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Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
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John Barnhill/koirey Barnhill/Koisheep/kimeemaru Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 06:39:16 No.70142
Names: John, real first name John Barnhill, Koirey Barnhill, Van, former twitch name Koisheep, Kimeemaru, prinny, dr oktoberfest last 2 are old steam names John Barnhill, otherwise known as the long lost brother of Corey Ray Barnhill is a 22 year old or 21 fat jewish leaf pedophile NEET who lives somewhere in Ontario, leafland. most likely Hamilton He is a newfag who got into image boards in 2015 during the tale-end of #gaymergoyim, this is what in his own words truly inspired him to get involved in the community/get political. He was an underagefag or a "teenbro" (in his own words) for most of his time on image boards. Besides being the pedophile that tried to spam Julay to death with cp He is most notably a failed z-celeb streamer and speedrunner who was so desperate for fame that he went to the Гунтstream of all places to garner a larger fanbase. went from 0-2 viewers to 6 fucking amazing improvement john! THE FAMILY John also has an amazing family that does not at all explain the fact that he was allowed 24 hour access to the internet as a teenager that did not at all fry his brain with cuckime and turn him into the sad pedophile that he is today. Johns family consist of him, his father, who is also an autistic NEET who watches interracial cuckold porn, smokes weed, plays video games and bullies john all day irl and in vidya; his mother who is the only member of the family with a job and who supports the entire household by herself; his onee-san who is a fat 28 year old with one son. her husband is a chubby chaser apparently according to John John's last family member is his imouto, a 17 year old autistic girl who sucks at 2hu and apparently plays with Legos, she drives him around everywhere he goes bickers he doesn't know how to drive. TIME ON THE ГунтSTREAM John Barnhill only came on the Гунтstream for clout at the recommendation of his irl friend prmanager, a massive faggot in his own right he knew little to nothing about lolcows, the Гунт or anything else and he had little interest in it. prmanager seems to know a little but I suspect he is a foxdick John would stream himself playing video games in which he was constantly bullied by a-logs for his lack of the ability to play them. John is only good at 2hu and some quake-rip off free to play fps, he absolutely sucks at everything else. John in particular is really bad at platformers like Mario and Megaman. besides streaming "games" he would also stream his "lovequest" member chris chan for an e-girlfriend, highlights of these streams include meeting a girl that revealed herself to be 13: >uhh sorry lad I can't do anything with you >you are underage sorry >like sorry but you are underage >yeah I know but I can't date you bickers your 13 your underage Despite this he hung around her a little longer instead of instantly leaving, and sounded almost like he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't legally have e-sex with this innocent girl, this is one of the first signs of john's pedophilia but its not the last. John tried courting one girl but she turned out to be a based chink who only dated in her race and so the kike was stood up yet again. >so uhhh ya I kinda need an e-girl girlfriend >oh you do? >ye and I am kinda a big deal >I am a professional 2hu player ya see >oh cool doesn't know wtf hes talking about >are you white though? I don't date G​AMERGATEs >actually I am Asian and I myself don't date outside of my race >oh..uhh....uh...by... Probably the most well known incident on the Гунтstream with John is when he read some of his disgusting dojins. Originally requested by a-logs since >they wanted to see just how far down the deep end he had gone after having shown them all the 2hu hentai he had recently torrented on tor. The first was one of patchouli knowledge being tentacle-raped, showing that John was already beyond "normal" hentai. One a-log specifically asked John for his favorite dojin, thinking that Johns already past comments on underage 2hus would make it some sort of fucked up lolikike shit. John than opened up a dojin with what appeared to be Flandre Scarlet about to be molested in a pre-schooler uniform. Most a-logs left in disgust as soon as they saw the toddlercon, others stayed to call him a pedophile. <uhh hey lads want to seem some quality dojinshi >sure <so ye how was that dojin <patchi was looking pretty hot <want me to read another dojin >sure but why not read your favorite <my favorite? John than plays around with wordy semantics seeming to feel uncomfortable until he is finally convinced to show his favorite dojin after high demand. <alright lads here it is >wtf >fuck this shit I am out >jesus koi wtf is this pedo shit? The next time he streamed John had photoshopped Corey Barnhill's face onto his tengu avatar over a burning background. OWNING THE MEME <I am owning the meme guys Owning the meme that you are a pedophile? Eventually John would start streaming less and less frequently, most likely due to the fact that he was tired of being bullied by a-logs for sucking at vidya, not streaming with his cute and legal imouto and not showing his mommies julayers, both of which he said he would do and both of which he failed to do. John would also grow a contempt and dislike for other Гунт restreamers. timeslot cucked John has also done some other retarded things that he spoke about while streaming on the off-hours of the Гунтstream: >once had an e-gf who he said an hero'd explains his desire for another e-whore to LARP with as his gf >has actually gone to America to meet up with "anons" in real life >one of the two "/pol/acks" he met was apparently non-white or a mutt John made comments about his supposed racial superiority despite the fact that he is a chubby jew. Desperate for fame and success as a speedrunner, tranny John Barnhill attended the canuck NASA (North American Speedrun Association), which was held on June 4th through the 10th of 2018, located at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in St. Catharines, Ontario, near Toronto. His imouto had to drive him there since he still can't fucking drive. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=fzwpfeFQMis FAILED ATTEMPT TO KILL JULAY this will also recap the essayfag drama since its intertwined with John's plot >John now barely streams at all >cuckimepro disappears from the Гунтstream >supposedly sargoy and molidup microdoxxxed him and scared him off >the essays begin >some say that the Гунтstream is dead while others try to criticize it >its revealed that molidup and sargoy were joking about the microdoxxxx >cuckimepro said he wanted to take a break and fucked off by himself >essays continue anyways >essays accuse every single namefag of being z-celeb wannabes except robi and specifically incriminates molidup as a discord tranny "evidence" that molidup is a discord tranny: <he popped out of nowhere or he just decided to namefag than <uhh he got /mon/ even though the BO gave it to him <uhh he uses discord like robi and John and all the other Гунт restreamers? John begins to spread the rumors about molidup, another anon also purposefully pretended to be molidup to further slander him for fun. As the essays raged on the Julay irc was slowly infiltrated by a host of ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies that began to whisper sweet little nothings into robi and the other site staffs ears, Robi became disillusioned and sent in Farmfag to clean up the Гунтstream by forcing mods to change names. Musci, the BO of Julay/v/ and also a Гунт restreamer was having a hard time with the board, he felt pressured by marks shills and wanted to give the board over to someone else. <take the heh pill musci and give me the board <I'll take that board off of your hands goy >musci gives the board over to John >John restyles the board as having no "rules" besides the global rules this ends up inviting mark and joshes cp spammers but he probably intended it to be this way John and his 2hu trannies begin to mass spam /v/ with an endless torrent of loli and toddlercon and suggestive pictures of children. >a drunk and confused weasel notices this and begins to start removing all the pedo shit bickers he believed this would get the domain name taken down again like it had been a week or two before >John makes various memes of this to paint weasel as the evil janny >the next day this continues, but right when his ability to janny anything is questioned a cp spammer appears on /v/ >John keeps deleting the cp, but not actually banning the bot that was spamming the same images over and over again >weasel steps in and bans the spammer after which the cp spam stops <lol heh pill lol tengu based bane lol heh heh <wtf are you doing koi? <do your fucking job <AHAHAHAHA LOL HEH PILL AHAHAH CP IS FREE SPEECH LOL >John talks about how one pedo has decided to keep coming back everyday on Julay to spam cp >john barnhill nukes /v/ bickers he felt robi would demote him anyway due to the influence of the weasel >all of the ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies celebrate Julays death >John and his goons post a thread on /cow/ accusing weasel of allowing the cp to be spammed and weasel of killing Julay even though weasel was the one who stopped it >the caps offer little to no context behind the accusations against weasel >John post all over the webring and marks bunker about the death of Julay <the absolute madlad amirite!? >/tv/ and /a/ bunkers don't really buy his shit and already can see his shit-stirring these are random paraphrased quotes that I remember from a couple boards I was lurking and how they responded to John /tv/: >you get no sympathy from >us pedo /monster/: <tengu shit his pants and did nothing wrong fucking based! >I can tell your trying to start shit >weasel moves the thread on /cow/ to /meta/ a bad move on his part in my opinion >robi accuses him of over-jannying and removes his admin status for a few hours >robi restores /v/ and gives it to notrad >notrad is revealed to be another plant from John Barnhill >cp and lolishit are posted again >notrad nukes /v/ again for the ebin lulz THE POWER OF OLD /b/ STYLE TROLLING >Julay loses a lot of board traffic >stuck on backup domain >John celebrates this by using the momentum to launch his own site the pedoreich >John reveals in irc that his intention from the beginning was to crash julay with no survivors bickers muh heh pill and muh rulecucks and muh jannies hes just doing it to build a cult of personality >in a stream soon after, now deleted but archived he admits the entire reason for starting this shit was bickers a Гунтstreamer by the name of sargoy kept cucking his timeslot, when no one but him was even aware he had one <something that results in no survivors DEAD BOARD JOHN WON nawt really RECENT FAGGOTRY >John Barnhill declares victory and war on /cow/ and a-logs <their the real pedophiles bickers they don't like toddlercon >a-logs don't really care what John says and call him a pedophile >robi blacklist John from the webring on julays end, removes his Гунтstreaming key and finally tells him and his heh pilled pedofaggotry to fuck off from the irc >john begins to stream on twitch again >john gets less viewers than he did on the Гунтstream >pedoreich doesn't get many post besides offtopic loli and borderline cp post guess that stunt didn't work out john >hoppe-sama owner doesn't know memory and johns website is connected to the same server >hoppe-sama remains frozen and dead to this day >pedoreich dies in less than a month and john gives up on it >john now has only /japan/ and /2hu/ on prolikewoah which get zero post besides the drama thread where he and other /japan/ trannies larp as oldfags >butthurt john starts shilling thread 9 even more </cow/ is dead </cow/ are the real pedophiles <TROONSTREAM TROONSTREAM <WEASEL >dolphin attacks johns public irc and temporarily takes it over >extreme butthurt is caused by this >dolphin attacks johns private irc >server owner said didn't support loli but loli was in the server name and his hostname >even has a !loli command >finds out the private irc server is locally hosted AT&T is the isp >dolphin begins leaking server ips >johns goons run in terror from the dolphins extreme autism >john finds out that a-logs and the dolphin have been archiving all his streams >john stops streaming and hides most of his streams >john changes the narrative >now weasel didn't just let the cp be spammed he spammed it and so did dolphin butthurt.png >john barnhill internet defense force continues to cope in the drama thread that they totally won but are also to afraid to post there and are confined in their irc >dolphin keeps spamming /japan/ >dolphin begins spamming all of prokikewoah to send a message to loleron that the spam won’t stop bickers john is being platformed >dolphin gets tired of lolerons ignorance of johns crimes and manages to doxxxx loleron aka francis gurahoo with the help of a /cow/boy >sends ups boxes and pizza to loleron >manages to make a deal with francis that if he gives john and /japan/ the boot he will leave him and the rest of prokikewoah alone >/japan/ is set to get the boot from prokikewoah >seething john starts writing tons of butthurt tengu reports >john is forced to go to mark mann and acidkikes blacked.gov bunker >half of /japan/ tells john that they are fine with it anyways and admit they are ni/gg/er crossposters >small portion of /japan/ tells john to fuck off >john is eternally butthurt that he must go to the most jannied and compromised bunker >/japan/ is deleted So much for being heh-pilled when you seek refuge from the biggest janny kike of them all john. DEAD BOARD A-LOGS WON RANDOM FACTS John barnhill was the first person to use the word troon, orignally used on one of his lovequest steams this suggest that it was john barnhill who created and pushed the "troonstream" meme. John barnhill believes that becoming the little girl is the final redpill, he is a tranny in this sense. John barnhill states that aya is his waifu but this is really a cover for wanting to have sexual relations with Flandre and Remilia Scarlet, Chen, and of course Cirno. all of these 2hus are underage physically or mentally in one way or another He larps as aya so he can make his fake news and gossip about himself and others like a faggot. John barnhill sexually rated his own sister, describing her as cute, but refusing to share her with the rest of the a-log audience. johns now calls a-logs the real pedos for wanting to see and marry his sister but she is 17 and is legal in most of the united state and all of canada. Prmanager stated that john barnhill lives on a american indian reservation and that this has kept him from being arrested for cp charges, if true this means that john is half-kike and half-injun. Since it is john’s father that drinks it is best to assume his father is the injun and his mother is the jewess. Side Story: John barnhill attempted to infiltrate and subvert tvch, he did this via his buttbuddy and fellow pedophile eden, who was able to obtain /dup/ when Gahoole was desperate for someone to janny it due to fear of being v& due to CIA G​AMERGATEs fedposting. Eden was a rulecucked faggot who ruined the board in his attempt to try to turn it into a second /pol/, this is ironic considering the fact that john and most of his pedo buddies are supposedly heh-pilled and don’t give a shit about muh rules. Eventually, gahoole grew tired of Eden’s faggotry and booted him, John Barnhill was a butthurt faggot about this in fact of course. It is very likely that a BO on tvch is still one of kois pedogoons due to a screenshot that john posted recently showing that he was aware that gahoole had recently appointed the weasel as a janny due to his present situation with the feds having v& his pc over false cp accusations. On a side note although john and his pedo goons would regularly suck gahooles cock on various /dunk/ threads in which they would celebrate the supposed death of Julay and warn him of the evils of the weasel it is noted that while on thread 9 koi and his goons would regularly also call /tv/ and gahoole the real pedophiles for disliking loli, and incels. hapa PEDO CABAL prmanager: >Johns best irl friend >pedophile or pedophile sympathizer >described john's imouto as having an 8/10 face and a flat chest. >massive faggot >probably a foxdick >allegedly lives in Florida where he goes to college there This is a retelling of the events when prmanager actually was dumb enough to reveal johns real name to the world: <when your mom is like calling for you <johh? <john?! <john get out here and help me! Notrad: >pedophile >massive faggot >the second /v/ BO after musci and john’s proxy >nuked Julay/v/ for a second time bickers le ebin oldfag /b/ trolling Eden: >John’s proxy in his attempt to infiltrate tvch >/geimu/ and former /dup/ bo >pedophile >ironically a massive rulecuck despite supposedly being heh-pilled >rulecucked /dup/ to death in his gay quest to make it a second /pol/ >even got called a rulecuck by his other pedo friends when he jannied on /geimu/ Agent Johnson: >history of being a pedophile mod on cuck/a/ >admitted to posting toddlercon >known fedposter on 9chan Other associates: Outofplace/Butthurt Torfag/Niggerchu: >former Гунтstream superfan and now its number 1 a-log >molikike lives rent free in his head forever >constantly post his gay larp on thread 9 and all over the webring in his effort to destroy /cow/ and the troonstream John’s sites: https://tengureich.com/ (died in less than month, lol hmu) https://prolikewoah.com/japan/ (cucked by dolphin) https://prolikewoah.com/2hu/ (unsure where he still has ownership of this place) https://8chan.moe/japan/ https://sportschan.org/v/ (not sure if he owns it but he is associated with it) https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru https://cytu.be/r/koisheep https://www.twitch.tv/kimee/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kimeemaru https://tracr.co/user/330379076701519892 (discord) These could be his or his friends: https://www.twitch.tv/kakku_seal https://www.twitch.tv/masterofthecrows John’s public irc: #2hu8chan Private irc ip: feel free to drop by if its still up, but I would use tor John video archives: https://anonfiles.com/J3u0N6Gao6/john_barnhill_7z https://anonfiles.com/pb18IaG9o6/john_barnhill2.tar_gz https://anonfiles.com/JdY3A0H1oc/john_barnhill3_7z https://files.catbox.moe/2eoftr.mkv john barnhill face reveal https://files.catbox.moe/0bjm4x.mkv cooking with john barnhill https://files.catbox.moe/xbx5zr.mp3 john barnhill no jannies allowed.mp3 REMEMBER JOHN YOUR THREAD IS FOREVER
A couple of choice caps of the pedophile.
Open file (178.83 KB 1016x1045 koiwar.png)
>>70143 fuck koi delete koi
Open file (3.64 KB 657x40 1 - 6hxlDpO.png)
Open file (2.88 KB 655x41 2 - w5VqfrH.png)
Open file (6.49 KB 711x46 3 - qVlLS83.png)
Open file (6.04 KB 475x93 4 - akklS1a.png)
Open file (433.90 KB 1221x859 5 - dsUOd8j.png)
A couple more caps plus an unedited variant of a wonderful quote of the pedo. I also forgot to mention on the OP that john maintain a job as a mall cop for a little bit, however, I forget how long he kept it.
Open file (1.24 MB 1379x1315 screen73.png)
This is a cap of the butthurt torfag whining about the weasel and defending kikesheep from a couple months ago.
John totally not seething when gahoole gave eden the boot for being a massive faggot, he was posting a lot of updates on the ni/gg/er meta thread where >(((they))) called the tenguG​AMERGATE (((their greatest ally))). Perhaps this is why john is now on blacked.gov despite supposedly hating mark so much.
Archive of all of /japan/'s drama threads where >they admit to running gay-ops on /cow/ and a-logs. Most if not all of these were pinned at some point, so much for discussing japan and Japanese things. I remember when koikike and notrad controlled /v/ briefly and when pedoreich was also a thing for a little bit he did the same thing, pinning a bunch of drama/ personal army request threads that focused on him as opposed to the actual board topic. John is very obsessed with building his little cult of personality so it only makes sense that every board that he controls would have to revolve around him. http://archive.is/pHn1h http://archive.is/Z33BV http://archive.is/LT0kc Thread where Agent John admits to spamming toddlercon: http://archive.is/Iay9p >>>/meta/12336 Its still up for anyone who also wants to check a live page of it but the archive is up in case it is lost in the rebirth
Open file (1.96 MB 966x1288 prmanager_gunt.png)
Prmanagers Гунт doxxxx, I also forgot to note on the OP that once a year him and john meet in real life an go to a fucking waterpark of all places.
He looks like Britbong without one of Brianna Wu's haircuts.
Open file (188.20 KB 688x456 fellow_cowboy_spotted.png)
>>70282 >oldfag larping <wahhh you can't just make a thread on my pedophile BO hes based easy easy! <theres no way JEWS would read the thread and realize this pedophile is a hilarious pathetic example of a human bean! </cow/ is dead bickers the BO doesn't agree with me <your the real pedophiles Prmanager is that (you)? Are (you) still asshurt I called you a foxdick? Honestly it might be notrad or butthurt torfag via proxy, I lose track of you pedophiles writing styles.
>>70282 Let me answer you with one word. SEETHE
Open file (77.08 KB 1200x675 674422790164.jpg)
>>70282 >Imagine lying throughout this wall of text not bickers you wanted to bait this guy wew lad
Open file (13.84 KB 561x561 john_who_could_it_be.png)
>>70332 >>70334 The sister is legal, now keep seething and coping pedophile.
>>70337 >legal >17 But jcaesar187's 18 is literally pedophilia
Open file (52.44 KB 641x477 spank.png)
Weird known pedophile Koisheep begging for Monero TO BUY CHILD PORN and streaming on known pedophile website bitwave really makes me think
>>70337 Nudes of 17yr old, actual CP in Leafland. Why am I not surprised /cow/?
>>70356 >>70357 I don't think he even said her age, just that she was legal. >unable to stream in jcaesar187's time slot. I don't know where you got that from, what happened is another streamer cucked Koi's timeslot, and he admits that's what first set him off against the place during one of his later streams on twitch.
>>70363 >I don't think he even said her age, just that she was legal. AOC in Cuckistan is 16 (except for those in position of power) Nudes are still considered CP though.
Open file (96.14 KB 341x350 john_gunted.png)
Open file (352.93 KB 471x550 koi_pedo_folder.png)
>>70353 >But jcaesar187's 18 is literally pedophilia It is when jcaesar187 does it bickers hes grooming her in fact of course. >>70356 Any proof of this? Also pretty sure kitty went to jail a while back for being a pedophile. >>70357 No one ever asked for nudes, just pictures since he wouldn't stop bragging about how cute she was, what you have said is just slander in fact of course.
>>70368 >what you have said is just slander in fact of course. What have I said? I merely replied to a /cow/boy that claimed 17 was legal, in reply to claim nudes of underage sister were requested.
Open file (32.95 KB 256x300 kaori.jpg)
>>70332 >Where is the funny? >half of /japan/ tells john that they are fine with it anyways and admit they are ni/gg/er crossposters That one; the /v/edditors. There are probably some scenarios where I would have supported koi in this on the loli question, but when you have a bunch of /v/iggers shitting up the place, doing retarded damage control and mirroring pedo arguments of why their delusions of children don't reflect real children so it's no problem, then I'm going to say he's just a dumb attention whore. The current power level of /japan/ has shot through the floor in fact of course, where you've just got soku, a vn thread (afternoon reads bickers 60 hours is too hard), and mark/war room shit. For the self-described last defenders of image board culture, it's pitiful.
