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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>233607 Dude looks like some schizoid homeless guy they pulled off the street
Open file (91.55 KB 500x745 86nj3r.jpg)
Open file (64.69 KB 687x1024 template.jpg)
Open file (81.49 KB 337x367 janny_manga.png)
>>233542 >Ok, now this sounds like a larp. Nvm. Everything is a LARP these days. I don't know why you all pretend nothing ever happens when crazy shit is literally happening all of the time. We scam gooks and chinks mostly. Some Americans. Usually, G​AMERGATEs and the odd wigger. You'd have to be clinically retarded to step into the club. Anyone that understands what こんにちは means would know enough about Japan to stay the fuck out of it. Half the people lured to the entrance nope.gif the moment they see a white gaijin working inside (I sometimes cook and tend bar). It's comfy as fuck though. Free place to live that's as big as where I lived before. More privacy. Get my dick sucked whenever I want. 100% improvement over the last 5-6 years living in America. Where I've watched every dream I ever had be crushed and handed to some faggot that has been in-country less than 6 months. The best decision I ever made was going to Japan when the borders re-opened. I took my meager savings and dumped it all into that trip. Planned to anhero in the suicide forest once I ran out of money. Went to Akiba to do drugs and play vidya. Met westaboo qt3.14. Gave her some shrooms. Next thing I know I'm part of the family. Funny thing is I came into money a few months after I planned to anhero. Three different oldfag family members died. Left everything they owned to me. I've liquidated all their assets and auctioned off everything of value. I have enough to buy a home in fucking Tokyo now. I'm pretty psyched about it. I'll continue to have fun until I take the fat shot of morphine and go to sleep forever. Until then what I'm doing is pretty alright. My greater point is gossiping about dumb faggots on the internet is no longer fun. Too many fags around. There isn't anything organic anymore. The internet is like nu/nature. It's filled with GMOs and forced memes. If /cow/ was still worth visiting there would be a thread about the DoD IIA program here or the three people they've murdered in the last year attempting to expose it. But not a peep. You all are too busy talking about people and bullshit that doesn't matter and isn't funny. You're all so addicted to e-celebs you don't even bother to dig into their finances anymore. Which would have led you to the real players in the game (their handlers) and the shell corporations promoting and directing them. I discovered all this in like a week on my own. Tried to spread the word. No one would listen. I knew I was barking up the right trees bickers no matter where I posted it on the internet totally organic concern trolls would show up to call me schizo and run defense for these shell corps. But I digress. Believe what you want. The root would of believe is LIE. That's what believe means; lying to yourself. With that said I do hope you've all been well and are having good days. I can still recognize the various regulars here from posting styles. It looks like a few of you weren't run out by the handful of chat room faggots that finally killed off this board for good. I don't really care about you all having your sperg in-fighting on this backwater Mongolian basket weaving forum. I just wish you'd leave enough space for old/cow/ to have its own thread. Lurking the catalog is depressing. I want my pre-2019 and pre-2016 imageboards back. I don't understand where all the interesting people went. They aren't on the clearnet anywhere. Every last website is too oppressive with censorship or overun with nofunallowed fags. Despite being a massive datamining operation run by Mr. Watkins the nip imageboards are still pretty good as far as OC, discussion and even cows is concerned. They aren't overly censored. They even have their own long list of alt-right and commie LARPing faggots. Reading nips reactions to internal politics is amazing. They even post death threats daily and sometimes deliver. Nippon is fucking wild. I was not prepared for the amount of crime and homeless. The Government is filled with lying bastards. The boomers here are like giga-boomers compared to the lazy self absorbed assholes back home. I love being an immigrant as well. Any time I piss off a local or troll them on purpose I just pretend to be clueless tourist that can't speak Japanese. They let me get away with it bickers I'm white. I've seen G​AMERGATEs attempting to do the same thing and they always get beaten up by a local. The crazy thing is usually it's a gook instead of a nip that snaps and attacks them. Since they don't want to look bad by association (gooks are technically considered G​AMERGATEs under glorious Nippon law). The only shitty part is I'm technically not allowed to own land in Nippon. So I'm going to have to keep waifu happy least she divorces me and takes everything. Then I'll be living in the manga cafe like the rest of the losers in Tokyo. I'm only in-country for the next 2 weeks to finish up paper work and to close the deal on my parent's and grandparent's houses+land. Then I fuck off to the land of animu forever and never have to speak English again. I just wanted to stop in here and check-in on the place while I had the free time. Since I don't feel like paying for proxy to shitpost on nipchans. Godspeed.
>>233616 I will read this, but it better be about Basil the discord paedophile from Plate Gang (Dr. Rockso), who used to pretend to be white until he was doxed by some ewhore.
>>233614 hes a literal mick jagger impersonator, its part of his schtick
>>233616 I will NOT read this.the buddha only needed three words what the hell do you think you are doing.
Open file (1.22 MB 675x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 600x800 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't understand people who post selfies on public social media sites, let alone leave them there forever. https://archive.is/CywFf https://archive.ph/wip/4InXY
>>233602 >>233603 the prostitutes in mexico need to be aware that hes been given the gift and an active carrier of hiv
>>233623 andy tried to bag a new pig and then lost it, this guy and his fatties, shanade, Гунт, ppp, pinecone and now this pig
>>233623 if a tree falls in a forest and no one takes a selfie does its existence matter
>>233621 >Dixonverse What if Dick trademarked Dicksonverse? Hell, it's what he can call his fedi. Third time lucky.
>>233596 sue is a guy and that makes it even better
>>233616 what nipboard are you talking about 5ch?
Open file (48.58 KB 764x437 cuckski.png)
Open file (633.58 KB 757x571 tardis.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 1920x1080 CoachWinson.webm)
Open file (741.77 KB 1920x1080 license_to_julay.png)
Open file (3.83 MB 333x338 74585859258598.gif)
>>233630 >I'm a proud cuck
Open file (5.19 MB 300x212 81728921928128.gif)
Open file (247.74 KB 1024x1024 media_F-7ldt-XYAAX4An.jpg)
>>233630 How does one big gay cuck dungeon make him a cuck? That doesn't even make sense.
>>233633 its the box wine theorem grapejuice & age -> wine wine & chastity -> box wine box wine -> cuck
Open file (3.83 MB 333x338 4.5 star days.gif)
>>233630 >retardki is trying to own the meme
Open file (3.62 MB 333x338 4.5 star days.gif)
>>233635 Look at the Twitter/X handle; it is that one autistic parody account LARPing as Tardski.
Open file (128.05 KB 1085x310 IMG_0305.jpeg)
>>233630 TheTheGatorGamerGamer getting cucked
>>233638 youre not relevant anymore bacon lips, shoo, shoo and take that your endive pussy somewhere else
Open file (4.56 MB 400x215 4.5 star days 2.gif)
>>233637 you can never tell the difference
Open file (2.65 MB 1560x1560 00209.png)
Open file (2.53 MB 1560x1560 00176.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 1560x1560 00183.png)
Open file (2.72 MB 1560x1560 00178.png)
Open file (2.89 MB 1560x1560 00184.png)
>>233616 Why is a white guy running the shop a red flag that causes 50% to leave? Bc there is something fake about it when you expect Japs? I guess it seems like a trap. >Planned to anhero in the suicide forest once I ran out of money. Why? That doesn't seem like much of a plan. Since you know you will run out of money eventually. But in a way, having that in the back of your mind lights a fire under your ass to make something happen. Sink or swim. I guess you just have a different personality from me as I would not do drugs and plan things. But it's fine. >Three different oldfag family members died. Left everything they owned to me. Lucky. I can't imagine any inheritances coming to me. >I'll continue to have fun until I take the fat shot of morphine and go to sleep forever. Why? Why do you keep saying this? You're not happy? You're just gonna kys as soon as you things get slightly uncomfortable? Why would you do this to your wife and possible kids? You got a family now. Stop being selfish. You can't just pull the exit button and bail. People gave you life and you're just gonna end yours when you're up against the wall and the hedonism is over. >My greater point is gossiping about dumb faggots on the internet is no longer fun. It's what you make of it. If you have other things/hobbies you'd rather do, that's fine. Yeah, "we" have NEETS with no direction in their lives here. But others that view this as a side hobby. Just something fun to folllow. It's NOT a replacement for a real life though. >there would be a thread about the DoD IIA program here or the three people they've murdered in the last year attempting to expose it Don't know what that is. Department of Defense? Search returns nothing. >You're all so addicted to e-celebs you don't even bother to dig into their finances anymore. Which would have led you to the real players in the game (their handlers) and the shell corporations promoting and directing them. I discovered all this in like a week on my own. Tried to spread the word. No one would listen. I knew I was barking up the right trees bickers no matter where I posted it on the internet totally organic concern trolls would show up to call me schizo and run defense for these shell corps. You expect me to believe all the ecelebs are run by shell corporation and handlers? It seems like a stretch. I could imagine some of them def get funding. The political ones. Especially as election season heats up. Destiny, Fuentes, Vaush, Hasan, Sargone. Most ecelebs though are just faggots with a youtube trying to make bank. E-Grifters. Sponsorships then coopt them and influence them with money to shill x product or promote something. So it's not too far-fetched to imagine the same money influence over these shills once their channels get big and the money flows in, from whatever left wing or right wing organization. >handful of chat room faggots that finally killed off this board for good. Ok, so you don't like the cytube guys. I'm not a big cytube guy myself. Are you the original essayfag that used to write big posts about why the cytube sucked? >I don't understand where all the interesting people went. You mean the cows or the posters? <eceleb drama doesn't matter. Yeah, def not. They're all retarded faggots. But really none of this stuff matters. I don't even think politics matters. As it will have little effect on your life and they're all scammers that just use govt to enrich themselves and screw other people. And it will have 0 effect on your own life. It's all about your own life and what you get out of it.
Open file (2.60 MB 1560x1560 00208.png)
Open file (2.67 MB 1560x1560 00203.png)
Open file (2.39 MB 1560x1560 00191.png)
Open file (2.67 MB 1560x1560 00189.png)
Open file (3.42 MB 1560x1560 00179.png)
>Nippon is fucking wild. I was not prepared for the amount of crime and homeless I was always led to believe there is little street-crime in Japan. Safe cities. Walking at night is fine across the cities. But financial crime is another thing. And ofc there is Yakuza that runs quite a bit of society from my understanding of things. So it's kind of a contradiction when people say Japan is so low crime! And yet Yakuza is this massive force controlling it. As if that is not crime. >Government is filled with lying bastards. I can imagine. Shitty people are in every culture and governments always attract a type of cutthroat snake person that wants money/power. >The crazy thing is usually it's a gook instead of a nip that snaps and attacks them. Gook refers to any non-Jap Asian here? Or just Korean? >So I'm going to have to keep waifu happy least she divorces me and takes everything. Yeah you gotta be careful. Women are still women all around the world. You can't pretend you can go to some Asian country and "geomax" and fix all the problems with women. Nah, they don't want a white loser NEET either. If you're low SMV in the west, you're still low SMV, fat, short, and ugly in Japan. Yeah, you can find girls that are searching for white men and it works bc you are fulfilling her fetish. But in general, they still want someone good-looking, tall, and with a job/money. And I think being the white westerner has its own problems like girls assuming you're rich just bc you're from America or Europe. They expect you to take care of their entire family and pull them out of poverty. They look at you as a meal ticket and it's a little dehumanizing. Things like that. I always like to ask people living abroad how they support themselves to see if it can be replicated. Usually they are teaching English which requires a 4 year degree, which I have. But it seems you must be able to work from home or have a good gig. Since the Jap language and writing barrier is there are you will struggle to integrate into their society and still will never be accepted as Japanese. Kind of a 2nd class citizen. So being able to work from home or have some online business and make enough money to survive is helpful if you are an expat. It lets you live anywhere and survive so long as you have that. Good for you though. Just take it one step at a time if you need. Remember to appreciate and cherish life. You could get run over by a car tomorrow and your life could end immediately. It happens all the time. Or have some life-ending disease like ALS that kills you in your prime. Just take it easy. Be sure to buy yourself a nice Seiko watch if you like watches, since you got access to the good stuff in Japan that they don't export to us westerner gaijin. Maybe I'll track down this shop you work at and find you and come in and chit chat with you. I ain't paying though since I know it's a scam. Lol. I'm just kidding. Anyway, you don't need to give a response if you don't want. Since you say you are busy. I didn't mean to write a lot but you did and I was just responding. It's all good.
Open file (85.90 KB 1092x220 IMG_0306.jpeg)
>>233630 Cucking of Adam
Open file (248.07 KB 513x405 ClipboardImage.png)
everything is boring and gay
>>233645 You gotta write KOP on them to assert dominance, otherwise you're just a beta discord spic.
>>233643 Wasn't Swede the guy Zoom has feuding with and trying to take down? Zoom bros, it's over. Hold me.
just some thoughts, i was bored af and looking for some cocks so I checked out bitchute yesterday, pretty much nothing to see, here's only a few q tards left making shit up and alex jones stuff I know I probably shouldn't even mention it bickers this is probably what they want, but I mean, of course somehow there's Owen Benjamin literally hosting the alex jones show for over and hour I thought about how these sick freaks enjoy messing with people's heads so much, I spose I considered that maybe these dweebs have alex over a barrel somehow and thats how fuentes and benjamin keep getting on his show even though he supposedly had huge beefs with them but that's probably not the case right but I guess in the end, its "alex" doing himself a disservice by cheapening literally everything about his lore/integrity bickers, wasn't it him and his turbo weird rich friends that concocted this 'sacred cow', yet how do they themselves treat this 'sacred cow', they treat it terribly, they have no respect for their own 'sacred cow', maybe it's a good sign, maybe it's a sign that weirdos fake identity will be blown out one day
Open file (880.87 KB 4096x2731 F_aeNHsXwAAb91e.jpg)
Open file (93.24 KB 441x441 9285598598589.jpg)
Open file (72.16 KB 486x622 gator_shadow_realm.jpg)
>>233649 Andy doesn't need to know.
