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Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
Open file (367.36 KB 819x895 chef_john.png)
Open file (54.12 KB 186x246 pedobrain.png)
Open file (218.19 KB 561x649 pedojust.png)
John Barnhill/koirey Barnhill/Koisheep/kimeemaru Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 06:39:16 No.70142
Names: John, real first name John Barnhill, Koirey Barnhill, Van, former twitch name Koisheep, Kimeemaru, prinny, dr oktoberfest last 2 are old steam names John Barnhill, otherwise known as the long lost brother of Corey Ray Barnhill is a 22 year old or 21 fat jewish leaf pedophile NEET who lives somewhere in Ontario, leafland. most likely Hamilton He is a newfag who got into image boards in 2015 during the tale-end of #gaymergoyim, this is what in his own words truly inspired him to get involved in the community/get political. He was an underagefag or a "teenbro" (in his own words) for most of his time on image boards. Besides being the pedophile that tried to spam Julay to death with cp He is most notably a failed z-celeb streamer and speedrunner who was so desperate for fame that he went to the Гунтstream of all places to garner a larger fanbase. went from 0-2 viewers to 6 fucking amazing improvement john! THE FAMILY John also has an amazing family that does not at all explain the fact that he was allowed 24 hour access to the internet as a teenager that did not at all fry his brain with cuckime and turn him into the sad pedophile that he is today. Johns family consist of him, his father, who is also an autistic NEET who watches interracial cuckold porn, smokes weed, plays video games and bullies john all day irl and in vidya; his mother who is the only member of the family with a job and who supports the entire household by herself; his onee-san who is a fat 28 year old with one son. her husband is a chubby chaser apparently according to John John's last family member is his imouto, a 17 year old autistic girl who sucks at 2hu and apparently plays with Legos, she drives him around everywhere he goes bickers he doesn't know how to drive. TIME ON THE ГунтSTREAM John Barnhill only came on the Гунтstream for clout at the recommendation of his irl friend prmanager, a massive faggot in his own right he knew little to nothing about lolcows, the Гунт or anything else and he had little interest in it. prmanager seems to know a little but I suspect he is a foxdick John would stream himself playing video games in which he was constantly bullied by a-logs for his lack of the ability to play them. John is only good at 2hu and some quake-rip off free to play fps, he absolutely sucks at everything else. John in particular is really bad at platformers like Mario and Megaman. besides streaming "games" he would also stream his "lovequest" member chris chan for an e-girlfriend, highlights of these streams include meeting a girl that revealed herself to be 13: >uhh sorry lad I can't do anything with you >you are underage sorry >like sorry but you are underage >yeah I know but I can't date you bickers your 13 your underage Despite this he hung around her a little longer instead of instantly leaving, and sounded almost like he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't legally have e-sex with this innocent girl, this is one of the first signs of john's pedophilia but its not the last. John tried courting one girl but she turned out to be a based chink who only dated in her race and so the kike was stood up yet again. >so uhhh ya I kinda need an e-girl girlfriend >oh you do? >ye and I am kinda a big deal >I am a professional 2hu player ya see >oh cool doesn't know wtf hes talking about >are you white though? I don't date G​AMERGATEs >actually I am Asian and I myself don't date outside of my race >oh..uhh....uh...by... Probably the most well known incident on the Гунтstream with John is when he read some of his disgusting dojins. Originally requested by a-logs since >they wanted to see just how far down the deep end he had gone after having shown them all the 2hu hentai he had recently torrented on tor. The first was one of patchouli knowledge being tentacle-raped, showing that John was already beyond "normal" hentai. One a-log specifically asked John for his favorite dojin, thinking that Johns already past comments on underage 2hus would make it some sort of fucked up lolikike shit. John than opened up a dojin with what appeared to be Flandre Scarlet about to be molested in a pre-schooler uniform. Most a-logs left in disgust as soon as they saw the toddlercon, others stayed to call him a pedophile. <uhh hey lads want to seem some quality dojinshi >sure <so ye how was that dojin <patchi was looking pretty hot <want me to read another dojin >sure but why