potter? If so, I'm sorry you are not able to differentiate fiction from reality. Maybe you should go back to foxdickfarms so you can faux-moralize with Jewsh Moon. Also, if this is jcaesar187, it's quite rich coming from you as Pantsu (Amanda Morris) your ex, loved lolicon and herself had the body of a little girl. So does that make you a peedo for finding her flat-chest, little-girl body attractive? How 'bout that clip of you lusting after a teenage girl from 8th girl and even Pantsu was disgusted by it? How about how all you grooming your teenage gf's and then suddenly the day they turn 17, you're in a relationship with them (Nora, Faith). How about you and the weird shit you said about Soph, an actual child at the time? Not a teenager. And not a fictional drawing. So to conclude, yeah, it's quite rich that jcaesar187 criticizes Cog for anything, even calling him a peedo, as he's guilty of the same exact shit. You've reinforced my own original point that you got so butthurt over. Thanks.
Open file (21.28 KB 336x188 roastt.png)
Andrew Wilson vs. Sugar Baby BRAT?! MAGA GIRLS! Real VlRGlN?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #151 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jvo0t_9Stw
Open file (3.90 MB 2473x1383 roasssssst.png)
Why is Cobra's gf called NAL?
Open file (17.91 KB 266x365 fag.jpg)
>>248332 This guy Bryan Atlas is gaining weight fast. I can't wait until he has his own baby momma scandals with these whores and get cancelled. It will happen. All of this has happened before and all will happen again.
Open file (84.03 KB 767x565 M1.jpg)
Open file (152.43 KB 748x858 M2.jpg)
Open file (73.28 KB 752x552 M3.jpg)
Open file (69.04 KB 771x533 M4.jpg)
Open file (100.53 KB 2386x305 M5.png)
>>248334 developing that fat gaymurgate era carl phenotype I see
Open file (104.78 KB 771x835 M6.jpg)
Open file (106.94 KB 775x851 M8.jpg)
Open file (123.62 KB 711x873 M7.jpg)
Open file (2.88 MB 1152x720 Myron meltdown.mp4)
Open file (64.79 KB 909x1248 Andrew Tate shocked.jpeg)
>>248336 There can only be so many Bryan of the Nights.
>>248330 >itz just a drawing bro... Hey paedo, kys please
>>248330 three paragraphs on how you're not a pedo. ngmi.
>>248348 >>248353 >samefagging this hard. >can't deal with any of the arguments. >still crying about it. >low IQ response. >offended by a drawing. >thinks crying "peedo" gives him the W like crying "racist, nazi, bigot, sjw" is supposed to win the argument. You opened the can of worms you idiot. Now you don't wanna argue about it? Faggot. Lol.
Open file (641.57 KB 478x1573 lmao.png)
Daily reminder, Gaythor is a fat virgin paedophile in his late 30s. And he will never make it into vtubing
Open file (474.88 KB 1985x3056 Joker (RIP).jpg)
On Thursday it will be one week since Metocare has posted on X and Poast. Metocare-bros, I'm scared.
Open file (163.90 KB 1205x842 Beardson on BTL.jpg)
Open file (121.54 KB 1157x661 beardson .jpg)
Beardson Beardly has finally spread his wings and left Nicholas J. Fuentes' nest. He has joined the panel of a popular MMA podcast. Good for him, honestly. Look how he makes them laugh; he has natural comedic talent and wit.
>>248365 back to tranny farms
>>248356 >i only masturbate to fictional 2d drawings of kids not real kids so im not a pedo kys pedo, the guy was trolling but your failure to recognize it and sperging out with your pathetic retard arguments for justifying cp shows you are an actual pedo
>>248368 Im not trolling, the pedo needs to kill himself immediately
>>248362 its not vtubing its vtubering and if anyone made a stupid video about it they would be a vtubertuber
Open file (9.18 MB 1920x1080 Puff comes home.mp4)
Open file (148.75 KB 1080x1080 vee_toon.jpeg)
>>248372 I think you'll find that the technical term is VeeCoomer or VeeCooming.
Open file (364.99 KB 581x492 8147879589259.png)
>more days going after a boring nonentity to everybody but you and the Kiwi Casino like Cog I'd rather try to listen to more boring Cuckieta streams where he tries to do his drugs off camera and ends them early to go bend over than give Cog more attention to stimulate his self-importance and fuel his endless jabbering
Open file (403.44 KB 1878x2048 Cog and Dan.jpg)
>>248375 I would watch a Cog stream where its him and his pitbull Dan going to other countries to have Dan beat up random sektur adjacent nobodies. But other than that he is insufferable an nontent void.
Open file (8.17 KB 225x225 GJ3740CWkAA482n.jpg)
Open file (21.71 KB 400x532 GJ3742qXsAAFAjH.jpg)
>>248376 Cuz it's not Cog. He just holds the camera. And he does that best bickers he has to shut up sometimes and focus on recording with his camera rather than endlessly running his mindless piehole. He makes these two look concise
Open file (247.36 KB 508x294 GKmsef3XwAAHzTP.mp4)
>>248373 GOOD ONE
Open file (103.23 KB 1200x900 GIf88YdXwAAkGYE.jpg)
ItsAGundam covers Carl in upcoming stream FROM #GAMERGATE TO LOTUS EATERS
Open file (30.08 KB 600x450 878295289592558.jpg)
>>248381 Metocare and his metocart
Open file (59.24 KB 907x689 GK0zjt_XoAA05OG.jpg)
Open file (606.00 KB 622x633 9252966292639236.png)
>>248386 Average millennial couple
>>248379 >>248380 >shut it down *chuckles* If you aim for the king, you better not miss
>>248386 So he managed to get a worse version of Nora?
>>248390 juicy
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 1825892152895.png)
>>248392 >>248389 >Carl still won
Гунт ON WITH COG'S 2ND BROTHER WHO CALLED HIM A sweaty gamer AYLAWGS PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD https://rumble.com/v4om70k-killstream-king-mike-returns-to-tell-all-on-cog-the-nonce.html
Open file (481.39 KB 1536x2048 GKw24kpaIAAGj1E.jpg)
Open file (474.91 KB 1536x2048 GKw24kua0AAA7qW.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7WJkIunMAQ mary morgan on adam carolla show more coombait for calculatorkun a goldmine of images for my mary morgan ai dataset
>>248397 wtf is wrong with her
Open file (816.98 KB 822x1093 wtf.png)
>>248398 lemur dna
>>248398 she sucked tim pools dick so much her eyes popped out
Open file (1.07 MB 220x391 cat stare.gif)
>>248401 do it faggot or fuck off
>>248402 Is that dingo?
