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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Isabella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Joshua Clayton Connor Pedophile Archives: https://scream.alogs.space/archives/Flamenco/ Gym Swatting: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s04d5y0s.opus https://files.catbox.moe/18u3wz.opus Vickers Swatting Recording: https://files.catbox.moe/9rnho8.wav https://pomf2.lain.la/f/s9gqo1ii.wav
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 18:45:41.
>>199779 Only the government knows about the sister fister incident apparently yes. >>199780 >>199781 Thing is the account spergily defends peggedintheassmenco a lot so I hope it's bait too but a few posts make me hesitant, the rest of his second post after admitting to cruising discord for minors is blame shifting away from flam in his own thread so who knows.
Open file (45.61 KB 400x401 kong.png)
Like video games? Don't like /v/iggers? Come to >>>/kong/ and get komfy.
Open file (220.61 KB 1200x800 podesta_metokur.jpg)
>>199782 >Only the government knows about the sister fister incident apparently yes. Jesus, just how far does this rabbit hole go? Picrel is 100% authentic and cannot be disproven by forensic analysis.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl9Cr3ydJco Heres a livestream that you soygoy lovers are gonna adore.
>>199784 I just found this myself, I fear I now know too much and even repenting from my sins about calling gym unfunny won't be enough to save me from the assassins no doubt already on their way. If only the foxcox farmers had found this out sooner >we could have been saved this very grim fate. >>199785 If I watch it can I get a presidential pardon for my quips?
Open file (95.46 KB 292x279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199788 Cocks are back in the menu
>>199787 Why the fuck do i want to see soygoy's little bastard hellchild.
>>199790 N​IGGER won loser
Open file (95.97 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (8).jpg)
>>199788 <I will remark the scariest movie I can think of, 1997's Jack Frost as an analogue horror to try and surf to a new audience. With an original concept like this I should be perfectly fine as long as I just don't do what I normally do. >Boss should the film be a bit degraded to add an eerie feeling to it? <No that makes it hard to see and is the leading cause of children needing glasses and I, the great Lightbringer cannot allow such a thing! >Should the audio be like most analogue horror where it is run through a filter or has another way to mimic radio static? <No! Zoomers cannot pick up on such a common media reference and it must be relevant. >I think there should be some rewrites, the mayor seems unconcerned about being unable to contact any members of the town's police force for over a day and it's hard to feel attached to any of these- <ENOUGH QUESTIONING ME!
>>199792 Yup, I'm thinking the nasty cockslut is back
>>199793 I wish he would have fell off that 4th wall and become a paraplegic.
>>199761 I knew it, mang. Same shit happened to me when I slept dinner from an experimental stew with chili, it is so hot that one needs rice to eat it and not potatoes but fuck rice. >>199770 gaytor is fucking gay mang. >>199775 >>199779 It seems that way, I mean. Pervmenco has been investigated for illegal pornography ring. In mulriple countries btw like Taiwan and other countries where pervmenco pays the molester to molest poor people and do these fucked up bdsm pornos that is illegal bickers of the age and what they do to dogs. >>199782 So they are just letting pervmenco getting away with his crimes? >>199784 This goes really far, I tell ya. >>199787 Based and wholesome Carl of Swindon.
>>199781 >>199777 Nope. Moofah is a guy who constantly defends flamenco in his thread on foxdicks. That post isn't bait, he's dead serious. He always is. But I see the same paranoia with the rageposters play out about flamenco capos as I do here with Adam dicksuckers and ga tor. >He must be Moofah! >No he must be that other guy! >He said something bad about flamenco, therefore he must be one of the rageposters pretending to be a flamenco capo! In both cases, spergs fail to see the forest for the trees. "None of the above" never even occurs to them as an option. So I can keep poking the bear as much as I want, they will only turn their anger towards Moofah or flamenco or ga tor or whoever else definitely doesn't live rent free in their heads. >>199782 Moofah keeps arguing that the commentary youtubers (augie, tomdark, turkey, orero) all framed flamenco to deflect criticism bickers they all either have ties to pedos or are pedos themselves. The latter part of which is true, I mean when they go out of their way to prop up and defend self-admitted sweaty gamers and keep entertaining their favorite subjects even in their absence, it's hard to argue otherwise. The part that's interesting is that the posters that shit on pegmenco the most are also weirdly defensive about the CC youtubers and sweep it up for them as hard as Moofah does for flam. To the point where they outright instructed Moofah to seek out minors on discord and talk to them about whether or not they were groomed by an eceleb. Moofah is right in so far that this is unhinged, wtf is procra doing?
Open file (343.82 KB 2048x2048 flam_humiliation.png)
>>199796 Amazing that pegmenco keeps finding himself in sweaty gamer groups and having no idea until after the fact. What are the odds that it just keeps happening?
>>199796 turkey tom unironically idolizes desTINY who has made pedo comments in the past.
Open file (912.43 KB 640x770 1642706997332.png)
Open file (383.64 KB 1128x1504 E5wjQahUcAgypJw.jpg)
>>199797 That is like those movies on pornhub were a guy fucks people grandmas and for some reason he gets away with it. But this time around it is basically pervmenco that keep getting caught. Like these are rumors, and there have been no formal investigation about it but it is part of the reason why he cannot visit his sister. So before the incident, pervmenco kept getting caught with his pants down and jacking it off when he was in his sister bedroom and petting the dog. >>199798 that sounds like a winning combination.
>>199795 >Same shit happened to me Brian Dunn cummies bandit tried to get you too huh? Did the chili farts entice him? Burp brap bfs seem like his sort of thang. >in mulriple countries btw like Taiwan and other countries where pervmenco pays the molester to molest poor people and do these fucked up bdsm pornos that is illegal bickers of the age and what they do to dogs. A governmental official I know who gives me makeup tips from Taiwan told me this as well, it establishes a very troubling pattern for pedomenco who looks to have paid off and bribed many officials to not let his full story get released on a new Zealand underwater basket weaving website. >Peggieminki getting off the hook? Unless Procrastihater can stop him in time, who knows how many kids he's diddled, puppies he's skull fucked or sisters he's fisted while that fat faggot shitposts without seriousness in the middle of the world's foremost child molestering investigatering. >>199796 >Moofa runs pedodefence but procrastihater asked them to talk to children who potentially were groomed about their sexual abuse. I'm gonna mask off for this one line, that's so fucking disgusting to ask a child to relive their sexual abuse for a drama gossip website that it honestly makes me puke but I will give them the benefit of the doubt of having ignorance over malice. >>199798 I'll agree with the anon I previously quoted, those YouTube circles all seem to have pedos in the closet or pedo guard, it just seems to be sadly common with anyone who performs in any sort of a stage but the main source is power mixed with lack of accountability. If things are allowed to be obfuscated and muddied then it's always a perfect breeding ground for any sort of a predator. >>199799 Heavy petting the dog as the furfags say.
Is there even an argument for Flam not being ped? All the 'debunk' attempts I've seen from his shills have been pedantry and lies.
>>199801 No argument with any substance. He tried to use three arguments to defend himself, which were: 1. Some of the peds in the Steam group had different avatars at the time he joined, and he thought it was some type of white nationalist group and not a child loving one, which is a retarded argument. 2. His accounts were subject to a data breach which resulted in ped and humiliation material being a part of his PornHub account, which is a nonsensical argument. 3. His Discord buddies scoped out Boy Soprano and found no evidence of ped material, which is an easily refutable argument by simply a cursory observation of the material in question. In conclusion, no, there is no defense that proves his innocence.
>>199801 Yaknow how some complete retards download CP to report it? He UPLOADED CP so you draw your own conclusions from that.
>>199796 >Moofah keeps arguing that the commentary youtubers (augie, tomdark, turkey, orero) all framed flamenco to deflect criticism bickers they all either have ties to pedos or are pedos themselves. I'd believe Augie, TurkeyTom, and Nick Deoreo are pedos based on their physiognomy and sound of their voice alone. They are also very unfunny, unlike Chadmenco who had the charisma to run a successful vtuber news channel before he was assassinated by the coward Nick Deoroeo. >>199801 I think the argument is he wants to be the little boy getting molested, not the other way around. He wants the dommy mommy. He is INNOCENT except for raping his sister which was a based jcaesar187amale move, classic chadmenco.
Open file (1020.81 KB 235x284 775524608772.gif)
Open file (506.93 KB 263x284 508427240799.gif)
Open file (1002.96 KB 233x282 1439176179989.gif)
>>199803 >His Discord buddies scoped out Boy Soprano and found no evidence of ped material That one is funny bickers if he were to verify it himself, it would be an admission of reading cp. Luckily his discord buddied read the cp to clear his name.
Open file (59.00 KB 335x360 Antisemiticroths.jpg)
>>199805 His argument of gender swapped DD/LG is hilarious, he is just playing hopscotch with every community that has pedo problems, first foxcox then doxcord, then Lolicons, then vtubers, Troon arc when? >>199806 This is why so many turbospergs especially hate the (((Jew))) eyed greasy incest beast, he has some pretty loyal bros, I mean he got them to read fucking child pornography and then tell everyone about it. My stupid shriveled up smooth hrt brain simply cannot fathom the dimension of chess the game Pedomenco is playing is based upon.
Open file (269.94 KB 594x787 ClipboardImage.png)
https://twitter.com/thealthype/status/1638812807687999488 MASSIVE ALTHYPE TAKE REMINDS ME OF WHEN HE OWNED SOYGOY OF APPLECRINGE
>>199809 Baste. Looks like I've gotta back into his videos now.
>>199809 this is kinda old. shit-flinging with the Гунт followed. jcaesar187, of course, claims the W
>>199811 >jcaesar187, of course, claims the W MANY SUCH CASES
Open file (1.87 MB 387x498 pedomenco.gif)
>>199809 based macaronidup putting frogs in their place
Any new jcaesar187ahappenings?
>>199809 Not to defend nick the spic and I think he is half-ironic and half-unironic but I know the little spic says shit like that to appeal to his low IQ >insert fed is just like Hitler white race is saved guys audience.
Open file (39.69 KB 576x1024 bryan_fat_odd_eyes.jpg)
>>199703 >I don't use /cow/ and I don't constantly defend myself there <that is my daughter I am not a cuck <FUCK OFF DUMB ASSHOLE LOSERS I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING OKAY!
Is the kike thot poster jumping ips now knowing that his id is filtered by most on here now
Open file (2.00 MB 360x500 burning_gunt2.gif)
https://youtu.be/dxVEZQD287k I would flush Sandra ashes in toilet; record and post it online.
Does anyone have the Gvnt running pixel art animation from the end of Jewsh's stream?
>>199826 It begins!
>>199826 No way. It's Gake and Fay
>>199826 he's going to be on the Keelstreem by the end of the week and Jewsh will be comfort eating himself into oblivion.
https://youtu.be/Wm505eWTp3k?t=26237 (((Asston))) affirming the Holohoax
>>199831 What do you expect, these faggots get paid by Gabe Hoffman and constantly retweet his kvetching alt @AFStreamWatch.
>>199826 Blessed
Open file (231.90 KB 399x383 6YTo9Lc.png)
>>199826 OH SHI—
Open file (187.72 KB 1679x1805 media_Fdct5OEWYAQsCEa.png)
Open file (142.03 KB 314x238 six million.mp4)
Open file (783.16 KB 438x324 da shoah.mp4)
>>199831 Sure thing fatso.
>>199826 Is gaytor out of prison, I mean chris-chan? >>199831 yeah, he also thought that Biden won fair and square, and it wasn't the US showing itself as a fucking banana republic. >>199835 what are you antisemitic goy? it is common knowledge that 6 million- I mean 9 million Jews died in the holocaust. Did you know they murdered 11 innocent Jews and 1 Polish Person in the concentration camps, oy vey.
>>199826 >>199828 >chris, aka the host of the demon he calls 'magichan' has been released >no longer constrained by the self-imposed prison that is his mother's house or the actual prison The mere idea feels like releasing a djinn from his bottle. And I don't mean the disney cartoon version, I mean the sandG​AMERGATE folklore one that burns down villages.
>>199836 Oy vey, Weakload! What do you think of Khаzаr mіlkеrs?
>>199838 stop giving (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot
>>199839 Sorry, it will not happen again. I was just for looking for an excuse to post my Jewfu
Open file (11.90 MB 640x360 alex-ex.mp4)
Open file (129.03 KB 647x533 commies.png)
>>199838 they are more dangoures than the yellow fever bickers how can one resist? Just imagine, you have a Jewess that wants to destroy your whole genealogy, then she shows her tiddies and says to you in a wisphering voice: show me whom is a good goy and gib me that big white viking cock and invade my people and destroy them with thy seed. Then before you know it, you have produced more kikes onto the world, and they have the Jew features and you cannot get rid of them. It is quite dangerous.. Famalam.
>>199830 <Jewsh hates addicts and wants to kill 'em all. >Doesn't realize he's a food addict that has been fat his whole life and can't lose weight. So killing all addicts would mean killing himself. >>199835 The court's reasoning in your image is as bad as the ontological argument to prove God's existence. Which is this: The ontological argument claims that God exists bickers if he did not exist, he would not be the most perfect being, and if he were not the most perfect being, then he would not be God.
Open file (965.12 KB 597x815 Gunt films.png)
>>199826 WITNESSED
>>199842 Am I the only one that remembers that during the Infinity NEXT™ saga TheTheGatorGamerGamer was trying to get people to help hook him up with medical speed bickers he didn't have any connections in the Philippines?
>>199826 Oh god, I've been schizoing through all the possibilities of what he might go on to do after he gets out. One of the variants just has him walk to the edge of a cliff and ascend. He becomes one with the universe, attains omnipresence and influences the minds of all mankind. Imagine everyone's subconscious getting bombarded with chris chan's thoughts.
>>199826 >no link I want to believe.
>>199837 Oh but it is precisely like that, I, for one, am extremely excited for the chaos that will spill forth from any event other than him going into an assisted living home. There are plenty of possibilities and the whole web of lolcows are far more interconnected now, who knows what could happen. >>199842 I like Rene Descartes argument for it, evolved version of what you just said it may be but it helps walk you through everything and concludes very simply with more of if the Abrahamic God does exist they are benevolent but extremely hands off as any other possibility would be more obvious to the observer. >>199845 Sounds like one of the worst things that could happen to anyone ever, hopefully there would be other computer goddesses to help carry the load. >>199846 Non-cash auto release, very possible that he was actually held longer to find housing since what he was officially charged with was only a years sentence.
