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Open file (704.70 KB 600x300 DolphinWeather.png)
The story of a dolphin poster Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:45:16 ID: 2b4f09 No.22314
He originally posted on cafe/r9k/ and then has been spamming every fucking board in existence. I hope he gets banned, but he continues to evade IP bans.

I've attached one of his cancerous files.
Open file (60.47 KB 625x625 dr boomhattan.jpg)
don't forget he also made an internet site that's quite sketchy
can't access it now so have his board instead 8kun.top/dolphin
and threads of him sperging out
oh and he also made a thread announcing that he posted cp by "accident".
Open file (9.98 KB 714x34 screen10.png)
You mean that strange dolpcorp website? I looked at it and it's terrible. He's also running darlingserver.com (see the attached image).
He managed to block archive.today.
Open file (106.64 KB 310x384 1564086824052-pol.png)
I added it on, so it would re-archive bickers it kept displaying blank pages.
Made a typo.
Open file (644.28 KB 880x658 bald.png)
There's a chance this retarded dolphin is behind the ddos against lynxchan-based imageboards. I can't habeeb it.
This thread proves you faggots are actually the real autists and lolcows that are triggered by EVERYTHING
shut your clog dumb dolphin
>/cow/ is the real lolcows
How original. Did you think that up all by yourself?
Goyne 398
Goyne 787
Goyne 63
Goyne 428
Goyne 769
Goyne 768
Goyne 1117
Goyne 1489
Goyne 1845
Goyne 1842
Goyne 1841
Goyne 2201
Goyne 2565
Goyne 2564
Goyne 2562
Goyne 2936
Goyne 3300
Goyne 3661
Goyne 3660
Goyne 3658
Goyne 4035
Goyne 4038
Goyne 4386
Goyne 4744
Goyne 5111
Goyne 5469
Goyne 5829
Goyne 6191
Goyne 6561
Goyne 6560
Goyne 6941
Goyne 7316
Goyne 7689
Goyne 7688
Goyne 8056
Goyne 8414
Goyne 8416
Goyne 8743
Goyne 8745
Goyne 9115
Goyne 9472
Goyne 9829
Goyne 10189
Goyne 10555
Goyne 10893
Goyne 10894
Goyne 11251
Goyne 11596
Goyne 11936
Goyne 12271
Goyne 12607
Goyne 12933
Goyne 13263
Goyne 13625
Goyne 13627
Goyne 13984
Goyne 14347
Goyne 14700
Goyne 15046
Goyne 15389
Goyne 15388
Goyne 15709
Goyne 16032
Goyne 16360
Goyne 16692
Goyne 16985
Goyne 16986
Goyne 17297
Goyne 17616
Goyne 17945
Goyne 18275
Goyne 18602
Goyne 18601
Goyne 18952
Goyne 18949
Goyne 19283
Goyne 19638
Goyne 19637
Goyne 19975
Goyne 19976
Goyne 20318
Goyne 20670
Goyne 20985
Goyne 21307
Goyne 21306
Goyne 21625
Open file (26.85 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
this guy made a site and got it on the webring. It currently has two boards with posts from the future. http://archive.li/Rc6ux I am very angry that this has occurred. Someone needs a stern talking to.
I guess he wants to be our new Autphag, what with starting threads about himself, claiming to have DDoSed Julay World, adding himself to the webring with the intent to fuck it up, and so on. I've never heard of this guy before he started asking me to delete the threads he started about himself, so the effort he's putting into this is more confusing than anything. Has he garnered attention from any of you before?
>>28272 never heard of him. He doesn't seem to really create an impact either, at least for me.
>>28272 He was denied /r9k/ ownership, for some reason, and is throwing a fit since then. I think its the eunuch again.
>>28272 From some other anon From what I've seen: >This board is newly created and quickly gaining traction >Someone creates a thread, asking if anyone else likes plush toys - the OP of the thread posts his push toy that he loves, a dolphin >At this point, nothing has happened and dolphin man was fine; even the thread was going fine >Somehow dolphin man posts a link to CP >It's quickly deleted and dolphin man is banned as per the global rules >He tries to defend himself, something about posting a link is completely fine, only visiting it is wrong >BO continues to ban him wherever he appears >Dolphin man spirals out of control, starts spamming the board with Tarrant shit and whatnot >Eventually Dolphin man tries to apologise and create a tech thread, but posts a photo of his dolphin with his computer and now starts using it to avatarfag >He starts visiting other places on the webring and is quickly found out >Anons begin archiving his posts, which he gets annoyed at >Dolphin man asks for the archives to be deleted or else he'll exploit a weakness in LynxChan >When it doesn't happen, he begins attacking this site Honestly after this the whole thing blew up and I didn't really care to follow >Continues to attack this site >Starts becoming a problem for other boards >Sets up a variety of boards (seems /dolphin/ on 8kun is now gone though) and continues causing needless drama >Dolphin man accidentally reveals something that leads back to him - apparently his first name is Luke and he has a Reddit account >The retard admin of Julay decides to add dolphin man's honeypot sites to the webring; now dolphin man can scrape IPs I don't know if >>4065 is true as there isn't concrete proof but it is very likely as dolphin man is obsessed with /r9k/
/r9k/ at anoncafe is down bickers of him rn afaik. > 2020-02-19 0300 UTC: Anon.cafe's version of LynxChan is being hit by a DoS targeting our captcha after said captcha proved effective in blocking spam. https://fatpeople.lol/r9k/thread/1.html#1
Dolphinposter is likely behind the JSchan thread too, /r9k/ has a bunker there so he wants to go after fatpeople.lol, but since that site uses JSchan instead of Lynxchan which he already knows how to target, he's trying to go after the dev instead while he figures out how to exploit JSchan directly.
>>33266 The whole site is down, not just /r9k/.
>>28363 Eunuch was a guy who chopped off his balls and posted on /r9k/. he used to write like this with no commas or periods and all around very weirdly. He was a jew too (or at least claimed to be), cited Bible verses that supposedly supporting chopping his balls off.
