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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
Open file (130.38 KB 620x673 gunt.png)
Open file (49.20 KB 605x490 gunt2.png)
Open file (87.05 KB 612x803 gunt3.png)
Open file (16.60 KB 300x310 252156256262552.jpg)
>>253021 >pick me for ChristianZiocucks Ftfy
>>253023 I was talking about her body. Her face will be hagged regardless of her diet.
>>253022 >nooooo muh entertainment plebgate2? the claptrap about 'the west' is assuring, in a surprise twist gaytor, our former hero, has turned to villain, or henchman more so, of the vtube world order conspiring to destroy the sportsball industry
>>253022 Among the most cringe things to have ever occurred. You won't even post the video so everyone can physically cringe? >>253021 It's mostly about not jumping in tanning beds like other girls. Being a goth larper pays off in that you keep your skin from frying in the sun. While other floosies think they need to be eternally tanned to be hot until they get skin like a catcher's mitt. >>253028 Yes. >>253023 Yes, the attached video is what every woman should be doing in the gym. But most women are lazy and entitled bc they are already given everything for free by male simps. They don't understand the value of hard work and commitment to a workout.
>>253031 that whore sucks
>>253022 https://x.com/Telos09/status/1809438743948062939 480p version bc nothing over 4 MB posts anymore
Open file (218.57 KB 1080x1920 F3ReGQkXQAA4tfK.jpg)
>>253030 Based animefags destroying G​AMERGATE felon ball?
Last night on KC, Andy Wortski and Asston Porks were shitting on Salt Papi and saying they destroyed his career and that he has been on a decline ever since Wortski. Well, SaltPapi just boxed again and easily crushed another soft butterfly social media faggot to pad his record. This was a massive step down in competition for him. He's also fat again. Full fight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C1bQPUzBuQ
Open file (1.42 MB 420x357 5986125512.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rTsvB6ZxkI Cuckieta talking to Coomalot and Xia
Open file (409.96 KB 1079x550 822859626256.jpg)
>>253038 >we made to every activity the kids had to go to Meanwhile back at home....
>>253024 Is jcaesar187 hitting on a jewish guy? This is giving me bryan dunn vibes. Lots of homosexual suggestions from R.alph going on here.
Open file (1.10 MB 1408x1234 jew troon.png)
>>253041 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RJ9K4pii2w its either a jew troon or a very masculine jewess
>>253042 >>253041 It's just a woman. But jcaesar187 seething at her and his insults are cringe. Yew need a guuuud dickin'. Hoe!
>>253043 She reminds him of Amanda, so he's having flashbacks
Open file (23.88 KB 400x400 zach.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saXXqbwimAg damn that hapa xia is looking like a thick slampig now. Bish gained 20 pounds but still looks good
>>253042 just a regular jewy lookin bish jews are notorious inbreeds and inbreeding increases the chance of matching ancestral genes thats why inbreeds look more like neanderthals than modern day humans
Open file (255.23 KB 2048x1536 GR2-iRtacAAjRO4.jpg)
Yuck. Rand and Gaytor want to fuck little girl Vtubers sooooo badly. Rand, you will never fuck a little girl with a fake autotuned voice. Go back to your hambeast fat Jewish wife. That's all you're getting. Deal with it. Cope by drinking more. https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1/2027:e
>>253053 dat ass sexo
>>253057 >pumped and dumped by this creature It's tough
>>253055 Her ass is average that's why there are no good angles of it online. Brittany films her ass like amateur photographers film sightings of Big Foot. There are a few images that have been digitally altered by simps to make her ass look bigger. If you look closely the Big Footess appears to have something in her left pocket. This creates the illusion that she's thicker than she actually is. Where's Waldo? More like Where's Dat Ass?
>>253059 even her stomach sags like a granny
Open file (17.14 KB 336x188 roasted.png)
Andrew Wilson! Tobey Maguire (49) Dating 20 Year Old? AGE GAP DEBATE! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #176 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thk8-qxX6fY
Open file (2.68 MB 1392x1392 01038.png)
>>253048 What I find interesting about Rekieta is that his attitude is completely unchanged before arrest vs after arrest. He used to have this defiant smug attitude on any criticism of him. >Actually, I've never claimed to be a wholesome family-man Christian with a nuclear family. It is you, stalker-child that created this character in your own head and projected it onto me. Hehe. (Lady Rackets, did you book our next flight to Hedonism2?) >Actually, I'm not just losing weight and skeletal from my alcoholism. I'm just dieting. I eat less. Calories in, calories out. It's that simple. *Snorts line of cocaine.* Now he does this same shit on every appearance of every show. >It's your problem stalker-child, for believing the evil state. >Unfortunately, I cannot talk about my side of the story bc I'm being persecuted by the government. So it's on you for believing the narrative that is out there. >It's not my fault my 9 year old daughter has cocaine in her system. It's your problem for believing this. Rekieta still has the massive hubris post-arrest. He has not fallen or humbled himself at all. So when will this arrogant prick reach rock-bottom? When he is handed his prison sentence?
>>253061 This chick was the one Andrew argued with on Access Vegas a few months back
Open file (3.54 MB 2472x1377 BUSTED.png)
>>253063 the entire panel looks busted
Open file (71.46 KB 610x511 597216270515.png)
>for every e-thot there exists a simp Gaytorbro, I think you're over-romanticising the parasocial machine.
>>253064 Seat 6 would be hotter w/o the tats, and Maddy's replacement is an upgrade for me, but it's a disaster night when Seat 1 is the most normal looking one
>>253065 giving whos liver a what now? why cant they speak normal, i like how gaytor always ends with some out of context platitude
>>253065 >not a very popular thing to say in my circles >everyone is someone's oshi >fences to be emded >a rising tide lifts all boats What in the fuck is this fat creepy paedo even talking about???
Oh look! Twitter wants us to know that their controlled-opposition, federal informant snitch is trending yet again. Hmm. This is definitely completely organic. 🙄
>>253041 hello bryan
A couple weeks ago, Jewsh Moonpie watched the Gaytor at Offkai clips and said Pippa, Kirsch, Kiki, and Gaytor were sweaty gamers. Then next stream, he flip-flopped his entire position and said they probably weren't. It was so bizarre and such a big reversal. I wondered what was going on to make his say that. Randbot said it was bc he received a letter from a lawyer who btf0ed him and made him recant and back down. Lmao. Bitch-ass pussy. But whose lawyer? One of the Vtuber girls? Gaytor's? Wait a minute. Was it fucking Legal Mindset? Oh man. I'm conflicted. I love seeing Jewshie humiliated. And I love the irony of a lawyer blowing up a wannabe-lawyer larper. But I hate the Vtuber girls and Gaytor and want to see them rightfully smeared. There is no good side to back.
>>253072 >Was it fucking Legal Mindset? Probably since Legal Mindset is the Sex Tourist Speaks of pedos.
Open file (3.75 MB 1280x720 JxdH0Gd8hOmm4a1L.mp4)
>>253074 Legal Sexpest
Open file (400.62 KB 546x650 jcaesar187 pillhead.png)
>>253075 Holy kino, I knew Гунт still had it in him.
Open file (370.74 KB 405x638 when_the_bwc_hits.png)
>>253072 legal dicksucker is jewsh's new internet lawyer daddy so I believe it
Open file (1.73 MB 901x1163 Amanda laugh.png)
>>253075 cope dilate and seethe Гунтy
Open file (51.83 KB 605x465 gunt.png)
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 jcaesar187-2.png)
Open file (286.88 KB 725x287 hotel.png)
Open file (512.27 KB 689x427 faith_horny.png)
Open file (606.78 KB 785x455 faith_horny2.png)
Open file (431.39 KB 746x341 faith_horny3.png)
>>253083 Faith can testify. And she's been through mountains of dick on that school bus.
>>253085 First the Ukraine tranny got coach. Now he got jcaesar187's phone. The man has to be stopped.
>Elisa Blue shit his pants and did nothing wrong
Open file (141.26 KB 727x845 R1.jpg)
Open file (78.37 KB 756x562 R2.jpg)
Open file (36.02 KB 400x400 R3.jpg)
Gaytor and Rand are doing Debate Lords at 6:30 PM EST. They are expecting to get on another little girl Vtuber to groom --uhh-- talk with. The girl's name is Pafu and she has a tiny account; just small enough to think she needs exposure through Gaytor to grow. She advertises herself as the first Poast Vtuber. They are going to seethe about jcaesar187 and it's bound to be awkward with the girl. https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1/2028:52 http://poast.tv/c/randbot_channel http://goyimtv.com/l/3125414879/Randbot?nbf=1 http://entropystream.live/app/The_Petrol_Hour http://rumble.com/user/FamilyFriendlyRandy
Open file (1.69 MB 640x360 82115482525.gif)
>>253088 >Brother Ted would support vtubers and anime
Open file (2.28 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_Gaines_.png)
>>253088 >so, uh, do you know Mister Metokur Legal Dicksucker?
>>253088 more like massdebate-to- kids lords
>>253075 >not only am I cumin >i'm cumin hard >and if you don't like that >you can suck my dick what's he even talking about ? Did he just rock up at Trump tower or something and say "where's my paycheque for being a shill" or something ? You know what would be funny, if he literally went to the Kushner 666 tower or that weird NSA building and just hollered and hollered until it all came down, bickers he is the king of the sektor.
>>253088 Surely this time Gaytor did a background search on this tranny, so whatever is found about her Gaytor fully cosigns...
Open file (83.85 KB 468x658 dual_weilding.jpg)
>>253088 Not in the sektur btw.
>>253094 When Gaytor says he's not in the sector anymore, it's codeword for "Stop attacking me or holding me accountable." It's basically troll-shielding himself.
Open file (1.00 MB 1008x1008 who's laughing now.png)
>>253093 They both had to frontload the interview with "I know nothing about her". >it's an asmr thot
Open file (301.39 KB 437x372 752829652692625926.png)
>>253095 >UMMMM NAWT INTURRNUTT PEEPULL, YA GOOFS! Okaaay there, oldfag
Open file (132.90 KB 625x605 gator_pred.jpg)
>>253097 That one's pretty legit. Kind of like zoom and jewsh staging battlefronts at each other for being pedos.
>>253100 lol so whats the deal ? the uber driver just straight up robbed him and thats it ? he just has to go buy new shit ?
>>253100 did he not pay his uber bill or something so the driver just took his phone ?
>>253085 so Гунт got his phone stolen by some mexican uber driver and Гунт is to much of a bish to do anything about it PATHETIC
>>253103 i'm guessing that he must have left his phone in the uber drivers car and then the uber driver couldn't be phuked getting it back to him
Pafu on Rand's stream confirms she likes loli. She says she doesn't like SawaGrapes' Vtuber model bc it's too busy and not loli. Gaytor declares that one common denominator of all trash people is that they hate Graf.
Open file (714.80 KB 968x1044 pathetic.png)
>>253104 >left his phone in the uber drivers car and then the uber driver couldn't be phuked getting it back to him so yeah stolen property and the Гунт's a bish for not going beating the Mexican uber drivers face in
Gaytor and Rand are shitting all over Jewish Moon right now. Gaytor is upset jewsh tried to tie the vtuber pedo stuff to daddy metocare.
Open file (415.32 KB 748x904 226562565.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJOS5N_18tY Clips from Cuckieta's new Lolcows hot tub stream
Open file (529.42 KB 1536x2048 GSDe15EXUAU5ANe.jpg)
Open file (311.96 KB 1211x2048 GSDe15IWMAA-RMz.jpg)
>>253110 Kinda funny how >we predicted this would happen half a decade ago.
>>253072 Randpedo makes jewsh look like a saint.
>>253109 >Gaytor is upset jewsh tried to tie the vtuber pedo stuff to daddy metocare. Paypig symbiosis is so weird. It's the same with vtubers and vsimps. Dab on the vtubers, the audience get personally offended. Dab on specific members of the audience and they deflect to the vtuber in order to rally support. Gaytor was front and center of that meet and greet, yet he deflects to "how could you bully a crippled old man's legacy"? lol I'm running the stream through whisper so should have an idea where to clip in a bit.
>>253113 When did /cow/ predict dis doe?
Open file (6.20 MB 330x587 miku_left.gif)
Open file (4.75 MB 330x587 gator_center.gif)
Open file (5.69 MB 330x587 teto_right.gif)
Open file (926.29 KB 1654x654 gator_cope_stream.png)
>noone cares about gaytor >it's all about gym Gaytor hunting is dope. I'm counting the days to anime matsuri.
>>253121 >questioning /cow/ Hownuru?
>>253122 ofc, you always bench the worst players, amazing how theyre so isolated in their little pedo bubble that they actually believe its not paedophilia unless you are convicted of child rape
Open file (343.82 KB 2048x2048 flam_humiliation.png)
>>253124 Yeah. For vanguards of the old internet as inherited by daddy gym, it's weird to see people rationalise bullying pedos as a means to protect victims as opposed to bullying them for the sake of it. The vast amount of internet users aren't that much of a bleeding heart.
Open file (238.97 KB 556x472 GSECvUDaUAA4et1.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbcZoAABCOA >Carl apologizes to Jess Phillips 5 years too late
Open file (296.34 KB 2028x1578 1558738173481.jpg)
>>253126 So he would then?
>>253100 Truly a jcaesar187aGAWD
Open file (22.70 KB 336x188 roast.png)
FIRE?! Andrew Wilson! Is It Okay To MAKE FUN Of Men With A Small D?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #177 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad8HWFxkCeI
>>253112 bad toes they bend inward
Open file (46.43 KB 837x351 1491115383996.png)
Open file (69.49 KB 745x334 707050816831.png)
Open file (522.48 KB 1152x1408 1594160354094.png)
Another banger from the non-owner, non-editor, sometimes operator of the fandom pulse https://fandompulse.substack.com/p/sony-subsidiary-crunchyroll-speed Might just say, Shueisha had a massive fear mongering and C&D campaign against manga sites back when they were launching their previous platform. Think it was not long after onemanga died. The official licensee is always going to throw their weight around to make it the most of the investments.
Open file (3.75 MB 2479x1363 roasted.png)
>>253132 >roasted Indeed
>>253133 how old is dis bish 73?
Open file (901.36 KB 2113x2249 GSFSP4KaUAMNM7o.jpg)
Open file (430.93 KB 2048x1467 GSFSP5-aUAQgW3Z.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 siegethot_pathetic.png)
Open file (172.62 KB 752x489 1719894106643970.png)
>>253135 What kind of person gives money to an e-celeb. I never gave any of these pieces of shit a dime in over 10 years.
>>253137 I've never either but tbf she rides the Christcuck simp grift and Jeremy Hambly is a high paying simp
Open file (27.04 KB 500x500 Boxxy.jpg)
>>253137 So who did you give money to over 10 years ago?
