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Open file (248.91 KB 1080x1076 CatboyKami.jpg)
CatboyKami the streamer formerly known as Lolisocks Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 22:05:47 ID: 61b3aa No.24932
Kami (as he calls himself) is a crossdressing IRL streamer from Brisbane Australia. He is best known for leeching off Nick Fuentes and dressing as a "catboy". He used to streams his entire life as a NEET 24/7 from his room which had posters of lolis plastered all over the walls and sex toys scattered across the floor. He has been banned from a number of streaming sites including dlive, twitch and mixer. He proclaims to have been diagnosed as autistic, this is very likely to be true given his poor social skills and his inability to refrain from discussing "redpilled" topics. He streams from this channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCC7Q2o-qeM2N3n5ZEDNq_bw His earliest streams can be found on his "main channel, along with his edited videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCFeLOPWbIj2O1rOq14KI_iA
Open file (3.81 KB 225x225 Lolisocks.jpeg)
Open file (36.24 KB 391x539 clsymbols.jpg)
His previous channel logo image also has a striking resemblance to a number of listed paedophile symbols.
Open file (142.23 KB 1080x976 09578321893222533672.jpg)
Open file (100.07 KB 624x995 KamiNoCum.jpg)
Here he is in his now deleted discord (can't possibly imagine why) complaining about having to change his channel name, and later complaining about his inability to perform in bed. As you can see I've been watching this guy for a little while, just seeing if he does anything particularly dumb, it's hard given that he streams so much.
>streamer 4cucks is that way. Go be with your underage brethren!
He's got a weird physique.
>>24932 >Brisbane of course
>>24995 That fucking cunt is fit as fuck.
Open file (116.69 KB 550x385 brave_Bn2kn8sKNM.png)
Open file (817.22 KB 1280x720 loliboner.png)
>streams himself sleeping with a boner >claimed to hate edgy stormfags but is an edgyboi himself >had a boyfriend >claims to have an 8inch pp
>>25047 >Had a boyfriend I haven't heard about this, what details are there? Did he admit it?
He's claiming to be under investigation by the US government now for his ties to white nationalism (he is currently staying in the US). Is this actually likely or his he just making up shit to rally his fans around him or something equally retarded?
>>25080 White nationalism is hardly some fringe ideology worthy of investigation in America of all places. Maybe it's bickers he's a foreigner it might make a difference, I don't know. Being a foreign white nationalist "loli" loving crossdesser would probably get you high up there on the glow G​AMERGATE watch lists, and despite how much you deserve to die glowies, I don't think I'd blame you for this one.
>>25080 He's a friend of Nick Fuentes who is getting zeroed in on by both the left and the right. His name is apparently censored on r/the_donald.
>>25066 yes on a livestream. They sucked eachother's pp. He's bi.
>>25088 >people like this thing are America-Firsters
>>25196 Don't you want people like Lolisocks to be the spearhead of the Catboy Ethnostate? It gets more based and catboypilled by the minute!
After posting 2 highlight videos from a stream that Kami and Nick Fuentes did together, the Fuentes highlights channel has privated the videos following backlash from Fuentes fans, against the flagrant homosexuality of Kami. PPP's video is the only way to view these videos now. https://youtu.be/NcEDT8SzHQM
Open file (36.75 KB 669x544 1496071162377.png)
>>25047 >>had a boyfriend the conversation screencapped above >>24934 illustrates that Kamikazi was pozzing some female? and maybe Sara Crewe wants pozzed as well?
Open file (67.36 KB 623x682 621386746220183.jpg)
Open file (194.70 KB 311x411 ClipboardImage.png)
>>25235 PPP's reaction is very relatable. i get that he's Nick's friend but why would you publicly associate with this person especially when your entire brand is about traditional Catholic values?
>>25047 baste
>>25238 Is that Nick in the background?
>>25238 I was going to compare this fag to Rohm, but Rohm at least had some manliness as a WW1 veteran.
Open file (268.20 KB 1080x1071 totallynotgay.jpg)
From his Instagram, he's totally not gay guys... https://www.instagram.com/catboykami/
https://www.lpsg.com/threads/lolisocks-live-streamer.1099811/ So a gay forum seems to make up a decent contingent of his viewers, looks like half his audience is homosexuals waiting for him to accidentally show his cock on stream since he only wears shorts most of the time.