>>35197 Unfortunately, dolphin G​AMERGATE does not write like eunuch did, and I seriously doubt eunuch knows enough about computer related stuff to DDOS anoncafe.
>>22320 up it goes
Open file (18.98 KB 531x66 ClipboardImage.png)
sticky pls
I'm sorry dolphin
>>28334 Abstraction really is beyond a sperg, that's the only way I can rationalize the adage of tards doubling down instead of changing tactics.
>>35610 Robi is a complete pussy why doesn't he wordfilter this one? Is he scared. The owner of the most active bunker scared of a small measly site. Pitiful truly pitiful.
>>35622 board creation is open on omni. the fuck are you even trying anymore?
>>35657 (((data mining)))
>>35659 you're gonna need to try harder than samefagging and creating boards on open chans to get anyone to buy your fake conspiracy
To those of you who don't know what's going on, he posted a false flag here >>>/meta/4445 and elsewhere claiming to be some other site owner. He also makes fake IRC "quotes" like: <robi> lol I datamine you all He posts stuff like this as "evidence." Then he spams it repeatedly, like so: >>>/meta/4535 along with other schizo nonsense like robi being pregnant, lol.
>>35681 That reminds me of >>>/dig/
>>35703 >0ac9c4 is the same person as 2be40c <samefagging accusations might as well throw the same back at you schizo and fyi i'm making "baseless accusations" bickers the retard is obsessed has used my name on 3 seperate chans to push his autistic conspiracy. ay but maybe ur him right?
I wanted to respond to >>35703, but it got deleted. Too bad.
>>35706 >I think what I posted was at least sufficient enough yet nothing you posted was proof that anyone was samefagging, nor was it a good argument
dolphin have you tried drowning yourself in semen
What's his endgame?
>>35713 drowning in semen
>>35714 Still a fag
dolphintard your thread is forever
>>28334 >scrape IPs oh noooooooo he'll get my VPN address noooooooooooo
Lmao https://archive.ph/JRWAz Not even niGGers fell for your crap
Open file (1.32 MB 538x360 next day.mp4)
My honest question is how CakeJew and Zoom/Rodent know each other, if not some secret pedo site, or a pedoboard in 8coom. Anyone know the link he posted CP? https://archive.ph/tD59Z
>>36131 There was no CP, it was a non-CP loli thread. Anons made up bullshit to blame me.
>>36132 *thread = link
Open file (577.50 KB 1024x768 COPE.gif)
>>36137 hello euphoria
Open file (477.62 KB 963x960 MelanieRalph3.jpeg)
>>36138 >euphoria This may be hard to believe dolphintard but not everyone that shits on you is euphoria also your thread is forever
Open file (380.73 KB 360x360 AWMvUp1582697003.png)
>>36142 When did you get vol status?
Open file (125.17 KB 1024x538 1024x538_466601.jpg)
>336147 Well Its kind of a long story but whatever, if you really want to know how i got vol status. Me and Robi know each other from way back in the day otherwise I would have never been able to be a vol, here is how me and Robi met. I met Robi Pires at a electronics store in Ulaanbaatar years ago. I told him how cool it was to meet another coder, but I didn’t want to be a sperg and bother him and ask him for help with coding or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Pentium 4's in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the CPU's and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each CPU and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
Anyone claiming to be euphoria is not euphoria. Anyone claiming to be staff is most likely not staff.
>>36148 Oh, you're making fun of me. Nice try, but I caught onto you since you used "huh? huh? huh?". You also mentioned Pentium 4s which I have.
>>36150 >you're making fun of me yeah no shit >I caught onto you since you used "huh? you really are retarded >mentioned Pentium 4s which I have so do lots of people
>>36151 You're twisting my reply's meaning. I was just pointing it out, idiot.
>>36151 Found this in my hexchat logs: rizon/#julay.world.log:Feb 23 23:01:19 <robi> huh? huh? huh?
>>36152 >no u idiot
>>36219 post it again
>>36274 threadspam and get fucked by the long dick of the law
᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎THANK YOU BASED DOLPHIN
>all this sperging over alleged datamining >still no one has offered even a shred of actual evidence that datamining is occuring on this site lol
>>36556 Bro we need to expose Robi, if we expose Robi then we'll get proof. Come to the Гунтstream we're exposing him there.
Dolphin sorry, dolphin won't do it again
I'm so sorry for liking females in their prime and post picture of it I'm sorry for being natural about my normal sexuality. Sorry
Dolphin has fantasy about sex with mother. Dolphin father doesnt like dolphin.
>>22314 I clicked it using a vpn though does that matter?
>>36690 Why did you ban me from oceanchan? I was being nice to you.
>>36690 kill yourself worthless impotent cuck lmao
Open file (5.64 KB 60x60 1760877_large.png)
this is my comment on dolphinchan (for some reason I can't post) Name: w7-890 #lynchME (not an actual tripcode) Subject: sup faggots test pic/file included --BEGIN-- hello lynxfags you have been visited by a huge tard named w7-890 also anyone know the blue whale challenge tor link i kinda need it OH FUCK I FORGOT MY VPN btw come spam at swfchan.org we love flash here --END-- sorry for spam and insulting lynxchan also can someone plz archive that site
Open file (43.26 KB 780x439 francie-munroz.png)
Imagine making memes about yourself.
>>36720 I didn't. There was a server issue. It has been fixed now.
Open file (478.33 KB 698x639 dolp2.jpg)
>>38255 nice
Be sure to send Rodent some nice emails!
>>38393 not my email >have to press more on QR window to know you need to solve a captcha wat? <every ASN is banned bernded
>>38414 Opera VPN still works
Open file (42.74 KB 960x540 the_dolphin_nigger.jpg)
>>36737 dolphinchan /b/42 gone did anybody archive that
So, I went to a field trip, and guess what I find? https://rodentchad.danwin1210.me/ https://archive.fo/5crBA https://archive.fo/5vaFW https://archive.vn/FqDoB https://archive.vn/pAHun Seems somebody is really working for Bundesnachrichtendienst. Fuck otakuterrorism.