>>199837 If anyone has read Stephen King's Dark Tower series, the rose was the lynchpin holding King's entire multiverse together and if you destroyed the rose it would destroy everything, even though the rose was just growing in between concrete cracks in a lot under construction in New York City. Maybe ChrisChan's house is like that. A lynchpin that holds together the entire lolcow universe. And if it ever got demolished it would destroy everything, which is why jewsh Moon was trying to buy ChrisChan's Mom's house awhile back and why he was trying to mentor Chrischan and get him stabilized financially before it was revealed he was raping his senile mother with dementia. Or CWC is just a fat autistic faggot who was given way too much attention and importance bc he served the purpose of making other losers feel better about themselves when they look down their noses at this autistic tranny loser. >>199844 Yes, that was rumored but the problem with that was that the source was Frederick Brennan/Hotwheels and they hate each other now. So there are lot of stories passed around like Hotwheels saying Jewsh was too anxious to go outside and hit up the Philippines with him and that he was scared TheTheGatorGamerGamer Watkins was gonna murder him and feed him to his pig farm. And that TheTheGatorGamerGamer Watkins told him the best places to indulge in sex tourism in the Philippines. Stuff like that. >>199847 I don't like any of the ontological arguments for God bc they have faulty reasoning. Or they may be valid and sound but they are not compelling. Also, in the Descartes version, you'd have to assume God sits back and allows millions of people to die in war, genocide, starvation, children being sex trafficked etc. While the simpler explanation is that there is no one guiding any of it or even sitting back asleep at the wheel while bad things happen in his creation.
>>199842 Well, Jewsh is quite strange like he hates addicts or the wrong kind of addict that is psycho active substance based, while he doesn't realizes that sugar or glucose has a minor dopamine hit. And the food he eats is high in sugar. >>199844 Yes, but Jewsh was asking for Modafinil, if it wasn't adderal? bickers Jewsh for some reason believed he had ADHD even if he wasn't diagnosed with ADHD by a psychiatrist. soywheels and another dude in that company just said to Jewsh get some methamphetamine which is quite funny but he whole paranoia to Jewsh when it came to 8chan is more or less from his Amphetamine abuse, and not having like a doctor and psychiatrist prescribing him a dose of either amphetamines or other stimulants to even something else than a stimulant. >>199845 yah, I think that Chris-chan will go back to his retarded obsessions then he might have a flashback from the hardcore isolation which made him more crazy, even having hardcore delusions. So, I would think that he might actually kill someone, bickers of a flashback or bickers of something else.
>>199747 there's no source on entire photo and the one with the baked lookalike looks like stable diffusion inpaint if I had to guess. instead of desperately changing the contrast to look for artifacts just find the source
>>199848 >Also, in the Descartes version, you'd have to assume God sits back and allows millions of people to die in war, genocide, starvation, children being sex trafficked etc. Free will is not someone one can pick and choose on and withdraw if it's "misused" so yes in order for that to exist any being with significant power over the creation of man would have to allow anything a human would choose to do no matter how vile. It's an unavoidable conclusion and it's not on me to defend some corpse storm god who got combined with Baal but that simply is how it is. >>199850 For Chris? Wasn't there also automatic text releases confirming that too? I'm pretty dumb so I'd believe I could get fooled on this but it looks like he got out. If you meant something else please see where I say I am very dumb and need greentext for context.
Open file (562.83 KB 750x421 892592165926565.png)
>>199848 This wasn't from the cripplekike. Jewsh was in the 8ch mod IRC channel begging someone to hook him up bickers he needed to program but his ADHD was causing him problems. Also Jewsh admitted to the pigstuff himself on one of his streams. Jewsh also talked about Watkins and Ron trying to take him out to get whores, but Jewsh was too scared of women and just stayed in his room eating pizza. >>199849 >Modafinil, if it wasn't adderal It was both if I recall. He claimed ADHD was preventing him from coding Infinity NEXT™ and he knew he had ADHD bickers a friend had let him snort adderall when he was in the states and it helped him code better so that must have meant he had ADHD.
>>199848 >DAE read Dark tower and remember the face of their father? Hey remember the schizo train who went insane from being in the wrong body? Sure was a pain that Blaine. >>199852 How did it take me this long to connect that Jersh's troon name would be Sarah Conner?
Open file (38.07 KB 563x704 FpMi_PRX0A45Cxs.jfif)
>>199854 >How did it take me this long to connect that Jersh's troon name would be Sarah Conner? Sarah "Shota" Coomer
>>199826 no fucking way
>>199855 >Sarah "Shota" Coomer "She" likes her babies shaken, not stirred. Skynet is just an allegory for personal responsibility. John Connor is played by Flamenco and all the terminators are boys under the age of seven. "I'll be back" takes on a more sinister tone. The nukes that destroy humanity is replaced with autism. Everytime someone tries to help Sarah, "she" shoots them in the face and tells everyone else they're a discord terminator tranny spy. And finally on my list of shitty jokes; Jersh is not like other trannies
Open file (156.06 KB 451x451 89215928598256.png)
>>199857 >Jersh is not like other trannies He is the Walter Carlos of the internet, waiting for the opportunity to emerge from his cocoon. Although, tbf, I wouldn't want to have sex with Thai prostitutes either, and I'm not trans.
Open file (201.08 KB 1080x911 Bond Reason.jpg)
>>199856 Nigger got released on bond to get a last crumb of Barbussy before it is gone forever.
>>199858 I wouldn't want to have sex with any prostitute even though I'm a reversed voyeurist tranny. Wait did big chin Wenders fuck a Taiwanese ladyboy too?
Open file (1.69 MB 320x218 CWC licky.gif)
>>199859 Chris got the good ending, finally can be reunited with his boyfriend-free girlfriend.
>>199850 No thanks. I wasted enough time staring at a picture of a Latino pedohile. Done with that. >>199851 <God allows free will so he cannot stop bad things. Bro, it's a god who is all powerful and capable of doing anything as he created the universe and everything in it. Ofc he has the ability to stop bad things. I just view it as cope when people use the free will "get out of jail free" card for an all-powerful being to explain why it's crickets chirping from him in his own universe. >>199853 Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest the pig story wasn't true or that the whores story wasn't true. Jewsh directly talked about those on streams. I just wasn't sure about the drug story. I've always heard it rumored but never addressed directly by Jewsh. >>199854 Yes, I do remember the "crazy train." Do you identify as a train now instead of a woman? >>199852 So Jewsh Moon is actually the savior of humanity and Terminators have come back from the future to destroy him and that is why he is hiding in Europe. Whoa. Well that is a plot twist I did not see coming.
Open file (5.34 MB 512x282 INFINEXT.webm)
>>199848 >Yes, that was rumored but the problem with that was that the source was Frederick Brennan/Hotwheels and they hate each other now. I think both have corroborated the story that Jewsh's Varnish implementation upscaled Cripplekikes captcha images, which exponentially affected the cryptographic algorithms and they ran out of computer. Infinity Never defeated by high definition captcha, which traumatised the php pro away from coding for 5 YEARS.
>>199862 Train is also a word for tranny so yes, I've always identified as trans and never tried to fool anyone otherwise. >Bro, it's a god who is all powerful and capable of doing anything as he created the universe and everything in it. Ofc he has the ability to stop bad thing Sis he could have the ability to but the act of stopping would shatter free will. On the record I think the argument it puts forth fits better with calling God a scientist conducting an experiment but I enjoy it compared to so many other Christian well da book says so shit is all.
>>199853 >a friend had let him snort adderall when he was in the states and it helped him code better so that must have meant he had ADHD. yeah, that's not ADHD or ADD. ADHD is like when you just want to maybe concenrate on something like vidya then a sound just make you distracted from playing vidya, or when you are in a conversation then when the tv or radio is on, or any white noise you can listen to that instead of the conversation like automatically. Then you can have a project or something to do, but instead of doing the project or whatever you got distracted by something retarded and had fun with that retarded thing for hours on end. Like, it isn't that it's not fun or hard to do something, it is sometimes impossible to do somehing bickers there just like too much out there that can be distracting, like cleaning but never finish bickers doing the dishes felt more important, then maybe you are almost done with the dishes then you decided that washing clothes was more important than that. It is a constant, not being able to finish with the exception of cooming. bickers you felt better by abusing ADHD medication only means that you like to abuse stimulants bickers it gibs an autistic amount of mind energy. >>199855 Do you think that jewsh might have drank the semen fanta from Chris-chan? like Jewsh was in a amphetamine psychosis then he wanted to try out Chris-chan special fanta recipe? >>199862 The logic of the bible is that bickers of fwee will people can sin and not sin, and that death is a curse by god to men when Adam sinned by taking the apple/fruit of knowledge, and God said he was going to die but God meant over time. So in other word death is a curse by god for man's sin, so he loves his creation but it is too corrupted by sin since the time of Adam. That is the basic lore, that is what most Christfags, do not get. It is only like a few people that cannot be save by Jesus, one of them is the kikes and the other are people that have added or subtracted from revelation the last book in the bible. So it is a fun religion.
>>199863 That was the story the cripplekike told to deflect the issue away from himself and onto jewsh. A couple of years later when they finally unfucked the soyslug and feeder's spaghetti code Ron discovered that it was the jannybot Hoi-Hoi that /a/ used which caused the issue. Evidentially freddit knew about the issue, but rather than admit he was getting paid by Nepmod to have the code run on /a/ he blamed jewsh.
Open file (251.69 KB 340x500 Ralpha d'oh.png)
I dunno anons, I've been spoiled by Ralpf, I don't think I can go back to CWC.
Open file (2.38 MB 1280x720 Kino day, kino time.webm)
Open file (2.16 MB 1280x720 watkins.mp4)
>>199866 Negro the whole Watkins Internet enterprise is shady as fuck. Like, I would not be surprised that 8chan was owned by someone else then soywheels and that infinity next was the only propriety IP that that company had that wasn't basically Japanese uncensored pornography and 2channel which was stolen by a soyboy Japanese man. Also it is the Philippines is basically like Thailand without the ladyboys, so a bunch of whores and allot of narcotic substances, so it isn't hard to imagine Jewsh getting fed amphetamines, and it isn't hard to imagine that soywheels was actually cucked twice by Watkins and that is why Soywheels has a huge broken boner for destroying his life.
>>199867 What if Raaaalf could get Chhhriiiiis on to the killstream, would (you) find that Kino? It honestly may end up being the vase that no more my jewish mother comes from Chris if he was released into an assisted living house so there may not be a way to go back to CWC anyways and with all the normie and zoomies attention on him it certainly won't be the same. Overall I can't blame ya but I'm looking forward to some old fashion autism as opposed to the sleepy holler hog. >>199868 >Also it is the Philippines is basically like Thailand without the ladyboys Very, very wrong here. >it isn't hard to imagine Jewsh getting force fed amphetamine > it isn't hard to imagine that soywheels was actually cucked twice by Watkins It's also enjoyable to do so.
>>199869 Like Soywheel went fucking nuts when the rumor spread around 8chan that gym Watkin had lifted soywheels and put him in a babybed or something and then fucked his caretaker in front of him. It got soywheels so pissed that he left and then had like a bloodfued with Watkins ever since. Also do not forget that Jewsh had a mental breakdown along with probably amphetamine psychosis and left the country, and his dump of an apartment was a fucking junkie dump, like it looked like someone that is a hardcore substance abuser. So one knows that Jewsh was probably dabbling in modafinil along with speed. But gotta go bickers I wanna watch Gundam, bickers it is based or something.
>>199870 AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SARGON PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD! The only reason the fat chav is still on Jewtube is bc he shut his mouth and moderated himself for years pretending to be a centrist. So the grift was always more important than what he believed.
>>199870 Pointing out libtards hypocritical stance on "people can change" is cucking apparently. >>199871 >Hotstumps threw a temper tantrum over the joke of Watkins chucking him around like a football in bed. Ah okay that's who that is, I dipped out of 8chan quick back to 4chan before my decade of grass touching so I know that lore but it gets mixed up in my skull. >So one knows that Jewsh was probably dabbling in modafinil along with speed. One also knows this from his sleeping habits and mood swings. Have fun with Gundam, tell me which series it was when you get back. >>199872 Picrel.
>>199871 He didn't put him in a baby bed. It was a backpack and that is why Freddit had the backpackcuck nickname. Imagine being a demented little broken boned faggot and marrying some SEAmonkey who thinks you have money, only for your boss to put you in a backpack, strap on the backpack, and make you watch while he fucks your wife right in front of you.
>>199870 incoming rattling the begging tin cup
Open file (3.40 MB 1280x720 sargoy_muh_dik_imp.mp4)
>>199876 Shut the fuck up blaine you will never be a woman
Open file (44.52 KB 680x299 FXekf6kaMAEHbGb.jpeg)
>>199880 Hey that isn't me you big meanie, also the anon is mocking Sarcuck by saying he is going to start begging. You need to be less hostile on this board young man not for my sake, but for your ability to laugh. >>199879 FRENCHIE COMPLAINING ABOUT GERMANICS, CLOCKWORK
>>199880 meant for >>199873
>>199883 This makes more sense: Yeah who is delivering this knockout blow? He is staggering but why act like someone just took him down over this? I called it bait since it seems like a premature celebration. Or do you still think I unironically worship Sarguy still?
>>199865 >Do you think that jewsh might have drank the semen fanta from Chris-chan? like Jewsh was in a amphetamine psychosis then he wanted to try out Chris-chan special fanta recipe? It would explain his faggy overattachment to him.
Open file (182.24 KB 587x684 1407309795163.png)
Open file (126.87 KB 300x424 gator dance 2.gif)
Says the guy who couldn't wait to fire ___walker back at anyone who would listen.
>>199887 Was it Halo 3?
>>199888 might have been Halo Reach
>>199887 >>199888 Since faggy is in perpetual Гунтguard mode, why doesn't TheGatorGamer just rename himself into 'adrienne blair won' again? Maybe between the name and the tag, keep one as his name and change the other.
Open file (145.79 KB 456x310 gator_dolls.png)
>>199890 If he wants to go balls in, he should use "Sandra jcaesar187 is Vickers and Hollowman's devil's threesome".
Open file (84.20 KB 250x250 1638457143642.png)
>>199891 Alogging himself isn't the point, anon.
Open file (1.26 MB 1280x720 gator_coom_on_me.mp4)
>>199892 It's cool dude. He can't be alogged for something he says himself deprecatingly.
>>199893 Imagine getting so little action that you vicariously embrace the universally male lust targeted at your whore sister and claim it as a victory. There’s coping, and then there’s total lunacy. However, he is following in his surrogate father’s footsteps, seeing as surrounding yourself with sluts who overshadow you is the first page of the Metokike playbook. PATHETIC
Did Asian jerk off. Go away?
>>199895 Whoops noop
>>199887 >n-no u Esotranny's sterling intellect on full display. How the fuck is he so retarded that he makes gaydur look good?