Open file (1.94 MB 295x550 Corey_burning.gif)
Open file (93.72 KB 628x677 brave_pm7C8CnZcW.png)
Fuentes on the catboy question
>>25795 Is vaush really a pedophile? Is that the guy who talked about wanting to suck horse dicks?
>>25795 He sounds salty that he's been exposed as a homosexual.
>>25795 >this is the leader of 'America First' I'm fucking disgusted.
>>25795 Notice he doesn't try to make any arguments defending his faggotry, he just attempts to deflect by bringing attention to some guy I've never heard of. How will this homo ever recover?
>>25795 Live by the tradcuckoldry, die by the tradcuckoldry.
>>25795 >You wignats just don't get it. IRL streaming with a catamine in a dress is PEAK OPTICS I get it if you don't want to disavow your friend over optics, but you could just hang out privately instead of going on a livestreamed julayshake date and talking about showering together. Even Richard Spencer is straighter than that.
ironybros reported my twitter for calling them gay lol
>>25830 idk but i remember the first time i heard about vaush was after flamenco was trying to gain clout by dick riding him and destiny, vaush got kicked out of destinyes discordo or groups or soemthing, that was when vaush first got on the ks, cos flamenco stalked him bickers of that and the reason he ogt kicked was cos he kept talking to underage kids in the discord or something so yeh hes a pedo
As a longtime observer of Lolisocks, I feel I can add some things here. I first found this man when he was 24/7 streaming his life on Dlive, and was utterly fascinated by how open he was about his life. I could ask this NEET any question about his life and he would answer very candidly. Much can be discovered by watching the streams archived on his channel, but much is lost due to his bannings on various streaming sites, and YouTube's inability to process streams beyond a certain length. Much of what I tell you may not be directly verifiable, but some of it may be confirmed by comparing my claims to his videos and streams, but also to thread about him on that gay forum. Also he will probably tell you most of this if asked. To begin with, Lolisocks comes from a broken home, his father was a drug addict who is now estranged from his family, thus he grew up without a major father figure for much of his life, and so he learned much of what it is to be a man through the internet. He was diagnosed with autism as a child, he walks around on his toes all the time, a trait of autistic children. He dropped out of highschool and began his existence as a NEET. For a time he held a job as a waiter, and was able to amass some wealth via crypto currency, which he has been living off ever since he began streaming. I am not too familiar with Lolisocks' origin in streaming as I only found him a month or 2 into his 24/7 project began. I do recall however that he was affiliated with Bonbi Bonker General, I am not sure if this was a discord or an 8chan board. His original stated goal was to become the next PewDiePie, but, in doing so he would offer something of substance to improve people rather than mindless entertainment all the time. By this he meant he would subtly promote "red pulled" ideas. Lolisocks however, is far too retarded to ever achieve such a goal however. Firstly he is far too open about his views, and will answer virtually any question he is answered completely honestly, futhermore, he constantly talks about politics and "red pilled" ideas on his streams. Even if he did not, the 24/7 stream model he followed meant that slip ups were inevitable. It took him many months to realise his dream was impossible, and he has now accepted his place as a Fuentes leech. Nick Fuentes is where much of his audience comes from. Fuentes discovered Lolisocks 24/7 streaming on Dlive due to his poor sleeping habits. The two developed a friendship via the streams, as Lolisocks had a low viewership when Nick found him, and so, the two could simply chat virtually uninterrupted just using the stream chat. The two have played videogames together, like Fortnite and Realm Royale. I should note that I do not believe the two are in a homosexual relationship. While Fuentes himself may be gay, Lolisocks has shown a particular aversion to homosexuality, when offered sexual favours by men on Instagram, and offers to do gay porn. He was quite visibly perturbed when discussing this on stream a number of times while on dlive. He cloaks in irony and poses with dildos for attention. Lolisocks does however unironically use flesh lights and other similar sex toys. He also unironically masturbates to hentai. He has named his favourite hentai artist on stream before (unfortunately I can't remember the name, it's something like Tamako Kaytama when pronounced by him). He has been accused of being a paedophile on a number of occasions due to his loli posters on his walls and his old profile picture, due to it's similarity to paedophile symbols. He has claimed this is a "subtle redpill" but also that it's a joke and irony to freak out schizos. In my time viewing the only things other things that raise suspicion in this regard that I can recall, are his obsession with Bonbi Bonkers (this can be seen in his video "I love Boni Bonkers"), his comments about a study he claims to have read which suggested that men on average chose the face of a 14 year old as most attractive, and I think he messaged a girl called Prepareyourchairs on Instagram.
