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Open file (2.48 KB 259x194 download (3).jpg)
DSP Anonymous 02/01/2020 (Sat) 17:48:35 ID: d31846 No.30181
Surprised there is no thread already. Yup his scam was boring for quite a while and not worthy of much attention but he finally is declaring bankruptcy. 500k$ in debt. Pay your last respects to DSP he is finally going down.
DSP was recently asked why does he beg his underage fans for money while he has multiple streaming service subscriptions and eats out for every meal. DSP says in the past month he's watched two shows on WWE network, so he's considering cancelling it and then says "mind your own fucking business". This is what his paypiggies pay for. Taco bell and tv he doesn't watch. Gotta respect that hustle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08YXoFcqK2M
>>31143 >Married HA Well she really fucked up. She probably picked him when he was making lodsemone and was planning on divorcing him when he hit peak income, but TOO BAD HE SQUANDERED IT FASTER THAN SHE COULD FIND A LAWYER HAHAHAHA.
>>36012 Fuck off with your moralfagging. >>36023 This is SOK-tier retardation. The time he was making lodsamone was when he first moved out to Seattle, with pandalee. The level of desperation in this thread is proof it's not worth having.
>>36069 >moralfagging. Learn to read, retard. I respect his ability to take money from paypigs.
>>36084 Midfirst Bank takes the money, not DSP.
Open file (224.83 KB 552x586 GAKGAKGAK.png)
DarkSydePhil - 341 Bankruptcy Hearing & Meeting 3/26/2020 (Full) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgJ63hwmCRM >you have a playstation 4 pro system? <that's correct. that is uhh business related and i do still have it >ok. how about a standard playstation 4? <that is, uh, i still own it. it is uh business related >playstation 3? <yup. that is uh business related. i still have it >nintendo wii? <uh.. business related >nintendo wii-u? <yes. business related. i do still own it >nintendo switch? <yes, business related and i do still own it >xbox 360 <yes. xbox 360. business related. i do still own it >nintendo 3ds <yes. business related and i do still own that >playstation vita? <uhh yes i do still own the playstation vita and uh it is business related and i do still own it, yes >playstation virtual reality <yes, i do still own the playstation uh virtual reality and it is business related. and i have it >do you have a computer? WHOEVER'S MAKING THE BEEPING SOUND IF YOU'LL PLEASE STOP. do you have a computer? <i do have a business related computer, yes >a personal computer? <no i do not have a home related computer, no. it's just a business related computer >do you have an ipad? <uhm, i do. it is very old and not functional
>>41605 how the fuck does he have $5k in expenses
>>41612 He put videogame microtransactions down as a business expense.
>>41613 >business expense >do you file separate taxes for your business? <what? >do you file your taxes separately for your personal income and your business <I, uh, I only file one tax return >you claim you have $5,000 in expenses monthly and that your net income is $37. Can you itemize those expenses <what? >can you itemize your expenses <you're breaking up >can you itemize your expenses <what does that mean >forget it, you've claimed you have purchased nothing on credit whatsoever since you declared insolvency is that correct <yes no personal expenses >you've purchased absolutely nothing on credit since october <yes no personal expenses >so you're going to go on record saying you have made no credit purchases since october? <yes >ok I have what I need
>>41614 >ok I have what I need Ruh Roh
>>41605 >>41614 >>41615 all of this was probably made worse by the beeping. Judgebitch was getting mad.
>>41605 >all my toys are business related dood! >tries to avoid answering why he claims to have $5k monthly expenses Phil better e-beg his paypigs to fund some lube for what's about to happen.
>>41614 >ok I have what I need wew time to fuck off to south america somewhere
>>41637 he can't; he's in one of the hardest hit and therefore most locked down cities in America. plus, there are limited to no flights. looks like time finally caught up to the ol' cocksucker.
>>41642 >he can't; he's in one of the hardest hit and therefore most locked down cities in America. plus, there are limited to no flights beautiful i didnt even think about that
the real question is who the fuck leaked his bankruptcy hearings? lmao
>>41647 >tfw even citibank are DSP a-logs
>>41649 in fact of course, stranger things have happened i mean a 40yo manchild who has shit his pants and done nothing but play shitty games terribly for like a decade and beg children for their lunchmoney, somehow managed to actually get married. how fucking wild is that? some chucklefuck /cow/boy who works for citi seems way more plausible than that imo
>>41647 I believe these things are generally available to the public. The beeping was from the teleconferencing system being overwelmed by KF, and the lawyer even questioned the authenticity of the citibank debtor.