Open file (1.35 MB 1200x1200 00421.png)
>>248368 >>248371 You present 0 arguments and only appeal to authority by citing current US obscenity laws. >muh appeal to authority >the gubermint knows best! Ok, so the government is the ultimate authority on any issue so long as some goof smuggles in some law, enriching himself or his campaign donors. So when a politician writes in some law banning green energy like electric cars or solar panels, bc his big oil donors want a monopoly on energy profits, that's cool too huh? What about when the govt writes laws saying you must be vaccinated against Covid? You agree with that too? What about when the govt writes a law after the next spree shooting saying you must turn in your guns? You go along with that too? Let me guess, you're a Eurocuck who has none anyway and is already used to being a slave bitch. How about when the govt bans meat in 10 years and say you must only eat plant-based meat bc real meat is cruel to animals and bad for climate change? How about when the govt brings in revenge porn laws and then you're on the hook for posting some whore's nudes on a website 2 years ago? You agree with these too? Bc they will all be illegal bc someone in power doesn't want you doing something. And they are examples of developing issues in society that are cutting-edge. Are you aware there are plenty of laws on the books that don't get enforced and no one cares about? There are beastiality laws that are rarely enforced. There are piracy laws that are rarely enforced. Here are some other silly laws: It's illegal to fall asleep while wearing shoes It's illegal to dye a duckling blue and sell it, unless you sell more than six at once It's illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women in public It's illegal to hit a vending machine that stole your money It's illegal to park in front of a Dunkin' Donuts building It's illegal to pretend your parents are rich It's illegal to shoot lasers at police officers Silly String is outlawed in most circumstances Happy hour is illegal in Indiana Sharing your password is illegal Now before you yell, "False equivalence. This is not equal to obscenity laws!" I'm not saying they are. I'm just popping your bubble that law is the end-all, be-all, just bc some goof made a law and wants to control you with aforementioned law. You're like some moron wannabe-lawyer that watches Rekieta Law like Jewsh Moon who thinks citing a case study on US law is a slam-dunk victory. "Look Mom I cited the case law against obscenity. I won, right?" Lmao. My guess is you are a faggot hypocrite who is only cherry-picking government laws he agrees with, in the moment of April 10 2024, to win an internet argument. You will not follow government law on other issues. You are merely presenting to me a blind appeal to authority. Have you ever downloaded an mp3, movie, video game, or computer software? That's illegal too but nearly everyone under 40 that grew up with computers and the internet has done it. Technically some people somewhere have gone to prison for this. But it's generally not enforced unless a company is looking to make an example of someone. On any issue, government is like 10-15 years behind technology advances. You can look at cryptocurrency, piracy laws, streaming, video games, AI, internet. They are just now making cryptocurrency stock options so boomers can get in on BTC. BTC was started in 2009. It's 2024. 15 years later, just like I said. It takes a long time for technology to filter upwards to Boomers in government that are tech-illiterate and know nothing about the internet beyond Facebook, if that. Are you also morally outraged that Stephen King writes horror books in which fictional characters are brutally murdered? I'm pretty sure there are some stories where girls are raped in King's books too. How about movies? There's lot of sex scenes and gore and twisted subject matter in all sorts of movies. Why aren't you crying about this? Harry Potter also practices magic and occultism. Surely such a wildly popular book and movie series is normalizing occultism and undermining Christian values, right? "Saving Private Ryan" is an extremely disturbing movie on war and WW2. That should be banned too as it's not good for the youth to experience war trauma and disturbing grotesque violence. For that matter, let's just go full Jack Thompson and ban "Doom." Those pixellated guns from Doom 1 and 2 is making people into psychotic school-shooters; Can't have people shooting demons with cartoony pixel graphics. Also ban the Matrix since it makes violence and shooting guns cool. And also inspires current MGTOW redpill ideology like Andrew Tate. Ban Grand Theft Auto too. It encourages misogyny and violence towards women when you are allowed to pick up hookers and kill them in-game, run over civilians, and go on shooting sprees. Why aren't you protesting to get all porn banned? Y'know the stuff with real men and women filmed with a camera. In which real people are having sex, often underage women that come from broken homes and are addicted to drugs, with their pimp controlling them. Just bc your Karen, feminist Mom got a politican to write a law banning something doesn't mean it should be banned or taken seriously.