>>25982 Since you found the thread, are you willing to give an interview on the Guntstream about your life and your relationship with Nick Fuentes?
>>25982 Why are you referring to yourself in third-person, faggot?
>>25982 >t. Lolisocks
>Far right fags overcompensating to hide their not-so-latent homosexuality and daddy issues Im shocked
>>25795 This is why you shouldn't LARP as some sort of virtuous traditionalist figure when you're actually a egotistical homosexual
>>24932 the thing is, fuentes had to know how this would have looked when he did the stream so why did he do it ? Do these shills have to let you know this stuff ? So they kinda ... let you know.. but the plans is when they let you know it just kinda dies down and none of their other shills bring it up ?!?! Or was all this supposed to happen bickers these shills like to think you trust them then crash and burn everything ?
>>25982 >lolisocks >not gay X I bet he tops the manlet spic
>>25982 So you're saying he might actually be a paedophile? that would add up, as the prepareyourchairs girl you claim he messaged only turned 16 recently, when did he message her? Also he has admitted he masturbates to lolis, and his only defence to that was "it's not a crime". Also you're completely wrong about him not being gay, you must be fucking retarded not to see it. https://www.instagram.com/prepareyourchairs/
>>26144 >16 year old artist who loves everyone OH NO NO NO NO https://archive.is/Kc5OS
>>26116 I think Fuentes is denial of his own faggotry, so he has to deny his lust for chad catboipussy even to himself, so he goes out and doesn't realize how much of a horny homo he looks like.
>>26144 >being into a 16-year-old is pedophilia
>>26159 Welcome to burgerland, enjoy your stay
>>25136 Got the clip?
>>25795 in fact of course I'd believe him if the guy he was hanging out with wasn't a cat-ear wearing queer.
Big thonk right here.
>>26300 I like how he cannot take the question seriously.
Open file (10.52 MB 852x480 Clip · DLive.mp4)
Maybe he is straight. Or maybe he's more accustomed to Nick's chipolata?
>>25795 dropped
Open file (392.29 KB 1898x1067 godwinsonreturns.jpg)
>Be Nick Fuentes >Have Godwinson sink your entire internet career https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oaOVbQoDg8
Open file (56.90 KB 641x142 kamisocks.png)
Open file (51.27 KB 498x618 nick the knife.jpg)
Open file (84.53 KB 600x1200 catboy38.JPG)
Before there was lolisocks, Nick Fuentes flirted and DMed with a tranny on his server by the name of nikiboo32 or Niki. Mods tried to claim Niki was just a troll while at least one other user openly lusted after him. The infamous tweet of him liking a trap wearing knee socks wasn't an ironic joke. It was Niki and Nick had known him for at least a year by that point. He also liked the tweet "there's nothing wrong with traps" from the transgender porn star Erica Cherry. https://imgur.com/gallery/S1Te1gN Brings the whole catboy thing and lolisocks into a new light https://imgur.com/gallery/vsEqb
>>26680 >traps >catboys unironically based
>>26680 the trans ethno-state is finally here bros WE'RE ALL GOING TO GET STATE APPOINTED DICK GIRLS
>>26680 >Account suspended >Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules I wonder what he did, not liking diversity is a crime.
Open file (34.05 KB 931x634 KGiHWCi_d.jpg)
>>26680 Every fucking time!
Open file (1.00 MB 700x529 catboi kami.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 640x1136 image0-3.png)
Following all the fallout from the 10 hour date with Nick Fuentes, Lolisocks has now decided that he is going to stop streaming as much and is going to focus on other things. Here he is on his Instagram story, again looking like a fag. I think Nick ordered him to stop streaming bickers he was previously told by Nick to change his channel name.
