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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>251250 "A known groomer with a penchant for taking 18 yr olds to bdsm dungeons seems to really care about those neglected kids who would be unusually easy to guide to your dick with their desire for adult approval" Are you dumb?
>>251253 spoken like a groomer with experience
>>251254 Yeah I know everyone who thinks anything is bad must be doing it
>>251235 >his public streams can be used towards a warrant
All these YouTube lawfags hate rekieta bickers he's everything they want to be. Immensely successful on youtube, coked out of his mind, successfully reproduced five times over, and a literal bull cucking other men. Rekieta already won. Wortski and his lesbian lover, brokedick moon, and all the other 1.5k Andy's are nowhere near his level. He can die this second, and he will die a winner. I'm not even being le contrarian. Rekieta won. Coach would be proud.
>>251257 t. molesterson
>>251257 Huh. Denial really ain't just a river in Egypt I guess
>>251258 >>251259 How am I wrong?
>>251260 bickers there are no Ws for these faggots. Do you really like it's a Gvnt win when shit happens to other people? The fact their shit may or not be slightly better than the other piles of it around the corpses of the sektur doesn't mean that it's a true W. Your horse at best would be winning a race to the slaughterhouse
Open file (968.66 KB 1270x714 carl_boring.webm)
>>251260 It's true that there's a weird dissonance of might makes right going on. It's been common knowledge that jcaesar187's "core" has been around 200 paypigs since forever, yet people freak out about him having that many viewers and point to any other streamer as winning bickers they're trumping the view count. Masterson makes the same argument for Nick and they're screaming "nuh uh" back. >>251261 >Do you really like it's a Gvnt win when shit happens to other people Kind of, yeah. It's a null sum game. One side losing face is a boon for the other. Saying otherwise is a cope of the losing side. Welcome to the Halls of Debate.
>>251262 Nig wtf do you mean sides? I'm watching idiots fight online if you're associating yourself with them you're doing it wrong
Apparently in 2024 people need to be reminded what you are watching is a circus and the performers are clowns. If you are a fan of Gym or Nick or Gvnt and consider their W a true W then congrats bozo you fell for the trap
>>251261 Name one metric by which Rekieta doesn't stand head and shoulders above the rest of the sektur. >inb4 muh life in prison Irrelevant. >>251262 If anything, the sektur is a parody of real life. In the game of keeping up with the Joneses, the Rekietas are at the top. Who can come close to Nick and Kayla? Ashtroon and Andy? TheTheGatorGamerGamer and Elaine? Gym and Jade? Гунт and baby mama no.3?
>>251266 Absolute state of people. These aren't the Jones. If Nick was black you wouldn't be saying this. This is a dumpster fire they are all losing stop trying to use them as a metric of anything but who burns out fastest ffs. You're not on a team here you're watching grown people wreck their lives live for your entertainment the least you can do is be real about it
Open file (1.96 MB 480x272 cow nassim.gif)
>>251264 >Nig wtf do you mean sides? I'm watching idiots fight online Right, like I said, sides. >if you're associating yourself with them you're doing it wrong I didn't broach the topic of audience symbiosis. If anything I was kind of up my own arse atop the forth wall about my explanation.
>>251267 It's so easy to judge from the sidelines isn't it? 600lbs ashtroon with JF's ex-potato. Gym, Nurgle's chosen. Jewish, the expat living it up in Serbia. All of them judging the multimillionaire coked out bull with 5 direct descendants. There are no teams here, but clearly someone already crossed the finish line.
>>251268 eat the meat lets go!!!!
>>251269 I started getting a weird headcanon that Nick was holding the coke in escrow between another e-celeb and their dealer. He keeps buying it from his dealer bickers he's a stuttering pussy, but he sends it on to Nick in baggies for safe keeping. That could qualify as something no one would reasonably find out.
>>251271 >He keeps buying Or Andy keeps buying*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2ovhEmgvS8 kike lawgic noseguarding jewlawyer, chyat is full of noseguards fighting balldobanishers
>>251269 Nick won in becoming the biggest wigger. Children taken by cps, drug and weapon charges, a side hoe. Nick might actually be more of a nig than Gvnt.
>>251204 stop spamming your boring stream piggertits, nobody likes you, not a single person
>>251204 ZIDAN
>>251236 Mods, why was I banned for this?
>>251277 I'm not a mod. But when a mod bans somebody, he bans the IP range of free VPNs other people use. So when you try to post here, it says you're banned. It's multiple people using the same VPN.
>>251277 If you where banned for it the post would be gone or it would at least say so in rainbowtext on the post. Much like the other guy said, you might be using a vpn adress that was banned bickers of somebody else.
Open file (20.19 KB 591x270 cokekeita.png)
Open file (307.02 KB 5760x3240 Nick_tears.png)
>>251257 Only dax can argue that a coke addict who lost custody of his kids, facing 25 years in prison and became a laughing stock on the internet "won" bickers he got to fuck a woman slightly more attractive than his wife.
Open file (148.10 KB 1056x1226 IMG_4188.jpeg)
Open file (126.79 KB 1079x777 IMG_4189.jpeg)
Imagine being Adam “Elaine pegged my asshole” Edge. Cannot even break 200 views anymore. Its just tough when deadman is packing it in for ya.
Open file (295.88 KB 1029x2016 gaytor_gimp2.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sahfwuk-dIw coomalot breaking his silence on heisenballdo
Open file (133.22 KB 1024x1366 jannyslampig2.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1920x1080 tribute.mp4)
>>251284 why is gaytor still around?
Open file (10.10 MB 600x341 coomerlaw.gif)
>lube boy's coomer moment is going viral on xitter
Open file (49.41 KB 1017x250 kinopounder.png)
>>251291 not like this kurtbros...
Open file (488.54 KB 1018x913 OH NO NO NO NO.png)
Open file (26.97 KB 611x127 00000013554.png)
Open file (17.47 KB 487x105 00000014138.png)
>>251297 >in b4 major anime law sex scandal
Open file (17.40 MB 1278x720 gs2024.mp4)
Open file (54.28 KB 850x434 DHCrI6SUIAAmokg.jpeg)
Septics explained
One thing rings true in this entire thread SHITTYWEBCOMICS WON SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO SWC
Open file (60.08 KB 735x352 pigtits.png)
pigtits the deadbeat loser is begging for gifts for his disabled son, thats not his son, not really i think hes met him once in 3 years lol, i need your money for maaaahh saaaaannn
>>251304 >Thank you Faith for being courteous and understanding. >I've been trying to do the same. Gotta love his victim mentality, no matter how much he fucks up, he's always looking for someone else to blame. What are you supposed to be understanding of, is she an abusive drug addict? Did she flee the country to avoid parental responsibilities? Funny too, probably being spoiled and molested by his degenerate single mother made him this way, and he just can't help but leave a trail of traumatized single mothers in his wake bickers he has no clue what it is to be a man.
>>251304 >I bought an item off it myself I like how he thinks this is an accomplishment worth mentioning.
>>251304 what a actual charisma vacuum sucks the air out of the room, let me tell you about rekietas children that are gonna be put into foster care, why is this fat gross pig hanging around
>>251304 Who gives money to these losers?
Open file (432.88 KB 748x904 justfuckmyshitup.png)
Open file (307.02 KB 5760x3240 Nick_tears.png)
>>251310 >>251311 >>251312 Why is every detail public? Is that normal? Still seems like a humiliation ritual to me. Prediction: he will come back stronger than ever and with a bigger audience than ever and also be acquitted. Just like Johnny Depp.
>>251315 There's some small things here that stick out as weird (the Black Eye Club, Metokur having a stream scheduled and this happened after he announced it) but it could also just be crack heads live crack lives so shit doesn't make sense around them since I assume none of yall are also on crack
>>251315 >Why is every detail public? Is that normal? Yeah, as long as the police proclaims that it doesn't jeopardise their investigation everyone can request the warrant, including the cop's bodycam footage.
Open file (320.73 KB 1462x864 Untitled.jpg)
>>251315 The black eye thing is weird. Is it normal to have comedy shows in masonic halls? >>251317 How does it not jeopardize the investigation when a bunch of obsessive spergs with a reputation for harassment get every detail of the case?
>>251304 man pigtits is fucking destitute, hes so poor he cant even afford 20 bucks for a shitty stuffed doll, utterly pathetic, piggermale should get a vasotomy but he could even afford that, i suppose he could jump in front of traffic and end the daily humiliation
>>251316 >>251318 Messed up the tag
>>251316 Also it was weird to me that this happened after he publicly attacked gym. There' this image that's been built up around gym (and kf too) that people that oppose him end up being brought down.
>>251319 bickers it's being concluded. That means they aren't trying to catch the dealer bickers he's already known or the cops themselves are the dealers
>>251318 It gets weird, politicians and even the current pope. These aren't people who live lives you'd expect them to have outright injuries, especially a black eye with no other visible damage to the face and a lot of them are older as well. Some obviously can be attributed to accidents but realistically among normal people you see daily how many black eyes have you see total?
>>251323 Not to mention having the lawyer involved in the sandy hook lawsuit psyop with AJ representing you against Montagraph of all people. Whole thing is weird.
>>251319 I wonder where this all ends? The Sektor I mean. Will jcaesar187 be 50 years old and still doing this? 60?
Open file (1.40 MB 1197x598 CWC.png)
>>251322 Seems like it would jeopardize a trial to have a bunch of e-lawyers, gossip hound influencers and obsessive anime spergs seeing all the details of the case before trial. Seems like the only thing it's good for is driving publicity around internet streamers, grifters, and commentators. Who knows, I'm not an e-loler expert though.
Open file (116.71 KB 1280x720 1393947790641.jpg)
>>251310 >when he returns at 2:50:40, he appears to be making an excited look and has a white powdery substance on his nose It's not what it looks like. He tripped in a bakery.
Open file (2.04 MB 383x338 nick_sway.gif)
>>251310 >>251311 >>251312 pigtits is reading this like errrrr ummmmm errrrrr ummmmmm errrrrrrr this fat retard can barley read holy shit
Open file (351.22 KB 1100x640 cuckieta.jpg)
Open file (292.51 KB 755x946 43243243.jpg)
>>251204 >Quin Pomplun What sort of name is that.
>>251327 The government doesn't give a flying fuck about a bunch of speds and spergs. If anything, trying to alog them due to the cokeieta case, it will only make things way worse for him. They only care about the payment they get to release such documents.
>>251299 What a actual dumbass take. Lay of the drugs there before Elaine pegs your asshole again you loser.
>>251337 Yeah, the government's really hard up for 3 grand.
The Rekietas live in an $870,000 home. Apparently all this wasn't good enough for Nick and Kayla, who had to delve into cocaine and swinging to satisfy their urges and pleasure-seeking. Is pic 3 (green door) the cocaine safe? Lmao. 12291 51st Street NE, Spicer, MN https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/12291-51st-St-NE-Spicer-MN-56288/226084505_zpid/?
holy fuck piggertits has begged godwinson to interview arron his stream, pig is so completely useless if its not beggging guest to come on muh show, but its now carry out the interview on muh show, godwinson is asking all the questions, piggertits is sitting in silence as usual, its ok pig you can leave no one will notice or care
Looks like Kurt the lubemaster did a breakdown of the search warrant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2oIetvubmw
>>251341 seriously why is this fat disgusting pig a streamer, hes not entertaining or funny or interesting, why does he have a single viewer, he really has nothing of value
Open file (4.64 MB 1280x720 w5-Wsv7ZeDKOE6fF.mp4)
>>251341 you're a bit low iq. Гунтy is trying to be the "neutral" guy here. earwinson playing bad cop is the angle here.
Open file (909.92 KB 901x622 Broly.png)
Open file (877.93 KB 1600x1200 Hiashi Defeats Broly.jpg)
Open file (474.67 KB 958x811 broly no more.png)
>>251297 Broly cancelled He didn't know about the cuck shit and child abuse.
Zzzchan was be taking down for all their CP and sweaty gamer ways. Is over, /cow/ won.
Open file (3.95 MB 794x866 27580037.webm)
>>251348 the one with the jew?
>>251351 No, also it's bullshit.
jcaesar187 just confirmed he has the first interview with Cuckieta.
Open file (19.27 KB 336x188 roastedddddddddd.png)
ADDRESSING DRAMA! BEAVO EXPOSED! Rachel Wilson vs Feminists! E-GIRLS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #165 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShskuEgsnZo
>>251299 >>251353 No you dont fatass Гунт >>251345 Fuck off adam and go try to be an actual father fag
>>251365 hes not allowed to, been deemed incompetent by the judge, i think hes not even allowed to use a bank account in his name someone else has to manage it
Open file (1.58 MB 4696x2567 john_room.gif)
>>251351 Yes, the owner is a neet jewish canadian with mantits, see him ITT >>251352
Open file (64.87 KB 608x426 1471063341021.png)
Mind your temper, BryBry.
Open file (3.35 MB 2475x1264 roast pan.png)
>>251215 Isn't Star Wars Girl on Eric July's side? Why is she noseguarding?
The sektur is now officially a part of the msm. Everyone has sold out and the ones that haven't are useful idiots. It really is over. Just know that if you keep following it and believing this stuff is organic like the rekieta thing then you are getting played. It's not. People are more wide open to manipulation in livestreaming bickers they mistakenly think that they're not dealing with shills while they are more guarded with traditional msm.
>>251368 Where is that bryan? Does he have something that ties him to it? Also fuck off Gaytor.