Here are some thoughts and rough timestamps on the Rand Gaytor stream. Keep in mind it was 6 h 30 min. So don't complain about essays when I'm saving you time actually with this outline. 1:02:00 - Rand tries to dub Gaytor as the "Sad Girl Whisperer" hoping it will stick. It won't bc Gaytor has no fans. Sorry Rand, your damage control for your buddy won't work. 1:27:00 - Gaytor talks about Offkai. He brags that Kirsche managed to get snuck into the convention despite being problematic. Randbot asks does that mean IRL or on a screen? And Gaytor has to pathetically explain it was only on a screen virtually. LMAO. Whoa big victory there, faggot. You sure showed those sjws at Offkai. 1:30:00 - Some fag simp bought Kirsche, the Vtuber, a really obscure nice modded submachine gun. The KRISS Vector. Fuckin' simps man. Projecting their love of guns onto women, who don't care. She ain't gonna fuck you bc you bought her a gun you personally like. Kys simp faggots. Randbot is jealous of Kirsche's simp money. 1:42:56 - Gaytor explains what a Fujoshi is. They deride fujoshis as rotten women coomers who like weird anime/hentai. Even though it's obvious Gaytor and Rand like loli and yuri (2 girls kissing or in sexual scenarios) whereas fujoshis like yaoi (homosexual scenarios of boys/men). So Gaytor and Rand are the male equivalent of fujoshis but are ignorant of this. 1:47:24 - Superchat gives Randbot a new Asian lolcow who is clearly mentally ill and makes videos ranting about his small dick size. 1:47:30 - They joke that Gaytor is going to turn Pafu, their guest Vtuber, into his wife. Rand admits to trying to set Gaytor up with a Polish girl and another Vtuber and it didn't work. 1:48:55 - Asian mentally ill lolcow stuff. His name is Tamir Kitan. 2:00:00 - Rand complains that Kirsche brags about buying a house from Vtubing while people are still sending her free submachine guns. She's buying a house in New England. And Randbot is very jealous that he can't get simp paypigs to pay him that much. 2:01:00 - Gaytor and Rand are salty that both Pippa and Kirsche were Asmongold simps and they wanna fuck Asmongold. Good, I hope all these female Vtubers break your fuckin' simp hearts, bitch. You shouldn't be simping for these hoes anyway. 2:04:00 - Rand shits on a 37 year old woman past the wall who's coping. Has no self-awareness about how busted and bad his wife looks. Gaytor says he doesn't look nearly as busted as this woman despite being the same age. Lol. 2:08:00 - Rand's son enters the stream. They kiss and Rand sends him off on a trip to the coast with cousins overnight. 2:15:00 - Rand complains that the lead female in the Borderlands movie is an old hag. Then he suggests bringing in all young hot Vtubers to fill the roles in the movie instead. Not understanding that is also equally as pozzed as the sjws filling up roles with older women to spite the male gaze. Hmm, let's replace feminist faggotry with vtuber faggotry. No. Let's not. 2:30:00 - Pafu joins. 2:41:25 - Rand is upset that SawaGrapes, a little obscure Vtuber he was grooming is now ignoring him, after she is growing big enough to get a normie audience on youtube. And she is apparently rejecting the nazi racists now. 2:47:32 m - Gaytor theorizes that Fagmenco was trooning out and why he liked the doujin "Boy Soprano." Then they blame foxdickfarms for theorizing with no evidence. Which ironically, was exactly what Gaytor was doing about Fagmenco. When foxdickfarms speculates with 0 evidence, it's bad. When Gaytor speculates with 0 evidence, it's good. 2:48:40 - There's lot of sexual innuendo with this 25 year old Vtuber whore. They all clearly wanna fuck her badly, esp Rand. She does sound pretty cute. You can feel the estrogen through the microphone. And she's saying words like "pussy" so she's playing into the lust a bit. Gaytor is more of a gentlemen here, but Rand is the more suggestive one. I wonder what his ugly fat wife thinks about Rand flirting so hard with a 25 year old girl? 2:52:30 - They are watching a video of Pafu eat a block of tofu for $50. They are getting off on Pafu's eating noises and gagging as she says "pussy." You can feel Gaytor's and Rand's cocks engorging with blood in real time. 3:03:00 - Pafu says "Shondo - I don't like her model. It's too busy for me. It's not the loli that I like." 3:06:00 - Rand says he has a psycho stalker alog but in real life, this stalker is a pilot. "A Wife In VR? / AWIVR" turned on Rand following Offkai, and is now making videos calling Rand and Pond sweaty gamers. So Rand cried to Graf to get him banned from poast. So he got banned. Damn, I searched on Odysee for these videos but I can't find them. Found him. https://odysee.com/@AWIVR:2 Hmm, looks like some good stuff on his channel. One video on the "TheTheGatorGamerGamer Question." More videos attacking Rand and Pond 1 month ago. Yep, checks out. That was Gaytor's influence at Offkai. Haha. 3:08:00 - Rand and Gaytor agree that everyone that hates Graf is a bad person. 3:11:30 - Rand is listening to ear-rape of a Vtuber little girl doing the baby goo-goo gaga voice and blowing out her mic. God, I hate how much Rand and Gaytor love these little girl ear rape videos. I don't understand how weeblosers can listen to this shit for hours. I'm not a blind anime hater either. I like some anime. But I hate Vtubers. All of them. I hate the poorly-animated rigs that move left or right a little. I hate the nerds sock-puppeting them. I hate the simps. I hate the grift too. Fuck you all. Pt. 2 coming later when I have time. Source: https://rumble.com/v562u76-debate-lords-6-player-magichan-party.html
>>253139 I got into this whole Thing back in 2010 when i found Dickie Spencer's altright.com website, the first one, after being on OG /pol/. Never gave anyone a dime lol.
>>253135 You just got a new car and leave the keys lying on the dirty ground. Very respectful to the simps who pay your expenses. I looked up the value this Jeep Wrangler is estimated $30k. Cost to fill tank about $80. E-girls always go for the expensive cars, as long as someone else is paying for it.
>>253140 >Rand admits to trying to set Gaytor up with a Polish girl and another Vtuber and it didn't work. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
>>253142 30k is expensive for a new car?
is this what we get now instead of another all time banger godwinson stream about it
daiymo is gone off youtube it seems too along with the skeleton hoe song
Open file (1.19 MB 474x474 guntgoogleyeye3.gif)
>>253147 >self proclaimed honorary mexican <tourist sexpest stunning and brave
>>253147 lol la flama blanca
>>253135 did she really fall for the old green gourd sales trick, lmao youve got a lot to learn melonie lady
>>253153 She's an autist who rambles about Lara Croft and gets paid lots of money for existing and saying "Faggot" and "Christ is Kang" and "Read your Bible everyday" while careening towards middle age . She isn't going to learn shit >Jesus got me the jeep. Paypigs only supported me. Jeremy is just a fwend not an employer.
>>253155 >Jesus cares about a Jeep These fake Christians are awful.
Open file (2.73 MB 640x360 1589196686217.webm)
speed. of. science.
>>253157 >fake christian >not as retarded as your average roastie christcuck I know from watching the whatever podcast that women pick and choose elements of christianity without knowing anything about theology
Open file (93.09 KB 526x245 5435454.jpg)
>>253160 >mathew the tax collector
Open file (390.60 KB 1324x843 1334018989314.png)
>>253155 Jesus take the wheel, Leo's back.
*SMUCKLES* METOCARE ON LIFE SUPPORT >253159 Yep. Salad bar Christians and salad bar feminists
>>253163 did he bring his spiderman lunchbox, i thought back2school wasnt till august
Why is he such a hypocrite?
Open file (571.86 KB 400x167 YayCapitalism.gif)
>>253144 >30k is expensive It's expensive if you're not making like 50k a year. The average wage slave makes considerably less than that. Most people can't afford to buy a new car right off the lot. Only Jewtubers and Jewish lawyers. Melonie's jerb is the same as Jewshua's jerb. To give her opinion on trannies and receive ̶h̶a̶n̶d̶j̶o̶b̶s̶ handouts. E-celebs live life on Easy mode. Call people Nigerians so the Boomer media will cancel you. Then 12 year olds who think you're funny will pay for your Jeep with their parent's credit cards. Idiocracy was a documentary. Melonie's friend Chrissie just had on her show that N-word girl and the Hawk Tuah girl. I'm sure these 304s will be raking in easy money from enamored simps. When the meme stops being funny they might even start an OF. It's like the Cash Me Outside girl. A chick who is above a 5 says something creates a retarded catchphrase and my jewish mothers it for all it's worth. Girls who want to make money but don't want to take their clothes off go for the tradcon grift.
Open file (530.29 KB 700x441 1588402297776.png)
Open file (4.88 MB 1500x2250 801997787053.png)
>>253163 The Iconoclast.
Open file (1.40 MB 2316x3088 1698803988850.jpeg)
>>253166 He does the same shit to make Mint Salad look more retarded than she actually is to contrive a reason to bitch about Dax and Riley bickers they sided with Digitroon, by default in Dax's case. "I wish more people would engage in the community more and do x, y and z" Yeah I guess he also thinks he's subtle saying he wants unpaid labor from the forum too
>>253169 clearly mocking the fact its obviously larping as a little kid like all the vtubers that only appeal to pedos cuz of their perverted ageplay and minge salad is actually legally retarded, you are the retard and you work for free
Open file (1.24 MB 498x498 95858998989259856.gif)
>>253170 >"No U"(?) Can I get that in English? >legally retarded Citation please. >work for free This is play to me, baby
>>253171 >im too stupid to even know what you just said, huhu hold my hand and speak to me like a child or else 0wned congrats on this, seriously
>woman prattle on the Killstream this Friday Kiki really turning April ghosting her into a grift I guess. >jcaesar187 bent the knee to Mayr finally bickers Sargon bent the knee to Jess Philips? https://x.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1811117582071509144 >>253172 Your writing sucks ass. But I guess that would be my fault too no doubt for not instantly intuiting what you mean. Also you gave no citation as to where and how she is legally retarded, which she well might be. I just don't trust the final janitor of foxdickfarms as my source for such claims
>>253173 keanu is just some onlyfans whore right? I'm surprised chrissie and her roastiecast have never been on whatever.
Open file (2.73 MB 1392x1392 01039.png)
>>253163 Why is Sargon putting on suits and going on tv shows again? Why grovel to Jess Philipps now? Is he trying some kind of political comeback? Something weird is going on. I haven't watched that full Sargon apology video yet but wew. I think Peter Hitchens made Sargon cuck to to Jess Phillips to try to grant Sargon more political access. It's not that Sargon actually had a change of heart. It has to be more cynical; that he is vying for political power again. >>253167 And ugly girls like Gura, Pippa, and Kirsche go for the Vtuber grift bc they have no beauty or sex appeal to sell. But they are still all buying houses from Vtubing. Despite being ugly, they're still cashing out. >>253159 It's easy to pick on braindead bimbos and then claim that women cherrypick theology Why do you think Andrew Wilson goes on there so frequently? but if you look closely, you will find men cherrypick as well. It's a human/religious problem but your biases are being reinforced by the media you consume on Whatever. >>253155 Holy shit! Lmao. >>253173 <Andrew Wilson vs Adam Green. Finally. I've been waiting for this ever since they botched the first debate. I see Wilson is finally picking on someone his own size instead of 20 year old floosies. I will watch this.
Open file (3.33 MB 854x480 isZY3XLaaqyy.mp4)
>>253173 what retard needs a citation to see someone is a retard, im sure spreading your ass on a yoga ball is very popular among erudites
Open file (159.64 KB 657x527 225526263623542265625.png)
>>253174 She also a "comedian" like Chrissie and the midget. >>253176 >Why is Sargon putting on suits and going on tv shows again? Why grovel to Jess Philipps now? Is he trying some kind of political comeback? Something weird is going on. I haven't watched that full Sargon apology video yet but wew. I think Peter Hitchens made Sargon cuck to to Jess Phillips to try to grant Sargon more political access. It's not that Sargon actually had a change of heart. It has to be more cynical; that he is vying for political power again. Yeah like jcaesar187 suggested he do the other day right before he bent the knee to Chrissie Mayr >>253177 I mean besides that being true of many women in general even if not technically and legally speaking, I could be considered a retard too. Am I also not allowed to have sex either or are only dumb women not allowed to? And how dumb exactly? If she were legally dumb enough, her parents should be able to have her inhibited from doing so. But lacking that wouldn't stop Jewsh and his mouthbreathers- I mean community from still claiming retards are being raped and other similar fabricated bullshit
>>253176 Pedos do not like ugliness they go for the "Cuties" which is the only thing we can all relate on as a species. No one likes uggos that's why it would be super based to ban makeup and vtuber avatars. Forcing women to show their "real beauty" they would have to retire or suck dick for Jeeps. I also look forward to the day when OF models are put out of business by AI. Then they will have to be tradcon for real bickers there'd be no other option.
>>253178 you make me smile
>>253176 >Why is Sargon who cares tho, he doesn't just glow from an orbit from earth, his glow is observable from other galaxies he will always just be there with some astro turfed whatever whether anyone pays attention or not, just like the alex jones show
>>253173 i'm sure these women are all nice enough people and all but yeah, that's a pass from me dawg as far as tuning in I mean, you've kinda heard it all before where jcaesar187 tries to do the whole 'im a ladies man' thing. I guess it might be good to piss off some alongs, but its their cocks i'll be interested in, not the original
Open file (818.45 KB 946x2048 1530596211275.png)
Open file (46.06 KB 882x117 931753224368.png)
Open file (84.77 KB 607x603 851101878450.png)
>>253140 >Gaytor is more of a gentlemen here That's just what he wants you to think, and then boom. He has your discord, your facebook, your social security.