Open file (1.52 MB 1200x1200 upscaled 1.png)
>>248368 >>248371 To get more specific, in this case, people like yourself and the Boomers in government know jack-shit about AI rendered art and are only looking to regulate it. Usually bc something causes a stir such as that Somalian-Canadian guy who rendered Taylor Swift getting fucked at the Superbowl or something like that, which causes outrage among the masses. In any case, the technology to render images is here, whether you like it or not. And people are going to render stuff you don't agree it, or like, or find offensive. You can scream "Peedo, this fictional girl looks too young for me! I am offended!" But you are only going to be pissing in the wind. I'm going to continue rendering and drawing art, and there's not a god-damn thing you can do to stop me. Now, I will throw you a bone, so to speak. I also find some things offensive. I would tell you some of them but this is gay troll board, in which low IQ NPC's like yourself just do what they think will bother you as soon as they smell weakness or vulnerabilities. So yeah, there's is stuff that is too far for me personally that I do not like. I don't cry about it like you do. Instead, you are crying about fictional hentai involving people that do not exist bc you think the girl looks too young for you personally. Nevermind the fact that differnet artists have different styles anyway. You cannot prove the girl is too young for starters. How are you going to prove this since you waste my time bringing up law/court documents? How do you prove a fictional girl is too young? Visually, by looking at it? That's not a standard of evidence; that's subjective. The character isn't real. They have no age. They don't exist. "But they look young!" Sorry but your subjective interpretation of a fictional character's age in a drawing doesn't hold up. I'm guessing you will now try to cite the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's statement on obscenity/porn, where he could not define "obscenity" so he just said something retarded like "I know it when I see it." Which is not an argument. It's basically admitting he could not define obscenity so he left the definition vague and nebulous. And it basically means, if something arouses him, it's obscene. So if gay porn didn't turn him on, it's not obscene by this retarded definition. So US law has struggled to even define obscenity for decades. It basically means whatever offends a particular person, which varies among people. So while Fagmenco is jerking his cock to anal prolapse porn, other people are disgusted by it and they find it obscene. So your citing US obscenity laws is irrelevant. All of that is going to be changed or rendered obsolete the more time goes on and AI rendering becomes more commonplace in 5 years. It's going to be like those silly laws above saying "You can't chew bubblegum while whistling walking down the street." Whoever wrote that US law anyway is pro-censorship. So since you are citing the law, let's look at it. And you are presumably trying to nail me down with it. You are going to struggle to: A. prove that my hentai characters are minors B. prove that my drawings/renders are "obscene" C. prove that my drawings/renders lack any literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. A would be extremely difficult to prove in a court of law. B would be nearly impossible considering it's subjective and based on personal feelings. C. All my hentai/drawings/renderings have artistic value anyway. "B-b-but it's porn/hentai!" Lol. Hentai has artistic value whether you like it or not. And all that is just me interpreting this current shitty law anyway. In other words, I'm humoring you since you brought it up. Not only would it be impossible to prove in a court of law, but I don't take it seriously anyway. So it's irrelevant. So to conclude, you can continue crying about it if you like, but I'm not going anywhere. I like rendering hentai and experimenting with different artist styles and models. If you are offended by some fairly tame hentai and want to murder me over it, my god you're going to struggle in this world. Simply watching tv or walking down the street will be enough to set you off on a murderous rampage. Mojcaesar187agging over hentai is a stupid waste of your time. I don't care about your moral outrage anyway. You're pro-censorship. You'll agree with me in time and I'll catch you repeating my arguments back to me. It will just take you a couple years to get there. You should go back to foxdickfarms where you can preach fake-morality about how evil anime is while hiding and distracting from the skeletons in your own closet. Inb4 "kys peedo." Inb4 "TLDR. I ain't reading all that. I can't read." LMAO. Now seethe.
Open file (657.94 KB 583x584 cringe.png)
>akshually your honor.... kys no ones reading that, enjoy your 20 years retard go cry to your cellmate
Open file (2.20 MB 600x338 mag dump.gif)
Open file (52.75 KB 600x396 528680878237.png)
>>248410 >>248411 See what you're missing now Mel. You won't see Quarterpounder getting relies from gym. He's kind of a big deal in 2+ dimension spaces.
Open file (75.78 KB 780x585 M1.jpg)
Open file (123.20 KB 776x741 M2.jpg)
Open file (77.96 KB 780x565 M3.jpg)
Open file (140.81 KB 786x757 M4.jpg)
Open file (102.35 KB 772x697 M5.jpg)
>>248411 >>248410 Metocare returns from a mysterious week-long absence and immediately gets pulled into Twitter fights.
Open file (79.68 KB 768x712 M6.jpg)
Open file (68.82 KB 666x828 M8.jpg)
Open file (95.55 KB 785x626 M9.jpg)
Open file (77.76 KB 770x848 M10.jpg)
Open file (16.46 MB 230x255 JUST.gif)
>check gym's twatter >reminded that amazon's Fallout lore rape abomination show is premiering today JUST
>>248414 That is Гунт's new capo right? Very cool.
Listen & Believe 304th Edition
>>248419 Johnny Cash was/ is an overrated liberal faggot. Fuck him. If I want a mixed race country singer it's Marty Robbins all the way baby
>>248418 >melonie braaps will never sit on your face braaping while reciting biblical scripture to convert you and save your soul why even live bros
>Lauren Delabooba touting Randazza as the GOAT Tell that to Alex Jones
>>248412 The fuck is that fat pedo trying to say in the last tweet???
Open file (111.35 KB 621x436 1045803831075.png)
Open file (293.67 KB 637x471 mokou_yachatta.png)
>>248423 idk, his vernacular goes weird when he's trying to sit at the cool table.. I think he's just not aware of the general silliness of jap rap. They're usually westaboos throwing in english words to sound cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctoVqK-AYiA >ding ding dong like king kong How do you not appreciate that? Re:Monster itself is pretty bad though. It's like a diary of daily chores.
metocuck is so out of touch he's ignoring cog's brothers confirming he's a chomo to spite Гунтy >"jcaesar187 IS MONSTER!!!!!"
>>248425 still seething at pissminge for insulting his gook wife
>>248424 It's a pretty funny series, TheGatorGamer has shit taste in manga and anime and is a complete faggot weeb
>>248408 If it's so illegal, then report every single other webring site other than tvch and here then they all allow loliporn, im sure they will go through your request
>>248422 its saying the idiot filed at the wrong building >so smart im so blessed magatards have the lowest iq its unbelievable
Open file (1.60 MB 1206x1280 girls be like.png)
Hello anons. Haven't been for months in this thread. Have anything interesting happened while I was gone?
>>248466 Depends on when you left off
Open file (19.45 KB 635x129 1282068657110.png)
>>248466 Gaytor became a leading figure in cartoon e-thot legal affairs. He was last seen air guitar solo'ing Free Bird and shouting SORRY MEL
Open file (240.30 KB 480x517 asd.png)
>>248408 That won't happen. You however, can continue fuming about drawings like the Redditor faggot you are.
Jewsh Moon is finally returning to stream tomorrow on Friday 12th. Last time he streamed was March 15th. It will be 4 weeks since he streamed. Some speculate he has moved back to America in this time. Some say he is dodging the Byuu FOIA death confirmation news. Which he has covered up for a year and ONLY addressed it when a KiwiFarmer dug up the FOIA request and brought it to light. Some say he has used the $160,000 he raised to travel or to set up shop in America.
And lastly, there is the weird thing where Jewsh Moon got a public apology from Epik and then went mysteriously quiet about lawsuits and fundraisers, like he didn't want people to think about the money he raised and where it's going to go now. KiwiFarmers got scammed.
>>248468 Maybe the vtuber sweaty gamers found out that this fat sweaty gamer is also a white supremacist!
