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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
AUUUUGH I'M STILL WINNING A-LOGS AND Y'ALL ARE LOSERS! #WEALWAYSWIN #KINGSHIT #MENPHIS10 INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Bella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html Alogs.Space Archives: https://archive.fo/https://alogs.space/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 05/27/2022 (Fri) 17:04:49.
the gayper cope in the Гунт's copestream is fascinating. for a bunch of teenagers and a handful of boomers wishing it was 2016, they sure act like a bunch of ess jay double-yous from around that same time. talking about deplatforming and mass reporting people, crying at a little violence like Cog is part of the Proud Boys, wanting to show up to Gym's house like he is Brett Kavanugh or a faggot Milo lecture. conservatives really are fucked if this is who they have. what are lefty faggots doing? just having slap fights online over economics or Amazon or some dumb shit, but looks respectable in comparison. >>151439 no, moralfagging is based this week
>>151440 The jcaesar187amale philopshy anon. WHEN >WE DO IT, ITS AN EPIC WIN!
Open file (6.75 MB 1280x720 WHEN WE DO IT.webm)
Open file (7.24 MB 1280x720 end_of_sandra.gif)
>>151434 dude literally got sat down like 4 times in less than 5 minutes by the norf fc chav. i mean >we always knew Гунтy was a massive puss, but it's nice to have video proof.
Open file (280.07 KB 1414x985 gavin_dildo.jpg)
>>151440 >wanting to show up to Gym's house like he is Brett Kavanugh or a faggot Milo lecture Peeking in the anime dungeon from the garden is based as fuck my dude. Gym put it in the public sphere, so now it's fair game.
>>151444 I want to see Гунт break into jame's house and finally kill the faggot.
Open file (4.47 MB 850x479 gunt thrashing.gif)
>>151444 All Гунт needs to do is get footage of gym in the wild and he gets an easy win. Of course the fat fuck will probably piss off his neighbors and get in a fight with cops and get floyd'd or some shit.
>>151444 oh i want it to happen. and it would be an easy win, especially by Гунт's standards, where flopping around on the sidewalk like a beached whale is considered a win. it is just baffling that this particular group of people stemmed from anything related to politics or ethics. it's all so far beyond that at this point they should just drop all that pretense (and the catholicism too bickers they dont seem to acknowledge that forgiveness is a virtue and even christ forgave his killers) and only be online drama retards. it's just extraneous and confusing. however, larpig as conservative christians is easy bait to attract dedicated idiots.
Open file (169.47 KB 1182x887 Gunt merchant.jpg)
Open file (102.98 KB 728x1017 30.jpg)
Open file (89.58 KB 478x1017 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (368.41 KB 482x758 ClipboardImage.png)
no full-throated condemnation against the assault on the father of her child. no disparagement of the alleged attackers. only *re*-tweets of support from meigh. seems kinda underwhelming in fact of course. would be kinda funny if Гунт came home and it was empty
>>151452 >the Гунт gets back from portugal >his tranny boyfriend and kidnapped child are gone >front door left unlocked on open >everything in the Гунтshack is gone The Гунт's horse faced tranny boyfriend is either busy cucking the Гунт, molesting the Гунтling or leaving the Гунт. But the first two are far more likely.
PHANTOM AND FLAM DEBATING IF IT WAS OK FOR Гунт TO GET BEATDOWN phantom is acting like a faggot and is pro Гунт https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYi5Vzg1xrQ
Open file (3.40 MB 600x399 fagmencopesperg.gif)
Open file (3.87 MB 567x338 fagmecopedab.gif)
Open file (8.15 MB 379x332 faggunt.gif)
Open file (8.44 MB 600x412 fagmencopedance.gif)
Learning How to Fight Back Purse Thieves✨ Pippa streaming about the Гунт beatdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucGYieH_j_U
>>151455 it's not a Гунтguard. it's that phantom dude. flam is getting felted by a literal furry pedopghile and is exposing how slimey he is with his pretend disavowals while laughing and cheering jcaesar187's assault for shekels.
>>151455 it's flaming homo furry, not some Гунтguard shit cocks
>>151454 phantom wants attention
Gvnt is so excited to get 1600 viewers that will be gone tomorrow. They only tune in to see his response after getting thrashed by Cog's crew. Ralf: They're literally hunting me in the streets now. Squeal boy squeal! BBQ special! One thought I had while watching Ralf's cozy Гунтsuckers in his chat was that these people really are under Gynt's spell. This is the powerful parasocial relationship. They listen to Gynt every night so they have to defend him. It's not ironic or anything. They really do like Ralf and must defend him against the a-logs. I never want to become this pathetic. It's important to remind yourself as you watch someone's kontent, that they are not your fwend, no matter what they say or do or how familiar their voice sound to you. All these people are pathetic losers for allowing themselves to be grifted via parasocial relationship and donating money. >>151414 Youkai is a supernatural thing in folklore. Heian is a time period. If you're gonna use Jap words, use them correctly. The aesthetic was ripped from an old Jap painting/woodblock printing genre called Ukiyo-e, from pics that I've posted here in the past.
>>151453 yeah yes your greentext scenario is exactly what i am envisioning. also agree that he likely gets cucked every time he goes on a trip, especially since raping alice in the mouth
>>151455 >pedo slapfight
>>151460 >these people really are under Gynt's spell which is better: Гунтnosis or hypnoГунт?
Open file (150.45 KB 1168x828 Gunt merchant2.jpg)
>>151455 damn fagmenco sounds gayer than the phantom faggot that's an accomplishment
Open file (258.81 KB 1280x710 456219800315.webm)
>>151460 >Youkai is a supernatural thing in folklore. Heian is a time period. If you're gonna use Jap words, use them correctly For what it's worth, it was a silly joke about not being able to distinguish between mounds of flesh.
Open file (826.96 KB 1352x1324 bends.png)
Open file (260.74 KB 1042x586 5stardays.jpg)
Open file (62.63 KB 510x800 AAGIP.jpg)
>>151467 where's the I CAN'T SQUEAL edit?
Fuentes just revealed tranny porn on stream supposedly. >>151468 Havent see that one
>>151464 did you photoshop his nose in this pic?
Ralf should start carrying pepper spray. He can't win any physical confrontation. No wonder he was so meek in the Keem talk.
>>151415 it is a yokai, it's a nurarihyon. They're one of the types you can't catch, they're from the Edo Period, not the Heian period.
>>151470 No it looked like that in the footage
>>151473 holy shit lol. his true colours were exposed in more way than one.
Open file (2.61 MB 720x1244 Fuentes tranny porn.mp4)
ok so it wasn't on stream but to his twitter, he has deleted the tweet now https://archive.ph/8gv5O https://twitter.com/mrkrabs9000/status/1529646880791068673?s=21&t=2YpFEZpsp0Xy2IkKGf4nww
Open file (32.74 KB 680x556 fuentes tranny porn.jpg)
>>151477 >>151476 Not to go full quarterpounder but how the fuck do wiggers and femboys tolerate having so many tabs/apps on their phone open all at once? I cant stand that shit. Some of these G​AMERGATEs have apps open for days and wonder why their phones are slow as shit
Open file (136.87 KB 853x1088 fuentes tranny porn2.jpg)
Open file (246.47 KB 1280x720 1533785493498.jpg)
>>151479 >women are icky But I guess it's not gay if your balls don't touch
Open file (487.38 KB 2048x1583 Peak Optics.jpg)
>>151480 Also if you say no homo its straight as fuck.
>>151476 >>151477 >>151479 >b-but Nick only went on a gay date and had gay sex as an ironic joke! you're just too low IQ to get it! The raplhacuck getting beaten up in Portugal again and Fagentes got caught jacking off to gay porn. Holy shit today's been good for julaying.
Open file (1.47 MB 1055x1238 fagski.png)
>>151485 I'm sure (((they're))) all in a discuck call trying to figure out how to damage control.
Open file (38.36 KB 572x647 1527165982986.png)
Open file (3.45 MB 1258x708 gator_contrarians.webm)
>>151479 Alogs getting in fast. Also, separate from trannies & twinks, gaytor was always Adam's #1 fan.
>>151476 >>151477 >>151479 OOOOOOF Is there undeniable archive proof it's him? That account does sound like him especially the name.
Open file (234.21 KB 492x798 dildoed.jpg)
>>151486 It will be some lame excuse that it was a joke and he did it ironically to fuck with people or some shit.
Open file (413.55 KB 444x757 niggafaggot.png)
>There's nothing wrong with a feminine penis. Its straighter than a gross girl pussy. What are you gay? Unbelievable.
>>151477 >>151479 >HOLD ON A MINUTE I RECOGNIZE THAT GAY BLOWJOB lmao today just keeps on giving >>151488 He's been doing twitter spaces on that account, he can't weasel out of that
Open file (1.70 MB 1920x1080 tribute.mp4)
>>151487 >comes off as asshurt Seething BRIAN CHRISTOPHER HOLLOMAN
Open file (82.78 KB 1280x720 781458791265.jpg)
>>151489 Without a doubt. >>151490 >watching gay porn >mid stroke >have to check twitter real quick bickers you're addicted to social media >SOMEONE'S SAYING SOMETHING I DON'T LIKE LET ME JUST PAUSE MY GAY PORN AN OWN THEM EPIC STYLE >oops i was so ass blasted i forgot to close the tab with my gay porn before i showed it That's what I like to think happened.
Open file (164.66 KB 1560x1169 FSlxcKuaAAAc3tB.jpg)
Open file (272.40 KB 2048x2048 FTa_FFBUYAAkSTo.jpg)
>>151467 How the Jewlawyer says it, it's so amazing and funny. >>151469 >>151477 >>151479 >our movement ain't for fags <watches trannyporn for research. >>151482 holding the cawntent as hostage is going to hold the screencap hostage on friday and make a 5 hour stream about it. >>151487 what is gaytor bitching about now? that people are Гунтguarding? >>151494 that is a classic from muttni is is like the imagine watching your dad's POV porno movie that might be your conception jokes.
Open file (4.47 MB 850x479 RalphaPound.gif)
>>151490 what a great day this was
Open file (266.53 KB 1210x1000 16300074694170.png)
>>151498 Not to mention the whole year thus far
Open file (191.52 KB 696x749 gunt spark of magic.png)
Open file (204.54 KB 532x450 gym.png)
Open file (28.18 KB 527x230 gunt spic guarding.png)
>>151461 Gynt's trips serve 2 purposes. You'd think they were only for Gynt's pleasure. That he is going too fuck hookers or something. Here is the plot twist though: They are for Pantsu's pleasure too. That is why she doesn't have much issue with them anymore. When Gynt is gone, it frees up the house and she invites someone over from Tinder to fuck her silly or when she wants to rape CozyRozy without anyone walking in on her and judging her. >>151463 His viewers have ben Gvnted and Gvntnotized. >>151466 Ok. 👍 >>151479 LOL. It's over bros! The plausible deniability is gone! In the past, you could sort of pretend he didn't fly Catboy Kami out to Chicago from Australia for sex purposes. Now you can't. He 100% wants some dick and likes traps, femboys, trannies, catboys, feminine pp, etc. Now you know why Fuentes wanted to watch Euphoria with Jaden. To get him in the mood for sucking and fucking. Euphoria was a primer or lubricant to sex. Netflix and chill. "If I show Jaden all these trannies, he will get turned on and we will fuck on the couch." >>151493 I hate Gaytor but he does have a point when losers like Daiymo and Surfer are now Gyntguarding to spite Asston or be contrarians. But Gaytor of all people not liking Gyntguarding is fucking rich and ironic. Gaytor has more hours gyntguarding than anyone on the planet. >>151495 Yep. 100%.
https://nitter.net/fakecel123 DEBOONKED AS TRANNYFARMS OP
>>151492 >He's been doing twitter spaces on that account, he can't weasel out of that Wow he really is screwed then, I wonder if he'll still have a career after this. >>151501 >fan fiction getting EXPOSED Where? >We have the archive, the deletion, and the confirmation it's Nick's account. Seems airtight to me.
Open file (181.66 KB 898x703 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (287.90 KB 724x838 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151503 Auuuuugh now I'm confused.