>>253183 Good to have you back calculator coom >>253176 Hey paedo, kys
Open file (513.13 KB 1280x1280 93837116743.jpeg)
>>253184 heh stay home bitch
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
Open file (1.43 MB 1280x720 GUNTed2.gif)
Open file (590.64 KB 360x480 guntchecked.gif)
>>253183 Гунт has the worst track record for getting his ass beat all the time, maybe Гунт has humiliation fetish
>>253185 >Hey paedo, kys get new material you one-note fuck, you stink of cope. cant for the day you get arrested for having a petabyte of babyfuck on your PC.
this is the best documentary ive seen covering /gg/. nevar5get https://youtu.be/z3uYx8mHFkM
metocuck, allegedly dying and retired streamer, is on lolcow live confronting boogie on possible faking cancer. metocuck just loves to revive dying shows. he pulled kinocasino from the brink and let tardski and fatasston lie to his face about knowing baked alaska owned powerchat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byvgw7FDlRs
Part 2 outline of the Rand and Gaytor stream with a Vtuber named Pafu: 3:12:54 - Pafu screams "But she's not gonna fuck you!" talking about Vtubers and simps. Gaytor then chimes in, "No, they never do." In a moment of peak irony and personal experience from Gaytor shining through. 3:29:00 - Rand describes 2 parasites in competition within a host, and Gaytor likens it to the sector. Rand and Gaytor say the drama community (the sector) is a human centipede shitting in each other's mouths. The butthurt towards "the sector" is palpable. Then they describe the sector as a line of faggots inserted into each other in a train orgy. Then some cohost describes the sector as "the sphincter." 3:36:55 - Gaytor says he can prove he didn't participate in any Offkai orgies bc he didn't get sick. Wheras all the little girl Vtubers like Pippa, Marimari, and Kirsche got Covid after Offkai, suggesting they were kissing and intimate with strangers. 3:47:50 - Gaytor says Offkai marks up the merchandise badly. He also spent a ton of money at PhaseConnect. 4:10:55 - Gaytor: Jewsh and jcaesar187 got really mad about the meet and greet I did at Offkai. Rand: Kiki got her confidence back and isn't scared of Jewsh Moon anymore bc Pond told Kiki Jewsh has erectile dysfunction. Kiki isn't scared anymore of foxdickfarms, according to Pond. Gaytor says Kiki's fans got really mad when Rand said Gaytor was at Offkai to talk to his friend Kiki, which implied they were romantically-involved. Kiki's fans seethed at the idea of their little girl oshii taking BIG GAYTOR COCK giving her a stomach bulge and then urinating all over her, like Kiki enjoys. Suffah simps. 4:14:13 - Rand: Jewsh Moon declared war on all Vtubers and walked it back. Jewsh got everything wrong about Kiki or deliberately lied about it. Gaytor describes how Jewsh reads the threads on foxdickfarms and then misremembers them and gets everything wrong in real time on streams. Rand says Jewsh caused Kiki's audience to double in a month. Jewsh called Pippa and Kirsche sweaty gamers. Gaytor is upset Jewsh tried to tie the Pippa pedo scandal to Gym. Rand says there is no evidence Pippa and Kirsche are paedophiles. (Utter bullshit from Rand). Rand keeps suggesting Jewsh was hit with a legal threat by a Vtuber company while Gaytor says he knows nothing about it. It is funny though how Jewsh called them all sweaty gamers while he made fun of Rekieta for calling Montagraph a pedo (with little evidence). And violated his own rule about only calling someone a pedo if he can sleep soundly at night knowing he killed a pedo by shooting them in the head. 4:19:30 - Rand is perplexed that Jewsh attacks him more than the trannies attacking his site. Rand says Kirsch has a bigger audience than MATI. Rand says Jewsh is a retard for going after Kirsche bc Kirsche uses foxdickfarms and has defended you, Jawsh. Pafu says she doesn't know anyone in the sector but she knows Jewsh has erectile dysfunction and that's all she needs to know about him. Rand claims Jewsh solicited him to join the Farms and do a tell-all on jcaesar187 exposing him when Rand snaked his master. So Rand send him a Parappa clip about slamming his penis in the car door. And Jewsh has been fuming about Rand ever since. 4:27:00 - Gaytor says he would immediately ejaculate if a short Vtuber girl judo flipped him onto the ground. 4:29:00 - Rand says Pond did a whole episode on her own defending Kiki, the pedo. And exonerated Kiki. Gaytor says the whole hentai tag stream was a shitpost and Kiki was just fucking around (more lies from Gaytor). Gaytor says Jewsh is a liar and hypocrite. And that Jewsh and jcaesar187 are two sides of the same coin. Rand says Jewsh, the owner of foxdickfarms is one of the biggest lolcows himself. https://streamable.com/zawf6j - Rand dox on streamable since I can't post videos over 3MB here anymore.
>>253191 metocuck is repeating what everyone else for over an hour now has been saying but with his reddit-esque inflection
Open file (640.37 KB 862x592 Rand face cam 2.png)
4:43:00 - Gaytor is mad he didn't take a P.P.P. loan bc he thought it was illegal and obeyed the law. While others did not and just got free scam money. Even daddy Metocare who got one through an LLC called "Glad I Could Help" through Jade registered to a PO Box in Minnesota. 4:49:00 - Pafu says she hates DokiDoki's Vtuber model. Rand calls Dokibird stupid while Gaytor likes her and simps her for. Gaytor says his oshi is Mint. 4:54:00 - Rand keeps force-feeding Pafu nazi memes and videos. He's really laying it on thick. You can feel her resisting them mentally despite laughing along with the jokes. It's uncomfortable. 5:02:53 - Rand reveals he proposed to his wife on a picnic with a bottle of champagne, a lobster, and a wheel of Brie cheese. The really fat Jewish wife. Pafu says, "What is she, a 6 foot tall dinosaur?" (Nah, but she's uglier than one.) Rand who is normally witty despite his alcoholism and brain damage has nothing witty to say except "She's shorter than me." Rand claims his wife is Irish. Lmao. That's one fugly Irish woman, if true. Rand says his wife is an educator. (So basically from what I gathered on past streams, Rand's wife has a cushy, good-paying job and that allows him be a NEET dinking around larping as a nazi but making little money online). 5:06:07 - Rand doxes his general location in Australia when searching for local Asian food. It shows that he lives in Canberra. 5:18:30 - Pafu thanks the streamers and announces she's leaving the stream now. Rand tries to say she's welcome back anytime and she agrees. (Yeeeeeeah, she's never coming back. Lol. You can just feel it. This bitch will not be a Randbot regular.) 5:37:00 - Pond joins the stream saying, "Hello all my peedophile friends." Randbot says "Hello my fellow peedophile." They are now tring to own the meme. 5:41:00 - Pond says Jewsh Moon is a bitter bitch bc he can't get an erection. Gaytor celebrates that Kiki's numbers are even higher after Moon tried to cancel her. (God, that is some faggotass shit from Gaytor. Who celebrates Vtuber numbers besides simps, Gaytor, and fags like Metocare? Stop living vicariously through your gay oshi. Their success is not yours. You're still a loser.) 6:01:30 - Rand and Gaytor talk about Dr. Disrespect's minor grooming scandal. Rand chides Dr. Disrespect for cheating on his wife and trying to groom minors on Twitch while arguably having a long distance relationship with Pondul his female cohost. And getting close to several Vtuber girls like SawaGrapes, Kirsche, Kiki, and now Pafu. Rand says there are people that sided with Jewsh Moon and said Kiki was a pedo and then said Dr. Disrespect was getting metoo'ed. Imagine being so wrong on both topics, says Rand. 6:02:00- Stream is basically over now. Source: https://rumble.com/v562u76-debate-lords-6-player-magichan-party.html
>>253191 lol that was back when he pretended it was about laughing at random targets on the internet these days it's like the whole system at large, it doesn't even pretend anymore
Open file (348.24 KB 489x571 Gator stunned.png)
>>253184 Damn. Pafu got fired from her normie job after one appearance on Rand and Gaytor's podcast? Jesus. Thanks Rand and Gaytor! You ruined this girl's life. That is really fucked up. I don't like any of them. Rand, Gaytor, or Pafu. But she should be allowed to say chink or nig at home. Cancel culture.
Open file (295.25 KB 1210x1000 9285928929292.png)
>>253184 Did Gaytor just said he hates 4chan??? That pedo is obsessed with that board, what the fuck. If there is someone responsible for getting that stupid bitch fired are Gaytor and Rand from grooming that retard into their paedo show
>>253199 they are all shills man, if this person really lost their real job they can blame the government shills bickers they buzzed around like flies and then oh suddenly they're all stalked AF
Open file (1.29 MB 1253x1188 9285928592.png)
https://www.youtube.com/live/JHfRrWpQFHY >I'm covering trials now, guys! Pussy is only on Youtube tho
Open file (415.32 KB 748x904 226562565.png)
Open file (218.84 KB 1024x768 based_destiny.png)
Open file (99.61 KB 1041x817 tiny_jf_murder.jpeg)
>>253191 Wait. So was it tiny leading the charge against the cancer grifiting? Aaahh gonna have to catch up on streams at 2x speed on the background later today. TOTAL CANCER GRIFTER DEATH
so gym is bald eh not from chemo or whatever but actually lol
Metocare wanted to see Boogie's cock. He demanded the dick several times. When no one else on the panel wanted to see it. Really makes ya think. 😂😂😂 'Member when Bryan Dunn did the same thing in private? And got destroyed for it? 🎵🎶 Let me take you to the gay bar. Gay bar. 🎵🎶 @2:33:22-2:34:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byvgw7FDlRs
Open file (360.48 KB 310x401 QoPs wifes son.png)
>>253205 hello bryan
Open file (283.29 KB 220x258 289525329365293629653.gif)
>>253206 Not this time. Just thought that was interesting. And something that would get swept from Kino Casino.
>>253185 I'll throw you a bone. Do you have a waifu? I'll render her in my current style. For free! You are bound to have a waifu. Who is it? Tifa? Peach? Someone more obscure? Let me know.
>>253197 you really think thats what it was, lol, literally any normal person seeing and hearing her filth knows she shouldnt be around children especially not sick ones not now not ever and it isnt cuz she says chinko
Open file (412.06 KB 526x301 untitled.png)
>>253213 fat guys get the granny look after a lifetime of fatness. TheTheGatorGamerGamer got it on his mid twenties that's rough buddy
Open file (17.35 KB 470x172 random fat guy.jpg)
Open file (40.82 KB 940x591 thehorror.jfif)
>>253213 I bet he looks exactly like tardski's rapist nanny
Open file (250.53 KB 480x480 43125d0a88.gif)
Open file (1.45 MB 500x281 NASTRA (3).gif)
>>253209 this is my furry
>>252516 >>252518 lol he keeps spamming blacked across the webring from time to time whatever he gets really butthurt with some anon, then rants about everyone else being gay and into G​AMERGATE dick, when the dude don't stop talking about G​AMERGATE dick or posting it will never understand hapas, kikes and latinx for having such a behavior
>>253224 Fuck off back to /tv/ please. Not your personal army.
Open file (147.81 KB 500x475 samidare.png)
>>253227 Just bickers gay G​AMERGATE dick was mentioned it doesn't mean he was talking about you BryBry.
Open file (22.44 KB 606x143 1240815274306.png)
Gaytor's next goal is to take down Nyanners.
Open file (82.03 KB 736x848 L1.jpg)
Open file (71.82 KB 798x503 L2.jpg)
Open file (104.22 KB 740x672 M1.jpg)
Metocare is doing a 2nd Boogie stream this weekend. I expect it to be pretty boring with lots of lame generic AI songs and LUMA uncanny valley CGI of Boogie. Also, LowTierGod is in big debt, has a daughter, and a domestic violence restraining order on him.
>>253231 >new ni gger slur from LTG what is it
Open file (218.57 KB 1080x1920 F3ReGQkXQAA4tfK.jpg)
Gaydurr grim reaper meme needed with the doors being each vtuber he fucks up
>>253227 who said anything about /tv/? oh, wait, it's you doing that, latinx incel lol >>253228 being closet homos is part of latinx culture >>253231 i never watched any of his streams since 2019, when he will finally die?
Open file (434.50 KB 1536x2048 20240711_142328.jpg)
>>253234 I know your gay drama when I see it, stupid fucking retard.
>>253232 Not sure. I was searching for it myself. It may be the person just never heard of moon cricket or porch monkey. I was watching this attack video on him, and honestly, it just made me like LTG. Some of the shit he says is hilarious, when he's shitting on blacks. Goofy video, but funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feVLWU41eKI
Hey does any have any videos/audio of some of the most edgy/controversial stuff TheGatorGamer has said? Any clips were he fedposts, or gets close to it would also be nice. I am pretty sure he was a Spencerite back before the rise of AF in like 2017-2018. Preferably audio over screenshots. Thanks.
>>253238 Or just any clip were Rand is fedposting saying kike and G​AMERGATE were TheGatorGamer can also be heard would suffice.
>>253238 You mean Reddikur? He always knew Dickie was a fag.
>>253197 >>253184 the vtuber rand and gaytor gushed over wants nothing to do with either of them any longer. gayter is kryptonite to any and all vtubers. how long has it been since he was co-host for legal dicksucker?
Open file (10.80 KB 220x168 2342523424.gif)
>we are back to 5 years ago where the sektur people are pretending a real fight is gonna happen Гунт is a god damn cocks blackhole but everybody is guilty for enabling this crap.
Open file (2.13 MB 640x360 nigger_irony.mp4)
>>253241 >being on poast >not knowing THE randbot He's kind of a big deal alongside Daniel Stevens. >>253238 I prefer irony more than gotchas, but sometimes they nicely align.
https://www.youtube.com/@colonelkurtz99 Ngl, she looks pretty good. She's a rocker, horror movie, goth larper girl that lusts after Marilyn Manson. MM's strongest soldier as Rand said. Haha.
Open file (75.47 KB 588x511 48417979.jpg)
Open file (23.50 KB 349x349 sargon_smug.jpg)
>>253244 I wouldnt even rape her
Open file (370.74 KB 405x638 when_the_bwc_hits.png)
>>253244 >>253245 >>253246 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-5ZjYpd_q8 she has appeared on a few episodes of poop coomer cucksas, the show of mary whorgan and her leprechaun cohost
>this could have been you , Gym CHUCKLES
Open file (26.01 KB 480x270 king_carl.png)
Open file (1.60 MB 2593x3458 GSPfHxma4AAbEx_.jpg)
>>253244 She's hot, but she's no Vara Dark >>253247 Duh that's right
>>253250 id dark her vara
Hello, my fellow Sweeties. What's the sektur been up to? Been away for months
Directors cut
Gaytor and Rand live talking about Pafu. https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1/2013:bc0
>>253252 >>253253 Gaytor and rand decided to die on the hill of defending and loving loli-pedo-baiting vtubers, cuck lawyer got arrested for being on crack.
>>253252 My summary up the thread is still relevant here. >>252821 The only thing I would add is that Boogie got exposed on Lolcow Live podcast for faking cancer. He got confronted by Destiny, Mutahar, Keem and Metocare about it. Kino Casino were salty about being overshadowed by this. And a couple weeks ago, Boogie promoted a crypto scam rugpull on his audience.
>>253255 get lost man, this board is a joke the admin is banning huge swaths of ips stating 'cp' it's obviously a total load of bs this isn't really a legit board anymore for the purpose it says there's clearly something else going on with it to promote an agenda, and I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything except reply to someone posting weird images I had nothing to do with cp but somehow I have to hop ips if I wanna post from now on ? nah I get what the deal is, this board exists to promote shit, not actually be real about people on the internet
>>253257 what do you expect? the admin hangs out with paypaypay.
>>253257 reported
>>253257 Hello Issac Flores!
>>253254 Again? They won't stop until they get that bitch into an asylum it seems
>>253261 theyre bullying her, vtubers rise up, gaytor and pedorand are persona non grata
>>253257 Some /tv/ related shit involving a cocksucking mod here who frequents the company of those legit troons on Ga'hoole's website. Ga'hoole was getting bullied so bad in his thread he was considering acting on his frustration so one of the mods flipped his shit, deleted the thread, and went on this crusade to find Nuzach and ever since then the board has been a mess.