I wonder what pedos like dolphin would do if their internet cut out for a significant length of time. Just sit in his room and ramble schizo nonsense to himself then say his cat is datamining him?
>>35753 Late to the party but this anybody that still post and visit bare deserve a bullet.
>>38772 Come shoot me faggot, only a pussybitch doesn't bareback.
>>38783 >I'm a big tough guy for being retarded wtf I want to put my dick in a bear trap now
Open file (40.88 KB 500x422 poop.jpg)
Open file (9.58 KB 224x225 shadman.jpg)
Open file (69.72 KB 342x400 shadman1.jpg)
Open file (129.16 KB 1300x859 ss1.jpg)
Open file (114.34 KB 870x1292 ss2.jpg)
>>38799 >Being retarded A bear trap would cause your dick harm, barebacking has never done me dirty and I've exclusively done it for over 20 years of constant shitposting. I'm a big tough guy 4u.
Dolphinposter is the owner of omnichan, imo, I might be wrong 'cuz I can't prove that yet.
>>38817 But he can't disprove it either, can he? :^)
Open file (21.09 KB 618x79 belugachan2.png)
Open file (43.09 KB 1301x500 belugachan.png)
>I'm making my own imageboard software that'll totally ownz0r u lynx well, it looks good so far
>>38973 There's a lynxchan volafile room?
>>38976 it's IRC, you stupid zoomer
So I just want to point out that he is using tor ip addresses for his spam. Too poor for actual proxies lmfao.
>>38995 Oh, really? I own DigitalOcean VPSes. $40/month.
>>38977 What client?
>>38997 spammed 3chan as well but it seems like its gone now >>38998 just do your research
>>38801 >>38803 >the bear trap hasn't gone off yet, I'm perfectly fine to keep fucking it lol
IP logger chan spammed to death: https://archive.md/XAXO6
>>39021 Please stop doing this. I had fun using the site. There's nothing wrong with it.
>>39022 kys ip scraper
>>39021 Nathaniel Rodriguez giving Rodent just desserts?
Open file (661.72 KB 1200x1879 1200px-Rent_Free_Poster.jpg)
>>39021 >>39022 DolphinChan is back. Lost all boards, but it's back now. Forced captchas now. :)
>>38818 If you say so, Nathaniel.
>>39116 >>39087 It's solely a board that promotes inter-generational family incest images in fact of course.
>>38982 >codebase dead and gone before i could even look at it lol
>>39142 It deaded
>>39246 I believe the reason for it is this:
disco chan!
I didn't get jack shit. It's CakeJew isn't it.
This image is unspoilered.
>>39479 It's not like anyone is actually photosensitive anyway, that's just some shit Kurt Eichenwald cooked up.
>>39479 Julay World is going to hear from my lawyer.
Open file (352.01 KB 2104x1258 pinkdolphin.jpg)
>>39482 Did that Twatter fag who posted the seizure post seriously got sent to jail?
That's weird, suddenly my unspoilered image got spoilered!
Open file (35.05 KB 448x336 32mk.jpg)
>>39529 Whoops my finger must have slipped.
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
When even your parents disown you: https://archive.ph/6foom
All it took was one LARPing faggot to force all discussion about the day to day running of this board and the others in the webring into private discord and irc channels. Bravo dolphinfag. We webring cabal now.
Open file (2.87 MB 4032x3024 20200320_144932.jpg)
>>40314 It took me a while to research ways to obtain his skin without killing him.
>>41061 wb bb
Open file (108.53 KB 200x200 avatar.png)
Your thread's forever dolohinpedo https://archive.md/qmLY5
>>41198 Hello rodent. I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do that. Nice lies.
>>41209 nut me
In #julayworld: --> Sen (~sen@Rizon-4F9B045F.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #julayworld <Sen> dolphin is a complete fucking retard <Sen> fuck that cunt <euphoria> ok --> Nepfag (~nepfag@195FDE75.EDB2F737.AE3386D2.IP) has joined #julayworld <robi> Sen: lmaoooo tell that to 663 <Sen> no he knows <Sen> we all know now <Sen> i was against that fucking piece of shit from the start <Sen> but nooooo we gotta have spamming faggots <euphoria> which faggot is 663 again <Sen> streaming one <Sen> 16chan <euphoria> hey man it could be worse <robi> head honcho <euphoria> mark stickied dolphin <robi> yeah that was hilarious <robi> HURRR JULAY IS DATAMINING <euphoria> I about died laughing that was 10/10 <euphoria> "hmmm, seems legit" <euphoria> https://julay.world/.media/a8ce9244c236eae349d971b128106082-imagegif.gif <Sen> I dont like julay <Sen> but god do i hate dolphin <euphoria> well I don't like you <Sen> thats fine In #/cow/: --> DolphinKun_ (~Gloomever@511249AD.2484EFE5.3F37C2BD.IP) has joined #/cow/ <DolphinKun_> Okay, I have ACA leaks. <DolphinKun_> Sen is a biased person. <DolphinKun_> Should I post it on /cow/? <DolphinKun_> https://julay.world/cow/res/41093.html <DolphinKun_> StephenLynx: your captcha code is bad <StephenLynx> k <DolphinKun_> What's a good way to troll Sen? <StephenLynx> who <DolphinKun_> ACA member <StephenLynx> what's that <DolphinKun_> Alt chan shilling alliance <JEWS> roll him up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge, DolphinKun_ <DolphinKun_> JEWS: No, no, text-only <DolphinKun_> I've been dragging him on. <DolphinKun_> He says he doesn't care about his thread, yet he replies to it. <StephenLynx> f <DolphinKun_> OceanChan uses the dolphinring (dolphinring.json) <DolphinKun_> 663 may install it on 16chan This is the first justification I've seen for 663 having a thread, by the way. It's too bad that his thread sucks.