Open file (424.23 KB 655x405 ralphaGOD.png)
Open file (963.04 KB 1920x1080 das_nawt_truuu_X2.mp4)
Imagine having a problem with defending a lolcow when this is coming from the same site that made a group called the "guard dogs" to keep chris from being properly trolled from the idea guys or literally anyone else not jewsh moon. I'll personally always ironically and unironically defend the jcaesar187amale from the haters, as they aren't worthy of a-logging him. #teamjcaesar187amale #kingshit #wealwayswin >>151504 According to gaypers it's not truuuu and It's not really his account, I personally have yet to fully confirm.
>>151506 >According to gaypers it's not truuuu and It's not really his account, I personally have yet to fully confirm. Dalton is claiming Nick always does spaces when he first makes a new twitter account and that he hasn't done so yet, this anon >>151492 claims he has. Is there any way to search twitter accounts for past spaces or are they dust in the wind? Is there any way to delete them for that matter?
>>151499 This year has been in an almost constant happening, it is insane. just losing gaytor as Гунт guard, has destroyed the Гунт. But it is kinda funny that wherever the Гунт goes as-long it's not North America he is going to be beaten up,
>>151504 >>151505 >>151506 Im gonna lean into its true even if its not regardless cause its more funny for spic fuentes and his gaypers to constantly run defense for him about. All the signs are there for fuentes being a massive fag anyways.
Open file (2.97 MB 1280x720 Nick_Fed.mp4)
>>151507 Honestly, whether it's foxdick or not, and I hate it when foxdick fabricates shit bickers it's better to just wait for the real shit to happen, it is a good test to show how the gayper or in general parasocial-infected mind of the z-celeb fanboy works, say its truuu, doesn't matter in their eyes its nawt truuu forever, or WHO CARES LOL, or like with #Гунтgate and #simpgate where all the bigname z-celebs ignore it, so they follow the herd and don't say shit. >>151509 Yeah, pretty much what I just said here, foxdick ops are always cringe to quote fuentes, but even so, the defense is the same even when the stuff was true. They just memory-hole shit nonstop and if it's brought up LOL ITS OLD SO IT DOESN'T MATTER ANY MORE This old clip is a good example of the disconnect that groypers have, here is nick just basically indirectly implying he's an informant.
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 GUNTDOWN.gif)
Open file (228.87 KB 587x526 NICKTHESPIC.png)
https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream #spicstream, Гунтguarding in real time
>>151514 The MrKrabs account just wiped all their tweets, do you have archives?
Open file (43.14 KB 1211x373 cuckchan.png)
>>151519 I really, really want to believe, the more spic and his friends lie themselves the more I want to believe.
>>151503 >>151505 Dalton Underbite, you fucking lispy moron. Bad choice. In your desire to eat enough of Nicks to become him, you already decided to go all in on this defense? Now Nick can't say it was him, but it was just "ironic" to mess with his "haters." No wonder Alex Jones has a channel on Cozy, he is another tranny porn enthusiast.
Open file (987.78 KB 1920x1080 spic-femto-anal-fisters.jpg)
AUUUGH >WE ARE GONNA DO IT ANYWAYS Gonna just push it as real anyways.
>>151519 >>151520 It has to be genuine. Look at the gaypers responding to MrKrabs9000’s tweets and following the account.
>>151523 Starting to think so, foxdick's can't be all of those accounts, spic will probably cope and says his fans were "tricked."
Spic just threatening his ex fan broseph's doxxx without "really" threatening him >I won't doxxx you Watch his doxxx get posted on one of the gayper telegrams, this just reeks of Гунт and plategang doing his public doxxxing werk for him.
Anything new since I went to sleep? The last thing was Gvnt blocking Redditkur on shitter.
>>151526 Spic got exposed for watching trannyporn, gaypers accused it of being a foxdick op, but evidence leans to the contrary so far.
Open file (316.42 KB 779x534 4_2x.png)
>>151527 wtf, is today the official best /cow/ day
Open file (267.84 KB 1280x960 this is kino.jpg)
>>151528 Yes, today has been absolute kino.
>>151527 >Nick watches tranny porn >jcaesar187 gets beat up while carrying a womans's purse and wearing womens shoes Coincidence?
Open file (2.90 MB 2926x1656 Pig wrangler_2x.png)
Open file (559.18 KB 807x610 guntslayer.png)
>>151531 Based fucking dan
>>151531 jcaesar187 got his ass beat so hard he turned into a chink
>>151523 >>151524 It's sus that clear anti-AF wignats were the first to share it and they didn't get blocked by the account, but how did these AF fans find him? Something doesn't add up and in fact of course it does seem like a gayop but it's funnier if it's true, so guilty until proven innocent in fact of course.
Open file (1.75 MB 853x480 punch.gif)
>>151535 I don't see the supposed brass knuckles, did he really lie about that? What a pussy.
Open file (2.07 MB 2560x1440 _2x.png)
>>151536 Of course he lied. You can see the chav's knuckles many times during the video
Open file (569.26 KB 1280x720 1.png)
Just to make it even clearer.
Open file (29.65 KB 453x537 jewralph.jpg)
Open file (47.53 KB 533x425 gym.png)
Open file (31.57 KB 527x334 gym2.png)
Open file (93.80 KB 535x561 gym3.png)
Open file (224.60 KB 1448x2048 cosplay.jpeg)
my homosexuality is ironic you just wouldn't get it
Open file (236.87 KB 863x1242 spicolas.png)
>>151540 SPICOLAS NO
Open file (213.91 KB 600x900 guntsack.png)
Open file (98.95 KB 654x475 ClipboardImage.png)
https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXGyDNOzMZKM/peek Nick doing a space called "lying scum and dogs" New account https://twitter.com/punishedhooplah Posted "proof" it was a setup
Open file (2.17 MB 2266x1007 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151494 /ourquaddy/ rubbing salt into the wounds. fucking based
Is there anyway to display on a post, when the poster has a tranny farms cookie in his browser. I mean it's obvious that fox dick faggots are worse than the discord noggers when it comes to shitting up the thread with their retarded takes and veiled begging for personal armies, but in all honesty, they need to be marked and ridiculed sucking a pedophiles non working dick
Open file (92.77 KB 464x275 metogunt.png)
>>151547 while it's probably possible with a website in general and is a cool idea, probably too much work for robi to put into lynxchan would definitely be fun though
Ignore this post. I just wanted to see how the gif ran on a site.
Open file (443.50 KB 1260x630 snapshot.jpg)
Open file (9.62 KB 219x230 thk.jpg)
>>151552 Where pippa posts her archives? Her channel is barren and youtube search comes nothing.
>>151550 Got the webm without the edits? That's some high quality Гунт jiggling.
Open file (24.70 KB 479x317 1477381251143.jpg)
>>151534 He must’ve told them about his new Twitter account in chat/Discord/someplace. Not buying the gayper damage control going on right now. These faggots are brainwashed enough to swear an oath of loyalty to this spaz, no doubt there are some who are willing to take the blame for the tranny porn to save their wannabe mafioso.
One of me favorite side effects of the constant Gynt drama is the Гунтlore getting spread to all the random normalfag stream and podcasts you never even heard about, and now they talk about him and expose their audiences to the glory of the Gvnt. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=Q93XGkigRbg
Open file (203.53 KB 600x600 spicitsover.png)
Open file (269.68 KB 600x450 pompeli.mp4)
Open file (49.43 KB 591x589 4324343.jpg)
Open file (24.82 KB 898x274 FTr57lIXsAA3ESX.jpg)
Interpol are coming for COG.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>151560 >international warrant for a fistfight God, Гунт and his paypigs is so retarded and know nothing about how the world works.
Open file (11.01 KB 190x270 Interpol_Calling.jpg)
>>151560 "Yes, Mr. jcaesar187. We are on the case!"
Open file (1.33 MB 2048x1365 FQ37-FKVUAQVdbQ.jpg)
Open file (18.57 MB 1792x828 Gunt gets BTFO.mp4)
>>151550 >>151551 that is pretty good. >>151560 I hope jcaesar187 realizes that he is the one that provoked the fight the second and third time. and why would interpol even care about a street brawl? it is not like they have actual work to do like actual crimes. Here is how the Гунт fucked up, he went after them, so it was reasonable that Danchad punched him a second and third time bickers the Гунт did not back off. Also Danchad did not do excessive violence toward the Гунт, so he is fine legally speaking. Here is the actual law Article 32 Legitimate defence states “An act constitutes legitimate defence when committed as the necessary means to repel a present and unlawful aggression on legally protected interests of the agent or of a third party”. Article 33 Excess of Legitimate Defence states “1- If there is excess of the means employed in legitimate defence, the act is unlawful but punishment may be especially mitigated. 2- The agent is not punished if the excess results from non-censurable disturbance, fear or shock.” >>151561 yup
Open file (128.56 KB 1280x1031 1.png)
Open file (639.14 KB 1280x2512 2.png)
Open file (161.33 KB 1280x1308 5.png)
Open file (432.40 KB 1280x1454 4.png)
Open file (1003.71 KB 1280x3462 3.png)
I... obtained some intel on the "/cow/kike" faggot.
Open file (170.31 KB 1280x1295 7.png)
Open file (1000.12 KB 1280x5217 8.png)
Open file (788.99 KB 1280x4961 6.png)
>>151559 Based chud nick anon. I sorta liked chud until gym ruined it as he does every meme.
>>151565 who? did I miss an arc?
>>151568 Hes some odd shitposter, likely from cuckchan or the IB soyjak.party who adopted pedochus hatred of /cow/ for attention on tvch. At this point adopting pedochu or tarranttrannies posting style has become a bit of a joke over there.
>>151569 He also posted a screencap of a TRSperg post calling Gahoole a pedo, and was banned 26 weeks ago for spamming G​AMERGATE dicks. The Brazil theory appears to hold water.
Open file (351.06 KB 1580x797 snapshot.jpg)
Fuck, how did I miss this frame yesterday
Open file (167.55 KB 1080x925 FTsD8ANWIAAEP3E.jpg)
Open file (29.58 KB 640x379 891725698265.jpg)
>>151573 I guess if you ignore the several videos laughing at tumblr hugboxes and the like and only pay attention from when the jcaesar187acuck started throwing a tantrum bickers his internet daddy wasn't paying enough attention to him, sure.
>>151573 First of all, half the Gym's video is laughing at lefty retards and lefty-leaning autists. Secondly, if you think you're "alt-right" and you whine about muh harassment you need to go back to reddit and get shot.
>>151565 >>151566 >that massive samefagging Well imagine mah shock, anons weren't wrong for pointing it out. I wonder if it's possible he actually is the gay Brazilian avatarfaggot.
Open file (31.57 KB 530x530 817457892165.jpg)
>>151574 >>151575 Hey these groypers just discovered jcaesar187 much less metokur during the covid lockdowns, you can't expect them to know about stuff that happened less than a decade ago.
>>151577 Most of these guys barely know any lore about internet Гунтsports, they aren't even familiar with the stuff in simpgate which is very recent compared to older IBS shit, let alone gamergay-era series such as tumblrisms.
>making a list, checkin it twice
Open file (1.57 MB 1646x1242 james_kikes.jpg)
>>151579 >hes gonna eat chicken and rice
>>151528 5 STAR DAYS BAAAABYYYYYY >>151558 ->We may be near the point that Гунт starts to snoiwball into the normalfag sphere ala Chris-Chan. He'll be >our show winning pig after all.
Open file (71.49 KB 782x666 ashton its over.jpg)
>>151581 Once Гунт becomes mainstream with normalfags it will truly be over.
Open file (302.93 KB 1920x1080 FSQPV6fWYAEFsW-.jpg)
>>151580 Not to mention find out who's been naughty or nice
>>151573 what is this Гунт guard on about? gym has always been this semi right-wing constitutionalist and having no real stance on things, except for guarding his fwends as-long as they don't do too much retarded things, and the Гунт failed in that bickers he did so much retarded shit in a year and the fwend simulator fans sent supergibs to gym, for this and that Гунт episode, until a fateful day in Lisbon and gym made a lame joke, and gym got to see the full sperg-out from the Гунт. Then gym saw a money opportunity. >>151574 It it an old Гунт guard tactic of rewriting history like they are on the winning side. >>151577 the gaypers is a brainwashed cult that believes that sodomy is based and that a spic is the savior of the white race, and promotes closeted homosexuality and being incel. It is a fucking weird cult. >>151579 >>151581 >>151582 It is just a matter of time before the Гунт becomes mainstream bickers he does something mind boggling retarded each day.