>>70370 No one ever asked for nudes, that a lie but keep going /japan/ tranny, also why would someone need to use tor to download supposedly legal dojinshi? Really makes me think. >>70371 I mean it was pretty obvious from the get-go that they were ni/gg/ers, as I brought up on a previous post they called john their (((greatest ally))) when he posted his little avatartfag updates on the cake/v/ meta. https://archive.is/gPJlz cake/v/ meta
>>70372 >The sister is legal, now keep seething and coping pedophile. Would seem to imply guilt
Open file (1.63 MB 1600x1200 japan.png)
Open file (332.20 KB 800x1600 gaytorknight.png)
>>70373 >he responded to the wrong post newfag moment gaytor >it implies guilt How so? I don't feel any guilt bickers unlike john barnhill I am not a pedophile who wants to molest 2hus with prepubescent bodies. Now can you explain to my why you are still here damage controlling for known pedophile john barnhill? >inb4 old style /b/ trolling Well there were pedos back in the day gaytor on /b/.
>>70372 Koi himself calls them ni/gg/ers on his stream all the time. Of course they are.
>>70376 No faggot I replied to YOUR post, with a quote from the post in question >How so? If i say "You fucked a minor" and you reply "She was 18" It IMPLIES you did in fact have sex with her. When I see someone claim nudes of underage were requested. And you reply she was 17 It IMPLIES that nudes were in fact requested Stating facts of Canadian law is in no way "damage control"
>>70282 lol <JEWS> after replying of course https://julay.world/cow/res/70142.html#70206
Open file (545.50 KB 800x1300 4chan_gaytor.png)
>>70379 >No faggot I replied to YOUR post, with a quote from the post in question Than why not include both post to clarify what you are responding to? Perhaps you are just covering up your newfag ways? gaytor >When I see someone claim nudes of underage were requested. You and another (((fellow))) anon are the one who claimed there were nudes requested at >>70334 and >>70357. Such a request was never made. John was the one who promised to show his mothers julayers in fact of course. >Stating facts of Canadian law is in no way "damage control" Yes that is right, its a fact that johns imouto is legal, she is within consensual age laws, its also known that in leafland lolicon is considered cp in some areas and restricted to a large extent, perhaps this is why john barnhill the pedophiles has to use tor to download them. Now keep coping pedophile!
>>70385 >Than why not include both post to clarify what you are responding to? Sorry, forgot not to expect sufficient intelligence for deductive reasoning on this board. >You and another (((fellow))) anon are the one who claimed there were nudes requested I made no such claim. My first post was simply that nudes of a 17 yr old was CP in leafland >Yes that is right, its a fact that johns imouto is legal, she is within consensual age laws Nudes of her are still CP faggot.
Open file (77.93 KB 643x820 0a1.jpg)
>3000 word essay what the fuck did he do to make you that mad OP? >inb4 read it its 6 pages long and i have a life
>>70388 >I made no such claim. My first post was simply that nudes of a 17 yr old was CP in leafland Why would you make such a statement other than to imply it was about the supposed nudes requested as noted by the previous (((fellow))) anon? As I stated before that's false. >Nudes of her are still CP faggot Again, no one ever requested for nudes, just normal pictures of her.
>>70394 Fuck you are dense, I just came into this thread and replied to the last two relevant posts at that time they were (to refresh your lack of memory) >>70334 >Forgot to say I really enjoy the part where they call him a pedophile then complain he didn't provide them with nudes of his underage sister. This is just pedos calling pedos pedos. >>70337 >The sister is legal, now keep seething and coping pedophile. >>70353 >legal >17 To which I replied 17 is fucking cp in leafland Your 'claim' that it was just an innocent request for fully clothed pics came AFTER my first reply.
>>70392 He's not actually mad at him. He's just using the /v/ incident as an opportunity. He saw a conflict between the /v/ board owners and wanted to create drama. He finds pleasure in the idea that he masterminded and escalated the drama and is wrecking havoc. In his mind he is taking credit for nuking /v/ and the whole site with simple social engineering. He thinks he not only turned robi and all the old associates against him, but also the plw owner and single handedly destroyed /japan/ thrice leaving it a failure on fedchan. He's the destroyer of a whole communities. He won. He defeated them all. He's simply gonna ride the koi train as far as he finds a way to exploit it and if he doesn't he's gonna try to create a new cow.
Open file (399.09 KB 677x954 john_transparent2.png)
>>70396 Why not read the actual OP instead of responding to obvious butthurt pedophiles seething. coping and dilating If you had read it in the first place rather than read some pedos claims than it might have made your life a little easier. Just going to repeat myself again and say that their were no request for nude pictures. >inb4 muh essay I don't really care what >>70392 or (you) have to say, read it if you actually want to know anything about this individual. chuckles >>70397 >he thinks he masterminded things Pretty sure it was john barnhill that thought he was a mastermind after he thought he killed julay after trying to spam it to death with cp. >He's the destroyer of a whole communities Its true john destroys everything he touches. JOHN BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE
>>70399 You must be a ni/gg/er. You're obviously mentally impaired. I never claimed to have not read the OP. Furthermore, I have already stated, the implication (in stating she is 17) is that there was nudes requested. Maybe you requested face pic, maybe some other anon requested nudes, I don't know, but this amount of coping leads one to believe it did occur. If you have evidence that didn't happen feel free to correct the record.
>>70399 Give me a good motive or proof for him posting CP. If it was to shut down the site explain when he tried to aim at it's destruction and for what reason. There are obvious reasons for people like dolphin doing exactly that and in comparison to a guy that's to tech illiterate to host his own board dolphin actually brags about having his own spam tools.
>>70409 <y-your t-the ni/gg/er <there is no doubt that nudes were requested bickers you said they weren't requested >If you have evidence that didn't happen feel free to correct the record >I need evidence Do you have evidence that they were requested besides some other butthurt /japan/ trannies claims? I knew you were just a /japan/ tranny shilling but I didn't realize just how far you would drag this on. This thread isn't going away but I know /japan/ is stuck on blacked.gov, now keep seething. >>70410 Read the OP and look at some of the caps. JOHN BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE
Open file (110.11 KB 561x341 sameimage.png)
>>70392 >same image >trying to downplay the post >>>/cow/61613 Way to give yourself away koigoon.
>>70418 >Be accused of soliciting nudes of minor >Claim she 17 >Hurr durr oh ya 17 is CP >Claim nudes were never solicited >Hurr durr You cant prove we solicited nudes.
Open file (417.89 KB 735x1034 john_transparent3.png)
>>70433 <wahhh your the real pedophiles stop attacking muh based pedo BO COPE PEDOPHILE
>>70434 >Have it pointed out, your actions appear suspect NOOOO It's NAWT TROOOOOO YOU'RE A PEDO
>>70435 can you prove the actions tho?
>>70438 The actions in this thread you fucking stupid ni/gg/er
>>70439 no i mean the claim that anyone solicited nudes from a minor like logs? or a screenshot?
Open file (178.83 KB 1016x1045 koiwar.png)
Open file (2.43 MB 480x270 dolphinyes.gif)
>>70439 I give a shit about koi fuck koi delete koi >>70440 post this on /japan/, pedophile
>>70441 those arent logs, those are claims i claim your black you are black
Open file (191.83 KB 440x422 guntopiabigclear.png)
>>70442 very based clear
Open file (113.80 KB 1587x729 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (53.88 KB 750x714 3bmojl.jpg)
>>70445 >>70471 Oh look, dolphinpedo has come to claim others are the real pedo's
Open file (2.42 MB 640x360 Contratz.webm)
>>70482 no proof i guess :/
i've been ignoring this thread bickers i dont care but holy shit is the guy losing his shit the pedo guy?
Open file (124.34 KB 500x500 ao_usagi.jpg)
Well clearly being an avatarfag isn't koi's only issue if he's talking about his underage sister and his mother that he lives with, on a site that he's certain is recording him. If the videos are proof, does that mean he followed through? That's some impulse control right there. Should have started with the onahole collection and move outwards.
>>70579 It's not just /v/. /k/ migrated pretty early and look at the activity of all the other boards that are left. If this thread wasn't a thing /cow/ would be as good as dead too.
>>70579 Well you'd be kidding yourself if you claim koi wasn't being used as a willing meat shield for the /v/iggers that joined over the course of fat going down, /delicious/ getting the site parked, the announcement of the board culling, and then getting parked again for 2 weeks. >For a group that claims not to care about /v/ they sure care about /v/ an awful lot Maybe if /v/ didn't crosspost so much, people would care less. When you know their posting habits, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.
>this many replies already just from seething tengoons yelling >nooooooo stop looking at this chubby pedophile you need to pay attention to the troonstream theyre the real lolcows You know I was wondering how well a thread like this would play out, but this is absolute gold.
Open file (261.41 KB 785x1000 soyjak.png)
>>70615 NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST MAKE A THREAD ON JOHN HES BASED NOOOOOO EASY EASY! YOUR THE REAL PEDOPHILES /cattle/ FUCK YOU! John Barnhill and his pedo cabal are absolutely assblasted by this thread, thank gawd the internet is forever.
>>70599 >Well you'd be kidding yourself if you claim koi wasn't being used as a willing meat shield for the /v/iggers that joined over the course of fat going down I'm pretty sure he just wanted to cause chaos and get attention for it. You're doing a great job of feeding the attention whore. >/delicious/ getting the site parked You mean a sperg from /cow/ reporting the site bickers the admins wouldn't meet his demands of banning anime and loli? >the announcement of the board culling, and then getting parked again for 2 weeks. Board culling would have gone a lot smoother without the sperg reporting the site for cocks that wasn't illegal. My home board died bickers of that sperg. So he can go fuck himself for all I care. >Maybe if /v/ didn't crosspost so much, people would care less. <if I give people seeking attention the attention they crave I win
>>70666 >he just wanted to cause chaos and get attention for it You keep repeating this chaos shit, but koi admits himself he did it bickers he felt his timeslot got cucked so he started to hate julay. The absolute state of tengoon damage control. >a sperg from /cow/ reporting the site bickers the admins wouldn't meet his demands of banning anime and loli? Proofs G​AMERGATE. As far as I know there was a guy who threatened this, but only after the initial wave of the Esther reports that got julays and a bunch of other imageboard adresses taken down. In a lot of cases for /pol/like cocks, not loli.
>>70666 >koi wants chaos <doxing and dolphin spam is beyond the pale >You mean a sperg from /cow/ reporting the site bickers the admins wouldn't meet his demands of banning anime and loli Exactly. It set the unexpected precedent of dns registrar being the sole cause of fucking with a chan (as opposed to dns plus other services), and the absolute worst time for a bunch of outsiders to come in and demand accomodation for their freeze peech. >Board culling would have gone a lot smoother without the sperg reporting the site for cocks that wasn't illegal The park after the culling announcement was due to the /v/ fiasco. ><if I give people seeking attention the attention they crave I win I'm supposed to just ignore a retard being retarded? wew lad.
>all the koigoon cope in this thread Heh, maybe try... taking it easy, kid...
>>70445 >>70446 >>70447 >>70448 >>70449 >>70450 pics or it didnt happen newfag
>>70432 >same image But that's wrong, you retard. Those are different files.
>>70712 Same resolution, same exact file size. Auuugghh gentlemen, taking it too easy to put effort into changing the image beyond switching the file name!
>>70713 >77.93 KB = 71.86 KB k
>>70713 >same exact file size >same exact file size >same exact file size >77.93 KB >71.86 KB >same exact file size when did this board go to shit
>>70717 >>70718 Koi hacked my computer and made me type that.
You forgot the part where he leaked the user list from tvch with his dumb "janny power ranking" on thread #9 and was quickly sniffed bickers there was one mod he didn't know to be a Гунтstream regular.
>>70711 why are you wanting pictures of children being barebacked, torpedo?
Open file (2.43 MB 480x270 DOL.gif)
>>70790 so i can masturbate to him.
>>70790 Do not believe koi's lies. I did not make >>70878
As someone with no dog in this fight that just stumbled into this thread to see what going on with "julay2.0" this attempt to fabricate a lolcow from thin air out of pure spite is pretty transparent. This whole board stinks of tribalism so I'm sure I'll be accused of being "the enemy" for not sucking your dicks but man this thread was sad to read through and its clear even the people in your own camp are having trouble jumping on this bandwagon. You should stick to making fun of people outside of your own bubble so it atleast seems genuine, this just comes off as disingenuous act of petty revenge.
>>70899 >inb4 "no u"
>>70899 hey John Barnhill
>>70899 >I'm totally here by accident and not some tengoon
He is a mixed of Corey with Britbong?
>>71098 Yes hes basically britbong plus corey barnhill if he was a 2hu-obsessed borderline tranny.
>>70899 >this attempt to fabricate a lolcow from thin air Ever since the "bloodsports" cancer started this has been the only way /cow/ could operate at all. Won't be surprised if this thread is somebody's personal army request.
>>71911 >Nooo, Koipedo is a nice guy! Troonstream is trying to force one or two users from here to join in crusade!!!! Pure retard logic. Koipedo already made his own bed, no need for anyone forcing people to go after him.
Agent Johnson being a pedophile again. https://archive.is/3roUY last image is reposted for confirmation that the tripcodes are in fact the same
>>70925 Most of the people who are tired of /cow/ards spamming imageboards about Barnhill have never even been to /japan/ nor give a flying fuck about who he is. Day in the life of anon: >browse board >suddenly a few threads are filled with a couple of newfag users spamming "John Barnhill is a pedophile" and then botspam from random boards >what is all this drama about? >be informed that the spammer is from /cow/ and Гунт and the botspam is dolphin Anon then doesn't hate the pedophile, they hate you. The pedophile is some random internet loser as irrelevant as Jim Brandzel or Nanoshen. They aren't defending him, they don't even know or care who he is. You get banned and deleted bickers you're an obsessed autistic spamming their board with off-topic drama that no-one cares about.
Open file (12.08 KB 566x597 koi_2d.png)
>>72191 >john still being butthurt that hes being called out for being a pedophile >heh-pilled >icup faggots defend john and ban /cow/boys and dolphiG​AMERGATE for spreading the word of his pedophilia <no one cares about the fact that I am a pedophile so please stop pointing it out STOP TALKING ABOUT ME BEING A PEDOPHILE GUYS ITS FORCED I SWEAR TO GOD ITS FORCED
Open file (13.46 KB 566x597 pedochu_2d.png)
>>72469 <test
>>72482 Damnit, either I am fucking up somehow gaytor or fagtext is broke.
Open file (127.64 KB 646x1235 grail_kun.png)
>>72484 Pinktext is custom that robi put in on the old instance before the upgrade, so it didn't carry over. It's only a few small changes so mention it to him if you see him. >>72191 I guess Koi probably shouldn't have taken in a bunch of /v/iggers to cross post on his behalf and bait out an autistic botspammer if he didn't want said autistic botspammer to go out and hunt for him and botspam. Stupid games, stupid prizes.
>'member 8chan? >yeah that's right I was there since the beginning >I remember it all gaytor tier-oldfag
Open file (56.78 KB 661x717 flandre_barnhill.png)
Can't get the 495 year old vampire loli? Than become it, than it will be real and legal.
Open file (9.81 KB 566x597 pedochu_nightmare.png)
Open file (9.77 KB 566x597 pedochu_nightmare.png)
think I removed the little bit of brown bits left
He looks just like ManlyTears aka MR. FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !! aka TrannyTears
>>73231 Hes your friendly local reporting tengu pedophile
>8cup censors discussion of the fact that john barnhill is a pedophile SO THIS IS THE POWER OF THE HEH-PILL STOP TALKING ATTACKING THE BASED PEDOPHILE ATTENTION WHORE EASY EASY https://archive.is/NDIIO thank god I archived the thread before the jannies did that. Everyday it becomes increasingly more apparent that the heh-pill is "jannying for me but I get to post cp on your board."
>>73338 What url to confirm.
>>73338 nvm, my brain is fried. So all you need to do is proof John owns icup and you're set. https://archive.is/nR4gM https://archive.is/xE7d3
>>73338 wouldn't be surprised if he controls most of the webring behind the scenes at this point who's behind /icup/ which should be spelled "I See You Pedo"
>>73494 >he controls most of the webring Nah ain't that smart and he got kicked from every webring board except /bane/ which he still owns and maybe /2hu/ on prokikewoah, wouldn't be surprised if he is trying to do something with his cronies though. I don't think he owns /icup/ but the owners of /icup/ are ni/gg/ers who sympathize with his pedo ways.
Open file (17.38 KB 566x597 koi_janny.png)
>>73549 Here to damage control john?
>>73549 thank god its actually a dude so I can beat my meat without having to flagellate myself for being a pedo being a faggot is no big deal though it comes with the territory here
>>73554 >switching vpns Thanks for posting here instead of thread 9 so I can now confirm that its one of you faggots.
Perhaps the real Barnhill family were the cowboys we triggered along the way
>>73557 >one of you but we're all a single person according to you
Open file (34.78 KB 561x677 pedochu_dark.png)
>samefagging this hard
Open file (2.43 MB 480x270 dolphinyes.gif)
Open file (18.61 KB 128x128 blob.gif)
>>73338 Or perhaps you kept on spamming and others got tired of it?
>>73860 hey now he has just as much of a right to post unrelated shit in places where it doesn't belong as I do
>deleting my unrelated shit HELP I'M BEING OPPRESSED
Open file (51.26 KB 1189x505 koi.png)
>>73909 >HELP I'M BEING OPPRESSED t. pedo
>>73933 i've really taken a shining to this board and I promise to come back every day to post cp
So has this attentionwhore actually fucked off now? Kind of makes sense that getting /japan/ exiled to a fed honeypot would piss of any of the people that used that board.
>>74938 Probably just biding his time until his the Mark stink washes off to start a new attempt at ecelebdom.
>>74938 I'm sure they blame the person who doxxed and threatened the owner of the site they were on into exiling them and not their BO.
>>75048 You sure about that? /japan/ on blacked.gov is a fucking ghost town, seems a lot of them jumped ship when he tried to migrate them to pretty much the worst website possible. And while I'm sure they mainly blame dolphin, it's hard to imagine they can't see that he went out of his way to stir as much shit as possible, and the deplatforming is a direct result of that. or maybe they have a secret bunker somewhere that still has to be discovered by those not in his irc cabal
>>75092 Its not like they had many options knowing any site they go to would be targeted by someone who has a personal vendetta against them. This entire fucking site is a ghost town now thanks to the way they were treated here and trying to inflict the same damage onto any other site they go to isn't reflecting poorly on them in my eyes at least. I wouldn't doubt at all if they secretly moved to somewhere you lot can't find and put up a board on marks site as a diversion.
>>75092 They wouldn't have a lot of posters anyway, and good luck expecting /v/iggers to stick around for long when they don't have an excuse to chimp out.
>>75097 >I wouldn't doubt at all if they secretly moved to somewhere you lot can't find and put up a board on marks site as a diversion. Thanks for the hint. I think I've already found your little hideout. fucking /v/igger
They have moved on to a comfy place where no /cow/boy would dare go.
He is posting right now on the cyclical thread as ada421 defending Ashton Parks just to shit on Гунтstream.
anyone know why /japan/ fags seems to be trying to be friends with PPP?
Koipedo or /japan/ is for real raiding cyclical thread atm, larping as "oldfags" worried about "troonstream" ruining the board.
ad230b ID for exemple, half of his posts are against Гунтopia 9fad6e try to act as some oldfag /cow/boy, but almost all his posts are saying that Гунтstream is the true lolcows ruining the board
>>75675 Are three fags at least, one is the same OP from this thread now using a new id instead of his previous ID banned other day or tor >>74483
30e3d0, 9fad6e and 13778c Either koipedo is really abusing of samefagging or he's counting on help from more people than usual.
Why /japan/, G​AMERGATEchu and all those fags hate /cow/ and Гунтstream?
oh my fuck this thread is fucking hilarious, dogbless the anon that started it with that wall of text of information
>>75762 Yes, /japan/ shitting up the JewTube the thread for the past two nights is very organic!
>>75786 Funny too how they keep crying about everyone being the Toad McKinley when it's obvious the guy hasn't been around for a few days. These are the same retards that idle in the Гунтstream all day in the hopes of finding something they can use, they must be aware he's not in there.
>>76286 Invite Toad McKinley to Гунтstream, so he can have an adult conversation with Toad McKinley
>>76301 agreed i want toad to interview toad.
Open file (763.59 KB 579x900 fucking weeb.png)
What he is doing now? Noticed how some ID's are not deflecting for PEDO shit trying to make /cow/ as group of pedos while screenshoting it and posting on other places.
>>77184 What places, what screenshots, what are you talking about?
Open file (15.43 KB 596x637 koi_bane.png)
>>77185 https://kissu.moe/jp/res/3682 while john pretends to be gone while regrouping with his cabal of pedos most likely in some irc somewhere whats left of /japan/ has secretly moved over to this thread here.
>>77185 They are posting screenshots from jannies from here kicking the autistic sperg saying that Toad McKinley and /japan/ is full of pedos, on discord and maybe even on cuckchan. There are two things happening recently, this autistic dude crying about "Toad McKinley", jannies and Robi and some weirdo posters trying to fit in (IDs while the autistic is now using tor to cry about Robi) and at the same time while pretending to be interested in the issues discussed, they make allusions that pedophilia is not a big deal to the users here, as if >we were morally gray in this matter.
>>77318 >oldest post 07/29/20 >site made for 4chan mods to decompress so, john has never left his mod position@4chan, and is continuing to maintain literal child pornography jannying for Hiroyuki, huh.
>>77318 How new are you? kissu is just a bunker for 4/qa/. /jp/ was made as a place where threads could be posted so they wouldn't cause threads on /qa/ to slide as quickly. Anons have been playing Soku together for years. You'll find similar threads on /v/ and anywhere else there are anons that like playing vidya. You just want an excuse to attack yet another board for no reason. Kissu shut you down quick so you had to come here and complain about them hoping to get more people involved with the bot spam.