not read your favorite <my favorite? John than plays around with wordy semantics seeming to feel uncomfortable until he is finally convinced to show his favorite dojin after high demand. <alright lads here it is >wtf >fuck this shit I am out >jesus koi wtf is this pedo shit? The next time he streamed John had photoshopped Corey Barnhill's face onto his tengu avatar over a burning background. OWNING THE MEME <I am owning the meme guys Owning the meme that you are a pedophile? Eventually John would start streaming less and less frequently, most likely due to the fact that he was tired of being bullied by a-logs for sucking at vidya, not streaming with his cute and legal imouto and not showing his mommies julayers, both of which he said he would do and both of which he failed to do. John would also grow a contempt and dislike for other Гунт restreamers. timeslot cucked John has also done some other retarded things that he spoke about while streaming on the off-hours of the Гунтstream: >once had an e-gf who he said an hero'd explains his desire for another e-whore to LARP with as his gf >has actually gone to America to meet up with "anons" in real life >one of the two "/pol/acks" he met was apparently non-white or a mutt John made comments about his supposed racial superiority despite the fact that he is a chubby jew. Desperate for fame and success as a speedrunner, tranny John Barnhill attended the canuck NASA (North American Speedrun Association), which was held on June 4th through the 10th of 2018, located at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in St. Catharines, Ontario, near Toronto. His imouto had to drive him there since he still can't fucking drive. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=fzwpfeFQMis FAILED ATTEMPT TO KILL JULAY this will also recap the essayfag drama since its intertwined with John's plot >John now barely streams at all >cuckimepro disappears from the Гунтstream >supposedly sargoy and molidup microdoxxxed him and scared him off >the essays begin >some say that the Гунтstream is dead while others try to criticize it >its revealed that molidup and sargoy were joking about the microdoxxxx >cuckimepro said he wanted to take a break and fucked off by himself >essays continue anyways >essays accuse every single namefag of being z-celeb wannabes except robi and specifically incriminates molidup as a discord tranny "evidence" that molidup is a discord tranny: <he popped out of nowhere or he just decided to namefag than <uhh he got /mon/ even though the BO gave it to him <uhh he uses discord like robi and John and all the other Гунт restreamers? John begins to spread the rumors about molidup, another anon also purposefully pretended to be molidup to further slander him for fun. As the essays raged on the Julay irc was slowly infiltrated by a host of ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies that began to whisper sweet little nothings into robi and the other site staffs ears, Robi became disillusioned and sent in Farmfag to clean up the Гунтstream by forcing mods to change names. Musci, the BO of Julay/v/ and also a Гунт restreamer was having a hard time with the board, he felt pressured by marks shills and wanted to give the board over to someone else. <take the heh pill musci and give me the board <I'll take that board off of your hands goy >musci gives the board over to John >John restyles the board as having no "rules" besides the global rules this ends up inviting mark and joshes cp spammers but he probably intended it to be this way John and his 2hu trannies begin to mass spam /v/ with an endless torrent of loli and toddlercon and suggestive pictures of children. >a drunk and confused weasel notices this and begins to start removing all the pedo shit bickers he believed this would get the domain name taken down again like it had been a week or two before >John makes various memes of this to paint weasel as the evil janny >the next day this continues, but right when his ability to janny anything is questioned a cp spammer appears on /v/ >John keeps deleting the cp, but not actually banning the bot that was spamming the same images over and over again >weasel steps in and bans the spammer after which the cp spam stops <lol heh pill lol tengu based bane lol heh heh <wtf are you doing koi? <do your fucking job <AHAHAHAHA LOL HEH PILL AHAHAH CP IS FREE SPEECH LOL >John talks about how one pedo has decided to keep coming back everyday on Julay to spam cp >john barnhill nukes /v/ bickers he felt robi would demote him anyway due to the influence of the weasel >all of the ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies celebrate Julays death >John and his goons post a thread on /cow/ accusing weasel of allowing the cp to be spammed and