Banned for being nuzach
>>253257 Is this still about OperaVPN? That was a half baked joke bickers 2 anons were on the same IP and then when it became known it was spammed. It's kind of up to you if you want to glow at that point my dude.
Open file (84.65 KB 772x773 M1.jpg)
Y'know, occasionally Metocare is pretty funny. ~10%-20% of the time.
>>253266 Im willing to throw in a tenner that the mod that threw the tantrum in question is Hanging_Flesh aka. Weasel, aka. Gay-hole's life partner.
>>253257 I also noticed this board getting deader every month. So where has everyone moved to?
>>253271 foxdicks, elon musk's twatter, whatever podcast chat
bmj is out of jail and back to streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/thebossmanjack
>>253273 >against all odds he got a deferred disposition which is basically just a suspended sentence and he will only go to prison if he breaks the conditions <meanwhile cucklawyer is never going to see his kids again and is turning his likely probation/suspended sentence into prison how does the crackhead do it?
Open file (2.89 MB 608x1080 BMJ - GODS PLAN.webm)
>>253274 >how does the crackhead do it? IT WAS GAWD'S PLAN
>>253274 its that virgina luck! >>253275 that too.
>>253276 Virginia*
Open file (2.60 MB 1392x1392 01063.png)
>>253271 >>253272 At the end of the day, everyone prefers having an account to identityfag with. Social media is made to be addictive. You get the upvotes, the follows, the subscribers to feel like you're going somewhere, friend's lists, the access to a big group of people, and not just 30 people here. And you get access to trending stuff, news, a shared community. Anonymous imageboards just can't compete. Ofc, there are people that come here to do dark ops, bc you're anonymous. To drop doxes, revenge porn, etc. But even alog accounts would rather be on Twitter. Jewsh Moonpie stole most imageboard users to foxdickfarms where one can also identityfag with. Moon would even talk about building Sneedchat within the Farms to stop people from leaving to Discord bc he saw them as competition and wanted to have complete control of what people say or post. Bc most fags would rather have gay cybersex with trannies on discord livestreams or private DM's than post here. In the past, /cow/ used to be the cultural nexus that shifted downstream to everyone else. Now "we" are the backwater that gets everything last. It's why people mostly post Twitter screencaps here. "We" get their backwash. The big events happen on youtube streams, but mainly twitter. "We" don't have any influence anymore. But that's just the nature of the game; the power has shifted to discord and twitter. Imageboards are dead dinosaurs. Except for 4chan. That is still relevant. But elite powers destroyed imageboards when they pulled the plug on 8chan after the Tarrant shooting. Now factor in tvchan spamming faggots like Nuzach and the mod just banning all his free VPN ranges. So for the average guy using these free VPN's, it becomes harder and harder to post, esp if you are trying to post files over 3MB, which we took for granted here in the past bc we felt superior to 4chan, which can't post gifs or files up to 16 MB. Now we stooped down to their level unless you are paying for a good VPN. It becomes harder to post so I imagine at some point, the more casual user just leaves instead of trying to post something 15 times and failing. Why frustrate himself here, when he has Twitter and Discord to get his dopamine and fluff his ego there? He can go get a ton of attention and subs like a Kinogay does. >>253254 What I find ironic about this is that Rand and Gaytor theorized that a cabal of trannies contacted Pafu's employers to get her fired on the 4chan vt boards. Rand likened it to turtles hatching on the beach and then rushing to the ocean while getting picked off by seagulls eating them before they reach the ocean. But truth is, I would bet a lot of the people doing gayops/life ruination are Vtubers themselves. And jealous simps. Vtubers would simply be killing their competition. And yes, a lot them are probably trannies. I bet they are jealous and cutthroat like everyone else. They are all trying to make money and are buying houses. So yeah, they know there is limited market. If you split the pie into a thousand pieces, your slice is 1%. I bet GawrGura goes to sleep at night thinking, "Thank god I made it and got rich. I don't know how much longer this can go on before I'm irrelevant and everyone is a Vtuber but I need to make sure I get as much now as I can before my career is over." Don't be surprised when it comes out all these little girl Vtubers were doxing each other and killing their competition in secret gayops. While pretending to be cute little girls in public streams, tricking simpedos like Gaytor and Rand.
>>253278 hey pedo, kys.
>>253276 >virgina yas ples sir
>>253248 >the kike cock sucker stare
>>253275 Looks like flamenco and jcaesar187 in a blender.
Open file (96.78 KB 1092x337 1.jpg)
Open file (12.61 MB 1280x720 Bpfvsgunt.mp4)
Open file (5.11 MB 1280x720 GuntvsBPF2.mp4)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 Gunt beating live.gif)
>>253285 >ragepig raging >try's to rage kick Andrew >kicks Adam instead >then kicks Andrew lmao what a pathetic display Гунт ANDREW WON
Open file (539.00 KB 406x638 calculator_coom.mp4)
>>253285 damn jcaesar187 got shook
Open file (58.73 KB 754x1158 928525298529656925.jpg)
>>253285 Pathetic, jcaesar187
hopefully TheGatorGamer wears his XXL kirsche shirt in public
>>253289 Honestly, sunset everyone involved in this. Kirsche, the simp that designed the shirt, the simp that designed the Kirsche logo, the simp that bought her a Kriss Vector submachine gun, and simp Gaytor for buying Vtuber merch. That is all. Also, those overpriced merch shirts are always poorly cut. They aren't fitted and just hang on your body like a wet dishrag. They design all mens' shirts for an idealized athletic torso like pic related. So when you are obese and have gyno like Gaytor, you just look like a clown.
>>253291 herro this is the gay tor gay mor
Open file (43.23 KB 293x374 Godwinson chav gf.jpg)
Open file (341.03 KB 472x708 Godwinson Baron Edge.jpg)
Open file (14.64 MB 432x243 Ralphamale.gif)
Twitter really wants you to know that federal informant Nicholas J. Fuentes is trending yet again. And you should join his honeypot movement.
Open file (624.90 KB 2302x1964 gaytor2.png)
Open file (51.81 KB 763x323 M1.jpg)
Open file (100.57 KB 697x845 M2.jpg)
Sometimes it comes across like Metocare is enjoying his illness, like it makes him feel special and like it's his identity. I realize that is what he's dealing with every day, so then it dominates your life and has to become your identity somewhat. And I know one can only cope by cracking jokes.
Open file (33.86 KB 474x474 59226562529659265625.jpg)
>>253299 >MunchausenMunchausenMunchausen
Open file (230.33 KB 1536x2048 GSGbTxhXgAADZ9z.jpg)
>>253301 analdrew Гунтed so hard, he probably cried to his whore wife and her kids about it
Open file (617.38 KB 1125x879 Elaine path.png)
>>253301 >i won >classic bloodsports >>253302 >analdrew Гунтed so hard In terms of classic bloodsports the first person to ragequit or ragekick is the loser and since Гунт ragekicked Andrew that would make jcaesar187 the loser.
Open file (714.80 KB 968x1044 pathetic.png)
>>253303 nah, whoever goes home to a whore wife and someone elses kids is the loser, everytime, no petty imaginary victory will undo the reality of being an actual loser
>>253305 This. If you raise another man's orgasm with the whore, you are a gelded cuckold and nothing will save you. It's the IRL equivalent of being a prison bitch.
Open file (16.60 KB 300x310 252156256262552.jpg)
Open file (238.97 KB 556x472 GSECvUDaUAA4et1.png)
>>253305 >being a stepdad is worse than having Mexicans fuck your exwaif in front of you
>>253307 fallacious argument false equivalency strawman worse is a subjective comparative define mexican
Open file (1.54 MB 1088x1216 sargon dead 2.png)
>stepdad = cuckold fallacy
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 25265265522.gif)
>>253308 >fallacious argument >false equivalency How so? One is a literal cuckold. The other is charity unless you are poor or never have your own children. >strawman So steelman your own position >worse is a subjective comparative Unless you are an unskilled poor person who has to panhandle on Rumble for torta money >define mexican Irrelevant. Anyone fucking your exwaif in front of you is a L. Unless you are a poor person in Merida who wants to fuck fat goblinas and needs an excuse to do so.
nu/cow/ is dead and it was murdered by some shit stain with half an idea. Anon comes in on a free VPN that over the years has been a well known resource of many /cow/boys nu and old. Anon then spams the most vile shit in an effort to get the entire ip range of said VPN banned. This shit stain most likely runs around with the last name Dunn and now nu/cow/ rots. What do we have left? The guy that posts way too much green little girls blowing monster dicks and is more verbose than Dennis Miller hopped up on methamphetamine laced mocha latte espressos. Or the guy that calls that previous guy a pedo every time he posts? I think the goblin faggot is calculator-kun or -anon or whatever you fucking forgetful idiots call a namefag on an ANONYMOUS IMAGE BOARD BRYAN DUNN WON HE KILLED /nu/cow Just like he beat the Гунт in a fist fight that time that didn't happen. I hate using tor. Unban opera's free vpn so nu/cow/ can once again shine as bright as the dark little corner of the internet it is Also gahool is stupid and fat and I have never understood why you faggots are so enamored with him. He's a real life Shrek. Maybe that's the reason. I don't know. This was way harder to post than necessary. Tor users cannot upload files. It was just the pathetic goose image.
>>253310 >replying to pseudointellectual gibberish how low is your brow that it just flies right over you citation needed idiot
Open file (847.84 KB 780x1171 655536840377.png)
>>253311 >Anon comes in on a free VPN that over the years has been a well known resource of many /cow/boys nu and old No, like I said, within a week of it being known it was banned for cp. If you want to farm outrage, there's a UPC business ASN on the ban pile too. I don't particularly care bickers I don't make it a habit of browsing from work, but there you go. That said FREEDOM FOR OPERAVPN, THE LAST BASTION OF INTERNET ANONYMITY
Open file (17.91 KB 266x365 Bryan Atlas fat.jpg)
https://rumble.com/v56oyl9-killstream-andrew-wilson-vs-adam-green-keanu-thompson-debut.html jcaesar187 to Andrew Wilson: "This ain't Whatever. This ain't some fuckin' faggot Jew who's gonna protect you. Fuck you." @7:52:25 BASED BASED BASED WHATEVER HATE @8:04:32 jcaesar187 to Wilson: "Anybody can beat up on these onlyfans whores, literally and figuratively." @8:06:16 jcaesar187 on Wilson: "He thinks bc some Jew that runs the Whatever podcast brings him on a house nig, that makes him something. That makes him a faggot." @8:07:19 Adam Green on Whatever: "Whatever podcast is making fun of onlyfans girls but they're also promoting and profiting off onlyfans girls. Girls go on there and get a huge spike in followers and subscribers." Yep, I've been saying this for months. Whatever needs the whores for clickbait and kontent and the whores need Whatever for onlyfans subs and exposure. That's the grift. Then on the show, Whatever and their Christian cronies will tell you it's wrong and try to browbeat the girls for making money while they are making money off the spectacle. What a fucking joke. Whatever and onlyfans whores are yin and yang, existing in harmony together. Peanut butter and jelly glued together on bread. I'm just glad other people are waking up to this now. Also funny that every time Andrew Wilson picks on somebody his own size, he gets his ass handed to him. It's easy to pick on 20 year old whores who think they have the world figured out from baby's first sociology class. Much harder to debate dude's your own age, with their own developed worldview. And who aren't hearing your shitty argument for the first time in their lives on a livestream.
Open file (71.53 KB 1280x720 2526526626256253323.jpg)
Open file (408.43 KB 1100x1100 43243243.jpg)
PRAY FOR TRUMP BY BUYING A HAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWYQCPeZf7U
>>253315 everyones been saying it its called inceltainment (do not steal i coined that term)
Open file (202.42 KB 1230x1365 GSZtqA8WEAA7XVY.jpg)
>>253319 BREAKING! Trump shot! Survives assassinations! He just won the presidency if he lives! Congratulations, you turned him into a martyr, hero, and figure for people to rally around and handed him the election. And in typical nu/cow/ fashion, /cow/ won't let me post. "Connection failed." On no VPN. Thanks /cow/. You can now enjoy 360p video since /cow/ won't allow higher res.
>>253322 ofc, anything to make him look like a rebel or opposition to the establishment drain the swampchrist is king
Open file (877.61 KB 1342x892 DUP UNBTFO.png)
dup just won all 50 states biden bros not like this...
Open file (3.70 MB 1280x720 godwinson_3.mp4)
>deformed ears are now in vogue
Open file (521.20 KB 823x823 470647267233.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 350x248 SHAME CUBE.gif)
>>253332 omfg lmao how embarrassing for me
Open file (433.36 KB 820x1159 432432432.jpg)
>>253332 meep meep
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 whatever host.png)
>>253335 seething steven is going to kill himself at this rate
Open file (28.36 KB 497x368 GSZ8PiNWQAAGxRJ.jpg)
Open file (120.38 KB 945x2048 GSZ8PkYXIAALOCw.jpg)
Why'd you delete this, Melonie?
Open file (1.69 MB 640x360 82115482525.gif)
>Adolwulf gave Andrew Wilson $10
>>253291 6 seconds of silence
>>253338 she didnt biden is covering up his tracks white hats are in control
Open file (679.48 KB 589x540 231312.png)
Open file (247.92 KB 1210x908 dead.jfif)
Open file (111.27 KB 585x1266 GSaM5jZWgAA8nSa.jpg)
Open file (60.49 KB 818x777 GSaEYhVXsAAOHSY.jpg)
Open file (89.08 KB 313x192 ClipboardImage.png)
>>253344 WTFFF
>>253347 This would be kino beyond the pale if it happens.
Open file (1.09 MB 500x226 8431388-1.gif)
>>253348 absolute legend mate if it really is an antifa type it's probably just piercing damage but seriously deformed ears are making a yuge comeback!
Open file (264.23 KB 600x573 ClipboardImage.png)
>>253349 really hope it happens and he survives another attempt lmao
>>253351 hell yea brother thank you
>>253342 >>253344 So, were there two shooters? Seems I saw a report about local pigs arrested one. Clearly the kike's pet glowG​AMERGATEs killed one of their own to prevent him breaking and spilling the beans. So where was the second guy located during the rally?
Open file (1.56 MB 1027x1457 musk.png)
>>253354 Someone was shot in the head in the bleachers behind trump but it is unclear at the moment if they were involved or not.
>>253344 So. It looks like a white guy. Maybe a Jew. Antifa? It's that uncomfortable time where everyone waits for the race, religion, and politics of the shooter. Hoping it's the other team so they can blame the other side. Obviously people are expecting a mentally ill, liberal, communist, sjw, antifa tranny type with Trump-Derangement-Syndrome and probably has some 50 page manifesto. >>253353 You're welcome bro. I usually catch UFC but this one looked like a shit card. Guess I will have to watch now.