>>251284 Gaytor is such a courageous man. He wait until he watches the latest Metocare stream, then he repeats Metocare's opinion on a subject. Metocare gave the go ahead to shit on Rekieta so Gaytor is now ready. Just like Gaytor waited for Metocare to shit on Tonka before he got the courage. Bravest man in the sector.
Open file (1.29 MB 1253x1188 what da.png)
>calculator coom disappears the same time jewlawyer got arrested
Open file (2.04 MB 383x338 nick_sway.gif)
Open file (348.24 KB 489x571 hollowman.png)
>>251368 did this dumb fuck really just call gaytor white?
>>251372 the mug shot does look different than his apperance before he got arrested, to be honest even factoring everything in it looks like a pic they had set to go and took months ago or something
>>251294 metokur is so blown out as a character it's just sad really If he could just stick to something consistent it wouldn't be so bad, he doesn't just laugh at people on the internet. At least in the past he occasionally did something that might be beneficial for the populace like his attack on 'people', new metokur is just a clout chasing dog piling weaboo.
>>251382 im not fluent in american but i understand some words, 'white' means someone thats not a niger and 'non-hispanic-white' means someone thats not a niger or a spic the problem of course is that niger and spic are usually circularly defined as someone whos not white so this (along with its 69 genders and pronouns) makes translating american to english difficult
>>251382 >>251385 Yes and he called him KOP like a retarded fag thinking thatd give him support or something for being told he is a nobody. Gaytor posts here so he can respond to this.
>>251386 In all fairness, if he didn't call him KOP I wouldn't know what random twitter faggot he was talking to, I'm not going to put effort into keeping up whatever Bryan Dunn's current username is.
>>251389 is this Melanie Pirez?
>>251387 That aint cry cry. Its some random and gaytor is just throwing a name out there everyone hates to try to get people to dogpile a random bullying him. Gaytor is a coward.
Open file (309.79 KB 559x505 balldo.png)
how fucked is jewlawyer?
Open file (4.64 MB 1280x720 Cuck Tales.mp4)
Open file (339.60 KB 256x256 nickethan.gif)
Open file (313.97 KB 685x701 pigger.png)
when just cuuhm on mugrh show doest work out, pig is doing damage control for such a dogshit interview, embarrassing
heh vaxpusher got vaxxed into a nugget and still too scared to just admit hes a retard, fitting fate for a spikebrain, worthless scum
>>251398 completely fucked, kayla's family wants nick out
Uncivil Law is law is live with NiggaNate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tGVmMqMVMA
>>251400 listening to piggertits, i cant believe how shit his boring show is, why is he even a streamer in the first place, hes no likable, no interesting, not smart, not entertaining
Open file (126.18 KB 1051x612 jewsh.png)
Open file (265.38 KB 631x752 quarterpounder.png)
Open file (221.73 KB 330x522 incel_gaytor_2.png)
Open file (204.24 KB 1073x199 oldfagstare.png)
Open file (3.80 MB 360x360 Gunt whoa.gif)
Is LegalMindset related to gaytor?
Open file (1.27 MB 319x219 1667152341530590.gif)
>>251409 >$60 an hour and roughly would be 50 hours to go through the bodycams Sounds like they have to pay someone to sift through the video and remove sensitive info. That is the labor cost estimate, not the excess. Tough luck if you're Jewsh and wanting to pay 5 grand to see Racket's kids.
Open file (57.17 KB 583x553 VivaFrei.png)
Open file (51.39 KB 574x466 Legal Mindset.png)
Open file (101.74 KB 567x308 Legal Mindset2.png)
Open file (3.29 MB 1254x614 q#er_rumble.webm)
>>251412 One approach would be to ask Q#er and parse the reaction. He was in there shilling rumble from day one. Him actively avoiding the topic is also an answer.
Open file (10.80 KB 220x168 2342523424.gif)
>>251400 I recommend watching Гунт interview with Aeron, its the most boring shit jcaesar187 produced since he guest host podawful show that one time. In fact the same thing happened: Toe chat started making fun of jcaesar187 so he sulks and becomes the most boring men alive out of spite.
Open file (86.29 KB 601x331 Legal Mindset.png)
Open file (699.63 KB 1096x2276 Diddler Dax.png)
Open file (388.81 KB 1096x1612 Diddler Dax2.png)
Open file (71.03 KB 275x344 king_balldo.png)
>>251421 Gaythor current lord and master, Legal Mindset, vs Gaythor's ((("friend"?))) Rackets
Open file (271.65 KB 736x729 ClipboardImage.png)
>>251409 Nope. TheTheGatorGamerGamer is wrong I've seen this before. People may be familiar with Missing411, a Bigfoot nut former cop noticed weird patterns with disappearances in national parks. Whatever conclusions he reached aside, when he FOIA'd it they asked him for a fuckton of money and that isn't how this works. They are paid by tax dollars. They've already been paid for the work they do by citizens. For whatever reason, the police are making this footage difficult to get on purpose.
>>251424 Especially bickers the body cam from the rest should have been reviewed anyway due to Nick's black eye at the time of arrest. They have to cover their asses which is why the cam is there already.
Open file (370.73 KB 1096x1950 real world police.png)
Open file (47.75 KB 1014x562 D-PHbMbWsAAdyz8.jpg)
>>251424 >>251425 Well it should be free you would think cause peoples tax dollars have already paid for it. I have seen people FOIA stuff and get it for free even but sometimes they charge for it and the price can vary (pic related). Maybe its cause its an on going investigation they don't to release it yet or there are so many spergs requesting it they aren't releasing it for some retarded reason.
>>251426 Yes they jack the price up when they don't want to release the footage bickers legally they can't say no.
Open file (102.39 KB 786x656 M1.jpg)
Open file (93.36 KB 752x720 M2.jpg)
>>251384 This should give you an idea of how over-the-hill and washed Metocare is. He can't get Eric July's black cock out of his mouth and the constant V-tuber praise, especially as they become corporate sellouts with merch deals. Also notice that no eceleb like Metocare, Jewsh Moon, or MelonieMac that buys or praises Eric July's comic says they enjoyed it or that it's a good story or has good characters. Nothing. They seem to only promote it to spite their feuding enemies like Dick Masterson or Vito. No one actually thinks that comic is good. But they promote it like July created the next Spiderman or Hellboy. It's derivative garbage. So then why is it being astroturfed and raising multimillions? Some of these ecelebs are no doubt, clout-chasing.
Open file (1.15 MB 1024x1024 gahoole.png)
>>251428 t. diddler dax
>>251429 Between the fate of Gvnt and now Nick, a smarter person in Dick's position would realize they have no ability to judge anything correctly and should stfu and listen to those that can
>>251429 >I will try to discredit you by labeling you this eceleb. >And don't attack my e-daddy. I like him very much.
>>251428 Retard Augustine can't really think for himself anymore, not surprising with all the pills he's popping, but all he can do now is parrot the latest foxdick/pedo casino narrative. Even with endless praise Eric July has flipped his shit a bunch of times at a single dissenter, he's a thin skinned no talent token pavement ape that wrote such a shit comic book he used his black guilt money to pivot into becoming a shipping company, bickers at least you don't have to be creative to do that. Vito and Dick are still faggots that deserve to be ritually beheaded inshallah, but even a broken pedo is right twice a day.
>>251432 Legal Mindset going after Rackets while Metocare is doing it too, feels like a faint shadow of Baked Alaska's, heck Legal Mindset got Gaythor too
>>251424 >Jersh is wrong Wow, I didn't know that, you're telling me now for the first time >Some of these ecelebs are no doubt, clout-chasing It may be worse than that. They may be in shill networks we don't know about.
>>251430 Like gym and KF? lmao
>>251428 metocuck taking after his gook bride's somali bbc fetish
>>251436 If you're using anything from here to guide your life I feel sorry for you son. It's like believing the stripper really cares about you
Open file (605.14 KB 624x1703 crying jewsh.png)
jewsh had a bit of a cry this morning. he wrote this holding back tears.
>>251439 TheTheGatorGamerGamer: "I betrayed and fucked over everyone I know and paid for it rather than thinking on it I'll double down on the same behaviors"
Гунтamale with the EXCLUSIVE, Aaron from Steel Toe Boring Show is GOING TO JAIL https://x.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1795932465086783543
>>251442 didnt piggertits try and get a threesome with faith vickers and amanda the tranny but it failed due to pigs limited and zero sex appeal and little to no wealth and living in squaller, i think hes jealous of rekieta pulling of a threesome lasting months and of cource his small baby cock
>>251443 Not reading that stop seething
Open file (111.70 KB 1216x1024 baldo's reserve.jpeg)
>jewlawyer just spent 50k cash bond instead of doing a conditional non-cash bond just so he can drink and snort cocaine hes so fucked
>>251443 If you're only just figuring out that they're both emulating the Barbie Dream Mansion lifestyle, you're like 4 or 5 years behind the meta my dude.
Open file (71.34 KB 680x581 bf0.jpg)
Open file (496.28 KB 843x468 bottom bitch.png)
Here we have the Gaythor Gaymer reaching a new low, he does not only do it for free for his new master... but he fucking pays him! Gaythor all that hard gained money packing groceries was supposed to get you a car in 20 years, you are almost 40 and still riding a bicycle, your neighbors will think you are a paedophile, which you are but you should at least pretend.
Open file (256.89 KB 605x467 eagle_anime_eyes.png)
>>251449 I can't stop noticing the eagle eyes now.
>>251449 "nick is crazy for teaming up with my ex-boss who's Гунт i licked daily for years instead of my new boss."
>>251439 >Depression isn't real bc I'm not currently depressed. While I won't write this off completely as it has some valid points, it's pretty dumb to say this based on his current mindset. Right now, he's happy bc all he has to do is stream twice a week and collect superchats and it's more than enough to cover all his bills and store away some money. He's optimistic bc he hoovered up 160K for lawsuits and the Farms appears to be doing well. Tomorrow, everything in his life could collapse. And guess what? Then he's be right there depressed again, feeling like how he felt with nothing in the bank in a foreign country with no friends. And wanting to kill himself. >>251443 The Gvnt would eventually get his threesome with some porn whore bc Amada Morris (Pantsu) is such a filthy whore that she would do anything with anybody. And with prostitutes. Even male prostitutes like the Mexican that fucked Pantsu in her anus with no condom. >>251449 Pathetic. >>251441 I do find it bizarre that Anna (TSWG) is so invested in Nick Rekieta's well-being. I don't like Aaron Imholte either but she is going hard in the paint for Rekieta. She's buddies with April Imholte and April is still pro-Rekieta so she has to pick that side? Or Rekieta has hollowed out Anna too? Does Anna partner-swap too like Rekieta? It might explain why she settled for a single Dad for marriage. 'Cause you know you won't have to be with this guy forever. You can switch him out for someone else whenever you want. Did Rekieta give her money? There is a motive for Anna defending Rekieta so hard. Also Anna, you don't need to do this. This is a man that Rekieta liked enough to welcome into his own McMansion and let him have his wife completely in their own bed. No amount of damage control will change that.
Open file (1.64 MB 1207x674 ClipboardImage.png)
i bet this gen x cunt will try to leave someone his steam in his will. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MisterMetokur what the fuck is this? he's worse then gaydur with anime. https://myanimelist.net/profile/MisterMetokur
>>251453 I don't think that can possibly be Gym's. His house is one story per his dox, you can see that room has a door leading outside with grass visible making that really unlikely to be a basement given his area doesn't have like a cliff face or something, but the ceiling is showing there is a floor above it. It doesn't match the home he has at all.
Open file (1.01 MB 1024x682 634878366108.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1024x682 1581896601122.png)
Open file (2.11 MB 3510x2080 the_meto_lair.jpg)
>>251454 wdym? 233 5th St NW, Forest Lake, MN 55025 https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/M7568975223 He blogposted the living room before too, which matches the realtor listing.
Open file (41.07 KB 709x550 thatguywiththegunt.jpg)
>>251453 >that anime list Is that for real? I knew rediturd was a faggot but if that's really him then he's just as gay as his new furfag tranny audience.
>>251454 That anime room (often called his anime basement or dungeon) is 100% Metocare's room and within his house. He showed the anime room on stream and his house dox was already out there. Note the ceiling dropoff and the bricks outside the sliding door. It matches the realtor's images on sites. It's not really a basement. Just a 1st floor room. Also, Metocare has tweeted out his Halloween decorations and it's the same house. So if you walk around the garage of his house on the left side, the anime room is right there at the glass door. Above it is a balcony leading to his 2nd floor. >>251455 Yeah, like he said.
>>251439 that all sounds good but you know the reality is he might have cared a little bit about free speech at some point then he was made an offer to sell out and he 100% did is my bet. Though who knows maybe he's been groomed all along, TheTheGatorGamerGamer probably was from the start, Toad McKinley even more probably.
>>251457 none of that seems bad, even the anime avatar pic probably isnt too much since there's plenty of coders doing that and its fine but going on about anime and vtubers all the time is more cringe
>>251459 oh also like his stream where he plays some 'music' where its just some ai voice saying 'cum cum cum' forever, i mean, play that for like 1 minute if you have to, but for 5 minutes, do us all a favor and just tell us you're gay.
Open file (522.89 KB 616x746 holyshit.png)
the red faced pig will rise again, imagine looking like this, pig needs to visit a mexican plastic surgeon and get a new face, one that isnt beet red and pig-like
Open file (231.04 KB 867x948 jew.jpg)
what's with all the jews defending cucketa so doggedly?
Open file (231.04 KB 867x948 jew.jpg)
what's with all the jews defending cucketa so doggedly?
>>251463 In contrast to all the kikes attacking him?