Open file (2.47 MB 389x333 pedowave.gif)
>>77604 >shut you down quick pathetic KAI (OWNER OF KISSU) DOX: Real name: Kai Nicoll-Griffith Location info: - Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada - Montreal Nicks: ECHibiki qamirror ECVerniy K.N-G Hibiki-NG Emails: ecverniy@gmail.com Social media accounts: Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ECHibiki/ (http://archive.is/CzTLM) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kai.nicollgriffith (http://archive.is/VpkUs) Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kai-nicoll-griffith-917960a3/ (http://archive.is/9lBZg)
>Kissu's inception was tied to sageru and /qa/ militantism was on rizon. sageru is where koipedos are from; irc.sageru.org/6667 #jp https://kissu.moe/qa/res/49851#49965
Open file (53.61 KB 530x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>kai says he doesn't support loli >loli on site time for another report
>>77607 >>77608 >>77609 >spamming an innocent website and doxing the owner Where have I seen this before? Oh that's right you did it to anon.cafe and julay all in the name of censoring what other people post. Why don't you spend your time doing something constructive like killing yourself?
>>77613 dilate
Open file (23.32 KB 566x597 ClipboardImage.png)
>>77614 >>77615 Typical /cow/tard response as expected. It'd be different if you were doing these things just for the lulz but instead it's some autistic obsession. How far will you go to defend the honor of the janny that ruined /v/? Eventually, this is going to come back around to bite you all in the ass.
if you have a problem with the cocks on kissu, please use the report button instead of spamming, raiding or doxxing. If it meets criteria for actually being lolicon then it will be removed. Picture in question however( big breasted leia organa on Jabba the hutt's lap with a rounded face) is probably not lolicon and I think you're simply being sensitive.
>>77616 >for the lulz Hello schizochu, still seething at dolphins victory over /japan/ I see.
>>77617 You will not convince them to stop. I've seen them do it to three websites in the last few months. They aren't cocks controlling what is posted on two websites they want to shit up everything that exists. >>77618 See what I mean? They just attribute anything they don't like to someone and claim it's them. Your website is being targeted just bickers someone they don't like might use it. This board used to have rules about not getting involved with the subjects of the threads. Most of the old anons are gone now and have been replaced by these kids that seek out e-fame by interacting with cows. Cows aren't even posted here anymore. The entire board is just a series of personal army requests and gossip about people that have youtube channels.
Holy...this site is autistic Please get a hobby
>>77620 >>77619 Seething harder
>>77616 dilate
>>77608 sageru #jp? That's just an irc for a textboard which has been around for over a decade. Currently inhabited by a schizophrenic third-worlder and others, but I don't think it's where your John is. http://tanasinn.info/wiki/6ch.html
>>77626 That's not how it works. Everyone is John until proven otherwise.
>>77626 In fact, if this John guy is 21 or 22 like you said, then the IRC was made most likely before his balls even dropped. https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S8730291 (http://archive.is/SWkE9) >>77636 Well what would this John attention whore gain out of some Anonymous IRC that's not even interested in his lame touhou skills? I can't make the connection.
>>77619 There's only so many retards that still use the term "for the lulz", its hard to imagine there's more then one of you doing so while also defending pedomaru. Not to mention that according to his own words he did it bickers he was angry about his timeslot getting cucked, but you have to keep trying to push that shit to make yourself seem less pathetic
Oh, now I get it, John got banned by wasoru/jp/, and now is taking reverse psychology revenge on banning his ass. Not like it matters it's obvious your back in your pedocult site: https://archive.is/oUesf
So, let me get this straight. Some guy named John, who went by the pseudonym "koi" or something, posted on some 8gag board called /japan/. This guy -- at least superficially -- by your estimation appears to be a pedophile based on no source logs, and for showing 2D lolicon shit on a stream. Then, bickers some 2hu fags who posted on /japan/ migrated to a single thread on kissu, dolphin boy decides to immediately start spamming under the assumption that there's been some sort of agreement with the owner of this website or that they just straight up own the website, or that it's otherwise some sort of bunker for /japan/. At this point, instead of investigating and realizing that kissu is not in any way associated with the webring other than documenting shit in their happenings thread, dolphin boy decides to double down and continue spamming and reported the domain to the registrar and cloudflare or something. So, the owner of kissu decides the heat's too much and decides to take down their hentai board bickers he doesn't want the heat of his users uploading loli shit. Regardless, dolphin boy decides this isn't good enough! By a cursory glance he finds a screenshot from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! (a comedy anime about a shortstack college girl who has hijinks with an upperclassmen), and declares this to be the lolicon pedo scourge he's devoted himself to removing from the internet! Anyways, dolphin boy decides this is proof enough to report the owner of kissu to their registrar and cloudflare again. The best part really is how kai sounds a whole lot like "koi," so they're basically the same person, right? Might as well be to dolphin boy. If this was a police investigation, I rate you an ATF / 10 - found the bad guy, got confused and shot someone who looked like the bad guy, shot his dog, seiged their house and then killed every innocent hostage inside in an inferno. If you're genuinely concerned about pedos, dox the faggots on tor who post cp and shit, not randos who want to post anime screencaps or play 2hu. That or go harass some schizos on tinychan if you're just bored.
Open file (39.98 KB 191x187 seething.png)
>>77793 dilate
>>77793 they aren't genuinely concerned or bored its kick the dog syndrome they're lashed out at in some way and so they feel the need to lash out at others like a kid who gets beat by his alcoholic father that goes on to bully the runt in school to cope its not out of genuine concern for the runts weakness that he does it but simply that hes an easy target and thats why so much of this boards attack vectors center around pedophilia they're inadvertently doing to the accusation of pedo what the far left has already done to the accusation of racist or sexist or nazi what used to be very serious and damaging accusations now rendered totally meaningless bickers it was used as a cudgel to beat down anyone opposed to them so often that its lost all weight and meaning
>>77793 Yep, that just about sums up dolphin .t No Dolphin, I'm not Koi
You better be careful, dolphin. It's not just loli that's illegal in your ass backwards country where everything is, cyber harassment is as well.
doplhpin regularly posts through the VPNs and using his Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.12; rv:56.0 and his Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:56.0 He has made threats of DDoS a criminal offense in australia(the country he lives). He has also brought up doxxes with the intention of harrassment. Also illegal.
>>77839 AHAHAHAH nice VPN IPs and fake user agents >DDOSing is illegal I think they'd take the loli stuff more seriously rather than someone trying to take illegal sites down.
>>77841 You are scared, I can tell. You went offline on irc the moment I said that. Would be funny if you became a lolcow yourself, don't you think?
>>77847 >You are scared, I can tell. You went offline on irc the moment I said that. Nope, just sick of you schizo rambling. I'm still online :)
>>77847 I mean, you are already doing a good job making a huge fool of yourself with this retardation.
>>77851 >I mean, you are already doing a good job making a huge fool of yourself with this retardation. hello kai
>>77853 Not him. I was the other person you were talking with there. This post really highlights how retarded you are: >>77793
Open file (39.98 KB 191x187 seething.png)
>>77859 I bet this guy you're obsessed about (that isn't affiliated with kissu in any way) looks better than you. I cannot imagine how much of a subhuman you must look like.
>>77839 >thinks he can beat the dolphin by posting his vpns Jesus you lolipedo's are retarded, you're just making things worse for yourself.
Open file (154.88 KB 500x500 getout.png)
koi needs to GET OUT
>>77867 The dude is retarded Dunning Kruger. I can not imagine how many cons he's pulled off on you in your teen ewar campaign.
>>77871 Calm down Kai, leaking IP's is not a good look for a site owner.
Open file (78.13 KB 400x272 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (10.73 KB 566x597 koi_2d_full.png)
>>77864 <I bet this guy you're obsessed about (that isn't affiliated with kissu in any way) looks better than you. I cannot imagine how much of a subhuman you must look like.
Now I really want to know in what country pictures of cartoon girls with F-cup breasts are considered a bigger criminal offense than physical harassment and ddosing. Australia definitely sounds like it fits the bill, though I'm sure it's not the only one.
I like how you people shit on loli when half of you probably have CP on your computers. It's almost like you're coping or something.
>>77807 >>77812 Ok, retard. * DolphinKun (~DolphinKu@russian.dolphins.are.spying.on) has joined * IRC_Bot gives voice to DolphinKun <DolphinKun> :) > <DolphinKun> I told you to delete all loli, Kissu_Admin <Anonymous_User_2> Welcome back, I guess. <Anonymous_User_1> there's no loli <DolphinKun> Yes, there is <DolphinKun> check kissu.moe <DolphinKun> you're all fucked in the head <DolphinKun> that's why <Anonymous_User_1> i don't see it <Kissu_Admin> https://kissu.moe/jp/src/1598225620462.png <Kissu_Admin> ? <Anonymous_User_4> i think it's you who is, buddy <DolphinKun> let me send you some examples <Kissu_Admin> she has secondary sexual characteristics <Anonymous_User_6> https://www.bitchute.com/video/EinbYuJrpYge/ <Kissu_Admin> bitty <Anonymous_User_3> I liked the old days of the internet when the first person to get offended lost <Anonymous_User_3> angry/offended/emotional etc <Anonymous_User_4> is this Anonymous_User_6 retard your friend, Dolphin? > <DolphinKun> >purges loli to cover-up being a pedo <Anonymous_User_1> what > <Anonymous_User_2> That's literally what you wanted? <Anonymous_User_4> who are you quoting > <Anonymous_User_2> So, now you're pro-CP???? > <Anonymous_User_2> What a reversal. Didn't see that one coming.
>>77990 wtf bbc is based?
>>77985 dilate
>>77985 I really don't get what their definition of loli is if not anime girls under legal age.
>>78950 Drawn depiction of a 5-15 year old looking girl would be a good definition. < 5 would be a subdefinition of tot or roricon (which I don't think anyone has said once during this whole saga so they must be newfag /v/edditors), as denoted by babyfat-like features. 15+ gets grouped in with other categories; be it pettanko, busty, high school, or whatever.
>>79165 Except thats a definition that leads retards like the twitter checkmarks to call people pedos for liking uzaki since 15 year olds can look like that.
>>79169 I haven't been following that series, but oppai loli is a whole different beast, and the defining trait of that is usually height rather than facial features so I'd be hard pressed to call her that. I somehow doubt that twitter checkmarks really care so much about taxonomy as outrage anyway in fact of course.
Open file (59.65 KB 1000x563 SM109.png)
any pikachu fans should kill themselves, shilled shitmon, same about umbreon for me, is Mudsdale. Also, get fucked Koirey.
Open file (375.01 KB 2000x2000 gothorita.png)
>>80291 >a brony telling anyone else to kill themselves the humanoid pokemon are where its at you filthy horsefucker
>>80305 Just bickers someone appreciate horses doesn't turn them into bronies. Meanwhile you're a coomer furfag trying to pretend to be superior in your degenerate taste Objectmon are the true patrician ones
>>80459 I'm not a pedo I just really appreciate little girls please believe me
BUMP cope john
>>77793 >If you're genuinely concerned about pedos, dox the faggots on tor who post cp and shit There's no concern here, its a cover. This is /cow/, newfag. We post the same shit to fuck with people and then call them pedos and laugh just like we have for years.
>>80463 dilate
Ampharos > G​AMERGATEchu
Open file (22.94 KB 253x174 john_at_desk.png)
Open file (14.86 KB 117x143 john_at_nasa_crop.png)
Open file (18.15 KB 763x1043 john_angry_sad.png)
Open file (17.37 KB 763x1043 john_2d_2_updated.png.png)
new john oc and edits
Why do John loves Ashton Parks so much?
their new board is already dead lmao
>>85413 where is their new board?
>>85614 8kun.top/kimezone
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
https://archive.is/6sqqK https://archive.is/c07zg https://archive.is/nrJGc https://archive.is/S2i5m https://archive.is/MB5Kt https://archive.is/dHwzp https://archive.is/BZsTI https://archive.is/PSGxu https://archive.is/pG7Ba these last couple threads were shill threads made by koigoons on /dunk/ Random Compilation of threads with >our favorite troomstream a-log the eternally butthurt torfaggot. https://archive.is/BfwXn https://archive.is/vJuPy https://archive.is/fbor5 https://archive.is/jsKPo https://archive.is/V4ZH9 https://archive.is/VczYb https://archive.is/EXcE4 https://archive.is/s0Xcm https://archive.is/8AVQt oops double I guess https://archive.li/8AVQt https://archive.vn/BuI5x https://archive.vn/f12IX https://archive.vn/YSucM https://archive.vn/Fu7RA https://archive.is/naqw5 https://archive.vn/CtQ92 https://archive.vn/xijzF Every single or most /monster/ meta thread archived, I was to lazy and tried to pick which ones had pedochu and lolikikes whining about /cow/boys and coping but there is a lot of cope and seething in these threads. Not all /monster/ or smug users are like this but due to /cow/'s strict dislike of lolikike shit there will always be some animosity between boards, however most of the whining was done by pedochu and koikoons. Just click on a couple, control c and type /cow/ or any of koipedos names and things get pretty entertaining. https://archive.is/Rm05O archive of /japan/s i-cup thread before the BO jannied the memes mocking john and francis. https://anon.cafe/icup/res/525.html >>85614 /japan/ is dead, john has ran off to his #2hu8chan and ##japan irc in sageru irc pretending he hasn't run away or isn't seething, coping or dilating. The remaining sokuG​AMERGATEs ran off to https://kissu.moe/jp/res/5992 , without the ni/gg/ers john doesn't have to many people to raid /cow/ or anywhere else he hates, I expect he and his goons will pop up in a couple months again but right now he thinks if he keeps it low he will be able to resurface under a new identity eventually. Fortunately I have documented him so much that when he pops up I will probably be able to spot him pretty easily due to his stereotypical 2hu avatarfagging, and attention-whoring.
Open file (87.91 KB 1062x216 john_demands.png)
Stop pretending it never happened john. old cap that I had stored around from back when it happened
>>85799 Nice fake board in fact of course, but john would never use fedkun bickers muh loli 2d pedophilia
https://archive.ph/fErR2 https://archive.is/YxCXU two #gaymergoyim archives both seething about a-logs, the last one is more recent, johns friend agent johnson was busy spamming blacked.gov with cp and other disgusting shit like toddlercon, 2d cp the ni/gg/ers cry out for johns help and blame luke delf and those fucking "/cow/ pedos" for spamming up the board.
https://archive.is/U7OeC Archive of /geimu/ or johns buddy edens the pedokike who ruined /dup/'s board bitching about a-logs, something about meta threads being absolute cancer and lolikikes having absolutely no thin skin and being able to not take back but they dish out. https://archive.vn/phatI https://archive.vn/mS7nY Times when /cow/boys raided zzzchan's ni/gg/er bunker threads when blacked.gov got fucked, losts of ni/gg/er seething. in all honesty probably should have posted some of this to the mark thread instead but since the ni/gg/ers were crying out for their savior pedokike I guess its on topic here
>>85815 so he has no new board? lol, is he friends with zzzchan or what? why hasn't he made one there
He was posting about Robi on some weebie board, someone linked it but I've lost.
Open file (1.39 MB 1761x1375 john_animation_2.gif)
>>86017 SEND ME THE LINK little test animation, I feel I could have added one more thing in fact of course
>>86017 it was kissu.moe, right?
>>86239 Look kissu.moe, sperg bro, after all you keep saying I'm G​AMERGATEchu just bickers of my lazy screenshot compilations. It's some anime board around there. btw it's pretty obvious that both G​AMERGATEchu and john are trying to use Robi against other members from Гунтstream for some time, same about Ashton himself. >>86240 Yes.
Open file (33.71 KB 556x458 3 posts on a roll.png)
no sure if john do it, but G​AMERGATEchu usually act like some autistic shitcord user, meaning:he is always making multiple posts on a roll Гунтopia himself noticed this behavior before
Open file (1022.08 KB 1200x1250 Annoyed_Bird_Meme_Maker.jpeg)
I finally understand why he avatarfags as that tengu: https://archive.is/GsZRw He has a brain of a bird. So he copes and reacts like one, barking and yelling.
https://dlive.tv/nickjfuentes CHARLS FURTHER VINDICATED
>>89512 oops wrong thread
Obsessed with pedophiles? You'll love this board nya~! https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/1322.html
https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/1.html John is back. I knew he couldn't stay away from the internet forever
auuuugh going to have to make a new way to archive john's stuff since anon files is clearly not permanent, two of the links are 404
>>89660 >>89667 obsessed
>>89692 seething john barnhill the pedophile.
>>87688 Holy shit anon if that was (you) than fucking based cake/v/ was seething harder than I have seen in a while.
Open file (602.01 KB 688x523 smug01.png)
Nice raid, nerds. Imagine being a normalG​AMERGATE and having a heart attack when you see a picture of cartoon characters getting fucked. >you will never get over /v/ getting nuked
>>89783 t. mark_ I caught you in IRC: Nov 06 21:33:56 * Hachi-chan sets modes [#8chan +qo mark_ mark_] Nov 06 21:34:13 * mark_ sets modes [#8chan +b *!~DolphinKu@AF19387F.A8D4A054.22B3E60C.IP] Nov 06 21:34:23 * You have been kicked from #8chan by mark_ (mark_)
Open file (635.13 KB 1278x1044 john_shuts_it_down.png)
Open file (452.56 KB 1599x863 john_projection.png)
https://archive.is/jsNB6 >john turns on zzzchans faggoty ass impossible CAPTCHA to put an end to a-logging and make a victory thread >john now bumps down all the based threads Truly heh-pilled, never change john.
>>89788 Hello koi. Mind PMing me via IRC (rizon).
>>89789 *(rizon)?
Open file (1.33 MB 552x512 my goodness.webm)
>>89786 being this fucking retarded G​AMERGATE you can't solve a captcha that has precise crystal clear instructions
Open file (35.98 KB 589x594 1540711961931.png)
Open file (29.83 KB 252x251 1547601880871.jpg)
Open file (294.79 KB 1024x640 1547386277387.jpg)
Open file (145.38 KB 1111x597 5147198719874.jpg)
Open file (60.93 KB 200x200 1449284094886.png)
>>89786 >impossible captcha <basic abstract thinking is too difficult for /cow/ <following simple instructions is too difficult for /cow/ <clicking squares is too difficult for /cow/ <anything beyond typing characters like a monkey is too difficult for /cow/ </cow/s are as stupid as real cows
Open file (17.59 KB 854x480 Kino.jpg)
Open file (134.34 KB 758x1024 media_ElDPGhiU8AA5fZ2.jpg)
So apparently, Seagull, board owner of copechan/v/ is a koipedo goon himself https://archive.is/XYpf4 Look at the board description carefully. How many pedoboards do you think they already cabal?
>>89803 what's copechan?
Open file (496.66 KB 800x728 ralph-gunted-earth.jpg)
>>89786 >they can't claim they "always win" anymore Look at this dude. WE ALWAYS WIN Also interesting that one of zchans' features hides one of G​AMERGATEchu's posting tells.
>>89808 >WE ALWAYS WIN You just admitted that you lost to a white square with black symbols on it. It's over.
Open file (252.45 KB 800x1400 chanology gaytor.png)
>>89811 You didn't catch on from the pic related? Maybe you should lurk more or something.
https://archive.is/n9oxy A-logs learn fast so john had to pin as many threads as possible #wealwayswin
Open file (813.61 KB 1761x1375 john_shut_it_down.png)
Open file (22.93 KB 662x684 pedo_pinlord.png)
Open file (1.69 MB 640x360 THEIR_SCARED.webm)
https://sportschan.org/v/res/529.html https://watch.8ch.moe/view/70bcf7ef-8989-47a2-a096-3bf066875663/ https://archive.is/ZRtg5 John's new stream, he was to afraid to post it on /johnbarnhill/ so he posted it on his even deader /v/ on sportschan, video related is john rn. HE'S SCARED https://archive.is/iyqB8 lol PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDed the catalog again #WEALWAYSWIN
Open file (10.71 KB 1019x125 mentally_challanged.png)
Open file (76.01 KB 191x188 gunt face.png)
Auuugh seems I am not the only one, a couple koigoons had a had time figuring out that captcha as well. >WE ALL MAKE >OUR MISTAKES HERE ON THE CHADRING https://archive.is/aYuoa its post >>141 on the link above #WEALWAYSWIN
>>90005 oops should have removed those two from the post number, >we all make >our mistakes here on /cow/ Just to clarify I am referencing to the post number on the archive not on this board.
first john, the weebie try harder pedo next who will be? Wolfspider, the other try harder schizo pedo? the chat is becaming a nice farm to find out new cows, especially pedo cows, let they grow fat first and after some time you 'll have some funny figure like john >>89990 this one is one of the best so far
Open file (233.00 KB 428x570 principal-chan_rape.png)
>>90003 >watch.8ch.moe Wew lad.
Open file (448.35 KB 846x900 af0.png)
>>90003 >>90020 >watch.8ch.moe >OSP uses Python 3 Lame https://openstreamingplatform.com/ Seems the rumors are true: Mark Mann is preparing to vtubber as nichegamer-tan, and lain/codexx as Nicchiban. At the least John is handling the blackpill well.