>>41388 Text to pdf and attach lmao.
Im surprised that r9k was worth being targeted in the first place, if mark was the one who ordered dolphin to mess with it. I dont remember us being that big on 8chan, maybe top 20 or 50 on the front page. I want my robots back
Open file (19.44 KB 300x100 randomBanner.js.png)
>>42006 lol no virgin. have sex incel
>>42080 Women are just skinwalker versions of onaholes. My virginity protects me from their schemes. You should be wary of them too.
Open file (1.44 MB 2730x986 GARFIELD.png)
More duplicate threads.
>>42265 JEWS, how could you?
Open file (602.31 KB 1320x870 dolphin.png)
Dollfag has restarted cirno chan Announced here https://dolphin.pedo/b/res/1871.html ( http://archive.fo/2UEey ) chirno chan (dot) net
I wonder why dolphinpedo has a hate boner for homos https://archive.md/V6VoO
>>42401 >zero evidence Smearing doesn't work, idiot.
>>42402 So, you like homos?
>>42403 No, but I did not endorse/create those posts.
Open file (83.25 KB 500x670 $RQYD5QO.jpg)
>>42406 You sure?
Dolphin G​AMERGATE is sperging out at https://dolphin.pedo/b/ now. Still announcing new chans that either never happen or go offline again after two days.
*Dolphin nigger *Lynxchan.net/b/
Open file (276.65 KB 476x344 458.mp4)
Dolphin is Analockman
>literally threatening BOs now
>>42413 just need the herd to go and stay go
>>42878 based
Open file (69.69 KB 500x331 knossos_dolphins.jpg)
*posts dolphins*
Open file (322.04 KB 683x1024 eletrunk.jpg)
Helo yes I liek elefant
Open file (345.88 KB 794x502 screen03.png)
Old trip got leaked. I have proof on my boxeddolphin site.
I am a new fag that stumbled onto here, can someone explain the Alt-Chan Federation? I have been hearing about it and it's affect after 8chan got kiked
Open file (250.93 KB 1440x900 berndchan 2Capture.PNG)
>>42412 help plz pic related
>>44538 Okay from what I remember of it all: >8chan just died >Discord trannies with 4-daily-posts-imageboards capitalize on it pretending 8chan has migrated onto their poz'd websites >Really just IP scrapers and ego tripping fags >They invite Julay's administration to join them >They do but only to record what they're doing >Every single shitty op they've done on 8ch and other imageboards >Rat them out on Julay, word spreads on 8kuntz and other places >Damage control by the trannies, they start copying the Webring and call it the ACF >It stays up for the grand total of a month then one by one the websites either die bickers they're seized or bickers the owners aren't getting enough datamining done tl;dr the Webring is the only anon-oriented website, do not believe either the ACF nor (((9chan)))'s lies.
>>45091 as if you can do anything with IPs
>>45091 >"Datamining" OK dolphag
>>45217 r u retarded?
>>45352 FYI, that's not dolphinpedo who filed it.
>>44629 posting on 🅱ernd says proxy detected (this is my barebones ISP)
>>44629 >>45377 I'm pretty sure I lifted your ban (which wasn't for you) already. If not can you tell me the ban ID number?
>>45405 (for dolphin.pedo that is)
sigh. Lynxchan.net
>>45377 Ok apparently that ASN was still banned. Lifted now.
I love how I'm getting a diferent ID here within minutes even though it's the same IP btw.
>>45091 take ur meds
>>44538 retarded bullshit and schizophrenics here think its some huge psyop when it was just a group of retards trying to federate imageboards while robi was illegally recording them and "exposing" them by showing how much of a schizophrenic the neinchan admin was
>>45430 >illegally recording them laugh out loud
>>45430 How is robi so based but also still employs sensitive jew trannies as globals?
>>45802 bickers they sucked his co​ck for free?
The pieces final fit https://archive.md/mriBP#post-6340353 Null, why do you hate julay, soo darn much?
>>45819 I think you're misguided. He set all names to Dolphin H. Fucker on 9chan/9/ after someone with the name "Dolphin Fucker" took the 9chan.us domain down.
>>42413 yonkers...
Open file (689.72 KB 800x600 Josh_Isis.png)
>>45824 It seems Josh thought Robi was dolphinfag when he ddos'ed both here and foxdick, bickers when Robi reached out Josh over it he assumed he was gloating. Wonder if that's still the case and he's been passively seething over it.
>>46261 >Josh seething over a complete misinterpretation of reality on his part Sounds about right.
>>42413 I was seriously thinking this, lockman was all over the place name/trip fagging for months. Made 8 channel his home, even owned a board or two, vocally supported pedos and fucking small animals then disappeared when 8 was taking down (seems a few anons posted as him afterwards but as a larp) Then Dolphag showed up on the scene.
>>46379 Those poor dolphins. Can you please stop?
>>46380 Ok sure, if you promise never to leak IP's again, I will stop killing dolphins
>>46381 post more I enjoy seeing dead dolphins
>>46381 Okay, I promise to stop leaking IPs. I really do this time.
>>46383 Confirmed. Genuine dolphin post. Using old trip too
Woops, just like you I lied again
>>46385 t. robi
Open file (46.20 KB 665x362 3yqvul.jpg)
Open file (210.53 KB 1421x800 Dead dolphin 2.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Dolphin is obviously the Esther, why does no one talk about this?
>>46391 dolphin can barely write a sentence
>>46391 Well then another Esther should report his site then.
Where did fatchan and r9k go
>>46395 somewhere, but its definitely there. in your heart
>>46395 Yeah, same question. I tried to connect and got issues with the web certificate of the site. Apparently you can't add exceptions or anything. Either they did something to make it hard to access or it's dead.