>>28132 On telegram he said he might get back into streaming and has "something big" in the pipeline probably not talking about getting bummed but who knows. This was after his date with cuckedalaska and going to a recording studio or some shit.
Abdullah (affectionately known as Monkey) is a G​AMERGATE who spends his days flooding twitter and any forums he can find with hyper-autistic rants about the video game Kingdom Hearts 3. He can't seem to handle opinions other than his own, and is confirmed to be on the autism spectrum. This leads to him being frequently banned from websites like GameFAQs and others. His specialty is gaslighting, so he usually utilizes mutliple accounts on the same website to samefag his opinions. Twitter: @blessed2FM Youtube channel: AbdullahKProject wiiU username: AKenerly Address: 1613 MEADOW LANE TER, Fort Worth, TX, 76112 Phone: (817) 798 8719 Date of Birth: 11/21/1995 Age: 24 Known family members: Terrance L Kenerly and Aliyah Kenerly
>>28275 Sorry lads, clicked the wrong tab
Open file (208.13 KB 1199x1504 WELOVEOURCOPS.jpg)
>>28184 He's going to be Baked Alaska 2.0
Open file (73.11 KB 498x618 Nick_the_Prick.jpg)
Open file (1.60 MB 1712x1080 Optics.png)
Open file (391.58 KB 960x540 oNa3P4Y.mp4)
Open file (270.28 KB 1080x1157 selfawarenesscheck.jpg)
https://twitter.com/boseph_returns/status/1221111168644931584 This tweet is rather ironic, considering this guy did a stream with Lolisocks (Catboy Kami) recently https://dlive.tv/p/dlive-20342666+_o15-dsWR?
>>29341 What's ironic talking to a gay?
>>29343 Lolisocks used to use a similar paedophile symbol as his logo and has admitted to masturbating to loli.
Open file (2.96 MB 1290x726 benis.webm)
Open file (350.27 KB 1863x919 Fuentes1.jpg)
Open file (353.97 KB 1863x919 Fuentes2.jpg)
Open file (812.72 KB 1863x919 Fuentes_transparent.png)
Open file (487.38 KB 2048x1583 EPSBCsMUEAAkpwZ.jpg)
>>30302 Fatt Morney's face looks too normal there.
>>30302 >>30310 Where's Baked, the "sick cunt"? His presence in that picture, now that'd be fucking BASTE.
>>29965 Not NEARLY as impressive as were led to believe. Maybe Nicky is the top after all.
Open file (4.32 MB 720x1280 tiktoksocks.mp4)
Open file (3.29 MB 720x1280 tiktoksocks1.mp4)
The retard is starting up his attempt at a tiktok "career" with streaming being done soonish. Probably not smart since tiktok will take down videos for the smallest of reasons and they take a 40% cut on streaming shekels.
>>31923 OMG LOL XD
Open file (61.31 KB 867x736 DxQYZFNWsAACxPV.jpeg)
https://www.bitchute.com/video/rp00UPLZJOO9/ In this stream with Leopirate Lolisocks admits that he had sex with a man specifically a trap. He's 100% gay his fans and Nick cannot seriously deny it any longer. I'd timestamp it but I can't remember where he says it pretty sure it's at least an hour or two into the stream. No wonder he hangs around with guys like Baked Alaska.
Open file (1.12 MB 1863x919 Fuentes_Kami3.png)
>>32533 That is just what peak optics looks like in fact of course.
>>32533 yeah even playgoicarti, his main defender, was taken aback. I'll try and find the timestamp or clip it later during the week. It was supposed to be clipped but I think the weasel gave up
>>31923 I thought Tik Tok was about music.
>>32533 >Lolisocks admits that he had sex with a man specifically a trap. Lolisocks confirmed for peak trad.
https://youtu.be/SNzpiJbCpvA?t=1157 During Nick's interview with Ryan Dawson he claims Lolisocks is now getting married to a girl in LA
>>30302 >>30310 not enough cranial bumps in fact of course
>>35275 Nick disavowed Catboi hard as fuck on Гунт Show last night. Just threw him under the bus.
>>35275 >>35396 Imagine being Nick Fuentes lmao. He's a pathetic excuse of a Catholic tradn!gger
So who was the top? Kami or Nick?