>>251454 Is this the new calculator coom id? He's already at (23) >>251452 kys paedo
>>251466 theres a degree of thought present so cant be
>>251461 this might be the ugliest sub human man pig i think i've ever seen, ahhhmmm like rick flaiir oink oink oink oink
>>251457 Where is the goddamn dox?
>>251463 There's 2 different grift circles and right now the one that had Rekieta in it is playing defense. Don't pretend the dynamic is new or surprising. Sciver has been kinda schizo in the way he's handled it so far though. He had moments of audible disgust over some of the stuff about Rekieta in the first set of documents that came out. He can't be too happy that he has to say the boilerplate bullshit about hoping he'll seek help, etc. Instead of throwing him completely under the bus he's taking the safe route and redirecting all his harsh words towards Steel Toe cuck for being a cuck.
>>251461 fix your fucking face or at least switch your web cam off, im about to vomit
Open file (1.36 MB 1024x1024 rekieta poop drug.png)
>>251480 Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video. Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future. Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking! Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.
>>251452 Jewshua Moonstein is a tard wrangler. His jewb is wrangling tards on the internet. He is the Millennial Jerry Springer who needs mentally ill lunatics to keep the site active. If all tarded cows went to a Canadian clinic to treat depression, the farms would have no cocks. Daddy Jewsh is just saying edgy shit to look cool to all the Zoomer chicks who use the forum like Elaine the trollcow. If he really thinks depressed people should be put down then he should pay for Jewlawyer's kid's bus trip in the next ten years, bickers they're never going to recover mentally from their coomer drug addict parents being the laughing stock of the internet. Also stop posting gooner material. Most of us don't want to see your fetish and it's not good for your own mental health. You'll never have a goblin loli waifu. Start looking at women your own age or at least adult or you'll spend the rest of your life gooning like Dickeita.
Open file (288.25 KB 436x799 Nigkeita Algorithm.png)
Open file (43.77 KB 150x187 1716504144812.png)
Open file (36.08 KB 150x187 1716504150429.png)
With the Cokieta happenings, my youtube algo on new phone browser is populated with his old videos. Video in question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3SXPvbEFDA Can't remember what was Kayla's first appearance. Nigkeita Getting Youtube Algorithm Boosted Slatternly Women Esoterics spreading around the Interwebz
Open file (5.34 MB 512x282 INFINEXT.webm)
>>251439 >i had lost everything that most people take for granted in their lives in under a year just over some internet bullshit If only you didn't mess with Fred's captcha and get that 5 YEAR TRAUMA FROM CODING.
Open file (2.42 MB 400x400 nickisout.gif)
Open file (2.06 MB 1223x5352 starwarsgirl.png)
Open file (810.48 KB 399x254 snuff.gif)
>>251487 Just wait until Nick has had enough and releases the sex tape vault.
Open file (4.26 MB 320x277 rackets_coom.gif)
>>251488 (heil'd)
>>251439 This fat fag sucked on 8chan when he was popping percocets out of Watkins' ass and he sucks way more now with this ego. The trannies need to finish the job.
>>251487 i cant believe the fat disgusting pig still hasn't killed himself yet >pig is seeing at rekieta for having sex more than 10 times , piggermale is 40 lol
Open file (2.63 MB 680x510 matey.webm)
>>251483 >Most of us don't want... >Us Speak for yourself. You are not 10 people. >You'll never have a goblin loli waifu. Huh? Really? I thought goblins were real. Pretty sure I've seen one or two walking around. Now that you mention it. Aren't all fictional characters real too? Like Princess Peach or Tifa? (Pretty sure people know it's not real bro. That's kind of the point of rule34.) >Most of us don't want to see your fetish As opposed to the other crap posted here? People eating feces. jcaesar187's cock and sex gif. Elaine's skeleton asshole. Gayhooole's face. Kurt lubing his asshole? A tvchan guy spamming bbc and trans porn? And spamming shitty podcasts? I'll accept your criticism when all this stuff is banned. >Stop posting >It's not good for you. >Start looking at women... >You'll never have x. Idk bro. Maybe stop giving prescriptive advice; you can only give prescriptive advice when you know what you're talking about or in a better situation than me. So excuse me for not taking life advice from some dude with 0 skin in the game, who does not know me, and who is most likely obese and broke, on an anonymous troll board. >>251466 Chill out, pedo-anon.
>hey everyone its the kino casino >hey this is peepeepee lets start with the rekeita court case > yeah man montagraph is based and you should totally sue anyone that calls you a pedopphile even if they're practically an internet villian for multiple decades that asked for it weekly, oops did I say that last part it doesn't say it on my script here >anyway, lets move on to covering diddler dax >I'm a righteous preacher, no wait, no i'm not, oh wait yes I am, no wait no i'm not I mean, if you have a problem i'm, just a fat idiot, but if you don't i've got the best serious take on the internet
>>251487 pulling shit out of his Гунт
Open file (560.87 KB 500x281 q3x.gif)
Open file (691.76 KB 581x697 gunty.png)
>what kind of American are you? >runs off to Mexico to avoid various financial responsibilities
>nuzach went to high school with april imholte, the hotwife rekieta was swinging with what da
Open file (275.51 KB 667x374 image-49.png)
>>251524 >Nuzach grew up in Minnesota This explains so much
>>251528 Nice pics, that you?
>>251530 Nice cage bro do you always wear it?
>>251532 This explains so much.
Open file (16.80 KB 627x110 294265611338.png)
Open file (13.28 KB 648x111 1627137532788.png)
Open file (6.20 MB 330x587 miku_left.gif)
Open file (2.55 MB 562x602 sorry_gaytor.gif)
Open file (4.75 MB 330x587 gator_center.gif)
Rare gaytor hunting season is back lads.
When will the Jew-lawyer respond? Everyone is waiting with baited breath. He can't just NOT stream, right? He has to make some money. And has a rumble contract to fulfill. His lawyers are probably advising him not to stream but this trial will go on for years now. He must stream. It's his income.
Open file (652.75 KB 800x662 M1.png)
Open file (139.85 KB 785x847 M2.jpg)
Open file (105.80 KB 767x652 M3.jpg)
Open file (33.38 KB 708x631 IMG_9710.JPG)
Metocare breaks more ribs. And recommends a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, Asian grocery/restaurant named Don Yang probably where Jade works the local gloryhole.
Open file (502.89 KB 542x657 pig.png)
Open file (522.89 KB 616x746 reality.png)
Open file (203.21 KB 382x402 instagram.png)
Open file (464.62 KB 517x583 chunt.png)
i see why pig needs to wear the cheap sunglasses and instagram filters, you need some much needed mexican plastic surgery oink oink
Open file (2.15 MB 1920x1080 Rekietathot.mp4)
Open file (1.55 MB 1590x796 WALLED.png)
https://rumble.com/c/KillstreamLive/live delabooba on the killstream and looking extremely WALLED
Open file (702.74 KB 2048x1536 1485738907507.jpg)
Open file (15.30 KB 620x114 1234349850149.png)
Open file (241.57 KB 352x600 1180161802168.png)
Babe, wake up. Found the mad scientist in a lab coat.
>>251541 dick masterson made piggertits stop attacking rekieta so hes now attacking alex stein for some obscure random reason >>251539 ROUGH PHYSIQUE OINK OINK OINK
>>251543 Why are you here seething daily? Between your seethe and the ai goblin poster it's a good time to stop coming here.
>>251541 this cunt has no idea who shes talking too >>251544 this is my first day here, please dont log off, fellow schizo
>>251545 I refuse to believe there is more than one poster that uses "piggertits" unless ironically.
Anyone know who the yacht person is jcaesar187 is talking about? Apparently they're powerful enough to get people blackballed in con inc.
>>251547 I think it's probably Tim Pool
>>251542 <Babe, wake up. Found the fat 37yro pervert standing in a line of kids literally half his age.
Open file (375.12 KB 1080x696 PedoGator1.jpg)
Open file (499.55 KB 1080x1565 PedoGator2.jpg)
Open file (639.76 KB 1080x1370 PedoGator3.jpg)
Open file (473.63 KB 1080x1134 PedoGator4.jpg)
Open file (414.19 KB 1080x894 PedoGator5.jpg)
Open file (413.94 KB 611x690 gator_line1.png)
Open file (224.59 KB 610x329 gator_line2.png)
Open file (213.04 KB 352x600 gator_line3.png)
>>251551 >Amazing job anon but more is needed I picked up some metroidvanias so I got distracted. I'm keeping an eye on most recent references of offkai for both youtube & nitter. Standard ops for gaytorcons. There's vtubers driving motorized cameras around so there's bound to be more random enounters. If you want receipts it's him, he was tweeting out the poster on the left at the same time.
peepoopee and cokeski are morally outraged while they grift off of their righteous anger of not convicting a guy before anything has gone to court and they will ever pretend they aren't part of a problem
peepoopee still seething off one person that isn't the family in question saying something on twitter for over 10 minutes
ok thats enuough of this shit for me these faggots can't help shilling its sad these retards are too busy trying to be AM radio hosts instead of actually entertaining anyone like i'm a retard but even I can understand that if he put on a british accent and joked around liike "oh how dare I besmich the balldo man" etc, that would be funny, but they're just oo busy being shit
Open file (66.88 KB 587x428 PPP.jpg)
>>251555 This is the first time in months that I've seen Asston wearing a proper shirt.
>>251439 "Depressed? Just stop being depressed lmao" - Jersh
>>251557 "Morbidly obese? Just eat pizza" - Jewsh
>>251556 Makes you wonder how many flips died making that circus tent
>>251552 Unless Gaythor's sister manages to breed with deer, I think this might be the last generation of the Gaythor's
>>251542 >>251551 >>251552 Gaytor saved up his wagie salary all year for this shitty anime weeb-loser convention.
>>251561 >shitty anime weeb-loser convention It is even worse anon, it is a shitty vtuber weeb-pedo-loser convention
Open file (414.19 KB 1080x894 fat pedo.jpg)
>Phose Connect That is the vtuber company Pippa is part of and the one Gaythor wishes he could join as it was exposed in the Chudbud leaks
>>251557 i think he thinks he's writing some epic piece of satire where you will be trolled and cope and seethe or something but i'm not sure what is uspposed to happen with it, like is this guy the ceo of the world, does he have any power at all ? and if he did would you want to be working for this guy anyway? I guess it's ok to have an opinion or phiosophy or whatever, but airing it out publicly like this is just showing that you have some wacky magical thinking that is just asking in some way to not hold up at some point. It's like someone with a bit of success assuming it all had to do with having a magical thought process instead of largely being lucky.
>>251556 yeah I dunno sorry to spam about it and i'm not sure exactly what game they're playing but yeah I guess at the end of the day the question is if it's all such a slam dunk why can't this fat homosexual just wait until the court case is over instead of just making some jokes till then ? Why do these two need so badly to influence shit before its decided like this ?
>>251552 wtf is he cosplaying as? Mexican Dr Wily?
>>251563 I dunno it is kinda funny, like you take the idea of people being able to stream without showing their face... kinda cool or appealing.. perhaps a gateway into streaming showing your face and then you decide to use the gayest possible avatar face you can think of lol
Open file (246.02 KB 742x656 pigger.png)
>>251543 dick masterson child molester giving pig some good intentioned advice, why does dax hang around vito like the prom king but is friends with fat sweaty gamers like vito...wait who even watches this shit, mra's and mgtows lol >>251542 >lolicon enthusiast >manda the tranny >fake wife you had a child with a sweaty gamer haha how desperate are you
>>251564 According to his explanation on MATI, it's about "being in charge of your own depression" and how therapy is bullshit
>>251572 I just don't get what he's getting at. Their 'team' is weird, bickers it has gym on it, who pretty much supports the use of psychiatry I assume. So am I to assume he's being satirical ? Again though their 'team' is very hard to get a handle on bickers you also then have the casino which are system suckers to the 9th degree but then also decide to have hours long segments covering idubbz, pretty much making fun of the idea of therapy, then again that podcast itself does that to the point it's not worth watching at all but somehow they insist on doing it. It's also hard to tell what the general consensus is on things like transgender surgery with them etc. It seems to be a selective thing with them. But like either way, if he's like larping as a villian I don't get it, so depression is real and you hate people that are. If it's satire, I mean what can you call it really except dumb ?
>>251571 the actual seethe and jealousy pigtits has for gaytor is hilarious, gaytor is living life in an anime convention meeting people and meeting girls without paying and not getting rejected as a default action response, and of course not getting laughed at for having the world smallest micro baby cock and subsequently needing to rape prostitutes when the hooker rejects your low dollar superchat money and gaytor has more viewers
>>251572 plus like I dunno man, cal me a little bitter or whatever but this goofy voiced mofo is what ? moderately sucessful as a sys admin ? A job that is 85%+ about who you know and who you blow, which I guess is kinda why he resorts to this exclusionary mindset and seems to expect to get some kind of reward for airing it
>>251573 yeah its just bullshit 90% of the time like adhd which is just called being a kid, these people are just used to being overstimulated and coddled like how someone that has only ever walked downhill will think walking on a flat surface is walking uphill, or like how a merchant that is forced to do manual labor will think its an extermination
Open file (259.85 KB 970x1215 5435435.jpg)
Open file (143.13 KB 532x901 543543.jpg)
Open file (76.57 KB 883x555 GO_ABkcWUAERAKP.jpg)
It's 2024 and Podcast of the Useless Eaters is bringing in millions and still Sargoy is wearing his 'suit'.