Open file (28.63 KB 589x288 397819023369.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 1280x720 tranny confirmed.mp4)
Anyone have old kumite episodes? From my chat archives, I see only 3 references to mombot, and king of bantz is active in 2 of them. Title: The Morning Kumite - Harmful Opinions - 4/13/18 🌵💀🌵 Uploader: Failure Terminated Date: 2018-04-13T16:14:41 Title: The Kumite: Mashups and Cookies (06/01/18) Uploader: VampKandy Date: 2018-06-01T16:06:45 Title: #Killstream: Destiny Suing Me? Robinson/Twitter, Footlong Fogle, & Twitch Babe Hypocrisy Uploader: Thejcaesar187Retort Date: 2018-03-29T02:59:41
>>199900 Harmful Opinions was duking it out with soygoy for his fenceshittery during candid, good times all around, we need more cocks like that.
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave 1.jpg)
>>199901 What does that have to do with what anon asked metokike fan?
>>199901 Filename >>199900 It's been long suspected and I'd hardly doubt it, regardless her current dox shield is certainly fake and she is older than 22.
>>199870 He better take revenge, still hoping for carl to make a comeback to this side of the internet.
>>199904 That isnt Sargon.
>>199907 Focus on the one who isn't the crossdresser for a second
>>199904 Why fag?
>>199909 What? fuck you faggot.
>>199911 I'm not the one staring at crossdressers, anon
Open file (430.54 KB 1335x2822 1587521630-4.jpg)
>>199900 Metokur Fembot is still pretending to be female in 2023? And now claims to be Filipino? PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I thought it was all but confirmed that Queen of Bantz was a tranny (mtf autogynophile), then he got exposed and humiliated when he got invited to voice chat and they heard a deep male's voice behind a voicechanger. So then he rebranded as Metokur Fembot and just archived Metocare's cuntent in the IBS sphere. So that way he could still roleplay as a female and get his sexual kicks but shed his skin and leave behind the sullied reputation.
Open file (654.79 KB 256x256 whaat.mp4)
Open file (8.51 MB 852x480 lolmad.mp4)
>>199916 What the fuck was that?
Scary story that makes you appreciate your life if you're bored. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or92IMcLoIc >>199917 School shooters are pathetic losers who failed at everything.
Open file (11.43 KB 192x96 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (431.06 KB 1432x617 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199917 >that profile picture are you the faggot sweaty gamer "NEET archivist" from Earwinson's chat?
Wings talked about jcaesar187 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzNFWMiOiF4 jcaesar187 responded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGqjy1-L2wM Wings: >don't look like this. don't look like santa claus got thrown out by mrs santa claus and he aint making christmas jcaesar187: <can i fight wings of redemption? i wanna put this fucker in the hospital right now
Open file (240.37 KB 522x285 8925892589256.png)
>>199914 I shit on him and Lt. Pliskin(his boyfriend) for that like a couple days ago on twatter. He claim him and his husband was doxed by plategang 4 years ago and that it's an old shitty meme. Any proof plategang dahhxxxd metokur fembot and "husband"? Or does anyone have a recording of him?
>>199900 >yeah she's a fucking tranny Wasn't this about VampKandy? I swear there's a clip of her reacting to failure saying this or was that an edit
Open file (780.08 KB 773x564 vamp_beard.png)
>>199929 no it wasn't about ya boi vamp, pretty sure that was about queen of troons aka metofembot.
>>199920 Yeah he posts here a bit. >>199930 Trannies are the best at bantz u right Time to check around and see if there is a dox there, knowing those silly sailors at plate they probably doxed her as one of those Asians. I have this huge feeling that the focus on a nobody like femboy sorry fembot* is a distraction and frankly there are no women on the internet wtf are you doing c'mon.
Open file (56.65 KB 906x262 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (182.26 KB 399x624 ClipboardImage.png)
Nigger pastors are siding with the trannies instead of the 9 year old Christian children who were gunned down. Told you all these brothers are on the down low. Buck Breaking real.
Open file (282.04 KB 1006x691 sargon crossdresser.png)
>>199907 <That isnt Sargon It's already established from the numerous liberalist meetings that all the supposed females that orbit sargoon are traps.
>>199934 >first time in history Ignores the hordes of nonglowing S​ARGONs who get away with race fueled killings bickers the media and justice system consider them to retarded and protected to be held accountable. one would assume it’s bait but this kike is too retarded for that.
>>199934 Oh look the nig is literally smarter than you lol. >>199936 Post examples. I got an example for why this is dumb. CHRIST CHURCH SHOOTING LE FUNNY THIS LE NOT Can >we not? Like it's just childbrain double standards lol. Go get the fucking CCTV footage of children dying or shut the fuck up about it. >>199935 There are no women anywhere, it's all trannies.
Open file (556.45 KB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199937 Shut the fuck up tranny. Go get bullied by Zoom and his platespics in discord again.
>>199904 carl and his pals like dankula, sfo are homos, carl loves trannies and why was this video copyright struck on some random porn site...bickers carl struck the video, its him all day
>>199938 >absolutely zero substance in the cumback. Not sure if you or your edaddy Barnhill know what bullying is but hey that's on them with all the stolen valor cross dressers they let in. Gonna cry about dead kids? That's fine, plenty of places to do it without me calling you a hypocrite as you are, plenty of hugboxerinos to go to yet you still expose brain dead takes and expect me not to chide you over them. It's like you want ass pats instead of a debate here, that really isn't the point and if it was even related to any of the cows I'd not rag as much about the idea of having it protect safe space thoughts here ya pussy, settle down, not everything is a fight. >>199939 What have you talked about besides gay men? Look at all the posts with your tag, it's obsessing over cocks, why do you do that to your mental state like this?
>>199939 SFO openly lusts after trannies, he flirted with that one tranny Lilith Lovett a lot. I would agree that it's probably Carl. Remember he was caught flirting with trannies on facebook and got a lecturing from his wife saying it wasn't the first time. >>199940 Just shut up and fuck off tranny, you make the worst posts.
Open file (25.67 KB 397x416 FqB6-gGXwAEaH2Y.jfif)
>>199934 >Told you all these brothers are on the down low. Buck Breaking real. With a purple lapel pin? MEGAFAGGOT
>>199941 >WAHHHHH SHE WON'T DO AS I SAY Watch out drywall, Kyle is on the loose.
Open file (409.42 KB 600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199942 *sucks teef*
>>199941 As long as the tranny is cute and passes, what's the big deal?
Cross posting for the chola pendeja who wanted plate gang to go after fembot or something? I don't fucking know.
>>199941 Wheres ManletObeseWeeaboo flirting with that retrograde tranny, im gonna harass his twitter with it.
>>199941 Wheres the video of carl getting reprimanded by his pigwife too i need that
>>199951 Okay THIS sounds like some good funny if someone has it clipped well. Sargonsissies not like this...
Open file (166.01 KB 1458x598 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199949 >>199951 I think most of his flirting with the tranny is in his foxdick OP. His whole thread is a pretty funny read since he is constantly in there trying to defend himself.
>>199953 >I find the tranny attractive lel >dont worry darling i am not going after the tranny BLAINE PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
>>199954 >Hears shooting while clearing a room on the ground level floor. >Sprints up the fucking stairs and past 5 other cops. >One to the head, two to the chest. Fucking impressive as hell. >>199955 What? How am I involved? Are >we rewriting history so I'm the tranny Sargoober was flirting with? Okay sure. I was heartbroken and such.
>>199956 Soygoy just compliments trannies and never fucks them, leaving poor old Blaine blueballed and butthurt forever by soygon
Open file (165.55 KB 375x375 9812569182596523.gif)
>>199951 Speaking of which...where's the clip of Veeh getting chewed out on stream by JF?
Open file (1.01 MB 744x744 sargon bowtie.png)
>>199957 Sargon prefers his trannies feminine.
>>199954 Here is a version for non-fags: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Ue2tZa4hT0c
>>199957 Blue balled I get but why am I butthurt if something's not going in there? Hrmm, seething is over done as is salty, uhh something involving jealousy there but that's inherent to most tranny jokes. Blueballed and bitching works but that's more of what a woman would say, this is a tough one fair enough.
Open file (97.17 KB 1543x866 radix.jpg)
>>199921 this smug kike admitted to eating out pussy last night and said you are a hypocrite if you refuse to eat girls out if you also expect women to give blowjobs
>>199962 White women are whores. Color me surprised.
>>199962 How is it not hypocritical? I think it's understandable why a straight man would not while still wanting his cock sucked but it is a bit hypocritical. I have a feeling that what she said after was more of a retarded take and where it brought was dumbfuckery. >>199963 Chronic face can streaming is indictive of that too.
Open file (250.94 KB 416x421 9285891218925.png)
>>199963 >White
>>199964 >How is it not hypocritical? I think it's understandable why a straight man would not while still wanting his cock sucked but it is a bit hypocritical. I have a feeling that what she said after was more of a retarded take and where it brought was dumbfuckery. eating a girl out is a way different experience compared to sucking a dick. It also usually tastes like raw fish at a minimum (or rancid seafood if its unclean) which is a big turn off for a lot of guys.
>>199966 That's why I said it's understandable, I've done both after all and yes any woman who doesn't take care of herself down there I just tell no lol. What I'm asking besides for more cringe she said after is how is it hypothetical? Some guys junk smells just as bad and yes there's a vas difference there and I agree with you but I'm just curious as per usual.
Hypocritical* lmfao
>>199951 A mirror of the stream where you can see a DM from his wife chastising him for flirting with troons and saying she can’t trust him was up on YT just a few weeks ago at least. Sadly I did not save the link, and I cannot find it now.
>>199969 Classical soygoy beatdown
Open file (192.38 KB 349x340 178241785.png)
>>199969 >A mirror of the stream where you can see a DM from his wife chastising him for flirting with troons and saying she can’t trust him was up on YT just a few weeks ago at least. He was merely telling Blaire White she passed, collectivist
>>199971 Interacting with any tranny without acting exactly like an early 2000s era pick up artist negging a woman they want to fuck is flirting don't you know?
>>199972 For the kiwis it is and so do i think the same, the lulz on sargoy are priceless brainetranny
Open file (99.10 KB 650x328 paypig.png)
if the pig keeps getting charged back powerchat will be forced to boot his fat ass
>>199969 Why when they show mediterranean people they cherry pick the whitest northern ones and dont show what the average med looks like (Cokeski)
>>199973 It's just flirting in reverse is why it's so funny. Wish there was some better quality stuff or more in general on his wife brow beating him. Spose I'll come clean and admit completely that my "N​IGGERsimping" is clearly for the meme, not the man behind it. I genuinely love this place for how everyone has a slightly different opinion on things and that's what meme individualism is all about eh? If you want I can see if I can dig up the few memes I made during gaymergate when I was busy being a normie, Sargiewargie is just a funny guy and yeah he's hypocritical but also I highly doubt he will ever read this board again and get a dopamine hit from my jokes. Gym might is the thing, that's why I can't even meme worship gym beyond the mass of children not getting it and him not correcting them overtly. >>199974 This could be good, if only metomur fembot did charge backs instead of just actual donations like a dumbass, did something with it, anything, they wouldn't have a thread on foxcox rn.
>>199974 >only and last warning What's he gonna do? Does "putting your shit on blast" refer to doxing him?
Open file (279.62 KB 566x524 sweating sargon.png)
FOUND IT! https://yewtu.be/watch?v=oAbUh9NsPI0 It is a mirror of a video by Earwinson, and the original was a stream Sargoy did with Kraut and Tea.
>>199976 Post it, we need the soygoy beatdown back for cocks
>>199977 Wish godwinson would expose the fraudus Eaters instead of sucking off jcaesar187 to own gym
Open file (34.16 KB 484x491 jcaesar.jpg)
>troon was a moderately attractive librarian looking chick pre trooning out <turned into some manlet incel looking dweeb and decided to go out it a troonrage ftms passing better is a meme bickers even if that is generally true most of the time they end up becoming manlet incels who are infinitely worse off than before
>>199974 lol Гунт is so pathetic >>199978 >Does "putting your shit on blast" refer to doxing yup but at the same time he revealed that charge backs really piss him off
Open file (559.74 KB 1125x1745 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199981 What is there even to say about the Lotus Eaters, though? Sargon won. Gym is dying. Chris is free. All is right with the world. >>199982 It's funny/tragic when they realize what they gave up just to transition into the most reviled group in the west, incel manlets.
>>199984 >Sargon Won he didn't >Gym is dying he ain't
Open file (1.65 MB 336x238 62263265629.gif)
>>199984 >>199982 >the grass always seems greener somewhere else
Open file (122.18 KB 1200x800 Ramos.jpg)
>>199974 The pig is afraid. >>199984 Imagine being so retarded you think going from female to male is going to give you as much attention as when you were a young female. Welcome to malehood. >>199982 WHO????? For god's sakes add some context. No one's inside your skull. "We" need a subject. A name. There are at least 3 troons being discussed right now. Blaine. MetokurFembot, and the Nashville school shooter. I guess you are talking about the Nashville school shooter. Holy fuck. https://www.thedailybeast.com/nashville-covenant-school-shooting-suspect-identified-as-audrey-hale There was another tranny shooter in recent memory. But I can't remember which one it was. Oh yeah, here it is. Uvale shooting. https://www.latinorebels.com/2022/05/26/uvaldemisinformation/
>>199978 lol he was threatening to fight some journalist for breaking up his marriage with nora the paki, joe beirnstein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7CSniwOywM 3.30
>>199984 >troon regrets their choice <inevitably joins the 41% Many such cases!
Open file (129.87 KB 1024x768 FsRS307XsAAV3nb.jpeg)
>>199987 Audrey's room
Open file (142.75 KB 722x720 ruh-roh.jpg)
Open file (131.59 KB 597x418 1606598698326.png)
Open file (111.65 KB 1118x801 varg.jpg)
>>199990 >typical incel trash strewn room with a few fag flags put up the incel manlet hypothesis is validated even more
I came across this def of the word "indigent." It's the courts euphemism or nice way of saying you're broke and mired in poverty so you can't pay for a lawyer or pay a court fine bc you are unable to support yourself in any way. jcaesar187 is defending himself bc he knows Vickers is using lawfare to bleed him dry and it's working. The lawsuits are drowning him. The child support is drowning him. If you want a new talking point that hurts the hog, jcaesar187 is indigent! Or legally defined as being too broke for life. >>199990 <That cosplay FF7 Buster sword leaning on the wall. Also you know the tranny was really a girl by how low the high score was. Couldn't even kill more than 3 kids and 3 teachers. Pathetic. That isn't a fucking male. Definitely female!!
>>199993 How much disgust does varg has for soygoy?
>>199993 Just need to replace those rainbows with some double lightning bolts and that lil pooner would have made it.
Open file (52.78 KB 666x666 vee.jpg)
>>199996 horseshoe theory proven right again
>>199997 It's almost like there is something beyond identity that causes some people to be collosal jackasses and they congregate to echo chambers. Fucking hilarious that it was the opposite type than people were hoping for, terfs are going nuts right now trying to spin this. While the kids dying isn't funny the fallout from this is going to make for some great packers I mean cocks.