weasel of killing Julay even though weasel was the one who stopped it >the caps offer little to no context behind the accusations against weasel >John post all over the webring and marks bunker about the death of Julay <the absolute madlad amirite!? >/tv/ and /a/ bunkers don't really buy his shit and already can see his shit-stirring these are random paraphrased quotes that I remember from a couple boards I was lurking and how they responded to John /tv/: >you get no sympathy from >us pedo /monster/: <tengu shit his pants and did nothing wrong fucking based! >I can tell your trying to start shit >weasel moves the thread on /cow/ to /meta/ a bad move on his part in my opinion >robi accuses him of over-jannying and removes his admin status for a few hours >robi restores /v/ and gives it to notrad >notrad is revealed to be another plant from John Barnhill >cp and lolishit are posted again >notrad nukes /v/ again for the ebin lulz THE POWER OF OLD /b/ STYLE TROLLING >Julay loses a lot of board traffic >stuck on backup domain >John celebrates this by using the momentum to launch his own site the pedoreich >John reveals in irc that his intention from the beginning was to crash julay with no survivors bickers muh heh pill and muh rulecucks and muh jannies hes just doing it to build a cult of personality >in a stream soon after, now deleted but archived he admits the entire reason for starting this shit was bickers a Гунтstreamer by the name of sargoy kept cucking his timeslot, when no one but him was even aware he had one <something that results in no survivors DEAD BOARD JOHN WON nawt really RECENT FAGGOTRY >John Barnhill declares victory and war on /cow/ and a-logs <their the real pedophiles bickers they don't like toddlercon >a-logs don't really care what John says and call him a pedophile >robi blacklist John from the webring on julays end, removes his Гунтstreaming key and finally tells him and his heh pilled pedofaggotry to fuck off from the irc >john begins to stream on twitch again >john gets less viewers than he did on the Гунтstream >pedoreich doesn't get many post besides offtopic loli and borderline cp post guess that stunt didn't work out john >hoppe-sama owner doesn't know memory and johns website is connected to the same server >hoppe-sama remains frozen and dead to this day >pedoreich dies in less than a month and john gives up on it >john now has only /japan/ and /2hu/ on prolikewoah which get zero post besides the drama thread where he and other /japan/ trannies larp as oldfags >butthurt john starts shilling thread 9 even more </cow/ is dead </cow/ are the real pedophiles <TROONSTREAM TROONSTREAM <WEASEL >dolphin attacks johns public irc and temporarily takes it over >extreme butthurt is caused by this >dolphin attacks johns private irc >server owner said didn't support loli but loli was in the server name and his hostname >even has a !loli command >finds out the private irc server is locally hosted AT&T is the isp >dolphin begins leaking server ips >johns goons run in terror from the dolphins extreme autism >john finds out that a-logs and the dolphin have been archiving all his streams >john stops streaming and hides most of his streams >john changes the narrative >now weasel didn't just let the cp be spammed he spammed it and so did dolphin butthurt.png >john barnhill internet defense force continues to cope in the drama thread that they totally won but are also to afraid to post there and are confined in their irc >dolphin keeps spamming /japan/ >dolphin begins spamming all of prokikewoah to send a message to loleron that the spam won’t stop bickers john is being platformed >dolphin gets tired of lolerons ignorance of johns crimes and manages to doxxxx loleron aka francis gurahoo with the help of a /cow/boy >sends ups boxes and pizza to loleron >manages to make a deal with francis that if he gives john and /japan/ the boot he will leave him and the rest of prokikewoah alone >/japan/ is set to get the boot from prokikewoah >seething john starts writing tons of butthurt tengu reports >john is forced to go to mark mann and acidkikes blacked.gov bunker >half of /japan/ tells john that they are fine with it anyways and admit they are ni/gg/er crossposters >small portion of /japan/ tells john to fuck off >john is eternally butthurt that he must go to the most jannied and compromised bunker >/japan/ is deleted So much for being heh-pilled when you seek refuge from the biggest janny kike of them all john. DEAD BOARD A-LOGS WON RANDOM FACTS John barnhill was the first person to use the word troon, orignally used on one of his lovequest steams this suggest that it was john barnhill who created and pushed the "troonstream" meme. John barnhill believes that becoming the little girl is the final