Open file (165.25 KB 598x673 image (12).png)
ack ack ack ack ack ack ack ack ack ack ack
Open file (77.18 KB 574x363 pedophile.jpg)
This G​AMERGATE will use that gay trash to lure children
>>251580 >Your advice is worthless. WHAT A FUCKING KANG
Open file (63.61 KB 460x401 demon ppp.jpg)
>>251556 Asstroon looks more feminine than Demon Mama
>>251583 can you post his gangster pic
Open file (56.78 KB 764x428 anyway.jpg)
>>251581 He spent money, probably a lot of money, on what is both the gayest and ugliest jacket I have ever seen. This guy is a disaster. >>251580 Nice. Don't listen to them Ricky Law, do what's best for the clout.
>>251581 That is all he wanted to buy at day 1 of his gay convention? Garbage. This is what he saved his whole year's salary for? Lol. >Pippa jacket Just kys Gaytor. Normally, I might have some FOMO when someone else is doing something fun like maybe an E3 or something. But for this, I feel nothing. It looks lame and boring. And the crap he bought is stupid. >>251580 Somehow, Nick Rekieta is now the one that is defiant and angry while intoxicated. He has become what jcaesar187 used to be all the time. No one would have thought "that level-headed lawyer is going to become a drug-fueled trainwreck." And yet here we are. Rekieta can't help but to seethe and respond here and there even though his lawyers are begging him to stop. He HAS to stream soon and it will be amazing. That arrest really fucked his life up bc streaming is his income and now they are telling him not to steam or say anything. And ofc, his wife is probably gone now. And his kids are living somewhere else (for now).
Open file (78.36 KB 581x396 pedophile.jpg)
>Dr Loli me Of course you would identify with that Gaytor
Open file (851.05 KB 946x2048 kys fat homo.jpg)
Open file (247.73 KB 610x355 932648569026.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1267x951 1589019759213.png)
Open file (218.57 KB 1080x1920 F3ReGQkXQAA4tfK.jpg)
>>251588 Gaytor update: he changed to his Jotaro jacket.
>>251589 is eagle eye contagious?
>>251592 man these fucking overlays, i get perspic is a faggot but minimize the shit you have on your stream
Open file (79.90 KB 1284x180 IMG_4445.jpeg)
Open file (1.42 MB 1344x754 466290339731.png)
>>251594 I don't hate it.
>>251595 lol fuck off bryan
>>251552 What percentage of the attendees are gym fans? 60%, 80%?
>>251593 demonic
Open file (72.80 KB 623x143 1717208161714.png)
Open file (82.62 KB 426x429 1717208212627.png)
Open file (259.59 KB 1630x321 1717208184317.png)
Open file (759.65 KB 640x560 bosskeita.png)
>>251600 >a container is a tube
>>251600 Also the bmj identifies you as a foxdick. No wonder. Go back.
>>251600 twink
Open file (5.43 MB 2048x1536 1698707988253.png)
Open file (328.20 KB 604x501 533169165990.png)
What the fuck? How do leg joins move with that much fat?
>>251604 I thought those were his testicles
Open file (196.78 KB 1080x1023 shoe0nhead_20240601_11.jpg)
Shoe0nhead just had a kid
>>251606 I hope this time CRP has a happy life
>>251604 Jesus. Looks like an elephant's legs. >>251606 She's quite average-looking without those dumb wingtip eye makeup tricks, like a fat hick. No matter how run-through you are as a female, there is always a simp out there waiting in the wing to wife you up. Imagine how she rubbed her weird BDSM relationship with ArmoredSkeptic in everyone's face on Twitter and yet has simps that will put a ring on it.
Stream Rekieta! Go live! You will get 40K liveviewers on your return!
You're more famous than you've ever been, king! All publicity is good publicity. Infamy > Irrelevance The world knows you're a junkie crackhead now. And neglect your kids a little bit. So what? Show them you're the king of the sectur!
>>251500 >You are not 10 people I didn't see the other 9 anons saying they wanted to see your porn stash. Is there a way we can do a poll here? >Princess Peach and Tifa These are achievable standards. Plenty of e-girls have cosplayed these characters. Troll demon goblins who look to be between the ages of 12-14 sucking massive 10 inch girthy schmeat with coom specifically around the nasal area is not in the realms of reality. But then you are most likely a gooner with fried dopamine receptors who lost touch with reality quite some times ago. >Elaine's asshole If I had to choose pedo art or a real adult e-girl's unbleached pooper, I'd go with the pooper. Call me vanilla. >Maybe stop giving advice. Maybe you're right. I see anons telling a mentally ill person to kys and I'm like lets try be more constructive. I forgot that some of us had worse childhoods than others, as I didn't grow up on the internet nor was there a big lolicon subculture back in the pre-Zoomer days. >who does not know me >you don't know how much loli pussy I slay IRL >I am Chad for real you just have to take my word for it Sure buddy, that checks out. >most likely obese and broke You correctly guessed that about half of the male population has a dad bod and makes under 100k a year. Congrats on your fifty-fifty coin toss, Nostradamus! Now go and goon somewhere else please before I get to the urge to retaliate by poosting goblin girls being violated by BBC.
>>251611 He frequently gets told by people to stop posting his weird porn and whenever he does the conversation goes the same way where he tries to claim he's somehow the deep one bickers even though he can't post without including a gobbo and a dick, everyone else is wrong for thinking he's porn obsessed. Real 4d chess
>>251611 >Is there a way we can do a poll here? go back to wherever hole you came from
Open file (975.62 KB 400x406 kayla-delay.gif)
>>251611 >N I >G G >E R
>>251606 How is Janny Jewsh coping?
>>251611 >>Elaine's asshole >If I had to choose pedo art or a real adult e-girl's unbleached pooper, I'd go with the pooper. Call me vanilla. There has to be a third option, how can they force you to do anything at all ? Threaten to shoot you in the head ? I'd take the bullet.
Open file (116.17 KB 618x734 33.jpg)
Looks like he's trying to fit that 33 in there even when the wording is awkward.
>>251622 the ghost of telaviv all hail the kikes
Open file (228.50 KB 596x604 1506006116583.png)
Gaytor's arrival is immanent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTRJpaP2bQI
Open file (265.16 KB 840x430 homos.png)
Fat homo paedophile Gaythor Gaymer streaming love from the paedo convention for his lord and master Legal Mindset and of course he does it for free! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjegml0Ppdc
Open file (348.24 KB 489x571 hollowman.png)
>>251627 >i am a tummy respecter >gaytor will keep you feasting on those feed I feel like I had more respect when he was the target of wild game hunting.
>>251626 >>251627 >>251628 Vtubing is weird enough on its own buts its even weirder that there is a convention for people to attend to meet their vtubers through an ipad.
Open file (124.12 KB 611x431 1437056347426.png)
Gaytor living his best life.
Open file (1.20 MB 1256x706 440659731130.png)
>>251626 Gaytorbro's going to chat up his waifu and get vpussy.
>>251612 I just found an AI art generator that lets you make goblin loli porn. If that pedo poosts more degen shit I'm going to black his waifus with G​AMERGATEdicks. Seeing his own fetish being subverted might demoralize him enough to stop spamming his goon material.
Open file (98.20 KB 141x291 lmfao.png)
>>251622 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR1c6uWO69A Does anyone remember the 33,000 e-mails during the first election? Very specific number isn't it?
>>251632 >discourage cp by adding a nig nani? Nice try Acid. >>251633 TheGatorGamer feeling good tonight with that picture of himself and a tablet. >>251634 She accidently spilled coffee on them and then tried to bleach them out with a rug. You're not getting them back goy.
>>251635 This shit with Gaythor is surreal
>>251631 >>251633 >>251635 This amount of cringe shouldn't be possible.
Open file (339.49 KB 1080x1063 trainsgirl.jpg)
>>251630 >protrans Well it is a Japanese convention yes?
Also who got banned in a Chicago La quenta? Which one of you greasy faggots do I have to worry about?
>>251635 See they pretty much all are in the gym fanbase. This is who is calling other people "lolcows" online.
>>251635 This is the first time in my life I've almost vomited in embarrassment
>>251635 what the absolute fuck
>>251635 Watching it again, the "I have to take a picture with you" part just blows my mind. Literally anthropomorphizing the image on the screen.
Gaytorbro is leading the procession.
Open file (1.62 MB 1195x880 715008664112.png)
Did gaytor and Axel meet up?
Open file (59.30 KB 640x480 sddefault.jpg)
RIP :( ADDRESSING DRAMA! MlLF?! RAPPER! Andrew Wilson Later? E-GIRLS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #166 https://youtube.com/watch?v=peO5Jjx4efw
>>251645 And yet there actually is a human female girl involved here, and just like every other time one is involved in an interaction with Gaytor, she spends the whole ordeal awkwardly yet openly praying for it to be over. Somehow he cannot pick up on this. They have reacted this way to him ever since he was teenager. It has now been 20 years.
>>251635 I didn't think it was possible to get any lower than a Гунт lackey but gaytor finds a way
Open file (329.14 KB 2048x1440 IMG_20240602_171224.jpg)
Open file (191.37 KB 586x514 680400523642.png)
He was pointed out a few times in Perspic's steam, but Ashley's slimmer clone is still walking around.
Open file (18.13 MB 720x480 drunkieta.mp4)
>>251651 retard
Open file (492.62 KB 678x972 ooga booga.jpg)
Open file (68.95 KB 500x466 perturbed zach.jpg)
>>251653 tfw the negress is the best looking chick on the panel.
>>251654 that's a man
>>251655 problem?
>>251654 she and the Jewess are the best girls on the panel tonight, Brian really finding the worst whores he can
lol the site went down while the casino was on meh, I gotta move on from this stuff, I was reading some stuff on the farms and honestly it just makes everything too creepy when its like just like blatant gangstalkers that are pretty much openly satanist and stuff while collecting salaries from hedge fund people and with intel relatives and the whole thing it's just man, that shit just isn't the sektor, it was just sposed to be a online community of personalities and shit and like an underground entertainment thing. It's not supposed to be jewish satainists opening doxing people on the sly etc.
Open file (2.98 MB 1536x1536 goblin in leotard.png)
>>251611 >I didn't see the other 9 anons saying they wanted to see your porn stash. This place has always been a wild west. Crying about some relatively-tame hentai among the other sick stuff defeats your own point. >Is there a way we can do a poll here? You can do a poll but it would never be accurate as everyone would be using VPNs to spam it to their side. So no purpose there. And no one really cares regardless. It's not some big monumental issue that is hotly debated here. If you hate my posts, keep scrolling or filter me. Not that that would stop me though. I also don't have to answer to whichever newfag on his moral high-horse, washes up in this thread this week. >Princess Peach and Tifa >These are achievable standards. >Troll demon goblins... is not in the realms of reality Ah, I see you are finally starting to arrive at my point. Princess Peach, Tifa, and goblins are all not real. They are fictional characters. It's not real bro. This is what you are morally outraged by. Fictional characters. I can lead the mule to the water but I can't make you drink. >But then you are most likely a gooner with fried dopamine receptors who lost touch with reality quite some times ago. You're the one that can't seem to figure out the difference between reality and fiction. Hentai isn't real. Check your own friend receptors, mate. >I would choose Elaine's asshole over hentai. Good for you. But you ignored all the other stuff I mentioned like people eating feces, jcaesar187's cock and sex gif, and tvchan Ramon trans porn. That you are also forced to look at here on this board. >I didn't grow up on the internet nor was there a big lolicon subculture back in the pre-Zoomer days. If you didn't grow up on the internet then how do you know there wasn't a lolicon subculture before Zoomers? Direct contradiction. Also, I guess you've never heard of 8chan/4chan then. Must have been before your time as a newfag. >Sure buddy, that checks out. Again, stop giving prescriptive advice if you are anonymous, fat, and broke. No one cares. Your opinion has close to 0 value to me. You're just empty text on a computer screen with 0 bearing on my life. And I know you're full of shit anyway. >Now go and goon somewhere else please before I get to the urge to retaliate by poosting goblin girls being violated by BBC. You are free to do whatever you want. If you think you are going to bully me out of this board, you are mistaken. I do what I want. I've been here way longer than you and I don't care what you think. Deal with it. >>251612 >bickers even though he can't post without including a gobbo and a dick, everyone else is wrong for thinking he's porn obsessed. Real 4d chess The fact is, you don't know how often I post here or how often I include a hentai pic. For all you know, it could be 90% of my posts are not hentai but you are only focused on the 1/10 times I do post one. You just don't know. I know ofc bc I'm the poster. But you don't. So you are talking bullshit as always. >everyone else is wrong for thinking he's porn obsessed. It's always interesting when you post something and watch people arrive at incorrect conclusions from false premises. I post 1-5% of who I am, and some of you guys take your false perception of reality into thinking that is 100% of me. It would be like if I showed a single toe and you think you've identified me. Who I am. Where I live. When I was born. It's hilarious. It's a fun psych experiment to watch you arrive at false conclusions based on the inputs I give to you. Same reason it's funny when you try to give prescriptive advice online here; you would have to know something about the person to be able to give prescriptive advice to them. A doctor must see and diagnose the person before he can prescribe treatment or medicine. You don't know jack-shit about anyone here. That is why it's funny when you think you are telling someone what to do or should do. Or what you think is good for them as if they even prescribe to your shitty beliefs on any issue. If I posted pics of heroin needles and mounds of cocaine on every post, would you also falsely conclude I was on heroin? If I posted cakes and pies every post, would you falsely conclude I was 500 lbs and addicted to food like Asston Parks? At the end of the day, you see what I want you to see. I do what I want. And you are free to arrive at the false conclusions you want. >>251632 >I will get into a war with a guy that likes to make hentai. I will play his own game and beat him. Surely this stupid idea won't backfire on you. >might demoralize him enough to stop spamming his goon materiel. You're not going to demoralize me. And you're def not going to bully me. I do what I want. Calm down, pedo-anon.