Open file (11.69 KB 260x211 ack.jpg)
Open file (160.38 KB 600x424 ack.mp4)
>>199999 You trannies are so repulsive you made normal people side with radical feminists. Ack already.
>>200000 >wears desert camo and a white shirt to shoot up a school for what purpose
>>199974 >stop fucking around with my money >i'm putting your shit on blast He's trying so hard to sound tough. We've all seen this wigger "fight" who's he think he's fooling?
>>200000 Lol it's so cute that you think that will ever happen.
>>200000 checked
Open file (1.33 MB 374x210 nice-herman-cain.gif)
>>199999 >terfs are going nuts right now trying to spin this You mean trannies such as yourself as going nuts trying to spin this? Oh the irony. You are trying to spin this while projecting that the evil TERFs are doing what you're doing in real time. Snake. Also, wasted quints (99999). Reminds me of that black politician Herman Cain (999 policy) that died of Covid.
>>200005 the only thing right in his post is that people are inherently tribal. no shit sherlock--people argue over what cpu/gpu/console is better and autistically take sides about it. what a revelation
>>200005 Where and how am I spinning this? Of course faggot seethe over this will be funny and plentiful too, it's just terfs usually enjoy coddling ftms so it will be funny to see them have to dance around a line they usually have.
>>199990 The NATO flag is my favorite part.
>>200006 >Everyone expected it to be a female Troon >There will not be any funny cocks from any of the fallout from this. The two other things in my post that if incorrect would be thus. Doesn't take Sherlock to pick up on those points but it's far beyond you.
Open file (128.74 KB 250x333 1651015939092.png)
Open file (210.78 KB 587x386 watch 3.png)
Tfw Asshton Parks has a 30K-40K Rolex Submariner and you have is Paw-Paw's old shitty ring that gives you gangrene on your fat pig hooves. Fellow jcaesar187amales, I'm ill! Hold me! How come >we never win anymore?
>>199993 Nah, that's a /trannypol/ gaslight bait. >>200008 Me too. It proves she was extremely online. She almost certainly posted on leftypol.
>>200011 >rolex submariner The fat lesbian couldn't even get the color scheme right for his knockoff, just kayfabe like Гунтy crying about his knockoff ring.
Open file (2.18 MB 720x720 scarface.mp4)
Open file (23.79 KB 400x400 ralphamales.jpg)
>>200011 It's ok, fellow jcaesar187amale. It looks bad right now with Asston dropping 10s of thousands of dollars on luxury goods like that awesome watch and living it up like a pimp, and that watch makes jcaesar187's ring look like some shitty gachapon prize, but I'm sure jcaesar187 will get a win soon. Maybe an even better watch. >We just have to have faith.
Open file (722.98 KB 630x720 gay couple.webm)
>>200011 Has Asston married Retardski already?
>>200014 Гунтaccino?
Open file (145.77 KB 500x340 798795295943.png)
>>199990 >slime plushie oh no kinochet sisters >rows of sabre figures oh no pegmenco fisters >gundams oh no ogre bros >the rabbit vtuber's sweater oh no sweaty squatters
>>200000 checked
Open file (3.28 MB 320x200 ppp_hell_1.gif)
>>200011 >rolex sold a watch to Asston X
>>200015 Didn't him and Gayhoole used to fuck each other?
Open file (393.32 KB 465x464 918529182589165.png)
>>200014 >living it up like a pimp I'd rather be an undergrad living in a college dorm than be in an enclosed space with those two smelly homos.
>>200014 I hope >our king one-ups Asstong with an even more expensive and baller watch. Maybe one with diamonds built into the watch. That would prove he's the true king GOAT of the sector. A living legend and icon of the 21st century internet. He can't let Asston win.
Open file (918.88 KB 1268x700 Cog_fembot_is_bantz.webm)
Open file (34.64 KB 256x192 edgeworthDA-shrug.gif)
>>199948 Did anyone else check the link he cited? Cog telling it like it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIif7OpecVQ
>>200023 Lmfao the spin that faggot tried is amazing, excellent catch on that particular clip. I assumed everyone knew about the connection since queen of bantz was always used after fembot. The current cope wheeled out since has been predictable so I'm waiting for an actual dox to tune back in.
Open file (1.04 MB 1284x1420 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (476.59 KB 576x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (616.06 KB 1283x1342 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199990 fake, taken from another troon
Open file (1.42 MB 1500x1000 Trannypol.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1500x1000 Trannypol2.png)
Open file (185.38 KB 1200x900 Trannypol3.jpg)
>>200025 Troons gonna troon.
Open file (62.22 KB 813x1024 376133.jpg)
Open file (37.94 KB 400x400 781254182518255142.jpg)
>>200026 And still Melonie Mac will never fuck Mersh.
>>200026 Lmao he really fell down when he disowned gym, thats what you get mersh
>>200029 Has there been any happenings, mang?
>>200011 Why is wasting paypig money a W for any of these G​AMERGATErich faggots?
Open file (29.42 KB 741x568 af2.png)
>>200031 Not really
>>199954 why didn't these transphobic chuds use a taser or better yet their words?
>>199930 you're probably right but it sounds exactly the same to me, could be a coincidence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYd1ewFf8qQ
>>200035 t. Neet Archivist She's painting in Paint Tool Sai.
>>200037 this is /cow/ its nice when cows cocks is posted. plus no1cares
Open file (69.77 KB 550x569 7976c25d640791b2.gif)
>>200038 Why are there so many cunny memes on your channel? Are you a pedo like Corey Barnhill and Blaine?
Open file (145.69 KB 586x596 glowinthedarkloli.png)
>>199969 When it shows Soygoy patreon, this is around 2018 when Metokur already had a patreon but the main difference being that metokur got sick and needed the money while soygoy just rode of the back of goymgayte to start his political grift movement.
>>200042 It's true Sargon was slurping on that Gaymergay tit since before 2014.
Open file (846.74 KB 1500x1500 sweaty_squader.png)
>>200042 >metokur got sick and needed the money
>>200042 Nigga what? How is THIS the one nuanced issue your brain can handle?
Open file (265.34 KB 847x632 ClipboardImage.png)
haha TheTheGatorGamerGamer has been named as a jew by that funny chrome extension
Open file (111.42 KB 951x1024 1543737195.jpg)
Open file (387.64 KB 1700x1800 6million.png)
Open file (209.96 KB 1100x1300 What's Kraut Carrying.png)
>>200047 fuck i thought i had one of him carrying the talmud
>>200047 >Michelle Catlin Absolute kween
Open file (11.49 KB 306x91 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.59 KB 1265x213 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (85.49 KB 324x271 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5YhNxt9l8w Forgot to attach the kino A little truth and a little cope on top too
Open file (87.19 KB 320x263 ClipboardImage.png)
Soygoy put everyone on the septic community in a clown car directly into suicide, now thats king shit right there!
>>200051 >5 years ago Here enjoy some fresh Sarking kino. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=v6OKCcWKC0c
Open file (185.07 KB 1298x427 1247662722318.png)
>>200052 Based spoilers.
Open file (1.34 MB 1264x1196 iris_chan a cute.png)
>>200053 Shame I already did my burger tithe, but once it drops I'll see how it compares to IRL.
Open file (189.44 KB 1755x1773 6215918292185.jpg)
>>200042 >metokur got sick and needed the money
>>200054 <Give a Japanese man your social security number and all your sensitive personal info, including financials. Holy shit, what a scam. >Suitable for singles without dependents. They know their childless, incel audience well. Please steal my identity and rob me blind, taxheavensama.
>>200056 Watch Sargon's video on it. It's actually some western art project that's attempting to inform the public how bad the tax software giants are fucking the tax code so that they can reap shekels from lazy/dumb burgers. But maybe this is the start of western shekelgrubbers using anime waifus to expand their bottom line.
>>200057 >Watch Sargon's video on it. No id rather watch Top 5 N​IGGER tips for winning the election by mister metokur or GamerGate 2.0 how TheTheGatorGamerGamer and Sargon made a fool of themselves
Open file (3.35 MB 600x338 minx drunk.gif)
Open file (6.91 MB 673x463 minx face.gif)
A TRUE jcaesar187AFEMALE
>>200059 I can fix her
What the fuck it's been 5 years since 2018
>>200059 beautiful where is more of this kino
>>200059 built for tardski
Open file (37.76 KB 598x408 p2p.jpg)
>>200059 Would
Open file (165.16 KB 900x900 Goocheese.jpg)
>>200059 Well, for me it’s Goocheese, queen of IP2
>>200059 I also remember she was implicated in the coverup of some other faggot streamer who was getting lit up for being a rapist which is pretty based.
>>200059 More of a man then jcaesar187 could ever hope to be.
Open file (4.68 MB 336x448 throat goat.gif)
>>200060 >>200064 Look the way she drinks and how crazy she gets when she is drunk. She will the chrome off a bumper or in other words a THROAT GOAT
>>200059 Why did she superman that table?
Open file (485.89 KB 440x330 1464860542395.gif)
nice thanks anon
Open file (784.88 KB 498x205 2874581752812525.gif)
Open file (243.46 KB 482x467 1678335764277.png)
>>200070 Wait so he got raped in the ass for toys as a kid?
>>200073 The story is that his best friend and 'brother' Security Jake got fucked in the ass for toys when he was 18 and is now fucking Cyraxx in the ass for toys.
Open file (267.65 KB 983x2115 IMG_0350.jpg)
>>200070 >>200074 NIGGA WHAT?!
goddamn I hate that blowblax faggot that used to be friends with fagmenco. In fact I hate all of those faggots adjacent to one another
Open file (80.63 KB 630x667 ADL face.jpg)
>marty starts whining about the holocaust FFS what is it with jews? Faggiest whiniest people on the planet.
>>200056 Nog, its made by MSCHF its some vanity project for hypebeasts
>>200077 literally the only event they can weaponize for sympathy
>>200077 Kikes have been able to use the holohoax to get away with some really heinous shit for almost a century. They will not let that shit go until it stops working.
Open file (257.30 KB 450x500 vee_elated.png)
Open file (5.89 MB 1280x720 5435354.mp4)
>>200059 euro store blade.
TheGatorGamer having a normal one. No one else in this sektur is as mentally ill as this fucker. >prove me wrong.
Open file (1.07 MB 727x1000 ge-ta-.png)
Open file (130.90 KB 1920x1080 Oj6Z4TA.jpg)
>>200083 I don't understand a single word those two dorks said.
>>200083 does twitter have word filters like here now?
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
>>200085 only oldfags do
Open file (83.12 KB 897x637 20230221_152721.jpg)
>>200087 I think you mean straight fagfags do. But any eldestfags here like Shannon might understand too...
>>200083 It took me 20 minutes to decode what these G​AMERGATEfaggots were saying.
Open file (80.00 KB 536x977 5kck22iu8ne51.jpg)
>>200089 i'd fuck /ourmutt/ so hard
Open file (1.02 MB 1024x576 1677018882800616.webm)
>>200090 Get in line bro.
>>200092 what ai did u use for the voice anon?
>>200042 Medicare's not even sick Santa's not real
Open file (87.28 KB 813x846 o9g8ek8twvn71.jpg)
>>200094 Their e-daddy left to go get a pack of smokes, cut them a break they're exhibiting Fatherless Behavior.
Open file (108.91 KB 921x960 1607798831239.jpg)
Open file (72.67 KB 597x791 67c8vuc9tcf31.jpg)
Open file (139.67 KB 660x796 QotbDHR.jpg)
Rank them from most white to least white.
>>200096 1. Actual Aryan princess and savior of people, destroyer of goyslop 2. Pandering mutt whore grifter 3. Big-titter kike ONLY CORRECT TAKE, DO NOT DISPUTE ME
Open file (1.93 MB 800x478 45f59b0927.webm)
>>200096 There's only one Queen of /cow/
>>200097 I mean, you are not wrong, but I have a bit of a soft spot for Abby to tell the truth. Also, I wish Anita would go full on TERF and stop enabling these troons.
>>200099 Both of the major figures of S​ARGON love troons lol
>>200098 She's not very white though, is she?
Open file (651.96 KB 1252x1800 Fe1HwaHXoAEmx5Z.jpg)
>>200101 whi...te?
>>200102 God, why is she so smug?
Open file (219.27 KB 1536x2048 Fe1HwaJWQAEKa3b.jpg)
>>200103 /smugmutt/ /smutt/
>>200104 You know, it's a gosh darn shame she is so hard coomers when she's so lewd and smug. It's almost like she's sending mixed signals. Almost as mixed as she is.
Open file (223.92 KB 2131x1153 radix daylight.jpg)
>>200102 >>200104 Now that is a sound argument for gun control.
>>200096 Three disgusting pigs.
Open file (180.36 KB 290x514 chud.mp4)
>>200093 I Didn't make it, i stole it from cuckchan. i think it says it in the corner.
>>200097 >TheTheGatorGamerGamer in 2nd place Its over for you buddy
Open file (236.17 KB 1440x1800 FZAxshLWAAAhO02.jpg)
Open file (3.82 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (650.92 KB 900x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Anitabros... she's looking breddy busted... is it over?
Open file (82.78 KB 1280x720 81295891281025.jpg)
>>200103 bickers she is a wannabe. A poser. A larper. And they tend to grandstand, which looks smug to the less shallow and more intelligent. >>200105 >It's almost like she's sending mixed signals. She is sending mixed signals bickers she is a midwit who aspires to be smarter than she is. And as such she has a shallow understanding. Hence the vague, mixed signals
Open file (866.75 KB 300x170 1892759182591825.gif)
>>200098 >There's only one Queen of /cow/
>>200120 So to boil it down to three words you're saying she is a pandering, pedantic pickme?
Open file (760.05 KB 400x219 28581925185252.gif)
>>200119 Nah, only the middle one looks busted with the shitty lighting, her bad hair day and that poor wardrobe choice >>200122 Uh basically. Not sure she is smart enough to be pedantic. She wishes she could be though. Most thots are pandering basic bitch midwits. But Muttni is also aggrieved about how she feels she has been treated
Open file (273.93 KB 598x676 ClipboardImage.png)
>>200123 >Not sure she is smart enough to be pedantic. Yeah I honestly can't blame you for not pulling your punches on her, goes to show how much bras can do for some men's minds. At least you won't have to worry about her side eyeing you so there's that. >But Muttni is also aggrieved about how she feels she has been treated. Surely her simps will care about her 'emotional turmoil' here. Lol.
Open file (45.61 KB 400x401 kong.png)
Like video games? Don't like /v/iggers? Come to >>>/kong/ and get komfy.