Open file (821.25 KB 525x820 brave_rBUQjga982.png)
>>35399 Spic said during the date that he's taller and he obviously wasn't referring to his height. A faggot should confirm whether or not this is a code word for top.
>>36339 He's got a point.
>>36339 >People say I'm a paedophile for finding this attractive That's literally a drawing of an under 5, he's a paedophile
Open file (18.67 KB 500x402 1580766902160.jpg)
>>36339 >>36359 >being a pedo and wanting to fuck children with no clue about anything and who literally don't know right from wrong >this is normal <"questioning that is bad lol muh feels" Reminder all pedos need the death penalty, it would actually be pretty cool if their victims could kill em too.
>>38441 I didn't say questioning it is bad, you can be a newfag and sperg about drawings all you want in fact of course.
Open file (732.58 KB 500x670 lolisocks_big_gay.mp4)
>>38445 Kill yourself Kami. Go do some heroin with your deadbeat drug addict dad you paedophile faggot.
Open file (502.27 KB 579x503 1578237418059.png)
>>38445 These japautist drawings make a shit ton more people into pedos inevitably, just like how freak tranny lolcows are cockhopping just bickers they want to pretend to be some fag goot anime gorl with a rotting hole
>>38476 >Kami That green dude from Dragon Ball? >>38482 Yeah exactly, it's great. Sperg about it some more and watch nothing change.
>>38505 point that pozfinger back in your ass where it belongs pedofaggot
>>38505 Whatever paedophile, I'm sure ICE will be interested to know about you overstaying in the USA
Open file (199.92 KB 577x501 smug slurping.png)
>>38510 The fuck ever that means, spaz. >>38514 I was born here so idk about that.
>>38521 Does Oscar know you're a paedophile? How about your sister? Your mum?
Open file (103.19 KB 640x960 1449596153261.jpg)
>>38521 buttmad pedo FREAK detected >>38526 lol cucked
>>38526 Who the fuck is Oscar? >sister >mum Yeah, they do. >>38536 >I'm buttmad >reee kill all X bickers I am ineffectually upset about gook scribbles Nice selfie.
>>38546 .t Buttmad and projecting bickers i pointed out your drawings literally made you a pedo FREAK that can't get a hard on to a normal woman anymore, guess i reminded you of that. Euthanasia is just a matter of time away.
>>38554 But I love being a pedophile, you baka. >Euthanasia is just a matter of time away Don't do it, you have so much to live for etc.
>>38555 >I love being a pedophile, you baka.
>>38744 Cope, pedophobe.
>>26680 it's fucking pathetic bickers I actually used to be on the same part of twitter an knew this "niki" trap. He's an obese, underage loser.
>>43182 >it's fucking pathetic It is, tell us more.
Open file (53.93 KB 1024x576 _83216714_83216713.jpg)
All whites and east asians are same. East asians are white people who became slightly yellow skinned and they eyes become chinky.
>>43530 Does that mean south asians are black people who became chinky? WE
Open file (330.39 KB 491x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (646.34 KB 1076x588 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43543 The whitest Asians are the Ainu, with the honorary white Hapanese a close second.
South Asians use to be fully brown until they were raped by you white and east asian devils.
>>43745 Rape is a corrective tool for socially destructive behaviors like not being white.
https://youtu.be/BkeywFZ08t4 It would be a great shame if people were to report Kami's most recent stream at the timestamp 5:53:11 for nudity due to a guy masturbating on camera.
>>44003 But we need to get him to show his dick first. Then we'll be done with him.
>>43746 Whites and East Asians are destructive devils and they are not welcome in South Asia & Sub Saharan Africa. GO BACK TO EUROPE & EAST ASIA & can we will accept the refugees that are on your borders alongside all south asians & africans. WHITES AND EAST ASIANS MUST PERISH.
White Genocide Will Prevail Mixed Race Genocide Will Prevail East Asian Genocide Will Prevail WHITES AND EAST ASIANS MUST PERISH
Open file (516.59 KB 497x896 brave_3VkFX1Ggdo.png)
>>44021 A world with only blacks, mexicans, and jews would truly be paradise on earth.