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 81745889568.gif)
>>151582 >>151581 >jcaesar187's self-importance has only begun to expand Even if every meme about him will have been killed, buried, dug up, filled with lead and buried again
Open file (157.67 KB 339x611 sandraborg.png)
>>151585 Гунт sandra ashe's rape arc when?
Open file (956.99 KB 1920x1080 carl.png)
Open file (119.19 KB 680x472 8926892366.jpg)
>>151586 Someone has to go to his house and jizz in the Folger's can he has her in.
>>151588 Weakload ash tribute. These Eurologs are built different than Burgers so it might happen.
Open file (75.20 KB 571x618 coombrain.png)
>>151588 >>151589 Weakload would do it, he has already coomed on all sorts of weird shit from cats, various Pires family members, to a fucking talking rabbit.
Open file (90.16 KB 534x698 gunt.png)
Open file (44.62 KB 532x312 gunt2.png)
Open file (32.05 KB 513x224 gunt3.png)
Open file (373.54 KB 600x249 guntbonk-small.gif)
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>151591 The piggy is seething mad
Open file (731.13 KB 1280x2152 9.png)
Open file (375.01 KB 1280x1858 10.png)
>>151565 >>151566 >>151576 Missed a couple more.
>>151593 Context: FC means Fight Club
Open file (111.18 KB 1479x827 178492185986.jpg)
Open file (316.76 KB 1023x681 215982159586.png)
Finally some useful info from a non-manlet
Open file (510.40 KB 680x680 FTsPd6yUYAAffRB.png)
Open file (37.47 KB 619x302 FTrNk7PWIAEb7l0.jpg)
>t. Kurt Eichenwald Jr
Open file (12.64 KB 528x123 cog.png)
Open file (4.47 MB 850x479 RalphaPound.gif)
>>151591 >will need Portuguese agent willing to take his money to pursue hopeless case in a foreign country >Senhor Racketninho (shyster-at-law) arc incoming Is this how Lisbon 3 begins?
Open file (18.49 KB 426x257 RalphMMA2.jpg)
>>151599 >Гунт lolsuit arc in lisbon >has to back to lisbon >nothing ever comes lolsuit >gets fleeced by a eurospic lawyer >rages in lisbon streets >gets beatdown again locals
Open file (349.15 KB 1642x1320 jawsh_catboy.png)
If I'm giving Fuentes any benefit of the doubt, it's bickers Jewsh is pretty much always wrong when he numbers his arguments.
Open file (48.48 KB 384x384 jcaesar187-3.png)
Open file (721.11 KB 900x960 bcb.png)
Open file (94.39 KB 854x480 whatagunt.jpg)
>>151591 I would be this mad too if everyone saw my Гунт. And not just some flash of it. There are freeze frames of it.
Open file (46.17 KB 1024x473 Guntsacs.jpg)
>>151605 The amount of raw Гунт footage that was obtained was amazing. His Гунт is worse than anybody could have imagined.
>>151606 saggy old grandma body its amazing to look at
Open file (817.94 KB 1280x720 06m16s117.png)
>>151606 He's dressed like an 8 year old
>>151600 Shhh, remember to act surprised, the writers deserve it so far this year
Open file (460.32 KB 256x144 pursefallsoffgunt.gif)
>>151606 His bellybutton looks like the asshole of someone who only eats protein AND is also gay. Plus, there's even art house Гунт kino of his purse falling off it. I don't think I could have asked for a better Lisbon 2.0. The beating wasn't as bad, the the ego bruises might not heal.
>>151602 The pedo is simply always wrong
Open file (559.18 KB 807x610 guntslayer.png)
>>151610 Yeah the the first beatdown was good but no footage of it like the second one. Now everybody can see how much of pussy the Гунт is as he was backing away from the Гунтslayer. There is no way the Гунт during his first beatdown tried toget back up and swing on 4 dudes if he couldnt handle one.
Open file (3.67 KB 327x83 auuuugggggh.png)
get to work on your list jcaesar187, you have a lot of work to do
Open file (397.87 KB 400x400 17858125.gif)
>>151612 >There is no way the Гунт during his first beatdown tried toget back up and swing on 4 dudes if he couldnt handle one. I doubt it was more than one guy. The way he lumps Gym, Wartski, Gnomestar and Asston in with Cog, the other three guys were probably just laughing at him getting rolled by the one dude.
I wonder how Gvntguard First is going to hold up after several months like this. I was a trumpfag in the 2015/16 election, but those were fun times, not generally stressful. We've seen how jcaesar187 has sperged and degenerated, I can't imagine the catboy crew will handle this kind of negative attention and laughter at their expense much better than the jcaesar187amale. Will we get an AF truck of peace by the end of the summer?
Open file (50.91 KB 590x538 dan.png)
>>151616 If Chad the Гунтslayer Dan beats the shit out of tardski as well, IBS 5 star day legend forever.
Pegmenco fights over Гунт on stream with some other zceleb nobody https://youtu.be/kYi5Vzg1xrQ?t=5632
Also, secondary humiliaion to the Гунт as well if Mr Pirres puts up a less embarrassing fight against Dan the Man.
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 928529865965.png)
>the only people jcaesar187 isn't hesitant to attack are women
>>151620 A shame we didn't get to see footage of that portuguese hooker beating him up the first time, as her pimp and two onlookers laughed on the side. We need an arc with footage of a woman whooping him next. Even a slightly above average woman should legitimately be able to deck him.
Open file (40.58 KB 571x548 1785492186562.jpg)
>>151618 >grifting >off /literal who/s >>151621 Hell, that dumb bitch yesterday thought she was more capable than he was.
Open file (73.91 KB 660x777 gunthooked2.jpg)
>>151614 Oh I doubt it as well but it was how he portrayed it like he was taken on 4 dudes and they just got the better of him. Now all can see Гунт and his real fighting prowess and how alpha he is.
>t. guy who can't run or defend himself
Open file (133.75 KB 390x400 Belle gives a look.jpg)
>>151624 >AUUUGH I WON'T DEFEND U ANMOR Who the fuck was he ever defending?
>>151597 >okay guys i was just looking at tranny porn to prove to my mom it existed >never mind that the track bar was like five minutes into the video So either he's full of shit or he was watching tranny porn with his mom. I dunno seems like a bad look either way.
>>151625 the only person I can even think of him defending is his dead mom. he didnt give a fuck about her until she died
>>151627 Does anyone have the pic of his grade school assignment where he says how much he loves his mom cuz she buys him stuff and makes him dinner?
>>151606 i'm still not satiated. I want to see what happens to its shape when he is hung upside down. I'm sad that Dan didn't rip his shirt off so we could see the quadruple tits though.
Open file (561.92 KB 1280x720 45s251.png)
>>151629 We< did get to see his rear gvnt tho. I wonder if it bifurcates into four asscheeks down below.
>>151597 >No guys you don't understand! I wanted to show my mother tranny porn Oh okay. Maybe I'm out of touch is this a thing zoomers do, share porn with their mommy?
>Vickers PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD I'm not sure that will help you against Fai_Fai. She is an adult now technically.
Open file (149.74 KB 1241x1215 FTsYX4jVsAY5j_r.jpg)
>>151632 Wrong screenshot. This:
Open file (51.41 KB 300x273 JUST.png)
Open file (154.18 KB 600x607 dr bongman.png)
>>151633 >vickers hired a hitjob on me AHAHAHHAHA
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
>>151634 Yeah, good luck making that leap before a judge. Even the best of attorneys would have a hard time.
Open file (857.08 KB 3024x4032 79657.jpg)
>>151558 i got a good cackle out of this, thanks anon >>151626 >>151631 it literally says eichenwald in the post. how new are you
Open file (63.52 KB 253x256 HuntingHogs.png)
Open file (9.55 MB 5760x3240 puertoreal.png)
>>151632 >I'm not sure that will help you against Fai_Fai It's fat neckbeard & twink Ragnarok. No girls allowed. >>151633 Wasn't Cog Vickers' go-to guy for screenshots and the like, and I'm guessing donated as well? You can make the bones of an argument, but I doubt it would go beyond hollerin'.
Open file (66.42 KB 1022x731 fbvcb.jpg)
>>151633 >The guy who's daughter I stole and impregnated behind his back is happy I got my ass lightly kicked and embarrassed publicly It's fantasy land on the Гунт's mind, for anyone else that is the most natural feeling one could have after a person wronged you to such a degree, for jcaesar187 it is this unjustifiable slight that can't be forgiven. He has such a sheltered life its not funny anymore.
Open file (1.19 MB 2291x828 gunt ragepig.png)
>>151638 Matthew Niggеrs is in literally every anti-Gvnt grifter's chat and donates copious amounts of shekels to have his superchats read
Open file (114.40 KB 369x489 7215892655896.gif)
>does lean <like Trayvon Smartin >complains about stalking <like Trayvon Smartin >makes the first move <like Trayvon Smartin >gets his ass handed to him <like Trayvon Smartin Hey, buddy, lay off the codeine! You're making yourself paranoid
Is he gonna get punched again on this visit? Is he gonna cut the visit short to avoid getting punched?
Open file (18.64 MB 1280x720 FelonWho2-Full.webm)
>>151641 >gets an honorary aviation degree KILLSTREAM TAKES TO THE SKIES
Open file (41.47 KB 588x406 43243432.jpg)
Open file (396.44 KB 680x680 I9Dx7F1SRwaM.png)
Priorities, couldn't reach a police station by 6pm today.
Open file (252.33 KB 377x373 oo-hoo-hoo.png)
>>151644 He still thinks police will do anything, huh
>>151644 >tourist police station That's a thing that exists? That sounds genius. Set up a glorified lost & found, and herd the American's away from distracting the actual police.
>>151646 >tourist police
Open file (24.91 KB 500x500 98798767692011123.jpeg)
>>151644 >the police told me to fuck off >I couldn't understand >they gave me directions >tourist police
>>151644 I wish there was a way to officially voice my displeasure with the state of justice in Portugal. It is an absolute disgrace how you can just get attacked out of the blue by another belligerent mentally ill tourist. I mean yeah the police will take interest, but how could they have just let that felon go free? Not only that but next day that maniac just goes back to the police station demanding justice and they will probably let him go again instead of putting him in jail.
Open file (1.42 MB 480x270 7891259821598256.gif)
>tourist police
>identify yourself
Open file (221.40 KB 374x376 o-face sargn.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 300x300 1553456790.gif)
Open file (1.46 MB 2048x2048 1550813461.gif)
Open file (434.41 KB 488x511 1548970181.gif)
Open file (700.23 KB 256x256 1548538943.gif)
>>151644 hmmm why why why didn't he pursue pressing charges against the individuals who robbed him and broke his fuckin face last visit?? i am baffled. flummoxed, even.
>>151644 >AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I'M A BAD ASS ALPHA MALE I'LL FUCKIN BEAT YER ASS AND RAPE YER WIFE NOW WHERE IS THE POLICE STATION SO I CAN CRY TO THE COPS? If he put half as much effort into fighting back against the Гунтslayer as he does in pretending he's going to have cog arrested he would have at least come out of the fight looking like he lost a fight rather then a bitch that got one sided beatdown. >>151651 >gender confused weirdos Says the "man" who has owned not one, but two purses.
>>151654 this is funny all the lawyers in the stream are saying his weird stomach is so distracting in the video
>>151629 next person to go on the Гунтhunt needs to hulk hogan his shirt or jersey him. It shouldn't be hard with the loose fitting tarps he wears.
Open file (1.02 MB 1281x658 lol.png)
>>151658 link with timestampt pls?
>>151659 just scroll back a couple of minutes it just happened
Open file (2.56 MB 3900x2998 218487.jpg)
Okay anons, do you think there's any actual chance that Gvnt, boiling with seethe as he is, will actually take a trip to Redditkur's house in turn prompting Asston, Wаrski, Gaydur and the rest of the grifters to drive there as well, which in turn will prompt Blacked Cuckaska and other Gvntguards to travel there too; ultimately turning this into the meme event where everyone comes to Gym's house in one giant spergfest? It sounds too good to be true but did you honestly 6 months ago expected Gaytor to become Ralf's sworn enemy and him traveling to Portugal twice he get punched in the face repeatedly?