>>200083 So, is gaytor talking about women that are into MLP or is he talking about trannies? I also find it kinda ironic, or funny how he is talking like I wanna be just like gym asking funny question and then talk about autism or anime that I can watch that is dubed bickers I am too retarded to read the subtitles. Like now, if gaytor was into anime, he would've seen that an anime based on a light-novel Ishura by Keiso is coming soon, the light-novel is quite popular in Japan, so this might be one of those ebin anime's or it could be a fluke like a normal seasonal trash. Also, for some reason, gaytor don't recommend people to watch any anime even when it starts, after all a good anime is just like a great tv-series, sure is more fun to binge watch it when it is done but when you have a great series kinda like with a normal tv-series it is kinda fun to be on the for front and hyped to the next episode. That is something, I doubt gaytor has even felt or even seen. >>200085 I think that unicorns are either trannies, filthy cosplayers or autistic girls that likes anime. But since gaytor complained about idol culture meaning like in Japan where you have literal semen demons that are baron bickers they have a bunch of virgin fans, so then I believe that these are gurls pretending to like anime and so are modeling. >>200086 No, it is gaytor autism and one can assume these are either transsexuals or something that is above his leauge like his slutty sister that would suck your benis dry and then demand for more semen in her va-jay-jay. >>200089 >>200092 Coomer muttni is more based than her usual self. >>200096 the Jewess(bickers she is probably ashkenazi kike which is basically just a nomadic tribe), then muttni(with her 75% white genes) and lastly Anita bickers she is like an Arab or something. >>200098 there is a trinity of queen's of /cow/ muh mang. >>200105 you know, she has the negro in her and that is the thing that wants to dress like a whore and wanting the white cock. But mayhaps she is sending more mixed messages than ever since I sent muh cock pic to her, it was almost a tribute but I had to sleep.
Open file (251.12 KB 581x599 holy cow trinity.jpg)
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 257: Panderer’s Box Strike and Mike discuss the trans shooter and the likely fallout, the reasons behind the unrest in Israel and the leftist media acknowledging that Jazzhands was right that Trump-Russia was really Trump-Israel. https://gofile.io/d/XwWHL0 alternate: https://vocaroo.com/1fxPUsheYYGI video version but it's bitpoop so why bother: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9sz9CfYbrxDa/
>>200124 Did gym disavow flamenco, thats the one thing keeping him down
>>200128 >>200085 >>200083 I don't watch any vtumors but I would guess from the context that "unicorns" probably refers to a Vtuber fan that only watches one girl exclusively. So they are unicorns in the sense of having 1 oshi (another stupid word that has filtered down to me via osmosis).
>>200130 Thanks for the wholesome podcast of the week. Here have a nippon buttocks. >>200131 Yeah, he discowed fagmenco when there was too much shit leaking out of Prolapsemenco's anus like the steam sweaty gamer groups and the rumors of him putting a knife to his sisters throat and got his father or grandpa looking motherfucker to cover it up. Hell, even the detective said that what Prolapsemenco did to his sister was one of the most fucked up things he had seen with the exception of the baby in a microwave along with using a washing machine for the baby that he had saw a few times by tweakers. That should tell you something about the horrid crimes by fagmenco.
Open file (77.27 KB 608x361 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.24 MB 300x218 98215298928592856.gif)
>>200132 oooooh, but it is from Japanese meaning like tasty and delicious. So, that kinda defeats the purpose since there are multiple things that are tasty and delicious. So it is basically waifufagging but on a more autistic level?
>>200136 Nvm, it looks in Vtuber parlance, "unicorn" means a virgin girl Vtuber that doesn't collaborate with men. So the word is even less intuitive that my meaning. Then again, what do you expect from simps who watch a girl pretending to be an anime loli girl. They can't be too clever or bright. Alt definition: The term "unicorns" in the context of an audience refers to highly dedicated and parasocial fans willing to spend money, time, and energy supporting their favorite cocks creator. So even within their shitty community the word has several meanings. So don't try to understand it and their brainrot. It will make you trans. Just laugh at them for being gay parasocial simps.
>>200136 I have no idea what 'unicorn' means but it probably means people like this guy https://youtu.be/ymu3fx6LTBI?t=5571
>>200134 ryona? As in the weeb sadism shit? >>200083 From the sounds of it he's trying to get some vtuber to guest star on his anime boomers streams and whoever the unicorns are, are turning this into him wanting to fuck the vtuber. "I don't want your oshi" tells me they are some subset of vtuber fans, so >>200132 might be correct. If he is, that means the tuber in question has a whole crowd of people actually afraid that ga tor is going to suddenly turn into a handsome chad and woo their oshi.
>>200137 >"unicorn" means a virgin girl Vtuber that doesn't collaborate with men. So already autistic people don't collaborate with men bickers of heavy autism? Or bickers these gurls are so, horny when they hear a male voice that they start to masturbate on the spot? Or is it the autistic fanbase that cannot like listen to two people bickers it destroys their perception of reality? Eiher way, anon. This form of tism has fucking scared me, I kinda know that parasocial relationship or fwend simulation is extreme since it is all about em gibs and pretend fwenship from the streamer but with vtuber it is like on another level bickers it is anime and people pretending to be loli or something else, so in many ways it is allot more darker it is kinda like normal fwend simulation like the kike lawyer, ghost and gym is basically tramadol or codeine, you get autist that will abuse it to an extreme end but vtubers is like morphine or diamorphine even a mix of oxycodone in there. Maybe, I am looking too much into it but fwend simulation is fucking scary when you look at it, in that way that it is a narcotic substance.
Open file (100.37 KB 1568x798 unicorn.png)
>>200141 Pic related comes back when you google it. It sounds like they are audience members that don't want their oshi to do collabs (stream appearances) with men bickers it ruins their relationship/marriage larp. The vtuber can't even so much as talk to men. But I'm still more taken aback by the thought that they feel threatened by ga tor of all people. Somehow in their minds ga tor turned into "the guy she tells you not to worry about".
>>200142 Yeah, apparently the word "unicorn" just means superfan simps who want the girl to remain pure, since unicorns appeared to virgins and pure people, but somehow the unicorn term is applied to the superfan and not the girl. Pretty gay. If you wanna cringe, you can read for more context: Here is a quote and stance from a, now very popular Japanese VTuber about being an Idol and having unicorns and gachikoi in your audience: "An idol must not get together with a man. An idol has thousands, tens of thousands of fans. Some of them may have girlfriends, and some may be already married. But you know, some of them are guys who never had a girlfriend. Some of them may never have a girlfriend in their lives, and those guys are the main source of your income. Those guys are working a sweat every day, doing their best at whatever job they have. The women who work with them may call them gross or stinky, but they put up with it. They continue to put up with it bickers they love you. They use that hard-earned income to meet up with you, to buy your merchandise, and it's bickers they sincerely wish that their money will help you live a better life. There aren't many dedicated guys out there, you know? If you're gonna tell them outright that you've been going out with another guy, that's truly the worst, most despicable act of betrayal you could ever do." source: https://www.vtuber-news.org/all-news/what-are-unicorns-and-gachikoi-and-are-they-a-bad-thing
>>200124 not a single person wants to interact with the pig, this is fucking desperate sums Гунт up lol
Open file (1.30 MB 1280x720 6Rn2JpuZNgiXM43a.mp4)
Open file (364.19 KB 720x1280 nippon tiddies.mp4)
Open file (300.97 KB 720x960 peachqueen creditcard.mp4)
>>200142 >they are afraid of gaytor I doubt it, it is more like seeing your own reflection but it isn't you but someone else bickers of the lack of personality. Like no one can see gaytor as a threat, maybe pervmenco but that is more bickers gaytor has used his anus several times along with confusing it with a vagina, if the internet is to be believed. >the don't like their waifu talking to other men bickers it ruins their larp I can see that but it is to an more autistic extreme than the idol band version where an idol was found out to have a boyfriend and had to quit the band and apologize to the fans. It is within that same extremity. >>200143 This is just really fucking extreme autism at play.
Open file (2.73 MB 406x720 korean.mp4)
Open file (4.84 MB 1280x720 ralph sperg-out.mp4)
>>200144 Would you interact with a person where most of them have backstabed the person or are now on an enemylist? I wouldn't, that would be retarded to have speds after you. Like the Гунт attracts 2 kinds of people, one of them think it is legitimate funny seeing him fuck up and clawing his teeth into the flesh bickers of his retarded pride. Then the second are people that believe they are watching it bickers it is funny but they start to hate the Гунт and everyone that is near the Гунт aka moral crusaders. Now the last one are speds, these speds you do not want to attract bickers they can go into the same form of sperg-out as the Гунт but instead of going off and have a cigarette to calm down the nerves they would've made a fucking book about how evil you are bickers you interacted with the Гунт. Now, ask thyself this, would you want anything like this to be near you? if yes, then interact with the Гунт. If no then just watch and see the Гунт fall bickers he will claw his teeth into his flesh to try and get gibs and not understand that doxxing your paypigs is fucking retarded.
Open file (956.35 KB 882x867 2895921865296.png)
>>200146 Гунт has no friends, even bible fucked off haha
Open file (142.75 KB 722x720 ruh-roh.jpg)
>>200148 > even bible fucked off truly?
Open file (1.47 MB 1254x708 jim_flam_pegging.webm)
Open file (12.44 MB 1274x592 jim_flam_dox.webm)
Open file (1.06 MB 1220x572 flam_miss_jim.webm)
Open file (1.26 MB 1920x1080 flamenco_grooms_child.mp4)
>>200131 The chud bud known as J0shua Clayton Connor is no more. Now he's just jcaesar187's co-host.
>>200144 yes, the Гунт had friends until he sperged out. I am telling you that just being an acquaintance or someone that is on the show of the Гунт. So not a fwend, that will the get speds of the sector after you. So, anyone with a brain or somewhat functioning realize that it is no point in even be near the Гунт, just watch and comment if something is either mind boggling retarded or just the jcaesar187amale way or the way of the wal mart wigger.
Open file (353.23 KB 600x600 df3.png)
>>200150 Poor Marsey getting dragged into this.
Opinions on the new porsalin kino being cooked up?
Is foxdick down for anyone else? Jersh hasn't posted anything about downtime on Po.ast and I'm sure as fuck not giving my phone number to Telegram just to find out.
>>200156 you have to go back, keep refreshing.
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave 1.jpg)
>>200156 >going to troonfarms
>>200156 works on my machine maybe you shouldn't use some cucked amerifat isp without a vpn
>>200158 Thinking /cow/ is better now.
Open file (162.59 KB 353x337 just leave 3.png)
>>200159 >>200160 you have to go back
>>200160 >t. Man with a Drooling Dog as his online visual representative
Open file (26.26 KB 480x320 1534288775289.jpg)
>>200163 Tell me how much better /cow/ is now? foxdickfarms is full of trannys. /cow/ is full of degenerates who simp asian or only fans.
Open file (6.75 MB 640x480 regret.mp4)
>>200165 Ill pass.
>>200161 Why do I have to go back?
Open file (431.01 KB 393x533 Mantsu smug.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 844x894 Mantsu happy.png)
Open file (348.82 KB 497x554 Mantsu side profile.png)
Open file (507.88 KB 571x599 Mantsu side profile2.png)
>>200166 your loss anon there is kino in there
>>200168 Fuck you. Spam this at me.
Open file (90.26 KB 366x760 53543543.jpg)
>>200168 5 STAR MOVIE
Open file (301.86 KB 598x337 8921589128152512.png)
>>200169 Back, go back
>be white trash >go to vegas >get married >eat at white castle after Why would you release this Гунт?
What is sad. She really is that ugly. Kiwi stan didnt do much with his photoshop.
>>200155 Maker of the world famous Soygoy documentary
Open file (287.84 KB 796x422 1536206812875.jpg)
>>200172 Back where?
Open file (9.54 MB 854x480 pewbutter.mp4)
>>200176 Foxcox where you clearly came from hon.
>>200178 foxcox?
>]You are trans. >>200175
>>200180 Don't out her like that jackass.
>>200173 He has absolutely no shame or filter. A really dangerous combination of character traits.
How much money has Vickkkers given to Jewsh? I suspect it is 5 figures or more
Open file (109.34 KB 803x677 coomalot.jpg)
>>200186 Amazing you have outgayed the rest of >us, take a bow.
>>200173 >no one at their wedding but their bastard daughter and the people that were paid to be there >meigh is squatting down but still half a head taller then the Гунт >white castle for the wedding dinner Truly a poor white trash wedding any horse faced man in a dress pretending to be a woman would love. To be fair though it probably cost quite of bit of the Гунт's totally real and not made up at all half a mil in the bank to get the Elvis impersonator to officiate a manlet marrying a horse.
Open file (1.59 MB 400x400 928598129128985.gif)
>>200160 >>200164 It's always been shit, now suffer and stfu about it
>>200168 Still would
>>200192 We all would, just don't admit it openly.
Open file (7.18 MB 800x534 wedding_quest.webm)
Open file (931.49 KB 929x1042 289592185.png)
>>200193 Carrot, you are forgetting the carrot there. >>200195 Forget not the low standards of the moid.
>>200194 Wholsome. Broke Dick Jawsh will never ever.
>>200197 >jcaesar187 has 2 kids from 2 different women >Meanwhile after pandering to the wamen trolls, Jersh has scored precisely zero jcaesar187 is living proof that scumbag behaviour and abusing women is how you get laid. Not sure if it's the violence, the pain or knowing they're being taken advantage of, but women are into it and will always reward it given the option.
Open file (772.55 KB 726x856 jewsh_fat_pedo_smile.png)
>>200191 /cow/ allows fun and foxdickfarms doesn't, /cow/ also doesn't leak your personal information or have hidden cp exchanges between the mods.
Open file (1.43 MB 976x1120 sargon flags.png)
>>200186 >the last 30 minutes have been nothing but coomer talk
Open file (74.39 KB 498x230 125196252652963.gif)
>>200200 That's Coomalot for you. Racecars and chicks and anti-sjw soyjak talk. He has little in the way of interviewing skills and sometimes talks more than his guest
Open file (46.96 KB 677x498 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (376.09 KB 694x858 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (34.10 KB 528x310 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (53.70 KB 575x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>200139 That Henry Ikari guy is a wild ride.
>>200202 does this fag not even know she already has a boyfriend lmao
>>200203 He wants Pippa not the useless meat sack piloting her
>>200185 Money poorly spent if so as Jewsh tears down Vickers all the time, esp last stream. >>200193 >we Nah she's a downgrade for me. >>200198 <women love being abused. Not really. It's more that jcaesar187 preys on mentally ill, barely-legal whores with chemical addictions and plies them with alcohol and pills to groom them. Also women like confidence and dominance and young stupid whores will confuse that with scumbag behavior, sometimes called the dark triad personality traits. >>200202 He has a contract with Pippa so he can't kill himself from depression? Wait, so he watched "Welcome to NHK" and copied that and then mapped the characters' relationship in the story onto a parasocial relationship he has with a mentally ill nasty autistic troon. Cringe!