Open file (39.47 KB 307x401 OIP (6)~2.jpeg)
CONSPIRACY SOLVED >>89698 John koipedo the kimeemaru owns 3 janny positions in the webring: https://archive.is/2IYWS#21094
>>90081 Actually john is confirmed a janny/BO on these boards: tvch /bane/ zzzchan /japan/ cakechan /bane/ cakechan /tikilounge/ prokikewoah /geimu/ unconfirmed but rumored: anon.cafe /icup/ prokikewoah /2hu/
https://archive.is/uYxGo https://archive.is/OM6Tz https://archive.is/8BF6K https://archive.is/rONbd archives of john shilling his gay streams didn't shill it on /japan/ cause he was scared of a-logs
>>90096 Might be wrong on the /geimu/ part but he has a lot of influence due to (((eden))) being the BO.
>>90096 Why would anyone want to be a fucking janny on some many fucking places? Is John a fucking neet for real? All neets I know (ignoring the trannies) prefer do to better things with their time, and the trannies do it to have some power and influencing power over others who are mentally weak, so I guess John is turning more people into lolifags.
>>90099 AUUUUUGH I am pretty sure he has a lot of power on zzzchan as well, he is perhaps a mod on zzzchan /v/. John the eternal attention whore wishes to relaunch his failed streamer career, to get to that end he takes control of tons of boards, I am sure their are other boards he has his (((nose))) in as well. One thing is for sure, John is deeply in bed with cakejew, I remember cakejew laughing when john almost killed julay, I think they both werk together bickers they both wish to remove any competitors to their shitty boards. also pedos work together to preserve their pedo shit I LUB MARK HES WELCOME ANY TIME ON THE #KOISTREAM t. john barnhill, long lost brother of corey ray barnhill
>>90100 Yes john is a neet, he has only ever had a job as a mall cop, john has no life and is only good kinda at 2hu, he has no real skills and so he sits in his room all day torrenting cp over TOR and whining at his mother, the only real person who works. His father is also a NEET as well so it might explain his behavior. read the OP if you want more info on his life
Open file (54.12 KB 186x246 pedobrain.png)
>>90100 >John is turning more people into lolifags That is probably a reason as well, lolikikes feel very threatened by /cow/ and /japan/'s presence, and their anti-lolikike stances. I could see mark and john along with a multitude of other faggots who supposedly "hate" each other be working together to try to subvert antui-lolkike boards. Classic cake/v/ loli defense: >loli >pedophilia They also accuse those who are anti-loli of being the real pedos, the gist of it is pedophiles are very disgusting. CIRNO WILL NEVER BE LEGAL JOHN
>>90100 >Is John a fucking neet for real? yes. His younger sister has to drive him to the shops when he wants cola.
>>90103 >>90104 >>90105 I get it, sadly retards like him give a bad name for robots or more normal tier neets.
Open file (18.57 KB 800x1300 john_gaytor_3.png)
Anyone can give me a quick run down about G​AMERGATEchu?
Open file (92.35 KB 1254x1254 q.png)
>>91136 One of the former essayfags turned avtarfag who got butthurt that the other essayfag kept calling koipedo a pedophile, he made a couple post than got bullied really hard for a couple choice words he said such as equating posting cp as old-style /b/ trolling and has subsequently stopped avatarfagging. His writing style is however very recognizable so he can never escape his gay little identity he created for himself.
Open file (92.72 KB 819x303 koigoon.png)
Open file (97.33 KB 827x202 koigoon_2.png)
Open file (4.45 KB 243x100 koigoon_heh.png)
Open file (32.49 KB 479x435 koigoon_samefag.png)
A certain butthurt koigoon has been spreading a lot of division on tvch as of late. JOHN BARNHILL AND MARK MANN ARE PEDOPHILES
Pin this thread already, Robi.
>>91398 There is no reason to pin the thread dolphin, just let the thread serve its purpose normally. t. OP
Open file (31.38 KB 860x877 Le_Happy_John.png)
https://archive.is/f6TRr Lolikike seething on /monster/, I get the feeling that pedochu is a regular poster on this board. https://archive.vn/2PY9d pedochu seething on tvch
Open file (8.86 KB 845x86 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (382.25 KB 800x1400 rememberdesu.png)
>>91430 This one pretty much goes without saying. /v/edittors crossposting, having shit taste, and getting salty for having their shit tast pointed out and ridiculed is nothing new. There's a reason why they've never fit in with /a/ since time immortal.
G​AMERGATEchu on cyclical >>91399 >>91404 >>91151
>>91430 He's become too predictable at this point. Patrick, with your Child Pornography Defense Counselor, sue John for defamation and abuse and direct the FBI toward a criminal child trafficking gang in Canada.
>>91430 #122832 is G​AMERGATEchu?
>>91141 pedochu now is a twitterfag, he spent almost all his day on koi boards or on the cyclical or on twitter taking shit screenshot, what a pathetic neet i bet he's also now posting on foxdickfarms, as soon i have some free time i will try to see if i can notice him there
Let >us be honest here at this point /japan/ is just a proxy board for cake/v/, most of the posters their admitted to being ni/gg/er crossposters.
Open file (39.09 KB 1024x881 pedochu_merchant.png)
Open file (521.44 KB 3000x2500 kikes_plot.png)
Open file (78.22 KB 1696x974 Proxies.png)
Open file (104.25 KB 1024x881 FELLOW_TORFAG.png)
>>90104 >I could see mark and john along with a multitude of other faggots who supposedly "hate" each other be working together to try to subvert antui-lolkike boards no, it's just fun pissing you off and making fun of you
>>91734 Great commitment to the bit. You even had the other /jp/ boards making fun of you for being /v/eddit when that's not true, that's not true, as a matter of fact no that's not true.
>>91744 The other /jp/ spinoffs are teenbro hangouts who cares about them LOL!!
>>91746 ngl. Bit astonished at how quickly you recoiled.
Open file (104.25 KB 1024x881 FELLOW_TORFAG.png)
>>91746 >he literally became the torfag meme I just made
john john
the (((john))) boogeyman the (((lolicon))) boogeyman
Open file (1.01 MB 2060x1000 1606258271924.png)
Open file (60.05 KB 429x417 ClipboardImage.png)
He made some oc
Open file (8.03 KB 643x108 japan_projecting.png)
Open file (394.76 KB 950x1027 john_shill.png)
Open file (42.76 KB 970x310 pedochu_seethes.png)
>>70142 Alright OP here just a little update on G​AMERGATEchu/butthurt torfag, I can confirm that he isn't outofplace, I personally theorize that there is always a possibility that he and prkike are the same but it is just as likely that they are different pedo faggots. not that it really matters In some other news john barnhill and his pedo goons have been hard at work shilling there ebin videos absolutely PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDing /cow/ forever on tvch and most likely the rest of the webring. Also pedochu is hard at work here calling out /cow/, /japan/, and the ogre as the true pedophiles in fact of course. john or prkike must seem to still be sore about the Toad McKinley since he seems to be the main focus in the videos and all of the /intl/ cutout caricatures highlights of pedochus little outburts tonight include >robi the betrayer >whining about the Toad McKinley >whining about word-filtlers But he isn't mad at all, that is why he keeps coming back here to whine.
>>92040 They're turning /dunk/ into their pedo hangout, one of the mods that hangs out there is a tranny pedophile that Toad McKinley lets run the place.
Open file (5.25 MB 1280x720 Ogre_Btfos_John.mp4)
>>92044 I seriously doubt that in fact of course, I think Toad McKinley removed the last pedomod when he gave eden the boot in the ass. Eden was busy seething on one of the threads recently. I think it is just that they are shilling all over tvch so it appears that they are "taking over." But tbf /japan/ has always shilled dunk, it is mostly just G​AMERGATEchu bitching about everything like he always does. LOL OGRE PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDED JOHN BARNHILL LOL HMU this is from a couple months ago but I just remembered I had it
>>92049 john
>>92049 I don't doubt that at all. It makes perfect sense. The ogre is friends with two actual pedophiles, a couple of guys that like modelling shirtless on stream to other dudes bickers that's really straight, and an actual woman hating tranny. And if you post trannies or gay shit it will stay up for hours and their excuse is that it it wasn't reported.
GAMERGATECHU SIGHTING SPOTTED AT SMUGLOLI https://smuglo.li/support/res/4259.html
>>92075 honeypot thread do not visit
>>92075 /v/iggers have been trying to casualise /a/ for the last decade. They can weather it. It would be nice if G​AMERGATEchu introspected on degredation_of_a_fanbase.png considering he posted it on the cyclical before.
https://archive.org/details/Toad McKinleyarchives All of johns streams reuploaded in one archive. since >we lost a couple anonfiles links
>>92275 koi sheep, just put those two together and get rid of the word filter and it should work.
>>90100 it's not that time consuming to be a janny on that many boards
Open file (641.13 KB 754x1080 nyanRalph2d_lewd.png)
>>93688 Take a guess what it is about your post that makes me know you're G​AMERGATEchu.
Open file (2.25 MB 756x422 jf_jew.gif)
>>93691 The screenshot, bickers you're a retard and make up this theory about pedochu being the whole person online who screenshot like that. Meanwhile, I also feel like you're pedochu by my own reasons.
Open file (421.35 KB 900x1900 lolcowgaytor.png)
>>93712 >The screenshot Swing and a miss. It's a very distinct difference between you and the other torfag.
Open file (115.34 KB 546x372 482002840646.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 540x304 482835051317.gif)
Struck a nerve?
Open file (1.03 MB 474x304 oh silly of you.gif)
>>93742 My reasons to believe you're pedochu: 1-Pedochu probably saw Nyanjcaesar187 and Dolphin banter on cytube and on his autism he started to believe its serious and is trying to stir shit by larping as Nyan 2-Pedochu (you) got bullied by using tor, in the last weeks I noticed him (you) doing your best to fit in by pretending to be a trustworthy (((anon))) on cyclical thread 3-Same is happening here, all the last posts coming here to defend John Barnhill are ID posts, all the new threads created to slid this thread are made by ID posts 4-You show up in a few minutes after I bumped John thread, butthurt and trying to diverse attention away of /japan/ pedos seething about "/cow/fags" on their new ni/gg/er fortress. >>93743 >cow admits to spamming zzzchan Nice title there, faggot, let's ignore the fact that (you) and other koigoons are the ones spamming CP and trying to spin it around Dolphin for months. btw, really cute, you're taking screenshots from here and posting there so your pedo friends can be always alerted about this thread?
Open file (1.95 MB 2400x1400 thecollection.png)
Open file (5.89 MB 1070x578 ogre_christmas.webm)
>>93765 >lurking cytube Dolphin's retarded. He always thinks my posts are either Koi if I post a 2hu or Robi if I post bad pre-ES5 javashit code. >trusting anons Wew lad. >slid this thread Not to jerk off over PPH, but it's a slow board. I don't even talk about koi much. It's more fun to poke on (you) for not being able to obfuscate your posts outside of /v/eddit. >You show up in a few minutes after I bumped John thread Yeah, you're predictable. I'm surprised you didn't post your webm to pat yourself on the back. It's hard to get mad over low effort impact font. >Nice title there So close. It's spaces. The answer I was looking for was spaces in your filenames. As a consolation prize, you can have all the Toad McKinleys.
Open file (740.99 KB 1080x1350 nyangunted.jpeg)
>>93801 >Dolphin's retarded. He always thinks my posts are either Koi if I post a 2hu or Robi if I post bad pre-ES5 javashit code.
Open file (36.03 KB 1024x768 2020-05-11.png)
Open file (15.77 KB 1024x768 2020-12-20.png)
>>94069 I guess when it comes to this site 2 nukes were enough.
Open file (1.82 MB 320x448 dupchinks_btfo.webm)
Open file (75.63 KB 970x496 pedo_angry.png)
Open file (11.70 KB 968x108 pedo_angry_2.png)
A certain pedophile is still very angry.
Open file (119.89 KB 1334x1011 RENT_FREE.gif)
>>94111 It's funny to me that they take a joke twitter hashtag that never had anything to do with them so seriously. #WEALWAYSWIN #NotYourГунтGuard
Open file (34.51 KB 318x727 pedochu_soliloquy.png)
Open file (412.81 KB 916x1422 hang_your_local_pedo.png)
>pedochu posts another soliloquy >cp gets posted
Open file (412.83 KB 916x1422 hang_your_local_pedo_2.png)
>>94265 made one little fix
https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru https://watch.8ch.moe/view/70bcf7ef-8989-47a2-a096-3bf066875663/ JOHN LIVE pretty boring in fact of course, member to hide behind 7 proxies like gaytor
Open file (1.96 MB 966x1288 pr manager gunt.png)
>>94508 Do a pushup lardass!
>>94514 >>94508 nice samefagging attempt, John
Open file (3.20 MB 1280x720 Ogre_btfos_John.mp4)
I felt this audio needed an image that fitted it a bit more.
Open file (1.53 MB 1318x1172 wow_shes_literally_me.png)
literally me
Open file (345.59 KB 459x700 417191112610.png)
>>89846 >>89990 What's with all the moderator approved threads? Unlocked Bookmaker? #WEALWAYSWIN
>>94266 based fuck > G​AMERGATE if rainbow post doesn't appear then I'm more of a newfag than a pleabbitor
Take a good look john, you are going there one day.
>>95432 For some reason I can't get Images to upload, well no matter. https://files.catbox.moe/mn4z23.gif
Is there any evidence that Koi is actually a pedophile and not just into Japanese hentai?
>>95463 Asking for evidence of pedo accusations is something a pedophile would do, if you weren't so blinded by your lust for children it would be obvious.
>>95463 hello john
Open file (3.81 MB 2480x1754 japans_reckoning.png)
Open file (649.58 KB 4108x2124 dolphin_chad_vs_japan.png)
>>94069 >>94085 >>96021 Hey >cuckimepro, pretty sure this is you though it always may not be due to the little suika and similar language, I remember you got mad the first time I mentioned this thread to you when you came into the gunstream last. <uhh who cares <uhh thats not going to make you a sex-haver buddy lets ignore the fact that you would always talk about what a fucked up pedo that mark mann was and still is Your little budy is a pedophile, maybe you should do what you told me and have been a better friend to him, maybe than he wouldn't have become what he did. These are all your own words to me so you really can't take those back. I mean I liked john until he decided to welcome cp posters on here bickers some autistic canuck seal and a slaphead timeslot-cucked him. >mentally ill posters t. mentally ill korean-jew hapa >cytube crew Which you and john were both a part of at one point. Don't go pretending you never were a part of it. and you were probably the most active restreamer at one point
https://files.catbox.moe/4vxdag.mp4 THE SLAP HEAD HAS SPOKEN WORST BOARD O R S T B O A R D worse than zach, ouch.
Going to keep it brief, but I honestly did not know what I got myself into since I thought everything was going fine. There were a couple of hiccups during my tenure, but the only thing I regret was not standing my ground. Obviously between IRL and this, there was a point where I would break down and get exhausted. Maybe I should not try to curate the community as much since it was doing fine, but I really had good intentions of trying not to make it fall under the same cycle that previous(and current) attempts have made it to be. I will add that Toad McKinley/John Barnhill was made a vol on julay/v/ as soon as I got the BO role since, I didn’t know what will entail. I really did not need a /meta/ thread that was just unnecessary on my end. It is also true that koi whispered sweet nothings to me that is the heh-pill and figured since things were not going his way (since robi took away his streaming privileges) that he would just poke me (and Toad McKinley since robi was mostly absent from the build-up to this) until I cracked. The main reason why I was tired of the Last of Us 2 leaks was bickers it was a big nothing-burger. Nothing-burger as in it will still get the praise albeit it was polarizing, it was going to get accolades no matter what, and Naughty Dog was still getting covered by Sony in terms of finance since they are one of their bigger companies. The fact that the developer who leaked it was frustrated at the fact they were not getting paid was casted aside rather quickly. To be honest if you are majoring in game development, then you need to reconsider your major. It is one of the few unregulated industries, which is why they get away with this stuff and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. There are some diamonds in the rough, but people seem to care about pushing messages rather than making good games. I don’t know. As long as the posters have a place to post, then I am fine.That’s it from me. I fucked up, but holy shit take it easy. :^)
To anyone interested, foxdickfarms and koigooms are united on cuckchan /v/ for the last few days, the ni/gg/ers are really trying to push the narrative "being a lolifag is chad and part of /v/ culture!!!!".
>>96359 If only you had someone you could unite with to act offended together any time loli is posted to try and push the opposing narrative that its not part of /v/ culture. I guess theres no need though since everyone already knows the sure fire way to fit in is to embody a soccer mom that responds to any impropriety by clutching her pearls as if she just caught her kid with a porno mag.
>>96270 >It is also true that koi whispered sweet nothings to me that is the heh-pill and figured since things were not going his way (since robi took away his streaming privileges) Koi didn't lose his streaming until like 3 weeks after. He just used his own cytube bickers no one really cared to watch him fellate a virtual penis with his own avatar. Work more on the details, or just leave them out when you don't know for certain. >>96385 No one can shake the might of the LGBTQP movement, goyim.
https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/542192376#p542197262 even Fallout Frontier threads are full of lolipedos defending their fetish and posting Touhou shit >>96385 wtf are you talking about? its some shit bait?
>>96399 Thank you for clearing that up, that was after the fact. What I actually meant was when he was getting "cucked" out of his timeslot, which I (and others) didn't even know since I was watching him and Toad McKinley's playthroughs of Black Mesa and I never felt/saw any kind of hostility between them. Also, he never told us about the timeslot, even though the only timeslot that is respected on the Гунтstream is the Гунт's own.
>>96401 That thread is talking about one of the developers of the mod posting loli he drew on his pixiv or whatever and the other devs found out about it and kicked him off the team and their discord. In response 4chan raided their discord with loli until it had to be shut down and now the devs are saying they're going to get rid of all the cocks in the mod made by that dev and also a bunch of other controversial shit and then call it quits with a final butchered build. These are clearly two opposing sides and you're on the side of the devs that are willing to butcher up their 7 year long project bickers they got offended.
>>96404 >These are clearly two opposing sides and you're on the side of the devs that are willing to butcher up their 7 year long project bickers they got offended You act like being on that side is a bad thing, fuck pedos, fuck pedo devs, fuck /v/edditors, everyone who is a faggot loses and everyone who is based wins.
>>96419 >everyone who is a faggot loses and everyone who is based wins. Am I supposed to think you and the other 5 people left on this site are the ones in the based winner category? Being on that side is pretty self evidently a bad thing with negative outcomes, just take the current state of this place as an example.
>>96423 holy shit 5 based people win 5 anons and a a couple butthurt pedophiles I guess the 5 ni/gg/ers on the ni/gg/er thread lose as well.
>>96426 Yes mark and the rest of those retards did lose by waiting until there was nobody left on 8chan that could go with them to a new platform before they left. They were in their little own little "fuck everyone else not my problem" bubble right up until it was their problem and by that point everyone else had already left.
>>96427 Actually Mark and cake/v/ were 100 percent okay and actively encouraged anons to return to fedkun for the longest time, they repeatingly downplayed the webring but only chose to leave 8kun bickers Ron actually did something based and banned loli, aka 2d cp.
>>96428 Thats basically what I just said but thanks for specifying I guess.
Both Mark and John try to force the narrative about /japan/ and /v/ being cunny/loli boards and there's nothing wrong with this. https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/542287884/ >>96404 Hey buddy, I was the one "doxing" some of the mods a few days ago, including the jewish crossdress and the pole MLB pedo, as usual, /v/edditors are retards and tried to "troll" the devs by paying superchats, youtube grifters also end up showing up to fuck with the funny and Foxdickfarms like the typical retards G​AMERGATEs tried to take all the credit and vored all the fake info posted on any place. >>96419 This, I don't care about the devs opinions about Dup or anything else, I just wanted to fuck with those fuckers after they show up to be insecure weirdos.
>>96433 remember, /t v/ is filtered and being /jp/ instead, I was talking about cuckchan /t v/, even tho Koigooms also tried to force the narrative about the Ogre /t v/ is full of pedos for being anti-loli.
>>96428 >but only chose to leave 8kun bickers Ron actually did something based and banned loli, aka 2d cp If Mark was still secure in his neetbucks and not having to write news feeds for boomers, he'd still be playing PR for 8coom today.
>>96433 Not suprising that john and the ni/gg/ers would claim >cuckchan to anyone they dislike but than shill the site since they are so desperate for S​ARGON 2.5. >>96436 Correct me if I am wrong don't think I am but mark was being payed his NEETbucks and would have continued to have been payed but he chose to leave bickers muh 2d cp.
I have it on good authority that koipedos's real government name is "John Frusciante." Spread the word bros!
>>96447 >and would have continued to have been payed Call me sceptical chuckles I guess. Mark's own leaks from the time had gym questioning him on why he was even paying him and just jacking off all day. so I guess you could argue it's both
Open file (852.50 KB 650x920 smug n chill.png)
>>93688 >>93691 >>93712 >>93742 >>93743 >>93765 >>93801 Hihihihihi, you are so hilariously pathetic, baka!
Open file (339.68 KB 888x942 asians.png)
Since I'm here, I will bump this thread. Also, yes, /v/eddit on cuckchan is having a really increase of /jp/ ni/gg/ers presence, but I doubt that John and his gooms have completely abandoned their boards they need to feel special after all, the oldfags and "patricians".