ALERT ALERT ALERT https://twitter.com/TheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1778497378972061958 We're in for a cocks drought this week
Open file (548.67 KB 491x622 pedo.gif)
>>248470 kys pedo
>>248470 write another essay for why you masturbate to kids loser youre only sweating this hard cuz you know what happens to disgusting freaks like you
Open file (63.60 KB 550x397 Angry-Muslim2.jpg)
>>248475 >>248476 >You want to kill a guy for rendering hentai. Have you considering converting to radical Islam? They also rage and murder people for cartoons depicting Mohammad. Also notice you couldn't say anything to my arguments bc you're retarded and have nothing. A fat weak incel like you couldn't kill a fly with a flyswatter, let alone me. I'd break you in half, bitch. Now cry some more for me. 😂
https://youtu.be/J87qjuFmpn4 nuzach WON >>248477 hey why dont you try posting some lolishit i wanna see something real quick...
>>248471 He's been in America the entire time living with his grandpa in Florida. Then when his grandpa moved, TheTheGatorGamerGamer moved too. He's always been here he's full of shit. People have been to where he claimed to be he wasn't here.
>>248477 >noooo muh essays you cant just ignore my rationalization for lusting after kids sweat harder fucking loser no one that isnt mentally retarded will even pretend to argue with you, pathetic freak the fact you can only think of being murdered when all i did was cite the law that says drawings of kids fucking is criminal says everything, sweat harder pedo
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
>>248482 I never cheered OJ. But then I never cared that much about believing or not believing all women or being a wigger.
>>248480 >you cant just ignore my rationalization for lusting after kids >False premise. This is like saying "Why did you beat your wife?" No one did. You might wanna learn to read before you grab your pitchfork and go witch-hunting. Oh I forgot. You can't read anyway 'cause you're low IQ. >the fact you can only think of being murdered when all i did was cite the law that says drawings of kids fucking is criminal says everything You mean when you threatened me here just one post ago? >>248476 >you know what happens to disgusting freaks like you So you're a damned liar too. Imagine threatening someone, then crying victim, when you get shit in return. God, you're such an insufferable little faggot. You threaten me, then gaslight about how it's telling that I'm thinking of being murdered. Keep you faggot gaslighting to yourself, freak. All I did was cite the law, uwu. Nope. You insist I'm a peedo all day (false premise), then imply peedos get murdered. So you're threatening me based on false information. You're basically witch-hunting. And you can't engage any arguments 'cause you're stupid; you're a pathetic idiot. But it's ok. I know you're a weak, morbidly-obese faggot who can barely bend over to tie his shoes. And if you ever did try to jump me, I'd knock your ass out anyway. Stay mad loser. Continue crying about 2D drawings that offend you. 😁
>>248485 >it's 2d drawings cope about it Sound like a pedo. All pedos must die. Just saying.
>>248485 post your ai goblin fap folder please
Open file (2.00 MB 500x282 despair.gif)
>>248488 (heil'd) plz spoiler that image of elaine next time absolute nightmare fuel
>>248486 This. G.ahoole already PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD you already so please fucking leave you absolute waste of space
>>248486 You're Blaine Gavin Ross. You got in hot water over grooming a minor boy on discord. Which is not only suspect, but gay as fuck. And you're a tranny. So maybe you wanna hesitate before calling anyone a sweaty gamer, bro. Also, didn't you get molested as a kid? I mean, I get why you'd want to kill all of them. But still. Just saying. >>248490 Gayhole is here? Take your meds, schizo faggot.
>>248481 Supporting OJ is a part of the system. What a retard lol
>>248481 >muh OhDay
>>248491 >blaineposting Nah, you should kys pedo.
Open file (29.49 KB 185x337 blaine gunted.png)
>>248496 Hello BGR
Open file (110.30 KB 1024x1024 blaineposting.jfif)
>>248497 >still crying I called him blaine for being a fag (By the way I'm still way more succesful, fit, handsome and interesting than you, not including the travelling, the family with wife and kids, the career, the friends with careers and lives and families, and of course as always my sworn dedication to the endless storm.) (Also my penis is big.) (too big sometimes.) Hey you're one of those anti-jew guys right? We're telling pocs and liberal women that israelies want to treat africans and south americans the same way they treat palestinians, really seems to resonate with the oogaboogas. Start spreading that around 'The jews want to do to 'us' what they do to the poor palestinians!', and that way you'll be good for something.
AUUUGH UMMA RAWK STAWR BAAAAYBEEE minus the rock and the skills to make rock
>>248496 >BGR, the peedo calling others peedo Ain't that rich. >>248498 >"My life is perfect" cope and "I am literally perfect." Lmao. X to doubt on all that shit. You're not fooling anyone. >Take this Jew bait and leave me alone with this red herring. Weird. Idk bro. You sort of asked for my attention. Don't complain when you actually get it. Or pick a fight if you can't finish it,
>>248500 >blaineposting >still crying he got called blaine for being a fag Lol you can't fight, you're still the anime kid that never could. >muh attention Whadda ya gonna do there little fella? A whole lotta nothin'?
>>248501 >>248498 >>248496 Dude stfu, you got btf.o by G.ahoole
>>248498 >(Also my penis is big.) >(too big sometimes.) proof? Also i remember you posting AI Furry porn too, why did you do that you zoophile degenerate
Open file (98.39 KB 1024x1024 doufeelincharge.jfif)
>>248502 Lol that's like your delusion as his website lies dead except for the trannies and the council of evil rejects like Axel(and you). Imagine having to get mods on another site to delete mean things people are saying about being a pack of sweaty chomos. Goofs if you will, and covering up for some pretty sussy stuff. 248503 >Also i remember you posting AI Furry porn too Was that the dragon with tits thing? That was funny. Right now I'm torturing bing dall-e into making stuff it shouldn't. Way easier if you have the chatgpt sub but less fun to do.
>>248501 >Whadda ya gonna do there little fella? A whole lotta nothin'? Keep escalating if you want. I'm exercising restraint and showing you mercy right now. You're just too dumb to realize it. I can make it a lot worse for you if you'd like.
Open file (22.11 KB 235x432 330560846.jpeg)
>>248505 >Keep escalating if you want. I'm exercising restraint and showing you mercy right now. You're just too dumb to realize it. I can make it a lot worse for you if you'd like.
>>248505 whoa internet badass over here no one mess with him
>>248540 Are you the Fuentes assassin? Is your plane-ticket booked right now? Was looking stupid part of your plan?
>>248515 i mean they guy seems like he's tryharding for reactions, but still doesnt answer the question, why are you posting zoo shit? seems like a zero sum game exchanging pedos for zoophiles.