>>200203 >>200204 Wait, my bad, I think he had another falling out and is obsessed with the Neuro-chan AI tuber now. Can't remember for certain.
Open file (689.33 KB 720x540 Pippa 2.png)
Open file (67.24 KB 480x600 Pippa Pipkin.jpg)
>>200204 >>200203 Yeah, few people on the planet desire this. Inb4 "t-that's not her!" cope.
>>200199 yea /cow/ Hasent been hacked that I know. You think it wont happen?
>>200208 How long did it take to get warrent canary updated?
>>200208 To get what, the ips of a few posts? There's no pm's, only jannies need accounts, there's very little to steal.
>>200210 Sure thing Slomo
Open file (843.98 KB 923x473 corey3.png)
>>200211 This site has had a good track record when it comes to that, robi knows what he is doing, if you are so afraid of your IP being leaked than use a vpn as a precaution corey barnhill is a sweaty gamer anon.
>>200207 I desire that
>>200212 I dont give a shit. Ask robi if I have ever used a VPN. I am just saying. Shit will go south one day.
Open file (1020.81 KB 235x284 pedomenco talk.gif)
>>200214 Shit already went south here a while ago and >we sprung back from that, shit going south is what caused this bunker to exists in the first place, I think this time >we'll be ready. Can't imagine who would want this place gone besides pedomenco and gaytor, I know jewsh hates >us still but he has always hated >us.
Open file (78.27 KB 460x562 1533408653093.jpg)
>>200215 Maybe I dont know, Not holding my breath.
Open file (281.42 KB 416x623 fakeGator.png)
>>200216 Not a bad attitude to have in fact of course, I sort of have the same attitude.
Open file (2.56 MB 300x424 1534282055756.gif)
Open file (1.59 MB 2322x4128 Josh Moon 30.jpg)
>>200215 Hey buddy, don't you know "we" don't exist. The true inheritor of 8chan is actually soyjack party. https://booru.soy/
>>200220 Are you trying to say I'm a G​AMERGATE? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
>>200207 The pic on the right was a fail dox, but the left pic is most likely her.
>>200222 What is she playing in that pic?
>>200223 Lmao.
Open file (19.71 KB 450x338 364938_0.jpg)
Any Ralpfaupdates? I feel like nothing been going on for a while.
>>200225 Гунт got married and owned the haters, and no one was really at said wedding, still managed to anger gaytor.
Open file (1.82 MB 430x766 167.webm)
>>200226 I meant more like the last 2 weeks, anon.
Open file (558.44 KB 686x592 bodied.png)
milo vs the pig
Open file (203.74 KB 1536x2048 5 inches.jpg)
>>200207 she isnt based as she claims to be the trannies made her walk back her statements. The foxdickfarms users were coping with she never claimed to be based even though she specifically caters to that crowd
>>200229 Reminder for the new cowboys: the Гунт used to have Milo's dick firmly planted in his throat during the GG era, and he was still a BIG FAN even after. This might psychologically break him.
Open file (4.04 MB 304x322 Ralphashades.gif)
Gvnt always delivers, a few weeks of cooldown only to go back to fighting someone online. A true king of the sektor.
>>200229 This will hurt Гунт, milo was like gym, a second father to him.
>>200165 <10:15 PEDOjcaesar187 NOOOO
>>200229 Broken clock is right twice a day. He was also calling Ali Akbar an unrepentant pederast.
Open file (241.08 KB 779x626 FTttj6lWYAA6T6a.jpg)
>>200229 I hope they will settle it in the ring. He could actually last a round or two against that gay kike.
>>200200 Filter them. Their speech is worthless. Posts a thot, gets in the filter. Posts retarded troll bait, gets in the filter Writes essays of shit, gets in the filter
>>200238 Vеntі is not a thot though.
>>200238 How many posts do you see on the page right now? I'm curious.
Open file (405.46 KB 1536x2048 E0GZOqYWUAcnST2.jpg)
>>200241 >Those thighs Sexo
Open file (665.90 KB 681x900 Sailor Quadroon.png)
>>200241 >>200242 😩 HNNNNNNG 😫 Thighs like that should be illegal
>>200239 All negros, even octoroons like your goddess, are inherently sexually promiscuous as a response to being the least desirable species, and nothing you can do will ever change that.
Open file (143.76 KB 804x468 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (191.03 KB 701x401 1d.png)
Open file (219.69 KB 698x408 1b.png)
>>200246 wait, this one is funnier
Open file (349.16 KB 503x471 bottomjaw.png)
>>200236 you mean this thing
Open file (308.91 KB 1171x2048 thighhigh.jpg)
Posting in solidarity with fellow /ourmutt/ enjoyers
>>200249 Thank you for your service. Every post helps.
Open file (1.51 MB 1920x1080 Venti oops.webm)
>>200249 based and gorge
Open file (1.07 MB 1280x720 rng-1cvDKWyhDDqG.mp4)
>>200239 >>200241 >>200243 >>200249 >>200250 >>200251 Holy fuck this board is dead. Metokur won.
>>200252 go back to troonfarms
>>200252 If Mеtokur was still with us he would be a Vеntі respecter. No one needs some ugly gook when you can have a wholesome mutt with perfect thighs and big, soft mіlkеrs you can suck on.
>>200254 Metokike probably loves Muttni considering he’s a nihilist faggot like the rest of you kikes who are unworthy of your whiteness, if any of you are even white to begin with.
>>200254 Carrot.
>>200257 Imagine having so little pride in your race that you’d throw it all away for some 6/10 mutt who’s quickly approaching the wall and is nowhere near as based as you think she is.
Open file (3.60 MB 3840x2160 1680100718625335.jpg)
>>200258 >nowhere near as based as you think she is Yeah. It's just a fucking grift. Simple as.
>>200259 Seems like you’re coping about how you disappoint your ancestors due to your pathetic degeneracy manifested through thirsting over an impure slut that wouldn’t be let into the front of a restaurant 70 years ago.
>>200258 Your concern trolling is nowhere near as funny as you (no doubt) think it is.
>>200261 >malding
Open file (19.87 KB 320x152 pat 4.gif)
>>200262 >>200263 >nowhere near as funny It was never supposed to be. It also doesn’t really matter to me, I can save the white race single-handedly through the power of my superior Viking meat, I don’t need any of you nihilist faggots to help me.
Open file (44.30 KB 892x724 bro.jpg)
Open file (455.98 KB 473x498 harley-quinn-dc.gif)
>>200264 Totally believe in you mhmm for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
>>200265 >>200266 Cry more faggots. I’m going to have 150+ pure Aryan children within the next 3 years, and from that point exponentially more.
Open file (383.47 KB 1523x2047 FLa41oWXoAMGxU6.jpg)
Open file (154.97 KB 820x643 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (12.47 KB 255x254 gator_fat_ass.jpg)
<Oh he's gonna be fixin' ta holler for sure LMFAO
>>200268 >wanting to save the white race from its ongoing annihilation is bait. Alright retard. I’m sure your kike overlords are pleased to see you masturbating to a product of their faggot globalism system while thinking so highly of yourself.
Open file (37.08 KB 817x205 ClipboardImage.png)
Harry sent something to Rand.
>>200272 hopefully anthrax
Open file (451.94 KB 557x796 ourmutt pew pew.png)
Open file (302.86 KB 564x625 8chins.png)
>>200271 Post an /ourmutt/ or gtfo, chuddy
Open file (83.28 KB 2048x1589 FsWV5DmWIAUmej1.jpeg)
>>200271 1. Saying 150 was clearly bait 2. My family is pure white, they marry pure white, even if I were not to produce a child I have done more to maintain and support the white race by supporting my extended family. 3. I think highly of myself as I should. 4. Globalism is a buzzword at this point. 5. You're a neo-nazi, I'm an actual Nazi >we are not the same.
>>200275 >Saying 150 was clearly bait Fair enough, although I’d say it was more so hyperbole. >My family is pure white, they marry pure white, even if I were not to produce a child I have done more to maintain and support the white race by supporting my extended family Good for you, but that’s definitely not the case for everyone here. >I think highly of myself as I should. Debatable. How would God think of you? >Globalism is a buzzword at this point Not really, Muttni is quite literally a tangible example of globalism. >You're a neo-nazi, I'm an actual Nazi >we are not the same. Fine, but at least my movement still has hope of success.
>>200202 Henri was a special case, but he was only one of many. The vtuber people are all batshit insane, not just him and the schizophenic dog killer. I can never emphasize enough what a goldmine pegmenco was sitting on and how much cont ent >we have been cucked out getting of when the sektur ousted him.
>>200275 > My family is pure white They look dysgenic as fuck, you look jewish or turkish or something tbchwyf, the Pires clan looks whiter than you. >even if I were not to produce a child You are a tranny, women are repulsed by you and men instinctively want to beat you up bickers they know in their blood you are some kind of kiddy diddler. You are definitely never reproducing if you continue down this line.
>>200276 >Debatable. How would God think of you? Yahweh or Elohim? >Fine, but at least my movement still has hope of success. All the European Jews are in Israel, what more id there to do? >>200278 Yawn.
>>200276 >god >he claims to be a 'nazi' but still entertains what is essentially fanfiction of jewish scripture The original nazis tolerated christianity only bickers cracking down on the churches would have killed off enough good will to make the people turn against the party. The correct religion for national socialism is vedism. The creed of the original aryans, free from corruption by jewish hands.
>>200279 >Yahweh or Elohim? You know the God who rewarded Phinehas with the eternal covenant of priesthood for killing racemixers in Chapter 25 of the Book of Numbers? That one.
>>200280 Wrong. Whites are the true children of God, and we should act as such.
>>200281 Trick question those are the same, El is the creator God, Elohim/Yahweh is God of the Jews. Oh I like you lol, that would likely be Elohim and not El actually, did you know according to all other translations of the bible the niceans purged that the Jews actually worship Lucifer right? That's why Jesus was so concerned with 180ing the culture. >>200280 I wish vedism was a bit more easy to explore instead of neos always falling back to corpse God.
Open file (87.82 KB 640x640 (We) are not amused.jpg)
>>200282 Carrot that >we damnit.
>>200283 I am aware that Jews worship Lucifer. That why the actions of the Crusaders were wholly justified and work in accordance with Romans Chapter 12, they were saving kikes and shitskins from sending themselves into further damnation. >>200284 My bad.
Open file (4.66 MB 203x360 help.gif)
>>200279 I'm sorry but this just does not look white to me. You kind of look like a swarthier Baked Alaska.
>>200283 Do the vedas not have translations? I know the Rg Veda does. Just start off there. I have a racially deterministic outlook where I believe that (pure) Whites have the keys to answers unattainable to everyone else embedded in their subconscious and that this is why they are the only ones that managed to build benevolent empires in the past. I also have this schizo theory that if someone could just convince one real White person to learn sanskrit and read the Vedas in their original wording, they would intuitively draw pieces of wisdom out of it that the rest of us either wouldn't figure out or couldn't even understand when explained. Something like the building blocks of a lasting civilization.
>>200168 Oh man, these pictures makes one think she is a duder without the proper equipment. And jcaesar187 did the natural obligations to this. >>200173 >mantsu's wending dress is basically a mini skirt >went to a fastfood restaurant as wending banquet this is so white trash I am actually amazed. >>200186 >have to make an offensive post about muttni being into a wild negro buck sorry mang but muttni is begging for the bwc >>200194 I got depressed watching that. >>200202 this is beyond depressing like git a cat or a dog, if not a teddybear. >>200227 If she had bigger tiddies I would ask where did you get this but luckily she has small tiddies. >>200229 this is gonna be interesting. >>200230 Will the jcaesar187amale get into a new gay phase to own Milo? >>200239 >>200241 >>200243 >>200249 >>200250 >>200253 >>200254 >>200259 This is too much muttni muh dik cannot handle this much, I need to save some pics in the secret muttni fap folder. >>200262 >>200263 Muh Dik
>>200285 Hey hey, you know your shit, fair enough that's a good enough work to go through for enlightenment though as the other poster said Vedism is closer to the actual religion you'd desire to study. >>200286 You can flirt with me through DMs on other sites, stop doing it here hunny. >>200287 It was far more in the circles of academia I was in I could study huge swarths of things but they would shy away from me studying anything related to the Nazis that weren't the Nazis themselves just fucking odd how the west does that is all. >I have a racially deterministic outlook where I believe that (pure) Whites have the keys to answers unattainable to everyone else embedded in their subconscious and that this is why they are the only ones that managed to build benevolent empires in the past. Being more metaphysical leaning this is what I believe makes the soul white and it can be achieved by all just seems to be that the whiter the skin the easier this is. Course that's due to my soft nature than practicality there. Yeah but how can I explain those things if that did happen fellow schiz? Post everywhere across the internet for three solid months? >Something like the building blocks of a lasting civilization. Unfortunately the only thing that lasts is a structure that is soft on the inside yet hard on the outside, a system of superiority will always give way to infighting since everyone exceptional has the potential to desire above their station. The ugly truth is you would need tolerance to archieve a lasting state as the only one thing that never changes is change itself. You will have to redefine white in one thousand years even if >we do not exist upon hundreds of planets. But that doesn't mean it's impossible, it doesn't mean >we should give up, it just means than (pure) White is a thing that has shifted and will shift slowly after you and I are dead so I shift mine to a metaphysical belief since in ten thousand years will there be a (pure) white? Not unless it's made certain imo. To circle back, how would one explain perfection if they saw it?
>>200288 (heiled) The anons have spoken, and based Hitler dups confirm. Anoint /ourmutt/, that she might ascend. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!
>>200289 >Hey hey, you know your shit, fair enough that's a good enough work to go through for enlightenment though as the other poster said Vedism is closer to the actual religion you'd desire to study. Thanks man, I appreciate it, and I will definitely check out the Vedism stuff. I really enjoy studying religion, especially it’s more esoteric aspects, and I wish I had more people to discuss it with irl who are somewhat close to my age. Hopefully once I graduate high school and go to college later this year I’ll find people with similar mindsets and attention spans who will be more willing to talk about this stuff, bickers I find it all extremely important and interesting.
>>200252 Damn thats some nice artwork porsalin did, hes great all around.
Open file (3.94 MB 720x892 1618937088303.mp4)
>>200290 Is this the start of Mutt nationalism?
>>200291 Art kids, history kids and occultists are your best bet and I don't mean woo woo I know astrology no I mean the nerd who can tell you about some obscure Egyptian Diety they think is neat. It's always easiest when you have another brain to bounce off of. Thank you for seeking out more knowledge and being polite. >>200293 Honorary whites can fill labor and fighting roles to ensure the pure white genetics last en perpetuity, as such I approve as long as they understand that even the gayest of white men is above them.