>>151661 jcaesar187 is all talk hes a big pussy he would never actually do it
>>151661 Is Gym still in Minnesota? The lawyer Rackets lives there too.
>>151651 who's he talking about?
>>151654 how far back in rackets do i have to go to see this lad?
>>151665 I am sure he is talking about you
>>151666 I'd start looking 45-65 They had the segment up for 15 minutes or so. Should be a very noticeable break in the broadcast.
Open file (65.25 KB 900x631 FTs6wdDXoAAe8SS.jpg)
>>151663 Some obese whale on Instagram that was alawging him.
>>151670 i wanna fuck those big julayies
>>151666 1 hour back from now >>151664 think this>>151670 is 4u
>>151672 Yeah, sorry. >>151670 for >>151664
>>151661 >Okay anons, do you think there's any actual chance that Gvnt, boiling with seethe as he is, will actually take a trip to Redditkur's house No. The Гунт's way too big of a pussy. At best he'll drive to Minnesota and stay in a cheap motel somewhere in gym's town, never even attempt to visit daddy gym's house, declare it a massive W and drive back to his crackshack while steaming himself gloating about how no would dare come find him.
>>151669 >>151672 found it thanks lads appreciated
>>151670 >>151670 >i wanna fuck those big julayies do you still stand by that?
Open file (586.78 KB 600x800 14259263.png)
>>151671 I'd pay to titty fuck her.
>>151676 fuck, meant to click this one too >>151671
Open file (36.18 KB 798x644 298592165.jpg)
>>151676 On second thought, no I wouldn't. I don't want to risk spinal injury
>>151679 >grinds her teeth dick injury too
>>151676 >>151678 >do you still stand by that? Yes, she looks like my best friends mom. Do you have more pics of this beautiful slampig?
>>151681 it's a video, buddy. did you not watch?
>>151674 You underestimate what seethe does to low IQ people like Ralf
>>151682 Yes, and I found her nudes now. Thank you for this gift anon.
Open file (3.54 MB 600x400 89215289569.gif)
>>151684 >an end to calcium deficiency
>>151684 mate give it a by that's rank at least crop the face out fs
>>151651 >gender confused weirdos is he finally turning on mantsu?
>>151688 sorry m8 is this better?
Open file (3.40 MB 512x512 9218582195.mp4)
>>151690 No way. This is much hotter!
Imagine if Ralf goes to police, they look at the footage and arrest him.
>>151690 some size of canvas for that tattoo tbf, now show ass
>>151693 Her starfish isn't ass nice ass Ashton's, also she apparently went half Britney mode at one point.
>>151694 So is this basically the representation of the non-tranny users of foxdick?
Open file (21.45 KB 600x450 978125872165.jpg)
>>151694 >my sweety squad
Open file (94.19 KB 768x1021 54543543.jpg)
>>151694 Your average Jewsh consoomer.
>>151697 That is not a cat That is a pussy
Open file (605.92 KB 774x809 1641276858493.png)
>>151694 >>151697 I am never complaining about weakload's riceposting ever again
>>151697 josh could now lose his virginity, god willing
Open file (128.96 KB 954x720 432432432.jpg)
Another big channel (300k) exposes Gvnt to the world. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=IzS9IHM3_Do At this rate he will be the most famous lolcow in history.
Open file (12.35 KB 320x320 7858792592856.jfif)
>>151700 Does she even accept BitCoin as a method of payment?
>>151701 Coomers are to blame for this
Open file (193.99 KB 900x900 blowblacks.jpg)
>>151703 >be a Youtube checkmark "con-tent creator" >can't enunciate English to save your life
>>151703 he plugs memenco at the end
>>151706 Yeah I've no clue how he's gotten to 300k but eet eez hwat eet eez, at least this gets the Gvnt legend out there.
>>151707 >he plugs fagmenco at the end >>151708 So apparently he became friends with Pegmenco at elocution class.
>>151707 >>151706 yeah definitely looks like he plugs fagmenco
Open file (58.50 KB 719x719 FTUkWz0UEAAlvK_.jpg)
>>151597 where did you find this gem? >>151616 Гунтslayer becomes a full time tard wrangler, that is something. >>151633 the Гунт is really mad and probably sperging the fuck out, right now. Also doesn't this video show that the Гунт is reckless in a way? >>151644 I wonder how pissed of the Гунт is now? his ego and honor broken and the police cannot do a thing about it, bickers he was the instigator of violence. >>151646 it essentially is, what the Гунт does not understand is that Dan and Cog could've probably pressed charges with the Гунт when the Гунт was saying they had knives, and then when the Гунт came after them 2 times. that was basically the window of opportunity for the real law to do something, but instead the Гунт has to go to a glorious lost and found to believe he is getting justice served. >>151648 That image in my mind, is too comedic the police just looking at him, like he is a gigantic retard and then telling him to go to tourist police bickers they don't have jurisdiction or something. Which in real English just means to fuck off. >>151654 the Jewlawyer loves spreading the message of the Гунт, that is how the Гунт becomes mainstream lolcow. >>151705 Fuck you negro, I have never coomed to that.
>>151710 >>151706 keem is sliding into dms most probably
Open file (57.95 KB 626x788 carl winning.jpg)
>>151713 the e-celeb mafia put out a hit on Гунт
Open file (195.14 KB 600x518 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151460 >One thought I had while watching Ralf's cozy Гунтsuckers in his chat was that these people really are under Gynt's spell Are you saying it is some kind of pignosis?
>>151712 Without coomers that pic probably wouldn't exist I don't despise your taste to be fair
If I were Nick Fuentes now I would say that I intentionally showed the tranny porn in my phone to distract people from jcaesar187 bickers I was deeply afraid for his mental state.
Open file (147.81 KB 500x475 samidare.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 640x360 travel.webm)
>>151715 jcaesar187 is like one of those cheesy travel insurance ads, just without the title card for the agency.
Open file (94.39 KB 854x480 whatagunt.jpg)
>>151715 If jcaesar187 doesn't fly to Minnesota instead of home after this display, he's a pussy. Cancerman is laughing. IMAGINE HAVING A Гунт AND BEING AFRAID OF A MAN WITH CANCER
>>151718 He needs to double down for anal fister morale and say traps are based since his entire audience jerks off to tranny porn.
>>151547 I have a fan theory that 4chan is now a place where redditors go if they can't be bothered to type in their reddit account password. After thinking about it I think this board is where foxdicks go when they can't be bothered to type in their foxdick password. I hate you faggots but it is what it is.
Open file (559.84 KB 1463x828 pigthumbed.png)
>>151720 At this point I think he's going to go but he'll fuck it up somehow since Гунт is cursed.
>>151712 >where did you find this gem? Some sweety squadder reposted it in a Metokur tweet chain about Feduentes >>151722 Well, and having egocentric Jewsh as an overbearing hall monitor must get constraining after awhile.
Open file (112.18 KB 682x1024 FR1O2TrVgAAfFfY.jpg)
Open file (93.59 KB 762x1024 FSH37GEaUAAPeJX.jpg)
>>151717 they are thin and don't look like monsters. >>151719 you are right, maybe some travel insurance will make one about the Гунт? use the footage and say this actually happened or do an re-enactment of it? >>151721 The spic at one point was liking and retweeting tranny pornstars randomly, then he would sometimes say that a tranny is better than a real woman, and have this weird spite to it. >>151724 I wonder if anyone can find the retweets and liking of tranny pornstars?
>>151715 If Mr. Гунт refuses to step into our ring then let us make a ring of his world.
.>>151718 He should just sweep it under the rug. Don't forget that both Alex Jones and Jesse Lee Peterson have done the same and people forgot within days.
>>151609 I am happy whenever jcaesar187 gets punched and has to spend time and money in the legal system. I am not looking for deep metaphors, intrigue and multi dimensional characters in this story. >>151722 I hope he somehow involves Alex Jones in that.
Open file (73.06 KB 720x960 sargon_alex.jpg)
Open file (11.88 MB 1272x706 fuentes_dream.webm)
Open file (9.03 MB 1256x710 alex_dankula1.webm)
>>151727 Yeah, but are traps really gay though?
Open file (1.54 MB 540x300 876549098.gif)
>>151728 So Tardski can just go to VA with the same contract Cog had, and no gay build-up is neded? Interesting.
Open file (123.07 KB 700x1081 trannychaser.jpg)
>>151729 So the conservative movement is nothing but a bunch of gays blackmailing each other and the libertarian movement are a bunch of fags who don't want their tranny porn to be suppressed.
>>151729 CY+7 and >we're still on the are traps gay question. Humanity has declined.
Open file (240.55 KB 330x442 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (243.86 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (427.88 KB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151727 >Alex Jones and Jesse Lee Peterson Were they all produced in the same factory?
Open file (199.76 KB 1776x1184 FS-TRAvUcAEnmY8.jpg)
>>151731 essentially yeah, a bunch of fags trying to convert young men to become fags via first being incels for a long time then saying it is OK to get stuff up the anus bickers it is technically not sex or something. Then the libertarians wants porn to be still known as tranny porno instead of new confusing words.
>>151727 >Jesse Lee Peterson What happened? Never heard this.
>>151735 Like countless Burger conservative talking heads before him he accidentally showed his taste in homosexual pornography on livestream. He thinks cawks are AMAZIN
Open file (1.03 MB 990x900 71858956.png)
>>151736 >police are legal and judicial experts too!
Open file (950.38 KB 1662x1244 817458715.jpg)
>>151738 >polce er alsaw digital fourensic experts too!
>>151736 w00t? this does not make any sense you fat retarded N​IGGER! if you had a brain hemorrhage, then you would still be at the hospital and not be walking. Also I bet the conversation was like, we are going to look at it and then that's it. And the Гунт believes that they are going to do a full investigation, and then I bet money he was screaming and cwying, and making hog noises. >>151738 >>151739 The Гунт wants cog and dan to feel afraid bickers of the minor assault, and the Гунт believes the world evolves around him. So then he showed them the video to tourist police and the tourist police more or less said, we are going to look into it, while also comforting the Гунтs ego, bickers they know that it was the Гунтs ego, pride and honor that got hurt.
Open file (188.31 KB 1024x2048 ElWIXk6XYAkTjs0.jpg)
>>151737 nah the livestream slip up was Alex Jones. JLP just liked some weird stuff on twitter.
>>151740 Well, and also the police can tell you whatever the fuck they want.
Open file (341.88 KB 1024x3600 jintai.jpg)
>>151732 Draw a girl and say it's a boy is an open an shut question. The penis is just for irony.
>>151736 >epidemic of pig hunting livestreamers threatens to hit Lisbon >""Meester Ralf, pls help us..." >t tourist police >told me not to let it go >before letting me go
>>151732 if it got a benis it is a dude. So don't go fucking Hermaphrodites you perverted fuck. >>151742 yeah, that also but the real police let him go to the tourist police which is basically just another way of saying fuck off, then the tourist police looked at the video and probably laughed and then called a police officer to look at the video. Then they saw the hog starting to feel ashamed and probably cry and scream at the chair, making hog noises. Then they realized that they could not just tell him to fuck off, then they tried to calm down the hog by kissing his ego, pride and honor. So that the piggie will feel a-ok and be a happy hog. Or that is my wildest guess bickers it is an open and shut case there when jcaesar187 went up to Dan twice. >provoked Brittany is that his other sock puppet? bickers I can only see the Гунт thinking this is something he can sue someone over.
Open file (30.90 KB 657x527 89258925.png)
>>151745 >is that his other sock puppet? bickers I can only see the Гунт thinking this is something he can sue someone over. No that's the dumb conservathot jewish woman who started her own Christianity bickers she couldn't follow the established one, that has jcaesar187 on her show and goes on his sometimes. Dumbest bitch in LA.
That police conversation that totally happened reminds me how he constantly keeps asking his lawyer about stuff and constantly needs a lawyer with his lifestyle and yet he chose to represent himself in family court.
High quality version for meme-makers. >>151653 You know the answer to this rhetorical question: He couldn't go to police in the 1st Portugal beat down bc he was in the wrong and doing illegal illicit activity. Even though he was beaten much worse and needed surgery.
Open file (300.97 KB 720x960 peachqueen creditcard.mp4)
>>151746 yeah, suing people in Europe is so hard, so I would love to see the Гунт try bickers it is just going be a gigantic waste of money for what is essentially protecting his pride, honor and ego. which no European country sees as a thing to protect. Also if she is a jewish woman that started her own Christianity then she has made a cult essentially?