Your thread is forever dolphin
Full quote from the man himself on fatchan. >used to be a talented kid, liked to write programs and music >childhood full of abuse and poverty effectively made me an autist incapable of making friends >no friends means no one to share shit with and improve >also no ability to build connections, which is important for getting anywhere >meanwhile, see all these talented kids who did make it >find out the real reason for their success >it's not just their talent, but also the fact that their upbringing was decent enough to get them what they need to succeed >see this and feel robbed >could have been one of those "makin stuff since he was 13!!!" prodigies if it wasn't for the bullshit that happened in my youth He is wildly autistic from the years of rape committed by his father, very active on the webring, especially on this group of /r9k/. Completely unable to type anything but retarded nonsense irony bickers he's insecure about himself.
>>46757 When confronted with the question whether or not he's dolphin bickers the post reeked of his smell of shit, there was no response.
>>46396 Is wizchan the only option now? Will there never be another r9k? No more vg, no more r9k. I suffer
Open file (669.51 KB 640x740 dongadadboomer.png)
>>46757 based dad for raping this little shit, I hope he's still alive and can still do it again in fact of course
Open file (59.00 KB 615x370 spit.jpg)
>>46757 >boo hoo I'm the only person ever who's been dealt a shit hand in life What a fag.
>>46757 Ever wonder why this thread got unpinnned right around the time this post was made when it had been pinned for months and without any discussion?
IIRC, the dolphin was a gift from his dad. And his dad raped him. Hmm... Did you father die Luke?
>>46925 What? That never happened.
>>46757 Also, I never experienced a life of poverty. >wealthy dolphin
Hey Luke, what was the URL to your dolphin imageboard? dolphchan.xyz?
>>46992 Or oceanchan? I'm not sure
>>46992 dolphinch.xyz
>>46977 >wealthy dolphin Thinks corona gibs are going to last forever
Any new info on Luke?
>>47133 yeah his thread is pinned again
Hello. When can r9k come back please
Open file (29.24 KB 382x317 dolphincap_0.png)
Open file (32.92 KB 551x286 dolphincap1.png)
Open file (27.14 KB 410x394 dolphincap 2.png)
>>47133 He appeared in an /agdg/ (((Discord))) server last night to shill his IP scraper (yes, it's .xyz) and changed his username multiple times while writing it. The link has since been deleted, but here's caps of the message as he was writing it and as it is now.
>>47570 What happened Rodent? I thought you didn't use Discord, and that you hate IBS drama, and would never ever join out g​u​ntstreams
>>47570 For someone who supposedly doesn't use Discord, he'd really have to go out of his way to find that place unless he got invited by another Discordfag.
>>47573 meant for >>47571
>>47467 Just return to (((8KUN))) goy
>>47582 :( Maybe someone can reopen /cafe/r9k or something
>>47570 Are all xyz domains ip scrappers or is it only dolphinch? I mean I suppose it's only dolphinch, but want to be sure.
>>47674 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.xyz https://gen.xyz/ >As of January 2016, .xyz was the sixth most registered domain name on the Internet.[6] >As of June 2016, .xyz was the fourth most registered global top-level domain (gTLD) name on the Internet, after .com, .net, and .org.[7]
>>47675 jesus the dolphin's rich.
dolphin.pedo is down i still have the tab open for 5 days how do i dump images (already saved HTML)
>>47692 --wtf wordfilter-- anyways how do i save (screenshot not working) i dont wanna refresh
>>47582 but it redirects to vanwatech plz help >>44629
>>47578 Me thinks Rodent is bbf or is Pewter, and Cakejew gave him /agdg/'s discard link. It would make sense with what Aya Syameimaru said. They believed Mark & dolphinpedo were the same person, but the stylometry never fit, esp. the modolus operandi. However, if Pewter was or is friends with Dolphinpedo, the triforce pedoring in 8cult would fit nicely. >>47694 Lmao, either CTRL+S on your browser, CTRL+A ->CTRL+C->CTRL+V, or raw slice your browser memory and dump it a file. I doubt you want to tale screenshots one at a time and make a gallery.
>>47695 ok this sounds embarassing guys but after screenshotting with extension threre is a cross that cant be removed i cant scroll down anymore ctrl save is already done
>>47697 i think the catalog is causing a problem the thread list works
>>47697 nvm crap i accidentally refreshed the page after looking at inspect element
is it me ore the spampocalypse thread has been cleaned on b3rnd
>>47695 >Me thinks Rodent is bbf or is Pewter, and Cakejew gave him /agdg/'s discard link. Could be: Cakejew got bullied out and tried convincing /gg/ to raid their room as his personal army.
>>49128 Why is this fuckers thread unpinned again?
>>49128 I was probably the only one to post there before it went down. What is dolphinfags endgame?
>>50847 board creation open
Open file (55.12 KB 740x585 ClipboardImage.png)
>>50848 based
Open file (8.89 KB 311x226 ClipboardImage.png)
Just added shadow banning support. BelugaChan is past Fatchan in features at this point, with board/account creation.
>>50901 Also, IP addresses are never shown to root admins. It's all salted.
>>50902 I for one have a great deal of trust for Dolphin. He is so sexy and strong, he would never lie or bullshit. In fact, the only reason he intentionally leaked IPs (on multiple occasions) was bickers Robi was mean to Dolphins. Not at all bickers he is a fucking sperg >>50915 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAAFHu164h0
>trusting dolphinG​AMERGATE What could go wrong?
>>51862 >>51916 >>50915 Fucking hell, Dolphinpedo won /v/.
You did it HangingFlesh, You let a pedophile win a board https://archive.md/eKGgJ Good job there.