>>200289 >Yeah but how can I explain those things if that did happen fellow schiz? Post everywhere across the internet for three solid months? That would be a start. I was thinking writing a book where you explain it and publishing it in various ways. Then break down the key notions into short phrases that are easier to memorize. That makes meming them and promoting the explanatory literature way easier. >The ugly truth is you would need tolerance to archieve a lasting state as the only one thing that never changes is change itself. Not necessarily. The propensity of tolerance is in itself a state that can be subject to change. And beside that, change can also change its direction. The key piece people forget is that change being inevitable doesn't mean they have to change for the worse, or in any singular direction for that matter. >we need to groom children into shoving dildos up their asses bickers that is 'change' >we need to place women in unearned positions of authority and give them power over others bickers women holding power is 'change' >we need to impoverish White people bickers lowering the White demographic percentage is 'change' It never occurs to anyone that one could change things in the opposite direction. >we need to teach children that men and women are two halves of a whole and that trying to supplant the unity of both is mental illness induced by a cycle of abuse >we need to remove women from positions of authority and strip them of any power they hold over a man >we need to promote White people, give them job and career opportunities and incentivise them building families While you may not like these ideas they are changes, they are deviations from the current status quo and with all data available, they are undeniably positive changes as well.
>>200284 Serves you well to post soygoy tranny
>>200295 >That would be a start. I was thinking writing a book where you explain it and publishing it in various ways. Then break down the key notions into short phrases that are easier to memorize. That makes meming them and promoting the explanatory literature way easier. You know quite a bit more about marketing than I do then, that actually sounds like a solid way to go about it. Finding a way to work the phrases into conversation would not be hard with English as it's usually so figurative in nature. >Not necessarily. The propensity of tolerance is in itself a state that can be subject to change. And beside that, change can also change its direction. The key piece people forget is that change being inevitable doesn't mean they have to change for the worse, or in any singular direction for that matter. An everlasting state would be subjected to change so determining what constitutes the core tennants of said state is where I got mixed up here. You bring up a fair point however, I was thinking far too broadly. Yes both sets are changes hell even this would be a change; >We need to groom children into religion again >We need to remove non-clergy from authority and strip them of power again >We need to call white people just Iranians again Change could go even further back, not quite what I was making a point on. My point is something someone like you, who's clearly intelligent, can probably get, it's the definition of whiteness. That has changed over the years and I am sure >we all know about the will they won't they with the Italians lol. How does one ensure that does not change in the eternal state? >>200296 How so bb? I'll probably have >wes of muttini I make soon so I don't get your point and you clearly miss mine.
>2 days before april <jim is posting 30 times a day to poast when he was supposed to be dead in january and will likely have a comeback stream in june just like Гунт and godwinson predicted who could have seen this coming!
Open file (651.30 KB 701x672 5861e485a8.png)
>>200298 >sweaty squatters are paying him even more than usual cause he's "sick" and he doesn't even have to stream anymore
Open file (18.91 KB 158x270 Masked_smug.jpg)
>>200298 What is he posting about? Let me guess, jcaesar187 and America First?
>>200300 >What is he posting about? Let me guess, jcaesar187 and America First? that and the trooninator
>>200298 I have preached gym being a faking faggot. >>200299 I kinda believe he will do a fake illness stream and then fake his death, then come back. but at the same time I can see him going with this coon for many more years. By just pretending it is the mayo clinic and doctor patient confidentiality shit n so on. His fans are too retarded to figure it out they've been cooned, and since it has been like over a year, that is personal investment and that is something most people do not want to realize that they are essentially just his minibank whenever he needs to buy a birthday present or something retarded online.
Open file (99.66 KB 990x812 jim.jpg)
>>200298 >>200300 the last thing he posted before going to bed was about nick being a closet fag so yes
Open file (1.30 MB 1918x1018 Mr. Reddit.png)
>>200304 Who cares when rainbows are pouring out around the hinges of the closet door? Metomur may as well be a bot at this point.
Metokur shit his pants and did nothing wrong (except being a race traitor). Change my mind.
Open file (286.73 KB 446x493 gunt round.png)
>>200304 Oh man, fawken gottem Gym. The reddit gif makes that burn extra spicy. NIce to see he hasn't lost his touch.
>>200308 Cope, this is what that tweet looks like.
Open file (1.01 MB 1008x1008 sargon astronaut.png)
>>200308 He's guilty of three crimes. 1. ruining, or trying to ruin, Carl's rapeman arc 2. being unfunny 3. garnering an audience he knows is full of tryhard normalfag spergs, then introducing that horde of retards to Terry. There are lesser grievances, like defending jcaesar187 when jcaesar187 was flagging restreamers. Then there are things that make me question his motives, like defending Pegmenco on the pedo prolapse shit only to throw him to the wolves as "jcaesar187's cohost" when the optics didn't pan out. Also facetiously ignoring the NewProject2 scam bickers he was making money from it, but those are just typical grifter things. I think there are two things that genuinely got to Gym. Fuentes calling his comedy Friends-tier sitcom trash, which is probably why he still has such a hateboner for Spic a year or however long later. And the "last cool kid on the internet" thing, I forget who said that maybe Sargon, but that butthurt him so hard he put it in his bio. He really cares about being cool online, which is why he's so bad at getting cocks. When Carl wanted to harass Trump over Gamergate 2, he should have said "hell yes great idea" but he called Carl out of touch instead. When Carl wanted to be Kingn Rapeman of Britain, Gym had to let everyone know his suit didn't fit well instead of running with it. This is Gym's main crime. Throwing a wrench into the gears of the Carl Train. In another universe there is a picture of Prime Minister Carl shaking hands with Donald Trump, but thanks to Gym we got the bad ending.
>>200311 He didnt want to start gamergoym 2, he wanted trump to tweet about it and trigger libs
Open file (985.98 KB 872x1120 sargon sleepy.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 920x920 sargon beach.png)
Open file (967.03 KB 920x920 sargon general.png)
>>200311 >>200312 If case you mouthbreathing morons brainwashed by Sargon haven't yet figured it out, Carl of Swindon doesn't really care about games. He only promotes Gaymergate bc he inserted himself into it as a key figure to jumpstart his grifting career. Thus, when he wants Trump to talk about Gaymergate, it's just a way of promoting himself bc you cannot talk about Gaymergate without mentioning Sargon as a key figure back in 2014. Metocare rightfully called Sargon's plan to get Trump to tweet Gaymergete cringe, bc it was. His whole UKIP campaign was about trying to get more fame for himself and that failed. But in recent years, his strategy has involved trying to suck off key ecelebs bigger than himself like Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, and Elon Musk. He's essentially a clout parasite. Sargon like every grifter, cares about a couple things: lining his pocket, getting fame and clout, and getting increased levels of sexual depravity for himself. He doesn't really care about games, or saving the white race demographically, or whatever dumb shit you've cooked up in your head. If you can't see this basic fact, it just means you got brainwashed by the fwend-simulator parasocial relationship of watching Lotus Easter too much. And you need to step away and deprogram yourself for awhile.
>>200314 >Couldn't resist sucking the cancer cock I do not give a single fuck, Gym shoved Terry Davis in front of that train, he is a fucking monster who deserves to be shot in the head with field artillery rounds.
Open file (1.06 MB 920x920 sargon grandfather.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 920x920 sargon ark irl.png)
Open file (852.21 KB 920x920 sargon dancing.png)
Open file (985.80 KB 920x920 sargon romantic.png)
Open file (998.98 KB 920x920 carl jungle adventure.png)
>>200314 seethe more CARL WON
Open file (879.70 KB 920x920 sargon's daughter.png)
>>200311 someone gets it
Open file (184.10 KB 439x439 i sleep.png)
>>200316 >>200313 Noticed how nobody is using these despite the high render quality? It's bickers they're not interesting. You couldn't think of anything better with Sarg'n and dinosaurs than "Sarg'n just stands and there are some dinosaurs in the background"?
Open file (1.09 MB 1008x1008 sargon bar.png)
>>200316 Some of these are so adorable or silly, the second one looks like he's trying to load the bullet down the barrel instead of affixing some kind of silencer I guess? What a wacky AI. >>200317 That gym is the figurehead of cancerfag who is too serious that he cannot gas someone up or roll with a joke or plan a troll and just laughs at the harvests of others? Thought that went without saying myself.
Open file (927.54 KB 696x800 sargon surfing.png)
Open file (804.52 KB 768x768 sargon donkey.png)
>>200318 I need more vram to generate more interesting images than closeups that don't look like shit. Also the model is trained on images of Carl and most images of Carl are closeups and headshots so he really needs to start IRL streaming
>>200320 interesting =/= better graphics, anon also you only need sarg'n's face, the model can't just sample bodies from other people?
>>200322 >also you only need sarg'n's face, the model can't just sample bodies from other people? it can, the problem is it starts to become unrecognizable as N​IGGER as the different features of the subject become lower resolution
Congratulations to >our new queen Miss Muttley who is pictured here consummating her victory.
>>200314 this, watch the porsaline documentary too
Open file (1.26 MB 880x880 sargon flexing.png)
Open file (869.28 KB 880x880 sargon martial arts.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 880x880 sargon gore.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 768x768 sargon manga.png)
>>200323 more examples
>>200318 Dont know about you, but soygoylets post these everytime, i see these alot in these parts.
Open file (859.14 KB 768x768 1.png)
Open file (965.94 KB 696x800 1a.png)
>>200323 you can do a dedicated face swap
Open file (744.96 KB 768x768 sargon yacht.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 768x768 sargon blood.png)
Open file (906.08 KB 768x768 sargon king.png)
Open file (774.57 KB 768x768 sargon movie.png)
Open file (870.31 KB 768x768 sargon max max.png)
Open file (2.78 MB 500x282 1563765723576.gif)
>>200314 You simply do not understand Carl's positions. They can be quite complicated to the layman. I suggest you read more Loki.
>>200331 based cozy shitposters
>>200318 AI made this unfunny.
>>200318 They all suck ass. >>200328 They're all soul-less garbage. Copy pasting Sargon's face into random things isn't interesting or funny. Lame trash. He's probably rendered thousands of images of Sargon at this point and not a single one is good.
>>200335 >They're all soul-less garbage. Copy pasting Sargon's face into random things isn't interesting or funny. Lame trash. He's probably rendered thousands of images of Sargon at this point and not a single one is good. that's how ai (currently) works. It won't create anything actually new until AGI is developed.
>>200337 Anti Goyim Intelligence?
Open file (695.15 KB 720x1280 迫力満点デカ尻.mp4)
>>200331 >>200333 was it a cozy poster that made it on twitter? But either way, it feeds into Tucker Carlson's or Cucker Carlson narrative that evening.
>>200331 >the killer was 28 year old FEMALE transgenderist that shot her way into a Christian elementary school and murdered three nine year old and three adults. Why did SHE do that? lol this is gonna cause some trannies to flip out from Tucker misgendering the shooter.
>>200337 Artificial General Intelligence, think of it like the ability to learn as a human can, androids n shieeeet
>>200336 Also, you're blaming it on the AI when it's you ignoring the subject matter, which is uninteresting. You're choosing to make it. Not the AI. Pasting Sargon's face onto deviant art isn't interesting. Get good. Get clever.
>>200339 >was it a cozy poster that made it on twitter? cucker said it was a tranny activist but I swear that 99% of troons on twitter are so unhinged and retarded that they have to be cozy shitposters larping as trannies to make them look even worse than they already are
Open file (41.84 KB 806x255 gator_milo.png)
>>200344 Has Gaytor made a single post that's not cringe?
>>200345 He's a delusional, psychotic, too cowardly to be violent, socially isolated and stunted, too unlucky to have mental illnesses that would make him cool instead of a faggot, desperate for any kind of validation, and stuck in a dead-end job if he actually has one. It's not a combination that allows for anything other than cringe.
>>200339 I heard it was a /pol/ bait account.
>>200347 I wish he would wear that silly bowtie again it fits the confused puppy dog face he constantly puts on so well.
>>200347 The username was TNDTracker or something along those lines so 70% chance sharty, 25% pol, and 5% rdrama.
>>200350 Oh that's interesting, this vpn ip's been used before
my response to elaines video this was a decent response the grooming thing is not true at all but its one of those things where when people hear a rumor that sounds funny or makes someone look bad they run with it you have never been sexual in anyway with me also to address the empresa thing i was in DMs with him back when i was on onionfarms but i deleted my discord and only ever talk to him in foxdickfarms chat which he seems to dislike me so even that is not happening anymore i was never in private stuff i was in the onionfarms discord server for a little bit but im not active there i no longer have a discord oh yeah and the part about graf is true we have had a beef since like september its kinda the early cowboy lore but yeah oh yeah one more thing for your livestreams get prism live studio its super easy and you can do it on your phone i really enjoyed your streams
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>200353 >my response to elaines video
Open file (111.01 KB 749x830 Lav start pic 1.jpg)
Open file (164.27 KB 828x1576 Lav lip filler.jpg)
Open file (217.47 KB 801x1166 Lav intro pic 3.jpg)
Open file (154.43 KB 1188x1531 lavcar.jpg)
Open file (162.83 KB 1186x1041 burzum shirt.jpg)
MOVE OVER MUTTNI OUTTA THE WAY ANITA DRY UP MELONIE SCHLICK OFF BELLE GET ARRESTED RADIX The new queen of /cow/ has entered the fray--Kalea Summer Little, AKA Lavlune a TERF jewess who gets into endless internet slapfights while having the iq of an Ethiopian. She is a Burzum fan so that means she is Varg approved and is deserving of the crown.
>Chrissie Mayr interviewing Aydin Harridan
Open file (329.05 KB 640x360 banana cream.gif)
Open file (1.53 MB 498x376 Banana peel boom.gif)
>>200355 >Hotter than Muttni, Anita, B*lle, a little hotter than Radix, and a little hotter than Melonie. Bonus points for jet black hair, my top fetish.
>>200351 Hop off my frequency please faggot.
Open file (174.63 KB 485x338 1680212598256.png)
Open file (142.75 KB 722x720 ruh-roh.jpg)
Open file (153.01 KB 773x869 all the stars.jpg)
Wow what a guest list for kingpin 2
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 zzzz.gif)
>>200359 https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc7ny.com/amp/donald-trump-indicted-new-york-grand-jury-hush-money/12969948/ Local abc source. Well I guess it's time to see what kind of fine he gets over it, the timing is especially choice with his story about the police arresting him that never happened.