>>151749 >Also if she is a jewish woman that started her own Christianity then she has made a cult essentially? Yeah, basically.
Open file (42.05 KB 590x336 rekieta.png)
Open file (30.55 KB 594x249 gym.png)
Open file (3.38 MB 600x337 gunts fantasy.gif)
Open file (14.94 MB 1280x720 Pasta_Sempa.webm)
>>151750 what kinda heresy does she have in her cult?
>>151753 None iirc.
Holy fuck it won't post big gifs. Connection failed. Connection failed. Connection failed. Had to shrink it down to 8 MB. Either my internet sucks badly or this site sucks. I've noticed I can't get the replays on cozy to work a lot now or cytube. Fuck all this shit.
>>151755 file limit is 16MB i think an cozy is pretty shit sometimes it slows down for no reason that i can figure out.
Open file (35.26 KB 400x400 NfTllgok_400x400.jpg)
I was justing checking what was going on with Fatt Vickers and he still seems to be begging for the Гунтs attention. He's doing a stream on Sandra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4KElEPhdKQ
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
>>151758 >stream on Sandra OH NO NO NO NO NO that should get the pig squealing
Open file (48.48 KB 384x384 789159821598.png)
>>151757 Yeah, it just baffles me why I can't post sometimes when everything is under 16 MB. Like an 11 MB video gif should post but it never does, no matter how many times I do it. Good to know I'm not the only one struggling with cozy replays and stuff.
>>151758 Did ol bitwave tv get taken down? I was hoping to see some clips from Sandra's sky burial.
Open file (739.25 KB 847x579 bliss.png)
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 surfer.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 600x807 ezgif-4-24471533ea.gif)
>>151763 Time to call in the team to do one final job.
>>151761 Are you sure its a gif and not WEBP? Sometimes WEBP get named gif with an incorrect file extension at the end. So it looks like a gif and plays like a gif but its not a gif and this site doesn't support WEBP as far as I have experienced. Upload it to catbox.moe and ill look at if you want.
>>151764 Would love to see gahoole hunt down Гунт.
>>151762 you are extremely late. XANDER pulled the plug about a year ago after selling his shit to Odysee.
how did Гунт get his throat cut? did dan actually stab him with something? i'm surprised Гунт didn't make an even bigger deal out of that.
>>151768 Dan was probably just wearing a ring, that's why he was leaking so much blood.
>>151768 Dan had a ring on his fingure
>>151765 Yeah, it's always gifs of mp4 or webms. I despise webp's bc some jackass designed it so you couldn't save from websites and would have to visit their website to view it. I always convert away from webp to mp4 or webm. But yeah, it's not just a gif thing. When I post stuff sometimes getting close to 16 MB, it won't post a lot of times. Thanks for the offer to look at it though.
Open file (23.52 KB 400x230 58989256.jpg)
>boomer plays at being streamer
Open file (44.89 KB 500x500 85992658965.jpg)
>Mrs. Vickers' name is Ari(?)
There's a Project Diva thread on /v/ and people keep talking about Гунт, Pippa and Flamenco. At least Гунт is finally getting the popularity he deserves. https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/6002
Open file (684.62 KB 2048x1365 faith_family.jpg)
>>151773 Arianna I think.
>>151776 Yeah, he mentioned her full name subsequently.
>>151776 damn, mrs vickers is working on a Гунт of her own
Open file (55.71 KB 667x789 9285982165.jpeg)
>I'm just here to laugh at everyone and everything on the internet
>>151659 5:17:36
>>151755 >I've noticed I can't get the replays on cozy to work a lot now or cytube Cozy is garbage for me too, live and replays. Do they get uploaded anywhere else? It's annoying not being able to listen to the copestreams when moments like yesterday happen. >>151763 If he does this I will unironically become a true jcaesar187amale.
Open file (134.49 KB 444x422 spic future shooter.png)
>>151781 cytube janny here, cozy is so badly made it makes it easy for >us to straight import the streams into cytube as they are going, no hassle like odysee had for such a long time, problem is that whether it's a replay or live, cozy is likely running on very subpar servers.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>151736 I'm sure that's a real conversation that totally happened
Open file (57.95 KB 626x788 carl winning.jpg)
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 215: American Psychotic Strike and Mike talk about America as incoherent psycho state. Joe Biden: Blundering towards a 3 front war? Mass surrender in Ukraine May 68 and Summer 2020: The rise of gay Jewish nihilism The contradiction of "Liberal Nationalism" Black Lives Matter Foundation: Where the "white guilt" money went Live speculation about the Texas school mass shooting https://files.catbox.moe/2nuaxb.mp3
Open file (79.06 KB 622x372 1653598106573.jpg)
Open file (123.93 KB 464x279 Ralph stalker felted.jpg)
Open file (274.25 KB 464x279 Fus Ro GUNT.png)
Open file (2.15 KB 125x69 ethansimpsons.jpg)
Open file (157.53 KB 464x279 DOOM Guntibus.jpg)
Open file (145.10 KB 464x279 Gordon Gunt.jpg)
Open file (40.50 KB 464x279 ralphmario.png)
Open file (122.05 KB 1144x717 Reigunt.png)
Open file (154.77 KB 1097x667 Naruto Gunt.png)
>>151786 >>151787 >>151788 what a feast of julay and nectar this has been
Open file (7.17 MB 1280x720 jKvBx1E70wN-bY5I.mp4)
Open file (155.37 KB 827x457 ethansimpsons.jpg)
Open file (69.95 KB 464x279 1653621928262.png)
Open file (95.66 KB 464x279 The Gunt Terashi.png)
>>151789 there as so many edits, its really amazing
Open file (474.21 KB 901x574 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (482.98 KB 901x477 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (142.36 KB 901x685 ClipboardImage.png)
IMC tries to call out others for being fat ugly grifters.
Open file (7.54 MB 512x426 chungus_lick.gif)
Open file (2.43 MB 540x378 74528592895.gif)
who is making all the gvnt edits?
Open file (48.07 KB 598x422 ClipboardImage.png)
haha i wouldn't have seen this if the Гунт hadn't replied
>>151796 lol wtf is that real?
Open file (226.34 KB 544x1012 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151797 yeah the Гунт even tried white knighting the spic against the japanese faggot what is life
Open file (32.94 KB 896x141 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (176.24 KB 1080x664 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (105.62 KB 415x395 ClipboardImage.png)
Still taking shots at jcaesar187 but is too much of a pussy to @ him. Probably bickers the Realphamale DEBUNKED Brokedickfarms & Medocare LIES AND SLANDER about Nicholas J Fuentes like a true journalist.
>>151790 scrub toad mckinley 3.0 is a faggot
Regarding the Fuentes gay porn video and whether the account is him, this old tweet is now relevant once again! Leopirate strikes back! https://archive.ph/zdwxQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3reKRHcyA0 Get this tweet up the chain to your favorite local grifter so cause chaos.
>>151786 >>151787 >>151788 Thanks anon, for your efforts here is some FRESH /COW/ ONLY OC WE ALWAYS BREAK THE STORY
>>151798 Speaking of gayops, "what is inspect element?" All of this can be faked. Should I believe some Dm's scraped together after the scandal has blown up on Fuentes? Not sure who to believe in fact of course.
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave 1.jpg)
Open file (143.44 KB 397x739 Devil_Gunt_No_BG.png)
>>151803 >>151798 Yet more, after the tremendously homosexual episode of jcaesar187 trying to fake conversations between himself and Andy's sister, why would anyone believe something like this anymore? He's already proven that he isn't above faking chatlogs for internet points.
>>151796 >spicolas getting welcomed to the boy molesting fruit club
>>151808 why are they praising allah?
Open file (358.05 KB 593x762 Sargoy_gun4.png)
>>151811 it's stabilized?
>>151812 Basically. Smoother video shots of the gvnt.
>>151809 They like little boys in dresses and hate women.
Open file (1.51 MB 250x250 15956728494.gif)
>>151811 its so fucking grotesque, jesus christ
Open file (561.92 KB 1280x720 oof.png)
>>151813 do the rear gvnt
Open file (84.09 KB 399x497 snapshot.jpg)
what kind of profile is that...
What's all this gay nonsense about a group chat? Is there a definitive verdict on the account?
>>151817 The kind that tells you to go back and spam there
>>151819 what? are you retarded or something? >(1) never mind
>>151811 I'm always amazed at how fluid his Гунт is, it's like a waterbed or something. His body is so weird.
>>151811 It does seem to have the properties of a sack filled with fluid with how it slides across like that.
>>151816 I would but there's really no motion of his buttcrack. Cog moves the camera away and down from the ass so there is only a still frame and not worth rendering it. You can't really make a still image or a passing-by shot, more fluid.
>>151818 If it's an elaborate op, it's EXTREMELY elaborate. I mean fantasy superhacking levels of elaborate. Nick has so many alts that he has a whole system in place to verify to his users which accounts are an alt of his. He has several channels in his discord specifically for posting his alt accounts. Despite that he somehow tricked hundreds of users as well as Dalton, Michael Alberto as well as jcaesar187 to follow him within the span of one hour. It included obscure news site references that only a several-year-long fan would know to make and the 'troll' that made it just happened to have tranny porn on hand that also involved background music from Nick's latest favourite musician Kanye. It's 99.99% real.
>>151820 Go back spammer
Open file (165.01 KB 291x384 FTqy82IXoAQA5fa.png)
Paulyfrog64’s twitter was just nuked. Did he get too close to the truth as the Cum Detective? https://odysee.com/@PaulyFrog64:2/THE-CUM-DETECTIVE:5
>>151827 based now flag Queermo casino Catboy First Rises
Open file (48.24 KB 586x493 545453.jpg)
Open file (42.91 KB 1233x340 FTvTj1VXoAIFaZM.jpg)
Open file (24.42 KB 593x215 5354354.jpg)
even cripples are now bullying the Гунт.
>>151827 Already downloaded a copy of the video and spreading it. I know you have someone from your sussy squad reading this, Nick. No matter how much flaggotry you engage in, this will live on.
Open file (55.33 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
>>151828 >>151830 I block all Twitter scripts in my browser and always use Nitter so I had to use Tor to check, and his account was suspended. Absolutely this was for exposing Nick looking at tranny porn. Check out this post: >>151801 Nick has been into troons since 2018
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
I've read that Portuguese economy subsists almost entirely on drunked british tourists coming over on weekends. Unless there's a murder police not even gonna file a report. Gvnt is the ever stereotypical amerishart tourist who thinks that everywhere is just like back in murica, where you can call the police on any meanie poopyhead that hurt your feelings.
Open file (119.95 KB 1464x1072 Ragepig.jpg)
Open file (505.65 KB 626x626 RAGEPIG.png)
>>151832 They should show that Portugese woman who tried to interfere with the beatdown that clip where he talks about going to Portugal the first time and being treated like a king and the women removing their garments at the mere sight of his American dollar.
Open file (159.36 KB 448x479 1648481779566.jpg)
>>151829 >He's obviously too scared of vegetables to come anywhere near him this cripple has better banter than Gym lately
Open file (286.73 KB 446x493 gunt round.png)
You recon this was the fury hog's greatest humiliation? Most other things he could spin this way or that but here he was publicly prostrated on the pavement, gvnt protruding, looking like a big baby in his retarded socks and shorts, manpurse flopping about. All filmed on camera in the least flattering way possible. People laugh at him left and right. He might just do something really stupid, hopefully.
>>151715 Judging by the spam all over the internet, be it on twitter, reddit, fucking 4chan, foxdickfarms, 8kun and even the sad rests of ip2 and always that typical discord speech; yeah this is as organic as a Beyond Meat burger and all screams Drama Jew
Will jcaesar187 try to get into fights now with children and women so he can at least get one win on video?
Open file (565.73 KB 256x189 asddas.gif)
>>151835 Most certain, this part alone will be forever posted to annoy him every time he peacocks from now on.
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
>>151836 That's pretty much normal since this is your average Redditkur and Keemstar audience. >>151838 That's a terrible quality gif anon
Bitches and hoes mad
Open file (358.55 KB 800x450 thumb.png)
>>151840 TheGatorGamer's life for the past few months has been playing videogames, watching anime, and reporting on the activites and bannings the enemies of the jcaesar187amale...