For people who missed latest KINO DOGME 2007 VTUBERS ARE BUG PEOPLE EDITION https://kick.com/video/0f589ecc-d5e6-40b6-ab2e-f5e27eb0f952
Open file (6.32 MB 300x300 PPP - Retard Alert.gif)
>>251659 Does anyone ever read these posts? I used to, but they are never anything but a waste of time.
Open file (770.79 KB 1698x2311 blacked.gov typical anon.png)
>>251659 Kill yourself.
>>251595 Remember, he used to watch lolishit and straight up talked about fucking little asian girls with Grossly Offensive.
>>251660 Adam actually pulled a TheTheGatorGamerGamer and just recycled the persp stream for half the viwers on his shitty phone with a 5 second delay. Never thought this day would come, selloutwinson I am disgusted.
>>251661 waste of time waste of space
Open file (43.35 KB 383x681 th-551931696.jpeg)
>>251669 >pakistan
godwinson is doing the boring Гунтguarding shit again?
Open file (199.80 KB 1536x2048 20240603_101519.jpg)
Gahoolio has good bone structure.
>>251669 I don't get it. Cringing at the voice crack scream at 0:54 though.
Open file (125.90 KB 598x390 gator_deflecting.png)
>>251673 >making fun of gaytor is Гунтguarding jcaesar187amale derangement syndrome.
Open file (85.77 KB 695x405 vtubercivilwar.jpg)
Open file (176.02 KB 618x962 vtubers.jpg)
Vtuber fans are mad. jcaesar187 is poking a hornets nest here though. I remember V enti was making fun of them too and they harassed her for weeks until she gave up.
Open file (1.21 MB 1024x1024 doooood.png)
if he lost 80 pounds, got a hair transplant and a rhinoplasty he could look good
>>251677 the v stands for virgin
>>251680 >>251674 meant for gaaaaaayhole
>>251669 >>251677 GAYTOR STOP I CANT TAKE THIS LEVEL OF CRINGE >>251678 The last time Гунт went after a vtuber it didnt work out well for him, all cause pippa laughed at his beatdown in Portugal, then all of 4chan /vt/ learned about what a Гунт was.
Open file (623.58 KB 756x677 pigger.png)
i've never seen anyone brag about being dirt poor like this retard does, this explains the trash burger
>>251687 what in the living fuck is that abomination of a pasta dish?
Open file (100.74 KB 663x845 M1.jpg)
Open file (49.25 KB 740x312 M2.jpg)
Open file (46.69 KB 750x296 M3.jpg)
Open file (118.75 KB 757x672 M4.jpg)
Open file (286.43 KB 501x317 pig.png)
Open file (4.19 KB 351x74 vt anon.png)
Open file (105.63 KB 1062x1295 vt anons.png)
Open file (5.46 KB 483x93 vt anon2.png)
Open file (5.40 KB 508x86 vt anon3.png)
Open file (21.73 KB 562x349 vt anons2.png)
Open file (30.37 KB 1208x377 vt anons3.png)
Open file (16.74 KB 1209x182 vt anons4.png)
Open file (68.04 KB 1206x1033 vt anons4.png)
Open file (51.42 KB 1190x587 vt anons5.png)
Open file (3.80 KB 351x81 vt anons6.png)
Open file (156.82 KB 1040x1797 vt anons7.png)
Open file (93.82 KB 1031x1170 vt anons8.png)
Open file (29.90 KB 1015x284 vt anons9.png)
Open file (172.91 KB 1018x1699 vt anons10.png)
Open file (37.80 KB 1018x499 vt anons11.png)
Open file (216.92 KB 1014x1506 vt anons12.png)
Open file (30.51 KB 707x516 vt anons13.png)
>>251691 >weird how he ignores idol-en Weird how anyone expects outsiders to know individual subgroups of vthots. >>251693 >tell him to shit on X so X's fanbase can take care of him Weak beta energy.
Open file (17.31 KB 1206x125 vt anons14.png)
Open file (563.81 KB 498x798 Gator chud.png)
>>251697 The Gaytor-Groomer
Open file (217.71 KB 383x577 flam_solo.png)
>>251697 Strictly speaking it was pegmenco that injected pippa and force memed it into the sektur. SUFFA SIMPS
>>251635 everyone involved in this omega male shit should be put out of their fucking misery, holy shit. Just remember lads, you might not be Chad Thundercock, but at least you’re not one of these faggots.
Open file (518.97 KB 1222x3858 gunt vt thread.png)
>>251691 this vtuber shit has managed to reach levels of furfag brony cringe and the fact that they're scared of Гунт makes them even more pathetic
Open file (448.66 KB 1222x2327 vt trashfire.png)
>>251702 LARPing as an OC anime doing ask me's is essentially a tumblr hallmark. Acceptance of weabooism broke the dam with no quality control oversight.
>>251704 earnigson
Open file (90.70 KB 559x760 vt anons.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 Gunt beating live.gif)
>This was done by a fucking britfag dwarf by the way hello Гунт
Open file (104.93 KB 1230x1122 vtanons2.png)
Open file (381.71 KB 586x521 pig.png)
Open file (186.87 KB 470x436 gaytor.png)
who has the better bald spot, for some fat disgusting cunt he really shouldn't say shit about anyone
Open file (23.90 KB 606x182 829954053909.png)
Open file (4.85 MB 480x272 GATOR THE CHAD.mp4)
Open file (392.61 KB 620x797 1411817979758.png)
Gaytorbro cruising and expresses how not bothered he is.
>>251708 >shitty vtuber rep is crashing like everyone endorsed by metokike she's about to hit rock bottom
Open file (48.09 KB 600x608 12314123231.jpg)
>>251678 Its so obvious Persp, the keelstream nonce, is trying to get in the Гунт good graces by giving him pre-package keelstream episode. Really pathetic and sad for the iranian homosexual.
Open file (195.73 KB 278x542 543841430805.png)
Open file (185.52 KB 294x457 292305142161.png)
The well of gaytorbro images aren't drying up yet.
>>251715 imagine the smell (and grease)
>>251676 No, not at all. Being on streams with jcaesar187, being friendly with him, pretending he is cocks any more is Гунтguarding bickers there's absolutely nothing there. Make fun of gaytor all you want but leave the boring piggy out of it
>>251715 gaytor you do not have to stay fat stop being fat you stupid fat fuck even the Гунт has lost weight just stop eating goyslop and dumping gallons of flavored corn syrup down your gullet every day know the person that prepares your food fat gets stored around the brain it most likely means fat people are dumber bickers they are fat it is the main reason no one takes your goofy ass seriously stop being fat you stupid fat fuck
Open file (968.66 KB 1270x714 carl_boring.webm)
>>251718 Ah ha.
Open file (83.85 KB 468x658 omfg.jpg)
Open file (11.84 MB 460x719 oldfag_glow.GIF)
>>251721 that image of gaytor is iconic
Where is Nick Rekieta? He must stream. It's his income. Stop hiding Nick. Go live.
Open file (130.97 KB 882x852 E1.jpg)
Calculator coom come back pls
>>251720 Your point? Гунт is boring
Open file (334.73 KB 672x896 guilty.png)
Open file (6.62 MB 720x649 burning_gunt4.gif)
>>251732 when some alog said pigtits lost his virginity to nora age 30 i think its true, pigger probably has only has sex like 10 times his whole life and paid more or less each time for it
Open file (1.14 MB 1024x1024 feed me.png)
>>251725 ayy lawgs b t f o
Open file (1.11 MB 645x645 GPPn8dracAEUHoH.png)
>>251732 It's not a nude your honor.
Open file (303.05 KB 617x432 432304707858.png)
Open file (5.11 MB 1920x1080 ssb_turkey.mp4)
>>251455 At least someone went there, even if they are just turkeys.
>>251737 these elaines are getting creapy
>>251740 I wanted to evoke the surreal horror of the original, thank you.
>>251735 lol pigtits gets no action whatsover, wheres the clip of saying "no sex " to his tranny wife manda, i think cawg played it, funny sheeeet
Open file (39.18 KB 365x297 botsviews.png)
>88 views >375 live lol those bots and fake views
>>251739 <no mothers are roomates, Yeah, your Mom Paula is dead. And Feaser's Mom is alive and well. You know you'd love to be able to talk to your Mom. Self-own. <don't have to sell pretty princess things on ebay Yeah, you just sell cringe merch that marks you as a loser in public. Also, it's funny that Feaser's people are doxing Metocare in relation for KAP's/Kino Casino's people doxing Feaser's home.
Open file (79.95 KB 762x487 M1.jpg)
Open file (37.37 KB 803x300 M2.jpg)
>>251739 <no mothers are roomates, Yeah, your Mom Paula is dead. And Feaser's Mom is alive and well. You know you'd love to be able to talk to your Mom. Self-own. <don't have to sell pretty princess things on ebay Yeah, you just sell cringe merch that marks you as a loser in public. Also, it's funny that Feaser's people are doxing Metocare in relation for KAP's/Kino Casino's people doxing Feaser's home.
Open file (102.29 KB 747x862 M3.jpg)
Jesus, just post.
Open file (1.24 MB 960x1088 octopussy.png)
Open file (1.23 MB 960x1088 elepussy.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 960x1088 eaglepussy.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 960x1088 tacopussy.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 960x1088 roachpussy.png)
Open file (132.71 KB 258x315 ClipboardImage.png)
>>251589 those are the most 'fat guy on the bus' shoes i've ever seen
>>251737 >>251740 haqhahah biblically accurate elaine
Open file (82.92 KB 922x2048 FW7Po3PXEAY9Kyp.jpg)
>>251749 "I lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold, a woman not clothed in linen, with a belt of fine hands from Uphaz spreading her cheeks. Her body was like beryl, her face like the appearance of lightning, her eyes like flaming torches, her arms and legs like the gleam of burnished my jewish mother, and the sound of her words like the sound of a multitude of insane people." Daniel 10:5-6
Open file (48.32 KB 640x480 sddefault (1).jpg)
MORE DRAMA SMFH... DISASTER Dating Stories! CRAZY Standards? E-GIRLS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #167 https://youtube.com/watch?v=97KtowVjtbc
Open file (508.03 KB 2766x1278 IMG_20240604_174022.jpg)
>>251754 There's only one girl smaller than the black dude, what a subversion of my expectations.
Open file (34.94 KB 620x234 1397079576035.png)
Open file (619.84 KB 568x908 981524480037.png)
Open file (170.95 KB 209x452 667782040782.png)
Release the photo of you hoverhanding a tablet, gaytor. It must be declassified for the Akashic Records. Also, alleged sighing of Pippa at Offkai.
>>251754 fat girl looks like she wants to eat that zesty G​AMERGATE
>>251751 kayla never looks like the same woman >>251757 speaking of fat, girl in yellow has fat 10/10 tits
Open file (83.06 KB 609x449 395796226660.png)
Woah, weakload automator. brian holloman has an intense fear of doctors. brian holloman has a maid dress under their bed. brian holloman knows the lyrics to All Star by heart. brian holloman is a horrible liar. brian holloman was dropped out of a window as a child. brian holloman wakes up on November 1st and starts decorating for Christmas. brian holloman is tumblr famous. brian holloman believes in ghosts and insists on trying to summon one at every sleepover. brian holloman will go feral. Watch out. brian holloman killed Princess Diana. brian holloman sucks at saying tongue twisters. brian holloman likes to sing at 4 in the morning. Their neighbors hate them. brian holloman set a public school on fire and got away with it. brian holloman has fallen asleep at their desk while working in the middle of the night. If the sorce media was a musical, brian holloman would be the one character that asks why everyone is singing. brian holloman uses the word "fuck" like a comma. brian holloman cries while watching disney movies. If brian holloman likes someone, they will give them a pretty rock. brian holloman is not good with social cues. brian holloman could easily survive The Hunger Games. brian holloman knows fnaf lore. brian holloman cannot drive. brian holloman can play the kazoo. brian holloman has not showered in two and a half weeks. brian holloman doesn't own a single pair of matching socks. brian holloman chews their nails when nervous. brian holloman enjoys doing taxes. brian holloman stole a lollipop at the checkout when they were 5 and they still feel guilty about it. If someone they knew commited a crime, brian holloman would cover for them. brian holloman likes to eat straight coffee beans. brian holloman would buy clothes from the soup store. brian holloman instinctively cleans messes in their own house as well as other peoples. If brian holloman was presented with an intergalactic portal, they would enter it without question. brian holloman is smart but also very stupid. brian holloman always has a knife on them. brian holloman has chronic nightmares. brian holloman desperately needs a hug but doesn't know it and refuses to ask for one. brian holloman is a theatre kid. Literally accurate.
Open file (46.87 KB 568x536 R1.jpg)
Nick Rekieta is planning a revamp of his show. Also, he won't talk about his case at all. What a bitch.
>>251760 The new look studio will be a BDSM dungeon. It's the only logical progression.