I recently learned that dolphin messed with nienchan as well when it was launched, and bought out 9chan.us once it was available. Guess he gets around
Let me address some claims: >Dolphin MUST be Esther <No, I'm not Esther. I never took down any chans. >why did you take down anon/r9k/? <They banned me for Brenton Tarrant The /r9gay/ incels are still triggered and Tor posts are them. >>53615 bullshit lies
This is your guy. He's suspected be the faggot known as "Dolphin". Be very careful if you decide to look into this situation at all, this guy has a stranglehold on most of the altchan scene currently. He's suspected to have gained a global position on 9chan under one of many alternate identities after the various takedown attempts he pulled. He's the former owner of many lynxchan sites (including Omnichan/8channel/Edenchan, currently suspected to own 10chan) and has been the "secret" root admin of others(including Yumechan/Coronachan/Madochan/64chan), always under some alt identity, and his presence is only known when he inevitably, eventually attempts to snatch control of said sites from their owner(s) from the root position. He'll kill any he can't control through various methods including ddos/CP & "legal" child image dumping while flooding the site's host/registrar with bs reports (similar to 9chan & the mass "white supremacist" botspam flooding he did)/and mass samefag concern trolling. He'll set up temporary bullshit sites as alternatives for those unhappy with his moderation on others he controls, then shut them down, repeatedly, to get anons to just accept his "preferred" site without complaint.
Open file (207.21 KB 964x848 orca_eat_dolphin.jpg)
Fuck dolphins they are nig​​gers of the sea
>>54141 This accusation also was made a while back on coronachan (maybe it was on lynxch@n) but I didn't see any proof made with it.
>>54141 Trash fire corona chan is back, with Rueben, (made "Badbois" admin), Stephanie, Patch, and some julay
*and some mod named "MlLK"
Open file (9.16 KB 410x123 dolphin_logging.png)
>>60864 Dolphin is a fag, not surprised.
Remember when Dolphin was relevant? Me neither.
Dolphin's new chan: https://chan.clab.li He even got that dumb motherfucker Robi to add his chan to the webring! https://julay.world/webring.json
Open file (314.79 KB 405x703 dolphinsperg.png)
Open file (114.57 KB 414x873 dolphinsperg2.png)
Open file (339.39 KB 412x1069 dolphinsperg3.png)
>>62966 Can a brother get some outrage about this?
>>63126 it's hard to be outraged about this fucking schizo, he doesn't even know where he is most of the time. Dude is high as fuck on his own brain juices
Open file (312.73 KB 407x984 dolphinnigger.png)
Open file (358.74 KB 405x1210 dolphinnigger2.png)
Open file (413.58 KB 408x1098 dolphinnigger3.png)
Open file (484.76 KB 407x1135 dolphinnigger4.png)
Open file (218.20 KB 409x995 dolphinnigger5.png)
Open file (83.56 KB 411x516 dolphinnigger6.png)
Open file (178.69 KB 408x1050 dolphinnigger7.png)
Open file (209.35 KB 414x998 dolphinnigger8.png)
Open file (278.92 KB 414x760 dolphinnigger9.png)
Open file (20.52 KB 384x262 dolphinnigger10.png)
Open file (415.54 KB 404x1086 dolphinnigger11.png)
Open file (188.15 KB 415x903 dolphinnigger12.png)
Open file (298.82 KB 416x1099 dolphinnigger13.png)
Open file (211.64 KB 413x1374 dolphinnigger14.png)
Open file (308.56 KB 415x1206 dolphinnigger15.png)
Open file (295.89 KB 411x1286 dolphinnigger16.png)
Open file (3.91 KB 400x49 dolphinnigger17.png)
Open file (62.10 KB 287x162 dolphinbareback2.png)
Open file (103.76 KB 640x260 dolphinnigger17.png)
Open file (42.67 KB 327x232 dolphinnigger18.png)
Open file (353.18 KB 322x1025 dolphinnigger19.png)
Open file (366.93 KB 323x893 dolphinnigger20.png)
>>47700 you can also copy image (dragging to desktop works fīne too) how do you use volatility dump tool also why was the julay domain parked 1 month ago even though it shuts down on 2020-07-27 (is this some sort of test)
Dolphin has succeeded in making me not want to bother with the Гунтstream anymore in fact of course. Instead of spamming it more than the Гунтs dlive chat, he now has a bot to do it for him. I am officially a-logged. Will robi do anything ever?
>Andys hero makes him cry for copying his show >being a degenerate >and being a cuck or "his sub" <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/czVgvv_hx6E?start=1" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Open file (165.21 KB 406x387 1.png)
Open file (259.06 KB 409x855 2.png)
Open file (156.45 KB 413x502 3.png)
Open file (146.80 KB 410x1140 4.png)
>>63184 no i run clabchan not dolphin
Dolphin did u do the zchan ddos?
>>65323 any idea who do it?
What was Fatchinks.is like? Who owned it?
And also Redditchan.org
Open file (142.42 KB 953x764 1594816722288.png)
>>65323 Explain this then
>>66071 same pic that was spammed on tvch
Open file (13.70 KB 200x161 ClipboardImage.png)
>>66071 >>66086 I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it.
>>39664351 I'd choose that over losing my mind over a girl
>>66086 No, the pic is allegedly dolphin dox, or so he himself claimed. I call it, dolphin is solely responsible for zchan ddos and all the half ass spam attempts. Dolphin and dolphin alone.
https://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/8892.html Dolphin spotted. There was a spam attempt on prolikewoah, smug and some other sites about not being to have sex with whore. Then suddenly someone starts defending PUA methods. Dolphin watches a lot of PUA videos and educate others on women with the wisdom he obtained from PUA books and YouTube videos.
>>66304 It must be a surprise to you but the dolphin is not psychotic at all, hes just larping. This is one of his unironic sides.
Open file (986.30 KB 768x1366 666666.jpg)
>>22314 im out for blood
Your thread is forever pedophile
Dolphin is absolutely based due to the sheer number of fagchans he fucking loves her pussy. Call me a fan in fact of course.