>>36347 I like the three chairs that are copy and pasted
>>38441 What if I want to impregnate de loli and marry her? How am I evil then? I would make her into a proper housewife instead of giving her that sweet freedom she definitely needs to be a total whore and destroys everything.
>>45210 Then you're really based.
>>26680 Friendly remember, this Niki is the same obese tranny neet who used to be part of streams with Leopirate, Diogenes and Joachim and being close from animemafia fags
>>26680 Well, holy shit, from the second link I know another person, the Nick dude with a catboy profile pic used to be part of multiple "polgbt" servers and he is some ugly mentally will jew faggot.
https://youtu.be/FC8IPhJr1EE Here he is trying to effectively molest kids on Omegle
one of fuentes' accounts just got retweeted by trump. I guess trump and nick both hang out with faggot pedophiles so it makes sense
Nice thread, lefties, but /cow/ is a /pol/ board.
Kami is an autistic Chad with no fucking filter at all. Like he is God's experiment on what a /pol/ack would be like, if he was turned maximum Chad and had no fucking social filter. It's great. And of course given that /pol/ is on 4chan means that there is also a little bit of degeneracy sprinkled in. But overall I like him. I think he does more good than bad. Even if I can readily believe he fucked a tranny. But I don't think he is full on homosex. I am saying this also, bickers I discovered him before the Nick Fuentes controversy and I recognised the stupid claims. He was obviously joking and not seriously getting sexual gratification from crossdressing or sucking a horsecock. People just need to understand the filter or shame, which is present in normal people, is basically completly non-existant in that guy.
>>64715 yeah, he's alright in my book. don't care what degenerate shit he's into as long as he's entertaining
trying to post the rest, but I'm getting errors, weird
Man, this site is shit Fuck it, here are the direct links https://streamable.com/ax90r1 https://streamable.com/pgco6f
post his nudes
>>64989 Who would you rather fuck? The Catboy or the blonde girl?
typical far right faggots, homosexuality=degeneracy but paedophilia= absolutely fine! Optics boys, you don't want dirty lefties waltzing in here to screencap a bunch of you defending paedophiles People are starting to associate racetard nazifaggotry with paedophilia and it don't look good
>>65166 >typical far right faggots, homosexuality=degeneracy but paedophilia= absolutely fine! But literally the opposite is true! Spencer, Greg Johnson and co. are all (crypto) faggots. >People are starting to associate racetard nazifaggotry with paedophilia and it don't look good Oh no. National socialism might become socially unacceptable! What are we to do?!?
>>65193 >What are we to do?!? Keep being passive aggressive while you go extinct. White genocide wasn't a real thing until you faggots decided to betray your entire race by acting this way.
>>65166 Why does the right-wing have to adopt the pedophilia definition of a bitter, old Karen, who thinks men are disgusting for their natural attraction towards young women and you should only go after women your own age? This pedo-scare that is going on, is like Feminists extending the definition of rape and wanting to create an attitude where beating a woman unconscious and breaking her bones and then raping her is at the same level as touching her butt, when you are a drunk at a party or kissing your gf in front of your friends, which made her uncomfortable. I reject this. I reject this equalisation of different phenomena. I think legit Pedos, who are in any way attracted to pre-pubescent children should be killed. But if you are normal man, who isn't fucked up in the head and are attracted to a 16-year old girl, which btw is completly legal in my country and even most parts of the US, then you shouldn't AT ALL be associated with Pedophiles in any way. Bitter old women, who want to redefine everything they don't like as rape and pedophilia, should be ridiculed. TL;DR If you aren't fucked up in the head, then your natural sexuality as a man is completly normal and not pedophilia.
>>65379 But given that I said that, IIRC he was kinda rude to some kids in fact of course. But given what is wrong in the world, I wouldn't blow that up. He is an edgy fuck for asking young girls, if they can fit the bottle in their vagina, but that is imo edgy not pedophilic.
I mean he even once told a kid some advice about what Grooming is and how it works, so he gave some good advice there.
>>64715 >>65379 >>65380 >>65382 You're a faggot try-hard, kami, not a chad.
Open file (137.65 KB 361x464 08TWr1W.png)
Copying Britbong/mrfucking loves her pussy shtick much lol
Even though he has fucked a trap apperently, he also fucks tons of women as well, so yeah he is a chad. these are multiple different women that he has fucked or went out with clearly he is a sex addict
All my based discord frens who frequent 4chan are now posting memes about him and webms.