redpill, he is a tranny in this sense. John barnhill states that aya is his waifu but this is really a cover for wanting to have sexual relations with Flandre and Remilia Scarlet, Chen, and of course Cirno. all of these 2hus are underage physically or mentally in one way or another He larps as aya so he can make his fake news and gossip about himself and others like a faggot. John barnhill sexually rated his own sister, describing her as cute, but refusing to share her with the rest of the a-log audience. johns now calls a-logs the real pedos for wanting to see and marry his sister but she is 17 and is legal in most of the united state and all of canada. Prmanager stated that john barnhill lives on a american indian reservation and that this has kept him from being arrested for cp charges, if true this means that john is half-kike and half-injun. Since it is john’s father that drinks it is best to assume his father is the injun and his mother is the jewess. Side Story: John barnhill attempted to infiltrate and subvert tvch, he did this via his buttbuddy and fellow pedophile eden, who was able to obtain /dup/ when Gahoole was desperate for someone to janny it due to fear of being v& due to CIA G​AMERGATEs fedposting. Eden was a rulecucked faggot who ruined the board in his attempt to try to turn it into a second /pol/, this is ironic considering the fact that john and most of his pedo buddies are supposedly heh-pilled and don’t give a shit about muh rules. Eventually, gahoole grew tired of Eden’s faggotry and booted him, John Barnhill was a butthurt faggot about this in fact of course. It is very likely that a BO on tvch is still one of kois pedogoons due to a screenshot that john posted recently showing that he was aware that gahoole had recently appointed the weasel as a janny due to his present situation with the feds having v& his pc over false cp accusations. On a side note although john and his pedo goons would regularly suck gahooles cock on various /dunk/ threads in which they would celebrate the supposed death of Julay and warn him of the evils of the weasel it is noted that while on thread 9 koi and his goons would regularly also call /tv/ and gahoole the real pedophiles for disliking loli, and incels. hapa PEDO CABAL prmanager: >Johns best irl friend >pedophile or pedophile sympathizer >described john's imouto as having an 8/10 face and a flat chest. >massive faggot >probably a foxdick >allegedly lives in Florida where he goes to college there This is a retelling of the events when prmanager actually was dumb enough to reveal johns real name to the world: <when your mom is like calling for you <johh? <john?! <john get out here and help me! Notrad: >pedophile >massive faggot >the second /v/ BO after musci and john’s proxy >nuked Julay/v/ for a second time bickers le ebin oldfag /b/ trolling Eden: >John’s proxy in his attempt to infiltrate tvch >/geimu/ and former /dup/ bo >pedophile >ironically a massive rulecuck despite supposedly being heh-pilled >rulecucked /dup/ to death in his gay quest to make it a second /pol/ >even got called a rulecuck by his other pedo friends when he jannied on /geimu/ Agent Johnson: >history of being a pedophile mod on cuck/a/ >admitted to posting toddlercon >known fedposter on 9chan Other associates: Outofplace/Butthurt Torfag/Niggerchu: >former Гунтstream superfan and now its number 1 a-log >molikike lives rent free in his head forever >constantly post his gay larp on thread 9 and all over the webring in his effort to destroy /cow/ and the troonstream John’s sites: https://tengureich.com/ (died in less than month, lol hmu) https://prolikewoah.com/japan/ (cucked by dolphin) https://prolikewoah.com/2hu/ (unsure where he still has ownership of this place) https://8chan.moe/japan/ https://sportschan.org/v/ (not sure if he owns it but he is associated with it) https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru https://cytu.be/r/koisheep https://www.twitch.tv/kimee/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kimeemaru https://tracr.co/user/330379076701519892 (discord) These could be his or his friends: https://www.twitch.tv/kakku_seal https://www.twitch.tv/masterofthecrows John’s public irc: #2hu8chan Private irc ip: feel free to drop by if its still up, but I would use tor John video archives: https://anonfiles.com/J3u0N6Gao6/john_barnhill_7z https://anonfiles.com/pb18IaG9o6/john_barnhill2.tar_gz https://anonfiles.com/JdY3A0H1oc/john_barnhill3_7z https://files.catbox.moe/2eoftr.mkv john barnhill face reveal https://files.catbox.moe/0bjm4x.mkv cooking with john barnhill https://files.catbox.moe/xbx5zr.mp3 john barnhill no jannies allowed.mp3 REMEMBER JOHN YOUR THREAD IS FOREVER
>>199207 What's the matter? Can't handle a little ironic troon porn?