>>200364 https://www.nbc26.com/news/national/lawyer-trump-indicted-1st-ex-president-charged-with-crime Looks like Trump just got a bit excited and jumped the gun about the date anything would happen on. DeSantis stock is rising by the second.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
Open file (1.42 MB 298x300 Gunt wakey wakey.gif)
>>200361 >G​u​nt the Xannieberry Affcionado >Mantsu Lolicon Korrespondent >Beardsoy Beardlet >Harrison Smith Who? >Bloulz >Michael Crisco >Paul "Chickenhawk" Escandon >Autismal Jamal >Chaggot the P​​e​​​d​​o​​phile all star cast lol
Open file (470.90 KB 695x667 catchig a few xs.png)
I would really appreciate if Gvnt stopped hyping up his regular cast of absolute nobodies as some sort of draw.
>>200369 It's an old habit of his from a time when the guests he would get on his show actually were ecelebs in their own right that would draw viewers.
Open file (63.82 KB 255x241 smugface.jpg)
>>200365 >>200364 >>200359 This is payback for Trump. Remember how he shit his pants and did nothing while being the most powerful man on the planet to help his Jan. 6 supporters and instead lobbied to get nig rappers out of prison? This is karma for being a traitor to your supporters. Get fucked. >>200370 Yep, it's the final decline of the Keelstream, a closed group of faggots on cozy.gov and people who still slurp gvnt-grease in 2023 bc they haven't fallen out with him like 99% of the community.
>>200361 Chaggot getting maced is nice I like seeing Chaggot struggling to deal with pain and failing to maintain his facade of being a real man instead of a drug addled bbc rape puppet for his dealers
Open file (34.83 KB 414x258 The Patriots.jpg)
>>200371 >he thinks the president has any real power >plus he thinks a president that is opposed by virtually everything in existence still has power at all I guess Trump should just nuke New York right now, right? I mean, he is an ex-president and by your shit-for-brains logic he should be the next most powerful thing in the world. Stupid fuck
Open file (783.34 KB 500x465 download.gif)
>>200373 But surely the man at the center of the circus is running the show, the man handing out bread told me so and I trust him due to desiring comfort.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbx5-Xxd8vY dim fool and desTINY having a debate about dup getting b t f o'd and the entire chat is groypers juicing up nick and sneako
Open file (18.40 KB 402x388 Svrfer.jpg)
Open file (985.98 KB 872x1120 sargon sleepy.png)
>>200375 >arguments about trump impeachment shit from 4-5 years ago i sleep
>>200240 Not your posts unless you reply to me by proxy. but a fair amount that contains the information I lurk here for
>>200373 >guess Trump should just nuke New York right now, right? I mean, he is an ex-president and by your shit-for-brains logic he should be the next most powerful thing in the world. I said the President is the most powerful man on the planet. Not the ex-President. Nor the disgraced loser that is universally despised by both sides. First of, you couldn't even get the car out the driveway before you fucked up and garbled "my own logic." Fucking dumbass. Also key difference: He's not the president any more you dumb fuck.
Open file (3.94 MB 1826x2542 ralphamale_presents.png)
>>200375 >do you guys know bojack horseman?
>>200355 >Some roastie jewess whore
Open file (142.52 KB 1566x881 heh.jpg)
>>200379 Shit-for-brains got real mad and just used a few curse words. Do you feel better now? Regardless, the apparent fact you think the president is an absolute dictator, or really anything beyond a mildly influential puppet, well that just proves you're as much of a knuckle dragging moron as the average voter. Even Biden is getting kneecapped by his own party for obvious reasons and may very well not run again, let alone being "president" when every aspect of power in society is doing everything it can to thwart you. Stupid Fuck
>>200382 >Shit-for-brains got real mad and just used a few curse words. Do you feel better now? You started it, nig. I just returned fire. So you got mad bc I told you Trump deserved what's coming to him. It's just funny and egregious that you call me "shit-for-brains" and "stupid fuck" when you never understood what you were reading in the first place to understand my argument. Which would in fact, make you a stupid fuck and ironically, shit for brains. Yes sir, you just can't make this shit up. Too easy.
>>200361 >obese manlet cuck >horse faced tranny pedo >who? >who? >who? >who? >who? >who? >who? The Guntstream still pulls in only the best z-list ecelebs. Even with how much of a pussy the Гунт was he first Гунтpin at least had pedmencope getting doxed to make it somewhat interesting. With how much of a bigger pussy the Гунт has become since, does this one even have a chance to be not boring faggotry like Гунтamania was?
Open file (3.69 MB 498x280 921892185928663.gif)
>>200381 >Some roastie negress whore
>>200385 Only a gay man would compare a vagina to roast beef flapping in the wind, the labias dangling, flapping and slapping in the wind as yeast spewed forth in yellow crusted mineral esque chunks along with 18 years of debt hiding inside it.
>>200355 already dicked down by destiny
>>200385 >>200387 Damn bro the khazer my jewish motherers have been tainted by destiny, its over
>>200388 if she was down to fuck you'd still hit it
Open file (64.81 KB 600x750 1496505728839.jpg)
>>200385 Sorry Vеntі enjoyers, I am Team Lavlune now. Can’t say no to Khаzаr mіlkеrs covered by a Burzum sweater. That is hot stuff.
Open file (18.64 KB 443x546 gigachud.jpg)
>>200355 Interesting interesting, but is she racist?
Open file (5.07 MB 640x360 destinytrolled.mp4)
>>200387 >>200388 iirc she let him eat her out but refused to go further and he got pissy about it.
>>200389 >Fucking a jewish whore I'll pass bud
Open file (49.20 KB 446x527 based lav.PNG)
Open file (151.16 KB 815x1500 Lav.jpg)
Open file (6.19 MB 1920x1080 around blacks.mp4)
Open file (38.84 KB 762x268 lav slurs 2.png)
>>200396 The foundation is there. She could easily go full on 14/88 with some positive encouragement. >>200395 It’s over. How can mutts compare to the glory of Khаzаr mіlkеrs? You could be fondling her funbags right now whilst listening to some Burzum. Come home, white man.
>>200396 Is that from discord or Sneed chat?
Open file (82.78 KB 1280x720 81295891281025.jpg)
>>200397 >white man
>>200395 >fucking a n.i.g.g-e-r-
Open file (138.59 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>200396 QUEEN
Open file (33.31 KB 526x701 IMG_20230330_190054.jpg)
lmao these screenshots keep getting better, look at the pain in his face Syd bros...
>>200402 This is definitely Muttni's MOTY pick.
>>200402 No way that is real.
>>200387 Yuck. Into the trash she goes.
Open file (184.06 KB 854x463 Destiny ring.jpg)
You know there is no god or justice in this world where a little shrimp like desTINY is able to get rich streaming himself playing Factorio all day and then spread STD's to attractive Jewish whores. Meanwhile many of "us" are out here broke and incels. Nothing in life is fair. Remember that.
Open file (365.38 KB 700x795 media_FPY3Y8XXIAIywr2.png)
>>200406 Destiny is obviously gay and the only girls he hangs out with are his beards.
Open file (146.83 KB 551x493 RALPH NO.png)
>>200408 Destiny got Memphis micro'd in the bathroom stall at the Killstream KingPin.
Open file (341.15 KB 690x577 Destiny and Flamenco.png)
>>200408 >>200409 I'll meet you in the middle. He's bisexual and has talked on stream about sucking off old men that didn't have balls on his Tinder dates. Meanwhile, his wife fucks Chads but comes back home to get desTINY's money.
>>200409 >>200410 He must be into some catboy level dark shit if he hangs out with Rаlph and FlimFlam. Most of the cows and cow-adjacent characters in this sektur are either gay or into loli, troons, or something else unwholesome.
>>200410 Pictured: co-founders of the Center for Production and Distribution of Ethical Child Pornography
>>200409 reminder that desTINY is 5'7" and sitting in that photo while the Гунт is standing barely higher than desTINY
Гунт nudes sharing server incoming balldo sponsorship confirmed
Open file (22.84 KB 571x441 28581251825265.jpg)
>>200414 >balldo sponsorship confirmed
>>200414 >first month is free >steal all the Гунтent >distribute it to the ayylawgs >laugh as the Гунт cries that he's going to sue the internet for stealing his Гунтent
Open file (40.48 KB 776x492 Nicky Rackets lips.jpeg)
>>200414 >trying to compete with king Cuckeita on locals
>>200417 It was about time Гунт shared a platform with an ayy-lawg again. This season was getting boring.
>>200418 >This season was getting boring. only for a speedwatcher
Open file (3.77 MB 400x355 gunt cum goggles.gif)
>>200418 >Гунт needs others to help make a fool of himself to be entertaining
>>200410 >>200410 Why does pedmenco look like a worm wearing a human skinsuit?
>>200382 He may not be an actual dictator, but he does have a few absolute powers, which includes the presidential pardon. He could have easily pardoned all the J6ers, armed all the ones that are young enough to fight and seized power. But he is a boomer through and through and overthrowing what he is comfortable with is scawwy.
Open file (649.81 KB 600x338 dup btfo.gif)
>>200422 it is unlikely dup actually could ever defeat the jewnited states government but you he would at least have started something that ended in a better outcome for people, dup is a coward and a zogbot at the end of the day, even best negro and controlled op catboy didn't seem to get the cuck out of him when they had dinner.
Open file (13.60 KB 400x382 ni.jpg)
>>200423 Dup could have easily done a crapload of stuff that wasn't in direct fighting with the goyerment but still in favor of conservative values. Instead he chose to tweet all day long and do literally nothing, other than going back on all his promises. Fuck Dup, he deserved everything.
Open file (34.12 KB 474x668 DUP IN THE PEACH.jpg)
>>200424 All he did was put a "temporary" stop immigration, but he never fought against (((big tech))) and never bothered to make the wall while his supporters openly crowd-funded it, designed and built test portions of it. Dup was basically a coward who was afraid of losing his power to the CIA G​AMERGATEs, even though technically the president has the right to completely dismantle bureaucratic institutions that the previous presidents made, you know what that means? He couldn't have totally flipped every single three letter kike organization, would he get away with it 100 percent? Likely not, the three letters are basically secret police with unlimited power who answer directly to the kikes, that being said, dup could have really rekt the game up, maybe they even might have tried to or succeeded in killing him, making him a symbol that inevitably led to something that might have actually changed the world for the better. I don't think a civil war would happen cause its just to comfy for most mutts, but take away that easiness and kill dup or again, have dup actually do shit and the world would have been completely different, instead he cucked, shit his pants and did nothing and the entire counter-cultural movement started by anons shitposts that catapulted him into the limelight and could have potentially changed the world was eradicated and D&C'd to death. The world has never been worse than it has been, everything is worse, and meanwhile not to long ago dup was bragging that he was the one that shortened peoples life spans with duh (((vaxxx))). FUCK DUP! DUP PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD!
Open file (1.69 MB 1198x1500 Donald_and_Ivanka.jpg)
Open file (779.98 KB 676x895 ourmutt duck face.png)
>>200355 Hot, but I'm still simping for /ourmutt/, with mummy Radix in a close second. Post some of this bitches kino though, and mayhaps I might turn my simp cloak.
>>200397 >last of the NatSocs is a jewish BPD whore sad! >>200406 lmao tiny is a legacy popular streamer that is a debate me bro. he has to pull weinstein tactics to fuck them. >>200423 >>200424 >>200425 kikel literally renamed some sandnog land to trump heights. of course dup isnt going to betray them.
Open file (1.25 MB 1757x865 ClipboardImage.png)
DOUGGEM WITH THE 300 WHOOOOOA LET'S GOOOO Maybe Asston and Tardski should try to get back on Vickers' goodside, looks like he's starting to get his own little stable of paypigs.
>>200417 Гунт will irradiate another site with his presence. Praying for even a small break in the drought. >>200432 Weird how it's never user names you've see in the chat that do this.
>>200432 Vickers looks like Rich Evans
Open file (471.47 KB 783x573 ea1.png)
>>200434 No, Rich Evans is an adorable middle aged man don't you dare drag him into this.
>AUGGGHHH I HAVE NO my jewish mother BUT QUEEN OF BANTZ IS BEE TEE F OO'D As much as I'd like to dunk on that tranny, and unless I've missed something, there's been no happening about Metokur fembot besides us talking about it earlier ITT. The fuck is hanging stomach flesh man going on about? Гунт post the fucking proof you giant nicker
>>200433 Those are probably donos by bickers himself to try and own jcaesar187. What a gigantic faggot Oh look and he has that "rush pabst" no name clout chaser that literally tried going to Mexico to fight him and when jcaesar187 said "ARREST HEEM" to the federales he got chicken shit and DFE'd. What you didn't think there was police in Mexico fag? Now he's licking Bickers Gout-crease from some crumbs of e-clout. Such a shamefur dispray.display. kys rush lol
Open file (61.90 KB 813x295 ClipboardImage.png)
This handsome son of a bitch is redpilling his entire local anime club while you're alone on a Friday night.
>>200441 Gaytor is truly the voice of our generation. Move over cucker Carlson, gaytors coming with his 300 total views anime boomer podcast to take over your prime time slot at fahx.
Open file (124.23 KB 346x320 wtf.png)
>>200441 >gaytor >the lefty redditor normalniggеr >redpilling anyone he even writes redpilled in two words like a complete normalfag ffs
>>200443 nah gaytor is such an oldfag he invented the idea of the red pill the matrix trannies ripped him off
Open file (409.22 KB 542x535 Gaytor 2 (1).png)
>>200444 the firstfag
Open file (134.73 KB 713x900 kneeljita.jpg)
>>200444 >trips of truth I guess I kneel
>>200441 Gaytor radicalized me into alt-right neo-nazi white supremacy. If it hadn't been for him I would probably still be a normalnіggеr watching cable televsion voting Dem.
Open file (3.12 MB 1280x720 5616516811.webm)
>>200417 this guy really is down with all the degen toys eh
This looks promising.
>>200454 will he shittalk Gvnt?
Open file (311.48 KB 960x540 Josh Moon 25.jpg)
Open file (318.35 KB 633x679 Josh Moon 27.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 2322x4128 Josh Moon 30.jpg)
Open file (134.33 KB 514x758 Josh Moon drawing 3.png)
Jewsh Moonpie is going live Wait, why is it at 12 PM EST instead of 1 PM EST now? Did Serbia just get a daylight savings change or is he just living in Florida in his Mom's house and didn't want to stream at 1 PM again? 😁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VoFu7i8xHg https://odysee.com/@mati:c/2023-03-31-mad-at-the-internet:d https://rumble.com/v2fmlh8-mad-at-the-internet-march-31st-2023.html https://vk.com/video/@madattheinternet https://ghettogaggers.com/mationair
TheTheGatorGamerGamer Moon breaks 3500 live-viewers on Jewtube alone. 158 on Odyssee, 32 on rumble. 3700 viewers total. Heil to the king of the sector!
Open file (142.75 KB 722x720 ruh-roh.jpg)
Open file (593.65 KB 1400x1172 535435.jpg)