>>251732 251732 >>251732pigtits is a proud sex offender, hes proud of his gross sex tape why bickers for years hes been called a virgin and his lifelong rejection is somewhat vindicated from this>his rejection from every group he tries to be apart from stems from his own daddys rejection, this is his come on muh show mentalityhe begs for guests, the one who dont turn up or tell him to fuck off make him to sperg, then dox, harras etche only understands negative attention, why else does he larp as a white nationalists that he doesnt agree with, or try to run a bullying stream but gets bullied himselfthe best response is to post OINK OINK to every comment or interaction and to let this pig die alone, or you could go on his show lol im still amazed he hasnt killed himself he really doesnt have anything to live for
>>251762 the default response to piggertits being around is rejection, his own family didnt like him, even his retard brother who cant speak, even the retards on the kumite, cozy, gaymergayte told him to fuck off and subsequently every group just like his ronnie
>>251745 if this is kayfabe it's pretty good I don't like gym, but honestly in the creepy stakes someone like perspicasity and his best friend godwinson would be rating higher in probably 95% of the whole vtuber event. It comes down to the stalking and mind games, odd really that it just takes place, and as a group no one bats an eye. Yeah odd that.
>>251744 you don't have people feaser. you have alts
>>251768 TheTheGatorGamerGamer and perspic project hardcore sus vibes. They are so obsessed with pdfile shit and kayfabing degen behaviors on people(see QOP gayop shit they did) while allying with people like TheGatorGamer Barnhill and jcaesar187 then pretending that these two individuals are good moral characters speaks volumes to who Adam Edge and Perspic really are all about.
>>251770 Can you suggest any moral characters to watch? I don't want my pure soul to be corrupted by dark lord earwinson
>>251771 Sure there's this guy named Mormon Shaggy oh wait he deleted, I know try Daiymo, wait he deleted too Whoopsies
Open file (491.43 KB 601x822 ClipboardImage.png)
this is so fucking ugly
>>251773 adam sandler on meth?
>>251773 Shit. Was about to ask how did jcaesar187 swing getting Mike Maljiak on.
Open file (8.13 MB 342x286 Downy Gunt.gif)
>>251773 great pig can sit in silence while listen to this retard ramble on about his bullshit instead of listening to bullshit from cnn in silence
Open file (6.66 MB 640x360 gator_cnn.webm)
>>251770 That's fake news.
Open file (105.69 KB 992x151 ClipboardImage.png)
>>251780 Brian stop texting and start packing groceries my nigga
why was piggertits linked to mercedes carrera, porn actress for child trafficking and sharing cp, is that how his 1 inch baby cock was first leaked, its amazing how he called null and gaytor sweaty gamers every opportunity, i hate this fat betamale
pigtits is so unable to mock gaytor anime convention he needs to play joshs stream
>>251781 You wont break my spirit.
Open file (126.87 KB 300x424 gator dance 2.gif)
>>251783 And jewsh is unable to dig up anything about gaytor without jcaesar187, so swings and roundabouts. Jewsh didn't rage quit this one, so I guess he gets credit for that.
Open file (1.86 MB 1280x720 H9sr0Qvi9IQFMjLy.mp4)
GODWINSOME LIVE Pippageddon: The Death of VTube https://rumble.com/v4zswp2-june-5-2024.html
Open file (434.38 KB 392x677 fugitive coach.png)
>>251785 rip my nigga coach :(
>>251786 piggertits just isnt funny so used nulls stream haha, utterly pathetic
Open file (301.19 KB 1000x800 675.jpg)
>>251789 I'm not sure if I'd trust your sense of humor either, buddy.
Open file (36.30 KB 622x205 1077148318264.png)
Open file (9.24 KB 397x66 Pippa 1.jpg)
Open file (689.33 KB 720x540 Pippa 2.png)
Open file (67.24 KB 480x600 Pippa Pipkin.jpg)
>>251793 Aww, poor baby. People that work real jobs have to show up to work whether they have a sore throat or not. Pampered bitch.
Open file (162.33 KB 602x756 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (587.42 KB 1702x1313 ClipboardImage.png)
this mf is so goddamn radioactive
>>251795 normally the date is right next to the star on the right hand side. Where's the date? How do we know this happened in 2022 and he didn't know about it? What is he trying to get ahead of?
>>251796 How do you know it happened at all? That could easily be some email image he found. Why does it say 2023 on the bottom if he just got it?
How is the Kino Casino still together? Shouldn't Wortski and Asston have broken up by now with a bitter blood feud? Casino alogs, what did we get?
>>251800 Are you not a casino alog?
>>251801 >Are you not a casino alog? Your such an obvious tourist its painful.
>>251802 Since you claim to be more informed than me, surely you can answer my question. Why is the Kino Casino still together?
Open file (30.73 KB 120x96 ppp.png)
>>251803 >Since you claim to be more informed I never claimed that you filthy kike and if you did a few minutes of research instead of begging to be spoonfead you would know the answer already.
>>251804 >I never claimed that you filthy kike Yes, you did. >Your such an obvious tourist Did you not just say these exact words? This implies a hierarchy of denizens. Natives versus tourists. Which also implies levels of information and ignorance. As in, natives know the area well, like the back of their hands. While tourists know nothing of the area and leave with the seasons as ignoramuses. So enlighten me. Why is the Kino Casino still together?
>>251805 >Yes, you did. Wrong, I only pointed out that you know nothing and stick out like a sore thumb. >This implies a hierarchy of denizens. >please spoon feed me No nig​​ger kike, I'm under no such obligation to hold your hand and feed you info on the "Tard and Lard". Sit back and lurk more faggot.
>>251806 >Wrong. Now you deny the meaning of your own very words. They are your own words, sir. Stand by them. Do not cower. Perhaps you shouldn't use words if you do not know what they mean? >No nig​​ger kike, I'm under no such obligation to hold your hand and feed you info on the "Tard and Lard". Sit back and lurk more faggot. Translation: "I know nothing." Very well. I appears you are a nimrod.
>>251711 pigtits being without a single 1 dollar in mexico will be his end, if piggertits sets foot in murica hes arrested for being a fat disgusting retard, does powerchat ban individual users like adowolf if that happens pig is cooked
>>251807 >I appears you are a nimrod >I appears You are just that, a nimrod.
>>251808 adowolf jamesgardner assmaster maryjane if any these retards get banned from powerchat pig is soo fucked, he actually has 4 paypigs all his traffic and views and fake haha
>>251809 And yet, it is nimrod-esque to glom onto a mere typo (when my T key fails to depress) to suggest idiocy. >No U response My point proven yet again. Nimrod.
Open file (138.64 KB 768x1024 Rekieta battle station.jpg)
>>251810 adowulf is a baked alaska fanboy, wigger and stands at 5 feet tall, is he also a 40 year old former crack head, he should darkvee himself >>251812 get a better retort piggertits
Open file (123.57 KB 1290x349 IMG_8548.jpg)
Open file (883.31 KB 1290x2122 IMG_8547.jpg)
Open file (918.85 KB 1290x2131 IMG_8544.jpg)
Open file (694.20 KB 1290x4049 IMG_8554.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1290x1961 IMG_8545.jpg)
no wonder that v-tuber lady is not happy when she sees Shannon. Jesus Christ dude, get some help
Open file (290.06 KB 599x690 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (114.18 KB 1280x735 GPZjCqcaYAA_x6v.jpg)
Open file (1.51 MB 250x250 15956728494.gif)
>>251817 gaytor bro the vtuber will never fuck you just stop. >>251818 Absolute degen fucken hell.
>>251812 why did piggertits watch null stream, kang of tranny farms, defend your pig, back to troon farms, pig watches troon farms, he went here made an account tried to court that audience, is this your guy your defending, what are you even doing, defending rapist jcaesar187 piggertits pig retard
Open file (48.09 KB 600x608 12314123231.jpg)
>>251817 does she ever replied to gaitor?
>>251821 Only when he cornered her at the digital meet and great at the vtuber convention.
>>251818 RAPE YOU SAY...HAVE YOU MET jcaesar187 HAHAHA
>>251817 >pros >menial labor such as bagging groceries >entertaining as a cringe clown >knows asian cartoons <cons <manchild <danger to children <net negative to social programs <paedophile <spreads infantilisation among young adults adding to deadweights <obese <culture is limited to the kitsch of kitsch not looking good
>>251813 looks filthy in there
Open file (3.59 MB 1280x720 Drex loud in general.mp4)
>>251813 >black knees >>251763 GGONSPLAINING THE INTERWEWZ Goonsplaining Show IMMINENTLY
>>251818 is this all piggertits has going on, interacting with furries that are telling him to kill himself, go look at the twitter replies, his life is meaningless, why does he always force himself into places hes not wanted like his saaaun, that family dont want pig in their lives, does he think he can offer xani anything as a fake dad, i thought some spic is his daddy now hahaha
Open file (144.82 KB 806x1068 pedos.png)
Here is the stream of that vtuber covering her fetishes. https://www.youtube.com/live/8Pk65_95WQs
>>251813 shithole i bet his filthy children have lice
Open file (1.29 MB 1253x1188 what da.png)
Open file (44.36 KB 400x400 gaytor.jpg)
>>251805 >This implies a hierarchy of denizens. Natives versus tourists. Which also implies levels of information and ignorance Hard disagree on that rationale. Tourism is about culture, as in they don't adapt to the social norms. It's a measure of conformity rather than knowledge. I wouldn't use it myself and I've only see it around vthots, but it makes sense in the rules of engagement of simping. You have to have standards if you want to bring in a bull to cuck your waifu. Other hierarchies would be primary/secondary for purity of source. elite/casual for engagement or knowledge on a topic. oldfag/newfag for both being newfags. They all have different connotations. >Why is the Kino Casino still together That gets you the rank of Jonny-come-lately, I'm afraid. They both fear streaming alone. Ashley can't bring in viewers, Andy can't string multiple sentences together nor produce cocks without a handler which he's running quite low on supply.
>>251818 this attempt at engagement farming by Гунт is pathetic. you're washed bro
>>251813 nice pile of empties.
Open file (19.41 KB 720x462 kysgator.jpg)
Open file (191.98 KB 1063x766 pathetic.jpg)
Open file (245.77 KB 507x599 the-meltrix-pathetic.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 siegethot_pathetic.png)
Open file (243.62 KB 439x550 carl_pathetic.png)
>>251817 ABSOLUTE STATE OF GAYTOR >>251822 >well hey there rabba <hi >do you know who i am ;) <...yess -__- i know who you are >...who am i... Gets You ALL The Puerto Rican Girlfriends
Open file (245.21 KB 584x799 anton.png)
Open file (218.57 KB 1080x1920 Gaytaro.jpg)
Jewsh you shouldn't have messed with gaytor and his 5000 year old lolicon rabbit waifu. Who's laughing now?
>>251820 Hi Gaytor
>>251835 Lol what the fuck is this
>>251840 That is gaytors waifu and she used to teach young children.
>>251828 It's interesting that Gaytor goes for the small Vtubers (small number of subs). He probably thinks he has a chance with these bc they have less clout. And thus, would need him to grow. Once they get to a certain size like 500K subs, they have way more simps so no one would ever respond to Gaytor or pick him over someone else. >>251822 This is probably the most cringe clip I've seen all year. Gaytor left his basement for one weekend and managed to produce this pure form of cringe. >>251818 S tier: Ugly Bastard Bro, does Gaytor actually have a chance at banging this little girl? >>251832 Agree. But having information or being ignorant on a topic is always implied in these hierarchies. For example, if you are a casual MMA fan, you only know Conor McGregor and are ignorant to the rest of the sport. You only tune in for Conor which is contrasted to hardcore MMA fans that know everyone else and watch non-Conor events. That is about knowledge and commitment. If you live in San Fran, you know more about the area versus tourists that only visit there on vacations. You are more invested bc you have to live there whereas the tourist is more likely to shit it up bc he knows he will leave soon anyway. Same with home owners vs renters. Owners wants to take care of their property vs renters shit it up bc they know it's not really theirs. >>251835 So she self-inserts as a little girl in hentai. >They can't have womanly features like hips So she is a small bony girl in real life. >>251836 She didn't even know who Gaytor was until he showed her the name. Embarrassing.
Open file (240.44 KB 387x429 pigg.png)
>>251823 looks like a rapist, check >xander is lucky to have a rapist as a daddy, its either that or a mexican lol
Open file (24.37 KB 595x198 kiki.jpg)
Open file (469.87 KB 596x1413 4365566587.jpg)
Open file (624.90 KB 2302x1964 gaytor2.png)
You fucked up gaytor you could of had Гунтs sloppy seconds of mantsu now you will have nothing.
Open file (332.70 KB 1500x1086 2383922106.jpg)
>>251845 almost like theres a connection between a childlike attraction to things associated with children and mentally retarded people with the minds of children, like chinese cartoons, videogames, sugar, etc., and being attracted to children almost like everything to do with virgintubers is nothing more than the manifestation of subconscious paedophilia, who wouldve guessed when they talk like kids, watch kid cartoons, play kid games and masturbate to kids
>>251843 >But having information or being ignorant on a topic is always implied in these hierarchies You can litter and be fully aware that littering will shit up the place. That's why it would edge more to conformity based bickers you can perform the action out of ignorance or malice. If you're discussing a book or topic with someone and their side of the conversation is lacking or base entry, that's when you can hammer out any of the titles but it likely leans more heavily to one more than others. >S tier: Ugly Bastard Assumingly it's NRT specific, in which case they have the positive trait of being assertive and confident which gaytor lacks. Speaking of which, vid related.
>>251842 How in the fuck, fuck this is insane! I can't stop laughing out of shock and horror.
Open file (40.00 KB 900x506 YuFSiKcr.jpg)
Anyone archived TheTheGatorGamerGamer rumble stream?
>>251848 Will Gaytor kills himself when ugly bastard jcaesar187 starts to fuck vtubers?
>>251850 Esoteric Archivism says he has most of it.