>>253356 >if they were involved or not. You mean other than getting their brains ventilated as collateral damage? That was some innocent MAGA Boomer. I'm referring to this loathsome pantyfag pig: >>253342
>>253358 Well yeah that one, most likely some innocent boomer getting brain boomed, that other pic of pantyfag is a trollop to spread disinfo
>>253355 what a strange crowd, its like theyre not even aware they were being shot at
>>253359 I see. Well, I'm pretty sure I saw a post relating a local news report of cops arresting a shooter suspect. Clearly it wasn't the glowG​AMERGATE that plugged the President's ear. Maybe it was a bogus post, maybe not. I haven't sorted the threads yet to know, just spotted the information in passing.
>>253360 They're all on their pep rally dopamine-delayed perception curve. These things happen fast. Apparently someone in this crowd was already dead & didn't know it yet.
>>253362 >>253360 Update: look at the blonde in the upper left edge. She's not looking out but to her immediate left. Maybe her husband was the innocent bystander?
>>253362 yeah i know these are slow ones but what do they think this is, a bro hug
>>253335 >>253336 SOMEONE'S CRANKY All that Progressive Victory canvassing for naught
>>253363 That's another thing. I'm a sharpshooter vet. At that range (~300M), there's no stinking way a round could deviate that far off target into the crowd behind. Maybe that was a simultaneous, last, shot ''that occurred just as the previously-scheduled cleanup shot by the glowG​AMERGATE anti-sniper 'Fixer' ? That would at least be some kind of reasonable explanation for deviating 12+ft at that range.
>>253314 The fuck are you talking about? It was several years ago when another anon and I would have the same UID bickers we were both using the free Opera VPN. You're probably the stupid Anon with half a plan I was talking about. I wasn't trying to farm outrage faggot. That sounds like Bryan Dunn talking. Fuck off. No outlines for you. Go back to Foxdick faggot!!
>>253344 Looks like a tranny... Thanks Trump, its HRT must have fucked with its aim skill.
Open file (63.72 KB 714x651 GSagt6WWMAA_kni.jpg)
Open file (160.20 KB 1280x1280 GSahdcQWQAAN-W0.jpg)
>>253365 What a piece of shit this lil peado is, regretting that Trump was not murdered. Destiny is part of the problem.
Open file (102.98 KB 728x1017 30.jpg)
>>253367 >The fuck are you talking about? The same thing you're talking about? >we didn't even contradict each other other than the premise of it being it being a viable obfuscation tool. >That sounds like Bryan Dunn talking Schizo posting is also a BryBry trait, so go nuts, buddy.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8SwaWlZzIM LEGAL MINDSET LIVE AND GAYDURR-LESS
>>253365 >>253370 At that range, with even a shitty rig there's no way the shooter could have missed an ear/temple broadside shot. I firmly believe God himself intervened to save Trump, when he abruptly turned his head directly towards the shooter that last instant; the round simply creased his cheek and gave him a new, very-cool ear piercing. I'm sure Trump suffered a minor concussive shockwave injury as well from such a near-miss, but otherwise is fine. Even just 3 or 4 degrees different yaw rotation about his neck, and Trump could have had his skull cracked open at the very least. >tl;dr It was Divine Intervention today, plain and simple.
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>253365 this little goblin is obsessed, he really needs to take a break from online politics bickers its breaking his brain
>>253373 i am so glad he's ok that woulda been a civil war right? like pretty much?
Open file (35.88 KB 811x177 12321.png)
Shooter has been identified supposedly
>>253375 You sure it won't be? Even if Trump compromised and capitulated to the Globohomo during his first term, after today's events he may just decide to give the big FUCK YOU to the kikes in Washington and run them all out of the country on a rail during his third term. Yidsrael won't sit still for this, and will shitstir all their golems they have blatantly posistioned by the millions inside the US borders (not to mention the millions more brainwashed, traitorous libshit Whites). What better man to lead USCW2 : Electric Boogaloo now? Did you actually see those defiant fist pumps seconds after being shot in a glowG​AMERGATE assassination attempt? FIGHT!! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!
Open file (1.82 MB 206x139 destiny_autism.gif)
>>253378 uh oh someone's cranky
>>253378 umm acktually destiny its criminal immunity for constitutionally empowered acts taken as the president, it doesn't apply to acts taken as a private citizen and impeachment is a congressional power that is a check on presidential power
>>253377 yeah no, i'm not sure there won't be perhaps it's been both postponed and hastened by this momentous event
>>253381 or like delayed but now confirmed i mean
>>253381 >>253382 You very well could be right Anon. As the old saying goes: 'Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And it's corollary of course: Always keep your powder dry. :^)
Open file (152.98 KB 936x1176 1548470061.jpg)
>>253383 i live in cold india sir white refugees absolutely welcome cascadia beckons
>>253384 Heh, nice. Already well-within Jefferson territory now. See you around the campfires, bro. :^)
>>253381 You're praying for a Trump monarchy which would give Trump's family absolute power, which goes against America's principles laid out by the founding fathers, in the hopes that maybe Trump (who claims to be Israel's greatest ally) will expel the Jews? This sounds like some serious fanfiction. Reminds me of the time Goku saved Anne Frank from Super Saiyan Hitler. Nothing that was promised in 2016 came to fruition. No border wall paid for by Mexico, no mass incarceration of people on Epstein's flight list, Trump even helped with the 2020 lockdowns and vaccinations. If Trump gets elected bickers people feel bad he got shot in the ear, he will end up the same as Biden. He will be in his 80s and senile. There's a video of Trump confusing Biden with Obama and saying Biden will start WWII. He's clearly not as alert as he was in 2016. The probability of him creating a white nationalist utopia in the next 4-8 years is extremely unlikely.
>>253386 >>253377 This comment was meant for this anon.
>>253386 Yeah, well getting shot by golems of those self-same greatest allies may just have a way of changing a man's attitudes in life. Know what I'm saying, Anon? Kind of a 'heart & soul' thing IMO... especially at this point in his life. >praying Lol. I'm praying for the redemption through Jesus Christ's blood for all good men across the nations. OTOH, If He so chooses to transform Donald J. Trump into Literally Mecha-Hitler, and wipe the Earth clean of the demonic hordes with a fiery scourge, then I'd be good with that too! :^) >Reminds me of the time Goku saved Anne Frank from Super Saiyan Hitler. NGL lel'd. :D
Open file (62.72 KB 479x515 GSbGF98WIAAjqUZ.jpg)
>>253345 Bruh....
Open file (44.29 KB 680x491 WOULD3.jpg)
Open file (709.66 KB 1065x555 Styx bitchute 10.2.png)
Open file (112.32 KB 1080x1080 Tim Poole smug.jpg)
A civil war is coming. Trump will win the presidency. Here are 37 ways you can give me your money. Links in the description.
>>253332 gaytor, stick to your gay little vtubing
>>253112 Is it just me, or does /ourmutt/ get hotter every time she posts?
Open file (101.51 KB 751x833 F1.jpg)
Open file (36.50 KB 448x626 F3.jfif)
Open file (29.80 KB 451x499 F2.jfif)
Open file (32.82 KB 408x321 F4.jpg)
Looks like a Styx, Podawful, Razorfist-tier inbred with an underbite. Lmao.
Open file (25.23 KB 393x288 F5.jpg)
Open file (107.22 KB 782x785 F0.jpg)
Open file (501.58 KB 720x418 F1.png)
Open file (469.61 KB 866x488 F2.png)
Hmm, keep in mind Fuentes is likely on fed payroll. So he could be misleading you intentionally or not an insider and just as confused as you are. Who knows?
Open file (92.27 KB 622x817 F6.jpg)
>>253393 its just you G​AMERGATE lover
Open file (116.68 KB 755x792 F7.jpg)
Open file (157.28 KB 1999x1320 1720936823069088.jpg)
Open file (94.91 KB 959x959 GSaFvPMWoAAbKGE.jpg)
Open file (241.61 KB 923x972 1720946191076425.jpg)
Open file (185.04 KB 1080x1681 GSbinETWEAACJKB.jpg)
Open file (143.63 KB 768x821 F9.jpg)
Open file (412.89 KB 500x592 F10.png)
Open file (302.58 KB 503x506 F11.png)
>>253402 This one is a troll fake from a guy pretending to be the shooter bc he knew he looked the shooter. Disregard.
Open file (106.61 KB 757x665 E1.jpg)
Open file (54.28 KB 681x681 E2.jfif)
Open file (56.71 KB 681x831 E3.jfif)
Here is the real one, I think.
>>253405 Duplicate. Sorry. I can't download this last one but here's the last video. https://x.com/OnlyMobKing/status/1812372942698783009/video/2
>>253373 >>253377 >>253388 >>253401 I'm so glad that genuine conflict was avoided and the Jewish people got (((Zion Don))) again, the man who recognised Jerusalem as (((rightful Jewish clay))) (((+ is pro-palestinian genocide & Israeli expansion))), whose (((entire extended family is Jewish or married to Jews))), (((legislated in Jewish interests))) while pushing away others, is described by the Israeli government as the (((most pro-Israeli president ever))), who pledges himself as (((Israel's Greatest Ally))), oversaw sweeping pro-LGBT / trans legislation, shit his pants and did nothing about le border (or any migration policy really), shit his pants and did nothing about the Floyd riots and took the knee for chimping G​AMERGATEs at every turn, maintained medicare even before he put your country billions into debt + oversaw and appealed for mass vaccination (under threat of employment) over a pandemic that turned out to be nothing worse than a light sniffle, knew about (((epstein))) (((and beyond))) and shit his pants and did nothing, who threw his supporters under the bus by choosing to free jewish mobsters and literal fucking spies before kids he led on into a honeypot, who did literally fucking nothing about the most blatant election fraud in all of history (99.9% of the vote in some swing states) when he had the backing of thousands of ready2goretards, who never drained the swamp, who didn't even make a peep about the censorship of the Hunter Laptop, who jacked up taxes, was the first to start jacking up house prices and basically just acquiesced to everything the feds told him to do after they had a polite conversation with him that one time he shut the government down for a few days. Am I finished? As much as I can be bothered remembering. Oh yeah and he had a finger in that one Japanese Cult-thing that for Abe killed for his association with it now I remember it. Makes you wonder, what even is or was his platform, aside from not being the other guy. Ukraine? That's already over lmfao, mission objective complete, all the fighting age men are already dead and the women are spread out like a virulent pox fucking men in other countries. Is there even anything else? I'm so glad the shots grazed (((Zion Don))) bickers the retard inbred chose the gun that sounded good in his head (the epic AR-15, midrange) instead of the gun that would do the job, and gave (((Zion Don))) a flawless photo op to ensure a secure future reign (hell, possibly even neo-monarchal). I mean what, with the media already turning on (((Biden))) and favoring taking a stable (((Zion Don))) presidency over blatant senile old man; this is just the cherry on the top for the script. bickers at the end of the day, nothing ever fucking happens. This guy is the reincarnation of GOD'S WILL GOD'S WILL & Jebus alright. He's going to save you from yourself, you retard desert slave deathcultist (but your guys are baste bickers uhhhhhh the Jesus the King of the Jews compares goyim gentiles to animals dogs (Matthew 15:26), Virgin Mary was 12 when she was impreg'd by God / had Jesus (Jewish Marriage standards at the time), and we don't talk about Mark 14:51 aka Jesus getting walked in on fucking a child sex slave boy, who ran out screaming stfu where's a godly G​AMERGATE when you need one Keep fucking praying for somebody to save you from your own acedia and sloth. Just keep fucking praying. Doing nothing, except supporting the BASED people that the totally-unbiased media tell you to (it's not fake and gay when your "side" tells you what to do) (there's only 2 sides btw, and both align on everything, aside from how fast it should happen). Maybe if you're lucky he'll softball and represent his constituency to a fault, by continuing to shit his pants and do nothing as you're consumed by the flames. >but- I fully and wholly denounce the Talmud. Additionally so for any other derivative works. All of them. Traitors before enemies. Nobody's coming to save you, bickers everything is going as intended.
>>253407 wat, he is flip flopping but so is the rest of this board, 5 seconds before this donald was known as (((zion don))) and all the comments in respect to him beforehand was about him being controlled-op
>>253409 >the /cow/lective has a single opinion
>>253408 remember warp speed? i dont hehe get it cuz vaxxies are literally getting altimeters its not like it makes a difference man, every peasadent[sic] since 911 has been a zogbot, at least now israel is a fucking pariah state despised by all even trannies and their own useful idiots
Open file (38.14 KB 623x252 1057381581075.png)
Open file (88.71 KB 621x676 1458767115292.png)
<before >after THAT IS SO BRAVE GAYTOR WHAT A BRAVE STANCE YOU TOOK >>253409 If jews do anything right it's a comedy show. I'll be surprised if there isn't a flood of shooter deep fakes coming out soon.
>>253420 what stance hes always been like jelly wobbling back and forth, did he go full magatard again this time, i like how everyones fed up with this shit
Open file (89.89 KB 1290x744 GSdvMqEWMAAVdjF.jpg)
Open file (1.69 MB 640x360 82115482525.gif)
>>253391 This but unironically.
Open file (4.74 MB 1280x720 uF375aqum2muD5V8.mp4)
Open file (710.52 KB 1280x720 QWC42YM5FAE35dx3.mp4)
Open file (436.85 KB 744x723 spicathrt.png)
Open file (3.36 MB 600x338 godwinson_spin.gif)
>>253424 DestiNEETs rise up. Going outside has dangers therefore stay indoors. >less end of life costs for me to deal with That one's pretty savage.
Open file (111.83 KB 614x810 1140074628912.png)
Open file (4.21 MB 600x586 gator_bow.gif)
>>253427 like omg gaytor change your tampon, no one called for violence against you they only said you should be put in a cage and fed oatmeal mixed with sand for a couple decades
Open file (596.28 KB 776x618 ClipboardImage.png)
wow, i can barely tell the difference between these 2 pics.
>>253427 >Gaytor: The internet has made people into psychopaths, wanting to get the next hit of clout for calling for someone's head, no matter how fake or contrived it is. So you disavow the entire gaylog community? Disavow Kino Casino? Disavow the foxdick farms? Disavow your daddy Metocare? Bc all these groups pick targets to scapegoat and attack relentlessly. Some of them undeserved such as Teddy Feaser / RPGTV. And I'm pretty sure you piled in on Feaser when it suited you and piled in on jcaesar187 when it suited you. But NOW you don't like the gaylog cancel culture witchunt when it's attacking you for looking like a sweaty gamer trying to fuck little girl Vtubers. Fuck off with you hypocrisy.
Open file (344.33 KB 1080x1298 ClipboardImage.png)
Tiny still going hard
>>253432 >the gaylog community
>>253432 It's pretty interesting to simultaneously call out guilt by association of an audience AND cult of personalities in the same paragraph. A proud individualist standing against against collectivism. Also to bit about deflecting to fear of physical harm.