Open file (44.92 KB 456x672 star.jpg)
>>97150 >Also, yes, /v/eddit on cuckchan is having a really increase of /jp/ ni/gg/ers presence Inshallah
Here are the important timestamps for the only john stream worth listening to, in it john admits to being running the ops that he did on julay/v/ and acts like the whiny failed z-celeb that he is. stream link: https://files.catbox.moe/xbx5zr.mp3 12:50 timeslot cucked 14:00 wahh robi 17:28 julay/v/ 20:00 cuckimepro and Гунтstream 21:38 robi and Toad McKinley with payment processors 22:38 mark >mark's base is /gg/ John states that Mark was in favor of the hostile takeover 24:18 john's take on 08chan 25:50-25:57 >no more showing my face unless I use a kigiru mask 29:50-ish >shitboarding 32:32 reddit is better den /cow/ 35:35 is when he talks about dolphin >dolphin is a fan of tot >moved to Alberta 37:30 >Don't say anything that might get me banned from Twitch >I might have to use this for a month 37:55 more of the /v/ fiasco 41:53 >to the waterpark 42:50 waterpark 2 43:27 broke his arm and was drowning 44:13 muh hanging flesh 44:48 probably going to get seized in a few days anyways 45:00 prkikes promise if john becomes a janny 45:12 trip to the waterpark 49:15-18 >at least I am not duptopia 49:21 Toad McKinley gets brought up >at least I am not Toad McKinley 49:47: give the board over Toad McKinley I mean goy 50:10 chad larper Toad McKinley 51:18 imouto board WHERE ARE THE PICTURES JOHN? 51:50 PRKIKE IS A DOGFUCKER? 55:04 muh Toad McKinley muh exodus 2 55:20 whining about musci 56:45 cooming 57:25 talking about tranny BO of /2hu/ on 8ch >fuck those trannies 57:35 >I don't think a /2hu/ board is needed if >we have prokikewoah This didn't age well. 57:40 kigu mask owning the meme 59:40 THEY BANNED ME from the 2hu cabal 1:02:00 >anyone wanna play vidya with me 1:04:00-1:05:23 seething about the Toad McKinley >take it easy 1:04:18 >taking it easy 1:05:07 >cope 1:05:11 waterpark tycoon big guy wtf is with prkike and waterparks? 1:05:53 john thought about making a new /cow/ to dab on the jannies 1:06:05 john admits to having /bane/ on tvch 1:07:25 john is trying access something 1:09:10 G​AMERGATE 1:12:34 >the Гунтstream will flag it 1:12:55 >they are really vindictive 1:13:10 >they turned everyone against me 1:13:50 THEY WILL NEVER GET MOMMY julayERS prkike, >we will see about that. 1:14:00 mommy julayers 1:14:40 whining about the actual point of the Гунтstream which is to restream jcaesar187 1:16:22 "I always cared more about IB drama instead" 1:16:30 "I only joined the Toad McKinley bickers prkike told me to" 1:16:42 prkike elaborates 1:17:17 fucking with duh jannies 1:17:40 >Help mark win 1:17:32 MUH GETBALL 1:18:19 john admits to being a kike >I played a role in the schizo posting 1:20:40-1:20:50 Francis is in league with john 1:22:00 john talking about playing against the Гунтstream 1:22:30 member when >we were friends 1:25:30 tengu mercenary force 1:26:58 I am a mercenary 1:27:55 foreshadowing 1:34:00 trying to chase the clout by playing horror games 1:35:17-25 >muh moneeeys on duh jewtubes 1:36:40 the last tourney totally the last 1:36:50 owning the meme plus fuck sokuG​AMERGATEs 1:37:10 only okay when I do it 1:41:24 Гунтstream is watching 1:41:54 >I already won 1:43:49 going to leave prolikewoah alone 1:44:25-30 can't handle twitch anymore 1:44:46 muh clout 1:48:15 /cow/ is the pentagon 1:49:35 >board of peace 1:50:40 john is mark 1:50:50 1:51:08 >we're all ni/gg/ers 1:54:10 john talks about mark 1:54:30 john takes credit for getting mark fired 1:55:53 99 problems mark ain't one 1:57:00 main targets are nepfag and tenicu 1:58:46 muh jannies 1:58:50 I WILL KEEP TRYING TO FUCK WITH THEM 1:59:50 >reddit was not a thing on 8gag 2:04 john talks praises Todd Howard 2:05:17 something about toddlercon 2:08:53 dab on the jannies 2:09:04 gay op >john barnhill has an epic chatbot in the Toad McKinley chat that records everything they say 2:10:20 MUH PRESSPASS 2:10:40 fucking your wife bits 2:17:30 you are retarded 2:18:30 weekly streams 2:19:40 DAB ON JANNIES Reminder, this is coming from a lifetime janitor, one of the first vols on julay/v/, a janny who holds multiple positions on different webring sites. 2:20:30 >muh chicken tendies
Open file (306.40 KB 1280x720 dramafag.mp4)
Open file (2.54 MB 1280x720 I_already_won.mp4)
Open file (1.34 MB 1280x720 John_admits_it.mp4)
Open file (1.59 MB 1280x720 john_gay_op.mp4)
Open file (279.54 KB 1280x720 john_lies.mp4)
Open file (890.76 KB 1280x720 Mommy_Milkers.mp4)
Open file (665.98 KB 1280x720 MUH_GET.mp4)
Open file (542.77 KB 1280x720 MUH_presspass.mp4)
Open file (300.87 KB 1280x720 One_and_the_same.mp4)
Open file (76.39 KB 1280x720 pew.mp4)
Open file (415.18 KB 1280x720 prkike_is_mark.mp4)
Open file (1.23 MB 1280x720 prkikes_promise.mp4)
Open file (1.38 MB 1280x720 Respect_Muh_Timeslot.mp4)
Open file (1.02 MB 1280x720 siscon_when.mp4)
Open file (78.48 KB 1280x720 take_it_easy.mp4)
Open file (76.64 KB 1280x720 taking_it_easy.mp4)
Open file (2.89 MB 1280x720 this_wont_backfire.mp4)
Open file (1.40 MB 1440x2316 John Barnhill 1.jpg)
Open file (811.49 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill drawing.jpg)
Open file (2.07 MB 1440x2316 John Barnhill extrude.jpg)
Open file (820.21 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill maximum.jpg)
Open file (869.31 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill minimum.jpg)
Alright, going to finally dump all of BASED muttni's actually decent art of john either that or it was some other anon but pretty sure muttni made these
Open file (1.58 MB 4696x2567 john_room.gif)
any updates?
>>99635 John was busy shilling himself on cuckchan for attention, he also has done a couple streams where he accuses anyone he doesn't recognize or ask him about questions such as about the imouto or his mothers tits as being the dolphinfag, other than that I really can't think of much to say other than that he created an irc called #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org where (you) are free to fuck with him anonymously, just connect to a via a vpn bickers I don't trust that fucking place since it seems to have a lot of weird pedos on it like john himself. John really hasn't changed that much in the last couple of months other than the fact that he seems burnt out on running his gay ops so I have seen a lot less shilling of his on the webring. don't worry I suspect it will make a comeback, he did return after an almost 3 month hiatus after all One of the biggest problems with him is that at this point he kind of just shuts out anything if (you) try to mess with him and tries to ignore him, prodding him enough as I have has made him end up like Гунт, to cowardly to truly engage with his own a-logs.
Open file (361.18 KB 1884x480 693546285489.png)
>>99734 >don't worry I suspect it will make a comeback Right on cue. I never understood if the default danbooru filename was intentional and was supposed to be a signal for "hey it's me", or if he was just being a lazy retard. He always left the filenames like that when doing his birdslut reporting, and it's something his wannabe impersonator never picked up on.
>>99917 Isn't that funny, those kissu faggots sheltered them forever and now they turn on them. I remember the dolphinfag and some other anons in this thread doxxxed the kissu owner last year, in the part of leafland the owner lives lolikike is so his hand was forced, its not like the pedo wanted to remove lolishit but he had no choice. <LE EBIL JANNY John has a pattern of burning bridges, when zzzchan inevitably implodes due to all the pedos on it john will turn on the retarded zigger king for being the evil janny like he has to all previous "friends."
>>99920 *lolikike is illegal
>>99920 You say that like its impossible for the websites to change in a way that makes cutting ties with them justified, hell you even admit to doing gay ops in order to force just that to happen. I have no doubt that given the opportunity you'd make zzzchan "implode" as well and all the anons displaced in the process is just collateral damage that you don't give a fuck about. As a third party in all this that just wants to see an altchan meet some semblance of success in order to be a part of a healthy imageboard community again its impossible for me to take the side of the people who would gleefully destroy them all and guarantee that I'll never get what I want if only it meant some guy they don't like can no longer have a platform anywhere. Meanwhile the other side just seems to be minding their own business and discussing ways in which some altchans have failed to garner an audience and how they could be improved on to build the very thing that I want to see built. When the motives of each side are so cut and dry how could anyone take the side thats maliciously destroying everything they can out of spite?
>>99932 >You say that like its impossible for the websites to change in a way that makes cutting ties with them justified, hell you even admit to doing gay ops in order to force just that to happen. I have no doubt that given the opportunity you'd make zzzchan "implode" as well and all the anons displaced in the process is just collateral damage that you don't give a fuck about. I mean if I could flip a switch and see all pedo chans disappear I would but obviously that switch doesn't exist. I don't give a shit about pedophiles and their space to discuss fucking kids. I do however find it funny to watch them turn into a spectacle and destroy themselves. >Meanwhile the other side just seems to be minding their own business and discussing ways in which some altchans have failed to garner an audience and how they could be improved on to build the very thing that I want to see built. When the motives of each side are so cut and dry how could anyone take the side thats maliciously destroying everything they can out of spite? Truly an unbiased (((third party))). The subject of this thread is literally a faggot that declared war and attempted to destroy everywhere he didn't like and yet (you) only focus on the anons who decided to respond to him in kind? I do agree with (you) I don't wish to take the side of pedofaggots that wish to destroy everywhere that doesn't bow to them and allow them to post their fucked up shit, fuck those faggots and fuck their use of "free speech" as as an excuse to post said shit. I really don't give a shit what (you) want, (you)r and my vision for the future of image boards doesn't line up, the future of image boards doesn't and shouldn't belong to pedophiles faggots, but keep using muh free speech and muh imageboard community as an excuse to justify your obvious degeneracy.
Can anyone fill me in on what happened between him and Tewifag?
Open file (982.96 KB 500x281 koko_tableroll.gif)
>>99944 You know there's a funny little dissonance between wanting a free and open heh-pilled imageboard, but don't dox or it will be the end of the future of all imageboards. If that counts as control on top of jannying, why draw the line there? Wouldn't actions such as cozying up to site administrators in IRC, actively riling people up over things you know aren't true XANDER and being a wannabe influencer playing board police also count as acts of control?
>>99948 Can you not see the worlds of difference between "cozying up to a site administrator in IRC" and finding out their identity and using it to blackmail them into running the site how you want it to be run? In a way that has demonstrably resulted in people vacating the site en masse? Is it really that hard for you to understand that the existence of bad actors willing to go to those lengths to exert control is a very real threat to the future of imageboards?
>>99950 Well, both are probably inevitabilities for image boards. Doubly for a /b/ or /b/-lite. Part and parcel if you will.
>>99951 That you'd even suggest that admins should just accept the inevitability of being doxxed and blackmailed into running their site how someone else wants it to be run just goes to show the harm thats been caused already. As if the number of people who would potentially see hosting an imageboard as a worthy venture wasn't low enough before.
Open file (127.64 KB 646x1235 grail_kun.png)
>>99953 Is that calculated risk new information for you? That's a bit of a naive take. Especially if you're going to demand cocks that's outright illegal in some peoples' koi's countries.
>>99944 >pedos own the future of imageboards <(you)have to accept >us or (you) are anti-free speech and will kill image boards goy <you are a murderer can't (((you))) see? Except they don't, this place still gets plenty of activity among YOU AND YOUR 5 FUCKING PEOPLE WOW OH MY GAWD PLEASE and tvch also exists which is one of the largest sites on the webring right now. I never supported any of the pedo boards on 8chan, on julay and never will support any on the webring. Well at least you are being honest about being a pedophile faggot, it does everyone a favor instead of playing mind games with everyone, well you still are but that doesn't really matter.
>>99947 John hates tewifag bickers he got the /2hu/ BO trevor to kill himself.
>>99955 Funny how your shining example of success on the webring is /japan/ which has always been a den of cunnyposting pedos going all the way back to 4chan with them jerking it to chloe moretz and the like. Really makes you think.
>>99958 >/tᴠ/ gets wordfiltered to /japan/ Why though?
Open file (76.20 KB 301x304 niggerchu.png)
Sargonchu thinks every single one of you is a massive retard. You should stop masturbating to small children and take it easy -Sargonchu
>>99989 is anyone gonna steal the 99999 get
>>99993 I mean I can understand if no one wants to do it since this board is so shit and all. I wouldn't want to post here either.
Open file (44.64 KB 800x473 happy day.png)
Open file (4.31 MB 1100x1536 1917 WW1 dubs.png)
>>99993 >>100000 99999 was stolen from you G​AMERGATE, however I will still check your digits
>>99989 >Sargonchu Lynxchan wordfilters are case sensitive baka G​AMERGATEchu.
>>99989 Hello N​IGGERchu.
Open file (201.97 KB 230x358 rusalka.png)
>>99917 Personality boards, am I right?
>>100186 lol bro that guy is a fat weeb. how does that make u feeel?
Open file (584.87 KB 1194x1492 byakuren_gaytor_final.png)
>>100187 That's some nice OC there, lad. You don't see quality like that in the twatters.
>>100191 bro i miss when byakuren was a hot babe that wore a sexy leather bikesuit
>>70142 Any pics of his imouto?
>>100391 I wish anon, sadly not, john was a coward and never showed her to the world.
Open file (220.70 KB 1332x345 john_visit.png)
Sorry john I was a bit busy, but I did finally get your call for attention.
Open file (10.50 MB 1280x720 guntfiction.webm)
autisically written in a span of 20 minutes over the course of about 3 days in short burst of tism John's wonderful visit: Written by anonymous, Narrated by patrick nelson. It was a grueling and brutal night, john had just finished torrenting his newest set of legally gray dojins with the help of the Tor network. "ahhh yeee I am gonna cooom me in sooooome socks tonight," john said as he got one of his many used up socks and was about to cum to some of the questionable material. Suddenly john could hear the loud sound of a dolphin from outside. "W-what was t-that?!" john uttered in a disturbed psychologically broken voice. He quickly pulled the drapes around his window to see a true horror, multiple flying dolphins were floating around his house. "WTF L-L-LADS W-WTF." "Hey john! John over here!" John looked down to see a large ogre riding on a massive demonic dolphin, holding a picture of him, along this ogre were an assorted cast of his arch enemies, he jumped off the dolphin and looked him straight in the eye, "Hey is this the residence of john barnhill, the brother of corey barnhill the pedophile?" John didn't answer, too afraid to even say anything, suddenly a dolpin popped in front of his window with glowing red eyes, the john screeched like one of the many little girls he had imaged molesting and quickly fell back. The Dolphin attempted to break down his window, but luckily john had locked the window, quickly he pulled the drapes back, then muster all the energy he had john tried to move his bed into a position to where it would block the window. Despite this john could still hear the dolphin cries outside, the honking of a car had also begun to be continually repeated. John quickly turned back to his computer and booted up teamspeak, he called his trusty Pr manager. "P-pr manager its t-them, the /cow/ faggots somehow f-found me!?" prkike reacted with a girly whispery gasp, "WHAT? Wait wtf can I do for you?" "What do you mean pr manager give me some fucking advice!" "I don't know john don't you have a couple guns, just shoot those jannys, for peets sake!" "W-well here is the thing I kinda sold my guns for a new graphics card, you know being a NEET and all capital is a little hard to come by-" pr manager disconnected from the call, suddenly johns internet had cut out. "Blast those obvious and true pedos obviously must have cut my internet!" john said as he got the only thing he could think of using as his weapon, his hotplate. Meanwhile, the slaphead walked up to the door alongside a small Toad McKinley and seal, he continually knocked on the door. "Hey MRS. barnhill can john come out to play?" the knocks got louder and louder until the door opened, it was johns imouto. "Are you guys like johns friends or something?" the imouto asked in as cute a way as an injun-jew hapa could as possible. Toad McKinley was taken aback by the hapas surprising cuteness, "uhh yes you could say >we are his friends, >we were like here to hang out for a bit and ask him about some things he had well uhh done." "Really? John doesn't ever go out and ever since his only friend moved to America for college he hasn't really done much, well I don't really know why you are here at this hour but not like I really care, I'll go get john for you in fact of course." the imouto cutely shut the door and went upstairs to get john. "So does this mean that the mothers julayers aren't here right now?" The small snow Toad McKinley asked the ogre, "uhh I don't fucking know, I barely know anything about this faggot anyways, I just wanted to pay him a visit for all the gay shit he's been posting on my site." "Don't worry Toad McKinley I will ensure that the julayers are secured this time." the seal said reasuringly to the Toad McKinley. "Well, his sister was cute for a mongrel." the ogre uttered off puttingly. Suddenly there was a loud roaring noise coming from the van outside, in it was siegethot, having already shot johns brother in the head she was raring to finish the job and wasn't going to wait quitly like the ogre and the rest were for the imouto to come back. siegethot drove the van straight into the house, promptly crushing John's fathers computer, and on it his entire blacked cuckold collection. "What was that noise?" uttered the slaphead as he noticed the giant hole in John's house, "damnit that woman has no sense or manners, I am not going to allow her to take all the glory." Using his ogre strength, Toad McKinley simply broke the door down and followed siegethots footsteps, the Toad McKinley and the seal followed.
The imouto knocked on johns' door, "john, uhh john, you have visitors" "NOT THE BEST FUCKING TIME, AND NO I DON'T HAVE ANY VISITORS OR ANY FUCKING FRIENDS, PLEASE TELL THEM TO GO THE FUCK AWAY." "God you are always so rude, if you don't open up I am not going to try your dump uhh well those stupid touhou games of yours ever again, those people actually seemed pretty ni-" "GODDAMMIT SHUT THE FUCK UP" just as john said such a thing to his own imouto, thinking that it was truly a shame that she had gone through puberty as she had truly lost all her attraction, and bickers of that he had lost the desire to molest her as he had regularly done previously. Unbeknownst to him, siegethot had knocked the imouto out with the butt of her Гунт and was about to break in. "Hey lady at least let me help end him!" Toad McKinley said as he ran towards her along with the Toad McKinley and seal who had now hung onto his back. "Just break down the door for me, you can get a hand at him, but I get to put the final bullet in his head." "Good deal lady," The slaphead used his autistic ogre tard strength to bust down the door that john had locked and also blocked. John was in the middle of jerking off to the cp that pr manager had earlier brought him, "freeze you fucking pedophile" siegethot pointed the gun at him. "WTF NOOOOOOO HOW COULD T-THIS HAPPEN?!" Siegethot shot the first bullet onto johns prized portrait-mode monitor, destroying the display of the cp, next the Toad McKinley used his Toad McKinley vision to janny johns computer from the earth, removing the cp. "wtf b-bros, y-you s-s-see a-all the things I d-did, it was a-all a j-joke b-but you guys just took it all way to seris-" the ogre punched john so hard in the faced that his ugly jewish nose broke. "THAT'S FOR POSTING CRAP ON MY SITE YOU DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE!" The seal than bit johns leg, "that's for the imouto abuse!" The Toad McKinley than used his Toad McKinley vision to remove johns prized fumos from existence, "that's for the lack of mommy julayers." Finally, siegethot took john aside and slap him, john was on the ground, he tried to escape but siegethot shot him in the foot when he tried to get up, realizing there was no escape john closed his eyes and prepared to die. "auuuugh brb gensokyo, uhhhh damnit man I never got to fuck any of the (((best))) 2hus" he thought to himself. As siegethot unloaded her final round john somehow vanished at the last second before it could make contact with his ugly jewish-injun face. "Wtf happened, where did he go?" The slaphead asked with confuesion, vocalizing what had just gone through everyone's head. "Well fuck, I'm going to go search for the mommy julayers," said the seal. John had awakened in a room. "W-where am I?" asked john, suddenly a large fat man appeared to him dressed in white and yellow, clad with a large yellow spiral symbol (pedo symbol) on top of his costume. "I managed to use what was left of my powers to save you....brother." "Brother?" John asked. "Yes I am Corey Barnhill, the son of your mothers previous husband." "Oh I had never really known about you lad" john said nervously. Corey ignored him and continued "I am already dead, I was killed by that woman clad in siege-related attire, she came after you, but I mustered the last of my spirit to summon you here, to my secret not RAPE chamber." john had also noticed that his wound on his leg from siegethots bullet had healed, "I also healed your wounds' john, now go to the chamber and put fulfill your destiny john." Гунтsped said, as he did, he started to become translucent. "W-what destiny?" john asked again in a quiveringly pathetic voice that only a pedophile would have. "You must succeed me and become the new pedosped john, and usher in a true era of pedophile acceptance into the world, uhhh I am l-losing what's left o-of my influence here on the physical realm, >we might m-meet again, u-until >we d-do, remember your destiny." Corey barnhill the pedophiles ghost disappeared. John got up and walked over to the autistic LARPy container containing an identical godspeed uniform for his own use, rather than clad in this uniform he quickly went to the computer in the hidden pedo chamber to alert his pr manager that he was alive. "kime got an in-person visit from some bad actors (likely /japan/ or /cow/ G​AMERGATEs) and is laying low for a while a la Loleron. According to his last IRC post, he's ok physically but is still wired up."