Open file (54.09 KB 305x303 GHC2laxasAE1g3Q.jpeg)
>>248517 >my dad Isn't that notorious jewish homo Stephen Fry?
>>248520 >zooshit Do the pictures I post arouse you or make you want to fuck animals in some way?
>>248517 That's a pretty good picture. He's missing cufflinks but the cat is a great addition. Happy kitty. I remember those dolphins. Everyone had them.
Open file (18.77 KB 250x250 4225295295825.jpg)
Open file (98.35 KB 941x941 GLAV7TwbYAAp6N4.jpg)
>>248525 is the title incomplete ? >and the photos are circlulating bickers he just wasn't gay enough
Open file (119.61 KB 1179x850 GLAyefBWgAEiJiR.jpg)
Open file (5.15 MB 600x332 Gwhat.gif)
>>248528 >>248527 That's some Blaine Gaven Ross energy right there.
So the big comeback Jewsh stream, this was his explanation for not streaming 4 weeks straight: >Something came up. Uh, I got sick. Then I have an appointment. There is your explanation for why I mysteriously stopped streaming for 4 weeks in a row. I wish I could share more but there are people that hate me, that watch me. >Stephen Crowder is pure evil. Lemme simp for all females all over the world. They never do anything wrong. t. incel that never had any serious relationship in his life so he has a fairy-tale Disney worldview that "women are pure holy angels and never have negative traits like evil men." >Chyat, follow the golden rule of dating women: Half your age + 7. Who came up with this retard rule? Some dude who was 40 who got into a relationship with a 27 year old. But still wanted to mojcaesar187ag that some other guys got younger women in their late teens/early 20's and was jealous? So the autist came up with a formula of half your age + 7 was acceptable. But no more than that. Half your age + 6 is out of the question. And don't even think about just half your age. Imagine pulling out some Dungeons and Dragons formula to justify your age gap. Retarded. You can say the age gap is suspect or creepy. But Jewsh has naive view that only men can prey on women. Why does the woman accept or even prefer the age gap? Is she just draining money out of the guy? Isn't he being preyed on more by draining out his bank account? No, in Jewsh's pathetic feminist worldview, it is only men who are monsters; women have 0 agency and are holy children. Note that this is not binary. One does not have to become some misogynist Fresh N Fit/Whatever incel who hates all women. You can have a balanced and nuanced position between these binary opposites. One can stay somewhere between Jewsh Moon (simp-faggot) and Andrew Anglin (woman-hater). So it's well-known that Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't date any women over the age of 25. Ok, but then why do women put up with this? Bc he's extremely rich, famous, and handsome. They are getting something out of dating him too. "B-b-but the dating formula (half your age + 7!)." Nah. Leo doesn't care. She hits 25 and she's out for the new model, literally a supermodel. Even funnier, later Jewsh has a segment on KingCobra and his gf NAL, the middle-aged crone. But says nothing about the age gap between the middle-aged woman and Cobra. He says nothing about Cobra exploiting her or anything like that. Just says she's a witch. Oh so Jewsh finally found a woman he doesn't like and doesn't immediately prostate himself for. Weird. Jewsh goes back into Byuu. And confirms every stupid thing detractors said about him that he was coping by pretending the death wasn't real. Then reveals he had a closer relationship to Byuu than people knew. He was directly this tranny's lifeline, in DM's with him, the night before he killed himself. Talk about having blood on your hands. >I sleep like a baby jcaesar187. That's why I take melatonin to help me sleep but I had to switch it out for Magnesium. Yep, sounds like you sleep well buddy. That's why you take pills for it. Shitty stream. He gave 0 answers for why he stopped streaming for 4 weeks straight. Something fishy is going on. Ofc his Kiwisimps eat it up and open their wallets wide for him. But I'm not buying it.
>>248533 https://www.psypost.org/pro-female-and-anti-male-biases-are-more-influential-than-race-and-other-factors-in-implicit-association-tests/ Rollo shared this today. Only experience with women will dispel a lot of this bias. And having a modicum of self-respect to not automatically assume yourself to be at fault for every failure with women
Open file (1.27 MB 1280x720 Destiny sucks dick.mp4)
Open file (328.39 KB 908x498 1712963177310-2.png)
Open file (332.13 KB 559x458 1712963177310-1.png)
>>248533 its +8 akshually get your facts and logic right *nerd snivel*, -12 if you equip a holy book which also give +10 when farming rep but your character needs to be ensouled so if you didnt hear a squirt during character creation you better reroll, might as well reroll as a female cuz they get +8 on all stats except int and str its so broken *nerd wheeze* hnnnnnn
Open file (147.81 KB 500x475 samidare.png)
>>248533 >golden rule I've heard it called the gentlemans rule or standard creepiness rule, but not golden. Generally if you marry someone under it, you'll be known as the village pedo. Jewsh strives for the bare minimum of social acceptance.
>>248534 Interesting. Although I'm not a big fan of these types of psychology tests where they are timing a person's reaction speed to a picture. So like they show you a black person and then are looking for bias based on what you click. Especially not studies recruited through MTurk, which is Amazon's bottom of the barrel slave class of workers making 1 cent every 20 minutes of filling out surveys. But yeah. Jewsh strongly has the female implicit bias. >>248547 Eww, is Destiny's Israeli boyfriend a real thing or a gayop to smear him? That's gotta hurt as Melina his whore ex-wife twists the knife. Not that this wasn't known already. There is a clip where Destiny has talked about his Tinder dates. One where he sucked off an old man with no balls. And how Destiny was shocked there was no balls. It has gotten lost to time bc Destiny streams every second of his life, all day. >>248567 Yeah, it's not really named the golden rule. That is just Jewsh mixing several concepts like the golden ratio and gold standard. >Jewsh strives for the bare minimum of social acceptance. Eh. Except that I feel that a lot of his positions are performative theater to his audience. He knows he has a somewhat female user base and is pandering to them. His anti-anime overreaction is virtue-signaling basically to try to atone for his nekoshota past and imageboard stuff. And the "women are never wrong" stance is an overreaction to his past forum posts about hating his mother and how he hates all women and wants to get gunned down by a swat team and how he wanted to torture that girl that broke his heart that he wanted tummy pics from. From the Blockland forum days. Haha. Yeah, I think I just cracked the code on Jewshua. Several of his stances are just overreactions to past known dirt on him and to be present as a good person that has atoned. It's probably not his real views but he's playing a character to a degree.