Open file (170.14 KB 360x346 589498592855986.gif)
>>233648 Infowars is a military intelligence propaganda operation. Look up Mindwars by Michael Aquino for a blueprint. Most of the whole dissident right, from the popular conspiracy people to Q propagandists on twitter to Joe Rogan and Tim Pool is part of a big informal network led by military intelligence. It's why conspiracy, especially the Q type, got so popular. It was and is intentional.
Open file (4.95 MB 640x360 DEAR ESSAYFAG.webm)
Open file (42.93 KB 614x270 1159073864155.png)
Make way losers. GITheGatorGamer is going to show you how it's done.
>>233654 Heeesth gawt that ryyte
Open file (146.50 KB 761x802 J1.jpg)
Open file (149.67 KB 763x757 J2.jpg)
Open file (118.17 KB 733x496 J3.jpg)
Open file (99.20 KB 757x561 J4.jpg)
Open file (94.33 KB 755x553 J5.jpg)
This account is believed to be a Feaser/RPG/TedTalks sock account. It bashes all the right people though.
>>233656 It does bring about an optics conundrum. If it's not explicitly Teddy, Gym can't publicly shit on him without prior recourse bickers he's an optics cuck, and the squeaky squad can't demand him go after Teddy without violating the Gym commandments. Without Gym backing them up, they just fease about. And if it's not Teddy, more power to him.
Open file (28.31 KB 516x290 F4L3rq7WMAAKi06.jpg)
>>233656 this guy calling others mentally ill is pretty funny
Open file (1.28 MB 405x280 1464972449686.gif)
>>233656 this is reaching montegraph level of insanity memes
Open file (755.89 KB 787x773 6252985295925.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eCKP7E--Us Tossed Salad, the autistic bobs and vagene, on Coomalot331
>>233661 she looks like she smells like cat shit
Open file (501.29 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-01.png)
Open file (395.30 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-02.png)
Open file (172.15 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-03.png)
Open file (284.53 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-04.png)
Open file (570.61 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-05.png)
>>233643 Wezus don't you mean Michael? Wuuuuuuuuuut not Michael Welborn the pipebomb enthusiast.
Open file (699.01 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-06.png)
Open file (601.15 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-07.png)
Open file (755.96 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-08.png)
Open file (733.01 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-09.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-10.png)
Open file (809.79 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-11.png)
Open file (271.59 KB 1700x2200 Wezus Dox-12.png)
>>233663 If plate will continue using this board to dox each other, literal whos, could you at least be funny about it? Is it to much to ask for a Pipey the Pipe Bomb like character?
>>233664 Yooooo thats wezus? mate that dude looks fat as fuck. Holy shit are all americans this fat? That's the guy bryan accused of sending him cp ye? holy shit he even llooks like a sweaty gamer
>>233667 Thanks, much better.
>>233664 >>233667 the fuckin meth mouth that old bitch must have. his mom looks like dried up dog shit. are his parents seriously ighting on facebook about snitching? what are they drug dealers? how the fuck did barnhill hang around degens like this and not shoot himself?
>>233669 bickers TheGatorGamer is a spic sweaty gamer and mostly hanged with Rockso who also happens to be a black sweaty gamer. So it was a matter of standards, Zoom's are really low.
>>233665 All of plate is just fat retards who would have guessed
>>233670 embarrassing to say at the least. this guy just gives me the creeps. I would never want my kids around any of these people. why are all these discordspics so fucking ugly and creepy
https://rumble.com/v3wz4fp-whiskey-review-trump-total-victory-in-colorado-gag-order-fights-the-voting-.html Coomer lawyer talking about dupshit. I've been putting on the coomer lawyer as a great way of falling asleep. His droning usually knocks me out after an hour.
>>233673 Thanks, but I am only looking forward for more updates on this Wezus guy.
>>233666 Those faggots don't have enough creativity or whimsy for that.
>>233663 >>233664 >>233665 Now dat's some good stalking. I like it.
>>233666 Pipey is wezus and also the guy who swatted bry bry and sent him cp apparently
>>233678 Time line of events for none discord autists >Wezus aka paulie no box aka pipey the pipe bomb aka Mike the fat sweaty gamer is a dirty platespic >is the guy who harassed, doxed & swatted bry bry offline >sent Bryan bry cp live on stream >sent dox to piss drinking whore who exposed roxo >starts stream about Elaine with fellow sweaty gamers swede & dark diddla >posts fake ss of him cucking washedwinson >zoom & Elaine fully doxed him hours later Sorry Michael Welborn I'm calling your dad right now you sweaty gamer
>>233663 Damn another platespic down BRY BRY WINS AGAIN
>>233645 nice balls
Open file (108.88 KB 829x1098 IMG_20231121_072944_136.jpg)
>>233664 Do furd next
>>233621 >rackets finally hits 1 million in total superchats Pay up G​AMERGATE. It's time for you to either go 48 hours sober, or spam that Provigil.
Open file (34.21 KB 664x376 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.69 KB 825x663 ClipboardImage.png)
>>233685 >mfw my sweaty gamer son gets doxed and I'm shown to be a meth head hooker
>>233680 But guise I thought Zoom the age play enthusiast vouched for him and said he would never send CP. Nooooo TheGatorGamer bros getting exposed for being pedos. Next up is Waverly Gessner Zooms newest pedo gf. Credit goes to Elaine Miller for exposing diddler zoom and his newest victim
Looks like Elaines dox of Waverly was correct. No wonder she got served a restraining order by the sheriff's.
Is the gist of this that bryan dunn and elaine are now doxxing plategang members anonymously on /cow/? Im not in all the gay discords so im not really following whats happening.
>>233311 Those pics of laguera are her at 12/13 years old why are you posting pics of kids also Elaine show is your British teeth
Bryan Dunn, The King of Socks , the guy who's on this platform cheering on himself, while listening to a lie is condoning excessive sweating. So I ask you ppl , There is a reason why Bryan Dunn is slandering ppl just like the way Rockzo and Zoom does. You want me to expose you more Bryan? Keep it up pedo 🥷💥
>>233689 Not really, it is two different factions of plate doxing each other, one of them (Rockso's) uses Elaine as a proxy. It all started with the doxing of Grossly Offensive by Plate Gang. Almost simultaneously his group (Chinatown) doxed Rockso. Yet, Rockso is an even more obscure character (literal negro) than Grossly Offensive for anyone to really care. But, they both were actually doxed by a discord prostitute, Capy. She exchanged the doxes of each to the other as both simped for her simultaneously (their doxes surfaced around the same time). Once doxed, Grossly left but Rockso kept Capy around as his egirlfriend. Capy annoyed many among Plate bickers she is a sperg who acts as a queen. She had the most issues with Rocket, a female in Plate who used to be best friends with Rockso. But Rockso took Capy's side and threatened Rocket, who left since she was already doxed and used to be the target of Chinatown's swatting and CPS calls (Zoom doxed Mustard, Plate Gang original leader as they blamed him for leaking Rocket's info). Swede starts taking a prominent part in this story around this time. He posted a part of his DMs with Rockets, where she reached him to talk about her issues with Capy. He did it to please Rockso, but was the confirmation needed for Rockso to get rid of Rocket. However, there was another even bigger source of drama within plate. Chinatown and Elaine never stopped messing with Rockso and his family after they got his dox. Elaine might not be a hacker or anything for that matter but a simple prostitute, but she is willing to sell her body to pay other people to do the dirty job and take the credit for it, that is her MO. So a faction in Plate, led by Swede started pointing and laughing at her. But this just motivated her to keep fucking with Rockso. Zoom understood this and dmed Elaine, begging her to stop and pointing at Swede as the responsible for people making fun of her, as she was blaming Rockso. Elaine outsmarted Zoom and posted those DMs. This would cause for Swede and Zoom to have a direct confrontation in a public and recorded server, where the dox of Rockso was confirmed multiple times and Zoom hinted (although he kept denying it) that he would be sharing the dox of the people making fun of Elaine with her. This convinced Elaine that Rockso and Zoom were on his side. Yet, the only person who swats in Plate Gang has always been Zoom. KoP, Gaytor and Dark Ninja have been frequent targets of him. KoP used to loudly call Zoom as a swatter in his show, until Rockso joined every time to take the blame for himself, while still anonymous (Zoom is aware that there are people like Gaytor in contact with the Feds trying to prove that he is a swatter). This is mostly why Zoom has been so exceptional loyal to Rockso. Ironically the reason why Swede's group were harrasing Elaine was to back up Rockso, bickers that has always the way things have been done in Plate. But Rockso and Zoom read that as they purposely encouraging Elaine to attack Rockso and his family. So far as a result of this Swede's group has been spamming the board with Rockso's dox, a few times Valkyria's and they also managed to turn Capy against Roxo. which led to her leaking their dms and exposing Rockso as a sweaty gamer. But more recently Rockso's group has taken the lead by currently doxing Wezus and strongly hinting that Furd's dox is coming next. There are plenty more to dox yet, so these guys spamming the board with irrelevant doxes will last for a while.
>>233692 Wrong about that Chinatown doxed roxo then plate doxed grossly they already had his shit but it wasn't capy it was a girl called chuckles who doxed grossly who then immediately got dox3d and swatted by zoom for some reason. The rest is right though
Grossly was the one that doxxef Rockzo. Chinatown just sits around in their hugbox and doesn't do shit. They wanna take credit like the way Rockzo takes credit for everything
It was the troon that Bryan Dunn cheated on his wife with, maddiekat, that doxed Rockzo. Same troon that dated DJ Axle.
>>233694 Grossly can't dox anyone I imagine it was some random Chinatown fag >>233695 Not even close to what happened bry bry got fucked with for saying he doxed basil they used the troon to gay op him
>>233697 The troon did it without being asked to, actually.
>>233692 This lore is gay and factually incorrect Issac Flores
>>233699 Isaac cannot write coherent sentences.
>>233697 >>233697 Im more annoyed that we never got the B files and that earwinson and perspic are plategang members
Open file (122.79 KB 480x600 IMG_1017.mp4)
No one cares keep doxing each other so the foxdicks start swatting you faggots
ageplayte gang lost
>>233360 Nice try Basil. When it turned out you had been grooming minors you snaked your friends to try to get away from it. Time reveals all.
>>233360 alright if this is real this guy needs to eat lead
you faggots have been astroturfing the board for months about some G​AMERGATE no one cares about kill yourselfs
>>233707 bickers it seems like basil kourakos might be a legit pedo?
>>233664 Looks like Bryan's long lost twin
>>233708 the discordspics make shit up all the time with that troon. they show cropped screenshots with no usernames and not on mobile cause its just someone pretending to be someone else. they just did it in their gay op with bryan. why is the pic so cropped? why not click on the name to show the username? if its real so why not prove its real by showing the username? they even tried to reuse a name bryan was using on his discord earlier in the week. its just lazy gay ops at best take that shit to foxdick.
>>233348 looks like a fag too lol
>>233710 wait these faggots get led around by a troon?
>>233710 You want to fuck children basil you sick G​AMERGATE
>>233714 yea they were faking chat logs with bryan and the troon and the troon got caught faking chat logs with jewsh claiming they were friends last week. elaine has been sperging out on twitter about it for days. nothing these dudes show is legit. why else would they not post the mobile version of these screenshots like any other leak has showing the username and verifying it as real? then they sperg out and call you the G​AMERGATE they cry about. discord, not even once.
>>233716 Hi Elaine! Good morning. Still delusional, I see. :)
Open file (232.44 KB 314x538 d545dab.png)
>>233716 Just give your harddrives to the police basil
I fell asleep after taking "ambien" (aka watching jewlawyer's stream). What the fuck did I wake up to?
>>233721 she lost everything, now she has to grovel for pennies to buy enough peroxide to be able to bleach more than just a few strands of hair, if only she knew before that her life would end in poverty
>>233714 Three troons have gayopped plate if you include Elaine.
>>233690 The pics were posted on Facebook 10 years ago she is currently 29. Age play bros can't do math Zoom masturbated to somebody he thought was 13 confirmed
>>233725 Dont forget that rockzo aka basil kourakos also tries to rape 13 year olds
Open file (73.78 KB 600x795 487.jpg)
>>233724 Platespics got played by Elaine, Zoom thought he could control her best through loyalty but I've always understood Elaine the best, it's far easier to manipulate her through hatred. What's Bryan going to do? Whine into a camera while driving for five hours to his next gay meetup? I'm soooooo scawedUwU. >>233726 Oh don't worry, the internet never forgets or forgives.
>>233725 She's 22
>>233730 Good in that case Elaine sending pizza and swat to this 29 year olds house shouldn't be an issue for age play gang. Elaine is our based queen she slays e whores like Waverly
>>233731 Not going to stop me from swatting your mom's house Micheal
>>233727 >whats bryan gonna do! I just want a show where you faggots call in and yell at one another and he provided that. You pedos hate fun so we get you all shitting up everything and everyone. Light yourselves on fire and fuck off.
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 218598921592185.gif)
>>233721 Nothing. Go back to sleep. It will all be over by then, I hope >>233734 Don't hold your breath. If they did that, you might be able register some sort of name recognition for any of them.