>>66838 >BT£O is filtered wew
Open file (352.93 KB 471x550 koitoddlercon.png)
Open file (395.14 KB 673x954 koi2.png)
Open file (524.74 KB 1579x772 koi.png)
>>23339 This dude is right
---DOLPHINBOT--- This message has been commanded by Гунтopia. Here's a daily reminder: FUCK YOU, KOIPEDO!
>>66845 who is this koi and why he seems similar to britbong?
>>68194 pretty much the biggest attention whore and cow right now
>>68194 Old /v/ BO that made the mistake of trying to run /b/ with video games. The IBS kids couldn't handle the board so one of them (a global vol) allowed it to get spammed with CP. They blamed Koi for it and now they've been seething about it for months. They teamed up with Dolphin to get /japan/ deplatformed from the webring. They've been trying to push him into cow status for months now. Problem is he hasn't done anything worthy of the title. At best he's just an attention whore. The group pushing the idea he's a cow will tell you he's a pedophile. What they won't tell you is they asked him to read 2hu hentai on their little stream and they all fapped to it together.
>>68380 seethe pedo lmao
>>68376 seethe and cope more
Open file (205.09 KB 561x561 fellow_cowboy.png)
Reminder that dolphin is a pedo with asburgers
>>68846 Kek that one is going in the /dolphin/ folder
Open file (2.91 MB 1185x1125 image.png)
Open file (2.91 MB 1185x1125 image.png)
>>65407 fatpeople.lol/fatchan was the home of r9k. it was hosted by one of JSchan developers.. >>64151 >>67909 >>68846 >muh dlolphin Imagine letting someone live foreverr rent free in you're haed nu/cow/ is the real lol/cow/
>>69473 Thank you bastard, you made me cry laughing, really.
>>28334 >Dolphin man accidentally reveals something that leads back to him - apparently his first name is Luke and he has a Reddit account Anybody still have the link to his Reddit account?
Open file (44.00 KB 198x298 9780128129241.jpg)
>>77946 >Pretty sure it had something with 'Luke' in it. Recall some anon digging before, Dolphin had once 'claimed' his name was Luke Delf and stated his parent(s) worked for one of the AU universities. There is a Paul Delfablo at Adelaide who interestingly enough has made it his life's work studying gaming and internet addiction
>>78044 Ready to ask? Don't have a free VOIP for aussie #s. https://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/paul.delfabbro
>>78044 he focuses more on gambling addiction in general. I'm not sure what kerry does but she isn't a researcher/uni slave. >>78205 I've contacted him before via email. No reply. Kerry doesn't seem to have social media which is surprising. If she does, it's under a pseudonym. IIRC others have dug into paul before us so I think his family are aware that their son is a retard online.
Everyone here fears dolphin chad
Open file (159.88 KB 1063x752 sad time.png)
Pin this thread again, Dolphin deserve it. Why are you guys backstabbing him?
>>79222 (Checked)
Open file (13.42 KB 236x306 checken em.jpg)
>>79222 true blessed post, checked!
>>79222 deserved what
Open file (37.23 KB 288x162 download.png)
>>79222 >mini-applebutt blankflank digits confirms dolphin poster is actually Lauren Faust baste in fact of course
Open file (272.58 KB 700x645 ponut.jpg)
>>79222 basted pin, janny
Open file (3.73 MB 200x355 514354364357241432.gif)
Pedophin is shilling his site over on 8 channel https://archive.fo/ftMaZ
Pedophin killed cytube >>84570 https://cytu.be/
>>84579 Pretty sure its only a temporary shutdown.
>>82263 >>84579 HI G​AMERGATEchu/angry torfag or koipedo. Stop spreading your pathetic lies.
>>84603 kys fagphin
>>84605 Hi John.
>>79222 blessed
Dolphin, yu're a lolcow after all lol, Irish at least is a normal man and can be funny sometimes, so keep seething about some potatoG​AMERGATE making you mad on cytube.
The Гунтstream's lies and deceptions It's time for the Гунтstream to be exposed for what it really is: a namefag drama cesspool. The Гунтstream is home to a few fellow cow boys lies: Hardrade, Гунтopia (copetopia), robi (/lies), and others, but not limited to abo (Molibery) and Toad McKinley (stormweenie). Users like Hardrade will stir up fake drama and seemingly "beat Dolphin". Hardrade is an irish druggie who is extremely butthurt over getting his sites deplatformed bickers he upset Dolphin; was pissed at Hardrade and Hardrade proceeded to declare war on Dolphin and so, every namefag in there now "hates Dolphin", which makes no sense when they get him to spam up sites for free/nothing. You may say koi is a pedophile, etc, but he is right about one thing and that's the Гунтstream. It's full of a bunch of liars who will say shit like "I'm sending an email to X bickers >we want to raid them", and so on, only to "forget" the next day. The only solution to this faggotry is to stop going to the Гунтstream and start going back to pre-imageboard days. If you're wondering who wrote this essay was, it's my fellow cowboy at <https://www.youtube.com/user/21000mans>. I was told about this on Discord by some user called "HardRade##2263".
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Dolfag hasn't been relevant for months.
>>89128 More relevant and usefull than you.
Dolphin keep winning.
>>89163 >>89357 ok schizo
>>89847 Who are you?
>>89847 It's Robi, not?
>dolphin schizo got bo of zzzchan /tech/ >starts screeching calling everyone pedos >cries about captcha >spams other boards on the sites using the same ip >gets found out and is removed as bo less than 24 hours later
Open file (66.81 KB 792x600 8cc.jpg)
>>90339 How did Sturgeon let this happen!?! I thought he had a good way of determining people to run his boards! I'm sure he'll think of something for his based sleeper agents!
>>90339 Hey G​AMERGATEchu aka af3690 from cyclical thread. Are you a neet such as John pedo? You're here 24/7 no stop with your autistic crusade.
>>91517 what is this supposed to prove exactly? that the admin browses /v/?
>>91522 That he really really really likes Minecraft, the paid exclusive version, for a reason. I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server.