>>248571 >Interesting. Although I'm not a big fan of these types of psychology tests where they are timing a person's reaction speed to a picture. So like they show you a black person and then are looking for bias based on what you click. Especially not studies recruited through MTurk, which is Amazon's bottom of the barrel slave class of workers making 1 cent every 20 minutes of filling out surveys. But yeah. Jewsh strongly has the female implicit bias. The study itself is pretty useless but the gist of it is something you don't necessarily need a study to notice in society. The couples fighting in public experiment tells you this essentially.
Open file (154.46 KB 698x852 J1.jpg)
Open file (114.12 KB 697x856 J2.jpg)
Open file (101.57 KB 695x800 J4.jpg)
Open file (100.74 KB 728x727 J3.jpg)
Open file (388.10 KB 1129x593 JF and Wario.jpg)
>>248574 she goes to another school okay!
Open file (324.80 KB 533x552 5985985895986589.png)
>>248574 >200 women weren't serious romantic partners There's a common denominator here, STEM genius
Open file (105.21 KB 611x762 Humble Bundle 1.jpg)
Open file (84.62 KB 712x732 Humble Bundle 2.jpg)
So I get emails from Humble Bundle, trying to get me to buy game deals. This one has Pathfinder TTRPG books / pen and paper RPG's. Then scroll down and they have another deal on Astrology, Witchcraft, and Spirituality/Voodoo. The humor here is the subtle admission that Astrology and Witchcraft are not real but fictional larps like Dungeons and Dragons. Basically, Astrology and Witchcraft are Dungeons and Dragons for women. It's ok to have a little fun and roleplay but recognize it's fantasy. You're not really going to cast a hex on your ex-bf who broke your heart. I'll leave the links here incase Muttni and Elaine want to buy some astrology and voodoo books. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/classic-pathfinder-mega-bundle-part-one-kobold-press-and-frog-god-games-books?utm_cocks=cta_button&mcID=102:661976a3097be3041e0a2ddd:ot:60b73086730d25f072e9e296:1&linkID=661976a4ab7d22fe8b0f819c&utm_campaign=2024_04_13_classicpathfindermegabundlekoboldpressandfroggodgamespartone_bookbundle&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email https://www.humblebundle.com/books/astrology-witchcraft-and-spirituality-red-wheelweiser-books?utm_cocks=xpromo_cta&mcID=102:661976a3097be3041e0a2ddd:ot:60b73086730d25f072e9e296:1&linkID=661976a4ab7d22fe8b0f819f&utm_campaign=2024_04_13_classicpathfindermegabundlekoboldpressandfroggodgamespartone_bookbundle&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email
>>248575 >>248576 jf is a gigachad who chainfucks women across the globe instead of settling with their first or second serious girlfriend
>>248577 for a second i thought this might be interesting but its just some stupid bitch literally talking about saturn the planet its got nothing to do with saturn or chronos i was tricked
Open file (40.51 KB 787x207 M1.jpg)
Open file (68.36 KB 756x848 M2.jpg)
Open file (45.38 KB 770x286 M3.jpg)
Open file (92.89 KB 776x837 M4.jpg)
Open file (124.84 KB 758x850 M5.jpg)
Open file (126.71 KB 707x827 M6.jpg)
Open file (157.13 KB 771x793 M7.jpg)
Open file (130.11 KB 753x831 M8.jpg)
Open file (108.54 KB 768x867 M9.jpg)
Open file (113.41 KB 763x723 M10.jpg)
A weakened Metocare tries to fend off his rabid alogs, that howl for his blood. As Metocare weakens, the power vacuum yearns to be filled in the sphere.
Open file (71.98 KB 670x842 M11.jpg)
Open file (82.17 KB 798x507 M12.jpg)
UFC 300 is here. Probably the biggest UFC card of all time (aside from a non-Conor main event). Total cost is $80-$130. Free now. You can watch here: https://the.streameast.app/stream/ufc/ufc-300-live-stream https://gostreams.tv/live-4/ufc-300-pereira-vs-hill/ https://crackstreams.dev/watch/58448 https://v2.sportsurge.to/live/ufc-300-live-stream https://fullfights.net/ - for full replays Do not engage chat esp crackstreams as they are bottom of the barrel subhumans that only demoralize each other for hours. Enjoy the fights. You can catch them all later on fullfights.net after the event is done.
Open file (192.32 KB 1170x1217 GA7Yh1YbcAA3_8u.jpg)
>>248583 the weakened, old, dying medicare clinging to his base: the last remnants of Гунт alogs like kinogay a sorry state of affairs.
>>248587 >getting pregnant as i type this tmi
>>248588 you gotta maintain that coolness bro the only concerns he has is whether his kino casino replacements will be able to glow as bright as him at all times
Open file (5.29 MB 1575x10741 gunt essay.jpg)
Open file (4.16 MB 324x550 jcaesar-zipline.gif)
>>248574 >I don't have to look over my shoulder for an incoming knife attack anymore Mama JF, you had one mission... Jokes aside it was kill or die for her. She is now being raped in heaven by CRP. <RIP wonderful sektur angels and keep looking over us
>>248533 He also mentioned buying a house for Cobes and even speaking to Cobes father about it so I guess the money people donated to the legal fund is being used for its intended purposes. This G​AMERGATE is a scammy fuck guess he has always been this way since Infinity Next was a similar scam.
>>248591 back to the wagon I see
>>248585 Is the Chinese woman match really a skilled woman vs an average chinese dude?
Open file (439.11 KB 749x524 GLCevMiWYAE4AV0.png)
Open file (47.31 KB 680x583 GKlinI-XsAEZkch.jpg)
>>248591 >im in argentina host of deathwatch omg lol never change king
Open file (284.47 KB 1600x894 faith.jpg)
Open file (571.88 KB 1585x838 morris.jpg)
If true might, this might be the reason for Гунт's essay.
>>248591 Who the fuck is Samantha?
>you have to be high iq to deal with multiple personalities
>>248606 A reminder that people with personality disorders are considered to be on the edge of psychosis or a psychotic episode.