>>251850 Only the first half hour or so, including 20 minute intro. I wasn't even a big file, literally 480p. It would have completed with another 3 minutes. Youtube would have kept it alive even if it were pulled down mid way.
>>251852 >>251853 Thx. Found it on his rumble channel.
>>251846 >i look forward to a lot more streams and collabs in the future >YES >with hexa Several hours later >just thought it was relevant to bring up today >it never will Sweethearted into oblivion.
>>251848 Ok here's a twist. If parts of San Fran are dirty (drug needles, homeless tents, trash, smells like urine), then the tourist is in fact, conforming to the city culture by littering. So the tourist is conforming by littering. Are you confused yet? >NTR is separate though from Ugly Bastard. Also, I came across another Vtuber stream months ago where she was doing a fetish list. I don't think Gaytor has a chance with this one though as she has more clout.
Sunrise Productions returns to dunk on gaytor. Gaytor Flirts With a Vtuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWNixm9_Xls
Open file (39.68 KB 419x277 kuma_shrug.png)
>>251856 >then the tourist is in fact, conforming to the city culture by littering. So the tourist is conforming by littering I guess. It's imageboard lingo. If someone crossposts, no one knows they're crossposting and they fit to the discussion level of the topic, they're not going to hounded for a shitty Fate headcanon.
Open file (34.94 KB 632x381 Anthony Edwards.jpg)
Open file (137.19 KB 1200x900 Nikola Jokic.jpg)
Open file (320.10 KB 1072x1199 Luka Doncic.jpg)
Open file (2.94 MB 1600x2000 Nikola Jokic.jpg)
Anybody here been watching the NBA playoffs? NBA Finals game 1 starts at 8:30 PM EST. Luka Doncic is a 25 year old superstar on the Mavericks who will try to beat the Celtics. What is interesting right now is that the top 2 current best NBA players are white guys. Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic. Both are Eastern European white guys. Blacks call them "plumbers", which is code word for white dudes that are not athletic. Jokic of the Nuggets won the Finals last year and has gotten the MVP 3 years in a row but got eliminated this year bc his teammates didn't step up. Luka of the Mavs is going for this first Finals championship this year if he can beat the Celtics. It makes a lot of blacks seethe that these 2 white guys are dominating the NBA. And more insulting is that they are viewed as slow and unathletic compared to the herky-jerky blacks that drive to the basket and juke and jive while dribbling the ball and dunking as hard as they can, swinging from the rim. Joker and Luka are based. Joker has racehorses as his hobby. Luka in his last series against the Timberwolves was scorching them as the Wolves are all black players basically. And the media has been shilling Anthony Edwards as the next Michael Jordan and he choked against Luka's team. Luka was hitting 3's in all their faces and talking shit to the crowd at the same time. The Wolves couldn't really stop him as he's too tall and big to push around and no one can really guard him. His basketball skills are too good. https://the.streameast.app/nba/boston-celtics-dallas-mavericks/25474752
>>251859 >NiggerBA jeff or whitepowa pls
>>251859 >ball-in-hoop lore yeah dribbling like a dribbling fool, bouncy bouncy whoosh
Open file (60.57 KB 757x468 rekieta.png)
Open file (409.96 KB 1079x550 rekieta - drink up.jpg)
Supposedly Baldoman is going to stream for the first time since the arrest.
>>251863 Hiding away on Locals like a coward. Bitch.
You know I was gonna say you fagget alogs should just let people enjoy IRL stuff and let the man have some fun … but… “she” put loli at S-tier and YOU at Z. It’s over lebowski!!! The incels lost!
gaytor tossed into the trash with pedmenco and thrown under the Гунт ITS OVER
Open file (64.35 KB 609x231 gunt.png)
Open file (234.16 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
>>251866 metocuck will do anything but shit on sweaty gamer vtubers he promotes
>>251866 this has got to be like the fourth or fifth time metokike has run damage control for pedos he's done it for dax and styx also
Daddy TheTheGatorGamerGamer is just being le epic Gen X nihilist irony broh fagget he doesn’t disavow shit he loves it and he loves the sweaty gamer squadron
Open file (438.64 KB 574x1712 gaytor poast.png)
Gaytor ran to poast to cope. https://archive.ph/q4ugo
Open file (348.24 KB 489x571 hollowman.png)
>>251871 >getting canceled for touching grass if there's grass gaytor won't touch it
Open file (55.87 KB 189x267 gator dance.gif)
>>251871 >if there's grass gaytor won't touch it That's cause he is man of culture touches grass seed
Nick Rekieta full locals return stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qos0wRr2weE
>>251867 why didn't Гунт post the clip that metocare posted
>>251866 the jcaesar187a does seem to be rustling the jimmies of gym lately
>>251877 metokike realizes the vtuber shit he endorsed is going to bite him in the ass just like everything else expect another hiatus when his "condition" worsens
Open file (5.85 KB 237x212 23425234.jpg)
>>251871 Honestly I dont get why Gaytah behaves like this. As much as he stands by his animu shit he never really goes out of his way to defend it, hell the only time I saw him stand up by himself since the keelstream days was Bryan Dunn dragging him to a stream where gaytor tore him apart. Gaytor should be playing up the elitism anime hobbyst rather than laying down and pretending he has nothing to do with the sektur.
>>251866 would it be a cunt thing to do and send this to powerchat, entropy and cashapp >>251863 enjoy 25 years >>251844 ahhhmmm lub muhhh xannni >>251837 rekieta did this
Open file (40.77 KB 535x121 ClipboardImage.png)
i guess he's sulking bickers his twitter is suspended lol
>>251883 lmaoing my ass off right noe
>>251883 >crying bickers he posted an "allies were the bad guys" meme on d-day and surprised when trannies and boomers reported him
Open file (69.84 KB 1072x232 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (75.97 KB 1078x234 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (67.17 KB 1079x228 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (81.39 KB 1081x233 ClipboardImage.png)
>>251883 he's been very angry today, i don't know why. Maybe it's that time of the month
>>251886 he hasn't even appealed it yet and probably will get unsuspended as elon musk loves ian miles ching chong who steals jewsh's posts (which jewsh steals from users). Hes acting like a real bish
Open file (605.42 KB 700x1400 gator_bully_the_weak.png)
>>251866 BULLY THE WEAK But please stop being mean to gaytor or jayde will refuse to replace the bed pan.
GODWINSON VS JIM IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!!! JIMOSHIMA >https://rumble.com/v507ahu-jimoshima-the-massacre-of-janny-jim.html
>>251883 >>251886 This is hilarious as it was just one week ago, Moonpie was lecturing people about how depression is not real and is a choice you make for yourself; aka you choose to be miserable. Fast forward a couple days, and he has lost his Twitter and is seething and sulking enough to where he can't even stream. >>251879 >Gaytor tore Bryan Dunn apart The only thing this Gaytor can tear apart is a dozen Krisy Kreme donuts in one meal. >>251869 When did Metokike defend Styx? I must have missed that one. You mean during Styx's meltdown when he ran from the Netherlands back to his bedroom in Vermont? >>251866 This is awesome. And fitting to have Metocare on the ropes for defending the Vtumors so hard. Don't feel bad for Metocare though as he shoved Pippa in our faces and down our throats shilling her and pumping her numbers over and over. Live by pedo, die by the pedo. If you read the comments on that Twitter thread, there is a surprising amount of Metocare hate. Normally his sycophants are gargling his balls but it seems the tide is turning on Metocare. Also, it's desperate how he tries to tennis-lob it back onto jcaesar187. No one is talking about jcaesar187. It's about Pippa and her pedo scandal. >The sky is blue Metocare: B-b-but what about jcaesar187!!!????? Quit twisting yourself into a spiral and going insane to pin something on jcaesar187. >>251871 <B-but I just twouched gwass. Lmao. Seethe Gaytor.
>>251883 Haha.
>>251891 watching this homo lol
Open file (18.79 KB 417x107 chat.png)
>>251891 >>251902 all these people are gay
Open file (243.25 KB 972x664 gaytor.JPG)
Open file (618.17 KB 800x1330 gaytor_bunny.png)
Open file (56.49 KB 387x381 gaytorapist.png)
Open file (56.49 KB 387x381 gaytorapist.png)
Sargon Won
>>251891 lost all respect for this queer when he bowed to Гунт after Гунт shit all over him
Open file (70.91 KB 486x619 1322704817467.jpg)
Open file (182.02 KB 340x351 813703942805.png)
Open file (83.85 KB 468x658 dual_weilding.jpg)
Open file (15.48 MB 3840x2160 thegatorgaymerwm.png)
Open file (261.03 KB 657x558 IMG_3848.png)
>>251879 >Gaytor should be playing up the elitism anime hobbyst rather than laying down and pretending he has nothing to do with the sektur. This. Gaytor needs to assert dominance by 1cc'ing Subterranean Animism.
>>251866 you can really hear the fat in his voice such as helium betamale high pitched faggot voice, how do retards listen to this shit for 10 hours per day, especially adowolf he should consider suicide
>>251908 is that when it was revealed that sandra molested her fat sons and godwinson laughed at him cause piggertits t scream "ill stab you in the throat" lol fucking pigtits, thats so pigtits
>>251886 What did he say about the military? He must have spoke some truth or they wouldn't have suspended him. Simping for mediocre Zoomer box has to stop though. When you're the admin of a popular trollsite you could use that clout to attract one of those Tiktok tradcons if you wanted to. The only chicks TheTheGatorGamerGamer is impressing is a few BPD hoes who run to the farms for the latest e-celeb gossip.
Open file (86.64 KB 980x735 92852895925526.jpg)
>>251913 >"@Dawnybluebell bickers you singlehandedly dragged the US into a war with Germany to curtail its power. You've posted a picture of PoWs who died from Allies bombing German railways, btw. https://web.archive.org/web/20240606180816/https://twitter.com/XTheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1798778952284303523 >"@Thejcaesar187Retort Is this an edit? There's no way she livestreamed herself saying \"I like smelly little slave girls\" https://web.archive.org/web/20240606182041/https://twitter.com/XTheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1798782075220234616 One or the other.
This one too. >This insane person posted this in disgust and then immediately blocked me. Lol.\n\nI think most people would prefer swastikas over whatever the fuck the current banner flying over the dead, gay US empire is.\n\nThere's pride in defeat, there's no pride in getting your ass blown out https://web.archive.org/web/20240606173926/https://twitter.com/XTheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1798771693831508358 >@BrandNewCat holy shit are you really former DEA? I hope you burn in hell LOL https://web.archive.org/web/20240606165756/https://twitter.com/XTheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1798761252954755521 >@TheCheugyShow enjoy your dead gay country https://web.archive.org/web/20240606171747/https://twitter.com/XTheTheGatorGamerGamer/status/1798766247376720044
Open file (12.98 KB 336x188 conspiracyqt.png)
conspiracy mommy on with dim fool tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz27KaFahUQ
Open file (134.24 KB 257x371 Asmoncoom.png)
>>251916 >conspiracy mommy TIME TO COOM
Open file (183.43 KB 278x267 fator.png)
Open file (30.81 KB 601x260 ClipboardImage.png)
still too much of a pussy to say anything SAD PATHETIC
>>251920 Isnt that the guy trying to sex the child anime people through screens?
Open file (25.18 KB 395x631 jade original.jpg)
>>251905 >JIM CONDONES IT jim you may have a dog of a wife but that's no excuse for you to fantasize about little girls
>>251919 pigtits is 40 and has only had sex like 5 times, is he giving advice on women haha what the fuck does he know, to dry up a pussy just show a picture of the fat red faced pig and and woman will vomit and become a lesbian like manda and faith vickers, isnt nora also a lesbian hahaha hate to see it
>>251919 Who gives this fat fuck money? How does it survive?
>>251919 >>251923 piggertits has never made a women cum, like ever, alice wasnt even awake and janet bloom was stick on the fat disgusting pig whilest giving the world smallest baby cock a single lick, like threw up vomit on this pig as piggermale ejaculated prematurely, disgusting no wonder he needs to pay prostitutes
Open file (116.93 KB 697x837 M1.jpg)
Open file (24.80 KB 355x500 29529859265925925.jpg)
>>251931 When will you go to the shadow realm meotcare.
Open file (51.49 KB 403x179 ClipboardImage.png)
Shannon is still hiding like a little bitch
Open file (208.93 KB 906x1125 firstfag_gunted_2d.png)
>>251933 PATHETIC
Open file (125.94 KB 1024x1024 Gaytor fat faggot freak.jpeg)
>>251883 >>251933 Gaytor, you cannot escape the sector. It's your only audience. You will not transition out into the Vtuber weeb-loser audience. I don't care how much you gargle Legal Mindset's ballsack. It's not gonna happen. And people are finally waking up to your weirdo ways. Hey little girl, you want some candy? Come into my windowless van.
>>251933 That dude old handle was The Almighty Loli wasn't it?
Open file (262.13 KB 873x999 Gator Louette.png)
>>251933 >I got away away No Gaytor, you got it all wrong. You did not get away from the Sektur, you brought the paedo trannies you and TheTheGatorGamerGamer masturbate to, to the Sektur's attention.
Open file (530.81 KB 3840x2160 ViolatedXitter.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 1920x1080 ElonIsrael.png)
>>251914 >>251915 None of those links are working. Jorshua isn't entirely wrong just insensitive and he should know by now running his site that sensitive people will run to the popo. Just bickers Elon has admin privileges doesn't mean it's a free speech utopia. It's the same guy who banned Kanye for saying he'd go defcon on the Jews. You can say whatever you want about ZOG military when the revolution comes but until then it's against Xitter policy.