Open file (178.87 KB 397x416 1523792469162.png)
>>151841 Well, that you know of, at least. Who knows what else he does?
>>151842 he doesn't leave his home much bickers of the canceraids. what else can he do besides plow his wet market piggu bride?
>>151835 yes. without a doubt. He can only redeem himself by flying to cancerman and fighting him.
Open file (173.02 KB 2048x1139 781528956.jpg)
>>151843 >he doesn't leave his home much bickers of the canceraids. How would anyone know that, especially as no one has even gone there?
Open file (147.97 KB 400x387 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151844 that would be a dream come troo
Open file (60.13 KB 1000x1235 jcaesar_gunt.png)
>>151835 Don’t forget he hollered for the police as he sat there on the street, Гунт poking out, or that a female pedestrian had to interfere on his behalf. This was just a complete humiliation.
Open file (21.64 KB 593x188 543543543.jpg)
i lub mah son.
>>151848 2 on 1? Cog didnt throw a punch.
>>151849 that kid is gonna grow up and look his dad up one day and feel so fucking embarrassed
>>151851 I dont know it is jcaesar187s son, theres a 50% chance he'll think hes based and follow in his footsteps.
Open file (1.11 MB 1290x722 985928965.png)
>>151849 >I dindu nuffin You got that right, but not in the way you mean. >it's every wan elses falt eye put myseff furst >>151850 "Nah he started it. He admitted it!"
>>151853 Hes acting like the whole interaction wasnt filmed from start to finish.
Open file (4.19 MB 640x640 98259825265.mp4)
>>151854 Well, his grayper paypigs will believe him and believe his doctored "evidence" bickers they are low-iq and low-info. So thta is all the matters ultimately. That and any new rubes he can find. "This is a guy with whom I can identify and relate!"
>>151855 How do you think his ego copes with the fact that he was actually humiliated on the streets of lisbon and everyone saw it this time and theres no way to spin the video evidence like he spun the last time he was hospitalised in lisbon? I just think even if he spins it for his fans hes the kind of person who cant handle people knowing hes a little pussy. Even worse now he has to go to metokurs house or hes going to humiliate himself again and if he goes to metokurs house hes going to inevitably humiliate himself again.
>>151856 >everybody Outside of this niche and the astroturfed drama jew circle nobody cares. And from an outside perspective it looks like two chavs flew over the canal to beat up a fat american. Not a win
>>151857 jcaesar187 only cares about people who are aware of him and thats everybody to him. From an outside perspective they see an obese man humiliated and impotent on the floor. Weak and pathetic, jcaesar187 tries desperately to project the image of the cigar smoking tough redneck, and this is a major loss for him and his ego.
>b-butt eye still believe n free speech except when my feelings ur hurt
>>151859 wrong tweet
Open file (39.43 KB 655x325 5435454.jpg)
>>151860 Spicolas is in good company. This faggot is also making a documentary on the QShaman!
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
>>151861 >>151860 "Feel sorry for this persecuted faggot who false flags people" This is war and it's all part of the game, so stop your bitching and crying
>>151858 I'd guess one or two paypigs, and quite a few casual viewers, have a "jfc" moment this week when they see the gvnt footage and realise the memes aren't even exaggerated. Any new audience gets the same footage as an inevitable part of their intro to thejcaesar187amale. The best he can hope for is pity for the stupid fat child they see sitting on the pavement. Next livestream assassin should aim for some quad tit footage.
>>151861 >Q Sent Me what a fucking title
>auggghh eye project so much I should be hired by IMAX
Open file (173.02 KB 2048x1139 781528956.jpg)
Open file (50.43 KB 2740x1440 guntflag2.png)
A new Гунтflag. The Гунт Spangled Banner Stars and Гунтs Гунт White and Blue Old Гунтy Five Star Days These Colors Run
Open file (94.19 KB 768x1021 54354353.jpg)
Open file (58.09 KB 713x768 hnnnnnnng.jpg)
>>151865 They really dont like being laughed at huh
Open file (24.71 KB 2740x1440 guntguard_first.png)
>>151867 And a variant for those loyal Гунтguards out there.
>>151796 >>151798 What's the point of this? Is he hoping for Takei clout? He's just gonna think it's schizo Russian disinformation even if Гунт is actually right
Open file (20.88 KB 538x606 gunt raccoon.jpg)
>>151872 he's compelled to defend nick on any and all fronts, it's pathological at this point. maybe also trying to show the gaypers "look medicare is just like faggot takei" i just think it's hilariously absurd that he thinks mr sulu is gonna, what, see his reply and reconsider and delete the tweet?
Oh no jcaesar187abros
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
>>151867 >>151871 Based flags anon.
>>151878 The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. >>151880 why are police scum now? is he just now realizing they're not gonna help him?
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>151880 >gvnt finally realized interpol isn't on the case
>>151883 he'll come back with >aaauuggh i knew they'd never help, that's why i didn't press charges the first time i was beaten to a pulp in this cursed land! never coming back!
>>151827 >uhhh y-you can't just say that anon >you just don't get >and you'll never get it
>>151878 >the tourist police told him HMU >they meant next time, after Lisbon 3
>>151888 Of course, a jew hates the lower class.
Open file (211.79 KB 774x569 ClipboardImage.png)
daN​IGGERman lol
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
>>151878 >>151880 AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Who is the troon that jewsh is watching? God, it's so disgusting sounding.
Open file (47.31 KB 586x393 gunt.png)
Open file (34.74 KB 593x299 gunt2.png)
Open file (373.54 KB 600x249 guntbonk-small.gif)
Open file (6.81 KB 250x206 9285928653.jpg)
>>151895 >some cheap shot That's a lot of cheap shots that you fell for
>>151895 So the paypaig doesn't read "the thread" but Piggy does? kek Way to Streisand effect your own fan, fat retard.
Open file (5.89 KB 1536x74 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151868 >tens of miliseconds "るふろ" is rufuro not roFOro
>>151785 the wholesome podcast of the week, thank you anon. >>151796 George don't know the extent of the homosexual harem. >>151798 the Гунт is damage control for his fellow fag. >>151799 Is this gaypers being butthurt? >>151811 that is quite lewd of course in fact mang >>151817 retard looking at his phone >>151840 No surprise really, cog made jcaesar187 looks like a bottom feeding bitch. >>151848 jcaesar187 is so pissed off right now. >>151849 >I plan to tell you how I was a superhero on the streets of Lisbon and not a total bitch >>151853 jcaesar187 dindu nuffin and is in fact a superhero and obviously not a wal-mart or target wigger >>151862 wait, didn't Jaden or that one faggot that went out of the harem to Spiculas say that the bank account thing really did not happen for longer than a day or something? While spiculas is larping as-if it's still happening? >>151869 >I wonder if this jewsh podcast is going to be good <reads supergibs fucking super gibs running everything. >>151878 >>151880 >>151883 jcaesar187 must be so pissed off right now. >>151884 I think that jcaesar187 got so pissed off that he don't remember that the police probably literally told him that he could press charges but then Cog and dan could press charges on him for instigating the violence, while also going up to them two times after where they had to use their fist for self-defense. >>151895 >jcaesar187 is still pissed that his first confrontation he failed. >jcaesar187 pissed that the police does not take street brawls seriously a day or two after the fact >jcaesar187 is pissed off that people is laughing at him bickers he cannot larp anymore as a BDSM alpha homosexual that is going to rape people and beat em up. yep this is an amazin sperg-out from jcaesar187. >>151896 bickers jcaesar187 is retarded? and believes his pride, honor and ego is something that needs protecting and believes that every fan of his should protect it, not matter how retarded it is. But it is amazing that jcaesar187 is not safe anywhere in Europe bickers there is going to be Гунт hunting. >>151898 what is this thot up to?
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
Open file (403.43 KB 1464x1013 fury hog.jpg)
I'm honestly getting hyped for the whiter trash fight in front of Gym's drivaway.
If I were jcaesar187 I would hurry the fuck up back to US and get to Minesota before my father made fun of me on a 10k live viewer stream.
Open file (29.53 KB 710x577 8175872159.png)
>>151900 >wait, didn't Jaden or that one faggot that went out of the harem to Spiculas say that the bank account thing really did not happen for longer than a day or something? While spiculas is larping as-if it's still happening? Yes. >>151900 >what is this thot up to? She is with the cripple comic doing standup dates in Chicago etc.
Open file (17.29 KB 579x150 gunt3.png)
Open file (1.43 MB 1280x720 GUNTed2.gif)
>>151906 bitch-ass pussy-ass faggot-ass bitch lol
Open file (65.27 KB 583x356 1310419347928.png)
Open file (195.10 KB 630x1200 gatordanks.gif)
>>151906 I hate that I had the same joke idea as gaytor from that.
Open file (59.26 KB 656x358 ClipboardImage.png)
>>151878 I hope the DSP franchise writers sue the IBS writers for stealing the tweets almost verbatim.
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 298529859865.gif)
>>151909 I think both franchises have writers in common.
>>151906 >Blocked most of Handicapped Twitter The one exception was Evan.
>>151908 thats bickers both of you are terminally unfunny as fuck and think you're cool, consider suicide
Open file (286.73 KB 446x493 gunt round.png)
>>151906 >I DON'T SCARE BISH <blocked people who make fun of him
>>151899 He's supposed to spell it as スニドフォロ, bickers without the trailing ォ you cannot represent the "fo" sound. Fucking newfags man.
Open file (312.86 KB 529x680 FR4bbr7XMAEGgO2.png)
>>151912 Shouldn't you be on the phone to the EU, jcaesar187?
>>151914 My bad, it's supposed to be スニードフォロ bickers otherwise it spells "snidforo". Auugghhh it is what it is Гунтlemen.
Open file (1.13 MB 1280x720 on_the_pig_spit.png)
Open file (121.00 KB 338x429 Belle ugh.jpg)
>>151914 >>151916 It's フォロー ya goddamn 甚六
Open file (1.19 MB 2291x828 gunt ragepig.png)
Open file (28.27 KB 585x228 gunt5.png)
Open file (58.53 KB 293x326 guntgoogleyeye.gif)
So if Гунт is impressed by 300k blocked, what do anons think is the amount Гунт has blocked?
Open file (447.80 KB 981x667 Gunt royal.png)
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 70a1a8d77b.png)
>>151919 >augh flying to where I announce I am directly is following me
>>151904 >spiculas Then Spicuals is not the most censored negro in the US or the internet. >The thot she is with a cripple and doing standup in one of the most violent cities in America? that seems fun, not really. >>151905 >we are covering it all <a tweet and they are making a 5 hours show >they are holding the cawnteent hostage, as usual. >>151906 the Гунт sperged out hardcore when he realized that interpol actual do police business. >>151918 he is right you 遅滞森の妖精 >>151919 I like their logic bickers it falls flat in the real world. >>151923 I don't understand the wigger logic of course in fact mang.
dang it I forgot a sexy nippon
Open file (38.05 KB 696x917 324324324.jpg)
>>151924 To wit >After he gets his ass handed to him, he was being stalked. Also it isn't stalking when a self-proclaimed "public figure" announces they will be somewhere in public and you go to see them in person. I mean, you signed up for it. It comes with duh territory!
>>151919 is spitting on someone something you do while you wait for the police?
>>151927 It's actually considered assault in many places including the US
>>151927 He was simply trying to paralyze him with venom he stores in his Гунтsack
>>151925 It was a nice change of pace weakload.
>>151930 stop giving (yous) to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot
>>151931 You are right. We really shouldn't.
>>151931 (You)
>>151926 oh yeah, also jcaesar187 does larp as-if he is a celebrity or z-celeb were he is important and has fans all around the world. So someone going up to him to just see his magnificent height is obviously just a fan. And how jcaesar187 went onto him was a bit excessive if, >we are being honest. so it was good that Cog had his human dog with him. >>151927 >>151928 you are right calculator-kun, it is minor assault in Portugal, I thought it was broader terminology then assault. So in other words jcaesar187 committed multiple assault while Dan just did pure self-defense all of the times. >>151930 >tfw I forget to post nippon >webm related >>151931 Not how id's work you negro.
Open file (44.29 KB 499x709 police_cow.jpg)
>>151931 >>151932 Fuck off cow poly you don't even know how ID's work.