Open file (54.70 KB 430x200 1615958323448.png)
Open file (118.74 KB 410x348 1504254080332.png)
Open file (372.63 KB 500x500 1510420400460.png)
Open file (5.33 MB 1280x578 956828710523.webm)
Sounds like a big convoluted ME-gasm from John resulting from >>99917 which didn't even mention anything about avatarfagging or clownpiss. If you want your avatar to be the next guy fawkes, you need to explicitly state it or else /v/iggers aren't going to get it. And it's kind of retarded anyway. They all talk like G​AMERGATEchu, so you'd have been better off imitating them rather than have them imitate you. Or just use G​AMERGATEchu as the champion of the revolution.
>>101333 >look at what the webring has done to me should have been a dolphin or a Toad McKinley due to johns ptsd towarss them both Apparently a couple /cow/boys, an ogre and a dolphin were to much for the based teenbro oldfag, honestly john was a retard with the way he used his blacked.gov vol powers to just delete things. <lol I deleted duh /interracial/ board I am so based Why not go for a long-con and seize more power john you already had your fellow pedos trust, this is like that G​AMERGATE seleting things on 8kun, its not a creative us of mod powers at all, but it also shows john could only run an effective campaign when he had any janny powers in the first place despite supposedly hating them.
>>101336 *towards *deleting
Open file (171.56 KB 746x444 dead_board.png)
DEAD BOARD /cow/ WINS john will be back in 2 months I guess
Open file (35.48 KB 1884x190 419695463771.png)
>>101349 Do you want jannies or don't you? Make up your mind my dude. >nu-julay You still crack me up.
I have no ideia what's going on with the new BO situation, but John is already feeling pretty welcomed back on the cyclical and posting very frequently again.
>>101342 J O H N L O S T O H N L O S T
Open file (216.28 KB 305x305 nanaca-crash.png)
Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> hello is this still /a/ owner Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> this is gay op man Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> come in claud, I have a proposition for you Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <Nepfag> I'm not Claud. I'm the smuglo.li admin though Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> close enough Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:12] <st0rm> would you be willing to add 8gag to the webring if they work out their technical problems with the plugin Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:15] <st0rm> this is coming from their gvol cabal, of which I am a member Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:17] <st0rm> it should be ready within a couple of weeks Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:19] <Nepfag> Eh, sure. Everyone can join the webring as long as they don't fake their stats or DDoS other webring sites Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:50:24] <st0rm> well /cow/ is still part of it lmao Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:50:26] <st0rm> but I will pass the message along, thank you Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [06:51:19] I didn't know 8kunt was still up Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> would you also be interested in joining the site owner cabal, it is a collective to help keep the webring sites up Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> original invitation: https://pastebin.com/EJBj1GWh Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> I hate you but you can join I guess, take the truce pill Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> it's a suppository Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [07:03:30] So who is the BO of 8kunt supposed to be now Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [10:58:40] assuming that's not just some rando ebin trol, that's pretty funny Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [10:59:06] also that paste is gone Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:00:21] anyway yeah Nepfag is correct that the only thing that would stop that is if they faked their stats Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:00:22] It was him saying that zchans and tengu were already on it Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:00:43] Along with a paragraph of shitposting Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [11:01:13] I copied it: https://pastebin.com/91PMFxje Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:02:28] yuck, why would we want to join their fag discord? Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:05] >their technical problems with the plugin Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:22] this part attracts my attention, if they're having problems it might be my fault Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:42] it's my code they're trying to run there Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:05:04] The updated version of inifinity? Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:05:39] wait, 8chan.moe is running lynx Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:05:49] not my problem then~ Dec 02 18:10:20 <Hoihoi> [12:10:17] [ENFORCEMENT] Dropped hammer on /a/ post #878938 per rule #3. Dec 02 18:10:21 <Susher> [12:11:49] .headpat Dec 02 18:10:21 <Hoihoi> [12:11:50] [CHAT] Thank you, master. Dec 02 18:10:21 <Nepfag> [17:16:07] I joined it, bickers getting more sites on the webring is a good thing Dec 02 18:10:21 <Zuggy> [00:36:49] I'd still be wary of anything to do with those shitposters, though I'm sure you probably know that well. Dec 02 18:10:21 <***> Playback Complete. Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Welcome to RizonBNC.us.Rizon.net Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Where are you? Dec 02 22:49:09 <NotCIA> Gross, but a unified webring is ultimately a good thing. Dec 02 23:10:13 <Tenicu> what gets me is their goals of "improving PR with users" and "swaying public opinion to reduce inter-board animosity" Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> like, why? Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> the idea of trying to get all anons across the ring to like us never even occurred to me Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> and it's fine if boards harbour some animosity towards each other, desirable even Dec 02 23:10:49 <Zuggy> It's probably bickers everyone sees them as a bunch of shitposters Dec 02 23:17:36 <Tenicu> thing is, they go tie themselves up in knots with their metafaggotry where they assume that we too must be wrapped up in thoughts of how to 'defeat' them Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> in truth the struggle is to remember they even exist Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> multiple times i've been contacted by other BOs/admins looking to bury the hatchet Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> each time i've had to wrack my brains to remember who they even are and what hatchet they're talking about Dec 02 23:18:32 <NotCIA> It's bickers a lot of them have boring boards so they thrive on metafaggotry Dec 02 23:18:37 <Tenicu> (and the hatchets only ever existed in their own metapilled heads) Dec 02 23:18:58 <Zuggy> Autism and oversocialisation is a hell of a thing Dec 02 23:23:23 <Zuggy> Might as well let the topic lie and let them keep it amongst themselves Koi was ambassador for blacked.moe getting into the webring.
>>101540 >Koi was ambassador for blacked.moe getting into the webring. We already knew this. What wasn't known was this faggotry too: https://files.catbox.moe/m417w5.zip
>>101545 I mean it was a given that he bent the knee for streaming rights and failed to migrate his users there, but it's funny they had him do PR errands too. It also aligns with one of the timed spergouts. >>92040 The smug dump is where I got it from. Other than commentary during periods of webring autism and some choice greps, I didn't really get much from it. I assume hosting on fran isn't a secret, unless they're proxying elsewhere.
Open file (17.38 KB 566x597 koi_janny.png)
>>101540 Of fucking course he was, that makes a lot of sense, he is always friendly with people before he knives them in the back, the fact that to this day he is still in shock by the fact that he isn't thought of as an ebin hero and member kinda surprises me, his lack of self-awareness is pretty incredible.
Open file (307.00 KB 800x1800 gaytorreddit.png)
>>101552 *memer
john is back, he couldn't live without us and his cp stash
Open file (119.95 KB 589x461 john_returns.png)
>>101647 Of course, he wouldn't leave, my guess is my couple of shitposts mocking him got him to come back a little sooner, the thing with john is he can't leave the internet.
Never forget that day john posted cp, truly a day to remember anons! https://archive.is/ppsNx
Open file (32.98 KB 510x422 john_nu_stream.png)
Open file (211.79 KB 1234x347 japan_raid_tv.png)
Open file (621.66 KB 2518x1350 chad 8chan.png)
It's over, John is finished.
>>102942 nice image
He will backstab Robi soon. Both are like boyfriend and girlfriend on IRC lol.
Open file (45.27 KB 1263x276 fail.png)
John is having a meltdown after missing the big GET on smug/a/, he intended to make it the "crowning jewel" of his collection of GETs on 2 digit userbase boards Now he's lashing out in his personal IRC channel and in the failed GET thread.
Open file (12.71 KB 300x234 cirno_horrified.jpg)
>>103110 Is captcha rulecucking now? I don't get his hateboner for /a/. Just don't act like a white G​AMERGATE, mayte.
>>103110 John is such a whiny bitch MUHHH GEEEEET >>103112 >captcha is rulecucking Guess that makes john an ultra rulekike since he censors and use the captcha whenever i spam /japan/.
Open file (90.95 KB 1507x318 hello_jewsh.png)
Hello jewsh, he is named after corey barnhill bickers he one time photoshopped coreys face onto his avatar to "own" the meme of being a pedophile, honestly you really don't have much room to talk about john and corey being pedos when you are one yourself. If you really want to know more about john I am sure he would answer your questions from a biased perspective since he very much desires e-clout and e-celebrity, or continue to ask me questions about the retard pedophile and I will spoonfeed you foxdicks since john needs some new based tranny fans!
>>103112 He has this thing where he thinks the only reason /japan/ didn't take off as a /jp/ board is bickers /a/ is cannibalizing his potential userbase by allowing /jp/ related cocks. He cannot imagine any other reasons, like him and his tranny followers being newfags who don't know anything about /jp/, or the fact that there are already /jp/ focused altchans that have been around for longer than he has known about imageboards.
>>103761 The thing with john is he has zero self-awareness and lives in a world where he is an epic-/b/ style trolling hero who is beloved by all image boards, but the reality is he permanently has the reputation as a pedophile shit-stirrer attached to him forever, this is why /japan/ never took off. He also shilled to the wrong websites like cuckchan and other alternative /jp/'s that all disliked him and his five other pedos and never really did much besides raid his shit board. The thing is john claims to want to have a fun-posting rule-cuck free board like gahooles /tv/ but it always just devolves into his own personal army request/pedoposting, perhaps if he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do that he would have done better as a BO, also he just doesn't have the stamina for any of it either, he burns out really quickly and gets demotivated fast, like all it took were three shitposters from /cow/ to sort of burn him out, and all >we did was sort of spam his board off and on. The ironic part is had he not done what he did and ruined his rep for the epic meme robi probably would have set up his own website for him like he did with gahoole, hell he probably would still be streaming on the Гунтstreams servers, but john had to burn those bridges bickers of his precious GETs and non-existent timeslot. The funny thing is the only people that like him are the ni/gg/ers, and they only like him bickers they hate >us, and john has said before that he doesn't like the ni/gg/ers, have fun with the ni/gg/er fanbase john, It has clearly worked out.
Open file (28.62 KB 215x225 me.png)
Open file (23.81 KB 200x195 you.png)
>>103775 Claiming that anyone else lacks self awareness while you point and laugh at his shitty dead board while you yourself are on an equally shitty and equally dead board is funny to me. Taking responsibility for the state of this place would be too much to ask though wouldn't it? You just have to have a boogeyman thats responsible for making everyone leave bickers it could never be as a result of your behavior could it? I mean who wouldn't want to frequent a /cow/ board that exclusively goes after people as a personal vendetta that aren't even interesting in any way? Its like jоsh going after short fat otaku and making a big deal about him on his site bickers they got in a twitter spat, the motive behind it is so fucking transparent. People don't come to places like this or foxdickfarms to be your personal army against someone you don't like, they come to laugh at crazy people. You stopped supplying that so people stopped coming, end of story. The end result of this place is no one elses fault but your own.
Open file (523.31 KB 968x1998 sfo.png)
>>103798 You're saying there's parallels between Koi and Devon?
>>103799 I'm saying that this board being dead is your fault and it will stay dead so long as you solely dedicate it to shifting the blame of its death onto someone else like you're trying to do at this very moment.
Open file (161.13 KB 800x450 shiki.jpg)
>>103801 I don't think SFO being a colossal faggot killed the board. I wouldn't even say the board is dead. It sounds like you want to to accept your base premise and then argue under that assumption, which I don't really feel like doing.
>>103792 Look pedochu >we have had the same song and dance about this over and over, I honestly don't understand why you still play defense for john at this point, I know you switch ID's and use the same arguements but it reallly isn't gonnna change much after all this thread and archives still exist and there is nothing you can do about it. >>103798 Foxdick I'm sorry this place doesn't have any cocks for you to harvest anymore, most of the anons here are burnt out, maybe when I got more time I will make another thread that grabs your interests and you can harvest from it like you did the ni/gg/er thread. >>103801 /cow/ has been a zombie board for over 3 years, as long as the five anons here posts it will continue its undead march. The only reason why /cow/ at some point appeared to have more activity is bickers the e-celebs used to all come here when they knew the link, in fact now that some have found it again there has been a small spike in activity. The only reason you don't know this is bickers you clearly aren't from around here, /cow/s userbase was on a downward spiral before Гунтsports, I assume it along with the rest of the webrings userbase will continue to dwindle until a new wave of newfags hit the place, I can't assume many boads are ready for it but I will of course welcome newfags to bully with open arms. I don't reallly understand how making a thead discussing a pedophile lolcow is "killing the board." Like always mosts posts saying this are usually koi himself or his goons who are asshurt that he has a thread here, same as mark and the ni/gg/ers, and same as every e-celeb or lolcow ever. What >we need is a new jewsh thread since hes the pedo cow that keeps on giving.
>>103804 You're expecting to prey on my ignorance by saying this board has been just as dead as this for the past 3 years when we both know it hasn't. Your motive behind the people you discuss is whats killing the board, instead of someone coming here looking for lolcows to laugh at and finding them they come here and see you lot desperately trying to make someone you have a vendetta against into a lolcow when they're just a painfully uninteresting person whos defining characteristic you think makes them so hilarious is that they fap to loli. Thats not interesting to anyone, thats not funny to anyone, its just a point of character assassination you're using against him. Why would people continue to come here when all you do is try and destroy the reputation of people who slighted you with no entertainment value whatsoever?
>>103804 you're not a /cow/ user, you're a social parasite that claimed this board after everyone left for greener pastures. you're also mentally ill, extremely defensive and sound like you śhit yourself with every post you make. that makes taking you seriously impossible, there is nothing this john boogeyman of yours could do at this point that would make me side with the spergs here. It's the DSP/Wings of redemption issue, of his underage, unstable trolls being bigger lolcows than they could ever be. >foxdicks I'm sorry I know exactly who has been making these posts/threads, and you deserve your own thread there. Then again, considering you made an account there not too long ago, exclusively to make a thread about john and mark(at least that one is long overdue), you could easily still end up with one, if you sperg out there as hard as you will here. Toad McKinley already laughed your walls of text out the window as is, I believe >>103807 This board is already dead. It's been proven a long time ago anyone who visits it now is part of some retarded normalfag tranny discord/circlejerk that dates back to the /S​ARGONhq/ days. Therefore, their hatred for lolicon/acid and his merry band of ni/gg/ers. I wouldn't even bother calling this place /cow/ anymore, there is nothing here but the bloodsports circlejerk with like 4 unique IDs and IP hopping schizos. Hell, the very sticky welcoming post now has jcaesar187's Гунт all over it, and if any of the board's culture remained, it would be entirely lost on these peons.
Open file (214.50 KB 1074x219 297344606682.png)
>>103807 >implying becoming the martyr and patron saint of imageboard pedophilia isn't lulzy >>103813 It appears this thread is behind an account login, so both of you get those programming socks on and start doxing each other already. >normalfag tranny discord/circlejerk that dates back to the /S​ARGONhq/ days. Therefore, their hatred for lolicon/acid and his merry band of ni/gg/ers Would it surprise you to hear people make fun of /v/eddit that have nothing to do with S​ARGON?
Open file (28.47 KB 1150x350 anita_saint.jpg)
>>103807 >You're expecting to prey on my ignorance by saying this board has been just as dead as this for the past 3 years when we both know it hasn't No I am not G​AMERGATEchu I was just further pointing out how much of not a based oldfag you are and claim to be, what I do know is that >we have actually been experiencing an activity spike in the last couple of weeks, maybe your new butthurt posts were a part of it? >>103813 >you're not a /cow/ user, you're a social parasite that claimed this board after everyone left for greener pastures <YOU MUST FOLLOW MY NARRATIVE /cow/ IS DEAD /cow/ IS DEAD I AM AN OLDFAG YOU ARE A NEWFAG GET IT <YOU ARE THE REAL LOL/cow/ Honestly the projection is pretty incredible, you in the first place latched onto all of this drama and began your little crusade for john bickers you got angry that your precious Гунтstream was "ruined" and julay would no longer allow your 2d child porn. Even with robi having purged most of the Гунтstream mods you disliked almost half a year ago it still isn't good enough, even though you can post your little child porn anywhere else you always come back here to vent at how angry you are at me and the five other anons that still shitpost here with the same butthurt narrative. >I know exactly who has been making these posts/threads Who has, the faggot who made them? Are you implying you have connections to foxdicks pedochu? >considering you made an account there not too long ago exclusively to make a thread about john and mark I'm not the OP of that thread as I don't have an account on foxdickfarms, but continue with the pointless accusations G​AMERGATEchu. >you could easily still end up with one, if you sperg out there as hard as you will here Noooo foxdicks would make a thread on me? The horror! >jewsh laughed at your wall of text wtf I love jewsh now. >It's been proven a long time ago anyone who visits it now is part of some retarded normalfag tranny discord/circlejerk that dates back to the /SARGONhq/ days <ITS TRUUU bickers I SAID IT WAS TRUUUU >hating gamergay is a bad thing >Therefore, their hatred for lolicon/acid and his merry band of ni/gg/ers /cow/ has never liked and will never like acid and the ni/gg/ers for plenty of reasons, such as them being pedophile faggots that do anything but discuss video games or ethics in video games journalism. I of course have plenty of reasons to enjoy their disgusting existence for the purpose of entertainment, but there has always been historical animosity between /cow/ and ni/gg/ers, mostly due to the threads on mark and making fun of their favorite e-celebs or using Anita as a banner of light to piss them and carl of swindon off. /cow/ has always disliked loli for the same reason plenty of /tv/ dislikes loli, bickers its pedophilia at its core. Araposting is where it is at and (you) will have to deal with it. >there is nothing here but the bloodsports circlejerk with like 4 unique IDs and IP hopping schizos Are you one of those schizos G​AMERGATEchu? >Hell, the very sticky welcoming post now has jcaesar187's Гунт all over it, and if any of the board's culture remained, it would be entirely lost on these peons. I love how jcaesar187 or the Гунт isn't board culture apparently <a real /cow/ would exclusively have chris and britbong images This is of course part of your continuous oldfag larp that you will continue for all eternity, but please continue to bring it pedochu, it will be just like last time when I bullied you off the site by continually responding to your autism until you can't take it anymore. >>103816 >Would it surprise you to hear people make fun of /v/eddit that have nothing to do with S​ARGON? NGL anon I was a proud supporter of S​ARGON bickers I hate woman and they need to die! Minus Anita of course, the saddest thing was #S​ARGON was ruined by /v/eddit, people like the ni/gg/ers, acid, and mark <g-guys it's about ethics in video games journalism No it fucking wasn't, it was about ruining kike video games' journalist lives, it was about burning everything to the ground, if the kikes were going to take >our video games >we would burn everything, of course at the end of the day saint anita did win and get what she wanted, >us sexist-racist-manpigs got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD by a strong woman, and it was thanks to people like the ni/gg/ers and grifters like S​ARGON and mudane fatt.
They gave tengu/koi a cute little nickname, what should that schizo be called? He definitely deserves a kiwi thread
>>103775 He doesn't actually dislike ni/gg/ers, he's just trying to distance himself from them after he had the brilliant idea to try to reinvent himself as a based /jp/ oldfag. While turning a blind eye to the fact that he and the /japan/ pedos are all ni/gg/ers themselves and have never been /jp/ posters
>>103844 take your meds, grandpa
Open file (60.44 KB 230x270 1022434426413.gif)
>>103862 Don't forget that the last time he embraced /hebe/ they took down his tengureich. They also shat up z/b/ for a while, so he might have been warned to stay out of it. Why else would he declare >she he doesn't want her his name to be besmirched in any way
Open file (1.11 MB 1436x896 1499526537849.png)
>>103875 >Funny how people who whine about drawings Free speech absolutists don't draw lines.
Open file (5.99 KB 168x169 autistic.png)
Open file (1.25 KB 34x37 lunacy.png)
>>103875 Neither dolphin nor hanging_flesh have ever posted child porn, keep continuing to project what you do onto others though pedochu. And continue to white knight john >>103868 I didn't know he actually accepted /hebe/ onto pedoreich, I do know that before the retarded fascist BO ran out of memory and both the sites were lost that agent johnson and other pedofags posted a lot of /hebe/-tier pedo cocks on the /v/ board there though. Honestly if this is true it puts a whole new level of just what a pedofaggot john is.
>>104910 >if you dont like drawn porn of children youre the real pedophile Do you ni/gg/ers ever come up with anything new? I don't remember any cp spam ever getting posted here before koi invited in all the pedophiles, almost like when you invite in a bunch of guys obsessed with loli porn you end up with actual pedophiles.
>obsesses over cartoon drawings of children >is in possession of actual child pornography reminder, nu/cow/ posters have had nothing but children on their mind for over a year now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
>>104919 Did they ever arrest inaire7771? Where's their lolcow thread? Why does the image say they are based?
Open file (42.81 KB 582x332 1460190105678.png)
>>104919 How does someone find real pedos posting cp if they're following lolicons around? That's why you should report them to the FBI and not play the "this is what they really believe" game, or worse and pull a Warski.