Open file (75.86 KB 185x337 ClipboardImage (2).png)
>>233727 >blaineposting
Open file (409.82 KB 1153x2048 F_eD6QhWkAAgSzK.jpg)
Open file (426.23 KB 1153x2048 F_eD6DaXsAAt_R8.jpg)
>>233737 yay haha surprised she didnt say 'yay way'
>>233736 And for once it's actually me doing it, the turd shattered the god damn toilet. Elaine just won't flush.
Open file (40.65 KB 1360x251 F_aEEpsXQAAr_IW.jpg)
Now how's my Elaine 2.0 going? Well let's see what Bry Bry had to say on pisscord
>>233701 Well Kop is a plategang member. TheGatorGamer pointed it out during their debate that Kop was in the plate discord in 2020 and desperately tried to explain it away. By Kop's own "logic" anyone in the plate discord a member and swatter which in turn makes kop and plate swatter. Ironic he became the thing he hates.
>>233741 Exactly why anyone whinging about Bryan's channel being gone is goofy, it's better to suffer through Shaggys god damn muting.
The board is infested with platespics doxing each other, that is just the reality we will have to endure until each of them is fucked so hard in the real world that they just log off from discord for good. As for how did this started, it is well documented in a recorded voice call where Zoom and Sweede (Plate's representatives of the opposing factions) had a sperg battle for 3 hours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFCu8_P9l-A
>>233740 Goddamnit Bryan, do you really think anyone is gonna take your threats seriously anymore when every time your just do fucking nothing? Still havn't doxed the Baron's babymomma, let alone follow up on the many physical threats you made.
>>233744 >Goddamnit Bryan, do you really think anyone is gonna take your threats seriously anymore when every time your just do fucking nothing? Much less seriously than even that considering he named the side of plate gang the troon is on like the pet retard he is. >Still havn't doxed the Baron's babymomma You mean Miss Anastasia Edge?
Could someone clean up Bryan shitting all over the board? Bryan if it was so important then I don't know...maybe take all your dox and do a show about it? (Bryan will never do another internet show again. bickers of the tranny fucking) You got caught, you fucked up your possible comeback arcs, and now to 'reclaim' your king of poz title you're going to have a hysterical spamming meltdown on the board instead of doing anything with all the dox you have? Go post all of this on your twitter account or do a youtube video bickers your committal to the lolcow role is admirable but obnoxious. Plus think about this. Half these people are actually retarded. Elaine for example, is a retard that needs to be medicated. And yet these are the people defeating everyone. Literaly retards like Zoom...actually just whatever name you want to use . __(blank) is a retard. How did (blank) manage to outsmart and dox _(blank)? Well that's bickers __(blank) is also a retard. How the fuck do you get doxxed? Seriously? Hell, I've literally told people here who I was and where I live, still not doxxed. You people manage to get doxxed turning your computers on. WTF is going on over there?
>>233736 Blaine is in the plateserver currently. So these retards got rid of barnhill and basil and traded them for Blaine a troon sweaty gamer, Maddiecat a troon, Dark Ninja a sweaty gamer and Chuckles the daughter of a sweaty gamer.
>>233744 Kop has always operated on a "give me a reason" basis.When it's more "you go low and I'll go lower" mutually assured destruction where if he drops something on someone or makes a move whoever he's trying to fuck with will drop something on him he doesn't want out there. Something he's never truly grasped, bickers he's seen himself as righteous and deserved of vindication which will never happen.
He that is not a paedophile among platespics, let him cast the next dox in /cow/
Open file (60.73 KB 734x716 id.png)
>>233740 Huh. So Kop has a new discord now? This the last known handle he went by on discord. "TELL THE TRUTH" Speak for yourself, outlines. Don't lie about being sent CP and then say in your final stream you didn't call the police or feds bickers you didn't want your family to worry about them coming around.
>>233737 My God, I never thought she's this ugly, and I don't even look at her that much.
>>233737 rat turd on the floor
Clearly a point has been hit that Platefags and Bry and the other orbiting characters need to sit down and have a proper moderated stream to resolve their issues. I nominate jewlawyer to moderate.
Open file (250.94 KB 416x421 9825928892558.png)
Open file (1.84 MB 300x170 9285921858925.gif)
>Ashley has a manpurse
>>233737 >Gaydurr showin incels how it's done
Open file (344.39 KB 1883x548 image.png)
>>233741 Bryan has never been platespic. Ive never seen so many people make shit up about someone til bryan came around. Can you G​AMERGATEs just call him gay and stop lying?
Open file (338.67 KB 645x366 7815892128915.png)
>>233755 They're going on dates now, with Ashton wearing a purse. Copesino bros...
Open file (1.10 MB 480x270 928558992592595.gif)
>>233759 > Ive never seen so many people make shit up about someone til bryan came around. Get out more, faggot
>>233722 Lol. Dyeing the front bits of hair blonde is a style bro. Southern is a snake though for sure. >>233737 She's proudly displaying a framed ISOM comic on her shelf. Embarrassing. Oh, is she spite-buying comics like Jewsh Moon to spite Dick Masterson since Vito makes fun of her? Cringe. >>233755 Asston looks like shit as always.
Open file (14.69 KB 267x200 F_etpC1WQAAfT64.jpg)
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 0b958d846133ed56.png)
>>233763 >She's proudly displaying a framed ISOM comic on her shelf. Embarrassing. Oh, is she spite-buying comics like Jewsh Moon to spite Dick Masterson since Vito makes fun of her? Cringe. Basically. >>233763 >Asston looks like shit as always. Meanwhile >>233764
Open file (4.04 MB 1154x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (46.56 KB 580x259 ClipboardImage.png)
Madison Joyce 604-254-4737 1873 Adanac St Unit 9, Vancouver, BC V5L 2E1 Oh nooo, MaddieKats been doxed!!!!!!1111 Fuckin Freak, Bow down to Elaine https://www.linkedin.com/in/madison-joyce-a4b5a1233/?originalSubdomain=ca https://www.whitepagescanada.ca/bc/vancouver/m-l-joyce_1244548/ https://www.redfin.ca/bc/vancouver/1873-Adanac-St-V5L-2E1/unit-9/home/156759533
Open file (617.38 KB 1125x879 5897789218921.png)
>>233767 >Fuckin Freak, Bow down to Elaine
Open file (325.18 KB 1536x2048 F9z5IeaWwAACRdb.jpg)
>>233767 >>233768 >>233767 >tranny on tranny violence
>>233771 /who/
Open file (854.61 KB 494x244 921856589925865986.gif)
Open file (335.79 KB 553x682 F_e3m67WoAAg3H3.png)
Open file (93.24 KB 441x441 9285598598589.jpg)
Gone over my weekly allotment of discord spic nonsense. It's the return of JARED KRUSCHEV leader of the rose buds, prolapsing the charge against pegmenco's enemies.
>>233747 Seems Chomotown is butthurt that Dark Ninja is working on a expose video on all China Town fags and it seems they're full of P3d0philes along with Bryan Dunn
Open file (31.81 KB 407x477 Elaine hand.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 231x300 headcrab.gif)
>>233769 Elaine has the biggest hands in the sector. She can palm a basketball and maybe dunk. >>233776 >Prolapsemenco shows gay men prolapsing each other's assholes on someone's stream to hurt his enemy. Quite ironic! Since his porn history was filled with dozens of watched videos of prolapsed anuses. He was obsessed with it. Loved it. One of his top fetishes. That always amazed me. It wasn't one video that he clicked from morbid curiosity. It was dozens. Who could even be into that? You want to destroy a woman's asshole and pull it inside out? That is like finding a person's inside guts hot. Like being attracted to the small intestines or the liver. Or dead cadavers. Bruh. Serial killer-esque. Or the sort of thing Metocare would watch for amusement. Some furry's asshole ripped apart.
Open file (1.60 MB 1206x1280 girls be like.png)
Open file (119.99 KB 1264x1282 Chuckles_Meme.jpeg)
>>233770 >>233767 >>233688 Damn. Everybody is getting doxed. Bryan Dunn enacts his revenge! Return of the king. It's weird though how Elaine uses her charm/feminine nature to catfish all these discordlosers. Along with the Capy whore too. Being a discordprostitute gives you a doxing advantage. It's a loophole in men's nature. They want that puss-puss so bad they will hit up anything remotely feminine and spew all their personal details to the girl.
>>233779 forget the hand, her torso is fucking levitating in the sink
Open file (69.08 KB 1283x813 F2uvmXJXMAA0sar.jpg)
>>233782 >LEAVES I guess a few hours feels like an eternity to you.
Open file (938.67 KB 967x527 2986592852985.png)
Open file (260.96 KB 1152x2048 F9jny_KaIAAzosv.jpg)
>>233779 >Elaine has the biggest hands in the sector. She can palm a basketball and maybe dunk. She's positively Anna tier
>>233786 >>233779 I'd like those long skinny fingers to wrap around my dick and then I cum in her eye!
Open file (76.20 KB 1439x720 ClipboardImage.jpg)
l e l
>>233769 Would seed.
Open file (60.11 KB 259x195 IMG_9244.png)
>>233783 All of these fags are all super turbo losers neet incel faggots irl. Adam included. They are weak and bitter faggots who hate themselves and there choices so they blame the world to justify there actions. I realised awhile ago when trying to understand why people just unhealthily hate bryan and rage uncontrollably like some fucking Red Lantern at the thought of him. Especially Jewsh for instance. Its bickers regardless of how many people have gone at him he has everything they want and more. A white wife White kids Career long term job Hobbies Irl friends Stability Even now I see retard incels tardrage about bryan “not leaving the internet when he has a life!”. Even I have been baffled by this from time to time but Bryans answer over the decade has always been consistent which is, he likes to talk shit online and enjoys running his show for fun. The problem is bryans mouth and him digging up peoples nasty degenerate faggotry for us to laugh at or uncover while people have his entire life in there hands to “touch him”. Its unfair to Bryan as he cant ever practice his freedom of speech or have agency to his own topics without faggots actually ruining it by making fake shit into “real shit” but at the same time he lost his access to that when he was doxed. Personally I think Bryan hates not being allowed to say or do what he wants online without faggots like Basil or the troon or Earwinson or even TheTheGatorGamerGamer trying to fuck that up for him so he rages at the machine and continues to refuse and deny that hard bitter truth that he knows is real. Is bryan gone? Probably not. Is he active? No hes not currently. Does he want to be? Abso-fucking-lutely. Out of spite I think he is just refusing to provide his show or thoughts or cocks bickers hes mad at the users for siding with his oppressors of his own speech and the harassers of his real life and family. I wouldnt be surprised that if TheTheGatorGamerGamer or Adam Edge or Basil were to show up at his house he would probably brutally be violent to them without a second thought though, thats just from what I see over the years of his online stuff. He hates the ones who betray him and he hates the people who ruined him or touch his life. T. Psych major anonfag who watches the sektur strictly for my own psychological thoughts
>>233790 >society doesn't exist, it's all in ur head >psychology major >I'm only here bickers it's interesting or something I'm not retarded Kek little denialist incel faggot.
>>233790 I will NOT read this
Open file (24.29 KB 450x490 92852895921859285.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 720x412 Didnt-Read-LoL.gif)
Open file (108.51 KB 1304x733 DADDY, NO.jpg)
Open file (43.79 KB 655x655 FUaqgkAVEAAX-G9.jpg)
>>233761 Why are so many guys in the Sektur carrying purses?
>>233796 Is he interviewing that dumb Sam Hyde hoe yet?
Open file (39.91 KB 779x600 sleepy-moon.png)
>>233796 >>233797 According to chat, apparently the Sam Hyde former fuckhole interview is December 9th. Good night
>>233796 Do you get paid for this or do you do it for free?
>>233790 >He hates the ones who betray him and he hates the people who ruined him or touch his life Moreso he's fine with betraying and ruining others, but god forbid it happens to him. Cause and effect.
Open file (526.43 KB 714x692 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (28.25 KB 426x568 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>233800 bryan dunn has literally never ruined anybody’s life but his iwn you stupid fucking faggot. He cant even dox earwinson properly let alone snake correctly. You platespics/Issac Flores peeps all week have been getting destroyed in this thread by your own doings outing yourselves as everything you called the dunnce on doing. Hes a gay outline man, not a life ruining fucktard
>>233764 post without shirt to own the alawgs
>>233802 Fake dox or no, Bryan's intent is to intimidate and harass and throw around his tiny outline like it's big. He's no different than plate. Dark Ninja won. Sha sha sha SHAAAAAAA
>>233795 real fashion for real men
>>233805 All bickers fanny pack wearers were relentlessly bullied in the 80s and 90s.
Open file (233.92 KB 349x603 ppp_purse2.png)
Open file (725.05 KB 806x1176 ppp_purse.png)
>>233795 Probably more-so to do with Ashley wanting to be literally jcaesar187 for the last 4 years now. He genuinely idolises him more than anyone.
Open file (437.72 KB 694x559 lolsuit.png)
GETTING SUED?! DRAMA! Matchmaker?! 7 Girls! | Dating Talk #120 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIs-CiS3oWY
>>233801 Bry liberal troon arc
Open file (648.06 KB 830x830 ash_ogre.png)
>>233804 Bryans intent was to respond to you faggots trying to get him fired. Kill his family with swat teams and calling false child protection services to take his kids away. Fuck off and stream your bullshit instead of trying to pretend bryan dunn could do anything other than talk shit to people who rightly deserve it m8
Open file (3.11 MB 2530x1276 lolsuit panel.png)
>>233802 Remember the whole BSV thing? Bry wanted to ruin lives he just really sucks at everything he does.
>>233814 The guy literally got him fired for a debate about darksydephil. Vidar cut his hands open and cursed him and his family you stupid faggot all the while hanging out with DJ nonce Axle and defending child sex dolls. Bryans a fucking retard for not archiving these streams bickers it highlights a consistent pattern of faggots doing faggot shit over someone streaming bullshit and the streamer responding with “fuck you too”. You arent a victim you are the problem. M8, this isnt the argument you want to make you moron.