Open file (439.50 KB 380x553 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.88 MB 640x360 alegs2.mp4)
>>64715 >>68170 > he is a chad. lol no.. not only he is a total degenerate and a bi faggot, but he is pedophile as well.
Is he still streaming?
Lmao this piece of shit is being shilled as "based and funny" all over shitcord servers with a majority of members from 8kun and cuckchan, I got attack for saying he is a pedo and shilled by the feds days ago.
4chan users told me he is based, it's true?
Holy fucking shit you people need to let up. What the fuck is wrong with you? He isn't a fucking fag for fucks sakes, having sex with a man doesn't make you gay, he just tried it and he didn't like it. People make mistakes, i bet you people made mistakes that you're not proud of.
>>80847 >A man can build a thousand bridges and be known as a bridge builder. >But if he sucks one cock no one will ever refer to him as a a bridge builder again t. Grandpa
>>24932 A little over a year ago I used to visit 8ch.(mostly for the images though) Though I stopped when it was shut down. I know it was back up as 8kun and many of the old users went back there thoughbI did not go myself Recently I ve read from, admitedly dubious sources, that 8chan was going the way of gab and banning stuff and going full censorship. Does anyone here know exactly whats going on?
>Does anyone here know exactly whats going on? Toad McKinley hasn't given up on his dream of making 8chan profitable. That was always the goal. Either for his news propaganda magazine on the front page or for Q merchandise.
>>81093 (Toad of course being Jilm Vatkins)
>>80847 i agree you suck one cock and all of us a sudden you're gay like wtf
>>81077 >and many of the old users went back there that's the most fun part about the place
>>25238 its been like a year since this pic was released and nobody knows who the fuck the kid is? still? does anyone know
>>86482 i think it's the bitch he was with while in america. Were gonna get married or something. He tried fucking her but couldnt cum.
>>86491 so its actually a woman? i would've believed it bickers tons of women have hair like that but where are her titties? also thanks
>>86493 he's still bi but more covert about it now that he has an audience. I'm confident it was a woman in that pic tho
>>25341 jesus christ what the fuck?
>>25341 Based
im really intrigued on his degenerate past or just his past in general im in his telegram chat he said he played with sex toys for the memes but i dont even know what to believe anymore
>>91051 He admitted to fucking a trap in the leopirate stream. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rp00UPLZJOO9/
>>91052 1:34:00 is the time stamp.
Fuck off Shitbong, you're not relevant anymore and nobody cares about your attention whoring faggotry.
>>91073 Britbong > EmptyHero DSP > Mister Metokur LTG > Pewtiepie Toad McKinley > Mutti JMK > Ashton
>>24932 >>24933 geez no wonder why people call nick Fuentes spic Fuentes, and yes catboi kami should be blacklisted in the FBI, I'm not surprised if they used discord as the discord trannies they were
>>29965 anyone has the original streams (with sound)?
Gay Sunflower seeds.
I wanna see the video for that stream with buttpirate
>>117144 https://www.bitchute.com/video/rp00UPLZJOO9/ Here is the debate they had a while back.
Open file (567.52 KB 610x1086 1614728202593.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (456.26 KB 750x943 1614728139160.jpeg.jpg)
kami and his wife ex trap bf
>>30302 Forney should wear a chastity cage.
>>119357 lol so he has actually dated a tranny?
>>119357 Femboys are cute to be honest.
>>131134 Who are you?
Open file (205.22 KB 701x2972 Nick Fuentes.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1201x942 gootthl oloi.PNG)
Seriously why is there no trace of the old vods with Anime conventions, tinder autism, 24 hour live streams etc. ? Like all that cocks and history on him just gone forever. pic related
>>26300 The crazy thing about Kami is how he has black girls orbiting this guy even though he's massively racist. Dude is fuckin crazy lol
Open file (647.58 KB 1390x1821 1679649537308.jpg)
Open file (41.33 KB 680x441 Hardr.jpeg)
>>222738 Black girls love racist white guys. Even Nic the Spic seems to get along with black women, and he has a jungle fever, so maybe it works out for him.

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