Open file (2.34 MB 1303x1723 thekinopounder.png)
the kinopounder WON INCELS B T F O
>>251939 who marries a bish for 16 years and has no kids? quarterpounder is gay or shooting blanks.
>>251933 the gall of gayter to pretend he quit the sektur despite helping vickers and always giving his commentary
>>251941 >quarterpounder is gay or shooting blanks. it was actually his wife who ordered sargn's cum so she could finally impregnate herself, but then he selfishly drank it
Open file (372.38 KB 640x640 sadcat.gif)
>>251943 how cruel and selfish of him
Open file (446.00 KB 601x1418 gynocopter.png)
Open file (85.22 KB 1122x1995 Riley arrested.jpg)
Open file (4.43 MB 720x1280 Riley arrest.mp4)
>>251942 Gaytor pretends he quit the sector but watches every Metocare stream, read every Metocare tweet, keeps track of everything jcaesar187 does, is aware of Rekieta happenings, and so on. He's deeply wired into the sector but wants the plausible deniability of pretending he's out when he's getting bullied for being a weird pedo and his sector past is ruining his Vtuber pivot. And jcaesar187 should do everything in his power to make Gaytor incur a cost for trying to leave and get a new grift among Vtubers. >>251945 Riley can't attend a fan meetup of Eric July's? Why? Did he have a restraining order against him already?
>>251946 im not a 100% up on the lore of Riley vs July, but i think it stems back to when he taped a 20$ bill to July's door as a form of irl superchat to troll him. This gained Riley a trespassing charge I think and maybe also a stalking charge not really sure since I don't really keep with his antics.
>>251947 Ok, cool. I'm sure the info will come out in the next day or two. Or his daddy Dick will spill the beans.
>>251947 The retard didn't get charged for anything that time. July called the cops (pretty funny since he's an ANCAP -- STATE COME SAVE ME!) but there was nothing for them to do othe than shoo him away since it was a publicly accessible space the same as a strip mall or whatever.
>>251945 pigtits spent saturday night live posting rileys arrest for being a producer of child porn for dick masterson. i thought you went out with hot latina bitches hahaha you have nothing to live for pigboy
Let’s say what things are and not muddy any waters or rewrite history….. > /vt/ enjoyers > meant for children > attracts adults with under developed frontal lobes > attracts men looking for grooming victims > crawling with trannies > characters are intentionally over-sexualized > TheTheGatorGamerGamer holding the broom Solution: > gas chamber
>>251951 >> /vt/ enjoyers > meant for children Bullshit, this crap was always means for lonely neckbeards, the gooks just targeted the obvious idol demographic that they know will dump money on them.
>>251941 The lore is that they have 2 kids together but Quarterpounder and his wife keep it 100% offline. He has had a few slip ups here and there heavily suggesting or implying he has kids in the house throughout the years. Smart guy in fact of course. It probably why hes a multi-millionaire
>>251955 Hambly does not have kids. He has depression and takes a SSRI, and in one of his episodes he slipped up and cried on the internet when his dad died about how he never gave his dad children.
>>251956 *grandchildren.
>>251955 Quarterling your wife is embarrassed by your disgusting dungeonmaster beard, and every time you drink yourself unconscious in your filthy nerd basement she spends another childless night alone crying into her pillow, regretting ever having committed to you
>>251957 >>251958 Cope and seethe EVS. Eric July won.
>>251959 Won what? An award from Amway? Maybe if he's lucky then it came with some complementary cosmetics his gorilla wife can use
>>251939 >youtube channel a massive success >long, successful marriage >multimillionaire >contract with rumble >lost the weight, now has a chad physique >slapped down every attempt at cancellation and became stronger each time >has the ability to easily smash melonie mac pussy on the side but is a good man so he resists the temptation that lesser men would succumb to yeah, im thinking the kinopounder won
>>251961 You make this too easy EVS. Why dont you try driving drunk again with your kid in the car ans stream it faggot
>>251962 racking up those double yous
>>251962 >having access to tatted up near 40 year old, eggless, gaymur girl pussy that dresses like a teenager from the mid 2000s woah what a snack
>>251965 If she was a virgin maybe I would, but you know she rode cock when she was in her prime and now she wants a good Christian man to commit when all those other bad boys couldn't. Same with Shoe, TheTheGatorGamerGamer, Southern, literally all born again tradcon grifters.
Open file (320.69 KB 800x1300 convention gaytor.png)
>>251965 Hey there Mel, do you know you I am? You can say my name.
Open file (443.37 KB 731x710 didler dax.png)
Open file (71.50 KB 728x562 didler dax2.png)
Open file (556.19 KB 1284x1516 eric julay.jpeg)
Open file (245.80 KB 663x776 jew hoffman.jpg)
Open file (273.20 KB 659x877 jew hoffman2.jpg)
Diddlerdax is not a happy camper after learning of Riley's arrest.
Open file (189.43 KB 1439x719 didler dax3.jpg)
Open file (336.17 KB 1179x1168 didler dax4.jpeg)
Open file (207.16 KB 1116x841 IMG_3111.jpeg)
Open file (276.61 KB 654x635 didler dax5.png)
Open file (209.74 KB 763x643 didler dax6.png)
Open file (278.09 KB 687x571 didler dax7.png)
Open file (156.73 KB 677x574 didler dax8.png)
Open file (153.47 KB 681x509 didler dax9.png)
Open file (141.46 KB 698x448 didler dax10.png)
Open file (96.53 KB 684x455 didler dax11.png)
Open file (16.75 KB 675x114 didler dax12.png)
Open file (63.39 KB 681x459 didler dax13.png)
Open file (136.25 KB 694x492 didler dax14.png)
Open file (130.39 KB 610x749 didler dax15.png)
Open file (60.44 KB 617x458 didler dax16.png)
Open file (43.75 KB 620x333 didler dax17.png)
Open file (338.09 KB 543x589 didler dax18.png)
Open file (60.24 KB 1045x148 didler dax19.png)
Open file (182.85 KB 664x715 didler dax20.png)
Open file (68.29 KB 668x540 didler dax21.png)
Open file (139.00 KB 554x651 didler dax22.png)
Open file (191.49 KB 573x538 didler dax23.png)
Open file (44.90 KB 698x273 didler dax24.png)
Open file (87.72 KB 685x697 didler dax25.png)
Open file (24.55 KB 682x227 didler dax26.png)
Open file (88.25 KB 602x747 didler dax27.png)
Open file (100.89 KB 771x595 didler dax28.png)
Open file (29.14 KB 762x229 didler dax29.png)
Open file (518.94 KB 758x789 didler dax30.png)
Open file (70.88 KB 761x342 didler dax31.png)
Open file (282.08 KB 758x589 didler dax32.png)
Open file (57.62 KB 789x315 didler dax33.png)
Open file (49.53 KB 758x334 didler dax34.png)
Open file (77.03 KB 748x482 didler dax35.png)
Open file (572.76 KB 753x590 didler dax36.png)
Open file (81.71 KB 781x497 didler dax37.png)
Open file (336.81 KB 777x655 didler dax38.png)
Open file (43.23 KB 775x232 didler dax39.png)
Open file (141.43 KB 582x534 didler dax40.png)
Open file (249.84 KB 1179x1442 didler dax41.jpeg)
Open file (323.03 KB 1179x1815 didler dax42.jpeg)
Open file (249.06 KB 1179x1072 didler dax43.jpeg)
Open file (2.86 MB 5760x3240 highschool king.png)
Open file (136.89 KB 602x572 gunt.png)
Open file (234.16 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
>>251978 wtf i love Eric my jewish mother now.
>>251966 Yeah. And in Mac's case, her Christianity is performative. She rubs it in her subscriber's faces bc it's mostly a larp. Strictly for appearances like the numerous tattoos all over her body. Christianity appeals to her bc she wants forgiveness as a sinner and wants to be exonerated from being a bad person, which is so common in the religion. It's like a spider web for bad people. And has no quality control for who is allowed into the religion. >My body count is 500 dudes. Look! I'm a Christian now. It's all absolved. Thank you Jesus! >I just murdered 40 people as a serial killer. Look! I'm a Christian now. I'm saved. Yeehaw! >Shoe, Muttni? Southern are all born again tradcon grifters
Open file (8.40 KB 288x175 images.jpg)
Open file (241.64 KB 589x327 Capture.PNG)
Can you guys believe Riley is fucking Mint Salad?
Open file (693.72 KB 881x498 mint ape hangers.png)
>>251981 >Can you guys believe two retards are fucking each other Why yes I can
>>251982 Holy shit pushup bras are worse than makeup
Open file (562.53 KB 472x870 mint if only you knew.png)
>>251983 Yeah they can be quite deceiving
Open file (223.80 KB 960x1280 riley mugshot.jpg)
Open file (213.85 KB 960x1280 riley mugshot2.jpg)
Open file (20.61 KB 1600x200 Riley booked.png)
>>251980 I can't fault the authors of the Bible for religious grifters, it also says not to be whores and not to be like the Pharisees. American Idiocracy is part of the problem. Born again virgins have no conservative upbringing or it's extremely moderate and focuses on forgiveness if you screw up. Old fashioned Puritanism would be far less lenient, women would be forced not to have sex until marriage or be disowned. No waiting until you're 40 to find Jesus and a husband. No tattoos, no piercings, no makeup. Just bickers you may be forgiven doesn't mean you can continue to act like a prostitute. The born again tradthots often forget that part of converting.
Open file (36.08 KB 150x187 1716504150429.png)
>>251985 >5'7" >in boots
>EVS buying copies of ISOM and reselling them with his autograph on Ebay This is a different level of obsession but also seems illegal somehow
>>251990 lol that is some next level jewery even if not illegal which I suppose its not.
>>251991 He actually did the cover art for the specific comic he's buying and reselling. It's probably not illegal, but I do remember him saying himself that he got what he charged for that cover art so he can't act like Eric fucked him over and he's getting his dues by buying and reselling the book with his autograph.
Open file (184.32 KB 804x379 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.49 MB 600x338 fde50259d2.gif)
>>251985 Woah, Riley changed from a gaytor clone to an anal vape clone. >>251992 I don't think re-selling used comics is illegal in either case. At least that's the easy way to argue it.
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>251994 >buck broken by losing a twitter account that he hasn't even tried appealing yet
>>251994 >>251996 If Moonpie is melting down that hard over a Twitter suspension, then he's a weak bitch that has never experienced any adversity in his life. Something tells me it's not about the Twitter account.
Open file (578.21 KB 720x1707 rekieta.jpg)
Open file (4.46 MB 388x391 Rekieta-lick-lick.gif)
>>251990 >seems illegal somehow How could it be illegal when comics are literally made to be resold in the collectors market you absolute retard. Stop talking about the law. At all. It's embarrassing that daxipad isn't even wrong when he laughs at jewsh for pretending and failing to be an amateur law expert and encouraging all his pets to do the same. That's the real cancer of the sektur, having to hear these braindead legal takes all the fucking time. It's so painful that now I instinctively take the opposite side of that florida trailer park spawn and all the spergs on his website, even when I don't want to, and it's all bickers I can't handle being on the side that falls flat on their face literally every time they say something about the law, which they refuse to stop doing.
Open file (1.28 MB 1280x1024 joka baby.png)
>>251990 not illegal but pretty obsessed in a based way
Open file (4.32 KB 572x80 1289950706464.png)
>>252001 Old Гунт guard were just built different.
>>251999 Lol. Bruh, it's the internet. Where everyone is an armchair lawyer and even the real lawyers get everything wrong and lose their own cases. And where everyone is a diet expert while being obese and addicted to food like Asston Porks. And where everyone is a fitness expert that can't do a single pullup. And the one's trying to sell you fitness secrets are on steroids. Where everyone is an ideology expert that tells you why you should adopt their stupid ideology that they don't practice in their own lives. And where everyone is a stock/cryptocurrency/wall street bigshot trader who smugly tells you what to buy and all about the cycles of Bitcoin as they shill their own bags to you and arrogantly say, "Thank me later." You have to realize the internet is the democratization of retards. There are no barriers to entry so retardation runs rampant. >>252001 Jesus Christ. Imagine having to defend Gaytor 'cause he comes on your show once a week. >>251998 'Keita cope.
>>252003 >everyone is an armchair lawyer Except it wasn't anywhere near as bad even as far back as the height of IBS. You would either say the other guy is a niggеr or you would mojcaesar187ag and get called a faggot for doing that. Nobody gave a shit if something was illegal and sperging about that was treated as almost as much of a bitch move as mojcaesar187agging. Neko shota josh encouraged the law talk on his shitty forum bickers he felt all alone dealing with his court cases all by himself and then it spread like a cancer to everywhere.
>Neko shota josh encouraged the law talk on his shitty forum bickers he felt all alone dealing with his court cases all by himself and then it spread like a cancer to everywhere. Definitely. But Rekieta's rise over the last several years is probably a bigger influence on the rise of wannabe-internet-lawyers. People like Gaytor and Jewsh watched RekietaLaw (Jewsh used to be a recurrent guest on Rekieta's show) and then croaked about "tortious interference" from their e-daddy talking about it. It's also a sperg thing to really get into law stuff. Bc there are rules to the law and case studies you can cite. So it's like learning the rules of Dungeons and Dragons and learning how to navigate the game.
Open file (1.06 MB 582x797 obevs.PNG)
>>251999 >>252004 Kill yourself EVS. You will forever fantasize about Eric July's BBC.
>>252010 Who pissed on the grave your grandaddy gave you?