>>199389 Uh, yeah? You are not trying to tell >us you are serious, right? So sad to see Mars turn into a coal burner. What a pity.
>>199389 Please whiten that cock so I can masturbate to this.
>>199395 Breh, did you really sage all the fields?
>>103816 N​IGGER won btw
John show up on tvch and is seething at some anon https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/137726.html#138501
>>229107 Probably mor likely to be nuzach, john doesn't leave his hugbox often anymore.
>>229118 *more
>>229107 >>229118 lmao he is even crying about "the weasel"
It's been over three years, /cow/. Did you get that big meanie John? Did you make the bad man go away?
>>229820 His boards are desolate wastelands, so yes.
>>229848 >this is a win lol, lmao even.
>>229848 >his boards (and the rest of the webring) are ded bickers of the lolcow-tier slapfighting between (You) and John >this is totally a win, trust >us Pyrrhus had a better victory than /cow/ lmao
John destroyed himself from the beginning by betraying all his "allies" in sterotypical /intl/ self-destructiveness for the pointless sake of one sided said destruction. This was of course only when he wasn't on the receiving end of course, he didn't handle that very well. Hes the same as always, sweaty gamer attention whore who owns multiple boards due to his ironic desire to super-janny even though apparently hes against all jannies, that is jannies who aren't him. and who don't delete everything he dislikes just like cakejew
>>229861 You asked if the man was defeated, since he's dead and so are his boards, I'm not sure what other criteria you're looking for, does he need to be ritually murdered on a live stream for you to accept he's done for? At the same time, this place has so much activity left you come here to seethe about it, instead of posting with your pedo buddies on John's boards, since they're all dead. >>229882 If it was purely self destructive, he would've tried blowing up things from day one, what made him go ballistic was no more pedo shit being allowed. His motivation has always been jerking off to children. The /intl/ shit was just a cover, bickers it's easier to admit to that then actually defending cp.
>>230062 Yes, having an active thread with your face, documenting your love of child sex is definitely a big win.
>>230249 Yes three years of you defending the same sweaty gamer. The webring only exists in the first place bickers /cow/ along with /a/ decided to make it exist. It continues to exist and it continues to be used. It isn't dead as it is still used, hopefully in the future >we can cultivate a new generation of users, ones that aren't of your dysgenic stock.
>>230253 And look at /cow/'s activitiy with all the anti CSAM features compared against the excessive sweating loving loliposting /a/ and see that #WEALWAYSWIN
Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
>>230679 >calling someone a pedo >while claiming 3 notorious pedo's won something I'd call it a parody, but since it's been going this long it has to be mental illness.
I don't know who is, but in the thread about Gahoole/tvch you'll notice someone who write essays and hate Gahoole. It seems like he is either John or someone from plategang. It seems he has bitterness towards Gahoole bickers of discord dramas and bickers Gahoole called off one of his friends as cp poster. So who could be? Gahoole called John a pedo in the past, but also caled Zoom a pedo.
>>231008 sounds like he's being held at gunpoint
Open file (3.17 MB 640x360 Warhammer wtf.mp4)
>>230980 >>230981 >>231009 Who and why this cope?
Open file (668.77 KB 744x744 sargon beast mode.png)
>>231150 Weasel/Wrist/EsoAnonism/EsoEso exposed all the pedos from discord and IRC. He continues to earn without any effort while living in their heads with free rent. Is over for the Barnhill family.