Open file (18.21 KB 336x188 roasties.png)
FIRED! She Dated MySpace Tom?! Andrew Wilson! E-GIRLS Came To Debate! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Dating Talk #178 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oDM1hqmka0
Open file (3.73 MB 2486x1358 roasts.png)
Open file (103.19 KB 1167x1399 GSakYLjWAAAvfdm.jpg)
Open file (123.59 KB 1284x1935 GSakYLpWoAA2u-n.jpg)
Holy fuck, Destiny unironically supports the murder of all Trump supporters... He was unhinged during his last stream
Open file (21.52 KB 900x273 ClipboardImage.png)
>>253427 vtubers don't have the heart to tell TheGatorGamer he isn't wanted in their fandoms
>>253443 akshually gaydur is well liked among vtubers and vtuberfans.
Open file (125.79 KB 1758x2370 Nulll.png)
TheTheGatorGamerGamer, grow the fuck up. You are all about attacking folks for the dumb shit they said in their youth, so own up to what you are.
Open file (514.03 KB 837x720 steven_gun.png)
>>253441 by his logic if some insane dupper pupper PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDes his head then its justified
>>253447 destiny's head that is
Open file (105.15 KB 1172x1048 1721000024484853.png)
Open file (301.26 KB 413x977 desTiny_big_brain.png)
>>253441 He is a degenerate leftoid cuck that has cultivated an audience of people that pay him to say certain talking points whether he believes in them are not but that aside I personally think he is really invested emotionally in wishing Trump got killed and he can't handle it.
Open file (18.25 KB 410x274 wheeze-laugh.gif)
>>253450 the funniest part is im not even memeing.
>>253449 desTINY is justifying violence and terrorism. Of former presidents and running politicians. If this was a Pepe the frog nazi account justifying violence against Antifa or maybe from Charlottesville, they would be banned for inciting violence. But for Destiny he gets away with it. The guy is actually incredibly radicalized; every bit as much as the Nazis and Jan 6. "insurrectionists" he hates so much.
Open file (750.89 KB 1280x720 Fi-hu9bvPfxZUzdz.mp4)
Open file (1.04 MB 1024x1024 JUSTFUCKMYCANIDATEUP.png)
1504 Bay Rd, APT 2012, Miami Beach, FL 33139-313
>Try to warn josh his roblox history is making the rounds on twitter >Get banned >Pull out secondary account to tell him that there are banned farmers trying to make #Cancelfoxdickfarms into a thing and using his pedo shit as a reason >Get banned Oh, okay. I now consider myself radicalized. TheTheGatorGamerGamer is not just a pedo, he is a retard. PS TheTheGatorGamerGamer, you will never have enough guns bickers you have zero experience.
Name Alias: Destiny / OmniDestiny Full Name: Steven Kenneth Bonnell II Address 1504 Bay Rd, APT 2012, Miami Beach, FL 33139-313 > Lived in since January 2023 Mobile (Current) (786) 376-5352 > Carrier: Verizon Emails steven.bonnell.ii@gmail.com steven.bonnell_ovl6@qwest.net stevenbonnell@yahoo.com stevenbonnellii@gmail.com wing_neo_star_15@yahoo.com
Open file (853.44 KB 975x764 1720917924712735.png)
>>253427 damn what a hero someone should shop gaytor getting propped up by his favorite vtrannies
Open file (93.15 KB 1169x775 GSanKQHW4AAfR3_.jpg)
>>253457 From Twitter
Open file (172.71 KB 720x516 1000026717.jpg)
Open file (143.05 KB 1245x553 1000026723.jpg)
woah buddy
>>253454 thats how a lot of people found /cow/ the KF ban message used to redirect here.
Open file (534.71 KB 589x960 213123.png)
Open file (1.82 MB 206x139 destiny_autism.gif)
Open file (191.40 KB 1200x1200 seething steven.jpeg)
>>253462 >he got a 12 hour timeout for "inciting violence" like a manchild
Open file (198.68 KB 595x716 654654.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 pepe dab.gif)
>>253466 >muh ad revenue >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tiny seems to conveniently have forgot about what his faggot cult have been screaming about while trying to get people canceled online/irl, that free speech isn't free of consequences, now that he is being forced to taste a little of his own medicine, he can't cope with it.
>>253453 >he confirmed it like how cucklawyer confirmed the cps leak
>>253453 >miami beach heh I always knew he was a gay ass little KIKE
>>253471 >>253470 Destiny is so deranged right now bc he's salty that Trump has basically won. You'd think a rich guy would relax and enjoy his wealth and not care too much about politics. But no, Destiny does all these political debates so he super-invested.
>>253408 >Christcucks are to blame for Zion Don Most people I know who support Trump aren't Christian or are extremely moderate conservative. People who don't actually go to church and read the Bible, but treat Trump as the second coming. They want to feel important just as Trump is a narcissist who wants to be seen as important. It's like sportsfags rooting for their favorite team and favorite player. Trump is an actor who appeared on commercials and had a TV show. He has lied and lied about lying, and shows no remorse bickers narcissists do not feel remorse for their victims. Trump is a LoLbertarian, who supported the Democrats and the Clintons. "Well, if I ever ran for office, I'd do better as a Democrat than as a Republican," Donald Trump told Playboy in 1990. And he was right, if he ran as libtard Democrat his past behavior, cheating on his wife and sleeping with a porn star, being friends with Epstein, wouldn't be scrutinized. The reason people hold him accountable is bickers he claims to represent tradcon values, when he's really just a grifter who saw an opportunity to beat Hillary and become president. As a narcissist becoming a world leader is a dream goal. Even being remembered as the most divisive president is better than being remembered as just The Apprentice guy. Grifters love Trump, as do extremely moderate Christians like Melonie Mac who only cherry-pick Bible verses, as do Jews who dislike Christianity but respect that Trump is grifting for the shekels and will Make Israel Great Again. Not that Biden isn't a great ally, he's just not THE greatest ally. Trump's loyalty to Israel has little to do with him being a truly religious person. He likes to be treated like a king and prophet, have settlements named after him, bickers it feeds his ego. Muslims are less likely to deify Trump, Islam teaches that Mohammad was the last great prophet. However many Jews still believe the Messiah hasn't come, it doesn't violate their teachings to treat Trump like he's the next king David. If you want to blame one group of people, blame the people who still vote. Biden will continue to support Israel and Ukraine. Trump will continue to support Israel and maybe Russia. Either way the elites win, not the Americans.
Open file (888.11 KB 100x100 3x3.gif)
Open file (11.11 MB 380x214 5145151815252.gif)
Open file (697.49 KB 112x112 3x.gif)
>>253453 HOLY BASED
Open file (1.84 MB 1280x1280 basedtiny.png)
>>253468 even if its some fake dox hes pretending is his own, it points to someone's actual address so he's fully willing to let some rando take the brunt of deranged groypers and dupper puppers >tiny once again proves hes a giant piece of shit without even trying
Open file (1.53 MB 922x715 untitled.png)
why this nigga look like that???
>>253482 >tfw you should have listened to nuzach and leo and not become an e-celeb
Open file (244.54 KB 600x400 52985612526952655.gif)
>>253482 Becuz he never shut his fucking mouth
>>253482 Fat caterpillar will never become a butterfly
Open file (222.34 KB 314x373 GShuvdmXAAA_5_2.png)
>>253481 Counterpoint, Israel wants dup alive therefore steve should be pro dup.
Open file (52.59 KB 768x439 x1s8v-2207836485.jpg)
>>253486 >the Whatever whore look its over
>>253449 Honestly based, if it weren't for the fact he's making it out to be a bad thing. Anarcho-monarchies / feuding states is damnsite better than the complacatent system of ongoing corruption; something something better to follow a lion than be led by a hoarde of rats. >>253453 Again, on the razor edge of being honestly based, if only he actually knew the firearm used was inaccurate at the range given, and that, with how close the shots were, those were point-on shots. The shooter got his practice in, he just was working with a bad range for the equipment he had. {smuckles} Guess horseshoe theory really is a working approach {smuckles}, the more >we differ, the more >we come back together. Nice to see genuine opposition who stick to their points (even if their arms are built like twigs) instead of pussyfooted free-controlled-speech faggots who flipflop to appeal to what's profitable and hide their real views behind cowardice. It's refreshing, even.
>>253482 he's been housebound for the last 2 years.
>>253490 Whoah buddy. Ashley stayed with Andys parents while he moved out? It's pretty fucked to have Papa Pires clean the toilet bowl.
Open file (23.96 KB 944x202 GSi0GtvW4AAoVQd.jpg)
Open file (120.14 KB 554x400 98258922985296852658.gif)
Open file (183.56 KB 1378x548 destiny_israel.png)
>>253492 Cool it with the antisemitism, Elon. Steven Bonnell II is a protected subgroup.
>>253493 doesnt that mean the magatard should be sucking his ziodick like their rex magatardorum messiah
>>253496 Let's be honest, as degenerate as that is. The fact that no result suggesting interest for minor or "very young" looking people appeared it is actually a net positive for wings.
>>253497 but 5 pages, really? hes a bigger connoisseur of niger dicks than cars cleary
N​IGGER looking guy (JD Vance) picked as Trump's VP. He married a street shitter and has 3 children with her. RNC smells like curry
>>253500 s a r g o n looking guy
>>253500 >>253501 indian women got that spicy curry pussy
Open file (941.78 KB 1134x782 CARL.png)
>>253500 I wouldn't even rape her
>>253503 would you raise her kids
>>253504 depends on the child
>>253505 im sure it does
Open file (157.82 KB 1152x2048 GSizY7aWIAAggyS.jpg)
Open file (138.26 KB 1152x2048 GSizY7ZXgAAKoBw.jpg)
Open file (245.34 KB 500x500 520758813525.png)
>>253507 Why do the feds want 15 X one dollar when they could have had a perfectly good disgruntled republican cover?
>>253508 cuz the DeepState(tm) rigged the election and trump won last time thats why the Democrats(tm) tried to assassinate trump before the upcoming elections, duh! like do you not know the earth is flat, white hats are in control
Open file (1.42 MB 420x357 cokeieta.gif)
>>253508 The donation is fake news. People mixed up the shooter Thomas Crooks with some other Thomas Crooks
Open file (396.32 KB 1536x2048 GSe9vq6WoAAuwFw.jpg)
>>253500 not a bad pick in fact of course
So I was loaded up a Randbot stream, and the first thing I see is that he's listening to Kirsche (hick Vtuber) react to the Trump shooting. Her rig model is jiggling around and you can hear a female trailer trash voice with no ability to speak on politics blabbering. Just fucking why, Rand? He's unironically listening to this garbage. When he loads up youtube, it's mostly Vtuber girls. And when you watch his streams, he randomly plays loud Vtuber clips of girls doing baby googoogaga voices. Ear-rape trash audio. It's pretty tough to even hatewatch. Just like Kino Casino used to spam the soundboard with Feaser spongebob and jcaesar187 sounds. I fear Randbot may be too far gone. There is a very real possibility he may troon out within 4 years with Gaytor. He is deeply immersed in the Vtuber sphere. Then later, he watches the entire Metocare on Boogie stream. God, some people can't pry their lips off daddy Metocare's cock. Then I check into his next stream, and he's upset that Metocare spent 1 hour sucking Trump's cock in his own words. It's shocking to see Metocare get even an sliver of pushback from Rand. Pond says Metocare is overrated, but Rand goes back to spewing adoration onto Metocare saying he destroyed Boogie and every minute outside of the Trump worship was golden nectar or something. Lmao. Rand starts checking into other little girl obscure Vtubers, and Pond calls him a Vtuber shill. But Pond herself was only salty at Metocare bc he made fun of Gaytor and disavowed Kiki, I think. It's interesting though that one can see the cracks forming in Metocare's reputation. Yeah, he has the braindead sycophants that will worship him no matter what, blindly. But some people are waking up to how washed and pathetic he is these days. There is also the thinking that you must support Metocare bc he attacked jcaesar187 and people have their own hierarchy of who is the worst person that hurt them. So for Rand and Gaytor, it's jcaesar187. Since jcaesar187 attacked Rand's wife and Gaytor nonstop. Lame binary thinking from Rand and Gaytor. Anyway, Rand has his own alog group that attack him and there is plenty of material to work with if Kino Casino or Moonpie or someone wanted to turn him into a recurring cow. Rand slips under the radar bc he's obscure and streams in obscure places. Here is where his replays are: https://rumble.com/user/FamilyFriendlyRandy But his odysee is where you can catch him live. https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1?view=cocks >>253493 >Destiny: I need an IDF. Who is my strongest soldier? His name was Vaush / IrishLaddie and you fell out with him too. Don't ask for him back, now. >>253439 Don't look too deeply into it. It's just a shirt bro. He's gonna have to wear something. Adidas, Nike, Reebok. Conspiracyheads love their little Illuminati symbols though, like owls. Bohemian Grove! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAnvLjavON0 >>253482 One theory is that being super-morbidly obese for years has led to increased estrogen production from adipose tissue, which basically acts as forced feminization on Asston Porks. He doesn't seem to have facial hair or chest hair at all, which are masculine characteristics. Similar to the theory that soy like Tofu has plant-based estrogen (phytoestrogen), which can mimic a weaker form of estrogen in males and cause gyno in men.
Open file (91.53 KB 980x742 GSfA0U5XoAElaX0.jpg)
>>253512 >Don't look too deeply into it. It's just a shirt bro. I wasn't
Open file (87.02 KB 1142x650 JDVance.jpg)
Open file (133.26 KB 1000x562 ToolTime.jpg)
Open file (82.75 KB 1280x720 CurryMuncher.jpg)
Open file (85.16 KB 460x690 CurryCooter.jpg)
Open file (248.46 KB 1920x1080 HairyCurry.jpg)
>>253512 >>253500 Being a race-mixer is much worse than being a pedo. At least breeding a 14 year old girl of your own race and species makes sense biologically. Breeding with a tiefling/demon or whatever race that is, would produce some weird looking mutts. Same goes for Trump's VP impregnating an Indian. Also this Vance dude giving off some Al from Tool Time vibes.
>>253516 >i cant get laid by anyone with a fully developed brain pathetic, even the ugliest fattest dumbest retard can get some chink or indian without having to lure a kid into a van are you that hideous and weak that you get beat up by women so you need to target kids, kys insect
>>253515 literally what did he mean by this
My money is on this worthless wide-nosed waste of oxygen
>>253519 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23ab8cF1wBM she was seething at potentially criminal the other day. Made desTINY's manlet meltdown over 4 more years of Trump look tame
Open file (151.32 KB 746x680 D1.jpg)
Open file (141.20 KB 757x667 D2.jpg)
Rand vs jcaesar187 bloodsports.