Open file (414.61 KB 520x768 1673143257665741.png)
>>248596 based whatever chad b t f o ing troonfarms
Open file (406.48 KB 472x615 1712972111927.png)
Open file (722.01 KB 819x616 82596526965369253.png)
>>248608 And there are no medications for personality disorders >>248609 Except he's no broccoli head. Dull needs to get a new insult for guys he dislikes w/o broccoli head
>>248602 Cleo is the great unifier
>>248605 Pantsu (Amanda Morris)
Open file (43.35 KB 383x681 th-551931696.jpeg)
Open file (3.80 MB 360x360 Gunt whoa.gif)
Open file (15.02 KB 336x188 roasssted.png)
Andrew Wilson vs. Feminists & Born Again?! TWITTER BEEF?! E-GIRLS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #152 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv1UaOOWWjQ
Open file (89.04 KB 352x273 92815928589255.png)
>>248635 >back for more
Open file (11.97 KB 250x262 1478855486.jpeg)
theres two of them now
Open file (33.70 KB 525x525 87124598692859.jpg)
>>248635 >Andrew slaying Millennial Millie
>>248635 >schooling bobbleheads
Open file (216.64 KB 273x467 qt.png)
>>248635 she mogs the rest of the panel
Open file (81.66 KB 640x640 285522695625625.jpg)
>>248635 >Millie can't answer what is physically attractive about her husband Wonder why
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 whatever host.png)
>>248635 >fatass has said 3 things the entire podcast and has left to let maddie cohost with andrew
>>248642 Just as well. He would interrupt to ask his overused questions
>>248633 I make the same face when I take most uninterrupted string of shit.
>>248644 so do you also do photoshoots all alone for social media like a woman too
Open file (672.92 KB 748x754 Untitled.png)
Open file (89.54 KB 828x828 GLL00UbXoAEH3SQ.jpg)
What is he cooking?
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>248649 >coach and godwinson faked coach's death
>>248649 I believe this is a scene from Willshire Bolv, as you know part of the plot is the daughter of a wealthy businessmen gets kidnapped and raped.
>>248657 >wilshire blvd You mean Sinestro, wilshire was the book he never finished and scammed a kickstarter with.
>>248658 I am pretty sure TheTheGatorGamerGamer made a video talking about the unfinished script of Wilshire and part of it was a graphic rape scene.
>>248640 She's a cutie
Open file (176.21 KB 800x800 gonzo.jpg)
>>248649 A re-enactment of gaytor at the bar. Neat.
Open file (3.46 MB 1280x720 jewshbtfo.mp4)
>>248649 Despite finding TheTheGatorGamerGamer entertaining at times, my perspective shifted upon realizing his involvement in discord ops and other unsavory behaviors, revealing a darker side. Previously, I might have accepted him as just another online personality, but now, knowing more about his actions, I can't help but see him differently. His drug habit, vindictive and exploitative nature, particularly towards vulnerable individuals, tarnishes everything he does in my eyes. It's not about claiming moral superiority on my part, but rather a personal shift in how I perceive him. He's transformed from a mere entertainer to a figure tainted by exploitation and manipulation, making it impossible for me to find him entertaining anymore. In my view, he's become a grotesque homunculus of a man, far removed from the image of a normal guy with a job making videos about cows. He can't shit on people anymore, he hangs out with the speds and retards bickers he's become one. Can you imagine him trying to shit on Sargon now? He just wouldn't be able to do it credibly, he's not a functional and normal person, which was the necessary role he had to adopt to actually be funny commenting on people like that.
Open file (116.66 KB 707x836 M1.jpg)
Open file (70.38 KB 795x466 M2.jpg)
Open file (70.90 KB 762x413 M3.jpg)
Open file (38.64 KB 771x220 M4.jpg)
Open file (37.02 KB 763x267 M5.jpg)
Metocare continues to feud with a handful of his alogs that are ostensibly pro-Feaser and anti-Kino Casino.
Open file (49.04 KB 757x297 M6.jpg)
Open file (79.16 KB 771x578 M7.jpg)
Open file (33.21 KB 411x553 Metokur black hat 6.jpg)
Open file (119.65 KB 1116x882 928829592855.jpg)
AUUUUGH UHH LIGHTBULB GOES ON *immediately burns out*
Open file (407.76 KB 800x450 1376331320294.png)
>>248667 Don't write off kid #3 like that.
>>248667 Did Гунт mentally caught up with everyone saying he shouldn't fuck the 19 year old with BPD 5 years ago?
Open file (1.86 MB 401x498 928525269562552625.gif)
>>248669 Yes and then immediately anthropomorphized his dick
It is with great pleasure to announce, that together with this renaissance of alogs.space spearheaded by robi, i have taken interest in sprouting more activitiy across these boards so you're all welcome to post on >>>/film/
>>248670 its the G​AMERGATE inside him yelling muh dick
Open file (487.97 KB 638x478 566832567027.png)
>>248673 >[13:11] <~robi> 60143 ids.txt >[13:11] <~robi> 71569 filenames.txt Inflating the filename total by randomising my titles finally feels vindicated.
Open file (135.51 KB 385x372 85965659826562565.png)
>>248675 shes going to tap the bible again isnt she, 'yall need jesus hehe'
Open file (115.30 KB 777x845 M1.jpg)
Open file (98.55 KB 887x661 Elon Musk bald.jpg)
Elon Musk floats the idea of charging all users money on X to prove they are not bots. Bots win yet again! 'Bout to see a boost in Twitter clones like Poast and fediverse again.
>>248681 They kind of need to get there with the feature set first to sell people on using the cc as onboarding. Financial transactions, streaming, unlocking your tesla, SSO to other platforms, which I think was their mission statement, but idk. Or appeal to the asian market with a twitter MMO gatcha. As far as I can tell, it's still pissing into the wind simulator, so that perception has to be stomped first.
>>248681 This is about creating a social credit copy of Chinese WeChat. He has been open about this, calling it "the everything app". Soon they will want users to verify themselves and tie in financial institutions. It will be an eventual nightmare but naive "conservatives" believe he's some ally when he just knows how to say what they want to hear while leading them down the path towards Chinese style totalitarianism.
>>248681 And I wouldn't doubt they are allowing bots to run rampant on purpose to create a pretense for more control. If they wanted to get rid of bots they could do it but they don't.
