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Open file (248.91 KB 1080x1076 CatboyKami.jpg)
CatboyKami the streamer formerly known as Lolisocks Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 22:05:47 ID: 61b3aa No.24932
Kami (as he calls himself) is a crossdressing IRL streamer from Brisbane Australia. He is best known for leeching off Nick Fuentes and dressing as a "catboy". He used to streams his entire life as a NEET 24/7 from his room which had posters of lolis plastered all over the walls and sex toys scattered across the floor. He has been banned from a number of streaming sites including dlive, twitch and mixer. He proclaims to have been diagnosed as autistic, this is very likely to be true given his poor social skills and his inability to refrain from discussing "redpilled" topics. He streams from this channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCC7Q2o-qeM2N3n5ZEDNq_bw His earliest streams can be found on his "main channel, along with his edited videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCFeLOPWbIj2O1rOq14KI_iA
post his nudes
>>64989 Who would you rather fuck? The Catboy or the blonde girl?
typical far right faggots, homosexuality=degeneracy but paedophilia= absolutely fine! Optics boys, you don't want dirty lefties waltzing in here to screencap a bunch of you defending paedophiles People are starting to associate racetard nazifaggotry with paedophilia and it don't look good
>>65166 >typical far right faggots, homosexuality=degeneracy but paedophilia= absolutely fine! But literally the opposite is true! Spencer, Greg Johnson and co. are all (crypto) faggots. >People are starting to associate racetard nazifaggotry with paedophilia and it don't look good Oh no. National socialism might become socially unacceptable! What are we to do?!?
>>65193 >What are we to do?!? Keep being passive aggressive while you go extinct. White genocide wasn't a real thing until you faggots decided to betray your entire race by acting this way.
>>65166 Why does the right-wing have to adopt the pedophilia definition of a bitter, old Karen, who thinks men are disgusting for their natural attraction towards young women and you should only go after women your own age? This pedo-scare that is going on, is like Feminists extending the definition of rape and wanting to create an attitude where beating a woman unconscious and breaking her bones and then raping her is at the same level as touching her butt, when you are a drunk at a party or kissing your gf in front of your friends, which made her uncomfortable. I reject this. I reject this equalisation of different phenomena. I think legit Pedos, who are in any way attracted to pre-pubescent children should be killed. But if you are normal man, who isn't fucked up in the head and are attracted to a 16-year old girl, which btw is completly legal in my country and even most parts of the US, then you shouldn't AT ALL be associated with Pedophiles in any way. Bitter old women, who want to redefine everything they don't like as rape and pedophilia, should be ridiculed. TL;DR If you aren't fucked up in the head, then your natural sexuality as a man is completly normal and not pedophilia.
>>65379 But given that I said that, IIRC he was kinda rude to some kids in fact of course. But given what is wrong in the world, I wouldn't blow that up. He is an edgy fuck for asking young girls, if they can fit the bottle in their vagina, but that is imo edgy not pedophilic.
I mean he even once told a kid some advice about what Grooming is and how it works, so he gave some good advice there.
>>64715 >>65379 >>65380 >>65382 You're a faggot try-hard, kami, not a chad.
Open file (137.65 KB 361x464 08TWr1W.png)
Copying Britbong/mrfucking loves her pussy shtick much lol
Even though he has fucked a trap apperently, he also fucks tons of women as well, so yeah he is a chad. these are multiple different women that he has fucked or went out with clearly he is a sex addict
All my based discord frens who frequent 4chan are now posting memes about him and webms.
Open file (439.50 KB 380x553 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.88 MB 640x360 alegs2.mp4)
>>64715 >>68170 > he is a chad. lol no.. not only he is a total degenerate and a bi faggot, but he is pedophile as well.
Is he still streaming?
Lmao this piece of shit is being shilled as "based and funny" all over shitcord servers with a majority of members from 8kun and cuckchan, I got attack for saying he is a pedo and shilled by the feds days ago.
4chan users told me he is based, it's true?
Holy fucking shit you people need to let up. What the fuck is wrong with you? He isn't a fucking fag for fucks sakes, having sex with a man doesn't make you gay, he just tried it and he didn't like it. People make mistakes, i bet you people made mistakes that you're not proud of.
>>80847 >A man can build a thousand bridges and be known as a bridge builder. >But if he sucks one cock no one will ever refer to him as a a bridge builder again t. Grandpa
>>24932 A little over a year ago I used to visit 8ch.(mostly for the images though) Though I stopped when it was shut down. I know it was back up as 8kun and many of the old users went back there thoughbI did not go myself Recently I ve read from, admitedly dubious sources, that 8chan was going the way of gab and banning stuff and going full censorship. Does anyone here know exactly whats going on?
>Does anyone here know exactly whats going on? Toad McKinley hasn't given up on his dream of making 8chan profitable. That was always the goal. Either for his news propaganda magazine on the front page or for Q merchandise.
>>81093 (Toad of course being Jilm Vatkins)
>>80847 i agree you suck one cock and all of us a sudden you're gay like wtf
>>81077 >and many of the old users went back there that's the most fun part about the place
>>25238 its been like a year since this pic was released and nobody knows who the fuck the kid is? still? does anyone know
>>86482 i think it's the bitch he was with while in america. Were gonna get married or something. He tried fucking her but couldnt cum.
>>86491 so its actually a woman? i would've believed it bickers tons of women have hair like that but where are her titties? also thanks
>>86493 he's still bi but more covert about it now that he has an audience. I'm confident it was a woman in that pic tho
>>25341 jesus christ what the fuck?
>>25341 Based
im really intrigued on his degenerate past or just his past in general im in his telegram chat he said he played with sex toys for the memes but i dont even know what to believe anymore
>>91051 He admitted to fucking a trap in the leopirate stream. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rp00UPLZJOO9/
>>91052 1:34:00 is the time stamp.
Fuck off Shitbong, you're not relevant anymore and nobody cares about your attention whoring faggotry.
>>91073 Britbong > EmptyHero DSP > Mister Metokur LTG > Pewtiepie Toad McKinley > Mutti JMK > Ashton
>>24932 >>24933 geez no wonder why people call nick Fuentes spic Fuentes, and yes catboi kami should be blacklisted in the FBI, I'm not surprised if they used discord as the discord trannies they were
>>29965 anyone has the original streams (with sound)?
Gay Sunflower seeds.
I wanna see the video for that stream with buttpirate
>>117144 https://www.bitchute.com/video/rp00UPLZJOO9/ Here is the debate they had a while back.
Open file (567.52 KB 610x1086 1614728202593.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (456.26 KB 750x943 1614728139160.jpeg.jpg)
kami and his wife ex trap bf
>>30302 Forney should wear a chastity cage.
>>119357 lol so he has actually dated a tranny?
>>119357 Femboys are cute to be honest.
>>131134 Who are you?
Open file (205.22 KB 701x2972 Nick Fuentes.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1201x942 gootthl oloi.PNG)
Seriously why is there no trace of the old vods with Anime conventions, tinder autism, 24 hour live streams etc. ? Like all that cocks and history on him just gone forever. pic related

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