>>233816 No you can't read. The point wasn't that Bry accomplished it. It's that he starts shit with people then gets hit harder and cries about it once that happens. If he stopped stirring the kool-aid he's chugging he'd be in better shape.
>>233816 >The guy literally got him fired for a debate about darksydephil. Biggest Kop apologist cope yet. Maybe if Bry didn't wear his fucking work uniform in videos calling out BSV then his work wouldn't have gotten harassing calls. Yea BSV fucked with him hard, but think Kop was a victim or wasn't a cause of it bickers he thought he was untouchable and invincible on the internet. Get your head out of Kop's ass, retard.
>>233790 <Pretentious word salad twaddle <T. useless major People dislike Bryan bickers he's an annoying attention-seeker who attempts to self-insert into the drama for credit no matter how far detached he actually is or did not contribute to anything of note. >Muh freeze peach If Bryan wanted to talk, he could close up shop, make an anon twitter account or go back to pol without his trip and rant to his heart's cocks, but he doesn't bickers he's an attention-seeking faggot who craves it irrespective if it'll hurt his IRL career or family.
Open file (1.29 MB 1253x1188 jew.png)
>>233817 >2nd picture
Open file (185.59 KB 336x490 fat fuck.png)
Are we sure Kop is getting heart attacks from being online terminally and not from doing tren? The fuck does this fatass eat? Maybe don't blow through everything in your fridge, Kop, let your family have some food for once.
>>233821 She's the hottie of the bunch. And "picky" too of course.
Open file (502.67 KB 433x585 Gahoole Exploitable.PNG)
>>233823 I'd pick her butthole, she kind of looks like kayla aka lady rackets
>>233824 She's hotter than Lady Rackets, who looks nipped and tucked.
>>233813 id commit bestiality to motorboat the ebony qween's tits
>>233823 >>233825 I can see why should would be picky, bish has got great genes
>>233827 She likes to get BONZAI'D
>>233753 wtf >>233788 turkey tom sisters.....
>>233828 Indeed
Open file (837.37 KB 450x253 sniff.gif)
>>233819 >HE WORE HIS UNIFORM SO THAT MEANS ITS FREE GAME you need a crowbar taken to your knees you justified G​AMERGATE logic retard
Open file (34.89 KB 544x540 laffin.jpg)
>>233737 <An excess of ugly tattoos indicating low impulse control ✓ <Brown eyes and mystery meat ancestry ✓ <Rippaverse nіggеr comic proudly on display ✓ <Two crosses to help sell the (((Christian))) LARP to her gullible audience ✓ <Possible rat shit on the floor as pointed out by >>233753 Nіggеr, M*l BТFOs herself on a daily basis
>I'm half Spanish and half Mexican
>>233835 100% retarded
>>233835 >>233836 She may very well be all European through her Spanish ancestry, and all sorts of native non-white nonsense on her Mexican side. Many such cases.
Open file (1.82 MB 498x498 892192829892363.gif)
>>233834 >still cuter, cleaner, whiter and more genuine than Muttni It's tough for Muttni simps
Open file (1.75 MB 720x1280 VGdAsQoJf7HQPlmZ.mp4)
>>233838 >still cuter That is, at best, debatable. >whiter She has brown eyes and has a suspicious “tan” whereas Vеntі has beautiful blue eyes and pale skin. >more genuine than Muttni She is clearly a fraud. Only the most deluded simp would look at M*l and not see that she is a shyster with the impulse control and intellect of a basketball American.
Open file (1.48 MB 1185x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (55.29 KB 750x906 enjoythelittlethings.jpg)
holy fuck these cunts are retarded
Open file (262.85 KB 317x361 ClipboardImage.png)
>im not educated enough to continue
>>233840 >>233841 I always wonder how much of that is a façade they put on. Women are sneaky and two-faced, so it would not surprise me the least if they constantly put on this act to better lull their simps and significant others into a false sense of superiority.
Open file (185.07 KB 839x951 cirn9smoke.jpg)
>>233842 theyre not good actors, you can hear the cobwebs in their head when theyre asked "what do you mean by that? / "can you give an example?" this is the end result of guys tolerating your inane inaccurate drivel bickers they want to fuck you.
Open file (473.47 KB 1131x652 Schopenhauer on women.jpg)
>>233843 Sure, they are no doubt very stupid and ignorant about a great many things, but they certainly know how to manipulate and get their way. Perhaps that is nature’s way of compensating for their lack in physical strength and intellect, a sort of sly shamelessness. And growing up online and using social media is only making matters worse. Civilization is declining and people are getting dumber.
>>233839 >beautiful blue eyes and pale skin= white You never heard of filters either? Lol. Also she learned from her mother how to make herself look as white as possible. You honestly think this combo...
Open file (132.12 KB 1080x1344 F5ruuXbWwAARnYP.jpg)
...is whiter than this combo?
Open file (30.42 KB 1056x620 ClipboardImage.png)
>>233844 fair. >growing up online and using social media is only making matters worse. <Civilization is declining and people are getting dumber. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect#Possible_end_of_progression
Open file (2.66 MB 436x392 9282989285.gif)
>>233839 Also >being an aspiring poseur= self-control That's why she runs through so many guys huh? bickers she has such good impulse control?
Open file (19.91 KB 400x400 Y963MJW.jpg)
stepped away from the roastie podcast for the last hour, did I miss anything?
>>233847 makes no malnutrition stunts growth average height has only increase over the century except in undeveloped countries and how many more people from undeveloped low iq countries are there now in developed nations compared to a century ago, yeah seems like your looking at the effects of mass fucking immigration more than anything
Open file (35.69 KB 986x147 ClipboardImage.png)
Elaine is sweeping it up for a paedophile TheGatorGamer Barnhill in her discord server
>>233833 "WAHHHH how dare BSV email my work after I threatened violence against him! If only I didn't wear my work shirt! Harassment and intimidation for thee but not for me people are gonna think I'm a crazy gay man on the internet!"
>>233851 nobody cares platespic, kill yourself and take your gay discord drama elsewhere faggot
>>233852 Oh shit that's him. Nice find. KEKISTAN HAS THOUSANDS SLEEPER AGENTS 20 year plan
Open file (2.48 MB 2437x1369 balldo.png)
>>233855 it's platespics you dumb retarded newfag
>>233764 >t. 300 pounds of useless flaps of skin
>>233854 >debates vidar on DSP <vidar gets PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD <bryan says no hard feelings offers him a handshake and to play video game >goes full life ruining mode >bryan streams the entire Skype exchange >vidar loses it and vows destruction >gets him fired Later on it turns into a boxing match by Fred Fuchs. Not oncs did Bryan fucking gay man outlines Dunn start shit but responded to faggots doing things to him over losing an IBS. Vidar is a nonce m8 you stupid retarded baised cunt. Bryan is a gay, not a life ruiner and youll never sell that bridge to people who dont have an axe to grind about the homosexual
>>233862 You excited for Thinwinson's Christmas stream Bryan?
Open file (15.98 MB 1280x720 _bUcIhXSEgkVlVof.mp4)
Open file (550.04 KB 754x501 sad_clown_ppp.png)
Open file (447.09 KB 685x754 fat_dyke.png)
Open file (639.02 KB 751x578 gay_couple.png)
Open file (645.20 KB 745x638 2_faggots_1_strap.png)
>>233839 saved
>>233864 Not like this Fedbros... The checks won't continue to cash if Alaska can't influence the young people.
>>233652 Yeah, iirc both Jones and Rogan are tied into the Council for National Policy, which is one of the bigger right leaning think tanks. Infowars is supposedly partly owned by TimeWarner, which makes me think the Alex Jones lawsuit has a major level of fakeness to it, as you'd think the corporate entities involved with Infowars would've also been named in that suit, but nope, it was always just the clown frontman Jones from beginning to end.
>>233863 Thats a britfag. Hes not wrong though. Bry bry made a video on this before. https://vimeo.com/228011001
>>233863 >>233854 You are also bryan dunn
Open file (238.61 KB 460x911 image.png)
Why is Issac Flores trying to get Adonis Paul to clip out him being a sweaty gamer?
>>233870 Take your meds, schizo.
Open file (24.24 KB 640x480 F9UX2pbbUAAoUGX.jpg)
>>233867 Fake Alaska is getting a little long in the tooth to influence the broccoli heads. Boomer is going to have to be reassigned to Branson, Missouri detail soon. >>233869 >listen to this BryBry video zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz >>233871 >/who/ and /literalwho/
>>233873 Yeah, the successful influencers targeting zoomers, that are irl at least, seem to all be doing a tough guy chav larp.
>>233862 >>goes full life ruining mode Isn't that a big word you picked up from Gym >gets him fired Kop was never fired. He shot first by hitting up and harassing Vidar's family and friends. It's not really that weird if you fuck with someone's family & livelihood and then they fuck with you back eye for an eye. If you're willing to do it you got to be willing to take it. Kop sure loves kicking sand in people's faces, but the second someone lay into him he cries like a little bitch baby.
>>233877 Bryan never harassed vidars familor his job. You G​AMERGATEs cant help but lie.
>>233871 Issac flores is a sweaty gamer so its tuff
>>233748 Would
>>233616 >Jewsh Fuck you for InfinityNext, asshole.
>>233879 But Bryan keeps starting shit with crazy people. And somehow is shocked they are in fact crazy.
Open file (45.61 KB 400x401 kong.png)
Like video games? Don't like /v/iggers? Come to >>>/kong/, the best alternative!
>>233883 >bryan dunn is starting things <bryan dunn is nowhere to be found <platespics and issac flores continue to see bryan in the trees and shitting up everyones places to visit hunting down a guy who DFE’d This shit is so gay
>>233885 This is proof that its just these faggots in this discord doing all the shitting on the site. They shit up foxdickfarms, cow, twitter, discord. Im more pro doxing everyone on this call than ever before. Goodspeed Elaine Miller. Fuck them all up til they fuck off for good.
>>233886 >>233887 >t. Bryan Dunce
Open file (129.76 KB 1048x589 F_j6c1vXIAA5Bol.jpg)
>>233889 Has anyone ever once laughed at these "AUUUUGHH" posts? You sound like redditkur repeating the same phrases over and over in place of a laugh track.
>>233883 Nigger you lack basic cause and effect understanding. If you start shit you don't then get to decide when its over, the people you fucked with in the first place now control the ball. Go take care of Lilith so she doesn't turn out this stupid.
Open file (18.01 KB 254x223 AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH.gif)
>>233890 has she stopped doing witchcraft spells on that other women shes trying to take over
>>233893 >repeat catch phrase over and over as "humor" >"edgy" cuckchan/KF type reaction image >BOLD TEXT FUNNY
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 auuuuugh.png)
>>233891 calm down
Open file (5.15 MB 600x332 9821289892.gif)
>>233891 >I'm a johnny-come-lately newfag Who said they were supposed to be funny? >>233895 >AUGH is a catchphrase >reaction To what exactly? >thinks BOLDTEXT is for "humor"
Open file (443.95 KB 480x304 5899285928592858925.gif)
>>233896 He thinks people who aren't trying to make him laugh are failing at what they never set out to do.
>>233896 I forget, the whatever viewers love slop.
>>233899 yes, your point being?
Open file (43.75 KB 460x258 92859852985295.jpg)
>>233899 >the slop I like is fine dining
>>233901 >cope
Open file (163.44 KB 1702x1384 21899281592892829385.gif)
>>233902 >seethe and dilate
>>233900 It means there's no sense going into a sty and complaining about the smell
>>233890 >>233894 No, but she and the thotgang are busy still trying to own Pearl Davis
Open file (218.06 KB 1080x1080 venti legs.jpg)
>>233906 rat turd on the floor
>>233905 I miss when her cocks was about banter and having fun rather than sexual politics and reacting to the manosphere (which is already a reaction to feminism, so she's reacting to reacting)
>>233892 >>233883 You forgot to change your ID you fucking faggot
Open file (213.68 KB 602x405 967152268623.png)
Open file (195.21 KB 430x330 1113449808995.png)
It's tough.
Open file (1.97 MB 1783x1293 sargoy.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 480x320 9584958985985589.gif)
>>233912 >>233907 >>233753 >some black spec on the floor is a turd
>>233909 Or I had no intention of changing it? Like Bry this ain't it.
>>233909 Or I had no intention of changing it? Like Bry this ain't it.
Open file (34.89 KB 544x540 DZy4op6VMAATk47.jpg)
>>233913 I am sure Mel appreciates your attempts at damage control, m8
>>233913 yes, thats called a rat turd
Open file (344.39 KB 1883x548 image.png)
Open file (4.26 MB 640x855 IMG_7133.gif)
>>233914 >>233915 Cope Issac
>>233918 Honey a lot more people think you're a tard who starts shit he can't handle than idiots on discord I promise you that.
Open file (1.31 MB 640x360 Jimmy Boy.mp4)
>>233919 Issac Flores. Everyone is not bryan dunn. You are mentally ill.