>>91547 > I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server. I'm afraid I don't, please educate me and everyone else, possibly ELI5, anon-kun.
Hey Dolphin, these fags are seething about you https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/27018.html#27553
Open file (12.72 KB 1551x338 they are afraid.png)
Open file (47.16 KB 1566x509 oh no no no no no.png)
>>93687 I just made a post on tor, what the fuck is that fag complaining about, even the admin uses tor to post, I doubt he'd fucking ban himself from using his own site
Someone has been busy practicing https://archive.is/pXEni
>>94248 Hey rodent, dolphin doesn't spam like that; different spam style.
>Koigoons are on the cyclical thread seething endlessness about Dolphin and even bitching about other John pedo a-logs. <it's the new norm now.
Why this thread still pinned?
>>96724 Why is it unpinned?
So Dolphin is now obsessed with Nyanjcaesar187 instead of Irish, while chatting with himself on chat, really sad existence.
Open file (76.63 KB 634x276 autism.png)
Yeah! Dolphin-kun! Sorry to say it, but you're only useful to deal with certain canadian jewish pedos.
Open file (55.17 KB 331x402 butthurt_anon.jpeg)
Dolphin autism is flawed, he is unable to notice that he is kept around bickers he is useful in certain situations and is funny to feed his delusions for cocks, meanwhile, people enjoy having someone like NyanRaIph and even Irish for less selfish and genuine reasons.
Open file (51.17 KB 600x450 anita.jpg)
>>98245 hail anita
>>98097 This Dolphag is the biggest lolcow to orbit julay. He deserves an entire board. The least we could do is keep this thread pinned.
>>101563 Dolphins autism is confined to the Гунтstream cytube at this point, part of the deal he had with robi was that he would stop spamming places, and he would get his thread unpinned, robi and the dolphinfag both kept their ends of the deal. Lurk the cytube or join as a guest if you truly wish to witness or interact with him, remember that dolphin is a serial scratcher, so I would use a vpn. Honestly at this point dolphin is pretty harmless, he just seems to like to hang out with the /cow/boys in the chat and talk about his technology autism.
cow is cutting deals with dolphin now, huh? Epic.
hes targeting /a/ on smug now. https://archive.is/WMjJy#48454
>>102950 an what? he's just a dumb, maybe teenager, troll ignore trolls if they roast you, dumb normie i swear cow and ed now just consist of incompetent, boring morons foxdickfarms are straight teenager shit as well
>NyanRaIph and degen Irish are still bumping this thread
Irish is a big piece of shit, he is Lynx tier, he can't code, he's weak and a degen drug user and pedo addicted to drugs.
<The Dolphinfag isn't affiliated with /cow/, he was always a neutral party/cow and hes been MIA for some time anyways.
Tvch as a whole hate dolphin, the cp spammer.
He's a tranny now.
>>141479 Proof? Big if true
>>141689 knowledge only from the troonies of troons. Basically luke had to go to therapy bickers he, unsurprisingly, fell into a friend group of trannies who convinced him he is a woman. He didn't say anything at the therapy session and ran away. The autism to tranny pipeline claims another.
>>141864 did he used to be part of /leftypol/ groups while wolfspider (pedo) was trying to groom him to turn into a ""femboy""?
>>141864 did he used to be part of /leftypol/ groups while wolfspider (pedo) was trying to groom him to turn into a ""femboy""?
Open file (16.56 KB 256x256 crosseyephin.JPG)
>>98245 Don't mistake liking his dolphin tricks for only caring about that. He's fun to chat with and his creations are good stuff. He tried to pull some of his tricks on me more than once and was almost successful, but I admire the effort and think his shenanigans are funny. I can't hate him for being mischievous, it's my fault for trusting him too much even though I know I shouldn't. The guy is a hacker in the old (70s) sense of the word.
>>164925 dolphin is a pedo.phile that preys on children, spams CP links and a universally hated retard who got destroyed by a guy with a black pokemon avatar so naturally, he's BFFs with modern /cow/
>>165437 Look pedochu, dolphin was never a pedo and he never spammed cp links or cp, but >we all know that your gang actually did it, the fact that you are still butthurt that he managed to get you guys kicked off prokikewoah is impressive enough. The wound still hurts 2 years later.
>>165482 why are you simping for a pedophil/e?
>>165482 >Look pedochu, dolphin was never a pedo and he never spammed cp links or cp How do you know
>>165653 bickers there is evidence of a confirmed pedophi.le(dolphin) being allowed near children in the cytube stream by my jewish mother admins, that could get someone in prison, or at least on a nice government watch list, so they would rather make up a boogeyman and blame everything on him, or just downright lie this is how a guilty pedo behaves btw, right down to the tee, right before they get arrested. that's why I can safely say dolphin is a pedo and all of my jewish mother and /cow/ are their accessory to the crime, N​IGGERchu is only guilty of actually making the pedo dolphin seethe
The only claims that state dolphin are a pedo state bickers he once posted a link that had another link that contained cp, even though the site was some deep web site containing more deep web links in general and cp is sadly a thing that is very common there that made him a pedo. But, as time went on when dolphin was still very active never once had anons seen dolphin, who was a big avatarfag and a very easy to spot spammer, post cp. In contrast pedochu and his pedo goons had openly posted cp on my jewish mother/v/, /cow/, tvch, and zzzchan. They constantly defend posting cp as "chan cutlure" and "free speech." Of course they often slander their detractors as pedos to cover their own tracts. oh and there is likely a decent overlap between them and between the pedos from /hebe/ on blacked.gov
>>165682 I should add on and basically point out the claim is basically like posting a link to zzzchan's /b/ or mark/v/ and claiming anon is a pedo for linking the boare, since both boards have plenty of cp being posted all the time by their pedo residents.
Open file (6.84 MB 1048x594 ThisisCockPiece.mp4)
God damnit Dolphin
(You) still make /tv/troons seethe, godspeed dolphin.

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