>>104922 that thread, is a bloody treasure, I hope people were archiving the fuck out it every day, so many @s kept deleting their posts, still archiving leftover nuggets. https://archive.is/5TwWI https://archive.is/64FK2
Open file (280.25 KB 1200x2133 +open+up_b1b3f5_7075855.jpg)
I THINK WE FOUND HIS ALT https://archive.is/r4nMx
>>104920 real questions right there
Open file (3.64 KB 657x40 1 - 6hxlDpO.png)
Open file (2.88 KB 655x41 2 - w5VqfrH.png)
Open file (6.04 KB 475x93 4 - akklS1a.png)
Open file (433.90 KB 1221x859 5 - dsUOd8j.png)
>>104909 None of those screencaps are any proof that weasel posted child porn, this is the same fucking strawman that you have pushed over and over again for an entire year, he was busy doing what john should have fucking done and removed it, he only stopped jannying the borderline material, as the ni/gg/ers were spamming images of children eating ice cream and other pictures that would be relatively harmless if they were not in a thread filled with loli/totcon porn. Not to mention agent johnson spamming naked kids and cp Even when koi finally did his "job" he never banned the fucking ip of the posters, he only deleted the cp and allowed the pedo to keep fucking coming back. Again you have no proof that dolphin posted child porn bickers he never did, he has also never spammed lolicon or totcon, like you literal pedos have spammed before. What dolphin did when he linked to that darknet link is the equivalent of linking to blacked.gov or any of the fucked up pedo threads that have been on zzz/b/, it isn't proof that he is a pedophile. I think the dolphinfag has proven otherwise in the sense that he deplatformed john and his pedo friends and has fucked with them for over a year at this point, and from the beginning you tried to blame all of your child porn on dolphin since he at one point was a massive boogieman for the webring with his spam autism. <it was weasel <it was dolphin <all of /cow/ spammed up their own board with childporn Always trying to pin the blame on everyone but yourself. You also claim that dolphin is like some sort of puppet of /cow/ but that isn't true, >we have no control over dolphin and what he does, he does whatever he wants, he is an independent individual. chuckles <a place where very young children where watching pokemon together Honestly at this point pedochu your just desperately making up a ton of shit and running with it since you are afraid of what the foxdicks will say about you. The whole pokemon thing and the Гунтstream cytube mods you were at odds with haven't been on it in over a year and yet you still peddle the same shit. Say what you will about dolphin you can suspect he is a pedo for what he did with the darknet link, you can think he is a turbo autist, bickers he is but you have no proof that he ever posted child porn and have no concrete proof that he is a pedophile, on the other hand it has been proven time and time again that the ni/gg/ers and johns /japan/ tranny crew are pedokikes that do spam fucked up lolishit and child porn. >>104910 There is a bot that spams cp here and mostly on other imageboards, it does get jannied though. >>104919 You are continuing to post the same fucking retarded narrative over and over again for over a fucking year <if you don't like 2d child porn you must like real child porn <if you dislike pedophiles you must also be a pedophile in secret I have attached some other older files that have already been posted here but just for the sake of response this is what koi and his retarded pedo friends thought of the pedo situation on julay/v/, they actively encouraged it and praised it, on johns livestream that I have time stamped here >>97365 and clipped here >>97366 he admits to engineering his own takeover of the board, so he could do this all in the first place due to his non-existent timeslot being cucked.
>>105051 >>105053 Whats the point in attempting a reverse uno on these retards? They don't even believe what they're saying themselves, its all just a larp.
>>105055 I'm just stating hot facts, nothing else. I think a better question would be why the hell they're obsessed with this one sperg in particular, considering that as far as I know, they've had no impact on his life, even with him living rent free in their heads. They did raid and dox the owner of prolikewoah, but that would have happened sooner or later They real like a textbook case of twitter pedophile crusaders(there is a thread on them foxdicks), and the more they pot, the more likely it is that they have something to hide themselves. I suspect the sperg that keeps posting walls of lunacy is not unlike @DrPizza himself, assuming that's not just hanging_flesh poorly trying to pretend he's still not seething after being ousted as a pedophile over a year ago
>>105064 Niggerchu, can you please stop posting cp? It's pretty obvious it's you since it started right when you started sperging out in here again, or tell Agent Johnson if he's the guy you order to do this shit for you.
>>105064 If you're pedochu, please, explain yourself to me, I want to know your lore and motivations.
>>105051 Moliberry is a tranny weirdo and not part of the clue for a long time, he got disavowed long time ago.
>>105065 You're wrong on both counts: I'm not G​AMERGATEchu, and I don't own any illegal material, much less post it. Your friend, DrPizza is probably right, it's most likely a bot, altho I wouldn't count out one of you being pedophiles and posting it in an epic ploy to somehow own john/koi. You seem delusional enough to do this, if you keep calling random people "G​AMERGATEchu" and willing to lie/whine/make walls of text for over a year, to seemingly nobody, as this board is dead even when under the radar of kiwis
>>105051 >>105053 >>105055 >>105064 At this point you are just talking to yourself pedochu, still whining about your narrative of lies being challanged. Your samefagging strategy is truly pathetic. >>105071 <I am not pedochu t. pedochu Thank god disscusion of you is a subtopic of this thread otherwise I would say you would have derailed it, but it makes little difference since you have been sperging out on this thread since its inception.
>>105072 you seem delusional, friend. get help all the more reason to point out how all of this info/accusations itt are not very credible, if you lot are mentally ill paranoid pedophiles that see things that aren't there. your rants about koi remind me of rants chris chan would make of his "enemies", most of whom didn't even exist and were simply made up characters trolls used to make then again, most of you seem to young to remember this, most of you seem to be underage children who still watch cartoons and unironically buy into twitter drama or some sort of reddit refugees that can't get enough of jcaesar187's Гунт no wonder koi had such an easy time trolling you, and then continues to live rent free in your heads: you boys haven't been exposed to good old fashined trolling and don't know how to cope with it, other than trying to "cancel" him. guess "/cattle/" is right
Open file (153.43 KB 603x849 379694944505.png)
>>105073 At least you built back up the confidence to start posting images again. You could have picked a less roundabout way of celebrating your name anniversary. What's your take on the cripple & jewsh teaming up to dunk on Mark? https://archive.is/FtfDC
>>105071 The cp spam yesterday was different then the usual cgi shit that gets dumped by bots, the kind of modeling pictures of children with no nudity while the poster was arguing like you to make their point about how much he was owning people by triggering them with child porn.
>>105076 you guys have enough pedophiles on this site that you have to categorize them now? what does that say about /cattle/? is it that hard to ask you to stop thinking about children, or does hanging_Гунт have an autistic fit if you guys try and post about anything else?
>the kind of modeling pictures of children with no nudity while the poster was arguing like you to make their point about how much he was owning people by triggering them with child porn. yeah, sounds like exactly what nu/cow/ would do. basic false flagging operation, except none of you have the IQ to pull it off right. all it shows is that you 100% have illegal material on your HD, and are trying to blame the imaginary voices in your head for making you post it
>>105077 It's pretty easy to distinguish between a bot and a butthurt ni/gg/er like you, the former just post links while the ones like you seethe about how you have to post cp to destroy the /cattle/. >>105078 Yes, everyone that doesn't like you is a triangle doing falseflags to hurt the message of how drawn children getting fucked is free speech.
The schizophrenia itt is getting off the charts How hard is it to admit you can't stop thinking about children? SJW crusaders such as yourself are no better than actual pedophiles(likely bickers one is usually the other as well)
The site seemed to be down for a little bit. Let me guess, it was MY fault as well, right? Or was it the other boogeyman, like the one that made you shit your pants by posting a picture of a black pikachu with a mocking message a dozen times a few months ago?
Open file (3.63 KB 566x63 ClipboardImage.png)
john kill zzzchan
>>105086 Any info on what happened?
I still don't understand why >they keep trying to paint john as an epic /b/ style oldfag troll, when everyone, even the /japan/ trannies, knows that couldn't be farther from the truth. john is a newfag who wasn't even old enough for peak S​ARGON or the fappening, let alone the old style trolling era. everything he knows about "trolling" and "imageboard culture" not a lot he learned from ED, KYM and archives, just like he's currently attempting to do with /jp/. and the thing with newfags like him is that they never stay in one place. they keep hopping between communities hoping to find one that they fit in, while averting their eyes from the fact they will never belong in any of them, and john is a prime example. currently he is posting on various /jp/ altchans after realizing /japan/ will never take off. who knows where his journey will take him next?
Open file (105.24 KB 1254x1254 q.png)
>>105085 I don't think anyone ever called you a super hacker, bud. You're more than capable of getting mad over being mocked that you've associated your e-identity with a recolored pikachu.
I think /cattle/ is having a serious mental breakdown right now, and they're coping with it by projecting... >>105086 why censor the full message?
>>105088 Session hijack bug, maybe? Would have to look through the jschan repo to find out. https://freespeechextremist.com/notice/A7zE9ajqYnzReaIqDQ
>>105098 This all makes a lot of sense now, zzz goes down, the pedo's scatter, some of them probably automatically blamed this place, so they come here to seethe and post cp to own the /cattle/.
>Could there be any valid criticism of our board? >No, of course not, it must be that they are pedophiles! the more you hide behind your schizophrenic ranting, the more you have to hide
>>105109 So, tell me about the SJWs.
Loli ain't CP, so you all can die mad
After months of absence, essayfag returned only to get fucked by Fuz and foxdickfarmers and give /cow/ and 8chan a bad name I wonder if this faggot would be b t f o'd by Koipedo as well in some gay voice chat.
>>120341 Between essayfags voice changer, and koi's campy speaking voice, it would indeed be a very gay voice chat.
>>120341 >>120366 He's a faggot trying to get fame or what? He ruined everything with the fuz stream
Open file (2.76 MB 320x240 Fuz is a n.mp4)
>>120387 it felt like empty tired the guy out on purpose before fuz came in. and when fuz finally showed up, he had already wasted all of his energy
>>120341 >>120387 Imagine being ESSAYFAG, he accomplished the feat of being destroyed in a short time by Fuz, P P P and foxdickfarmers namefags. Not even that stupid streamer anon who once tried to win favors with the board by calling jcaesar187 show back in 2018 played such a pathetic role. Even worse, this idiot kept saying "we" "us" "we from /cow/" "us from /cow". >>120398 Empty is far from being smart or funny like pretends to be and his audience knows it, but any excuse is just cope, Britbong joined later and even he landed some good punches, but he also made a fool of himself bickers he focused on dealing with Discount DSP instead of Fuz.
>>120366 >>120387 >>120401 From what I hear, he's trying to become an eceleb doing streams. now look at this angle
>>120406 So the idiot is streaming, he's an idiot who tries to connect to Гунтstream even though nobody likes him and he's pro ephebophilia. With that I ask myself, how is this waterhead different from John and pedochu?
Open file (692.77 KB 742x794 nagatoro9.PNG)
>>120501 Are you still trying to stake a claim on Nagataro, my dude?
>>120501 >how he's different from John and pedochu he's not, the only difference is that he tried to win clout and favors by going after those retards, same about him on gahoole and fuz stream
>>120501 >>120518 john was only pro-loli afaik. I don't think he was ever pro-pedophilia
>all these (1)'s John is a pedophile, he was friends with prkike who's IRC name was connected to cp stored in googles images cache and the tripfag agent johnson who regularly posted jailbait/cp on the tengu reich for its less than a month existence. Also "lolicon" or Lolita complex literally means men who are attracted to prebubecsent children, it doesn't matter if it is fictional he is a pedophile one way or another and like I said before he was friends with people who posted actual cp.
>>120526 >prkike who's IRC name was connected to cp stored in googles images cache First I'm hearing about this. You're making shit up.
>>120526 Hi essayfag, great show with Fuz!!! Also tranks for namedropping the board, you're for sure a smart and funny guy and >we all love you!!!
Open file (154.25 KB 1456x719 ClipboardImage.png)
zzzchan toddlerlover is now a frequent figure on tvch along with bunkertrannies He is known to sperg out if someone arguing with him forgets to capitalize or makes a mistake like typo or grammar. He's a regular from /b/ in loli threads.
>>121440 >torpedo dont care
Open file (42.40 KB 1074x407 ClipboardImage.png)
>Nobody talked anything about pedochu >only for these super natural posters show up to defend him https://tvch.moe/dup/res/86539.html#86786 >>121443 Why are you soo butthurt tonight, Pedochu?
Open file (117.92 KB 1350x544 ClipboardImage.png)
Funny how pedochu is using bunkertrannies as an excuse to his retard crusade against tvchan atm, like long time ago, he created some /leftypol/ thread showing tvch and now he's spamming it all over the site trying to force some raid. >WE >/cow/ards
>>120526 neither john nor G​AMERGATEchu will ever be pedophiles, nor will lolicon ever be real child porn or even morally wrong to view cope, seethe, cry and dilate, /cattle/ tranny
Open file (105.24 KB 1254x1254 q.png)
>>121451 >'G​AMERGATEchu' heh. Dude just own it, you don't need to feign disassociation every time by using quotes for just that.
>>121443 >>121455 Hey G​AMERGATEchu, still so asshurt that you would work with /trannypol/ shills to own those gosh darn /cow/tists?
>>121455 But it already is child porn in many countries, and training your brain to be attracted to children by jerking off to cartoon depictions of them is certainly morally wrong.
Open file (1.92 MB 270x250 Fat Fuck Raging.gif)
>But it already is child porn in many countries, and training your brain to be attracted to children by jerking off to cartoon depictions of them is certainly morally wrong. I heard this place fell from grace, but wew. /cow/, a place where one used to laugh at retards, now inhabited by retards trying to argue which type of drawn japanese porn is or isn't acceptable and the political implications of such Go back to reddit
>>121472 /cow/ was never pro your pedo shit though, if you where not so new you'd remember all the wars with the /v/irgins.
Open file (2.02 MB 600x338 goku_zs.gif)
>>121472 >drawn japanese porn I don't recall japanese being a strict quantifier. The child aspect sure is though. >political implications >deluding your brain is political I guess?
Open file (66.61 KB 1455x608 ClipboardImage.png)
I almost laughed at these posts, is pedochu so insane that he is able to believe his own lies?
>>121505 Holy shit pedochu is coping harder than muttni right now.
Open file (110.64 KB 1438x385 ClipboardImage.png)
>>121505 >>121512 He's having a big and special weekend for sure https://tvch.moe/dup/res/86539.html#86823
>>121522 He always comes back every couple of months to defend the honor of lolicon and pedophilia, he is the gift that keeps on giving and a great little minor cow, I wish he became more zach-tier and kept the whining going more often in fact of course.
>>121523 >I'm totally not mad and above it all >a-actually I find this funny, y-yeah, I'm laughing so hard guys Keep coping nu/cow/.
>>121524 Literally the most zach-tier response I have seen you make, keep it up buddy.
>>121522 >>121505 you guys sure got wrecked by tvchan anons, lmao you're even more pathetic and impotent than leftypol raiders
>>121529 >>121550 >responds to himself
the /japan/ trannies are going to run a new /pol/ board on zzz
>>122306 /dup/redditors getting nervous
>>122306 Has he gotten bored of it yet, like all his other boards?
>>122427 A new /pol/ board will be a lot better at attracting posters than the /jp/ oldfag larp he's been trying until now. If any of his boards work out, it's got to be this one. but we all know it won't
>>122424 of course in fact, anyone can win versus some retard like essayfag. Even pedos canadians, foxdickfarmers and butterhapas.
He's kicking his jannying into overdrive, he wiped all my >cuckime posts kek. Apparently saying >cuckime is a bannable offense for those who Take It Easy™.
>>122513 you got banned for being unfunny and gay. try being more funny and less gay and maybe you wont get banned. i'm not sure if you're aware but >cuckime is a tvch term and therefore a cuckchan term, you should avoid using it in the future.
>>122516 >cuckime is a tvch term and therefore a cuckchan term holy cope >try being more funny and less gay for someone decrying tvch you sure love to quote slapogre videos
John as usual being a janny faggot and not allowing fun? Imagine mai shawk!
>>122522 Why is it always the ones who claim to take it easy the most who are also the biggest rulecucks around? Could it be bickers their definition of rulecucking is not allowing muh ebin oldfag pedo culture rather than getting in the way of good fun?
>he's completely right but i ahve no counter argument so i'll just say cope yup, cuckchan
>>122524 >Why is it always the ones who claim to take it easy the most who are also the biggest rulecucks around? >Could it be bickers their definition of rulecucking is not allowing muh ebin oldfag pedo culture rather than getting in the way of good fun? John is a major rulecuck and cuckimefags always are bickers they can't stand anyone making fun of cuckime, pedos are also major rulecucks in the sense that they will ban any dissenting opinion about them if they have control over anything, so this combination mixed with his thin ego creates a turbojanny that can't "take it easy." CUCKIME ISN'T FUNNY, STOP MAKING FUN OF MY LOLI TRANIME ANON! CUCKCHAN CUCKCHAN CUCKCHAN!
>>122530 You just made a few delusional statements that aren't worth the time it takes to refute them.They collapse under their own weight.
Dare I say it... OH NO NO NO NO ? Apparently mocking >cuckime is trying to destroy his precious board.
>>122542 >I am locking the board for 15 days >I will be even more of a massive rulecuck It's OKAY WHEN I DO IT, YOU FUCKING >CUCKIMEFAGS! It really only takes 3 shitposters to break him, >cuckime confirmed the ultimate way to kill tranime pedofags.
Open file (24.37 KB 392x186 epin oldfag banner.png)
Hey faggot, did you get that one off encyclopedia dramatica or know your meme?
>>122546 What do you mean, he was totally there for all the ebin Ron Paul posting last time he ran for president, when he was 12 years old.
Open file (2.91 KB 708x49 spam.png)
>>122549 reeee I just fucking loves her pussy'd myself with the filters
>>122549 >>122550 >spam John will soon regard anything fun as spam, NOOO TAKE A BOARD RUN BY A LITERAL PEDO JEW SERIOUSLY!
>>122551 >LITERAL PEDO JEW proobs?
>ctrl+f >/cow/ Markchan in a nutshell.
>>122592 >wahhhh go away PATHETIC!
Attention Julayers! I must bring your attention to the fact: J O H N W O N Thank you for your attention.
Anime is for pedos, be in any community https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/229653001#p229655142 That doesn't change the fact that Essayfag is a disgrace to all the anons of the long history of /cow/
Open file (5.10 KB 374x61 hi john.png)
>>122789 you should go back to cuckchan since you like posting there so much (PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD)
>>122788 nice, and also truthful >>122789 >browses cuckchan >hates anime opinion disregarded john and Nigerchu won, now and for all eternity
Open file (228.24 KB 800x600 check em.png)
forgot image
>>122813 TRSanon >>>>> (you)
looks like his new board is dead on arrival to the surprise of absolutely no one
>>123705 john won, you lost, cope
>>123705 another abortion from Koipedo, sad!
John hangs out in irc.sageru.org now. Come say hi! irc://irc.sageru.org/#jp webchat: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/#irc://irc.sageru.org/#jp?nick=Anonymous
Open file (36.23 KB 635x439 kissu.png)
>>123812 >Manboos and failed streaming career many such cases, such as koi, gahoole and essayfag
>>123828 not that many cases of failed streamers revealing themselves to be pedophiles during a stream like koipedo did
Open file (1.19 MB 1897x609 ClipboardImage.png)
Wew, lad.
>>124000 lolicon isn't pedophilia, tho it is also based and redpilled, but how would /cattle/ that unironically thinks about jcaesar187's Гунт all day would know what that means?
Pedochu is spenting a lot of time trying to turn one or two newfags from tvch against /cow/ https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/77676.html#77877 >>124851 ni/gg/ers like yourself really are the newfags who destroyed cuckchan years ago.
>>124855 good portion of tvch hates you, you're mentally ill, and your site will never be taken seriously again now please take your medication, this isn't healthy for you
Open file (7.96 MB 498x498 jameson_laugh.gif)
>>124858 >your site will never be taken seriously again
>>124855 >/cattle/ calling anyone else newfag or cuckchan
>>124855 You make cuckchan look based G​AMERGATEchu.
>>124938 cuckchan does look based when it's compared to the /cattle/, especially when you still use their lingo >>124880 if they had any self awareness, they would not say anything about pedophilia when they literally invited a known pedophile, dolphin, as a guest of honor to their cytube where actual children were posting
Is really easy to play with the little minds of pedochu and koi, I end up making koi sperg out about dolphin https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/77676.html#77945
Open file (19.83 KB 231x301 1615427727869.jpg)
>>124944 >all 4 /cow/tists sperging out on another imageboard instead posting on their own >they think this makes them look good in any light HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA THE SEETHE HERE IS UNREAL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Open file (839.32 KB 1280x720 3.png)
>>124944 My memory might be failing, but I'm thinking G​AMERGATEchu was different from the ESL that could only punctuate his sentences with commas. There were distinct differences between those two, and they stood out for different reasons.
Open file (35.44 KB 300x595 koidolphined.jpg)
Open file (29.70 KB 558x639 1626833592356.jpg)
Open file (243.36 KB 480x320 sakuya_pads.webm)
>>124949 >WHAT WAS THE NAME I'm not too fussed about knowing your name. I can call you ESL-kun if you want, you should probably pick it yourself like G​AMERGATEchu did. >HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH >AVATARFAG Ok, buddy.
>>124944 >>124809 >>124288 gems thanks for the good c.ontent lads I am loving this Niggerchu fellow, he sure likes to B.TFO you guys, which is hilarious
Open file (128.52 KB 622x672 883951109362.png)
Open file (162.66 KB 1030x800 1069907875247.png)
Open file (377.11 KB 813x688 515897731118.png)
Open file (872.84 KB 667x680 1253940869331.png)
Open file (271.77 KB 474x474 368150774128.png)
>>124941 >>124946 >>124956 >>124958 Why are you talking to yourself G​AMERGATEchu? >>124948 Its always possible they are different but they both get just as angry, samefag, and talk about the same namefags they dislike if you call them out on a thread.