>>248685 or he missed the interest payment again on the 13b loan he had to get to buyout this piece of shit for double what it was worth after being forced to in court after a shitpost after he said 'haha i was only pretending to be retarded' then 'nooo its all bots you cant legally force me to buy' then 'haha i was only pretending to pretend to be retarded lol epic 0wn i wanted this the whole time', hes been crying about money and charging people since he bought this turd its nothing new
>>248665 metocuck has to beef with literal nobodies on twitter. not even Гунт pays him any mind anymore.
>>248689 He's punching down bickers it's low risk, he's picking on 'chuds' with tiny audiences, nobody is going to PA for his targets like people will for bigger streamers/tubers. Even if his target scores mad points off him it doesn't matter bickers Јim's got a parade of sigma simps that will drown them out with a deluge of 'Who even is this weirdo, isn't he like 'insert random thing target's done' and 'You got him Јimmy, he's on the ropes he's melting down!' regardless of what's being said. He's a one trick downy and everyone's seen his trick a dozen times now.
Open file (372.89 KB 1024x1024 Pepe 5.png)
Fellow weeb-losers and aspiring innanet-lawyers, it's over ain't it?
Open file (4.67 MB 500x209 elaine.gif)
>>248682 Woof what the fuck is she eating fettachini smothered in cheezewhiz?
>>248692 >>248693 Tagged the wrong post, must be a natural aversion to witchposting. Someone check the neighborhood to make sure there aren't any small children turned into rats or placed inside magic paintings.
Open file (55.46 KB 950x950 GK_OnnuaUAAKQ-P.jpg)
>>248694 >>248693 She might actually gain weight eating that way.
>go into rehab and hope that things will be alright <leave the autism <stop medication <one look autism is back! So what has happened in the last 4 months? >>248633 Jesus fucking christ, he looks like one of em old farts that tries to spike a young woman's drink, and then he mixes his viagra pill with the sedative. >>248640 >>248660 I would've probably have raped the shit out of her. >>248667 He just realized that now? he must've had too much organic brain damage from his drinking bickers this is mentally retarded levels of realization. >>248692 >>248695 Sorry fam, she is gonna stay thin and look like a malnourished feline for quite some time.
>>248696 >he's back Did they cure you of yellow fever too? >He just realized that now? he must've had too much organic brain damage from his drinking bickers this is mentally retarded levels of realization. Yeah and he immediately negates that by talking about his dik
Open file (347.67 KB 1152x2048 GLTL2D0WQAEM93X.jpg)
Open file (398.37 KB 1152x2048 GLTL2DzXUAEI0OY.jpg)
Open file (375.16 KB 1152x2048 GLTL2EAWMAALQqQ.jpg)
Open file (18.67 KB 474x266 5221968552.jpg)
>>248703 >S​ARGON the other week >applebees now >Gym's life is flashing before his eyes on twitter It's so over he might not even make it to Elden Ring dlc at this rate.
>>248665 Attached earlobes, the trademark of any subhuman.
Open file (1.16 MB 576x720 8KddyyeUCGDEYMmT.mp4)
Open file (68.39 KB 1280x720 8725412985589912856.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 1280x720 s6H3B_d7Mr9lbDmf.mp4)
Jewsh Moonpie posted this video of him burning an anime fan's letter. But listen in the background. It appears to be the collective mating call of Spring Peepers frogs, which exist only on the East Coast USA. Surely these are not Serbian or Ukrainian Spring Peppers, right? Did Jewsh just accidentally confirm he has been lying about living in Europe and is still in Florida? Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_peeper Credit goes to Bisabo on the Onion Farms. https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/joshua-moon-megathread.475/page-579
Open file (139.19 KB 321x393 GJE-WC1XcAAAn0Z.png)
>>248710 NNNNNo he's moving back to the US, fellow farmers!
>>248710 he moved in to the US on his 2 week break, its pretty straightforward mister discordfag
>>248712 >he wasn't already here before then So now he feels safe to film his whereabouts whereas he didn't when supposedly in Eastern Europe?
>>248713 There's an item you are free to own in the US of A. I will let you figure that out.
>>248712 Except that Jewsh said he hasn't moved back to the USA yet, on his last stream. Also, it was 4 weeks.
Open file (135.51 KB 385x372 85965659826562565.png)
>>248714 You aren't able to film yourself in Eastern Europe? He's worried about filming the interior of his Eastern European apartment bickers some super autist will locate him from that but he isn't afraid of being located in the US of A for some reason?
Open file (2.89 MB 400x244 1465765913649-1.gif)
>>248714 >There's an item you are free to own in the US of A >>248716 >isn't afraid of being located in the US of A for some reason? gif related
Open file (28.96 KB 679x516 84578925289529529525.jpg)
>>248717 >gif related Didn't stop him from hiding on the shitter from troons when they came to his door
>>248715 He lied.
>proceed on your annual migration to america to re-affirm your distain for native cheese >check you mail >eww anime, college and meguka >put it in your pocket for safety for protection against G​AMERGATEs >the cheese sucks >buy a gun >put it in your mouth >no, i have a forum that needs me >take out letter & burn it >return to a second world nation where your banana tree is waiting
Open file (23.06 KB 600x484 928592582952956925.jpg)
>>248719 >he only lied there
https://rumble.com/v4pu6mr-mad-at-the-internet-april-16th-2024.html >jewsh seething about the chad whatever podcast king and giving elaine attention
Open file (24.51 KB 411x437 1541252656265225.jpg)
>>248722 >coping: "HHHe's bound to be another Elliot Rodgers rrright guys?"
Open file (23.44 KB 336x188 hqdefault.png)
Andrew Wilson vs. DEMON Feminist?! Toxic E-GIRL?! BRIAN GOT SCAMMED $$$$?! | Dating Talk #153 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdpqoXywa9U
>>248723 he should sue his mother next for having been born as the most undesirable man biped in history, and make the losers pay for his cheese again
Open file (1.76 MB 1578x862 roasssssssssssst.png)
>>248728 >I'm single I did not see that coming!
>>248730 Гунт on whatever when?
>>248724 >christcuck lesbians >roastiesports is back
>>248733 he married a whore so of course, they probably role play mary magdalene in bed
Open file (958.25 KB 498x498 2981895298529859285.gif)
Open file (181.90 KB 283x430 jewess.png)
would you smash the jewess?
>>248738 Of course
Open file (451.61 KB 586x786 faggot.png)