>>233905 Lmao. Rare Muttni W. Yeah, that guy looks old af. Jason Waller. Like a fried lobster. I know the guy is a rich business owner but something about him rubs me the wrong way. I think it's the fake alpha-chad persona like he searched "how to be an alphamale," found a wikihow page and then copied every step. Ok, I gotta wear suits, get in the tanning bed and get a red tan, make sure I speak deeply, stand up straight with good body posture, take pics of yourself on tall buildilngs, etc. I hate the alpha male roleplay where you dress up in pastel suits and snap pictures of yourself in a private plane or in front of a city landscape. He also hangs out with Andrew Tate, which may or may not be a massive red flag. I know right wing bros need allies too but c'mon. The sex traffficker? The red pill men are ran through in that they have 50+ bodycounts. And they all brag about it. Which is why the women attacking them are seething bc the redpill men criticize female body counts. So it seems hypocritical. I know these top 1% "alphamales" are just cashing out on their massive money and success by sleeping around for pleasure. But it's the same behavior they attack the whores for. Except the whores didn't achieve anything except be born beautiful and young. And then "cash out" by sleeping around for pleasure. >But men and women are different. Men require game, skill, and success while women are born with value and give it away for free! Yeah to a degree. I don't know that many men could resist the temptation of being rich and and famous and having women throw themselves at you all day. But then why are they complaining about the whores with huge bodycounts? Whores are just indulging in the same lust and temptations rather than rejecting 99% of men hitting them up IRL and over social media all month. I only like Rollo Tomassi somewhat bc he goes into evolutionary psychology to explain human behavior and male/female dynamics and has less of the alpha male larp. I don't like Bryan Atlas of Whatever bc he is not trying to help men but hurts them with his trashy show by poisoning their minds about women and blackpilling them into thinking these sluts freakshows are average women. So it's not really redpill to me, just Jerry Springer clickbait garbage to make money. And I hate Fresh n Fit for the same reason. >>233906 Tbf, that one looks like a bit of charcoal or ash from the fireplace.
>>233916 >it's damage control for Mel even though I don't buy it for Muttni either Maybe it's a cat turd though >>233917 >showing you any rat turd proves my point Not really >>233907 Also these aren't the places rat turds usually show up in Mel or Mutt's pics
Bryan the P3d0phile Dunn should be more worried about attending his family instead of shitting up the cow boards
>>233922 tryhard fag
>>233928 Yes, Axle and Blaine got him to do even more but it's almost a half hour of degeneracy.
>>233925 Bryan dunn is many things but hes not a sweaty gamer Issac flores unlike you though
>>233926 This is the guy who joined plategang? The ex of an actual peodphile dj axle? That gayop’d bryan! What a fucking degenerate group dark diddler has.
Madison Joyce of Vancouver. Yes. They were doxed earlier, they've been begging elaine to stop spreading it cause they accidentally showed their name and email on kick. Fuckin retarded troon.
>>233933 /who/
>>233934 //who// is >>233926
Open file (344.39 KB 1883x548 image.png)
Open file (117.91 KB 1557x199 IMG_9189.jpeg)
Open file (184.08 KB 538x600 Ralpha pathetic.jpg)
Open file (96.80 KB 1068x216 council of evil pet.jpg)
>>233935 Mathew Flynn of Vancouver BC aka Maddiecat see >>233932 for more info. >>233936 Picrel, it's more that the Council of Evil(specifically Axle, Shaggy and Blaine)used that tranny to go after TheTheGatorGamerGamer's pets(Grossly, Dunn, Zoom, Platespics)and dropped the dox(which Elaine partially fucked up)and sex tape after the tranny served it's purpose. 🧹🧹 🧹
Open file (617.38 KB 1125x879 Elaine path.png)
Open file (57.82 KB 400x400 gaytor pathetic.jpg)
>>233926 So you just post video evidence God is dead like it's nothing? You owe me two new eyes. I feel like a part of my soul died. Dj Axle by the way is a serial child predator that chickenhawks kids in video games and has for years, anyone that hangs out with him especially if they play games with him is almost certain to be a chomo.
Open file (346.61 KB 900x840 2899285925869.jpg)
>>233941 >Please please please post the part where the tranny shows it's dick off and complains about not orgasming. Well okay, since you asked so politely.
>>233941 You are in that discord call egging the MaddieKat tranny on, BGR. Why lie?
Open file (957.64 KB 1280x1024 sarpain.png)
Open file (52.80 KB 210x206 fishman.png)
>>233945 Was gaytor aware of what he conceived many moons ago in service of protecting the the webcast that platformed gym?
>>233950 I'll answer that question with a chunk of the video.
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 290: The Milei Massacre Strike and Mike discuss the rise of absurd figures like Javier Milei, the regression of Jewish elites and the British academic establishment pretending that blacks were the primary victims of the plague. https://files.catbox.moe/4j5ufq.mp3
Open file (344.39 KB 1883x548 image.png)
Open file (117.91 KB 1557x199 IMG_9189.jpeg)
Open file (5.15 MB 2778x1284 IMG_9153.png)
>>233954 But adam edge your the only sexting this troon bro
>>233956 Games over Bryan.
>>233945 >>233952 Oh shit no. That's evil. You are a bad man. Not as bad as the people making that sad man buttfuck himself on camera, but pretty evil.
Open file (8.15 MB 300x350 Disgust.gif)
>>233957 Bryan has been redeemed regardless of how many times earwinson or platespics or dark diddler try. Not even persnake will push the lies about the man being a cheater. Earwinson runs gay ops and is a faggot. His streams are shit and his last one was him seething wanting to be back on the kino casino. Its pathetic. Bryan dunn won by leaving and not giving cocks TheTheGatorGamerGamer won by just ignoring fagwinson and making money Everyone else won bickers we arent these faggots. Cope and seethe troon
>>233955 thanks for posting these, /pol/bro
>>233961 >Bryan dunn won by leaving If he did, yes he did win.
>>233963 Issac flores of Austin Texas and Basil Kourakos of Toronto Canada are both sweaty gamers and should not be around children
>>233956 >literally whos you're all a bunch of faggots shilling yourselves. No one gives a fuck about your tranny discord drama. Get hit by a truck
Open file (34.85 KB 422x425 1dds1m.jpg)
>>233965 >/literalwhos/ are both sweaty gamers and should not be around children Cool story, brah
>>233961 >Earwinson runs gay ops and is a faggot. His streams are shit and his last one was him seething wanting to be back on the kino casino. Its pathetic. No lie detected.
Open file (38.22 KB 360x641 gaytor-victory.jpg)
Year of the GayThor! All of Brian Holloman's enemies keep destroying themselves for his enjoyment, as he accumulates gains.
Open file (940.66 KB 200x234 T2 - thumbs up.gif)
>>233961 the only redemption you'll ever get bryan is if you stream your suicide
>>233971 Narcissists don't kill themselves. Unfortunately
>>233938 blaine is a lying sweaty gamer who groomed a 14 yr old and shaggy is a friend of sweaty gamers who also lies about everything. who the fuck would take either of them seriously as a source? this guy is such a fuckin loser pick me. they had the dox months ago but never said anything? yeah right like usual trying to take credit for shit other people do. kill yourself pedo discordspic.
Open file (94.26 KB 765x851 J1.jpg)
Open file (117.20 KB 770x866 J2.jpg)
Open file (129.03 KB 740x841 J3.jpg)
Open file (37.07 KB 767x363 J4.jpg)
Open file (88.02 KB 681x848 J5.jpg)
Ted Feaser/RPG/TedTalks seems to have several Twitter accounts where he is leading an assault on gaylogs such as Kinogay, Porsalin, Kino Casino, Gayden McNeil, Xannyberries, and KillAllPedos (except Ultros and Metocare Pippa fans). Feaser copied Kinogay on the CRNN news account and he has been using AI renders to make memes of them. But it's significant in that after months of harassment and witchhunting on him, Ted is giving them all a taste of their own medicine. He's lying about them like they did about him, doxing them, and making fun of them. He realized that being an eceleb and then having hostile anons against you was a massive disadvantage when he got snaked by former mods and Kino Casino. Anonymous gaylogs like Anton, Frederick1483, and the David Duke anon (who's addicted to adderall btw) are the anonymous gaylogs that fill up RPG's foxdickfarms thread while running defense for Gayden in his thread. There's not much way to attack them back so you're always at a disadvantage fighting an anonymous person when you have shown your face and your real name and address is out there along with hours of video footage. So using these anonymous Twitter accounts, Feaser is fighting back and gaylogs don't really know what to do except to call him Feaser. It's also a good plan bc he can even attack Metocare with plausible deniability in a smokescreen of ink. If you look under the surface, a lot of these gaylogs are freaks and faggots like KAP, who is weirdo who uses Jade's pfp and makes videos pretending to be his idol Metocare. VHSarchives is an "ugly tranny" (redundant language I know). The David Duke anon is a drug addict who thinks he's some god on Adderall who overclocks his brain and likes to brag about being a KiwiFarmer and threatening to dox people, but he's really just a drug addict frying his brain all day. I especially dislike GaydenGaggers bc they mostly overlapped with RPG viewership so it's a bigger betrayal when they snaked versus the general Kino Casino audience who were just general alogs that want something fun to laugh at and were never GaydenGang. Plus, they go around shouting "Jaaaden Gang for Life!" and it's so gay and cringe. Really? You would follow this skinny traitorous homosexual Gayden with total loyalty even though he's a snake that's never been loyal to anyone? Lol. And a lot fo these gayden paypigs emptied their piggybanks into Kino Casino to spite RPG., not even realizing that was part of Asston's plan to gobble up the GaydenGang big whale paypigs like Ultros and attack competition like Feaser. There was also jealousy over him streaming every day covering all the news in the sector while fat and complacent Kino Casino would take a month off. And people start joking that RPG was the real Kino Casino while KC was the ripoff just stealing clips to play weeks later after the news was stale. What is most interesting is that the Feaser accounts have been hinting at an Ted Feaser return. And he is going to spitting fire as there is bad blood in the air.
Feaser is boring and so is Kino Casino. Rehashing TheTheGatorGamerGamer's year old cocks and obsessing over it to my jewish mother as many shekels as possible from that is gay. And back then Kino Casino swept it up for Feaser, just like they did for "Risotto, Risotto!". They suck so hard their cash cows, yet they are more pathetic (a gambling addicted 500+ pounds hypocritical balding lesbian Canadian larping as a Christian preacher who flashed his asshole on stream for attention and Toad McKinley) than most of them. The show is only funny if seen through the lens of how much more what they accuse others of, applies to them or would come across as virtues if compared to TheTheGatorGamerGamer and Toad McKinley's reality.
Open file (85.85 KB 755x525 J1.jpg)
Open file (141.49 KB 720x862 J2.jpg)
Metocare tweets after 3 days of silence...
Open file (83.88 KB 574x258 ClipboardImage.png)
NEW SHITTYWEBCOMICS WEEKLY https://youtu.be/Qj8zcnqub-A
>>233977 King shit
>>233975 Feaser is a legitimate sperg. I remember last year he started dabbing on CWC: >LOOK WHERE I AM VS. WHERE YOU ARE CWC had 35 viewers and Teddy had 120.
>>233963 He still has to make up for his wife for cheating on her with a co-worker
>>233895 Thats calculator-kun only doe
who in the world would unironically think that bryan dunn is redeemed or has won? I mean look at the guy.
>>233983 Vs gaytor or vs the guys beating of to a tranny?
>>233984 its possible that everyone involved is a loser, theres not always a winner when people roll around in shit together.
>>233976 i'm starting to wonder if it's all just a big fake astroturfed load of shit it's like a formula at this point with these shills and it's always the same kinda shit tate, hyde, fuentes, even banjamin it's all the same shit, and although hyde was kinda of kept separate, I swear the smell of infowars is there sometimes but what kinda smalls funny is how all these 'life gurus' get the same kind fo inane superchats that just seem like filler bullshit at this point "aw gee thanks man can I have some life advice,oh wow that was good life advice", lol. Who the fuck is seriously gonna do this to the point it becomes that common with them, it smells like bullshit. It looks like either their owners are just running in these bullshit payments with these repetitive frankly non-believable messages or they're doing it themselves. You can try to convince me that maybe it's actual organic audience members doing it as a joke but I dunno man. This shit is really starting to look fake for real if you ask me. It's starting to smell like cookie cutter infowars.com all the way.
Open file (159.24 KB 1280x1280 VbOwRqO.jpeg)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, /cow/ ! Be nice to your family today, alright? ALRIGHT!? :^)
>>233975 t. teddy feaser now working at little caesars
Open file (501.50 KB 894x601 IMG_9179.png)
Open file (652.00 KB 1280x720 IMG_9182.png)
Open file (931.24 KB 1524x922 IMG_9176.png)
>>233974 Blaine and basil have alot in common
Open file (762.32 KB 640x360 98595859859895898.gif)
>>233982 Yeah, but I'm not trying to be funny. I find it amusing to post what I do that way, and I often mean it sarcastically, but if anyone else laughs or not is their concern.
Open file (4.82 MB 479x280 fuck-all-that.gif)
>>233945 Not clicking that shit.
Open file (786.02 KB 1300x720 kwPtYQELZCS-b8PB.mp4)
Open file (21.45 KB 600x450 875827582795.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 592x640 252952958528998.gif)
Open file (1.76 MB 498x280 259859258925958.gif)
Open file (801.54 KB 260x317 289591285925925956.gif)
Open file (441.60 KB 498x459 2985895958958589.gif)
>>233987 Likewise, anon.
>>233975 oh my fauci! you just got fectchecked!
>>233987 you too baby boo, whats everyone having for thanksgiving dinner? Turkey sucks so we're having a glazed ham.
>>233977 Of course this would bring the insane doomer back from his imaginary grave... His only positive contribution to humanity was influencing his braindead audience into getting super AIDS via multiple shots of the COVID vaccine.
Open file (1022.50 KB 500x265 1463019895168-1.gif)
>>233987 Happy Thanksgiving anon
>>233987 cheers anon
>>233801 His fingers are so fat, holy shit
Open file (20.95 KB 460x376 F_k6yVcWwAAp-ry.jpeg)
>>233974 >What's funny about Elaine running around with a fail dox as Flynn grows more and more spergy while you have the actual dox? Funny>Clout That's why.