Open file (90.85 KB 335x515 1599578985450.jpg)
>>124941 >>124946 >>124956 >>124958 >Why are you talking to yourself G​AMERGATEchu? >>124948 >Its always possible they are different but they both get just as angry, samefag, and talk about the same namefags they dislike if you call them out on a thread.
Open file (126.77 KB 597x326 ClipboardImage.png)
He's mentally broken.
>>125034 I dunno, that post looks pretty based to me /cow/ cattle should always be subjected to gate keeping, and if one somehow makes itself known to have slipped past the cracks, it should be spammed with flat, moist, warm, sloppy Cute and Funny Cunny, until they leave. That, or enable chess captcha, as your average /cow/ user is mentally retarded, and clearly lacking critical thinking functions >>124959 >>124958 >>124954 >>124962 Gems
Open file (96.87 KB 452x363 1635943982053.png)
No wonder they are all so based if literally every single one of those was me, nice It's almost as if b.tfo cattle is so easy, I can literally do it in my sleep
>>125051 Is that you irl G​AMERGATEchu?
It's over for this dead board, all anons from tvch hate nu/cow/ dramaG​AMERGATEs. https://tvch.moe/tv/res/234324.html#q234526
It's over for your boring cytube newfag circle and this dead board, tvch as a whole hate your kind. https://tvch.moe/tv/res/234324.html#q234526
Open file (221.23 KB 982x629 1569695010113.png)
>>125363 >>125364 Imagine getting so assmad by a zinger.
>>125383 It has been noted for a few anons that a regular cp poster from zzzchan has this autistic attacks about "ESL", everytime someone on zzzchan attacks him for posting cp, he sperg out about "esl retards, fuck dutches/russians!". Probably a canadian imo. Now, he's very active on tvch, also posting cp from time to time while seething about /cow/, dolphin and "ESLtards".
Open file (122.26 KB 1080x1080 coach_based_pilled.jpg)
Ni/gg/ers are desperately using "no u" already and trying to say that /cow/ was responsible for Gahoole being raided by the FBI.
Open file (3.81 MB 2480x1754 japans_reckoning.png)
>>126025 >samefagged again and presented it as if it was organic for the 6 millionth time What did G​AMERGATEchu mean by this?
>>126025 >Posting screenshot of him being PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd and samefagging to the "victory" from days ago. Smh, pathetic at extreme, /v/ermin. >>126037 The second post is more like anon making a joke about how empty and desesperate for (you)'s pedochu is, pal.
Open file (276.44 KB 2000x1235 FFRDEX_aQAETNPS.jpg)
take it easy cattle wew
Open file (2.09 MB 1164x1080 KINOguya.png)
>I take a week off the webring >return only to see pedochu still samefagging no stop in /dunk/ Pathetic and hilarious
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/84872.html#85460 It's amazing that this has been going on for months now, it's always the same pattern of autism, weak banter and total impatience.
>>130863 He has kept it up for over 2 years.
Is Robi still a friend of Koi???
>>131908 What are you, his mom? And if so, reach out to Koi's mom and tell him to get a job.
Open file (11.44 KB 1192x135 1643566912881.png)
Has the time come to kick zzzchan off the webring with John and the rest of the pedos?
https://tvch.moe/tv/res/250404.html#250686 Once again, it's weekend and pedochu or another faggot need to turn tvch in his cope board.
>>134559 It's funny that he pretend to not be a goon, while lurking here and bitching about it on tvch
If you check the archives, you'll see this exact fag crying about The Гунтstream for some time now.
>>137067 Which one?
>>137067 Yeah that ID seems to have a massive hateboner for all sorts of names associated with old drama wouldn't be surprised if its the actual pedochu. >>137407 try archive.is snapshots anon, OP of thread 9 even has that. >>137407
>>137408 Which ID?
Has anyone else noticed that the "LARPagan" poster pretending to be a Christian is subversive not just for breeding D&C among religions, but also /cow/ and /tv/? He post cunny or straigh up lolis from time to time, cry about there's nothing wrong with that and if you complain you're a "cowkike" or "LARPagan". He's being doing it for some time now.
>>137611 Lol I didn't know it was the same faggot.
>>137611 Those are different posters, though. t. the loliposter
>>137771 t. faggot jumping to opera vpn >>137611 It's going on for some time now.
Open file (366.06 KB 1910x1202 zzz.png)
Looks like >our >friend John forgot about IDs and just outed himself on zzz while trying to stir shit. It's archived so they can't memoryhole it: https://archive.is/KcTrL From the looks of it he's none other than Seagull himself. I don't get what his endgame was.
>>137844 https://tvch.moe/tv/res/252219.htm This pretty much confirms he is also the falseflag raid poster as well, john is still angry the ogre kicked his pedo ass to the curb.
>>137858 >just deletes it over and over again MUCH LIKE MARK BUT THE INTERNET IS FOREVER KOIREY
Open file (476.86 KB 587x695 koi_scales.png)
>>137844 I'm pretty sure John is a global janny there. The admin took down the site last year for fear of a user escalation bug, but the cause was bickers of global staff permissions. Other than mopping up unique and original John posting, who even bothers to touch his board, let alone bothers to raid it.
>>138022 Every now and than I go on there to johnpost but john gets so asshurt he bans me.
>>138037 that's not very hehpilled of him
Open file (389.45 KB 1024x512 545352803237.png)
Open file (387.89 KB 1024x512 1061948768872.png)
Ran him through an AI tool for fun. Think it looks like mum and dad?
>>138310 Looks funny but john's dad is an injun,
Open file (206.77 KB 768x736 pedochu seething.png)
I spent weeks away of tvch and imageboards, but the pedo crew is always online on tvch with the only goal to seethe and shit all over the place.
>>143828 Yes he never went away, pedochu's become tvch's new unfunny zach.
Does anyone here know more pedophiles to give exposed? That they're famous?
Well, pedophiles who are famous Do not know, but if you want to have fun hunting pedophiles, I recommend Omegle, there you mine pedophile.
Open file (21.17 KB 317x267 retard.jpg)
>>148855 >/cow/kike lol kys retard
Open file (2.01 MB 1280x720 hoes mad.mp4)
>john still winning >N​IGGERchu still winning >/cow/ still dead lol
>>149736 Hi pedochu.
Open file (81.24 KB 301x304 Niggerchu.png)
N​IGGERchu has already declared victory over this dead, shit board N​IGGERchu is not surprised /cow/ pedophiles are still crying over /japan/'s rightful domination N​IGGERchu will start charging rent to the next pedophile /cow/ user who will mention his name in vain, N​IGGERchu won and that is final Regards: N​IGGERchu, slayer of dolphin and initiator of /cow/'s eternal butthurt
Open file (92.35 KB 1254x1254 q.png)
Open file (39.09 KB 1024x881 pedochu_merchant.png)
>>150355 First time you had the courage to post under that moniker in a while.
Open file (81.24 KB 301x304 Niggerchu.png)
N​IGGERchu knows your foxdick farms account N​IGGERchu laughs at your autistic posts, and jeers at your poorly made wojak tier edits N​IGGERchu thinks you wish you could give autism stickers on this board N​IGGERchu gives you a "Lunacy" sticker for being such an avid fan of N​IGGERchu for such a long time, but not accomplishing anything John Laughs Everyday At This Thread And So Does N​IGGERchu
>>150375 At least use the better G​AMERGATEchu anons made for you, honestly wondering if this is just a LARP since the real pedochu was ashamed of this persona. Props to the LARPER if its just a LARP.
Open file (232.50 KB 438x438 gator_x6.png)
>>150378 He used it once, and then got a bit salty from being told about the embedded oldfag in there. He hasn't been able to live down such a bamboozling to this day. What a maroon.
Open file (152.60 KB 1494x317 ClipboardImage.png)
The samefag from this post >>149625 and also multiple ones on tvch is now larping as essayfag. He's the same guy who avatarfag and cry about Gahoole, /cow/ and vol3, but now he's trying to act like a sucker and pretending to be essayfag to stirshit.
>>150993 G​AMERGATEchu is always lurking this thread, he's already seething about your post
>>150993 >>151393 You are a legit asshurt spastic. Not only did you avoid responding to my post, the one you screencapped, but you came here to kvetch about it like a scorned woman and concoct some gay and cringe fanfiction about me.
Open file (157.96 KB 1457x601 pedo oldfag btfo dup.png)
Open file (124.61 KB 854x280 schizo lolicon.png)
Open file (313.21 KB 1525x712 schizo lolicon rant.png)
>>150993 >>151393 Here is average posts on tvch.
Open file (204.10 KB 1449x736 pedo oldfags.png)
Bump since he and his pals are very active both here and on tvch again.
I don't knowwhat any of this is about and I barely read any of that text wall. But am impressed indeed how much autistic effort one can invest into some autistic pedo faggot. I enjoyed some of your edit of that guy. Pretty funny I guess.
Koipedo and pedochu are once again showing their faces around zzzchan and tvch.
>>190939 He’s not wrong tho…
https://archive.ph/luqRD So it seems john did eventually get /k/, as usual he created a stereotypical meta thread for him and his sycophants to facilitate drama, there is a constant perceived feeling of apparent betrayal from one of the anons who constantly bitches about gahooru, I think >we might know who is behind a lot of the constant essayposts bitching about him on his thread now. It is also interesting that john and his friends are incredibly assblasted and afraid of what they thought would be a torrent of spam from those heckin' /cow/kike dramafags and the dolphinfag but it never came. It is pretty obvious but john was trying to of course cover his pedo tracks and pin the blame o the drama instigation on the ranch, even though he is always the instiTheGatorGamer of everything drama-related that surrounds him. It is also apparent that John and his retarded pedogoons likely were hoping for spam to boost PPH, which much like mark they are incredibly concerned with for purely status-related reasons. Obviously the whole fed situation with anon.cafe did a lot of damage to the place but replacing the BO with john really must've been the final nail in the coffin, it should be noted that sadly the anon.cafe staff was always friendly with john and during the attempted infinity cup revival they banned any "/cow/" trolls for posting about him, even though they openly complained and bitched about /cow/ in the cytube the entire time. /k/ and most of anon.cafe is sadly dead, it seems this pattern repeats it self over and over again, john touches something it dies, john is friendly with some faggot BO, he eventually betrays them. >pointless cp attack on my jewish mother/v/ ended up scaring off a large amount of users from the webring and until recently with /kong/'s revival and the new /ch3/ their wasn't a single decent /v/ >ended up crippling prokikewoah as /cow/ and the dolphinfag had loleron doxed in response to his faggotry >had infiltrated tvch early on along with eden but both were kicked out before they could ruin things >at the beginning of this year he posted eden's dox and desperately tried to personal army /cow/ into fucking with eden for him SERVES HIM RIGHT HE TRUSTED A JEW >after being kicked from prokikewoah ended up working with mark directly until he got global vol status and wasted its use on the site by doing a retarded attention stunt where he deleted /interracial/ >acidcuck being the biggest cuckold in the universe of course had a backup and promptly removed his global vol status It was also revealed in this thread by some based anons that john is seagull the BO of zzz/v/ and is a massive rulecuck, deleting dozens of posts to this day bickers of course he can't take what he dishes out. He truly follows the /intl/ way of being a subversive and destructive faggot but crying when any anon even as much as shitposts something he doesn't like on his own board. John would like you to believe what he is doing is intentional but the fact is every time he does something it is bickers he is a butthurt faggot who has low impulse control and desperately wants attention, he spammed cp in the first place bickers he was mad that robi didn't want to host his board for free anymore but rather than ask him for help in making a board like gahoole did he just did what hes continued to do up until now and burned bridge after bridge. I think the saddest thing is john is incredibly entertaining but he got spooked so early on by /cow/ and the dolphinfag that he has attempted to remain as low as an attention-whoring faggot such as himself can which is sad bickers I feel >we've been denied more autism by him. You can tell that somewhere at sometime in some IRC chatroom he is bitterly seething about all of the anons who "betrayed" him, well he is a jew after all its in their nature to deny reality. John also had made a site on Neocities but sadly never did anything funny with it. https://archive.ph/KgLsg https://archive.ph/qAF2I https://archive.ph/DlOjc https://archive.ph/69MLk https://archive.ph/SwK8w He would like to remind you of how proud he is of posting childporn bickers that's freedom! https://archive.ph/7djHw This image in particular is still pretty ironic since Prokikewoah, being represented by Seiga was subsequently wrecked in response to his cp spamming and he eventually became the /v/ BO on zzz/v/ himself, showing that he was and still is clearly obsessed with becoming a sort of z-celeb BO like mark or gahoole but lacks the charisma to even be like mark. Also according to his streaming channel on black.gov's streaming site he is "retired" from streaming, I guess no more kino of john dying in super mario world over and over again. https://archive.ph/ar038 He seems to clearly have been active with streaming still at some point from what I can see in his cytube chat but don't know if it is still going on now.
>>198885 Nuzach and Koipedo are both circle jerking each other for months, essayfag.
>>198887 Unsurprising to be honest anon, I always figured at least one of the nuzachs was one of the ex-essayfags who was a lolipedo, but both the essay-writing one and the one with terrible grammar attach themselves to perceived "enemies" of gahoole and tvch so they have shilled koipedo for over a year at this point. In that archive linked on the now koipedo-controlled /k/ there are tons of post by one angry (((anon))) who constantly writes essays bitching about gahoole and /tv/, is it any coincidence that someone in gahoole's thread is constantly doing the same?
Open file (184.08 KB 538x600 Ralpha pathetic.jpg)
>>198885 >>198890 nobody cares, essayfag still living in London? are you a pajeet or a tranny? why do you use the voicechanger? you're never right about anything, your only talent is licking boots and acting like a sperg for >our entertainment.
>>198890 You're wrong about the ESL anon as I pointed out before. Pay attention to the anons crying about "Moliberry". Nuzach is bitching about him for months now and even made a meme attacking Moliberry and putting EsoFaggism and Corey Barnhill on the side of the good guys against Moliberry, Gahoole and other anons from /cow/. A good way to noticed Nuzach is talking shit about Pedochu or posting Ramon/JBalvin memes. Go look at the thread about Gahoole and search on discord for any users who harbor a deep hatred for Moliberry and vol3. Pay attention to the screenshots taken by the anons showing Nuzach and his posts from months ago.
>>199044 >Get caught being a faggot >Anyone that notices me being a faggot is Nuzach! Faggot tranny.
As a matter of fact, Koipedo or one of his minions is seething on /dup/ right now. >>199047 Imagine being (You), always lurking the site 24/7, ready to seethe bickers one or two anons are talking about you. A true lolcow.
>>199048 Imagine being such a thinskinned fragile child you can't comprehend being disagreed with so you have to create a grand conspiracy on why everyone wherever you go thinks you're a retard. Go back to shitting up /tv/, everyone left there so they wouldn't have to talk to you.
>>199050 Again stealing the term used against you and using it against your alogs, Jewzach? You are in fact a subhuman midwit with brown eyes.
>>199044 >Moliberry and his troons are actually based /cow/! Kys tvtroon. Slurp off your ogre back on your shitty sweaty gamer website before the FBI inevitably kicks in the door again.
>>198885 did your asshole ever recover from getting completely and utterly B T F O by a black pikachu? LMAO
Open file (137.17 KB 540x378 al nuzach seething.jpg)
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>>199190 Nuzach = anyone tvtroons don't like. You gays already admitted there are multiple Nuzachs. Fuck you tvtroon
>>199199 It's true and I genuinely think the last actual poster is the dude who talked about how gay it had gotten there and the list of boogie men got too long for him to buy it anymore, poor guy, still feel bad for him that Gahoole chose to be a jackaloon towards his last bastion of power users.
>>199207 What's the matter? Can't handle a little ironic troon porn?
>>199389 Uh, yeah? You are not trying to tell >us you are serious, right? So sad to see Mars turn into a coal burner. What a pity.
>>199389 Please whiten that cock so I can masturbate to this.
>>199395 Breh, did you really sage all the fields?
>>103816 N​IGGER won btw
John show up on tvch and is seething at some anon https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/137726.html#138501
>>229107 Probably mor likely to be nuzach, john doesn't leave his hugbox often anymore.
>>229118 *more
>>229107 >>229118 lmao he is even crying about "the weasel"
It's been over three years, /cow/. Did you get that big meanie John? Did you make the bad man go away?
>>229820 His boards are desolate wastelands, so yes.
>>229848 >this is a win lol, lmao even.
>>229848 >his boards (and the rest of the webring) are ded bickers of the lolcow-tier slapfighting between (You) and John >this is totally a win, trust >us Pyrrhus had a better victory than /cow/ lmao
John destroyed himself from the beginning by betraying all his "allies" in sterotypical /intl/ self-destructiveness for the pointless sake of one sided said destruction. This was of course only when he wasn't on the receiving end of course, he didn't handle that very well. Hes the same as always, sweaty gamer attention whore who owns multiple boards due to his ironic desire to super-janny even though apparently hes against all jannies, that is jannies who aren't him. and who don't delete everything he dislikes just like cakejew
>>229861 You asked if the man was defeated, since he's dead and so are his boards, I'm not sure what other criteria you're looking for, does he need to be ritually murdered on a live stream for you to accept he's done for? At the same time, this place has so much activity left you come here to seethe about it, instead of posting with your pedo buddies on John's boards, since they're all dead. >>229882 If it was purely self destructive, he would've tried blowing up things from day one, what made him go ballistic was no more pedo shit being allowed. His motivation has always been jerking off to children. The /intl/ shit was just a cover, bickers it's easier to admit to that then actually defending cp.
>>230062 Yes, having an active thread with your face, documenting your love of child sex is definitely a big win.
>>230249 Yes three years of you defending the same sweaty gamer. The webring only exists in the first place bickers /cow/ along with /a/ decided to make it exist. It continues to exist and it continues to be used. It isn't dead as it is still used, hopefully in the future >we can cultivate a new generation of users, ones that aren't of your dysgenic stock.
>>230253 And look at /cow/'s activitiy with all the anti CSAM features compared against the excessive sweating loving loliposting /a/ and see that #WEALWAYSWIN
Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
>>230679 >calling someone a pedo >while claiming 3 notorious pedo's won something I'd call it a parody, but since it's been going this long it has to be mental illness.
I don't know who is, but in the thread about Gahoole/tvch you'll notice someone who write essays and hate Gahoole. It seems like he is either John or someone from plategang. It seems he has bitterness towards Gahoole bickers of discord dramas and bickers Gahoole called off one of his friends as cp poster. So who could be? Gahoole called John a pedo in the past, but also caled Zoom a pedo.
>>231008 sounds like he's being held at gunpoint
Open file (3.17 MB 640x360 Warhammer wtf.mp4)
>>230980 >>230981 >>231009 Who and why this cope?
Open file (668.77 KB 744x744 sargon beast mode.png)
>>231150 Weasel/Wrist/EsoAnonism/EsoEso exposed all the pedos from discord and IRC. He continues to earn without any effort while living in their heads with free rent. Is over for the Barnhill family.
>>231160 Indeed, Weasel and Dolphin are the true kings of the sektur
Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
>>231208 Hi John
>>231444 >>231445 >all this yapping but still cant refute the point Maybe you idolize paedo's that look like trannies bickers you're one yourself?
Open file (12.41 MB 640x360 BritKino.mp4)
>>70142 another emojitroon persona how many does he have?
>>231544 You retard, you're the one defending koi in the thread about koi, call the ogre a fat ugly faggot all you want, I wouldnt even disagree with that, but nobody has ever accused him of looking like a tranny. But for some reason you get really defensive when koi is called a troon, making you desperately deflect to calling Gahoole one. You might want to seriously reconsider your life choices if you got this emotionally invested in defending the honor or a sweaty gamer.
>>231897 If I hope for anything positive for koi, it's that he'll fixed his campy speech pattern.
>>231897 This, its so obviously john he needs to use a bra to stop the sperging out from his part >>231963 hi John Barnhill (paedophile)
Id like to remind the posters in this thread this is not Gahoole's thread, if you want to sperg out about him, he's got his own thread you're free to use.
Why is Koi so butthurt with Gahoole?
>>232714 Probably for not letting his Paedo shit slide when he sent his Goons(paedphilings) to accuse Chadolphin of swatting gahoole over the fact that he doxxed and spammed his shit pedojeet board's friend.
>>232735 Well, check the thread about Gahoole, they are mad at Weasel too. I wonder, I know someone there is part of Zzzchan, months ago someone talked about Nuzach being a regular around there and Nuzach used to defend pedochu all the time. Koi without a doubt is part of those anti-Gahoole threads too. But I feel like the others crying so hard about Gahoole and his buddies are people from youtube e-drama, instead of the webring. Maybe plategang or forgegang, both hate Gahoole as far I know. And both groups are mostly spics fallowing around some fat pedo.
>>232744 It seems like Weasel's superiority over the paedos has brought in some controversy, hi john YOUR THREAD IS FOREVER
This thread is a testament to how John won, it has the longest most detailed OP of all the threads in the catalog but all that has been catalogued are chatlogs that makes no sense that dolphin likes to boast as evidence of something when he spams his cytube emoticon in his posts like a complete autist and a cytube screenshot of a loli doujin that is being paraded around like daisy's destruction on here, but the people also say that Guntstream paedos egged in on to read the doujin. As always an absolute horrid job, congratulations guys.
>>234216 <reveals himself as pedo >NOOO ITS THE PEOPLE WHO MADE ME SHOW MY CP WHO ARE THE REAL PAEDOS great cope, john
>>234216 Hi John Barnhill (paedophile)

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