Open file (322.92 KB 630x498 Gunt chesticles.png)
Open file (3.93 MB 329x410 aussie_vomlord.gif)
Open file (437.32 KB 850x1202 smug_23.png)
>>253522 >you made $200 on t-shirts and only gave me $70, it should have been 50/50 Rand is bitching over $30?
>>253520 Yeah, that is exactly why I think that. She's a hypocrite just like Muttni. Muh ant-sjw's. This is the kind of shit she would do. She and Muttni tried to make Martina Markota look insane for blocking her during the Eliza Bleu grift, when she played dumb about trying to PA for Muttni and Martina Markota blocked her. Cunt thinks she is too crafty for words, but she's just a dumb hoe. I wouldn't believe her if she said the sky was blue and the grass is green
Bryan dunns buddy Serious Pack gets exposed https://rumble.com/v5740ed-the-foot-adventures-of-seriouspack-aka-cody-tackett.html Another loss for Bryan and associates
Open file (159.64 KB 657x527 225526263623542265625.png)
Open file (42.36 KB 541x439 GSkJPglWsAAv2Hv.jpg)
Open file (895.50 KB 1200x675 343453193781.png)
>>253525 >>253531 I'm summoning. That grab attack is bullshit.
>>253519 I think it was Kino Casino or a KC proxy honestly. I saw KC fans on Twitter were salty that Elissa Clips was uploading their kontent without any changes or voiceover and was being monetized. They were attacking Elissa Clips for being a thief scumbag. >>253516 I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. All people are mutts. Now, you and I can argue about which mixes are more desirable, but that is a fact.
So what triggered the jcaesar187 pillstream? Rand?
Xanax / (benzos) is a downer or a depressant. jcaesar187 uses it numb pain, usually relating to females. For anxiety basically. Alcohol is a downer too. Benzo and opiate addicts are out of it. Spaced out. They're falling over in the street. Stimulant addicts are neurotic about everything. They are alert, heart rate is up. Sleeplessness. Decreases appetite. More willing to check things. Crackheads are alert and paranoid. Stimulant drugs are cocaine, caffeine, meth, nicotine, crack, ecstasy, amphetamines, ritalin.
>>253528 god bless paypigs they know exactly the right time to donate the right song
Open file (127.32 KB 1280x720 FZsLthUItSk.jpg)
>>253533 >blames KC >all people are mutts Hi, Muttni. Covering for Anna while attacking Asswipe on behalf of Melonie, are you? >>253535 >ecstasy is a stimulant
jcaesar187 might be dying.
Open file (347.35 KB 381x424 gunt passed out.png)
Dude is legit high on drugs and is nodding off on stream but he wants anons to believe he is sober lmao
Open file (343.37 KB 698x782 gunt eating good.jpeg)
>>253537 Calculator, yes I am the anon formerly known as Muttni. Not actually Muttni though. I am not covering for anybody. Attack Anna if you want. You know more about her than me. Although I would like to see more about Asston attacking MelonnieMac and the fake lewd. Did this go down Asston's Twiter I guess? Also, ecstasy is a stimulant. Look it up.
Open file (24.00 KB 400x400 8FS9eeA7_400x400.jpg)
>>253541 >Muttni Muttni is TheTheGatorGamerGamer. So unless you are a smelly whore from NY, you aren't "Muttni." Also ecstasy is an empathogen-entactogen with "stimulant properties." As for Melonie Mac, this shit all happen for the few weeks I was more or less not following everything and she was defending Cuckieta along with Anna and Nina of thotcast "fame."
Open file (2.74 MB 255x285 Gunt xannied peek.gif)
Archiving the 9 hour pillstream right now
Open file (646.10 KB 642x698 GSkJxrAbIAIVoBF.png)
Open file (981.83 KB 400x225 QLLBBg-4067667908.gif)
>>253542 >So unless you are a smelly whore from NY you aren't "Muttni." Ok, then by your definition I am not Muttni. >ecstasy is an empathogen-entactogen with "stimulant properties." Sure. But that is still classified as a stimulant. >As for Melonie Mac, this shit all happen for the few weeks I was more or less not following everything and she was defending Cuckieta along with Anna and Nina of thotcast "fame." Ok, so it's not a new thing. I might check for it later.
Open file (1.49 MB 400x225 QLLBBg-4067667908.gif)
>>253517 What a cringe take. I said mixed race is worse. Your ad hominem attacks don't refute that. Having a healthy offspring with a girl under 18 who, based on the statistics of kids getting into online porn even before their teens, probably has already seen porn and maybe even sucked a dick before graduating high school, is a lesser crime against humanity than an 18 year old white girl jumping on the nearest BBC and getting knocked up. Resulting in a racially confused and mentally disabled offspring. In cases where biracial children are born relatively normal minus the dark complexion, they often have to deal with lack of proper parenting. Every biracial I've encountered has psychology problems and in cases like Muttni and Melonie they don't want their offspring to share their darker pigmentation. They would rather be bleached which in a way is more racist than anything you can say about my response. I didn't say to lure kids in a van, or molest children. I didn't even say getting with a 14 year old was a good idea. Teenagers are generally annoying. Just that it would be far less repulsive than potentially creating a mutant with genetic defects or a mental complex. If it bothers you then maybe I hit close to home. Perhaps you are one of those Muttni simps who jerks it just thinking about her saggy pale African titties. >>253533 Having a mix of white Italian, German, and English genetics, is not the same as having Pajeet, German, and English genes. One is far more foreign than the other. Early 1900s Amerimutts hooking up on the boats from Europe were at least very closely related geographically. >we're all mutts Sounds like cope to be honest. If Trump were married to a black Jewish woman, then MAGAtards would still find a excuse. He gave his favorite daughter to the Jews to sire Jewish babies to one day inherit Palestinian territory. A nice little beach home near the Gazan shore for Trump's grandchildren, if Israel is successful at purging the region under the guise of eradicating Hamas. Actually Trump did date a black woman once. Imagine if he had kids with her instead of Melania.
>>253550 Dude, girls were sucking dick and fucking en mass in high-school 30 years ago.
>>253550 >like Muttni and Melonie they don't want their offspring to share their darker pigmentation. But Melonie admitted the other day in a now deleted post that she is mostly attracted to "Asian" guys. Idk if she was referring to ex, Awesome Joey, or Drunk3PO. But same difference really. She must have misspoke on Coomalot's stream awhile when she said she preferred "white" guys. She must have meant "lighter than brown guys." Maybe that's why she deleted the original post dismissing the morons who said she should make "white" babies. She realized her main grift is thirsty white losers.
>>253525 That is so absolutely disgusting.
>>253553 Shes a yid
Open file (9.26 MB 338x338 laughter.gif)
>>253553 melonie braaps has no eggs
>>253550 >Every biracial I've encountered has psychology problems This are merely anecdotes. In other words, you could live in bumfuck nowhere where poor white trash mix with poor black trash and then conclude they are all messed up mentally from the black dad leaving them and the Mom living in poverty. And you'd be correct. This says nothing about any other mix of races. Asian-White, White-Hispanic, White-Arab, White-Indian. For example, if I live in a white trailerpark and all of them are methheads, I might falsely conclude all white people are poor, paranoid, meth addicts. This would be false reasoning based on my own anecdotes. >Euros are genetically closer to each other than non-Euros are to Euros Yeah, doesn't matter. Go back in your genetic line and your ancestors were fucking someone foreign. Hell, you've got 2% Neanderthal DNA in your genes right now. Where'd that come from except from fucking Neanderthals. Go look at the groups that formed white people in Europe. WHG, EEF, and ANE. They were as different from each other genetically as whites are to East Asians today. Different races mixing together to form a new race. >Sounds like cope to be honest. Nah, I just accept the scientific fact of DNA. Accepting reality is the opposite of coping. >If Trump were married to a black Jewish woman, then MAGAtards would still find a excuse. Ok? Not sure where this discussion is going, now talking about Trump's genetic line. But ok. My point is that one can obsess over your genetics and race if you want. But there are arguably more important things in having a good life or outcome such as having a Dad and Mom raise you versus single Mom. Escaping poverty. Staying away from drugs and alcohol. Making money so you have freedom in life.
Open file (487.85 KB 695x667 aborting the retort.png)
here is jcaesar187's pillstream from earlier for any that want it, he statrs out fairly normal but after about two hours in its all downhill for him https://mega.nz/file/uGI2yDDA#bFZd84Z0bqiIVdu4O1sj37R6lWZYrXoDpLV0J4oYWes
>>253557 All these years and you are still promoting race-mixing you fucking faggot ==G​AMERGATE!==
Ahhh the N​IGGER word filter is still up, thank gawd, auuugj G​AMERGATE.
These clips should be good spite-fuel for jcaesar187.
>>253561 Rand and gaytor are both literal sweaty gamers constantly attacking the jcaesar187aGOD as if they are any better than such a menphis king?
My videos won't post here on nu/cow/ so I will use streamable for the rest. https://streamable.com/w3uxau
Basically Rand is urging jcaesar187 to die in these clips in his darkest moment. https://streamable.com/cnld8d https://streamable.com/lr0ji7 https://streamable.com/muvdnx https://streamable.com/dt67tv
Open file (81.60 KB 403x542 4324342q.jpg)
>>253558 muh rosacea.
>>253550 no one that isnt a child predator talks like you, sick fuck kys while you still have the chance youre not fooling anyone
Open file (420.46 KB 626x626 gayter projection.png)
gayter projecting hard. gayter did something REALLY BAD with his appearance at offkai. and let's not forget his dismissal of blatant pedophila as "edgy jokes"
>>253566 All I'm saying is, if I had to choose between a 17 year old white girl who turns 18 next week or a 30 something brown Hindu who wants a green card, I'm going with the one that might piss you off. All women are hoes after 18 anyway and some after even hoes younger than that. I know bickers I was a teenager once. Girls are getting blown out by dudes before they even leave for college. Didn't Jewsh pull up on his stream an news article about 9 year old girls getting injured from rough anal sex bickers kids have access to porn? No one's saying to molest kids, silly anon. You jumped to that conclusion. It's a lesser sin in the eyes of the Lord, to marry a teenage waifu, than to mix bloodlines with other tribes. As it is written in the Bible. The worst part is the MAGAtards believing Trump will save the white race, when he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do jack shit during the 2020 riots, when he didn't build the wall, and now he's electing a VP who has brown children.
>>253569 lmao not reading, pedo, keep trying to backtrack with different camouflage >eating shit is worse than being a pedo >let me tell how being pedo is acshually based and basedpilled >oh you dont think so well pedo is better than scat and you dont think pedo is based and basedpilled so you like scat which is worse than fucking kids as if interracial sex is even fucking comparable to excessive sweating you fucking clueless child raping retard, to you it is of course cuz youre an actual fucking PEDO that thinks its just """"sexual preference"""" or whatever delusional pedo shit your fucking losers come up with "you hate blacks right, uh, guess what fucking kids is better than fucking blacks haha, dont you agree" youre so fucking patheticcccc fucking kill yourself you sad loser
>>253569 You should be grateful it isn't the old ways anymore bickers you might have a shot with a 17 yr old who can't tell a green and red flag apart, when the fathers married girls off faggots like you died alone just like now.
Open file (2.92 MB 600x338 gator_2hu_loli.webm)
Open file (6.79 MB 800x366 gator_2hu.webm)
>>253567 Gaytor is either a massive casual newfag or an extremely sly Machiavellian psychopath. Anyone that's been on imageboards in the last 5 years knows what's up with Cirno posters (pronounced cheer-no). How do you get "really powerful" out of "the strongest". It's weird how consistently off-sync he is with the terminology. The ruse cannot sustain itself forever. He'll release his lunatic NHNB replay and the jig will be up.
Open file (239.69 KB 564x468 GSk1X2NXIAAUcO8.png)
Open file (646.10 KB 642x698 GSkJxrAbIAIVoBF.png)
Open file (28.20 KB 640x379 GSkKZ7IXkAE9_E1.jpg)
Open file (23.81 KB 400x400 Ft1rj4DX0AI0eYM.jpg)
>>253524 I haven't seen saggers this good in a long time
Open file (98.06 KB 659x722 BryanShamoo1.png)
Open file (105.69 KB 909x601 BryanShamoo2.png)
Open file (719.54 KB 1290x2796 BryanShamoo3.jpg)
Open file (124.75 KB 989x672 BryanShamoo4.png)
Open file (147.75 KB 452x614 BryanShamoo5.png)
Queen of Poz is having an AI fueled meltdown in discord, treating ChatGPT like the oracle of Delphi while crying over SHAMOOOOO and EsoShaggy totally unprompted like a scorned ex lover Lyin' Bryan is claiming shamoo has a secret foxdick farms account cause chat GPT told him so, ignoring that the prompt specifies shamoo as a foxdick farms user
>>253555 (checked)
>>253580 ruroh, did she just <3 her dad >And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them, If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. time to burn heretic bitch
Open file (64.63 KB 760x551 M1.jpg)
You can tell from Metocare's reaction to Boogie's fake cancer, that his own cancer-AIDS is real. He's mad that fat fuck is scamming using the cancer while he actually has it and is pain every day. Whereas if they were both faking it, Metocare would probably be thinking, "Damn, Boogie is doing the same grift I'm doing. Well, more power to him, I guess. Respect the hustle. 😏" Not that Metocare hasn't already proved it with dropping his medical records. >Inb4 "He's a scammer and his cancer is not real! Look, I didn't say I loved this dude. Just that his cancer is real. Miss me with this shit bro. Y'all are the same mentally ill freaks that think Moon is sitting in Florida right now and never traveled abroad. At some point, you just gotta accept the evidence.
Open file (7.53 KB 266x266 GSoN56LbQAAUESP.jpg)
>>253583 >more definitive proof of Gym dying Okay, Gym
Open file (386.50 KB 2048x1536 1326676032817.jpg)
>>253583 >Damn, Boogie is doing the same grift I'm doing. Well, more power to him, I guess Yeah, "If you want to go far, go together" has always been a long held mantra of the sektur.
Open file (1.14 MB 1024x1024 steve good time.png)
>>253580 i'd do coom hard in jordan peterson's whore daughter
>>253583 Nah, it is actually the other way around. They are both scammers who depend on the pity of their following to survive, they both lied about their illnesses. Just like Boogie, Metocare has proven jack shit, highly edited papers shown during a stream entirely under his control and that is supposed to be irrefutable evidence???
