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Open file (704.70 KB 600x300 DolphinWeather.png)
The story of a dolphin poster Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:45:16 ID: 2b4f09 No.22314
He originally posted on cafe/r9k/ and then has been spamming every fucking board in existence. I hope he gets banned, but he continues to evade IP bans.

I've attached one of his cancerous files.
>>89847 Who are you?
>>89847 It's Robi, not?
>dolphin schizo got bo of zzzchan /tech/ >starts screeching calling everyone pedos >cries about captcha >spams other boards on the sites using the same ip >gets found out and is removed as bo less than 24 hours later
Open file (66.81 KB 792x600 8cc.jpg)
>>90339 How did Sturgeon let this happen!?! I thought he had a good way of determining people to run his boards! I'm sure he'll think of something for his based sleeper agents!
>>90339 Hey G​AMERGATEchu aka af3690 from cyclical thread. Are you a neet such as John pedo? You're here 24/7 no stop with your autistic crusade.
>>91517 what is this supposed to prove exactly? that the admin browses /v/?
>>91522 That he really really really likes Minecraft, the paid exclusive version, for a reason. I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server.
>>91547 > I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server. I'm afraid I don't, please educate me and everyone else, possibly ELI5, anon-kun.
Hey Dolphin, these fags are seething about you https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/27018.html#27553
Open file (12.72 KB 1551x338 they are afraid.png)
Open file (47.16 KB 1566x509 oh no no no no no.png)
>>93687 I just made a post on tor, what the fuck is that fag complaining about, even the admin uses tor to post, I doubt he'd fucking ban himself from using his own site
Someone has been busy practicing https://archive.is/pXEni
>>94248 Hey rodent, dolphin doesn't spam like that; different spam style.
>Koigoons are on the cyclical thread seething endlessness about Dolphin and even bitching about other John pedo a-logs. <it's the new norm now.
Why this thread still pinned?
>>96724 Why is it unpinned?
So Dolphin is now obsessed with Nyanjcaesar187 instead of Irish, while chatting with himself on chat, really sad existence.
Open file (76.63 KB 634x276 autism.png)
Yeah! Dolphin-kun! Sorry to say it, but you're only useful to deal with certain canadian jewish pedos.
Open file (55.17 KB 331x402 butthurt_anon.jpeg)
Dolphin autism is flawed, he is unable to notice that he is kept around bickers he is useful in certain situations and is funny to feed his delusions for cocks, meanwhile, people enjoy having someone like NyanRaIph and even Irish for less selfish and genuine reasons.
Open file (51.17 KB 600x450 anita.jpg)
>>98245 hail anita
>>98097 This Dolphag is the biggest lolcow to orbit julay. He deserves an entire board. The least we could do is keep this thread pinned.
>>101563 Dolphins autism is confined to the Гунтstream cytube at this point, part of the deal he had with robi was that he would stop spamming places, and he would get his thread unpinned, robi and the dolphinfag both kept their ends of the deal. Lurk the cytube or join as a guest if you truly wish to witness or interact with him, remember that dolphin is a serial scratcher, so I would use a vpn. Honestly at this point dolphin is pretty harmless, he just seems to like to hang out with the /cow/boys in the chat and talk about his technology autism.
cow is cutting deals with dolphin now, huh? Epic.
hes targeting /a/ on smug now. https://archive.is/WMjJy#48454
>>102950 an what? he's just a dumb, maybe teenager, troll ignore trolls if they roast you, dumb normie i swear cow and ed now just consist of incompetent, boring morons foxdickfarms are straight teenager shit as well
>NyanRaIph and degen Irish are still bumping this thread
Irish is a big piece of shit, he is Lynx tier, he can't code, he's weak and a degen drug user and pedo addicted to drugs.
<The Dolphinfag isn't affiliated with /cow/, he was always a neutral party/cow and hes been MIA for some time anyways.
Tvch as a whole hate dolphin, the cp spammer.
He's a tranny now.
>>141479 Proof? Big if true
>>141689 knowledge only from the troonies of troons. Basically luke had to go to therapy bickers he, unsurprisingly, fell into a friend group of trannies who convinced him he is a woman. He didn't say anything at the therapy session and ran away. The autism to tranny pipeline claims another.
>>141864 did he used to be part of /leftypol/ groups while wolfspider (pedo) was trying to groom him to turn into a ""femboy""?
>>141864 did he used to be part of /leftypol/ groups while wolfspider (pedo) was trying to groom him to turn into a ""femboy""?
Open file (16.56 KB 256x256 crosseyephin.JPG)
>>98245 Don't mistake liking his dolphin tricks for only caring about that. He's fun to chat with and his creations are good stuff. He tried to pull some of his tricks on me more than once and was almost successful, but I admire the effort and think his shenanigans are funny. I can't hate him for being mischievous, it's my fault for trusting him too much even though I know I shouldn't. The guy is a hacker in the old (70s) sense of the word.
>>164925 dolphin is a pedo.phile that preys on children, spams CP links and a universally hated retard who got destroyed by a guy with a black pokemon avatar so naturally, he's BFFs with modern /cow/
>>165437 Look pedochu, dolphin was never a pedo and he never spammed cp links or cp, but >we all know that your gang actually did it, the fact that you are still butthurt that he managed to get you guys kicked off prokikewoah is impressive enough. The wound still hurts 2 years later.
>>165482 why are you simping for a pedophil/e?
>>165482 >Look pedochu, dolphin was never a pedo and he never spammed cp links or cp How do you know
>>165653 bickers there is evidence of a confirmed pedophi.le(dolphin) being allowed near children in the cytube stream by my jewish mother admins, that could get someone in prison, or at least on a nice government watch list, so they would rather make up a boogeyman and blame everything on him, or just downright lie this is how a guilty pedo behaves btw, right down to the tee, right before they get arrested. that's why I can safely say dolphin is a pedo and all of my jewish mother and /cow/ are their accessory to the crime, N​IGGERchu is only guilty of actually making the pedo dolphin seethe
The only claims that state dolphin are a pedo state bickers he once posted a link that had another link that contained cp, even though the site was some deep web site containing more deep web links in general and cp is sadly a thing that is very common there that made him a pedo. But, as time went on when dolphin was still very active never once had anons seen dolphin, who was a big avatarfag and a very easy to spot spammer, post cp. In contrast pedochu and his pedo goons had openly posted cp on my jewish mother/v/, /cow/, tvch, and zzzchan. They constantly defend posting cp as "chan cutlure" and "free speech." Of course they often slander their detractors as pedos to cover their own tracts. oh and there is likely a decent overlap between them and between the pedos from /hebe/ on blacked.gov
>>165682 I should add on and basically point out the claim is basically like posting a link to zzzchan's /b/ or mark/v/ and claiming anon is a pedo for linking the boare, since both boards have plenty of cp being posted all the time by their pedo residents.
Open file (6.84 MB 1048x594 ThisisCockPiece.mp4)
God damnit Dolphin

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