>>151935 /literally who/
Open file (11.71 MB 498x498 6526125621.gif)
>>151934 >So in other words jcaesar187 committed multiple assault while Dan just did pure self-defense all of the times. Yup >>151936 Apparently, as Jewsh said on his stream today, it is "her" b-day.
>>151845 On one of his first Q&A on ask fm he told ppl that he makes fake doxes of himself. Average one a year. And he gave examples of a old man in a nursing home and hobo using library with internet access. So I don't believe in current dox. >Gym is dying man in a nursing home >Gym is a hobo
>>151937 It's cow trannies birthday? I hope >she ropes.
>>151845 >especially as no one has even gone there I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet.
>>151938 The one where >Gym is ex model for gay smoking fetish site >his photos are there guise, just search the mountain of literally gay pics was pretty good
Open file (677.88 KB 1173x731 52892152653.png)
>>151940 Most people don't live in the Midwest
>>151941 I'd bet Bryan Dunn investigated that one thoroughly.
Open file (134.76 KB 560x420 probably true.jpg)
there's no way none of gym's enemies ever went to get the scoop of his face, there must be something going on, everyone who ever went there disappeared without a trace...
Open file (1.15 MB 999x999 ice.png)
>>151942 but ain't there allot of people living in the midwest? >>151943 Do you think that Brian Dunn tripled checked to see if the sauces was correct? >>151944 Are you telling me that gym is a walking on two legs lizard that acts human?
>>151943 It'd be a Pretty safe bet. It was in thread #9 on 8chan, around the time the Stepfather was trying to get the dox. If memory serves, that was just a couple of months before the whole "outlines" thing came out.
Open file (33.04 KB 464x279 Sanic Gunt.png)
Open file (50.94 KB 416x250 Guntman.png)
Open file (111.37 KB 1359x722 SuperSaiyanGunted.png)
Open file (213.91 KB 600x900 1653611436833.png)
Open file (510.40 KB 680x680 FTsPd6yUYAAffRB.png)
Open file (2.57 MB 1280x720 mrmetokuck.mp4)
>>151941 Sure thing SFO, you're hilarious. What are Carl's current shitpost social media accounts?
>>151948 He has any other kind?
Open file (257.40 KB 338x600 sargon_cat.png)
>>151949 idk dude, I keep losing track of them. He should have kept going with the tiktok when he lost the instagram, it was great.
>>151948 jim is like 6'1 and over 230 pounds according to his drivers license and the age doesn't even line up either, good job posting a gay porn star you saved i guess bro...
Open file (18.87 KB 592x194 54354354.jpg)
It's over for Cog and Dan.
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
>>151953 >civil suit >against people who are in UK I guess Chad hit him too hard
Open file (489.26 KB 500x290 781548215.gif)
>>151945 >but ain't there allot of people living in the midwest? Sure, but statistically most people alive don't live in the Midwest. >>151946 Yeah, I remember it had its own thread too for awhile.
>>151951 I save a lot of things bro.
Open file (286.57 KB 592x528 8912659821598.png)
>>151956 >one of the best videos ever
Open file (99.86 KB 585x334 guntmad.jpg)
>an entire symposium of lawyers said there's no case here >people living in Portugal said police won't even look at this <AUUUUUGHH I TAWKED TO A SUPER COOL POLICEMAN WHO IS ALSO FAN OF THE KEELSTREEM AND HE 100% SAID INTERPOL WILL AWREST CAWG
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
>>151958 Also, if he wants to bring a civil suit (for wut?) he would have/should have waited to be seen by a doctor yesterday
So in vidya news, if anyone cares. Furyu is publishing a game made by ex devs from Mana series, xenoblade chronicles and OCTOPATH TRAVELER and it is called Trinity Trigger and the demo was released before the trailer which ye folks can see here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2goBIIkkbVg The demo is quite promising it is a fun simple action rpg which is heavily inspired by the mana series. And it is coming to Switch, PS4 and PS5. >>151952 >Swore out charges? the fuck does that mean, that they told him to fuck off? >lolsuit for what that the Гунт's ego, pride and honor got laughed at? there is no damages. >doing it in both uk and portugal the Гунт does not have that much money to do that, also another problem is that it's a lost case. >Гунтslayer is a dwarven thug <does not realize he is calling himself for a midget. Гунт must be really pissed off that interpol actually do police work instead of protecting his ego. >>151958 I dunno if the Гунт is pissed of at cawg anymore or that he is pissed off that the police's job is not to inflate his ego, and probably told him that it's not a case and to fuck off. >>151959 that is another problem, he never went back to see a doctor. if he got a brain hemorrhage which he claims tourist police said he should check out. So if that is true then the Гунт fucked up a second time.
>getting banned from Youtube is a chad move cope Feeling a little moody, jcaesar187? Have some Sudafed and Sprite!
Open file (2.48 MB 536x395 gunt beating live.gif)
>>151952 >>151953 >UK options will be explored >civil suit in Portugal This fat retard is gonna spend tons of cash and will have to travel to the UK and back to Portugal for a 3rd time. More irl Гунтhunting abroad incoming.
Open file (7.90 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
>>151963 Do you think he even remember he has a newborn baby at home? AUUUUGH FUCK MAH BABY AND WAIF, I GOTTA OWN THE AYLAWGS
>>151964 He forgot about the Гунтling spawn the second he stepped out the door and raced off to the airport.
Open file (18.34 KB 590x193 43243243.jpg)
Faith and Xander on the Kino Casino?
Open file (1.67 MB 464x352 Gunt future.mp4)
Open file (234.15 KB 360x400 gunt holla.png)
>>151966 Cog, Faith and Xander on the same day? Ralf gonna have a heart attack from the cope
>>151962 I am imagining the Гунт has been so pissed off that he has shit his shorts multiple times. >>151963 >>151964 One can dream but the lolsuit is dead in the waters bickers he does the opposite of what normal people would behave. And it is kinda obvious that he does not have a written document of him getting beaten up like a bitch from the police, or documented damage from the hospital. >>151967 that might be interesting.
Open file (16.10 KB 625x427 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
Open file (590.64 KB 360x480 guntchecked.gif)
Open file (373.54 KB 600x249 guntbonk-small.gif)
>>151969 Гунт is on warpath of flagging. Only Гунт could go to another country get beat up for a second time in the same country as before and spend the rest of his time there chasing lolsuits and flagging everyone.
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 587921855986.png)
Open file (568.02 KB 1331x597 Gunt barges in.png)
>>151970 >when he gets flagged AUUUUUGH THE GREATEST UNFAIRNESS
Open file (41.37 KB 200x240 Flamenco - 4chan.jpg)
>>151969 based Гунт
Open file (122.15 KB 1061x625 Gotta Gunt them All.png)
Open file (83.08 KB 927x557 Bowser Gunt.png)
>>151972 If Гунт was to lose his twitter would he an hero? It seems to be very important to him.
Open file (477.40 KB 510x759 oldmangunt.png)
>>151969 oh shit i'm a jcaesar187amale now
>>151952 >declaration "I hereby declare that I, jcaesar187 Oliver jcaesar187, did have my shit pushed in by a dwarf and his alawg accomplice, and I dindu nuffin"
Open file (527.78 KB 1920x1080 Do_I_Look_5'1_BITCH.mp4)
>>151976 >WHATS UP BITCH The footage says otherwise Гунтy king
Open file (526.01 KB 1280x720 naht-troo-soprano.webm)
>>151977 >n-noooo thats nawt troo
Open file (931.49 KB 929x1042 652268565.png)
why was that dumb bitch standing right next to two people fighting anyway
>>151951 what about the picture of the drink driver mugshot thats been posted here
>>151980 dumb cunt thought she would be a hero and try and save the Гунт
>>151962 >AUUUUUUUGH YOU CUCK TO YOUTUBE >saying that on twitter of all fucking places >>151980 >two people fighting One was fighting. The other was curled up on the ground cowering like the bitch he is.
Open file (7.92 MB 531x300 Gunt's 5 star day.gif)
>>151984 kek nice edit
Open file (135.02 KB 422x591 AAAUUUUGGGH.jpeg)
>>151963 I hope it turns into a recursive loop where he visits to litigate gets punched visits to litigate newest punching etc.
>>151987 GroundHog 5 Star Days
Open file (193.41 KB 1482x1002 FTy65HcUcAALyNQ.jpg)
Open file (173.32 KB 1457x1013 FTy7D-7VIAAJNrw.jpg)
No comment
Open file (127.99 KB 1195x666 FTyW3P_XsAEWuNQ.jpg)
>>151990 definitely nailed the Cro-Magnon andy
About the Xander child support thing. Could Vickers make an agreement of significantly lowered alimony if jcaesar187 agrees to be punched on a video by him?
>>151995 The "blurry" Asston is too focused though
>>151996 I don't know you should go back to foxdick farms and ask jewsh moon.
Open file (943.87 KB 854x1055 inbred.png)
>>151997 also not deformed enough
Open file (1.32 MB 887x900 78588921565.png)
>>152001 His hair is too thick, and his jowls not thick enough also
Surfer is right to hate nu/cow/. This place is foxdickfarms 2.0 at this point.
Open file (551.47 KB 964x912 89096r980.png)
>>151994 >shysters pls respond But the tourist police are already taking this so seriously? They even wrote down his statement, and it only took 2 days?? Is thejcaesar187amale going to have them double arrested?
Open file (40.58 KB 571x548 77858925298566.jpg)
>>152004 >greetings fellow cowboys!
>>152006 I'm a few months without post here, fake calculador-anon.
Open file (10.46 KB 251x242 295821565.png)
>>152005 He's going to get NATO to arrest them. >>152007 >greetings fellow lolcow enthusiasts!
>>152008 CRP stay alive and you still acting like a woman after all this time, ouch.
Open file (981.83 KB 400x225 8745817255.gif)
>>152009 >ESL student leaves discord to troll
>>152004 I know bro, discord is where all the cool kids are at these days.
Open file (32.01 KB 138x160 JEWSH THE SHOTA.gif)
>>152010 I had forgotten how you are the most boring and boring anon here, at least weakload and trsperg has soul.
I never thought that COG would provide so many oc's >>152004 >>152007 Nice, essayfag 2.0 is back. Welcome back, mang. Also tranks for the fuzhou and poseidon threads.
>>152013 I decided to check what pedochu was doing in another thread and if anything new had come up about other lolcows. Also jcaesar187 is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.
Open file (747.46 KB 766x654 2896592856.png)
>>152012 >I had forgotten how you are the most boring and boring anon here I guess that makes us even then.
>>152012 >weakload >soul He sold his soul for more gross porn.
Open file (691.15 KB 780x426 Cro-magnon.png)
If the recent developments doesn't make Earwinson finally come out of the bushes, I don't know what will. My hope is that one day Earwinson will finally rise up again only to disavow Asston and other grifters. Also any news about Cuntpirate? During my absence I heard a rumor that he and Asston buried the hatchet, but it could very well have been Asston lying again. >>152011 I mean, it's what Surfer is using. Same about Flamenco and all other cool internet kids. >>152016 >us >>152015 Chavkino. >>151995 Cro-magno were peak aryan, Andy is a mooraped baby at beast. Also, Asston keep looking like a dyke in that style. In fact, this art as a whole reeks of corporate art. >>152017 Did Weakload hit new lows? Has he finally surrendered to Muttni's wishes?
Open file (28.10 KB 330x470 surferdisdain.JPG)
It's always interesting to here foxdicks and discordspics tell anons who the real /cow/boys are. >>152004 Might I ask why you always make pointless blank statements like this? If it's nothing more than stirring shit than that's fine and dandy, but I still wonder if there's something more retarded for why you say random falsehoods about z-celebs.
Open file (62.84 KB 490x750 leopirate.jpg)
>>152018 >Also any news about Cuntpirate? During my absence I heard a rumor that he and Asston buried the hatchet, but it could very well have been Asston lying again Ashton still makes snide comments about cuntpirate to this day, cuntpirate, according to an anon who was in contact with him Leo seems to be in a mostly permanent retirement, he still lurks here and this sphere but only very sparsely.
jcaesar187 or one of his orbiters are posting this thread on /v/.
>>152022 Based Гунт trying to send >us newfriends.