>>253587 Metocare has shown hospital release forms showing he had a heart attack, a stent card showing he has a heart stent put in. He has shown his diagnoses from his medical app, which proves he has been diagnosed by doctors. Whereas Boogie could not show his cancer diagnosis and refused to. Metocare has given so many details of his experience in hospitals, what each test was like, that I am convinced he has experienced these things. If not, it would be such a great ruse that he would have had to researched all of these personal experiences for many months. It would have to be a personal obsession with all things medical-related and illness-related. Now, to be fair, one can fake a medical document. Lauren Southern downloaded a hospital form and then edited it with Muttni, TBYS, and Destiny to trick Rollo Tomassi into thinking she was pregnant with Destiny's child to try to discredit Rollo. Bc Rollo was in contact with her ex-husband who wanted guidance and was spilling dirt on Lauren. Lauren tried to poison the well (Rollo Tomassi) so no one would believe his other stuff. And to throw you a bone, I do find it entertaining in the contrast between Boogie's fake cancer and Metocare's cancer in the reaction of the audience or chat. SweatySquad accept Metocare's cancer uncritically and condemn Boogie's grift uncritically based on Metocare's word. They are simply following the spoken word and personality cult of Metocare. The Boogie cancer story is like holding up a mirror to Metocare since he also has cancer so it's very interesting to gauge reactions from the two situations. I would personally say 90-95% he's got cancer-aids and is not faking it. Either way, I have never given him money so it doesn't affect me either way. It has always been a curiosity thing for me. I will say this is not the sort of thing you can keep faking for decades. The truth comes out eventually. But I think Boogie was pushing a type of precursor illness which can lead to cancer, but is the type of thing one can have for decades without it killing you. Just so he could technically say "I have cancer." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMboWT_zM1s
>>253588 Gym would not be the first grifter to have a friend or close family going through something and just parrot that experience as theirs.
>>253588 Imagine a notorios internet troll who lives exclusively from donos faking medical documents. No way, he showed them in a stream which was 100% planned in advanced and controled by himself. Had Boogie done the same, nobody would have bought it. The out that was given to Boogie was to share them not only with Keem but with Mutahar (someone who hates Boogie), bickers Keem understood that if they were only shared with him, people would suspect he was covering for Boogie. under the same stadard, if this was not a popularity contest for monkeys to decide, Metocare would need to share his uncensored documentation with fucking Sargon or Tonka.
Open file (135.09 KB 738x1600 GSllwK1WYAAVtd2.jpg)
Open file (118.13 KB 1290x1671 GSlSI9CXsAA9uo-.jpg)
>>253588 Gym doesn't have cancer or aids, he is a liar, I hope the fat fuck dies of a heart attack reguardless.
Open file (669.51 KB 640x740 donga_boomer.png)
>>253591 in fact of course if her skin was white she'd look great. I'd dump in her curry
>>253580 So? She is a yid.
>>253519 didn't pigclips shut down her entire clip channel bickers people got on her ass about monetizing? this bitch is monetized up the butt as even as a "buymeacoffee" where she's gotten hundreds of dollars. (1 coffee = $5) https://buymeacoffee.com/elissaclips
>>253595 remember to donate to elissaclips griftsendgo https://www.givesendgo.com/GCQBC
>>253596 >"...the devices I use for editing the videos on Elissa Clips are rapidly becoming non-functional." people really believe this? does this bitch have a job? I figured she was married and a stay-at-home mom which explains how she'd have so much time to make all these clips, but it looks like she's a broke bitch.
>>253598 if that image is real it looks like she's driving a mini cooper. those kinds of cars need oil changes more often than normal cars. was this bitch not changing her oil?
>>253599 forgot pic
Open file (19.37 KB 336x188 roassssst.png)
Andrew Wilson (LATER) vs. Australia Sheila! GOTH GIRL, ALT GIRL, E-GIRLS! | Dating Talk #179 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajm2tSTEfrg
>>253598 >" I've also looked at some devices with the right power, storage, and longevity I need, and I think the iPhone 15 Pro with 1tb storage ($1,499.00) and the iPad 13 Pro with 2TB storage ($2,299.00) will keep me in clipping for a long time to come. This adds up to about $4,111 after tax." this is the grift to end all grifts... does she not own a computer?
Open file (308.28 KB 557x571 295625296526956925.png)
>>253602 >>253600 >>253599 >>253598 >>253596 >>253595 Biiish can suck a dick if she needs money that bad
Open file (3.51 MB 2473x1374 bishes.png)
Open file (902.46 KB 3472x1916 GSpAWPCX0AA9ZNm.jpg)
Open file (588.53 KB 3396x2024 GSpAZS_WEAAgJhq.jpg)
Open file (896.56 KB 3456x1908 GSpccW7WQAEZ_Ca.jpg)
Open file (100.46 KB 1280x720 GSgC0snW4AA7FWb.jpg)
Open file (627.85 KB 2048x1792 TrumpBlacked.jpg)
Open file (26.59 KB 389x550 BlackedTrump.jpg)
Open file (265.59 KB 1860x1460 TrumpMJ.jpg)
Open file (84.69 KB 1280x600 BlackorWhite.jpg)
Open file (1004.33 KB 2000x1333 ConfedrateStatues.jpg)
>>253591 Marrying brown people is totally not part of the globohomo Kalergi Plan if Donald says it's cool. The guy who hooked up with a biracial woman after he divorced his white wife. A man inspired to get blacked after seeing MJ's Black or White music video. The fellow who is extremely not racist, loves the black and Jewish communities, will surely save the white race. Like he did in 2020 when he stopped BLM from destroying the Confederate landmarks of white leaders.
Open file (80.18 KB 188x205 tiny cuck.png)
Did someone say Trump supporter???
>>253604 >single parents, 304s and princesses prattling about deserving and being respected
>>253602 >>253598 >>253596 Damn. ElissaClips is gonna buy a used car, a new top-of-the-line iPhone 15, and a top-of-the-line iPad with her givesendgo? Back in my day, 'we' thought it was egregious when Styx grifted a new Alienware laptop twice at different times when he already was making money online. This bitch is greedy. Now 'we" got shit like Kino Casino where they will literally remind the audience and beg for kick subs every 10 minutes, which someone always answers shortly after. And do ridiculous grifts like "give 50 subs for Asston to stand up or Wortski to wear a weighted vest." >>253605 Really dumb theory. 1. His red line for the 2nd shooter has to pass through the Sniper rooftop building. So it's a blocked shot and wouldn't kill anyone in the bleachers. 2. Dude doesn't seem to realize bullets can ricochet. As in, they can bounce around once they hit something, especially metal. 3. In the 3 person image you included, "Shooter" and "Crooks" are the same person, except he's dead now in the "shooter" image. The image is suggesting they are 3 different people, like the guy is a face-blind autist that can't recognize any faces.
Open file (8.18 KB 800x600 M1.png)
Open file (48.76 KB 780x397 M2.jpg)
Open file (68.81 KB 781x818 M3.jpg)
>>253590 >Metocare would need to share his uncensored documentation with fucking Sargon or Tonka. Yeah or jcaesar187, who despises Metocare right now. It is pretty damn rich when Metocare is attacking Boogie over fake-cancer. Even like in this tweet, implying that Boogie is forging fake documents. When some accuse Metocare of doing the same thing. It also shows that idea of forging fake medical documents in his head or something he has considered. He risks shining a spotlight on himself with this type of kontent.
>>253611 >It also shows that idea of forging fake medical documents in his head or something he has considered. He risks shining a spotlight on himself with this type of kontent. You got it exactly right! That is why he must be very cautios when accusing Boogie.
Open file (480.62 KB 2000x1255 fred.jpg)
>>253611 Look at this guy whipping out the Comic Sans. Would using Arial hit too close to home?
>>253613 >The Genetic Dud.
Open file (398.36 KB 690x577 flam_tiny2.png)
>>253615 Mainly for font bickering. Piers Morgan has Tiny, a fag, a buffalo and a UFC broadcaster on a panel to discuss the trump shooting. What a time to be alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt_CipOPPs0
>>253616 I like how there's bad blood between Chunky Yogurt and Dave Rubin. They used to work together at TYT and then Rubin left to do his own thing. Same with TheTheGatorGamerGamermy Dore. If someone was clever they could get Rubin to fight with Cenk on Twitter and start spilling dirt on each other. >>253613 Comic Sans MS is the joke font that everybody clowns on.
Open file (248.72 KB 598x658 399f376.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 pepe dab.gif)
Open file (415.32 KB 748x904 226562565.png)
On the other hand, Melonie Mac is pissing off Sikhs who caterwaul at the RNC https://x.com/MelonieMac/status/1813306467757281671
Kino Casino seethes about Keemstar and his Lolcow podcast. It might be an interesting angle to push the Lolcow Live podcast to spite Kino Casino.
TRS 1212 - Whiteoid Down - TRS reacts to the Trump shooting. And Peinovich & Boskovich Episode 29: Multi-Racial Coalition of the LARPing Class https://ghettogaggers.com/ForFreeChads
>>253625 For god's sake. The shitty wordfilter. https://(t).me/ForFreeChads (remove parentheses from around the letter t
Open file (1.21 MB 953x850 dunce.png)
>>253616 petty little cuck Love the meltdown doe
>>253607 Is this the would-be assassin of Donlad Durmpf?
>>253623 >vivek >jd vance's wife >this bish why are there so many street shitters prominently featured at the RNC
>>253623 This dumb squaw would be clapping if some kike came on and read a prayer.
Open file (171.03 KB 1280x720 GSs_njWaIAABDHw.jpg)
Open file (353.13 KB 441x675 9869292392.png)
Open file (54.26 KB 567x572 Destiny - psychotic.jpg)
>>253627 Who knew Destiny would become the main villain following the Boogie arc? All it took was him realizing Trump would win the election after the attempted assassination. And he went off the rails insane. Part of me is cynical though and thinks he is using this attention as a publicity stunt to grow his channel. And this is his way of riding the Trump wave to greater heights. He can't suck Trump's cock like a Styx or Tim Pool so he has to do this instead to get the publicity. I also never realized his eyes were so small. Haha.
Open file (458.96 KB 1024x1200 noble_confidat.jpg)
>>253634 I preferred the design better in MuvLuv.
Open file (580.95 KB 450x532 1188834786010.png)
>>253635 >do you understand how grotesque that sounds <the environment we're in right now is grotesque Beautiful.
>>253635 >>253637 >LavLune enters the fray
Open file (878.95 KB 1280x720 eww WTF.mp4)
>>253638 >eat your boyfriends cum out of your vagina
>>253638 VIOLENCE AGAINST CONSERVATARDS BY DAY Drinking Dick my jewish mother By Night
Open file (239.64 KB 480x480 (((benjamin))).png)
>>253638 muh qween i kneel
>sub to me and I might stream once in a while https://rumble.com/c/TheTheGatorGamerGamer
>>253632 They're Asians and they are anti-Muslims. And that makes them prime Ziocucks. In a nutshell. Oh and pagans too
>>253640 Is Layman still around? I'm still reminded where there was a thing on Andy's show where he was optimistic that post-Krautgate would usher in a new wave of well researched, professional cocks as opposed to pseudo-intellectualism. Didn't quite pan out that way. Think he fell off the wagon and went dark for a bit, but I haven't looked into it much since the crossing state lines stream with the scottish bloke.
>>253623 she would have no problem with jewish religious traditions being observed i bet. stupid bitch
>>253642 i thought grifting was bad?
Open file (173.79 KB 1080x1214 GSqjYYzXQAAxxmR.jpg)
>>253643 >greetings fellow white people
I was listening to an old clip of Randbot vs Zoom and this caught my ear. Zoom claims to be able to pull 900 lbs with his arms. From my own experience, I unlocked my muscle-up when I could do weighted pullups with 50% of my bodyweight. I'm 160 lbs so 50% of my bodyweight is 80 lbs. I'm guessing Zoom is 225 lbs. 50% of 225 lbs is 112 lbs. So he should be able to do muscle-ups no problem. Since according to him pulling 900 lbs, he is 8x stronger than he needs to be able to perform one muscle-up. Zoom, post your muscle-up. Surely this is not another lie from Zoom, a notorious pathological liar. Although there are fat dudes that have big strength but can't do calisthenics like pushups, pullups, dips, muscle-ups, bc they're too fat. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdhLaY-CyAc
Open file (1.99 MB 450x450 muscle up (small).gif)
Open file (73.80 KB 950x1183 GSuVhsKXAAAZKrM.jpg)
>>253649 did you also unlock the laser cannon on the secret mission, you dont even know the difference between pulling and pushing, larping retard imagine projecting this hard when you clearly dont know shit about something even skeletons do
I noticed that Anna (TSWG) stopped face-fagging as soon as she announced she was pregnant. 'Cause her face is fat! https://www.youtube.com/@ThatStarWarsGirl/videos
>>253653 <you dont even know the difference between pulling and pushing, ? Where''s this come from? >larping retard What part of my statement is larping? >imagine projecting this hard What am I projecting? Your whole statement is nothing but lies.
Open file (1.45 MB 480x270 1462313517080.gif)
>>253656 you want me to hold your hand you stupid fucking faggot, so you can stop ridiculing yourself to everyone that isnt a retard like you not knowing how obvious it is that youre just a larping idiot that never lifted more than a soda, lol no clown
>>253638 that whore is so disgusting.
>>253579 >EsoShaggy post it on his thread
>>253658 >larp There's that buzzword again. You can't explain how I'm larping, how I'm projecting, or how I didn't know pull vs push. So you're talking shit and can't back anything up. Gotcha. You just throw a bunch of buzzwords out there to discredit me and it failed. 😁
>>253661 >plz tell me how obvious my larp is i did loser and it needs no explanation you pathetic faggot its obvious, just not to you for obvious reasons youre fucking embarrassing, keep trying to lose your Гунт in your bedroom fucking losesr, without other people pointing and laughing, you cant even get your larp correct, you cant get anything right, youll be a failure forever and youll always be laughed at, even past your gay retard larp
Open file (105.39 KB 651x1000 Grifter.jpg)
Open file (177.37 KB 966x1920 SexAddict.jpg)
Open file (95.05 KB 637x456 DestinySouthern.jpg)
>>253635 It almost sounds like Destiny is a Grifter who will say whatever gets him media attention. Or he's pandering to the trannies and Zoomer chicks who will suck his dick. Wouldn't be surprised if he switches position at some point. "Guys I was wrong about Trump, I didn't have all the facts." Then the conservative grifters including Lauren Simonsen will say "Destiny is recovering from derangement syndrome". When that stops getting publicity he'll turn heel again. Whatever keeps the shekels flowing.
>>253662 >it needs no explanation you pathetic faggot its obvious, just not to you for obvious reasons If it was obvious as you say, it would be self-evident and wouldn't require you to be pushing it onto me nonstop to make it stick. >keep trying to lose your Гунт in your bedroom fucking losesr I do not have a gvnt. Closer to a 6 pack than anything. But I would just say toned. >without other people pointing and laughing Eh, it seems to be only you, actually. For whatever reason. >you cant even get your larp correct What larp? Where is the larp you are talking about? >you cant get anything right You are the one slamming labels on me with no evidence. It is you who cannot get anything right. >youll be a failure forever and youll always be laughed at, even past your gay retard larp <If I just label you with enough buzzwords, I have defeated you. Lol. You come across as a pathetic bitch to me. 😂
Just a reminder that TheGatorGamer Ray Barnhill is a sweaty gamer.