Truly sad that this thread has become a platform for trannies to shill their own discord drama and get you tards to discuss it all day. Oh how far you fags have fallen!
>>234006 Blame faggotwinson
>>234007 Adam Edge is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot Ashton Parks is a sweaty gamer, doxing faggot James Augustine is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot jcaesar187 is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot TheGatorGamer is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot Bryan Dunn is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot TheGatorGamer Barnhill is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot TheTheGatorGamerGamer Moon is a sweaty gamer, doxxing faggot /cow/ are sweaty gamer, doxxing faggots IBS, we lost.
Open file (3.81 MB 314x348 zog.webm)
love how the us election is all about how much you worship kikes instead of fags and niqqers like last election
>>234009 The next George Lincoln Rockwell
happy turkey neck day
>>234009 based poojeet
Open file (47.94 KB 576x576 18754152185.jpg)
>>234008 >IBS died after Carl did his two streams
Open file (199.55 KB 412x571 29859281591825.png)
>>234009 >MIT Phd
>Happy Thanksgiving you colonist yanks
>>234009 based pajeet
>>234014 >brap porn incoming
Open file (1.75 MB 720x1280 VGdAsQoJf7HQPlmZ.mp4)
Open file (82.18 KB 217x343 9285692855986.png)
>>234021 Is that Basil's girlfriend?
Open file (40.93 KB 568x510 87558925985895.jpg)
Open file (252.47 KB 518x297 78228289928298298589.png)
UMM NAWT LAIK THA OTHAH GURLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DAnlJE59_U
>be Гунт >run away to Mexico >hide from vickers and alogs >second baby momma leaves you >alone streaming on Thanksgiving >barely over 200 watching EMBARRASSING
Open file (1.97 MB 1783x1293 sargoy.png)
>>234025 >gayta will lap Гунт by the end of this year in viewers its tough
Open file (541.75 KB 1274x704 kekistan_sa.webm)
Ata boy.
>>234027 its not assault if he cums
Open file (120.64 KB 1200x793 E4h5weUX0AECN0n.jpg)
>>234014 I would put my cock between those Phds.
Open file (396.53 KB 624x442 525.png)
Open file (29.58 KB 640x379 1621017049060.jpg)
Anyway Happy Chanukah Ameritards
Open file (5.97 MB 1262x710 kekistan_confess.webm)
Open file (552.98 KB 1276x714 kekistan_blahblahblah.webm)
>>234028 That confession is something else though. Peak adhd zoomer, or possibly the flamenco sealed case recordings. Member when gym said he was going to make fun of murderers and curb school shootings? He could have stopped this.
Open file (14.07 MB 852x480 niggasfood.mp4)
You G​AMERGATEs eating good on Thanksgiving?
Don't Canadians have Thanksgiving earlier in the year? Weird. That's how Asston got so fat. >>234032 My family meal is Friday since my fam loves to push it back to have more time to prepare the food. >>234025 A couple years ago, on this board, I remember "we" were talking about how Gvnt only had his Mom on Thanksgiving and it was just them eating together while the brother Evan jcaesar187 was probably in a nursing home somewhere with cerebral palsy. And now flash forward a couple years, his Mom and Dad have died, his multiple baby mommas have left him, he can't see his kids and he's alone in Mexico. It's bleak bros. Very depressing. In fact, I'm going to stop thinking about that bc it's bringing me down. >>234021 My god, what an ugly mutant. Chernobyl accident creature from Russia. Truly cursed. >233987 Happy Thanksgiving. >>233996 My fam cooks a good ham and it's glazed with brown sugar on the outside. It's amazing and much better than stereotypical turkey imo. But a couple years ago, my brother got chickens and he turned them into pets and realized they suffer and have emotions and were smarter than you would realize. It turned him vegan. So out of respect for him, my fam hasn't had turkey/ham in years. And since he went full vegan (no animal product), it's tough. You gotta use workarounds for my jewish mother, cheese, eggs, butter, etc.
Hollomans can't get enough deer inside of them.
Open file (2.77 MB 398x498 2892899289285.gif)
>>234033 >My god, what an ugly mutant. Chernobyl accident creature from Russia. Truly cursed. Whiter than you are, Bjorn
>>234034 how is any of that injun food Chief Holloman?
Wait till Гунт sees these LMAO
Open file (2.00 MB 360x500 burning_gunt3.gif)
>>233994 Kill yourself, anime faggot
>>234021 thats jcaesar187
>>234038 Holy reading off the cue cards batman, could her dad have written her a more pole-polishing message or could he have just fucked her face on camera for a better expression of what he's going for?
original copy here >>>>>> https://files.catbox.moe/4ekom0.mp4
>>234040 I'm not actually an animefag, but for a foxdickfag like yourself, I'll play along
Open file (237.08 KB 1103x1103 F9zzSOUWEAANqan.jpg)
>>234038 >I take no responsibility for my part in my marriage Bitches are allergic to consequences, exhibit A
>>234038 Bitch, you chose jcaesar187. Don't have buyer's remorse now. People also warned you about jcaesar187. You didn't listen. Also, crooked teeth. Also lisp. >>234040 It's Thanksgiving. Be nice. It's like the Christmas truce during WW1 1914 when soldiers stopped fighting on either side of the trenches and sang Christmas carols together and played soccer. You can go back to wishing death upon him tomorrow. But for now, we are all brothers. Yes, we. With no quotations or signs around it.
>>234047 Gotta love the feigned regret but not actually deleting the "stray smartass comment", classic Гунт.
Open file (50.68 KB 615x440 Morris.png)
Open file (139.14 KB 607x524 Morris2.png)
Open file (463.78 KB 178x178 Mantsu Reacts.gif)
>>234047 Guess he is talking about Mantsu mostly in those tweets more than Mr Morris. If he truly didn't care and wanted to move on he would leave the smartass comments in any shape or form out of his tweets all together. Looks like Mantsu struck nerve in his Гунт.
>>234047 aughhhhh what a weak response im disappointed
Open file (328.26 KB 730x418 28952982892938928365.png)
>>234049 >Pantsu is actually working on being a better person Nigguh, please
>>234051 what does "working on becoming a better person" even mean? I hear people say it all the time but I'm still confused, do they mean like they're training themselves to not be a piece of shit? Help anons.
>>234038 lol she sounds like a 12 year old reading a script at school for drama class
Open file (1.29 MB 1253x1188 jew.png)
>>234052 >lady rackets lit me on fire
Open file (496.47 KB 1103x1103 consider.jpg)
>>234053 >what does "working on becoming a better person" even mean? it means she's trying to get pity point online
>>234056 Well yeah obviously but moreso I mean the idea of "working on becoming a better person" is so retarded. You're either a scumbag or you're not, you don't "work" to "become" anything, you just are.
>>234043 she got noticeably fatter
>>234059 and yet her tits remain small curious
Open file (145.31 KB 1500x1000 kikes.jpg)
The Sektur is crumbling, King of /POL/ was the one keeping it together! Bryan was right on absolutely everything, his only fault was been honest.
Open file (828.03 KB 2576x1932 IMG_0192.jpeg)
>>234061 Based and correct
>>234061 >his only fault was being honest Unironically true
>>234061 Never forget that earwinson took from us the only entertaing people left from us
>>234064 >earwinson made jcaesar187 boring >earwinson ruined the KC and acts like a jaded ex girlfriend about Asston porks n Andy Cokehead >earwinson ruined the writers room by letting persnake run his own show >earwinson fucked up the return of Internet Bloodsports by joining platespics and trannys to gayop his friend due to jealousy of bryan making cocks >earwinson ruined cozy.tv shitposting >earwinson ruined the teddy feaser grift He unironically did ruin everything
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave 1.jpg)
>>234065 WHY IS JEWSHUA COONOR MOON AND EARWNSON CONFIRMED IN DMS SEXTING MADDIEKAT? Gay op’d bryan dunn with fake tranny chasing for these faggots to actually be sxting a tranny https://youtu.be/n0fMrjOvEdY?si=t1DOAoE7YCT7iyHV
Open file (14.64 MB 432x243 9259859285925.gif)
>>234065 >Earwinson "ruined" a bunch stuff that was shit to begin with jcaesar187 isn't boring though. At least not by Earwinson's doing in any way.
Open file (223.01 KB 1015x1024 F_q4R_cXIAAJW4Y.jpg)
>>234025 And how many does the anime boomers podcast bring in?
Open file (52.19 KB 313x405 6546546.jpg)
>>234068 >jcaesar187 isn't boring though. at this point jcaesar187 is posted about less than the whatever podcast huwores, it's tough I agree it's not earwinson who made it boring but Гунт should always remember earwinson was the first to bring Mr. Vickers into the sektur
Open file (3.92 MB 300x170 19287592185298.gif)
>>234071 > earwinson was the first to bring Mr. Vickers into the sektur Oh bs. jcaesar187 brought him into the sektur by impregnating his crazy fat daughter
Open file (550.20 KB 1080x919 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234062 Bry stop drinking you forgot how to spell your own name on your weird sock.
>>234065 He brought in vickers and phantom organization. And worst of all. He killed JOHN MICHEAL KELLY
Not a bad Tardski impression for a bong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VzBrdfwnyc
>>234073 Thats not byran you fucking moron lol
>>234076 hey Dunce, when are you going to film Gym?
>>234074 >he brought in vickers No jcaesar187 did Adam you faggot >he brought in phantom org No bryan dunn did when he was interviewed about S​ARGON: led to the Vidar interview which led to the Bitwave IBS blow out and Axle being put on the path of being a nonce Adam. Lay off the ketamine you larping loser. Where is our Vaushmas btw you bitch.
Open file (278.43 KB 1080x801 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234076 Nobody else would think they need to delete the poll after the most true results ever.
>>233767 u all faggots
>>234080 wawawoowa
I will admit that all the people trying to dunk on Bryan Dunn for having a conversation with the MaddieKat tranny are hypocritical faggots bc most of them have done worse. >BGR was in that MaddieKat discord call egging on the tranny to do more sex acts for them. He is also gay and likely a pedo. >DJAxle (PhantomOrg) was the main guy begging for more degeneracy from the tranny in the private sex webcam show. Bisexual pedo. >Earwinson is buddies with all these faggots and cheats on his wife, drug addict, and kills his bastard babies. >Andy Wortski cheats on his gf's, is probably bisexual, and aborts his bastard babies. Lifelong grifter shapeshifter as well. Drug addict. >Asston Porks is a gambling addict, drug abuser, food addict, serial liar, and fake preacher. >Perspicacity is a gay man. >Gaytor is a fat food addict, gayopper, and lifelong janitor snake. High probability of being a pedo. >Metocare is a witchunt-inciting snake and possible pedo of poa.st. Who did I miss?
>>234083 When are you going to fight Gym, Dunce?
>>234080 Fuck off Kinogay
>>234084 Never, bc I am not Bryan. Also, Metocare has ailing health so it wouldn't be right or a fair fight to beat up a disabled man.
Open file (3.83 MB 1280x720 8gag2.webm)
>>234083 Sell the story to law & order how Jewsh & Axel jeer and wank off to tranny live shows over discord.
Open file (2.99 MB 640x855 IMG_4861.gif)
>>234083 Fact and basedpilled
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 892189218925.gif)
>>234089 Cope and sneed basil kourakos
>>234085 Are the internet bullies in the room with you right now?
Open file (69.08 KB 1283x813 F2uvmXJXMAA0sar.jpg)
>>234090 >I'm this fucking new
Open file (199.48 KB 1284x1207 IMG_4292.jpeg)
Open file (1.58 MB 1284x1602 IMG_6319.jpeg)
>>234091 Kinogay the sweaty gamer!
Open file (348.26 KB 540x440 reality.png)
>>234094 All this shit comes from Gamergate. It's been nearly 10 years. How much longer can it go on?
>>234095 For as long as God gives Bryan life.
Im surprised robi hasnt changed the names to unironic pol-aholic
>>234074 it wouldn't be so bad if he brought in more con tent and the guy honestly has somewhat of an idea about what its about Makes me wonder what it would be like if he didn't glow, like if he spent more time on the parody songs, the actual kino in the dogme instead of being some rich kid with access to ghcqs database on a whim
>>234071 i was thinking as well, you know what he should do ? just hit milo or something, just go in on milo to prove it's not all some gay club
>>233825 "lady rackets" lol you mean Lady Gollum the bug-eyed junkie with more surgical intervention than the pilot of a crashed helicopter. Blown out trash with the face of a goblin Lady gollum illustrates how fucking thirsty and sad Rackets fans really are
>>234101 We need the video to that image. Its clear as day shes about to get gangbanged.
>>234102 Yeah it's up on Blacked.
>>234101 I'd rather bang Miss Nepal, but apparently Rackets and his fagboy squad prefer boney Miss America phenotypes for some reason.
>>234009 lol I've watched this dude & talked with him in some of his livechats, but didn't know he went this hard
>>234014 He invented email
>>234019 Ah so zionist jew Laguna is Pearl's handler
>>234106 Sure thing. And I suppose Al Gore invented the Internet, too?
>>234108 idk ask the crazy mit pajeet
Open file (250.27 KB 220x220 gura-gawr-gura.gif)
>>234100 <MEN ARE SCREAMING AT ME TO BE SWEET AND KIND WTF <THEY ARE FEMININE LOSERS GO CRY ABOUT IT <ANYWAY WE WOULD BE SWEET AND KIND IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH LOSERS FUCK YOU <YOU NEED TO MAN TF UP She's so unlikeable it's unreal. I'm not even a redpill MRA guy but this kind of act puts men off so much and basically ensures she will forever be a one night stand or have to settle for a whimpering beta. Someone save my G​AMERGATE TBYS.