>>231160 Indeed, Weasel and Dolphin are the true kings of the sektur
Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
>>231208 Hi John
>>231444 >>231445 >all this yapping but still cant refute the point Maybe you idolize paedo's that look like trannies bickers you're one yourself?
Open file (12.41 MB 640x360 BritKino.mp4)
>>70142 another emojitroon persona how many does he have?
>>231544 You retard, you're the one defending koi in the thread about koi, call the ogre a fat ugly faggot all you want, I wouldnt even disagree with that, but nobody has ever accused him of looking like a tranny. But for some reason you get really defensive when koi is called a troon, making you desperately deflect to calling Gahoole one. You might want to seriously reconsider your life choices if you got this emotionally invested in defending the honor or a sweaty gamer.
>>231897 If I hope for anything positive for koi, it's that he'll fixed his campy speech pattern.
>>231897 This, its so obviously john he needs to use a bra to stop the sperging out from his part >>231963 hi John Barnhill (paedophile)
Id like to remind the posters in this thread this is not Gahoole's thread, if you want to sperg out about him, he's got his own thread you're free to use.
Why is Koi so butthurt with Gahoole?
>>232714 Probably for not letting his Paedo shit slide when he sent his Goons(paedphilings) to accuse Chadolphin of swatting gahoole over the fact that he doxxed and spammed his shit pedojeet board's friend.
>>232735 Well, check the thread about Gahoole, they are mad at Weasel too. I wonder, I know someone there is part of Zzzchan, months ago someone talked about Nuzach being a regular around there and Nuzach used to defend pedochu all the time. Koi without a doubt is part of those anti-Gahoole threads too. But I feel like the others crying so hard about Gahoole and his buddies are people from youtube e-drama, instead of the webring. Maybe plategang or forgegang, both hate Gahoole as far I know. And both groups are mostly spics fallowing around some fat pedo.
>>232744 It seems like Weasel's superiority over the paedos has brought in some controversy, hi john YOUR THREAD IS FOREVER
This thread is a testament to how John won, it has the longest most detailed OP of all the threads in the catalog but all that has been catalogued are chatlogs that makes no sense that dolphin likes to boast as evidence of something when he spams his cytube emoticon in his posts like a complete autist and a cytube screenshot of a loli doujin that is being paraded around like daisy's destruction on here, but the people also say that Guntstream paedos egged in on to read the doujin. As always an absolute horrid job, congratulations guys.
>>234216 <reveals himself as pedo >NOOO ITS THE PEOPLE WHO MADE ME SHOW MY CP WHO ARE THE REAL PAEDOS great cope, john
>>234216 Hi John Barnhill (paedophile)
Koi/sturgeon can handle banter or contrarian opinions, the fat fucker will eat shit goyslop ever single day and if you make a single commentary about it he will sperg out and ban you
It's over for the webring, all sites are dead as fuck. Tvch, zzzchan, alogs, all sites failed hard. Can Yakuza or Elon Musk save the webring?
>>234753 Get out of /jp/ John dolphin and weasel already destroyed your shit board
>>234864 I saw someone posting this on zzzchan only to the mods there chimp out and delete post after post to deny how they killed another imageboard, kek. Literally ni/gg/ers.
>>235168 >>234864 Last time i Saw koipedo deleting thread after thread that were rightfully calling loli cp like the little paedo gremlin that he is
>>234874 >>235584 >>234229 >>234228 John has also turned into a boogeyman like Nuzach and Pedochu which always turns him into a deity around here
>>234229 He is pretty active on the thread about Gahoole.
>>237133 >everyone who dislikes gayhoole is muh boogeyman
Is koi really sturgeon, i wanna see proof of this that would be so funny.
Open file (57.01 KB 911x377 ClipboardImage.png)
>>238413 EsoAnon please explain to me if you're out there.
Also >we need proof that he started this bickers his timeslot got cucked >we cannot let this piece of evidence die off >>97365 He could easily play that as being super ironic after the fact >we need the case 0

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