Open file (23.84 KB 757x381 philtooth.JPG)
Open file (23.47 KB 757x379 philtooth2.JPG)
Is Phil missing a tooth?
Holy fuck foxdick farms is gay. I went there to check up on new phil news since this board is dead and they have a dozen or so pages angry at DSP for being homophobic and transphobic towards the new FF7 remake and how he must secretly be gay himself.
>>44800 >secretly Well he might not tell everyone he meets, but he did spend 40 grand on a game about musclemen grappling with one another.
Open file (124.59 KB 1311x498 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44801 That is true.
Open file (313.01 KB 200x117 DSPclap.gif)
>>44830 That's a good one. I'm sure he will be fucking loves her pussy.
>>44830 >after pinkpilling CWC they want to go after Phil never change kiwi
>>44830 >trannyfarms is filled with trannies imaginemyshock.jpg
>>45021 So is julayworld >>>/lgbt/
>>44801 >40 grand Did the actual amount get out? I thought all anyone knew was that it was at least 10k.
Open file (334.10 KB 894x720 coomfordsp.mp4)
>>47442 KEK HE'S INVINCIBLE post source faggot
>>47442 >>47479 Seems there are advantages to being part roach.
>>47442 Is DSP the Assad of lolcows?
DSP shit his pants and did nothing wrong
Open file (753.47 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
DSP revealed he was aware that the gay CEO of EVO, Mr Wizard, was grooming underage boys and shit his pants and did nothing about it. >Everyone knew what Mr. Wizard was doing in the FGC for so many years. I obviously didn't know about it. I mean, I knew about what he was doing.... But it was none of my fucking business, okay?
>>64670 Given his entire business model is screwing children, I'm not really surprised he'd look the other way on that.
Open file (261.86 KB 940x638 ClipboardImage.png)
Phil finally made it to wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank%27s_sign
>>82585 Someone needs to add our goutlord to the list of notable individuals, he's clearly relevant enough according to wikipedia's new relevance standards.
Open file (1.17 MB 1204x858 DEVOUR.png)
In Phil's recent Rage-a-thon stream he set a tips goal for eating skittles. He'd eat 3 skittles for every 20 dollars he got. He ended up having to eat something like 24 skittles, but only ate 7, spat 2 out, and called chat assholes for asking him to eat the rest, saying it would make him sick.
Open file (596.78 KB 1408x708 87451.png)
Holy moly I never thought he would sink this low. I mean, I know he's the pigroach, but this is something. I'm also honestly surprised he's this desperate
>>146941 it's a good thing for him to do actually and for alogs as well maybe he'll see similarities rather then just endlessly trying to defend him self from people who endlessly want to shit on him in fact of course
Bumpin this almost year old thread. DSP was recently on a podcast called Side Scrollers where the interviewers basically ambushed him and got him with hard hitting questions in which Phil was unaware of what would happen. Beforehand they talked with each other and Phil thought they'd be cordial to him but they basically ambushed him and even brought on Keemstar which Phil didn't know would happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQw-IxvvE6c Something that caught my attention is how Adam Crigler is a co-host and he got uppity at Phil over a racist joke Phil made. I thought Adam was one of the anti-SJW guys? Phil made a slave joke about a little black girl in a game and they got so pissed at it like faggots.
>>198114 Keem lecturing him like a disappointed parent was surreal
>>198125 I was surprised Keem treated him relatively fair. Thought he would go in and make jokes and insult Phil every chance he got but he seemed like he genuinely doesn't hate Phil he was just wondering why Phil dissed him. Although from what I understand Keem did make it seem like Phil turned down his offer of 50k dollars to be on a podcast with Boogie and WingsofRedemption when what really happened is Phil just didn't pick up the phone and didn't even know about that offer. Whether Phil purposely didn't answer the phone or not we don't know but as far as we know Phil didn't specifically know the details about the offer but Keem made it seem like he did.
Also there's supposed to be a part 2 to the interview which Phil is still gonna go on and they might get into his bank account details. Phil said maybe in a month or two the part 2 will come. Surprised he's agreeing to go back on.
>>198129 He's on stream seething about them right now, no chance there's a part 2
>>198317 Yeah I'm watching it right now. Phil is right about Adam being a disingenuous faggot. Craig did lie about going into the interview being neutral.

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