Open file (30.47 KB 600x219 jewman.jfif)
>>152018 >Cro-magno were peak aryan true he's some sort of sephardic proto human
Open file (313.21 KB 1525x712 schizo lolicon rant.png)
>>152019 You have autism or you're a thinskin fag if you've taken my bait so seriously. Or maybe you're the faggot fucking with tvch with D&C posts? Pic related. I hope it's the first option, bickers I'm getting tired of dealing with this faggot avatarfag crying about vols and Gahoole all the time. >>152020 Well, then Asthon lied once again. He's also been lying about having regular contact with Earwinson. He is evidently afraid to mention Surfer or Gahoole and wants everyone to forget their existence and he would prefer that his new audience not even know about his old "lore". >>152021 >>152022 It's uncanny to see that ecelebs actively use cuckchan for this kind of shit for years now. Jewsh has done this a few times in the past, same about Gaytor and Emptyhero. And Nick Fuentes and the Гунт was actively doing this on /pol/ last year. But apparently even the boomers from nu/pol/ can't take Nick and his shit anymore.
>>152019 surfer is talking shit about /cow/ anons for months now
>>151967 They should do a poll which streamer making fun of him will be flagged and taken down mid-stream. Twatter was just the beginning. The Гунт and Nick the Spic are on the warpath now.
>>152025 I've always been against that faggot on tvch, and I'm not him, though even he admitted recently he was just adopting pedochus persona a bit for shits and giggles, apparently according to an anon earlier in this thread he was the samefaggot who posted G​AMERGATE dicks as well. >>152026 Would love to see a clip, I wouldn't be suprised if any z-celeb would turn on >us but last I checked his streams he almost never said anything.
Open file (193.41 KB 1482x1002 FTy65HcUcAALyNQ.jpg)
>>152004 If Surfer does indeed hate /cow/, it's bc not enough people lick his balls clean here and alog him instead. Or simply pushing back against his stupid schizo theories here, is enough to hurt his ego. The place hasn't changed. Some will suck his dick clean. Others will mock him. There are some annoying spiteful little bitches here for sure though. But Surfer is mainly just bitter that the tide turned against him and more people have flocked to Asston's show, no one watches his, or even loves him like they used to, and thus his permanent jilted ex personality. >>152025 Asston hates Surfer so he's not giving him any oxygen. He wants him to suffer in oblivion with no viewers and clout. >>152028 If a tree falls in the woods, does it really make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Surfer and his viewer streams are the same.
Open file (943.87 KB 854x1055 ashtoninbred.png)
>>152030 >If Surfer does indeed hate /cow/, it's bc not enough people lick his balls clean here and alog him instead Not many people here really a-log him, if any, there is just a group of people that have unsuccessfully tried to personal army /cow/ into a-logging surfer, but it still hasn't and won't work. I still find surfer, a sort of sympathetic lolcow, so I don't really see a reason to do so, also been enjoying his autism with shaggy. >TheGatorGamer wants to give him no viewers Foxdicks constantly send super shekels and much like leo ashley makes subtle, spiteful little comments against surfer whenever he's mentioned. I love how one of the tropes of the kike casino is foxdicks along with TheGatorGamer and andy doing little gayfabes instead of actually trying to get z-celebs to do funny shit, even at the height of his clout ashley is a bitch with noooo ballls. coach was right again >>152029 CRRRIIIIIINGE
Open file (110.03 KB 952x952 FTuzAyhXoAAiH7w.jpg)
Now that's funny.
Open file (3.17 MB 400x400 w0rcnj.mp4)
>>151902 It would be fun if every lolcow and Internet z-celeb showed up and a G​AMERGATE-tier chimpout broke out before the police showed up.
>>152028 Never trust that piece of shit. He's already tried every trick in the book and now he's going to try this "lol I'm just shitposting and larping" trick, he wants attention like a bitch. Also emojitroon and someone else is doing the same to fuck up the place. They want everyone getting tired of posting on tvch. >>152026 >>152028 >>152030 Surfer seems to have developed a grudge against an anon here in particular plus voice changer essayfag when he called on that fateful drunk stream. As I recall, it was precisely bickers they both said he shouldn't stream drunk with TheDaiymo, Mormon Shaggy and PO. Since then Surfer seems to think that /cow/ is full of concern trolls. But who really knows what Surfer is thinking? The guy changes his mind quickly, until a few years ago he thought Nick Fuentes and Asston were good guys. I only know that I believed and liked Surfer a lot in the past, and today I see him with different eyes. Furthermore, he allowed himself to be surrounded by discord and telegram parasites, including actually pedos, some weird fed guy from New Zeland, some spics and etc. Same mistake Asston made years ago. >>152030 >Asston hates Surfer so he's not giving him any oxygen. He wants him to suffer in oblivion with no viewers and clout. As far as I know, Asston still sends his capos or he personally still keeps an eye on Surfer from time to time. I don't think he hates Surfer. The last time I posted in this thread months ago was to reveal that King of Poz and MrDeadman were supposedly trying to fuck Gahoole and Sufer to please Asston. But Asston apparently feigned ignorance of their actions and Bryan pretended that he had no issues with them and was only interested in them for a meme video. About Surfer streams, the quality has dropped immensely since he started doing a lot of them about the zcelebs that he spends time together on discord/telegram. This Week In Cuckanda It was one of the last times he had a soul imo. >>152029 >episode 21 already I honestly don't have the time or mood to watch their awful streams. Yiros with Surfer or any other fag should keep up with the stream sniping.
Open file (41.41 KB 598x510 NickDeclaresWar.png)
Nick has officially declared war on Metokur and Toad McKinley
Open file (993.20 KB 769x887 faggotspencer.png)
>>152035 >Richard Spencer >evil I thought he was showing solidarity with his fellow homosexual?
>>152035 Team TheGatorGamer!
>>152035 Toad McKinley on the same side as Ching Cheong? He'll be pissed.
>>152038 *Tardski
>>152004 no one knows surfer hates /cow/ bickers no one watches him
Open file (3.40 MB 600x399 fagmencopesperg.gif)
Open file (3.87 MB 567x338 fagmecopedab.gif)
Open file (8.15 MB 379x332 faggunt.gif)
Open file (8.44 MB 600x412 fagmencopedance.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwquszRDDJQ flamenco was live yesterday laughing and hyping up jcaesar187 getting assaulted now hes walking it back big time coping bickers phantom the furry pedo destroyed him live on air
Open file (231.90 KB 399x383 6YTo9Lc.png)
>>152041 What are you smoking?
>>152042 AAAUGGHH IM JUST TELLING IT HOW IT IS SIR Even fagmencope himself just said as Im typing this that he's upset bickers of the debate yesterday that people are now alleging he is psychotic for laughing at the Гунт getting beat Now he is heavily emphasizing he disavows cog and is calling him a wigger
>>152043 You are calling that a debate? That faggot with the bowtie came off like a massive no-fun-allowed spastic. The retard even had fucking >cuckime posters on his walls. Without a doubt that guy is a lolcow in his own right. Fagmenco is a fag, but that bowtie spaz is on a different level.
Open file (389.19 KB 1280x720 jconner187 I'll be fine.mp4)
I'll try and listen to him next stream and see if I can find audio proof of his dislike of /cow/, but I've never seen any credible source, just a lot of claims. >>152043 Is there anyone fagmencopedup hasn't been PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by?
>>152044 >massive no-fun-allowed spastic I agree and I am not denying the moralfaggotry levels he was giving off but it was enough to put fagmencope on edge. He was stuttering by the end. Very pathetic. Imagine eating an L to someone so reprehensible in their own right.
Open file (313.57 KB 1344x2048 FTnFxaAaAAAt_1m.jpg)
>>152017 gross porn? I have not posted pornography in ages. >>152018 I just call muttni Nubian kween. >>152031 Surfers autism with Shaggy is amazing only bickers Shaggy,only bickers of Shaggy's shenanigans. >>152035 none of these people are good or evil, just bigger e-celeb tard-fight.
>>152029 Cog and Dan the Man will apparently be on for an interview tonight
>>152048 in other words it is going to be a 7 hours show with holding back on the cawnteent.
>>152041 he didn't destroy him, they both sounded retarded and didn't know what they were talking about. Phantom wants to lick the Гунт or something
Open file (168.72 KB 472x309 128215825.png)
>>152049 Lots of breaks to pee and read s-supachats. I'll see how long I can last tonight
>more impotent Twitter flexing
Open file (1.52 MB 1264x704 1037300812043.webm)
>>152044 Flam's base viewer level is ~300 at best until he has jcaesar187 in the title, and claiming he once had 2k for vtuber autism is a cope. The parasite claim is pretty accurate.
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 Jojew.mp4)
>>152051 yup also known as holding the cawnteent hostage for more supergibs. >>152052 >I am not going to pay dat bish any child support >they want a whole 1100 dollaridoos to let me see muh son >I am gonna make em let me see muh son within 2 weeks bcauze of reasons this might be one of the entertaining arcs were jcaesar187 might have to pay more than 1100 dollars along with no visitation rights.His lawyer is probably really happy bickers it is going to cost allot of money for a losing case which he knows is a losing case.
>>152054 And I have no idea why he thinks he can now use emergency visitation if that is even a thing he can do. I mean why the rush now all of a sudden? Is he so PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD he is looking for any win he can?
Open file (2.20 MB 1270x710 vickers_sandra.webm)
>>152055 You gotta get the fear in them early or you'll have to do 10-fold the effort when they're able to talk back. The less psychotic answer is the kid is probably already walking and he's missed everything.
>>152055 Yes, he is looking for the slightest of wins bickers he got beaten up like a bitch when he instigated the assault several times. Then he was hunting for a way to charge and arrest cog and Danchad but forgot that the police actually has work to do, along with the tourist police saying fuck off, when he showed the heavily edited footage. Then he did not get a written statement that he was assaulted, then he wanted to sue someone but since he did not visit the hospital and do full exams for brain damage and other things, he has no form of case. Also now he has probably just learned that the UK does not gib a shit about international street brawls bickers if they did then they could not send English football hooligans to random championships. So in other words, he wants a win so bad and people to forget that he got beaten up a second time, or multiple times the same day. So now his honor, pride and ego is really hurt. >>152056 And he is probably going to miss all of it, bickers for the longest time he did not want to take a DNA test, then now he does not want to pay like the minimum of child support to faifai, and he believes he can get visitation rights without anyone watching him.
>>152056 this clip lowered my IQ by 5 points
>>152047 that's a realistic looking sex doll
Open file (389.22 KB 716x684 gumroad.png)
Open file (188.18 KB 720x480 you sick fuck.jpg)
Open file (29.81 KB 527x171 Selection_073.png)
>>152062 >>152063 sometimes I wish I could fast forward and find out how this all ends
Open file (2.60 MB 600x450 ultrasonic_gunt.gif)
>>152063 I don't see how spitting at the judge is going to help anything.
Open file (559.18 KB 807x610 guntslayer.png)
Open file (54.08 KB 1403x850 thanos of the norf.png)
Open file (559.18 KB 807x610 guntslayer.png)
Dan on Kike Casino
Open file (185.95 KB 944x2048 FTzpDDbaMAEo_YS.jpg)
Open file (552.48 KB 1536x2048 FTZRvlaUEAAYxee.jpg)
Open file (725.90 KB 1536x2048 FTZRvlZVIAAx4kF.jpg)
>>152059 What can they hurt? >>152063 >I am up against sick people <not like I did sick shit towards people and it coming back to bite me. >>152065 please god, let this fat retard spit on the judege bickers he spergs out. Here is a nice nippon buttocks.
>>152069 >he smells of pork scratchings Disgusting.
Open file (136.39 KB 1488x992 FTuNiZ-UEAEiyKH.jpg)
>>152071 >pork scratchings how is that possible for a human to smell like that? So it's true that jcaesar187 is essentially a werehog, where he turns into a hog when there is a full moon, and the moonlight is shinning on him.
dan is based
I'm pretty loreless when it comes to cog, and i think he's already doxed, but Dan has deadnamed him as John several times now
Open file (96.32 KB 1568x1046 FStpaA6UcAYE-Rk.jpg)
>>152073 the Гунт slayer is pretty based.
Open file (145.45 KB 699x753 9f764b2422837a7c.jpg)
>>152077 SOUR GRAPES
Open file (969.35 KB 699x716 ashton_plz_stop.png)
>>152078 No one wants to be (you) TheGatorGamer.