>>234100 >>234110 She is not wrong though. And that is starting to get a regular occurence actually; Vеntі is more often right than not.
>>234110 Muttni's upset that ThinkBeforeYouSleep is a betamale and that he doesn't make much money to spend on her. And that he isn't worth submitting to and is a feminine loser.
>Jewsh is still seething about American cheese availability
>>234113 Isn't Jersh living in Serbia? They got some good cheese there.
Open file (153.16 KB 1080x810 58229858923925352.jpeg)
>>234111 >She is not wrong though. She is wrong though bickers she has such limited context bickers she assumes she is automatically worthy of the best, which statistically speaking is just not true. Every relationship, successful or failed, is ultimately a 50-50 proposition. She might not be giving better bickers she doesn't get better, but she isn't getting anything better bickers she doesn't give better. She can cry all she wants about the world around her not being what she deserves, but she is ultimately the only one who can make her circumstances better, ostensibly at least if not in actuality. >Vеntі is more often right than not. Only if you put heavy side blinders on.
Open file (46.25 KB 601x484 F_vN88CW8AAAJ6z.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 871x867 92852892982992.png)
Open file (131.47 KB 460x690 28597455_003_96cf.jpg)
are you utter ball bags still orbiting roastie podcasts?
Open file (330.34 KB 388x542 auuuuugh.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 788x704 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234111 "You bettah man up if you want alla dis, nigguh" is wrong actually.
>>234115 At the very least venti doesn't look like a tranny like pearl
>>234119 why tho
>>234122 its funny, simple as
>>234123 Is it really, the host has a cuck voice and the only good girl is mary who is barely on the show, i expected better from u sonny jim
>>234124 sorry to disappoint you bud
>>234125 You've shit his pants and done nothing but dissappoint me https://youtu.be/gqUHQYJ4fEQ?si=D_FRNe2aXTZWYa0U&t=35
Open file (112.06 KB 757x768 T1.jpg)
Open file (110.93 KB 792x798 T2.jpg)
Open file (83.49 KB 773x691 T3.jpg)
Open file (114.33 KB 757x846 T4.jpg)
>>234113 And Feaser crossed Jewshie up on Twitter. Bc the gay sectur turned Feaser into a meme/joke, they truly believe he's a retarded cow like a Chrischan who's constantly slipping on banana peels and stepping on rakes that hit him in the face. So they underestimate him and then he dunks on them and they look dumb. >>234117 All bc a dumb nig resisted arrest while he was overdosing and then the media blasted the story into an international circus that wasn't worthy of being seen by anything beyond local news. >>234118 No, bc those podcasts are gay and poison your mind about women and make you stay a loser. Also, implying everyone here watches it. That the 5 anons are 1 anon. >>234120 Muttni is clearly frustrated that TBYS won't "man up." Aka marry her.
Open file (802.23 KB 1080x997 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234076 So Mr. Dunn justify why anyone should believe anything you ever say?
Open file (1.30 MB 340x206 ushouldkillurself.gif)
>>234128 <the man who fucked up the denton leaks <the detective who verified it <the fake therapist <the dsp detractor <both Гунт alog and Гунт sucker >im back yeah, until he has another BPD meltdown can he do anything right?
>>234118 Now wait just a cotton-picking minute, that is the underage troon who did several porn scenes for trans500 with Ramon. I can only assume Gayhole tolerates “memes” featuring underage troons on his honeypot site, but you are way off the reservation now.
Open file (676.53 KB 640x792 Priya.png)
>>234127 >No, bc those podcasts are gay and poison your mind about women Maybe. It depends on how you take it. And your previous experience. >and make you stay a loser. No more of a loser than I was before being redpilled. Except I have plenty of experience to back up my views.
>>234127 >All bc a dumb nig resisted arrest while he was overdosing and then the media blasted the story into an international circus that wasn't worthy of being seen by anything beyond local news. Useless fucking G​AMERGATEs
>>234128 Thats a troll account but lol @ ayylmao pope
Open file (834.13 KB 576x1280 IMG_9228.png)
Open file (862.22 KB 829x1098 IMG_9227.png)
Open file (501.50 KB 894x601 IMG_9179.png)
Open file (117.91 KB 1557x199 IMG_9189.jpeg)
Open file (652.00 KB 1280x720 IMG_9182.png)
>>234129 Its a troll account basil you sweaty gamer
>>234134 ah, a troll account. so i guess bribry didnt fuck up the denton leaks, dox himself on 4chan, cry on twitter that 4chan mods doxed him run to jcaesar187 only for him to out him later. this guys been spamming the board for years trying to get anons to fight his battles for him, now he's got elaine doing the same. its all so tiresome. imagine being too autistic for the sons of kojima.
Open file (486.79 KB 435x620 basiltwinkmustexist.png)
>>234134 >basil
Open file (186.17 KB 1360x650 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (180.00 KB 782x385 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.41 KB 765x88 ClipboardImage.png)
I opted to dig into Mr. Adam Edge when Bryan proceeded to drop a whole lot of nothing on him after swearing up and down he'd go American Rev on the british faggot. First up, a simple google search on the Edge Baronet shows you that it's been dormant for a bit: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edge_baronets: you'll note this is the area Bryan cited Adam being from which he didn't deny at all.) Clearly this is the fucking first result from google as it's wikipedia and look at that - the Edge Baronet is in fact dormant bickers the latest up in line can't prove they're actually related to the family line. What does that mean in normal talk? Well, the wiki link takes you he re: https://web.archive.org/web/20110709115617/http://www.baronetage.org/succession-to-baronetcy/ (Its noteworthy the ACTUAL link is dead and you must use the archive to verify his line is dead). Essentially, there has been nobody able to prove since 1984 they have any relation to the original bloodline. Why does any of this matter? Well, a bastard line isn't going to have money under normal circumstances. They're usually produced by noble figureheads fucking a maid behind his wife's back, but whats interesting here is Adam's father can't prove he's even related to the family. So, Adam's family both can't prove they're related to nobles and somehow have money which probably means they're heavy into drugs or otherwise Adam is a big fat liar and has no money and has been pulling a grand fraud.
>>234137 Bryan you faggot
>>234138 Earwinson is a pauper. Not rich. Not royal. He works a job, for one. He begged viewers for Nintendo Switch game codes, for another. It could be a case where the rich baronet father is forcing his loser drug addict son to hold down a job instead of just giving him his trust fund. But let's be real. If you were rich royalty, you wouldn't be on the /cow/ board. Or following obscure losers on the internet. You would be laying on a beach half the time, traveling the world, and banging women. Or buying expensive cars and watches. The fact that Earwinson is balls-deep in this sector basically confirms that he is a loser, just like everybody else.
Open file (889.93 KB 700x525 riseup.png)
Open file (16.68 KB 275x183 they.jfif)
Open file (51.12 KB 598x442 F_vOcguXEAAWs1b.jpg)
Open file (168.37 KB 1348x1652 F_tUxADWoAEz5-e.jpg)
Open file (181.16 KB 1079x1606 F_ucPNQXEAAYFYv.jpg)
Open file (181.16 KB 1079x1606 F_ucPNQXEAAYFYv.jpg)
Bryan Dunn and retarded low IQ supporters Lost & Dark Ninja keeps on winning
>>234144 jewsh starting to sound like kinogay
Open file (5.15 MB 600x332 9821289892.gif)
>>234147 >starting
>>234144 As much as Fatrick is a massive clown deserving of mockery, at this point he's just a broken record, doing the same shit over and over again and never learning from his failures. He's become the cow of faggots to mock in order to make themselves appear better than him by (and not just by comparison).
>>234145 Issac flores molests his own daughter you sick fuck. Its why his wife left him.
>>234151 Only a confirmed sweaty gamer like Bryan Dunn would twist and make up a sweaty gamer fantasy like that. Keep losing Bryan
When is Chad of Pol gonna do his return stream?
Open file (270.59 KB 600x363 traitor.png)
Open file (650.67 KB 1626x880 pills.jpg)
shieeeet my nigga be takkn xannieberries with his alcohol now
>>234127 >they look dumb bickers they are. >>234144 Imagine making your whole life about gossip and spite.
>>234150 He even says "Enjoy prison stalker child" as a catchphrase in reply to people who review his books favorably online. So he at least appears to be some sort of wrestling heel larper playing his part to get attention
Open file (291.09 KB 600x363 drunk.png)
>>234157 Supposed to let it melt under your tongue then take a shot five minutes later. Idiot can't even do xannies properly.
>>234157 >this has become the new jcaesar187 making out with Meigh or Ian Miles Chungus licking his lips Thanks, Jewsh, you fucking petty ass faggot pos
Open file (71.06 KB 1000x563 F_zQ4C0XkAAhhnS.jpg)
Open file (2.03 MB 480x580 bottle-licker5-1.gif)
Open file (305.55 KB 606x362 2859925882195.png)
Open file (3.11 MB 420x420 Nick bottle lick.gif)
Open file (999.90 KB 615x615 shame.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1427x2938 destiny.jpg)
>>234160 Based
>>234171 It's been an hour with no donations.
>>234175 Yeah some paypig in chyat was admonishing no one donating
>>234176 I knew it was a bad idea when he compared himself with Cog and mentioned he could do a 12 hour stream. Exact wrong strategy imo. Also who would have thought having people on that call anyone that donates a paypig might end up having a chilling effect on donations.
>>234142 I dont know if these are bryan or someone else but they are very funny.
>>234175 It’s tough, folks.
>>234152 How can bryan dunnit make up a fucking CPS report ymyhats in your hands Issac Flores that you received issac flores that only happened to you. Fuck off Dark Diddler
Open file (12.86 MB 600x446 Pat is Gay.mp4)
>>234144 Nnnnno child.
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 218598921592185.gif)
>>234183 >elderly plastic surgery addict still looks fabulous Yep. Gay asf
Open file (110.03 KB 732x841 P1.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 2824x2686 P2.jpg)
Open file (100.96 KB 766x627 P3.jpg)
Open file (64.63 KB 763x535 P4.jpg)
Open file (96.36 KB 762x635 P5.jpg)
>Asston releases video mocking Styxhexenfaggot's Q-Anon grift >Styx now enraged, released DM's between them. The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU2NUGRc6XA Fuck the abortionist larper Styx, lets fucking goooo!
Open file (96.60 KB 760x572 P6.jpg)
Open file (30.14 KB 752x212 P7.jpg)
Open file (31.10 KB 751x182 P8.jpg)
Open file (340.59 KB 853x440 Styxmakeup.png)
Open file (9.26 KB 263x263 7.png)
>>234186 >50,000 kids in dungeon underneath the whitehouse >trump still president, biden arrested by fbi, fake mask >purple rain album triggers mkultra programing to assassinate true patriots >trump space force marines to invade mexico in 5 days maga
>>234186 >fattest grifter cries about the thinnest grifter grifting in a way he doesn't like >sends his audience after him while gaslighting his victim I guess Styx is gonna be the new Teddy Feaser, he's gotta pay for his 5 pizzas a day somehow.
>>234189 I don't know if the Q boomer audience will respond well to 3p. They'll probably see him as a deep state operative.
>>234190 To be fair, his uncle is a fed, and he's fat enough to be one.
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 82152189592582.gif)
>>234191 >Tbf he is a fed Yes
>>234172 based BLACK man
>>234181 You know it was a fake report made by Rockzo and Zoom and you, Bryan, are a diddler for making up a diddler fantasy. Not surprised, most of Chinatown fags are diddlers too. Nothing but a cesspool
Open file (1.16 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234185 >hate ages a person What a fruit. Trump's 80 and looks like this. Dolly Parton looks like a bunch of people sewn together. >>234186 >>234187 Finally some cocks. No surprise it's from ASHTON PARKS KING OF THE SEKTUR, BIG DAWG ROORF ROORF
>>234186 I remember tuning into Styx's 2018 midterm election stream and thinking the dude was washed back then. Asstonne writing novels to this guy in 2024 is Hollywood God-esque.
>>234197 Fuck off Issac you sweaty gamer. Stop shitting up the thread hoping bryan dunnce is here. >>234193 >leaving out fagwinson Fuck off adam your memes suck
>>234198 >What a fruit. Trump's 80 and looks like this. Dolly Parton looks like a bunch of people sewn together. Yeah: Age ages people. Dolly Parton's looks have nothing to do with her heart and soul but her plastic surgeon
Warhammer is live repeatedly calling bryan dunn on behalf of persp and godwinson lol https://vocaroo.com/1fQm1bcOcHcm https://www.youtube.com/live/yHraxWJm7NI?si=2-dwVLYnqvQfgtrJ
Open file (584.29 KB 793x450 myarrivalis.png)
Open file (360.48 KB 310x401 QoPs wifes son.png)
Open file (40.51 KB 664x376 IMG_9229.png)
Open file (60.63 KB 825x663 IMG_9230.png)
Open file (501.50 KB 894x601 IMG_9179.png)
Open file (834.13 KB 576x1280 IMG_9228.png)
Open file (862.22 KB 829x1098 IMG_9227.png)
>>234204 TheTheGatorGamerGamer and perspicacity did this
Open file (148.79 KB 341x298 92858952189892158925.png)
Open file (448.33 KB 568x404 IMG_9033.png)
Open file (138.42 KB 760x951 IMG_9124.jpeg)
Open file (408.03 KB 1284x1162 IMG_9132.jpeg)
Open file (689.56 KB 1284x2161 IMG_9131.jpeg)
Open file (121.77 KB 750x400 87758271592859258.gif)
>>234208 >this must mean something to you Lol
>>234200 That's why I left it out. You flinched. Now the cope will never leave. Retard.
Open file (160.10 KB 182x166 jiggling for jesus.gif)
>>234193 >>234202 >>234203 >>234205 >>234206 >>234208 Chill out Bryan, astroturfing some backwater Mongolian basket weaving forum isn't going to help you not look like a tranny chaser. Just stop, find god, be faithful to your wife and stop tranny chasing.
>>234211 I am not Bryan, and denying I am Bryan is not a thing he would do or say to indicate that I would be or throw off people's suspicion of me being him. I am absolutely 99% not Bryan.
>>234213 Bryan Dunn has a gay face. Bryan Dunn has gotten a boner from talking to a tranny. This is 100% true. Even if you deny it you know it's the truth. That boner was caused by a man.
>>234214 I heartily agree.
lol andy's comback stream "it's t-t-t-t-t ime to -p-p-p-p-ut d-d-d-d-d-own the p-p-p-p-popcorn b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-itch"
andy side on, he could totally channel chris benoit whoa
Open file (620.01 KB 675x504 origin.png)
Open file (3.28 MB 720x720 REVERE.mp4)
Open file (951.89 KB 499x248 zack snyder kino.gif)
Open file (121.77 KB 1216x1024 BBC.jpeg)
why has the thread become a dumping ground for discord spics?
>>234222 Always has been.
Open file (97.39 KB 1080x595 F_1zZB3XsAAjVu0.jpg)
>>234222 bickers Dunce and anti-Dunce have chosen here as a place to proxy battle each other rather than uh man up in discord or YT
>>234224 Keep your dunce speech out of >our campus. Keep your dunce speech out of >our campus. Keep your dunce speech out of >our campus.
Open file (4.55 MB 720x404 PPP Then vs. Now.mp4)
Open file (471.60 KB 768x611 ppp_uzumaki.png)
>>234230 >high heels <check >purse <check >wig <pending >muumuu / dress <inevitable Not looking good Simpp​psisters.
>>234230 The jcaesar187 impression that he, Moon, and redditkur, and others in that camp do is across the board awful. Yet their fans eat it up. There's no accounting for taste.
Open file (780.95 KB 640x480 judgment.png)
Open file (193.52 KB 573x495 849769614718.png)
Hey gym, gaytor wants you to make fun of Feaser but he's too worried to tag you bickers that could be interpreted as telling you who to laugh at. Passing on the message bickers the politics of Laughing at Retards on the Internet™ is getting a bit silly.
>>234234 >Claim all their enemies are rpg socks >They are having a group chat Logic isn't their strong suit
Open file (203.74 KB 1536x2048 5 inches.jpg)
>>234234 where can I watch all this?
>>234234 TheTheGatorGamerGamer needs to just out Gaytors foxdickfarms account at this point. Hes openly discussed protecting Gaytors posting rights on his MATI at one point in time bickers he thought he was a good poster(this was duringthe josh vs jcaesar187 corn days). Im sick of these faggots openly pretending they arent on this site or foxdickfarms ruining threads to try to sound cool or liked when the reality is everyone hates them. TheTheGatorGamerGamer and Gym that includes you too faggot
Open file (60.63 KB 825x663 IMG_9230.png)
Open file (40.51 KB 664x376 IMG_9229.png)
Open file (501.50 KB 894x601 IMG_9179.png)
Open file (834.13 KB 576x1280 IMG_9228.png)
Open file (931.24 KB 1524x922 IMG_9176.png)
>>234225 >>234224 >>234222 Fuck off persnake you gay hairdressing faggot. Go troll shield some more swatting sweaty gamers champ!
>>234234 Fuck off brian holloman you fat faggot. Nobody has forgotten the chudbud leaks with your fatass fingers all over the place bitch. Persnake squi asa surfer or KOP are not in the leaks. Its just feaser people and former jcaesar187 fans like avon. Kys brian holloman. For real.
Open file (148.79 KB 341x298 92858952189892158925.png)
Open file (405.35 KB 1099x1649 cirno_gator.jpg)
>>234241 Fight me irl mate.
Open file (360.48 KB 310x401 QoPs wifes son.png)
>>234232 When Asston did it, it was innovative and funny. By the time it was copied by Jewsh Moonpie, Redditkkur, and finally Johnny-come-lately Gayden McJudas, it was awful. Gayden's jcaesar187 impression is by far the worst but doesn't get the hate it deserves bc he streams to 400 people and has a much smaller presence than Metocare at his height. Maybe I should clip it so people could understand just how bad and grating it is. The little fag was just copying Asston and doing it for hours to read jcaesar187's comments. >>234220 Bryan Dunn has to go away or "retire" for him to be appreciated on his eventual return. It's a wrestling concept in that business. That you get tired of one character so he goes away for awhile and goes dark. Then the audience craves his return. You must "retire" before you can have a comeback. People miss JMK, Metocare, or even RPG. Even Feaser's gaylogs that attack him all day, miss him and wish he would stream again, just for kontent if nothing else. >>234234 KinoCasino paypigs and mods getting doxed is based. They would ban anybody out of chat if you didn't slurp their e-daddy's cocks in chat. So fuck 'em. >>234234 Lmao. People are still doing this bit where they pretend Metocare is the big dawg of the sectur, trying to get him to go after their enemies? Wow. Negro, he's on his deathbed and tweets on a Twitterclone site (poa.st) more obscure than /cow/. Let it go. Only Gaytor still treats Metocare with such reverence. Embarrassing. Punished Feaser is based. And bc of what was done to him, I back him over any of the gaylogs, any day of the week. Besides, why crave Metocare when his skinwalker KillAllPedos (except Ultros and Metocare's Pippa fans--those are cool pedos who are awesome) is there to make shitty AI edits of daddy Geeeeeuuum.
Open file (109.13 KB 400x400 187548144784895.png)
>>234245 >When Asston did it, it was innovative and funny. Yeah, he did it best. Although he basically voiced what was being done here since Keelstream got big with Gaydurr and TheTheGatorGamerGamer as cohosts a handful of years ago when Asswipe was courting this place AUGGH NAW WAYTE UH MINUTT MAYTT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Open file (487.85 KB 695x667 aborting the retort.png)
>Metokur's DSP videos are almost 10 years old
Oh, no Maddiefag bros...
>>234245 > pretend I don't agree with this take. The cult is real. The schophancy is real. The nihilist pretend dissafected "laughing online"/V for vendetta "rules of the internet" worldview they have is real. You didn't see the fawning and tens of thousands of dollars being thrown at him during the "farewell" stream(s)?
>>234249 >Metocare is the serpent's head
>>234248 Inb4 she doesn't stream like last time.
Open file (119.96 KB 1244x1419 F32sr4KXMAALvMk.jpg)
>>234251 She has to use up a lot of oxygen before she does anything even mildly interesting or useful.
>>234243 Naked oil wrestling OK with you?
>>234252 If she put the energy she puts into premature victory laps into her actual platform she would have gotten somewhere by now. If she did that she wouldn't be >our Elaine though.
>>234248 There are 0 Maddifag bros in existence. Lol. Ok scratch that, there were like 10 fags watching this guy do a web strip show. >>234249 Don't get too hung up on one word. Sure, the cult is real. The love is real. But Metocare has almost no presence anymore. People used to fear this guy and his massive audience coming down on them like he was the Eye of Sauron from LOTR. He is just one frail nerd in a bedroom who doesn't stream anymore and just tweets. His power is gone.
Open file (80.52 KB 750x718 A1.jpg)
Open file (51.78 KB 741x356 A2.jpg)
>>234255 >his power is gone No bickers his influence comes from the idea of his character, motivations, and mythos rather than the actual person (bickers really the fans no little about that and what they know may not even be true)
Open file (2.66 MB 436x392 9282989285.gif)
>some day entertainers can be lazy entitled whiney cunts like me The whole point of being an "entertainer" of some sort is to attract the NPC masses with their novelty factor, Muttni. Just admit you're a leftist, although to your thirsty mouth breathing ignorant millennial audience, a second wave feminist must seem like William F. Buckley.
>>234259 Wait, Beyonce unniggеred herself?
Open file (89.26 KB 660x574 18248215821958215.png)
>>234257 >purported faggot human trafficker says based things pissing off the establishment That's the exquisite distinction most people can't grasp when they pick either team A or team B: that truth is often somewhere in the middle, especially when you are trying to control both sides of any supposed conflict. Andrew Tate very well is a human trafficker, but that doesn't mean that many of the forces against him aren't also ass deep in human trafficking as well. Tate probably just went off the reservation enough that now they have to turn on him
>>234260 As much as she is able to outwardly at least do so.
Open file (92.41 KB 725x760 J1.jpg)
Open file (92.36 KB 748x662 J2.jpg)
Open file (143.86 KB 753x748 J3.jpg)
Open file (61.77 KB 1200x675 8HMErZYZjncJ4Zn-.jpg)
>>234263 >this changes the fact that JF quite possibly murdered Mama JF Speaking of political false dichotomies, this is another perfect example from this corner of the internet
why didn't your dad pull out in time and of course KOP won't stream again his streams were always lame anyway, all he did was troll * from discord that should just be staying on discord very occasionally he said or did anything remotely based he obviously doesn't have the balls to stream who knows maybe he's in prison with epstein
>>234257 hahah sometimes I reply to my own shit, but if I had any name presence or expected people to follow me i'd never do it, plus I'd only really do it if I had something to add this this G​AMERGATE just bump his own shit with zero new info ? lol
if KOP won't stream what about an invitation to go on the killstream or some other show or something fuckit, have godwinson interview him, call him a toffe nosed poofter till he hangs up, just do something
Anyone have the poop marines
>>234250 i'm sure i'm not the only person that has noticed that we are kind of in bizarro world at this point kino casino was created to felt jcaesar187 and the killstream, but somehow it became more succesful than the killstream itself to the point that they stopped felting jcaesar187, and now jcaesar187 is felting him on 'scuffed express'
Open file (184.72 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K.jfif)
Open file (208.29 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (2).jfif)
Open file (196.74 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (3).jfif)
Open file (170.65 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (4).jfif)
Open file (150.76 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (5).jfif)
Open file (181.11 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (6).jfif)
Open file (166.54 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (7).jfif)
Open file (172.43 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (8).jfif)
Open file (156.94 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (9).jfif)
Open file (162.72 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (10).jfif)
lol, you can't really have poo marines there'd be poo demons so therefore you'd need chaos poo marines space marines are supposed to clean up poo
>>234263 why did he ask for a jury to begin with, a bench trial at least has some fuckers career at stake when it gets appealed
>>234264 JF should be prime suspect number 1 here. And he def fits the type of alienated weirdo narcissist that thinks he could murder someone and be smart enough to get away with it. He is known for women problems. Which leads to crimes of passion. And he has the whole Darwinist evolutionary-biology thinking where he justifies whatever he does with "Eh, I already got a couple kids out of this woman. So if she leaves now or I have to kill her, it's justified. My genes are passed on so I won." Like some female praying mantis or black widow spider that mates with the male, then kills him and eats him. But, having said that, if JF did murder MamaJF, it will come out and there will be some evidence trail. He at least deserves a fair trial if it comes to that, and not just be condemned by a mob of pitchfork-wielding retards that want a human sacrifice. I.e. gaylogs. >>234261 People are not black or white. They are gray. Yes.
>>234275 >People are not black or white. They are gray. Yes. Sometimes, to varying degrees. Bill Cosby can be both a rapist and set up. Michael Jackson can be both a pedo and a victim of those who didn't like his "jew me, sue me' comments. Harvey Weinstein can to some degree be a rapist and have also outlived his usefulness to Hollywood while many other rapists etc are still protected in Hollywood. #MeToo can be to some degree accurate and to some degree be an obfuscation or misdirection from "Open Secret." >He at least deserves a fair trial if it comes to that, and not just be condemned by a mob of pitchfork-wielding retards that want a human sacrifice. I.e. gaylog True. He shouldn't just be condemned bickers of some of the controversial opinions he has espoused. Nor should his worldviews necessarily be conflated with murderous intent. >>234274 He had no choice iirc. The DA always has a say in that decision, and they never forego the chance at convincing low IQ morons that their case has more substance than it often does.
>>234276 doesnt the defendant have to specifically demand a jury and can withdraw it at any point
>>234277 Not afaik
Open file (230.30 KB 1073x2048 F_5aubDW4AEKgaC.jpg)
>>234279 rat turd on floor
>>234280 Noooo not again! Muttni-bros on suicide watch. Lmao.
>>234268 >godwinson interview him I think bry bry wants to strangle that 5 foot 8 inch midget
>>234266 >his streams were lame His IBS streams and his show overall was good. His TheTheGatorGamerGamer Died Kino Casino stream peak cocks. So was his Council of Evil streams. Why dont you fuck off back to discord platespic?
>>234282 >i think bry wants to strangle that 5 foot midget's 8 inches Kino first, bry. You can work out the compensation later.
Open file (488.86 KB 715x562 roastbeef.png)
HATER On Show?! Broke Men Should NOT Date? (VIRAL) VIRGIN GIGACHAD! 7 Girls! | Dating Talk #121 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uuugoxYKUA
Open file (3.66 MB 2518x1401 roastcast.png)
>>234290 Far right, would.
>>234291 As long as she stfu
>>234290 Obvious boobjob. ( . Y . ) Too good to be true = fake.
>>234289 the one on the right looks like that bitch beardsoy threw water on deepfaked
>>234248 is elaine like 6 feet or something
Open file (325.18 KB 1536x2048 F9z5IeaWwAACRdb.jpg)
>>234295 Could be